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No. 73819 Systemkontra
681 kB, 700 × 549
No. 73820
No, it's cool and tasty.
No. 73822
Mein Gott Ernst, it wasn't even not in the top position anymore.
No. 73824
I come home after a long day without using the internet and the today thread has reached bump limit and I'm too tired to read "all these" posts, it's an overload when you are checking the page several times a day.

I don't think Kraftwerk has a special place in Germany anymore if they ever had one. Sure, they are pioneers etc. and they play a role for Detroit Techno, that's alright.

>three ravers, turn the music up

I chuckled. I think of Rainald Goetz Rave where he complains about the Kraftwerk concert and that they are dinosaurs compared to the rave wonder taking place in the early 1990s in Germany and that he witnessed and wrote about in the novel.

That said, I like das Model and some other stuff, but I never listened to a whole album. I can acknowledge the astehtics that had a big influence though and that their cold synth sounds can be found in Detroits black community later, when the fuse it with MoTown sound etc. They did something great back then that is not reducible to Kraftwerk.

Also there is a whole followup of electronic artists that did great stuff
No. 73825
I've been sleeping like 5-6 hours a day for weeks, and I'm feeling fine.

I'm a bit suspicious, but I'll take it.
No. 73827
People handle it as a dish for NYE or Christmas here quite often I think.
No. 73828 Kontra
95 kB, 1100 × 619
>Just read a mämmi recipe, doesn't sound too bad, would give it a try.
Please do! I have to confess that I've never made it myself. It's so cheap and always stocked in stores so I'll just grab a kilo every now and then. If you make it and it's too strong-tasting for you, try adding cream and/or sugar on the serving. Eases it out a bit.

>Should I go to the nearest forest and try shooting squirrels with a bow (failing miserably), or ask at a deli to get laughed out of the shop
It was a joge recipe while being a good representation what sort of ingredients Finnish cuisine was working with throughout the ages. To answer your question, I would guess that trapping is the best bet. Squirrels aren't too smart and always hungry for some nuts.
No. 73829
You're a nut, you're crazy in the coconut - Frontier Psychiatrist

Systemkontra is systemkontra
t. not OP
No. 73830
1,1 MB, 220 × 248, 0:03
>Systemkontra is systemkontra
Impatient you people are.
No. 73837
My monopoly on Today threads is a sign for my dedication.
No. 73842
Opening a new today thread? Everyone can do it, everyone has. What requires exceptional courage and bravery is opening a new themed threda.
No. 73843
But you have to choose new OP-pic. And decide whether link previous thread. Or write "... edition" in op-post or not. Each decision is very responsible because "today thread" has it's audience and you're influencing their experience.
Meanwhile opening new thread is not big deal -- it exists parallelly to others and in worst case Ernst may ignore it.
No. 73844
Well, fug. Can't argue with this. OP pic in the today thread is of great importance.
No. 73845
11 kB, 239 × 211
Well, first of all, the choice of picture is of importance as Russia said but I do it anyway because I always come across pictures I like, I'm a collector of aesthetics and nice paintings and I use the opportunity this environment provides.
Second is the reaction time. Pic attached is me opening a Today thread.
No. 73846 Kontra
Last week of the lecture period feels kinda melancholic.
We talked over our essays on Translation History class and the lecturer liked it a lot. Students too.
They said it was the type of writing they wish were actually longer.
Also got the highest form of compliment possible from the lecturer, which is "you should look into publishing this if you have the chance".
(She also said that if I keep this rate of improvement up I'm destined to be a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences lmao.)

Basically all three essays I've written got good feedback. I'm happy.
I was kinda starting to feel depressed about my performance and wits.
Exam season hasn't started yet but I already have six A's from seminars and workshop classes.

At the library I got to learn more about ye olden days of Sinology.
Apparently when people wanted to look up something they used paper-based indexes of texts to look up if a given character is in a text. Basically ctrl+f but in book form.
You know I like hearing about this stuff, mainly because it shows how good we have it today even if it makes it somewhat lazy in some regards.

Got a pamphlet for next year's "Scientific Student Circle" competition. News went around I was considering entering and one of the lecturers got me a copy of the institute's pamphlet.

Also, the alarm-clock was a total waste of money. I woke up like three times to it since buying it. I keep waking up like a hour or half early. Don't know why. But I gotta say I actually sleep better now that I don't wake up to the phone.

Holy shit I'm retarded I am so sorry I wasted your time holy fuck.
Anyway, thanks regardless. I just feel embarrassed.
No. 73848
88 kB, 1 page
I just looked up the oldest alive Today thread, it's from late 2020.
I couldn't identify a single post I could have made (and in general activity of Germanballs was way less than it is now).
This is a bit weird because I have been lurking basically constantly for the past 15 years (save for about a year when I had my first gf and abandoned my old life almost altogether).
KC used to be my home, but when it died, I realized pretty quickly that the K*hl was not the place to go.
But KC died in 2018, so what could I have done at least two years inbetween? It's not like I changed enough to warrant a higher post frequency or anything.

To the Ernst who started the Ukulele: If you're still there, have an easy beginner piece :3
No. 73849
I have a few from 2019. May is the earliest I have I think.
On /meta/ someone posted an archive that goes back even further if you care.
No. 73851 Kontra
187 kB, 1920 × 1080
I almost translated the entirety of this Lu Xun essay into Hungarian.
It's so fire.
But I literally can't keep my eyes open.
No. 73853
>To the Ernst who started the Ukulele

Yes hello, I am here
No. 73854
798 kB, 440 × 304, 0:01
Do any Ernsts have history or experience of asking for higher pay at current job?

How did it go / what strategies did you use if it worked?

I am considering to do so, but need to figure out how to have best chances.

My job is walking distance from home (5 min) - and they have decided after ~4 years of my being there, to move the office somewhere extremely annoying to get to. Too far to walk (1hr), and multiple transfers by bus (again, 1hr each way).

I could use gf car sometimes, but then realistically I will be primary user so should take over full financial upkeep (~$5,000/year), and I'm still wasting 1hr each day travelling, that I wouldn't otherwise in current setting. The company is not flexible with working arrangements either - but I do know they absolutely have a terrible time hiring anyone (as all competitors have more flexibility).

My current job isn't terrible, but the changes will make it much less comfy. I feel I stay in it even though it's boring by now, due to the comfy factor. Eliminating the commute is one of the best things I ever did, and I'm dreading to have it again.

Even on principle, I feel I would prefer to go to a different company if they refuse to compensate me.
No. 73855
You have to decide for yourself if you are ready to quit the job if they don't meet your demands.
If you do, you can only win.

In fact there was an Ernst on /b/ who did exactly that - asked them for better conditions, they played the old HR/management bullshit, he quit and found a better job.
No. 73856
133 kB, 693 × 461
Nope. Get in touch with your rep if you got one (you are organised, right?). Usually they or someone in the local can come help negotations.
t. does work with his union
No. 73857
Saw Northman this week - rated pretty good. Would recommend, especially if you like eggers style. Much better viking film than Valhala Rising. It's fairly entertaining - it is very similar to Hamlet, being based on the same original tale. It was a nice feel, and reminded me of museums I visited in Denmark. Weather in my city has been cold and rainy all week too. Also like Denmark.

This is what I am feeling like. Change can be good. My only concern is I have over a month of leave built up. I know it'll get paid out if I go, but it would be a shame to not take it properly. I am the type to want a job already lined up before quitting, so I might just have to be prepared to take the payout. I do agree - if you bluff, you can't be taken seriously again.

I wish I could be - but it isn't so much a thing in my style of role - I don't think there is really a union for it. I am in non-government healthcare, but in a management type of position - so, our front-line staff have unions, & our nurses have unions, - but my role doesn't really have one that's a good fit.

A colleague of mine is thinking of doing the same as myself, for logistics reasons too (same role - so both of us going would at least temporarily cripple the business - her reason is heightened childcare costs) - so we will probably coordinate together, but it's difficult beyond that.
No. 73869
96 kB, 1024 × 576
Enjoy the weekend, dear Ernsts.
No. 73873
You too, and remember:
Freie Bahn mit Marzipan
No. 73874
36 kB, 462 × 590
I needed to find a new dentist(moved) and called the same one my sister used a few months ago. Made an appointment for a standard exam and asked if they could do the cleaning the same day. The cleaning is the main reason I want to go. Gotta keep tartar at bay, and haven't been in a year. Anyway, the receptionist said they don't do both in one visit, and always perform an exam first.

Five minutes later I learn this isn't strictly true, my sister had everything done at the same time. Call back to find out the truth. Turns out a dental hygienist quit, and their remining staff is booked solid until September. I cancelled the appointment, because I'm not starting this relationship with a lie. Picked a different dentist, going in July.
No. 73876 Kontra
2,2 MB, 1440 × 1080
>Get email that book I put down a reservation for is in stock
>Used copy
>17K HUF
>10 minutes ago
>Check link
>Someone already purchased it
This country is full of lunatics.

I overdosed on coffee and feel like shit.
Coffee is strange. My mother drinks instant, my father and sister uses a capsule machine and I just fell in love with this moka pot we bought on a whim. And we're not even a consciously coffee-loving family.
Personally I just like hot drinks in general.
Anyway, I kept sipping up cups following meals and I downed three throughout the day and now I'm afraid I'll have a stroke even hours after the fact.

The coffee machine actually broke yesterday. A moka pot never breaks.
Coffee machine not full power.

I practised my Chinese handwriting a bit. I'm onto the last paragraph of the Lu Xun essay. It's gonna be a historic moment once I finish it. It's my first ever piece of actual, literary Chinese I translated in whole.
It's a delightful little text with lines such as
>Thus, visiting whores is a quite high stage in the evolution of maledom.

Thinking about next year's workshop project too. I can choose yet another topic to "research", and I've decided to do "The influence of Xunzi's views on Human nature on the Legalist School".
I want to do a classical topic. What I've come to realize is that I hate this modern topic I had these two semesters. It's better than nothing, but as it turns out, my true calling is researching Legalism.
I fucking hate it in a way. Look at me, I'm becoming yet another schmuck specialising in one of the Hundred Schools of the Warring States period. It's like going to an English department and researching Shakespeare. It's the vanilla ice cream of Sinology.
No. 73878 Kontra
970 kB, 837 × 552
31 kB, 0:03
>Coffee machine not full power.
You are gravely mistaken. With coffee consumption levels such as mine it is in fact humanely impossible to have freshly brewed coffee at the required intervals using your methods. That is why I have a machine that first grounds the beans and then brews the type of drink that I desire straight into my cup. This results in outstanding coffee with minimal effort.

My coffee machine is full power.

What did I ever do to you to deserve this torment you evil, twisted husk of a man. Begone!
No. 73880
1,8 MB, 3539 × 1967
I had a late arrival in this town, rolling my suitcase through the city and two women passing me while getting very close making noise with their mouths imitating my suitcase and a sort of rap beat through the rhythm of my sc, making drunken woohoos . Their facial movements in stark contrast to my tired expressionless face, while they might notice not much, it felt so weird to me. We were both numbed but the state of numbness couldn't be more different. Their facial movements kinda gross because they seemed numbed by alcohol while also being euphoric. In their own world.

