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No. 76243
27 kB, 316 × 316
991 kB, 864 × 1038
Continuing investigation of their volksgeist.

Previous >>66948
No. 76244
Ok? You have to ask questions, otherwise just go read wikipedia and click on everything Germany-related.
No. 76245
I haven't found article called "German weakling" in Wikipedia on any language. Maybe I should create one?

Let's summarize what we know about them then:
-- Have little girl mentality.
-- Hate themselves, love criminals and foreigners.
-- Hate honest labor, earn their living by writing nonsense.
-- Will freeze and starve.

That's too few for a proper article. What additional sources of information are there?
No. 76248
What is "Drachen thread"? When Germans argue they sometimes mention it.
No. 76250 Kontra
Don't ask don't tell, if you care go to K*hl and stay there.
No. 76252
>What is "Drachen thread"? When Germans argue they sometimes mention it.

That are really high quality threads. The excellent moderation of this lively, successful board desperately wanted to have them here.
No. 76255
I gotta say, the last thread started off with a lot less "haha, Germans suck". OP, did one of us insult your momma?
No. 76257
It is a thread where German intellectuals with ripe personalities discuss the psychology and the exploits of famous youtube creators, as exemplified by the franconian Rainer Winkler, with ai, which is very important. He has many girlfriends and is always busy cutting and rendering for his fans.
No. 76258
70 kB, 781 × 1104
Vasily, you fool!

This is not a proper thread to study the German in. Look at the previous opener - direct questions! A picture of a serious man in a suit. It sets a clear image of how serious the discussions of German ethnography is. Germans respect a person looking serious. This doesn't look serious at all!

>Why are we on a German website? What are they saying on /b/? Why do we shop at LIDL?
From the previous thread, it becomes clear that we shop on LIDL due to the perfect balance between affordable prices and quality food. Netto is perhaps good, it isn't clear yet. No progress on what they're saying in /b/ was achieved.
No. 76259
You mean, writing about weaklings? I just repeat after schizo bavarian ball because I find such ramblings very funny.

> OP, did one of us insult your momma?
Yes, and I ought to defend her honor. Will you fight me on a duel or flee like a cowardly dog?
No. 76260 Kontra
5 kB, 256 × 256
>No progress on what they're saying in /b/ was achieved.

It's all about professional video game players, food, alcohol, mustard, skateboards and >>76248
No. 76261
No. 76262 Kontra
24 kB, 929 × 628
This thread should get a slogan attached to it that Berliners can still hear today when they take the U-Bahn or S-Bahn Zurückbleiben, bitte

No. 76264 Kontra
4,3 MB, 2304 × 3072
Aber ich bin doch schon zurückgeblieben :DDDD
No. 76265
That feel when Straßenbahn-Techno
No. 76266
71 kB, 453 × 519
Also drinkenings, cycling, learning japanese and a few shitposting thredas.

While the Drachenlord thread is not interesting for me I have to say that it is no disturbance to the board at all - in contrast to the very vocal critics who are quite annoying. I think on imageboards people should be able to deal with things they don't like, in fact I consider being confronted with stuff I don't like a vital part of imageboards. I'm sure there are plenty of people on /b/ who don't like E-Sports or Anime, which both also aren't exactly intellectual topics. Yet no one complains about those, and that's a good thing. Even /int/ took the recent anime thread fairly well. And by "fairly well" I mean that it didn't go thermonuclear butthurt as it was predicted.

It's live and let live, and I'm wary about people who have strong opinions on what should be allowed and what not.
No. 76267 Kontra
>While the Drachenlord thread[...]
You are completely missing the problem.
Drachenkrebs attracts other Krebs. Drachenkrebs is part of the cancer that killed KC and I can see history repeating itself. I am not saying Drachen threads are the very reason we get all the K*hltards recently, including the schizos, but tolerating that shit here can only lead to a slippery slope.
No. 76268
25 kB, 300 × 522
>I am not saying Drachen threads are the very reason we get all the K*hltards recently
You must mean the war threads. Those were annoying for me, because in my opinion it's normie stuff. We're proud of being a board where we so not discuss recent news. But we do, only that it's war news and (e-)sports news. Things aren't as black and white as some might believe.
>but tolerating that shit here can only lead to a slippery slope.
I disagree here: First of all the thread has been up for half a year, and nothing happened - except one of the haters shitting all over the board and then complaining that he got banned - not sure if it's the bavarian guy here, the wording sounds quite similar, but I'm not sure. Second: I think there are no bad topics, just bad posters. Good posters make good threads out of any topic, and bad posters will ruin any topic. So if bad posters appear they should be removed. But I wouldn't want to proactively remove the topic, if only for not giving people the opportunity to shit in decent topic threads and then claiming they should be removed because they are cancerous.

In short: Removing a topic because some other people are idiots violates my sense of justice.
No. 76270 Kontra
497 kB, 2560 × 1439
Also funny that it's Rammstein in the OP, Ernst has very recently been at a Rammstein concert, and it was fucking ebin.
No. 76271 Kontra
And yet you made it into the thread, despite the announcement. I have to work in the system.

