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No. 77032 Systemkontra
46 kB, 735 × 500
Unload your baggage.
No. 77033

Doesn't work super well. I put ear foam in my ears that I use for the library or train rides as well. And I complained. Turning the volume down was a lie, I can still hear it with foam in my ears but I was promised it's over in an hour. Got an invitation to join but I prefer reading, what a surprise!
No. 77034 Kontra
I think for clarification sake. It's not like I can hear just a dampened bass but I can hear all frequencies, only a slight dampening in the higher ones, nuances and stuff.
No. 77035
Well, too bad.
Although I read somewhere not too long ago that using foam plugs makes you overly sensitive over time if you're using them too often.
No. 77036
I don't have many long train rides that I use them for over the course of the year. Haven't been to the library often since Corona started but I plan on going more often now that the summer holidays are on and I need to finish some stuff. But still be true, after all, you block a significant amount of frequencies. Taking them on or off in a train can make a huge difference to auditory perception and especially taking them off always lets me think how loud a train inside can actually be.
No. 77045
353 kB, 654 × 480
Looks like I've developed a stress-related stomach disorder. Been having light stomach aches every morning for over a month now, lately also nausea. Next week are some exams and after that I guess I need to take a rest, though not sure how
No. 77046
93 kB, 720 × 891
How did you arrive at this diagnosis? Might be the same for me, thought it was something to do with nutrition but so far no success with finding the root of the problem.
No. 77055 Kontra
So much sweat. Horror.
I'm glad society has progressed significantly in the development of deodorant, those researchers are the silent saviors of every July.
No. 77060
To my beloved yet feared observers:
You might have heard me talk to someone saying there is and will never be my own personal redemption arc. Is this really the case? Will you never leave me again? Will I have to continue being the living dead while you watch and chuckle?
I need to know, my dear TU.
No. 77061
I complained to my boss that I was employed for a whole week now and still had no work to do because of weird company bureaucracy + generally unoptimized business process.
My boss said to stop hurrying so much, and that if I try to work so hard all the time, I'd burn out.
For clarity, I've done almost nothing all week but get to the office, open up my laptop, and stare at the screen with nothing to do until I got bored enough to play a browser version of Quake 1 for the whole day.
Now for some this would be great news, but I get an overwhelming sense of dread whenever I'm not doing anything, because I get the feeling that I'm not doing anything with my limited time on earth. Not learning anything, not generating any tangible value, just existing. Normal people have families and friends and social lives and shit, so doing nothing and earning money is a good deal, since they can spend the extra money and energy on those things. But I don't have none of that, so to me, doing nothing is equivalent to being dead.

My uncle got me a degree from a shitty university for the price of my whole monthly salary. I didn't ask for it, I didn't do anything, he just called one day and said I had a degree.
Now I have to pay for it. It'll probably take me like half a year to pay it piecemeal. If I complain about this, I will be accused of being ungrateful for this amazing favor my uncle did for me.
Along with that, my birthday present for mom was splitting the bill with my brother and paying for the mountain resort rent + food. All I did during the celebration was act as tech support for distant relatives, and sit around doing nothing while old farts talked nonsense all day. This cost me half of my previous salary (which I'm currently living on before I get paid for my current new job btw)
Along with that, I had to buy myself and my little brother new clothes and shoes I don't need, because every celebration is just an excuse to 1) pig out 2) show off to your extended family that you have a passive aggressive competitive relationship with.
So, basically, all of my expendable income for the last couple months + 5 months in the future has already been spent on useless bullshit, but when I say that I want to move out, all my relatives exclaim how much of a waste of money it would be to pay somebody else for a bed and a roof when I already have one for free. They also claim I am not independent enough, and accuse me of being a momma's boy, and ask when I'll finally get married.
These two ideas, which sound contradictory to anyone with a western mindset, coexist within their minds, because in their conception, a wife is just a housemaid that can also produce children, so it's fine if you, your mom, your little brother and your wife all live in the same tiny flat. (you need children to take care of you when you're old, because the idea of having savings, or being productive enough to earn money when you're older than 60 is alien to them). And yes, this sentiment is shared by the women in the extended family as well.

