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No. 7703
93 kB, 600 × 400
233 kB, 449 × 317
Also S-P-A-C-E since the last thread is on systemkontra

It's old news but apparently there's a planet thought to be made out of graphite and diamonds. I am old enough now that both the frontiers of the internet and this small blue world feel small to me, like the length of our yard and driveway once did, and my hunger only grows

I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
No. 7704
there is a planet called europa it's covered with ice and below of the ice is thought to be water, melted due to planet cores are being hot.

If we go there it's I think almost guaranteed that we'll find first eucariote alliens, most likely fishes will be first eucariote alliens we'll ever encounter. Of course we might take another route.
No. 7705
It's a moon of Jupiter.
No. 7708
Honestly I think we should start thinking now on how to develop strategies (and possibly bio and chemical weapons) for dealing with other more novel things like ammonia based life, which is theoretically possible as well. Of course given the size of this region of the galaxy alone I'd say the odds of us eventually discovering ice containing some organism are pretty decent provided our species doesn't die off by then. The real question is how we could try to even drill a core sample deep enough to check for biologics without contaminating it ourselves the Russian Federation is not going to be in charge of that one after Lake Vostok incident, unless they become glorious Imperial Kosmofederation of Rus by then
No. 7711
Nice that someone made thread about that. I not like op post much trouth, it is kinda childish with this "DIAMOND PLANTET!!!" and frog memes about "too early" which one forced mostly by people who not vey much follow actual news and science. But at least it not "NEW PLANET WITH POSSIBILITY OF LIVE DISCOVERED IN RED DWARF SYSTEM" so already I'am okay with tihs

Not long ago was proposed by ESA new mission for Neptun and Uranus: http://odinus.iaps.inaf.it/
It just talks for now, but I very hyped and very wait any Uranus and Neptune missions. I hope for NASA orbiter mission to ice giants, but well, they are in far future too

Also can't wait when TESS will start proper science work he was created for and will give results.
https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/nasa-s-planet-hunting-tess-catches-a-comet-before-starting-science - this is kinda last news on NASA site about it still. I dunno when it will start proper work and will start serach for potential exoplanets.
No. 7714
This thing about "undersurface ocen" for moon of gas and ice giants for like 10 years already forced as hell. I don't disagree with some points, but when people start seek undersurface ocean even on pluto and a lot people already thought that this is 100% fact that there exist life, it become "life/water on mars"-tier meme when every evidence and every bit of actual water on mars that exist almost everywhere in our system in some degree maded as other sensation about "NOT LONG AGO ON MARS WAS LIFE!!!"
It' be huge miracle if in this "ocean" on Europe or Enceladus we found something organic and it will make biggest sensation in makind history. However, even without it, mission to seek out underserface structure of this object is interesting, from geological point as minimum. However wide audience not interested much in something beyond LIFE. However, may say that we most probably will not find "alien fish" there - some most simple bacteria and micro creatures will be maximum luck already.
No. 7716
>real question is how we could try to even drill a core sample deep enough to check for biologics without contaminating it ourselves
Just tell russians that there are gaz and oil. Also you couldn't possibly guess what is harmful to titan ecosystem, so no worries.
>I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
It's impossible now. Probably we should start from biotech and nanotechnology.
>If we go there it's I think almost guaranteed that we'll find first eucariote alliens, most likely fishes will be first eucariote alliens we'll ever encounter. Of course we might take another route.
Doubt that. Changing ecosystems and dynamics are the reason why life exists in here. We have sun and day-night cycle, but titan is completely stable. It's just have no reasons for life to exist there. Probably Wikipedia can explain this better than me.
No. 7717
24 kB, 600 × 451
It is also not entirely inconceivable however that whatever protoforms of life cross pollinated with other objects in this system. IIRC they think our current moon-earth system is the result of a violent collision. It also would not be inconceivable that something such as say the Cretaceous–Paleogene impact or some other impact had hit with enough force to eject matter from our planet and into a flash freeze that then drifted outward and dusted other planets, or even the panspermia ideas (now largely debunked?) that life could have arisen elsewhere and the first blocks of life-like protein structures or unicellular organisms arrived here from elsewhere.