>Yet no one complains about those

Have you ever thought about anime, e-sports and Rainer being completely different topics with a wide range of different implications and connections to other things? According to your reasoning exposing people to CP would be something healthy for imageboard dwellers on boards like EC to counter the homophilia of their 'echo chamber'.
No. 76272
>Have you ever thought about anime, e-sports and Rainer being completely different topics with a wide range of different implications
Sounds good for me, that's what I want on an imageboard. And you could make a valid point about e-Sport being cancerous when you check the forums and fanbases, lots of toxic kids around there. But those people aren't Ernsts, so problems weren't.
>According to your reasoning
I'm sure my reasoning did not involve made up situations about blatantly illegal topics. But it did include hosting a wide variety of topics to widen my own horizon, especially on the random style boards which I consider both /int/ and /b/ to be.
No. 76273 Kontra
I was not talking about the war threads, I was talking about the vocal Bernds (some of which actually try to integrate though) and the numerous K*hl meta shit that has gotten more rampant lately.

And yes, there definitely are bad topics, which in turn attract even more bad posters. See: Last days of KC, for starters.

>Removing a topic because some other people are idiots violates my sense of justice.
Okay, let's talk about politics then. Or about the state of the K*hl, or about islamic immigrants in Germany or mobile ethnic minorities or sexy children. Bring the quality posters out, shall we?
No. 76274
>Bring the quality posters out, shall we?
You forgot that this thread should also be removed, since it's about volksgeist, which clearly has political and racial implications.
>Okay, let's talk about politics then.
You are already doing that plentiful in the war thread and here: >>66927
>Or about the state of the K*hl, or about islamic immigrants in Germany or mobile ethnic minorities or sexy children
If anyone wants to discuss this I see no reason to treat a thread like that any different than any other thread: Remove the cancerous posters, and if what's left is a decent discussion: Why remove it? Btw. you can stop baiting me with the pedo topic, it doesn't lead to a default win for you.
No. 76275
>Carl Karstens
Where did you dig him up? Skuril!

Recently, some German-ball mentioned that Germany is more tolerant of dialect speakers than other countries. This is correct. I'll just dump my very mildly qualified thoughts on examples of that observation, starting with Carl Karstens. I hope it will be entertaining or at least interesting, but I doubt it. In the latter case, the post will have served me in putting my thoughts in order.

Carl Karstens was an example of a German speaking perfect standard German. He pronounced his voiced s-es correctly, which came natural to him as a northerner and is not unusual. But he did also pronounce St at the start of a word as Scht, which many northerners will not do. He uses correct declension to the point of it being close to atavistic, even in the sixties and seventies ('In unserem Hause' - correct Dative case in spoken language!), and he conjugated all irregular verbs correctly.

But "his" chancellor, the Tocqueville-lover Kurt-Georg Kiesinger, spoke with a very noticable Swabian accent. With a Catholic Swabian accent, on top of it, which historically had little prestige, since the core of Württemberg is traditionally protestant. I played the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v0mqxWX7x4k,
and at 1:52, I was certain Kiesinger was Catholic. I looked it up, his mother was, but his father was protestant. Kiesinger studied at the catholic seminary in Rottweil, and he probably picked up the "Nein" at 2:22 there. Certainly not a protestant Swabian nein. He wouldn't have learned that in Ebingen, where it would have been "Noi" in the 1930s for everyone but the doctor and the notary. To get an example of a very slight modern protestant Swabian accent, listen to Boris Palmer, the disproportionally famous mayor of Tübingen.
The video starts with "Wir hamm ja in Tübingen schon lang-ge...", Wir haben ja in Tübingen schon langebut think of it as "Mir hamm ja inn Tübingen schon lang-ge---", which a Swabian Daimler-manager might say when he knows that only other Swabians are in the conference room.
Still far from dialect, which would be something like "Mir henn jô start of pseudo-IPAts'Diːbengɐend of pseudo-IPA scho lang..." for Tübingen. It's what a native auto-mechanic or window maker would say. And that is very likely what Boris Palmer would have said to his fruit-farmer Dad in 1995, when Boris was a weird math-student with political aspirations.

Accent-wise, Theodor Heuss was a similar case to Kurt Georg Kiesinger. You can hear he is from the Württembergian low-lands, although he had learned his voiced s-es and could occasionally make the effort to pronounce them, which puts him miles ahead of me.
At 0:30
>Wär durch dess Land fährdd, siehthd ÄHSS wird ge-bauhd.
In standard German:
>Wer durch das Land fährt, sieht es wird gebaut.
Take note of the 'r' in 'wird'. German speakers will un-grudgingly accept many variants of 'r', from alveolor to guttural, trilled or just fricative, but Kiesingers 'r' is formed in a place that my tongue won't even reach. Still, he became the first president of West Germany.

East Germany wasn't any different in that respect. Listen to Walter Ulbritcht's famous press conference, when he was the worst liar in world history.
>Ich verschde-he ihre Fr​ɑ̃​ge zo:
where z is the voiced alveoloar fricative
Erich Honecker? He remained a Saarland roofer all his life, and still led the 10th largest economy in the world.

The German who said that German is less standardized and centralized than other languages is correct, although I hate his fucking guts and want him to die of a disgusting disease in a cesspool of ill-smelling pus.
No. 76276
What fucking genius thought of recording and archiving THIS. I hope it will survive for future generations as an example of our everyday culture"
No. 76277 Kontra
>there are plenty of people who don't like e-sports
That would be me, but the movie thread is worse
They laudate GEZ-financed bullcrap made to appeal to the progressive socialist, the progtressive dyke and the progressive single mom is worse. You can just tell that when those movies were made, the main thought was to secure financing, not to make a good movie. It smells.

