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No. 74309 Systemkontra
183 kB, 1244 × 750
Previous >>73172
No. 74310
36 kB, 789 × 337
A lot of westerners failed to understand this, but the entirety of the war a masterful feint. Bravo, chessmaster.
No. 74311 Kontra
>test and go up against NATO weapons
>get btfo thoroughly
So they now know they stand no chance and will shut up in the future?
No. 74312
5,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:19
Reviewing the documented losses does reveal this to be a quite extensive feint or rehearsal. We're in for big trouble.

No. 74314 Kontra
39 kB, 576 × 463
> Russian state TV guest says...
No. 74315 Kontra
115 kB, 798 × 911
This post inspired me to take a look what the Finnish sister party SDP has on sale. No toasters sadly. Mostly

Go buy something and support our social democrats (please don't).
No. 74317
I can't find any merch on national parties websites. Maybe there's a law against it, maybe I can start selling tshirts and pens for political parties.
In the meantime, I'll order the feministi cup
No. 74320
Also, they are planning a new pandemic with monkey pocks. We are just not poor enough yet. You will own nothing, and you will be happy, while being enslaved to your new feudal lords.

They say German inflation is 7%. But I just looked and a tent I bought in 2012 for 80€ is now 160€. That is 7% inflation for 10 years straight. Bicycle I bought for 800€ in 2018 is now 1600€.
No. 74326
442 kB, 1225 × 817
>Varasto loppu

No. 74327 Kontra
Bicycle prices skyrocketed 2 years or so ago
No. 74332 Kontra
I couldn't find shops for all parties myself. And the ones that I found were tucked away, or even without a direct link on the website like with the True Finns' shop here:

It would appear the shops are mostly focused on selling products for the parties' candidates rather than supporters. Or maybe you're in the business for 100 matchboxes or 50 ballpoint pens with True Finns logos?

Apparently "True Finns" are now known as "Finns Party" in English. I was unaware of the change.

Looks like Portugal beat you to it and purchased all of the remaining stock. Also what a horrible design! Or maybe I'm not feminist enough to appreciate it.
No. 74334 Kontra
Why are you such a little drama queen? Isn't it exhausting to be like that?
No. 74335 Kontra
89 kB, 789 × 600
Was linked a somewhat interesting video of a guy going to different shops and comparing pre-war and current prices of items. It's very weird that even the most basic stuff like potatoes cost more in Russia than here, but that probably has something to do with the bullshit conversion rates of this time. No idea what the real conversions would be. In any case it seems like the prices of products in roubles have risen substantially.

Wow can't believe we made it past 10 replies into this thread before the shitshow starts :D
No. 74339
Cost of living here is lower mainly not because of goods prices. Two cheaper things are:
  1. Human labor. Barber may work for 300$/month but it means that you can get haircut for 5$.
  2. Real estate (rent or buying). You can buy flat in Vorkuta for 2000$. Don't know what you're gonna do with it though. =D
That's how it was before February at least.
No. 74346 Kontra
45 kB, 820 × 512
Isn't it then even worse that the already relatively highly priced goods got substantially pricier?

>You can buy flat in Vorkuta for 2000$
That's a nice price. Must be related to −25% population change from 2010 to 2021(estimate). How do normal 3 bedroom apartments in say top 10 largest Russian cities compare?
No. 74368
Does the CPC sell anything?
I remember seeing some party-notebooks for sale on aliexpress, but I kinda got the feeling that wasn't exactly meant for non-party members.
No. 74370
They sell woof tickets, that's for sure.
No. 74372
>How do normal 3 bedroom apartments in say top 10 largest Russian cities compare?
In Moscow the prices are absolutely outlandish, especially inside the MKAD. It seems that at the moment the prices for a 3 bedroom apartment range from ~13 mln roubles (~$216.000) to ~52,5 mln roubles (~$860.000).
No. 74382 Kontra
114 kB, 750 × 741
I've already made my reservation.
No. 74383 Kontra
You can't make a post like that without saying what it is.
No. 74384
Where can I bet on the number of kills individual grenades will get? I think this war needs to be turned into some kind of gameshow. Maybe takeshi's castle with prisoners of war and acid instead of mud pits.
No. 74389 Kontra
I'll wait until they deliver. I thought about a radio EC advert but it could be in bad taste.
No. 74390 Kontra
112 kB, 833 × 925
>the prices for a 3 bedroom apartment range from ~13 mln roubles (~$216.000) to ~52,5 mln roubles (~$860.000).
Prices seem a bit high, but the range isn't too crazy. The $2000 flat definitely shouldn't be included in the range as property is often sold at incredibly low prices when located on dying areas. Either you try to sell it and get something, or get stuck paying taxes or other maintenance costs for an empty apartment.

Ukraine should set up a service for Artillery on Demand where you pick a spot on a map and pay for each round fired. Then observe the results from a drone live feed. Imagine the possibilities.
No. 74391
>Prices seem a bit high
A bit, yeah. Taking into account the median monthly wage in Moscow itself around $1100-1200 (before the taxes) and in Russia around $550-600 respectively.
No. 74481
2,5 MB, 604 × 1080, 0:13
Upper age for contractual military service removed while old T-62s are being shipped into battle. Coincidence? I think not. Soon the battlefield will be littered with old, white bearded men operating their cold war era relics. Not sure what's the current situation with the Leopard 1s that were supposed to be shipped into Ukraine, but if they do indeed end up in service it's like cold war gone hot in some alternative timeline, based on a lot of the equipment in use. The year is 2022 and T-62 and Leopard 1 are fighting on the fields of Ukraine.

Age limit scrapped:

T-62 on the move:
No. 74482
Those are modernized T-62M/MV variants from the 1980s, though, with ATGMs and somewhat improved protection. There's no much difference in efficiency with T-80B/BV which Russia has been actively using, as long as your opponents aren't modern MBTs.
No. 74483
It's all just a brilliant 7D chess move to rejuvenate the population and unburden the pensions office.
No. 74485
And as far as the age of contract soldiers go, I suspect the changes were largely targeting foreign mercs. Russian citizens were able to sign their first contract up to the age of 40, which is generally reasonable (though base service can use older soldiers quite well), but for foreigners the limit was the laughable 30 years.
No. 74486
9,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:21
I don't agree with this at all. What do you base the equivalency on? They have physically different dimensions, different base armor characteristics, other one has a three man crew with an autoloader and other one has a four man crew with a loader. Not sure about the details on the engine modernization but if I had to guess the T-80B still has way better mobility, and even that had a absolutely horrendous reverse speed, which is very important. Can't really say anything about tank ATGMs. Though if there ever was a place to use them, the fields of Ukraine are a perfect location.
No. 74489
As the Russian said above but I'd emphasise that it's for contracts which have a different role in what is a mostly non-professional army. I'm surprised it didn't happen years ago honestly. Russia has an army in transition from old to new, from a conscript army drawn from a state-skilled population to a mixed army of professional and conscript soldiers. Contractors are vital to this because they're the skill retention since they aren't constantly rotating out, and thus are normally upskilled. Keeping the guys on the pay roll for longer lets you keep that experience. Kontraktniks are typically in roles like AD crews and other skilled positions because of this. The meat of the army is conscripts layered on top of that professional skeleton. You will see casualties among them, but this isn't aimed at the riflemen.
No. 74490
Here is price to income map.
Yes, in Moscow and Piter it's bigger than in Europe on average.

> tank atgm.mp4
The fun here is that each time speaker says that target is hit. When missile flies to forest he says that actually there was target standing there.
It's "Zvezda" ("Star"), Ministry of Defense's channel.
No. 74505
264 kB, 1282 × 960
I don't think anyone was suggesting that the old contractors would serve as regular riflemen. That being said I'm not sure if it's a particularly great development to have to resort to filling specialist positions like in AD, aviation, artillery or even tanks crews with old men. They could serve well in command, training or administrative positions though, but even if that was the intention I'm sure many will end up in combat roles. Just my thoughts on it anyways.

>Here is price to income map. [...] Yes, in Moscow and Piter it's bigger than in Europe on average.
That map was surprising, especially when comparing to large European cities.

>When missile flies to forest he says that actually there was target standing there.
No. 74509
235 kB, 928 × 975
How is the great Donbabwian battle going? I heard that Russia concentrated forces on one direction and finally being stronk. I'm clueless about war related things but Ukrainian officials admit that situation is hard for them.

It's because in Russia big cities are beacons of civilization and small towns and suburbs live in 19 century. This shifts balance of supply and demand.
I heard that in west there is less of such inequality. And sometimes this inequality even goes in opposite direction: downtown is ghetto and white rich people live in suburbs.
No. 74512 Kontra
Russians broke through at Izyum and Popasna and are spreading out from those places, trying to form a pocket. Severodonetsk is about to be encircled. It’s the region’s temporary capital so it’ll be a big loss if the Russians actually take it.
There’s like 20k Ukrainian troops there who were told to not give up the city, so the Ukrainians don’t seem to be giving much of a fuck about losses.

Zelensky said that locally the UAF is outnumbered by a factor of seven, and equipment situation is even worse.
UA troops are either in retreat or in the process of getting encircled.
No. 74514
60 kB, 668 × 580
1,4 MB, 274 × 480, 0:20
Very static. Ukraine might be losing the Lysychansk area in a couple of days or get encircled, unless they're able to reinforce the general area. Time will tell.

>Ukrainians don’t seem to be giving much of a fuck about losses.
What an odd thing to claim.
No. 74525
Transnistrian Prime Minister Alexander Martynov has been dismissed and replaced with one Alexander Rosenberg. The supreme soviet has been dissolved and terror threat level reduced. In tandem with this, a fire that broke out in a transnistrian military recruitment office has been blamed on Moldova.

Sheriff LLC and its state is out of the Russian sphere.
No. 74542
You cannot just move from the Russian sphere when you're Transnistria. But obviously the local elites will do absolutely anything to avoid the potentially fatal conflict with Ukraine.
No. 74543 Kontra
Yes, ultimately they still have a Russian peace keeping force and the Russian Federation is both their main supplier of financial aid and their speaker in the international community.
No. 74562 Kontra
103 kB, 675 × 450
86 kB, 1280 × 720
I don't need to be reasonable, ignore the previous post - after decapitating the stay behind Russian force and incorporating the Russian peacekeepers into the Pridnestrovian military after the end of the Russo-Ukrainian War (in 2024). An entrepreneurial spirit molded out of cigarette smuggling will forge a regional power in the devastated plains of eastern Europe. A Russian speaking Singapore of sorts.

In the real world, I heard improvement works at Tiraspol were ordered by Russians(?) but supposed stockpiled material didn't exist.
No. 75028
147 kB, 720 × 1280
130 kB, 720 × 1280
132 kB, 720 × 1280
145 kB, 720 × 1280
What can Ukraine do? The remaining Ukrainian forces are all bound on Ukraines eastern front. 'The west' is too cowardly to deliver the weapons they promised. Even USA can do nothing against hypersonic weapons, and UK can be destroyed by Poseidon. They know it and they will not deliver more weapons to ukraine. They know they will be destroyed when they try anything.

When the pocket at Syeverodonetsk is closed, the bulk of the remaining Ukrainian forces will be destroyed. Russia's army can then strike in the northern direction along the Dnjepr, and southwest via Charkiv along the Orel. Simultaneously, a cut from Cherson to Transnistria can be executed, going round Odessa in a 70km circle. Odessa will then be blockade and starved out. In just 6 weeks, 90% of the Ukrainian forces will be encircled or depleted and Transnistria will be save.

Ukraine can then sue for peace, but Russia will demand that it not allies with the USA or their colonies, that genocide of Russians is stopped and that the victims of the genocide will be compensated.

'The West' is done. Germany is close to economic collapse. Even managers of Wall street predict the worst economic collapse of all time. Russia has much more money and much less debt. It is not dependent on imports to feed its population or run its industries like the weak countries of Europe. Most regular people in Germany know the west is done and Ukraine is done.

TV showed fake videos were they pretend farmers steal tanks from Russian army. Most people I speak to know it's lies and fake.
The media never question that the destruction of Mariupol was done by Russia. But people know it was a false flag done by Ukraine to blame Russia, like many other so-called 'Russian war crimes'.

Another favorite propaganda is that Russian car industry is destroyed due to sanctions, they pretend like Russia is going back to build Soviet cars, not new Russian cars. Not modern cars with few import parts from China like all western manufacturers use.

People do not fall for the desperate propaganda efforts. Due to the plandemic, everyone knows not to trust the government. Everyone knows not to believe government lies.

I will translate some facebook-comments from Germany on Russia demanding payment for gas in rubles.

>What is Russia even supposed to do with Euros? Importing inflation? Due to the sanctions, it is a worthless currency for Russia! You can't have your cake and eat it, too.

>Basically, gas is going to be paid in rubles!!! Neither did Putin misjudge nor is Russia threatened by economic collapse!! The opposite is true! The Russian economy is growing due to infinite markets of nearly all of the world, like China, India, nearly all of the Arab world, Africa, south America! An economic desaster for EU! That's a fact!

> Well done! The Russian is educating all the little boys!
>Genius, how he rekts the 'big uns'
>I am celebrating this, but I am a little confused why EU citizens do nothing. Their politicians are selling them and nobody takes action!

>It is the owner's decision if he sells at all, in which way, with which mode of payment, in which currency he accepts payment and at what price he sells his stuff! Those who riot in front of my shop and go on my nerves get nuffin!

>The EU leaders will try to play their little games until Putin turns of the gas, and thus the European economy and we go down with then with flying flags.

>Russia will get its money like they want it, at the latest when it starts to freeze.

If you go to Facebook, you will see that 90% of German citizens know exactly who is to blame for this war and who will lose it. There are NO pro-NATO-comments there AT ALL. Politicians do exactly the opposite of what citizens want, and now everyone sees through their lies.

