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No. 75510 Systemkontra
138 kB, 1772 × 1170
>>74861 is sooo yesterday, new thread here.
No. 75513 Kontra
67 kB, 512 × 417
This isn't even my final form.
No. 75514
111 kB, 498 × 479
>This isn't even my final form.
Looking forward to Gas-Finn and Plasma-Finn, then.
That reminds me of a game my brother played, "Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon", which had a character called Plasma Man who would shout "Purasumaaa" all the time
No. 75516 Kontra
They removed Russian from the languages courses available at Lisbon U. and added Ukrainian. Russian only exists as an online course, so no opportunities for socialization. I think.
I need to chainsmoke and think this one through.
No. 75517
3,1 MB, 3264 × 4440
gaseous Finns will solve Europes energy crisis :DDD
No. 75519
>They removed Russian from the languages courses available at Lisbon U
Clearly never heard of "know your enemy" or "keep your friends close but your enemies closer".
No. 75520
Lmao cancel culture has now also reached Portugal.
No. 75521 Kontra
Found another institute that has it. I'll call them tomorrow. Indolent Lisbon bastards and their papist holidays.
No. 75525
22 kB, 585 × 177
Crypto is shitting the bed. I had nickels and dimes in the market but pulled out shortly after the war started and have been watching from the sidelines. After further research into the space, I'm convinced there is no significant future beyond Defi and unregulated speculation on arbitrary assets. Other business and consumer needs can be shoehorned onto a blockchain, but why? To avoid paying for maintenance and labor by rewarding contributors with arbitrary assets which others can speculate on? Unless you accept Decentralization and Trustless as a priori benefits there is little reason to rebuild our current economy on a giant spreadsheet.

Not financial advice, DYOR :D
No. 75531
108 kB, 604 × 402
TBH Ukrainian is really just a dialect of Russian (or both are dialects of same language together with Belarusian to be precise). Difference is purely lexical, totally same morphology and so on.
Westerner speaking on суржик is a funny display, you should definitely enroll.

Someone said that "a language is a dialect with an army and a navy". This means that Hungarian is dialect (they have army but no navy). Meanwhile American is a language.

Dostoevsky would obviously support this "special operation". He had Stockholm syndrome and glorified suffering and bootlicking. It's justified to cancel him post-mortem.

Tolstoy was hippy. He should be bottled post-mortem for pacifism "discredit of armed forces of RF".
No. 75532
Despite surzhyk being funny, I can't do this. I need to learn Russian. One class will have people trying out this eastern language in solidarity or because it's hip, the other class will be full of communists, raging schizophrenics and God knows what. I want to enroll in the later. Imagine what beings decided to pick up Russian in 2022. I wish to document it.
No. 75534
115 kB, 1200 × 675
> Imagine what beings decided to pick up Russian in 2022
One can only guess
No. 75535 Kontra
59 kB, 700 × 698
>Imagine what beings decided to pick up Russian in 2022. I wish to document it.
What an exhilarating concept. Really gets your imagination going!
No. 75542 Kontra
1,1 MB, 1900 × 832
German right-wingers actually already prepare to move to Russia. The country where weakness and homosex are not allowed. While Germans moved to Paraguay because of dictatorial corona politics it is now others that learn Russian in order to move. Some of them need to refresh their language skills taught in he GDR, what irony!

This is made up. Maybe some people really learn Russian and will move to the glorious land of traditions. Oh and some Germans really moved to Paraguay
No. 75545
Good you made that disclaimer, I really thought you were being completely serious.
No. 75546
>This is made up
Might as well be real.
No. 75547
923 kB, 2560 × 1683
There was a German family which fled to Siberian village from sexual education lessons. It was widely covered by media:

After two months they returned back to vaterland:
National-traitors made a vatnik comics lubok about their adventures:

Authorities realized this reputational loss, offered them three floor house in Stavropol (town at south of Russia) for free, met them at airport with a concert. But after living there for a while Germans disappeared once again:
No. 75548
>emigrated from the Omsk region in the early nineties.
Russian-Germans. Why are they being vatniks in Germany instead of Russia? No one knows. Maybe they are all influencer agents. Or maybe they have been planted here as Russian speakers who need to be protected by mighty Russia.

After all, these poor people are wronged at every turn and are threatened by moral rot, which lurks in every corner, so they are in urgent need of protection.

For example, in 2016, poor 13 year old Lisa was kidnapped and raped by at least 4, no 6, no 7 black-assed Arab refugees, then thrown out onto the streets half dead, can you imagine? Heinrich Grout, head of the association of Russian-Germans, accused the Berlin police of inaction, the girl's aunt valiantly talked to Russian media, who came out in full support of the girl and reported about the total degeneracy of Germany, where girls can not walk the streets safely. The girl was even threatened and pressured by the leftist forces of Berlin police. Russian-Germans and Neo-Nazis stood as one in the protests against the criminal inaction of German authorities, who would do nothing to help the girl, only because she was white and her rapists were Arab.

Then, like in a joke about radio Erewan, it turned out that 13 year old Lisa had not been raped, but gave her chaste treasure willingly, not to Arabs, but to two men in their early twenties, who had even filmed the endeavor and shared the video with their friends.

Such cases.
No. 75549
I know why my back hurts. Like three days ago I tried to touch my toes because why not, and I couldn't, so I had this genius idea that if I do it fast enough I'll touch it. So I did it fast and touched it for a second, only to strain something lmao.
I'm literally so retarded I'm not fit for living.

I decided that I'm man enough that I can spend my own money so I bought gyros because mum didn't leave any money, and you know what, it was good and I'm happy I bought it.
(Not like it's my money, I told my raging ancap chat-mate that the lunch he bought me was nice.)

Tomorrow we're going to a bar with the workshop to close the year. I'm a bit anxious. Never had a beer with a lecturer before. (And I don't know if I ever will.)
Hopefully I don't get shitfaced and go on a politically charged rant. A beer should be fine.

I don't think it'll be as weird and schizo as you thing. Here most Russian courses are for boomers who want to brush up on their skills.

Ackually we have like 5 ships on the Danube. Your argument is invalid.
No. 75550 Kontra
12 kB, 256 × 256
>A beer should be fine.
LMAO! One does not simply go to a bar to drink "a beer".
No. 75552
954 kB, 4059 × 2996
>Ackually we have like 5 ships on the Danube
That's exactly the same number as one player's set from Battleship.

I call F7.
No. 75553
Yet the Hungarian armed forces lacks a naval branch. What language is your dialect derived from?
On boomers, our history is separate. Only bonafide comintern agents on their deathbed would ever consider updating their Russian vocabulary. My most hopeful scenario is that the people who enrolled were spurred on by the war to know more. Within the realm of possibility, perhaps these handful of people taking up Russian are just enamored by Russian TikTok memes or something of the sort. As I can personally attest some 'old' Russian music is passed around by a certain demographic.
In this case, I will bear this: https://youtu.be/zf99kdFw9b8 for a greater goal.
However, in the present geopolitical context, with new Ukrainian classes and Russian being relegated to a language that is not even taught in person by the faculty of letters (Russian now joins the ranks of Finnish or Tagalog). I'd be surprised if the place I'm applying to managed to scrape together more than 12 morons. Of us 12, those who remain until the end wont just be 'weird', but I'm certain the last 3 will all have very alternative views.

>black-assed Arab refugees
You say these Russian-Germans are everywhere, yes?
No. 75554
>What language is your dialect derived from?
Sumerian and Japanese
No. 75555
Considered that in Murica each state has own mini-army (national guard) and they have boats, New-York is separate language too.
No. 75556 Kontra
Speaking of language courses, during one of the translation seminar we had this chick studying Slavistik and she was like "I'm learning both Russian and Ukrainian" and the lecturer went "The current conflict must be very hard on you."
And I said "Why must it be hard on her, it doesn't matter who wins she has people to talk to."
For a whole 30 seconds I felt like the biggest fucking jackass on the planet for blurting this out but was I not right?
No. 75557
No. 75558 Kontra
I'm gonna be autistic for a second but Finnish depends on context. Here it has a lot of people studying it. (Well, because we force everyone learning Hungarian as a major or studying to become a teacher of grammar and literature to learn it for like a semester.)

I don't think anybody likes Russia here either tho. Like the website oroszhirek.hu (russiannews.hu) is apparently plenty popular and in like the top 10 right wing sites now that they block RT on certain ISPs, but otherwise only like 16% hold a positive view of the Russians. (Not that anyone likes the Ukrainians any better.)
(Most people despite the negative sentiment want to keep up economic and diplomatic ties though, most probably a result of Orbán's media machine getting through their skulls and drilling in how important Russian oil is.)

Honestly though. Eventually in-person classes will restart. I doubt anybody will care by next year.
No. 75561
601 kB, 742 × 731
Let's say you're an average Hungarian native speaker. How much do you understand Finnish language without additional learning?

> I don't think anybody likes Russia here either tho
I suspected it! For Hungarians primarily goal is sabotaging EU, supporting Russia and Putin is logical consequence. The opposite thing from Serbs. Any Russian patriotic music on YouTube is either uploaded by Serb, either has most liked comment by them.

Any comments on pic related?
No. 75562 Kontra
Budapestoids are retarded libcunts who formed an emotional attachment to the European Union as a way to "fight" against Orbán's numerous "anti-Brussels" campaigns. They don't like Europe, they're just doing the opposite of what Orbán is doing.
(Most of them think the EU is ought to appoint them as Gauleiters.)

As for Finnish, well, absolutely fucking nothing.
Honestly, I understand more of Turkish or Mongolian than Finnish. (Or Estonian for that matter. Don't really know about Mari or Khanty or Manshy.)
At least based on the language textbooks and texts I shuffled through a few times out of curiosity.

>For Hungarians primarily goal is sabotaging EU
No, the primary goal is to play all of you külföldiek against one another so that you don't buttrape us.
We want the cheap oil, we want the export markets, we want the German gibs and we want the Chinese investment. All of it. Now.
No. 75563
Today my job was putting porn on the semen collection room TV.

I wanted to put something ebin in there, but pussied out. Imagine going to donate sperm, turning on the TV, and it's all videos of of weird japanese shit and doll fucking and the like.

But I also learned that along with stuff like corporate language, corporate culture, corporate style, etc., there is also corporate porn. I had to pick videos that were as inoffensive as possible, as far as porn goes.

Aside from the part where they lick pussy I guess, I've heard many men express disapproval for the act. They're ok with blowjobs though for some reason.
No. 75564
So what did you actually put on?
Also, I didn't know sperm banks existed in Germany, what with our shitty fatherhood laws.
No. 75565
Some generic high budget porn stuff. With the corny music and everything.

Also, sperm bank was just an example, it's a laboratory, so people come in with infertility issues, STDs and those yellow jelly like clumps in their semen or so I heard
No. 75566
903 kB, 2560 × 1828
PIV is always rape, ok?
No. 75567
>Budapestoids are retarded libcunts who formed an emotional attachment to the European Union as a way to "fight" against Orbán's numerous "anti-Brussels" campaigns
Well, that's what I expected. Aren't you budapestoid yourself btw?