Along with that, just because I got low tier job at an IT company, the word is out that our family is now "well off", so we'll be expected to now participate in even more dumb family outings and waste money on other such bullshit. I'll have to come to terms with the fact that this will be my life. Whatever I earn will be spend on stupid family bullshit, with the rest covering biological necessities. The more you earn, the more you'll be expected to spend on such things, or else you're "selfish" or whatever. That's how most people her live their lives. Spending all their income on eating, sleeping and shitting, and if they earn more, then spending all their money on eating, sleeping and shitting better, and if they earn even more than that, then spending it on making sure that their family eats, sleeps and shits better, and if they earn more than that, making sure that the extended family eats, sleeps and shits better, and if they earn more than that, making sure that the extended family's extended family eats, sleeps and shits better, etc. etc.
No. 77063
>My boss said to stop hurrying so much, and that if I try to work so hard all the time, I'd burn out.

Wise words, listen to this person :DDD it can be true though

>doing nothing and feeling the dread bc of it

Not that uncommon and I could imagine same. Doing nothing and be stuck in a place is shit. You could read as an alternative. I had this lazy job where I was driving around, taking some data basically all day. I stopped in a calm corner and read books 1/3 or 1/2 of the work day and still got to do the necessary tasks and presentable results that went beyond the deadline data collection. in a futuristic country the deadline bounded talks would have been digitally transmitted, I was collecting measurements from technical apparatuses
No. 77068
37 kB, 604 × 453
I'm doing a bit of reading and a bit of gardening.
I mostly waste time on my phone chatting with people. So I took out a dumbphone and shelved my smartphone. This will be the true turning point in my productivity for real!

Very literary.
Welcome to the club. Don't forget to become pale as a ghost and develop an iron deficiency.
You gotta max out that "fragile intellectual" look.

As one morning Gregor Kazakh woke up from uneasy dreams, he found himself transformed into someone with a BA degree from a Central Asian university.
Holy shit man like how does this fucking stuff keep happening to you?

>we'll be expected to now participate in even more dumb family outings and waste money on other such bullshit.
The interesting part about this is that the bydlo relatives do the same here, but in my experience eventually the people in the family with expertise just tell them to fuck off or pay for the expertise to keep their private and professional lives separate. (Like "hey uncle I heard you know web design please make a webshop for me and maintain it forever for free" "okay, the prices are ..." "What, you can't do it free for a relative you cunt?")
I guess our family structures are more disjointed than yours are to allow for this.
No. 77069
5,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:32
Have a nice weekend everyone.

Become independent. We come from different types of family structures, but ultimately you should be living for yourself in my opinion. You're 70% there by having a decent job, next up 20% from getting your own place and the rest paying your "debt" and managing family expectations. Should be doable.

Congrats for getting a degree :D Also any ideas on how to spot such fake degrees from an employers' perspective?
No. 77070
> Spending all their income on eating, sleeping and shitting, and if they earn more, then spending all their money on eating, sleeping and shitting better, and if they earn even more than that, then spending it on making sure that...
Sounds like a good deal in case you don't hate your relatives. Having purpose in life + supporting your close ones. Meanwhile you complain that there is nowhere to put extra money and energy into.
No. 77071 Kontra
2,4 MB, 582 × 360, 0:40
Good perspective as well.
No. 77072
You all's posts made me notice how few extended family gatherings I participated in after my teenage years. That I've only noticed this now probably means something.

I laughed.
>how does this fucking stuff keep happening to you?
Please summarize what related stuff happened to him, I think I missed all seasons prior to 2020.