My prayers have been heard. While switching trains I was able to get dutch snacks from an automate snack bar that I discovered by accident exists there. I don't switch trains too often at that station but often enough to hope to visit again and again. It was empty when I got my snacks from the compartment. So I hope they make enough money to keep that snack bar running and don't go out of business this year. I got a Frikandel Speciaal and another box of fried goodies.
No. 73881
Allah Snackbar!
No. 73885
You have to be very pathetic for random women to ridicule you and make fun of you. Basically, it means they consider you a joke. Are you an incel?
No. 73886 Kontra
997 kB, 2000 × 3000
In fact, that post gave me incelitis.

I will buy more snacks on my way back, stay tuned.
No. 73887
They clearly wanted the rooster and you missed the chance because you're obsessed with snacks!
No. 73894 Kontra
880 kB, 2000 × 3000
The rolling suitcase was indicating that I was a successful businessman on his way to the hotel late on a Friday night, a real workaholic that can provide for a family. these women were probably older than me, mid-30s perhaps Do you think they would have loved telling them about my snack adventures?
No. 73895
If you weren't wearing a suit a rolling suitcase indicates nothing.
No. 73896 Kontra
True of course. I didn't wear a suit but a heavy coat and suit pants. While these images I posted are thought as fun companionship of my post, they do hint at what would like to dress and partly dress like: a relaxed/cool (business) sleek. There are many ways to dress but a mix of sleek, toned down and relaxed shape/silhouette is a good mix for somebody my age and beyond and useful for almost all situations not for dirty work though :DDDD, also in that it seems rather timeless which is perfect for my goal of having a well thought or built and quality wardrobe I can have with 50 as well. hopefully I don't get fat
No. 73904
4,4 MB, 9:40
I bought a two month europe-wide train ticket for this summer because it was on sales. I still have to figure out what I'll specifically do with it.
No. 73905
Heard about the sale. But still expensive and I thought about getting only a few travel days and doing a shorter trip then, 2-3 countries. The sale tickets as I understood them allow you to travel as often as you want in 1-3 months, depending on how many months you buy.
No. 73908
99 kB, 960 × 640
Sounds great! Wish I could do the same. Don't know if you're already aware of this site, but if not, take a look. It might help you plan your travels.

One day I'll fly to Poland and take some trains all the way to the coasts of Portugal... Surely...
No. 73910 Kontra
223 kB, 498 × 377
She broke up with me this morning. Via text.
She apparently "changed her mind".
I feel a bit sad about it, but I'm not about to spiral into deep depression.
No. 73912
Call her. Ask her what she's doing today and let her know that you lost your phone.

That's how to get her back 101
No. 73916 Kontra
25 kB, 600 × 557
This was to be expected as your previous posts didn't mention her at all. Considered that you might be omitting your dates, but the likelihood of something meaningful happening on that front and you not sharing it here was rated at about 10% chance of taking place according to my analysis. Please correct me if this wasn't the case.

My condolences. Better luck with the next one.
No. 73917
Gib examples please, I want to enjoy them too.
No. 73921
>Heard about the sale. But still expensive
A 4 days pass through Switzerland is 450CHF. Compared to Swiss ticket prices, it was an offer I couldn’t refuse.
Thanks a lot for the website!
Do you have any idea of what might have happened without getting lost in conjectures?
No. 73923
Wait, so were you actually together or was it just some "go on dates and let's see what happens"?
In any case, better to get it over with quickly instead of getting led on for god knows how long.
Also, I don't know how common breaking up over text is among you young people, but imo it's a scummy and cowardly way of doing it and that alone tells me you're better off without the cunt.
No. 73925
it's relatively common, at least as of a couple of years ago.

people hate confrontation - it's easier to say "can't do that weekend" several times, or just ghost on texts, than to have a difficult conversation. I think it's especially common if you met them online / don't have a mutual network - which again is much more common now.

Honestly, at least she was upfront with it. Many people drag it out more.

Still, condolences to Ernst.
No. 73926
113 kB, 1280 × 720
>Honestly, at least she was upfront with it.

Same thought.
And I agree with the depiction of how people treat each others social contacts of various sorts due to technologically mediated communication these days.

Another chance would be Hungary misunderstood something btw. We miss a lot of critical info and even then it's not easy to judge.
No. 73928
Was settled in for the night when I saw a lunar eclipse stream was live on YouTube. Completely forgot about that....(sigh) Fine, I'll go for a nightwalk. There was heavy cloud cover, but it's up there. Half a moon now, blood red for reasons. No pic because camera sucks in low light.


Sorry, ernst.
No. 73930
You met her at uni?

I feel like giving some advice based on my own experience, but do take it with a grain of salt just like any advice you can get from stangers who don't know the other person well... the same advice can be both great and terrible depending on the person.

In any case, my 2 cents: I'd reply something along the lines of "Thanks for being direct. Wanna meet and talk about it so it doesn't get awkward when we meet in the library etc?"

The premise here is not to "get her back" but have some closure. But you have to know yourself it that's even required. First relationships, however short, can breed confusion or insecurities. But they can also be completely forgettable. So if there are no feelings worth mentioning on your side, might as well just ignore all advice and move on.

>Also, I don't know how common breaking up over text is among you young people, but imo it's a scummy and cowardly way of doing it and that alone tells me you're better off without the cunt.

Sounds like you're harboring something. I'm sure Ernst counselling(tm) can help if you want to talk about it.
No. 73931
>Sounds like you're harboring something.
Nah, I'm just a fan of expressive language.
There are some things I really don't like, or as you might know I can auf dem Tod nicht ausstehen, and doing that breakup via text thing is one of them. Anyone who does that instantly loses any kind of respect I might have had for them.
But as I said, maybe it's common now, so I might have to diss a whole generation now.
No. 73936 Kontra
2,0 MB, 220 × 165, 0:19
She said she doesn't feel like she could open up to me. Basically she gave me a try and realised we have no chemistry. No big deal I guess.
Told her I respect her decision.

I don't feel bad or anything. Still, thanks for all the condolences.
Really, my only issue with this is that it made me realise how clueless and emotionally stunted I am in a sense.

Exam season started.
Day after tomorrow I'm having my Chinese exam. I'm cramming words and writing. Gotta check grammar.
No. 73938
Something happened at work that is too convoluted to explain, but the end result of it is that now a number of people think I'm incompetent.
Nobody should have reasonably expected anyone to catch that particular mistake, but what annoys me is that I can clearly remember something at the back of my mind trying to form into a "wait, I should probably double check that", but not quite getting there, because I was mentally tired and trying to deal with 5 other things.
It was a very non-obvious situation, but if you're just looking from the outside, not knowing the details, you'd conclude I was retarded.

Feels bad man
No. 73939
Dog, I know that situation and associated feels. You have my sympathies.
No. 73940
You're the new guy, demonstrate competence over time and they'll forget your early stumbles. That is if they don't just forget anyway. One thing I've learned from working with neuro-typicals is that they have the memory of goldfish. No OCD, no replaying interactions. Imagine your mind not running in circles as you continually evaluate your co-workers and their actions. That's them. So, whatever it is, of course you're going to beat yourself up. But only do it to the extent that it helps you perform better in the future and not with an eye on what they think about you.
No. 73942
Has Ernst been monitoring prices over the last months? I'm not sure if I spent quite a bit more on products because my current contract pays me more than the last one or if prices really are skyrocketing. I bought on offer in the past and these prices are usually stable. Some prices I know increased. I just wonder if the for example hygiene products also got more expensive. I don't buy my shaving utensils that often. Other than that I bought a Swedish Marabou chocolate and they have increased 0.4€, it was 2.99€ now it's 3.39€. Still wondering about pasta and such basics.
No. 73943
1,9 MB, 300 × 199, 0:14
Just say that it's your first day and everything will be forgiven. When they say that it isn't your first day then say you didn't know because it's your first day.
No. 73944
Noticed a steep increase in the past week in products with milk powder, ie. 99% of all choclate.
All things wheat are still expensive or out of stock and while I'm fine with eating less pasta, the lack of flour does hurt (I used to bake something every few days, now I'm not able to bake for weeks at a time).

In the end it's nothing terrible for me though, I'm learning about alternatives - using lentils and beans for recipes that I've always considered pasta dishes was kind of an eye-opener.

I think one of the best outcomes we can hope for is that people will learn something about variety in diet.
No. 73945
>I think one of the best outcomes we can hope for is that people will learn something about variety in diet.
>replace one carb with another carb
You know... Although beans are really great, love them. And my bucket potatoes should be ready soon, too.

That said, I haven't noticed much yet, but I also never look at prices - that was the one luxury I have been affording myself ever since I got a job with real pay: Buying food I want and also not looking at the prices anymore.
No. 73946 Kontra
26 kB, 720 × 333
I believe I am too indolent to function in this world.
No. 73947
265 kB, 1200 × 850
Not really, but I got curious and found this:


It was listed here if you're looking for more context:

Pretty interesting. Looking at those percentages I'm quite confused as to why I haven't really noticed much change. They are consumer prices after all.
No. 73948 Kontra
Everything is getting more and more expensive.
No. 73950
>replace one carb with another carb

Uh, wheat, beans and lentils are not digested by the same bacteria in your bowels, so that alone is a sort of variety for your microbiome. But apart from that variety in any sense from taste to supply chain dependencies.
No. 73952 Kontra
41 kB, 468 × 655
I'm shocked you even bothered to reply. That statement you replied to was so stupid I don't even know where to start. What even is variety, other than changing the ingredients involved? And nutritional contents of lentils and pasta for say are wildly different. And the taste! Christ...

Then there's the whole topic of crop rotation where lentils play a big part. So increasing the variety of carbs on the plate on large scale has wide reaching consequences.
No. 73953
22 kB, 565 × 318
Not all carbs are the same, all carbs are beautiful, a variety of carbs a day keeps the dogtor away.

this post was made with no harmful intention and agrees on the fact that lentils are different than pasta albeit having both the property of being carb-rich food. Olive oil, coconut oil and pig or goose fat are fats, there is no difference stop making things up guys!
No. 73954 Kontra
625 kB, 2560 × 1651
Also, I wanted to write beans, since lentils are also known as protein rich.
No. 73955
What happened on the first of May 1987 in Berlin?
No. 73956 Kontra
Same as every 1st May in Berlin.
No. 73957 Kontra
23 kB, 468 × 307
Can't you see?
No. 73958 Kontra
I expected someone to post this, I am not disappointed.

Hmmm, need to search how common this type of celebration really is.
No. 73959
> Hmmm, need to search how common this type of celebration really is.
Here's a little help: "Mai-Krawalle"
No. 73960
Ok it turns out it wasn't even my fault in the first place.

The idiots were filtering by month wide diapason because it's set that way by default, but they thought they were filtering by a day long diapason, because they didn't notice the month number. So they were spamming a month's worth of reports on every click and thinking I broke sonething.

Calendars are hard guys.
No. 73961 Kontra
>how common this type of celebration really is.

I just found out yesterday that it started in 1987 and was linked to the Volkszählung (census) that was planned by the state in the early 1980s and criticized by a lot of people, including and especially the young green party. So in 1987 things got out of control during a protest against the census when the police raided an office of the critics of the census and other rooms of the then leftist space Mehringhof on May 1st.
No. 73967
My aunt wants me to tutor her two children.
One is finishing uni, the other is enrolling.
Why she wants someone who hasn't got his own life on track to teach them anything I have no idea.
Also, she has a very vague understanding of the things she's trying to get her kids to become, and in her mind, "tech job = success", and I'm a "computer person", so I should teach them.

It would take too long for me to explain to her why it wouldn't be a productive use of any of our time.
Oh well, should be fun to hang out with them at least.
No. 73968
Wait, if one is finishing uni, then they must already have an idea of a job, shouldn't they?

