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No. 74352 Systemkontra
419 kB, 1024 × 589
Pünktlich wie die Maurer
No. 74354
Well, as a Europoor I'm definitely not sophisticated enough to know the way of the peanutbutter.
No. 74355
Funnily enough you know the three colours of the different flavours. Red, white, and green.
No. 74358 Kontra
161 kB, 925 × 924
Where's the painting? What's that ugly black bar? And the hideous mess of letters hiding behind it?

I'm shocked and appalled. Someone's going to pay for this.
No. 74359
>re-buy the ones you would be returning, and then use that receipt to get a refund for the bad ones.
Retailers Hate Him! See how he got a Refund with this One Simple Trick :DDD

>Why do you keep 4 jars of peanut butter at home?
I buy it in double packs, two 40oz jars. So, I have the open container, which is still good, plus two spare jars to have on-hand when that is empty (plenty of storage space). The fourth jar (forefront in pic) is a low sodium variety which I purchased but have been avoiding because it's not as tasty as the normal stuff. It's ok if I mix it with Nutella, or stir it into oatmeal, but otherwise a bit bland.
No. 74360
Extremely American.
No. 74361 Kontra
I sometimes use other pictures than paintings. Next time I'm gonna use a painting or artwork for you again.

The letter behind the black bar informs you that I'm punctual with opening the thread in the form of a German proverb.
No. 74362 Kontra

You could write something like Bi€r and it might trick the algorithm, but looks stupid of course.
No. 74363
29 kB, 345 × 404
Yes I did translate it of course. I was merely trying to convey my distaste for the visual composition presented by the first post of this thread. After all, it's what we all will be seeing for quite a while now. Maybe it is an enjoyable sight for an industrious, punctual German. But for me it is a horrific scene of human brutality. To be presented with a canvas and ruining it so. What a tragedy!

>Retailers Hate Him! See how he got a Refund with this One Simple Trick :DDD
:DD It really works! I've had to result to using it in a situation like yours when the original receipt is long gone. Most of the time if you do this within a reasonable time frame the shops have no way of telling whether the receipt matches the product since the bar codes they scan at the register have no unique information. There is a possibility of tracking product batches in terms of best before dates or other markings on the package. But grocery stores can never really be sure as people misplace products and you could've picked up a jar of peanut butter someone had hidden behind a bleach bottle or something. No idea how often stores like these check their inventory though, my guess it's somehow a continuous process.
No. 74364
218 kB, 1019 × 1120
I think it's a fine image. Let it be a testament to our need to be industrious this week. Maybe a Finn would be more comfortable with a picture of a bog or trees.
No. 74365
737 kB, 1360 × 1008
>After all, it's what we all will be seeing for quite a while now.

We need more posts and it will be gone soon. At the moment the today threads have a shelf live of about two weeks.

Aha, listen to this!
Who will make our steel and copper? Paintings don't bring home bread and Wurst or build houses and produce telephone wires. We need this piece of a large megastructure to remind us that not everything in this world is as colorful, clean, and enjoyable as a modern painting! And now back to work!
No. 74366
8,6 MB, 600 × 338, 1:44
>I think it's a fine image. Let it be a testament to our need to be industrious this week.
Very well. This is a welcome perspective and I'll do my best to apply it.

>Maybe a Finn would be more comfortable with a picture of a bog or trees.
For sure. Though peace and tranquility come in many forms, not only as bogs and forests. Smokestacks of a factory conjure completely opposite emotions.
No. 74367 Kontra
Absolutely ebin .webm :DD
No. 74369
Can't sleep, yet again.
Some kind of inner unrest I am not quite sure caused by what.
On the one hand, I will move places in two weeks and haven't done ANYTHING, not even terminating my current place, although I don't think it will be a problem finding a new tenant until next month, but I will also have to pack stuff.
I have a bunch of moving crates, all placed in my bedroom, which now smells of cardboard - maybe that was also a factor in not being able to sleep.
Also I realized I hadn't vented today, because during the day it was too hot and then it rained, so it was too moist. Now it might also be moist, but at least it's cool.
Also, I already started thinking about work when I went to bed yesterday, which is not normal, since usually it's saturday night I finally manage to forget the work week and only start thinking about work on sunday.
I think if I had a wish I wouldn't wish for world peace or an impenetrable immune system or anything, but just for peace of mind.
Hell, just being able to fall asleep like a normal person would be enough.
No. 74371
10 kB, 480 × 360
Fun fact. Today threads have been built on coopted shitposts in the past. Aesthetics weren't.

Also today I ate bread in the morning. I normally only eat at night but felt really hangry this morning so ate said bread.
No. 74373
Yeah, I just wrote "oder ein Sixpack", and that went through.
No. 74374
23 kB, 353 × 446
Good example why wordfilters can be fun but are ultimately useless as a prevention mechanism.
No. 74375
>but are ultimately useless as a prevention mechanism
I mean, a wordfilter can only come into force as a reaction to a word that needs to be filtered, so it never "prevents" anything.
However, eventually it will certainly be useful in identifying new bees, i.e. people who don't know anymore what was filtered.
Of course in cases like Mara/Pest you can infer that from funny wordfilter results like "...ip estbischen Kulturkreis...", but who still knows who Aquaman actually is, or Miles von Thalet or what Busfahrer, Fleischer and Afrikaner have in common?
Then again, if we assume that language shapes thoughts, wordfilters become important in keeping a certain level of civility, so people aren't constantly spamming nigger/kike/wop/kraut/hohol/sandnigger/goatfucker/frog/chink/nip/etc.
Obviously people on here don't do that, the inflammatory posts are more based on their content than their actual choice of words, but if you want to view it from this perspective, it's not useless, and I prefer that approach to banning words altogether, like güpsi, because it warrants me excising the words from my posts instead of just letting the wordfilter work, which is not very comfortable from a user perspective. One could of course argue that the frequency of posts quoting things that contain any of those words is rather small on here, but this is about the principle.
Plus, no censoring or wordfiltering will actually deter the dedicated shitposters. Dealing with them is the task of a strong and dedicated moderation.
Cancer breeds cancer and if we allow any kind of cancer to flourish, even if it's locally confined (for now), it will attract more cancer that will then spread.

Are you happy now for triggering an assburger response that wasn't even intended to be this long?
No. 74376
23 kB, 460 × 306
>Are you happy now for triggering an assburger response that wasn't even intended to be this long?
>Miles von Thalet
No. 74377
Oh fuck's sake you're right.
I apologize for the mistake.
No. 74379 Kontra
I'll tell you this much - it'll be a cold day in hell when I stop using the K-word.
No. 74380 Kontra
66 kB, 767 × 536
This week was supposed to be productive! Cease your burgerisms and get back to work!

Thought someone might appreciate my daily commute so I filmed it.

:D It's a great video indeed

That picture is neat, a fitting workplace for Ernst.
No. 74381
61 kB, 1200 × 1200
> K-word
No. 74385 Kontra
I did today's exam. I felt nothing. Got 39 out of 40 points.
Though now I want to throw up and I don't know how to fix it. That pizza I made was bad more than likely.
Gonna try a coffee.
But honestly, what I feel like could actually help is a bottle of yoghurt. I could drink that and then feel full.
There's none home. Maybe I could just drink a mug of milk and substitute it.

Dad is working on something in the garden. Cutting branches and grinding them up with a machine.
I'd go out and help but because of the machines he needs no help.

I'm reading this manga and it went from slice of life to bildungsroman (bildungsmanga?) and man I hate the Japanese so fucking much. Every time I get hooked on some jap stuff it makes me feel melancholic in the most addictive way.

It's always interesting to see how ancient names mutated.
But it feels kinda disappointing because here most of them are just literal transcriptions of the original Greek or Latin.
Maybe with like a few exceptions of Caesar becoming Cézár.

Come to think of it, odd "Hungarianized" versions existed, they just died out after the second world war.
Like Homeros => Homér
Vergilius => Virgil
Horatius => Horác
Odüsseia => Odisszea
Platón => Plátó

It's moments like these that make me realise sometimes how little I have in common culturally with people living even less than a hundred years away. We speak roughly the same language, but man, did things change.
Like when I'm reading Márai, it's like a whole other world.
No. 74386
>Come to think of it, odd "Hungarianized" versions existed
Those are just the German versions with accents lol. Stop stealing everything, Zigeuner!
No. 74388 Kontra
32 kB, 320 × 480
No. 74393
16 kB, 645 × 770
My sister called me a weirdo incel, I asked ylilauta what they thought of this and they told me the same.. surely you don't think of me in this way too, right Ernst??
No. 74394
We think you shouldn't tell us that you asked someone else first.
No. 74395
146 kB, 600 × 400
We think that you should accept the way of the many.
No. 74396
16 kB, 645 × 770
I see I see, so, can I see proof of your authority as representative for the entire Ernst collective? It's not that I don't believe you it's just that, I don't take single opinions at face value, but at a more democratic approach.
No. 74398
Without context for what inspired her to call you that, anyone giving an answer is baselessly speculating.
If she just called you it out of the blue outside of some ongoing interaction, and she didn't elaborate, I wouldn't think much of it regardless of whether it's correct or not. If she did elaborate and you care about the label, elaborate on what rationale she gave.

In practice, incel is such a semantically vague insult detached from it's original meaning that it alone shouldn't give much emotional response. Like autist, retard, faggots, tranny, etc. Just a color of low-effort name-calling.

Also please don't use an image as an avatar.
No. 74399
1,4 MB, 2015 × 2560

She tells me to "shutup" one night as I was whispering about something and I told her to "shutup" back but very loudly, she then proceeded to call me a "weirdo" and a "bitch". While she didn't say exactly the word "incel" to me, I figure "weirdo" is synonymous to it so why not. So, not a very good rationale especially when she is supposed to be leaving this place I'm currently hosted at. She is, practically, not supposed to be here yet has the tenacity to tell me to "shutup". I swear, the nerve of some women.
No. 74400
He said "AN" image, not "THAT" image. You can leave it blank. Shocking, I know.
No. 74401 Kontra
>While she didn't say exactly the word
You have a great future of making clickbait headlines ahead of you. Now please piss off back to yli.
No. 74402
Call her "mid".
No. 74403 Kontra
195 kB, 832 × 417
I see quality within the last hours in this thread... I used the time to watch a documentary. And now: Good night.
No. 74404
Calm down Ernst, don't be an incel. I was just telling a story. Geez..
No. 74406 Kontra
48 kB, 972 × 634
What in tarnation is going on here? Ylifriend on EC? Must be the end times.

The imageboard experience would be more enjoyable if people used images to enhance their posts.
No. 74407
>The imageboard experience would be more enjoyable if people used images to enhance their posts.
I do when a post subject calls for it. Not to avatarfag.
No. 74408
120 kB, 853 × 788
>The imageboard experience would be more enjoyable if people used images to enhance their posts.

>I do when a post subject calls for it. Not to avatarfag.
There is a huge middle ground between only posting images when the subject affords it and avatarfagging though.
No. 74409 Kontra
930 kB, 896 × 845
Sometimes I'll post an image I like, not because the situation warrants it but because I can't think of an occasion when it does.
No. 74410
174 kB, 906 × 585
71 kB, 1280 × 720
128 kB, 585 × 530
254 kB, 2040 × 1102
Same. Sometimes I also seize the opportunity to repost old OC.
No. 74411 Kontra
176 kB, 1921 × 915
No. 74412
I wonder if all those buildings have had the very same architect or if it was just so en vogue at that time that EVERY building looked the very same.
I have seen a few german unis in my life and I swear I have seen the exact same buildings in at least four different spots.
Then again, it's usually maths/physics housed in these buildings, maybe they have mastered teleportation and are just trolling everyone.
No. 74413
>Then again, it's usually maths/physics housed in these buildings

It must be a perception bias because...

>those buildings have had the very same architect or if it was just so en vogue at that time that EVERY building looked the very same.
I have seen a few german unis in my life and I swear I have seen the exact same buildings in at least four different spots

...it was en vogue and is called brutalism and was used for many public buildings and institutions in the 1960s and 1970s (thus all faculties are housed in these concrete behemoths) an not only in Germany. And during the late 60s to early 70s, a lot of German Reformuniversitäten have been built, that is why you can see so many of them. They are great buildings! Education machines.
No. 74414 Kontra
From the top of my head:

Wuppertal, Bochum, TU Dortmund, Bielefeld, Bremen, Konstanz.

No. 74415
I didn't mean the brutalism style, I meant the "exact same building" just in different places.
Like they had a standard blueprint and just raised that here and there.

But I was mistaken about the maths/physics, I just remembered that at my old uni, the humanities were also housed in such buildings.
No. 74416
In several cities the universities and "Fachhochschulen" took over buildings formerly built for the Bundeswehr in the 60s/70s. Those buildings, especially the barracks, were indeed replicas.

