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No. 7703 Systemkontra
93 kB, 600 × 400
233 kB, 449 × 317
Also S-P-A-C-E since the last thread is on systemkontra

It's old news but apparently there's a planet thought to be made out of graphite and diamonds. I am old enough now that both the frontiers of the internet and this small blue world feel small to me, like the length of our yard and driveway once did, and my hunger only grows

I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
No. 7704
there is a planet called europa it's covered with ice and below of the ice is thought to be water, melted due to planet cores are being hot.

If we go there it's I think almost guaranteed that we'll find first eucariote alliens, most likely fishes will be first eucariote alliens we'll ever encounter. Of course we might take another route.
No. 7705
It's a moon of Jupiter.
No. 7708
Honestly I think we should start thinking now on how to develop strategies (and possibly bio and chemical weapons) for dealing with other more novel things like ammonia based life, which is theoretically possible as well. Of course given the size of this region of the galaxy alone I'd say the odds of us eventually discovering ice containing some organism are pretty decent provided our species doesn't die off by then. The real question is how we could try to even drill a core sample deep enough to check for biologics without contaminating it ourselves the Russian Federation is not going to be in charge of that one after Lake Vostok incident, unless they become glorious Imperial Kosmofederation of Rus by then
No. 7711
Nice that someone made thread about that. I not like op post much trouth, it is kinda childish with this "DIAMOND PLANTET!!!" and frog memes about "too early" which one forced mostly by people who not vey much follow actual news and science. But at least it not "NEW PLANET WITH POSSIBILITY OF LIVE DISCOVERED IN RED DWARF SYSTEM" so already I'am okay with tihs

Not long ago was proposed by ESA new mission for Neptun and Uranus: http://odinus.iaps.inaf.it/
It just talks for now, but I very hyped and very wait any Uranus and Neptune missions. I hope for NASA orbiter mission to ice giants, but well, they are in far future too

Also can't wait when TESS will start proper science work he was created for and will give results.
https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2018/nasa-s-planet-hunting-tess-catches-a-comet-before-starting-science - this is kinda last news on NASA site about it still. I dunno when it will start proper work and will start serach for potential exoplanets.
No. 7714
This thing about "undersurface ocen" for moon of gas and ice giants for like 10 years already forced as hell. I don't disagree with some points, but when people start seek undersurface ocean even on pluto and a lot people already thought that this is 100% fact that there exist life, it become "life/water on mars"-tier meme when every evidence and every bit of actual water on mars that exist almost everywhere in our system in some degree maded as other sensation about "NOT LONG AGO ON MARS WAS LIFE!!!"
It' be huge miracle if in this "ocean" on Europe or Enceladus we found something organic and it will make biggest sensation in makind history. However, even without it, mission to seek out underserface structure of this object is interesting, from geological point as minimum. However wide audience not interested much in something beyond LIFE. However, may say that we most probably will not find "alien fish" there - some most simple bacteria and micro creatures will be maximum luck already.
No. 7716
>real question is how we could try to even drill a core sample deep enough to check for biologics without contaminating it ourselves
Just tell russians that there are gaz and oil. Also you couldn't possibly guess what is harmful to titan ecosystem, so no worries.
>I wonder what it would be like, if ever, for us to see the inconceivable gulf between stars as merely the same thing as a months long voyage between continents
It's impossible now. Probably we should start from biotech and nanotechnology.
>If we go there it's I think almost guaranteed that we'll find first eucariote alliens, most likely fishes will be first eucariote alliens we'll ever encounter. Of course we might take another route.
Doubt that. Changing ecosystems and dynamics are the reason why life exists in here. We have sun and day-night cycle, but titan is completely stable. It's just have no reasons for life to exist there. Probably Wikipedia can explain this better than me.
No. 7717
24 kB, 600 × 451
It is also not entirely inconceivable however that whatever protoforms of life cross pollinated with other objects in this system. IIRC they think our current moon-earth system is the result of a violent collision. It also would not be inconceivable that something such as say the Cretaceous–Paleogene impact or some other impact had hit with enough force to eject matter from our planet and into a flash freeze that then drifted outward and dusted other planets, or even the panspermia ideas (now largely debunked?) that life could have arisen elsewhere and the first blocks of life-like protein structures or unicellular organisms arrived here from elsewhere.

So, there's also that. Improbable? Sure. But I don't think you necessarily need independently arising life on each body in the system, just one with a particularly virulent entity capable of somehow surviving such violent impact events, deep freeze/radiation/vacuum (or perhaps even locked into some nodule from vacuum) followed by crashing into something else. Also sorry for the bydlo manner of posting, but I don't think anyone actually says things like that except journalists massively misrepresenting some research or statement for clickbait. With Mars and Europa it's not "had life" but "we think those places probably have/once had the conditions where some forms of life could have arisen"
No. 7718
On titan there are interesting theoretical concepts about Acrylonitrile-based life in it's liquid Ethane-Methane parts. Like imagine that one cell in size of A3 paper list and it's transparent X--DDDD. I'am not pro-chemist and biologist, I watched some documentary about it, but I only may say that all exo-biology about not Carbon-based life currently is deeeeep thory without any real things and most probably 90% of this is crap and most probably most of things about it you heared from science fiction.

>moon-earth system is the result of a violent collision
Most recent and most adopted currently theory is about series of clashes, if I remeber correctly. Yes, our moon is most probably rare example of "percussion
satellite" (I don't know correct english therm, this is poor translation from russian). And how it created and how it exist now and how big it is and how it help earth is one of main reasons why we not ended like Venus tbh.
No. 7720
well wiki kinda work against your argument neverthless I never take wiki as reliable source.

in our deep oceans there are also fishes and eucariote creatures that dont receive sunlight yet they still exist even though they are only indirectly affected by day-night circle.
No. 7721
as civil war Ausball sometimes says, wiki is actually pretty useful for finding secondary and primary sources that treat a particular subject during your initial investigation of that subject. also, on technical topics in the sciences the wiki articles are usually better than average
No. 7728
I don't understand the obsession with exoplanets. Outside of astronomy and theory they are not that relevant, they certainly have no place in realistic human spaceflight plans. We aren't even bootstrapping yet, and people are talking about visiting other planets. It is easy to go on about how hyroponics means you won't run out of food, but the effects of microgravity on food growth is still being studied and still does nothing to the problem of soil destruction from intensive growing. How do you plan to constantly rejuvenate the relatively tiny amount of soil you can bring?

People act like we are within reach when most of the technology either doesn't exist or is currently impractical. Colonies outside of Earth are presently high school tier fantasies, extrasolar ones are even worse.
No. 7731
>but the effects of microgravity on food growth is still being studied

not to mention the effects of microgravity/reduced gravity on the development of vertebrate embryos and long term human health/physiology
No. 7732
87 kB, 1024 × 576
No. 7733
schizo nonsense
No. 7734
81 kB, 713 × 520
>Depression, migraines, cancer is schizo

Cool story dumbass

No. 7736
there is no evidence supporting the notion that exposure to non-ionizing radiation causes any human disease state or clinical entity
No. 7738
106 kB, 634 × 916
Because it gives us an actual dream and a goal beyond "just another spacewalk" so far as the masses are concerned, and we kind of require their backing for this scale of megaproject. It also means we have a solid objective so we just need to figure out how to achieve it, and knowing that these planets actually exist is still incredibly new science. IIRC we didn't even have any proofs of exoplanets (common sense aside) so it seems extremely likely there are some temperate, water carrying, non-toxic atmosphere, non-crushing gravity planets out there as well. Yeah okay the first confirmed one only happened in 1995. That was when we were kids and we're not even grizzled old men yet (I think for most of us anyway). It also gives us an actual reason to even bother with missions to Mars which, let's be frank, there's no real reason for us to even be doing otherwise.

The only real actual reason for us to even go to Mars to begin with is as preparation for far-habitation independent of Earth, since in reality there's fuckall reason to try mining it and terraforming it is vastly beyond our present or anywhere near future abilities, and I don't think it's even a scientifically interesting planet. Mars is literally just "how can we eventually send people on voyages to distant stars" tier. Besides which it would also be interesting to study other systems for example the numerous binaries and what planets are like out there.
No. 7746
we should fly to the moon europa.
No. 7749
But it's so fa beyond the phase we're at that it just bloats expectations and runs funding into the ground because people don't see any significant progress towards the colony meme. At this point it's like treating time travel as a realistic goal to work towards. However theoretically cool it might be, it's not even on the table right now.

If you actually want to get the public behind it, you need to break it down into phases that they will understand. Start with talking about bootstrapping in an off planet environment and working towards that vital part of long-range human spaceflight. Its more productive for everybody to work towards a real goal and not some fantastical pie in the sky that is generations away from even being a real scribble on a drawing board.
No. 7750
>Outside of astronomy and theory they are not that relevant,
And who said that there is requred something more than this? You telling there probably too obvious things for EC. I one of persons who very higly interested in exoplanetary systems - for years I follow news and new discoveries, read articles about different types of formation of different planetary systems. This is very, very interesting topic, and there was already done so many new discoveries that absoluetly changed our views on creation of planets, so many unusual and... fuck, do I need to actually write something about so obvious theme that most of people already familiar with? Do I need to actually point out that all that talks oabut "COLONIES", all that news about "WE FOUND PLANET WITH LIFE!!!", all that NASA press-conferences and this cancer journalist trash and all this >>7738 degradant pictures like in that post that honestely just serve as some sort of ads so NASA can show that it is valuable for billions of iq55 taxpayers who wait GREEN AYYLIENS FROM MARS.
But you like is opposite - fact that most of this popular """"science"""" crap with life around red dwarf systems and all that bydlo-hype around COLONIES should stop us from researching in this topic? Or because we has no any kind of HYPERTRANSWARP shoud stop us from knowing more about universe around us and make new science discoveries?
No. 7751
You severely overestimate the general public for one, and also assume that the space research that is happening currently is centralized.
If you stop advertising your pie in the sky, people will just go over to another company spouting memes.
No. 7761
119 kB, 720 × 960
50 kB, 512 × 342
I don't see the question of lack of space funding or interest in space as problems that hold back space exploration. As far as I understand it, the problems that need to be solved aren't space exploration "exclusive", more efficient sources of energy, better AI systems, and so on. I suppose this means that as our economic and productive efficiency increases, so does the likelihood of breaking another space race milestone.

I also believe that a real "problem" that wasn't mentioned in the thread is that as space exploration goes further, the practical efforts will have less and less of a human face. I suppose it is hard to gain empathy or see a Rover's trials as something interesting or brave. We certainly wont see the 19th century type of aristocratic explorer who is trying to reach the North Pole for personal fame playing out in this scenario.

I don't believe an ideological war as happened in the 20th century will either push government funds into "bruteforcing" symbolic milestones in order to advance their "International Prestige" either.
No. 7762
>stop us from knowing more about universe around us and make new science discoveries
I never said research shouldn't be done. Just that the public hype about them is overboard. There's plenty enough interesting things happening in Solar studies that the disparity in PR ends up throwing into a dark closet, and like it or not publicity shapes funding. People get excited about exoplanets, and extrasolar studies gets priority funding. Also, how do we hope to understand how those systems work when we barely understand the one that's right in front of us? Getting more PR into promoting steps that work on confirming existing theory rather than creating more new theory seems like the best way to get true scientific progress.

And what happens if it ends up that the ones who cut the crap just start delivering forward steps and showing that they're achieving smaller goals that lead on to each other while the meme-spouters, even achieving the same things have achieved barely a notch towards their pie in the sky? People like results, and people seeing things being achieved again and again are going to see that as achieving more than the same thing being done but not actually hitting the proclaimed endpoint.
No. 7763
>barely understand the one that's right in front of us?
Did you know that this is with exoplanetary system researches we start to understand much more about creation of our solar system? Before exoplanet discoveries we thought that our system is something standart, but now we understand that it is not, and there hell lot more common scenarios and we different ways how different systems evolved we start to understand much more about how it happen that our system look like it is.
What you proposing is just cut one direction in favor of other, but things not happen like this. We will not stop researching space just because we still don't know enough about our own oceans for example. All things evolving naturally, mones and attention goes on researches in which people most interest with currently. Even if you force all people to build something that far beyod current need or intersts it will end as it started and everything will go to normal. Where is your superjet civil planes? Where austronaut moon programs? Where all that shuttles and burn and their space stations with artificial gravity? Giant Ecranoplanes? All this was made or proposed in times of col war, where people builded shit without actual reasons exept military ones or just show "how we can do". All this things was unnatural for time and currently in a musems.
I don't think there "too much" attention to exoplanets. More than that, if we talk about space, none of space reaseach agencies have enough monies or any project we need, just for some other we have any less. Like yeah, with discoveries about proposed Europa underwater ocean a lot projects for researching Titan was cut because we have now "new possible place for LIFE". I sad that proposed Metan ocean submarine probe will not happen any soon, not before Europa drill station or something, but I happy with any Europa mission as well. Recent attention to jupter with Juno mission is also a good thing. Same I interested in exoplanets - I think currently, without any memes about COLONIES or LIFE tihs is one of the most interesting research directions for now and I happy that this have any money. I can't wait for launch of Webb.
No. 7773
>you need to break it down into phases that they will understand.
It's joe public. Trust me they're too fucking stupid for any form of this. The only way forward is to manipulate their emotions and beliefs with wild and blind enthusiasm. Do you think people like Kennedy discussed phases or orbital trajectories with these idiots? No, he simply gave optimistic blind enthusiasm "we choose to go to the moon!" That kind of rhetoric is why the current fucktard is in office. His predecessor similarly just said a lot of "hope and change" regardless if anybody had any clue what that meant. This goes back before him to things like Carter and Reagan, where the simple, factual, down to earth approach with the public does not work, it has never worked, and it will never work. You give the population too much credit. Just fill their heads with notions of walking on foreign shores, and their children walking on those shores, and perhaps they can dream of someday their family name has whole estates on some foreign planet and you'll get the necessary funding.

Things like phases of development and goals is what you tell the budgetary committee and scientists. You also give the politicians a very dumbed down version of this, since they themselves don't ever fucking bother to read, let alone understand, most of the proposals that float across their desk.
No. 7774 Kontra
Oh and also likewise, is the problem that even if you developed a colony on Mars it is fundamentally the most extreme example of the American colonialism effect if it ever became truly independent of Earth resources, because you really can't actually govern or lay ownership over something that can take literally a decade just to send a message back and forth (extra-solar at least). This is also why we're eventually going to have to go to ideological grounds IMO because it quite simply serves no actual purpose to any power brokers here on Earth except for prestige i.e. an opportunity for dick waving, which is what the aristocrats going to the North pole or whatever tried to do. You must never forget peoples emotions are powerful motivators, like a built in drug delivery system.
No. 7789
155 kB, 1595 × 801
the point about sending messages. i totally agree with you there.

there is no point in a centralized power/decision position, if your colony is that far spread apart that a message would take longer to deliver as the life of the generation affected by the decision. you do need decentralized, independent structures.

a "one man/organization at the very top"-scenario is simply impossible to achieve. unless, you are against human development and want to cripple us humans down. for the illusion of being in charge. quite stupid decision it would be.
No. 7847
167 kB, 1305 × 612
>Watery planets beyond the Solar System may be more common than previously thought, making up 35 percent of exoplanets two to four times the size of the Earth. According to a new study, data from the Kepler Space Telescope and the Gaia mission indicate that many planets are made up of half water by mass, as opposed to the 0.02 percent water that the Earth has.
No. 7855
Typical american protectionism. smashes filthy western iphone. Just accept that China is ahead this one time.
Basic theory about origins of life demands not only suitable soup, but also demands "chemical activity"(I might be using the wrong term). It's not enough to put all ingredients into water and life will appear there, otherwise scientists would already have done this. Life needs suitable environmental changes to start self organising processes and we are currently unaware what this processes are.
>in our deep oceans there are also fishes and eucariote creatures
They came there from the surface though.
No. 7935
>life started on surface
I don't think so, basis of life is solubility, protein folding depends on interaction with water, membranes that enclose cells and keep osmotic bakance evolved, etc. Life probably cane from some underwater thermal vent then photosynthesis came later.

Interesting implications. What are the tectonics and geological activity?
No. 7961
>then photosynthesis came later.
That's literally the prevailing idea

>What are the tectonics and geological activity?
No idea. Although I'd imagine some worlds it's just completely absent, but who knows. It's not like we can send a probe there right now but the crushing temperature and heat there must surely make life as we know it completely impossible unless it's floating. Probably these worlds are filled with Ice-10 as well.
No. 8995
86 kB, 1100 × 506
335 kB, 900 × 359
804 kB, 1873 × 801
126 kB, 1280 × 720
Duuno if it smart to up this thread during kohl invasion, but I want to disscus it.

Did you know about boeing 2707 project? This is USA project of 1st generation supersonic civil plane that was a competitor to Concorde and Ту-144.
It was indeed very, very expencive project. it was simplified but then canelled, when it become onbious that USA is too far from Europe and USSR who already builded and used their planes, and boths soviet and european projects showed that supersonic civil planes are useless - to dangerous, to difficult to maintain, drink too many fuel, requre bigger airfields and sonic boom was actual big problem and honestely nobody needed supersonic planes when already existed planes was much more cost-effective, much more comfort and can fill much more people in them.

While I don't find final much more simplified version of project that almost did it to be build with several prototype-test things was build, I'am much more interested in early example of it, which one totally epin. History showed that supersonic planes lost to more slow, but more logical widebody planes, initial 2707 project was AND SUPERSONIC and WIDEBODY plane, as you can see at first picture with different wide across all plane. It was also more fast than competitors with cruise speeds of approximately Mach number 3 and more big indeed - they planed module body that will be builded with variaty for 250 to 300 passengers and even more.

Most interesting thing of initial project hovewer was wings - Variable-sweep wings on this giant! And same time this beauty had 4 engines that was attached to back wings and unlike european and soviet creatons was compleatly divided. There also for it was done so many epin engeneering! Sadly that it was not enough engeneering, and later project that had more chances to become reality (on pic 2 real test build) already looked much more conservative triangle wing and more simple elements overall, but even that plane never did it.

Honestely if this plane was build, it'd be more impractical that Ту-144 and concorde and be catastrophy, whole this project almost did even such giant as boieng bacrupt, but I want this to be buid one day jsut because how cool it is.
No. 9010
>that nose on the second one
What the actual fuck, what purpose could that even serve? It looks like it's just adding a lot more complicated moving parts for the hell of it.
No. 9026
57 kB, 780 × 550
69 kB, 1415 × 625
I don't know what it did on 2707, but on other superjet planes it was for landing.
Concorde and Ту-144 had similar ones, very complicated mecahnisms but they was important. Planes with riangalare wing are very great on high speeds of near and after sonic aerodynamics, but terrible at control on low speeds and this supersonic planes have very high minimal speeds and also very sharp angle of landing. So when plane landed down, it's nose moved down. Ту-144 adittionaly had small wings that opened when plane was on low speeds for better manuvering.

