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No. 74861 Systemkontra
278 kB, 1366 × 768
Just to beat the other german to it.
No. 74864 Kontra
138 kB, 1600 × 900
You Monster!
I was occupied by the feud in the news thread. Behind my back, you opened it. I won't forget that!
No. 74866
53 kB, 768 × 432
No. 74867
>The latter is way more humiliating. It's always more unpleasant to be dominated by actual people than by abstract systems.
Wasn’t that the whole point of Zizek?
Personified power structures are humiliating and make the oppressed more easily conscious of their state of domination and inclined to revolt.
No. 74868
608 kB, 1366 × 768
That should teach you not to argue with village idiots when more pressing matters are at hand.

You know, Der frühe Vogel fängt den Wurm, Morgenstund hat Gold im Mund, Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen, Fortunes fortuna adiuvat, Hic Rhodus, hic salta, May you live in interesting times, Die letzten werden die ersten sein, Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes, Mater tua trahet noctu plaustru televisione ludi athletici Germanica, Natura abhorret vacuum, Romanes eunt domus, Dei Gratia, Amen
No. 74869 Kontra
You can study and you can read. You can write until you bleed. No matter what you do, we will always be more than you.

Victory belongs to the idiots.
No. 74870
20 kB, 300 × 350
Yes, I learned my lesson, no more two frontline situations.
No. 74871
I would like to factcheck your statement. You used term "village fool" referring to me (because it was me arguing with this Germanball in another thread).

However my place of living is officially recognized as urban-type settlement and mentioned as such in governmental documents. There are 8000 people populating it. We have shopping mall, concrete batching plant and palace of culture. In 2009 year it even hosted concert of "Vorovaiki" band.

Therefore I'm NOT "village fool", which contradicts your statement. You were wrong, Q.E.D.
No. 74872 Kontra
54 kB, 1016 × 568
No. 74873
> You were wrong, Q.E.D.
You didn't prove anything though.
Village idiot is an idiom and not necessarily dependent on the size of one's settlement. Plus, "city idiot" would be a pleonasm.

t. village scholar
No. 74874
64 kB, 604 × 453
No. 74875
No, you are idiom.
No. 74876 Kontra
Also, I just realized I never even said "village fool", so the whole premise of your reply is faulty, thus all your subsequent arguments are invalid.
Also also, I wrote "village idiots", which is plural, which means I was more generally insulting everyone involved in that discussion.
No. 74877 Kontra
ebin :DDD
No. 74878 Kontra
809 kB, 1600 × 1293
At the moment I hate how the academic life is a roller coaster. I hate it because I'm going down. My ideas and questions, my objects, everything shattered, unworthy, and without any coherence (basically it feels shit because I haven't finished a project before it even began, lel). My research is too vast and thus shallow it seems, but the day has only 24h, what a joke! My capacities and competencies to organize are weak. Woe is me! Can't wait for the moment the sky clears and I tingling in my head.
No. 74879 Kontra
73 kB, 602 × 390
The dog becomes mad on the pan, Ernst. Don't get mad other German Ernst, I know this translation is invalid

Greetings from Berlin!
No. 74880 Kontra
6,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:56
>I know this translation is invalid
A cybercriminal, stop right there!
No. 74883
5,6 MB, 480 × 360, 0:38
3,8 MB, 480 × 360, 0:29
Situation is too tough, intervention of army is required.
No. 74884
And I realized that I love it.

There is a delusion that too much corruption is what prevents Russia from becoming first world country. But actually incompetence and thievery are our last line of defense against totalitarian state. The more money are stolen on building Great Firewall, on propaganda and FSB -- the better.

The war showed it even more clear. Every dollar spent on general's mansion in Dubai is dollar which won't be spent on bombing hohols.
No. 74885
102 kB, 746 × 442
new computer without adblocker
open youtube
this is the first thing I see

and the fuckers wonder why people refuse to disable ad blockers even for content they like
also, people keep talking about how algorithms know us better than anyone, but this suggestion couldn't be more off base
fuck you google

No. 74886
Bitch has a bigger bicep than me.
I thought anime was about escapism, reminding me how inadequate my body is ain't it
No. 74887 Kontra
She doesn't even have a biceps bulge. Are you a literal stick man or what?
No. 74888
Look atthose delts, she's on roids dude
No. 74889 Kontra
I have an adblocker as well

Yet google knows some stuff about me. My age is not correct, albeit not too far away. I mean it is quite simple in the end. What I google that I am. So some things fit, some don't because I google them because of research reasons. For example, a German conspiracy person is according to google of interest to me. But I just did research on the network at the beginning of 2021 or late 2020, don't even know anymore. Recently I was looking for travel bags and now I'm interested in travel bags.
No. 74890 Kontra
26 kB, 430 × 345
Delts are not biceps though.
Also, it's all definition.
No. 74891
25 kB, 448 × 264
new computer without adblocker
open ernstchan
this is the first thing I see

and the fuckers wonder why people need to include ads to fund the content they like
also, people keep talking about how algorithms know us better than anyone, and this suggestion couldn't be more on spot
bless you google

No. 74892
9 kB, 597 × 600
There is some truth to the algorithms thing, though it is more the data generated and processed by algorithms that are relevant. Some people tell google more about their problems than people close to them.
No. 74893
True. I was just memeing anyway.
No. 74894
Brandenburg seems like a great place to be, you know, places such as Potsdam.
What a great Stadt
No. 74895
No context?

Same as anywhere on the internet, people behave differently interacting with things on a screen as opposed to Real Human Beans™
No. 74896 Kontra
Yeah but google is a (famous) placeholder for data generation that works fine since people have little concern (in almost all cases I'd say people no idea/knowledge how it works, simply) about what data can be generated from their behavior online and what consequences that might have.
No. 74897 Kontra
After the war, the supply officers who stole diesel during the Belarus military exercises should be awarded medals. They won't, in fact the reinvigorated Anti-Corruption Foundation will hunt them down. Because they can take it. Because they're not our heros. They are silent guardians. Watchful protectors.
No. 74898
1,5 MB, 1200 × 812
Palace Sanssouci and its orangery of course!
No. 74899
91 kB, 550 × 382
Traveling was nice. Feels great to be back home though. And the assburger fountain of EC is overflowing with posts to read, oh what a joy!
No. 74900
Dead ssds are fuckibg evil.
Lost an entire day to one.

They don't report that they're now read only, but let the kernel think that the writes are succeeding, while actually nothing is happening.
No. 74902 Kontra
I could imagine that some history books will talk about such a phenomenon, it cannot be the first war where supply is not going according to plan because of incidents of origin one might not think about at first. The accidents of life.
No. 74903
4,6 MB, 4000 × 3000
If I didn't have to work tomorrow I could almost feel like on a festival.
No. 74904
Where is the tent? Are you sitting on your Bierkasten?
No. 74905
I am not a poor student, obviously I come with my own caravan.
And no, this is in fact my second-to-last beer.

Additional info: The ravioli are cold.
No. 74906
>Additional info: The ravioli are cold.

Are you sure you are not a poor student?
No. 74907
No, I just disconnected my stove.
No. 74908
Ah, you are the Ernst entering prison ;)))))
No. 74909
229 kB, 1249 × 937

t. fellow Clevo laptop owner

I'm surprised your keyboard buttons aren't as rubbed-off as mine, how long do you have it?
No. 74910
73 kB, 640 × 558
Almost. I'm moving in with a woman LOLOLOLOLOLOL
No. 74911
Cincin, Ernesto.

My laptop is not my main machine and I don't usually type a lot on it, but I have already packed the big one.

Also, what is Clevo? This is a Schenker notebook.
No. 74912 Kontra
55 kB, 474 × 474
No. 74913
Yeah I know. You are a prison visiting fellow then :DDD
No. 74914 Kontra
Uneasy how long the other today thread is up. Ernestochan feels off-balance.
No. 74915
322 kB, 1000 × 521
I wanted to care more about my infrastructure thread, I also have a post for the media thread more or less.

You and Finland should report about your domestic metro lines, it's histories and anomalities, granted some of your cities have them.
No. 74916 Kontra
20 kB, 474 × 296
I've got posts lined up for the infrastructure and war thredas but feeling too lazy to type them up. Also I'll just drive-by-post my travel advice to you: don't go to Germany. It's likely mostly what you'd expect. Balkan tour should be way more interesting for less money.
No. 74917
Where exactly did you even go? I can't remember you telling.
No. 74918 Kontra
Did you see a highway church?
Tell me about the Germans.
No. 74919
>Did you see a highway church?
That sure left an impression on you, didn't it?
No. 74920
170 kB, 1140 × 855
93 kB, 1024 × 1001
It made me think about rest stops / Rastplätze again.
Other Germans will be familiar with the pictures. I wonder of that little house in its shape used at many rest stops I guess many fade and will be exchanged if it hasn't happened already, I don't drive Autobahn very often these days has a name. Like the wherever it was developed, did they give it a name?
No. 74921 Kontra
Also, I wish the internet allowed olfactory data transfers :DDD
No. 74922
76 kB, 720 × 672
It was a domestic trip up north against. At this time of the year the sun never even dims a bit. Got sunburns. Probably while sleeping.

Didn't see a highway church no, maybe that would've changed my perspective. Beyond the surface level stereotypes the German spirit is elusive and I haven't studied it enough to make any claims yet.

Don't get me wrong there's nothing bad about Germany and I would go again if there was any excuse to do so. But as is, as a tourist doing touristy (Ernst)things I'd go somewhere with more curiosities.
No. 74923 Kontra
Congrats, you finally cracked the code and transmitted smell over internet. Disgusting.
No. 74924
420 kB, 900 × 1200
It took 6 months, but I have finally memorized which one of these switches turns on the kitchen light and which is for the living room.
Kitchen is on the left. You're other left..
No. 74925 Kontra
No. 74926
I'd have put up stickers if my memory was that bad.
No. 74927
If it wasn't for the internet, I would have never believed you.

Interesting, observations noted. Perhaps they hide from outsiders.
Ominously, my sister began learning German. she has difficulties pronouncing 'Milch'.
No. 74928 Kontra
American switches are odd.

The only people I've seen doing this are Swedes. I've never met a normal person that did this. Why would you? Eventually muscle memory should kick in.
No. 74929
83 kB, 780 × 520
>she has difficulties pronouncing 'Milch'.

She can try Knilch instead welelele

ch is making problems for every non-German

Pfännchen it's cheap, German diminutive is -chen, so Bäcker -> Bäckerchen, Wein -> Weinchen

Why does she learn German? Is she planning to work in this desert of modernity? Where the Autobahn is salvation in a country where people love their cars like their kids?
No. 74930
Without internet you'd never have heard of it in the first place.
Isn't it wonderful?
No. 74931
You forgot "Streichholzschächtelchen".
No. 74932 Kontra
I could have also said Eichhörnchen, Americans go wild when they are asked to pronounce it.

t. Jägerschnitzelchen
No. 74933
634 kB, 1000 × 667
>I could have also said Eichhörnchen, Americans go wild when they are asked to pronounce it.
They'll make fun of you trying to say "squirrel" in return.

>American switches are odd.
Say something about door knobs with locks in them. (picture)

>Why would you?
"If I had bad memory", did you forget? Uh uh?
No. 74934 Kontra
>didn't read it because I couldn't find in internet author's position on Crimea peninsula
I like your reasoning.

Bugger, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

>It was a domestic trip
So posts >>74899 and >>74894 have nothing to do with each other?
Love the cat photo, did you take it yourself? Those mountains mean it's not Finland, right?
No. 74935

>Also, what is Clevo? This is a Schenker notebook.
Clevo is a Taiwanese laptop manufacturer. Afaik Schenker/XMG basically just rebrand Clevo laptops and sell them for a higher price.
No. 74936
401 kB, 900 × 1200
>I'd have put up stickers if my memory was that bad.
Why use stickers when a pencil does the job :DD.
The words are upside down because I was standing and bent over to write them.
No. 74937
Got any more funny things? This just keeps getting better.
No. 74938
>Got any more funny things?
I would say my cartoons, but people keep telling me they're not funny.