So, there's also that. Improbable? Sure. But I don't think you necessarily need independently arising life on each body in the system, just one with a particularly virulent entity capable of somehow surviving such violent impact events, deep freeze/radiation/vacuum (or perhaps even locked into some nodule from vacuum) followed by crashing into something else. Also sorry for the bydlo manner of posting, but I don't think anyone actually says things like that except journalists massively misrepresenting some research or statement for clickbait. With Mars and Europa it's not "had life" but "we think those places probably have/once had the conditions where some forms of life could have arisen"
No. 7718
On titan there are interesting theoretical concepts about Acrylonitrile-based life in it's liquid Ethane-Methane parts. Like imagine that one cell in size of A3 paper list and it's transparent X--DDDD. I'am not pro-chemist and biologist, I watched some documentary about it, but I only may say that all exo-biology about not Carbon-based life currently is deeeeep thory without any real things and most probably 90% of this is crap and most probably most of things about it you heared from science fiction.

>moon-earth system is the result of a violent collision
Most recent and most adopted currently theory is about series of clashes, if I remeber correctly. Yes, our moon is most probably rare example of "percussion
satellite" (I don't know correct english therm, this is poor translation from russian). And how it created and how it exist now and how big it is and how it help earth is one of main reasons why we not ended like Venus tbh.
No. 7720
well wiki kinda work against your argument neverthless I never take wiki as reliable source.

in our deep oceans there are also fishes and eucariote creatures that dont receive sunlight yet they still exist even though they are only indirectly affected by day-night circle.
No. 7721
as civil war Ausball sometimes says, wiki is actually pretty useful for finding secondary and primary sources that treat a particular subject during your initial investigation of that subject. also, on technical topics in the sciences the wiki articles are usually better than average
No. 7728
I don't understand the obsession with exoplanets. Outside of astronomy and theory they are not that relevant, they certainly have no place in realistic human spaceflight plans. We aren't even bootstrapping yet, and people are talking about visiting other planets. It is easy to go on about how hyroponics means you won't run out of food, but the effects of microgravity on food growth is still being studied and still does nothing to the problem of soil destruction from intensive growing. How do you plan to constantly rejuvenate the relatively tiny amount of soil you can bring?

People act like we are within reach when most of the technology either doesn't exist or is currently impractical. Colonies outside of Earth are presently high school tier fantasies, extrasolar ones are even worse.
No. 7731
>but the effects of microgravity on food growth is still being studied

not to mention the effects of microgravity/reduced gravity on the development of vertebrate embryos and long term human health/physiology
No. 7732
87 kB, 1024 × 576
No. 7733
schizo nonsense
No. 7734
81 kB, 713 × 520
>Depression, migraines, cancer is schizo

Cool story dumbass

No. 7736
there is no evidence supporting the notion that exposure to non-ionizing radiation causes any human disease state or clinical entity
No. 7738
106 kB, 634 × 916
Because it gives us an actual dream and a goal beyond "just another spacewalk" so far as the masses are concerned, and we kind of require their backing for this scale of megaproject. It also means we have a solid objective so we just need to figure out how to achieve it, and knowing that these planets actually exist is still incredibly new science. IIRC we didn't even have any proofs of exoplanets (common sense aside) so it seems extremely likely there are some temperate, water carrying, non-toxic atmosphere, non-crushing gravity planets out there as well. Yeah okay the first confirmed one only happened in 1995. That was when we were kids and we're not even grizzled old men yet (I think for most of us anyway). It also gives us an actual reason to even bother with missions to Mars which, let's be frank, there's no real reason for us to even be doing otherwise.

The only real actual reason for us to even go to Mars to begin with is as preparation for far-habitation independent of Earth, since in reality there's fuckall reason to try mining it and terraforming it is vastly beyond our present or anywhere near future abilities, and I don't think it's even a scientifically interesting planet. Mars is literally just "how can we eventually send people on voyages to distant stars" tier. Besides which it would also be interesting to study other systems for example the numerous binaries and what planets are like out there.
No. 7746
we should fly to the moon europa.
No. 7749
But it's so fa beyond the phase we're at that it just bloats expectations and runs funding into the ground because people don't see any significant progress towards the colony meme. At this point it's like treating time travel as a realistic goal to work towards. However theoretically cool it might be, it's not even on the table right now.