> We want the cheap oil
Yeah, just a coincidence that you're the ones who want it the most. ;) You're not fooling me, Genghisid.
No. 75568
>generic high budget porn
Damn, I probably wouldn't even be able to get it up watching something like that, let alone finish, and I have a suspicion that a lot of dudes nowadays will have the same situation, with porn of every kind exploiting every imaginable fetish easily available on the Internet. I think you should allow people to bring their own fap material.
No. 75569
Can't do, they would have to check if it is licensed first. Imagine collecting semen donations while using pirated porn, that would be illegal sperm.
No. 75570 Kontra
Why is your country like this?
No. 75571
What if it's homemade? Or if it's licensed under FAL or CC BY-SA?

>that would be illegal sperm
It was produced illegally, but the sperm itself is completely valid, no? And there is no way to tell from the sperm sample if it was a result of breaching the ejaculation law, so it still can be used, I think. Like if you go to the bar and order yourself a drink for the money you stole, the bar owner cannot be held responsible for selling you a drink. So, you as a laboratory can work with the sample provided all the same, and leave determining if the sperm was produced illegally to the masturbation police.
No. 75572
41 kB, 474 × 710
Guten Morgen! There has been a report of illegal semen production in your organization. Let me inspect your penis for the purposes of the investigation.
No. 75573
>illegal sperm
Watch out for the Spermapolizei!
No. 75574
38 kB, 750 × 563
Zere vil be Ordnunk in my sperm bank!

If sperm which was donated using unlicensed porn is used to conceive a child, according to german masturbation law that child would legally belong to the porn actors starring in the used movie. At this point you can only hope that it wasn't vintage or animal porn.

Those guys are tough, better not mess with them.
No. 75575
Are you believing anything again?
No. 75577
I can't see her ID, I have a right to know who a cop is, so tell me right now!
No. 75579 Kontra
65 kB, 1280 × 720
No idea, I typed "policewoman porn" to image search and posted most appropriate result.
No. 75580 Kontra
Yandex says it's Holly Halston.
No. 75581
Dear diary, I'm browsing Ernstchan on Linux while waiting for the computer shop dudes to finish my new Windows computer. Everything looks so different. (I hope they are not snooping around my hard drives).
No. 75582
I have a horrible dark secret.
I kinda like working.
No. 75583
Good for you mein Neger, me too. Jold on to the positives.
No. 75584
It's because work makes me angry and I kind of enjoy being angry.
No. 75585
Well, I enjoy my work for being kind of fun. I hate being angry, yet I have inherited a slight choleric strain from my mom, who in turn enjoys being unhappy.
No. 75586
Maybe autistic competitive fps games ruined my brain.

My brain thinks that trying hard to get something done while surrounded by incompetent retards is entertainment.
No. 75587
>I've heard many men express disapproval for the act.
Dick was there. If you lick pussy of virgin, it is OK. But if you lick pussy where dick was, you indirectly lick that dick, which makes you a fagot and you will never again be a man.
No. 75588 Kontra
Dear diary, new computer arrived. The case is insulated so well I can hardly hear the fans. Let's hope it's not boiling inside.
No. 75596 Kontra
Yeah, I can easily turn into a workaholic if I know stuff and enjoy it. But when not, I hate working, unsurprisingly. I just had a 3h discussion about a problem and now I come being hollow and brain fried, but I wish sitting down now and solve this fucking problem so that things are done and I can move on to the next problem that also needs to be solved.
No. 75598
tfw taking a sick day. I could suck it up and go in to work but have accrued plenty of paid time off and decided to use it. Can't help but wonder who pozzed me. Coworkers, gym bros, some random consoomer in the check-out line- all are suspects at this point.
No. 75599
>and now I come being hollow and brain fried, but I wish sitting down now and solve this fucking problem so that things are done and I can move on to the next problem that also needs to be solved.
Feels known, and sometimes it doesn't let me sleep.
No. 75601
Ernst, hardboiled detective
No. 75604
I tried to sit down but I did nothing for the few seconds I considered and tried. But I finished a novel instead.

If would be a good story I would listen to Ameri-Ernst telling me about the characters that could have infected him. The American Experience would seep through on every sentence. A Nation and its myths and idiosyncrasies the windings of people in God's own country.

I finished a Thomas Pynchon novel and that America is the America that gets me every time. A different 1960s America, one that is not focused on the hippies.
No. 75605 Kontra
2,4 MB, 3026 × 2400
617 kB, 1490 × 1000
616 kB, 3543 × 2452
856 kB, 750 × 563
This America
No. 75606
28 kB, 306 × 306

I replayed the past three days, rapid scenes forming a psychedelic montage in my fever-swollen mind. Faces shifted, a young Home Depot clerk's skull molting acne scarred flesh to reveal first the wrinkled visage of my elderly neighbor Kate, next a familiar forehead distended by bulging veins.

Allen's life revolved around the gym, and he had just achieved another personal best. He was sweating. We all were, of course, but the sheer volume of droplets stubbornly clinging to his skin gave me pause. He sat up, grinned, and a hint of mint mouthwash hung in the air between us. Did the pleasant scent conceal a toxic viral load?

The form held for an instant before his eyes fell and hairline receded. The gym was gone, and my coworker Cory was opining on the governor's ineptitude as I reached for non-dairy creamer. In the half-empty breakroom I nodded, as non-committal as I could manage, taking in his diatribe while I watched the powder dissolve and my coffee whiten. His fingers held the pot moments before. The handle was slightly sticky, and I noted the discarded cellophane of a Honey Bun. Had the sugar glaze fed more than Cory? A snack for multiplying bacteria, perhaps?

I had speculation and conjecture, but this investigation required more. To find the culprit I would have to, against all odds, get up off the floor...
No. 75609
You might like Stephen King's 22/11/63. The story is set in late 50s/early 60s America, where everything is as American as apple pie.

Stephen King does America well, anyway, he makes it feel very ... American, and this is his best book so far, very close to serious literature. Like "Tränen eines Clowns" for Simmel, semi-serious work by pulp author.
No. 75612
I would make a big circle around King

>The novel required considerable research to accurately portray the late 1950s and early 1960s. King commented on the amount of research it required, saying "I've never tried to write anything like this before. It was really strange at first, like breaking in a new pair of shoes."

Sounds promising though.
Some novels or pulps from the actual era might be good as well in that regard. I came to love this America because of 1960s, 70s and 1980s realist novels from the US.

One always has acne. In the Pynchons Crying Lot 49 there is this guy in a gay bar that as acne has well.
No. 75615
324 kB, 982 × 750
I went to that workshop meeting. Basically we just discussed what needs to be done (organising a conference next year, turning in our papers for the semester, submitting a performance report, plus what will be the topic of next semester's seminar.)
Nothing very serious. We also talked about exams and such.
They're establishing another workshop within the university, which will be more tailored towards helping people train in academic writing and presenting.
They asked me to hold an opening presentation on the first meeting. Basically just doing my conference work on Legalism I did a few months ago.
We had two lecturers present. Basically they're the ones who officially supervise the workshop. They said "We want you to know that this has no consequences, this is just a ceremony."
Obviously I accepted because it's an honour to do this. And it won't take much effort either.

Anyway, they're both Japanologists. So when we discussed oriental topics there came the trouble that we knew the Chinese reading or the Korean, but not the Japanese and vice versa, so slowly we just started saying radical combinations. Pretty funny.
Heard a couple of stories about ye olden days, like how the guy's first Japanese dictionary was some East German edition that had a weird radical register. Or how he had a prof from Hokkaido who said "I'm going to teach like as if I were at a Japanese university", which meant he failed everyone, except the guy telling the story. But the fun part was, he'd hold the lectures on the Kojiki or whatever, and afterwards he'd put down a bottle of wine on the table and say "With this concluded, we're gonna taste this wine!" and they'd drink a bottle of wine after the lecture. "Can't do that any more. With the number of people coming in you hardly remember faces these days."

Funny bit was when I went for the second beer (quite tipsy already), came back to one of the Sinology students discussing something with the Japanology prof and he turns to me and asks "Ernst, do you happen to know the name of that Chinese dictionary from the 18th century?" and I effortlessly say Kangxi and I could see that kind of admiration coupled with distaste on the face of my classmate that I know stuff like this, even if it's very basic. The thing was again that we didn't know how to pronounce it in Japanese.

The lecturer who will hold next semester's workshop seminar also came by. We will be talking about lexicography.
She's that cute assyrologist PhD.

Anyway, I had one 0.5L beer and a 0.3 beer. And I got totally shitfaced. Like the others drank a litre and I was like a fucking salaryman by the time I finished half of the first.
Had two cheeseburgers on the way home to sober up. I still couldn't handle it and ended up throwing up in a bush. I kinda regretted it, because the cheeseburgers were expensive. Then I threw up at home too. And then again another half an hour later. I threw up bile like 3-4 times. My system really wasn't happy with the beers.
So after like two hours of suffering I finally managed to calm my stomach enough that I could push down some ice cream to recuperate.
Had the worst nightmares and cold sweats in the process.
The conclusion is: I should never ever drink beer again.

I've decided to order a pizza and just rest a bit. Yesterday was hard on me.
Still, probably gonna pick up a book later. Both in the sense that I ordered one (a German Grammar) plus that I'm gonna finish re-reading Thunderstorm. Didn't quite have the time for it yesterday.
No. 75616
I don't respect people (if you can call them that) who have small heads.
If the length of my palm is greater than the distance between your chin and hairline, you're just a human shaped beast in my eyes.
No, I don't make exceptions for children.
Grow a head, loser.
No. 75617
>If the length of my palm is greater than the distance between your chin and hairline
Are you a monkey? Or are you only around babies?
No. 75618
>the guy's first Japanese dictionary was some East German edition that had a weird radical register
I assumed all character dictionaries for Japanese have "weird" radical lookups. The few that I've seen seemed to be somewhat forgiving if you don't know which exact part of a character is the canonical Kangxi radical, or what that radical's standalone form looks like.
No. 75619 Kontra
He said that one was particularly weird.
No. 75620
217 kB, 800 × 530
No. 75621
Context plox.
Or is that just a typical Japanese street scene?
No. 75622 Kontra
Long heda
culture of think
No. 75623
From another gruesome 350km to and from work trip, I've arranged for a little holidays. Now, on to survive the barbarous lands of the Al-Gharb.
No. 75624
>350km to and from work
Please tell me that's the exception, not the rule. If it IS the rule, find a place to stay closer to al-gharbage I have no way to judge the place, just wanted to make a bad pun
No. 75625
Happens about every other week. Sometimes it's in the other direction.

A lot of Germans in this isolated hostel, expect a report on each of them by the end of my stay.
No. 75626
>isolated hostel
This is the beginning of a wonderful friendship slasher movie. Are you the killer or the first victim?
No. 75627
142 kB, 240 × 380
When he makes love to Claudia under the pines Christian is jumping out of the bushes with a bread knife :DDDD
No. 75628
That feel when no Kaltschale.
No. 75629
Exactly what I felt when I chose the picture.
No. 75630 Kontra
Given I am the only Portuguese national here, I assume it'd have to be me.
No. 75659
They did the same for my local university - well, the removing Russian major at least. I think this might have pre-dated the war by a few months though.