No. 74939 Kontra
46 kB, 630 × 400
>So posts >>74899 and >>74894 have nothing to do with each other?
No, the other post isn't me. Proxy perhaps? I haven't posted in some days and this was my first post after the hiatus >>74899

And no, not my cat or photo.
No. 74940
>Proxy perhaps?
You're not the only Finn in the world (I think)
No. 74941 Kontra
Yes, I know. But I feel like posts >>74879 >>74894 might be related. Might be proxy, might not. Could not be related. Who knows.

Not me either way.
No. 74942
One of these Ernsts works for German tourism. Someone who knew when to steal your identity and claim he's having a great time in Berlin.
How far north did you go?
No. 74943
No, I posted the Berliner metro at its inception but didn't praise Potsdam. I was just a bit weary after I found myself in a situation again as the post above the Berlin metro indicates.
No. 74944
>One of these Ernsts works for German tourism.

I have a folder named BRD (short for Federal Republic of Germany) aesthetics. If that is tourism it is a very special kind that only works with autists like you that get drawn to the pictures I evoke with my very special perception of this country I was born in :^)
No. 74945
I could have done a calender sheet for 2nd June as this is a date that has history in Germany, but it's 20min past 2nd June now.
No. 74946
24 kB, 929 × 628
For everybody interested in postwar German history and its endless small chapters:

No. 74947 Kontra
Post them in the infrastructure threda

Also, yes. Sister was meant to complete her master's in Germany. She was meant to go there in April 2020. I think she wants to flee to Germany. I fear for her because she does not even know Germans superficially, she has no idea what society she will enter. In 20 years my own sister might slow turn into a German before my eyes. Horror.
No. 74948 Kontra
223 kB, 498 × 377
Finished reading Frogs
Slept during the afternoon and then consulted about the potential entry into that essay contest. Now I know who to send the letter to and I'm going to enter.
Went shopping with my mother. My parents are going on a business trip together to Austria.
Got some pastries. There was this one they called "The Bismarck-doughnut" and it was vanilla filled. Told my mother.
"It's cool! They named a pastry after my second favourite German chancellor... ...after Merkel!"

Read some from the newspaper I bought recently. I think I picked up a habit of getting one and reading it if the headlines look interesting.
One page was pretty funny. One side talked about Hungaro-Mongolian relations and the other side of the paper had an article about Trianon.

Got a serious task for tomorrow. Gotta go to the post office and pay some bills for grandma. My mother promised her I'd help out. I asked why can't my uncle do it, since he's the one who is with grandma every day (to leech off her).
Anyway, I helped her add up the numbers on the cheques. Forgot my phone on my desk so I added them on paper like during high school.
>Surely you're good at addition, dear, you're attending university after all!
>Like fuck I am. I'm at the Department of Humanities, Ma!
So anyway, I came home, check the bills and two out of four are my uncle's. Lazy bastard won't even pay his own bills, he sends us to do it via my grandmother. And my grandma's paying for it too.
What the fuck. Dude's over fifty and hasn't got a pet or anything.

Finally managed to sleep until ten and I felt better rested, but I still slept in the afternoon for like 40 minutes. Woke up to the alarm and my heart was racing very fast. Ever since I got that clock I get a heart attack after I wake up to some noise.

Also started drying basil leaves. First batch will be done tomorrow. Don't know if there's a point to this. But since we have this plant and it's gonna have a lot of leaves anyway, I might as well harvest some from time to time.
Also made tomato soup. My mother asked me to make one. I didn't want any so I didn't eat from it.

Yesterday I took the German C1 mock-exam. Got 65% on the Leseverstehen and 55% on the Hörverstehen components. Didn't get the Schreiben part yet but I'm not holding out my hopes. The average needs to be above 60% for it to be a pass, but the individual components can be 50%.
I had like one and a half hours to do the writing part and I handed it in after 40 minutes and the lecturer was like "you're really finished? You write over 250 words for the second one too?" and I was like "Yeah it looks like 250 to me."
Turns out it was around a hundred.
I laughed so hard and excused myself. (I was the only one writing an exam this time.)
Turns out writing Chinese essays for exams completely warped my perception of how long a text is. And it also made me lazy to count words. With Chinese I can just multiply the number of squares per line and immediately know how much I wrote, but not with this.
Outsiders excuse you a lot of things when they hear you're a student of an Eastern language.
Anyway, the sorta around 60% result is very good. That means I don't need so much training and could actually do the exam next week or so.
No. 74949
153 kB, 883 × 851
>One of these Ernsts works for German tourism. Someone who knew when to steal your identity and claim he's having a great time in Berlin.
Devious. But I would expect nothing less from a German. Anyway my bad for mixing up the real German with that Finn. Those two posts just stood out as very odd. Maybe because I'm missing some of the context around their inception.

>How far north did you go?
Somewhere around the red line in the pic. Might post some pictures later when I'm sure that I'm forgotten in the very small place that we stayed at. Finnish burgers used to have a hobby of doxxing everyone, every time so I'm just playing it safe.
No. 74950
46 kB, 426 × 599
>Got 65% on LV and 55% on HV
I'm impressed, congratulations. Haven't been following your exploits closely, which C1 exam will it be? Telc? If it's Telc, is it the Hochschule variant? Don't ruin your German by reading /b/ or /fefe/ before or after taking the exam.
No. 74951
Then you'll get weird factoids firsthand. Lucky you.
No. 74952
118 kB, 685 × 1110
>Got some pastries. There was this one they called "The Bismarck-doughnut" and it was vanilla filled.
Be glad it didn't taste like fish.
No. 74953
25 kB, 375 × 500
One of the names in that article looked familiar. I had seen it on a ballot paper, which includes a field for candidates to state their profession / occupation, but for this candidate the field didn't say "former terrorist", so I only found out now by following Ernst's link.
No. 74954
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you wouldn't state anything that would people hate you either if you wanted to get elected.
No. 74955
*make people hate you
No. 74956
Gonna be late for work today because I had to take a larger than normal shit in the morning.
No. 74962
113 kB, 602 × 402
Did you examine it on the poop shelf?
No. 74963
She can flee but will she complete her masters here? Making German friends it is said is like winning the lottery for people that come here.

Maybe just the same name. Till Meyer I could imagine exists more than once in Germany for instance.
No. 74966
>Making German friends it is said is like winning the lottery for people that come here.
It may be a bit off-topic but I would like to take this occasion to make a point about the behavior of swiss germans exchange students in Romandy.

All exchange students I encountered or heard about act as if the existence of the french speaking part of Switzerland and the way of life of everyone living there is the funniest shit they ever encountered. It sometimes gets to the point where some laugh during most of their social interactions, only stopping their giggles to state how funny they think Welsch are compared to Zurich.
I'm left to wonder how much of this is the manifestation of a stereotype and how different east and west Switzerland truly are.

Those reactions only apply to civil life, they're way less amused during military service where the rule tend to be mutual hatred and competition.
No. 74970
I can't speak for the german speaking swiss, but at least for germans everything below the german part of Switzerland is non-existent and could just as well be France.
No. 74971 Kontra
78 kB, 386 × 600
Paid the bills for grandma. Wasn't particularly hard. Just archaic. Not many people at the post office.
She actually called me at like 9 o' clock to ask me "how did it go?" and I told her I haven't even gotten out of bed yet.
Anyway, I went out, paid the bills (hers AND my uncle's) and then picked up some groceries we forgot yesterday and a newspaper. Plus I picked up a package. I bought a German-language manga. I liked the German title better and why not practice. I feel a bit dirty but eh, whatever.

Neighbour's dog jumped over the fence. You can guess my surprise when I go out in nothing but underwear into the garden and see a THIRD dog just chilling there. Neighbour came over and took it home. Dog's called Boris. Special military operation spreading out it seems.
Can't remember the neighbour's name. I think it was Peter something. (Not Griffin.)

Fixed the swinging bed in the garden, but it was too hot to sleep outside, so I had a coffee instead.
Didn't get any reading done today. I'll probably play a few matches of C&C against the computer and get to it afterwards.

Came in and fixed the errors/problems with my translation of the Lu Xun essay and put it on my blog.

Mother and father left for the business trip, so I'm "running the household". It just means periodically asking my sister if everything is all-right and cooking dinner if she needs it.

It was pretty good. A bit dry maybe but it reminded me of a Krapfen from my childhood. Nobody makes vanilla-filled doughnuts any more, man. I loved it when I was a kid. There was a gas explosion and the place that made it closed down afterwards.
Big chain stores only make marmalade filled ones or empty ones, never vanilla.

It'll probably be the ÖSD type by the Österreich Institut.
No reason in particular, it's just that we're using ÖSD tests to practice.
Officially I have like two more years to get a C1 as part of the agreement with the college. So I plan to do it next year. (I was very tired when I wrote it yesterday.)
I just really need to look through the grammar again from this textbook I got.
The issue isn't that I have no vocabulary or can't communicate or read, it's rather that I'm awful when it comes to writing, because I didn't really know what "cases" meant back then. I got this sudden revelation during my Greek classes how German is supposed to work and I already profited from it some during my evening classes, but I need to be systematic. I'll have time to do that during summer.
No. 74972 Kontra
12 kB, 256 × 256
Friday against. Enjoy, Ernsts!
No. 74980
3,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
Went to a photo exhibition about so-called Gastarbeiter (foreign workers) first and second generations. Turks and Kurds. Enjoyed it. In 1990 a Turkish photojournalist went to five different towns in Germany and took more than 1000 photos in just a few months.
The places are the Ford automobile production where man and women where laboring at different assembly steps. In Duisburg, many were coal miners. In Berlin, many had small businesses, especially Kreuzberg. There are photos from weddings, music festivals and concerts, centers for cultural activity, a man-only cafè, fruit and veg stores (in Berlin there was an east-german Turkish "joint venture" called Fruta), kebab shops, and of course mosques. The journalist notes that many stick to religion as it gives them a sense of identity in a place where they weren't particularly welcome. Also a youth gang the "36 Boys" (14-17yo who supposedly clashed with nazis).
Two pictures are attached. One is a demonstration by leftist organized Gastarbeiter, the other are some 36 Boys members. What struck me in many images of course are the faces, pride, like the boys or store owners but also reluctance. Especially the 36 Boys were interesting, look at these faces that clashes a bit with their age, mature and not. What they look like now? I wish I had some theories about photos, that capturing of the real.
Sometimes anger (demonstration), tired yet self-conscious faces in the coal miners and factory workers. Also, the family portraits are nice, something heartwarming about family portraits. But also the foreign office a tedious faceless and back breaking place.
No. 74985
488 kB, 1024 × 768
529 kB, 1024 × 768
>Ford automobile production
That reminds me of the Turkish family that bought milk at my grandparents' farm back in the, I wanna say, late eighties or early nineties. They had a Ford Transit, either second or third generation. I think second, because of the headlights.

No idea why this got stuck in my head. I remember the weirdest shit but forgot the names of former classmates. Priorities, ho!
No. 74986
>I remember the weirdest shit but forgot the names of former classmates. Priorities, ho!
Are you more interested in cars than people?
No. 74987
I wouldn't call myself a "car guy", no.
No. 74988
That's not what I was asking, Ernst.
No. 74989
Ok, how do I interpret "more interested in cars than people", then? You're calling me autist, aren't you?
No. 74990
>Ok, how do I interpret "more interested in cars than people", then?