If you actually want to get the public behind it, you need to break it down into phases that they will understand. Start with talking about bootstrapping in an off planet environment and working towards that vital part of long-range human spaceflight. Its more productive for everybody to work towards a real goal and not some fantastical pie in the sky that is generations away from even being a real scribble on a drawing board.
No. 7750
>Outside of astronomy and theory they are not that relevant,
And who said that there is requred something more than this? You telling there probably too obvious things for EC. I one of persons who very higly interested in exoplanetary systems - for years I follow news and new discoveries, read articles about different types of formation of different planetary systems. This is very, very interesting topic, and there was already done so many new discoveries that absoluetly changed our views on creation of planets, so many unusual and... fuck, do I need to actually write something about so obvious theme that most of people already familiar with? Do I need to actually point out that all that talks oabut "COLONIES", all that news about "WE FOUND PLANET WITH LIFE!!!", all that NASA press-conferences and this cancer journalist trash and all this >>7738 degradant pictures like in that post that honestely just serve as some sort of ads so NASA can show that it is valuable for billions of iq55 taxpayers who wait GREEN AYYLIENS FROM MARS.
But you like is opposite - fact that most of this popular """"science"""" crap with life around red dwarf systems and all that bydlo-hype around COLONIES should stop us from researching in this topic? Or because we has no any kind of HYPERTRANSWARP shoud stop us from knowing more about universe around us and make new science discoveries?
No. 7751
You severely overestimate the general public for one, and also assume that the space research that is happening currently is centralized.
If you stop advertising your pie in the sky, people will just go over to another company spouting memes.
No. 7761
119 kB, 720 × 960
50 kB, 512 × 342
I don't see the question of lack of space funding or interest in space as problems that hold back space exploration. As far as I understand it, the problems that need to be solved aren't space exploration "exclusive", more efficient sources of energy, better AI systems, and so on. I suppose this means that as our economic and productive efficiency increases, so does the likelihood of breaking another space race milestone.

I also believe that a real "problem" that wasn't mentioned in the thread is that as space exploration goes further, the practical efforts will have less and less of a human face. I suppose it is hard to gain empathy or see a Rover's trials as something interesting or brave. We certainly wont see the 19th century type of aristocratic explorer who is trying to reach the North Pole for personal fame playing out in this scenario.

I don't believe an ideological war as happened in the 20th century will either push government funds into "bruteforcing" symbolic milestones in order to advance their "International Prestige" either.
No. 7762
>stop us from knowing more about universe around us and make new science discoveries
I never said research shouldn't be done. Just that the public hype about them is overboard. There's plenty enough interesting things happening in Solar studies that the disparity in PR ends up throwing into a dark closet, and like it or not publicity shapes funding. People get excited about exoplanets, and extrasolar studies gets priority funding. Also, how do we hope to understand how those systems work when we barely understand the one that's right in front of us? Getting more PR into promoting steps that work on confirming existing theory rather than creating more new theory seems like the best way to get true scientific progress.