Also, everyone hates veganism, genderism, electric cars and cyclists. It's just some Berlin hipsters and enviro-green do-goidets who want those things. Politicians have forgotten who the people are. I think a revolution is coming, because they are trying to force what everyone hates and now have started a desasterous trade war with Russia. Inflation is at an all time high. Prices for foodstuffs have doubled, the cheapest oatmeal is now 1.25€/kg. In the local supermarket, flour or pasta or oil or toilet paper has not been available in amounts that could satisfy demand for many weeks. When it becomes available, people send messages to all their friends and family to quickly buy, since everyone knows it will soon be out of stock again.

The system is collapsing and everyone can see, but politicians and leftist city dwellers.
No. 75033 Kontra
>In just 6 weeks, 90% of the Ukrainian forces will be encircled or depleted and Transnistria will be save.
Epic :DDD
No. 75044 Kontra
No. 75045 Kontra
I always suspected you to hang around these people that make such comments, they have their own language/dialect. Their choice of words makes it possible to immediately detect.

>dem Eigentümer obliegt

Verträge sind diesem Experten wahrscheinlich ein Fremdwort, dabei sind sie doch so essentziell für Geschäfte. Warum also soll der Tante-Emma-Universum Vergleich eigentlich ziehen?
No. 75055
184 kB, 1280 × 957
ebin :D
No. 75057
34 kB, 750 × 409
I know picrelated is fake but purely theoretical... If you were killed by such bomb are you zashkvared by it? Does it mean that you die as petooh and not normal patsan?

It can be analogue of pork-coated bullets for Middle East ( https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1393679 ).
No. 75058 Kontra
In 2024, the NATO occupation government will hoist a rainbow flag over the Kremlin. Every inhabitant of the Russian Federation will be lowered forever. Psychological damage on the scale of Japan's surrender. Mass suicides.
No. 75059 Kontra
>If you were killed by such bomb are you zashkvared by it?
Probably not, unless they also rubbed their dicks on it. XDDDDDDD

>pork-coated bullets
That's a cool idea. Catapults launching lard at kadyrovites' positions when?
No. 75060
There is a "Big Zashkvar theory". It states that if you saw petooh it means that photon touched him and later you, thus you've been zashkvared by this photon. Same if you saw a person who had seen a petooh. Consequence of this is that seconds after first petooh came to existence whole humanity became petoohs with him. Other scientists object that photon has no mass and therefore can't be zashkvar-transmitting particle.

Seriously speaking, muslims are allowed to eat pork when at journey or/and war. It won't work.
No. 75063
153 kB, 720 × 1280
137 kB, 720 × 1280
132 kB, 720 × 1280
141 kB, 720 × 1280
>Muh contracts
>Muh legality
The 'value-west' unilaterally decided to seize/steal Russian assets and to exclude Russia from international payment. How is that legal in any way? Was there also 'a contract' for that? In my view, this is nothing but theft.

>But muh invasion
  • stole gas
  • discriminated against Russians to the point where they made speaking Russian illegal
  • bombed and shot civilians in LPR and DPR for eight years straight
  • expressed a desire to obtain nuclear weapons
  • threatened to invade Crimea, DPR and LPR
  • has American biolabs on its territory, Russia has found them
  • threatened to join NATO, America's direct sphere of influence that has refused to meet on eye-level with Russia and threatened Russia by expanding into eastern Europe, when the opposite was promised to Russia.
Russia is a great power and has every right to be treated as equal by America.

That hero of yours, Selensky, is not only a TV personality, but also a billionaire. He is corrupt and tried to eliminate the opposition in this 'democracy' by media control.

>Hang out around people who make such comments
Normal people? The only people who think like you are people who are full of themselves, former teacher's pets who think there is going to be a reward for repeating everything the teacher said. They have been through the educational system and have been told that they are smart for repeating the right sound-bytes and believing what they are told to believe. Mostly that's people with liberal arts degrees who never worked a day in real life but think they know everything.

  • they think they know more about cars than mechanics and engineers, and they go 'oooh electric car enviro-green, electric car good, no exhaust pipe' when they are told to.
  • they think they know more about farming than farmers, so they go 'yeahhhh farmers bad I want eco-green bullshit and soy, meat bad' when they are told to. But they are too dumb to understand that meat production is actually environmentally friendly. They do not get that cows can eat grass and turn it into milk and that grass grows in places where wheat won't grow, they do not understand that wheat used for animal feed is wheat that is simply not good enough for milling it into flour, etc. Without meat production, this would all get thrown away. But since they are city dwellers, they do not know this, and schools stopped teaching anything about the real world long ago. Normal people would realize that they know nothing about the subject and keep their mouths shut, but these people repeat whatever lies they read in Zeit or Taz and then pat each other on the back for being so much more educated then the dumb farmers. The anti-milk-crowd is the worst. Recently, the idiots celebrated that milk consumption is in decline. But do the idiots know that milk cows get slaughtered when there is no market for milk? Yet, they think slaughtering animals is bad, like it is not normal that animals kill other animals to survive. What are farmers supposed to do? Keep the milk cows as pets? The greens are completely disconnected from reality.
  • they love the 9€-ticket. But what good is it for anyone? There simply are no busses outside big cities, and where there are busses, they are useless
Singer Max Mutzke explained it on TV, he told everyone who would listen that there is an industrial area on a hill near his town and people work there, but the 15 minute car ride would take hours with busses, since it is on a hill. Still, they made the 9€ ticket and pretend like it is oh so great, while it really is only great for the club mate-crowd. A gift from taxpayers. If the idiots had not sanctioned Russia, gas could simply be much cheaper, even without tax breaks.

What are self-important zeit-reading hipsters going to eat when farmers are forced to grow 50% less (going "sustainable") and then throw away 50% of that instead turning it into meat, like the leftists want to? Sri Lanka has been through that, growing without fertilizer, farming without pesticides, organic everything, it caused a famine.
Who is going to make stuff when factory workers can not get to work because cars became to expensive?
Where are taz-readers going to get a plumber when everyone went to uni instead of learning a trade?
How is he going to come to their flat to unclog their shitter from all their vegan diarrhea? On a bicycle?

Some people want stone-age communism for everyone else, because they think it's so 'idyllic', but they don't want it for themselves, they still want all their nice things. But they want everyone else to be poor as shit and be green nobolity. Like the SPD has created lots of comfy government positions with lifetime tenure for their own followers who became red nobility. All the re-distributors, social workers, teachers, uni-profs, uni-administrators, etc. This will not work out. Someone has to work and create the wealth the reds and greens want to steal and re-distribute.

I am certain it would do loads for the environment when we make Ipads and MacBooks illegal and shut down all the gay clubs in cities, they use a lot of energy, but weirdly, no one has ever suggested that.

Instead, they demand that other people 'freeze for ukraine' and take 'cold showers for Ukraine'. The dumb idiots do not understand that Russians laugh about this and simply sell their gas to India/China. They think of themselves as center of the world, so they can not imagine it.

Anal-Lena Bareback even said it herself 'germany will suffer immense economic damage from sanctions.' still, she went ahead, and all the lemmings ran after her. Soon, it might be 'starving for Ukraine.'
No. 75065 Kontra
>The 'value-west' unilaterally decided to seize/steal Russian assets and to exclude Russia from international payment. How is that legal in any way? Was there also 'a contract' for that? In my view, this is nothing but theft.

Clearly, you are one confused bundle of nerves. Yes, that is how laws and contracts work. Contracts are a very basic thing and your beloved owner of the small shit store is part of that contract world and builds on it like basically everything else when it comes to social organization. It is regulated by the law. We are speaking about trades, not about a war situation, dummy.

>they all parrots

Said the parrot.

>Sri Lanka has been through that, growing without fertilizer, farming without pesticides, organic everything, it caused a famine.

Best example why you are a parrot. You go mimimimi farmers knows bets, mechanics knows best. Blablabla, as if farmers and mechanics and engineers are not having different opinions and arguments on what is best. It depends on the arguments people have and experts can miss arguments, because they don't know stuff like all experts don't know stuff or they are politically, economically biased or they are simply ignorant.


Der in der Überschrift angedeutete – und im Text als durchziehender ‚roter Faden‘ verfolgte – direkte Ursache-Folge-Zusammenhang zwischen Kunstdünger-Beschränkung und möglicher Hungersnot in Sri Lanka ist eine irreführende Verkürzung und bietet daher falsche Schlüsse als mögliche Folgerung an.


Der wichtigste Punkt in der Betrachtung von Asiens kleinbäuerlicher Wirtschaft über die letzten Jahre ist die Tatsache, dass sie durch Covid19 schwer beschädigt wurde, wie der gesamte semi-informelle Sektor überhaupt.

Kaum einer der kleinen Familienbetriebe hängt nur von Ackerbau und Viehzucht ab, die meisten Familien haben eine oder mehrere Personen, die im Tourismusbereich oder z.B. in der urbanen Industriemanufaktur arbeiten, aber wesentlich zum Gesamteinkommen der Familie auf dem Land beitragen.

Überall in Asien ist der Tourismus fast völlig kollabiert und Betriebe in vielen Sektoren wurden geschlossen. Die gesamte Transport-Infrastruktur kam weitgehend zum Erliegen und erholt sich nur langsam, und unter veränderten Rahmenbedingungen.

Als Folge haben sich die bereits geringen Einkommen in den untersten Gesellschaftsklassen weiter reduziert, und die Armut in den Familien hat sich wesentlich erhöht.



Das Lebensmittelsystem Sri Lankas besteht aus lokal produzierten (78 %) und importierten (22 %) Nahrungsmitteln, und war sehr anfällig fier die Covid19-Folgen. Die einheimische Produktion von wichtigen Nahrungsmitteln wie Reis, Fleisch, Eiern, Fisch, Gemüse und Obst macht mehr als 88 % des Gesamtangebots aus. Viele wichtige Lebensmittel wie Weizen und Fischkonserven (100 %), Hülsenfrüchte (87 %), Zucker (85 %), Pflanzenöl (79 %), Zwiebeln und Kartoffeln (70 %) und Milchprodukte (53 %) werden jedoch importiert.

Das ordnungsgemäße Funktionieren der Lebensmittelversorgungsketten und des Lebensmittelflusses sind daher Schlüsselelemente der Lebensmittel- und Ernährungssicherheit.

Viele dieser Versorgungsketten sind weitgehend beschädigt oder zerstört.


Building a resilient food system in Sri Lanka in an age of pandemic


Für Sri Lanka und weite Teile Asien gilt: Kunstdünger und Reis sind immer Politik. Chemische/anorganische Düngemittel wurden 1950 in Sri Lanka eingeführt, davor wurden nur organische Düngemittel verwendet. Das Hauptziel des Subventionsprogramms für Düngemittel besteht darin, die Landwirte zum Anbau ausgewählter Sorten zu ermutigen, um die Selbstversorgung mit Reis zu erreichen und die Exportorientierung zu fördern; Voraussetzung dafür ist die Steigerung der landwirtschaftlichen Produktivität. Derzeit wird der größte Teil des benötigten anorganischen Düngers importiert.



Mittlerweile beeinträchtigt die Bodenkontamination durch chemische Einträge die Ernährungssicherheit, die menschliche Gesundheit (durch die Verunreinigung von Nahrungsmittelpflanzen) und die Umwelt. Sie hat auch wirtschaftliche Auswirkungen, da die Ernteerträge und die Produktion auf den ausgelaugten Böden zurückgehen. Dies wird versucht, durch immer mehr und neue chemische oder biologisch modifizierter Agrartechnologie zu umgehen.

Da der Boden eine endliche Ressource ist, kann sein Verlust und seine Verschlechterung innerhalb der menschlichen Lebensspanne nicht wieder aufgeholt werden.

In Sri Lanka bemühen sich die Regierung und die Landwirte um eine gemeinsame Lösung für die Bodenverschmutzung. Auch die FAO unterstützt die aktive Beteiligung aller Beteiligten an der Einführung umweltfreundlicher landwirtschaftlicher Praktiken in einigen der am stärksten geschädigten landwirtschaftlichen Gebiete des Landes.

Die überwiegende Mehrheit der Landwirte setzt wahllos Düngemittel und Agrochemikalien ein, was zu einer zunehmenden Umweltverschmutzung wie Bodenverunreinigung und Verschmutzung von Oberflächen- und Grundwasserquellen führt, die sich auf die menschliche Gesundheit auswirken.

Der übermäßige Einsatz von Düngemitteln gefährdet auch die Gesundheit der Pflanzen, da er die Aufnahme bestimmter Nährstoffe durch die Pflanzen erschwert. Ein Mangel an Pflanzennährstoffen führt zu schwachen und verkümmerten Pflanzen, während Pflanzen mit einem Überschuss an Nährstoffen anfällig für Schädlingsbefall sind, was zu einem vermehrten Einsatz von Pestiziden führt, die den Boden verschmutzen.

Daher ist eine ordnungsgemäße Bewirtschaftung der Bodennährstoffe notwendig, damit die Pflanzen schneller und stärker wachsen und höhere Erträge erzielen.


Rehabilitierung degradierter landwirtschaftlicher Flächen ist notwendig, um die Anfälligkeit gegen Bodenerosion zu reduzieren. Wenn es regnet, werden der Bewässerungssysteme schlammig, in der Trockenzeit sind diese dann mit Schlamm gefüllt und es gibt nicht genug Wasser. Bodendegradation durch Bodenerosion und Abnahme der Bodenfruchtbarkeit ist ein besonders großes Problem im zentralen Hochland von Sri Lanka, wo sich 50 % der landwirtschaftlichen Flächen in einem schlechten Zustand befinden.


Soil Pollution: a danger lurking beneath our feet

No. 75066 Kontra
Seit 2019 setzte sich Präsident Gotabaya Rajapaksa für die Abschaffung künstlicher Eintraege und deren Subventionen ein. Im April 2021 "erklärte er, dass das gesamte Land sofort auf ökologischen Landbau umgestellt werden würde", doch im Februar 2022 gab immer noch "eine Mehrheit der Landwirte an, dass sie keinerlei Ausbildung in ökologischen Techniken erhalten haben". Die Reisernte 2021 fiel aus, was zu einem Nothilfeprogramm mit Reis-Import führte.