Okay, let's assume you're not interested in people at all.
That means if you are interested in cars more than not at all, you're more interested in cars than people. It's quite literally the exact question I asked you. Whatever you are interpreting into that question is on you.
So you reacting like that warrants a slight suspicion that you might indeed be on the spectrum. Have a beer and chill, amigo.
No. 74992
>Have a beer and chill, amigo.
Beer tastes disgusting and my internal organs wouldn't like it anyway. Amigo.
No. 74994
Too bad, keep moping, then. More fitting for such a textbook german like you anyway :3
No. 74995
304 kB, 1920 × 1280
You will interpret anything as on the spectrum my man.

The cars in the photos and the haircuts were a gem too. One photo showed a wedding limousine, a Ford Sierra, albeit a different color and no roof window as the example picture.
No. 74996 Kontra
17 kB, 256 × 256
Reading these German posts gave me the spectrum.
No. 74997
>no Spede picture
You're the proxy, aren't you?
No. 74998 Kontra
10 kB, 256 × 256
I've ran out of Spedes to post! Gotta post something else once in a while to keep them fresh.
No. 74999
What happens if you try to generate Spede ai pictures?
No. 75000 Kontra
115 kB, 767 × 768
Spede must be missing from the training set. I think this guy is some sort of a assburger talkshow host of the yesteryear but can't remember his name.
No. 75002
>not spede.JPG
Creepy shit™
No. 75003 Kontra
54 kB, 767 × 767
No. 75008
1,5 MB, 1550 × 766
Wow, those AIs are getting really advanced.
This was what the AI produced with the prompt "an overrated RPG that zoomers pretend to have played when it came out"
No. 75013
That is actually way less creepy. Uncanny valley, motherfucker.
No. 75023
Today I've realized that a significant majority of women my age believe in Astrology. It seems the main differentator is how strongly they believe in it. Some of these men present also claimed belief in astrology but I question their motives.
No. 75025
What application generates this stuff?
No. 75026
Looks like "Morrowind".
No. 75027
173 kB, 500 × 367
No. 75029
This week I purchased a new laptop. Feels good. My old one was about 5 years old, and felt like it would give me third degree burns on most games it could handle (or just generally browsing in summer). It was having some issues, but normally I only replace once something is well and truly dead. It feels weird to buy something when it isn't totally necessary. The new one was on a sale (30% off), and matched nearly all of what I wanted, so not a terrible deal.

I'm aware that realistically a desktop would've been better value, but such cases of lifestyle preferencing something mobile.

I can manage the highest settings on the most demanding game/scenarios I enjoy, with suitable fps - so that is all one can ask for. Before it was totally off limits even on potato mode.
No. 75030
>such cases of lifestyle preferencing something mobile
What cases are these? I like my PC where it is, please enlighten me.

No. 75031 Kontra
I think it's a form of advanced shit-talking for them. The ones I have met don't seem to take it seriously at all, and mostly use it to explain away behaviours in a fun way. "she's schizo? gemini" etc.
No. 75032
Apartment is quite small without a good space for a dedicated computer area, and there is no TV. Apartments in Australia are absolute shit. They're not designed to be lived in - they're just places for boomers to park their retirement savings.

So - the laptop doubles as a media hub. It's usually in the bedroom for normal usage, and living room connected to projector or old desktop screen for media/movies - there isn't really an easy way to cable-manage a desktop for this.

Also, no unlimited hard connection internet here, so for significant downloads I usually have to cart it back to my parents place to steal their unlimited data.

This is a economic choice re the internet though - it costs about double for a hard connection than it does to just go off a mobile hotspot (with a few hundred gb/month), and Australian internet is barely better than mobile internet where I am.

These things can definitely be overcome, but I got used to just having a laptop after a while too. I think in the distant future when I can finally be settled somewhere nice, I'll get a desktop. I built one many years ago, and completely get the benefits.

To be honest though, I only got it at the time due to the deal on it. I probably would've waited till the other one died otherwise. It had a roughly 1000$ AUD / 675 EU discount. A similar desktop performance would probably have cost not too much less.
No. 75036 Kontra
Quintessential murrican post
No. 75037
so today I deliberately woke up early, sat down, wrote down all the productive things I wanted to do today, then completely failed the very first task, laid down on the bed, fell asleep, and ruined my sleep schedule

such cases.
No. 75041
I just want it on record this guy isn't me, so please, don't lump me in mindlessly.

t. RAC Ernst
No. 75043
6,1 MB, 320 × 240, 4:43
America needs monarch and his royal family as alive symbol of their nation. Every authoritarian country should be transformed into absolute monarchy and democratic -- into constitutional monarchy.

But who it can be?
No. 75046
72 kB, 640 × 392
While we still have some Kennedys left, and the Bush family would warrant consideration, imo the crown should be decided by a reality TV competition. Nothing easy, like American Idol or Survivor, I want to a leader who can win Running Man.
No. 75050 Kontra
36 kB, 500 × 500
50 kB, 602 × 339
I'm at the point again where I'm fucking sick of Chinese literature.
You know what I don't get? First they make you read the classics, then they make you read the modern stuff, and then next semester we're going back to read philosophy. I'm not an expert but I'd have put the Lunyu before making people read the Dream of the Red Chamber.
Don't know why they made the study-plan like this.
Okay, personally I'm not hindered, I've read secondary literature and a lot of the primary sources, I know know my stuff, but most people aren't nearly as enthusiastic about this stuff, even though it's integral.

Anyway, I read a novella by Su Tong. Compiled all the notes the teacher published into a single file. Gonna read it.
But I'm so sick of reading modern Chinese lit at this point.
Still gonna try and read Dream of the Red Chamber during summer break.

The weather was kinda meh today. It rained during the night so I had to drain some water from the pots. I planted some of the leftover tomato plants my mother and father bought on a whim.
Sunbed's top broke. Water filled it and it tore down.

Oh, today is the "Day of National Unity" or "National Belonging".
I don't think this is a work-off day. Tomorrow and after tomorrow would be. It's a religious holiday. It's Pentecost.

The Clintons would rig it and there would be a civil war.
No. 75052 Kontra
>there would be a civil war

Wake me up when the first shots are fired. As far as I know, America is far too fractured and incoherent for anything approaching a civil war to occur. All that appears to be happening is a gradual and then sudden collapse.

This is a dead country in a state of decay.
No. 75054 Kontra
31 kB, 640 × 480
>This is a dead country in a state of decay.
No. 75056
335 kB, 840 × 873
> I'm not an expert but I'd have put the Lunyu before making people read the Dream of the Red Chamber.

This perspective in its consequences will mean to start from the "very beginning" and then linearly work your with up to the present. The reality is though that you will die before even getting halfway through because so much has been written and referenced that it's impossible to get it done with in a life time. When I read Foucault or Deleuze, there are many things I don't really get. I never read Freud besides some bits, nor did I fully read Marx, nor Beckett, nor others that are referenced. You have secondary literature though to make short cuts and the network way of working lets you see the interconnections and massive amount of knowledge processed faster. There are perhaps different models that work better for learning, but linearity won't be it. Perhaps that works in physics or something. But in the humanities the core corpus is different and ultimately you will die knowing only a small(ish) fraction of what is possible to know and connect and think through and that is only to your very own discipline. You will get a hawkeye grip eventually and it helps with orientation but once you go lower that sight changes and the territory looks less familiar and gets more detailed and complex.

You are right though that most people won't see these deep connections and massive reference hell while studying. That is mostly done by people like you and me, who read shit like that in their leisure time because they are drawn to it like flies, whatever the reason.
No. 75062 Kontra
Oh for God's sake, you know I didn't mean we should be forced to read 24/7 to get through the entire corpus.
There's like what? 30k Tang poems alone?
It's more like holding a student of Christian theology accountable for never having read the Bible. I'm not threatening to kill them over not reading the entire Summa.
No. 75085
I never read Goethe and here I am with a minor in literary studies! The comparison to religious studies that are built on a main text is not fair tbh.
No. 75090 Kontra
148 kB, 3367 × 1538
A few days ago I felt despair over my possible approach, my research interests.
Today, in the early afternoon I was typing down a question in my notebook from which I then asked if that question even make sense, if what I am asking about even exists. Now, late at night I found an answer in a text. I love these accidents and it gives me fuel again to not give up my overall interest. I still miss something, but it gave me an overall step into a good direction together with my despair of not understanding a whole lot of things in my discipline. For now, things have become a tiny bit more transparent to me.
No. 75092
Do feel that you have different personality when you think and speak on English rather than your native language?
No. 75093
(or Chinese or whatever foreign language you know and use often enough)
No. 75098
Wouldn't say different personality, but I've heard there are Japanese or Korean workplaces that use English (in some cases English names, even) in order to reduce the pervasive hierarchy. When you want to say something, you don't have to think about people's position before opening your mouth. Allows you to focus on the job. It must feel forced, like Ikea staff duzing each other and customers.
I like not having to choose between du and Sie in English. In edge cases, I might be hesitant to speak in German.
I really hate when I need to say something about someone but am unsure about their gender, especially in the presence of that person. I then try to avoid using a third person pronoun, or avoid speaking at all.
So, in those rare cases, I might behave more quietly because of language issues, even though my personality is no different.
No. 75102
Woke up angry for no reason.
Or rather, remembered all the reasons to be angry.
Depends on perspective I guess.
No. 75106
77 kB, 620 × 500
Yesterday, the bus driver (haha) evicted a passenger from the bus for aggressively accosting another passenger for not wearing a mask. The evicted passenger then demanded the driver's name so he could lodge a complaint against him. The driver complied, so we had to wait a while until they were finished. I was none of those three persons.

I see. I've heard of ÖSD but am not familiar with it.
No. 75108
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
Smug kazakh girl chocolate
No. 75109 Kontra
228 kB, 1063 × 1063
Doesn't look smug to me. You have the assburgers.
T. Dogtor

Lovely packaging though!
No. 75111
>You have the assburgers.
More likely "that feel when no gf". Or both.
No. 75112
I don't have gf feels
I have ascended beyond biopsychological concerns.
t. coping
No. 75113
42 kB, 332 × 472
I was out yesterday when a police car flipped on its siren and raced up the road in the direction I was walking. Kept going and saw several others do the same. A mile further ~12 patrol cars had converged on an intersection blocking traffic in both directions, apparently focusing their manpower on a Home Depot rental truck which sat with one wheel on the curb and both doors wide open. I kept walking, passing the scene while stalled drivers pointed their phones and preserved the moment. Today I looked for info on what happened but came up empty.

t.Robert Stack
No. 75114
Brick, if that is you: Stop changing countryballs!
If that isn't Brick: Why do you reply to something that's not about you?
No. 75115
> Stop changing countryballs!
Or else?
No. 75116 Kontra
I switch proxies to make it look like there's more people posting on EC than only me and you.

No. 75117
I would prefer to know the truth in that case, thanks.
No. 75118 Kontra
One third of German posts are mine.
No. 75119
Americans don't exist, we are all merely tulpas conjured by mischievous Australians.
No. 75121
1,4 MB, 2592 × 2592
Which in turn are made up by a Finnish proxy?
No. 75122 Kontra
How isn't America dead? It's a country that's been running on inertia for perhaps the past 40 years.
No. 75123
123 kB, 1200 × 741
Ernsts have died out long ago, there is only one bot that has been forgotten who now posts under several proxies. It's basically just like in NieR Automata. Those last posts indicate that the bot is slowly becoming aware.
No. 75124
I wish I was never exposed to bullshit western progressive ideals as a kid on the internet. It ruined my life.
If you live in kazakhstan, the opposite of everything an idealistic 2000s westerner will tell you is what you should do.