I wonder if the degree can ever work in the recipient's favour for all its cost (so far it looks like it will only work in favour of the uncle), or if it somehow gives away a smell of having been bought, which would merely indicate your ability to bribe or use networks. If the network would have to be a powerful network, that would mean something. Like, this degree certifies that I can't get a real degree by my own effort but am connected to powerful people, so you better treat me well.
No. 77073
My first thought was that investing money in "sleeping better" is something I should've done a lot more in my life. But I see his point.
No. 77075 Kontra
1,1 MB, 2560 × 1440
I'm having literal withdrawal symptoms from not having the smartphone. This sucks. I finished half a volume of manga and I still don't feel stimulated enough.

The thing I noticed about "old" electronics is that it's usually not the hardware that gives out. (Well, maybe if you don't count the batteries that puff up and die.)
It's usually the software. Like this Nokia was supposed to be "smart" in 2011 (never mind that it was shit even back then because it ran symbian os) but now it does three things: Makes calls, takes sizzling, 3.5 megapixel photos (example attached for your convenience) and plays the pre-installed Angry Birds game. It probably also does music but when I put in a pair of headphones it freaks out and says it's not compatible. Don't know why.
Yeah and it also tells the time.

Android tablets that were shit in their day are similar. No software, so you can't do anything with it. You have a battery attached to a screen and nothing more.
PC's do a lot better than these portable smart devices.
I have this shitbox HP laptop I use for studies and such at uni and the thing is, it's jank and has 2GB of ram, but there's still software for it. (If you go out of your way and download an appropriate version, like I needed the last 32-bit anki release to actually have the program work on this.)

So it's never really the "fancy" stuff (CPU, GPU, motherboard, RAM) that dies in my experience, it's always either the battery or the software that just evaporates. It's never the body of the machine, it's always the soul. Or the qi-carrier.
Gotta hand it to the phone though, even after a decade, it's keeping the charge well.
Found some very old ones in the pile too. I kinda want to actually "fix" one up. That'd mean just getting a battery and a charger. Can't for the life of my find a 2mm charger.
But I guess China has my back and it's like 2k for the battery and the charger together. Doesn't sound too bad for a snake-machine.
Honestly, I think from a design standpoint we advanced a lot during the last decade.

Sister has a friend over, they are playing music very loud in the garden. I am suffering. My mother is off to visit grandma at the hospital. I planned on not having to cook and I feel endlessly lazy and I fucking hate having to think about cooking and then cooking something for lunch.

We don't know what winter will be like. Nobody knows. Gonna be more expensive I guess. Electricity and gas will cost 5 times as much when going above average consumption. We're like 50KwH above average per month for energy and 70m^3 for gas by our calculations. But nobody knows how this will actually get calculated.
But I was already told I can kiss my lavish 2kHUF/day allowance for university good bye and it's back to buttered breadrolls and salami for me.
I guess I got a bit too high on my horse for a bit.

Honestly, my family never really has "gatherings" we had one, but even then that was by accident because the countryside relatives came up to my mother's aunt or however the fuck we're related, and there were just too many relatives and they all went over to my aunt's place and since everyone was already there the others got invited in the area too.
Nobody actually wanted a great family get-together it just happened lmao.

As for Kazakh's (mis)adventures, I couldn't give you a concrete example, but it sure feels like "odd" things happen to him a lot. Well, maybe they are odd if you are not used to reality in a sense.
No. 77079
>I'm having literal withdrawal symptoms from not having the smartphone
I don't have a mobile phone but I might have experienced something similar back when I played Borderlands 2 with a couple of other people.