Self-sage for being off topic.
No. 76278
I guess this goes for everything: As soon as you notice the missionary vibe it's ruined, even if it might be fine otherwise. No one likes dodgy salesmen.
No. 76287 Kontra
>you can stop baiting me with the pedo topic, it doesn't lead to a default win for you.

I'm not him.

>I'm sure my reasoning did not involve

It did, that is why I mentioned it. You said irritation is necessary. You made a plea to some sort of libertarian democracy. Every topic is fine. Hence even cp would be fine. cp is different to Rainer or e-sports, but flowers, airplanes, migration, computer hardware, social politics, little children and hunting a single person from the internet down are simply not the same. Their wider implications make them very different topics. You want a moral free, 'rational' discussion perhaps, but you won't get that with beans that run on values, even moral free, rational discussion implies certain values itself. Hence not every topic and post is ok because EC like other boards has users with values that partly define what is accepted and what is not. And while you think you can keep a distance from that, you don't. We are right in the middle of it.
No. 76288
77 kB, 732 × 558
>Netto is perhaps good, it isn't clear yet.
But mr baitman, Netto is shit, SHIT!
No. 76289 Kontra
29 kB, 685 × 696
Could you stop mentioning cp, Dragons and being dicks to eachother? K, thx. Also, nuke Dragonfinn.
No. 76290
> Could you stop mentioning cp, Dragons and being dicks to eachother?
What about Franconians?
No. 76291
24 kB, 534 × 443
[autistic screeching]
Problems not found unless Bavaria starts to go apeshit. What use would a Franconian Bundesland even be? No sane person should deny regional culture, which does not mean we should partition everything further, why increase the bureaucratic workload even further? Sure, if you want to be independent or "independent", go ahead, but why?
Selfdetermination? Muh culture?
No. 76292
418 kB, 1411 × 1118
No. 76293 Kontra
fuck I börked the file
No. 76295
Please tell me about Franconia, what are the people there like?
No. 76296
Franconian people are a myth.
Depending on where you are they're full blown bavarians or they are not.
No. 76297
19 kB, 800 × 539
47 kB, 1600 × 1067
56 kB, 1024 × 788
No. 76298
>Please tell me about Franconia, what are the people there like?
I don't know much, >>76296 might be right.
They do have their own dialect afaik and culture I think, the Franconia(n) party got like 2% of the votes kek.
No. 76299
Portugal should read up on Playmobil and how it is part of Germans collective memory at least unto the early 2000s. I got my siblings Playmobil handed down to me and got newer stuff as well. Pirate ships, Knights, Police, City service vehicles, construction site I had manly male gender toys. These are the obvious cases. I cannot remember all their themes. Lately, they even had a Döner Brater :DDD

No. 76300
>Linking to a picture
Uh, "imageboard" ringing a bell?
No. 76301
not even >>76299 but it works, broblem's weren't's.
No. 76305 Kontra
I've been lazy and the picture I wanted to dl was a webP and conversion to jpg isn't done with a simple .jpg added as far as I know. So I just linked the whole array.
Typical German, making trouble for the banalest things everybody else won't raise their voice for. You live up to this thread for our foreign guests or do caricature and reality really ar that close with Germans.
No. 76310 Kontra
Snipping tool or printscreen, choose format.
t. not the complainer, I am >>76301
No. 76311 Kontra
Also browser screencap functions.
No. 76312 Kontra
101 kB, 967 × 542
>Typical German, making trouble for the banalest things everybody else won't raise their voice for.
EC is in such a terrible decline. Near impossible to have a thread stay on topic and everyone's shitposting, bickering, linking to goddamn external images on an image board and quality complaining. Just take a look at this thread, Computer technology or Infrastructure thredas. What a disgrace.

Matter of preference of course. If you want EC to be like 4kanker then so be it.
No. 76313 Kontra
I have a snip snap tool which I use occasionally, it must have been a Brett vor'm Kopf!
No. 76316
While we're at it: Windows key + PrtScr saves a png file in \Users\USERNAME\Pictures\Screenshots
No. 76317
I had some Playmobil sets. They were inferior Legos. It's harsh, but it's the truth.
No. 76323
>'converting' images by snipping from the screen
That will reduce quality unless it is scaled exactly to true resolution. It is not the correct way to do this. You should feel bad about yourself.

You must mean the super-key, right?

I don't know what
is supposed to mean. Looks like someone was unable to find the / in his keyboard and tried to write a path.
No. 76331
I can see it now. Germans will not care about your regional accent, despite always - always, in their mind thinking about what phonemes you get wrong.
No. 76332 Kontra
142 kB, 994 × 558
>Germans will not care about XYZ, despite always - always, in their mind thinking about

Accurate btw. They will say forget about it but never forget (unless it's Third Reich and WW2 :DDDD)
No. 76333
382 kB, 1250 × 1768
I feel like Germans always carry that human tragedy somewhere in the back of their mind during certain situations. As if asking them "what are Germans like?" causes them to have the smokestacks of Birkenau flash before their eyes for a single moment. In person, a mild anxiety is felt when one jokes about Germanness, as if they await a historical reference that will make them deeply uncomfortable and unsure how to react.