It is kind of sad - there is barely anywhere to learn it in this country now.
No. 75661
Speaking of, most russian programming courses on coursera are gone, too. Just in time for my cousin to start preparing for uni exams, great. Now I have to do it myself.
Although in this case I think it's because of the inability to process payments.
No. 75663
Does your cousin not speak English, or is there some other reason to learn programming Russian-style?
No. 75664
5,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,1 MB, 4160 × 3120
  1. Strange architecture. Gap between commieblocks is 10-15 cm (even child can't squeeze through). If they added 20 more cm, there could be a pass.
  2. Sign shows which railway carriages are more free usually. Very convenient, very first world. But will it work if all people start to go to carriages marked by signs?
> preparing for uni exams
You mean exams in uni? Or for uni admission? Anyway, check out https://stepik.org/ . Most courses are on Russian and free.
No. 75665
248 kB, 455 × 834
No, she doesn't.
Despite having A in English. You know how it goes.
But at least there's some established terminology + resourced for programming in russian. Try finding that shit in kazakh.
We have some government funded programming books in kazakh, but they're more valuable for entertainment than education.

I think I'll just go with one of those old school text only online tutorials. I'd have to guide her anyway, and I ain't got no time for fucking video tutorials.
Just need to brush up on high school informatics and basics of programming in C++. I was kinda impressed that they were teaching C++ to freshmen, but according to the study program, they'll switch to Java and C# on second year.

Speaking of school informatics. I checked out one of our school program books, and there's a mistake literally on page 11.
No. 75666
26 kB, 640 × 316
Having some mild stomach ache for over a week now, also been kinda stressed lately for various reasons. I'm afraid that in my zealous imitation of Paul Schrader's screenwriting genius I might have developed an ulcer as well
No. 75667
173 kB, 1920 × 1080
wtf this train wifi is routed through Sweden or what

t. just rode past Halle
No. 75668
Do any Ernsts here dabble in entomology? It feels like an ernsthaft hobby.

My problem is that I have some shitty old ikea shelf, with holes drilled for placing the boards at different heights.
Now recently I had noticed some sawdust in a corner. I vacuumed it away, but today I noticed it again, at the same spot.
Then I remembered that I also vacuumed some kind of flies/bugs, so I looked again and discovered that some of those holes were filled with something that looked like fresh silicone.
I took a toothpick and poked around in one of those holes. That silicone looking mass was sticky and I also had some kind of black-red mass sticking on the toothpick with some tiny legs poking out. I tried other holes with the same result. Empty looking holes didn't yield any bug pulp.
So much for the background.

What I am wondering, and what I couldn't find out is what kind of bug it could be, and if they're some kind of woodworm pest (it's not woodworms, that much I can say) or bugs that just found holes to lay their eggs in or something and most of all I wonder how and especially when they could have gotten in there.
No. 75669 Kontra
40 kB, 600 × 608
Maybe your government is buying Swedish network traffic analysis services.

Interesting. I guess if we have resources for learning to code in Finnish they're bound to be terrible and/or aimed at children. Either you learn English or go home.
No. 75671
729 kB, 720 × 540
Tonight. Tonight I'm gonna set pen to paper and write that study. Did the reading, I can bullshit 10 pages of brilliance.
You know they asked me how I was doing with the essay and I said "You know, not a word written, just reading, but there's enough words in the Hungarian language. I'm sure I can find a combination that fits the occasion. And if not I can always make up some. That never hurt anybody. Drinks beer"

Tomato plants are starting to bear the first fruits. At least the smaller ones. Big ones are just having the first flowers. First marigold is about to blossom.

My stomach is doing allright. Ate some leftover pizza today. I feel fine. I thought this will take like a week to recover from but no, it took a day.
My back is completely fine too.

Remember that fucking mp3 player I ordered from China that mysteriously went back to the transit country? Apparently it's here again. Hopefully this time it goes through customs and I finally get it.
I hope that it will be worth the weight and it's not a total piece of crap.

Honestly I checked the page of my uni's Institue of Slavic and Baltic studies and alongside a "statement" in Hungarian/Russian(?)/English about how the Institute and its lecturers and students are against the Russian aggression, they still proudly display the possibility of even just minoring in Russian.
No. 75672
If westerners learn Russian language en masse, rusorealism will hit critical level and anti-Russian pogroms will begin. Better not to play with fire.
No. 75673
3,3 MB, 500 × 1080, 0:17
>rusorealism will hit critical level
Can't imagine what would happen to an average Finn after learning Russian. Maybe a new form of energy production would be discovered. A thermal hate-engine perhaps.

Jogings aside I attended a couple of Russian classes in high school, but only remember the alphabet and nothing else. Sad!
No. 75675
477 kB, 1920 × 1296
>But will it work if all people start to go to carriages marked by signs?
To be even more first world, don't use stickers. Install LED signs, like picrelated, just a bit smaller.
No. 75678
143 kB, 943 × 890
Xhamster yeah, yeah blurry for anyone else? It's not a measure to get me to switch off my adblocker, I tried. It's also not a bug or my hardware dying. When I access the site in my browser's incognito mode everything works as it should.

Random video, my real fetishes are none of your business
No. 75679
4,8 MB, 4160 × 3120
> I was kinda impressed that they were teaching C++ to freshmen
I guess they won't learn all the esoteric features of it (have you seen the curriculum?). Also, when do you have the exams? Not in June like here? Or it's for the next year?

Yes, I'm disappointed in stickers, they're absolutely barbaric.
No. 75680 Kontra
>blurry for anyone else?
Depending on how much you use it, it can mean you need glasses.
No. 75681
No. 75684 Kontra
The French have left the hostel. The remaining 12 other people are all German. They claim they hate seeing Germans and avoid them, but in the end they seem to all congregate. We discussed Autobahn churches. One of them didn't believe they existed. Another proposed a tentative explanation for them - that Germans like road head and they feel guilty. Overall, very productive couple of days.
No. 75686
797 kB, 3000 × 2243
Long train journey due to delays. It included a boomer couple that couldn't stop ranting about the 9€ ticket and how shit the DB is (jokes on them it was a private rail service they used and their fucking train left 10mins late)

A woman at that station was talking to herself, I first thought she had headphones and was on a telephone call. She lay on seats on the next train, sleep-awake, but mumbling every then and now. She even was on the next train as well. She looked confused. Indeed some psychic problems. Struck me as godforsaken lonely and I felt sad for her. Crossing Germany by train with a 9€ ticket, I wonder if she even had an end destination in mind. By accident, I found out she probably speaks french. Speaking of that I also witnessed blunt racism, though it was not her that was addressed.

EC is a well for conversation topics
No. 75688
>c.d friedrich_das eismeer
I've been to the museum that painting hangs in a couple of years ago.

>EC is a well for conversation topics
Reminds me of a picture containing the caption "let me tell you about your country"

Nobody killed yet? Son, I am disappoint
No. 75690
Driving is dangerous, lots of unsettling situations. You might see an accident, which might not be pretty. Many people on the Autobahn travel to visit sick relatives or to or from a funeral. Using the Autobahn used to be a somewhat rate experience for most people, and it can be a stressful experience in itself.

All of this might be unsettling enough, and a place to pray might help with that.

What I imagine here:
>Hurrdurr roadhead
>I made an edgy sexual joke about the religious believes of other people
>It also was a joke about Germany, because although I am German I think everything German is ridiculous and pathetic because I am so smart and travel a lot and I am totally Antifa and I hate Nazis and I need everyone to know, I wear it like a badge
>That shows how well-travelled, funny, creative, sexually open and intellectual I am

I am an atheist, and I am almost certain this guy is an asshole. I'm also certain he's a true 'winner'. Has the sun shine out of his ass, this one, no doubt about it.
No. 75692
>that Germans like road head
>almost all cars witj stick shift
>road head
Fucking idiot, probably proud of not knowing how to operate a car. Granted, you're not shifting as much on the Autobahn as in the city, for example, but with all the construction sites and people going <110 on the left lane and all that you're shifting often enough.

Serious answer: Chapels along roads exist everywhere, like road crosses and such, so it's just consequential to also have them on the longest roads. And for example bikers also often have road masses.
No. 75694 Kontra
94 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 75695 Kontra
>anyone I don't like is the k*hl schizo
No. 75696 Kontra
Imagine pretending you don't sound like him (if it's not you anyway).

Der Ton macht die Musik, gell?
No. 75697
>watching porn
>actress is a nice, homely girl you could imagine being a neighbor or coworker
>get tingles in chest
>10 minutes later she's getting destroyed in all holes by a group of 40 year old men
>have a sad cum
How 2 cope with such psychological damage?
No. 75698 Kontra
What exactly was it you took offense at? That he doesn't like Antifa? You don't need to be a schizo to hate them.
Plus, that really doesn't sound like the schizo, not enough "hurr durr Germany weak Russia stronk" bullshit.
Also, he didn't address anyone directly, unless you personally did feel addressed by what he said.

What I take offense at is people employing 4chongs style image macro replies as a reaction to what they deem "offenders" of whatever they don't want to be offended, essentially trying to act as some kind of thought police. In other words, you posting that macro is not different from some polnigger posting any kind of retarded pol wojak.

>Der Ton macht die Musik
You're going to police brick rants too, then?
No. 75700
>How 2 cope with such psychological damage?
Don't watch porn.
No. 75702
Is there something inherently wrong with porn?
Or sexuality in general?

Is porn the problem, or does the problem lie in some kind of inherited culture and ethos that makes neutral sexual expressions psychologically damaging to the person watching the gangbang?
That is the question that interests me.

Maybe if I let go of my culturally conditioned views on sexuality, watching someone I developed a mild crush on get brutally triple penetrated wouldn't affect me at all.
No. 75703 Kontra
30 kB, 80 × 1307
Another blessed day on this international platform of serious discussions.
No. 75704
Wad de fugg :DDD
Guy seemed to boast at how good at engineering and things Germans are. He was a cool guy.

Now, why did you assume seeing a girl you're enamored with being subject to [german porn] and feeling bad is cultural conditioning?
No. 75705 Kontra
Ebin :DDD
No. 75707
If you don't watch porn the probability of you seeing a "girl next door" type woman getting stuffed by a lot of dicks at once is rather low. So, don't watch porn. Or at least not the kind with "girl next door" type women in it.
No. 75708
Very funny. The "German" thread was made by the resident Portuguese. No German would open such a thread. But since it's there, we post in it.
No. 75709
>How 2 cope with such psychological damage?
Post link ofc, we'll help you.

We need quotas. At least 10% of posts must belong to Belarus citizens; until he posts something Germans are prohibited from posting.
No. 75711
241 kB, 1024 × 743
>We need quotas. At least 10% of posts must belong to Belarus citizens; until he posts something Germans are prohibited from posting.
No. 75712 Kontra
21 kB, 440 × 293
>We need quotas. At least 10% of posts must belong to Belarus citizens; until he posts something Germans are prohibited from posting.
Agree. We must strive to create a better IB experience and move away from toxic concepts like German culture and serious discussions. Quotas make room for marginalized balls and new ideas.
No. 75713
>At least 10% of posts must belong to Belarus citizens
Fuck that, I can't shitpost that much.
No. 75714 Kontra
He posted 1 minute after my post. Coincidence? Anyway, use your opportunity, you have 8 posts left for now.
No. 75715
238 Bytes, 17 × 14
245 Bytes, 17 × 14
Also, don't let yourself be fooled. Left one is FAKE Belarusian. You need the one on the right. Be careful!
No. 75716
Type a single word per post, that way you build a buffer with just one sentence.
No. 75717
I post whenever I like, call the Verfassungsschutz, I don't give a fuck.
No. 75718 Kontra
>You're going to police brick rants too, then?