There are moments when someone has to go shopping or do singleplayer stuff which means the others must wait. In these times I (and probably my team mates) found myself fiddling with the inventory screen so hard that the guy we were waiting for now had to wait for me/us.
No. 77104
the latest neolibral talking point is that climate change is basically solved because elon musk and bill gates said they are gonna handle it
and if you're still vocal about climate change issues, you're just a hysterical doomer who got manipulated by sensationalist media
Being pessimistic is cringe y'all, be a real free thinking rebel and be optimistic instead, it's time to make tech-optimism mainstream :fist:

This is real and people are falling for it, google "climate optimism" lmao.
No. 77108
32 kB, 600 × 337
Had a schnitzel the size of my head and fries for lunch. Read 50 pages of a book about Homer and his place in the European canon, had a jug of tea and then I fell asleep.
Genuinely got tired from reading. Hasn't happened in a while. I guess my mind has gotten weaker. Or I just overestimated my abilities based on that Mishima novel.

I still waste a lot of time just walking up and down.

If the horny twitter manchild and the Microsoft Satanist dude is on it then I have no worries.

Yeah it's something like that. I woke up and literally went back to sleep because I realised I don't actually have the phone to check the mail and my other messages.
Actually tried browsing the internet on this thing and nothing fucking works on it even if you have a connection. Like literally nothing.
No. 77110
Cleaning up my unread emails by moving them into folders by subject. Yahoo deletes them instead. I don't mean they were sent to the Trash folder where recovery is possible; they're just...gone, lol. I didn't need them anyway. Thanks Yahoo, for teaching me a lesson on digital hoarding.

No extended family here, either. I mean- the extended family exists, and they all interact with each other but have no contact with my branch of the clan. It's nice.
No. 77111
At one point I had an email account with them. Until I deleted it. They have a history of getting their shit hacked (not just my account, but their servers), and the website is shit anyway.
No. 77112
I want to do a comedy bit where I go on stage on a toga and completely naked under it. I'd start a sketch, make it fall off and fail to put it back for five or ten minutes.
No. 77122
69 kB, 904 × 508
Kazakh feral child was raised by community of western leftists and learnt how to seethe about Elon Musk and "neoliberal talking points".
No. 77123
Vot iz ze comedy about zat?

t. nation of nudists
No. 77127
For colonies, the politics of the colonialists have always been more relevant than the politics of the local colonial government.

t. colonial subject
No. 77128
I don't think that western politic is so relevant for Kazakhstan. Moreover, this specific view on western politics is unnatural from perspective of post-sovok experience.

It's more like "wearing sunglasses in Murmansk because cool guys in California wear sunglasses". A matter of fashion.
No. 77130
I'd say it's more of an issue of entertainment.

You see nothing wrong with watching western movies vs post-sovok equivalents, playing western video games, reading western literature, etc. etc., but being more interested in western originating political discourse is somehow unnatural?
What else is there to read as an irrelevant 3rd world country? News about how yet another local mid tier politician stole some budget money?

Besides, I see your disinterest in climate issues as stemming from the fact that you're a member of the oppressive Global North, and won't be as affected by climate change due to geography and economic conditions as us the poor oppressed members of the Global South.
Check your Global North privilege.
No. 77131
As I said it's not just the interest about weцt but also a specific western ideology.

Take your favorite Zizek for example. He's so critical of everything in western world. This is commodisation, that is oppression, this is peepeesation, that is poopoosation. He has such high standards! I wonder, what he has to say about my country which has much more serious issues? "I'm friend of the Russian state". Next time when you read his long, angry and highbrow tirades about anything, keep in mind that his ideals are cooperative "Ozero" and Alexandr Bastrykin. I have no idea how you will take him seriously after that.
I'm not deep into this circlejerk of western-left but it seems like this is rather a common thing for them than an exception. I can provide more examples on demand.