And what happens if it ends up that the ones who cut the crap just start delivering forward steps and showing that they're achieving smaller goals that lead on to each other while the meme-spouters, even achieving the same things have achieved barely a notch towards their pie in the sky? People like results, and people seeing things being achieved again and again are going to see that as achieving more than the same thing being done but not actually hitting the proclaimed endpoint.
No. 7763
>barely understand the one that's right in front of us?
Did you know that this is with exoplanetary system researches we start to understand much more about creation of our solar system? Before exoplanet discoveries we thought that our system is something standart, but now we understand that it is not, and there hell lot more common scenarios and we different ways how different systems evolved we start to understand much more about how it happen that our system look like it is.
What you proposing is just cut one direction in favor of other, but things not happen like this. We will not stop researching space just because we still don't know enough about our own oceans for example. All things evolving naturally, mones and attention goes on researches in which people most interest with currently. Even if you force all people to build something that far beyod current need or intersts it will end as it started and everything will go to normal. Where is your superjet civil planes? Where austronaut moon programs? Where all that shuttles and burn and their space stations with artificial gravity? Giant Ecranoplanes? All this was made or proposed in times of col war, where people builded shit without actual reasons exept military ones or just show "how we can do". All this things was unnatural for time and currently in a musems.
I don't think there "too much" attention to exoplanets. More than that, if we talk about space, none of space reaseach agencies have enough monies or any project we need, just for some other we have any less. Like yeah, with discoveries about proposed Europa underwater ocean a lot projects for researching Titan was cut because we have now "new possible place for LIFE". I sad that proposed Metan ocean submarine probe will not happen any soon, not before Europa drill station or something, but I happy with any Europa mission as well. Recent attention to jupter with Juno mission is also a good thing. Same I interested in exoplanets - I think currently, without any memes about COLONIES or LIFE tihs is one of the most interesting research directions for now and I happy that this have any money. I can't wait for launch of Webb.
No. 7773
>you need to break it down into phases that they will understand.
It's joe public. Trust me they're too fucking stupid for any form of this. The only way forward is to manipulate their emotions and beliefs with wild and blind enthusiasm. Do you think people like Kennedy discussed phases or orbital trajectories with these idiots? No, he simply gave optimistic blind enthusiasm "we choose to go to the moon!" That kind of rhetoric is why the current fucktard is in office. His predecessor similarly just said a lot of "hope and change" regardless if anybody had any clue what that meant. This goes back before him to things like Carter and Reagan, where the simple, factual, down to earth approach with the public does not work, it has never worked, and it will never work. You give the population too much credit. Just fill their heads with notions of walking on foreign shores, and their children walking on those shores, and perhaps they can dream of someday their family name has whole estates on some foreign planet and you'll get the necessary funding.

Things like phases of development and goals is what you tell the budgetary committee and scientists. You also give the politicians a very dumbed down version of this, since they themselves don't ever fucking bother to read, let alone understand, most of the proposals that float across their desk.
No. 7774 Kontra
Oh and also likewise, is the problem that even if you developed a colony on Mars it is fundamentally the most extreme example of the American colonialism effect if it ever became truly independent of Earth resources, because you really can't actually govern or lay ownership over something that can take literally a decade just to send a message back and forth (extra-solar at least). This is also why we're eventually going to have to go to ideological grounds IMO because it quite simply serves no actual purpose to any power brokers here on Earth except for prestige i.e. an opportunity for dick waving, which is what the aristocrats going to the North pole or whatever tried to do. You must never forget peoples emotions are powerful motivators, like a built in drug delivery system.
No. 7789
155 kB, 1595 × 801
the point about sending messages. i totally agree with you there.

there is no point in a centralized power/decision position, if your colony is that far spread apart that a message would take longer to deliver as the life of the generation affected by the decision. you do need decentralized, independent structures.

a "one man/organization at the very top"-scenario is simply impossible to achieve. unless, you are against human development and want to cripple us humans down. for the illusion of being in charge. quite stupid decision it would be.
No. 7847
167 kB, 1305 × 612
>Watery planets beyond the Solar System may be more common than previously thought, making up 35 percent of exoplanets two to four times the size of the Earth. According to a new study, data from the Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia mission indicate that many planets are made up of half water by mass, as opposed to the 0.02 percent water that the Earth has.
No. 7855
Typical american protectionism. smashes filthy western iphone. Just accept that China is ahead this one time.
Basic theory about origins of life demands not only suitable soup, but also demands "chemical activity"(I might be using the wrong term). It's not enough to put all ingredients into water and life will appear there, otherwise scientists would already have done this. Life needs suitable environmental changes to start self organising processes and we are currently unaware what this processes are.
>in our deep oceans there are also fishes and eucariote creatures
They came there from the surface though.
No. 7935
>life started on surface
I don't think so, basis of life is solubility, protein folding depends on interaction with water, membranes that enclose cells and keep osmotic bakance evolved, etc. Life probably cane from some underwater thermal vent then photosynthesis came later.