Rajapaskas Hinwendung zum ökologischen Landbau wird seitdem in den internationalen Medien heftig kritisiert, wobei der Fokus auf die Reduzierung des künstlichen Düngers als zentrale Ursache für die Misere dargestellt wird, als scheinbarer Beweis der Nutzlosigkeit des ökologischen Landbaus insgesamt.

In einem USDA-Bericht aus dem Jahr 2021 über die Umstellung des Landes auf ausschließlich ökologische Praktiken wird vorhergesagt, dass "der Mangel an Produktionskapazitäten für organische Düngemittel in Verbindung mit dem Fehlen eines formalisierten Plans für den Import von organischen Düngemitteln anstelle von chemischen Düngemitteln potenziell negative Auswirkungen auf die Ernährungssicherheit haben könnte".

Und genau das ist passiert.



Zusammengefasst, liegen die Gründe für die Verschlechterung der Situation im Landbau Sri Lankas hauptsächlich in

o den vergangenen und fortbestehenden Folgen und Auswirkungen von Covid 19 auf die Familienbetriebe, und

o einem völlig unzureichenden Konversionsprogramm zum Umstellen der bäuerlichen Produktion auf der Basis von Kunstdünger hin zum Organischen Landbau,

hier vor allem dem Fehlen von organischen Düngemitteln als rechtzeitig verfügbare Alternative, und

völlig unzureichender Vorbereitung, Planung, Training der Bauern (und der subnationalen Agrar-Institutionen) in der neuen ökologischen Praxis.


Beide Punkte sind auch von sehr großer Bedeutung für eine transformatorische Agrarpolitik in Deutschland.


Weitere hilfreiche Links:





No. 75070 Kontra
134 kB, 454 × 604
Wtf :DDD Now THIS is shitposting :DDDDD My God!

Also greetings to the resident schizo. Shame that the replies are much in German and not an international language.

Border shits T. Translator :D
No. 75071 Kontra
>Prices for foodstuffs have doubled, the cheapest oatmeal is now 1.25€/kg.
Not quite doubled yet, although we may get there soon. House brand oatmeal used to be 0.39 monies for 500 g across discounters for many years. Now it's 0.69 at Lidl. That's 177 percent of the old price. But even if oatmeal were your main food, your oatmeal expenses would still be insignificantly low compared to housing rent, health insurance, public broadcasting fees and taxes.
>flour or pasta or oil or toilet paper has not been available in amounts that could satisfy demand
I've just come back from Lidl. Today as well as a couple of days ago, cheap sunflower oil in plastic bottles was stacked three levels high, not to mention you could always substitute olive oil except for very high temperatures. There were many boxes full of house brand pasta. Whenever I needed papel de pupú, it was in plentiful supply, in three different chains. I haven't checked flour, and I think you're right about rapeseed oil.
TL;DR Have you tried Lidl?
t. Soycuck
No. 75073 Kontra
LIDL internet defense force stepped in to factcheck. How much do they pay you, dog?
No. 75075 Kontra
Synopsis: I think one German insinuated that organic agriculture bad because look at Sri Lanka after state-driven conversion to organic. Other German pasted text saying that Sri Lanka's change for the worse is due to a complex of poor decisions related to the conversion, and it would be an inappropriate simplification to say that conversion to organic agriculture is in itself bad.
No. 75077 Kontra
500 Bonuspunkte auf meinen nächsten Einkauf
No. 75079 Kontra
Also because indirect and delayed effects of the plague, I had skipped that part.
No. 75084 Kontra
Couldn't have done a better job at summarizing it.
No. 75089 Kontra
Thanks for the summary. And indeed, it is correct. Appreciate the gargantuan effort that putting those posts together must've been like. Too bad you'll never convince him unless you come up with an enticing conspiracy to back the claims.

Slightly war-related would be the situation in Turkey. What in the dog's name is going on with their inflation? In my understanding it has been brewing for years but now they're not even participating in most (if any) of the sanctions, buying cheap Russian hydrocarbons and still being FUBAR. How will the situation be resolved?
No. 75094 Kontra
61 kB, 453 × 604
>unless you come up with an enticing conspiracy
It's unrelated to the invasion, but what Bavaria wrote made me think that what is simplistically portrayed as genocide(s) might in fact have been an effort by the late Third Reich to improve its environmental footprint by reducing the number of resource-consuming people using up valuable food and energy. Some of these people were even converted to fertilizer. Perhaps the world was just not ready for this bold action, as the host of sustainability challenges we face now seemed so far away back then.
No. 75095 Kontra
>Appreciate the gargantuan effort that putting those posts together must've been like

It's a paste I came across while reading on the topic. Otherwise, yes and I appreciated the perspective as well. That's the thing. People say oh it doesn't work, but what knowledge, what arguments are behind it. Same goes for organic farming, conventional pesticides and inorganic fertilizers is a multi billion dollar business, who will just give up on it. Just as nobody says we should just quit gas tomorrow (a green politicians going to Quatar et al. doesn't point to the apocalypse porn the schizo is dreaming of all the time) but transition as fast an best as possible. You can take their cars tomorrow but mobility has to change in the city and the country side, better soon than late. It's a complex system(s), literally. A city might be more eco friendly in general, but the countryside is just cheaper without enough housing in the city making rents explode.
No. 75104 Kontra
31 kB, 682 × 701
58 kB, 300 × 367
FFS, you guys should ignore the Bavarian retard. Interest in the conflict is slowly going to hui.
No. 75110 Kontra
266 kB, 907 × 1134
104 kB, 1307 × 227
103 kB, 807 × 526
14 kB, 1 file
I plead guilty. I know it's wrong or laugh at disabilities, but what xi wrote in xir latest derailment was so unintentionally funny I screencapped the best parts.
Back on topic, I don't have anything interesting to say on the war, so I'm just dumping this pre-invasion stuff and, if you understand German, a "story of a Ukrainian interpreter drafted for military service against the Russian attack" in German (via Fefeblog, I think), and this great lede from Voice of Hohlostan, fit for EC's Sauffaden:
>Die ukrainische Luftverteidigung habe mit Stinger- und Sturztrunk-Raketen zwei russische Drohnen „Horizon Air S-100“ und „Orlan 10“ abgeschossen.
Gemeint war Starstreak. Qualle: https://www.ukrinform.de/rubric-ato/3462481-sturztrunk.html

I'm amazed that Ernst can comment about things like the low reverse speed of a particular military vehicle, how do you even know such things?
No. 75139
67 kB, 750 × 562
>Either you are with us or you are an ebul nadsi

Spare us the essay, this is what the German eco-farmer-association has to say. Not exactly a rosy picture, is it?

>Blablabla, as if farmers and mechanics and engineers are not having different opinions and arguments on what is best.
Blablabla you know none of them.
It is just you saying "there is a discourse, so I am free to pick whatever bullshit I like, and my bullshit is just as good as your informed opinion".
No. 75142 Kontra
67 kB, 750 × 562
67 kB, 750 × 562
69 kB, 750 × 562
65 kB, 750 × 562
How arrogant.

More and source

What happened when I had similar discussions with anti-vaxxers (many of them are eco-nuts), they explained to me that all statistics are fake, anyway, and that they "feel" things differently. Since you seem to be one of the people who seem think "facts don't exist, just opinions, everything is a narrative anyway", you are probably very similar to anti-vaxxers.
No. 75143
105 kB, 957 × 837
>I'm amazed that Ernst can comment about things like the low reverse speed of a particular military vehicle, how do you even know such things?
Every red-blooded Finnish man is trained to defend the fatherland against the MBTs of the Yellow State. That of course includes the T-80 and its variants. Though the note about low reverse speed was picked up from my own readings on Swedish MBT trials of the 90s. One of the contenders was the T-80U. For example Leo 2s reverse very fast with two reverse gears, T-80 only has one and is very slow. Other than that it is a fast and maneuverable tank.
No. 75145 Kontra
>topic is Sri Lanka and a thesis about its agricultural policy and problems
>comes around with stats about German conventional and organic agriculture that is probably done quite differently in many regards than in Sri Lanka (both organic and conventional)


Do you think I was surprised to know that organic farming doesn't yield the same amount?

>discourse etc

There is more than one argument in all debates, that is why they are debates. You (again) fail and make the mistake to think that more than one argument = arbitrariness of arguments.
No. 75172
222 kB, 960 × 1280
I'm going to spend all my disposable income on bomb inscriptions.
No. 75198
4,1 MB, 854 × 480, 0:40
This is what the war is gonna be like on both sides for who knows how long. Terrifying.

That's as good of a hobby as any. Imagine that somewhere along this video a round is flying with your inscription on it.

Ebin :D
No. 75209
If you weren't surprised, then why do you think it will feed the same amount of people?

Russia is winning. They are advancing and inflicting losses on Ukraine. There are 160 million Russians, but only 40 million Ukrainians. Russia has not even mobilized yet. They can always nuke Ukraine, the west will do nothing. Do you think France will risk thermonuclear bombs on Paris just to defend Ukrops? NO!

Russia can only win, Ukraine can only lose. Everything else is reddit-tier Ukropium.
No. 75210 Kontra
534 kB, 587 × 552
Scheduled reminder:
Trust the Plan
Objectives are being achieved
Liberation of Donbass from the Ukraine imminent
Two more weeks
No. 75211
>ololo russia not winning fast enough
You think this is some game? Russia will simply continue to win slowly. No one gives a ship about rapes and such things but middle-class cuckolds. Everyone else will see it as a sign of strength.
No. 75213 Kontra
Face it chud, Russia is losing the war, slowly but surely.
Each javelin fired is one ork-machine less that will threaten the freedom of democratic Ukraine and Europe at large. And no amount of seething will change this fact.
As we speak, foreign volunteers are pushing back the Russians at Severodonetsk and the AFU could mount a counterattack on Kherson any day now.
No. 75215 Kontra
Actually, winning is a social construct...
No. 75217
If Russia is losing, why does Russia good 20% of Ukrainian territory and of advancing, while Ukraine is retreating? Western sanctions backfired, the guardian admits it.


They wear is losing the propaganda war, time admits it

Time is sweetening the impeding collapse of the Ukrainian front for the western public, as they need to let them come down softly from the massive amounts of ukropium they injected.

They still will crash hard, much harder than when they admitted that COVID vaccines are worthless a year back. Ukraine is kill, western leaders know it. Because Russia is strong and willing to fight and the west is decadent.
Russia can simply use forced conscripts from occupied territories to fuel the war, Ukraine has fully mobilized and is using every adult able to carry a rifle and die in the meat grinder. Russia shows virility in rape, and everyone but middle class cuckolds on the copium-infusion gets the message.

As for democracy, Russia is a democracy with. elections just as good as Hungary, is it not?
No. 75219 Kontra
In a certain sense it is. Read comment that said we will probably end up with some small wins and losses and no total defeat/win like after WW2. So basically both sides will have to deal with copings and sell their people partial gains and losses as "winning". Maybe Ukraine will be the next GDR.
No. 75220 Kontra
I thought western media are all lying ferociously?
No. 75222
They are, but they can only deny reality for so long before they have to start with the truth. It is an established pattern. Facts come out, they are "debunked" as "conspiracy theories", some weeks later, they admit as much and pretend like they never denied it and it is a completely different thing.

For example, they can not keep telling the people that they are winning when even official inflation is 10%, recession is starting and massive energy shortages are looming. No one is falling for it. Now they are going for all their little phrases.
>Ukraine retreating is smart
>We have not lost, we have learned so much
Quite pathetic, don't you think?
No. 75223 Kontra
Only if they say something he doesn't like.
No. 75224
>Total victory
Two months back, everyone pretended like Selensky would hold a parade in red square, now it is "some gains, some losses". And in five years there will be another invasion of Ukraine and Russia will take the rest. What is the West going to do about it? What are the wins? NATO has already caused energy shortage, food shortage, economic recession, etc. What are NATOs wins?
No. 75225
oh my god will g*rms ever fail to be putin's finest useful idiots
No. 75227
Why? Putin had reliably delivered affordable energy to Germany. Now it has been ended because Russia tried to take back Russian territory the US tried to steal by installing putschist regimes. They secretly hoped Russia would just let them, but seeking oil and gas to Europe at inflated prices whole crushing the European economy is also fine for them. Germany's real enemy is America, not Russia.
No. 75228
>If Russia is losing, why does Russia good 20% of Ukrainian territory and of advancing, while Ukraine is retreating?
The might of the Russian Federation will never be underestimated again - they took Kherson and Mariupol! Still, I thought it was only a matter of weeks for 90% of the Ukrainian armed forces to be surrended, what happened to that?
Realistically, this shit nigger war will continue for longer and longer - I'd be surprised if it ends this year.
No. 75231
It was a gradual shifting of estimation:
> 2 more hours->days->weeks->months
And now even hardcode schizo says "in 5 years". Moreover, Ukrainians not taking Red Square is seen as victory of Russian army:
> everyone pretended like Selensky would hold a parade in red square
Yeah, it was exactly like this.

BTW, time to reread old classic. Becomes better and better with each day:

time to destroy europe.jpg

One might also ask why vaccinated people didn't die. And why Donald Trump didn't overthrow Biden.
No. 75233 Kontra
>Не было у Запада в целом, и уж тем более у Европы в отдельности, сил удержать в своей сфере влияния, а тем более забрать себе Украину. Чтобы не понимать этого, нужно было быть просто геополитическими дураками.
You are right. It's like a fine wine.
No. 75235
The opera does not end before the fat lady has sung. Wait until poor-o-peons are freezing and starving and 1 million Ukrainians are dead. Russia can just recruit more Ukraine can not. Russia is using conquered people to conquer more, the west squanders its meager resources on infiltrator immigrants who colonize and exploit. Russia has a will to fight and strength to fight. Russians without great in winter-they do not care. Europeans without weak in winter-their politicians will have to lift sanctions. But Russians do not have to go without heat, they have to go without Ikea. Europe's gay and weak sanctions only show that Europe is a weak impotent enemy of Russia that needs to be dealt with. All the continent of the cowards can do will benefit Russia and strengthen Russia's resolve. Like the gay weak-ass sanctions.