> why would I care about their attitude to some shithole?
It's not the attitude that matters, it's just a litmus test. If they are so retarded on this issue, they are highly likely to be retarded about everything else. What I'm saying is that for easterner this litmus test on retardation is obvious. I kinda understand why westerners fall for this shit, it's a convenient psychological cope for them. But you are repeating someone else's cope (thus the "sunglasses" analogy). Cringe!
No. 77133 Kontra
It was "Why should global capitalism be relevant for Kazakhs, after all, they don't live on this planet!"-tier
No. 77134
Global capitalism is, indeed, still practically irrelevant for Papuan mountain tribes. However, as far as life in post-industrial countries like Kazakhstan goes...
No. 77136
214 kB, 1619 × 1080
66 kB, 668 × 444
This must be the guy who constantly confuses me with commie-vatnik each time I say anything bad about communists. How to explain this paradox of mysterious western soul? In west bydlos are usually anti-communist. Because "capitalism = our tribe, communism = damn ruskies, their tribe". So if you're pretentious and consider yourself "intellectual" you must be in favor of Lenin and Mao. These are default options. Trotsky -- if you're a bit of an artsy person. Stalin -- if you wanna look more casual.

West is truly a mirror land. They even consider it "progressive" to vote for a fucking Kurginyan!
No. 77139 Kontra
>practically irrelevant for Papuan mountain tribes

Mining reality will disagree with this statement.

Reads like gibberish to me that has no connection to the post and my reply to that.
No. 77140
I think denying self-agency is a particular mental hangup of third world shithole dwellers.
It's a kind of post-colonial insecure mentality, treating oneself as an object rather than a subject.
Of course, it is presented in a smug detached "not like the other girls" manner, as in "look at these silly westerners caring about stuff, us salt of the world third worlders are too busy with REAL problems".

Also, the idea that global political issues don't affect third world countries is demonstrably untrue. Example: literally the past few years. I'd even say third worlders are disproportionally affected.

I guess buck-broken post-sovoks have been conditioned to be afraid of any kind of political speech, and cope with it by pretending they live in another dimension.
No. 77145
You're missing the point (unintentionally or specifically for the sake of an argument). The thing is that the particular group of westerners whom you repeat after don't really care about the stuff. They care about their own psychological well-being.

It's OK to care about western politics. It's OK to care about Ottoman empire's industrial output. But to take seriously someone who bitches about literally any triviality and then calls himself "friend of Russian state"? Cmon.
No. 77147 Kontra
>The thing is that the particular group of westerners whom you repeat after don't really care about the stuff. They care about their own psychological well-being.

This is an assumption. And to equate Zizek with all the thoughts spent on finding out what's going on is outright dumb and just displays lack of knowledge. Zizek makes for a slice or chunk of what can be said and is said. I mean you can take pride in your ignorance but it will make you look dumb (and makes you dumb actually).

I haven't read Zizek nor seen many YT videos of him but Zizek is concerned with social theory. Neoliberalism is a modality of the capitalist economy but what is often dealt with are the corresponding social and cultural phenomena of this modality. Zizek is not the only one talking about it. And the modalities of the current economy have effects on Russia and other countries outside the west. You can look spent your life looking at single atoms, but you will never find an explanation for the functioning of the human body or other organisms then. If brick compares his working conditions to other office work in the west and theories that deal with this kind of work, he might find similarities. So indeed, theories and thoughts from the west can be helpful and applied to a central Asian country because of structural/procedural similarities that come from processes of 'globalization' (planetary capitalism), of the spreading of knowledge on big scales and its implementation which can be specific and adapted to local environment which brick, clever as he is, can find our himself.
No. 77150
> applied to a central Asian country
If we apply this "sociological theory" to central Asian country, then we get that "being vocal" about climate change or any other issue is not only cringe, but also an influence of neoliberal CIA-funded NGOs and pretext for a color revolution.

> Zizek is not the only one talking about it
I just thought about providing more examples. One Ernst posted this interview in tech thread.
I skimmed through it and it's brilliant:
-- Hello Yanis, please tell us about NFT.
-- I fail to see how one can genuinely cherish freedom and tolerate capitalism. And also: how one could be both illiberal and left-wing. China is so wise to ban tutoring! Capital is getting stronger but capitalism is dying.