Do NOT pursue your dreams or try to get a job doing something you love. You'll be poor and unemployed. Learn something practical a clueless kazakh boomer boss would think is useful, and wait 20 years until you get promoted.
Do NOT try to be a "free spirit" or "against authority", actually kiss ass and brown nose as much as you can, or you'll never get any opportunities. Support the government and the police, doing otherwise you might find yourself locked up in prison with burst kidneys, with no medical attention.
Do NOT question traditional morals and ethics, people will think you're a weirdo and a pervert, and you'll lose opportunities in life. Do not speak out when your university professor is being casually homophobic and implying that all gay people are pedophiles. She'll joke and insinuate that you're only defending them because you're homo yourself, and the whole class will laugh at you, turning you into an outcast for the rest of your university life.
Do NOT wait for a "smart girl you share interests with and really vibe with", or you'll be a virgin in your 30s. Marriage is all about expedience and paying rent. An old lady has a useless sonbasket + an old lady has a useless daughterbasket = you get married, and have children so that you can bass the buck on that whole "becoming a successful person" thing and hope your children somehow figure out that whole life thing, coz you sure as fuck didn't.

Do not repeat my mistakes.
No. 75126 Kontra
490 kB, 880 × 480
No. 75127
I wish I wasn't raised to believe I would one day be a millionaire, or a movie god, or a rock star. Now I'm very, very pissed off.
No. 75129
currently overhearing a tv program about people "increasing their qualifications" and getting better paying jobs by going to some private courses.
Their star interviewee is some lady with an engineering degree who paid for courses to become a "florist" and now makes more money by making bouquets for weddings.
This is presented as something positive.

I want to commit a bombing.
No. 75130
180 kB, 1920 × 1080
I reinstalled Dota 2 yesterday after almost 2 years of not touching it and ended up playing it for the whole day. Truly these types of multiplayer games are the digital equivalent of crack cocaine. By the end of the day I couldn't even think straight anymore, just feeling like I want to play one more game. Uninstalled it again today.
No. 75131
>I want to commit a bombing.
Please take lessons to bomb better first. For the economy.
No. 75132
>multiplayer games are the digital equivalent of crack cocaine
Not for me
t. bad at multiplayer and a habitual rage quitter
No. 75134
There are species of maggots that live in shit, eat shit, breed in shit and lay their young in sjit. And there's nothing wrong with that, from the perspective of a maggot. That's just their biological niche.

But imagine for a moment that one of those maggots were endowed with a higher intelligence, a perspective and awareness of their condition. A maggot that eats shit and lives in shit, but with the mental capacity and self awareness of a human. Can there be anything more cruel than such an existence?

That's how I feel living on the Kazakhstan.
No. 75138 Kontra
138 kB, 853 × 712
I don't know why it just dawned on me but people are on youtube making videos about EC-tier assburger subjects and getting paid for them. Why the fuck are we here?

If the maggot was indeed of some higher intelligence it could figure out a way to eat something else than shit.

T. Capitalism pro
No. 75140
>Why the fuck are we here?
You'd have to be fine being watched to be made fun of and not because people are interested in your topic.
No. 75141 Kontra
116 kB, 850 × 649
Things not looking rosy for the next exam. I'm expecting a C at best in literature.
I'm not gonna get any money next semester at this rate. I know I'm basically doing the Strelkov thing where I prophesie a horrible failure only to do all right in the end but this time it's true.

Made chicken burgers for lunch. They were pretty tasty. I might make some for dinner too. Funny thing is, I haven't shaved in a while so now stuff gets stuck on my moustache, which is pretty annoying.

I read like half the notes and now I'm going through the short stories and the essays that were assigned.
And fuck I need to practice the words too. Because the lecturer is asking us to "actively" know terminology, as in, if we read the words "Revolutionary Model Opera" then we should be able to write down "革命样板戏".
This makes everything unnecessarily hard, since if you fail the wordlist part of the exam then everything is null and void.

I have a similar issue with games that have a strong routine/loop built into them.
Like Terraria or Stardew Valley. I install them and immediately lose like a two weeks of my life. But they're just so good.

Even if you have not read Goethe, you've read ABOUT him I'm sure. You know of his achievements and of his importance. You're not completely ignorant of Goethe.
Even forcing people to read a monograph or a series of essays would be better than leaving it to a third year subject.
We're talking about people majoring in Chinese.
No. 75144
I cycled 30km today. Will do 80 tomorrow, but on tarmac, mostly.
No. 75147 Kontra
>You'd have to be fine being watched to be made fun of and not because people are interested in your topic.
I am. If it was possible for me, I would. I would shuck and jive.
No. 75152 Kontra
95 kB, 654 × 715
>Why are we here?
No. 75154
I wish there was ONE hr nigga with the cojones to call and tell me directly that I've been rejected, instead of sending an email like a bitch ass coward.
No. 75155
Got fired again?
No. 75156
No, just not hired for a better job
No. 75157
>call and tell me directly
Are the "niggas" supposed to keep calling if they don't reach you the first time? They got better things to do.
No. 75158
They sure do that at the beginning.
In fact, forget calling, they should meet me on the sreet and have their homies with them, I'll bring mine.
No. 75159
220 kB, 2048 × 1365
Kazakhstan Side Story
No. 75160 Kontra
I'd love to make an anki-deck to generate tests for myself, but in her infinite wisdom the lecturer made it so that she scanned a print version of the list that only has the hanzi and the Hungarian, no pinyin, and the OCR keeps missing shit, so it's a fuckload of time to put it into excel and I think I'm about to pop a blood vessel from this shit.
No. 75167 Kontra
61 kB, 1858 × 1080
I'm like 50% done with this bullshit. I'm not going to bed until I'm done learning how to write everything. I'll revise it again tomorrow.
Plus I still have a couple of short stories and a Mao Speech to read.
I'm so fucked for the questionnaire though based on what the others got for questions.
This subject fucking sucks.
No. 75168
>be offline for just two fucking days
>both /b/ and /int/ are exploding with posts
What the fuck is it?
Don't say "hurr durr you make shitposts and nobody cares to reply", because even if I just lurk, nobody posts.
Then, I can neither lurk nor post and BÄM! everyone and their grandma posts, brick is back again and numerous threads suddenly have stuff that actually interests me.
I am being gangstalked, aren't I?
No. 75174
>I am being gangstalked, aren't I?
No. If go away you don't experience all the "dead air" between posts you'd experience when lurking 24/7.
No. 75175 Kontra
411 kB, 960 × 540, 0:04
Learned 97/107 of the words I need. I'm going to bed. Don't have the willpower to keep writing this shit.
You know, it maybe won't be so bad. I did the extra credit stuff so I have 24 bonus points for the exam.
I'm so sorry you all had to see this.
No. 75178
Getting really difficult to tell apart cultists vs hr people from big companies.

I do not give a shit about your "mission" or "making the world a better place" ok, I just want a paycheck.
No. 75179
267 kB, 358 × 540
Hey, don't you dare to speak about social entrepreneurs in that way!
No. 75180
They want people for whom work is life so they can fuck them up more easily.
No. 75182
Had to troubleshoot a loop in the network. Some fuckhead plugged the wrong cable in the wrong socket.

This is what happens when someone who isn't me touches anything
No. 75187
At university they unironically took Mision Statements seriously. They're supposed to keep your company focused and shit, lol.

t.Business major

No. 75188
>At university they unironically took Mision Statements seriously
I have a hunch who's behind this.
No. 75199
My local PC repair shop mines crypto on a DIY rig with three graphics cards. I don't think crypto mining is a good idea overall, but even less so with how much electricity costs on the Germany.
No. 75202
> mission statements
Fugg I just opened a pandora box. Every big enough corporation has this!
What is Ernstchan's mission statement btw?

>I have a hunch who's behind this.
Puritan background of American culture?
No. 75203
>Puritan background of American culture?
No. Try again.

>What is Ernstchan's mission statement btw?
There's someone on /b/ who can fake marketing speech to a frightening degree. Go ask him to make one.
No. 75204 Kontra
Ernst, just six more posts to go and we reach a weekly new milestone!
No. 75206 Kontra
I'm with the Russian, what the fuck is a "mission statement"?
No. 75207
You know you can look stuff up on this here internet, right?
No. 75208
349 kB, 1850 × 2024
>What is Ernstchan's mission statement btw?
To facilitate serious discussion while synergizing the shittings to ensure home and wörktime remain distinct destinations.

A meaningless sentence or two which is supposed to succinctly relate what a corporation does and its reason for doing so. It's nonsense few end consumers are aware of and has also been embraced by schools. Your university probably has one.
No. 75212
Hey guys, I know I am seeing a lot of back-and-forth on this topic, but I really need to push back and raise some red flags here. Some of these phrases are foundational to our ability to drive efficiencies in a corporate landscape. Sure, some are just boilerplate solutions, leveraged to the hilt and really only keeping us at a 30,000-foot-view of things. Others, however, really allow us to get better granularity, find better directional-indicators, or loop back and dive deep into some critical issues on a go-forward basis.

I think if you all start using more of these phrases, you'll find yourself trending toward the positive, but you'll have to keep an eye on the puck. Gut through it, reduce thrash, and let's stay in lock-step on this. Yes, we will synergize!

What's the root cause of the hatred of Corporate jargon? I'll put my layman's hat on and guess that it comes from movies such as Office Space and Dilbert cartoons. But we all know that these phrases allow us to touch base in a much more efficient manner.

I have to time-box this comment, as I have a hard-stop in a moment when I will have to jump onto a call. So, just one more point that I want to cover-off on: let's socialize the idea of speaking with more corporatespeak and loop back to see whether we're being more impactful. From a management standpoint, I think that we can get the traction to do it.

So, net/net, ignore the naysayers, sidebar the folks that are stuck in the weeds, and don't waste cycles or bandwidth on folks that don't align strongly with this mission. Try it out, and we'll have another touch point in a little while to see if we've moved the needle.

If you need me, I will be online again in a bit.
No. 75214
I action that!
No. 75216
You are a genius, you know that, right?
No. 75221
47 kB, 1080 × 1080
Incredible, I'm getting PTSD from when I used to work a corporate job just by reading this
No. 75226
Oh no, ECKinsey has reached /int/!
No. 75232
Blame the banner(s)
No. 75234
No. 75245 Kontra
Which other Ernst will be going on a fundraise with me to get that EC innovation hub going? A friend of mine has this brilliant idea about a schizo radar.
No. 75246
I hate how the "self made" people talk about how much they risked to get where they are. as if the ability to risk things is not a privelege in itself.
to a well off person, "risking everything" means risking their business or career, so they must wage like the rest of us. to a middle class person, "risking everything" means becoming poor and ruining their life. to the poor, "risking everything" means a real possiblity of dying.
The risks in question are not merely quantatively different. They are categorically different.

all rich people must hang.
I don't care if you are a 14 year old kid who "merely" inherited his wealth and never had the chance to exploit poor people.
mimimimi fuck you, to the gallows you go
No. 75247
it's funny how I sometimes have casual chit chats with my bosses over a cup of coffee near the water cooler and they have no idea that if there was a revolution tomorrow and they were standing against the wall with a cloth tied over their eyes, I'd be one of the people pulling the trigger, and I'd feel nothing

sorry, I can't actually relate to you or your life problems, I was just being polite. in fact I don't empathize with you at all
it was just water cooler talk. nothing personnel
lights cigarette
No. 75248 Kontra
>I'd be one of the people pulling the trigger, and I'd feel nothing
No. 75249
>nooooo but we gave you free coffee and snacks and gifts bags on every holiday just like the corporate handbook said how could this be happening to us
pew pew pew
hahaha get fucked
No. 75250
142 kB, 817 × 1000
Capitalists can't actually feel pain. They don't have the divine spark required to conceptualize pain and suffering.
When a capitalist cries out in pain, it is merely a bio-mechanical reaction. They aren't really suffering the way humans (workers) do, but simply exhibiting the external behavior of suffering.

kicks a pregnant business lady in the belly
No. 75251 Kontra
bosses ain't shit but hoes and tricks
No. 75252
A lot of teleports behind you

What has that business lady done to you? What if she was just a low-ranking employee dressed in a blazer? A facade doesn't change the wageslave reality.
No. 75254
She renegotiated my salary to be 7% less than the amount agreed during the interview because she knew I was desperate.