Though I am not sure if the universities actually moved to those buildings specifically, so it's still just a guess.
No. 74417
Heh, my old uni set up place in an old barracks complex and then in the 60s/70s those concrete slabs were added.
You actually trace the timeline of when something was built because you have those old-tyme sloped roof barracks, the concrete element SCIENCE buildings and the newer glass facade buildings usually housing computer/biotech people.
No. 74418
340 kB, 769 × 550
188 kB, 780 × 669
138 kB, 990 × 660
Two more contributions: first the HAW Life Science Campus in Hamburg Bergedorf is such a 60s/70s knowledge society third industrial revolution tech bunker

Lately, I looked up the Salk Institute in California where Bruno Latour conducted his famous laboratory studies in the late 1970s or early 1980s. It's also life science: molecular biology. They even held fashion runway shows in that location :DDD
No. 74419
Might be the lighting in these pictures, but this looks like 1% as depressing as a german concrete box. Being this close to the sea also helps probably.
It also reminds me of a Tony Hawk level, but I can't remember which one.
No. 74421
35 kB, 474 × 391
>I do when a post subject calls for it. Not to avatarfag.
Presumably you're the same German that told the guy to leave the image field blank even after stopping the avatar usage, so make up your mind.

Either way it is interesting how imageboards ended up in the current state where attempts to identify yourself with a name/trip/image is frowned upon. As I recall it, imageboards started out(outside of Japan at least) with a high number of [insert method of identification]fags who wanted to identify themselves when discussing topics, as that leads to better conversations where it's easy to keep track of the participants and their ideas. Anonymity could be used when you perhaps didn't want some controversial or embarrassing idea sticking with your identity. I'd guess the current state we're in is a result of the whole "we are anonymous" movement that turned IBs into hive minds where disagreeing or sticking your head out with an identity only leads to shit flinging and not respectful, serious discussions. EC is somewhat of an outlier in this sense, as rational discussions can still be had. But the anonymity really only extends to /b/, not /int/. Although Germans on /int/ can be somewhat anonymous, the rest of us basically already have avatars in the form of countryballs. If I recall correctly brick even stated using VPN to mask his posts that don't fit the brand.

That being said I think it is visually disgusting to see the same image repeated over and over again in a thread. Other methods of identifying yourself are fine if you feel like doing so for whatever reason.
No. 74422
I hate this country so much it's unreal
No. 74423 Kontra
Why, piss lager got more expensive? Finally supporting Russia?
No. 74425
I love Kazakhstan so much it's unreal
No. 74428
Dentist offers discount for paying in cash. It means that they are evading taxes?
No. 74430
How do you explain then that avatar/tripfags are usually the most annoying posters on a given board?
No. 74431 Kontra
Maybe it's because with Avatarfags and tripfags their post history is constantly in your face. An individual anon can be mighty retarded, but he doesn't really exist the same way a tripfag does to be frank.
No. 74432
This might seem very dumb, but I realized our resident Finn has lived long enough to have experienced a whole range of emotions. From break ups to very serious moments - maybe even in an official judicial sense. This is all very normal, but in his case, in all of these occasions, everyone was speaking Finnish. Years, if not a full decade, of imageboard posting has led me to permanently associate Finnish with comedic concepts. People in Finland do the same things we all do, so there have been tearful lovers saying goodbye forever in Finnish. I assume courts issue their final sentences in Finnish too. A doctor bearing bad news does so in Finnish.
For over an hour now, I bear a dumb smile just thinking about people doing serious things in Finnish. I really am an imbecile.
No. 74433
No. 74434
I mean, how can you take this serious?
No. 74435
8 kB, 147 × 187
Received an automated call from the grocery store. Because of the shopper's Card, they knew I had purchased some recalled peanut butter and will offer a refund. Voluntarily surrendering my consumer data finally pays off :DD

>discount for paying in cash
There is no credit card surcharge when you pay with cash. Some gas stations here offer a better cash price, and mechanics do too. Doctors also offer a huge discount if you use cash, but that is for a different reason. Most people have health insurance which only pays out a fraction of the stated bill, and so doctors artificially inflate the "price". Could be something like that. Also, it could be tax evasion.
No. 74436
Aunt stole my evening.
I only have a small amount of time each evening for self improoving and upping my qualifications.
So this is one more day until I will have the necessary skills to escape this shit job and humiliating living conditions.
Thanks a lot, auntie.

I wish I was enough of an asshole to tell people to fuck off, or enough of a nice guy to actually feel good about helping them.
But as I am, I can't refuse someone asking in good faith, but then also curse them behind their back for inconveniencing me.
It's pathetic, I know.
No. 74438
802 kB, 1600 × 900
No. 74439
Makes me think of these TikToks by migrant teens and young adult when they come home and there are lots of shoes in front of the door which means family is visiting and how they want turn and run immediately.
Are you trapped between tradition and western ladder of individual success? Or does everybody hate their family but all pretend to enjoy it?
No. 74440
I like the helping part, I don't like the people part.
I get an abstract sense of satisfaction from knowing I'm helping people, but the situation annoys me nonetheless.

I think the moral character of an act is contained in the act rather than the circumstances of the act anyway, so maybe I'm just being consistent and also happen to dislike human interaction.
No. 74442 Kontra
1,5 MB, 4096 × 3072
I'm feeling melancholic.
There's a lot to do. I don't have an appetite but I feel hungry. But eating makes me feel nauseous.
It rained so I didn't have to water the plants today.
But I do have to say I'm feeling a lot better than last exam season. This is more of a spiritual assault on my health, rather than a physical manifestation of stress.

I feel like a child. But in the worst sense. I feel clueless and vulnerable.
Honestly it's like as if I had my priorities skewed because in a sense I'm underdeveloped.
And because of that people "carry me" so I can manage.
(Though the other option, that no one gives a shit is equally frightening.)
Like today my sister brought me home some yoghurt. I was just sitting in the garden, copying down a Chinese text by hand from a book to blow some stress and she got me yoghurt.
I should've gotten my own damn yoghurt. My mother carries me in the palm of her hand and what do I give in return? Nothing.

Lecturer/Librarian read my translation of the Lu Xun essay and wants to talk about it in person. Not because it's great, but she doesn't want to write her criticism down to save time. Being in person with me can be quite time consuming because I can talk endlessly.
Told her I'll go in on Monday for the consultation.

Grandma is out of the covid-ward. Mom's gonna go visit her on Friday.
We're arranging for her to go to a care-home afterwards. Lot of bad blood coming up from my mother sometimes when the topic comes up.
Now she's afraid she gets out too early and won't have place in the home, and she explicitly said she doesn't want to take care of her. So there's that.
I said maybe we could bribe the docs to let her stay, but turns out we can't since they quadrupled their wages.

If you don't get a receipt then yes, they're dodging the taxes.

Yeah it's very weird. People exist and they're out there. Doing stuff.
I have similar realisations about China and Japan on the regular.
No. 74443
How will the newly declared state of emergency affect you? Already noticing something?
No. 74444 Kontra
Ah yes that.
I was copying shit in the garden when mom mentioned it from the balcony.
I dunno honestly. To me it just seems like an extension of the State of Emergency we had during covid, only it's now been augmented and it's now "Wartime State of Emergency".
As far as I can tell from the de facto party paper, there hasn't been any concrete actions besides declaring the emergency.
The only "concerning" part is that they were able to pull it off through a constitutional amendment. (Which was the first action of the newly elected government.)
(The change is that it now allows the government to declare Wartime State of Emergency even if the conflict is only happening in a neighbouring country.)

Orbi said that he will tell us of his first decisions that the SoE allowed him to take.
No. 74445 Kontra
Ebin get :DDDDD

Anyway, we were in a state of emergency for two years because of Covid, I doubt Orbán could get any harsher than he's already.
Like what else can you do besides price control? Reintroduce conscription or nationalise industries?

The only thing that's even remotely interesting about his facebook announcement video is that he's drumming on about Brusselite sanctions killing us all.
No. 74446
59 kB, 866 × 960
Quads are hardly a get if you're already in a five-digit post count.
Also, this picture reminded me of you.
No. 74447 Kontra
>My mother carries me in the palm of her hand and what do I give in return? Nothing.

Do something then. Acts of service are what it's called. I think your mum will appreciate it. But then again you can return at a later age. Parents care for you as a young person, later it is reversed.

Otherwise, I think it's quite normal to feel like this. Especially since you are a humanities student who doesn't earn any money and lives at home. You are growing more and more into an adult yet what is considered an adult is not your daily struggle yet. When you move out you have chores to do, provide for food and shit and earn money I got money from my parents and worked the last 6 years in small jobs to earn for what goes beyond rent/insurance, some do, some don't. social class matters

And for the endless talking, it's fine, but don't overtalk other people. If you notice that, try to let other people talk instead then. That is important, I really mean it. Had to learn it myself and I still talk quite a lot. A noticeable self centeredness can become quite repelling. Espcially when paired with superiority feelings.
No. 74448
36 kB, 500 × 492
I've had similar thoughts on Canada. They're so stereotypically nice, but it's also a country full of people and problems. Their liars, thieves, and murderers probably don't "sorry, eh" afterwards.

Peanut butter is a great prepper survivalist food. If they want to know who is hoarding guns in anticipation of our impending collapse continued prosperity, just follow the creamy trail :D

>what do I give in return? Nothing.
You play a role within your family, even if you can't see it. At the very least they're investing in you because there are piles of yuan in your future :D
No. 74449 Kontra
551 kB, 700 × 1979
>I've had similar thoughts on Canada. They're so stereotypically nice
No. 74450
22 kB, 515 × 290
>How do you explain then that avatar/tripfags are usually the most annoying posters on a given board?
I don't really see the connection here why I should be explaining this based on what I wrote. But if you want my opinion it would be like Hungary already said that you don't form posting history around completely anonymous posters unlike with identified posters. And keep in mind that there has been a "campaign" against people who identify themselves on IBs for almost two decades already. People give up on their identity because of constant harassment. I'm a great and sad example of this behavior because recently I got so annoyed with the Russian schizo in Ukraine threads that I screencapped his post where he confesses having some mental disorder. If it were impossible to identify him on EC, that screencap would amount to nothing. So now I'm using his own words against him like people in general end up doing against tripfags on IBs. So who wants to experience this voluntarily day after day? It just might be that the people actively holding up an identity are likely not neurotypical in ways that either help them ignore all the hate or maybe even enjoy the attention, like narcissists.

To continue my previous ponderings why we ended up here could be due to a large influx of new users when *chans started to get popular. As the default mode of posting only requires message content, or image in some cases, most posts were submitted by anonymous due to "the power of defaults"(it's a whole concept). Then it sort of becomes sort of a feedback loop when you see that most posts are anonymous, maybe you should be too. And then when anonymous says "fuck tripfags", it's then suddenly the vast majority against a few, easily target-able individuals, and thus begins the transformation into the hivemind-like anonymous. The real reasons might be even researched but I didn't find anything with my queries. I feel like I can only scratch the surface a bit with my hazy memories and they could be off base entirely.

Thank you Ernesto, this was incredibly heartwarming and funny to read. I can assure you you are not alone with bearing that dumb smile. Though now I also feel incredibly ancient, like an old relic of some sorts. Odd.

>they knew I had purchased some recalled peanut butter and will offer a refund
Everything went better than explosions. Dog bless capitalism.
No. 74452
Someone has been constantly blowing some horn, maybe even a vuvuzela and now there's also explosions, presumably a firework.
I have no idea what is going on, is some there important sports game tonight?
It's annoying because the firework is happening outside of view, so I can't even watch it.
No. 74453 Kontra
Sup, Dresden-Ernst?
No. 74454 Kontra
Oh shit now I know what happened.
No. 74455 Kontra
No. 74460
It's not even 10 and one of my neighbors is already blazing up.
It's virtually impossible to just vent for a few minutes lest my apartment smells like dank weed.
If I were in charge I would criminalize weed the same way as heroin and send the feds on his ass, fucking smelly dumb pothead assholes.
No. 74461
Bro, chill and smoke some weed man.
No. 74463
176 kB, 1280 × 1280

Well as a wise man once said...


No. 74464
For those keeping track at home: 27

That's the number of school shootings in Murrica for this year alone. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robb_Elementary_School_shooting
No. 74465
112 kB, 770 × 1005
>What in tarnation is going on here? Ylifriend on EC? Must be the end times.
>The imageboard experience would be more enjoyable if people used images to enhance their posts.

In truth, I am not belonging to any one imageboard rather I am a wanderer and hoppity hop to any sort of board that suits me at the time

More recently I was permabanned from 4chan (80 is the banlimit) and then longbanned on KC (I had asked them to) so of course I will hop and roost on other boards

I was on EC before too but I usually don't go on here due to the relatively faggoty nature of you all so it sort of repulses me (no offense)

But sometimes I come back here for alternative opinions
No. 74466 Kontra
46 kB, 623 × 372
And 0 shootings in schools in which teachers, students, security guards, janitors, cleaners, parents and principal wear body armor and bear arms. Checkmate.