In any case, throughout interactions I have spared them from this. For now.
No. 76334
You are joking, but imo it's a rather accurate assessment, at least for the selfhating part of the populace.
No. 76335 Kontra
They have Amerika weeks at Aldi this week!

Personally, I never think about Birkenau when I think of Germans. When I think of Germans I think of Drachenlordfans as average German male between 16-35. I think of supermarket chains of the Autobahn, of industrial areas, country side roads (Landstraßen), the summer heat and grey weather soup on other days. Of Ordnung of course. The war and third Reich of course plays a role as a critical occurrence in history. But many Germans don't understand it is not so much about guilt but a responsibility that comes with it. The so called "culture of guilt" (Schuldkult), but that is not it, they just take this one too personal because they identify with the German nation.

I would recommend reading Christian Kracht's Faserland which is phontically identical with fatherland, but faser is also fiber/filament and seems to allude to the story itself and how it plays out a book that penetrates into 90s Germany and also deals with Germanies history reaching into the present. Quite interesting. Sadly no Portuguese or English translation but a Russian one according to Wikiepdia
No. 76336 Kontra
Found it in English. Ordered.
No. 76337 Kontra
>But many Germans don't understand it is not so much about guilt but a responsibility that comes with it.
Like what, bombing the Balkans or sending submarines to Israel?
In this context, the "responsibility", whatthefuckever it's supposed to entail, comes directly from the guilt.
And I hope you don't try to deny that there are indeed people who revel in that guilt.
No. 76338
Just imagine what you would feel if Portuguese TV would broadcast something about whatever shit your people did in the past, EVERY DAY. And history lessons at school would focus on that stuff a lot, AND you get to hear "never again" all the time.
No. 76339
Tell us all the things which Germans did wrong. I mean except WW2 and NS2.
No. 76341
No. 76342 Kontra
(nord stream 2 pipeline)
No. 76343
136 kB, 854 × 480
It's interesting that with some exaggeration I don't need to imagine that all. Of course, the "never again" carries a different meaning.
No. 76344 Kontra
Nice, I liked it quite a bit.

You are exaggerating. Why? Because you are one of those people who feel personally attacked because you identify with Germany like the good dog you are.
It's one of many topics you learn in German schools. I had specified History A-Levels and the time we spent on the Third Reich wasn't longer than industrialization, Weimar and a bit of Cold War.

>Like what, bombing the Balkans or sending submarines to Israel?

Nope. What's your problem? I'm talking about society and social relations not about international 'conflict management'

I mean I knew you would bark since I knew you are one of those. Also, what is bad about never again? Do you want it to happen again? Don't you think what was at work can never happen again? Blatant hate and devaluation of humans happens all the time and Germany history has a special case of that. You see I'm right with my thesis because you want to forget that and you identify with the German nation. I was totally right and your post was just an exemplary case for all of EC to see and prove.
No. 76345 Kontra
I forgot Kaiserreich and WW1 in my list. Still, they have more or less equal parts in time, at least in NRW.
No. 76346 Kontra
Okay, now I know you're just trolling, because you sound exactly like the Putin fan schizo.
Go back to /fefe/ or wherever you came from, you
No. 76347
9 kB, 200 × 190
I think 30% - <50% of muh history lessons were about the third Reich, from 6th to 13th grade I guess, but I spent those years in 3 different parts of the country, so different curricula may be the cause.
And yeah, the first years are stone age, Romans, Luther, Barock and so on.
No. 76348 Kontra
I just think you are biased towards your school time because it's a sort of obsession of yours now and so the past must have been like that as well.
No. 76349 Kontra
Baroque, my bad, the german spelling wont do in ze english space.
No. 76350 Kontra
? Wrong Ernst? Whoever you think I am, I am not.
No. 76351
Sack of Rome Plünderung Roms The Reformation and Wars of Religion Reformation und Religionskriege World War I Zweiter Weltkrieg braven Soldaten Schwejk Holocaust 6 million Jews 6 Millionen Juden 6000000 6.000.000 Gerhard Schröder

This list of German wrongdoings is incomplete; you can help by expanding it
No. 76352 Kontra
Whatever. I think we are being through here then.
No. 76353
Dog bless amerigan week.
Aldi has the best chicken nuggets.
No. 76358
>I had specified History A-Levels
>look at me, I am bragging on imageboards without substantiating it.

Can you get even more measly?
No. 76360
t. Pathetic Kohlbernd again telling Ernst to got another imageboard


When will you start cry again on /meta/ about Spätaussiedlermods?
No. 76361 Kontra
Please, German expressions in this thread should be presented with a translation.
No. 76362
I am sorry, this schizo is using this term, so I decided not to translate it.



No. 76363 Kontra
46 kB, 623 × 372
Probably has something to do with "The Settlers" video game series. The original name was "Die Siedler".

T. Expert
No. 76364
Wow, the Finn was correct. Crafty people.
Please tell us, what do Germans talk about in /meta/?
No. 76365 Kontra

Oh yes, I'm bragging with my Abitur, but maybe I just try to substantiate my reasoning instead of making absurd claims that 12-18yo german school kids only hear about the third Reich.