Also, didn't you already tutor some younglings in the past? I remember something.
No. 73969
>Wait, if one is finishing uni, then they must already have an idea of a job, shouldn't they?
He was a first child who got helicoptered through life, and just did what parents told.
4 years in adult daycare later, I don't think he has much of an idea of what to do with himself.

One of the two I tutored is the younger one. She seems to be genuinely interested, so that's good. But she's been busy preparing for hs exams, and we'll contine after them.
The other one said it wasn't her thing.

I'm not sure what their education gave them other than the dilligence to do arbitrary tasks.
Man, I'm a failure, but at least I failed at achieving some kinda goal, rather than not having one in the first place.
No. 73970
>, but at least I failed at achieving some kinda goal, rather than not having one in the first place.
Doesn't make any difference functionally though.
And diligence is really important to have.
Sometimes I think what I could have achieved had I just done it when it had to be done.
No. 73973
9 kB, 251 × 201
Brick, pls... >>73917
No. 73976 Kontra
He's talking about Chinese operas.
t. Brick biographer
No. 73977 Kontra
962 kB, 250 × 250, 0:02
Stallman was right. Proprietary software is malware. Of course this doesn't come as a surprise to anyone anymore but I'm regularly maddened by it. Why the fuck do companies think that this is acceptable:

>data about your device environment such as which applications you have installed on the device and how you use those (such as frequency and duration of access)

For an application that just processes some data locally. No internet connection required. Except for analytics and licensing of course. You're not getting my money with policies like that except all the time because there's no alternative.
No. 73979
Why Frenchmen are so underrepresented on imageboards?
No. 73981 Kontra
Inability or unwillingness to speak English
No. 73982
So, basically, because France is not a week conquered American colony like Germ-many doing America's bidding. Germans are brainwashed to think they are America's friends, but they are America's lapdogs. What a pathetic joke of a country Germany is.
No. 73984
Fucking Bavarians and their countryball. Go choke on a Weißwurst.

Also: Weak, not week.
No. 73985 Kontra
It's a proxy, also: plonk
No. 73986
No. 73988
I don't think diligence can be taught tbh.
Seems to be a personality trait.
In any school or workplace I went to, there was a similar proportion of dilligent and chaotic people.
Seems like a personality trait.

I'll post once I get off work. Been a busy week.
Need to clear my ecpost backlog.
No. 73990 Kontra
24 kB, 580 × 348
It's possibly Loserbernd, he spams such things across - of all places - the sports board on 4chons where I go to follow the football (since Ernsts are too assburger to have any interest in bydloball).
No. 73992 Kontra
>there was a similar proportion of dilligent and chaotic people.
So what about lazy people? Being chaotic doesn't necessarily mean being lazy.
And I do think it can be learned, but it's even harder than acquiring social skills.
No. 73995
525 kB, 1280 × 1649
1,8 MB, 1691 × 2178
104 kB, 780 × 1161
157 kB, 1000 × 1161
Pet peeve of the day:
In Germany, imported shows and movies (not games, though) often get a different title - which is still English, but shitty. Besides the fact that teaches you bad vocabulary and/or grammar by attrition warfare (or exposure if you don't want to be so dramatic) it makes it rather hard to look up things on this here internet.
No. 73996 Kontra
Also, the age ratings are huge
No. 73997
I'm on the bus and two guys are talking about crypto investibg.
No. 73998
Well they went directly from "german titles that have little to do with the original one" to "english title just because". 96 Hours is also a rather egregious example of this. Or Zoomania.

I personally never did mind the "unrelated german title" or "original title with a german subtitle", like
>Manhunter - Roter Drache
>Aliens - Die Rückkehr
>Falling Down - Ein ganz normaler Tag
No. 73999

Wasn't this the Asian guy? I cannot even remember if he was a /b/-character or /int/-persona. Whatever, he spams the board with his bullshit every once in a while but it got worse when the war against Ukraine started.

Wait, so borned2die is actually cradle2thegrave? I only know of bad German titles instead of original ones or English title with added bad German subtitle.
No. 74000 Kontra
Translating it into a different English title. This is insanity. Why would the Germans do this?
No. 74001
Makes me think of Scheinanglizismen pseudo anglicism in German language

One of my favorites is the Beauty Farm which is Spa in English :DDDD
No. 74002
128 kB, 600 × 799
France translations also did that.
But I think it was more a 2000s thing.
No. 74003
>Why would the Germans do this?
My theory: Advertisement people who are shit at english, but have also lost their mother's tongue.
There might be overlaps with strict time constraints, all the work being done by literal schoolchildren interns and suits not caring, at all.
Note that these assumptions are all based on a stereotypical view of advertisement/marketing.
No. 74004
109 kB, 638 × 808
I had google it to make sure "beautyfarm Deutschland" actually brought results. Just when I thought nothing more about this magical place would shock me. How did they even come to an agreement to call them beauty farms? Who first coined the term? Why?
No. 74005
32 kB, 519 × 290
Why is it that most trees planted in European cities are types that lose their leaves in autumn? Why aren't spruces or other conifers more popular?

They'd look nice all year around.
No. 74006
>Why aren't spruces or other conifers more popular?
Because the birch is the most common tree in middle europe, because conifers are already everywhere in forestry and because of several ecological reasons deciduous trees grow where they grow and evergreens grow where they grow. Also probably some aesthetic reasons because depending on what you have they have really low-hanging branches, which makes them not so suitable for avenues and such.
Also, just this winter (actually it was already spring) I realized just how weak scotspines are.
No. 74007 Kontra
2,2 MB, 2400 × 2948
They are thought of and used as mood enhancers in a long governmental tradition: in winter, they increase depression by their leaves rotting in the streets, bringing death upon us symbolically, indicating to us that just like them leaves we will be gone one day. In spring and summer on the contrary they enhance the aliveness and joy that winter is over. An environmental form of power, shaping subjects and play their part in constituting our moods that make part of us.

t. theory guy

just to be very clear: this was meant as a joke albeit the environmental aspect is not totally untrue, it might not be that significant but your post even hints that it has a significance, though there is no indication of it being an actual governmental technique ofc. Probably boils down to domestic trees availability and questions of aesthetics in 19th and 20th century
No. 74008 Kontra
Ah fuck I meant beech, not birch. Dumb english :3
No. 74009
Because "English so cool" and "German evil, remember the Gnatzis"
No. 74010
>"We were forced to, because we lost the war! Woe is Deutschland!"
You're not tricking me, Fritz. I know enough about your people to know that this is very much in-character.
No. 74011
Yes, he's Chinese.

It explains nothing. Why not use original English title then?
No. 74012
91 kB, 809 × 624
I was interested if there was a specific ecological (or any other) reason as to why conifers weren't suitable for cities, not a hand-wave of "trees grow where they grow because of reasons".

>they have really low-hanging branches, which makes them not so suitable for avenues and such
This was my guess. Trees are often used as an element to create the barrier between cars and pedestrians/light traffic. And in that role conifers would block visibility and make the roads less safe. Still, they could be used in many places where masking visibility is desired. In my experience the vast majority of conifers inside cities are in parks and very rare elsewhere.

I also wonder how conifers and deciduous trees compare in their acoustic characteristics. Might be just my perception, but cities seem awfully loud during autumn. Whether this is due to the trees not having leaves or the roads being wet all the time is unclear. Might be something else as well.

Even as a joke it holds some truth. There's a lot of beauty involved with trees creating new leaves, blossoming beautifully and then displaying striking colors just before falling down. I'd still prefer stable mediocrity on this aspect. Autumn and winter are too miserable when there's no snow, and leafless trees are a major contributor to this in my opinion.
No. 74013
Man, I hate talking to job recroooter ladies.

They're so overly nice and friendly that it makes me uncomfortable.
Their disposition is obviously fake, so it leaves a lot of room to imagine what they're REALLY thinking about you.
"Omg what a fukken loser, look how desperate he is for this low tier tech job xDDD I'm gonna offer him a lower salary than the other candidates, he'll agree anyway :-DDDDD there's no way he's getting hired, I'm gonna epic troll him by leading him on with a "follow up interview" for another two weeks :)))))"

also, I picked a really stupid photo for the resume, but it's too late to change it back.
No. 74014
You wish.
No. 74015 Kontra
Have you tried putting your dick on the table :D
No. 74016
>It explains nothing. Why not use original English title then?
Most people only have a really superficial knowledge of English vocabulary. And even though tons of them pepper their speech with English words, either correctly or not, they have no idea what the stuff actually means.

Personal opinion: "Someone" is destroying the German language. We get a lot of stuff dubbed, and since German sentences are longer than English ones they just use the original grammar and shoehorn German words into an unfamiliar (until then) pattern. Bonus, again: That shit is everywhere and you'll get used to it, voluntarily or not.
No. 74017
I did, but it was a phone call, and I don't think the microphone picked it up.
No. 74018
>Even as a joke it holds some truth.

The joke is more in the governmental technique of it being intentional. Plants dying and regreening is a really old trope in poetry for expressing life cycles and their events and such. What is indeed intentional is also what you put under safety reasons though. Green that does not make traffic unsafe for instance. A sort of civil engineering. And because of such governmental considerations cities and our perception of them and experience in them is shaped, which also shapes our persona in a certain way, subtle though. I think that holds also true. I'm sure there are history articles on city greening in 19th century and early 20th century, when urbanization had its first explosive phase.

There is:


Apparently, trees where also used for shadowing, maybe under a conifer seeking shade is a bit difficult then :D

>"Someone" is destroying the German language

Do you mean nobody because language is a dynamic system exposed to all sorts of influences? You live in a world where there is no resistance whatsoever which just hold not true, people will do all sort of things to resist something. In language as well. But it can also go the other way and call for adoption.

Besides, I don't think that the ordinary German from 120 years ago was a walking Goethe when they opened their mouth.
No. 74019 Kontra
>language is a dynamic system exposed to all sorts of influences
Without denying it is. The history of modern language is one of uniformisation. One of the most powerfull tool of the modern nation state to realize itself was a monopoly over legitimate language use. To see a transfer of power of the grammar of one's national language cannot just be relativized into "it's just a system fluctuating". Especially if that's taught in schools.
No. 74020 Kontra
>Besides, I don't think that the ordinary German from 120 years ago was a walking Goethe when they opened their mouth.
Obviously not (especially since it was already over half a century after Goethe), but there's an undeniable (harmful) influence of the english language, not just on German, but on other languages as well.
There is a difference between adopting single words (Pullover, cool, Ticket) and using english grammar with german words.
But all of this wouldn't be so bad if english wasn't a dumb retard language made by dumb retards for dumb retards that just by chance became our times' lingua franca. I'd rather go back to speaking latin.

t. not the "someone" german
No. 74021
>The history of modern language is one of uniformisation

