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No. 7482
601 kB, 936 × 648
What did you think would happen if Mt. Rushmore was blown up?
No. 7485
282 kB, 850 × 652
134 kB, 1280 × 720
Kinda strange trhread. Would you specify how it blown up? Terrorist attack, accidentaly or because some nature event?
Anyway we already have causes when something important like that blown up
No. 7486
1,7 MB, 480 × 360, 0:30
Is that your plan Egyptian housewife?

Well sorry to disappoint you but this isn't the 1940s-1980s nobody in America has national pride anymore.

And it's already been "blown up" with dynamite over and over again to form that rock so it's a pretty stupid plan.
No. 7488
118 kB, 960 × 720
No. 7515
That's not true. Well the problem actually may be we don't have sincere national pride, only fatnik jingoists who would gladly shit all over my country in a heartbeat.

A million really horrible whiny country songs will be made and I will be subjected to even more draconian laws, loss of civil liberties, and national embarrassment for many years.
No. 7519
The USA would take revanche on whichever country's nationals did it.
No. 7520
86 kB, 1000 × 496
A laser scan has already been done, so the easiest solution would be to replace it with a hologram. That would avoid the environmental debate that would accompany actually carving a new mountain, plus we could add or delete faces whenever the political winds shift. I think tourism might actually increase.
Of course the hologram would come after the war.
No. 7521
111 kB, 800 × 450
They would build a new Mt. Trumpmore to make Murrica great again.
No. 7525
7 kB, 227 × 222
No. 7529
67 kB, 349 × 466
What about Trump mountain with Hugh Heffer, Joe Rogan and Jordan Peterson and a little one for Baron Trump?
No. 7563 Kontra
248 kB, 618 × 618
Ironic cancer is still cancer
No. 7601
Yeah my initial consideration was about a possible recarving, but >>7520 seems legit. So much indeed that it seems probable the CIA would secretly blow it up themselves and maybe blame it on Austria.