I don't know about you but I think having an Abitur focused on history that dealt with the time from 1800-1990 provides a good base to judge how much time, in that one and a half - two years that Leistungskurse are going, is spent on the topics I imagine to be the same for the colloquium today: French revolution, industrialization, Kaiserreich, WW1, Weimar, NS/ww2/holocaust, cold war, west Germany and GDR. People without A levels in history do significantly less. Mind you that just like the other Ernst (I imagine at least) more than a decade has passed since we went to school. And what do you want me to substantiate? That I did my Abitur? You need some sleep, Cracky.
No. 76366
No. Everyone on /int/ should speak only their native tongue (not doing it must be bannable offence). Moreover every decent gentleman should restrict himself from using translators. Thus we can imitate humanity after fall of Babylonian tower. Or on opposite we can develop a creole made from all world tongues.

Fugg maybe really create threda for such experiment???
No. 76367 Kontra
47 kB, 978 × 720, 0:02
Great idea. Don't know your plans for it but perhaps it would be interesting if we were discussing a certain topic and not have a daily threda with native tongues.

Vain minun viisi penniäni.
No. 76368
I don't think that you could discuss "certain topic" this way, conversation will have to be very primitive. And most of the fun will be not about topic itself but about attempts of discussion.

Also since it's imageboard we can cheat by using images (kinda like hieroglyphic writing hehe). But I guess it's fine, without them it would be too hard.
No. 76376
279 kB, 1707 × 1280
Gebhardt's overwhelming Handbuch der deutschen Geschichte is the most popular book on German history here. And I heard it is written for high school students. If that's the case then they have received sufficient education on national history.
No. 76386
>And I heard it is written for high school students. If that's the case then they have received sufficient education on national history.
My sweet summer child - nobody reads anything in German high schools. Most students are too lazy to even read something short like Die Leiden des jungen Werther
And I'll have to admit I haven't heard about that book either.
No. 76389
The books are not part of the school curriculum.

Utter nonsense.
No. 76397
As the other German hinted, it is not a mandatory book. There are several books used in schools and depending on (high)school types as well.

I'm not even sure if it sits somewhere at my parents house but I was allowed to take my school books on industrialization and Weimar Germany with me, because they were too old. Maybe they even had the same font as Gebhardt by dtv. But I cannot think of the publisher. It was a book with a red-colored cover and white font.
No. 76402
1,3 MB, 3451 × 3391
63 kB, 640 × 480
80 kB, 800 × 483
I'd like to back up the Germans and say that it's or rather it was common practice to have these kinds of books made. They are broad, but also detailed works that could showcase the entry to the university level of a field to an interested student at a Gymnasium.
They are not used in whole (if at all) during regular schooling, they are more for research assignments and sending curious students to look up what they are interested in in them.
Otherwise they just sit at the library. For history books, I guess works like these serve as commonly accepted points that can later be elaborated upon through research.

Though we never got to the level of monumentality the Germans did by the looks.
First is the "Lexicon of world literature" I remember using a lot, second is the "History of Hungarian literature", commonly known as "The Spinach" and the last is a series of anthologies and essays on "isms" like "Romanticism" or "Realism" and so on.
No. 76423 Kontra
Thanks for all the replies. That's more or less what I've suspected. It's fairly dry and I could barely finish vol. 2 (reformation to the age of absolutism). So no way it's suitable for a high school reading list now.
The myths around it are probably due to the dearth of comprehensive history books of european nations available in chinese.
No. 76505
26 kB, 600 × 286
Currently watching the documentary "Gladbeck" on Netflix. Pretty well made and i think students of the German way might like it.

No. 76513
75 kB, 276 × 288
49 kB, 413 × 565
No. 76514
71 kB, 0:02
Do Germans hear two different words here?
No. 76515
Like what?
First one sounds like "Beere", second like "Ehre".
No. 76516
Are you sure that second word is not Ähre?
No. 76517
52 kB, 700 × 394
>In the aftermath of the hostage crisis, journalists have been criticised for conducting interviews with the hostage-takers, asking them to pose for photographs, and aiding them by giving them, among other things, coffee and road directions.
German desire to flee from police (civil society) via Autobahn pursuit.
No. 76518
No. 76519
More like "journalist" willingness to do ANYTHING for a scoop.
No. 76527
Spoke to a German. He said handy when he meant phone. Today is already a good day.
No. 76528
No. 76530
What can one extrapolate from a German that uses an @gmx.net e-mail?
No. 76531
That they signed up for a gmx.net email.
No. 76534
That he at least was smart enough to get himself an email address which is not hardwired to his internet provider. Otherwise nothing much, gmx.de/gmx.net and web.de are probably the most common free mail providers in germland.
No. 76537 Kontra
Interesting. Here, some are associated with boomers, usually old .pt sites from the late 90s and early 00s. Google is the vanilla.
No. 76538
>Here, some are associated with boomers