Which is not unsurprising given the people's mobility thanks to colonialism, and generally economic interests that fostered global routes of commerce and labor, to name just one example. Germans use a lot of latin based words, or french and nobody complains. Speaking of intentional destruction is something very different in the latter case btw. And I doubt that Germany is suffering from the same treatment concerning its language than some African colonies.
No. 74022
>not unsurprising
Fancy double negative there
No. 74023
You guys need to realize that the use of mobile text communication did equally "damage" to long-winded German texts as well fewer books read and such. Maybe the internet and the possibility for large data quantities put the spoken word (in videos, vlogs and such) to the fore front again. Oh oh a revival of oral culture, Plato would be in ecstays :DDD
No. 74024
> And I doubt that Germany is suffering from the same treatment concerning its language than some African colonies.
Just say "Volk" in any context and you'll get backlash.
No. 74025 Kontra
Ups. Not intentional but my fast English
No. 74026 Kontra
What does this have to do with colonialism?
No. 74027 Kontra
Im Namen des Volkes ergeht folgendes Urteil (no eyebrows raised, what now?)
No. 74029 Kontra
>no eyebrows raised
Depends on the verdict :^)
No. 74030
>Germans use a lot of latin based words, or french and nobody complains.
It's irrelevant. I may be wrong but I think most of those words were added when the German language was created in the 19th century. So it was a centralized german state that introduced those words and decided they were german.
>Speaking of intentional destruction is something very different in the latter case btw. And I doubt that Germany is suffering from the same treatment concerning its language than some African colonies.
I agree with you. Still, a shift of the legitimate national language power dynamic outside of the reach of the state would be something historic for an occidental state. But I think I'm speaking from a french speaking perspective and it could be different in Germany. I think I know Germany was and is more liberal with the fluctiation of his language.
No. 74032
*Beijing operas
There's many kinds of regional chinese opera styles, such as Cantonese, Kunqu, Yue, etc.
Unfortunately, a lot of the smaller ones are dying out, and of the big ones, Beijing opera gets the most attention and funding.
Stop regional chinese erasure!11

A le funny racist meme (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGk4E9ss95s) led me to discover a cool Beijing opera about a woman whose husband abandoned her and their children to marry into a royal family, and then when she found him and asked him to come back, tried to assassinate them fearing that he'd lose everything if it came up that he was already married and that his marriage into the royal family is illegitimate.
Seeking justice, she seeks out a famously uncompromising judge, who executes the husband despite the royal family's protests.
It's genuinely great, enjoyed it thoroughly.
The lyrics from the meme are actually the judge reading the accusation to the husband.

Without knowing any of the traditions, conventions, rituals etc. of chinese opera, with very rough translations, it's actually a pretty surreal experience watching. But the emotional moments and the story structure come through very strongly.
I like theater in general. I used to really like going to the theater on school trips as a kid. They used to still perform soviet time classics back then. All the other kids hated it though.

I also liked the Unicorn Purse:

Le funny Pol Pot memes led me to discover 60s-70s Cambodian music.

I don't know what they're singing about, but the language itself is beautiful.
Also reminds me of old soviet time records, especially from the non-slavic republics.

Finally, I found out about a 2nd century CE Greek play called "A True Story" by Lucian of Samosata, which is a satirical work parodying other playwrights, politics, and events of the time. Some call it "the first sci-fi work in history", because it involves amazing cool stories about a naval expedition that ends up going to the outer space, meeting aliens, participating in an inter-planetary war, etc. This work probably started the entirety of the "expedition gets lost and ends up in an alien, magical world" genre.
Most of the references and jokes are lost to time, so it's not actually that funny reading now. Except for the more obvious parts where he makes fun of Plato for example lol.

Also interesting to think that some of the works he was parodying were already like centuries old by his time. But they were still in the "cultural awareness" of the learned class. Funny to think that he was in a way replying to, or having a conversation with, people who were already dead hundreds of years ago, and lived thousands of kilometers away.
Imagine EC, but with a post frequency of once in a couple decades :-DDD
Another ebin thing is that he had to put a disclaimer saying "Everything that I have written here is a LIE" because the concept of fiction wasn't quite invented yet. If you were writing something, it was assumed that you were trying to pass it off as a true event.
I wonder if at some point the idea of a "stage play" didn't exist, and the first actors were accused of identity theft.
No. 74033
> I think I know Germany was and is more liberal with the fluctiation of his language.
Germany certainly never tried to eradicate local dialects like France did.

But didn't we have a similar discussion some time ago already? I think it was also about dialects and such.
Which makes me think: Are people who speak a dialect more aware of a changing language than "monolingual" people?
Because they already have a language "superseding" their own, while those who already speak the standard have just never experienced anything else and also don't have such a strong sense of identity so, apart from some language autists, usually care less about changing language.
No. 74034
>I wonder if at some point the idea of a "stage play" didn't exist, and the first actors were accused of identity theft.
That reminds me of a coven of Discworld witches at a play going "that guy is the murderer, everyone saw it"
No. 74035
>So it was a centralized german state that introduced those words

That would require proof. I think introducing french goes further back and latin is often used with words that are bildungssprachlich there is no equivalent it seems, dict just says: [pertaining to the distinctive vocabulary of the educated class]

>when the German language was created in the 19th century

What is that supposed to mean? German is older than the 19th century, maybe it underwent heavy modification in 19th thanks to government regulations but then again what would be more concrete details for this modification and its history.
No. 74036
>A sort of civil engineering
Now that I think about this, the lack of conifers is probably codified in city planning. I'll bet cities have documents stating what sort of trees are allowed in what sort of areas. Just to make sure that incompetent planners don't have access to tools that might result in unsafe spaces.

>Apparently, trees where also used for shadowing, maybe under a conifer seeking shade is a bit difficult then :D
This is a good point. Same goes for seeking temporary shelter from rain.
No. 74037
Gotta have leaves, otherwise inner city dwellers won't know what season it is 🤣
>"Unser Sommer ist nur ein grün angestrichener Winter, sogar die Sonne muß bei uns eine Jacke von Flanell tragen, wenn sie sich nicht erkälten will."

Heinrich Heine

(The German Summer is just a Winter painted green. The sun has to wear a flannel jacket so it doesn't catch a cold)
No. 74045
>Le funny Pol Pot memes led me to discover 60s-70s Cambodian music
Hell yes.

It becomes clear that language and means of transport are the primary driving forces that bring the Germans to the discussion table. I wonder what other topics can excite them.
No. 74046
> language and means of transport
They use language to speak about means of transportation. And use transportation to commute to linguistic conferences. Case closed.
No. 74049
99 kB, 948 × 533
I'm a German that only lately discovered his love for infrastructure and transportation even though it has been there for a very long time I guess when I look back.
I wonder if German poetry about the Autobahn exists, surely people must have written about highways in an aesthetic way. There is something about driving on the Autobahn. It makes me melancholic, it makes me think about these stripes of tarmac that crisscross this country. Network aesthetic, but it's not only that.
No. 74050
I don't know of any Autobahn literature. Writers are usually not the car types.
I think you will find more of that among american literature.
No. 74051
>surely people must have written about highways in an aesthetic way
Kraftwerk got you covered.
No. 74054
Yeah, when I said highways I had American literature in mind. 1990s German Popliteratur though could be a candidate, but they often traveled by train in these books :DDD Transportation at least :D

It's high time I write a short story about the Autobahn then.
No. 74055
>It's high time I write a short story about the Autobahn then.
What would it be about?
>Oh I can drive f- oh no, a limit
>Oh I can drive f- oh no, some asshole overtaking a truck with 110
>Oh at least I can dr- oh no, ANOTHER traffic jam
>why does it no- THIS IS THE TRAFFIC NEWS, TRAFFIC JAM IN [the construction site you're at] DUE TO AN ACCIDENT

Man I will move places in a few weeks and then might even be able to get rid of my car altogether, you can't imagine how much I am looking forward to that.
No. 74056
>But didn't we have a similar discussion some time ago already?
Yes I remember, the subject was slightly different but I think I posted very similar things. As for the dialects, I couldn't answer you because I'm not even completely sure of what a dialect is and how different dialects are from one another.
I'm sorry, what I mean is that when a unique language had to be taught in every school in Germany, it did had to have strict and arbitrary rules. Which words are german and which aren't? And those rules had to be choosen by officials. In France this process is interperted as the birth of french as a national language.
>I wonder if German poetry about the Autobahn exists, surely people must have written about highways in an aesthetic way. There is something about driving on the Autobahn. It makes me melancholic, it makes me think about these stripes of tarmac that crisscross this country. Network aesthetic, but it's not only that.
I may be stating the obvious here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-G28iyPtz0
No. 74057
>I may be stating the obvious here
I said it before you >>74051

Don't they have rules about the percentage of French language songs on the radio? Guess what would happen if we did that. Not about French, of course.
No. 74058
>Don't they have rules about the percentage of French language songs on the radio?
A new era of horrible German music dawns.

Would glamorizing the Autobahn conjure a certain, uh, national socialist imagery?
No. 74060
>What would it be about?

You either have no grip on what aesthetics are or you don't know that basically anything can be an object of aesthetics as long it's talked about and dealt with in a certain way. Imagine somebody laying on his sofa for two hours. Could be turned into something interesting if you have the right words at hand to make something out of it.
Aesthetics aren't necessarily about your commuter problems only, they are commuter problems with the potential for aesthetics. No, I'm speaking about travel and aesthetics, movement, for me Raststätten have in their variety a very special atmosphere, Marc Augé called such places non-places in therein his their special aura that makes you feel something, imagine and connect to.

Also, I don't own a car. So congratulations on giving yours away. I still like the feel of driving when I can do it.

> Which words are german and which aren't? And those rules had to be choosen by officials.

Did this actually happen?

>Would glamorizing the Autobahn conjure a certain, uh, national socialist imagery?

No, the Autobahn projects did start during Weimar Germany and besides, the Autobahn is something different these days. Did you ever heard of Sanifair? No? Then you better drive some kilometers on the Autobahn until your bladder is full. Sanifair is what I'm talking about among other things. The blue and white, the font of the signposts. The toilets on those small rest stops, the smell and the shape of that toulet houses, the metallic pissoirs, the parking bay, sometimes they even have Autobahn churches. Some of these are general for evry country in a way, but you have to pair it with German landscape. The Netherlands are equally depressing and melachonlic but thus fascinating. In the Netherlands you have flat fields, some barns, then a city, then fields and barns again then a city etc.
No. 74062
13 kB, 202 × 202
This thread is now the property of Tank & Rast
No. 74063
>A new era
Don't worry, german language pop music is not new and it's equally as horrible as american pop music, just now you can understand the horrible lyrics.
Have some examples:


If there were a government-mandated quota of german music we would just get even more of that. For people like Dieter Bohlen, Frank Farian and Ralph Siegel (after changing his name to Ralph Siegheil) it really wouldn't be a problem producing the same shit they produced before, just in german.
No. 74064
Autobahns are symbol of American plutocracy, using automobil encourages individualist consumerist lifestyle. And railways are much more convenient for transportation of both volk and panzers. Everyone commutes together at same time, according to a fixed schedule, that's so orderly. 0/

Every German posting about trains should be put to extremist list (which means every German except bicycle hippies).
No. 74065
>Also, I don't own a car.
Clear case of "grass is greener on the other side".
You are viewing the Autobahn from afar, from an observer's perspective.
Sure, from a distance you can form fancy words, but the moment you're cast into that system that is always just on the edge of complete entropy, you will not like it anymore.
You will appreciate its usefulness, but curse everything else about it, while you're in the belly of the snake, your mind getting slowly dissolved from the sheer metaphysical amount of anger, impatience, retardation and fumes covering every square centimeter of the road.
Even worse when it's night and it's red in front of you and white behind you and nothing else, right towards the horizon and you are even more disembodied, reduced to a mere nameless, abulic cell in this huge, deviate organism that never sleeps, rests or thinks.
No. 74066
>sometimes they even have Autobahn churches
It can't be true, I do not believe it.

The last one felt like it had some redeeming qualities. I liked it. Spain has similar laws and the output is as you'd expect.
No. 74067
160 kB, 587 × 960
Forgot to attach a pic.