Interesting implications. What are the tectonics and geological activity?
No. 7961
>then photosynthesis came later.
That's literally the prevailing idea

>What are the tectonics and geological activity?
No idea. Although I'd imagine some worlds it's just completely absent, but who knows. It's not like we can send a probe there right now but the crushing temperature and heat there must surely make life as we know it completely impossible unless it's floating. Probably these worlds are filled with Ice-10 as well.
No. 8995
86 kB, 1100 × 506
335 kB, 900 × 359
804 kB, 1873 × 801
126 kB, 1280 × 720
Duuno if it smart to up this thread during kohl invasion, but I want to disscus it.

Did you know about boeing 2707 project? This is USA project of 1st generation supersonic civil plane that was a competitor to Concorde and Ту-144.
It was indeed very, very expencive project. it was simplified but then canelled, when it become onbious that USA is too far from Europe and USSR who already builded and used their planes, and boths soviet and european projects showed that supersonic civil planes are useless - to dangerous, to difficult to maintain, drink too many fuel, requre bigger airfields and sonic boom was actual big problem and honestely nobody needed supersonic planes when already existed planes was much more cost-effective, much more comfort and can fill much more people in them.

While I don't find final much more simplified version of project that almost did it to be build with several prototype-test things was build, I'am much more interested in early example of it, which one totally epin. History showed that supersonic planes lost to more slow, but more logical widebody planes, initial 2707 project was AND SUPERSONIC and WIDEBODY plane, as you can see at first picture with different wide across all plane. It was also more fast than competitors with cruise speeds of approximately Mach number 3 and more big indeed - they planed module body that will be builded with variaty for 250 to 300 passengers and even more.

Most interesting thing of initial project hovewer was wings - Variable-sweep wings on this giant! And same time this beauty had 4 engines that was attached to back wings and unlike european and soviet creatons was compleatly divided. There also for it was done so many epin engeneering! Sadly that it was not enough engeneering, and later project that had more chances to become reality (on pic 2 real test build) already looked much more conservative triangle wing and more simple elements overall, but even that plane never did it.

Honestely if this plane was build, it'd be more impractical that Ту-144 and concorde and be catastrophy, whole this project almost did even such giant as boieng bacrupt, but I want this to be buid one day jsut because how cool it is.
No. 9010
>that nose on the second one
What the actual fuck, what purpose could that even serve? It looks like it's just adding a lot more complicated moving parts for the hell of it.
No. 9026
57 kB, 780 × 550
69 kB, 1415 × 625
I don't know what it did on 2707, but on other superjet planes it was for landing.
Concorde and Ту-144 had similar ones, very complicated mecahnisms but they was important. Planes with riangalare wing are very great on high speeds of near and after sonic aerodynamics, but terrible at control on low speeds and this supersonic planes have very high minimal speeds and also very sharp angle of landing. So when plane landed down, it's nose moved down. Ту-144 adittionaly had small wings that opened when plane was on low speeds for better manuvering.

Since all pics I postested exept last one are just artists interpritation of different concept plans of 2707, I can't say why it needed same things, since his very complicated modular wings had direct purpose of making boieng plane as controlable on low speeds, as just any regular plane. But I may guess since it was giant as fuck and fast as fuck, it still had potentially high low-speeds and not best controls during landing and it should help that purpose. I only can say that it hard to find many information about it. Most of it on much more later simplified version, I more interesting in original 2707 and similar pre-2707 boeing projects with this wing idea - like Model 733, from which project of 2707 would start, but for it find information even harder.
No. 9054
365 kB, 627 × 356
283 kB, 777 × 568
>town in antarctica
Blurry space photos with something "stragne" on surface with commentaries from searches of "paranormal" things. It all reminds me of this crap when people searched faces and pyramids on Mars.