Since all pics I postested exept last one are just artists interpritation of different concept plans of 2707, I can't say why it needed same things, since his very complicated modular wings had direct purpose of making boieng plane as controlable on low speeds, as just any regular plane. But I may guess since it was giant as fuck and fast as fuck, it still had potentially high low-speeds and not best controls during landing and it should help that purpose. I only can say that it hard to find many information about it. Most of it on much more later simplified version, I more interesting in original 2707 and similar pre-2707 boeing projects with this wing idea - like Model 733, from which project of 2707 would start, but for it find information even harder.
No. 9054
365 kB, 627 × 356
283 kB, 777 × 568
>town in antarctica
Blurry space photos with something "stragne" on surface with commentaries from searches of "paranormal" things. It all reminds me of this crap when people searched faces and pyramids on Mars.

>Why Interstellar Travel Will Be Possible Sooner Than You Think
My expectation of realistic and light-speed travel starts from 10000 from now and ends to "never" so this caption may be right. However all current "projects" of interstellar travel currently is no more than just speculations to say the least and most of them unrealisitc, for hype or for joke purpose. I bet you remember when in like 2014 or 15 was popular in meadia theme of Alcubierre drive and all screamed that we will fly in starts very soon, even was picture of "possible ships" like that picture. Of cource, it all ended with nothing currently.
Needless to add that currently we are not managed to make even real projects, like artificial gravity space station like project Nautilus-X on pic2, so all talks about interstellar ships are no more than pure memes.
No. 9055
if you roughly trace back the evolution of DNA it ends up being older than earth.
No. 9056
No. 9059
looking at mtDNA mutations and mutation rate, and roughly extrapolating, it appears that life could well be older than earth being a non-molten planet

there's some argument that life here may well have been seeded itself
No. 9063
extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. I don't consider it extraordinary that statistical methods intended for more limited parameters generate implausible estimates when applied to extreme cases
No. 9324
143 kB, 1059 × 557
49 kB, 705 × 421
35 kB, 990 × 455
I wander, how much more effective can old Ту-144 can be with modern impovments? One of the most major problems with supersonic aviation was how terrible cost-effective it was, how complicated and too new for market back than. Engines, electronics, construction elements - all used most epin technologies on 70s, but nowdays in therms of engines, electronics and mechanisms and materials we are so far ahead!
Like for example, it was already shown - Ту-144ЛЛ who flied as fyling laboratory even for NASA lol, get much more new engines in 1996, НК-32-1 instead original НК-144/РД-36-51А and if you look at charasteristics, for example their thrust is like 1,5 times better than НК-144 or Concorde's Olympus 593.

And with 2018 technologies, without modern materials and electronics we can make get much more improved engines even than this НК-32-1, theoreticly like trice or more effective, not use combustors (I guess it is correct therm for Форсажная камера on english?) on start, get rid of this lowering nose mechanisms since modern electronics can land plane without involing of pilots at all, use composite modern materials and make mass of plane much more lighter, same as cost of it's production. And I shure it possible to make that it will land without help of brake chutes. And you know what? Almost all of this ideas was already put into theoretical Ту-244 project that started not long after Ту-144. So it was possible even back than, imagine what we can do now.

Yes, this plane will still will be not even near cost effective as modern pre-sonic planes, sonic boom problem will still exist, but I'am shure it will not be CATASTROPHY as first generation supersonic civil planes - with more high prices on tickets and flights across seas a oceans, like Tel Aviv-New Yourk or Tokyo-Los Angeles it will find it's use and will be much more easy to maintain and use nowdays that Concorde back than. Catastrophy of superjet civil lanes was that they was too early in my opinion, and after shock after failures, and focus on widebody twin-aisle aircrafts in civil aviation, all fear to go back to something new.

Ironic, that curent small companies (behind them often big corporations but anyway) who currently develop project of supersonic civil jets making them small, buisness jet planes for rich fucks. It logical move, cinsidering that they are minimising the riscs. But I belive, that if anyone nowdays start proper project of big supersonic civil plane, even on base of Ту-244 or even fucking Boeing-2707 but with modern engines, electronics and materials - they will already be enough cost effective and not that loud and much more easy to maintian, just everybody fear to risk even thought there not much risks nowdays. And look, unlike Aerion SBJ by Areon corporation (in reality this is just Lokhed Martin/Airbus project I think they just created separate company for it) that making very unortodox civil plane that tchnically more like F-104 starfighter, Boom technology making .. (pic3) what a coincedence, small copy of Ту-144/Concorde/late Boeing-2707! Not so catactrophic failure already, huh?
No. 9498
TESS finnaly show his first proper results

>Say hello to Pi Mensae c—a small, Earth-like planet located nearly 60 light-years from our Solar System. It’s probably not able to sustain life (I like how they espessialy pointed out, since every bydlo-news about exoplanets about fucking LIFE), but it’ll go down in history as the first exoplanet detected by NASA’s new TESS satellite.

No. 9499
42 kB, 800 × 568
Kinda dumb news about not even life, but "civilisation" but this is indeed fun coincedence that there is very similar planet in place where in star trek placed Vulcan.
No. 9514
There wont be a significant amount of supersonic planes in the foreseeable future, if any. Perhaps half a dozen being used at most in the near future.
The concorde itself was extremely expensive and wasn't even profitable. The operating costs were lower than the revenue, but this does not include all of the development cost.
No. 9515
Yeah I saw that too some time ago and ignored the clickbait title. It's really not that impressive. I am far more interested in these mega ocean worlds than some super hot ball of rock.

The future is also here and I can assure you it's going to be terrible. It will always be the same incompetence, dystopia, and merchants/nobles class scum toadying up to some even more deplorable emperor with a bunch of dumbass thugs roaming around abusing the citizenry. It is exactly the same in every century. I don't like anything that ends up amplifying those powers, and sadly I expect this to do exactly that. Why the fuck would you even want a self driving car to begin with? It is one of the few things left where you're supposed to have at least some privacy and control. I have no idea why the fuck people are fine with handing this over to huge dystopian corporations too.
No. 9516
18 kB, 610 × 248
532 kB, 1610 × 785
97 kB, 1242 × 810
153 kB, 2200 × 1080
As I posted, many of this issues was problems of materials and technologies of it's time. At start of Jet engines and jet aviation it had exeact same problems: too much cost, too low resource of engine, eat many fuel. It requred a lot of years to make them profitable. Experiments with it was even in 20s, but first commercial jet planes started developed in 40s, and only in 50s DeHavelant Comet appeared, and it more fail that victory considering how much problems it get and same as supersonic jets at one point was just closed after some crashes. However, because it, Douglas DS8 and Ту-104 and Boeing 707 that came after can avoid most of this initial problems, but even this, 2nd generation of civil jet planes not lived too long to be replaced with much better ones only after 5 years or so.

Not all of problems of supersonic planes are resolved, but they much, much more technologically now. Even 80s projects that no did it because - like Ту-244, was already in many ways more rentable and logical. Only 10 years after first generation, was already created technologies that might make this planes much more sucsessfull. This what I said in previous post - ew electronics, new engines, new materials. If supersonic jet projects of 80s did it, they'd had no this overcomplicated moving nose on landing, have less requrements and less personell for piloting and maintain, have bigger resource and was silent, but in 80s nobody wanted it because marcet and politics and initial dissapointment and hype about wide-body planes.

However already in 90s boeing re-started someprojects, like this boeing sonic cruser. This plane meant to be fly on trans-sonic speeds. Project was mainly cancelled because events of 9/11, problems in market of civil aviation afterwards and all related shit. At 2018 most problems with such projects just as many because they started not as good as original first jet planes did and everybody fear to loose money on something new, espessialy big companies. But small companies with big corporations behind them very actively working on supersonic buisnes jets. This is segment in which market most shure, since small buisness jets most probably be even more cost effective and less dissapointment if they fail than if full scale large, multi-passenger aircraft did so.

Like this Aerion SBJ I talked about - very promesing and in many ways very fresh conceptualy project. Well, fresh for civil planes, but already known for military aviation. This trapezoidal wing, back engine arrangement, most modern aerodynamics, most modern materials and technologies and allso not very big scale of plane will reduce problems of sonic boom to minimum. Giant of Lokhed Martin behind this samm company and they promesing that project more or less be done in mid 20s and first supersonic buiseness jets appear at companies service. I belive that this time it is most safe and guaranteed sucsess, and after it bigger variants will be only question of "how soon". I so shure about it because as I said already, supersonic jets already may be sucsess in 80s technologies, and we now far ahead of 80s.
No. 9519
>I am far more interested in these mega ocean worlds than some super hot ball of rock.
Emm... I can not agree there since they are equally more interesting. Yes, one big balls of water where instead of bottom is Ice-VII is interesting thing, but such worlds don't mean any life, and also not most unique objects in space.
Solid planets that heaver and bigger than earth is interesting things. There are examples of really heavy giants and this objects is something we absoluetly can not see in our system, where earth is the biggest of the type. Same we can not see some interesting orbits such planets can rotate around their stars.

Aslo, forgot, should point out that this is CANDIDATES, like also most of kepler stuff, that also need confirmation by other telescopes. Well, it actually primary mission of TESS to find candidates all around our region so then other, more powerfull instruments that aslo can focus on same region for longer time can investigate more.
No. 9555
12 kB, 730 × 547
203 kB, 1866 × 1400
Japanise probles sucsessfuly landed on asteriod, ther are first speedy pics. Looks like this expedition will be more sucsesfull in this therm than Chumakov-Girasemenko one
No. 9631
Do you think that it is possible to achieve real scientific and technical advances in a consumer Capitalist society just by sort of "leeching off of" various consumer and luxury goods industries for example in Hollywood?
Just looking into things like special effects is pretty awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJefjG3xhW0 using ink to create the mushroom clouds for The Day After and such

Trying to find just the physical object creating soundscapes is pretty interesting
No. 9698
Planet-to-planet tidal effects in the TRAPPIST-1 System more powerfull than planet-to-star tidal effects.
No. 9717
Imagine the waves some of these sufficiently large and near body masses could generate. This is seriously the only reason I can think of to bother trying live a long life.
No. 9793
This is fascinating
Here's just a snippet

> Hundreds of thousands of years ago, our ancestors were infected by a retrovirus. Now, some researchers think that that virus' ancient genetic traces still present in some people's genomes are silently promoting addictive behavior.

>Genetic traces of a retrovirus called HK2 is more commonly found in people with drug addictions than those without addictions, and these traces may influence surrounding genes , which, in turn, might influence human behavior, an international group of researchers reported today (Sept. 24) in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

>Retroviruses — which include HK2 as well as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) — are viruses that can insert their genetic code into their hosts' DNA. It's thought that around 5 to 8 percent of the human genome is filled with traces of ancient retroviruses that found their way into our genes by infecting our ancestors eons ago
You should read the full article it's pretty interesting. This also begs the question of how many abnormal human behaviors or elements of our evolution can be traced back to virus RNA
No. 9953
261 kB, 180 × 240, 0:15
This is a great story, and now the Minerva II-1B rover has sent back a short film from Ryugu.
No. 9960

Musk has lost chairmanship of Tesla and gotten fined $20 million.

Just to remind everyone that we should have listened to the Slavs. Churkas are indeed a big fucking problem.
No. 10019
The 2018 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was awarded to two cancer immunotherapy researchers, one American and one Japanese.

2018 Nobel Prize in Medicine Awarded to 2 Cancer Immunotherapy Researchers
No. 10026
I'm hyped for tomorrow's winners.
Way more interesting. Physics. Not normie physiology.
No. 10028
the chemistry winners are typically the more interesting ones of the physical science awards imo tbh
No. 10030
I’m more interested if they can up their memery with the literature choice.
Ishiguro was a milquetoast choice last year, and Dylan was pants on head retarded.
I know the literature prize is “that one”, but I’m still interested.
No. 10031
They're not awarding the literature prize this year due to some manner of continental shenanigans involving a lecherous Frenchman.
No. 10032
Excellent. They outdone themselves!
No. 10054
Glory of German science, tests of V-2:
And R-1 tests:
No. 10064
A retired engineering professor I'm friends with was at a von Braun lecture once

I asked what he was like and he said 'typical arrogant German' :-DDD
No. 10855
U S A!
U S A!
American toilets are known to have a high level of water and they seem to be able to flush everything:
But they work differently from European toilets.
That's surely amazing.
No. 10893
No. 11073
35 kB, 545 × 545
This is just not true. I have clogged numerous different toilets and once caused a small apartment flood in Washington DC with my shits.
No. 11084
Are you an elephant? What's the molar mass of your shit?

(Asking for shameless interest)
No. 11109
>molar mass
With, or without the gasses?

I dunno I just wouldn't shit for a couple days or three days so what came out tended to be plumbing wreckage. I wouldn't mind having experienced any toilet that could just take a handful of cellphones or a shopping bag worth of burgers at that time though. Mainly you only see this high power shitwashers in public places like gas stations and Walmarts.

I mean, you don't see this in every American home
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXVHwfuVY1k althought that is roughly the mass of shits I've taken before. This is a pretty standard public toilet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1STPHDrBgs Obviously, you have higher power not just for higher volume, but the staff of such a place wants 100% assurance that no matter what was there before, it's gone for good.
No. 11178
No. 11629
125 kB, 1500 × 844
5,0 MB, 5184 × 3456
52 kB, 1280 × 640
167 kB, 940 × 627
I think this is right place to talk about cars.

Citroën DS is one of the most memorable cars in history and probably most famous french car. Espessially more late models with head lights like pic related. I love how classic french cars most often had really interesting and artistic desighn and knowing that this is 50s car which development started even before war, and in some elements it still look modern and futuristic! Iternaly it was very futuristic too with it's front-wheel drive combined with hydropneumatic suspension, hell lot of plastic and sintetic materials, very unitrodox brakes, without even a proper pedal but with button and many things like this. Not something really on science fiction level but for it's time really great example when engeneers free to do something they relly want instead of what general audience want. In all ways, very iconic car, I want one day try test drive one of those.
No. 11630
349 kB, 1280 × 1707
It also so advanced, it actually can fly!
No. 11631
I dunno about most famous. I think that's the deux chevaux. It transcends famous into legendary territory. Also has ebin stories about evading the capture of its manufacturing process in WWII due to hiding parts or resistance raids.
No. 11632
>deux chevaux
Heh, it always reminds me of that crazy nun from the Gendarme series. But yeah, the only car that could rival 2CV popularity is probably VW Beetle.
No. 12110
244 kB, 1552 × 873
44 kB, 640 × 480
156 kB, 800 × 531
43 kB, 600 × 396
EEH 2CV is really famous and memetic car, but can it really be face of all French authomobile industry? I don't know. DS is much more presentable car, let's say this way. And was 2CV THAT popular compare to other "cheap popular automobile for people"? Beetle you see everywhere, it was in production in latin america countries, you can spot it USA, middle east, across all europe, africa. 2CV - inside france and it's colonies/former colonies yeah, pretty much, but I even more often see some soviet cars in old europen photos than 2CV, in England for example.

However this is nice little car, very simple and kinda "boring" but same time memorable looking. Desighn of it reminds of like it something taken off from kitchen, lol, like grater. But question is - is this really was this economical? It still requre a lot metal and a lot other material to produce. I don't know if it was really that reasonable to make overall construction that simple.

From gendarme series of movies much more memorable Citroën Méhari, 2CV variant, exeacly like one from 4th pic as basicly main car Gendarmes using thought all movies. And this is something really funny - it looks reasonable cheap but same time very utility. In some ways it reminds me of soviet/ukrainain LuAZ small cars. Funny thing that with all this nobody remembered that in first movie was pre-production ford mustang.
No. 12586
112 kB, 760 × 960
>2018 Nobel Prize in physics
wait. are you telling me those stories about unidentified flying objects lifting stuff up via light might actually be true?

we "just" need to find a wavelength/form of light that is strong enough while not instantly vaporizing the target biological object to do that ourselves? i know, i know. this "just" might turn out to be impossible.

also, those old egyptian pictures of transporting stuff via a light beam might be actual pictures as well?

the fuck?

ok, it is far fetched from our current knowledge. but there seems to be the theoretical possibility of using this technique on a larger scale.
No. 12593
Yes, there is something called light-pressure.
Well known to be utilized since the ninetees, like you know, Ashkin is very old by now.

It is a very common technique for manipulating µm-sized particles including bacteria. For example it can be interesting to drag a particle through a liquid and study it's displacement.

Get your own demonstration kit here:

Something like 8000€ aint that much when you think about it.

t. optical devices advertising ayyy lmao
No. 12673
No. You're retroactively applying current breakthroughs in tech to perceived future tech which is derived from past science fiction and then applying it to the extremely distant past in antiquity. Humans are more prone to using fiction as a roadmap for what kind of things to develop. For instance we have had notions of cloaking fields for quite some time, in for example the Predator movies from the 1980s, and they in turn are arguably influenced by fiction such as The Invisible Man where the means itself was never the point of the story or perhaps something from Lovecraft like Shadow Out of Time or Color Out of Space (I keep mixing those two up). That we now have some publicly known candidates for light bending material doesn't make those stories true. Likewise everybody now has what look like tricorders glued to their faces. I think this is less a matter of Roddenburry being prophetic and more a matter of human technical progress being partly guided by pop culture references because they think "that's what the future should be like" and assume "that's what modern tech should look like".

In fact the whole idea of tractor beams is pretty retarded. The concept I think is derived from a deus ex machina in stage plays wherein an actor or object would be hoisted by wire while having stage lights used to represent the "invisible force" which in a prior age would simply be the force of God's will ascending you up to Heaven like Elijah or Enoch or somesuch. Indeed, in a very real sense the whole realm of UFOlogy is basically just religion for a more cynical, skeptical, technically inclined modern society for whom "it's magic yo I ain't gotta explain shit" is no longer justification but will still go along with it and suspend disbelief so long as you invent some phlebotinum or ridiculous premise like "it's midichlorians yo they used eleriumite to levitate and cast lightningballs out of their arse"

It is also funny when you look into some of the more retarded things people used to believe in with some quack scientific sounding justification like "animal magnetism" or that the moon's rays had unique healing and powerful properties or certain alchemical ideas many of which were washed away with the dross of a previous age before becoming the modern field of chemistry some time ago.
No. 12677 Kontra
125 kB, 200 × 200
not sure if NT or assburger.

>In fact the whole idea of tractor beams is pretty retarded.
you do realize that the Nobel Prize is for literal tractor beams? its just on a way different scale.
thou, i agree with pretty much everything else you said. Thou, "mostly" isn't "always"; a general statement like yours may not hold true for every specific topic.
No. 12678 Kontra
btw, all i'm trying to say is that we need more information to replace the »?« with a ».«.

if you would have tried to argue for a definite "true" instead of "false", i would have reacted the same way.
No. 13164
23 kB, 600 × 444
26 kB, 864 × 503
79 kB, 1200 × 724
19 kB, 864 × 323
Dunno where better post it - in history thread, or in science and technology, but let's talk about experemental and lessr known Soviet/Russian small arms projects that not did it into mass production. There a lot of different interesting and obscure examples about which not much information remain and about which not much people know about.