I guess those are mostly people with aol addresses or provider related ones like xxx@t-online.de

t. haver of multiple gmx.net and web.de accounts
No. 76542
>Google is the vanilla
"Please fuck my privacy up the ass, you mighty Murrican company you! Everyone who doesn't like it is a weirdo!"
No. 76543
>hurrdurr muh privacy
If you don't want anyone to know you did it, chances are you shouldn't do it.
No. 76544
Such are the times, even I gave up.
No. 76546
t. likes getting corporate ass fucks
No. 76548
107 kB, 1280 × 720
You think the 1&1 Mail & Media GmbH, which gmx and web.de are part of, are not corporate ass fuckers?
It doesn't matter what company you go to, your internet history will be analysed and your data is going to be sold.
Don't be so naive, you can go wherever you want. As long as there is money to be made you're going to get fucked like a little bitch, because that's what you are. A little bitch on the internet.
No. 76549 Kontra
169 kB, 1080 × 1025
It just dawned on me that Germans are not autists but just little bitchy know-alls. Germans just know it better than you and especially better than other Germans, Diele mit S.
No. 76552
1,4 MB, 2339 × 1654
859 kB, 2339 × 1654
1,3 MB, 2339 × 1654
610 kB, 1053 × 744
I'm Erika's hair looks like a Vietcong-helmet.
No. 76618
74 kB, 603 × 900
Why do Germans use have a tendency to use insults involving 'ass'? Often they reference ass licking or ass fucking. I suppose Americans also talk about 'asshole' possibly an influence of Germanic diaspora.
No. 76626
86 kB, 558 × 680
I thought it's as universal thing as human anatomy. You're gonna say there are no ass-related insults in Portugal?
No. 76634
Not really. Insults are mostly around machismo culture. Naturally, the two most brutal are that your mother is a whore and that your wife is cheating on you. Ass is only referenced in swears as a "go get ass fucked", but even this I assume is related to macho notions.
We simply have nothing comparable to "lick my asshole!".
No. 76635
274 kB, 800 × 999
Ass licking is traditional, and also art.
No. 76637
4 kB, 222 × 211
No. 76642
Yes, and?
No. 76671
798 kB, 1608 × 1080
149 kB, 720 × 800
149 kB, 720 × 800
36 kB, 670 × 325
>hehehe this boomer art
The Guy who draws it isn't even a boomer, but a Gen-Xer.
Have some German boomer-art.
I might post scans of a boomeresque German comic at the end of the week, if I get around to it.
No. 76748
587 kB, 800 × 600
No. 76751
203 kB, 1083 × 1028
No. 76769
42 kB, 695 × 424
Here, in case you don't like bread on its own
No. 76775
>Deutsche Erfindungen
>German inventions
Thermos is legit, but Currywurst und Teebeutel? :D Okay, culinary inventions are legit, my bad.

While not German, but nonetheless great: real[TM] Earl Grey
[Earl Grey intensifies
No. 76776 Kontra
333 kB, 1048 × 1491
614 kB, 890 × 497
>Do they sell German bread? Paderborner Landbrot for example?
They might. I've seen some bread there that looks like that. I'll investigate further if they have this landbread but I'm not confident. I think they know their market, even their promotional material is almost bread nationalism material for us.

The real question is - do Germans have pão com chouriço? It mixes bread and sausages, it should be a hit. If it's not there yet, perhaps there is a market opportunity.
No. 76778
286 kB, 1730 × 798
67 kB, 1500 × 1500
76 kB, 1000 × 521
295 kB, 1209 × 1209
Why did you delete and repost this?

No. 76779
103 kB, 1407 × 542
44 kB, 666 × 598
57 kB, 743 × 653
212 kB, 2240 × 960
Afaik not, but we have whole sausages in buns and croissants, it is mostly shit.
No. 76781
70 kB, 600 × 400
Bifi is utterly repulsive, worse than the "normal" sausage in bun/crossaint.
fukken disgusting.jpg
No. 76782
to expand for anyone who did not have the honour to taste Bifi: It tastes thousand times worse than chemically aged or cured discounter """cervelat""" or salami, really fucking disgusting but a few plebs love it, why.jpg
No. 76783
Carrazza is kinda disgusting, but I would eat it nonetheless. I sometimes bought Bifi products with my Taschengeld when I was young. Bifi Roll is great. I once baked non-sweetened milk bread and ate it with the Aldi Bifi clone, perfect surrogate, better dough and a lot cheaper than Bifi Roll
No. 76784
73 kB, 400 × 400
No. 76785
Würstchen im Schlafrock sausage in dressing gown is the appropriate name and they can be good.
No. 76786 Kontra
41 kB, 650 × 434
Proper threda placement. Bifis looks bad.
Chouriço in bread is very nice. If they could sell these Bifis to you, I can make it big in Germany.
No. 76787
Personally, I eat Bifi to tone down my academic character :DDD I just like this kind of meat, I know the quality is shit but the taste is good to me. I also like to eat Italian Mortadella or whatever nice artisan salami they will produce in some mountain village with great joy, but a Bifi is a simple guilty pleasure.
No. 76788
Real hot topics: Nobody cares
Four pictures of industrial "food": All the replies

And I wasn't even trying to get a rise out of people
No. 76790
Not the ones from a discounter, be it Lidl or Penny and not the ones from the bakery chains. All of them are disgusting, but the ones with (added) laboratory ham are almost legit for human consumption, almost. Bleghs.
No. 76791
such cases

>I just like this kind of meat
Hansjürgenernst, BITTE!
I find the taste to be disgusting. Discounter salami/cervelat is also really bad but not that bad, other discounter Worscht is actually at least edible. "Fleischwurst" is like 1/3 saitan at best, lel, but edible if fried, I mean panfried.
No. 76792
>Real hot topics