>Why Interstellar Travel Will Be Possible Sooner Than You Think
My expectation of realistic and light-speed travel starts from 10000 from now and ends to "never" so this caption may be right. However all current "projects" of interstellar travel currently is no more than just speculations to say the least and most of them unrealisitc, for hype or for joke purpose. I bet you remember when in like 2014 or 15 was popular in meadia theme of Alcubierre drive and all screamed that we will fly in starts very soon, even was picture of "possible ships" like that picture. Of cource, it all ended with nothing currently.
Needless to add that currently we are not managed to make even real projects, like artificial gravity space station like project Nautilus-X on pic2, so all talks about interstellar ships are no more than pure memes.
No. 9055
if you roughly trace back the evolution of DNA it ends up being older than earth.
No. 9056
No. 9059
looking at mtDNA mutations and mutation rate, and roughly extrapolating, it appears that life could well be older than earth being a non-molten planet

there's some argument that life here may well have been seeded itself
No. 9063
extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don't consider it extraordinary that statistical methods intended for more limited parameters generate implausible estimates when applied to extreme cases
No. 9324
143 kB, 1059 × 557
49 kB, 705 × 421
35 kB, 990 × 455
I wander, how much more effective can old Ту-144 can be with modern impovments? One of the most major problems with supersonic aviation was how terrible cost-effective it was, how complicated and too new for market back than. Engines, electronics, construction elements - all used most epin technologies on 70s, but nowdays in therms of engines, electronics and mechanisms and materials we are so far ahead!
Like for example, it was already shown - Ту-144ЛЛ who flied as fyling laboratory even for NASA lol, get much more new engines in 1996, НК-32-1 instead original НК-144/РД-36-51А and if you look at charasteristics, for example their thrust is like 1,5 times better than НК-144 or Concorde's Olympus 593.

And with 2018 technologies, without modern materials and electronics we can make get much more improved engines even than this НК-32-1, theoreticly like trice or more effective, not use combustors (I guess it is correct therm for Форсажная камера on english?) on start, get rid of this lowering nose mechanisms since modern electronics can land plane without involing of pilots at all, use composite modern materials and make mass of plane much more lighter, same as cost of it's production. And I shure it possible to make that it will land without help of brake chutes. And you know what? Almost all of this ideas was already put into theoretical Ту-244 project that started not long after Ту-144. So it was possible even back than, imagine what we can do now.

Yes, this plane will still will be not even near cost effective as modern pre-sonic planes, sonic boom problem will still exist, but I'am shure it will not be CATASTROPHY as first generation supersonic civil planes - with more high prices on tickets and flights across seas a oceans, like Tel Aviv-New Yourk or Tokyo-Los Angeles it will find it's use and will be much more easy to maintain and use nowdays that Concorde back than. Catastrophy of superjet civil lanes was that they was too early in my opinion, and after shock after failures, and focus on widebody twin-aisle aircrafts in civil aviation, all fear to go back to something new.

Ironic, that curent small companies (behind them often big corporations but anyway) who currently develop project of supersonic civil jets making them small, buisness jet planes for rich fucks. It logical move, cinsidering that they are minimising the riscs. But I belive, that if anyone nowdays start proper project of big supersonic civil plane, even on base of Ту-244 or even fucking Boeing-2707 but with modern engines, electronics and materials - they will already be enough cost effective and not that loud and much more easy to maintian, just everybody fear to risk even thought there not much risks nowdays. And look, unlike Aerion SBJ by Areon corporation (in reality this is just Lokhed Martin/Airbus project I think they just created separate company for it) that making very unortodox civil plane that tchnically more like F-104 starfighter, Boom technology making .. (pic3) what a coincedence, small copy of Ту-144/Concorde/late Boeing-2707! Not so catactrophic failure already, huh?
No. 9498
TESS finnaly show his first proper results

>Say hello to Pi Mensae c—a small, Earth-like planet located nearly 60 light-years from our Solar System. It’s probably not able to sustain life (I like how they espessialy pointed out, since every bydlo-news about exoplanets about fucking LIFE), but it’ll go down in history as the first exoplanet detected by NASA’s new TESS satellite.