Europe is poor and has no resources. How come Europeans live so well? It is because they are America's lapdog and profit from Petrodollar. But Putin killed petrodollar as a revenge for sanctions. Now, Europe and sandwiches will become poor. The rest of the world will not continue to feed the leaches.

Prepare for Europe to beg Russia to invade!
No. 75236 Kontra
34 kB, 473 × 612
>Russians without great in winter-they do not care. Europeans without weak in winter-their politicians will have to lift sanctions.
Very wise.
No. 75239 Kontra
43 kB, 594 × 69

In other news:
Escalation taking place. Helsinki public transit operator HSL notified today that bus lines 202 and 203 were out of service between 10:05 and 12:00 due to repairs needed because of nuclear war. Back to you, Ernst.
No. 75244 Kontra
I put a Ukrainian flag on my 12L classic car just to make the Bavarian ball angry.
No. 75255 Kontra
Joge is on you, he is always angry.
No. 75256 Kontra
229 kB, 640 × 1422
Danke Ukraine
No. 75257 Kontra
Is des edzdadla a Riesne Dildo? Ich steh ja auf Spielzeuch hab ich ja scho dausned mal gsachd ghabbd.
No. 75260 Kontra
94 kB, 1280 × 720

You will get monkey pocks for this post!
No. 75264 Kontra
110 kB, 780 × 438
>Be ambiguous on the topic
>Cause massive amounts of shitposting
No. 75266 Kontra
Ebin picture :DD fuggen saved
No. 75278

It's probably loselelnst
No. 75281
Why do finns always interact with the outside world in a passive-agressive manner?
I've been observing this behaviour for a very long time on the internet.
It's almost like a finn considers every person as a potential threat to his well-being, considers every conversation a debate and competition for something, regardless what it is.
It's almost like an animalistic and opportunistic behaviour. I imagine a finn sees there's something to gains somewhere he doesn't really know what it is, but he's still trying to get something. Like a prize or whatnot. It's also seems to be subconscious behaviour, if you point that out the person would most likely act like he doesn't understand what the hell do you mean.

Maybe it's just a protestant problem though.
No. 75284 Kontra
>a finn considers every person as a potential threat to his well-being
To an introvert assburger that is always the case.
>a finn sees there's something to gains somewhere he doesn't really know what it is, but he's still trying to get something
Culture of mongol. They are the westernmost remains of the mongol horde so their ancestors were the most aggressive conquerors
No. 75285 Kontra
50 kB, 2442 × 2798
Ban over? Welcome back! Could I interest you in making a separate thread for the swamp-dweller studies? No? Okay.

True, true.

>their ancestors were the most aggressive conquerors
My ancestors...
No. 75288 Kontra
Been over a while i just didn't feel like posting, you know i have real life unlike you.
No. 75289 Kontra
Your endless projections and attempts to appear somehow superior are always so cute.

No. 75290
I just consider you a lesser being and i just don't like you. I hope you choke on cum to be honest.
No. 75291 Kontra
Three posts in and you are already talking about gay sex. я скучал по тебе :3
No. 75292
Are you a homophobe or something, do I need to report you to SJW police so that you lose your job?
No. 75293 Kontra
36 kB, 790 × 144
28 kB, 1208 × 128
Brotherly nations.
No. 75294
Of course you missed me. I bring life into this backwards autistic shithole. Without me it’s nothing but death, cringe, cancer and Finnish passive aggressive shitposting
No. 75295
You say like this is a bad thing somehow, while it’s really not. I’d rather be called schizo that be a butthurt anxious incel like you and your friends, which you don’t have by the way cause not even your retarded parents love you.
No. 75298 Kontra
I can't remember Jesus being mentally challenged, but ok.
No. 75301 Kontra
i'm not jesus dude
No. 75306 Kontra
That's what Jesus would say
No. 75309 Kontra
14 kB, 297 × 347
No. 75443
74 kB, 940 × 788
Happy Russia day Ernst!
No. 75444 Kontra
909 kB, 1280 × 960
reminder :DD
No. 75449
112 kB, 602 × 604
> Russia day

12 June 1990 Russia declared state sovereignty over USSR. The declaration stated the following:
> Priority of the constitution and laws of the Russian SFSR over the legislation of the Soviet Union (sovereignty).
> Equal legal opportunities for all citizens, political parties, and public organizations (equality before the law).
> The principle of separation of legislative, executive and judicial powers;
> The need to significantly expand the rights of the autonomous republics, regions, districts, territories of Russia (federalism).
The declaration was signed by then Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR, Boris Yeltsin.

Kazakhstan was the last republic to leave USSR and thus proved themselves the most faithful to the cause of the revolution.
No. 75450
The coming years will see European nation states collapse.

Without grain exports from Russia and Ukraine, the third world will starve and tens or hundreds of millions of refugee-niggers will try to get into Europe. They of course will be granted soem kind of right to remain, since leftists are in power in Germany, creating a pull effect that draws in ever-increasing numbers of refugees.

Europe can do nothing about it. Europe can not export more food, because Europe can barely feed itself. European harvests will decline due to a lack of fertilizer and chemicals. Europe can not produce fertilizer or chemicals due to a lack of energy.

Europe can not close its borders, because German 50 yo+ demand that they not see videos of big-eyed black children with flies in their faces on national TV.

Those people do not care, since they live in suburbs or the countryside, in places where young people can not live because there is either no work or because real-estate prices have tripled in the past decade. Every affordable place is now full of immigrants. Inner cities have basically been abandoned. Shopping districts that were once full of expensive boutique-stores are now filled with dollar-shops, and the only people who go there are immigrants. An upper-scale cafe in my hometown in a nice location is now some vietnamese food-place, and there are tons of black people and asians sitting in front. What business do they even have in Germany? Why are they here? They should not be here. They are not us. If whites go to Asia&Africa and take over, it is colonialism and it is bad. When black-asses come to Europe and take over, they call it multiculturalism and pretend it's awesome. All the parks are filled with dirty foreigners, but those parks are propped up by German taxpayers. As a German, you basically can not go there.

And worse is to come. Much worse. In a collapsing economy, tens of millions of refugees will demand what they were promised: to live the western lifestyle without doing work, while being a dumb, lazy, thieving illiterate nigger. Refugees already here do exactly that. They expect the lifestyle of the upper middle class, but without having any skills or work ethics. When they do not get that, they always cry out racism. There will be riots, they will drive Germans out of their flats, out on the street, they will root and pillage, and police will do nothing, like in South Africa.

South Africa today is Germany in five years.
No. 75451 Kontra
What will be next weeks lottery numbers? Please i must know.
No. 75452
Both Russia and the US want this. Destabilization and societal and economic collapse in Europe is something both the US and the Russians can profit from, if they play their cards right.

The US wants to do away with the European competition. Chinese competition is bad enough, they don't want to deal with the Europeans. Europe produces mainly worthless shit like Gucci bags, and by 'produce', I mean having it produced in China and slapping on the label. But there are a few gems left, like ASML and Zeiss, and the US want those gone, gone, gone. So they just destroy the place.

Russia wants Europe in civil unrest and civil war, that is when they or the pro-Russian right-wing parties like Front National (should really be called Putin-Party of France) or the AfD (should really be called Putin-Party of Germany) can grab power with Russian support, and create some kind of stability, with Russian aid, both military aid and economic. Economic aid in the form of cheap energy deliveries, military aid in the form of Russian troops or a Russian-led secret police that will squash right-wing, left-wing, racist, antifa, anti-russian, green, homosexual or any other kind of opposition that might arise. Europe will be "saved" by Russia, Russia loves to "save" Europe. They "saved" Europe from Napoleon, then they "saved" Europe from Hitler.

Putin will just achieve what Russia could not achieve until now: control of Europe up to the Rhine, with ice-free ports on the north sea or maybe even on the French Atlantic coast.

Thus, Europe will be done for. Europe as we know it will be non-existing. At least the multi-kulti weak gay bum-fucking travesty called 'EU' that everyone but Germany joined to get German money for free will be ended.
No. 75453
Just take a walk in any German inner city, count the number of Germans you see. Everything is full of foreigners, the Germans have been driven out.
No. 75454 Kontra
>Putin will just achieve what Russia could not achieve until now: control of Europe up to the Rhine, with ice-free ports on the north sea or maybe even on the French Atlantic coast.
Good fanfic :DDD
No. 75455
What are your personal plans for future under Russian rule? Have you already started to learn our language?
No. 75456
I can spell my way through cyrillic letters. But I will undoubtedly end up in a prison camp for not keeping my mouth shut, so the only two words I need to know are 'dawai, dawai'.
No. 75457
Russia will blame the West for the food crisis. And third-world media will repeat it. This will be their line of argument
  • The west started this war by stealing a Russian territory, Ukraine.
  • The west then bolstered up this break-away state with weapons
  • The west mined all the ports, so no grain could be exported, not caring for starving people in the third world.
  • The west, once again stole from YOU! GO TO THE WEST AND TAKE WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY YOURS!
No. 75458 Kontra
>count the number of Germans you see

Should i ask everyone for passports?
Or do i take a color table? Skull shape?
No. 75459
52 kB, 992 × 558
You can't identify a teutonic skull? How long have you posted on these imageboards?
No. 75460
183 kB, 1200 × 900
243 kB, 1200 × 1200
247 kB, 1528 × 1137
118 kB, 500 × 500
You can easily tell. If they are dark-skinned, they are not German. If they are light-skinned, look at their skull shape. You can easily spot the slavs by their slavic faces. Many east germans have slav faces, look at that Andreas-guy, he looks polack. Look at those droopy wend-eyes. Günther Grass and Sigfried Lenz also had those. He was not ethnically German. Compare to Lech Walesa! Same kind of eyes!
Now, look at Werner Bergengrün! A true east-German author! Not a hint of slavness in his face!
No. 75461
1,7 MB, 2692 × 3212
Fälische Rasse!
No. 75462
215 kB, 1200 × 933
By the way, in the USSR, police used such charts to identify a suspects race.
I bet the red army/nkvd had prepared charts for use in western europe when they would take power. They probably still have them stocked, just in case they need them.
No. 75463 Kontra
60 kB, 668 × 580
5,0 MB, 394 × 720, 0:33
Good thread :D
No. 75464 Kontra

Incorrect, marked for interrogation.
No. 75465 Kontra
9 kB, 297 × 347
No. 75466 Kontra
240 kB, 1280 × 855
12,7 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:43
12,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:14
Gotta post something on-topic for a change.
No. 75467 Kontra
3,5 MB, 1911 × 2550
What is with him? He looks like he broke out of the Russian embassy. He could be the bastard son of Yeltsin and some other fat Russian guy.
He looks so Russian, Schröder is probably on his payroll.
Is he German?
No. 75470
No. 75475
He might be Russian.
No. 75480
>can someone explain this
I do not know what kind of deep insights you expect, but I will give it the good old College-try.

Peter the Great is the tsar who made Russia great again. Putin probably ignores the part about aping his betters in Europe and recruiting skilled labor there, because Russia was so technologically backwards.)
His beard-tax might be what he is best-known for in countries that have a latin alphabet, but Russians view him differently.

Putin equates the situation Russia is in now with the situation Russia was in during Peter's reign.

By mentioning that Peter led the Great Northern War for 21 years, Putin makes clear his resolve. We are supposed to assume that he will not back down and keep on fighting for as long as Peter did, provided he lives that long, and that any successor will not back down, either. By arguing that Peter did not take from Sweden, but just took back what was rightfully Russian territory, he clarifies that he views his revisionist attempts as justified - he is not waging a war of conquest against another nation, he only re-takes what was stolen from Russia. Russia was wronged, and he merely seeks to rectify this historical wrong. We were already aware of that point of view, so no news here.

By going back to Peter the great, he clearly identifies Russia with the Russian empire. I think that implies the (current) limits of Russia's ambitions are the borders of the Russian empire. Maybe that is why German chancellor Scholz is so reluctant to oppose Russia. There seem to be no imminent plans of invading central Europe proper, Russia would be happy with Ukraine and the Baltics. That is, as long as Putin's role model is Peter the Great, not Stalin.

I have suggested "The bronze horseman" by Pushkin multiple times, Russians usually read it in school. It says Peter the Great, bestest ruler ever, build St. Petersburg, bestest city ever, in the swamps of the Neva to spite the arrogant Swedes, were there was nothing but the blackened huts of poor, retched, thick-headed swamp-dwelling Fins, etc., etc.

In any case, a decisive military victory over Sweden, maybe as a revenge for joining hostile enemy organization 'NATO', might be in the interest of a man who tries to imitate Peter the Great. He might or might not want to send that message, or he might want us thinking about whether he wants to send that message. Or he might just want us to know that he wants the Baltics back, who he sees in Sweden's economic sphere of influence. Nordea and Swedbank pretty much run the banking-bussiness there, don't they?
In any case, keeping things vague and getting into people's head is kind of his game, isn't it?

*) Side note: as I see it, this is a common occurrence in Russian history. The autocrat realizes that his country is backwards. He tries to attract skilled craftsmen/farmers/engineers with high wages and special privileges. Relative advances are made, but long-lasting effects do not materialize, there is never any further progress. Peter did it, Catherine the Great did it, Stalin did when he had Magnitogorsk build around a 1:1 copy of a steel mill in Gary, Indiana, by American engineers.
No. 75481
33 kB, 600 × 339
Nice essay, long enough, but why no dates mentioned?

In Russian collective consciousness Peter I is man who "cut a window to Europe" (прорубил окно в Европу). He visited Holland in youth (there is a conspiracy theory that real tsar was kidnapped by Dutch and his doppler returned), became huge westernboo and tried to make everything in Russia on Western manner, cutting beards for example. I heard that he forced peasants to grow potatoes (unknown in Eurasia before discovery of Americas), and they called it "devil's apple". This tsar is remembered as stronk leader.