Judging by Ernstchan radio broadcast, you have great pop music. But German phonetic is very tinkling. It's very cool at first but listening too much to it causes headache.
And I want to thank host of that broadcast once again.
No. 74068
>It can't be true, I do not believe it.
We're not gonna post everything for you. Internet, go find it yourself. Just this much: He was not kidding.
No. 74070 Kontra
1,1 MB, 1900 × 832
735 kB, 2880 × 1632
I am going to sleep. This is too much, I can't process it.
No. 74071
1,8 MB, 4032 × 2208
1,1 MB, 1900 × 832
563 kB, 994 × 1347
I've driven many thousand kilometers on the Autobahn including Stau [The A7 between Hannover and Hamburg is finally finished by now I hope] thus I think I've been participating enough, but I am not stuck in the commuter experience that narrows the spectrum of Autobahn experience and thus aesthetics. And being a nobody trapped between back and front lights is exactly the experience one has to go through. When the light beams highlight the white font on blue ground with UP-Arrows at night:


When you drive in a grey swampy sky from which rain falls on the flat lands of Schleswig-Holstein, A23 in the direction of Itzehoe.

Take these images.
No. 74072 Kontra
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
I took the modern Chinese exam. Don't know how it'll turn out. I'm hoping for a B.
Bought some tomato plants on the way home and another bottle of valerian pills.
I replanted two of the five I got, plus I replanted the basil plant too.

Also looked for the missing "middle" volume of the Chinese history book. No luck. It's lost forever. Well, I guess I can do without everything between the Eastern Han and the Yuan dynasty.
I'm actually gonna read how it talks about the philosophical schools in volume 1.

My chengyu dictionary arrived. It's very cool and good. Can't add much else to it.

Tomorrow I'm gonna start preparing for my classical exam. I need to expand the deck and then drill the fuck out of it. I'm gonna do it this time. I'm gonna get it right. Right the failure of the midterms. Which doesn't count. (Lecturer said so that it's just a feedback for our progress and doesn't count.)

Honestly I feel much freer this semester. Don't know why. I have a lot of work to do still.
Next exams are "East Asian History" and Classical Chinese. Didn't attend a single lecture for the former, simply because it overlapped with my language classes due to the uni's brainlet planning. Again.
Not that I give too much of a shit, especially considering the lecturer basically just gives us a worse, less detailed account of Chinese history we've been studying for 4 semesters now.

Tomorrow I have a consultation about the translation studies seminar. It's not mandatory, but we're gonna spend another two semesters together with the lecturer, so I want to keep on making a good impression.

"Autobahnliteratur" sounds so good. Don't know why.
Maybe it's just the image.
Makes me want to try some creative imitation and write an Autobahn-novella.

Thankfully we don't get shit like this, because most of the population is too dumb to learn even the basics of English.
At worst we get a shitty pun, a word for word translation or "[English title] - Hungarian subtitle"
No. 74073
>"[English title] - Hungarian subtitle"
We have that too, with German of course. Often completely unrelated.
No. 74074
1,4 MB, 1000 × 1600
> At worst we get a shitty pun, a word for word translation or "[English title] - Hungarian subtitle"
Our title translations:
> forest lads
> underwater lads
> fanged lads
> lads from jungle
No. 74075
Well, I'd also like to add that I usually have no issue with Hungarian translations of films.
Yeah they have glaring issues with puns, but they usually get the mood with the title right.
Really, sometimes the dub is better than the original. Like boy, Hungarian south park is great. The thing taught me brand new fucking slurs.
No. 74076
522 kB, 320 × 320, 0:46
The German state radio Deutschlandfunk (DLF) had several broadcasts about the Autobahn. I remember listening to one on Autobahn churches.

In 2013 there was a report taken at two rest stops
>Left and right of the Autobahn: Almost everywhere there is summer vacation, the highways are full. The ADAC general german automobile club, they have a emergency repair and tow service and are also known on the street then as "yellow angels" recommends taking a break every two hours on your vacation. This week, for the Weekend Journal, we also put the turn signal on the right and made a stop. At Europe's best rest stop, Hegau West, and Europe's largest truck stop, Geiselwind: Dutch families, Czech truck drivers with their children, a male choral group. They all have to get off the highway - and they all told us their travel stories.
No. 74077
>sometimes the dub is better than the original
We have a guy for that, Rainer Brandt. He took a boring tv show called The Persuaders (with Tony Curtis and Roger Moore), threw out the original scripts and wrote his own dialogue full of wacky shit, turning it into a cult classic.
No. 74078
His translations also had a huge influence on the success of the Bud Spencer & Terrence Hill films.
No. 74080
Honestly I have no idea what Bud Spencer or Terrence Hill sound like in the original or English.
Here the quality of the dubbing massively contributed to the success of the duo too.
No. 74081
I wanted to say that they have weird titles in Hungarian, but they seem to follow the Italian very closely, except for They Call Me Trinity, which was given the title "The left and right hands of the Devil".
Here it's more about how the two actors who gave the voices for Spencer and Hill were really good at it. Plus the films were kinda exciting and exotic for Communist state.
I don't think there's a week when one of their films isn't on TV, but I could wager even finding a day without them would be hard.
No. 74082
328 kB, 1000 × 1500
>"The left and right hands of the Devil".
Die rechte und die linke Hand des Teufels, maybe your people got that from here?
No. 74089
Another unfortunate similarity between Germany and Hungary.

Those movies suck. They are bad. The purposefully bad dubbing (we are bad at this, the movie is crap, anyway, let's just make a parody of the original movie) is not funny.
No. 74095
116 kB, 1517 × 881
57 kB, 680 × 672
I just found out Hel-Looks still exists, or at least still existed in summer '21.
No. 74096
Apropos - fashion news of the season from the capital: girls are wearing spandex/bike shorts, boys are wearing rings
No. 74098 Kontra
I looked it up recently as well when a German was posting fashion photos ITT. I figured it could come across as an insult to draw parallels between his style and Hel Looks so I let it go.
No. 74099 Kontra
I can't believe at 22 I'm finally mature enough to do gardening stuff on my own.
Replanted some of the sunflowers. Didn't expect all of them to sprout and they were close to each other.
One I replanted earlier and that's doing fine. The ones I did today are having a harder time by the looks. They both became a bit droopy, but once the sun set and they got some more water they seem to be recovering.

Planted the remaining tomato plants too, and I'm basically all out of pots now.
Honestly, at this rate I might feel comfortable with getting a venus flytrap again.

Couldn't achieve much more. I just laid in bed, had lunch, read a bit and fucked around with the plants.
Also took a sunbath and had the seminar consultation.
Actually woke up way too early again after sleeping like 5 hours. Which is good, because I forgot to set the alarm clock.

Too anxious about the results of the Chinese exam.
No. 74107
>I looked it up recently as well when a German was posting fashion photos ITT.
Huh? I totally missed that. I can only remember the fashion thread with twink vanya posting his "pilot" style.
No. 74108
You might find such style on hel looks but Balenciaga Men FW2017 is a bit special as it is inspired by business. I don't look like those people in the end.

Also, the 2000s are making a comeback, low rise jeans and other terrible things. Some of it is nice, but it reminds me too much of my youth.
No. 74109 Kontra
I want sunglasses (I would like to wear them at night, no irritating eye contacts anymore)

No. 74111
>I don't look like those people in the end.
Yes, I understand. I have very narrow scope into fashion and your posts simply reminded me of Hel Looks' existence. Personally I have no problem with the fashion displayed on that site or yours. It's refreshing to see clothes that are put together with some thought. A rarity in Finland.

No. 74112
Ohhhh sorry I misread, I thought you meant he had posted pictures of his own attire.
I mean, making fun of those isn't hard, they're pretty silly.
No. 74114 Kontra
I'm not arguing with you who has probably never put a thought into fashion :^)
No. 74115
>ho has probably never put a thought into fashion
Funny, indeed I have never put a thought into fashion, I just make sure to dress well :^)

Jokes aside, there is a really strange thunderstorm going on right now. Light rain, mostly lighting without much thunder, sunset is half-visible and everything is tinted a bit yellow.
No. 74116
84 kB, 577 × 1065
>I just make sure to dress well :^)

I can only imagine :D

Funfact: I_d dress like the latest Zegna if I had the possibility, it's pretty much the perfect wardrobe.


I don't look as old as some people my age and I'm not fat, so I fit some criteria necessary :DD

>tinted a bit yellow.

I'm glad it rained here, no thunder. But the sky is equally tinted.
No. 74117 Kontra
Oh I think an old Lemaire is also very good
No. 74118
Looks like a typical picture when the rays of the setting sun pass through the thunder front, reflecting on the lower surface of the clouds in process.
No. 74119
267 kB, 1000 × 1500
302 kB, 1000 × 1500
243 kB, 1000 × 1500
221 kB, 1000 × 1500
I'll just leave it at
>brand consciousness
>actually watching advertisements

I also just found out that The Sartorialist still exists, so have a few italian qts and a mailman from New York.
No. 74122 Kontra
>brand consciousness

you confuse brand consciousness with cuts and quality (yes the quality is excellent and you don't just pay for a brand name). While this clothing could and should be cheaper they don't compare to the average fabrics you can get in street shops these days.


If you want to know what clothing exists you have to look at it like, using your eyes for a start, don't know how you do it though.
No. 74124 Kontra
385 kB, 1027 × 560
>you confuse brand consciousness with cuts and quality
If you don't have the exact build of these models cuts don't matter as you need to get it tailored anyway.
Can't say anything about the quality, but at least with clothing I haven't found a strong correlation between price and quality.

>If you want to know what clothing exists you have to look at it like, using your eyes for a start, don't know how you do it though.
Looking up what clothing exists =!= watching advertisements.
I have never seen or heard a Seitenbacher commercial, yet I know it exists. Pretty curious...

I wonder if you also have a skincare routine, because I believe in taking care of myself and a balanced diet and rigorous exercise routine.
In the morning if my face is a little puffy I'll put on an ice pack while doing stomach crunches.
I can do 1000 now. After I remove the ice pack I use a deep pore cleanser lotion.
In the shower I use a water activated gel cleanser, then a honey almond body scrub, and on the face an exfoliating gel scrub. Then I apply an herb-mint facial mask which I leave on for 10 minutes while I prepare the rest of my routine.
I always use an after shave lotion with little or no alcohol, because alcohol dries your face out and makes you look older. Then moisturizer, then an anti-aging eye balm followed by a final moisturizing protective lotion.
No. 74126 Kontra
685 kB, 720 × 556
I got a C.
It's so over.
I'm never going to learn mandarin at this rate. I'm just going to be a really well read loser with no applicable skills.
No. 74127
Are you just being dramatic or does it amount to a lot of credits?
No. 74128 Kontra
It's 6 credits but I dislike getting a "mediocre" rating because it's an important subject.
No. 74129 Kontra
I see. Eh, happens. You'll do better in the future. What you learn now is merely basics anyway.
No. 74130 Kontra
If I fuck up even the basics then how am I going to learn the advanced stuff?
No. 74131 Kontra
By realizing that sounding smart is more important than actually being smart and by also realizing that what you might consider very important now will later on prove to be secondary and what you might consider hard work now will later be a handwave.
And when you have reached that point you will also understand how little you actually know and it will bother you.
No. 74133 Kontra
Thankfully I have the rather lanky built. It is true though that the model built distorts and some people won't be able to wear it like that. I mean all of these shows are done by stylists that put the line together, not everybody is a stylist of that sort nor do many people have that body. Below I will say something about why these shows are still an interesting thing to watch.