No. 9499
42 kB, 800 × 568
Kinda dumb news about not even life, but "civilisation" but this is indeed fun coincedence that there is very similar planet in place where in star trek placed Vulcan.
No. 9514
There wont be a significant amount of supersonic planes in the foreseeable future, if any. Perhaps half a dozen being used at most in the near future.
The concorde itself was extremely expensive and wasn't even profitable. The operating costs were lower than the revenue, but this does not include all of the development cost.
No. 9515
Yeah I saw that too some time ago and ignored the clickbait title. It's really not that impressive. I am far more interested in these mega ocean worlds than some super hot ball of rock.

The future is also here and I can assure you it's going to be terrible. It will always be the same incompetence, dystopia, and merchants/nobles class scum toadying up to some even more deplorable emperor with a bunch of dumbass thugs roaming around abusing the citizenry. It is exactly the same in every century. I don't like anything that ends up amplifying those powers, and sadly I expect this to do exactly that. Why the fuck would you even want a self driving car to begin with? It is one of the few things left where you're supposed to have at least some privacy and control. I have no idea why the fuck people are fine with handing this over to huge dystopian corporations too.
No. 9516
18 kB, 610 × 248
532 kB, 1610 × 785
97 kB, 1242 × 810
153 kB, 2200 × 1080
As I posted, many of this issues was problems of materials and technologies of it's time. At start of Jet engines and jet aviation it had exeact same problems: too much cost, too low resource of engine, eat many fuel. It requred a lot of years to make them profitable. Experiments with it was even in 20s, but first commercial jet planes started developed in 40s, and only in 50s DeHavelant Comet appeared, and it more fail that victory considering how much problems it get and same as supersonic jets at one point was just closed after some crashes. However, because it, Douglas DS8 and Ту-104 and Boeing 707 that came after can avoid most of this initial problems, but even this, 2nd generation of civil jet planes not lived too long to be replaced with much better ones only after 5 years or so.

Not all of problems of supersonic planes are resolved, but they much, much more technologically now. Even 80s projects that no did it because - like Ту-244, was already in many ways more rentable and logical. Only 10 years after first generation, was already created technologies that might make this planes much more sucsessfull. This what I said in previous post - ew electronics, new engines, new materials. If supersonic jet projects of 80s did it, they'd had no this overcomplicated moving nose on landing, have less requrements and less personell for piloting and maintain, have bigger resource and was silent, but in 80s nobody wanted it because marcet and politics and initial dissapointment and hype about wide-body planes.

However already in 90s boeing re-started someprojects, like this boeing sonic cruser. This plane meant to be fly on trans-sonic speeds. Project was mainly cancelled because events of 9/11, problems in market of civil aviation afterwards and all related shit. At 2018 most problems with such projects just as many because they started not as good as original first jet planes did and everybody fear to loose money on something new, espessialy big companies. But small companies with big corporations behind them very actively working on supersonic buisnes jets. This is segment in which market most shure, since small buisness jets most probably be even more cost effective and less dissapointment if they fail than if full scale large, multi-passenger aircraft did so.

Like this Aerion SBJ I talked about - very promesing and in many ways very fresh conceptualy project. Well, fresh for civil planes, but already known for military aviation. This trapezoidal wing, back engine arrangement, most modern aerodynamics, most modern materials and technologies and allso not very big scale of plane will reduce problems of sonic boom to minimum. Giant of Lokhed Martin behind this samm company and they promesing that project more or less be done in mid 20s and first supersonic buiseness jets appear at companies service. I belive that this time it is most safe and guaranteed sucsess, and after it bigger variants will be only question of "how soon". I so shure about it because as I said already, supersonic jets already may be sucsess in 80s technologies, and we now far ahead of 80s.
No. 9519
>I am far more interested in these mega ocean worlds than some super hot ball of rock.
Emm... I can not agree there since they are equally more interesting. Yes, one big balls of water where instead of bottom is Ice-VII is interesting thing, but such worlds don't mean any life, and also not most unique objects in space.
Solid planets that heaver and bigger than earth is interesting things. There are examples of really heavy giants and this objects is something we absoluetly can not see in our system, where earth is the biggest of the type. Same we can not see some interesting orbits such planets can rotate around their stars.