Different tone, so no.
I don't give a fuck about the content, what I hate are the tone and wording. It's an attitude and it's a horrible one that comes through with such posts. What attitude? The schizo ranting attitude barvaria schizo excels in.
No. 75719 Kontra
I'm overjoyed that my shitposts could be pinned on the poor Belarus.
No. 75720
>could be
Only if you squint really hard and ignore the yellow parts or lack thereof.
No. 75721 Kontra
57 kB, 480 × 480, 0:05
Powerful PSA. Knowing the difference could save your life!
No. 75722
Tone is the same, you simply have double standards.

If you take a conscious effort to distinguish it, then yes. If you process it in background, you can confuse it, especially if one makes post typical for another. Also both flags have ornaments, one is white, another is light-yellow.
No. 75723 Kontra
>what I hate are the tone and wording.
>schizo attitude
Like what? What "attitude" are you perceiving here?
Again, this was far from the schizo rants we can see in e.g. the war thread.
Or are you one of those prissy soft cunts getting offended by harsh language? On an imageboard of all places?
He didn't use 4chan or K*hl terms or insulted a poster here directly, so what's the matter? What compelled you to not just ignore that rant?
Are you a person like he assumed that other german was? Proudly displaying your moral superiority so people hopefully don't associate you with those vile effusions?
So many assumptions to make here...
No. 75728 Kontra
36 kB, 670 × 498
It's friday, take it easy my guys. Just a little bit more and the weekend starts.
No. 75729 Kontra
I sit here with a grin. For somebody accusing me of being sensitive your anger volume is telling. I mean the post that got our exchange rolling was also easily offended by some supposed "Antifa" German, why didn't he just keep his mouth shut about other Germans saying anything about Germany? I abstain from this very germanic spergism now.
No. 75730 Kontra
Ah, you're the guy with the sophisticated humor and dishonest way of arguing.
>your anger volume is telling
See, this is what I mean. You assume I am fuming and huffing and hitting my keyboard like a berserker because you think that anyone who isn't meek must be aggressive and angry, the same reason you interpret some kind of diffuse "attitude" into another post (on which you refuse to elaborate). And then feel the need to mention you're actually grinning, because you're totally not mad at all.

Very well, I accept your concession and tip my fedora to you.
No. 75731
imo sex is fundamentally a disgusting activity, because it reminds us of our worldliness.
the genre of body horror is based on this particular existential anxiety: that we are all nothing but meat. it's no wonder so much body horror employs sexual imagery.

john carpenter's the thing could easily be read as an allegory for sex. it's actually an allegory for something more abstract, in particular the mind body duality itself, but sex has a strong overlap with it anyway, itself being an area of the human condition that straddles the line between the animalistic/bodily and the human/psychological.
It also has to be mentioned that lust is such a powerful signal that it can turn off some parts of higher cognitive function, flooding the mind with its presence. it is not dissimilar in that regard to pain. whenever we are in lust or in pain, we act on behalf of our flesh, turning momentarily into stimulus response organisms.

the tripple penetration gangbang reflects the true nature of sexuality, and all that romantic crap people wrap sexuality around is nothing but cope designed to disguise the ugly truth.
such cases
No. 75738
>Chunyu Fen (淳于棼) is a previously successful and rich officer in the Huainan army who has offended his general and been dismissed. Disgruntled, he drank himself to sleep under a huge ash tree and was carried back to his house by two friends. While he is resting in a half-asleep state, a pair of messengers enter with an invitation from the king of "Hui An".[4]

>Chunyu goes with the messengers in their carriage, which heads towards the ash tree and into the hollow under it. The scenery in the hollow, while consisting of mountains and rivers, looks different from the world above. After about ten miles, they enter a large city though a grand gate over which is written "The Great Kingdom of Ashendon". Chunyu sees an old drinking friend of his at the side of the road, amongst other officers.

>Chunyu is informed by the prime minister that the king has invited him here with the hope of him marrying one of his daughters, creating an alliance. When brought before the king, he is told that this is at his father's wish. Chunyu is bemused by this, but since his father was a missing frontier general, it is possible. At a feast that evening, Chunyu is entertained by nymphs and fairies, and meets his groomsmen and Tian Zihua, another old friend who tells him yet another friend, Zhou, is also in the city. Forthwith, he is married to the king's second daughter, a girl of about fifteen.

>Chunyu and his wife come to love each other greatly, and his power grows. One day, Chunyu asks the king how his father could have made the request to the king for him to be married, as Chunyu's father has been missing for nearly twenty years. The king replies that he is in frequent contact with Chunyu's father who is still alive, and serving at the northern frontier. The king instructs Chunyu to write to his father, but not to go to see him. A reply is soon received, telling Chunyu of his father's regret that they can't meet then, but that they will meet in three years' time.

>At his wife's request, Chunyu takes an official post at Nanke (a prosperous and fertile southern tributary state) where he serves as governor, with Tian Zihua as finance minister and Zhou as chief councillor. After a farewell feast and a several-day-long journey, they arrive at Nanke. Chunyu is a wise governor and the state flourishes. He has five sons, who all take official posts, and two daughters who are married into the royal family.

>One day, the neighboring kingdom of "Sandalvine" invades, and Chunyu is commanded to raise an army and fight them, which he does, putting Zhou in charge of 30,000 men. However, Zhou proves a poor commander, and the battle is a rout. Zhou flees back to Nanke under cover of darkness, where Chunyu arrests him, but the king pardons both men for the defeat. The next month Zhou dies from a boil on his neck and Chunyu's wife dies shortly after that. Chunyu's request to travel back to the capital with the hearse is granted, and he is greeted there by the mourning king and queen. After his return Chunyu behaves oddly and gathers so many followers that the king begins to suspect him. Meanwhile, the king is informed of a mysterious portent that the kingdom will be destroyed by an event caused by a foreigner close to the royal family. Accordingly, the king forces Chunyu to retire.

>Sensing Chunyu's feelings of despondence, the king informs him that is regretful that his wife has died so young, but now Chunyu must return home. Chunyu argues, saying that this is his home, but the king disagrees, saying that Chunyu came from the world of men. So, Chunyu returns the way he came, but this time in an old and shabby carriage. Entering his home again, he is gripped by sadness, and then is shocked to see himself lying in his bed. Suddenly he awakens, and finds that the day he fell asleep has not yet ended, despite having lived a generation in Ashendon.

>He goes out with his friends and uncovers a great ants' nest under the ash tree, with two huge ants attended to by the others, with another nest nearby for Nanke, and a burial mound for his wife. A connected nest is found under a sandalwood tree overgrown with vines, showing where the invaders had come from. Chunyu forbids his friends to damage the nests and covers them again with the vines, but that night a severe storm destroys Ashendon, fulfilling the prophecy of destruction. Chunyu then remembers his friends Zhou and Tian Zihua, and sends a servant for news, to find that they are both recently dead. Realising the emptiness of the material world, Chunyu becomes a Taoist, eschews money and women, and dies three years later.

There's a subtle but very important difference between this legend's use of the anthill as the "illusory world", and the modern iterations where a virtual world is used instead, like in Star Trek's The Inner Light, or The Matrix.
It is so important, in fact, that the "virtual reality" stories completely destroy the point of the original story.
The problem lies in that the modern story, the virtual world is juxtaposed against the "real" world.
In the legend, on the other hand, the anthill is as real as anything else, it is part of the rest of the world. For all we know, the events in the dream might as well have happened, just with ants rather than humans.
The point is, it's not about the dream being illusory, it's about the life "story" and experiences of the protagonist's dream being illusory. There is no "inside" vs "outside" here, unlike the virtual reality stories. Both the anthill and the human world are on the same "plane", and the comparison is made between the story of the protagonist's life in the ant world, and the story of the protagonist's life in the human world, the argument being that they also exist on the same "plane", and are thus equivalent in being illusory.

There's also a Japanese equivalent, which makes me think how this type of story is basically the antithesis of isekai, lol. From rejecting worldly illusions, to wishing to escape into an illusory world, oh how the mighty have fallen.
No. 75740
What's your problem with worldliness? :D
Imo it's a cool thing while abstractions are fake and gay.

> the tripple penetration gangbang reflects the true nature of sexuality, and all that romantic crap people wrap sexuality around is nothing but cope designed to disguise the ugly truth.
what can be more romantic than triple penetration gangbang Romance is same stuff as sexual attraction, it's just a more long-term biological mechanism. In this sense it's rather "unugly truth" and "true nature" than "nothing" and "cope".
No. 75743 Kontra
Germans, a Volk grounded in assumptions.
No. 75746
Romance is sexuality wrapped in ideology.
Just like any other [cultural phenomenon] is [physical phenomenon] wrapped in ideology.

I guess I don't have anything against the worldly in particular, but when you see it that way, it's hard to justify why you would value human sexual acts over cat sexual acts or bees pollinating flowers and so on.
I used to be an idealist for a while, but nowadays, I think ideas and concepts are as much "mere appearances" as sensory experiences are.
I've resigned myself to trying to simply detachedly observe things in a mildly amused manner. It's working out so far.

Next time you talk to someone, you should take notice of both how the person's lips are smacking against each other producing fleshy wet sounds that you interpret as words, and also how the "concept" of the person you are talking to is merely a mental model "avatar" in your own mind.
It's quite fun.
No. 75747
260 kB, 438 × 386
There's a new politically correct word for Russians in Kazakh social media sphere: "non-kazakh".
See, the word "Russian" has too many negative connotations to be marketable now.
No. 75748
"Not the assumed standard but something else" doesn't exactly make me shout "I want that" either. What are they selling, anyway?

Also, reminds me of the Murrican "non-white", because of course everything else is an aberration
No. 75749
> Romance is sexuality wrapped in ideology.
I disagree. It would require a very wide definition of "ideology" but if this word can mean anything then it means nothing.
Some animals have romance and long term attachment too. Are they also "ideological"?

> why you would value human sexual acts over cat sexual acts or bees pollinating flowers and so on
I don't think that these things are fundamentally different if that's what you imply by "value over". At least in case with mammals. Insects may have different principles of sexuality.
No. 75750 Kontra
15 kB, 295 × 242
>I've resigned myself to trying to simply detachedly observe things in a mildly amused manner.

>Next time you talk to someone, you should take notice of both how the person's lips are smacking against each other producing fleshy wet sounds that you interpret as words, and also how the "concept" of the person you are talking to is merely a mental model "avatar" in your own mind.
>It's quite fun.

Really reminds me of the fedora mentality a decade back. Delightful!
No. 75751
6,5 MB, 3216 × 2272
The 90s got it right in regards to how to cope with post-modernity, everything else since then has been cope (the bad kind).