Speaking about the quote, I dunno what requires explanation here. Pitun simply said that "actually Ukraine is lost Russian territory" + historical analogy to look like a man of culture.
No. 75482
To this I'll just add that this reconquest principle is justified with how the lands had been inhabited by slavs and these previously mentioned thick headed swamp dwelling chudes - Finns. In this, the founding principle in calling Peter's conquest a reconquest is that the land was previously inhabited by this esoterical entity - Русь. The basis of Russia is not the Russian Empire, but something deeper, more ancestral. In the Ukrainian specific, the war concept is different - it's one of reunifying the three Russians subtypes and fulfilling pprophecy.
No. 75485
>became huge westernboo and tried to make everything in Russia on Western manner, cutting beards for example.
I did mention aping his betters, didn't I?

But maybe I should have mentioned dates, to highlight the relative absurdity. Imagine Boris Johnson comparing himself to Oliver Cromwell. Magdalena Andersson comparing herself to Axel Oxenstierna. Maybe Macron would be not a second Vercingetorix, but a second Brennus Rex?
No. 75486

So basically revisionism to make him look good.

> Русь
Vikings who went east. So sad he has nothing.

The only reason Russia exist is because they modernized. If not, the fameous Poltava would just be another spanking of Russian butt by Swedes.
No. 75492
6,4 MB, 270 × 360, 1:36
10 kB, 1 file
114 kB, 2 pages
65 kB, 3 pages
TL;DR: There are (mostly German) translations of invasion-related Russian texts at https://osteuropa.geschichte.uni-freiburg.de/ukraine

I wanted to enjoy the retracted RIA article mentioned here several times (>>75231). I don't understand much Russian (yet; will eagerly try to learn as soon as our new overlords have liberated the area where I live and maybe evacuate me to the inner wasteland) and have encountered various problems with various translation websites. But I found that there's a whole bunch of translations of (and even more links to) invasion-related texts, among them a human translation of the retracted RIA article into German, on Freiburg University's website. One of the translations (a first-person account of being arrested and jailed for protesting the war, published by Novaya Gazeta) says "translated using DeepL", so I wonder if there are more machine translations among them.
I meant to tell you about the Freiburg University website earlier, but I had computer problems and then got lost in a German translation of a Ukrainian academic text about the Roma genocide perpetrated by Germany in occupied Ukraine, more specifically about the attitudes of contemporary ethnic Ukrainians (https://www.ikgn.de/cms/index.php/uebersetzte-geschichte/beitraege/tyaglyy-die-einstellung-der-einheimischen-bevoelkerung).

Have an old WebM of the good boys our government is arming to help them defend European values, whatever those are; a German translation of infamous Putin's infamous TV greetings broadcast on 24 February; a German translation of a short disapproving opinion piece published that same day by Novaya Gazeta; and the German translation of the RIA article (accidentally?) published on 26 February and then retracted. The latter two are from Freiburg University's website.
No. 75493 Kontra
75 kB, 276 × 288
No. 75494
>Vikings who went east.
And were transformed by the local cultures. Then Christianized and effectively assimilated into something new and bigger - the medieval Russian feudal entity, with the basic culture and language defined by the numerical majority (East Slavic tribes) and higher culture being imported from the south (and, later, from the Muslim world too). The entity lacked any form of centralization since the 12th century, but was tightly interconnected with dynastic ties and traditions (as only Rurikids had a right to rule, and the Kievan throne was still considered the first among the equals). By the 14th century, however, the objective necessity of consolidation became apparent. In the west it was made by the Lithuanians (with the elite being quickly assimilated by the locals, though their conversion to Catholicism ultimately led to re-assimilation by the Poles, and in the south the history took a more wild turn); in the east, by Muscovy, the heir of the Vladimir principality.
Ivan the Terrible, the penultimate Rurikid on the throne, still considered himself "a German" - in the genealogical sense at least.

Peter the Great, who was intensively glorified by Catherine the Great (the murderer of his matrilineal grandson and an ethnic German), was in fact a very controversial figure - but, granted, he was actually able to turn Russia into a European power again, both commonly recognized and to be reckoned with.
No. 75497 Kontra
> And were transformed by the local cultures.
Of course. But I find it kind of funny anyway. That the name some try to build a kind of national identity on is an import. Simplified of course, I would be disappointed if it wasn't more complicated.

> but, granted, he was actually able to turn Russia into a European power again, both commonly recognized and to be reckoned with.
And I'm guessing that was a good thing for Russia. That makes it a bit hard to take serious when Putin looks like he wants to be the next X the Great by marching backwards and playing on some imagined past. Although people who cheer for him probably don't see it that way.
No. 75498
1,1 MB, 720 × 1000
[Answer 1]: Norman theory was invented by same people as so-called "Ukraine" -- Austro-Hungarian general staff.

[Answer 2]: This is why all nationalities in Russian language are nouns, but "Russian" is the only adjective. Because it has a meaning of belonging. "Rus" means "Viking" and "Russky" means "Viking's serf".

[Answer 3, science 19/45]: Catherine was a German princess, brought to Russia by marriage. She had friendship and lasting correspondence with Voltaire, "progressive" French philosopher, but made serfdom in Russia even harsher.
No. 75499 Kontra
>the name some try to build a kind of national identity on is an import
This happens all the time.
No. 75500 Kontra
I know. But extra funny when the country you are trying to intimidate is the country where the name originated.
No. 75501
118 kB, 904 × 1280
No, people who cheer him see it same way. They want Putin to stop history ("stability") or to revert it back. Nostalgia and revanchism are praised, everything about future causes anxiety.

BTW there was a group of people who unironically based their identity on Vikings. But it was very small and esoteric (paganist national-democrats).
Русский -- значит Европа!
Вольность, воля, север, СТОЯЧИЙ ХУЙ!
No. 75503
205 kB, 1360 × 765
>President Vladimir Putin removed Poklonskaya from her post as the deputy head of Rossotrudnichestvo, Russia’s federal agency for international outreach, on Monday.
End of an era.

All the ancient Vikings were Russian, it was via the introduction of Norsemen to the Varangian guard that pederasty was introduced to viking cultures, creating the Nordics. инфа 73%
No. 75505
3,6 MB, 638 × 360, 0:52
> in Russian language are nouns, but "Russian" is the only adjective
There is another interpretation of this fact, adopted by government: it's because foreigners are all fascist and we are such multi-culti and admit that everyone can be Russian. "Russian tajik" (русский таджик), "Russian uzbek" and so on.

> end of an era
But she changed her job multiple times: prosecutor in Crimea, deputy of Duma, ambassador in offshore island republic and so on.
No. 75506
>But she changed her job multiple times
I think she always had the same job: Looking good. And she did pretty well on that.
No. 75515 Kontra
I can't blame them for being afraid of the future. But wanting a past that never was is just lying to your self and will not create a better future.

But isn't multiculti part of decadent west and leads to homosex?

> ancient Vikings were Russian
Bullshit but I believe it.
No. 75518 Kontra
>This "German" Phantom time hypothesis is children’s play compared to its Russian version! By Russian version there is 1000 year "gap” in history, and even romans did not exists. All what existed, was RUSSIAN EMPIRE in it’s Golden age!!! Form Gibraltar to Sakhalin. But from some reason this golden era RUSSIAN empire faded away and those cunning Anglo-Saxons falsified new history to enslave Russians. All that "legends" of Roman empire are actually distorted memories from golden era Russian Empire, what non-human Anglo-Saxons are suppressing and twisting to prevent the Russian people, chosen by God, from gaining their rightful place in history.

>"Scholars" of this theory bring myriads of "proofs" but those are absurdly idiotic - like Etruscans where Russians, because name Etruscan in Russian language (Этру́ски) is phonetically very similar to Russian sentence "eto russki" what means "it is Russian".

>In real life there actually was distortion of historical narrative in Moskovia, when the Romanov dynasty seized power, almost all the archives of the previous rulers were burned down and even the entire monasteries that held the archives of the previous rulers were destroyed. It was not until the 18th century, when Russia was ruled by German born queens, that a new history of Russia was compiled, erasing from history both the real Russia now known as Ukraine in west and the centuries-old Khanates, of which there are very few information even in Western history books - on 16th-17th century European maps the name of Tartaric khanate can be found, for example. I know about Tartaria because Russians invaded my country in first decade of 18th century and bring one of last ruler of Tartaria to prison in Estonia, as most further province of Russia, counting from finally concurred Tartaria.

>Russian rulers used this technique of falsifying history twice more- first Russian tsars hide total disaster of Napoleonic wars (disastrous defeat at Borodino battle for example) and the ensuing catastrophic peasant uprising by forging legend of Patriotic War and followed brutal russification and de-literacyfication (I made up that word, it’s so absurd, when whole nations are denied literacy by force, that I did not found English word for that) campaign in territory of empire. It was time where thousands of concurred nations were decimated and russificated. We as most of the small nations of Russian empire lost our literacy second time then. It took nearly 100 years to crawl out from that hole.

>Second time Russian empire used falsifying trick after WWII, when in Stalin order all soviet archives and all captured German archives were cleansed and flooded by manufactured propaganda as new version of history – a new Great Patriotic war legend was born!. All research and memoirs published in Russian influence sphere were censored or replaced with versions written by a "team of authors" (for example, the memoirs of G. Zhukov that changed over time, depending on which Soviet dictator was currently in power). Coal was to hide fact, that soviets wanted to invade whole Europe already in 1941 and Germans were able to attack the Russians only three days before the start of the Russian offensive. That is The Great Secret of WWII.

>Metatron, I think it’s now proven, that you can distort history in some degree, if you have resources of bloody dictator of huge empire and consent or absolute ignorance on subject from other nations...
No. 75522 Kontra
>Germans were able to attack the Russians only three days before the start of the Russian offensive.
A possible Soviet invasion would have only materialized in '42 the earliest. It was Stalin's desire to see how the war in the west would play out.
No. 75523 Kontra
4 kB, 222 × 211
Just copypasta I found brah.
t. knower of history
Source for pasta: random YT on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-HBofF_NTKw
No. 75530 Kontra
282 kB, 1360 × 782
>The world's largest Victory Banner — the Soviet flag raised over Berlin during World War II — is unfurled at Moscow’s Victory Museum in honor of Russia Day.
Curious way of celebrating secession from the Soviet Union :DDD

I'm low IQ and I never know :DD
No. 75533
160 kB, 1106 × 539
93 kB, 873 × 671
Sounds like mix of Fomenko's and Suvorov's theories.

А я сейчас вам покажу, откуда на Рейх готовилось нападение. И если бы за шесть часов до операции не был нанесён превентивный удар по позициям — четыре позиции, я сейчас покажу карту, привёз — они бы атаковали наши войска, Италии и Германии, которые были на учениях. Поэтому не мы развязали эту войну, у нас совесть чиста.
No. 75590 Kontra
>knower of history
Are you the knower of things from kraut?
No. 75593 Kontra
Nay, I am not.
No. 75597
Is this some kind of joke?
>Russia invents "new G8" - with Brazil and Iran
>Russia's Duma speaker alludes to 'new G8' which includes India, Iran and China as war with Ukraine continues
>Russia alludes to 'new G8'; includes India, Turkey, Iran
No. 75600
No, just our chief of the talking idiots a.k.a. Gosduma rambling again.
No. 75607
I don't know if this exactly fits the thread, but I do not want to shit it up the other threads. In any case, I think it's hilarious:

The german government reduced taxes on gas, but gas prices did not fall, the oil industry just pockets the difference. Now, Minister Habeck wants to tighten antitrust law to get home to them. The head of the petrol industry association naturally opposes this. And guess what the name of this man is!

His name is Russwurm, literally translates to Russian Worm.
I nearly died laughing.
No. 75608
Nuh, the Wertewesten is fucked.
No. 75610
>This happens all the time.
Indeed, Bulgaria and France being probably the most familiar examples. Ukraine is just "bonderland" - and the thing is this particular form is clearly loaned from Polish (the native East Slavic form would be Ukráina, not Ukraína, reflecting the proto-Slavic stress patterns, but in Polish stress is fixed on the penultimate syllable).
No. 75611 Kontra
42 kB, 625 × 268
No. 75613


No. 75614 Kontra
No. 75635
>those headlights
does it look like an SUV for sales reasons?
No. 75636
235 kB, 1200 × 1200
Most likely. Though the manufacturing processes that produce the sorts of headlights featured in let's say Leo 2 are probably well on their way out as nothing uses them anymore. Have you seen what new tractors look like? Same deal there. So in the end it might be even cheaper to produce that "SUV-style" light than a the old models. At least if you're producing them domestically and not ordering them from an Indian spare parts lot.
No. 75660 Kontra
>producing domestically
Don't make me laugh. There isn't anything in this country that is not imported from China.
No. 75662 Kontra
85 kB, 790 × 400
They should produce dog food out of low-quality posters like you.
No. 75689 Kontra
Apparently it's only for rich saudis, since Germany/France have some doomed tax money black hole MBT replacement project going on.
No. 75765
>Apparently it's only for rich saudis
I hope they have colored LED-Strips in the interior to make it look like a shisha-bar. Works for German car manufacturers!
No. 76280 Kontra
>read up on latest war happenings
>nothing really new in the East, but our own politicians embarrassing themselves every day anew, highlights include:
>Berlin's mayor falling for a fake Klitschko interview, numerous IT fails included
>Green party mook talking about "war fatigue", now I am just waiting for a Bareback speech starting with "Die Russen behaupten, die deutschen Mitbürger*innen seien des Krieges müde[..]"
No. 76285 Kontra
[[[stalemate intensifies]]]
No. 76330
No. 76463
Could someone explain what a default is in terms digestible by someone mostly uneducated regarding economic theory?
No. 76464 Kontra
Nothing happened, because the Russians paid, it's just that they paid in rubles. They sent the money and everything to the ministry and then notified the people who hold the debt that they need Russian accounts to receive the payments.
No. 76465 Kontra
That is not what's happening at all, they said they'd pay in rubles but, after the grace period, claimed the payment was done in real currency - it being stuck in a Belgian clearing house.
No. 76466
As the posted article says, it's a technical default and mostly symbolic happening.