And I want start from Kalashnikov's competitors (yes, there was and there was a lot of them with a lot similar and yet different ideas, and while there a lot meme forced about "AK is copy of Sturmgewehr" which is not real, thing that Kalashnikov picked hell lot of ideas from it's competitors and that USSR used german stamping technology to produce AK parts and using some ideas even from things like M1 Garand is true to some degree).

Let's start from most epin things - ТКБ-408 (picture 1 - ТКБ-408-2, picture 2 - ТКБ-408 field disassembly) by German Alexandrovichj Korobov. ТКБ abbreviation means not that it is by Korobov, but basicly stands for Tula Design/Construction Bureau. Korobov is kind of famous meme guy in russian firearms history - he done a lot things, creaed a lot concepts and helped other famous weapon makes with different details, but none of his desgihns trought whole history of his work was never adopted by any degree. Of cource you may see that very interesting feature of this assault rifle that this is a bullpupб which in late 40s was really fresh and interesting concepts (there was examples before, but you know, it was even more obscure and experemental thing) - if I remember only british guys really hugely experemented with this concept at the time, in britain were build different examples of such guns -some good, some not that much, best by far was final iteration of EM-2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EM-2_rifle which was even adopted, untill Churchill become main guy angain and blah-blah-blah, politics, it was srapped in favor of FNFAL if I remember correctly because NATO. This ТКБ-408 of cource did not done it in competition - not best firing accuracy, and really not that well relability - low survivability of the receiver, shooting delays, so after 5000 shots it left competition.

АБ-46 (Production index ТКБ-415) - (picture 3 - top early variant, bottom late variant, picture 4 - field dissasembly) Assault Rifle created for competition by Alexey Alexeevich Bulking. He developed things for this competition and similar ones since middle of world war 2 - there known some examples of his work in 1944, but overall Bulkin is very misterious person. Almost all information about him and his work was lost with personal files. There like one personal foto that go around, and most of information about him - with this assault rifles he developed in late 40s. By many things, this was really close to Kalashnikov's example. it had some issues with relability and functioning, but overall it was as good as AK. Most notably, it used as asis many similar to AK ideas, like some small things from Garand. Overall, it was rejected because there was no way to improve reliability without compleatly changing elelemnts of construction.
This is not 100% confirmed facts, sine hell lot of documents still secret or lost, but in 1946 tests Kalashnikov's rifle left competition, but Kalashnikov and basicly all Kovrov factory was huge connections with some commission officers that run competition, and they agreed to give time for Kovrov to improve their rifle. Nexy year Kalashnikov with support of Zaitsev at Kovrov factory improved their rifle - by many way, just stealing best elements of Bulkin's automatic rifle. Also I readed somewhere that most probably Bukin died same time and was not alive to last series of competition, and it ended like this: Bulkin deda. Kovrov factory have huge political impact on competition. New AK example have best Bulkin elements in it, combined with other good elements of AK-46 example. And Kalashnikov won, end of story.
No. 13165
61 kB, 571 × 418
74 kB, 569 × 463
42 kB, 572 × 300
155 kB, 900 × 850
АД-46 (production index КБП-410) - (picture 1, picture 2 folding stock variant, picture 3 field dissasembly) - Assault rifle prototype by Alexander Andreevich Dementiev he made for same competition. Dementiev not very known guy, but before and trought war he very closely worked with such famous guys as Shpagin and Degtyaryov and basicly they was kinda same team. This example of assult rifles did it to tests of 1946, together with AK-46 and AБ-46. As with Bulkin, there hell lot of foggy things - many of information secret and overall about this competition more conspiracy theories that about Kennedy Assasination. The overall layout with the location of the gas piston above the barrel and the manufacturing technology of the main parts by the method of cold stamping was almost similar to the German Sturmgewehr of cource, but there was also a number of notable elements like fully enclosed stamped receiver with a thickness of 1.2 mm with a riveted neck of the magazine. I not heared 100% explanations about why it was rejected, altrought in 1946 competition all examples was regected (and kalashnikov's example was the worst one lol) so there most probably was a couple issues, but anywhay this desighn not lead anywhere. Exept only if Kalashnikov in next year stealed elements from here too, lol.

And of cource I should metion АК-46/АК-47 - test variants of later in 1949 adopted AK by Michail Kalshnikov. Initial 1946 prototypes (on last picture, top - first example, middle second example, third example was shorten version of 2nd one http://www.ak-info.ru/ak/akhstr/akhstr003.jpg bottom first test example of AK-47) was build on basis of Kalashnikov's 1944 self-loading rifle that had a lot important elements from American garand (automatic with short stroke gas piston located above the barrel and the rotating bolt, similar to that of the Garand system). It did really bad on competition, and was the worst from 1946 competition examples. 1947 variant had almost no similarities with 1946 version. AK-47 is basicly - Zaitsev help+stealing parts from Bulkin and probably Dementiev variants. Note that AK-47 IS NOT PROUCTION VARIANT. It is have at liest 5 or 6 different improvements series trought 1947 and 1948. First production guns was amde in 1948 and was adopted by soviet army as just AK in 1949. And even after 1949 there was hell lot of improvements - most of which, with manufacturing tooling, and basicly famous "AK THAT SO AWESOME IT CAN DO ANYTHING" it AKM (M means Modified) adopted in 1959. If you interesting in evolution of production like AK from 1949 but before AKM - here is interesting videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFagaHLuekQ&t=7s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dL-1dauhH6M
Note, that author using western terminology for this guns, that sometimes may be not official, like there no such thing as "Type II", n official documents it was metioned Lightweight 7.62-mm Kalashnikov's automat and was not marked as some new model.
No. 13168
15 kB, 864 × 363
17 kB, 864 × 342
20 kB, 550 × 312
44 kB, 640 × 443
ТКБ-022 - oh so this is a beasts. Korobov did comeback with his Bullpup ideas in ealy 60s with this seres of very different and obscure prototypes of assault rifles. There was a couple of competitions in early 60s after adoption of AKM in search of new guns - with new automatic components, new characteristics and so on, basicly in trought that there something more modern should come recently, with new advantages and ideas. Korobov created a lot of prototypes for basicly all this competitions.

First one is of cource what we know as just "ТКБ-022" what you can see on first picture. Yes, an assault rifle with Magazine that also plays role of kind of pistol grip. I can only suspect how uncomfortable to shoot from it, but on testings it did very well in therms of relability. However it used many new materials, was short, more light to carry and all other things that become important in modern times military.

For dedicated competition where was declarated some more concretic ideas of "future" firearm, Korobov developed a new version of his gun based on previous one, it was designated ТКБ-022П and you can see example of it on second picture. It has now proper pistol grip and more like traditional bullpup, however a lot ideas of previous gun was remained here - wide use of new materials, plastic cover in particular, light weight, shortness etc.

To improve different characteristics, such as accuracy of fire from unstable position, he made even more improved version of it, ТКБ-022ПМ, which you can see on pictures 3 and 4. With magazine really far back it was really compact, short and light weapon that for time of it's creation was indeed very awesome. However all this program ended with basicly nothing - from part of practical reasons, such as some problems with overall conception of bullpup and obscurety of it, not actual serious need to replacing AKs but for many parts political reasons of high military stuff was pretty conservative and had scepsis about adopting such crazy new concept weapon as military standart. However I may gess that many thing played with replacement of Khrushov by Breznev and in many ways change of cource of country to different direction, and cancel of many interesting civil and military programs.
No. 13170
210 kB, 600 × 400
52 kB, 800 × 600
24 kB, 864 × 368
43 kB, 880 × 345
Another guy who was involved in this ideas of new ultra-modern assault rifle in ealry 60s was Nikolai Afanasyev, who also created very interesting bullpup desighn of assault rifle.

Series of ТКБ-011 is really crazy stuff. Fom basic, Afanasyev picked some basic ideas from Korobov - like bullpup, usage of new materials, but overall iternaly it was compleatly different concept. Back part of the receiver attached at an angle, and exept some minor technical explanation I did not found information about how it actually suposed to work and why the hell it was done in the first place, but it indeed looks very obscure and cool. Trought it's history of development there was a couple of different versions with improvments. Of cource, with close of all program, this all lead to nowhere and now all of it's examples is in musem. from what I heared, it have typical to bullpup problems, but overall it worked and worked pretty well. On most late version that on 2nd picture, that had a lot of improvments, was made 50 round magazine, for test gun made from AK/AKM parts magazines. On some test guns was used wooden parts, but production one was proposed as fully plastic ones. Later, Afanasyev developed more concepts, but they was more or less traditional... espesially compare to this beasts.
No. 13235
46 kB, 468 × 309
Bullpup is great until the large group of users in the army end up with faces full of hot casings because they eject to the right. We use one in our army and from what I understand it makes logistics worse because we need to stock conversion kits for lefties because casings in the face is actually a problem compared to where they would eject in a traditional layout. Plus the ergonomics are worse for a standard rifle. It's more awkward to load in most situations and in the case of the final form of the TKB-022 there isn't much room to get a good grip with the second hand so ergonomics fail again. At best it'd see use as a crew weapon or with special forces.

>Back part of the receiver attached at an angle, and exept some minor technical explanation I did not found information about how it actually suposed to work and why the hell it was done in the first place
Most likely to lengthen the barrel without lengthening the weapon by shifting the firing mechanism back and filling the space with more barrel. The reason for the curve itself is probably ergonomics, it's a lot easier to sight down a weapon where the business end sits a little bit above the bit that rests on your shoulder since you don't have to bring it up so far to your eye, you see it in a less extreme form on the FN SCAR. Depending on the magic that they put in it, it could also lessen recoil impact by moving some of the force downwards instead of straight back into the user.

It's still no kraut space magic, but what is?
No. 13239
Honestly I was thinking that like how the hell are you supposed to reload? Aesthetically they are very pleasing and soulful af but I just cant imagine how awkward it must be to reload those things while under fire. I mean
Co tu kurwa jest Russia? Are you supposed to ever reload that thing or bring it home for Babushka to sit on it rocking while drinking tea?
No. 13242
They're not so bad so long as you're off the ground. Standing or on a knee they're only slightly more awkward and it's alleviated with practice. Problem is that if you're laying down you have to either roll onto your side some and create clearance to the side to load it or put the weapon into an unreadied position. It's a lot easier when the magazine isn't sitting practically under your body.
No. 13268
91 kB, 800 × 550
184 kB, 1280 × 849
300 kB, 600 × 931
80 kB, 600 × 450
>kits for lefties because casings in the face is actually a problem compared to where they would eject in a traditional layout.
We had no such problem. Untill mid 80 all people in school re-learmed from left hand to right one sometimes by force and pumishments for couple of reasons but most important unspoken one - yes, since everyone was potential meat to protect fatherland from evil hordes of capitalism :---DDD

>Plus the ergonomics are worse for a standard rifle.
Most ergonomical and probably best mass-army service bullpup ever was French FAMAS (pic 1). It was really nice to carry, plesant to shoot as I know and other good things, like it had really really nice bipod that allow verry accurate and even more plesant shoot. Burst mode on it was really nice too. Sad that french stop development of it.

>At best it'd see use as a crew weapon or with special forces.
The only bullpup that was managed to be accepted to some degree in USSR/Russia - ОЦ-14 "Гроза" (pic 1-3) ended in different kinds of special forces. This is basicly ОЦ-12 Тисс (АКС74У made into СП-5 СП-6 9×39 sub-sonic ammunition that also used in other soviet and russian special forces weapons such as ВСС Винторез and АС Вал) made into bullpup. Most interesting part of desighn that this is comolex of weapon with underbarrel grenade launcher and also with ability to quikly change barrel for different types of tactical situation. As I know for what it meant to be primary used - with grenade launcher - it pretty balanced. Creator of this underbarrel grenade launchers for AK did part in developing ОЦ-14 Гроза. But of cource this thing is clearly not for general conscript use.

>kraut space magic
We have examples of our space magic, I want do post about some interesting and complex things later :D

Nah I think if it ever get in general service it will have some kinds of bipods, handgrips and other important features. In case of long 7x62 50 round magazines for testing, some people in USA and canada do similar things and they are hilarious, check this
No. 13271
36 kB, 600 × 900
71 kB, 982 × 477
9 kB, 600 × 171
140 kB, 864 × 748
So, it's time for space magic!

During 2nd half of XX centuary in light automatic firearms was a lot talks about to have multiple bullets shit before recoil of the first round hit the shooter and break accuracy. There was many ideas how to do it and most of them, together with this progams, ended to nothing. In USA was a lot experementation with multiple bullets in one round. USSR done experementation with multiple barrels. And there we again do a comback to Korobov.

Absoluetly epic Three-barrel ТКБ-059 (pics 1-2) was developed to kinda multi purpose - same time for idea of shoot three bullets same time before recoil hit, and for massive salvo fire. Of cource, this is very questionable thing for practic use and for manufacturing. Unlike other Korobov guns there wass used parts from AK, but well, you can guess that in 1962-63 it lead to nowhere.

But idea still float around, and competitions continued. In late 70s Korobov after series of experements from late 60s to early 70s presented ТКБ-0111 (pics 3) which was presented for "Абакан" program, which was sterted after accpet of AK-74 and move to 5.45х39mm. This program had more general goal - AK had not enough firing accuracy in automatic with thoeretical modern warfare needs. From what I understand, real features of this assault rifle was just 3-round burst fire and interesting construction of muzzle brake compensator, and this all. Army looked at it and said litteraly "meh", or to say how it was listed in documents - "recommended in facultative (optional) order" whatever it means..

Most interesting from early examples of this competitions done Stechkin - ТКБ-0146 (picture 4). I think you familiar with Stechkin as author of very famous series of soviet pistols, but here he did automatic rifle, and did it bullpup! More than that, it did many awesome thing - 2-round very fast fire burst with interesting feeding system where 2nd round have place in kinda half way from magazine to chamber. Interesting egection poart, which is ambidextrous, which as was metion before in thread, very important thing for modern bullpup. It almost did it and win, but Nikonov who stealed some cool parts from previously metioned examples created rifle that was ended adopted (sounds familiar, right?) to some degree and Stechkin's gun reamined only in musems... however, it not as sad as with Korobov, since Stechkin have a lot other guns that was actually adopted, while Korobov just died without any degree of fame.
No. 13272
Fair enough then. I was going to talk about the Groza in contrast to the TKB-022 since the former had the advantage of adaptability while the latter was designed to do one thing but I deemed it a bit too much of a tangent. The adaptability is big though. In our case, the special forces use M4s and things of that nature because they're far easier to modify to fit the situation they're going into than the AUG. Admittedly our version of the AUG is more adaptable than the base model, but it's still relatively rigid in its design.

I'm personally of the belief that bullpup design will be outdated eventually. Once they crack the puzzle of making toploading like the G11 and P90 easy to build and reliable, it's just a plain superior system. It allows for the full length barrel in a smaller package that the bullpup gives without the ergonomic disadvantages.

And yeah, I know the Soviets have their space magic, but I have yet to see anything that tops the kraut magic of feeding multiple rounds, rotating them 90 degrees and firing them in a fraction of a second. Even seeing vaguely how it works, it's still just magic when you try to wrap your heda around it because it could put out a burst of fire before you felt the recoil which was its main way of maintaining accuracy.
No. 13273
I don't get the two-round burst thing. It's so uniquely slavic, since it's also on the AN-94 yeah? Is there some particular reason for it that I'm missing or is it more that the competition would specify two round accuracy and so everybody just made two round bursts and made them as accurate as possible.

The AN-94 is also Slavic Space Magic all things considered though. It's even got a mechanism brick not dissimilar to how the G11 was laid out internally. It's just less Germanic autism in clockwork and more Russian weirdness in somehow integrating a pulley into an automatic rifle :-DDD
No. 13281
15 kB, 650 × 197
13 kB, 650 × 158
55 kB, 1280 × 720
1,8 MB, 1854 × 1042
>and P90 easy
Ironically P90 as I know considering outdated and replaced by MP-7, at least I heared such thing a couple of yeras before. But even there I can say that crazy ivan ingeneering can offer here! But wait, I can't post so fast X---DDDD

Well, here you triggered me, lol. I wanted to post it later, but now I want to make post about it immideatly.

Anothe guy who was in competition - Gennadyi Nikonov. In 80s he offered his "АС" (pic 1) (I guess it stands just for Автомат Специальный). And main goal of his work was to offer two fire burst...

but I need to exaplain there more a little bit. This is not standart burst fire mode which you can see in FAMAS or SCAR or any other this kind of thing. This is continuation of this long time worldwide search of fire more bullets before recoil of first one hit the shooter. All this multiple barrel guns, all this USA experements with multiple bullets in one round and all this crazy shit was done for this but at end, amlost all gived up.
But Nikonov wanted to offer this feature not with multiple barrels - but with very fast, like lighning speed fire burst, so this is not burst basicly - you fire 2 bullets in time human can't even tell it was two bullets or one. By time recoil of first shot hit shooter, second bullet already hit target together with first one.

Well, first example of rifle he offered was not the best, since to offer proper feeding for this kind of speed he made and barrel and magazine moving with fire of gun. Yeah, this parts was moving while you shoot, like it some sort of canon. Even Nikonov hismelf know that it was not best idea but he not come up with something better at that time. Latter, at competition he spotted alredy metioned above examples of Stechkin and Korobov guns, and taked from them interesting ideas. From Stechkin gun he used this awesome feeding system where first round in chaber, third in magazine, and second is special place between for ultra speed feeding. And muzzle brake compensator from Korobov example for this competition. With this new parts, he presented new example - АСМ (picture 2), with this new compensator and feeding mechanism, which allowed to make fixed magazine. Trought, barrel was still moving mechanism and it remained like this.

After series of competitions, fall of soviet union, polisihng of examples in early 90s was accepted final form of this rifle - АН-94 (picture 3) that was accepted for special forces and become one of the iconic gun because some videogames. Full name of it - АН-94 Абакан, it righfully get name from river, on which was named this more than 20 years competition. Trought, in most videogames it not work right, for example in Stalker and in some battlefield games - it is rare when showed real feature of this gun "super speed 2 round fire"

So there is two very interesting videos
Disassambeling and some infor about this gun from Ian (of non-functional civil model for assburgers. This is not deactivated, since it was builed deactived on factory. You can buy still one like this for like ~5286 USA, at least on russian internet shops):
Example of this "two round" shooting because better see than try to exaplin it by words:

Another gun what I want metion in this post - АО63. It was another gun in this competition, I know not much about it... but from what I heared and seen this is just two-barrel АК-74. Nothing patriculray anything about, since it continuation of Korobov multi-barrel concept that was rejected multiple times and not as epin as ТКБ-059 anyway. There is meme when to show this gun in american Red Scorpion movie was used poor FN FAL turned into some monster, and oftent picture of this gun presented in internet as real АО63, which, of cource, is not http://www.imfdb.org/images/1/15/Red_Scorpion_AO-63.jpg
No. 13282
158 kB, 666 × 607
I know that it's not a standard burst, it's just that even when the extreme speed burst was done on the West (G11), it was in a 3 round burst. The 2 round thing is really alien and it kind of bothers me tbh. The mysteries of the eastern bloc I suppose.
No. 13283 Kontra
Also, what I meant was not the P90 design itself but the magazine which like the G11, lays horizontally across the top of the weapon and remains simple enough that it is easy to load up and doesn't have any weirdness associated with it like the helical tube mag that the PP-19 uses. The problem is the feeding mechanism. Neither the G11 or P90 have good ones. They might be clever but they're not good for rough field usage. If they can iron that problem out, then horizontal toploading is the future. If they can't, then it'll remain the rock paper scissors system we have now I suppose.
No. 13284
101 kB, 1280 × 926
13 kB, 852 × 282
263 kB, 1024 × 683
108 kB, 800 × 426
But there was another guy - another example in this competition, which did much more traditional take on problem "more accuracy for AK in automatic mode".