Thank you for sharing your résumé.
No. 74467
did you know that when you lose weight, you literally breathe out your bodymass?
think about it. the weight of poop compared to the weight of food when accounted for water content is almost identical. so you don't poop out your weight.
and starving people don't have anything to poop either, but they lose weight.

so the only explanation is that you breathe out the carbon that your body is made out of, when you exhale CO2.
Why does exercise make you lose weight? because you use more oxygen, which then attaches to carbon, and then you breathe them both out. more exercise = more carbon breathed out.
think about it

t. just made it all up
No. 74469
tfw your coworkers are talking about a mass shooting, and you don't know which one.
No. 74471
You're not quite wrong, as breakdown of storage fats works by introducing them to the regular central metabolism where indeed you get water and carbon dioxide from.
No. 74473 Kontra
Isn't it generally heat? That is, the transformation of energy into heat.
No. 74474
Energy is a spook. It's just a mathematical abstraction.
No. 74475 Kontra
447 kB, 720 × 540
I'm doing my best to prepare for the Chinese exam but I'm feeling less and less confident. The work just doesn't seem to become less, no matter how much I study.

Another sunflower sprouted. I thought the ones my mother planted died, but no, one seed actually survived her neglect and now I had to replant another one. Decided to do it early this time. Will see if it survives.
Basil plant we bought is growing nicely. The new leaves are really pretty. Shiny.
Actually useful for cooking. I'm going to start harvesting leaves for it and dry them out for winter.

Dad ruined the watermelon. There was like a half left, and instead of cutting a slice he just ate it out with a spoon, leaving a considerable amount of the watery part only. Now nobody can eat from it properly and it's ruined.

Wanted to write there's no news about the war emergency situation but der Führer just dropped his newest vlog episode on Facebook and he said that we'll have two years of extra taxes for industries that produce extra profits because of the economic situation.
He said it's to protect the living-expenses reduction reforms he instituted a decade ago.
Plus he also intends to "Strengthen the National Defence Forces" and half of the extra taxes will cover those. They will announce the concrete numbers tomorrow.

German lecturer okayed the postponing of me taking the mock-exam by a few days to prepare for the classical Chinese exam.
Apparently he took my recommendation seriously and he's reading Moscow-Petushki right now. Said they're having a terrific time with his wife reading it.
No. 74476
>Said they're having a terrific time with his wife reading it.
Have they tried to make beverages described in the book?
No. 74478
540 kB, 1847 × 1228
931 kB, 1200 × 950
I've been reading this piece on how to engage with infrastructure social scientifically and in a cultural studies way. So it's a sort of method but branches out into artists and their research and how to educate people/public on infrastructure. And now I have the urge to get a recorder or camera from the media lab (I guess every uni has it, I have to check) and record infrastructure. Like, a sound carpet of infrastructure. Certainly, what draws me to this "object" is an aesthetic impulse, a fascination that is very personal.


I would have a blast opening a thread on infrastructure but then I think I would be the only one posting.
No. 74479
329 kB, 1879 × 967
363 kB, 1881 × 966
255 kB, 1860 × 943
328 kB, 1897 × 957
>I would have a blast opening a thread on infrastructure but then I think I would be the only one posting.
Silly burger, you're in the headquarters of autism. Sure an infrastructure thread won't be the most active one, but it might be long-lived and fruitful. Who doesn't love infrastructure?

Experiencing and documenting it first-hand is without a doubt the most enjoyable way to do it. Luckily for a lazy person like me there's also ways to partake with street view and 3D maps.
No. 74480 Kontra
305 kB, 1732 × 1154
It's such a broad topic. I would like to turn it into a multi-sensory experience. Google Street View and Maps are not bad, but it misses on other sense except the visual. Sound is very scarce in comparison to images. Smell is non existent on the internet as well as haptics. But infrastructure haptics is difficult anyway I think.
Infrastructure experience and aesthetics should mix with a theoretical exploration of infrastructures, what are they really? That goes of course beyond some material explanation of the kind: streets for example... it's a mixture of element(s) xyz (Asphalt), flat shape, which is physically proven to be easier for tires to drive on because of less friction and thus desirable, duh.
No. 74484
59 kB, 696 × 705
370 kB, 1689 × 2048
>It's such a broad topic.
It is, but you can dissect it however you like if you're making a thread/post about it.

>I would like to turn it into a multi-sensory experience. Google Street View and Maps are not bad, but it misses on other sense except the visual. Sound is very scarce in comparison to images. Smell is non existent on the internet as well as haptics. But infrastructure haptics is difficult anyway I think.
Streetview and maps do miss on the visual side too as 3D maps are quite crude and streetview limits the movement, but they're very easy and free to use. Incredible tools even with their shortfalls. What you describe in terms of the multi-sensory experience is very interesting although I see no way to achieve that without going on-site yourself. Even with high quality environment scans in VR you'd still miss on the physical aspects. Maybe you have some ideas on how to turn your vision into reality?

Infrastructure and haptics is an intriguing mix. Requires some thinking.

>Infrastructure experience and aesthetics should mix with a theoretical exploration of infrastructures, what are they really?
Like you describe a given "piece of infrastructure"(whatever that is) can be subdivided into smaller and smaller elements going all the way to the processes involved in producing the components. And that's another reason why the topic is so fascinating.

While writing this post I remembered holding a bridge building competition on Finnchan about 300 years ago using a freely available rudimentary bridge construction simulator offered by some US government agency. That was great fun.
No. 74487
Yes, analysis of infrastructure, but also relation of elements that produce something that cannot be reduced to the elements itself.

Regarding the multi-sensory experience it is explained in the article I linked. Basically, as you said already, it requires going out into the world and experiencing infrastructure yourself. The article is a sort of guideline from a research oriented perspective.
No. 74488 Kontra
I'm at that point where I think I lost the fucking plot.
I'm memorizing the characters allright, but what the fuck am I doing and what is this. Is Chinese even a real language?
It's very much like when you say a word to the point where it becomes meaningless and starts sounding weird. Except it's an action/concept.
No. 74493
246 kB, 1607 × 1070
1,0 MB, 3000 × 1922

It might just be because there is an instant association with Japan, but man this screams big city at evening/night time. I've never watched Cowboy Bepop myself, maybe as kid by accident, when it aired on MTV around the turn of the millennium.
No. 74494 Kontra
189 kB, 900 × 596
Oh yeah, I somehow got the idea that the first infra post was made a US-ball(hence me calling you a burger). Because of that I failed to connect the dots between the article and your other post. My bad.
No. 74496
123 kB, 1128 × 806
Your post made me check the wikipedia list of american school shootings, 27 is a lot. I was surpised and relieved to learn that a school shooting is counted as such when a gun is illegaly fired in a school perimeter. Some school shootings are silly.
No. 74498
Yeah, yeah, "brice of freedum". Why would you bring a gun to a basketball game, or what would you need it for while fixing a roof?

I don't think the snippets you picked are silly at all. Not locking away your gun so that an eight year old child can get it? Scary is more like it.
No. 74499 Kontra
Ice cream is really fucking good. I eat it and I no longer want to throw up. I feel fulfilled.
Kinda want to eat a gyros now.
Yeah, I ordered one. Gonna eat it. Gonna have lunch today. That new place is really good. Originally it was a Chinese clothing store that closed like a decade ago, then it became an albanian ice cream shop. It's a gyros place now. It's ran by a family I think. Anyway, good food.
I think I'm losing weight again. Even though I'm not really stressing that hard, plus this time I'm healthy.
You know it's harder to eat when you're home. You have to do it yourself and you can't structure your day properly, plus there's usually no breakfast stuffs around. Like I'd love to eat a breadroll with some pepper and parenica but every time I want one it's 3 days old and hard as shit and there's no peppers or cheese.
You know my life would be really a lot easier if I stopped articulating every single thing like it's a narrative.

I'm reading the texts now aloud. I can actually articulate and understand most of them after like 4 days of rote learning ~1k characters.
This subject is better than every other because it forces me to engage so much with the characters.
I just don't get why it's only two credits. Like you have the meme tier subjects like "General Asian Cultures" and "General History of the Far East" and those are four despite not asking much of you. Not that I'm looking a gift horse in the mouth but why am I not "rewarded" for a freaking subject that's actually useful and hard?

(I probably botched it totally but it was fun.)

Tomorrow I'll get my student ID validated before the exam, and I'll also pick up some books. A small volume on translation, Bantu languages and some Japanese studies.
No. 74501 Kontra
>Walt Disney magnet school


>Why would you bring a gun to a basketball game, or what would you need it for while fixing a roof?

You could be robbed any time, so better carry a gun in case you will be robbed. Another reason is that you could shoot a potential school shooter at the basketball game. If everybody had a gun we wouldn't have these problems!
No. 74506
I'm gonna get myself a home server from this IT help helper job.
And I'm going to get it one piece at a time.
No. 74510 Kontra
>If everybody had a gun we wouldn't have these problems!
This. When nobody can carry guns, that shit won't happen, just look at the UK and Germany.
No. 74515
Oi mate, you have a loicense for that knife?
No. 74516
36 kB, 677 × 507
I'm in a bit of a bad mood today.

Yesterday I went to a restaurant with my gf and had planned on spending the day at her place (1 hour drive away), do my home office tomorrow there and thus being able to spare about 150km of driving.
I even brought all the equipment, lan cable, etc.
Now I was testing where I could set up and realized I had forgotten the power cord of the laptop. The machine can't persist a whole day just on the battery, especially if I'm working with CPU-heavy stuff.
Also, the connector is tiny. Even my 2019 upper class private laptop has one of those thicker ones, but this one is like one of these pre-usb charging plugs phones used to have, so I couldn't even use that one, which meant I had to drive back to my place and now I'm sitting here, having munched a bag of "Snuggles" corn chips with nacho cheese flavor, a package of chocolate butter cookies (similar to picture) and thinking about getting drunk.
In two weeks we will hopefully already be sharing an apartment and then I won't have to drive or forget or pack shit or do any of that other shit and just enjoy a holiday.
No. 74518 Kontra
243 kB, 1600 × 900
Do consider renting a server or a virtual one, depending on your needs of course.

T. haver of a home server with low use and high electricity bill

>I had forgotten the power cord of the laptop
Why not go and buy a new one from somewhere close? Or does she live nowhere close to civilization?

>my 2019 upper class private laptop
I've never heard of anyone describe a computer as "upper class private laptop", somehow extremely funny :D
No. 74519
>Why not go and buy a new one from somewhere close?
Today is a holiday, so stores are closed.
And tomorrow stores won't be open until I start work and getting a new cord during my lunch break is not feasible.
Also why should I buy a new cord for my work laptop?
Think before you speak, Jonne.

But your last comment made me wonder - how would you classify computer tiers? On a scale from toaster to, say, 4k machine?
No. 74520
>Walt Disney
Do I have to explain who that is, or is it the fact that a school is named after some guy making animated movies?
>magnet school
Next time google it yourself
No. 74521
If I had the kinda money to pay for renting a server vps with specs and storage equivalent to a dedicated desktop PC, I wouldn't be stealing computer trash from work.
I'd be stealing liquid assets directly instead.
No. 74526
55 kB, 934 × 696
>Also why should I buy a new cord for my work laptop?
>Think before you speak, Jonne.
Your lack of ability to form a rational thought is worrying. Why do you work? Why do you get paid for your work? Could it be that your time is valued - and you should also value your own time? If you can save time (and your personal vehicle + gas money in the case that your company doesn't cover those expenses), is it not worth the investment? Then you also have a physical product that you can sell or even return to the store when you don't need it anymore. Don't you dear to speak to me about thinking. You have shamed yourself.

>how would you classify computer tiers? On a scale from toaster to, say, 4k machine?
They usually fall into three categories - home, enthusiast sometimes also called gamer or midrange and professional. But beware of the so called business tier, that's only a home tier machine masquerading as professional class.

>If I had the kinda money to pay for renting a server vps with specs and storage equivalent to a dedicated desktop PC, I wouldn't be stealing computer trash from work.
>I'd be stealing liquid assets directly instead.
I thought your "one piece at a time" meant buying a component from every paycheck or so. Stealing from workplace didn't even cross my mind. Oh dear. But for example renting a dedicated server with i7-4770, 4TB HDD storage and 32 GB of ram would cost only 35€/month from Hetzner. And if a dinky VPS is good enough, they start around 4€/month.
No. 74527
35 kB, 363 × 364
It was over from the very beginning.
No. 74528
>is it not worth the investment?
It is about the principle.
Also, it's still a holiday and the stores are still closed.
Read before you post, Pertti.
No. 74529 Kontra
933 kB, 220 × 220, 0:05
>It is about the principle.
Suit yourself. Not my problem.
>Also, it's still a holiday and the stores are still closed.
>Read before you post, Pertti.
Oh I did, not sure if you read your own post. You asked me
>why should I buy a new cord for my work laptop?
And I answered this question. You imbecile. You dog. You amoeba.

Now shoo.
No. 74530
101 kB, 275 × 313
>or is it the fact that a school is named after some guy making animated movies

That is irritating indeed, yes. I went to a high school that was named after a famous natural scientist, so much for comparison.

>magnet school

I googled that already, you wasted precious second on me, hahaha.
No. 74532
>you wasted precious second on me, hahaha.
No. 74533 Kontra
23 kB, 363 × 343
Ah yes, completely taken out of context just to have the last word.
But it's okay, I wouldn't expect anything else from the people who prove there's a missing evolutionary link between russians and swedes.
No. 74534 Kontra
1,1 MB, 279 × 219, 0:04
Impressive, I haven't seen such dishonest discussions in ages. Please, provide me some insights on how the context changes your question? It certainly doesn't. In fact, it is the opposite. When the context is expanded to the whole sentence of:
>Also why should I buy a new cord for my work laptop?
You use the word "also" to lift your question OUT of the context of the rest of your message. And surely with a question asking why you should do something is not related to the fact that stores are closed or whether you can get to the store during your lunch break. Those would be important in the context of how, not why.