Exercises for readers:
-- What this guy would write if west banned tutoring? How many times he would use word "fascism" in his angry rant? Are monkey pictures more "illiberal" than banning tutoring?
-- Is it more correct to call this guy's activities "developing socio-economic theory" or "CCP shilling for frustrated western youth"?
Looking forward to your answers with argumentation.
No. 77152
>Looking forward to your answers with argumentation.

Work with quotations and full sentences and I might get back to your rather incomprehensible word salad. Maybe you should make an argument first about what that got to do with what I said?

>If we apply this "sociological theory" to central Asian country, then we get that [...]

I think you don't know what I'm talking about since you don't know any of that theory just some imageboard handed down lingo. I think Zizek or any other theory is in its core about getting vocal but about analysis phenomena and then perhaps propose that action that might not be as simple as getting "vocal" about something, but yeah getting vocal is part of complaining about things and change them. In big enterprises people get vocal as well. Do you think Mark Zuckerburg never gets vocal about something? Maybe not in public but raising your voice is mandatory to assert dominance, something that seems completely alien to you and it shows in your docile attitude that seeps from your words.
No. 77157
Ok, the other guy they hired is also a useless retard just like me.
I'm now suspecting that the only reason they hired us is because they're migrating their company to kazakhstan due to war, and there's some kind of quota for for foreign companies to have local citizens as employees.
No. 77158
Yesterday I had an actual, literal "nutted but she still sucking" moment. She's not usually like this and it started to verge on uncomfortable because she just wouldn't let go and continued at it like a porn star.
Then this night I had a dream that some milf supervisor tried to coerce me into sex while another milf supervisor clattered her roastbeef at me while taunting me, and on top of that I was working in some factory where I had to manually "cold form" (as in room temperature) workpieces into different shapes specified by different casts. Judging by how easy that was, we were probably processing chinesium.
No. 77159 Kontra
You know what is funny? You say keep the west and its thinking outta here and then proceed to defend western concepts of freedom and economy.
No. 77161
115 kB, 689 × 900
I have a peculiarity in my nose and am wondering if somebody else is affected in a similar way:

I can reliably pick my nose daily and mine boogers, without fail. Why? Because about in the area in the green circle mucus is always collecting and eventually drying out and hardening.
After some time it's enough to obstruct airflow, which tells me it's time to remove them. Because they are situated in some kind of pocket protected from outwards airflow I can't even blow my nose and have to get them out manually.
I can also find out if it's time by pinching my nose right below the nasal bone. If it hurts or I feel lumps, I know that spot is filled.
For years I have had the suspicion that I have a crooked septum, but no ENT doctor has ever said anything about it.
Does anyone else have a similar condition?
No. 77165
200 kB, 508 × 601
Went to the store today. Bought patties and some cheese. Plus a daily to check in on the political scene a bit after the shitstorm that was the past few days. Wanted to see how the govt is coping.
By the looks not much have changed, basically it's the same "Wait for the war to end, we're a poor satrapy of the Atlantic empire so we have no agency" stuff they geared towards for a few weeks now. Plus "we won the supermajority to all of out critics must shut the fuck up".
It's literally over for this country.

Read a third of the Tatami Galaxy novel.
Tonight I'll finalize the poems and then send them out for round one to the lecturer who will then send it over to the editor if everything is all right.

But you're a colony of Russia if anything, you're in the other block. (Even if you can't escape the background radiation of the western culture industry.)
Caring about climate change is one thing (because it's a fact of life and we should fight it), but the American political industry around it is completely nonsensical to emulate I think.
Though I do agree that it can be a quite entertaining spectacle.