АЕК-971/972/973 - is Assault rifle, that share many parts with standart AK-74, made by guys in factory/construction berau in name of Degtyaryov, who was famous firearms manufacture guy, I bet you all know him and his guns. I think, this did most logical and most simple approach without any kind of space magic - to say ultra short, it had "balanced automation". In long, I too lazy to translate this, sorry:

>В узел автоматики добавлен балансир, соответствующий по массе затворной группе. Затворная рама и балансир связаны через зубчатые рейки и шестерню, ось которой укреплена в ствольной коробке. Поршни рамы и балансира играют роль передней и задней стенок газовой камеры. В момент выстрела под давлением пороховых газов они начинают одновременно двигаться в противоположных направлениях с равными скоростями, и импульсы их движения компенсируют друг друга. В результате смещение оружия, вызванное работой автоматики, получается минимальным. Кучность стрельбы очередями из неустойчивых положений заметно улучшается, превосходя аналогичную у АК74М в 1,5-2 раза.

But basicly with full-auto it move not that crazy as AK tend to be. More than that, it more comfy in full auto than АН-94, exept that memetic 2nd bullet that fire super fast, and I guess for soldiers and even for special forces this is more usefull. It was not adopted by Abakan probgram, but it was produced in small numbers from 1990 to 2006 for special forces. There a couple of variants, like 963 using 7,62 ammo for example, and 972 if I not mistaken, NATO ammo.

Ironicly, with recent news and testings for new equipment for soldiers and special forces program, was said, while АК-12/15 will be standart rifles for soldiers, spcial forces will use А-565/А-762 (pic 3 and pic 4) which is updated version of АЕК-971/973, and АН-94 was not metioned, so in the end, АЕК won this 50 years old competition, looks like (if pootine and firends not stealed all monies for this program)

>The 2 round thing is really alien and it kind of bothers me tbh. The mysteries of the eastern bloc I suppose.
I think, this is just Stechkin idea of feeding system that also was taked by Nikonov. One round in chamber, second round in transitional place. Third round with this system can't make it speedy enough, so only 2, sorry. Unles you will make 3 barrel AN-94 with 3 underbarrel greneda launchers and all this with silinced barres that shoot СП-5 rounds :--DDDDD
No. 13285
44 kB, 939 × 408
No. 13286
G-3 is beschtes Berndstormrifle
No. 13288
27 kB, 1200 × 333
26 kB, 1000 × 381
86 kB, 600 × 281
75 kB, 730 × 559
>helical tube mag that the PP-19 uses
Шнековый магазин as we call it, actually interesting things that have it's disadvantages (too much time to load this thing, from top of my head, and in some cases complex details in them) in my opinion is far better thing at this time that what G11-P90 use, because personally I don't have even theoretical system how easely you can feed automatic weapon which also will be very simple and relible.
This type of magazines has no this really big disadvantages, and have a lot real advantages to them of be really compact. This isn't thing which I can see will be used for really mass main battle rifle weapons, but for submachine guns, special and compact variants and all this kinds of things where compact thing with many many bullets is important - they are way to go.

For example Evans rifle in late XIX centuary have like.. 32 or 38 rounds, I don't remember, but anyway, for it's time any of this numbers was really huge. And it was 100% better than using tube magazines for rifles like some experemented with same time

There was development on this side in USSR in WW2, but real comeback it did only recently in really compact submachine guns. Calico ones in USA, ПП90М1 and famous because some videogames his competor ПП-19 Bison both very specilised and limited because USSR dropped massive sumbachine guns during WW2 researches and then on practice like AK wasn't meant to repalce rifles, it was created at first and all this program to replace submachine guns, this why for some time AK and SKS existed same time I want also note this interesting North Korea things - helical tube mags for standart AK feeding :----DDDDDD
No. 13310
oh dog what done


HONG KONG — A Chinese researcher claims that he helped make the world’s first genetically edited babies — twin girls whose DNA he said he altered with a powerful new tool capable of rewriting the very blueprint of life.

If true, it would be a profound leap of science and ethics.

A U.S. scientist said he took part in the work in China, but this kind of gene editing is banned in the United States because the DNA changes can pass to future generations and it risks harming other genes.

Many mainstream scientists think it’s too unsafe to try, and some denounced the Chinese report as human experimentation.

The researcher, He Jiankui of Shenzhen, said he altered embryos for seven couples during fertility treatments, with one pregnancy resulting thus far. He said his goal was not to cure or prevent an inherited disease, but to try to bestow a trait that few people naturally have — an ability to resist possible future infection with HIV, the AIDS virus.

“It’s almost like not editing at all” if only some of certain cells were altered, because HIV infection can still occur, Church said.

Church and Musunuru questioned the decision to allow one of the embryos to be used in a pregnancy attempt, because the Chinese researchers said they knew in advance that both copies of the intended gene had not been altered.

“In that child, there really was almost nothing to be gained in terms of protection against HIV and yet you’re exposing that child to all the unknown safety risks,” Musunuru said.

The use of that embryo suggests that the researchers’ ”main emphasis was on testing editing rather than avoiding this disease,” Church said.

Even if editing worked perfectly, people without normal CCR5 genes face higher risks of getting certain other viruses, such as West Nile, and of dying from the flu. Since there are many ways to prevent HIV infection and it’s very treatable if it occurs, those other medical risks are a concern, Musunuru said.
No. 13325
I heared something about it, but this feels like all this false news from japan about creating artificial uterus
No. 13342
I guess we'll find out when and if the studies are published. I wouldn't put it past the Chinese to try something like this although I didn't expect it to happen so soon. From the coverage I've seen, it appears this undertaking was more like a proof of concept than an end in itself. They're probably interested in seeing how effective their techniques are and what the off-target effects might be.
No. 13351
>He sought to disable a gene called CCR5
>CCR5 Δ32 can be beneficial to the host in some infections (e.g., HIV-1, possibly smallpox), but detrimental in others (e.g., tick-borne encephalitis, West Nile virus). Whether CCR5 function is helpful or harmful in the context of a given infection depends on a complex interplay between the immune system and the pathogen

A bit from Chesterton's A Drift from Domesticity, slightly altered, could apply here.
>But the truth is that nobody has any business to destroy a social institution gene until he has really seen it as an historical institution understood the effect of its absence. If he knows how it arose, and what purposes it was supposed to serve, he may really be able to say that they were bad purposes, or that they have since become bad purposes, or that they are purposes which are no longer served. But if he simply stares at the thing as a senseless monstrosity that has somehow sprung up in his path, it is he and not the traditionalist ethicist who is suffering from an illusion.
Once we know what purpose a gene serves and how the body functions when it is removed ,this kind of thing this might be a good idea. In this case it seems the scientist was interested in being first.
>Further pregnancy attempts are on hold until the safety of this one is analyzed and experts in the field weigh in, but participants were not told in advance that they might not have a chance to try what they signed up for once a “first” was achieved, He acknowledged
No. 13352
I don't know why are people scared of this.
Weed out as many diseases as we can.
Honestly, if it works, I don't see an issue with it. I'd make sure my kids don't inherit anything bad from me.
No. 13355
>Honestly, if it works, I don't see an issue with it
If it works the gene editing method is simply helping to spread a known mutation to pass on its understood benefits. Buried in the wiki there is evidence CCR5 negation can inhibit more than HIV, but some cancers as well. I think the controversy is over this scientist (named He, which is confusing when attributing quotes)jumping the gun and getting out ahead of the science which likelyalmost certainly hasn't fully weighed the cost. In the end it's  just a matter of time before gene editing is understood well enough to get the go ahead from ethicists, and then the governments can fight with churches over the inevitable.
No. 13356
People are deeply goncerned in part because CRISPRcas9 often has undesirable side effects like mosaicism and off target mutations. Also, as >>13355 points out, we don't yet fully understand the risks and benefits associated with broken CCR5 genes.
No. 13358 Kontra
15 kB, 445 × 167
it's a quickly evolving drama
No. 13360 Kontra
Also I may be speaking out of my ass here but it seems to me that if maximizing IQ is the endgame (which it probably is), given our current technology, there are probably more efficient ways of doing that than CRISPRcas9. As more data are collected and researchers produce better models for polygenic scores, eventually we'll be able to spot genius embryos by just sequencing them. So creating babby geniuses would just become a matter of producing embryos using the gametes of high IQ people and implanting the most promising ones into surrogates.
No. 13362 Kontra
Or we could just clone existing geniuses to avoid unforeseen broblems from pleiotropic effects.
No. 13364
Because we don't get the full picture in genes. All we understand is the result of statistics and in reality it can miss many things
No. 13367
Well firstly it is China doing it. And I really don't trust anything that dystopian nightmare does. Secondly it WILL create a horrible new divide in class warfare, which can eventually turn into something like out of The Time Machine and that is assuming everything goes well. Thirdly it probably won't go well, and we're going to end up with a lot of horror in the gene pool, although quite frankly this is part of why I am opposed to gene editing in general but also from a corporate standpoint which brings me to, fourth, it allows in a certain Capitalist environment the companies to literally own you by patenting your gene alterations and so on. I am also sure we're going to end up with something as horrible as "cosmetic" gene editing with furries. And so on and so forth.
No. 13368
See, this is why I think Chinese scientists are going to have a huge advantage with regard to developing genetically enhanced humans. Many of them are ruthless enough that they are willing to roll the dice and learn from the inevitable mistakes involved in human trials.
No. 13372
>Secondly it WILL create a horrible new divide in class warfare, which can eventually turn into something like out of The Time Machine and that is assuming everything goes well.

This will depend on how access to the technology is distributed. But I think you're right to anticipate a complete paradigm shift in world affairs as a result of genetically engineered humans. Ultimately, all nations will be forced to either adopt this technology or become obsolete.
No. 13376
There is a very definitive text addressing these issues, an extremely enlightening read it is:
Well written, smart, thought-provoking.
No. 13383
Thank you for sharing this: I look forward to reading it.

Personally, I don't have a preoblem with eugenics as long as the program doesn't involve involuntary euthanasia.
No. 13384 Kontra
Also I would have no problem with being sterilized should a council of wise men deem me unfit to reproduce.
No. 13388
30 kB, 550 × 168
G3 is direct heir of spanish automatic rifle developed for CETME by some former Mauser engeneers. Then this spanish rifle was bought by west germany and H&K company, shich was also founded by other former mauser engeneers made a lot minor changes to rifle and it become actual G3.
No. 13699
He guys look at all this cool stuff Russia is saying they are going to do
Do you think there is any chance Russia is actually going to be able to go through with this though? I mean shouldn't have a Lunar colony be pretty feasible and just do it not too dissimilarly to how we have deep ocean installations?
No. 13701
171 kB, 1280 × 652
Pathetic memecoaster, this is just hole where some money got stolen. They do almost nothing and for last 10 years they are synonym for word "fail". They failed all their mediacore projects and none of big projects was started. New spaceport still not finished building and there was like 120 criminal case about more than half of workers don't get payments. Current goverment leader of roskosomos epic-level retard and ultra thief even by pootine russia standarts. I can't imagine roskosmos will exist untill 2020. Tbh pootine goverment screaming about cool moon bases since begining of it's existence and always this programs silently closed before any first results.
No. 13715
Is Putin good for anything at all besides stealing? I cant think of anything successful he even did in last ten years. Even having people killed or invaded lately has been failures so I am guessing this cant be fixed by reinvading Kazakhstan to have Kazakhs use the old launch sites again will do anything. Last I heard the mysterious hole in ISS was thought probably due to some idiot who drilled a hole where it shouldn't be an tried some half assed patch job and it immediately made me think "must have been parts from Putins Russia"

Well this is a sad thing to hear. I was momentarily excited by this news and then remembered while posting "oh...this is the thief king saying something will happen isnt it" Do you think there's at least a possibility of something happening?
No. 13717
Why would they need to invade? They already control Baıqońyr and I'm pretty sure they even still have Saryshaǵan. The only way that control of those get iffy is if they start doing anything nuclear at their sites because the Kazakhs are pretty firmly anti-nuclear due to lingering memory of the people around Semeı getting arsefucked hard and dry by the Soviet tests there.
No. 13809
>Is Putin good for anything at all besides stealing?
No and never was.
>to have Kazakhs use the old launch sites
This Space domes rented or owned by russia still, but they old and outdated.
>drilled a hole where it shouldn't be
This was foggy story
No. 13948
Apparently they've figured out how to hook up electrodes to plants in a way that measures whether a plant needs light or not
Title is of course misleading though. It's more a more sophisticated automatic feeder.
No. 14336

Oh this guy started to make english versions of his videos, so I now can share them. They are pretty nice.
No. 14349
I didn't know Russia had its own supersonic passenger jet at least for a little while. Economic factors are what eventually grounded the Concorde, too. I guess we just don't get to go fast.
No. 14357
On russian he have also videos about Boeing-2707 that was canceled, about why we now flying slower even that pre-sonic jets of this era and when we possibly can fly faster. I also did posts about all this shits a little bit up in this thread
No. 14375
56 kB, 207 × 255
>I also did posts about all this shits a little bit up in this thread
Good posts. From what I'm reading about the return of Supersonic transports, the noise is still a big problem. The FAA currently regulates supersonic flights based on speed, rather than decibels:
>The FAA’s existing restrictions can be found at 14 CFR Part 91.817. In essence, that regulation prohibits anyone from operating a civil aircraft at a true flight Mach number greater than 1 over land in the United States and from a certain distance off shore where a boom could reach U.S. shores.
That made sense once, but doesn't anymore and will likely be changed. NASA is actually working with Lockheed Martin on new seemless body/wing designs that would lower the boom decible level to something no louder than a car door slamming (75 Pdbl). Of course these new models are going to be, as you said, smaller corporate jets for the rich instead of widebodied passenger jets like the Boeing 2707 was supposed to be.
No. 14380
People underestimate how much maintenance goes into a supersonic-capable jet engine. A modern single-engine supersonic fighter hovers around 20-24 hours of maintenance hours per sortie with urgent need for airframes usually limiting them to two or three sorties at best before they're dragged into the shed and looked at thoroughly. Let's cut 4 or 5 off of it for weapons checks and sensors, but add another 10-15 or so for the fact that you're looking at multiple engines on an airliner-sized aircraft, plus more checks for stress damage that happens with supersonic aircraft since it's a lot bigger. The turnaound on these things just isn't fast enough for a mainline passenger jet for multiple reasons, economy being just one. The other is turnaround. A lot of busier airports have a window of error that is below 5 minutes. They need aircraft in and out because the volume of traffic is so high and space is so limited. Now they also have to deal with longer downtimes on significantly higher risk of failure aircraft which throws a spanner into the entire network. The other option is to go with scramjets but I wouldn't envy the one having to design something that can get a scramjet, initial propulsion to ~M4-5, fuel for both and a decent payload of passengers and cargo in their air.

Shit's a pipe dream. With internet communications the way they are, the biggest market for express international travel like that, big boy corporate types needing to jetset to meetings just doesn't need to spend the money when they can have a face to face teleconference in 4k real time.
No. 14425
686 kB, 1920 × 1080
253 kB, 1680 × 1050
Speaking of but not really related, this game does do an awesome job of perspective and showing what American cities look like at night when you're flying over them https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGQ3-sdHi0o
I'd imagine landing is really difficult, but man I love flying at night. Is there any footage from a supersonic jet how it looks going over cities?
No. 14899
So I don't know where to put this since both science&technology, food thread, and documentary thread would work but hey guys look Israel is doing something cool that American special groups are being fat idiots about in an interesting twist

This is a good point. Cattle industry alone here is huge. The biggest problem to lab grown meat is first going to be finding a way to cheaply and reliably mass produce it, now that the technology has been proven. Second thing will be fighting all these lobbies who will try as hard to crush it as the oil industry would try to crush cold fusion. I am hoping they can overcome these lobbies, because industrialized meat is one of the biggest reasons I have now seen the Light that God would be right to smite the shit out of humanity. It's also as the video shows a pretty horrible contributor to environmental degradation and global warming, which would actually be pretty funny if the technologists were right that "oh well we'll just find a technical means to solve our problems with climate change without fixing the underlying societal architecture" except that a big reason would just be phasing out animal raising and slaughter with lab grown meat.
No. 14932
I'm hyped for this since something like 2012(?).

Politics and media will kill it though before it gets too big.
No. 15216

and he did video about 2707

He tell about this better than me probably.

From all posts I did, I followed idea of improving technologies around supersonic planes. Concorde and Tu-144 showed themselfs not very reliable, however not a full catastrophy like first version of boeing-2707. And a lot problems with that was because 60s-early70s electronics and materials that lacked a lot of potential. Since then jet engines improved, a lot configurations, ideas and plans for Tu-144 was tested on more modern strategic bombers.
Today is possible in theory to create reliable small buisness jet for people who can afford it.
No. 15218
Except those bleeding edge supersonic engines still require lots of maintenance time. There is a reason that Orions and such are still used for routine things like ASW when a supersonic bird is on paper almost strictly better for covering raw mileage. Maintaining supersonic engines remains a bitch. If you mean reliable as in less prone to randomly flaming out at high mach, then yes they are much more reliable, but mantenance hours to flight hours ratio remains pretty poor even on engines designed for low maintenance like in carrier aircraft which have a hard limit on how many can be on downtime because there are fewer at sea than there are at a land airbase.

We don't have adamantine unfortunately and physics dictates that supersonic airflow causes a lot of micro scale damage to an engine over time. It might not need repairs every cycle, but you do need to be keeping very regular tabs on material stress.
No. 15232
96 kB, 1200 × 722
I dont know if you guys have been paying attention but they just found p r o o f s of Martian ice water in stunning display. This is a seriously vast upgrade from "we think there might be traces of H20 frozen in the dry almost airless desert soil. They think there might also be high salinity liquid water underneath there too with possibly mile thick ice sheet covering it. Which could actually still theoretically either host earth extremofils or, only imo, offer use a rare glimpse into alternative early genesis or spread of organic life outside these impact craters at the poles. Long shot but hey I can hope.