Your place in the evolutionary chain is well established to be with the amoebas at this point.
No. 74535
862 kB, 1382 × 2048
You're really determined to die on this hill, are you?
Oh well, have it, I don't want to discuss anything, I just wanted to share my suffering, not get in an argument with some forest monkey about the economic implications of redudant power cordage.
Not even in peace I can be in anguish, thanks a lot you soulless, abominable snow beast.
I'll go listen to the drinking stream now.
No. 74536 Kontra
604 kB, 1260 × 648
What a sad way to concede the argument. By lashing out like a child. Not that you had anything to argue with anyway.

Oh well, here's a suggestion for the future: if you don't want discussions, don't ask questions or answer to questions presented to you. It's that simple.
No. 74538
I did not ask any questions, you chose to reply to my post in the first place and start an argument, obviously in bad faith. Talk about kicking a man on the ground ;_;
No. 74539 Kontra
32 kB, 468 × 356
>I did not ask any questions, you chose to reply to my post in the first place and start an argument, obviously in bad faith. Talk about kicking a man on the ground ;_;
You should take your own advice. Let me remind you in case you've forgotten:
>Read before you post

As I said, don't answer questions presented to you if you don't wish to engage in discussions. I presented you a question, you chose to engage. No one forced you. Also please help me locate the bad faith argument so I can become a better discussionist. I'll just quote my original question here for your convenience:
>Why not go and buy a new one from somewhere close? Or does she live nowhere close to civilization?

I had absolutely no intention to start an argument, and certainly not in bad faith like you suggest. That was entirely sparked by your offhand comment replying to my original question. Here, you see:
>Think before you speak, Jonne.

Why do you go out of your way to agonize the person you're replying to? Especially when it's entirely uncalled for.
No. 74544
142 kB, 994 × 558
> I haven't seen such dishonest discussions in ages

Concerning EC this is an outright lie!

Also, pic attached is Germans when before they get ready for serious discussions, colored. The common German developed sophisticated warm-up techniques to provide staggering pain in the ass for every discussion they choose to engage in.
No. 74545 Kontra
> That was entirely sparked by your offhand comment replying to my original question
Did you seriously get butthurt by my banter?
In that case I apologize, I assumed it was received as intended, not in a belligerent kind of way.
No. 74546 Kontra
Joking about Germans and looking at the picture I was thinking back to my days as DHL serf. You only catch people for a moment at their doorstep, but I've delivered to all classes and it's really interesting what you can see, the hall behind them, the smell, their clothing, they way they engage with you, their faces etc. Short portraits of Germans. All of this varies throughout the day of the course (I did late deliveries as well during Christmas and Easter for example but also beyond, which was rather special because of the delivery organization at the hub I worked for).
No. 74547 Kontra
1,2 MB, 320 × 240, 0:03
>Concerning EC this is an outright lie!
I must've missed something then. My bad!

>Did you seriously get butthurt by my banter?
No, but it made me add similarly antagonizing remarks to my posts. I thought you were crying about those in your last post. Though a post like >>74533 crosses the line of banter by a miles. That's just very, very rude.

>In that case I apologize, I assumed it was received as intended, not in a belligerent kind of way.
No worries. To be honest I wasn't aware that a Germans could banter. And I'm still not sure if that is the case as from my point of view that sort of banter doesn't belong to a reply to an innocent, appropriate question. Likewise, I apologize if I hurt your feelings is any way.

I'll toast my beer to you. Shall our continued coexistence be more fruitful.
No. 74548 Kontra
893 kB, 2480 × 3508
If it’s not a fucking B at least I don’t know what I’m gonna do.
No. 74549 Kontra
>I'll toast my beer to you. Shall our continued coexistence be more fruitful.
Kiitos, Ernstti!

Horrible feels. Whenever I open the door for the DHL or Amazon man I am in my leisure clothing, also I think my apartment constantly smells of food. They probably think I'm some antisocial hermit.
Then again, from my paramedic experience I never really cared for how people lived, unless they were extremely dirty and disgusting.
No. 74550
>Though a post like >>74533 crosses the line of banter by a miles. That's just very, very rude.
It's true. Finns are humans like the rest of us. They're just the conclusion of a centuries long experiment by Russians and Swedes to see if they could teach animals to wear pants.[/spoiler] The results were mixed XDDDDDDD
No. 74551 Kontra
I completely messed up the spoiler, humiliating myself in front of Ernst. Ukko rightfully strikes those who insult the Finns and now my suffering is immense and I brought it upon myself.
No. 74552
137 kB, 467 × 336
A = Average
B = Below average
C = Can't have dinner
D = Don't come home
F = Find a new family
No. 74553
> Whenever I open the door for the DHL or Amazon man I am in my leisure clothing, also I think my apartment constantly smells of food.

Depending on how often you order, people will remember you if they are always the same delivery people. I did this job a few years and while I was a jumper (later I knew basically all 16 districts the Post/DHL parcelled and my hub was serving by heart) I still remember some people and houses because I have been there oh so often. These days everything goes so much quicker btw because no signature is required due to Covid. I quit in late 2019. So before that you had some second when somebody was putting away the box(es) and the signed the delivery to check in on the hall beyond the people, the smell and such, also the garden (bonus for Ablageorte, check their living rooms, especially interesting in rich neighborhood). They might not think badly of you, but when I remember all those people and different neighborhoods there is a puzzle to make. Those bodies and faces that open the door for you. Also the role both the receiver and I have. What do they think of me? Certainly this is different from customer to customer in the end. Same felt a bit ashamed for ordering much for example. When you come to their door three times a week.
No. 74554
Where did E go?
No. 74555 Kontra
It’s about my self-perception.
Mom’s fine with whatever.
No. 74556
Perfectionism can paralyze. An important life skill is to learn when it actually makes sense to strive for perfection and when a pragmatic solution might be better.
No. 74557
Thanks for reminding me this upcoming student paper I really have to do this summer is not my lifework, not even a master thesis. "Go small and manageable, Ernst" is what I need to work on and tell myself for now.
No. 74558 Kontra
702 kB, 416 × 240, 0:30
Now dis is bander :DD
No. 74560 Kontra
One of my most prized possessions was a folder full of ylilauta .mp3's. Gone forever but I can still play
>asspörger animal
in my mind.
No. 74561
3,6 MB, 2:35
Have this for consolation.
No. 74563 Kontra
No. 74564 Kontra
1,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:33
Unfortunately I only have a few of these saved. I've always disliked Yli and back in the day the .mp3s were saved as .m4a for whatever reason. So I didn't end up collecting them. Tried converting them into .webms or .mp4s now but they somehow end up being unsupported by EC. Also I average about 4 files saved for a year from IBs total, so my "collection" is really sad.

I do miss those .mp3s now though. Understandable why it was a prized possession of yours.
No. 74565 Kontra
I will make sure I don't lose this one.
No. 74566
>I will make sure
Don't jinx it
No. 74568
Thanks. What a masterpiece! Why hadn't I saved it before.
I transcribed the lyrics and attempted to translate. It is what it is. T. Assburger


Nettitestin ÄO 162
Vaan ei käy flaks

Aika assburger

Kirjakielellä kommunikoi hän vain
Silmiin katsoo ei lain

Lääkäriltään kun diagnoosin saa
Luentavasti hän vain naurahtaa
Tule pippaloihin kutsuja ei vaan
Eipä niihin menisi meidän

Huomaa sarkasmia hän ei ollenkaan
Jos pilkataan

Kaikki tyttöset hän viettelee
Tietokoneista kun luennoitsee
Toki ansaitsee hän sankarilaulut
Muistaa junien aikataulut

Vitsit parhaimmat hänelle kertokaa
Väärään kohtaan hän naurahtaa
Hän vain naurahtaa
Päin naamaa hän naurahtaa
Vain naurahtaa



Online test's IQ 162
But doesn't get matches

Quite assburger

Only communicates with written standard language
Never gazes into the eyes

From his doctor gets a diagnosis
Very naturally he laughs
Invitations to parties he gets none
But wouldn't attend them our

Detects no sarcasm at all
If being made fun of

All the girlies he seduces
When about computers he lectures
Certainly deserves the heroes' odes
Since remembers trains' timetables

The best of jokes tell to him
At the wrong time he laughs
He only laughs
At your face he laughs
Only laughs

Assburger's notes: The third line refers to getting matches on Tinder, since it felt like a fitting equivalent. The original Finnish lyrics suggests that he has no luck with the ladies but cannot be translated elegantly. I have no experience with translating lyrics and it definitely shows. I just tried to maintain the idea and the non-standard word ordering.
No. 74569 Kontra
282 kB, 0:18
17 kB, 0:01
1,3 MB, 1:25
152 kB, 0:05
Here's some that I had.
No. 74571
Should I apply deodorant sticks to my balls?
Is that standard procedure?
No. 74573 Kontra
I just wash.
No. 74576
33 kB, 498 × 259
Just put one of those in your pocket
No. 74577
4,2 MB, 4032 × 1960
Coming home late.
This city's beautiful sometimes.
Fuck this job tho
No. 74580
Why not hang it around your dick? The scents of California!
No. 74581
That's beautiful by Kazakh standards?
No. 74584
3,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
No. 74586
Couldn't military organization, corporate management structure, industrial safety protocols, etc etc be described as an intersection between control theory and sociology?
No. 74587
На горе стоит сарай
Это город Кустанай
No. 74589
6,4 MB, 532 × 916, 1:27
It's friday against. Have a great weekend, Ernsts!

Small vacation with gf, gotta wake up a bit earlier tomorrow to catch the flight.

Looks almost identical to the picture in the first post of this thread. I'm sure the Germans are jumping up and down from joy. Nice mountains in the other picture.
No. 74591
Praise God.
Have a good time, Finnbro.
No. 74592
There's fundamentally no difference between me playing world of warcraft as a teen and me living my "adult life", as far as "meaning" goes.
Having "meaning" in life is just a way of describing the feeling of being busy. With whatever.
Having some upcoming events, things you need to do, windows of time to fit yourself into, and so on. A framework around which you can build a narrative of your life.
I used to like saying "surrogate meaning" when talking about MMOs and video games in general, but I realize now that the word "surrogate" is redundant there. The feeling of "meaning" is equally arbitrary regardless of how you get it.

The reason we experience "meaning" when we are busy and have stuff to do, is that such planned or expected future events is the only mechanism by which we can understand, or rather "construct" the concept of time. Humans aren't clocks, we don't really experience "time". We experience events, and make the assumption that time happens between those events. Our subjective past is a series of events stored as memories. We can remember events, but we can't remember the "time" that happened between those events.
What of the future then? Much in the same way, the only way we can imagine there being "time" in the future ahead, is by "pinning it down" with events that we plan for or expect to happen to us.
What if there are no plans, and we don't expect or care for any events that might happen? Then subjectively, there is no future time. But there is one event that we all know for certain will happen to us regardless, that being death. And what does it mean if there are no events between now and death, and therefore no time between now and death? It means that death is imminent.
So, being busy is merely a way to extend the subjective future time we have, by putting more and more events before the event of death, thus building a sort of "time barricade" between now and death.
And that's "meaning". The state of being deeply immersed in the story of our own telling about ourselves, hoping to write faster than the pages are being turned, until there are no more pages.
No. 74594 Kontra
Did you read Heidegger by chance? Death is the event from which parts of his philosophy unfold. He makes a difference between sorgen (Besorgungen: running errands, worrying about the future and how to instrumentally reach goals and tick off errands in a way) and something else that is "better" but I don't remember, never read him really, probably some sort of contemplation of being. Whatever, the meaning/time barricade you suggest is what Heidegger conceptualized as Sorge/running errands, it sounds very similar. And while abstractly there might be no difference between playing WoW and going to work/running errands, it concretely does make a difference, probably even a stark one. But it depends on the work that is compared to WoW and the work that is put into that. So yeah sense-making of life is happening but the concrete process makes the difference in the concrete experience of life itself, whilte that seems to be nil in abstraction.

It reminds me of people that say because of nihilism nothing matters. But it's a question of position. Surely, the universe is dark and cold and you are just a random thing occurring in the grand picture of controlled randomness. But once you situate yourself in a smaller nexus, things do matter and especially concretely things matter. It makes a difference if you are poor living on the streets or are rich in a penthouse with all luxury one can think of. Sure, both will die one day, but for the time being the difference persists and the difference matters, the difference creates the experience.
No. 74598 Kontra
856 kB, 720 × 405
Thank you, Ernesto!
No. 74602
Never read him, read about the things he wrote.
That's the annoying thing with thinking, no matter what you think, somebody thought it before, and better.

