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No. 7677
79 kB, 740 × 494
Dachshunds' legs are getting shorter and shorter.
Will we see eventually first mammal snakedog?
No. 7678
Probably not. How would such a creature even move? And if it cannot move, how could it possibly eat, drink and breed?

But your post made me laugh out loud
No. 7682
>How would such a creature even move?

Like a snake?
No. 7686
460 kB, 1365 × 2048
In a future where Dachshunds can no longer move, they will be carried around by rich women in velvet-lined luxury purses.
No. 7689
There is a closed asphalt factory near my workplace. There is a night guard watching over the factory till they manage to sell it (haha, as if). There are three mongrel doges to keep the guard company: Stepan (the asphalt factory veteran; at least ten years old; used to be an angry motherfucker, now he's chill, mostly due to his laziness), Nord (looks like a mix between a husky and a lab; total bro, even lets me pet him) and Rem (looks like an unlikely progeny of a German shepherd and a dachshund; very disciplined and very cautious). Three days ago a hare happened to be promenading near the factory's gate (these guys often visit the premises to dine on a delicious lawn grass), and naturally, the doges decided to give him a good chase. Stepan gave up quickly, like, "ugh, I'm too old for this shit", Nord ran after the hare as fast as he could, barking like a madman, but Rem was the true hero. He couldn't even catch up to Nord on his stumpy legs, let alone the hare, but he still continued the pursuit with an outstanding obstinacy. As I witnessed him, manly tears were brought to my eyes, and I thought, "Go, Rem, go! It doesn't matter if you ever catch your dream, it only matters that you keep chasing it!"
No. 7697
Thank you for this read.
No. 7700
It'll probably eliminated before adaptation, so the answer is no.
No. 7702
this story changed my life
No. 7710
Imagine if there's beings like angels watching us doing pretty much the same thing
No. 7725
83 kB, 568 × 401
15 kB, 425 × 425
But the dachshund's body is different from that of a snake. Snakes are very agile and can move in different ways due to the way their skeletons are while these dogs would be immobile if the legs they rely on for transportation went missing.
No. 7735
They can just roll on their sites like a barrel
No. 7739
208 kB, 1900 × 1439
Think about how snakes and three toed skink evolved then think about how you might propel yourself on your belly without using limbs. At the very least they still might crawl.
No. 14623
2,7 MB, 2104 × 1488
This is because they are bred to be that way, the same is happening with other dog bred. Bulldogs are developing breathing problems because of the short snout that is desired on them, cavalier King Charles Spaniels will often suffer from a condition where their brain is too small for their head due to the small head being desire in them. Often dog breeders will breed related dogs if they both have desired traits too exaggerate them even further.