But hr people will be first against the wall because they are class traitors
No. 75258
57 kB, 970 × 410
Did you get hired by Darth Vader?
"I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further."
No. 75259
913 kB, 1377 × 1791
So, how as your day, Ernst?

I went to get my hair cut, it got quite short in comparison, albeit, it's not short hair, a bit of growth and it will be fine. While I have to get used to the new look, I still like it. Good thing I know a place where I can get my hair cut without feeling horrible afterward.
No. 75261
113 kB, 960 × 720
1,4 MB, 2137 × 2961
I slept like four hours. Got terrible nightmares and woke up after sleeping two, and then I slept another two. Made a flask of strong tea and left for the exam.
I had 20 minutes do kill so I went to building B fist. I consulted with a lecturer about writing a study next semester for that competition and she said that she'd leave me a copy of an anthology that contains "good" studies written for the contest from the previous years' competitions. She put it in a brief, wrote her and my name on it and then used two pins to fasten it to a board alongside the other notices. I expected it to get stolen, but it was still there after a week she put it up.
You know it made me feel good for some reason. The fact that it had my name on it an everything.

Took the exam afterwards. Since I didn't do it during the last week, I had to sit the "pre-exam" too. That was the 107 words that we were questioned on. We were asked to write down 20 expressions in Chinese.
I got 16/20. Lost one on shitty handwriting, two on a bad radical and one because I simply didn't know it.
Don't know if other universities have this sort of thing. Basically if you fail this, then you are not allowed to take the actual exam. But otherwise it has no impact on your grade.

I took my time on the actual exam I drank all the tea and took plenty of grape sugar drops. Strawberry flavoured grape sugar drops. Yeah.
First time on the faculty when a to a question the correct answer was simply "Mao Zedong". (Basically we were tasked to recognise a quote from one of the Yan'an speeches on art.)
There was like one question I couldn't answer at all. (As in, not even bullshit in something that might be worth some points.)
That was the question "Who was Tung-pao?" (And subsequently which work he was in, who write it and what was his occupation in that work.)
Genuinely had no idea. I asked afterwards and the reply was "Wouldn't you like to know lmao"

Returned a book to the library, chatted a bit with the librarian (who held the exam beforehand) and then went on my way. Told her I slept like four hours and she said that it's not worth it, and the previous night you should go to the cinema and see a movie instead of cramming.
I had lunch at the Turkish pizzeria where they speak Hungarian but pretend to be Italian.
Looked through the book carts and found a Tanizaki Junichiro novel I didn't know that got published in Hungarian. All in all I got three books today. Also got this small collection of Deng's speeches. It's a 2011 re-issue by a shitty press in a series called "classics of demagogy". I don't feel like this is all that accurate for this even from a western standpoint. Like it's kinda true for their re-issue of the little red book, but this is more like a collection of historical primary sources.
The original was one of those "for internal consumption" materials published by the party that were all numbered to make sure they don't get into regular circulation.

It rained heavily during the night, and I noticed that plants have a growth-spurt whenever it rains. Rain is just simply better than my watering for some reason. Anyway, one of the sunflowers now is like over 20 centimetres tall and is beginning to form a bulb in the middle.
Two other are not far behind. The remaining three are not doing great. Well, two, one is still growing. That sprouted like two weeks later.
Tomato plants are starting to have flowers.
Plus the first marigold bulb is forming too.

Mom and dad came home yesterday from the trip. Brought home some Austrian groceries.
Some chocolate, cocoa, coffee. Went over into Switzerland too so I got a large Toblerone too.
Plus a tube of Pringles.
They were satisfied with the state of the household when they returned.

Tomorrow I'll start working on that Cao Yu study. And clean up this room because it's a mess. Already put away the books. It had that cliché "chaotic study" look with the empty coffee cup and carelessly piled up books on the ground sprinkled with notes.
Don't know what I should do with the writing practice sheets. I guess I should just throw them out, but it feels wrong.
No. 75262 Kontra
68 kB, 434 × 600
I have the mind of a monkey and it troubles me greatly.
No. 75265
271 kB, 357 × 346
A day of stress and worry. Thought about removing the feelings with a bottle of vodka. Would've lead to being hungover so an entire chocolate bar was consumed instead. Feelings are still there. And wörk continues.

No. 75267
69 kB, 1059 × 624
>so an entire chocolate bar was consumed

I did so yesterday. Today just half a bar (so far). Milka in all varieties is on discount.
No. 75269
Went to bed before finishing Origin game 1. QLD won, feels bad man. At least I'm not in enemy territory any more, so I don't got to look at their smug maroon mugs all day.
t. Blues supporter

For the barbarians: https://wikipedia.org/wiki/State_of_Origin_series
No. 75270 Kontra
34 kB, 431 × 401
Is this post written in pidgin or something? I can't read it.

Keep lowering that dose. Tomorrow a quarter only! I'm gonna go cold turkey though.
No. 75271
78 kB, 300 × 498, 0:00
My sportsball team lost, perkele!
t. finngol translator help helper
No. 75273
Yay sportsball!
Boo losing!
No. 75279 Kontra
10 kB, 473 × 372
:DD Thank you for translating! Sorry for your loss. You'll get them next time!
No. 75280
No work tomorrow. It's a the day of the race Lusophone communities.
Feels good and I suppose nothing especially bad would happen if I just dragged my feet for the remaining couple of hours.
Lisbon bastards get Monday off too as it is St. Anthony's day.
No. 75282
you ever see someone really physically attractive on the bus and go "man fuck this"?

I think we should categorize really attractive people as "honorary bourgeois" on the day of the wall.
No. 75283
41 kB, 612 × 446
Enjoy the long weekend! Unless the day off brings you additional responsibilities. My deepest apologies for not being educated enough on Lucy... Lucife... Lusophonian cultures and customs.
No. 75286
I was worrying that I might be developing a crush on a lady at work, but today I got a closer look at her and was relieved to find out that I didn't like the shape of her chin.

Stole a graphics card and a stick of ram from work today. Retards bought a top end gaming PC and since then used it a simple kiosk terminal for some program.

I relieved them of the unnecessary electricity consumption.
I'm an environmentalist like that.
No. 75287
>Lisbon bastards get Monday off too as it is St. Anthony's day.
Tony Tony, come around! The workers are lost and can't be found! :DDD

I have never seen a genuinely head-turning attractive person irl.
No. 75296
86 kB, 754 × 394
152 kB, 800 × 533
234 kB, 1400 × 933
35 kB, 308 × 400
It's not funny. After this long weekend, I shudder to imagine the catastrophe that will unfold. Saint Anthony's marches are usually just energized because of their proximity to what is usually days of talking about the greatness of our linguistic heritage and Portugalidade. This one, creating a weekend from Friday to Monday - culminating after a couple of years of diminished celebrations for when they still hadn't eradicated the plague. I expect a national jubilee of enormous proportions. Actual tons of sardines will be devoured in a single night by people driven by Church blessing. Puke will mix with piss on the cobblestones of Lisbon - Saint Anthony's day is upon us.
No. 75297
135 kB, 1280 × 720
> categorize really attractive people as "honorary bourgeois" on the day of the wall.
Expropriate social capital!
No. 75299
198 kB, 768 × 1024
Ok, I don't want to be mean, maybe I was just tired and it's not very professional. But I'm surprised how some people make it to an MA program in the humanities while having struggle with texts and proper research (it's not their specific niche and type of texts I guess of course). How else can it be that PR buzzlingo appears in a presentation ("I did research") the person could not (how anyway?) explain any of this lingo properly. Two from three people basically had only a very vague idea of what they were talking about and the texts they were supposed to represent. Worst of all, I have encountered such a person in a group work. Doing the bare minimum (or less from my pov), not reading texts but only doing some surface level google search and then call it a day when they found something somehow related to central words from the texts. If I ever get to the level of a teacher, I wonder if I will just give a shit or burn these people. I hope I notice this then. Sometimes you cannot tell how much work went into a presentation. It really can depend, a very volatile issue :DDD
But for this presentation, I'm quite sure not a lot of effort went into it. One has to consider these people have other stuff to deliver that is graded or they have work or just don't care, but for me this feels kinda disrespectful.
No. 75302 Kontra
I think it's less a humanities thing than a general degeneration, with how people get Abitur today who would have just so made the Hauptschule just 20 years ago. The bar has just been lowered. We don't have more university students because education in Germany has improved or kids have gotten smarter, but just because we changed the definitions, so the dumb kids won't have to feel dumb anymore.

I personally have had enough experiences with students who, in a better world, would have gone straight to a low-impact, low responsibility job where they have to push a button from time to time or something, because they really weren't fit for anything more demanding.

In recent years my colleagues had started to collect Stilblüten (no idea what the english word is) of exam answers. Some of them are really funny if you ignore how sad it actually is really, as it's the kind of answers that clearly lack ANY kind of understanding and these are people who are studying that shit because they're into it.
We also once had a boy who studied informatics who was supposed to help with the website; he asked for a new graphics card for his work computer, and stayed about on script kiddie level throughout. Gladly he got fired eventually when our boss noticed he really couldn't do ANYTHING asked of him.

I know I am being polemic, but Iesu Xristo, kids today are really fucking dumb.

t. scientist Ernst
No. 75303 Kontra
Well yeah, the university has become a job market thing and scientific ponderings second. And the 'developed' societies are "high-tech" driven and managerial. You need a workforce for that. I recently listed to a lecture by this mathematician of HAW who said that most people don't need the stuff they learn once they are employed. Only a rather small people really "innovate" (trying to subtract here that science is a collective effort anyway). Even if I stay at university, I couldn't tell if I would just do my thing or if I can become a "name" for anything I did, granted I even make it past a dissertation of course. Just let me return to the job market thing quickly: I don't think a daycare person needs a degree but on the other hand, I would like to know that these people might have undergone some systemic self-reflection of what they are doing besides their gut feel and personal qualities, which is not to be devalued whatsoever. A theory doesn't help if you hate children by heart.
When I entered university after school I wasn't prepared for shit and would be considered stupid af, I was quite a bad student as well in school (I hated it, other things were more important), but completely turned around when I went to university the second time. Some people have qualities not yet developed. And I don't consider myself especially intelligent, but you still notice those people that got a hang on things discussed and others that struggle quite a bit when asked what they are actually doing when studying their discipline and its specificities.
No. 75304 Kontra
I want to add: many people might not be suited for universities and many people also give up their studies. But on the other hand many people that might have never went to university back then would have been suited. Social/cultural and economic issues play a role here when it comes to the closed elite understanding of university.
No. 75305
Man I used to think I was pretty handsome under all that fat.

B now that I'm losing a good bit of weight and my facial structure is showing through
no, not really
No. 75307 Kontra
Burn more, you must have some bones, don't you?

>lower the dose

I bought four bars today. One is open.
No. 75308 Kontra
36 kB, 487 × 495
Instead of a lower dose you chose to overdose!
No. 75310
469 kB, 1600 × 1169
No. 75311 Kontra

It was only this bar tonight, though.
No. 75312 Kontra
75 kB, 1484 × 1071
My sleep's totally fucked.
I woke up at six and went back to sleep and then slept until noon.
There was a storm last night and it topped the fucking parasols, so I had to get that fixed. Put a few more bricks on the bottom of it so it shouldn't happen again. I drained the water from some of the plants.
You know I didn't put on anything I just went out in boxes, which was a bad idea because a nettle plant brushed against my leg and it was itching for like half an hour.
No idea what's the point of having Türk tier hair on your legs if it won't even protect against this stuff.

Then it started raining again. I managed to groom myself a bit and then I went to do the oral part of the German mock-exam. Also got the corrected Schreiben part.
It was pretty good, except for the word order, the noun declination, verb conjugation and phrasal verbs.
Statistically speaking I'm like ~10% away from getting an actual C1 degree.
We basically agreed that I'll look through the grammar during summer.
Speaking part was okay too. The same shit as always. I speak fluently, but that's because I don't seem to give a shit if I make an error, I just keep going.
Went to McDonald's afterwards to eat some trash and then came home.