>no correlation between price and quality

I don't know where you shop but some Zara suit or Zegna are millions of miles of difference in feel. I've had both and the Zegna felt incredibly fine and just great to touch. The factory is in Italy and they seek very good fabrics/wool and they have the connections. While Zara might be wool (probably more a blend of different fabrics, pullovers and such often have mostly plastic fibers) the feel is very different. Of course not all clothing of these expensive labels is of great quality, they also have items made of acryl or other synthetic fibers, but I wouldn't buy these for the price. It also depends if you have an eye for worn-out items or not. I was surprised once I noticed many of the cheap T-Shirts of mine actually have loose neck and hem. As with many other things, once you get deeper into clothing you notice a lot of things that are disregarded by the "common" eye/senses. And I don't buy any of these really expensive labels brand new, only second-hand like most people that take an interest in dressing a certain way. But they are still worth the money unlike many outworn stuff you get for a few euros. And yes you can also build a nice outfit with crappy quality stuff.

>Looking up what clothing exists =!= watching advertisements.

These are not ads, they just present the clothing line in a conceptual way most of the time. If I want to know what kind of clothing exists by people that studied it theoretically and done lots of work practically I can see it in these videos and not on the Zalando webpage, that is why I have to watch these videos to see what is done fashion-wise. I don't have to necessarily like it. It also is a way to get inspiration, since I will never buy such an outfit as it is presented and styled in such a show. But color combination, combination of items, silhouettes and such can be used as starting point for what you think you like and want yourself, so for almost all people who care about this (even the designers themselves often enough), there is no way to look exactly like these models in their fit. It still can be a starting point to dress yourself in a way.

I'm not sure if you are joking but I have some products to clean my skin for instance (but my "routine" is not as strict as yours) and I workout and try to have a good diet. But that is simply as I'm getting older I cannot just give no fucks anymore without experiencing the consequences that don't feel great. Since I workout I don't have back pain anymore just to list one benefit.
No. 74134 Kontra
Other German is right, academia is going forth and back if you are serious about it anyway.
No. 74139
729 kB, 1000 × 1316
fashion is bourgeois, all people should wear unisex spandex body suits like star trek originally envisioned
and when that's normalized, we should switch to full zentai
No. 74144
109 kB, 1551 × 2047
>all people should wear unisex spandex body suits like star trek originally envisioned
Star Trek is bougie itself.
Chairman Mao already had the right ideas.
No. 74145 Kontra
Just was about to post this lmao.
No. 74164
10 kB, 480 × 360
I could've sworn it was Thursday. Where did a day disappear? I've got no plans whatsoever on what to do today. Harrowing.
No. 74165
I got up tomorrow knowing very well it is friday, yet I will probably have to work until 6 or so and then drive another hour and then have some more stuff to do on the weekend.
It's all so tiresome.
No. 74166 Kontra
I meant this morning. My brain is already mushy, how am I supposed to do another two hours of mental work?
No. 74169
>Where did a day disappear?
Someone drugged you and you slept really long
t. not drugging people, honest
No. 74170
55 kB, 750 × 573
I just came home.
In the bus i was sitting 1m away from 2 12 year old boys (at least one of them was 12, he mentioned his age).

They talked about Tiktok. Apparently both of them make Tiktok videos and one of them has 40k followers.
The child with less followers said he "achieved everything a person can achieve". The other one mentioned that he's dreaming of universal records calling him to offer him a record deal.

This text doesn't transport how absolutely dumb this all sounded and how glad i was when i could leave the bus.
I know that people always talked bad about the younger ones but i think this time we're truly doomed.
No. 74171 Kontra
I know that people always talked bad about the younger ones but i think this time we're truly doomed.

You are just getting older. At this age they talk all kinds of shit and mots of them grow out of it by getting older. Just like our generation did.
No. 74173
85 kB, 800 × 800
> how glad i was when i could leave the bus
Because you felt painfully envy? Not surprising, they're only twelve and already THAT MUCH popular and successful. How many followers do you have btw?
No. 74174
44 kB, 353 × 327
>Just like our generation did.

No, i was a great kid.
I was listening to Kool Savas, Beatfabrik and King Orgasmus One. Smoked cigarettes because the cool kids did it and had a good time on my skateboard when i was 12.
I wasn't dreaming of making a career by making weird faces in a phone camera for people i don't know. I was great.
No. 74175
521 kB, 600 × 466
Today I heard a man use the word 'staycation' in conversation. That word is ridiculous and unnecessary. If you take time off work and don't go anywhere, just tell people you did nothing. Staycation is just a euphemism for "nothing". You know a word we really need? A word for people who make up stupid words. I propose Vocabuliar.


Not enough pockets.
No. 74176
>If you take time off work and don't go anywhere, just tell people you did nothing
A lot of things people do are to look better in the eyes of other people.
No. 74178
91 kB, 550 × 382
Well, it really is Friday. Have a nice weekend, Ernst!

>I got up tomorrow
My brain is mush as well, but reading this turned it into fine paste.

Possible. Appreciate you for not drugging anyone. Keep it up.
No. 74179
>I wasn't dreaming of making a career by making weird faces in a phone camera for people i don't know.
At 10 I had plans to save all my allowances until I was 16 and then use the money to go on tour as a pro skateboarder. It never occurred to me that you get sponsors for that :DDD
Additional info: I was bad at skating. Anyway, what has changed is that the world of entertainment is now seen as a possible career for children to pursue. At 12 to think 'I'm going to get rich from tiktok' is the new version of 'I'm going to be a professional ball player'.

>A lot of things people do are to look better in the eyes of other people.
Fair enough, but I'll admit to being bad at this. I can't count the number times I've told people I did 'literally nothing'. I figure it's best not to project the image that I'm a fun guy, because that will lead to expectations which I'm be unable to meet.
No. 74181
You are assburger
t. also assburger
No. 74182
69 kB, 911 × 345
I wish EC had counter of Tiktok followers attached to each post so that I knew who is worthy and popular enough to reply to.
No. 74184

We both know you have been a little pain in the ass for your environment :DDD

We have the cigis and rap in common though and the latter is another indicator of being a pain in the ass. We weren't great we were "cool" and that is a pretty good guess on how painful you have been as a teenager.

>camera etc.

Back then kids were dreaming of becoming the member of a girl or boy group through casting or become a famous shit on TV, the medium and with it quite some things changed "democratic chances" on fame, albeit these are not so democratic as it seems, looking for "fame" didn't. It's still the old Adorno lamento of them people dreaming about becoming a star(let) and leaving your ordinary administered life behind and that is still rolled out in front of the people. I am somebody not nobody because people know me thanks to media devices.
No. 74185 Kontra
12 kB, 320 × 234
I laughed!
No. 74189
Damn, 40k followers. At 12 years. That's probably more than whole EC combined.
No. 74190
Soooo, what would you do for 40k followers?
No. 74191
796 kB, 1976 × 1644
How do we even recover?
I have one idea: read dialogs from EC in Tiktoks and pronounce each replica in corresponding folk costume of poster's nation.

See picrelated to get the idea.
No. 74192
A lot of things. Which proposals do you have?
No. 74193
54 kB, 516 × 323
16 kB, 300 × 100
41 kB, 300 × 100
>How do we even recover?
We already employed the world famous consulting company EcKinsey on /b/ who devised a strategy for growth: We have to move on from the boring male assburger image to attract a younger, more female audience. That's why we will soon start to feature threads about cosmetics, TikTok celebrities and romance.
No. 74194
Kruzifixnochamol, I'm in a meme now

t. still not drugging people
No. 74196
Good. We can also emit NFTs with countryballs. (how much are you gonna pay for https://ernstchan.xyz/img/balls/ie.PNG ?)
And charge posters for using bold selection.
No. 74197
No, I am asking you concretely, what would you do?

KRUZIFIXNOCHAMOL it's a macro, not a meme!
No. 74198
387 kB, 450 × 622
>it's a macro, not a meme!
I know. But who else does?

Also, fun fact: THIS would be the appropriate piece of clothing in my case
No. 74200 Kontra
186 kB, 1024 × 1024
I studied Tiktology, we should go for a different audience: the femcel.
No. 74201 Kontra
66 kB, 828 × 795
Went to uni today to check the exam papers in person. It ain't so bad. Yeah it's a C, but the oral component was 90% and the essay was the second best in the group, plus there were people who failed (who account for 25% of the group) so I don't think it's over all that bad of a result, considering nobody gets A's in this department.
Not rosy but not that abject of a failure.

Talked a bit about the future like the master's degree and I was told I shouldn't worry because there isn't an abundance of applicants for the sinology master, plus since I'm researching a classical topic, I'll probably get preferential treatment by the principal of the institute, since the would-be profile is classical philology and language, but they have a hard time filling up the ranks of the next generation, because everyone wants to write about modern topics.
Ultimately I was told I have potential and just keep at it.

Had lunch at the American embassy and did some grocery shopping on the way home. Then I read some from Mo Yan's Frogs and started preparing for the classical exam.
Plus I keep checking stuff in the garden. Things are looking fine. I wonder if the sunflowers will actually reach maturity and have a flower. That would be the coolest shit ever.

I have 81 followers on twitter if that counts for anything.

Do those even exist?
No. 74202
>But who else does?
Even less people if nobody is using the correct term.
No. 74203
>it's a C
Is that the actual result? If not, what grading system do Hungarians really use?

Over here it goes from 1 (best) to 6 (worst), at least throughout most of your time at school.
No. 74204 Kontra
We go one to five, with five being the best.
So it's quite easy to convert to the American system.
So in Hungarian, I got a "three", which is also called "Mediocre". 72%.
No. 74205
>We go one to five, with five being the best.
I read a story (fiction) once of a bad German student crossing the border to Switzerland (or was it Austria?) where the system is the opposite of ours so he became a good student, at least on paper.
No. 74206 Kontra
>Do those even exist?

Yeah. Sure. They are not an absolute equivalent but sexless and crusty women with few or without any friends and high screentime exist.
No. 74209
Einstein had a 5 in maths.
Everything is relative.
No. 74210 Kontra
Big shame, stop wasting your teacher's time and just drop out if you insist on humiliating yourself like this.
No. 74212 Kontra
No. 74214
>being upset about a C
Hungary is already chinese in spirit
No. 74216
My mum used to tell me that "a P is a degree". Context, in Australia the ranking is F: Fail P: Pass, C: Credit, D: Distinction, HD: High Distinction.

I guess "a C is a degree" still works but dunno if it has the same scraping by connotations :-DDD
No. 74217
>Einstein had a 5 in maths

Yes, and he went to school in switzerland, where a 5 is (was?) the best grade. Einsteins biographer fucked this up and interpreted it as Einstein being bad at maths when in fact he aced maths class.
No. 74218
Seems like the joke fell flat, because I was indeed referring to the inverted scale in Switzerland, hence the "everything is relative".
No. 74219
Today is Australian election day - I waited 1.5 hours to vote (voting is mandatory here), and got a democracy sausage as reward. Tonight we will find out if albo or scomo leads us into the future.

Our system is preferential, with two houses of parliament - far superior to the US first past the post system, but I'm certain there are still many ways it can be improved.

So, you can actually vote greens or one nation if so inclined at the local level, and not be throwing away your vote, as you can flow your preference to a major party. Our senate also is set up to occasionally allow some fringe candidates in, through this same style - though senate votes are per state, not local district.