Default is when you can't pay your debts and say: "sorry guys no refunds". Problem of such thing is that no fool is going to lend you money after. Current situation is like when you have money to pay debts but security won't let into bank office because of your previous shenanigans.

> it's just that the paid in roubles
> Russia's finance ministry said it made the payments to its onshore National Settlement Depository (NSD) in euros and dollars,
No. 76467 Kontra
magyarchan lied to me
No. 76475
Thanks for answering my question, I actually feel like I've learned something today. Something more useful than the stuff I learned for my homework in quantum mechanics, which was literally 4 hours of figuring out that I could've solved all 6 exercises with existing knowledge, had they not introduced 8 (EIGHT!) new notations and 2 new names for something we already had last month... I can't tell you how cheated I felt in the end. Sorry for rambling.
No. 76553
40 kB, 200 × 150
Russia going to turn off north stream now," for maintenance".
Now, Germany gets what is coming to us. The red front thought they could fuck with the Putin, but the big uncle won't let them.

Germany will lose all its Energy intensiv industries, food prices will double, economy will decline by 15%. This will likely told the government and get an AfD government into per that will get out of EU, making EU collapse, make good with Russia, do away with all the green enviro-bullshit, stop assfucker-pride-weeks, end genderism, remove shitskins, built nuclear power plants and make Germany a normal country again.
No. 76554 Kontra
Any minute now, the end of the Germans.
No. 76555 Kontra
You can Google it, it's in the news. The pipeline is going down "for maintenance". They won't turn it on again after sanctions frim Germany. Germany is weak and can do nothing, Russia is strong and just switch off Germany. And they will do exactly that. That's what Germany gets for supporting break away Russian province.
No. 76556 Kontra
C'mon Ernst, your predictions haven't changed since I remember. From then to today, for different reasons, the conclusion is always the same. At this rate, the Bundesrepublik will last a thousand years.
No. 76557
I'm sure it's really gonna happen this time! After double mega blackouts ever year, civil war in 2015 and onwards, then the millions of covid and covid-vaccine deaths now it really is the end times!
No. 76558 Kontra
273 kB, 880 × 1173
>You can Google it

I did. Couldn't find anything about

>food prices will double, economy will decline by 15%. This will likely told the government and get an AfD government into per that will get out of EU, making EU collapse, make good with Russia, do away with all the green enviro-bullshit, stop assfucker-pride-weeks, end genderism, remove shitskins, built nuclear power plants and make Germany a normal country again.

Tell me where i find the future teller that knows all of this.
No. 76563
5 kB, 251 × 240
Almost like the real german shizo, 88/88 would read again.
No. 76564 Kontra
6,2 MB, 460 × 342, 0:52
I've looket at those links, nowhere did it say that the AfD is going to rule tschörmeny and make it Putins bitch.
Or did i miss that part?

Here, have this nice .webm
No. 76566
534 kB, 587 × 552
Thank you for spreading the truth.
Two more weeks and the Ukrainians will be in a kotel, Russia will turn off the gas and HATO will run out of ammo to give to Ukraine.
Just trust the plan.

I will not elaborate if this post is ironic or serious.
Thank you.
No. 76585
107 kB, 962 × 578
> Just trust the plan.
Qanon has returned by the way. :DDD
No. 76587 Kontra
33 kB, 980 × 551
Kadyrovites posing in lysychansk. Even though NATO pumped Ukraine full of weapons, Russky Mir will not be stopped. Look how destroyed those buildings are! Russia has now taken entire region of Lugansk! Russia will not be stopped! Meanwhile, in Germany, we have crisis. There is no fuel crisis in Russia!
No. 76588 Kontra
233 kB, 600 × 450
No. 76617
Le ebin Wunderwaffe Pzhb 2000 has been destroyed in Donbas.
It's always the same with Germans. They built overengineered may-may-weapons at insane cost, but they are easily destroyed, break down all the time and there is far to little of them because of the insane cost. Germany is a joke. Ridiculous!

Russia has numerical superiority and air superiority, Russia will simply continue to destroy everything NATO sends. Russia will destroy it in the depots with superior missiles NATO can NOT defend against, Russia will destroy it on the front-line, until NATO runs out.

Then what? Maybe invasion of Poland? As long as Russian soldiers have matches, meat and booze, the ass-fucked soldiers of NATO are fucking each other in Pentagon out of fear!
No. 76619 Kontra
> Russky Mir will not be stopped
Yes, Russians don't retreat, instead Russians make gestures of good will like it was with Kiev and later with Snake Island.

> Look how destroyed those buildings are!
Obviously, Ukrainians destroyed them themselves to make Russia look bad. Everyone knows that Russia only makes highly precision strikes on decision making centers.

> There is no fuel crisis in Russia!
Yes. Moreover, people now work for free to help with liberation of Ukraine from nazi Jewish cabal. Economy only benefited:
“During The Great Patriotic War no one asked about the salary!” -- The director of the Ural Compressor Plant explained why he owed the workers.
No. 76620
200 kB, 1400 × 1600
Sweden and Finland have finally settled their differences with Erdogan RIP Kurds and will begin procedure of joining NATO tomorrow. As I understand, parliament of every country-member should agree with it but no one except Turkey spoke against it so far. How possible is that someone (like Hungary) will change their mind at last moment?
No. 76621 Kontra
Not directly related to war but a cool story still. A guy was Kremlin's propagandist. In 2010 moved to Germany. After 2014 helped German companies to bypass sanctions at a job of consultant. Now tells westerners about collective responsibility of all Russians. :D
No. 76622 Kontra
201 Bytes, 17 × 14
33 kB, 745 × 253
24 kB, 754 × 150
Hi, fellow German people!
No. 76623 Kontra
Once a Fascist, always a Fascist, no matter who is paying...
No. 76624 Kontra
54 kB, 552 × 736
Serving Russia to fuck Sweden kind of has a history in Hungary.
No. 76625
I don't even think that this time different people are paying. Because if everyone is responsible then no one is responsible.
No. 76631
>sergey sumlenny
>WE Germans are/do/whatever.....
No. 76633
>Yes. Moreover, people now work for free to help with liberation of Ukraine from nazi Jewish cabal. Economy only benefited:
Do they still have showers at their plant? In Germany, government urges citizens to not take showers. This spells the return of lice, flea and offensive diseases.

Rationing of warm water has started for earnest in Germany.
It's going to be pretty bad in Winter. And of course, mass-lay-offs are coming. Russia will stop supplying Germany "due to maintenance" on Monday. I have a bridge to sell to anyone who thinks they will ever turn the gas back on.
No. 76636 Kontra
17 kB, 241 × 230
>Do they still have showers at their plant? In Germany, government urges citizens to not take showers. This spells the return of lice, flea and offensive diseases.
>literally repeating russian propaganda
+15Ru, idi nahuj
No. 76638 Kontra
Proofs that it's propaganda (13s-18s): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WwU2BSLr5oM
No. 76640 Kontra
Russians turned off the Turkish Stream too last month.
They did it for maintenance and turned it back on after a week. Literally nothing to worry about.
No. 76645
3,1 MB, 626 × 360, 0:45
>Sweden and Finland have finally settled their differences with Erdogan RIP Kurds
It's probably far from being settled if Turkey is really looking for even a single extradition. They have to provide proofs for every case and our courts must approve them. Indeed, if this is the case it will likely take years for us to join - in the case that Turkey ever approves. However, if the extraditions were just as an additional set of demands to make sure the armament export bans etc. get lifted we would likely be ratified in a couple of months.

>As I understand, parliament of every country-member should agree with it but no one except Turkey spoke against it so far. How possible is that someone (like Hungary) will change their mind at last moment?
Everything is possible I suppose. This was already the case with Turkey. Not sure about Sweden, but Finland was in contact with Turkey well before submitting the application, and only did so once they claimed to support us joining. And yet, here we are.

Has to be said that there's not much rush to get in NATO. It could be five months or five years. The US doesn't want to be tied down defending Europe so there seems to be a big push for having Europe that can defend itself. Finland and Sweden are a significant piece in that ordeal, and there's no "real" issues blocking either country from joining.
No. 76647 Kontra
249 kB, 510 × 361
82 kB, 960 × 540
So? Russian commentators see what everyone can see. Just two weeks ago, the Greens reduced shower time!


>I’ve never showered for five minutes in my life
t. Robert Habeck

That is not surprising. I'm more surprised that he has showered more than once! The disgusting piece takes of his shoes in public, in a diner cart, of all places, and doesn't have a pair of socks without holes. Like a fucking hobo. That's the green party for you! Can't take care of their own socks and mend or buy new, but wants to run the country! And see where they got us, in just 9 months!

It's typical for enviro-green "German" "people". When there is vegan eco-enviro-friendly nutella (tastes like crap, but is holier-than-thou) on the breakfast table, you can be certain that there are shitstains in the toilet. These people are DIRTY. They need to be cleaned away! With Kärcher! A big blue one!
No. 76648 Kontra
hehehe this boomer art
No. 76655 Kontra
On the one hand they are hobos but then they are filthy rich middle class suppressing the poor man on the street in a matter of a split second. Maybe you can decide for once instead of changing your judgments to simply suit your short-sighted goals. For being a stinky hobo running the country while you will have to talk cold showers soon, they made quite some impact. We need to prolong RoundUp just once more kill of the last weak weed that is people like you, lel. I'm quite sure you are not even trolling, you are just one of these crazy clowns that make entertainment material for Spiegel TV.

t. living under the bridge while governing the country as a whole
No. 76659 Kontra
Nice, hot&new, have some tabloids:
>Mold, Bugs in Burgers at Russia's McDonald's Substitute Spark Outrage x2
>Not lovin' it! Fed-up Russians are served MOLDY burgers in their replacement McDonald's restaurants after the chain left the country due to the invasion of Ukraine
>Russians served moldy burgers in McDonald’s replacement restaurants
>Russia’s McDonald’s Replacement Is Reportedly Churning Out Mold-Infested, Bug-Filled Burgers To Customers


So the ones who assumed quality (control) would go to hui may have been right, kek. Wasn't it supposed to be the same since it was basically just a rebranding? Oh, well, who cares.

Heh, after months of stalematening's Russia seems to make slow and small gains...
Meanwhile in Ukrainistan Russians, Ukrainians, civilians, pets and villages get ground to dust, gr8, nothing better than death and destruction for nothing. Russia is slowly creeping forward, guess Ukraine lacks some punch aka more heavy weapons or something, or a lot more, at least manpower should be available. All deaths combined are most likely faaar above 50k, and several times that amount of wounded. Freedom for Ukraine, Russia and Belorussia, death to Putin, his Oligarch cronies and his dogs.
No. 76661
> Wasn't it supposed to be the same since it was basically just a rebranding?
Even renaming the food chain was too hard for them. New name is "Вкусно и точка" which means: "Tasty, period". You haven't even entered restaurant and they are already rude to you while arguing with you whether it's tasty or not (so you're supposed to think that it's not tasty).
No. 76662
40 kB, 509 × 385
I know.
t. Russogerm
No. 76663
65 kB, 1200 × 672
35 kB, 550 × 366
I wonder what were their other working alternatives. It's a rebranding work heard around the world, maybe there was a lot of pressure.
No. 76664
6 kB, 400 × 400
I Think logo and name are okay.
No. 76665
I think it could be better, the logo and associated imagery feels uninspired. I think it's a miasma that blankets Russia now, everything is uninspired. If I was a modern autocrat locked in a conflict of this magnitude against the western structures, I would at least try to provide a more energetic image. Strong mighty Russia under my command would not have the foreign ministry issuing cyclical series of statements whose key point is that Russia is the real victim.

There is also a genuine missed opportunity in not going for the heart of a good portion of politically active Europeans. It wouldn't take much to build up more good will but they squandered it by opening with the justification that Ukrainians were a Leninist construction. I could still fix it. Tomorrow, I'll fax my report titled "We Can Do It Again" to the Russian embassy.
No. 76666 Kontra
On topic, I would mandate to use of cyrillic letters in the logo. This would be a symbolic rejection of westernization and it'll make western audiences think of the USSR when they see it. Very strong.
No. 76667 Kontra
maybe just a red star, but subtle - like Heineken.
No. 76672
Did it ever occur to you that it is possible to have poor hygiene, money and privileges all at the same time?
Of course, in an ideal society, this would not be the case, but our current societal order does not value secondary virtues like cleanliness. Unruly children did a revolution in the sixties/seventies, because they wanted to sleep around, wear their hair long, never work and never shower, and their parents, tired from fighting WWII, did not sufficiently oppose their rebellion, this is what got us here.
In Russia, on the other hand, there were no hippies. If a young man had long hair, he was taken to the police station and it was explained to him in no uncertain terms that his behavior would not be tolerated.

Do you think Putin has holes in his socks?
No. 76673 Kontra
I predicted something like this would happen. Another German opposed me and explained to me that quality would be consistent with McDonald's standards, which he declared to be low, anyway. I was proven right. Were do I get to collect my reward?
No. 76674 Kontra
> Strong mighty Russia under my command would not have the foreign ministry issuing cyclical series of statements whose key point is that Russia is the real victim.
But by being the real victim, they buy the right to a robust forward defense.
No. 76678 Kontra
>Do you think Putin has holes in his socks?

I don't care since I don't think the quality of the socks is critical for political decision-making.


P.S. I think it is nice that you finally value the communist lifestyle a bit.
No. 76680 Kontra
I would still answer claims of aggression with a "Yes, and?". Claim the neoliberal world order is illegitimate or something. There's no need for the right of a forward defense when you have the right for aggression.
No. 76684 Kontra
Yes, if they stuck to the line "Hur dur we're ebil orks what you're gonna do with it!?" it would benefit them. That's what they are loved for after all. By mixing this narrative with whining and posing as victims they just downgrade themselves to sneaky ever-lying goblins.

It's ironic that you're the only German Ernst who acts like a spoiled child. All you do is complain, complain, complain day after day. SLAP Shut up and stop crying.