My back kinda hurts. It's like I'm waiting for it to crack but it never does and it's really weird. Don't know if it's all the sitting or if I somehow slept wrong.

Nobody reads. Ever. Unless they are forced to.
But loads of people feel entitled to the position of being an intellectual.
You can't drop the academic equivalent of napalm on them immediately because then your numbers will be low with the department. You need like a good 10-15 years of prestige and research to really cement yourself and then you can become the asshole prof. But by the time that happens you might not give a shit.
And by the time you get people in college they're already 18-20 somethings. You're not going to change their habits. Especially considering they can just avoid your classes if there's a possibility.
You'd need concentrated effort on part of the staff + a serious reduction in spending (decrease of students accepted) to do anything about the situation. Plus you'd need to make it that a Gymnasium functions as a Gymnasium and trains people who are capable of reading, not whatever the fuck they're doing now.
No. 75313
I went recently to one of those very big consoomer geek conventions. A lot of people in a very small space, I really felt out of place and nobody’s going to convince me to come back again.
At one point I was queuing for some Japanese treats and overlooked the phones of the two cosplayed girls in front of me and noticed they were both looking at a photo folder called nudes filled with LED lightened, pictures of their bodies and comparing them. The queue was getting long and we ended having a bit of an unrelated chitchat about the convention.
No. 75314
464 kB, 672 × 547
>You can't drop the academic equivalent of napalm on them immediately because then your numbers will be low with the department. You need like a good 10-15 years of prestige and research to really cement yourself and then you can become the asshole prof. But by the time that happens you might not give a shit.

I was wondering how that works. If people just distribute good grades because of metrics.
Still cannot get over the fact that today I witnessed people that basically delivered very much empty talk for 5-10min. I mean maybe they don't have the time to prepare properly because of reasons but wtf what will these people do later on? It felt like I was listening to a lazy school presentation where people just summarized a Wikipedia article (I did this in school, ah the late 2000s)

>And by the time you get people in college they're already 18-20 somethings. You're not going to change their habits.

Well, I can bring them in touch with reality that way though. The times I got humbled by bad grades are a good check on reality and that I need to work on some things. But I don't trust good grades too much anymore anyway since they happen so often. Even with good grades, I know there is so much more room for improvement.
No. 75317
230 kB, 727 × 485
Yaroslavl, 2 FtM transgenders to be sent to male prison for drug dealing
They wanted to use drug money for gender reassignment surgery

Convicts: "We did not killed or raped anybody"
No. 75318
>2 FtM transgenders to be sent to male prison
More progressive than Murrica, for sure.
No. 75319
Just depersonalized at work for a few seconds.

Realized that I was sitting here, in a fluorescent lit office room, the two people next to me were trying to find a document someone misplaced, and I was making a list of all the printer cartridges we have in the building. My mind's eye shifted somewhere outside my body and it felt like I was observing the scene from the third person.
Time froze and the whole situation suddenly seemed weird and surreal. That such an arrangement of objects as I was observing existed at all.
Shit was so cash.

Then it went back to normal. We have 7 different types of cartridges for 10 different models of printers all over the building. I should write a report and a proposal for standardization to the management, and negotiate a budget with the financial department.
No. 75320
Work depersonalising is epic. I do it semi regularly, really kicks in during times of extreme alienation.
No. 75321 Kontra
1,6 MB, 1492 × 1160
>That such an arrangement of objects as I was observing existed at all. Shit was so cash.

Welcome to some contemporary strands of humanities and social sciences and their general interests.

media studies are just one examples of a arrangement analysis that encompasses objects, humans and their doings (sitting at a table, in front of a computer, doing stuff); there are social theories that work with objects, integrate them into their theory of the social
No. 75322
To be clear, I file humans under "objects" as well.
No. 75323 Kontra
Keep your "science"-babble out of interesting human experiences, object!
No. 75324 Kontra
There is a posthuman strand of humanities that regards the human as node in a network or arrangement. Animals, objects etc could be such elements. So technically there is no contradiction with what you call objects, it might be not very precise in that is calls upon a subject/object distinction. Better then humans and objects make an arrangement, just call it an arrangement of elements (humans, media technology, animals, raw material just to name something) and you are there.
No. 75325 Kontra
Why that you might ask? Because the humanities, looking at their own history found their historicity and tried to get another perspective on what the human is and one result is that the human is made in relation to objects.
No. 75327
>Still cannot get over the fact that today I witnessed people that basically delivered very much empty talk for 5-10min. I mean maybe they don't have the time to prepare properly because of reasons but wtf what will these people do later on? It felt like I was listening to a lazy school presentation where people just summarized a Wikipedia article (I did this in school, ah the late 2000s)
So basically you had the "outsider experience with humanities".
Maybe those are later on the most vocal and prominent types and maybe that's where the reputation comes from.
No. 75330 Kontra
>Maybe those are later on the most vocal and prominent types and maybe that's where the reputation comes from.

Doubt, these people won't go anywhere beyond their masters.

The reputation comes from misunderstandings and lack of knowledge on both sides of the "trench" for which I have no interested in deepening anyway.

Just today looking in the history of media studies it became clear to me that they don't operate positivistic though they have results. They is a positivistic media studies in Germany, it's a mix communication science and sociology studying mass media (newspaper analog and digital, radio, TV, internet) that is also interested in quantified findings (how many people watched it, some quantification of the effects it has in the best cases and such things.). And there is the poststructuralist, "postmodern" media studies that is not concerned with the giveness of the social, perception and mass media. It is historic and concerned with the conditions of what is conceived of as given and tries to show that what seems to be given, is not just given but actively (and historically) produced. This of course cannot simply be displayed in numbers or statistics. Rather, the conditions of statistics are looked into. And this does not mean if it is mathematically proper, that is a tasks od mathematics.
No. 75331
Personally I'd go more granular and classify humans as collections of "objects" or "systems" or even more fundamentally, "principles" in themselves, and those "principles" are not necessarily self contained in the human, they might interconnect with other objects in the "environment", or one such object can even lay partially inside the human system, and partially outside.

The perception of there being boundaries between objects is a monkey brain abstraction. It may as well be that everything is a continuous whole, or that the granularity of primitive objects is so fine that finding a boundary is like trying to extract signal from noise.

>calls upon a subject/object distinction
The subject is the Divine Totality (tm)
No. 75332 Kontra
One consequence I think this type of media studies has to deal (and its part of cultural studies as well they are very much linked) with is the notion of self-referentiality. The "normal" sciences have banned this concept from their undertakings as it means giving up on a clear subject/object distinction that is crucial in the undertaking of science since its European inception a few hundred years ago. But banning this notion to operate successfully doesn't mean self-referentiality does not exist. The consequences of such a phenomenon are still something to be taken as a phenomenon that needs to be scrutinized. The normal sciences ban such phenomena from their scrutiny as they in my understanding cannot account for it anyway and thus discard it.
No. 75333
287 kB, 1498 × 1213
39 kB, 1128 × 273
I was browsing through a web store, and came across a potential new mene.

Please rate.
No. 75334
177 kB, 755 × 657
>Doubt, these people won't go anywhere beyond their masters.
Is that from experience or mere assumptions?
No. 75335 Kontra
216 kB, 1600 × 990
Media studies is also self-referential and cannot escape it since what is said about media is done by/through media. Just like thinking about language happens with/through language, language is a medium. The invention of script must have had enormous consequences for humans and their self conception and self image, what does it mean to write down thoughts? Some say it allows for a distance.


I'm not sure. Humans can be conceived as systems and are nested within other systems, for example a corporate system, an office system that is composed of power relations, media technology, plants, food, the architecture of the place, and so on. Systems boundaries seems to be a tricky issue with this nestedness. My suspicion is that the humanities, at least part of it, incorporated a lot of systems theories (there are different systems theories) concepts and applied them in their endeavor to understand cultural and social reality as systems. I think there is still a debate if (general) systems actually exist or if it is just a human heuristic, like a model.

>of there being boundaries between objects is a monkey brain abstraction

drawing boundaries is a practice of humans to many humanity scholars. It is constitutive of being human in a way. One can then think about what the consequences are. If cow is distinguished as profane or sacred makes a "real world" or material difference.

It has potential. It could be filled with great advice and high effort answers that have and will be given on this board.
No. 75336 Kontra
Certainly not in academia is what I meant. They might get a high-ranking job somewhere else, I don't care, they might suit the profile better than academia.
Simply by experience as no person that went beyond a master I know is presenting, researching and arguing as they did.
No. 75337
29 kB, 512 × 417
Regarding boundaries between objects being a human illusion, I like to use the example of counting objects.

You have a chair. The chair has 4 legs. But how do you know it has 4 legs? Where in this object is the property of "fourness" contained? Imagine if the chair is carved from a solid block of wood. How did we extract 4 discrete entities from this continuous thing?

There's two conclusion, either the discrete quantity is a Divine Object as per platonism, or it's a construct of the human mind.
No. 75338
52 kB, 1128 × 273
43 kB, 1128 × 273
39 kB, 1128 × 273
Approved by the EC meme council board.
No. 75339 Kontra
>Certainly not in academia is what I meant.
Since academia is a scam anyway, that might just be the smarter move.
No. 75340
860 kB, 512 × 512, 0:03
No. 75345 Kontra
I achieved nothing today besides walking to the store to buy some sandwich spread and a pretzel.
Dad bought a big knife. Initially I suspected he wants to make döner at home or something, but as it turns out, he bought a "retro breadknife". Well, an actual breadknife bakers used in the 80s. Usually he has some grandiose narrative behind why this stuff is cool and we NEED IT AT HOME but with this he just keep repeating it's just like in the olden days when bakers cut up 2kg loaves in front of you. I don't think he realises that most bread sold today is pre-sliced.
Anyway, I think I'm going to use it to cut down plants, since he took the machete and never brought it back. Just gotta wait until he leaves for a business trip.

Got my last stipend for the semester. I have two semesters' worth of money on my account.
I fucking hate how whenever the money arrives, I wake up and the Forint decides to shit itself and jump down the third floor. It was like 320 before covid, it's ~400 now. Bullshit if you ask me.
I'll probably get a decent sum again, since my average is 4.5/5 right now.

I guess another day of relaxation can't hurt. My sleep's almost completely fixed now.
Gonna play a couple of games of C&C and maybe watch an episode or two of Three Kingdoms.

For some reason the mp3 player I ordered from aliexpress decided to get returned on its own. No idea why. Bullshit.
Maybe I should put my knowledge of Chinese to use and ask the seller why.

Oh, also Chinese lit exam got corrected. Got 166/200 points on the test itself, and then the 23 points for the essay translation were added, so I'll get an A. Un-fucking-believable.
Honestly didn't expect it.

>Well, I can bring them in touch with reality that way though.
No. They will just consider you an asshole and your subject shit.
You will not cause a paradigm shift in them.
t. sees this every semester

>I was wondering how that works. If people just distribute good grades because of metrics.
I think sometimes fresh adjuncts will be a bit more lenient because they feel some sort of sympathy. Here the harshest lecturers I've heard of were all old farts who got tenure way back in the late 80s so they were socialised in the previous system. (And consequently since the decision of who to accept as students was taken from them they enjoy using their own exams as a way to fuck over people they deem unworthy of studying at a university. Though some younger profs do that too. As in, they fail you and then recommend another institution of higher education or leaving higher education alltogether.)

There is also the fact that you will eventually give up wanting to change students. I talked to a lot of lecturers, and a lot of them are good at what they research, but teaching BAtards who don't give a shit is hard, and after a decade you sort of give up trying to change them. Just focus on those that want to engage with you and the subject.

Also afaik here some faculties have a "fail quota". Even though they accept more people as first years, they still make sure to fail some of them. Don't know why. Maybe it's the market.

