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No. 74604
73 kB, 857 × 1200
57 kB, 466 × 571
82 kB, 680 × 684
Only a few months left until the next radio birthday party, it's time to start wörkenings on Ernstalbum v2. Ernst just finished his first song, and he has a few more up his sleeve. The huge success of out first album last year raised the expectations of our loyal fans, so give them something to cheer on!

I do not say that you HAVE to participate, but if you don't I will dab on /int/ the whole show while presenting the album (see pic 3 for details). Anything goes which roughly fits the desription "song", it doesn't matter if it's serious or audio shitposting, just do whatever you want. If all goes well the album will be published during a live broadcast at our next birthday festival (likely the weekend Sep 2-4). You can post your songs in the thread or send them to me via mail (ernstiwan at protonmail ch - if you don't want to spoil anyone before the festival). In any case: Post if you have something ready even if you don't post the song itself in order to raise peer pressure :DD
No. 74608 Kontra
This year, /b/'s putrid cacophonies will be put in their place by my hands.
No. 76758
Bump. Gentle reminder that we plan to showcase the follow up-album to Ernstalbum at the next birthday party. Currently I'm not very optimistic that it will happen, because very few people said that they will contribute. I myself will provide 4 songs, and I'd say we need at least 4 more to make an album out of it.

It's not the end of the world if it doesn't happen though, if we don't have one then there will be some other show instead. But I thought I'd give an early warning so that people aren't too disappointed if it is canceled.
No. 76760
323 kB, 1500 × 1066
I could contribute one drunk karaoke song.
I could do like 1 or 2 more if I'm willing to lower my standards and make something cringe.

You just need to tell me the exact date of the radio birthday festival (I can't see it specified in the OP) so I can properly schedule my imminent deadline induced panic-productivity spurt.
No. 76762
Noice! The festival will most likely be on the weekend 2-4 of september, since - as you all of course know - radio birthday is on the 3rd of september.
>lower my standards and make something cringe.
Looking forward to it :DD
No. 76960
what's going on with mintboard and kc?
No. 76977 Kontra
I still have one in the pipeline, but I doubt it will be finished until september. Too much to do.
No. 77006
427 kB, 680 × 744
> only you can[...].jpg
This is literally me.
No. 77294
236 kB, 1400 × 1300
Cover art for Ernstalbum v2 leaked. After the initial Ernstalbum was authentic and artistically acclaimed the second one will be a huge sellout due to the immense commercial expectations and will mark the point where Ernstalbum jumps the shark.
No. 77325 Kontra
228 kB, 1400 × 1300
Someone found a better Fonzie!
No. 78040
35 kB, 630 × 423
One month left until the festival, and at the moment we need 3 more songs to fulfil the minimum number of required songs for an album (8). I heard that a few people are still planning to contribute, but you know how it is with plans. Guess we all planned to get a GF.

I suggest that if you have a song finished then send it via mail (see OP) instead of posting because it's not that much time between the post and the festival, so the effect is probably better now if we have a true premiere of your song during the stream, instead of having it here and then on stream again only a few weeks later.
No. 78875
127 kB, 910 × 709
Two weeks until the festival, and we are still one song short. If you have anything in your queue, it's time to apply the finishing touches. it would also be great to let me know if you will deliver something, because if I get one more song I could at least confirm the Ernstalbum stream for the festival. Any more songs after that will just slightly extend it, which is easier to handle. But knowing if it will happen at all obviously would be a big help.
No. 79692
Also the Album gets a bump :3 Another 100 threads to create.
No. 79741
Not today mr soyjak.