But what if instead of framing it as playing WoW in-between your "real life", you frame it as working / maintaining biological existence between playing WoW?
Many people already do that sort of thing, work to simply pay the bills, and the reason they work is so they can support their existence + hobbies they're interested in. If you ask them, they'd say they derive meaning from their hobby, while their "real life" is just a mechanical necessity like pooping.

Why is WoW any worse as a source of "meaning" than any other hobby? Maybe because it is an example of something so arbitrary, so trivial, so artificial, so lacking in ideology or narrative, but nonetheless capable of generating "meaning", that it makes people uncomfortable?
Like "surely it can't all just be reduced to THAT"

Maybe it can't, but it'd be damn hard to draw a distinction between "busywork" and "true meaning".
I have some opinions, but they are merely that.
No. 74605
Doesn't look different than some places where I used to live, just that there was never a scenic view of mountains in the distance.
No. 74628
85 kB, 334 × 432
I did everything I wanted today. Got the books, had a burger for lunch before the exam and I also validated my student ID until October.

Took the exam. Knew like 90% of the stuff that was asked. Didn't feel like I was bringing my A game. Like another day would've been good to have. You know, revise the last ~100 or so characters I kept fucking up.
Guy works fast. I already got the results. He settled on an A. Honestly I'm surprised he was able to ready my handwriting.

We talked about me writing a study for next year's scientific student plenum. Settled on comparing Machiavelli and Han Fei. Now I just gotta find out how to apply.
Apparently I came at the right time. Department was discussing it'd be good to have someone and he sorta pitched me to the head of the Chinese Institute as "I might have a student".

Came home and slept for like 5 hours.
No. 74629
430 kB, 2500 × 1667
I was running through a park this afternoon and rolled my foot on wet gravel. Not serious, just a stab of pain which wasn't bad enough to stop and diminished gradually over the last mile. Now just a dull discomfort up near the toes. So, I got off easy, but was reminded how fast injuries can happen, and how fucked I would be if one occurred. No insurance, etc. Well, no matter. I dodged a bullet this time and plan on staying lucky :DD
No. 74631
>Many people already do that sort of thing, work to simply pay the bills, and the reason they work is so they can support their existence + hobbies they're interested in.

Marx wrote about this as the subject of Estranged Labour.

>First, the fact that labor is external to the worker, i.e., it does not belong to his intrinsic nature; that in his work, therefore, he does not affirm himself but denies himself, does not feel content but unhappy, does not develop freely his physical and mental energy but mortifies his body and ruins his mind. The worker therefore only feels himself outside his work, and in his work feels outside himself. He feels at home when he is not working, and when he is working he does not feel at home.

t. previous thought haver provider
No. 74632 Kontra
720 kB, 949 × 951
Missed the second part I wanted to quote

>It is therefore not the satisfaction of a need; it is merely a means to satisfy needs external to it. Its alien character emerges clearly in the fact that as soon as no physical or other compulsion exists, labor is shunned like the plague.

t. margz
No. 74637
A blogger I've been following on and off for like a decade, since teenage years, is dying in real time from age and health complications.

Puts me in a certain kinda mood.
No. 74638 Kontra
Getting older is strange.
The ex of a former friend died a few years ago. I sat with this guy in a living room talking many times and a few years later he got hit by a train. The former friend recently died as well.

I'm not really in the mood to engage in the manner it deserves. The common critique has been provided by Australia already, both wage labor and WoW are forms of alienation, meaning provided via ideology hence bad because it's a fetish that disguises the truth.
No. 74640
Went to the city for reasons.

A small music store where I have been buying records since 15 years or so is closing because the owner will retire. There's a clearance sale going on; I got Exit Wounds by The Haunted, Paslm 69 by Ministry and Gov't Mule's self-titled.

There was a also a man with his kid, both on bikes, which we came across, and the man was picking his nose and then putting his finger in his mouth, all while looking right at us, which prompted my gf to a really loud ÄÄHHHHHH, which made me laugh for a few minutes.

I also realized just how many books I have. I can probably fill about three moving creates with just books. Of course this is probably not much for some people here, but remember that there are also people who do not own ANY books, or whose whole book collection can fit into a shoebox.
No. 74642 Kontra
>I can probably fill about three moving creates with just books. Of course this is probably not much for some people here

Cute :3
Suspecting Hungary and me having the biggest private libraries among EC users when you subtract pdf libraries.

You are right though, the lack of books is irritating with some people (some cannot afford books though, keeping that in mind). While my parents aren't academics, they have so much literature, not academic books but novels novels novels. They had some nice picks I took from them around 17-19 but most of their books are not of interest to me at all.
No. 74644
>While my parents aren't academics, they have so much literature, not academic books but novels novels novels.
Is that a boomer thing? My mom could fill a whole room with books, but it's all self-help bullshit and Konsalik tier novels (there's also some huge Brockhaus encyclopedia somewhere in the house).

Another thing I have been thinking about is how reluctant people are to throw away books.
I like books, but if I had a book that's falling apart I would throw it into the paper trash.
My mom on the other hand even treats the tv paper like a book (though those get removed after their expiry date, gladly).
And my old village got one of those book exchange shelves some time ago, but everytime I pass it, it just seems to get more and more loaded with all kinds of Konsalik tier bullshit and my theory is that it's all boomers who are reluctant to actually throw their books into the trash, so their take them to those exchange shelves to get rid of them, because technically they didn't throw them in the trash, despite the shelf being filled with nothing but trash.
No. 74647
I'm a boomer when it comes to books then. Nothing is thrown away, I will fix it with Tesa or something. Then again I'm not reluctant to mark my books with pen and highlighter, especially all the second hand books I buy for cheap on the internet. I rarely buy new books usually I put them up on list when my birthday is around or Christmas.
My parents have not the thrashiest novel books, often what is recommended in state broadcast TV shows or middle-class magazines I think. There are so many books coming out with larger publishers. I found a Maja Göpel book recently when playing with my niece and nephew, my guess is that they saw it on TV or were informed about her by radio because somebody recommended it or Göpel was a guest in a show. As mentioned here before I think, my parents come from a straight working class background and were able to make use of social mobility in the last third of the 20th century in Germany, the social programs of the 1960s and early 1970s, and the general cultural change taking place among other things were quite beneficial to my parents and their socio-economic status and I guess their interest in reading is either a reason or an effect (or simply both) of this.

You are right about these public book shelves, made the same experience. With one exception: James Joyce Dubliners. I sometimes put books their myself though to make up for variety :D
No. 74649
I wanted to study today but I ended up "taking the day off".
Basically the weather was kinda meh and mom conscripted me to help me in the garden. So my father ordered some sand and that meant that we immediately had to set up the pool for summer and it was a chaotic, irritating mess. I just cut down the grass around the garden.
But the pool stands. Fixed a hole in it.
Then had lunch in the garden.

I can't concentrate. Gotta read a lot for the next exam. Mostly literature.
Like I have to read "Rickshaw-boy", "Frogs" and "Peking Man" still.
Plus some shorter essays and novellas.

My head hurts and I feel a bit cold. Probably the weather. And the coffee. I really like the moka maker coffee because it tastes really good, but it hurts me more than it helps.

I only have 937 volumes tho :^)
You better be cataloguing them.

We only had some shitty romance books at home before I started collecting, plus the odd volume my father owned he never read.
And the "Hunt for the Red October" in a mass market paperback edition.
The only "Heirloom" book I have is some 1908 edition of Quo Vadis? by Sienkiewicz. One of my great grandmothers was apparently very fond of it and make sure to repair the binding and the cover.
No. 74650
>I only have 937 volumes tho :^)
>You better be cataloguing them

I might have about half of that. No need to catalog though, I use Zotero to catalog everything that is important (have a reference in note-taking for my Zettelkasten), lots of books I will never touch again from years back.
No. 74653 Kontra
180 kB, 1859 × 1080
I have a colossal excel spreadsheet.
And notebooks. And remember things.
Insert gigachad to make the retardation look based

I guess I could convert it into something sensible with relatively little work.

I do remember one of you posted some cataloguing software. It was purple.
It was used for assembling notes and stuff.
Honestly, I feel like a boomer because at this point I use productivity software like the calculator, word editors and studying programs more than I play video games.
No. 74655
Question: What do you even need to catalogue your collection for?
Such a system makes sense if you're constantly having to check stuff somewhere (and in that case some kind of tagging system would also make sense), but the other german said he certainly won't touch some of these books for some time.
No. 74656 Kontra
35 kB, 560 × 637
I did it on a whim during a weekend a few years ago and I just kept doing it since, since it's not much effort to just add the few books I get every once in a while to the list.
I have no reason to do this other than the satisfaction of knowing this exists.
No. 74658
Obsidian? I use another one that works with txt notes as well, so they are interchangeable. Obsidian as the visualization of notes as mapped network though.

Actually, every once in a while I need a book from my shelve and have a look or read a chapter because it might make a good reference. Just today was such a case. But from all my books most of the important ones that revolve around my topics of interest are placed together and I know my books at this number still. PDFs can double though since these probably have reached the number 1000 already.
No. 74659
564 kB, 2000 × 1500
Oh and I totally forgot to post this picture when talking about my day in the city.
It's a shitty phone picture, but I also didn't want to stick around for too long.
No. 74660 Kontra
Yeah, Obsidian.
It looks so useful but I just don't know if I could integrate it into my workflow.
No. 74661
It is quite useful. I have used notes quite often in the past when writing things for uni or looking something up I forgot. It helps with remembering stuff and at least where to find it (you can search your notes for keywords as well, useful when looking for an author for instance). But it takes time to write notes/excerpts. There are ways to integrate it in the writing process more seamlessly but I haven't bothered looking into that.
And I forgot the most powerful feature, linking notes.
No. 74663
230 kB, 1440 × 1440
The right angle and it could have been a very good composition possible and a good street photography photo in the end I suppose!
No. 74664
Yeah, I was in a hurry and have a shit eye anyway.
And it was in bright sunshine.
No. 74683
180 kB, 1964 × 1418
No. 74700
Read like a third of Cao Yu's "Beijing Man".
The weather was bad and we didn't put away stuff in the garden after yesterday's lunch, so I opted for the balcony. I just put the small smoking table next to the sunbed and read there.
Actually fell asleep afterwards despite drinking some strong tea. Woke up to the sound of rain and the fact that it was really cold.
I put away the lunch stuff too (just two bottles and a few glasses, plus the tablecloth.) and arranged the table back to the "study position" and then came in.

Also replanted the last sunflower that needed replanting. I'm hoping it survives. It was really close to another one.

Tomorrow I'll go to the library for a consultation about my translation. I'll probably eat out and buy some groceries on the way home.
I'd love to pick up the book I ordered but they still haven't delivered it to the pick-up location.

I'm gonna slap together that Cao Yu essay next week. Quickly re-read Thunderstorm and then just do it as I go and hope for the best.
Gotta be ready before the end of next month. I'm kinda anxious about this. This is the first "study" I'm going to write. Like this is a proper, relatively long study with citations and so on.
Already have the title page and the contents page. Now I just need the contents themselves.
I guess that's the hard part.
No. 74704 Kontra
Why am I so chronically boring? Or am I just too used to myself?
No. 74705
>Why am I so chronically boring
You are not the protagonist of an action movie.
No. 74709
12 kB, 474 × 411
just remembered that one time I pretended to be a mentally ill guy's brother for 3 hours while drunk
No. 74712
>Why am I so chronically boring?
Because you're not exciting.
No. 74713 Kontra
I hate corruption. We're living in constant surveillance anyways, it seems natural to have all public expensives easily accessible in a government website. Local government especially has no need to hide it's expenses.
No. 74718
In preparation for moving out I just took down all the shelves and posters I had on my walls.
The room looks really weird now.
No. 74719
The Virgin Veterans Day: replaced Armistice Day so it's stuck in November when Americans only care about Thanksgiving.

The Chad Memorial Day: last Monday in May so it always marks the unofficial start of Summer, actually enjoyed and celebrated.
No. 74720
1,2 MB, 1892 × 1230
796 kB, 1160 × 629
I'm reading again on the potential topic of a master thesis/dissertation. I'm not getting closer really, just found out that perhaps some people made their thoughts about what I was thinking lately. I only need a unique twist on that topic at least, god damn.
It feels exciting to see work has been done already and which I can built, yet I want to make a flight from the text every paragraph (checking EC, lel) because I fathom it will only complicate things further and lead me into an rather abstract topic jungle without any methodological and fact-oriented questioning machete. Hm.
No. 74721
The Thad International Workers Memorial Day: April 28, actually seeks to bring light to and address an ongoing problem of workplace injury and death.
No. 74722
We had a holiday on last thursday.
The next holiday is on monday.
No. 74723
I really feel lonely lately watching this girl I like slowly getting together with a friend of mine. I'm also starting to feel existential pressure of not having gf, a lot of people around me are starting to have real meaningful relationships. And I feel so far from anything, I know few girls and fewer I'd like to know better. Maybe I'm profoundly missunderstanding something about all of this.

A guy I shook hand with gently caressed the palm of my hand while retrieving his the other day. I looked at him in the eyes with an interrogative expression and he told me: "Mmmmh we may not have commonalities...". I told him that we probably didn't, promptly apologized and walked away wondering how Gay I looked.