Le kazakh faec
No. 75346 Kontra
10 kB, 480 × 360
Have a nice weekend, Ernst.

Mine's off to a horrible start as I was about to get some beers, but was only available to do so now. But the time is 15 minutes past 9pm. Fuck this gommunist hellhole.
No. 75347
>I talked to a lot of lecturers, and a lot of them are good at what they research, but teaching BAtards who don't give a shit is hard, and after a decade you sort of give up trying to change them. Just focus on those that want to engage with you and the subject.

Frankly, that is what I imagine my future to be like when I stay at university. Even when I was tutoring people I was just focusing on the ones that were interested and engaged even though I always addressed everyone if they have questions, along the lines of

>did you understand what I said, have you been able to follow me presenting stuff some people are bad at explaining? you can just ask me, there is no shame in asking questions.

I never talk much about teaching with lecturers, how did the session go, was there a lively debate or was it a tar session? Or remarks on how people go in directions completely off of what was somehow the content of what was the aim to be mediated to them. I mean venturing off is not bad necessarily.

To be fair uni can be intimidating and being sort of alone with other often clueless people can be hard. Some eventually overcome this. I often wonder if people really understand what they are doing, if they get a grip in the discipline they actually enrolled in. Or if they just find it sort of interesting or do it for financial reasons and look for checking the boxes and having a vague idea of what the whole is about.
No. 75349 Kontra
Venturing off is fun during seminars. But it's only possible if the participants are willing to do it. The issue is that in my experience, people even in the second year chicken out from saying the darnest things during seminars.
Or even say much of anything. I know it was a fucking meme for a week that a New York Times chick bitched moaned about not having debate in universities, but it's sorta-kinda true.
For example during the translation courses I took, I barely received any criticism from my fellow students. They always tip-toed around the things they didn't like.

Most people going to university don't go there because they have a genuine interest in the subject, they just want the paper. Or don't want to work and want to use university as a way to postpone becoming an adult.
Most people in the Chinese BA here would be better off attending an intensive course at a Confucius Institute because they don't give a shit about anything else than having a paper proving they speak Chinese. Tang-Wang-Shang they don't care.
Universities are no longer an "elite" thing. Anybody can get in and it shows. (Yes, that includes me.)
No. 75351
>To be fair uni can be intimidating and being sort of alone with other often clueless people can be hard.
That's one of the main points of uni though. Generations have managed to do it and before the bolognese times it was even harder when one had to make their own schedule, unlike now when it's just advanced school with set schedules.
Uni really should be more sink or swim again.
No. 75354
No. 75355
After dark stopping by my parents' house unannounced I saw their house unlit and their car absent but an unfamiliar car with the door open and the engine running in the driveway. Running through a number of implausible scenarios I could only conclude the person was either indoors or elsewhere on my parents' property. I considered slinging on my AR-15 and confronting them but I remembered replies to previous posts I made on these threads and decided I might be unnecessarily looking for opportunities to kill people so it would be better if I didn't. So instead of having something interesting to tell all that happened is I ran into my friend's girlfriend who was picking up something for him and who leaves her car running and wastes gas but for some reason doesn't turn on the lights. I'm pleased with my decision not to threaten her with a gun. The end.
No. 75356
42 kB, 413 × 413
Weren't so hard, see? We're all very proud of you.
No. 75361
403 kB, 1050 × 700
>it was even harder when one had to make their own schedule

I've heard this numerous times, but I never got explained what that means. Since my parents never went to uni I cannot ask them. How can I picture this kind of study? There must have been duties one had to do and plans when and what you need to study, no? Some things that were deemed necessary to attend? Or did you have been completely free in studying what your faculty was offering/teaching? I heard that one had fewer examinations while acquiring a degree.
No. 75362
5 kB, 208 × 242
31c and high humidity
I feel like I've been transported to Brazil.

Send help.
No. 75363
>Send help.
Sending an emergency hope it helps.
No. 75364
Return to sender.
Is there a 2hu that's cold but also dry?
No. 75365
> Since my parents never went to uni I cannot ask them
Have you also never talked to people who did a Diplom?

But in short, it was something like "find out where classes are taught, here's your study guide, make sure you have the necessary exams if you want to get your Diplom".
Obviously not necessarily as freeform as described, as e.g. there were still things like Vordiplom, but I have a friend who, when he started studying, crashed HARD because suddenly he had to actually take care of things instead of cruising on his intellect alone. He's now a teacher lol.
But to come back to it, yeah, you basically had to build your own schedule out of the offered classes to get your Scheine necessary for approval of your Diploma thesis.
Of course this also gave a bit of leeway, like only taking classes in the afternoon because you want to sleep in and such.
Thursday is not student party night without reason. I wouldn't know, thanks to civilian duty I got into the very first year of my major's BSc, so I had classes Mon-Fri from 9 to 6.
Being able to freely choose of course could seriously fuck up people with shitty time management. I remember one of the PhD students in the institute I did my bachelor thesis at said "ohh I like that you have such a tight schedule, I could have finished a year or two earlier, hadn't I slacked around teehee".

It was certainly a system favoring the smart and diligent more than what is done now.
No. 75369
> Generations have managed to do it and before the bolognese times it was even harder when one had to make their own schedule, unlike now when it's just advanced school with set schedules.

My personal experience as a B.Sc. student during the second half of the 2000s, at a German university:
There was a plan that recommended, but not required, certain lectures and seminaries to be taken during a certain semester.

Some foundations-lectures were required in the sense that you needed this specific lecture to get a degree, and some you had to pick, those were just labeled 'specialized lecture I', 'specialized lecture II', ... , 'advanced lecture I', 'advanced lecture II', ..., 'lecture in minor I', etc. All the specialized lectures had to be from the same area of specialization, while advanced lectures could be chosen from all areas of specialization. Other than that, it was the same set of lectures.

The pro-seminary could be in any arbitrary area, but the seminaries had to be from the same area of specialization as the specialized lectures, which limited choice. Students who tried to sign up for seminaries too late were not able to find a spot and had to wait until next semester.

Students were not required to take "Foundations of my narrow focus of research" with professor Y in order to take "Advanced topics in my narrow focus of reseach" with professor Y, but if you did chose to attend part II without attending part I, you were on your own.

Each and every lecture came with an exam, either written or oral. No exam, no credit, that is one difference from pre-bologna-times.

The a 'orientation examination' at the end of semester 3 put a restriction on when you took certain exams. This examination was a "virtual examination". Students automatically passed after passing 3 written exams for 3 lectures in basic principles. We were supposed to take those lectures in Semester 1 and 2, but were free to take them in 2 and 3. (not possible to take all of them in 3, though, since they were held yearly.) These lectures were the only three lectures we absolutely had to attend in semesters 1-3.

Exams did not have to be taken in the semester you attended the lecture. Once you gained admittance to the exam (prüfungsberechtigt), you could take it at a later point in time. So the 'orientation examination' could in theory be passed by passing three exams in semester 3.

All of the lectures we were supposed to take in Semesters 1 and 2 had exercises and tutor groups, so did most of the later lectures. Exercises did not contribute to grades, but handing in (decent) solutions before the deadline was required to gain admittance to the exams. Attendance at the tutor groups was required to gain admittance to the exam.

For the big beginner-lectures, there were multiple tutor groups for each lecture, taking place in different rooms in different buildings on different campuses all over town at different times. Those groups could collide with lectures and with each other if you did not pick carefully.

Sign-up for tutor-groups happened in the form of lists on black boards (black board closest to the respective professors office), on a first-come-first-served-basis. In unlucky cases, you were late for sign-up, you had to sign up for a tutor group that collided with a lecture (not so bad, no attendance taken in lectures) or collided with another tutor group (bad, attendance taken in tutor groups, you had to find some other student who was ready to trade groups, or you would half to wait until next year.)

We were supposed to take lectures in a minor starting from semester 1. There were seven minors to pick from, each with a set of lectures to pick from (3 out of 4 or something like that). Those lectures, again, came with tutor groups we had to sign up for. Those tutor groups took place at the department where the minor was hosted. In the extreme case, that meant 10km away at the other end of the city.

Some lectures, even in the minor, came with lab-sessions. In that case you took "lecture y", and you had to do "lab sessions for lecture y". But you had to sign up for the lab sessions separately. Most lab sessions were offered both during the semester (one session per week) and during the semester break (all sessions in two weeks, one per day.) Sign-up was, again, done with lists on blackboards.

Obviously, no one ever handed any of us a schedule.

In later semesters, it was theoretically possible to cram all your lectures, seminaries, etc. into Monday, Wednesday and Tuesday, at least in theory, but that would have severely limited your selection.

Main difference to the Diploma-studies as I see it:
  • only exams for lectures, no Vordiplom/Hauptdiplom
  • but exams for each and every lecture, no credits for attendance anywhere
  • did not have to personally combat the professors secretaries over my credits in a written form, a central register was introduced

I was wondering about that. It might just be the usual old-timer talk. "you kids have it easy, I walked to school, it was uphill both ways, during snow storms, in both winter and summer".
No. 75370 Kontra
136 kB, 600 × 458
Trying to find a simple activity bracelet for my parents to replace the old ones they use and it's impossible. All the new/current ones on sale require you to pair them up with your phone and have so much useless shit cluttering them up. Not to mention acting as some Chinese spy probe inserted up your ass, measuring your vitals and location 24/7/365 that doesn't work unless you let them spy on you. And as usual, no one cares. Wahoo new shiny product big screen all day tracking hydration reminder guided meditation sleep analysis personalized workouts calendar pairing amazon alexa quick reply messages FUCK YOU!
No. 75373
>you kids have it easy, I walked to school, it was uphill both ways, during snow storms, in both winter and summer".
I can only tell from my own experience that students today certainly have it made easier for them.
I remember submitting a protocol and the supervisor not letting me pass until I had fixed one specific axis in one specific figure.
During my time as supervisor, I was glad when they had even labeled their axes. Pulling something as described wouldn't have been possible.
We didn't even look for form and speech anymore because even the german kids weren't able to form proper sentences.
No. 75374
I can not believe we are even having this debate in 2022.
As far as I know, the last people who enrolled for Diploma-degrees started in 2004. That would make you about 40 years old, about 5 years older than me.

As I wrote above, I was B.Sc. student in the second half of the 2000s.
As I wrote above, we had lab sessions.

Modus operandi of our lab sessions:
We had to hand in preparatory work, graded, a short oral examination before we were allowed to start lab work, graded, and protocols, graded. If those protocols were not perfect, they were handed back to us for corrections. If they were not perfect on the second try, they were handed back again. If they were not acceptable then, that meant failure, do it again next semester.

And of course we had to label the axes of our plots. That is middle-school subject matter, taught in baby's first lab-session in Physics- or Chemistry class, at the latest. If your students are too lazy to do that, have them fail. It is not like they do not know better. Every plot in every book, paper, and data-sheet they have ever seen has labeled axes.

One explanation for the lack of axes labels is the increased use of word and excel instead of good tools like latex and gnuplot. Microsoft office applications makes it incredibly tedious to label axes. Every time I have to do that, I have to google the process and someone should be hanged for it.

As a side note, people who pride themselves on having a Diploma instead of a Master's degree have few professional achievements and are desperate to find something else to be proud of, in that case being born early enough to sign their Emails with Dipl.-Ing. Stefan Muller instead of M.Sc. Stefan Muller.
No. 75376
Hold on a minute, different Ernst here just following your discussion so far, but I've got to chime in at this point, because...

What are the chances that there are two Ernsts from the same uni when it's not even a large or particularly popular one? I've just looked up how many students we have according to wikipedia and it's well below 20.000. Since I don't know of anyone else here browsing EC... this is either coincidence or reason for paranoia, I guess.