One mans real hot topics are another mans not so real hot topics.
No. 76794
>Real hot topics
Frankly, I haven't seen any "real" hot topics yet itt.
Maybe you're just boring.
No. 76796
221 kB, 2462 × 917
To cleanse the atrocities posted and commited in this thread: Flat and sometimes not so flat cinnamon rolls: Franzbrötchen. Bless the north, but I have to admit, their quality is falling.
No. 76798
Btw. here is also a variety with chocolate instead of cinnamon.
Hmmm - mmmmm:
First link gives be buttpain: Die Brötchen? Das Brötchen, aber die Wecke. :D Yeah, yeah, I know Duden and it is der/die/das Brezen all over again. Fukken Pretzels mang.
No. 76800
>Bre­zel, schweizerisch auch Bret­zel, die oder das
No. 76802
Not bad but I never got the hype.
No. 76803
487 kB, 3492 × 1351
They are nothing special unless you like cinnamon, a proper one with good quality dough like good puff pastry plus cinnamon is not bad, it's just that I personally love cinnamon. Even home made Schweineohren with coarse sugar aren't bad, they are just baked slices of sugared puff pastry.
Yeah, Schweineohren, basically like cookies, crunchy puff pastry...

A tier or two higher is an Apfelstrudel which is basically the same as you know, just bigger and filled with pieces of apple. Now that one is really awesome.

And, I really have to admit that most Franzbrötchen became kinda meh at best and the ones from an expensive artisan bakery just are not worth the price imo. Most bakeries, small shops, supermarkets, gas stations and so on got worse and worse Franzbrötchen supplied over the last 10 or so years. Shitty dough, shitty cinnamon, soaked in weird shit and so on.


3 years ago I bought the most expensive Croissant in a Supermarket, 4 for 3€ I think, they were also shit, some kind of fluffy bread dough and like 3% Butter.
No. 76806
521 kB, 3200 × 1400
Here are some other local bakery goods: Hanseat and Amerikaner.
Hanseat are 2 pieces of flat cookie with hardened, sweet red Jam beteen them. Dunno what the Jam is, cherry? I don't know. Sugar frosting on top. Too sweet for my liking, I dunno if that was always the case. Would be decent with lower diabetis content. I swear it had less sugar when I was a kid 20 years ago...

Amerikaner: Tasty but also sweeet. Some stuffy really thick dough, probably fat/oil and backing powder or yeast and obviously flour, covered with frosting which contains lemon juice, usually or mostly just white and no choc in the north where I am from. I like it.

The best sweet pastries I can get are expensive ones from 1-2 Artisan bakeries within roughly 2 Kilometers, the rest is kinda crap. It is somewhat better in more expensive parts of the city, around the center and near some other local centers, but since I am living in a shithole part...


I buy this crap like once, maybe twice a year, makes me miss my childhood.
No. 76834
I bet germans are inventing another plan of Europe's destruction right now
No. 76836
The existence of Germany leads to war, destruction and chaos. That's why Germany was split up post WWII.

Deutschland von der Karte streichen, Polen muss bis Frankreich reichen!
No. 76837 Kontra
I wouldn't be surprised if German rightwingers advocate an Anschluss an Russland these days.
No. 76838
They do exactly that, don't they?
No. 76839 Kontra
Don't know exactly but as I said this is not a surprise to me if it actually happens. In that case I'd turn a true conservative phrase against them: Geh' doch nach drüben, wenn's dir dort so gut gefällt. The quality of life in Russia is immaculate, so just move. It's better for the heart and mind after all: why stay in globo homo Germany where you will freeze to death in winter when you can live in a gas-heated warm water palace in Russia, where elites share their wealth with the common man?
No. 76842
1,2 MB, 1500 × 1000
Yes. It's called "waiting for Russia's turn to be over"
No. 76894
They don't want to live in Russia. They just want to live in a Germany that keeps homosexuals in the closet, deports the wrong kind of foreigner (brown), send women home to cook and gives a shit about climate change and the environment in general.
No. 76895
>gives a shit
Are you sure that's what you mean?
No. 76897 Kontra
Should be
>to not give a shit,
I agree.
Are you sure you are not overusing that phrase? Someone recently explained to you that it makes you look exactly like the arrogant know-it-all you are.
No. 76991 Kontra
Holy Bimbam, how did an ethnographic continuation thread grow to this size in only 2½ weeks? Are Germans the new mysterious Russians? Oh wait half of the posts are by Germany.
No. 77083
315 kB, 1704 × 2272
Long post is long.

If you look anywhere in the western half of Europe, from the far north to the far south, you might find that France, while possibly worse than others, was far from alone in its suppression of minority languages or in treating nonstandard ways of speaking as a career disadvantage throughout much of the 20th century. Instead, I think it was a case of the Germanosphere and a few others being particularly cool about nonstandard varieties of the main language (less so about completely different minority languages).

>some German-ball mentioned that Germany is more tolerant of dialect speakers than other countries
That would be me.
>pronounced his voiced s-es correctly
>uses correct declension
>correct Dative case
>conjugated all irregular verbs correctly
Thank you for exemplifying "people [who] believe that there is a single correct way to speak" (>>75880).
>The German who said that German is less standardized and centralized than other languages is correct
I don't think I said that, but…
>I hate his fucking guts and want him to die of a disgusting disease
…why the hate? If you were talking about me there, did I write anything in >>75880 or >>75896 that triggered your butthurt? Perhaps you are mistaking me for somebody else? As I've mentioned before, I'm afraid people sometimes underestimate the number of distinct German posters on /int/.