>What are they selling, anyway?
Content, of course.

>Some animals have romance
Citation needed. I don't know how to apply the concept of "romance" to animals. They don't even know what that word means.
>long term attachment
You can be long term attached to having triple penetration gangbangs, I fail to see how long-termness and romance are related.
>I don't think that these things are fundamentally different
They're different in how we perceive them, and how we relate to those acts, despite not being fundamentally different. That's the point, the fact that one specie's sexuality affects you in a sexual manner, while another's doesn't, it highlights that the internal experience of sexuality is a mere arbitrary stimulus, same as pain or hunger.
No. 75752
Girls think I'm staring at their at their ass, but jokes on them, I'm in fact detachedly observing the sensory appearance of their ass.
In a mildly amused manner.
No. 75753 Kontra
692 kB, 236 × 240, 0:27
Alright, have a good weekend Ernsts. We made it once again.

True, the good kind of cope peaked in the 90s. Now it's only cr*nge and delusional cope.

No. 75754
Using an asterisk like that is the real cringe here.
No. 75755 Kontra
20 kB, 284 × 311
Oh you G*rmans...
No. 75756
I think your premise is faulty because you assume everyone is not aware of being a meatbag, nor even ready to accept that.
You are also assuming the very process of creating new life (in principle) isn't the exact antithesis to "worldliness", in that by procreating a part of you will certainly live on.

re:body horror - I also disagree here. Body horror employs sexual imagery because a) bodies are involved and b) sex is usually something pleasant, but can easily become unpleasant when one of the involved parties is not willing. And since horror is, among other things, about perverting, this plays right into that direction. Furthermore, body horror also deals with the fear of abnormality. Normal people, even the most open-minded ones, will have a certain adverse reaction to mutilations or deformation and THAT does indeed play into the worldliness of your body, in that by decreasing the structural integrity of one's body, one's life force is also decreased. And that's already before things like nazi doctors and Unit 731 (although I wouldn't put medical horror with body horror; they have overlaps, but are not subsets of each other).

Like and subscribe for more alman anatomical assumptions.
No. 75758
>I think your premise is faulty because you assume everyone is not aware of being a meatbag, nor even ready to accept that.
I think it's a pretty accurate assumption.
>the very process of creating new life (in principle) isn't the exact antithesis to "worldliness"
I think the duality of life and death is a spook. Life seems to be quite adjacent to death in all things.
>in that by procreating a part of you will certainly live on.
Your genes will live on. "Your" genes. Unless you somehow impart a sense of identity to a collection of molecular on/off switches, saying that genes are a part of "you" doesn't make much sense. I'd be more accurate to say that you are a vehicle for carrying genes.
Also, almost all of your genetic information will be completely diluted in a finite number of generations until there's basically no information about "you" preserved in your grand grand grand ... children, so that's not even true.

> Body horror employs sexual imagery because a) bodies are involved and b) sex is usually something pleasant, but can easily become unpleasant when one of the involved parties is not willing. And since horror is, among other things, about perverting, this plays right into that direction. Furthermore, body horror also deals with the fear of abnormality. Normal people, even the most open-minded ones, will have a certain adverse reaction to mutilations or deformation and THAT does indeed play into the worldliness of your body, in that by decreasing the structural integrity of one's body, one's life force is also decreased. And that's already before things like nazi doctors and Unit 731 (although I wouldn't put medical horror with body horror; they have overlaps, but are not subsets of each other).
You are operating on a lower abstraction level here.
The question is, WHY does a deformed face, or sexual imagery presented in grotesque manner, disgusts and horrifies us?
We shouldn't just settle on the fact that it does as the ground truth, but examine the underlying reason for such a reaction in the first place. My point is that presenting us with the materiality of our existence is that reason.
In both cases, body horror strips away the parts of the human body that our minds process and "filter" into recognizing as "humans" (as in the idea of a human), leaving only the sensory perception of a body. Deform a face, and your brain stops interpreting it as a "face", and switches into interpreting it as a mass of flesh. Sexual imagery that is devoid of arousal, is just flesh.
But both a normal face that we see as a face, and a deformed face that we see as a mass of flesh, are both masses of flesh. So, the "true" perception must then be that of the mass of flesh, and the perception of a face is just an evolutionarily beneficial illusion.
This pattern of taking something that our brains filter into pleasant experiences, and switching them off, can be seen all over horror by the way. Cuteness also works. Lots of horror imagery revolves around ordinarily cute things, deformed or altered in certain ways. It's because much like arousal or face recognition, cuteness is a hard-wired "filtering" layer.

So, my ultimate point is that such horror works because it points out that our perception of something looking "human" or "nice" or "sexy" is an arbitrary biological phenomenon, and without such a filter, humans just look like flesh. Hence, reminding us of our worldliness.

It has to be pointed out that apples being tasty is not a property of apples, but a property of our minds to find apples tasty. Now imagine eating an apple that tastes like nothing. Then it becomes apparent that eating apples is merely a biological function, and the "taste" didn't exist. An apple is just a sack of water and carbon. Just like human bodies.
That, or you're eating Red Delicious.
No. 75759 Kontra
> rxmx73g5ioay.png
Looks like 90-s reached non-Kazakhstan in late 00-s.
No. 75760
The 70s, 80s and 90s all reached post-sovok somewhere in 2000s all at once.
You're making an obvious true statement, yet acting as if you're pointing something out.
I don't get it.
No. 75761
Post-punk for example reached post-sovok in mid 10-s. This resulted in a dozen of cheap Yan Curtis clones and few years later in "RUSSIAN DOOMER MUSIC 2 HOUR LONG COMPILATION PART 17 UKRAINIAN WAR EDITION"
No. 75762 Kontra
> cheap Yan Curtis clones
The difference is however that they are ashamed of their own voice and songs. So they mumble it indistinguishably and despite my poor English skills, lyrics of "Joy division" feel more comprehensible than lyrics of "Ploho" and such.
No. 75763 Kontra
>Close your eyes so you can live in blessed illusion instead of seeing the ugly truth.
No. 75764
Yeah, but that picture is about grunge.
Which is boomer music even by posk sovok standards by now.
No. 75767 Kontra
60 kB, 475 × 316
No. 75768
Yeah, but your next post was about 70-s, 80-s and 90-s in general. And Rvanina became popular among teenagers, not boomers. Maybe you're too old for that.

t. gained respect in summer camp by claiming to listen to it (but it was filled with nerds)

No. 75769
3,1 MB, 480 × 360, 0:54
I wonder if Wect had subculture wars, rockers vs rappers and such. Somewhere here it was just posturing and somewhere even real beatenings.

These wars were historically accurate documented in movies "За святой рок" & "За святой рок 2" ("For holy rock" & "For holy rock 2"). Krasnogorsk used to be stronghold of rockers. But the golden age ended and the town became filled with nasty ungodly rappers. Crazy Max has to regain the territory by use of extreme violence.
No. 75771 Kontra
5,5 MB, 6:02
No. 75774
>I wonder if Wect had subculture wars, rockers vs rappers and such
Mods vs Rocker was an English one, events in Brighton 1964 are kind of famous

There were future installments, prequels and spin-offs, some more violent, some less violent...
Punks vs Rockers,
Rockers vs Farmer's Kids with tractors,
Farmer's Kids with tractors vs Metal Heads, even in the 1990s, some aspiring farmers would drive light tractors 20km to the nearest town to smash up a metal-joint.,
Punks vs Metal-Heads,
Punks vs Poppers,
Punks vs Skin-Heads,
Nazi Skin-Heads vs Ska-Skin-Heads,
Metal-Heads vs Hip-Hoppers,
Alternative Autonomous Leftists vs Fraternities,
Alternative Autonomous Leftists vs Nazi-Skin-Heads,
etc, ad infinitum,

and, of course, various sub-genres of every one of the above vs each other.

Noticably absent:
- pseudo-intellectual students listening to prog-rock bands you never even heard of
- shoe-gazing garage-rockers
- the like.
No. 75775 Kontra
Oh, forgot some important German ones
Every non-pacifist leftwing subculture vs conscripts,
French conscripts stationed in Germany vs German conscripts,
Gymnasium-pupils vs Trainees
No. 75779 Kontra
562 kB, 720 × 480
2,1 MB, 3024 × 3277
Friggin' pool is almost completely ready. Gonna take a dip tomorrow hopefully.
My mother bought a bunch of stuff for it. Like this sun-powered water heater.

Also my Chinese mp4 player arrived. I tried it. It's great. I love the no-frills drag and drop music player. The battery is pretty good. I listened to it for like 4 hours throughout the day, and it didn't even run low.
Actually helped me read some essays.
I've decided that I'm gonna write like two pages today.

Openoffice isn't collaborating so I've jumped that shark and now I'm installing MS office.

Translated a line from the DDJ for a meme about a boomer advocating for the ending of low-cost travel and honestly, maybe I should actually try translating all of it this summer for the meme. It's like a rite of passage and I could go around saying I did something and maybe even submit the manuscript to the university's library for a laugh.
No. 75780
>Openoffice isn't collaborating so I've jumped that shark and now I'm installing MS office.
Why not LibreOffice?
No. 75781 Kontra
It is Libreoffice I'm just braindead and keep calling it openoffice.
Anyway, it's a piece of shit and it lost formatting on the entire text again and refuses to properly do paragraphs, so screw it, I'm gonna pray five times a day in the direction of Redmond from now on, because that shit works and it's still free. (Free as in I don't have to pay jack to get it, not as in "frees you from the possibility of getting any work done.")
No. 75782
7 kB, 200 × 65
Pray for me too. Fucking Windows 11 shows two different values for my system volume in two separate menus.
No. 75785
Just use Latex bro, it's what all the cool kids do.
No. 75791
Latex does have advantages.
You can put it into any version control and it works.
You can split it up into multiple files without problems.
Whatever bullshit you do with your formatting, you are much less likely to lose any text.
Fully justified text still looks much better set with latex than with word.
The math mode produces formulae that are much superior to anything Microsoft office has to offer.
If you delete the image, put in a new image above the caption, and go on editing, word will lose the reference. If you print to pdf, it will then sometimes dissappear the image. Why? I don't know. Word-guru at work explained to me that there are reasons for that. I just could not make any sense of if.
In any case, such bullshit does not happen with latex, for obvious reasons.
Instead, you get "bullshit.sty not found, make a guess for what package you need to install" and "hahah, you need xetex for that" and "haha, you need texlive for that" and "haha you need luatex for that".

Grievanes I have with Microsoft Office:
Their mail-client is shit, too. It complains being out of memory on 2/3 program launches, even though there is enough free memory available. I do not know what DLL they use to malloc, but it has to be pretty exotic. I tried the repair-function, it crashed, and the entire office suite was gone. Then, I had to re-install (re-enter their damn key, if you even know it), just to end up where I started, with a mail-client that can allocate sufficient memory to open a plain-text-email on every third launch, on a system with 16GB of RAM. Only thing I achieved is that all my "recent files" all over office are now from 2019.