Pro-war Russians replace "з" with Latin "z" in their usernames/slogans. Maybe pro-Ukrainian westerners should do the opposite? Зelensky. Зeppelin. Capitaliзe. Realiзed.
No. 76686 Kontra
43 kB, 450 × 385
>Maybe pro-Ukrainian westerners should do the opposite? Зelensky. Зeppelin. Capitaliзe. Realiзed.
That is beyond retarded, I like it.
No. 76690 Kontra
>It's ironic that you're the only German Ernst who acts like a spoiled child. All you do is complain, complain, complain day after day.

Germans like him suffer from a huge victim complex, it's scary and fascinating.
No. 76700 Kontra
The Irish ball was right, the great die-off.
No. 76815
536 kB, 2800 × 1900
No. 76827
So what? Why not use a dump truck as personnel carrier? I know Bundeswehr wouldn't dare to, because it lacks airbags and safety belts.
No. 76828
The west claims moral superiority, but fights for Ukraine until the last Ukrainian had been shot and the last African and Sarah has been starved. Fascist imperialism at its best.
No. 76830
They do not want to be under Moscows foot, but you keep blaming the west.
No. 76831
This is what western media claim.
>But they want to be shot for Pentagon!
>Because they love gay pride and homosex!
>They want to fight for right to be homosexuals who dress as women!
>They want their government to take away children and give them to homosexual to raise as a homosexual, like is done in Germany!
>Our country is the best in the world and everyone wants to be US-colony like Germany!
Your believe this?
Germany is only livable because it is a favorite colony. A colony that gets its own means of exploitation and gets to extract wealth from other coloniey, like Poland, Hungary, Portugal, etc. On its own, Germany would be poor as dick. How else can it be rich when Germany has no natural resources and Bo real industry? It is all based on theft!
No. 76832
Look, having nuclear—my uncle was a great professor
and scientist and engineer, Dr. John Trump at MIT; good
genes, very good genes, OK, very smart, the Wharton
School of Finance, very good, very smart —you know, if
you’re a conservative Republican, if I were a liberal, if,
like, OK, if I ran as a liberal Democrat, they would say I’m
one of the smartest people anywhere in the world—it’s
true!—but when you’re a conservative Republican they
try—oh, do they do a number—that’s why I always start
off: Went to Wharton, was a good student, went there,
went there, did this, built a fortune—you know I have to
give my like credentials all the time, because we’re a little
disadvantaged—but you look at the nuclear deal, the
thing that really bothers me—it would have been so easy,
and it’s not as important as these lives are (nuclear is
powerful; my uncle explained that to me many, many
years ago, the power and that was 35 years ago; he
would explain the power of what’s going to happen and
he was right—who would have thought?), but when you
look at what’s going on with the four prisoners—now it
used to be three, now it’s four—but when it was three and
even now, I would have said it’s all in the messenger;
fellas, and it is fellas because, you know, they don’t, they
haven’t figured that the women are smarter right now
than the men, so, you know, it’s gonna take them about
another 150 years—but the Persians are great negotiators,
the Iranians are great negotiators, so, and they, they just
killed, they just killed us.
No. 76833 Kontra
Am sensing some suppressed homosexuality there, Ivan?
No. 76835
>many threads later simps itt still worship the liberal world order despite the elites of said world order would rather sacrifice the quality of life of said simps than to step down and take a hit to their reputation
i gotta give these liberal globalists some credit, their brainwash programming is absolutely top notch. This is like secret alien tech, that replaces brain of the commoners with ideology and turns them into actual drones lol.
No. 76840 Kontra
7 kB, 229 × 250
No. 76844
>would rather sacrifice the quality of life of said simps than to step down and take a hit to their reputation
did you forget which country you live in for a second?
it's ok, happens to me as well sometimes
No. 76847
32 kB, 288 × 211
I don't really care, i just find it hilarious how losers on this board split everything into groups and go hard on
>us vs them
mentality, like some primitive subhumans, obsessing over MUH EU or MUH NATO and also projecting this shit onto others which takes the form of
>if you're not one of us YOU ARE OUR ENEMY
Most of you don't really deserve to exist and should've been strangled when you were infants and then drowned in acid lmao
No. 76849 Kontra
54 kB, 680 × 583
87 kB, 960 × 880
87 kB, 960 × 880
87 kB, 960 × 880
>inane insane nonsense
No. 76850
2 kB, 124 × 125
>he can't cope with the fact that he's a primitive animal with an IQ of a goat that copies others
>has to resort to normalfag reddit shitposting
I mean i wouldn't expect any other reaction from you. Kill yourself.
No. 76858
No. 76859 Kontra
You could start because your talking doesn't align with your actions and usually, we call these people phony on this board of honorous and honest people...
No. 76861
So let's expand the post: Ukraine is running out of material and losing. Probably thousands of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and at least hundreds of pieces of artillery are needed, also something against Russian air superiority. Manpower should be more or less still available, but without heavy arms...
Death to Putin, freedom for Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.
No. 76866 Kontra
No. 76901

You wouldnt possibly understand the level of propaganda that is taking place in the west. And it isnt like it started in February. The mindset is always "lets suck my superiors dick and tell them what they wanna here because maybe I will end up getting a raise or a job". Even academics are total drones here. That is what 40 years of neoliberalism does to your society. Muh democracy is translated to you are either with us or against us.
No. 76902 Kontra
Yes, exactly. You are going to get a raise for getting vaxxed or talking about how bad Putin is in work breaks.

Are you high or a just a child?
Protip: "Getting a raise" or "being promoted" does not happen. Either you change employers or nothing will change. Life is not a Hollywood-movie-
No. 76905 Kontra
Germany send 7 PzH 2000.
2 were destroyed by Russians. 1 was captured.
One of those two was destroyed by RGW 90 that was delivered to Ukraine by Germany!
Russia thanks Germany for supplying weapons! Germany is such a gay, weak, pathetic loser country. Ridiculous! The world can only laugh about GAYMANY!
No. 76906 Kontra
>Despite the fact that the German self-propelled howitzer is a powerful enough weapon, it will not make any special weather in the fighting of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There we are talking about seven installations - this is one battery. It is impossible to consider it a real force, even with sufficiently high combat characteristics," he told the newspaper.En" Reserve Lieutenant General, ex-commander of the 58th Army Anatoly Khrulev. - Upon detection and detection, it can be destroyed with one aimed salvo during a counter-battery struggle, and Russian gunners have such experience. Here you can recall how recently a battery was covered, which included six American M-777 howitzers, which was calculated from GPS signals. German self-propelled howitzers, despite their reservation, will also become a fairly easy target, even if their positions are at a distance of 30 kilometers. The main thing is to detect, and it will not be difficult to hit the enemy's self-propelled gun, which even a mortar will penetrate into the roof

>The German PzH 2000 will become an easy target for the Russian self-propelled guns "Coalition-SV". This is not bragging, but a real statement of facts.
>Our self-propelled gun has a higher rate of fire due to the full automation of loading, and the firing range is further - 70 km. There are also 152-mm Msta howitzers in the Russian army in self-propelled and towed versions, which hits 37 km. In addition to very decent TTX, Russian howitzers have another superiority over artillery, including foreign ones, which the AFU has.

What a pathetic, ridiculous piece of shit country shitmany is! WEAK AND GAY AS DICK!

(User was banned for this post)

No. 76907 Kontra
Deutsche's qualitat :DDD
No. 76908
According to Bulgarian military, Ukrops sold French self-propelled Howitzers to the Russians, for $120k a piece.


Russia laughs about the stupidity of the NATO countries and mocks them!
No. 76911 Kontra
43 kB, 398 × 374
seems legit.

Literally the same what "it" claims the last 10 threads.

No. 76912
17,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:07
It would be odd that war fighting machines taking part in a war would never get destroyed. Next week it might be HIMARS, Nasams, or whatever. I guess it must feel somehow cathartic to see ebul HATO equipment in flames.

In other news:
Ukrainians took back snek island some days ago. Wouldn't want to be the guy that gets stationed there. They'll probably get the same treatment as the Russians got while staying there.

Interestingly enough, bulgarianmilitary.com is not run by the Bulgarian military. And for some reason RT has some links pointing to the site.

I'm not familiar with "The Insider", so it might as well be fake news, but this is what they had to say about the claim of selling that equipment:

Not very convincing. But as the war continues Russians will capture all sorts of vehicles sent in by the west. Just like Ukrainians have captured Russian vehicles. It is bound to happen.

No. 76913 Kontra
113 kB, 1280 × 720
12,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:26
Forgot to add that worries seem to have increased regarding the Kerch bridge. Also I don't know what the fuck this mp4 is but it is... something.
No. 76919
According to German magazine Focus, heating bills in Germany will increase by up to 5000€ this winter.

German government officials plan to provide so-called heat-islands to citizens.

We know how that will go. Germans with a certain cultural and religious background will take these over, occupy them and use them as private infrastructure for members of their own extended family. That's what happens to all public resources and all public infrastructure in Germany. Charging for electric cars in supermarket parking-lots? Occupied by the same clan every minute of the day. When one clan-member is done, the next is ready to go in. Everyone else will be asked to go away 'or I call my cousins'. Food banks? The same. The members of the locally dominant clan get to go in first, then everyone else can fight over the left-overs. They come to food banks in BMWs and Mercedeses, so I don't think they are actually in need, they just love free stuff. Public bbq-spots? Yes, those also belong to a clan who will bbq whole goats on a spit there, every weekend, all summer long, as if they own the place, which by any reasonable metric, they do.

Are other countries as ill-prepared as Germany? Or are their leaders not as stupid and ideologically blind as German leaders? Do other governments force their citizens to freeze for Ukraine?
Will freezing Germans and a collapse of German economy stop le ebul Putler from waging war against the pure innocent Ukraine? I mean if Germany pasta three times as much for half the gas, surely that must achieve something?
No. 76920 Kontra
>locally dominant clans
>using every free service

You convince me more and more that most of your life happens in front of a screen, your reality is mostly build from what you get online from your "alternative" sources

Why would clans even buy electric, granted that the local branches would even exist. I see mainly middle-aged white people charging e-vehicles but whatever. Your next post will include poor clan people driving loud AMGs and what you wrote about electric is gone.
No. 76921 Kontra
>STILL feeding the troll
Holy shit they should really ban you with him you absolute first-day-on-the-internet imbecile debil blyad.
No. 76924 Kontra
This guy is not troll. Have you never seen right wingers talk online? On Kohl or Telegram Groups, they have their lingo and I'm not sure what is historic baggage and what come from Kohl to Telegram or from Telegram to Kohl.

Either way, I agree on the point he should be banned littering.
No. 76925
I have the best feeling that you spent your life in front of a screen and never go out. You are totally divorced from reality. They are everywhere and they occupy everything. Where they are not, there are Russians. Germany used to be the country of Germans, but Germans are now only tolerated at best. Public space is owned by minorities.

Why wouldn't they buy electric? It comes with free charging, you just have to hog the free charging places.

>Your next post will include poor clan people driving loud AMGs and
Some of them do that. Also
No. 76929 Kontra
Here's what will happen: when people are unable to pay rent AND heat/electricity, they will pay the latter, because it takes longer to be thrown out than to have your electricity cut. Because that will happen to many people at the same time, courts will be flooded with eviction orders and so on. They already are flooded and can't keep up, so it's impossible for anyone to be evicted. People will here about this, and they will stop paying, particular in leftist shitholes like Berlin were leftists expect to be given everything for free. This will make rented real estate worthless. It will either be sold to crisis investors who invest nothing and buy on the cheap, hoping that the crisis will end some day, or it will not be sold at all. Wildly falling real estate prices means that many mortgages will not be fully covered by the mortgaged property. That means banks need to see money or foreclose on the property and take a hit. This will lead to a banking crisis!

Germany is so fucking finished!
This country is done, once and for all, due to leftist enviro Green bullshit and megalomania, green party nutjobs like Haveck thinking they can just fight Russia by buying half the gas at four times the price so Russia can sell the rest to India!

Germany will burn!
No. 76932
Telegram is basically an alternate reality made popular because it was based in Russia and therefor not infected with liberal ideas. They even go so far as to reject understood secure AES modes for an obscure and less secure mode that is highly suspected to be easy to crack just to not be tainted by western ideas.
No. 76974
786 kB, 1280 × 1280
990 kB, 751 × 747
Special operation is going according to plan. We haven't really started yet. Russia captures more and more NATO tech. Proofs are attached.

>Germany is so fucking finished!
>Germany will burn!
While reading I visualized the schizo screaming it and burst into laughter. Does he also post at /b/? Does he post anything except apocalyptical predictions for Germany?

Don't know about Insider's trustworthiness but the article simply retells publicly available information. You can check it if you care.

But do your "secure" alternatives suggest "" emoji when you type "похуй"? Is it possible to install custom language pack for them with a meme conlang?
These features are crucial and definitely worth the risk of being gulaged.
No. 76981
Diesmal aber ganz ehrlich!
No. 76993 Kontra
Russia is advancing again in the Kherson region following an intense bombardment of Ukrainian forces and materiel that were amassed for the Kherson counteroffensive.
No. 76996
Putin's TV speech in which xi declares war special military operation on Ukraine (>>75492, second attachment) struck me as being a hodgepodge of many reasons from which each listener is perhaps supposed to pick whatever suits their worldview best, consider their pick the REAL reason for the invasion, and ignore the rest:
You dislike nation-based politics? You might like the part against "nationalism".
You like ethnicity-based politics and are ethnically Russian? You might like the part about restoration of glorious Rus' and unification of three East Slavic peoples, or at least bringing home Malorossiya and Novorossiya.
You are not ethnically Russian? You might like the part about Erefiya being a big house whose strength lies in its common roof allowing each ethnic group to thrive in harmony.
You hate the gays or trannies? You might like …, and so on.
No. 77001 Kontra
And why not? If you want to have as many people beyond your back you have to speak to all of them at once. I mean that is one reason why German kids in school learn to dissect political speeches :DDD Hitlers rhetorics meet school curricula.

Also, the Bavaria schizo is just Julian Reichelt, who would have thought! A former D-celebrity on EC!