Not that I actually care about meeting people from space mind you but I just like and am fascinated by life and any chance to see or create life environments beyond earth in my lifetime is extraordinary. Or we could just be seeing condensation on a dead world whatever but either way it's some of the coolest news in a long time.
No. 15268
At least now we know that there is water on the Mars (I think it's mostly in the polar regions).

We still have no concept how to exactly utilize it, though.
No. 15271
69 kB, 700 × 559
70 kB, 700 × 559
62 kB, 700 × 559
65 kB, 700 × 561
When I was kid I have interesting obsession - soviet cars. You know, all kids in school who played racing games talked about modern and around it foreign cars - not on professional level of cource, just know some names from games of popular stuff and disscused which car is "cooler". Well, when I was kid I hade "magic book" - short automobile directory/reference book - old soviet books from 1980 or something where was marked all soviet cars that was in production during this years, with short technical manual, information and black and white illustrations of their look.

You know, societ car industry, even civil one - was part of overall goverment managed planned economy. Civil cars exept trucks and service cars considered as very seconday thing - desighns of this things most often was outdated, quality - for make them as cheaper as possible for such thing, yet they was expensive and hard to get for regular citizen and all other things you know already most probably.

But fhom this you get some interesting things:
1.Instead of soundy cool names like you all expected from car like... "Toyota Corolla", "Opel Kadett", "Ford Mustang" you got very technical designations.
Like what was known on British Islands as "Lada Riva" on export, at home called ВАЗ-21058. 5 - number of model, 8 - number of modification (8 for example is modification 0 that was with 5 speed manual transmission and standart engine, but with driving wheel on other side and also export variant). And ВАЗ is abbreviation that stands for "Volga (in name of river, there was also car Volga by different factory) Automobile Factory" There was of cource "official nicknames" for cars - Jiguli, Zaporozets, Volga, Niva etc. but they all was secondary and most of cars was known for their number desighnations. All engines, main big parts had same designation. Not somethig like "Dodge super turbo cool" but ЗМЗ-402
2.There was not infinity number of factories, companies, who do new cars every half year to stay at market - it all was goverment ruled factories. They had some level of competition, but for example when ZIL was ordered to move their new project for new KamAZ factory - they did so. All new cars creation and accept for producing was only at general plan and party requests, so instead of infinity variaty there very dedicated liited amount of car factories and car models and you easely can memorise them all basicly. Thir names, their models and other things of cource followed general purposes and model lines.
3.Most of soviet car desighns and styles was outdated - to 90s was produced cars with 50-s and 60-s desighns. Tere also a lot interesting rare and concept cars that was really partically good but not made it because party decided to spend money on some other shit, like some more rockets or tanks.

All of this things combined terminated my assburgers to maximum. I for weeks looked on this technical data, learned about models, modifications and their factories. Unlike racing videogames with modern cars it was books fool of texts and full of technical pictures and data. Additionaly, when I was kid there was still hell lot of cars around from soviet union - and I was happy that I can spot and properly name every model, factory and modification. Adittionaly it growed me interest in classical cars desighn. For some reason I find "modern" for it's time desighn of cars (late 90s-00s) boring as death, and much more prefer something out of 50s-80s. I had small collection of expensive small soviet cars models that was made very accurately and was not a toys.
Additionaly dad opened for me world of classic american cars. Dad trought, that european cars are small crap, that good only for middle aged woman to make shopping in city center, nothing more, and that european cars are same shit as most of soviet ones, as he call them "invalidka" - car for disabled people, like this small sized soviet cars that was made for such persons and was total shit. And classic american cars on other side - and Volga GAZ-24 (pic 2) which was basicly soviet copy of USA late 60s car desighn is "real car for man and for family" that much more wide and have more place inside.

Such cases.
No. 15274
Nice interest.
No. 15739
157 kB, 779 × 500
Did you know that Poland always had a rich intellectual and academic history? Do you know anything about University of Warsaw?


Also supposedly our galaxy had a near hit with another within the last few hundred million years (which is quite recent) in addition to the future Andromeda collision. Supposedly.
No. 15741
>Did you know that Poland always had a rich intellectual and academic history? Do you know anything about University of Warsaw?

Yes to the former.

>Also supposedly our galaxy had a near hit with another within the last few hundred million years (which is quite recent) in addition to the future Andromeda collision. Supposedly.

It's a bit melodramatic to talk about a "collision" since in all likelyhood no stars or planets will hit each other.
No. 15743
What else do you want to call it then? Besides which it should clearly be causing massive amounts of collisions at least from altering the paths of so many bodies, and then permanently altering their orbital patterns and arrangement within the galaxy.
No. 16460
55 kB, 682 × 1024
Space X Starship Hopper test rocket is ready for testings :3
No. 16466
2,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:12
2,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
I found this short clip of someone driving by the rocket. Very surreal.

China released video footage of their moon landing.
>The black-and-white footage begins with a nice view of the battered lunar landscape set against the blackness of space. About 1 minute in, the camera pivots downward. Dozens of small craters on Von Kármán's floor come into sharper view as the spacecraft makes its way toward the surface.

No. 16491

>Very surreal.

Indeed. At first I thought the pic I posted is cgi, and only after I read the corresponding article I realized it's a photography.
No. 16710
489 kB, 289 × 180, 0:07
It isn't really science but I didn't know a better thread to put this in.
I woke up unusually early today and was still dozy when going to the bathroom. On my way back to bed I thought for a moment if I should switch the lights in the bathroom and corridor off like I commonly do, or just leave them on to not stress the lightbulbs. I don't know why it suddenly occured to me then, but I was somehow reminded of the fact that lightbulbs last longer if you don't switch them on and off constantly. The ceiling in the corridor is quite high and I always have to use a ladder to change the bulbs, so that is quite a hassle. On average, how expensive might it be to just leave the lights on through all the cold also dark days of this time of year? Does the energy used for them make much of a significance? How much in terms of money might it be, if you compare it to how much you might prolongue the life of the bulbs by it? I am not even sure how much my bulbs are exactly, because I bought them in bulk quite some time ago. So let's just go with another average here. Maybe three Euro? Not even taking into account that it should save me from the hassle of having to change them at least one time throughout the year.
No. 16711
I have no idea because it would depend on the kind of bulb and your local utility rates. An incandescent bulb it might save you money if you had super low electric rates but realistically it would probably be more for convenience of not getting a step ladder.
No. 16714
>depend on the kind of bulb

This. Time to switch to LED, Ernst.
No. 16716
I think lighting is actually most important for managing mood and circadian rhythm, so I'd say energy/costs should be of secondary concern (also doubt they consume that much, but that's just a hunch)
Also this: >>16714, their lifetime is super long and apparently not affecetd by being turned on and off. Might even get a smart bulb if you care about some nice color hues or using it in combination with an alarm.
No. 16721
61 kB, 400 × 400
LED it should be then. Next time I get on the ladder I'll be switching into the future!
No. 16730
LED would be more convenient but most of it looks like absolute dog shit. I dunno I'm super sensitive about the lighting which is why at this point my main sources of non-natural light are full spectrum fluorescent bulbs in a couple fish tanks. I fucking hate those strip bulbs but the way it filters through the water and vegetation in a dimly lit interior works.

It has occurred to me in the past that probably the most infuriating thing about being on a different world would be the lighting. Settling a colony where the star is completely different to our own would drive me fucking crazy seeing the lighting perpetually looking all wrong. I also hate the angles of 7am sunlight quite possibly the most. Setting sun at just the right angle looks best, or moonlight. Dense urban areas with their constant orange haze obscuring the stars reminds me of a combination between being trapped in an artificial Sims game and Hell. So basically, the demiurge and hell. NYC sky at night is one of the most eerie and hellish things imaginable. I think a place like North Dakota or Nebraska would look nice. And Russian skies just look all weird and fucked up almost all the time. They somehow actually manage to look worse with sunlight than a constant dim grey.
No. 16734
>Does the energy used for them make much of a significance?
Lightbulbs are used for heating aquariums, plants and everything small which needs heat. Also it has cosy light color.
If you put 200 W lamp in your bathroom, it could make you nice heating.
No. 17302
1,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:06
German scientists say: drink your beer cool. And save your beer cool. And drink your beer sooner.
No. 17307
I'm working in a clean room with yellow light. Pretty sure you would die.
No. 17331
12 kB, 236 × 354
>I also hate the angles of 7am sunlight quite possibly the most.
lol this is peak autism. you would be in rage mode all the time in regions such as kiruna, sweden (latitude >65°).
No. 17404
So apparently some scientists now believe a strain of bacteria that causes gum disease is implicated in Alzheimer's
Frankly the number of human ailments caused by bacteria and viruses is pretty shocking and a bit frightening to think about.
No. 17406
>pretty shocking and a bit frightening to think about.
Why? There are far too many humans as it is. If you made it past childhood such things usually do not become a problem until you are around the age to die anyway. Most bacteria are not really a problem and the fear of them by some is pretty much plain paranoia.
No. 17410
>and the fear of them by some is pretty much plain paranoia.
They killed more of our species over history than pretty much any other cause. Whole empires have been liquidated by them. It is a completely legitimate and reasonable fear especially since a lot of strains are becoming resistant to antibiotics and see countryball, we are now having third world tier outbreaks of diseases here partly due to antivaxxers. Plus it isn't like a variety of bad infections aren't capable of causing cognitive impairment and organ damage. Like in my country for example Lyme is a thing. So is rabies but luckily we somehow don't usually die from that, idk why so few of us get infected.
No. 18138
2,0 MB, 245 × 245, 0:04
887 kB, 1212 × 673
China has become the first country to grow life on the moon
While they have already died this is an important step.

On a related note, while I know they aren't truly "Communist" anymore why is it that Communist countries are so good at the space race? NASA fell massively behind the Russians which was why Kennedy and the country decided putting a man on the moon was so important, but after playing golf in the moon for no other reason than to show off to the Russians our Capitalist country seemingly just gave up on going to space.
No. 18147
It's not that "communism" is particularly good at space exploration, but capitalism is exceptionally bad at anything that does not return immediate or short-term profit.
Hence why our politicians have become mere regulation officials for rules made up by NGOs rather than people who actually steer the ship based on a vision.
No. 18190

Recent lecture from January, 15 about first exoplanetary discoveries of TESS program
No. 18192
It could really be because China has an tremendously strong sense for Ideology on any social level.
I know a few Chinese living abroad in Germany and in a lot of cases they support the actions of their government especially when it comes to things like censorship. They do that because of family values and individual ethics.

Should be easy to convince such a society to "do big things". Sure MEMEME doesnt give a fuck about Space. But WE do.
No. 18305
44 kB, 1430 × 645
Photo of backside of the moon together with Earth from Chienese Longjiang-2
No. 18309
Looks like an upscaled sprite. Proof that both earth and moon are not only flat, but indeed 2D?
No. 18311 Kontra
552 kB, 996 × 651
Yes, sky is indeed 2d skybox
No. 18348
That is clearly a pic of the earth orbiting the sun at night.

In another topic apparently there was something like the great deluge, only it wasn't really a global extinction event flood so much as just a bit of rain for 2 million years

I still feel like this is quite bydlo for PBS. Or for children. Which makes me question, how much more violently severe do you think our storms will be through the rest of our lifetimes?
No. 18350
That clearly is the Death Star approaching Alderaan.
No. 18355
41 kB, 495 × 660
I love that they predicted 9/11 with no trade center in dude sex. It getting blown up wasn't a conspiracy theory yet it got in the game. Story writer must've been a pretty cool dude.
No. 18356
Trade center was cut because it not fit properly on skybox.
No. 18371
221 kB, 1920 × 816
No. 18603
A short video about ecranoplanes. It is very short and basic video, it's lacks any depaths and not tell full story, for example there absoluetly no words about researching and thoretical ideas about this effect during World War 2 by some british, soviet and USA ingeneers, not much about Rostislav Alexeyev work on actual fast "wing-ships", which actually very closely connected to his Ecranoplane ideas, but this is only to some degree compitent video about this topic on english.
Shame, since this is very interesting topic, and this technology is one of the least researched currently in threms of it's potential for fast and big and cheap transporttion, while it have so many potential.
No. 18615
2,1 MB, 5 pages
426 kB, 1168 × 876
>this technology is one of the least researched currently in threms of it's potential for fast and big and cheap transporttion
It does seem that the idea of ground effect vehicles was almost abandoned. From what I've read, these aircraft place a lot of demands on the pilot. When you go that fast so close to the ground there isn't a lot of time to react to avoid collisions. Maybe designers just had to wait for better computerised aircraft technology to make them safer, and now we're going to start seeing more of them.
Attached Pdf is an article on "wingships" from Popular Mechanics in 1992.
No. 18617
This technology have problems because it is complealty new type of transport, and of cource it reure trillions of founds. USSR spend on this trillions to build this two massive prototypes and smaller ones, and to make technology compite with already developed ones like planes and trains it will requre even more money and time and reserach. But who will spend so many money on something that can push already dence market of mass transportation? Clearly not russia who can't build wooden wagon nowdays for shure.

Ecranoplanes not had that much problems with pilots when it was run by people who was in development program, but when was placed inexperienced pilots who has zero time with ecranoplanes but regular jet plane pilots - of cource they don't know how to pilot it properly.

And to develop ones that can ignore huge waves for example it will again will requre hundreds of tests to research new forms, new engine position and things like this. I find interesting some of this almost garage-made prototypes which experemented with "amphibian" types of things that can run well on water surface as much as on ecrane-effect. Ideally in my mind will be mix between ecranoplane that can transform into "winged ship", but I'am not an ingeneer and has no money to make my ideas real.

I wonder why none of this overhyped ingeneer-milliorders like Cough-Cough Elon Musk not turned their eyes on it. Well, if anybody interested there is nice already old documentary on russian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AoD5_3QiLrg
No. 18618
260 kB, 1000 × 1384
Forgot the pic
No. 18620
Wierd there only some 10 minutes translation from this or similar documentary from this channel.
It also not metions, I read somewhere, that Alexeyev's cut of program was not only because Breznev change of doctrine, but also his personal relationship problems with breznev.
No. 18626
72 kB, 584 × 350
513 kB, 680 × 762
No. 18628 Kontra
365 kB, 800 × 1600
No. 18643
41 kB, 660 × 519
I hope when mankind achived more advanced robots or humans flight to mars, we can find all this rovers humans send.
For example this cute little guy that landed, but because problems with signal was lost, he still somewhere on mars since 70s Probably under layers of dust and sand, but still
No. 18644
34 kB, 257 × 400

Video about Buran by same dude. Well, same time short explanation video. And already not most recent: РД-180 engine not "best-best", very recently SpaceX tested their slightly more cool engine, I think you heared the news. If you know russian you probably easy find more big articles on topic, or documentaries about fun facts about Buran.
Shame that USA abadoned idea of adopting Buran as replacement to shuttle (one of main reaso I supose is because current NASA budget very far behind one in times of cold war and not pootine rushka, not modern NASA or SpaceX can even remotly afford to build new Buran even if you don't need do any new technical research since this thing already developed and done) - I'am big fan of this project and Bran overall and I'am very sad that all this work and all this plans, same as with Ecranoplanes is wasted. Well exept РД-170/180 engines that USA and Russia used heavely but still.
No. 18657
6,5 MB, 5000 × 2813
384 kB, 2048 × 1152
>But who will spend so many money on something that can push already dence market of mass transportation?
The fuel efficiency potential of the ground effect vehicle is bound to draw investment dollars from somebody eventually. Iran already has a fleet of smaller ekranoplans for water patrols, and there is potantial for them to be used in the arctic and over deserts as well.
>Shame that USA abadoned idea of adopting Buran as replacement to shuttle
With commercial heavy lift rockets now able to handle cargo, I suppose we just don't need large winged-shuttles to do that anymore. As far as moving astronauts, NASA's current plans use things like Space X's Dragon 2 , the Orion, and Starliner. All of those look like throwbacks to the 1960's with simple pod/capsule frames-and of course they are all designed and built by private companies (so the move away from bigger things is definitely budget related). This shift to a puplic/private partnership for space exploration was part of NASA's long term plans when retiring the shuttle iirc. They wanted to save money by not maintaing their own fleet, as well as spur commercial investment by guarenteeing private companies a series of government contracts.
No. 18676
63 kB, 731 × 422
30 kB, 600 × 348
1,1 MB, 1995 × 3000
91 kB, 1200 × 850
>I suppose we just don't need large winged-shuttles to do that anymore.

Actual Shuttle idea was abadoned even before shuttles was made lol - it was planned to build massive space stations and shuttles who will need to fly 60 time per years should be kind of cargo things for this space station. But well, without super-space stations, changes and simplifications to shuttle construction it ended just same as regular rockets almost, just slightly more reusable but far more expensive.

Funny that with initial promisies of 60 launcher per year, this one of mine reasons why soviet defence trought this is military ship to steal sattlites, intercept nuclear missles and launch things into space like lasers and nukes, so this why all Buran program was even started.

Funny that blocks of never builded Energia-2 was meant to be re-usable, which after launch will land by retractable wings and land like planes.

>All of those look like throwbacks to the 1960's with simple pod/capsule frames-and of course they are all designed and built by private companies
Well, NASA by itself building it's own SLS rocket, and Orion by Lokhed-Martin I'd not name it that super privat, since Lokhed-Martin for more than half of centuary one of the if not just the main developer and builder of many space and military shit for US army, most famously jet planes of cource.
But well, yeah, SLS whe much more advanced technicaly look and by concept is "eeh it's kind of same Saturn V, maybe we changed some shit but yeah meet rocket from 1960s in 2020" which looks much less impersive that Shuttle, Buran, not talk about cancceled continuations of both Shuttle and Buran programs which looked more like actual space ships from science fiction.

So well, first start of SLS with some robot sattlites will be in mid 2020, first actual flights with people only somewhere in 2023... with such speed of progress we well se comeback of Buran or similar things somewhere in 2080s only lol
No. 18683
>Funny that with initial promisies of 60 launcher per year, this one of mine reasons why soviet defence trought this is military ship to steal sattlites, intercept nuclear missles and launch things into space like lasers and nukes, so this why all Buran program was even started.
Funny thing is it actually was on some level and this was an open secret that both sides did it throughout the Cold War and what you described is fairly typical. Like a civilian rocket for "space exploration" is also a pretty good way to test potentially nuclear tipped ICBMs. It is part of why the US was so suspicious of Iran for example claiming they were testing space rockets and trying to have a space program, because it's exactly the kind of shit we pulled.

Governments don't piss away that kind of money for shits and giggles at a time of competition. In many such cases it actually was just civilian stuff, and in many of those cases it really was just because of peaceful purposes for national prestige, but a significant part was also openly testing military applications. The SDI aka "star wars program" likely grew out of such things.