And clearly you were/are in FB4. I wonder how long we've seen each others posts while potentially going to the same classes. Have you been to EC long?
No. 75378
tried to do something mentally intensive, and got a throbbing headache after a few hours
happens all the time

so yeah, this is why I'm a loser with a shit job.
try learning anything complicated when thinking gives you migraines lmao.
No. 75379
>As far as I know, the last people who enrolled for Diploma-degrees started in 2004. That would make you about 40 years old, about 5 years older than me.

Well, you know wrong, then. Also, you should try to read better, because I wrote I was part of the very first batch of Bachelors for my major (which I also did in the second half of the 00s, which would make me about 5 years younger than you assumed :^). Fun fact: Because we were the first year they just winged it and even put us in lab courses with Diplom students, just because they hadn't really developed any proper BSc courses yet.

That also means that the people who started the year before me still enrolled as Dipl., and the uni I did my PhD work at only finally replaced BSc/MSc in the 10s, afaik. At least there were people who started studying after me who still were in a Diplom program.

>And of course we had to label the axes of our plots. That is middle-school subject matter, taught in baby's first lab-session in Physics- or Chemistry class, at the latest. If your students are too lazy to do that, have them fail. It is not like they do not know better. Every plot in every book, paper, and data-sheet they have ever seen has labeled axes.
Oh wow, thanks for this idea, I never thought about it. Have. Them. Fail.
Oh my god, you're an absolute genius! I certainly never tried that and got blasted by my boss for it! And nobody else has ever tried that and got blasted by the brat's parents!
But in all seriousness, we, as supervisors, were quite literally bound and gagged because of politics and statistics with trying to get more students to pass and all that bullshit. My experience was exactly the same as yours.

>One explanation for the lack of axes labels is the increased use of word and excel instead of good tools like latex and gnuplot. Microsoft office applications makes it incredibly tedious to label axes. Every time I have to do that, I have to google the process and someone should be hanged for it.
Oh come on, don't be a command line sperg. I also did all my protocols and reports with Word and for some reason never had problems with labeling (except that one occasion, which, I forgot to mention, was completely justified by the supervisor).
No. 75380
40 kB, 1128 × 273
I had the problem that after a few hours of learning my head felt like it was buzzing, and instead of reading stuff I was only able to stare at the pages. I took that as a sign that the chemicals needed for learning were exhausted and that I needed a break of at least an hour or so, better two.
No. 75381
But my favorite youtube motivational coach said I must study for 12 hours a day consecutively, and only sleep 6 hours, or else I'll never make it.

I usually get up and pace around, listen to a song, mindlessly scroll the internet, etc. for half an hour or so until the buzzing goes away. Then I have another 30 minutes of brain stuff until it comes back. Repeat.
But there's types of people who can sit down and do brain stuff all day. Imagine how much further behind such a person you'd be, given equal starting conditions.
No. 75382
>But my favorite youtube motivational coach
If he had any clue he'd have a decent job and wouldn't be a youtube motivational coach.
>Imagine how much further behind such a person you'd be
I know that feel. I work in tech and there are tons of people who also have that as their hobby and they just continue doing shit after work while I tend to not so shit after work.
No. 75385 Kontra
>I work in tech and [...] I tend to not [d]o shit after work.
Indeed, you don't need to be working/studying 24/7 unless you want to be the very best. Mediocrity is just fine if you're working a job. Unless what you're working on is your ultimate passion and thing that gives you immense satisfaction you're most likely going to be mediocre, or bang your head against a wall trying to force your way through.
No. 75386
58 kB, 700 × 700
>Mediocrity is just fine if you're working a job
True. Why would I even want to be the best at working for a company? This sounds like being the best at being exploited. If you're self-employed or following your dream, well, go ahead, but otherwise? Not worth it in my opinion. I go for the minmax approach: Milk the most money with a minimum amount of work, that's what I call success.
No. 75387
Sounds like any other natural science BA I've looked into (I even studied one briefly in the early 2010s :DDD)

t. humanities Ernst

>I can only tell from my own experience that students today certainly have it made easier for them.

But the built of the studies might be still the same formula? I know that universities certainly have more institutionalized help helpers these days (tutors and Fachschaft, faculty stuff specialized, general uni institution help helpers). When I had questions I could go on a ride between different people who could help and if not send me to somebody who potentially could. That seems to be the biggest difference because in the end you have to make the plans and time management on your own as well, there is no strict plan and study order, just a recommended one. Some modules are mandatory some give you choices (specialization) as the other Ernst pointed it already.
And of course some old professors might be rotating because of decreasing quality and intelligence in students but that could also be a personal perception. Albeit I would agree that people read less and write mostly instant messages, both don't help with being content in your own language when it comes to writing. Hundred years ago poor(er) people probably read more than some middle-class people these days.
No. 75414
12 kB, 474 × 411
28 kB, 900 × 450
What the fuck?
You cross some wires in a weird way and suddenly this thing can retain state?

I can build it in a simulator and see how it works, but I have no fucking mental model for this. I've been turning the "data" and "set" pins and on and off for 10 minutes trying to develop an intuitive understanding of this thing. You're not supposed to be able to "trap" electricity like that.
And you're telling me computers are made out of trillions of these things packed in a chip?

Imagine being the person who discovered that you can store information in a circuit, and realizing what the implications that stem from it. There's something magical about the fact that this is possible.
I need a smoke.
No. 75423 Kontra
The family side of things right now feels like one of those late 19th century novels about a household in permanent decline where everyone is aware of it but nobody can stop it.
Both my grandmothers keep causing my mother endless amounts of grief as they slowly march to their deaths. (Because my mother was cursed with being competent.)
With her mother its gotten to the point where I think she will just stand up and tell my uncle to go fuck himself and take care of her, because he was the one my grandmother actually took care of, she only caused my mother emotional scars and problems.
Basically my uncle is mad my mother won't sacrifice herself and take in grandma, instead using connections to put her in a carehome, which will cost money, but won't cripple the day-to-day life of either families. But that's not good enough for the fucking prole because he doesn't want to pay into it. (It's gonna be like, ~130 euro a month per family to have her in a carehome.)
My mother basically made herself become lower middle class through effort and resentment, and she's again realising the endless bydlodom she escaped.
My relatives probably resent me too. "Oh, the good for nothing humanities student, he must think himself as better than us".

My other grandmother just overcomplicates things. Whenever she gets a bill or an official letter she immediately panics and calls my mother asking her what to do. (It's just for attention, because the good for nothing sonbasket uncle that leeches off her won't listen to her or do anything properly.) So every week she has this melodramatic "I'm a sad, clueless elderly woman please do something for me" act.
She told me again she wants to "go to Jesus". It's interesting how the doctors said she'll die like three years ago.

Honestly, the more I encounter the elderly the more I feel like living to 70 isn't really worth it. Not from the perspective of the old person, not from the perspective of the family and not from the perspective of the state.
But you can't say this out loud because that'd be cruel and inhumane.
I want to see them live, but I don't want them to suffer. Or we finance their suffering.
Basically we're getting eaten alive.

My head hurts so much. And we have no painkillers at home. Actually I just found one in my bag. Literal lifesaver.

Car broke too so we had to walk home. It really feels like a downwards spiral in a sense.
I'm actually feeling quite distressed about the future. Money-wise.
Yesterday in bed I realised that yeah, we're actually living through the biggest war on the continent since 1945. And I don't know what will happen once price control ends. We're not even the poorest but like, the market prices people keep saying look prohibitively expensive. So it's either price control ends or we have this permanent war-communism type memery that means everything else is expensive besides the staples.
I guess that's enough anxiety for a day.

You think it's easy, but there are people who find the current system too hard.
No. 75440
>You think it's easy, but there are people who find the current system too hard.
Then they shouldn't be in university, easy as. I also didn't say "I find it easy"
I don't even understand what's so bad about not going to university that every kind of windowlicker needs to attend university.
Just because being a craftsman is not glamorous enough? It's not like you need to go to university to e.g. learn a language. But it's all part of the same standard lowering process that has been going on for some time.
I sometimes ponder if I would do the same things again if I could start over and often I think that I wouldn't go to uni anymore.
I only went in the first place because I was the first one in the family to get their Abitur and because my parents always told me "learn something good so you won't end up like me", so I tried to learn something good because I fell for the "go to uni, it's what all the other smart kids do" meme. Turns out it wasn't such a smart choice.
Good thing I have plenty of interests, so I did indeed choose a major I was interested in... but still - I think if I had the choice again I would become a carpenter or some kind of mechanic/smith.
But the grass is always greener on the other side anyway, so no use crying over spilled milk, it is how it is, as one beds oneself, one lies, alea iacta est.
No. 75446
Now imagine what happens when attending university gives postponement from conscription. And in some universities even room temperature IQs cat get state-funded education. But in such places lecturers are worth their students if not worse.
No. 75448 Kontra
427 kB, 636 × 610
Jesus Christ I woke up and my back fucking hurts holy shit I don’t know why this isn’t cash money at all.
This feels like fucking divine punishment for something.
No. 75472 Kontra
27 kB, 474 × 355
Indoor temperature 27C. Core meltdown imminent.
No. 75473
205 kB, 1500 × 1042
Perkele! Here it is still bearable. Was sitting outside and went for a walk in the early afternoon, it was hot enough, but I didn't start swimming in my sweat. Direct and constant exposure to the sun feels too much though.
I planted tomatoes let's see how that goes. I didn't get them from the (farmers) market this time but my mother gave me some she cultivated into little plants already when I visited last time.
No. 75474
93 kB, 1024 × 683
<- Pictured, a Finn
No. 75476
Here it was pretty hot outside today, I actually got up from bed because I was sweating, but it was still bearable.
No. 75483
187 kB, 1920 × 1080
My back still hurts. It's the lower part.
When I woke up it hurt all over but now it's only the lower part.
I tried some exercise and removed the blanket I sleep on top of, which I suspect caused this.
I'll probably sleep it off. I'm young, I'm virile.

Did some reading for the study. I'm progressing very slowly.
Also helped fill up the pool. As in like, I had to assemble the cleaner and do it myself, because my father was too busy watching TV. Once we were done he held a Kim Il-sung-esque on the spot guidance where he said how things are ought to be done and then went in.
They went out for the night and before that he turned the hose down. "You don't trust me?" "To be frank, no. We will continue filling it up tomorrow." "And who the fuck do you think is going to supervise it tomorrow, because you sure as fuck won't be home."

There was this giant pot with overly wet water I planted some cucumbers in that didn't sprout. I thought the seeds had rotten, so once it dried a couple of weeks later I planted some tomatoes in it. Now three cucumber plants planted on the sides for some reason.
The temperatures are still bearable. I brought out the fan, but it's like ~25 degrees in the room, usually lower. Outside, I don't know. I'm out when it's over 30 too, I don't care as long as I'm in the shade.

Oh, I also finally entered all the books into the catalogue I've been putting off. I tell you, I'm feeling real tired nowadays.
No. 75484
tfw no ernstchan bf
No. 75488
>ernstchan bf
You want a relationship with an imageboard?
No. 75489 Kontra
No. 75490
79 kB, 900 × 600
Ernst's lips might say no, but his eyes say yes.
No. 75495
by default, windows shows email and calendar notifications on the sign-in screen

so, today I walked up to my work PC and saw "14 JUNE JOB INTERVIEW WITH [another company] AT 12:30" on the screen

thanks microsoft, really looking out for my privacy there.
No. 75502
152 kB, 1000 × 713
This is why you should obfuscate all sensitive events in a way that only you understand what it's about. And then be confused about an event that was created years ago and you no longer have any fucking clue what it's about. That's how I do it.

That was still me some weeks ago. Now there's just a puddle left.
No. 75507
The more I hate this job, the uglier the female coworkers get.
Myizard brain knows what's up.
No. 75509
171 kB, 550 × 413
>That was still me some weeks ago. Now there's just a puddle left.
The states of a Finn: Solid, liquid (confirmed), gaseous (probable), plasma (maaaaaaaaaaybe?)
No. 75511
52 kB, 1280 × 454
They are people beyond our understanding.