No. 77002
>Russia is advancing again in the Kherson region
Where? Seems like Kherson has been static for the last month, with only very minute Ukrainian advancements.
No. 77004
201 kB, 1360 × 765
Foreign agent law now also includes "people who have fallen under foreign influence". No more are foreign agents limited to those who receive any form of payment from someone in the west or carry any form of paper trail. Justice can now more swiftly erradicate traitors and wreckers without getting bogged down with petty details.
With extended prison terms for anyone that "calls to act against national security" and a proactive recruitment drive from prisons, the Kremlin may brilliant plug its manpower shortage.
No. 77007
11,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:38
Perhaps another truth bomb straight out of magyarchan. God bless our resident Hungarian for keeping us in the loop!
No. 77008 Kontra
No, magyarchan is too busy having a meltdown because Orbán is walking back on every single election promise or platform he made.
This banger was from a discord tankie who follows the war on telegram every day.
No. 77018 Kontra
I already reported our fellow Russians communicating on the western sphere of influence to the bureau of moral purity. Just imagine we have been communicating with foreign agents all the time, wait until I tell the next girl to impress her when the war comes up!
No. 77030
you are a moron

(User was banned for this post)

No. 77057 Kontra
15 kB, 400 × 400
22,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:12
Forwarded content from an official channel for Russian Foreign Ministry.
No. 77099
130 kB, 498 × 496
Wtf man, this is some cancer level crap, some pro Indian and Russian nonsense channel just popped up in my recommended videos on Youtube with their latest cancer video against Ukraine.
'ere the channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/TFIglobal
Look at those damn video titles.

-Rumours of more Russian forces being stationed across the Belarus/Ukr border
-Donetsk may have surpassed 50% attrition in June
-Russia may be using Zapharizhzhia nuclear plant as base to shell surrounding Ukrainian encampments and Dnipro
-a dozen Chechens may have joined the fight in Ukraine against Russia
-Russian troops seem to be spearheading an advance towards Izyum, north north west of the Donetsk oblast
-Russia and Ukraine are probably loosing a lot of manpower in the meatgrinder
--RIP, what a meaningless war
-Russia may attempt to capture the Donetsk oblast next
-Russia is slowly advancing
-seems like the long range shellings done by Ukraine did some damage

Death to Putin and his cronies, freedom for Ukraine, Belarus and Russia.
No. 77101
22 kB, 200 × 200
If the numbers are correct...
Ukraine: 60 battalions vs Russia: 108 battalions
Looks kinda bleak to me.
No. 77107
> Westerners discussing Putin's speech and reposting MFA's telegram
Makes me think who's under whose influence...

Here's some more. Text about brilliant feint of Russian army in Kievan area:
> In the ancient book "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu there is an interesting line: "Cunning should be the basis of your advantage. The commander can set a false trail away from his main goal, diverting enemy forces."
No. 77126
>>Text about brilliant feint of Russian army in Kievan area
The journalists get paid for that, after all. The question is who in his right mind would be spreading that obvious hogwash for free.

"Feints" imply doing something meaningful why the enemy is distracted. Except in Ukraine anything meaningful was achieved months after the retreat. With the price being the utter PR defeat in Ukraine and abroad (starting from "Bucha") and hundreds of pro-Russian activists being simply murdered by the Ukrainian forces (if Ukrainian officials don't even really attempt to hide that, the scale must be considerable). Fabulous, just fabulous.
No. 77129
> who in his right mind would be spreading that obvious hogwash for free
  1. Westerners for whom such blatant propaganda is something new, fun and exotic.
  2. Me, ready to serve the western masters their favorite dish. I used to say the same as you do for a while, but then surrendered and let them enjoy.
No. 77132
I'm still going to cling to my sanity for a while, thank you.
No. 77135 Kontra
If you see something like this it's better for you sanity to show it someone ("am I the one seeing this? I must be dreaming") than to keep to yourself.
In some way it's an exchanging of your sanity for others. A bit egoistic, agree.
No. 77137
Frankly, I don't think that that trash-quality Russian propaganda is really interesting to anybody. You must live in the Russian media bubble to be at least inclined to believe most of it. In the meantime, the Westerners have their own load of much better propaganda to figure out...
No. 77138 Kontra
> I don't think that that trash-quality Russian propaganda is really interesting to anybody
There are one Portuguese and at least one German really interested in it. As I had mentioned (in on of the posts which you had replied to) it's they who post here MFA's telegram and discuss Putin's speech, not me.
No. 77143
But that's not the average propaganda at all. Those are well-engineered official speeches which have to be convincing enough for both internal and foreign audience. On the other hand, typical Russian propaganda is designed purely for Russians and is of generally low quality (as we can see above).
No. 77144
>"Feints" imply doing something meaningful why the enemy is distracted.
Wrong. The landbridge to Crimea was taken while Ukrops were busy defending their capital against lightly armed weak forces spearheading forward. Western propaganda keeps singing the same old don't about Russia weak, haha, Russia not winning fast enough, while Russia is winning. Nordstream will never be turned back on, the l then let's see what the GmbH-shitregime will do about that. Will probably be replaced by a nationalist pro Russian regime In weeks!

In nur 10 Monaten haben die Sozen und die Grünen komplett abgewirtschaftet.
No. 77146
606 kB, 3840 × 2160
>Those are well-engineered official speeches
Imagine if they weren't!

Please share your predictions with an /int/ernational audience.
No. 77148 Kontra
> Imagine if they weren't!
There is nothing wrong with picrelated. Your perception is muddied with learning Russian, visiting Transnistria, reading bricks about Buharin and so on. Average burger is less likely to see certain analogies here as he mostly thinks about domestic issues.
No. 77149
>Wrong. The landbridge to Crimea was taken while Ukrops were busy defending their capital against lightly armed weak forces spearheading forward
Don't be ridiculous. It was taken in several days, and on that timescale boths sides were fundamentally incapable to move in more forces than they had originally deployed (not to any meaningful extent anyway). You need at least a week or two to physically redeploy a typical military unit somewhere and not to make it incapable in process. Ukrainian air forces had been mostly suppressed anyway, so...

And it's not like Russia wouldn't have taken Kiev if it met little resistance there. The heavy fighting for the airport (with considerable losses in elite paratrooper forces) also points at serious intentions of the Russian side.

Most importantly, taking those adjacent territories (or the remaining parts of Donetsk and Lugansk oblasts, to that matter) solves nothing strategically. It doesn't put you into position to dictate anything to the enemy. And Russia isn't in a very good position for an indefinite war of attrition.
No. 77151
> Russia isn't in a very good position for an indefinite war of attrition.
I have the opposite impression. Could you elaborate your position?
No. 77153
>And Russia isn't in a very good position for an indefinite war of attrition.
Russia is in a perfect position. Russia holds all the cards. Everything Russia needs to fight, it can produce domestically. Russia can produce weapons, Russia can produce energy, Russia can produce tractors, fertilizer and food. Russia can produce energy from fossil and nuclear sources. There will never be a shortage of buckwheat in Russia. But the rest of the world, Europe in particular, is dependent on imports from Russia. Russia holds Europe, Germany in particular, in a chokehold. Anal-Lena Bareback and Cum-ex-Scholz will soon have to cry uncle and step down, then, a Russia-friendly government will come into office.
No. 77154
>I have the opposite impression. Could you elaborate your position?
The sanctions hurt the economy badly. We already had to "de-modernize" some industries (just look at the typical printing paper now, for Christ's sake), but other industries become simply unsustainable, either due to the unsolvable problems with the machinery and the critical components or simply due to the dropping consumer demand (which is going to drop even further). If the situation remains, by the end of the year we can see a considerable increase of unemployment and, accordingly, a decrease of average wages. Considering that about the half of the population already lives in actual poverty, that's no good. We may have social tensions snowballing and getting out of control. And the spending capabilities of the state will be limited - it has a very expensive war on its hands already.

Ideologically, official propaganda will have hard times explaining why we needed to intervene into the conflict in Donbass in full official capacity, considering that in the end we're unable to stop anything (rest assured, missiles will keep falling and civilians will keep dying - and not only on the Ukrainian side). Putin puts on a brave face now, saying that the Russian army doesn't even utilize much of its capabilities in Ukraine, conveniently forgetting to mention why it doesn't do so (especially when he intended to "denazify" Ukraine). In future that line of discourse is going to work even worse.

Together, an economical and an ideological crisis is a very bad combination. In the absolutely best case it will just end as an old Crimean war. Meaning, in a relatively good kind of a loss.
No. 77155
People somehow live in North Korea and Iran which are less self-sustainable and don't have expensive commodities for export. Economical and ideological crisis are a problem for politicians in democratic countries. But Putin doesn't need to actually win elections. Living standards are surely going to decrease significantly we are fucked but not to the point where people will raise HOMOs on pitchforks. This requires a bit of organization after all. They are more likely to rob their neighbors for food. I don't expect social tensions significant enough to impact the war.

Meanwhile Ukrainian economy is damaged by war and dependent on western aid. Are westerners likely to push Ukraine to "Minsk-3" treaty? I see it at the most probable result. Russia even more poor under sanctions (exchanging its economy for Berdyansk) and Ukraine losing part of their territory. Everyone lost.

Another question is whether military-industrial complex is dependent on import and how much.
No. 77156 Kontra
>Economical and ideological crisis are a problem for politicians in democratic countries.

Yeah, it's because the political regimes of North Korea and Iran don't have to uphold the economy and their ideology to stabilize their regime, right?
No. 77160
>Yeah, it's because the political regimes of North Korea and Iran don't have to uphold the economy and their ideology to stabilize their regime, right?
Exactly. They do not have to deal with weak, sissy bullshit. The economy should only exist to serve a nations army, to produce weapons for war, so the nation can successfully conquer weak, sissified nations like Germany. The world is not a place for the weak, but for the strong, the ruthless and the murderous. Even "love" is a tool for selection and making weaker, worthless beings go extinct. Who has many friends? The strong, winners, tall, good-looking people with lots of ressources. Who has no friends? The wake, the ugly, the worthless. Whom the females select for mating? The fit, the strong, the dominant alpha males. From a dating-forum:

>Soft men are like genetically manipulated objects to me. In the presence of soft men, I feel sick in the stomach, even when I am healthy. I only feel compassion for soft men and that is horrible.
>female, 38

In the real world, it is me against my brother, me and my brother against our cousins, us and our cousins against the rest of the nation, the nation against the rest of the world. Those who can not grasp this are destined to go extinct, and they deserve it, and worse!

A nations men should strive to kill the men of all other nations and rape their women. Women even WANT this, subcionciously, because they want their men to be strong winners, or if they are worthless, disgustingh, weaklings, they want REAL men to come in and kill the weaklings and give them STRONG children who carry the STRONG genes.

A nation that puts everything into war will win against weak, disgusting pussy nations like Germany where foreigners can come in, get free everything and do whatever they want.
No. 77162
>If the situation remains, by the end of the year we can see a considerable increase of unemployment and, accordingly, a decrease of average wages. Considering that about the half of the population already lives in actual poverty, that's no good. We may have social tensions snowballing and getting out of control.
Those poor people will still have communal heating in their commie blocks and they will still have food. So Russia will fare much better than Germany. Russians are also not weak and sissified like Western Europeans, they know their president has the nations best interests at heart, and they are ready to suffer for the nation. What will Europeans suffer for? Their shitshow of a country where we don't know anymore who is a men and who is women? In Germany, they even did a census and asked people the floor area of their homes to check how many refugee-niggers they can squeeze in! Now, they take away hot water and electricity from us, in support of the friends of the Obama-Biden-Gang!

(User was banned for this post)

No. 77164 Kontra
> War in Ukraine thread
> Turns into russia stronk incelposting

Absolutely nobody saw that coming.
No. 77171
103 kB, 896 × 1080
The recurring references to Obama are a time-honored tradition. I wonder for how long the name Obama will be brought up in regards to Russian actions going forward. Will they still talk about him in 2030?
No. 77177 Kontra
Both sides are bad if you think about it.
Well, maybe Putin is actually a bit better by a lot. Truly makes you think. Europe will freeze :(
t. Osep Ungarich from Vengriya Oblast
No. 77186 Kontra
52 kB, 363 × 498
No. 77202
>Both sides are bad if you think about it.
Something I've been saying all along. The joke from around 2014 characterizes the situation pretty accurately:
  • You fascists! - shouted the fascists to the fascists.
  • It's you who are fascists! - the fascists responded to the fascists.

Still, this particular war is a personal fault of Putin and his hawks.
No. 77203
457 kB, 799 × 544
Originally it was an oriental meme (mocking domestic shills by larping as Chinese ones on broken Russian: "vote Xi chairman of Russia when?"). Recently postsovoks brought it to western boards in a new context.

What specifically do you mean by "fascists"? Morons with "White power" tattoos from Azov, Vagner, Rusich and so on are not decision makers, they're just cannon fodder. And even among it they are tiny minority.

IMO one aspect in which Putin is unironically "literally Hitler" is revacnhism:
Germans lost WW1 and were butthurt about it. Russians lost Cold war and were butthurt about it.
Germans had Weimar Germany thanks to which they associated democracy and personal liberties with loss of territories and poverty. Russians had 90-s Russia.
Germans tried to abolish Versailles system and replace it with new world order. Russians try to abolish Yalta world order.
Pan-Slavism in accordance to pan-Germanism.
And so on.

But ofc Putin is /b/ tier Hitler: he failed to annex Austria and tries to conquer it with brute force for almost half a year. In this regard Z is an accurate symbol for Russian svaston: one half is stolen, other half is bent.
No. 77205
>What specifically do you mean by "fascists"?
Adepts of ultra-right ideologies, of course. Both Ukraine and Russia are sufficiently inclined to the right, even though each in its own way. Relatively liberal forms of Ukrainian political life shouldn't deceive us: it happens to be so simply because no one has been capable to consolidate the power yet. However, whenever political figures can get away with brutal oppression of their opponents, they will likely do so, and it becomes increasingly difficult to oppose the growing cult of such ultra-right "patriotic" figures as Bandera.