Same here.
No. 74724
Why do you guys never make a move? It's the single most important thing about scoring.
Wer nicht wagt, der nicht gewinnt, wer zu spät kommt, den bestraft das Leben, there are enough sayings even in German. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take, and so on.
But then again, with you seemingly appearing queer-coded maybe you should just become gay. Bonus points for getting another Ernst, so you can spiral yourself into neverending serious discussions.
That said, this just reminded me of the time when a friend of mine (who is married to an ugly woman) wanted to visit a CSD celebration when we were in the city and when we passed a group of gays, one of them "accidentally" bumped into me and groped me. My first reaction was to check my wallet until I realized what actually happened.
No. 74725
63 kB, 728 × 588
Hey I found out how that >>74720 conveys into music https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHrifvINm-8 (bonus: it's "slow" and "fast")

Sounds pretty rough. Feeling is known eventually. There is nothing that hurts my stomach more than this painful feeling of seeing people you care about are happier with somebody else.
I cling to that woman with intense eye contact. What if she has somebody but still maintains this obscene eye contact? What if we don't get along once we talk? What if I don't get over myself? Will I take the worst route and contact her online, not even through social media but email after the seminar ends and summer break is upon us?...probably :DDDD
No. 74726
1,9 MB, 1600 × 1200
Yes, summer is finally here. It was a cold spring, cats started to scream only now instead of March. And I still haven't opened cycling season. Shame on me.

We have May celebrations (1 and 9 May). Also Day of Russia (12 June, anniversary of independence from USSR). At November -- Day of national unity (anniversary of independence from Poland, formerly it was anniversary of October revolution).

At May and June people go to dacha, park or forest, bake meat on coals and get drunk.
No. 74727
>Why do you guys never make a move?
I think I have a problem and I suspect it to be linked with self-confidence. It once came to the point where I was holding hands and caressing a girl while talking with her everyday while thinking she probably liked another unknown man and I shouldn’t try anything for months.

>I cling to that woman with intense eye contact.
All that story is very strange.
No. 74728
>I think I have a problem and I suspect it to be linked with self-confidence.
Those two go hand in hand though. You won't get more self-confidence by not doing anything.
Social skills are skills like all other skills and need to be honed.
I got my first gf with 21 because I was simply letting my big mouth run freely, acting like someone with actual self-confidence and actually going for it.
Today I have no problem talking to people or insisting on my rights and all that shit.
I am still not 100% there; the old Ernst still sometimes manages to slip through, even after almost one and a half decade of working on myself, but without knowing me, people will perceive me more as a confident, assertive person than they don't.
No. 74729 Kontra
1,7 MB, 2260 × 3153
1,7 MB, 3884 × 3024
Consulted about the translation. Few odd stylistic errors and like two mistranslations but nothing serious. Basically not bad for my first rodeo. I just need to keep at it.
Had a pizza at the place that's ran by Türks who pretend to be Italian and shout "signori" whenever a pizza is done.

On the way home I checked the booksellers' stock. Found this booklet which was made for a 2009 staging of Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk in the capital of the civilised lands. Has some articles in it. Also found a copy of the Chinese Drama/Opera "White Haired Girl". We talked about that during class. It's not assigned but why not get it.
Also found this 1934 printing of the Duden. I kinda wanted to get it, but it's not like I'd do much with it. You know, looking at the picture I kinda regret not getting it. Don't know why.

Came home and slept some. Kinda wasted a lot of time. Gonna sit down and read the rest of Beijing Man.
Tomorrow will be better.
Checked the plants and none of them died. I got really scared that something bad happened when I had that dream about all of them dying.
No. 74731
I can't read Kurrent. What does the note in the corner say?
No. 74732 Kontra
I can't read it either. I just held it to keep it open, not because of the note.
No. 74733 Kontra
>All that story is very strange.

Why? It's a common situation, for me at least. You sit in class and your eyes meet frequently. I had this often enough also with my ex. But I only made a move once via social media (I stalked her and she was happy I did I guess, she never questioned me on that) and only after the seminar was over. Other times the woman got closer and signaled me it's ok to get closer as well. The rest happens automatically. And yes, one has to take the risk, the tension just before is often enormous on both sides, a tension that can also block any move.

I only have a severe problem with talking to women when
a) we don't get to know each other unforced, that is we accidentally speak at least once. Then I can more easily chat her up again and ask for "doing something together" my go to is museum because if she doesn't say yes to this she probably ain't the one :D
b) it means I have a huge problem with chatting up women I never exchanged a word with but had intense eye contact with. I am literally traumatized when it comes to this and it is a huge obstacle.

The other Ernst is right though. Once you held hands it's perfectly fine to step by step let it escalate. That is holding hands -> caressing -> kissing -> touching sexual parts, arousing parts(neck for instance)/kissing, getting undressed -> sex. It does not have to "escalate" that far though, but it's fine to go this way and halt at any point one of you doesn't want to go further.
No. 74734
I have no problem with looking self confident and assertive. It actually never was a problem to me.
I’m quite charismatic if I could say so myself.
But I think I always had something in the back of my head that told me “they all know you’re different and you can’t hide it”. Don’t know how true it is and how much my neurodivergences affect how specifically women see me.
A lot of I overall.
No. 74735
You are contradicting yourself here, if you have this something in your head you probably also project it outwards.
Is it your self-image or have people actually told you that you're charismatic and assertive?
No. 74736 Kontra
You aren't wrong with your assumption tbh, but I think that is a narrow view of what is maybe the case. One can be charismatic and assertive in many regards but crumble with woman because that is a sort of personal cryptonite. Just because you lack assertiveness in a certain kind of relationship doesn't mean you automatically have no charisma in all other possible relationships.
No. 74738
Wasn't the whole talk about women here?
That is a lot of Ernst's cryptonite. Being assertive professionally or something like that isn't hard if you're not a total scrub; it comes with the training (which also means that as a first-day-at-work scrub you will also not be confident in anything).
Talking to women is a kind of litmus test in this regard, because what does it matter if you're the smartest, most badass, strongest warrior-philosopher in the world if you can't procreate?
Even if we don't like it, it's a fact that procreation is still the most important thing for any species, because without kids your kind will die out. Anyone not making kids is a failure, simple as.
And to crown my hot take I would even go so far that anybody who can be confident around women can automatically be confident anywhere else.
No. 74739
53 kB, 553 × 640
>I kinda regret not getting it
I got the 1934 scan (DjVu, 37.8 MiB) from https://bc.radom.pl/Content/32186/download/‌, and the 1930 scan (DjVu, 35.5MiB) from https://rcin.org.pl/Content/1665/download/‌. Poland best German library. Let me know if you want me to upload for some reason.
I would still love to have a dead tree edition if not too expensive.

It's Latin. The last word is "Budapest". Above is probably a Hungarian name, but I cannot read it either.
No. 74740 Kontra
>Is it your self-image or have people actually told you that you're charismatic and assertive?
No, people told me.
What >>74736 describes is close from what I experience.
No. 74741
>Why do you guys never make a move?
Curse of Ernst. The only two legitimate long relationships I had in my life were initiated by the girls. You know, once in 8th grade or so, I got a love letter in my locker - signed by some anonymous creature. I instantly concluded it was some forgery by my enemies and dumped it in the trash. It was only a decade later when revisiting the past that I first even entertained the possibility it was real.
I've always been retarded with women. I've salvaged myself from teenage ErnstismBerndism to be time-specific by hiding aloofness with being 'cool' and a responsible tactical use of alcohol. I remember once I spent a whole party talking to this girl, we kissed when we parted ways and then I never contacted her again because I was scared it would be weird or she'd laugh at me. I managed to explain that event to myself as a personal victory and believe it.

In truth, it was only recently I've accepted that someone of the opposite gender might simply just like me. A whole host of stupid stories now flood my mind. Thankfully, a lot of them were simply forgotten for sure.

>What if we don't get along once we talk? What if I don't get over myself?
Deep thinker Ernst, you must accept you don't need to live your life like the protagonist of an existential novel.

You caress women and a man caressed you. You can't blame him for trying. You're in a theater group and not there to hunt women. Maybe the girls think you're gay too and this is why they are comfortable going into a bunker with you.
It's not unlikely that the girl you're caressing on a mountaintop meadow is also having all sorts of artistic thoughts about romance and love. It's more likely than not. Unless... Unless of course you're not into those girls and in that case, mhmmmm... we may have commonalities...
No. 74742 Kontra
92 kB, 780 × 520
Your simplistic biocentric worldview won't go far. Philosopher kings don't need to procreate, they need media that store their written thoughts and make them accessible to further generations. Culture as we know it is only possible through media from which we can choose to adopt philosophies, values etc. Kant had no offspring and yet we read his texts even today, he is a central figure of western history. If you want to make it biological you can say what matters is the ongoing selection of thoughts in a socio-cultural environment.

t. assertive media studies warrior
No. 74743 Kontra
Of course, a German made a sex flowchart.
No. 74744 Kontra
Something like "Eva Maria C[E?]s_alány", probably easier to guess for people who are familiar with Hungarian names.
No. 74745 Kontra
Oh and I forgot, Newton died a virgin. Yet we still have people of its kind. And furthermore, most kids of thinkers and scientists aren't as good and fortunate as their parents. Without studying biology I can safely say that genes and environment act in more complex and probably non-lnear ways. Take that! Thank dog we had media and Newtonian physics carried on :)
No. 74746
32 kB, 300 × 511
I'm a diagrammatologist at night, like every good German.
No. 74747
That's some nice media and writings you got there. It would be a real shame if something... happened to them...

t. Third World War

That said, without his parents procreating Kant would have never existed, so you can't have philosophers without people having sex. Checkmate, Atheists

That's certainly less of a flowchart than the natural progression of how such an encounter can play out.
For actual flowcharts consult PUA literature (american).
No. 74748 Kontra
You rightly corrected my misuse of the term flowchart. And attacked Americans. This is a real German post.

For example, this is a proxy -
No. 74749 Kontra
It's a rudimentary flowchart at least.

t. disproving my proxy status by sperging.
No. 74750 Kontra
It's not a flowchart if it's just a progression.
No. 74751
I didn't make it, but such flowcharts are actually helpful to foreigners and poorly socialized assburgers who don't know the details of their cultural environment's flowchart (or that there even is one) because they haven't consumed enough relevant media, let alone real life experience.
I think there are stories of (American?) foreign soldiers' and local (British?) maidens' misunderstandings on account of how the two cultures' courtship flowcharts differed.
No. 74752 Kontra
154 kB, 220 × 144, 0:04
You can't have sex without matter.

t. God
No. 74753 Kontra
Confronting the bait but a progression is a multistep process hence it can be represented in a simple flowchart.
No. 74754
But you can have matter without philosophers.

t. Demiurge
No. 74755
It seems like an accurate assessment of sexual escalation, but seeing it as a step by step progression seems too Teutonic. But maybe it is accurate, cultural barriers and all. How do Germans mate?
No. 74756 Kontra
Yet it's extremely annoying. hurr durr flowchart here, flowchart there, let me appear professional and steal everyone's time by presenting my great FLOHHTSCHAHHT.

Easy rule: If it can be easily presented in bullet/numbered points, it's not a flowchart.
No. 74757 Kontra
I brought it up, it's pronounced flôushart>.
No. 74758 Kontra
Yeah, the -shart part definitely fits :-DDDDD
No. 74759 Kontra
I brought it up, it's pronounced flôusharte.
edit to better reflect how I'd pronounce it
No. 74760 Kontra
No. 74761
You remind me I'm the only Swiss Ernst on /int/ and a lot of my posts are out of place ramblings about my peronal life XD
>Maybe the girls think you're gay too and this is why they are comfortable going into a bunker with you.
I think all of this bunker situation happened and worked thanks to a fragile balance of libidinic power and a bit of assburger. Now that there probably is a couple in the group I don't know how long the rpg will last. It surely won't be as fun for me.
Yea you are right. It may be not strange but I'm still impressed by your capacity of foccusing on someone you meet just because you have intense eye contact.
No. 74762 Kontra
81 kB, 220 × 220, 0:03
193 kB, 2590 × 775

I imagine the "progression" could be reconstructed with these four normed symbols. The "progression" would then be flowchart approved at least.
No. 74763 Kontra
> I'm still impressed by your capacity of focusing on someone you meet just because you have intense eye contact

It's very intense eye contact. She (and I) is very aggressive, more or less constantly searching for it and holding it. Also, she copies my behavior. Not sure if this is an accidental correlation or happens for reasons. I haven't had that for a long time. Now that I think of it we had a brief exchange of words once, not enough to establish a personal connection because of reasons I won't elaborate on.
No. 74764
48 kB, 600 × 616
>How do Germans mate?
You're asking this on a board for virgins with disabilities? We wouldn't be here if we knew.
No. 74765
It's pretty obvious she wants the rooster, Ernst.
No. 74766
>How do Germans mate?
Like everyone else, just more efficient.
I had sex with my gf and it only took her seven months to give birth to a healthy (non preemie) boy.
No. 74767
248 kB, 600 × 600
This is a blatant lie. Germans mate by agreeing on solving a problem (having sex) together. The details are serious discussed over until an adequate DIN flowchart is agreed upon.
No. 74768 Kontra
I expect this to be the case. But as I said, I have a severe problem of talking to a woman under these circumstances. It is far easier for me to make/ask for a date if we talk about something casually before. And no going over to her and pulling something out of my smalltalk ass is exactly what I cannot do because of reasons that are going into my past and make this a big obstacle to overcome.
No. 74769 Kontra
>give birth to a healthy (non preemie) boy

German babies are not given birth to, they engineer their way out of the vagina. The solution determines the latter career path. Mechanical, electrical or chemical engineering are the obvious ones.
No. 74770
I've thought of a solution that does not involve an active intervention, simply incorporate hand gestures with your obscene staring.