But of course like I said, this is USA and Russia so even if it was entirely peaceful the ultimate aim is still basically to shake our dicks at each other. The funniest thing to me is CIA was even behind the abomination of modern art, because they felt people like Jackson Pollock were great exemplars of American freedoms and creativity versus the brutalism and Soviet realism of general commie aesthetics.
No. 18688
>The funniest thing to me is CIA was even behind the abomination of modern art, because they felt people like Jackson Pollock were great exemplars of American freedoms and creativity versus the brutalism and Soviet realism of general commie aesthetics.
Yeah, soviet officials was very upset from many modern and abstract art, since it was opposite to ideology: it was absoluetly pointless, looked like nothing and picture that was done in 20 second by splitting some paint on wall can cost 1 million dollars just because someone wanted to buy it. There was even jokes in soviet comedies about antagonism for Abstractionism and Imperssionism art https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKAVh3Lbaac you will not understand it but still

>In many such cases it actually was just civilian stuff, and in many of those cases it really was just because of peaceful purposes for national prestige, but a significant part was also openly testing military applications.
Well yeah, it's not hard to guess this since after end of cold war budget for space programs was cut dramaticly and immideatly.
No. 18698
78 kB, 500 × 500
I would buy the uragan rocket . must be ze stronkest rocket . rate my Fleesentisch
No. 18700
20 kB, 467 × 453
Why would you call your ceramic table fleesen? Are you even a German?
No. 18704
I just discovered something interesting
Idk if it's truly scientific or not but supposedly you can have a more attractive facial structure by putting pressure on the upper maxila in order to force bone structure changes. This would be a reason to not breathe through your mouth as a child too.
No. 18707
The orthodontist Dr. Mike Mew has had a channel about this for some time now.


He recently got his licence to practice orthodontics in the UK revoked though.
No. 18825
71 kB, 906 × 323
50 kB, 872 × 187

Original article: https://blog.openai.com/better-language-models/

Some fun text examples: http://antinegationism.tumblr.com/post/182820027081/antinegationism-twocubes-the-odd-thing-is

I read it this morning while I was still groggy but seems rather impressive in comparison to what I've read so far in terms of auto-generated text. Kind of spooky but I also feel motivated to pick up coding again to try to play around with it.
No. 18826
I wonder if an AI can create a text that has literacy qualities. The examples show that we are at least very far away.
No. 18831
It sounds pretty incoherent and retarded, though it makes me wonder whether some complete morons I've encountered online were not sincerely mentally ill/retarded/high on heroin/drunk but simply bots. This is actually one of the many reasons I try and force people to engage in long discussions. Anything where the postal consists of
>meme image
>(buzzword) (ad hominem) (buzzword)
Is plausibly a bot if not even dumber and more useless talking to than one. I am pretty sure 4krebs for example especially poltards are so astroturfed to fuck and back that the majority of them aren't even human. The great irony, of course, is they accuse others of this very thing when fact of the matter is your average poltard is indistinguishable from a bot. This has been a problem on imageboards and I don't look forward to corporations and political groups even further polluting the internet, although it makes sense since the one serious edge we the people have had is numbers. If you can just drown them out with bots...

Although again, it is way harder to do convincingly as you can see by using long prose. This is one of the reasons I never had a Twitter account and never will, because TPTB love that site specifically because it is easier to manipulate public opinion with bots, like USAF was doing. Making convincing and detailed FB groups or long discussions is harder to do. When the actual parameters are narrowed to such an extent then of course passing the Turing test has a much lower bar and frankly those two sample texts just make the poster aka bot look brain damaged.
No. 18857
148 kB, 653 × 673
I mean it's really at a point where it can at least be used to imitate some types of literature which rely on free association/automatic writing. If the model is trained on the proper texts I think it could easily spew out something akin to Rimbaud's poems or Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition. Though it's obviously far from writing a classic novel or anything with a really coherent narrative.

Pic related has something poetic IMO
No. 18858
Depends on how it processes literary text, structure ok, but choice of words, aesthetics? can an AI have a feel for aesthetics. I don't doubt it can create something that has a distinct aesthetic, these hallucinogenic pictures from google AI e.g.

Literature can have an underlying formula but that does not decide the literary qualities of a text really
No. 18859 Kontra
Thinking of it, it will be interesting what literature as a subject makes out of the category of meaning when confronted with AI "art" products.
No. 18861 Kontra
Well, unless we are talking about true artificial intelligence, then I'd say it'll be dismissed, plainly because it lacks humanity and therefore "depth". It'll be used to generate pulp fiction and other entertainment.
Now, if true artificial intelligence ever comes, then it'll be AIs writing and AIs critiquing the writings of AIs and we might as well be dear for all we know.
No. 18873
77 kB, 1280 × 1280
Recent HD photo of the moon

And preparations for testing of SLS Liquid Hydrogen Tank https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jX5AHg_cGU
No. 18881
Great picture. It looks a bit artificial though. Also I am puzzled by why there are stars to be seen in the background. I fail to understand when they are visible and when not.
No. 18886 Kontra
Is anyone else seeing the Man in the Moon crying out for help/expressing pain or loss? Or is it just me and my fucked up psych?
No. 19146
32 kB, 720 × 440
52 kB, 1500 × 1000
52 kB, 744 × 419
421 kB, 2048 × 1024
So it was coming, but almost same time many mobile phone manufacturers presented or prepearing to present thier "bending" smartphones. This things will cost a lot money - around 2000$ and have for mine opinion very questionable desighn, egonomics and usablity. Many people have questions about reliability and weight.
Funny that it is similar with case of videocards, when Nvidia, which have almost monopoly on market presented new videocards on giant prices and with very questionable advantages - like their new technologies of rendering ended just be silly upscale comined with some little things that work properly only in some little areas.
I think we are going to slow down of "information technologies", at least current generation and silicon transistors overall
No. 19152
Problem is it is neat shit but useless overpriced shit. It used to be people invented things to be useful or deal with a problem, not invent something and try to cobble together some fake problem reason for them to buy more shit they don't need.

I mean I personally would rather the clear monitors. I'm actually a bit temporally confused by that one. I thought we already supposed to have windows that work as monitors. I swear I remember this, where you can basically just roll down a TV screen that's clear glass and turn it on and have TV, or sometimes vaguely work as mirror but it just looks like a regular piece of glass. But folding screen? Pff you will still just break the stupid thing, and although more compact is sometimes nice what really will be nice are the new touch interfaces they're developing using radar.
No. 19157
I can't believe it took them almost 20 years to come up with them. It probably will be another 5-10 years until they are available for a normal price.
No. 19161
Just think how long it took to make proper touchscreens with actually something to touch.
No. 19183
14 kB, 480 × 360
We have the technology since 2006, but it just became affordable. Also 2006 (=First blue OLED ever). Not 20 years. The first blue LED was btw just invented in the early 90s. You are underestimating quite a challenging problem here I guess. A foldable smartphone is a great, albeit not necessary, achievement.
No. 19186
>very questionable desighn, egonomics
Modern smartphones are too big. If they can be folded to make twice less space in a pocket - why not, it sounds great.
No. 19189
I agree. But I feel like it's a waste of technology. Would love to see it being applied in different fields of the daily live.

t. le LED Nerd
No. 19208
23 kB, 640 × 256
30 kB, 1000 × 442
There is prototype of tv that roll into small box

Well it currently cost a lot, I may guess it will tend to broke place where it fold in half and it's heavy. Why modern phones need so big screens anyway? It's like all people will play complex turn based strategies on their iPhones.
No. 19209
watching things mainly. Also, typing. I remember typing on a touch pad phone man that was a pain int he ass,
No. 19210
Well something like mine galaxy s4 is maybe a little bit too small yeah but my friend's A7 or something is way more than enough.
Also it is sad that modern phones can easely run YOBA-games from even 2007 but 99% of games on android is crap or unplayable with touchscreen controls
No. 19211
One of the only actual good ones was Shadowrun and they took it off for some reason. Also there was a not very good Dead Space game on there, and they also took it off. Although, I found there is some pretty interesting titles on pocket NSAs now like Planescape Torment and even Knights of the Old Republic.
No. 19214
I know about this fan and official portes from concoles/pc but many of them or changed or unplayable. For example Max Payn have too much of auto-aim it makes game pointless. GTA games ports - controls espessialy on transport - I can't hold this. I played trought quake 2 but on easy and it was meh experience, doom 3 and RTCW I not managed to play with this controls and I fear to try what in star wars jedi academy and jedi outcast - I bet lightsaber battles are impossible on touch screen.I played a little bit half-life blue shift... until part where you really need to jump.

I want try scummVM on android as soon as it will have full support of MM World of Xeen. Great engine - allowing to play hell lot of lucas arts and sierra adventure games and a dosen of other classic 2d games. I have retroarch where I play some sega and nes games but well I not great fan of console action games. Maybe only sonic 1-3 games - android ports are awesome and I spend some time on them and it was okay on touch screen.

I more talk about if android itself get actual proper games. Even for java phones we had Doom 1-2 RPG and wolfensten RPG. Things like TES Shadowkey - and now "official" mobile games like fallout shelter ot tes blades are mobile clicking-donating crap.
Also I think games that support full mouse controls or can be controlled only with mouse will work nice on touchscreens - games like warcraft 2 for example.
But well better continue this in videogame thread.
No. 19215
Yeah but honestly though, why would you even bother with such things? I'd rather just play them on PC and I doubt you're going to be anywhere where it's more unbearable to not dick around on phone than to suffer trying to play such games especially longer more involved ones or atmospheric etc.
No. 19219
94 kB, 768 × 1024
Quite related to the latest posts:

Also there are rumors that samsung will present a "window-TV" this year. It could make a great 3D-Movie experience for home users.
No. 19231
Well, I metioned it mostly because continuation of my thought of pointless of current smartphones. They now as powerfull os 10 years old PC, yet they used only for very limited and pointless things. Exept socieal networks and videos, I think smartphones don't need anything. Basicly each man now have super-powerfull PC in his pocked but he not used it even at 1% of what he can do with it. I not even metion something really usefull, but even videogames used on spartphones to very limited degree. honestely not going too far from times of old mobile phones.
And also I have situations when I'd like to play video games on something more compact than laptop. But I don't want to play primitive mobile clickers, of cource. A lot of action games it hard to port, but turn-based games awesome for smartphones in mine opinion.
No. 19290
Robert Plomin, the eminent American/British behavior geneticist, is interviewed about his new book on The Insight podcast.


I don't disagree with his positions on many things, but he does have sort of an irritating conversational style.
No. 20994
57 kB, 735 × 1102
135 kB, 1136 × 1136
1,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:07
>With a deafening roar that rattled windows, SpaceX — the rocket company founded by Elon Musk — fired up its new Mars rocket ship prototype for the first time on Wednesday
>The Starhopper prototype gave a full-throated yet brief one-second roar of its sole Raptor engine
>A camera on South Padre Island, which is located about 5 1/2 miles from SpaceX's launch site, recorded the first fiery "hop" test through the haze


Prior to this story, I hadn't thought much about the location SpaceX had chosen for it's lauch site. Boca Chica Village is a small town near Brownsville, TX with only a few permanent residents, but they expect a flood of tourists once the launches ramp up.


While the bulk of this article is a local man complaining, it does contain this interesting bit:

>An estimated 100,000 college students came to nearby South Padre Island for spring break this year. That’s the same number of people that poured into Brevard County, Florida, for SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch back in February.

A handfull of locals want their cozy small town, while officials are giddy over the potential tourist swarms. I wonder what it was like for long-time residents as Florida's Space Coast was being developed.
Also, Elon Musk said this:

“But mostly [launches are] gonna happen at our Brownsville location because we have a lot of land with nobody around. So if it blows up, it’s cool,”

Which caused SpaceX to do a bit of damage control.
No. 21006
5,0 MB, 852 × 476, 0:21
What do you guys think of this?
The idea of a coming war with artificial intelligence? Personally, I think that people put WAAAY too much stock in AI but whatever.
No. 21009
From my dilettante point of view: 1) strong AIs are both too difficult to create and utterly pointless; 2) the probability of a weak AI gaining self-awareness is way too low if not outright impossible; 3) should the AIs become widespread, we will become so closely integrated with them that it will be impossible to tell where the "natural" ends and where the "artificial" begins; 4) AIs can't do shit unless fully functional universal assembler exists, and I really doubt that it will be created in the foreseeable future.

The dude is actually working in this sphere, so he probably knows much more than I do, but I thinks he's too optimistic about the AI research.
No. 21011
>2) the probability of a weak AI gaining self-awareness is way too low if not outright impossible;

No self-awareness is needed to do anything. I see this mistake over and over again. We don't need to develop AIs that are self-aware or conscious, literally everything any human has ever done, can be done without a self.
No. 21014
Yes, that what I was saying in 1.
No. 21231

Ian did cool videos about AVS-36 - one of the first sem-automatic/full automatic rifles ever adopted by military in big quantities. He also provide video with shooting, which is qite rare because this kind of rifle is more like musem exhibit.
No. 21556
90 kB, 1200 × 900
474 kB, 920 × 613
319 kB, 1124 × 986
262 kB, 1200 × 900
As was predicted, this "bending" smaptphones work only a couple od fays, maybe hours before their screens broke.
No. 21557
God bless I am too poor to throw away 2000 dollars just because :DDDDDDD:
No. 21558
Sad. I felt a bit of a hype for this thing, when I saw a YTP parodying the unveiling.
It looked cool, and evoked the feeling of a flip phone.
No. 21559
i wouldn't be surprised when in 3 years or so apple releases a foldable iphone that actually works and charges over 9000 $ for the entry model.
No. 21571
Soviet scientist try reviving organs and organisms in the 40s.
No. 21586
I thought that this was a hoax?
No. 21594
If it where they attach head to the dog - it is not.
No. 21625 Kontra

Human race is a mistake.
No. 21927
Animals more savange than humans, because they most times not even have ability to think about such actions. I seen not long ago a street can who eaten direty remants of other cat. This at least interesting science experiments that resulted in many scientific works. This things is what help you and other people to have decent medecine which help save lives.
No. 21930
16 kB, 615 × 467
This is not normal anywhere outside of Russia, Russia
No. 21931
Posting supershort posts with bad paint pictures is not normal for shure.
Tbh there was many projecys based on this experience recently to transplant head of person who has not working body, wonder when it will hapoen. It's sucks to be paralysed.
No. 23134

Quite interesting concept for plane. Hovever I wonder if it will be safe and if it will have constant presshure thought construction - I suspect metal fatigue in some parts of hull may come much faster than on regular plane
No. 23904
179 kB, 800 × 578
Closest hard science to history? It doesn’t even have to relate to it, I’m just looking for a true science that can be studied as if it were history.
No. 23905
I find the history of organisms interesting, unless you're looking for a subject with a human element. I think it's fascinating how we've charted the development of complex life over hundreds of millions of years and the different biosphere periods. It's somehow epic, following a chronology to which we're just the blink of an eye.
No. 23908
You know that is quite epic and basedpilled, what exactly is this branch of science called?
No. 23909
Oh right, natural history, gonna look into it
No. 23910
That depends. Some aspects of history are quite 'hard'. It also depends on how you categorise things. If someone studied the historical geological processes of a region, are a geologist or a historian? Some works of the Annales do exactly that, go down to the scientific understanding of the formation of a place to understand why things happened as they did.

Some branches of Archaeology are also close to a science. Especially on the lab end where you are studying pretty unambiguous things like soil makeup, stratification etc. and those also cross over into History pretty often.
No. 23925
25 kB, 474 × 296
I know you're onmy pretending, but still
No. 23928
You might enjoy this, it's not one of Attenborough's most popular documentaries but I think it's the most interesting. It charts how the very first multicellular life evolved, starting from basic fractal growths that had no mouths, muscles or sensory organs and simply filtered food from their surroundings. It also covers the evolutionary importance of the angus :DD

No. 23998
20 kB, 121 × 121
Behold, computational power at its finest.
No. 23999
So, you've discovered conways GoL. Congratulations, I guess.
No. 24001
Yeah, it’s based.
No. 24006 Kontra
Do you retards really talk like that without any irony?
No. 24007
My life is such an ironic, grotesque caricature of the typical American memes espoused by channers that I have embraced the memes and have become one with it.

So, to answer your question, sort of.
No. 24008
Just take off your shoes inside the home.
No. 24010
211 kB, 650 × 762
I'm just saying you don't have to talk like a retard and doing so will only attract other retards who start considering it acceptable.

As for grotesque displays of meme like caricatures being in Texas
>The Times Record News reports that the unidentified woman visited Walmart on Tuesday night and grabbed a cake from the store's bakery.

>Walking the aisles, she ate half of the cake before heading to the register, police told the newspaper.

>When asked about the missing half, the woman said that's how she found the cake and refused to pay full price for it, the Times Record News reported.

>Police got to the store about 8 p.m., told the woman to pay for the whole cake and barred her from the store, the newspaper says. She was not arrested or cited.

>This isn't the first time a Walmart in Wichita Falls had to ban someone for misbehaving on store property.

>In January a woman was busted for riding through the parking lot on an electric scooter, drinking wine from Pringles can.
No. 24126
The C3S has reported the data for last month: It was the hottest June ever recorded in Europe (and apparently also globally):


>The map of temperature anomalies shown above, based on the latest C3S data, highlights just how unseasonably warm the end of the month was. Compared to the average for the same five days during 1981-2010 (the standard 30-year climatological reference period), temperatures of 6-10°C above normal occurred over most of France and Germany, northern Spain, northern Italy, Switzerland, Austria, and the Czech Republic.
No. 28070
9,8 MB, 640 × 272, 2:42
I want to have a celebration of S-P-A-C-E
Should I make a new thread? I can't remember if there's a thread dedicated to space in the

wait I bet there is

shit this one is pretty close to systemkontra though
No. 28183
39 kB, 400 × 379
20 kB, 299 × 435
Ian from forgotten weapons did a big series of interviews and talks with Maxim Popenker, one of the biggest guys from small-arms community in russia, owner of a very old but still active weapons website that have info on weapons and older than wikipedia, and yep same dude who helped with development of STALKER games. I hear mixed opinions about this dude in russian web however, but this videos are quite nice and in very fried and ultra-short format answering many questions which simply unavilable in english-laungeage sources.

https://youtu.be/uTJO14uiQWM - Developmental History of the AK with Max Popenker
https://youtu.be/eDhEOQPaDu0 - History of the SVD Dragunov with Max Popenker
https://youtu.be/FT_NrljbCt8 - History of the PK, PKM, and Pecheneg w/ Max Popenker
https://youtu.be/JlY7P5QW-mo - Q&A 31: Russian and Soviet Arms w/ Max Popenker
https://youtu.be/vkprsBoImRg - AS Val, VSS Vintorez, OTs-14 Groza, and more: 9x39mm with Max Popenker
No. 28193
What are the Russian sources like for small arms? I know that in aircraft technology the sources that exist even for very old airframes are often not that good in either language because of how secretive Russia is on the subject of weapons technology (40+ year old obsolete export models still get classified as state secrets). If anything, NATO sources based on tests of captured aircraft tend to be slightly better than publicly available Soviet sources because that shit gets declassified on the wect while it just sits in a vault forever on the east.
No. 28235
281 kB, 1200 × 1593
127 kB, 1200 × 1557
180 kB, 1200 × 1529
It is really a problem that current regime still hide most of secret documents. Other documents that get published only recently was properly sorted by historians. As was in one of this videos said, even recently published books on some interesting thematics - like about history of mosin rifles by Chumak exists only on russian and there as I know no any plans to translate them onto other languages.

