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No. 74140
546 kB, 460 × 660
What is his phenotype?
No. 74141
The typological approach is pretty much non-scientific, you know. Looks like a pretty typical East European to me, though (mesoprosopic, mesorhinic with comparatively narrow nose, characterized with a high and reasonably narrow branch of his lower jaw, wide flat forehead, low eye sockets...).
No. 74143 Kontra
Just maybe slightly more robust than average, but still perfectly inside the range of dispersion.
No. 74146
Looks like a facemorph generated by an NN that was fed some weird ground truths.
No. 74147
How much is he prone to criminal, according to Lombroso?
No. 74148 Kontra
Chadomir Chadinski.
No. 74153
He looks like he's from Leeds.
No. 74157 Kontra
Reminds me of doomguy.
No. 74159
199 kB, 808 × 407
why you crosspost the same thing on 5 different imageboards?
No. 74172
84 kB, 550 × 289
What goes through a crossposter's brain?