How does Ernsts electoral system function? I hear some but not all Euros have mandatory votes. How do you manage to get such a wide variety of parties into office? I always hear of coalitions of various parties in Europe - in Australia the media/murdoch throws a fit if one of the majors needs to share power.

I always heard "p's get degrees" back at uni too.

They don't get you into postgrad studies though :~D
No. 74221
>voting is mandatory here
Are there studies if that leads to a lot of intentionally invalid votes? As a way of protest, I mean.

If I had to vote between two dickheads I wouldn't know how to determine the lesser evil.

t. never voted
No. 74222
>t. never voted
Is that officially known?
I always go voting, but I do indeed invalidate my vote because I am against the "lesser evil" idea, because it really makes no difference. If all I can choose is evil I prefer not to choose. And I get shit for that because I am "throwing away my vote".

For the Aussie: In Germany you usually get two votes: One for a party, one for a "direct candidate". The candidate who wins gets a mandate, whereas the party who wins can choose candidates to send to the parliament. Then those people elect the chancellor. There are some special cases with "overhang" mandates, but usually the government is made up of around 600 people.
I think you system of being able to weigh the vote is superior to ours, though I would already be content if he had the option to give negative votes, because if I can't vote for one party in good conscience, I can at least piss on my least favorite party's parade. And I bet you would get less invalid votes and non-voters that way because they would probably at least all un-vote the nazi parties from any parliament.
No. 74224
>got a democracy sausage as reward

Please elaborate.
No. 74225 Kontra
110 kB, 1920 × 987
218 kB, 1920 × 987
148 kB, 1280 × 853
Swiss vote isn't mandatory (except in Schaffhausen) and the country has one of the lowest participation rate with most votations/elections always staying between 30/45% participation. There's as a result an overrepresentation of certain sociological classes in the polls, namely educated urban people and small villages conservative communities.

Like in the US, you vote for two parliamentary chambers on a national level. One is proportional to the population with 200 seats and the other gives two seats per cantons and one seat per half-canton with 46 seats. And the parliament elects the exectutive Federal Council. There's seven executive seats and always the same party proportion: two Socialists (SP), two liberals (FDP), two conservatives (SVP) and one christian centrist (CVP). Each member of the Federal Coucil have to be from a different part of Switzerland and all the languages have to be represented, the role of president rotates each year between those seven people and they retire when they feel like it.
No. 74226
Those people all look rather ghoulish.
No. 74227
I think that's called age :DDD
No. 74229
255 kB, 695 × 865
>Please elaborate.
No. 74230
Nah, there are enough old people who don't look ghoulish.
No. 74231
They always have stalls set up by various charities or wherever you're voting (the school I voted at had some student fundraiser thing), and sell sausages pretty cheap. It's a normal thing here - if the booth doesn't have them it's quite unusual. I was very upset my last state election (also mandatory) didn't have it due to covid. It's not bad.

Per German Ernsts map, people sometimes specifically go to the places with most variety. Some do bacon and egg rolls, cakes, etc.

Is this not a thing in the UK too?

My father worked on the election a few years ago in counting, and said there were a fair few invalid ones. Things like putting an extra box with candidate name "cunt" at the bottom and ticking that as their only vote. I also heard he had one that was invalid, and contained a complete schizo rambling written over it all - top of ballet to bottom in tiny print. He wanted to take a photo, but it was not permitted.

I'm quite fond of it being a preferential system. At least you can vote where your heart really is, and know it isn't a total waste. I think While we do have the pretty standard western neoliberal duo at the top, you can at least try vote for the little ones before preferencing to the less shit of the two majors.

I struggle to understand how the USA or any first past the post country is considered a democracy, with the way it devolves into only two real parties.

This election seems to have a fair few more independents than usual running (and doing well). One of the Vietnamese suburbs in Sydney (traditionally a safe labor seat), looks like it's going to be taken by an independent. Labor kicked out their Vietnamese candidate to substitute in an out of town white woman who is influential in the party. It looks like they'll lose the seat over it. This could never be done in a first past the post system.

The bit you say about over-representation of certain communities is interesting. Here, as everyone is mandated, you see a lot of iq89 advertising from minor (and sometimes major) parties, obviously going at those who would be under-represented in a Swiss (or anywhere nonmandatory) style system. Things like "guarantee 5 years 3% homeloan interest rates", and wildly absurd & expensive promises they can never deliver on (but as they're not holding majority, they'll never be held responsible for it). Essentially, it's a way to try get a sneaky senate seat to hold the balance if the majors are close.

The rotation sounds unique too. We had a time several years ago like that. Constant coups though - not organised.

Person 5, 7 & 8 are definitely reptiles.

t. reptile identifier.
No. 74232 Kontra
44 kB, 800 × 561
I don't think these people look ghoulish. The lighting is a bit harsh and their turbo-whitened teeth make the photo a bit weird. The most unsettling thing about it is the background. A cross with a pot of fondue? And all the other stuff. Good lord.

>there were a fair few invalid ones
peräruiske hitler :D (anal injection hitler :D)

Usually Donald Duck gets so many votes that he could get elected.
No. 74235
>A cross with a pot of fondue? And all the other stuff. Good lord.
It's Switzerland, mang. What else are they supposed to put there? A happy banker rubbing his hands over all the foreign money?
No. 74236
>Things like putting an extra box with candidate name "cunt" at the bottom and ticking that as their only vote
Should be valid on the Straya.
No. 74237
1,5 MB, 1457 × 1920
513 kB, 1335 × 1135
107 kB, 1200 × 675
241 kB, 396 × 515
Four types of elections:
-Presidential, you vote for a person who's running to be the head of state.
-Legislative, you vote for a party to occupy seats in parliament and form government.
-Local elections, you vote for a local council, functioning like a miniature parliament.
-European elections, supposedly for the EU but given nobody understands how the EU works, it functions as an official poll halfway through the legislative elections.
No. 74238
187 kB, 1280 × 913
>Person 5, 7 & 8 are definitely reptiles.
They are all from different parties.
Number 5, Ueli Maurer (SVP), has been in charge of the national budget for more than 14 years, and has consistantly overcalculated it so that we always have 1 or 2 billions of unused funds at the end of the year that he uses to repay the national debt. He does this on purpose because he's trying to prove that the centralized state is bullshit and useless, be
Number 7 is Alain Berset, he was responsible of the hospitals during the COVID pandemic. I like him and think he has done a good job comparatively to other euro nations.
Number 8 is irrelevant and manages the justice and police.
No. 74240
60 kB, 1068 × 601
Why yes, I did dodge the electoral roll to avoid wasting my time drawing a dick on the ballot each time. How could you tell?
No. 74243 Kontra
At least someone on here is not completely blue pulled about EUdSSR.
No. 74246 Kontra
No. 74247 Kontra
57 kB, 640 × 569
I take it everyone on EC is already watching this but I'll link it just in case. TRAM-EM cup in Leipzig. Sadly Finland isn't represented, so I'll be rooting for Sweden.
No. 74249 Kontra
Why are the isles so diverse in term of political affiliations?
No. 74250 Kontra
108 kB, 209 × 244
Easy win for Germany
No. 74251 Kontra
25 kB, 600 × 557
Shut up! The game was rigged from the start by the fact that Germany is participating with a 100 different teams. Go Sweden!
No. 74252 Kontra
1,8 MB, 1541 × 825
141 kB, 900 × 750
btfo Stockholm
No. 74253 Kontra
33 kB, 345 × 373
Noooooooooooooooooooooooo Sweden is out of the top 3! Good game!

Congratulations to:
  1. Hanover
  2. Lyon
  3. Berlin
No. 74255
2,3 MB, 2362 × 1949
>Germany is participating with a 100 different teams
Well, yeah
No. 74258
Is that a map of German tram lines or why is it relevant? And usually international competitions limit the amount of participants per country. Obviously this isn’t a serious competition so it’s fine, anything goes.
No. 74266
>How does Ernsts electoral system function?
We (the 50% who show up at the polls) vote for one member of The House of Representatives for our local district, and two Senators for the State. The Senators serve 6 years, with staggered terms with only one is on the ballot at a time. Representatives serve 2 years, so they never stop campaigning.
And then we vote for The Leader of the Free World®, ofc. There is a ton of State and local stuff, too. State government, County government, city government, school boards, judges, sheriffs etc. They don't get the headlines, though. Unless they're Grady Judd, lol. He's a sheriff in Florida, and is known for hamming it up in press conferences. He was in the next County over when I lived in Florida

That's So Grady: A look back at some of our favorite Grady Judd moments from 2017

Also, we get a sticker and- if you're lucky- a pen. tfw no democracy sausage.

How common are referendums in your elections? We get a slate of Statewide issues every election, letting the people directly decide issues politicians can't seem to hammer out. Like legalizing weed or raising the minimum wage.
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How many of you are actually leftists? Kohlchan is telling me you're really gay for some reason.
No. 74268
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We aren't leftists. The gay part is true though.
No. 74269
If they think they know, ask them.
No. 74270
Ernstchan needs to accept more Kohlchan immigrants else it will not survive

Your reaction?
No. 74271
At kohlchan you're probably considered leftist if you don't want to gas the jews. But regardless of it there are many leftists here, can confirm.

You need to look at their eyes. Notice vertical pupils:
No. 74272
I see, so how does Ernstchan view the "Jewish question"?
No. 74273
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>Ernstchan needs to accept more Kohlchan immigrants else it will not survive
Probably true, more for /b/ though, less for /int/. Lots of the regulars here are ex-Krautchan and some have switched sides from Kohl. I also think that a considerable amount of people lurks on both boards (at least occasionally) but would deny this if asked, because they fear the critizism of the gung ho Kohl haters. So it's not that EC has a problem with Kohl immigrants as long as they leave the cancer behind, which shouldn't be a big issue because that same cancer is likely the reason they wanted to emigrate in first place.
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What's the implication for EC in the comic? Anyway I'm curious why would you visit kohl? Is EC too slow? I haven't been there for years and even then it was an insane asylum. Every time it comes up here it would seem like things definitely have not improved.
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>What's the implication for EC in the comic?
Kohl likes to pose as edgy and maximum anti-mainstream, but in german imageboard cosmos it is effectively mainstream due to its immense popularity. If you want to be TRULY uncool and anti-mainstream you have to go to EC.
>Anyway I'm curious why would you visit kohl? Is EC too slow? I haven't been there for years and even then it was an insane asylum
Old ties to some posters, EC indeed being too slow and sometimes a little stiff, and some actually good threads hidden under the rubble I guess.
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EC would have to also be antithetical to the current zeitgeist which dominates Wectern kultur nowadays which is what Kohlchan is largely reactionary against.

So it not only needs to be against antisemitism, it needs to also be antisemitic to some degree in order to be maximum contrarian.
No. 74277 Kontra
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I still don't understand how being uncool would equal to being insufferable. I thought it had something to do with assburgerism as Spede is featured here. And it would fit the bill since I have to keep probing about this because my burger brain cannot comprehend the joke that's supposedly presented there. And then there's the fact(opinion) that kohl truly is insufferable in literal terms, unlike EC.

In no way do I have a problem with you going there though. I'm not the one to judge.
No. 74278 Kontra
Went shopping with my mother, since it's kind of a tradition that when my father and sister go somewhere together on the weekends we do something utilitarian together. We bought some gardening supplies and some groceries.
Hag a gyros for lunch.