The Third Reich is, of course, far from the only topic covered, but I've seen it pop up again and again in one form or another, at every stage of secondary school, including in subjects other than history (not physics, of course, but think Deutschunterricht, for example), and I can see how some pupils feel a bit less would have sufficed. In my case, history class covered history largely chronologically starting with Antiquity, so the Third Reich should have been done exactly once, in the later years of secondary school, but I don't remember if that was the case, I think it was more than once, although perhaps only once at great length and in more detail. I've been told by someone born in the mid-1940s that they completed school (Abitur) in Germany without ever being taught about the Third Reich. School was over before history class reached the 1930s, honni soit qui mal y pense.

>Wow, the Finn was correct.
Correct in guessing that the term's use on EC is related to a board game bestseller? But it isn't. Not sure if you were joking.

I don't know about the non-Germany parts of the Germanosphere, but in (before 1990: West) Germany, each state (Land) of the Federal Republic (Bund) decides on its own education matters (Bildung ist Ländersache). This means that school systems differ from state to state. For example, a state may choose to mandate 6 years of elementary school instead of the usual 4, decide that every other Saturday is a school day, decide what subjects are taught at what stage, and may handle Religionsunterricht in a very different way. Systems also differ in what happens after elementary school: there may be more than one type of secondary school (the term "high school" wouldn't make much sense as I think no German state has a "middle school" separate from a "high school"), and each type in each of the 16 states may use a different history book, not to mention some pupils will opt for history Leistungskurs for the last years of school and use a book different from the one used in regular history classes. So it's possible there are many different "high school" history books in use at any given time, and even if the one you posted is one of them, it may only reach a small fraction of high school pupils. Fun fact: French and German professionals have developed a common history book for use in both countries' schools, only differing in language. I think a German state bordering France was involved in the project or at least adopted the book for its schools. During my school career, we were handed successive history books (had only one at any one time) of which we skipped quite a lot, and sometimes the teacher would bring additional texts from elsewhere.

I hear two different intonations but otherwise the same vowel qualities. The north has an [ɛː]→[eː] merger (ask if you want the details), but I don't hear [ɛː] in your file. To me, the first word sounds like "Beere" or "Ehre" (or "Ähre" spoken by a northerner), the second word sounds like "Ehre" (or "Ähre" spoken by a northerner).

When I saw lots of e-mail addresses by (mostly young adult) immigrants / foreigners in Germany in 2020, about 90% were G*, the rest mostly Outlook, Hotmail or their employer's corporate domain. Made me wonder if it's the same ratio for non-immigrant Germans. I think G* is vanilla by now. But I think a peculiarity of the Germanosphere was the high market share Mozilla enjoyed over competing internet browsers while the rest of the world used >90% MSIE, and later largely dropped MSIE in favour of Chrome when that became a thing. Of course, Mozilla did their best to make people abandon Firefox, even here eventually. And some old people (which still constitute a sizable part of this thread's subject matter) would probably go "wtf is 'internet browser'???" while using one everyday on their mobile surveillance device in order to google their way to their GMX e-mail login site.

>It just dawned on me that Germans are not autists but just little bitchy know-alls
Why not both?

To our foreign ethnologists: What has been posted in >>76671 is probably widely known (not universally liked of course, but I immediately recognized each one), whereas >>76552 >>76648 is fringe cringe.
No. 77086
>Oh wait half of the posts are by Germany.
Would you not want answers if you ask questions?
No. 77091
I was hoping this thread would be where they present and discuss results of their research, but it looks more like a one-way mirror room to trap and study unsuspecting specimens.
No. 77093 Kontra
12 kB, 480 × 360
>Oh wait half of the posts are by Germany.
Quite the understatement. ITT 113(+4)/155 posts have been made by German balls, plus Bavaria in parenthesis.
No. 77094 Kontra
973 kB, 1400 × 1006
In Germany we say: geballte Expertise
No. 77095
You Ausländers have to post more, then. Go go go!
No. 77798
7,3 MB, 4000 × 3000
The Germans have been here.
No. 77800 Kontra
I invite you to learn about Rastral and Sahm in the today thread to explore a detail about German culture still unknown to you. You aren't really German if you have never drank out of a Rastral or Sahm glass.
No. 77833

Portugal should play it when German tourists are around again. Then you can dance together and sing along!
No. 78652
244 kB, 319 × 450
You keep telling people that no, Schmetterling isn’t a funny word and then Das Ding comes up and you feel bad for telling people German isn’t funny.
No. 78653
I don't get it.
No. 78657
So what, þe þing is no better
No. 78691
121 kB, 640 × 649
No. 78700
it's pronounced "ðö þing" in english not "þe þing"
No. 78702
Actually, it's "se ßing".
No. 78713
If anything, it's "ðəˈθɪŋ". But I didn't mention pronunciation whatsoever. Just saying that the "th" sound had its own letter once, called "thorn" (þ).
No. 78736
Indeed. Because Old English had only one phoneme /θ/, which had [θ] and [ð] as its positional allophones.