If you interested, long time ago but in same thread I did a couple of posts after reading some sets of interesting articles:

No. 28892

Multi-messenger astrophysics, a long-anticipated extension to traditional multiwavelength astronomy, has emerged over the past decade as a distinct discipline providing unique and valuable insights into the properties and processes of the physical Universe. These insights arise from the inherently complementary information carried by photons, gravitational waves, neutrinos and cosmic rays about individual cosmic sources and source populations. This complementarity is the reason why multi-messenger astrophysics is much more than just the sum of the parts. In this Review article, we survey the current status of multi-messenger astrophysics, highlighting some exciting results, and discussing the major follow-up questions they have raised. Key recent achievements include the measurement of the spectrum of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays out to the highest observable energies; the discovery of the diffuse high-energy neutrino background; the first direct detections of gravitational waves and the use of gravitational waves to characterize merging black holes and neutron stars in strong-field gravity; and the identification of the first joint electromagnetic plus gravitational wave and electromagnetic plus high-energy neutrino multi-messenger sources. We discuss the rationales for the next generation of multi-messenger observatories, and outline a vision of the most likely future directions for this exciting and rapidly growing field.
No. 30004
This seems to me like a sort of standard thing any intelligent race in the galaxy would think to do.
No. 30906
132 kB, 1536 × 865
122 kB, 1276 × 632
Next gen electric motor for mobility applications with higher efficiency and without need for copper and rare earths might revolutionize vehicle engineering in near future.

The low voltage design replaces copper coils with programmable aluminium rods. (Productions of copper coils amounts to about 40% of the cost of electric motors).

Every single aluminium rod can be activated or deactivated by a dedicated controler. That way the amount of electric poles becomes adjustable, so that one and
the same motor can produce various amounts of torque/rotation speed ratios. The motor can auto-adjust itself in a hundredth of a second to the needed type of acceleration
(startup, uphill, high speed etc.), without the driver even noticing it, so it practically
always runs at highest possible efficiency.

The start-up company Voltabo from Munich, working on this technology for several years, promises potentially 30% range increase, and has made a prototype motor that generates 110kw
from a motor size of only 33cm length. This means that the drive unit can be easily installed on the axis, and be used for a broad range of applications (car, motorcycle, boats etc.)


No. 31682
54 kB, 800 × 600
I need a satisfying answer on why permanent magnets keep their magnetism for so long.

I can merge two magnets (a process creating force out of potential energy, I guess, a little bit like gravity perhaps) and take them apart again, which needs a lot of energy input.
If I have never seen a magnet, I would say that for making a magnet you have to put a force into the metal proportional to the energy input required to get the magnets detached X times.
It doesn't seem to be like this. Why?
No. 31880
Permanent magnets keep their magnetism because their electron spins are directed to one side (either left or right), by applying high level magnetic force to a ferromagnetic metal. This is usually
done by pulverising the ferromagnetic metal to a few microns size grain powder, filling the powder into a form, applying the magnetic force and then compacting the powder by pressure.

Electron spin is actually a micro current of electricity and that's why a material that is made from electons all spinninginto one direction execute a permanent magnetic force.
No. 31896
The problem presented by the German is that the force seems to, effectively, exert an amount of energy disproportionate to the amount that went into making it.

I would assume that it's simply a case of mistaken impressions. It probably requires a very large amount of energy to create a magnet via the process that you describe, an amount of energy proportionate to the ability to defy gravity and stay stuck to the side of a refrigerator for a decade or more.
No. 31911
>I would assume that it's simply a case of mistaken impressions.

Agreed. The relevant factor here seems to be the losses due to the chosen prdocuction methods. The lost energy is probably (much) higher than the energy that is eventually stored into the magnet itself.

For answering the question how much energy a magnet can actually store I found this link:

No. 31935
55 kB, 678 × 720
Thank you! At least a quantitative response.
Thank you too, but this I know. Interesting for others perhaps.

I'm down to questions like "Where the hell comes electrons energy from in the first place?" so I have to conclude, that my questions are way too broad.
No. 35095
1,1 MB, 2250 × 3000
1,2 MB, 2250 × 3000
939 kB, 2258 × 3000
1,4 MB, 3000 × 2263
As part of a Space Flight Awareness program, NASA produced ISS mission posters featuring the astronaut crew. To make these more fun, they began to stage the images to imitate popular movies.
Enjoy the lighter side of NASA:

No. 35100 Kontra
1,1 MB, 3000 × 2258
147 kB, 753 × 1000
Forgot to include context for the NASA program:

>the posters serve both an external and internal purpose. They advertise the expeditions to the public and are hung within NASA facilities and the offices of other US government organizations. And the charming kitschiness of the posters give the ISS crews, who train together before living in close proximity, a chance to participate in something fun and goofy when they work with the graphic designers at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.


No. 35179
NASA also released a neat little barebones sim game on Steam
It's pretty sad honestly that they have to resort to this. It's making me unironically miss the Soviets.
No. 37382
381 kB, 711 × 549
1,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:05
The first images from the world's largest solar telescope. In addition to taking these great pictures, scientists will gather data to better understand space weather. Also, the telescope's mirror gets really hot.

>In this movie, taken at a wavelength of 705nm over a period of 10 minutes, we can see features as small as 30km (18 miles) in size for the first time ever. The movie shows the turbulent, “boiling” gas that covers the entire sun. The cell-like structures – each about the size of Texas – are the signature of violent motions that transport heat from the inside of the sun to its surface.


I ended up watching some guy do a playthrough of this, where he had to find all of the hidden astronauts.

Project Eagle: Cataract Simulator 2019
No. 37760 Kontra
36 kB, 407 × 245
Meanwhile in the alt-earth where USSR won the Cold War Проект Медъед is made by a software engineer in his spare time who sells the rights to the Космическая программа who sell them to a consumerist video game corporation in the Japanese SSR (nominally communist Japanese regime but 70% of the economy is still owned by the private sector).
No. 38354
103 kB, 1664 × 934
63 kB, 807 × 538
153 kB, 807 × 509
17 kB, 748 × 207
Anybody nobody interested in development of soviet machinepistols?
Espessialy early ones, like this 1927 test gun by Tokarev, that used 7.62 mm Nagant from russian empire Nagant revolvers which is only thing that soviet union had in big numbers back then. Of cource this Rimmed catridge is absoluetly unusable for magazine feed automatic weapons so this one was fail - mostly because of catridge.
Or early attempts of Degtyarov, like this one from 1929 whch was in many ways smaller version of his light machinegun with notable disc magazine on top. Interesting thing that it used delayed blowback system and not simple blowback, kind of like what germans will do in future adopting rolled delayed blowback system from automatic rifles for submachine guns like MP5. But of cource back when simple blowback submachineguns was super complex milled heavy things army of early soviet union will never adopt such thing. Degtyarov tried to make simple variant of delayed blowback system on friction in 1931 (pic3) but it was not adopted eather, same as all other counterparts that tried.
Finnaly was adopted PPD-34 with simple blowback system, which was updated over 30s, but generally by view of soviet command it was support/police weapon, not something mass produced or for army, so there was little numbers of them produced, it also was still quite complex and expensive. It will change during and after Winter War 1939-1940 of cource when red army encounter finns with Suomi submachineguns.
No. 38355
86 kB, 807 × 262
Oh sorry, wrong pic, on third picture is Tokarev's attemt in 1931, this is degtyarov one that was metioned
No. 38356 Kontra
Forgot to metion most important - after fail of 1927 tokarev attempt, soviet union adopted different catridge, just modified version of rimless 7.63×25mm Mauser (when others in world tried get rid of this 7mm crap X-DDDD) which will be known as famous 7.62mm Tokarev
No. 38358
165 kB, 807 × 527
161 kB, 807 × 484
21 kB, 879 × 329
Another ones from this 1931-32 trials, this Korovin's ones version 1 and version 2. This trials was against one of experemental predecessors of MP 34 that was for 9mm parabellum - "MP19". And all of soviet experemental ones did meh, exept 1931 Tokarev and Degtyarov guns. And early soviet "mauser" ammunition was also meh quality whch affected trials. Do not confuse with 1941 Korovin's gun (pic 3) which was ultra simple thing that had very limited production for militia/worker guard in hard times of war which is kind of like british "sten" in idea but was not even nearly as massive. Korovin in general did a lot of developmental stuff, hell lot of prototype of pistols, submachine guns etc. but nothing what he did ever get to be accepted properly or to mass production.
No. 38365
My personal area of deep-diving into firearms development is elsewhere, but I did a bit of reading on Soviet employment of SMGs in WWII which was pretty interesting. It was strange to come across concepts such as the SMG Section, and the SMG Platoon while on the Wect, the SMG was much more organic to the regular Infantry Section and Platoon.

That said, the Soviet Battalion in general was an interesting place from a foreign perspective. Having dedicated formations of tankodesantniki instead of them being an expedient is bizarre.

>when others in world tried get rid of this 7mm crap X-DDDD
Hey, at least it's not Red Fleet tier. That's a case that went beyond 'slow to move on' to 'actively crippling themselves because its easier than training their personnel to be marginally competent'.
No. 38368
161 kB, 807 × 461
87 kB, 807 × 266
52 kB, 750 × 281
Soviets is wierd on this field because they get into whole stuff late and quit fast. Only one period where soviets used submachine guns was WW2. Before it was "exeperements, too expensive to produce complex things with very limited small production", during the war with PPD-40/PPSh-41/PPS-43 SU passed whole line of evolution from complex milled WW1-style heavy ones to easey to produce ultra-cheap stamped ones, and then already during the war after capture of german automatic rifle prototypes SU wanted to replace all SMGs with something like that and this resulted in AK which did it and so there is basicly the end of soviet mass produced army SMGs. So most of thing to search is basicly in this not really long period of time. And all post AK SMGs is different experements and conversions of AK to 9x19 so nothing really unique there eather.
No. 38428
48 kB, 640 × 506
56 kB, 575 × 327
19 kB, 339 × 204
>In July of 1974, the USSR fired the first and only cannon to be shot into space. Haunted by fears of U.S. spacecraft inspecting or attacking Soviet spaceships and satellites, the R-23M Kartech 23-millimeter cannon had been secretly installed on the Salyut-3 as part of Project Almaz

The Space Cannon That Was Actually Fired In Orbit

There were no cosmonauts aboard the station during the test fire, which took place shortly before the Salyut-3 deorbited in 1975. To counter the expected recoil, the ground crew-which administered the test- had to ignite the station's jet thrusters at the same time they fired the gun. If you were wondering what became of those fired shells, they apparently burned up in the atmosphere. Of course if they had chosen to aim out into space, they would probably still be out there somewhere :D.

No. 40370
40 kB, 745 × 931
420 kB, 1175 × 774
240 kB, 720 × 720, 0:10
I've been following the news on Comet Atlas. There were hopes that it would grow bright enough to be visible with binoculars-or possibly even with the naked eye-but it now appears to be disintegrating. We'll have to wait and see what it does from here.


A brief video with nice info and pics:

New comet visible in spring 2020!!! - Atlas C/2019 (Y4)

Source of the third image:
No. 40381
130 Bytes, 16 × 16
an experiment on thinking aloud:

representation of...



not only "half"

ok I have it
No. 40402
58 kB, 400 × 336
67 kB, 460 × 382
It amuses me greatly that there is not only an alignment of planets but a comet right now.
No. 40680
I know it's not gonna happen anytime soon but if our country doesn't collapse from these virus and money printing shenanigans I hope to God that we end up in some kind of space race with the Chinese or whoever and actually arse ourselves to do that. Could you even imagine? It'd be awesome.

Also apparently being in zero G causes lots of brain deformities

All of which is terribly interesting just because of the fact that when you really think about it whoever first came up with depicting gray ayyys seemed to at least inadvertently depict what space really probably could do to a person or evolutionarily in deep space with shrunken limbs and huge bulbous heads and eyes from the increased pressure of your fluids. Of course in an actual evolutionary sense I'm not sure if you'd end up having smaller eyes to protect from radiation and other damage when getting near any stellar object but whatever this is soft scifi conjecture.

On a related note how come nobody has proposed building a planetary orbital satellite yet? Couldn't you in theory use the gravitational warping of heavy enough objects to turn whole planets into one big telescope? Actually I wonder if I can find evidence of this being feasible real quick
Okay yeah they are working on it but nothing anywhere near soon or concrete yet sadly
I really wish I could just dump several hundred million dollars into biotech/genomics, media conglomerate, and aerospace startups with the end goal of colonization.
No. 40707
453 kB, 1583 × 2048
If Elon's Starship works out, moon travel will become a piece of cake and Moon orbit station will be trivial. Moon base construction is another beast, of course. But yeah, putting telescopes below an atmosphere is a terrible idea if you got other options.

>building a planetary orbital satellite
Telescope, you mean? You know the image they created of that massive black hole was created by turning telescopes all over Earth into data points from a single imaginary telescope and mathematically fill out the gaps. Anyway, James Webb should be awesome when it finally arrives.

>I really wish I could just dump several hundred million dollars
Start small. SpaceX will offer a Starlink IPO next year, you can invest in a possible ticket to Mars.
No. 40724
No. 40822
20 kB, 970 × 546
114 kB, 600 × 638
>alignment of planets
Sadly, we've had nearly two solid weeks of morning clouds, so I haven't been able to see the planets in a while. Prior to that I was able to see them before dawn, low on the horizon and almost directly at the end of my street.

>planetary orbital satellite
I love the ambition of things like this. We don't have the technology to make it work, but so long as it's physically possible then there will people racking their brains to figure it out.

>James Webb
Since this telescope will sit near a Lagrangian point, I was curious how many objects could do the same. That is, how big is a Lagrangian point?
The answer: The actual points are infinitesimally small, but the usable area surrounding a point is very large.

>When you hear about a spacecraft orbiting at a certain Lagrangian point, it really means the probe is traveling within or near one of these extended, three-dimensional islands of orbits.
>The size of these islands varies. Each planet in the solar system has its own Lagrangian points. The islands of stability get bigger farther from the Sun and also for more massive planets. The ones associated with Earth are roughly 500,000 miles (800,000 kilometers) wide. The biggest zones (at least in the solar system) are Neptune’s; they are about 2 billion miles (3.2 billion km) across.

No. 41910
41 kB, 799 × 502
62 kB, 750 × 600
1,7 MB, 2504 × 736
>Comet Swan this week becomes visible from northern latitudes as its passes through the constellation of Pisces, but only in pre-dawn twilight skies currently lit-up by a bright moon, so the skies may be too bright to afford a good, clear, impressive view.
>Comet Swan is currently 85,046,715 km away from Earth and just visible to the naked eye (though easier in binoculars) at a visual magnitude of 5.4.

The Truth About Comet Swan, Today At Its Closest To Us. Will This Snowball Put On A Bright Show?

I didn't have any luck seeing Comet Swan with the naked eye this morning. It's very faint, so I wasn't optimistic-especially with our light pollution. They say you need sharp eyes and dark skies, and I only have one of those. I'll keep looking, though.
Comet PanSTARRS is up there as well, but since you need binoculars to see that one it's less exciting. Comet Atlas is still around, ofc, but is now in several pieces. The Hubble telescope captured some decent images of that(pic3).

No. 42074 Kontra
Kinda wholesome spam
No. 42099 Kontra
No. 43399
12 kB, 516 × 438

" 6-8 spaces is of course very hard to maintain with something like java where just a method name can take up 40 columns."

40 letters for a method name? O_0
No. 43582
16 kB, 250 × 293
So I'm not quite entirely clear on this: is it possible for planet earth to trip into a state of cascade failures triggering a runaway greenhouse effect similar to what likely happened to both Mars and Venus?

While pondering this thought yesterday it occurred to me that on June 22nd 2020 I no longer believe in freedom. Of what consequence is letting dumb bydlo do dumb reckless bydlo things? Why should a collective of morons and avaricious fishmongers be given the priority of decision making over a mass extinction event? I think that we have an even worse system than monarchist now, that is a rule by business people, which has already resulted in a form of collective monarchism and aristocracy anyway only with a bunch of far dumber internationalist parasites who care not a wit what happens to their country rather than being tied to its fate at least in the way royals would, resulting in such horrendous misrule as a place like Russia.

The pandemic has made me think about a lot of things with the way our system is set up and I've grown thoroughly disillusioned with it and my previous ideals. It is stunningly evident to me that we should have a system of coalitional rule by the experts, the scientists and technologists, of as close to philosopher kings as possible, as opposed to the absolute drek of a bunch of businessmen and stockbrokers being left in charge of medicine during a pandemic.

Likewise I am deeply concerned about climate change and have come to the conclusion that really our business class should be violently overthrown. Naturally the Communists are an equally shit alternative, as we can see abundantly clear in China and USSR Russification of lakes and such.

The spookiest thing to me is how you have these dumb as shit bydlo who sincerely believe the things they do, being goaded on by these nihilistic businesspeople.

I'd hope that one day we can transplant our ecosystem with nurturingcare to other worlds, and so far as I can see technology devised by a reckless newly sapient race may well be one of the two great filters, the other being gamma bursts. Of what consequence is it really to dream of the stars when you've got stockbrokers deluding bydlo into killing their own planet with Chinese dildo factories because he wants to look at more numbers on his screen? It's like a religion, a nihilistic religion of numismatism.

Even if these systems did not totally collapse, I think it has become clear at this point that billions of people are going to get wiped out by men who care more about the next quarter profits than even the longterm viability of "his own" company--because none of these men made these companies and just flit between them which is one of the biggest things killing vidya gaming--and that the result will be thin northern zones in Canada, Russia, and Greenland along with Antarctica and the tip of South America being habitable.

Really I think that when you have the time and mental capacity to draw these disparate points together the overall picture becomes frightening in a Lovecraftian sense, so it would be little wonder that they flee in terror back to ignorance were it that they even left the cave at all. One of the other frightening possibilities is that we collapse the planets ability to make enough oxygen for the most complex lifeforms to breathe.

There are many possibilities for catastrophic cascade failures and after observing the response to the pandemic, and watching people continually take the worst possible available course action while knowing full well what seemed like common sense to me, and seeing these dimwits either act surprised or retreat further into denialism, it has broken any remaining sentiment I have towards the Republican ideal. The problem of course is that we never were a democracy to begin with but that's neither here nor there when the masses are wilfully hiding behind the battlements of their own breathtaking ignorance and stupidity in the face of a major crisis. The saddest realization of all that I have had is the true need for human leadership. I think that the biggest problem of idealists is the failure of imagination to conceptualize, to capture, to comprehend the grim reality of stupidity and ignorance, particularly if you are closer to being gifted with the kind of intellect or leadership skills where perhaps if someone were a leader of men they would come to blithely assume that surely all men can be self led because he himself is self led and a leader of others.

