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No. 74678
4,7 MB, 6000 × 4000
137 kB, 1280 × 960
Всем привет из России! / Hello everyone from Russia! / Grüße an alle aus Russland!
Отвечу на ваши вопросы B-) / I will answer your questions B-) / Ich werde Ihre Fragen beantworten
No. 74679 Kontra
936 kB, 859 × 1224
Question 1:
How many layers does toilet paper usually have in your area? Most toilet papers here consist of 3 layers. I think that's a reasonable amount.

Question 2:
Why do you think anyone here cares? It's not like there aren't any other Russians.
No. 74682
>tuff nuts.png
Let me guess, these Indian sweatshoppers just increased the polycount on everything no matter if it needed to be done or not.
No. 74684 Kontra
Maybe it's a genuine joke.
No. 74685
No. 74686 Kontra
fugg :DDDD what a mess up, thought it was genuine commentary
No. 74693
Q1: It all depends on how much toilet paper costs. There are very cheap ones (0.2$). There is literally one layer of recycled paper in them. The quality (and, accordingly, the number of layers) increases with the price.
Q2: I don't know myself :-)
No. 74695
How about you stick to one countryball?
No. 74696
Have you travelled widely within Russia? If so, where did you go?
No. 74697
604 kB, 1203 × 1600
549 kB, 1203 × 1600
295 kB, 1203 × 1600
Sorry, I forgot to disable the VPN.
Unfortunately, I have traveled quite a bit. I live in the European part of Russia. (200 km from Moscow). I really like the nature, the local climate. In general, the country is huge, but the tourism sector is poorly developed. Trips are cheap, relative to traveling to other countries.

p.s. sorry for the quality
No. 74698
Looks super comfy, thanks for sharing those pictures!
No. 74703
>Unfortunately, I have traveled quite a bit.
Why unfortunate?
No. 74708
Missing an opportunity
No. 74730
98 kB, 807 × 605
What's happening in 2nd mp4 here>>68801‌? Thanks
No. 74780
The man says that they have been sitting in this position for several days, there is nothing to eat. He says they were thrown on cannon fodder. He claims that they are forced to sign some papers in order to be fired retroactively. He says they were brought as if for a training exercise and eventually abandoned here. They don't take out the bodies, they don't do anything. They are waiting to be transferred across the border, they promise to do it on the third day. They slept on the ground, without tents, food and water. All the feet are wet, they don't know what to do. At the end, the man says that this is the Russian army.

(I do not know if this video is real or fake, I just overheated what it says.) (

p.s. Russia has introduced a law on the distribution of fakes, so I'll post it from the Tor)
No. 74781
Hm... Who wrote it? I don't even know!
No. 74782 Kontra
It was me. I am forced to confess because the shame of spreading fakes about the Russian military is too much to bear! Please, have clemency.
No. 74789 Kontra
1,4 MB, 1278 × 720, 0:28
Thank you <3
No. 79762