Due to it not being otherwise specified, I'll assume this was the first time you had sex with her. Maximum efficiency in intercourse.
No. 74772
633 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:03
I will wink at her the next time she leaves the classroom.
No. 74773
> How do Germans mate?
Someone has posted german_mating_ritual.webm on EC but I can't find it.
No. 74775
This is a very late reply, but we only rarely have referendums. To pass they require the majority of people in the majority of states to agree. So, if you get Victoria, QLD, and NSW on board (the vast majority of the population), but Tasmania, SA, and WA aren't on board, it doesn't get by (needs 4 states, and the territories aren't counted in that).

The last we had was in the 90s about becoming a republic - it failed. I remember at uni they gave the stats on it in a course - basically, the vast majority fail, so they're rarely attempted.

We had a "non binding public opinion poll" on gay marriage several years ago. That did pass, but as it wasn't impacting the constitution it wasn't really necessary. It could've been done in parliament, but the right wing govt of the time couldn't be seen doing that to their constituency, so it was easier to put in a poll.

Our new government is intending to put a referendum in place regarding an indigenous voice to parliament, so the aboriginals can have a place to comment / influence legislation directly impacting them. I'm not sure of the format it'll take in the end, so will need to wait and see. Again, it could be done in parliament, but indigenous peoples want it permanently in the constitution so a conservative government can't scrap it later. I can only imagine the shitstorm in public opinion if it fails though. Also the shitstorm in the lead up to it.
No. 74776
Me lack meotional intelligence enough to have gril problems one way or the other. Never had and jee-eff, probably never will because I cannot into emotions good.

t. schizo gang
No. 74779
Good morning, slavs. A minute of linguistics.

In Ukrainian language literature norm is "що". Donbasians and kubanoids say "шо". Ironic internet users also say "шо". Russians write "что" but say "што". Belarusians write "што" as it's spoken. Some peterburgians say "что" as it's written. Pomors used to say "цто". Gopniks say "чо". On Siberian language it's also "чо".

t. your fellow fingol
No. 74783
5 kB, 104 × 150
Most assburger moment of the year.
I work at a diagnostics laboratory as a computer monkey.
Today they bought a TV for the reception part of the building.
I made a joke about about how unfortunately there's no pornhub app on the TV. Then everyone started joking about porn.
So far so good.
But then everyone kept talking about porn in relation to the tv, in like a funny tone. I thought that the joke played itself out but people kept talking about putting porn on the TV, all throughout the day. It was getting annoying tbh.

Then it finally dawned on me that the TV was for the sperm collection room, and there was no joke, people were just being bashful about porn. Somehow I didn't make the connection.
No. 74784
38 kB, 736 × 491
> Then everyone started joking about porn.
I can only imagine this scene:
-- Hoh, der Geschlechtsverkehr! Das Glied und die Scheide!
-- Ja ja, schnele schnele! Zer gud!
No. 74785
>Hoh, der Geschlechtsverkehr! Das Glied und die Scheide!

If a biology teacher says that some students will laugh

t. went to school in Germany

Interestingly, I was thinking about how the teacher said that there is nothing funny about that. But it now dawns on me that probably nobody was laughing about sex but about this guy telling us what it is.
No. 74786
163 kB, 501 × 814
Speaking of biology.

I was thinking about the difference between physics and biology and their approach to knowledge in certain regards as I read Sandra Mitchells book on complexity. And was asking myself if social and cultural sciences are not closer to biology in their approaches than physics and that this is an ok thing to do.
Atm I'm reading Jacques Monod popular 1970s book on molecular biology knowledge of that time and its revolutionary breakthrough. The technical part isn't easy (I basically got nothing except rudimentary stuff I already "know", but its a bed lecture anyway and not learning for an exam) but at least I now know that it is a physical theory of genetic inheritance that complements evolutionary theory. That wasn't so clear before.
Now Monod speaks also about science and philosophy (for example going against dialectical materialism) in this book and in one chapter he goes on about how sciences are determined to discover invariances (a necessary platonic element of science, for without it wouldn't be science he says). Natural laws are such invariance. Also interesting for me that calculus and derivatives are always such invariant relationships according to him.
Now, do cultural sciences and social sciences have invariances? I think so, maybe it's not perfect, but practices, discourse, signs could be conceived of as invariants. The problem these disciplines have is that they are not solely concerned with matter, matter matters in these disciplines for some time now again. But culture cannot be found in matter itself.
No. 74787 Kontra
*physical and chemical theory might be more precise
No. 74788
> practices, discourse, signs could be conceived of as invariants
What do you mean by it?
No. 74791
That they are invariant things of culture. Practices (doings) are general constituents of what we call culture. Practices make culture similar to how chemical reactions make an organism. Don't get me wrong, this is certainly not the same. But as I said already, physics and chemistry is solely concerned with matter, culture is not a property of matter as such. Biology had pronounced systems approaches since at least 20th century. Culture or societ could benefit from a similar approach. In fact this approach is tested since many decades already. A general question of both (and all sciences in a way) is the emergence of (specific) order.
No. 74792
OK, I meant more specific examples.
No. 74793
writing, calculating/counting, eating/cooking, traveling/moving, inventing, sleeping, mourning, giving birth, celebrating (birthdays, adulthood)/ generally rituals, and cleaning to name a few. A crucial question beyond all of these: how (is it done)? (there are more questions and followup questions to ask of course)

A classic in regard to culture and practices from the 1920s or 1930s:
No. 74794 Kontra
I forgot some very obvious one: drawing, making pictures. Hell, to quote the anthropological stance of Ian Hacking (homo depictor): representing as practice
No. 74795
>At May and June people go to dacha, park or forest, bake meat on coals and get drunk.
Sunday the park was packed with people grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, as is tradition. On the way out I saw a Jeep painted top to bottom like an American flag, lol.

National amendments here are also both difficult and rare- I can't imagine seeing one in my lifetime given the high bar. The people don't vote on those, but it's left for Congress and State Legislators. 2/3 of the former, and 3/4 of the latter. Not gonna happen.

States, by comparison, are a piece of cake and the source of our endless referendums. In fact, Florida(the State I'm most familiar with) had so many amendments that someone proposed an amendment to make amendments more difficult, lol. That raised the bar from 50% of voters for approval to 60% and passed. I expect to see a lot of abortion related referendums in the near future, both for and against, since the Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v Wade. Shit's going to get crazy.
No. 74796
I'm always wary of any kind of classifications of human activities, because it's hard to argue from first principles, or have some kind of ground level assumptions, so such systems and categorizations inevitably end up being applicable to some currently known subset of human culture in the current historical context, but presented as generalized.

It's like a chicken and egg problem: humans immersed in culture, trying to study culture, as if there is a reference point beyond culture from which they can make observations.
By that I mean, before examining cultures, maybe the concept of culture itself should be examined. Maybe the idea of what culture is, or the idea of there being culture, is itself culture.
No. 74797
I argued with this with the other German not that long ago and yes this is a debate. Yet, even this can be accounted for with practices and practices alone won't make culture in total. So with practices you could account for construction, even for the construction of construction in culture, everything else would be problematic for the account of the construction and its historic index. This is a very second order cybernetics way of thinking (unsurprisingly it is a thinking that deals with constructivism, in the 1970s the epistemology was worked out by natural scientists though, Heinz von Foester and Alberto Maturana and Franciso Valera (neurobiologist)). Practices are the platonic ideal in the ever-changing specificity of culture. Also practices are not natural laws, they are fundamental occurrences.

There is more to culture than practices, but it is one possibility of an invariance. And the notion of practices is not made first, but is a theoretical undertaking that goes back to observations as the seminal text of Marcel Mauss is demonstrating.

Bio/chemist Ernst can correct me here, but culture just like evolution is not predictable as some physical or chemical phenomena are possible to predict.
No. 74798
>Maybe the idea of what culture is, or the idea of there being culture, is itself culture.

Yes, that is readily accepted in cultural studies and neighboring fields. Yet there is the aim to abstract general notions that inform this ever changing loop. The function of the loop so to speak is searched for.
No. 74800 Kontra
And that is why biology and cultural studies and sociology for example can become close, or got closer to each other, because their scientific thinking is informed by systems thinking/notions/abstractions. And that is what I meant why these disciplines might be so close. Some people in these fields will say that systems thinking doe snot really explain culture though. Or won't be sufficient. But that is also the case in either disciplines, even in biology that takes from chemistry and physics and their elaborations on natural laws and their built up.
No. 74801 Kontra
Also, it's Humberto Maturana, knew something was off.
No. 74802
Opened cycling season against, rode 21-23 km for 2 hours.

I regularly see jeep with "Lord of the rings" aerographic.

Well, you've said that your understanding of invariant is different from natural sciences. But I don't see how is this any related to it at all.

Example of invariant in physics: force of gravity, F=mg. You throw stone from 5 meter height in Afrika at day. Throw coin from 2 meter height in Asia at morning. Throw brick from 10 meter height in Kazakhstan at night. Despite different place, height, object and time of day, time to reach ground is always proportional to square root of height. It's invariant which is derived from the mentioned formula.

Humanities also have some laws, I guess. For example Marx claimed that all countries go through consecutive stages of slavery, feudalism, capitalism. You change country but same pattern remains, it's invariant. It's not universal and applied only to Europe, but example from physics is not universal too (won't work with piece of paper or too big height).

But in general humanities are less about finding invariants. Moreover, big part of humanities are talks about how nothing is invariant, everything is relative and culture-specific and socially constructed and how everything is dependent from everything.
Probably it's due to absence of applicability. If Newton only wrote about how speed of falling is dependent on form of object and distance to center of Earth, his would look very smartass but his findings would not be usable.
No. 74803
96 kB, 1138 × 906
>"Lord of the rings"
Tell them to get an Audi.
No. 74804
On the second thought, phenomena which social sciences are dealing with are much more complicated than in natural sciences, and finding clear patterns is more difficult. Maybe it's better to honestly say "we don't know anything and can't predict anything" than to accept a faulty theory and kill millions of people over it.

Maybe it was. By "jeep" I mean "big car". Does Audi make big cars?
No. 74805 Kontra
There is debate of biology over its state as a science. Since something like molecular biology is heavily reliant on physics and subsequently chemistry this is less to no problem at all but the further you go up the less law-like character the findings have. As I said, biology is not able to predict evolution, only to explicate its functionality and a certain degree of manipulability. The same, only stronger might then be the case for social and cultural scientific endeavor, as these have do not concern solely the matter of the universe in its basal elements. You want Newton's findings and scientific insight to be replicated to all of sciences because else they aren't sciences. But biology is the first science that struggles with a wholly Newtonian understanding of the world and its full explainability through Newtonian ideas, a mechanical understanding. I don't say it's not right, I say it might not be enough to illuminate everything that happens and exist in the universe.

Marx' historic materialism is a global claim. Practices is not a global claim in the sense that it is concerned with a micro abstraction. Without practices there is no culture.

Also you on the one side claim that humanities claim (unproven) universal truth with their theories and this kills millions of people and on the other hand say that everything is relative according to them and randomly constructed. It doesn't make sense and shows that you are not willing to think along possible intricacies. It's bad faith. It's not about everything being absolutely relative, but that perhaps the relationality is a property of culture and cultural activity. which makes me think of biologist saying there is no clear cut definition of life, but a lot of properties agreed upon That is exactly what I mean by invariances, Im not talking of laws that let you predict cultural development in a Newtonian way but components and processes of culture as system so that it can exist as a system (processes is given priority these days in many cases)and that is different to Marx who claimed one big movement as law that rules everything else in derivation, granted he even did claim it as a law in the natural scientific sense, just like an organism. Not by accident have biological and mechanical/technological metaphors been used in social and cultural but biological, engineering undertakings, because they all are concerned with a organization of machines, organisms, societies, culture.
No. 74806 Kontra
practices would be such a pattern that has a rather fundamental (invariant) character. And when the examination of culture as brick pointed out really is cultural itself already and somebody has to think about this fact nonetheless, no? What to do with this when it is a fact, when construction actually happens? That is a challenge then that physics might not be possible to solve for us.
No. 74807
163 kB, 1024 × 683
>Does Audi make big cars?
Big enough?
No. 74808
>As I said, biology is not able to predict evolution, only to explicate its functionality and a certain degree of manipulability.
Right, I've been working like a pig and I'll probably sleep like a stone, so here is my quick interjection:

Ehhhh, "predict" is such an unprecise term. What does that mean? How would you "predict" evolution?
I can do directed evolution in the lab and quite literally make an organism evolve into the direction I want. And this aimed manipulation does of course entail being able to predict where it goes.
Obviously this is only valid for rather uncomplex organisms in a very controlled environment.
However, the difficulty in "predicting" evolution in the biosphere comes from the fact that evolution can only be determined after the fact, i.e. to be able to predict possible directions you would first have to be able to predict how the environment will change to facilitate those traits.
Before a trait has been established as advantageous (or at least permanent), it's just a random mutation.