>calling it open office
I'd be surprised if they have changed 5% of the code since it was called OpenOffice. The suite did not only not improve, it became worse.
No. 75793
109 kB, 778 × 584
I have often been unable to do what I wanted to do with LibreOffice, especially when dealing with CJK, which M$O seems to support better. In some cases LO is to blame, in others I don't know if the problem is with LO or with the fonts I use. I can't imagine going back to M$O over this, but I do wonder what e.g. Japanese free software aficionados who are also serious about typesetting use. I wish there were something combining the features I like from Babelsoft, LO, Abiword, the *tex family, plain text editors and M$O, but leaving out their respective annoying parts.

How about Germany starting a "mysterious Portugal" subthread? I use Portuguese black swallow olive oil and am very pleased with it. So when Lidl recently sold Portuguese pears bearing this silly certified origin label, I bought some, but so far, they totally behave like regular pears? I think I've been rused by the Portuguese.
Slightly related: Years ago, I checked several brands of "kvass" soda beverage in plastic bottles in a (different) local supermarket, and all contained flavour. Felt like wanting beer but only finding beer-flavoured water. Perhaps actual kvass can't be bottled because it could explode and make a mess? I won't make kvass or water kefir at home any time soon. I'll probably die never having tasted kvass ;_;
No. 75796
72 kB, 700 × 429
If it was Pêra-Rocha, it's a genuinely unique variety of pear. It has this brownish top to it. It's juicier too, but I don't like pears.
No. 75798
127 kB, 900 × 900
278 kB, 515 × 515
I use Gallo-Oil and to jerk off to Silvia. not really, I tried to make up something insulting, but now I am grossed out by myself.
No. 75799
The kvas I got at my local russian store was always sweetened, it tasted like malt beer.
But you can get "Brottrunk" from any hippie store.
No. 75804
Thanks, yes, they're Rocha. I tried one but it was too hard, so I decided they're probably the kind that have to soften nicely to attain their true form. Today, compared to your picture, they look nicely yellow with equally distributed speckles of brown, so no brown tops. I'll wait for them to soften some more and then report back. Will now read Wikipedia to enlighten myself about what's supposed to be so great about them. Thank you all for reading my pear blog.

I hope this won't devolve into an oil brand war. Such a turn of events would seem vaguely familiar :D
No. 75805
Right, at Rewe they were all sweetened. Does proper kvass taste like Brottrunk? Now that's a twist. Never tried either.
No. 75807
>oil brand war
Really, I can't fight over olive oil. I buy the cheap greek shit from Netto because a test years ago found it to have the lowest mineral oil content of all brands they tested, and I kind of like that. As little motor oil in my olive oil as possible.
No. 75808
You didn't read my post, I said "local russian store", as in "store with russian products run by russians", as in "KBAC" written on the bottle.
And yes, kvas is fermented bread.
No. 75809
>I don't like pears
But pears are objectively superior to apples. Their lower acidity means they are less aggressive against tooth enamel and more suitable to combine with cocoa or chocolate. Also, there are firm and soft varieties of pear, whereas there is no such thing as a soft, juicy, sweet apple, except a baked apple perhaps.

Wikipedia says
>Pulp: hard and firm
Sounds like I shouldn't wait for them to get any better. Leaving them crowded in their container for much longer would only cause them to get mushy as a result of pear pressure.
No. 75810 Kontra
Don't worry, I had read your post and understood you were not talking about Rewe, but I was. By "proper kvass" I meant "as consumed traditionally", not the Malzbier-like stuff they sold at your Russian store and at Rewe.
No. 75811 Kontra
>not the Malzbier-like stuff they sold at your Russian store and at Rewe
… unless that is how it's traditionally consumed, I should add.
No. 75813 Kontra
36 kB, 108 × 1273
Did you forget the quota already? Goodness me!
No. 75814
>"store with russian products run by russians"
You think Russians don't get swamped with all the artificial shit we have here? Also, a lot of German companies produce Russian-style stuff, like sausages, or tea. Take a closer look at the packaging.

t. frequented a Russian store for a while
No. 75815
I just volunteered for doing benevolent work as a staff in a manga/anime convention. A friend talked me into it for the first time a before Covid and I liked it a lot.

I don’t watch anime, I swear. There’s something about doing all of this work and being kind of exterior to the phenomenon that’s strangely exiting. I also liked the team feeling. Everyone was friendly and talkative to each other, which was in great contrast to how most of the staff probably usually lived its social life.

For the anecdote, after I finished volunteering I went back home using public transports with three girls from the staff. One was very shy and nearly said nothing, one was hot and one was maybe the ugliest woman I had ever seen.
We were talking about the convention and the ugly one explained to us she was upset because she sent very clear signals of interest to a staff member who didn’t seem to notice. She then told us that she recently convinced her boyfriend to open their relationship but she didn’t manage to sleep with any guys while the bf was really successful. The shy girl completely stopped talking at this point. The hot girl answered that it was her bf who opened the relationship but the irony made it that she was also the only one who fucked.
I was at a loss, I thought that it was commonly agreed upon that relationships were exclusive and never thought people could talk about their sexuality this openly with stranger. It made me get things into perspective. I may have been the asocial all along.
No. 75818
If the writings on the packaging are all in cyrillic and at most you get one of those stickers with the ingredients you can find on import stuff, I will assume it is indeed a bit different from finding Russian Standard and Moskovskaya in a regular supermarket's liquor shelf.
No. 75819
God damn it feels great to indulgently sleep for 9 hours.
And get to see the dreams til the end damn it.
No. 75820
Probably it's because real kvass spoils too fast. No commercial sense to deliver it to Germany. Even here it's rare.

https://vkusvill.ru/goods/kvas-domashniy-1l-20543.html - from natural food chain. Lasts 20 days.

https://www.utkonos.ru/item/3233338/kvas-lidskij-khlebnyj-1-5-l - this one tastes a bit different from home-made but lasts 6 months and very tasty. Recommend!

Очаковский, Никола -- piss. But it's authentic piss, people drink it a lot here.

No. 75822
I wanted to look up which brands of Russian stuff my local REWE supermarket has. What do I get from the search engine of choice? Tons of "news" about stores eliminating Russian products from their shelves, and one "how to spot Russian products", presumably to not buy it. And that was only the first page. Yeah, this sure will hurt The Putin™.

I won't say any more about this, at least ITT. Not trying to derail a Today Thread into "War Thread 2"
No. 75823 Kontra
Ach Walde.
No. 75824
Ach name-caller. I have no idea who that is, or why you felt the fucking need to post that.
No. 75826
81 kB, 702 × 800
32 kB, 400 × 400
Hot, dry air and no wind.
I'm at the point where i wish for the summer to be over.
No. 75827
Incredible, it's still hotter in Germany.
Long live Summer, I say.
No. 75829 Kontra
504 kB, 828 × 844
That’s pretty hot lel.
The weather here is perfect though.
No. 75831
That feel when these weather sites only give "estimates" for my location because nobody put official measuring equipment here.

t. small town boy
No. 75832
40 kB, 717 × 600
Why not get a hydrometer/thermometer thingy so you always know whats up?
No. 75833
I didn't say I'm lacking that.
No. 75834 Kontra
31 kB, 750 × 519
My face when I haven't slept until now (past noon already) because my brain said: think and panic and squeeze our existence and everything attached to it through a meat grinder and have no rest even though you have work to do.
No. 75835
Drinking my first cup of coffee in four days. I add milk, but since all dairy tastes like vomit when I'm sick I've been on a steady diet of tea this week. Still doesn't taste right. Eh, I'll finish the cup, but will chase it with more tea. Plantation Mint, which is a blend of spearmint and black tea. Good shit. Bigelow recently changed the name to Perfectly Mint because of the troubles, but these boxes have been in my cupboard since the before times. Mint teas are my go to for a bad throat, so much so that I have difficulty drinking them at any other time because I associate the flavor with illness.
No. 75836
>the troubles
What does that have to do with Ireland?
No. 75837
8 kB, 480 × 360
Nothing, but as an American I feel it is my right to appropriate and redeploy the terminology of other nations.
No. 75839
127 kB, 600 × 403
I cycled 25km to the neighboring town. Originally, I planned on eating some ice cream or at least refilling my water bottle in the grave yard. But I did not make it past the town sign. My ex-gf lives there and it gave me more suicidal thoughts than I expected it would, which is pathetic. Not that german ball still hung up about his ex, but the other german ball hung up about his ex. His was mean, mine was not. I then turned back and cycled home.

I took the route that is most forested, it is nice and cool in the forest. But on my way home, I passed through a recent development of single family homes, and I swear on a fat cook's armpit-sweat, it was 5 kelvin hotter in that development. I am certain that is the result of all the asphalt and stone, fashionably black roofs and total lack of vegetation. Why do people love black roofs so much? Every kid in almost any country would draw a house with a red roof, but when those kids grow up, they decide that roofs should be black. Why?

It's kind of obvious that there can't be 100 year old trees on what used to be farmland, but the yards are all mostly paved and cobbled. I guess people do not want to maintain a garden, and they need parking space. Maybe they need parking space so they can show off their house to all of their friends simultaneously, and all of those friends need parking space. Other than that, I don't see the point of owning a house when half your yard is a 5m x 4m driveway. Most depressing observation: the people who have the lots next to a foot-path walled themselves in with 3m high pic related walls. Around a 2m wide path. It takes multiple turns between such walls, and it feels like a Minoan labyrinth.

80s/90s developments don't have those walls, nor do they have giant cobbled parking lots. Society is getting more car-dependent, people wall themselves in because there is no more sense of community and no more generalized trust, and everything is going to the dogs. Instead of adapting to climate change, people chose to ignore it and built the most extreme heat islands they can. Maybe they hope their gravel-walls can keep out the heat?

On my way up the stairwell to my flat, I met a neighbor who is a few years younger than me and pretty, and she was wearing shorts. I could see a tattoo on her leg. She always has sex loudly with her Greek BF who drives a Mercedes CLA AMG. I am convinced the tattoo extents to her genitals. I don't want a gf with tattoos on her genitals. Or any tattoos, really.

Could I get gf if I had an expensive car? I don't know. Am I too poor for that? I think so, but statistically, I am not poor at all. Savings rate is about 2000€/month, that could be enough to afford a car and look richer over all. I still feel poor. I do not get status symbols, but they seem to be very important to everyone else. Would I need a better job at a more prestigious company? Would it make me good enough? On the other hand, would my ex have left me if there was any reasonable chance of me getting hired at Bosch-Daimler-SAP-Würth?

I get older, but not smarter, and frankly, I don't see much of a point in anything at the moment. So, hopelessness on all fronts, and not without reason.

It is kind of hot, tomorrow will be 36°C and humidity will be higher. Next week will be better, maybe even with a few millimeters of rain. We are just going through what is our now-customary summer drought.