I'm drilling the cards for Classical Chinese hard, but I don't seem to be making any progress, which makes me feel demoralized.
I'm actually fucking teeth-grinding mad when I fuck something up for the 10th time.

We have a one-round election and vote for a party-list and for a district MP. Party with the most votes win.
Only quirk is that if one of the 13 nationalities living in the country manage to assemble 1% of the votes then they get an MP instead of an advocate who has no voting power. The Hungarian Germans have one.
No. 74279 Kontra
I wonder, I think some do, the american at least. I've left soon after it got established and has since been in the safe and calm (lol) harbour of EC.

Simple, the rule and laws is what everybody has to align to or else gets punishment for. Come here, but keep yourself within the given albeit sometimes blurry boundaries.
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It's basically "insufferably boring" - of course this is exaggerated, think of it as trying to brand the boringness (or lack of edginess) of EC as a marketable gimmick. Also this is funny because it sparked pretty much the exact same discussion than on /b/, which is part of Ernst DNA to always question and discuss everything in comparison to for example just meme the shit out of it - for good or for worse. I even made a comic about this phenomenon (pic 3, only have german version sadly), it says "Why EC has no memes" - "Look at this OI I made, it has potential" followed by a lenghty rant why this is not good content and then asking again "Why EC has no memes". This sparked an even longer discussion in which everything that was said was true - which in turn proved the point of the comic.

>So it not only needs to be against antisemitism, it needs to also be antisemitic to some degree in order to be maximum contrarian.
Sparking controversy surely would add more activity, but EC is too lazy / too aloof to really be against anything or to take extreme stances, so it can't even capitalize on Zeitgeist haters.
No. 74281
>I still don't understand how being uncool would equal to being insufferable.
I asked the same thing when it was posted for the first time.
I think the Ernst who made the edit didn't think things through.
Just understand it as an example of the stereotypical inability of germans to be humorous.
No. 74282
The poster who made this one is a genius and correct. We don't notice it from our perspective because we are the insufferable ones. I wish I could force someone to read and post on EC as part of a scientific study, perhaps after a few months they'd also show signs of terminal assburgerism.
No. 74283 Kontra
So you're saying reading EC for months is worse than reading Kohl for months?
No. 74284
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I'm from future. Your post sparked 50 posts long conversation between two Germans about all shades of difference between the words "uncool" and "insufferable". One of this Germans is rather uncool and another one -- insufferable. I was sent back in time to prevent this horrible development of events.
No. 74285
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While I'm at it: Here's some of the more recent shoops from /b/, fourth one remotely related as it shows how Kohl acts as shield for EC by containing the cancer.

10/10, you are a wise man sir.

Official Portuguese-German broship formed!
No. 74286 Kontra
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>It's basically "insufferably boring"
Could be, but insufferable is a bit harsh to describe something boring that you can simply ignore or stay out of if you're not interested.

>Also this is funny because it sparked pretty much the exact same discussion than on /b/
What a relief. I wasn't sure if I was completely off the rails here.

>I even made a comic about this phenomenon
The meaning was clear even when I looked at the picture before reading your post. It captures the essence very well :D

>Just understand it as an example of the stereotypical inability of germans to be humorous.
Plausible theory.

That's why I was posing the question, hoping that the new guy here would point out immediately why indeed we are the most insufferable ones.

Anyway, how are you doing Ermenegildo? Is everything ok? What's the closest Portuguese name to Ernst?
No. 74287 Kontra
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No. 74289
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>I wish I could force someone to read and post on EC as part of a scientific study
For full assburger transformation, the subject must also listen to Radio Ernstiwan.
No. 74290
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Quality post.

Ermenegildo is a rare one, where did you fish it out of? Ernesto exists, tão simples como isso. Weekend has been regular, with the added twist that I have an ex-gf spamming me with messages about us trying it again. It's a horrible idea, so it was like having to reject an aggressive sales pitch that makes you sad and restarts itself at random times.
No. 74291
This would be an incredible concept. Maybe I can pay people to do it. I'll work on this.
No. 74292
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Fuggen saved, and awesome idea, immediatly add this to the EcKinsey campaign from >>74193. We also need to start beef with remotely famous people, and any time we get lashback we act like rape victims and pity the shit out of ourselves!
No. 74293 Kontra
See, this is the kind of post you people laugh about now and then it really happens and then nobody laughs anymore! You'll see!
No. 74295 Kontra
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Oh no no no no...

>Ermenegildo is a rare one, where did you fish it out of?
I remembered it from looking up old European names for a DnD campaign. No idea if it's actually old.

>Weekend has been regular, with the added twist ...
Good to hear, Ernesto. I was worried that something was wrong because you've been awfully quiet since you got sick. Regarding your problem, you could block the number(or account(s)) so you can move on. Pretty cold, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
No. 74298
I think I'm unironically dying soon
No. 74299
Wanted to buy some fried chicken after work but the grocery store closed at midnight. Everything used to be open 24/7, but apparently a combination of Covid and the tight labor market led stores to cut their hours.

Why do you think that?
No. 74300 Kontra
You should die ironically instead.
No. 74301
Can we help you in some way?
No. 74302 Kontra
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Reading a conversation between Michel Serres (mathematical education but went for philosophy, albeit always conceived as outsider) and Bruno Latour from 1992

Serres says
>How is it that the human or social sciences never speak of the world, just as if social groups were hanging in the void? How is it that the so-called hard sciences do not deal with man? Their respective deficiencies prefigure the strength of the other side. How is it that our most important forms of knowledge are half-paralyzed? To teach them to walk with both legs, to use both hands, seems to me to be a duty of philosophy

And old concern, unsolved. I wonder what science Ernst would say about this conversation. The conversation is great, Plauderton as we Germans like to say, and explains the standpoint of Serres, who transducts mathematical thinking, as way of movement and style in a humanities territory.
The biographic entry to the conversation is also interesting, growing up with the violence of the Spanish civil war, the nazis and Hiroshima, and how Serres hates institutions and conformity.
No. 74324
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Yesterday I was at a birthday party and had to observe, again, that at least in our region lesbians are absolutely disgusting. I hate to use the word, but "bulldyke" is a pretty precise description.
And I don't know why that is. I have met more than a few lesbians in my life and only two of them actually looked like women. Most of them look like pic related, just that over the past ten years or so they have gotten progressively fatter.
Maybe in other parts of Germany it's different - Berlin-Ernst, what do lesbians look like in the capital? You surely must have a bigger sample size.
Non-germans of /int/, what do lesbians look like in your country?
No. 74328 Kontra
>Non-germans of /int/, what do lesbians look like in your country?
More than half of them are in incognito mode. I've seen about one such as you describe. The rest of them look like teenage skaterbois. To this day I rue doing advances on a friendly cute girl only to find out I'm not her type at all. My suffering was and still remains immense.
No. 74330
>Non-germans of /int/, what do lesbians look like in your country?
Basically what >>74328 described.
Let me add that you don't realize the luck you're in. It often happened to me to find a girl really attractive only to find her 30min latter kissing and cuddling another as attractive girl. Cute lesbians are pure suffering.
No. 74331
>Non-germans of /int/, what do lesbians look like in your country?
It's always a tomboy with a feminine one. The tomboy type is very easy to tell.
No. 74337
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1,5 MB, 1950 × 1300
They want me to throw away my peanut butter because of a possible salmonella contamination. Damn it, I have 4 jars of this stuff in the cupboard and three of them have lot codes from the Lexington facility.
No. 74338 Kontra
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Can't you get your money back if there's a recall? Or replacement products?
No. 74340 Kontra
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I just saw a representation of my soon to be former theater crew. I went with my whole family including my grand-mother. She's really starting to get old and has trouble walking and is getting slower in her thoughts. Feels bad man.

The spectacles from the company seem only to get better; it was visually incredible. I got stage fright even though I was part of the puc and was stressed all along that something could go wrong and fuck up a scene. Memories of forgetting you had to go on stage and arriving running from the backstage are still strong. Old mates were happy to see me and recognized my Kraftwerk t-shirt instantly.
No. 74341
Makes me think of the one time an American here asked me what the fuck food security is :DDD

Anyway, will you through it away or risk severe consequences by eating the pb?
No. 74342
If you eat it and possibly poison yourself you'll become poor(er) by staying in the hospital (you can't say you didn't know about the recall, so their asses are covered). Compared to that, rebuying your peanut butter is literally peanuts.

Murrica fuck yeah.
No. 74343
1,2 MB, 438 × 338, 0:03
I looked at the recall notice; CTRL+F refund. 0 results. The grocery store I purchased it from should offer a refund, though- if I have the receipt. Spoiler, I don't. Maybe they'll be cool about it, since I used a shopper's card which tracks every purchase.

I considered eating it but won't. Even if the peanut butter is not contaminated, with each bite I would still think about being poisoned. Not worth it.

>literally peanuts

Looking into this, it seems we have a food recall every day. The Simpson's predicted this.

No. 74344
54 kB, 651 × 442
That shopper card might work. Even better, if you purchased them somewhat recently(less than a year ago) go and re-buy the ones you would be returning, and then use that receipt to get a refund for the bad ones.
No. 74345
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58 kB, 640 × 360
Little bit of history: The construction company of pic 1 (Jürgen Schneider) went bankrupt, and pic 2 (Hilmar Kopper, then some bigwig of Deutsche Bank) called the sum of 50 million Mark for unpaid bills "peanuts". I knew it was a local thing when I posted it. Just couldn't stop myself.
No. 74348
Banker scales are almost as crazy as geologist scales.
>Oh what? 1 Million years? That's literally nothing!
>Oh what? 50 Million Euros and thousands of jobs lost? Peanuts!
No. 74349 Kontra
940 kB, 1047 × 1000
I think I made a breakthrough with my progress in learning the characters. I've been seriously at it for two days and I'm down to the last ~600 or so and I still have 5 days until the exam. I can't believe I'm on time.
You know, there's a very peculiar feeling to sitting in the garden, beating an anki deck endlessly on a laptop for like 4 hours with tiny breaks.
Otherwise I just walked around in the garden. I'm getting a dopamine rush from looking at the plants. And from watering them.

Tomorrow I have an online exam. "History of the Far East 2."
Don't care much. I despise this class simply because they refuse to find a good time for it. Nobody from the Chinese department can attend it.
I have the notes.

They look either very stereotypically lesbian (fat, coloured hair, piercings) or you don't notice it at all.

Well, here it's "There are no better marks than a two, there are only prettier marks."
Or alternatively "All that matters is that it bends" (As in, it's not a 1)
A one is called a "stake" or a "stick".

Why do you keep 4 jars of peanut butter at home?
No. 74350
>Why do you keep 4 jars of peanut butter at home?
Look at the "best before" date, that stuff would have lasted a while (unless he'd eat it all at once) if not for the recall. And you don't have to go shopping if you crave some and got a lot of it in a cupboard.
No. 74351 Kontra
1,4 MB, 360 × 202, 0:02
Maybe it's down to a difference in consumer habits and the amount of disposable income and space available.
No. 74353
Also, it looks like at least three different kinds (since we can't see the fourth jar).
No. 74356
They just deleted my entry from the ebay classified ads.
Reasons are, among others, selling prescription/recrational/animal drugs, alcohol, tobacco, x-ray/ultrasound/defibrillator devices and diet pills.
I was selling an XBox 360 gamepad.

I think it was because I wrote "5 Euros or a sixpack beer" and their algorithm kicked me out.
Fucking bullshit, elsewhere you can trade all kinds of stuff for a crate of beer.