Aslo, forgot, should point out that this is CANDIDATES, like also most of kepler stuff, that also need confirmation by other telescopes. Well, it actually primary mission of TESS to find candidates all around our region so then other, more powerfull instruments that aslo can focus on same region for longer time can investigate more.
No. 9555
12 kB, 730 × 547
203 kB, 1866 × 1400
Japanise probles sucsessfuly landed on asteriod, ther are first speedy pics. Looks like this expedition will be more sucsesfull in this therm than Chumakov-Girasemenko one
No. 9631
Do you think that it is possible to achieve real scientific and technical advances in a consumer Capitalist society just by sort of "leeching off of" various consumer and luxury goods industries for example in Hollywood?
Just looking into things like special effects is pretty awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJefjG3xhW0 using ink to create the mushroom clouds for The Day After and such

Trying to find just the physical object creating soundscapes is pretty interesting
No. 9698
Planet-to-planet tidal effects in the TRAPPIST-1 System more powerfull than planet-to-star tidal effects.
No. 9717
Imagine the waves some of these sufficiently large and near body masses could generate. This is seriously the only reason I can think of to bother trying live a long life.
No. 9793
This is fascinating
Here's just a snippet

> Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our ancestors were infected by a retrovirus. Now, some researchers think that that virus' ancient genetic traces still present in some people's genomes are silently promoting addictive behavior.

>Genetic traces of a retrovirus called HK2 is more commonly found in people with drug addictions than those without addictions, and these traces may influence surrounding genes , which, in turn, might influence human behavior, an international group of researchers reported today (Sept. 24) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

>Retroviruses — which include HK2 as well as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) — are viruses that can insert their genetic code into their hosts' DNA. It's thought that around 5 to 8 percent of the human genome is filled with traces of ancient retroviruses that found their way into our genes by infecting our ancestors eons ago
You should read the full article it's pretty interesting. This also begs the question of how many abnormal human behaviors or elements of our evolution can be traced back to virus RNA
No. 9953
261 kB, 180 × 240, 0:15
This is a great story, and now the Minerva II-1B rover has sent back a short film from Ryugu.
No. 9960

Musk has lost chairmanship of Tesla and gotten fined $20 million.

Just to remind everyone that we should have listened to the Slavs. Churkas are indeed a big fucking problem.
No. 10019
The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to two cancer immunotherapy researchers, one American and one Japanese.

2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to 2 Cancer Immunotherapy Researchers
No. 10026
I'm hyped for tomorrow's winners.
Way more interesting. Physics. Not normie physiology.
No. 10028
the chemistry winners are typically the more interesting ones of the physical science awards imo tbh
No. 10030
I’m more interested if they can up their memery with the literature choice.
Ishiguro was a milquetoast choice last year, and Dylan was pants on head retarded.
I know the literature prize is “that one”, but I’m still interested.
No. 10031
They're not awarding the literature prize this year due to some manner of continental shenanigans involving a lecherous Frenchman.
No. 10032
Excellent. They outdone themselves!
No. 10054
Glory of German science, tests of V-2:
And R-1 tests:
No. 10064
A retired engineering professor I'm friends with was at a von Braun lecture once

I asked what he was like and he said 'typical arrogant German' :-DDD
No. 10855
U S A!
U S A!
American toilets are known to have a high level of water and they seem to be able to flush everything:
But they work differently from European toilets.
That's surely amazing.
No. 10893
No. 11073
35 kB, 545 × 545
This is just not true. I have clogged numerous different toilets and once caused a small apartment flood in Washington DC with my shits.
No. 11084
Are you an elephant? What's the molar mass of your shit?

(Asking for shameless interest)
No. 11109
>molar mass
With, or without the gasses?

I dunno I just wouldn't shit for a couple days or three days so what came out tended to be plumbing wreckage. I wouldn't mind having experienced any toilet that could just take a handful of cellphones or a shopping bag worth of burgers at that time though. Mainly you only see this high power shitwashers in public places like gas stations and Walmarts.

I mean, you don't see this in every American home
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVHwfuVY1k althought that is roughly the mass of shits I've taken before. This is a pretty standard public toilet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1STPHDrBgs Obviously, you have higher power not just for higher volume, but the staff of such a place wants 100% assurance that no matter what was there before, it's gone for good.