No idea if that made sense, I am so, so tired.
No. 74809 Kontra
Thank you, hardworking-pig. You seem to confirm what I had in mind. A dynamic that is (so far) unforeseeable/unpredictable. The problem with something like culture is that it has no possibility of laboratory conditions (prove me otherwise, Ernsts!) unlike biology where a controlled environment allows for a certain degree of prediction. I think of gene-edited plants. You can predict the outcome of the plant's properties, but the "realworld" ecological dimension is rather dim, so my understanding. even more dim when it comes to the interplay with politics, economy etc.

Rest now, little pig.
No. 74810 Kontra
That alarm clock was a weird investment. I don't know why it changed my sleeping pattern so much. I sleep like 6-7 hours and I wake up relatively well rested on my own. It rings maybe once a week and it irks me a bit.
I washed my hair in the morning to refresh myself a bit and to feel better about myself.
Finished reading Beijing Man and went back to reading Frogs.

Dead tree edition was like 70 cents.
Really, it was in good condition and pretty but it's not like I'd get much use out of it.
It'd be the best for students of Germanistik who want to see the changes in the language through texts or something.
No. 74811
120 kB, 1280 × 720
88 kB, 1000 × 668
>The problem with something like culture is that it has no possibility of laboratory conditions (prove me otherwise, Ernsts!)
Possibility of controlling subjects, creating control groups, adjusting or modifying cultural inputs. Objectively visible changes in social roles and interpersonal modus operandi.

Really what I need is more funding.
No. 74812 Kontra
>The problem with something like culture is that it has no possibility of laboratory conditions (prove me otherwise, Ernsts!) unlike biology where a controlled environment allows for a certain degree of prediction.
Well, yes, wasn't that the whole point of the discussion some time ago? That humanities, due to the very nature of their subject and the complexity of the system it is observed in, simply can't properly make out these invariants like other disciplines can make out gravity or the molar mass of a certain isotope etc.?

On the topic of GMO plants, it's really not different from conventional breeding techniques.
In fact, it's very interesting you are talking about genetic engineering in plants, as that is in fact a rather predictable undertaking, unlike conventional breeding, because in deleting a single known gene (or adding a single known gene that activates a lost metabolic pathway) you exactly know what you are doing.
If you are using conventional methods, i.e. radiation or chemical mutagens, you get random mutations and the select for desired phenotypes. The punchline here is of course that you really just look at the phenotypes, i.e. oil yield or speed of growth or whatever, but what actually happened inside the genome is of secondary importance, you you only know that you got a mutation that increased oil production inside your rapeseed, but not if there are one, two, n other mutations that came with it.
The real ecological implications here are plants that are specifically engineered to work with specific herbi-/pesticides, because those are the real killers that give lab rats cancer, and not the corn.
No. 74813
>Also you on the one side claim that humanities claim (unproven) universal truth with their theories and this kills millions of people and on the other hand say that everything is relative according to them and randomly constructed
I contrast these two approaches in humanities. Not saying anything informative. Or actually saying something but with high risk of being wrong and suffering consequences of that.

If you had reasonable funding, group of humans and no legal limitations, what social experiment would you conduct?
No. 74814
175 kB, 700 × 466
Besides it being rather vague (what is a cultural input?), it sounds more like a psychology (individual) undertaking.
One question would be how well lab performance can be extrapolated to non-lab environment then, don't know what the literature says on that in general, might be interesting.

>punchline here is of course that you really just look at the phenotypes, i.e. oil yield or speed of growth or whatever, but what actually happened inside the genome is of secondary importance, you you only know that you got a mutation that increased oil production inside your rapeseed, but not if there are one, two, n other mutations that came with it.

Yeah, I think the goal-oriented manipulation works rather well, but will this included a good measure of what this editing will mean for the biosphere or local or more than local ecology? Depending on the manipulation could effects on other organism in the close ecology happen? On insects for example, and I don't mean pesticides/resistance gene combination. Such dynamics would be part of an evolution, no? And are these really predictable as in you can say with a high or 100% chance that X will happen or not happen when you do Y (manipulate gen Z in Plant A that is going to be placed into ecology B). With a Newtonian understanding and the strictness of physical laws there is no debating on how a ball will fall from a height under circumstances G as far as I understood it so far.

bad faith and big unsupported claims are not informative unlike humanities articles that analyze the role of media for example. I rather try to understand how the computer changes the habits and practices of humans, the "rhythms" of modern societies (temporal changes) than reading a Russian making claims about a discipline without any idea of the current condition nor history but a half read copy of Sokal and Bricmont instead.
No. 74815 Kontra
One thing I'm missing is that you don't address how these problems should be solved when physics cannot do it. You are like those damn literary critics and postmodern critical theorists that can only critique but never solve a problem!

btw the conversation between Bruno Latour and Michel Serres I was lately mentioning are going against the position of the critic that tries to be positionless, "bodyless" as they said, always avoiding critique itself
No. 74816 Kontra
>Yeah, I think the goal-oriented manipulation works rather well, but will this included a good measure of what this editing will mean for the biosphere or local or more than local ecology? Depending on the manipulation could effects on other organism in the close ecology happen?
Okay maybe I wasn't clear enough.

The general mechanism (mutation) behind GMO is the same as in conventional breeding. That, in contrast to directed mutation, works with undirected mutation, but both are still changing stuff in the genome.
So those predicted effects are the same in directed GMOs as in conventional GMOs (i.e. conventionally bred plants).

But you don't even need to go as far because all those crops we have today are n-th grade mutations of how our ancestors encountered them, the prime example being corn.
Even wheat from 500 years ago was pretty different from the stuff we have today.
So if you want an answer to those ecological effects just look at how agriculture has changed. Actually, I would even say that those ecological implications you are talking about are more dependent on whether that plant is a neophyte and not on one or two possibly engineered genes. Breeding wheat was just a process that didn't fundamentally change anything, but introducing the potato was a revolution.
No. 74817
> One thing I'm missing is that you don't address how these problems should be solved
As I said, I prefer first approach (better safe than sorry).

> when physics cannot do it
In physics this problem is much less relevant. G-d made reality pretty regular and repeatable, we should appreciate that. Probably He likes physicists more than humanity academics. This is why social progress is much lesser thing than technical progress and generally driven by it.

> postmodern critical theorists
They are called "cultural neomarxists" and they keep inserting black people into my videogames!!! They make them all ugly and fat, then say that beauty and obesity are social constructs. =D
No. 74818
>Dead tree edition was like 70 cents.
Wow, even though it didn't noticeably stink, fall apart or miss parts? Now I've half a mind to pay the shop to send the book here.
It would be useful when unsure about s/ſ, or simply as a traditional orthographic dictionary with an added feast for the eyes. (I know that for s/ſ, I can also use the scans, or either of the first post-war edition of East and West Germany, respectively.)

I've had a similar thought about Dutch, Danish and unwritten dialects like High Alemannic and Upper Saxon except they somehow sounded funny to me despite me not associating them with anything humorous like imageboards at that time.

>than reading a Russian making claims about
Next time, you could write "somebody" instead of "a Russian". Readers would then perhaps pay more attention to what you want to tell them. Unless you meant to come across as a jerk.
No. 74819 Kontra
>you could write "somebody" instead of "a Russian".

Ach, you are arguing semantics :^)
No. 74820
But did the breeding of our ancestors not change the environment, local and regional ecologies and ultimately evolution? Did not insects and other animals, and other plants have been affected in their (non)evolution by this breeding? What would have been predictable and what not, if that is a viable question?
No. 74821
Of course the experiment would be raising a group of feral children, not exposing them to language in any way. Language would then be introduced at different ages, a group would be suddenly introduced to language at age 6, another at age 12 and so on. This can also be done with different languages.
I forget where I was going with this, but it will finally shut up linguistic determinism - also feral children are interesting.
No. 74822
119 kB, 1200 × 690
I don't know who Bricmont is. Sokal is a missionary of atheism like Dawkins, as I understand. My mother bought his book, but I didn't read it because I couldn't find in internet author's position on Crimea peninsula and didn't want to spend time on potential rusophobe.

Cool. We can also merge these groups and observe their language dynamic. If at some point we gather group of "Portuguese" and "Italian" children, will their united community speak on Spanish?
No. 74827
Gave $5 to a beggar lady with a baby.
Regret is starting to set in. Why the fuck did I do that, I'm poor myself.
No. 74828
What is she gonna do with 5 dollars in Sweden, anyway?
No. 74829
Certainly she's not buying beer.
No. 74830
>But did the breeding of our ancestors not change the environment, local and regional ecologies and ultimately evolution?
Yes, sure, that's what I was saying. Maybe I did misunderstand you, because I thought you meant that only genetic engineering will have those "unpredictable" effects, when actually they have already been there for a long time.
I don't know though of any evolutionary effects (we can observe yet) becoming farmers had on us. Europeans have developed post-juvenile lactose tolerance, but I don't think it had to do with grains. Introducing new species has definitely had bigger impact on everything everywhere.
No. 74832
>I thought you meant that only genetic engineering will have those "unpredictable" effects

But genetic engineering certainly is different and will (perhaps it does already in all sort of ways, no idea) go beyond a efficient or precisive breeding of crops.

Maybe I'm mistaken things when I talk about ecology and evolution, I'm also talking about evolution of (local/regional) ecologies. Does this make sense or can't you talk about evolution of rather small scale ecosystems (that is not the whole earth as ecosystem).
No. 74833
>But genetic engineering certainly is different and will (perhaps it does already in all sort of ways, no idea) go beyond a efficient or precisive breeding of crops.
In what way?

> Does this make sense or can't you talk about evolution of rather small scale ecosystems (that is not the whole earth as ecosystem).
I think it's more important to first get a solid grasp of the concept of evolution, but in general, evolution is of course possible in "small scale" ecosystems - in fact, that was one of the big findings and evidence of evolution, look up Darwin finches.
No. 74835
>In what way?

Gene engineering technologies that are more precise than what humans did for thousands of years, hence a broad and new variety of interventions. Otherwise, we could have stayed with breeding if there is no difference, or is the only difference time it takes?
No. 74838
> Otherwise, we could have stayed with breeding if there is no difference, or is the only difference time it takes?
Well, that's certainly one factor. Genetic engineering is WAY faster and, to a certain extent, less work-intensive than regular breeding. Also, as mentioned, you can precisely control what is changed, unlike with mutagens/radiation.
Sure, we have golden rice right now, and maybe someone will engineer a plant to produce certain amino acids and vitamins so vegans will have less problems with nutrient deficiency (provided they accept eating le ebul GMOs), but all those other things one might imagine are still science fiction.
No. 74840
>but all those other things one might imagine are still science fiction

What about those Chinese CRISPR babies?
No. 74842 Kontra
>What about those baseless claims by some chinese that haven't led anywhere?
What about it?
No. 74846 Kontra
So you suspect it to be a hoax that the Chinese edited human genes?
No. 74848
I mean I would not put it past them do something like that, but afaik we don't know anything about this apart from the dude himself and some authorities claiming that it all totally happened. Either way it's a grave case of scientific misconduct.
But let's assume it's legit and let's ignore the ethical implications of doing experiments on unborn children, what about it?
No. 74851 Kontra
84 kB, 1080 × 939
I feel like a doll or a puppet made out of cloth. I’m ever so slightly tired as I try to keep my head straight and my finders and hands feel like as if they will just fall off, not from pain, but as if the sewing were to give out.
I think I might have developed an actual sleeping problem. We will see. I’ll try going to bed early today once I’m back from the exam.
I’ll have a coffee before that.

Got a Chinese-English pocket dictionary. It’s a little red book. It was like four pounds. Got it on a whim when the librarian talked about it. “For us, this was the Bible, we woke with it we went to bed with it.”
I went out for food to save on delivery and as I waited I was reading from it and there’s a remarkable amount of expressions to be learned just from recombining characters I already know.

I wanted to sleep on the desk in the garden but it wasn’t comfortable, so I went back and had an hour long terrible nap I still haven’t properly awoken from. I should have just slep for an hour straight instead of trying to wake up after thirty minutes.
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>and there’s a remarkable amount of expressions to be learned just from recombining characters I already know.
Isn't that how all languages work?
No. 74856
I keep having dreams about being back in art school. Brain trying to tell me something.

This too shall pass.
Spiritual suicide through metamorphosis into a normie drone will proceed as planned.
No. 74858
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Get a dreamcatcher
No. 74859 Kontra
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make art about being a normie drone, checkmate both worlds.
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No. 74863
Zkzek was full of shit when he said that politically correct hierarchy was worse than traditional hierarchy.
The latter is way more humiliating. It's always more unpleasant to be dominated by actual people than by abstract systems.