Chances are we are having one of the coolest summers of the next few centuries, so don't complain about the heat, but enjoy the cool.
No. 75840
>I was at a loss, I thought that it was commonly agreed upon that relationships were exclusive and never thought people could talk about their sexuality this openly with stranger.
People with a social life seem to be doing that now. I think it's disgusting and it sickens me.
No. 75842
247 kB, 1918 × 946
Airplane flying over my head is gonna crash :DD
No. 75843
Any idea why they can't land? Airport full?
No. 75844
Airplane is spending fuel before emergency landing, it was meant to go to Cuba.
Maybe its a landing gear that didn't retract.
No. 75845
Imagine wasting all that precious fuel. Putin grining.jpeg
No. 75846 Kontra
Double consonants are my kryptonite. Also, long words. Also, girls.
No. 75847
First, I thought the body of water on the right was a big inland lake. Now I know that Lisbon sits on a big bay. I wonder what else I don't know about European capitals.
No. 75848
Probably a lot.
No. 75849
I take it that you are more educated and laugh about my abysmal stupidity.
No. 75850
No. But it's VERY likely that there is A LOT to know.
No. 75851 Kontra
41 kB, 133 × 259
I just wish I were done with this essay already. I'm like 5 pages with two sections, don't know how long it'll be finally, but I guess 8 pages will suffice if all threads come loose.
I really hate doing this. Not the process of writing, but the topic. It's a bit overdone, or at least feels like it.

I especially hate how now I'm out of reading, sort of, so now it's down to writing, and because I need to look at pdfs constantly, I have to use the big screen so I can't write outside, so in essence I'm squandering the good weather for this.
No. 75852
Agreed. There is a lot to know and there are many capitals.
No. 75853
It is the life of a student, better make peace with it. Later, you will sit in an office, which is arguably less pleasant. You can enjoy the weather when you are retired, which, for our generation, will be never.
No. 75861 Kontra
They became friends!
No. 75863
140 kB, 447 × 450
I was processing your shitposts while chewing on a sandwich when I accidentally part of it the wrong way, much irritating, so I blew my nose and a piece of cheese came flying out of my right nostril.
(Picture not related)
No. 75864
65 kB, 448 × 360, 0:04
We're witnessing a breakthrough moment.

Our understanding of Germans is increasing with incredible rate. Much thanks to your recent observations of live, physical specimen. Did you have a chance to record any live footage? Or maybe some additional observations you haven't shared yet?
No. 75865 Kontra
1 kB, 289 × 24
I mean, it's not so bad. I only hate this explicitly because I don't really like the topic.
Still, I'm like 6 pages in if you don't count the sources section and the cover I made for it for some reason. They're asking for 8-10. Or at least I remember it was supposed to be 8-10. Whatever. For some she said 5-6, I remember 8-10 and yet another workshop member remembers 10-15. I'm sure it will all be fine.

I'm sure as hell not gonna spend Monday inside when it's gonna be 37 degrees, I want to be out and read.
No. 75866
Who's "they"? The two posts you linked have nothing to do with each other.
No. 75867 Kontra
28 kB, 1200 × 630
No. 75869
I only have a few initial notes and two pictures of the landscape, I didn't have that much time and I spent a lot of it being enamored by a female specimen. Additional journeys will be necessary. But I still worry photographing them would elicit suspicion from them.

How does one say Sagres in German?
No. 75870
>How does one say Sagres in German?
Is that a trick question? It doesn't look like there's any letters in that word we don't have.
No. 75871
331 kB, 1068 × 580
There probably was a Visigoth name for it.
No. 75872
773 kB, 1024 × 576
So? I don't see any Visigoths around anymore, only normal goths
No. 75873 Kontra
133 kB, 240 × 240, 0:08
>I only have a few initial notes and two pictures of the landscape, I didn't have that much time and I spent a lot of it being enamored by a female specimen.
It's always the female subjects that are the most interesting. It's a delicate process to get to study them closely, so I understand completely.

>But I still worry photographing them would elicit suspicion from them.
Being a sneaky fuck Finn I have a tip on capturing footage without arousing too much suspicion.

You can take out your phone and announce that you're taking a video for your gf/wife. Then start recording with the selfie camera and say a few words to your partner(imaginary is fine). Maybe even ask the subjects to say hi to "Maria"(or any female name of your choosing) to really sell the story. One drawback with this method is that if you're attempting to study a female subject, it just became a lot more difficult. And of course having yourself in the frame is unfortunate if you're attempting to capture the subjects and share the footage. Though if no one is paying much attention to you just stay out of the frame entirely.

Works pretty well in most cases where it would otherwise feel too awkward to start recording. Though that felt awkwardness is likely very subjective, and might not even be relevant to the reader.
No. 75874
>I blew my nose and a piece of cheese came flying out of my right nostril.
That sounds very unpleasant. You should not eat in front of a screen. Focus on your meal instead.
No. 75876
Is it a breach of European privacy laws to take photographies for academic purposes without people's knowing consent? The Irish was right though.
No. 75878
>very unpleasant
I said "irritating", but actually it was tickling rather than choking. Thanks for the empathy and advice though.

In German law, there is a right to one's own image: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recht_am_eigenen_Bild
Also, people who take pictures, video and/or audio recordings of people without their consent are creepy creeps and should be ashamed.
No. 75879 Kontra
Not sure if there's any European laws on this. Here you're free to publish footage of individuals given that it's taken in public and is in good faith(I fail to remember the correct terms).

>Also, people who take pictures, video and/or audio recordings of people without their consent are creepy creeps and should be ashamed.
I would go so far with a blanket statement like that. Surely you don't go around asking everyone's consent when taking a picture of a populated city street? Taking creepy creep photos of people, however, is creepy.
No. 75881
>Not sure if there's any European laws on this.
>taking a picture of a populated city street
I don't.
No. 75882
But perhaps if I requested permission to film something for social media - Ernstchan would be included in this permission?
Either way, I'm content with just writing down the specifics of their skull shape on my notepad.
No. 75883
Yes, that sounds good. Among the people I hang out with, it is customary to politely ask each subject for permission before (!) taking (and publishing) cranium measures.
No. 75884 Kontra
Neighbors are still continuing a party that they began at 10am today. Counteroffensive measures soon.
No. 75885
>Counteroffensive measures soon
Like what?
No. 75886
40 kB, 380 × 283
Thank you! Will try to get some.
I remember there was a thread on Krautchan about various brands.

>Counteroffensive measures
Accompanied by any measures to minimize collateral damage? When my neighbours are noisy, area denial means it's hard to reconnoiter, so I cannot pinpoint the source flat. Difficult enough even just to find out which house it's coming from.
No. 75887
Instead of going to a resort on company dime, and participating in "teambuilding" games and other such crap, I am spending my sunday in my underwear in front of a computer.

Feels good man.
No. 75888
>“Two or three kids in a class of 30 are self-harming because they are so anxious about their living situation, about whether their parents can pay the bills or whether they are going to be able to have a shower that night.


And I thought things are bad here in Germoney... holy cow, the UK is going down the drain fast.
No. 75889
>because I need to look at pdfs constantly,

Write down stuff/ take notes and then copypaste them into the document and link them in writing. Occasionally check on the pdfs if anything doesn't feel right or you are unsure about what you wrote etc.
No. 75890
Do we have the same neighbors? Next time, I might just call the police on them.
No. 75893
226 kB, 813 × 902
>Do we have the same neighbors?
Yes, definitely.
I'm bored, can you tell?
No. 75895
It's the anglosphere, they're all fucked.
No. 75897
I somehow roped myself into getting another job. it's remote and mostly has to do with brain numbing data entry
Gonna work two jobs now, epic.

Coz it's all about that
money money money
No. 75898
>data entry

Done that before. Really makes you retarded after a while.
No. 75900 Kontra
33 kB, 852 × 480
Anyone else got a grandmother who expects you to do something but doesn't tell you, only to be really angry that you can't read minds didn't ask fifty times if she needs help with a random task, next time you see her?

It's exhausting. Bonus fact: If you call her out on her bullshit she accuses you of doing that instead.
No. 75901 Kontra
Waterpump died. I am devastate. Everything falls apart and I hate it.
I hate this cope of buying cheap shit and then jury-rigging it. I'm so fucking done with this.

My nose also keeps itching and running, but only when I'm in the room, if I go out it resolves itself, so there's probably way too much dust in this box and once the exams are done I need to dust the shelves. Or I just got a cold.

Because I suck at this and I haven't properly streamlined my work methods yet.
No. 75902
3,0 MB, 4160 × 3120
3,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
Cold moved into my lungs so I used one of those at-home covid test kits the government gave to everyone. Negative.
No. 75903
91 kB, 550 × 382
Went out to have dinner with friends and ate way too much. Nice weather, doesn't feel too hot because of high winds.

A vague concept of privacy as human right isn't exactly relevant here. Also I like that instead of engaging in hypothetical of an incredibly common scenario you just chose to state that you don't engage in such activities.

Like pulling teeth! Well, wasn't an interesting topic to begin with.

But how will you steal liberate badly allocated company resources with a remote job? Even if you managed to automate your job I'm not sure if that would count.

Surprised how is iHealth doesn't seem to be trademarked by Apple. Also if you just started feeling sick and it showed negative, another test after a couple of days could be positive. That's how it was for me anyway.
No. 75904
Have you checked test's expiration date? It could spoil since 2020.
No. 75905
The virus has persisted for nearly a week and the cellular occupation is as complete as it's going to get. I actually thought I was getting better, but it turns out I was just on a lot of Tylenol :D.

Just checked, expiration date is in 2024.
No. 75906 Kontra
It could be that the newer variants aren't detected by the old tests.
No. 75907 Kontra
>Being able to afford eating out in a cost-of-living-crisis
When the proletariat rises up, they will eat you.
No. 75908
>populated city street
§23 KunstUrhG
(1) ...
No. 75909 Kontra
40 kB, 612 × 373
Crisis this, crisis that. My expenses haven't increased yet and when something doesn't effect me, it doesn't exist. Simple as.

Friendly reminder: stop reading the news.

GREAT post!
No. 75910
2,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
They were said to be less effective in detecting Omicron vs Delta, so it's possible- especially if I'm an early adopter and now play host to the latest wave. Either way, my understanding is that the test skews toward negative results. Ctrl+F 'false negative' on that instructions pic. Not only does it miss some Covid infections, user error can invalidate the entire process. It's better than nothing, though, and now if anyone asks I can tell them- to the best of my knowledge- it's not the plague.

Pröst. It's tea.
No. 75911
Funny thing is:
Kids are desperate because their parents can't feed them or afford basic hygiene. Partially, because they feed those children on "snacks" instead of potatoes and porridge like the Britons would have done in decades past, but let's not blame them for their idiocy for the moment.
What the "Children's Commisioner" concludes:
>We need an NHS trained counsellor in every school … government plans [for training hundreds of mental health workers to work in and near schools] will only reach a quarter of schools in three years.

In other words:
>instead of feeding starving children, we need to spent more money on social workers and the like

which can be further shortened to
>we should give more money to people like me.
No. 75912 Kontra
18 kB, 210 × 295
So. A report drafted by civil servants concludes that there is an expansion of the civil service in order?
Never heard that one before.
No. 75913 Kontra
So you think it's normal to say
>let those children starve, give more money to me?
No. 75914 Kontra
I'm probably angry because I am a pathetic disgusting weak worthless powerless Untermensch loser with slave morality, people with a will to power will think nothing of it and would do exactly the same.