Regardless of any pontificating on the matter it is now clear that what we truly need is a sort of rule by scientists. I suppose rule by warlords in an earlier stage of imperial history and later by merchants might concentrate a sort of mass to accomplish those later things like space travel, regardless of whatever waste and suffering it causes in the meantime, but I've come to truly believe that we need rule by philosopher kings and scientists instead and that the alternative is liable to be us hitting the first great filter.
No. 43610
Venus and Mars scares me shitless
No. 43613
48 kB, 1000 × 800
I recall reading a science fiction short story where humans lived on Venus. The premise was that a large ice-asteroid had struck Venus, and this lowered the planet's temperature. I guess it will take a little more than that to make the place liveable :D. That story actually helped me to remember the order of the planets. For some reason I used to flip the positions of Venus and Mars, but since-according to the story-Venus needed to be cooled down, that meant it was closer to the sun. Don't ask me why that complicated thought was easier to remember than the simple order of the planets, but for some reason it was.
No. 43614
It's actually a problem of the greenhouse effect. To mostly summarize the video, it's thought that once Venus hit that positive feedback loop it had runaway greenhouse effects trapping more solar radiation and reflecting less, filling the atmosphere with more heat trapping vapor thus heating it more until eventually its oceans boiled off. It is the hottest planet in the solar system not because of distance but because of its insulating atmosphere which is also why the pressure is so immense on the surface because you've basically got an entire ocean on top of you in atmospheric form. It's just a spooky idea to me that an earlier biosphere couldve been exterminatus'd to the point where if that was earth in 2020ad 100 million years ago we'd literally have no clue and no evidence of anything whatsoever. The only clue we could have for an advanced ecosphere and civilization having existed would be checking for traces of certain heavier elements in the atmosphere basically and the only reason we even know it had deep oceans is because of the ratio of deuterium that was split off from water vapors by UV radiation.

The whole concept is just a spooky Lovecraftian tier thought to me. It is likewise the reason earth's climate change spooks me because afaik it would theoretically be possible to achieve the same outcome if you terraform the planet hard enough by accident with polluting technologies. This is way spookier tonthink about when you consider earth's atmosphere basically had no oxygen intol anaerobic bacteria wiped out an oxygen sink and basically farted itself out of existence, causing a mass extinction called the Great Oxygenation Event. It is not inconceivable to me that a new intelligence would arise in 500 million years studying archeology and discovering these strange ruins everywhere buried deep under the surface from the first intelligent civilization that destroyed itself and the biosphere with technology.
No. 43617
Runaway greenhouse effect cannot happen on Earth (as long as the Sun does not get brighter, which will only happen in about 500 million years), because increase of carbon in the amtosphere will just lead to more plants growing.

In a way, the early trees are the bad guys here, capturing carbon in cellulose so that no animals or bacteria could digest it, burying it in the ground. Humans digging it up and blowing it into the atmosphere is re-creating the original amount of carbon, which did not lead to runaway overheating, since our distance to the sun is sufficient (Venus' is not).

Climate change is only bad for humans, not for life generally.
No. 43621
43 kB, 465 × 309
Starship SN 4 Tanking Test

Starship SN 7 Pressure Test

The development speed is insane, they've tested more rockets to destruction in a year than NASA even built in the last 20 years.
No. 43623
Probably because NASA is THE part of the federal budget that every administration likes to cut for whatever reason. (Probably because they think of the whole agency as a Cold War leftover they can't outright get rid of, lest they anger the public.)
China and India are also making good progress with their space programs, so there is hope that alongside a second cold war, a second space race could happen.
No. 43629
I question how fair it is to say that admins don't like it. Every administration likes NASA. Even Trump likes space regardless of his cutting their budget and getting butthurt at NASA he still made a huge deal about putting money into space something or other. Bush also wanted to do some neat stuff with Mars but well he got distracted.

I think the bigger issue is that the corporations who are backing these administrations can't possibly make any real money off it so that's one of the first things they'd suggest to cut.
No. 43700
I thought the one of the reasons that NASA can't do anything is that companies like Boeing bribes politicians with putting factories in their state and then gets massively expensive contracts to do half arsed jobs. Space-X is doing pretty good right now because they are not in the system, yet.
No. 43736
I've found a few really neat-o channels recently, which while I'd much rather straight up having a vimeo/youthbe/thenyc/dailymotion platform that's just dedicated to things like science and history or documentaries, this has really been pushing the point home that what you watch on YT really is exactly what kind of trashy person you are although frankly I think that whole recommended algorithm bullshit the internet runs on these days is deleterious to the mental sharpness of society as a whole. It doesn't surprise me how much of society acts like retards because you watch one video with any keyword like "reacts to" "redpill" or whatever kind of bydlo thing and instantly your whole sidebar is nothing but garbage.

Since watching these I've thankfully not been subjected to a lot of that garbage lately
Etc. SEA is a pretty great channel and have beenwatching the How The Universe Works series although my only one complaint is how they go out of their way to not just anthropomorphize stars but doing so in the most bydlo and childish manner possible, describing them like "monsters" "evil siblings eating their brother" I mean what the hell. Otherwise these are pretty great.

One final thing that bugs me which I usually find some reddit tier talking about is humanity "billions of years into the future" like what the absolute fuck? It's become a serious pet peeve of mine and Kurzgesasgt has a horrific habit of doing that. Their cartoon videos are alright for light viewing but I encounter that over and over again with particularly that channel but a lot of usually fedoras people generally trying to talk about things on the cosmic temporal scale about things like the death of our sun, hell even heat death of the universe in one video, and with no sense of self irony talking about "humanity in the distant future could survive in an orbit around black holes then." I'm not even talking about blithely ignoring things like genetic engineering or disasters that could end our species etc. but just evolution alone blatantly implies that there is no such thing as human beings in a billion years period. I have absolutely no idea why so many people seem to keep doing this. Is it an emotional thing? You'd think if they're going to talk about geological timescales they'd at least have the sense to not mention the era of dinosaurs in the same video where they postulate humans or frankly anything even remotely like humans existing billions of years from now. which ironically makes blatant fictional fantasy settings like Numenera more scientifically literate than a few of these videos, where an intelligent cephalopod is surprised to see humans existing again with the implication we'd been extinct for hundreds of millions of years and noe are back for some mysterious reason

I also greatly enjoyed this lecture

I'm still not entirely sure where or how to search for good videos though, and no I absolutely do not mean TED talks. It's kind of sad that with all this advanced technology rather than the most wondrous things being seen and discussed we have people challenging each other to eating tide pods instead. I wish there was a whole site dedicated to nothing but lectures and different series along those lines though I guess were there such a thing it'd probably be locked behind a paywall.
No. 43850
So some interesting things here
While I'm guessing that nicotine may not in fact be an effective treatment, there is still seemingly some indication that CBD could provide some measure of protection against SARS2
No. 44157
92 kB, 500 × 375
Ever since I've seen this podcast interview two weeks ago, it has really made me think. There are so many interesting thoughts here at the crossroads of computer science, maths, physics, biology, psychology, social science, theology and a heavy broadside of German philosophy.


I've rewatched and researched several parts by now and it only got more interesting. Best thing on YouTube in a while.

Warn me if I'm sperging out, I guess. I'm here if you wanna discuss some contents.
No. 44161
I've just skimmed comments and table of sections. Since I've been reading a lot about systemic thinking I'm wondering how dominating it is. But tbh I've yet to clear for myself in what way terms like system, functionalism, network, regulation etc are related to each other. In the government section he mentioneds game theory which is systemic thinking afaik and based in mathematics but to model the social. Since is accent is brutal I'm did not really understand if his suggestion is still in the real of game theory. If so, it is not novel viewed generally.

I'm currently on the verge of finishing a book on scientific realism and human freedom. It posits in recurrence on Wilfried Sellars, that the natural sciences can tell us what is, but not what we should do, so to deduce from physical, biological or chemical science insights what we should do as humans is bound to fail. Instead the space of reason, of giving reasons and asking for reasons is a realm for human persons that cannot be reduced to matter in motion, since the matter in motion is what would be normtaively tackle the task of science itself...If I got that right.
I wonder what is argued for in this video. Take it as general orientation about what kind of knowledge and arguments you get confronted with and how to find a more broad orientation about these before going into details.
No. 44261
Bach is all about the current state of applied research, where the state of the art has moved away from the old battles of the 20th century, like the one you mention. There's no split between materialism and idealism anymore, no Chinese room to fuck up your Turing test.

The trick is properly defining what intelligence and consciousness actually mean, and what the person, the "you" actually is. Which is the side effect of the regulation needs of a biological machine. In other words, you are not "your" body, because physical systems can't experience anything, you are a mind that happens to be trapped in a body. The brain is the operating system on which you run.
No. 44266
>The brain is the operating system on which you run.

This sounds like identity theory and is very well 20th century.

> you are a mind that happens to be trapped in a body.

That would need a clarification in its relation.

The Sellars thing is not about materialism and idealism. It just says that what makes you a rational and free agent is not matter in motion (which is the primitive axiom of science in which all theories can be located) but another ontolically primitive axiom, the existence of persons, who are defined by being able to aprticipate in the space of reason, which afaik means that you can engage in the game of giving and asking for reasons (normativity). There is no science without this space of reason and normative action (selection via reasoning e.g.). To reduce it to matter would mean that matter in motions is capable of being normative.

So persons are an ontologically primitive, they are like particles, not divisible or reducable anymore, they are normative and engage in the space of reason

>Which is the side effect of the regulation needs of a biological machine. In other words, you are not "your" body, because physical systems can't experience anything, you are a mind that happens to be trapped in a body.

Side effect for what, without purpose? Or is mind necessary to keep the system (biological machine) running?
No. 44485
51 kB, 960 × 1440
1,3 MB, 1280 × 1920
32 kB, 719 × 591
The sky is giving us a show this month. I wasn't able to spot comet NEOWISE in the early morning, but I've got my fingers crossed for better luck now that it's visible in the evening.

>a wonderful binocular comet has been gracing our early morning skies, and now it’s becoming visible in the evening as well
>Some skilled observers have reported that – once you spot it with binoculars – you can remove them and glimpse this comet as a fuzzy ball, using only the unaided eye.

For those at northerly latitudes, Comet NEOWISE up in the evening now, too
No. 44487
Wouldnt the more accurate description be that your mind is the operating system which runs on the hardware that is your brain?

I think that a lot of Western thought conflates the term "mind" with "soul" and those are certainly not the same thing. If we go further then the geist would certainly be separate from the extrapolation of mind that emanates from the machine.
No. 44488
1,1 MB, 1354 × 731
1,1 MB, 1354 × 731
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
Yeah, this was fun. They're both so archetypal in a way, the squeaky-voiced child-like nerd exhilarated by juggling all these concepts and the meat-head bro, constantly amazed and struggling to follow.
No. 44623
I will watch another video with Bach, that is shorter to get a grip on his position. Found one German video where he talks to a school class. There also is a short talk on reconciling consciousness with physicalism. Might give a hint.
Anyway, I had to think of Reza Negrestani and his Intelligence & Spirit book, afaik he says humans are AI, an interesting thought and Bach did so as well in the school class video.
Reading on Sellars and people who make recourses to him I wonder if cognitive science alone will be able to lift the veil. If the spaces of reason are what constitutes cognitive science just like all other science, you have to reduce what you say/science as practice to matter in motion (physicalism I guess) and this seems like a problem.
No. 44966
124 kB, 480 × 320
125 kB, 1280 × 720
I really wish we had a more forward thinking ideology than the crass consumerism and mindless impulsivity plan only for the moments profits that we have now
30 years is fucking nothing and it's already become a major problem for archivists. I will reassert that we are unknowingly living in the dark age of technology right now and it's so bizarre for me to look around and realize none of these people even know it. I'm not even talking about good old ZIP drives I mean even CDs are becoming obsolete and 5.25 inch drives are harder to find, let alone floppies. So by that time that you even realize your storage media has started to degrade having an actual functional read/write device that can bridge that gap is becoming harder and harder. I wonder what's been permanently lost that was stored in 8tracks.
No. 44967 Kontra
Hell, or even VHS now come to think of it. We have plenty of storage but no long term memory.
No. 44968
You have an incorrect premise. No single storage device can or should be expected to last very long. Even this M-Disc with a supposed 1000y life is not a good long-term solution. Because it can be broken, deliberate or by accident.

The biological equivalent here is a single cell in your body. They will last on average about 3 months (there's a large varaince here due to different cell types) and the body makes no attempt to make them last longer.
Re-framing your question would be: Why the heck did evolution not evolve cells that last for 10 years? Or 100 years? Or even 5 months instead of 3?
Because the cost of maintaining every cell will increase to rediculous levels the farther you want to go.

So the solution is to have a graph (mathematically speaking) of connected cells that each only store information for a short time, but communicate information such that the combined information lives several orders of magnitude longer than each cell.

Just like that you should not try to make every HDD last 50 years, but connect many HDDs to build a distributed storage that can repair itself.
Few people make this connection, but torrent trackers are pretty much that: Every peer only has a subset of the entirety of data and while it is unlikely that any other peer has exactly the same data, the graph of peers will have multiple copies of every bit distributed without central organisation (of distribution).

If you want a more efficient solution look into redundant network filesystems such as GlusterFS, Orangefs, Lustre, etc.

Interestingly, if you work through the graph theory, it's more efficient to add more storage-peers to your network than to add more redundancy to each peer.
Though only from the perspective of overall data preservation, not from the perspective of each peer. The legitimate solution accepted by archivists today is to have many peers in a distributed file system where each peer has a RAID1/5/6 set up for their subset of data.
No. 44969
Down with the tyranny of archivism! XDDDDD Seriously though, besides billions of tons of material garbage humanity also produces quadrillions of bits of information garbage. Most of the produced information simply isn't worth remembering, that is, it's not even worth the cost of its storage. That's the main reason all that shit that people recorded on VHS or compact cassettes or whatever is lost, not the short lifespan of storage devices.

Also, when it comes to actually preserving information, we are constantly getting better. Storage space becomes cheaper and cheaper, and storage devices' lifespans don't matter much, because you can always get more devices for backups. Another way of preserving infomation is provided by the Internet. Suppose some jack-off today makes a meme. He posts it in social media where thousands of other jack-offs copy it and propagate it further. Even if the jack-off who made the meme dies of a heart attack immediately after posting it and the device he made it on blows up for some reason, there's still a pretty good chance that the meme itself will survive thanks to all those other jack-offs from the Internet. Now, suppose some jack-off in the XVI century makes a meme. He writes the meme on a piece of vellum, but then the Inquisition breaks into his house, kills the jack-off and tears the vellum apart, because they thought that the meme was unfunny or maybe because they just hate memes (or jack-offs who make them). That's it, the meme is dead, and you have no way of finding out what it was about.
No. 44973
That shows the flaw in this premise actually. There's plenty of really popular memes from 2008 that are nearly impossible to find now. In terms of garbage data, at least online those reams of trash almost immediately push out that old data on search engines. It's increasingly difficult to find certain things even on torrents too. You're also hoping there's no signal quality loss when transitioning between multiple different storage mediums.
No. 44975
240 kB, 806 × 886
55 kB, 569 × 480
22 kB, 324 × 480
119 kB, 780 × 643
If those old memes were actually worth it, someone would necessarily saved them and quite possibly reused them. Otherwise they're just garbage best left forgotten. And while it may be difficult to find something on torrents, it's still not impossible. I remember the VHS era, which reached its peak in the 90s here: rent stores only had the newest blockbusters and other popular stuff available, with maybe a bit of beloved Soviet classics. If you wanted something more rare, you were out of luck. Nowadays you can find pretty much anything if you're persistent enough, bar maybe the artsiest shit possible (but you wouldn't be able to find that artsy shit in the pre-Internet era either). As for the signal loss, it's a non-problem for digitized data, since error detection and correction exists.
No. 44980
12 kB, 283 × 178
Can you give examples of these?
No. 44991
Well I'm heatin mah harbl for one thing. I do know that part of it is because of not knowing how to look properly but I semi-frequently counter situations where I cannot for the life of me find those not even really old memes. I also fairly less frequently but still regularly enough encounter situations where I can't find some kind of game, old movie, or other type of media on TPB. The network itself might be strong but the number of failed nodes both hardware and wetware is constantly increasing. Good example with the cells btw mate but you actually also just pointed out that problem at a biological level: aging.

Like the problem of corrupted biological data can often become so extreme that you wind up with stuff like cancers multiplying unchecked and faulty or failing hardware throughout your subsystems. While this might work in the grand scheme of things somehow, at the purely data level it is also clearly suboptimal. The idea that no good traits ever become lost forever is a clearly patently false one that shows the fragility of organic data storage systems as well. To be clear, at this point I'm beginning to touch on the astrophysical concept of "information." I saw a pretty neat video on how one could theoretically use the surface of a Singularity to store nearly infinite data but I forget now pretty sure it was kurzgesasgt.

Anyway our only real backstop against all that is those lonely few intrepid autists who do things like work in archival and try to save that aging stuff like this guy
It isn't even that old. I have half a mind to actually unearth a couple of old Zip drives I pilfered from I don't remember where and integrate them with 5.25 floppies and those really noice much new 1.44mb rainbow floppies which had that infinitely satisfying spring mechanism. Do you remember mouse balls? They got filthy but they were not that bad to clean. Yes I want to somehow integrate all of those data storage systems into some kind of a frankenbuild one day. I even got a bluray burner with M disc which I'm hoping wont blow up along with a 5.25 mounted card reader like this thing but cheaper
And honestly at least one of those slots is actually still useful for SD cards which afaik are still pretty standard in video and other cameras including inside phones.

But all of that is completely irrelevant when the software you actually need to run it is long gone. Like what happens when you need to flash BIOS and fuck around with firmware and drivers that simply don't exist anymore? It will render the hardware effectively useless.

At the very least we should choose some kind of a general standard and stick with it. Like I can still actually use those two 8.4gb hard drives I have lying around with the appropriate adapter and power cable, but what does it matter when the very software to access and make sense of that data isn't around anymore and hasn't been for ten or twenty years?

This is literally an actual problem in rocket engineering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovD0aLdRUs0

We have museums for a reason and it cuts both ways. Yeah some of them are just relics, and sometimes we end up with something that does the job better, but that still leaves whole generations mystified at how to produce something similar to say Greek fire. Ideally I think we should be aiming for more hardware and wetware network integration for preserving and advancing knowledge, that is fundamentally what separates us from the other animals ultimately that being the transmission of information.
No. 45025
So if you don't know, European ancestry can almost all be divided between ancient hunter-gatherers, Neolithic farmers from Anatolia, and Bronze Age steppe nomads from southern Russia/Ukraine. This genetics blogger has calculated the percentages of each for most northern and eastern European populations:
It's of no real importance if you're not a mouthbreathing kohltard, but it is interesting to think about how such a large percentage of our* ancestry can be traced back to small groups of hunter-gatherers huddled around the Dnieper or Volga 6000 years ago (before they the first proto-khanz and started the proud tradition of raping half of Eurasia from horseback).

*IIRC this actually applies to all of our regular posters, since Kazakhs inherited a lot of their ancestry from Scythians.