God, I fucking hate myself for being such a piece of shit.
No. 75915 Kontra
I am so fucking dumb and pathetic.
No. 75916 Kontra
Seriously, I can't fucking believe how stupid and naive I am. Such a pathetic worhtless subhuman. I should be killed for being so fucking dumb. I do not have a right to live. I am a piece of subhuman worthless shit, inferior in every aspect.
No. 75917
856 kB, 720 × 405
Free meditation lesson:

Take a deep breath through your nose.

Hold your breath for 5 seconds.

Slowly exhale through your mouth.

Repeat ten times.
No. 75919
>Friendly reminder: stop reading the news
"If I don't see it, it doesn't exist" works for toddlers without object permanence only.
No. 75920
What actionable insights has reading the news given you? Today, this week, month, year? I'm really interested!
No. 75921
If something manifests itself in physical reality only by scare-mongering articles in partisan newspapers, probably it's not worth caring about.

> This article was amended on 18 June 2022 to better present the relevant statistics as findings from a specific survey, and not as definitive figures as an earlier version might have implied.
If they're dishonest in their conclusions (gib more money to me) probably they're as much dishonest in their research.
No. 75922
I didn't say I read a newspaper or watch TV.
No. 75924 Kontra
14 kB, 480 × 360
Well, it's normal to say, whether or not it is moral to say is a completely different question altogether, but I don't think a bureaucrat involves themselves much with the morality of their actions, they tend to focus more on the morality of their words, or rather, making sure the immorality of their words come forward in a moral way.
They didn't ask for money that could be spent on starving children, they requested funds that could be used to bolster state services to help the children of Great Britain cope with the pressure their material conditions put on them through mental healthcare.
No. 75929
2,6 MB, 3543 × 4032
>Because I suck at this and I haven't properly streamlined my work methods yet.

Many roads lead to a goal and you can travel the route that works best for you, the fastest road or the most precise and worked-through road, sometimes there are combinations or overlaps possible. Find out what works best. That means maybe writing shit down beforehand and then piecing it together and gluing your note chunks doesn't work for you, but I don't think that beyond student level people work and write by just looking at pdfs. Maybe I'm mistaken. I did write some (shorter) papers that way, but no it takes too much time and is a lot of window juggling. Having a lot of notes that are just selected and adjusted makes you write incredibly fast but of course, you put in quite some time before writing a coherent text.
No. 75930
>Well, it's normal to say, whether or not it is moral to say is a completely different question altogether,
The factual is normative, so it is moral. The only people who would think it is not have slave morality, like me. I failed to consider this, like the worthless low-value un-noble piece of shit I am. Noble people know what they want, and what benefits their goals is moral. They use circumstances to their own advantages and to further their own goals. Low-value pieces of shit think about the "common good", because their weakness and bad genetics do not allow them to act in their own best interest. Instead, they construct the morals of slaves that are targeted at keeping those of high value down. They try to impress their slave morality onto nobler humans to keep those from furthering their own goals. This is why the ruling caste has to invent lies about "welfare". To keep the worthless pathetic mob pacified. They pretend to respect slave morality, while they are grabbing as much power, gain and the best sexual partners for themselves, like their nature dictates.

Slave-morality is weak and degenerate, and idiots like me who believe in it are worthless.
No. 75931 Kontra
It's remarkable how you sound like an edgy 17yo and a guy in his late 30s that never grew up. Not a coincidence but also like some weird time tunnel!
No. 75932 Kontra
Yes, I guess for healthy adults, all of this comes so natural that it is really childish and pathetic to even put it into writing.
No. 75933
903 kB, 2560 × 1828
59 kB, 960 × 540
154 kB, 818 × 1050
I always suspected that Socialist Ernst and Bavarian ball are the same person. Now I finally have prüfß.

Usually xe is kind and empathetic to everyone from his grandma to starving children in Myanmar. He doesn't eat meat to help calves and doesn't shower to help Ukrainians. But at full moon he rejects slave morality to carve his way to the top over the bones of untermenschen.

He studied critical theory until it awaken race consciousness in him. And you better stay out of his way, weakling.
No. 75934
ДОИ'T do that ☺☻
No. 75935
The scars thing is that it makes some sense ... kind of.
No. 75937
Now here's a brain teaser.
My current job is settling on a steady "do fuckall" mode, and I got a side gig.
Now I have an opportunity to get a better job, but I'll probably be busy as fuck since it's a new job and all.
So, current job with no prospects + side gig vs new job with better prospects and no side gig vs new job + side gig but being overworked and risking fucking up at both.

Decisions, decisions.
No. 75938
You need to ask yourself what's more important to you, time or money. Obviously I am operating under the premise that both choices pay enough to live a serious life.
No. 75939
How much does a serious life cost?
No. 75940 Kontra
Ah, the joke got lost in translation. In this case, "serious" would be "ernsthaft", as in "Ernst"-y.
But to answer the question, it doesn't cost much.
No. 75943 Kontra
111 kB, 500 × 523
Sent in that shitty essay. Really, I think I actually did a bit of original research, because I actually did look up contemporary Hungarian reception of the drama so I guess that's a first.
I've lost all energy and I'm feeling resentful that people are around the house. There is a repairman working on the air conditioning so I don't feel comfortable leaving the room. Truly I am a bourgie fuckwit.
Decided that I'm gonna read the two volumes of the Shahnameh I own once the exams are over.
Honestly I woke up at noon and I don't even care at this point.
No. 75944
It seems a recurring issue that you fear the presence of the proletariat. What are the psychosocial causes of this?
No. 75945 Kontra
Probably just me doubting my own masculinity.
No. 75948
Masculinity/Femininity are idées reçues anyway, just be a human.
No. 75951
He's afraid if they learn about his private swimming pool.
No. 75953 Kontra
50 kB, 453 × 642
623 kB, 1805 × 1058
Hungary encounters the proletariat and their manual bare-handed work whereas reading and writing lead to nothing! The pride of every working human is that they do something, especially when working in the factory or laying the foundations of our comfortable existence. They move and wield matter, mental processing is invisible (and yet the managerial/communication caste is responsible for a certain standard of living as well since they sit at interfaces and regulate shit between things that are done)

Back when I was young we had the Arbeitsdienst where there was no distinction allowed, a great melting pot of the classes where the future Reichsschriftkammerleiter and the typical Werkzeugbenutzerarbeiter were digging trenches and building Autobahn's together, every hand and matter was moved for the Reich!
No. 75957
> laying the foundations of our comfortable existence
This is a degenerate and decadent idea. Life is not supposed to be "comfortable", it's an eternal struggle. Labor should be useless or, even better, make other's lives worse so they can exercise their Nordic character through hardships.
No. 75958
Sounds like some filthy rich dude said it and couldn't stop laughing afterwards
No. 75959 Kontra
>heiling with the left arm
No. 75961 Kontra
I'm ahead of you. You're seeing my back.
No. 75963 Kontra
>heiling away from people
No. 75964 Kontra
16 kB, 500 × 335
134 kB, 1200 × 816
190 kB, 500 × 741
I'm heiling the Sun.
No. 75965 Kontra
it gonna explode anyway, man.

badum tss
No. 75973 Kontra
32 kB, 320 × 480
You know what I'm not going to get poolshamed by a Russian. Yes, we paid ~250 Euros for the pool and its supplies last year, yes it's there and yes we're using it.
It was a sound investment.
No. 75974 Kontra
You're a basement dweller, how would you be heiling the sun?
No. 75975 Kontra
Does the sun ever shine in Russia? jokes: only one of them, the cosmic star, but never its human made metaphor
No. 75976
>Masculinity/Femininity are idées reçues anyway
Does the AC-repairman know that?
No. 75978
Today was an excellent day.

Things are falling into place.
No. 75979
363 kB, 1560 × 1023
>Does the AC-repairman know that?
No. 75987
Today I realized that the sum of the length of the two shorter sides of a triangle will always be bigger than the length of the longest side. Feels pythagorean.
I don't know what to do with this information though.
No. 75988
They didn't tell it to you in school?

> I don't know what to do with this information though.
There are a lot of things following from it and it's generalizations.
For example, the fact that any convergent sequence in a metric space is a Cauchy sequence is a direct consequence of the triangle inequality
No. 75989
Except for when the three corners of the triangle lie on the same line :^)
No. 75990
>They didn't tell it to you in school?
As if I could remember. Most of the knowledge I can't specifically trace to what I learned in uni or things like the binomic formulas is just there. I hate when people ask "how do you know that" because I honestly can't give an answer beyond "probably read somewhere lol"
No. 75991
>Das Gleichheitszeichen gilt dabei nur, wenn a und b Teilstrecken von c sind – man spricht dann auch davon, dass das Dreieck „entartet“ ist.
Fucking crack smoking crazy-ass mathematicians working with triangles that are just lines
No. 75994
>"how do you know that"
My father would reply to that question "das weiß man halt"

> „entartet“
The language police took away everything they suspected to be even loosely related to ze gnatzis, but nobody cares about maths, apparently
No. 75995
Because the shortest path between two points is a line/geodesic?
Actually triangle inequality is a defining property of a metric space.
No. 75996
23 kB, 310 × 240, 0:01
Stocking up on some extra emergency supplies had me wondering how muh ancestors managed to store enough food to last through the winter. Especially when family sizes were significantly larger. I guess it was all about filling the potato cellar with taters and maybe onions. Flour to make bread out of. And eat everything that moves. Resulting in fine culinary culture like the squirrel soup recipe I posted a while back.
No. 75997
Russians on the move or what is going? The war thread needs some happenings.
No. 75998 Kontra
80 kB, 400 × 360, 0:03
Just replacing some of the stuff that has been consumed from the stockpile and adding some extra to avoid replacing so much with higher food prices of the near future. Even though it is an emergency stockpile you're supposed to be nibbling on it from time to time to avoid throwing stuff away when they expire.

The war threda is for shitposting exclusively because of the schizos.
No. 75999
130 kB, 777 × 900
31 kB, 503 × 480
Well, imagine one bag of grain. How many packs of grain it is, how do you think?
No. 76000
> I guess it was all about filling the potato cellar with taters
When you say "ancestors", how long ago do you mean?
No. 76001
211 kB, 660 × 480, 0:11
I'd imagine that depends on many factors in the case that "a bag" is not a standard I'm unaware of. But I'd guess something between 30 and 50 kilos. Right now I can't recall buying other whole grains but rice. Those are packaged in 1 or 2 kilo boxes or bags in normal grocery stores at least. Probably the same for buckwheat.

Anything pre-refrigeration(widespread, domestic use) really. But specifically thinking about families that lived in the middle of nowhere with no access to shops during winter time.
No. 76003
New thread here >>76002
No. 76004
>the middle of nowhere
Feel not known, Germany too full
No. 76005
457 kB, 1190 × 917
Population of Finland was less than three million in the start of 20th century and many people in rural areas were still living in "smoke cabins" with no windows or chimneys. A building with one room inhabited parents and their ten kids.
No. 76592
>For example, the fact that any convergent sequence in a metric space is a Cauchy sequence is a direct consequence of the triangle inequality
Is Q| a metric space? Because to me, it looks like it is. Yet, Q| is not complete.
But "Cauchy sequences converge" is equivalent to the completeness axiom.

Sorry for bothering people with calculus 101, but this confuses me a little atm.
No. 76959
what's going on with kc and mintboard?