I always thought the default option was Lenin and Trotsky, simply because Trotsky from a perspective of power achieved fuck-all and western Marxists love romanticising failure and what ifs. ("USSR would have built communism if only Trotsky won, which is why we must emulate this Ukrainian Jew who got outsmarted by a Georgian redneck!")
Stalin is for the contrarians and Mao is for those that want to annoy everyone. (Since they usually don't even bother to learn the historical context or the language, so they just quote the red book and little else.)
No. 77166
355 kB, 1604 × 1796
Whether you like it or not, elon musk's strategy around lithium mining, or tim cook's strategy around microchip manufacturing is going to affect you way more than whatever your podunk shithole's irrelevant politicians are doing to secure their anthill.

I'm going to reveal my power level and say that western/non-western dichotomy is just an extension of colonialism, and the fact that private entities in western countries can make decisions that have global effects, yet the vast majority of the global population can't influence policy in the countries in which those private entities are legally registered in because they don't have a passport of the right color or whatever, is no different than a colony not being able to affect policy in the colonizer state, despite themselves being affected.

In fact, the narrative should be reversed, in that it's the western middle class who should shut the fuck up about politics, and the third world who should speak up about global issues, because it's the third world that has actual skin in the game.

This is clearly demonstrated by the narrative of "climate optimism", where the text is "humanity will survive because of our technology, so have hope", but the subtext is "the western middle class will survive because of economic and geographic conditions, so stop worrying and keep consooming". Of course, western middle class equate themselves with "humanity" and "civilization", so it's ok if a billion brown people die, because HUMANITY AND CIVILIZATION WILL PERSEVERE Y'ALL!111
No. 77167
Nah, western middle class and some of its richies are developing the technology that makes profits while saving the world (but yes they also have a better politico-economic geographical status, which allows them to do this kind of research in the first place because developing that technology needs capital)

>I'm having literal withdrawal symptoms from not having the smartphone.

You have been robbed of your (extended) cognitive ability my guy.

t. Andy Clarke in 2003
No. 77168 Kontra

Personally, I will shot kids into this world and raise them climate sensible and left so they can debate the last angry Bavarians in the decades ahead.
No. 77169 Kontra
24 kB, 451 × 451
I'm working on getting it back. The progress is amazing. My mind is getting a workout.
No. 77170 Kontra
>climate sensible and left
Oh you :3
No. 77172
Your mind is struggling to perform as usual. It is desperately looking to cope its amputation by making you read books.

>The temporary disability caused by a dead battery is unnerving. It seems we just aren’t ourselves today. (The loss of my laptop, as I mentioned earlier, underlined this in a painfully personal way. I was left dazed, confused, and visibly enfeebled—the victim of the cyborg equivalent of a mild stroke.) So I, of all people, really shouldn’t have been surprised. It is our natural proclivity for tool-based extension, and profound and repeated self-transformation, that explains how we humans can be so very special while at the same time being not so very different, biologically speaking, from the other animals with whom we share both the planet and most of our genes. What makes us distinctively human is our capacity to continually restructure and rebuild our own mental circuitry, courtesy of an empowering web of culture, education, technology, and artifacts. Minds like ours are complex, messy, contested, permeable, and constantly up for grabs. The neural difference that makes all this possible is probably not very large, but its effects are beyond measure.

>Before the day is done, however, I hope to convince you at least of this: that the old puzzle, the mind-body problem, really involves a hidden third party. It is the mind-body-scaffolding problem. It is the problem of understanding how human thought and reason is born out of looping interactions between material brains, material bodies, and complex cultural and technological environments. We create these supportive environments, but they create us too. We exist, as the thinking things we are, only thanks to a baffling dance of brains, bodies, and cultural and technological scaffolding. Understanding this evolutionarily novel arrangement is crucial for our science, our morals, and our self-image both as persons and as a species

An interesting subject, I will keep you guys maybe updated in the media a thread once I found my way into better pondering about the history of this thinking of cognition.
No. 77173
48 kB, 640 × 660
We should just kill all white people and get this over with.
No. 77174 Kontra
Would you have anybody to talk to online then, anymore?

will my neglectable Slavic ancestry spare me?
No. 77176
You're a fellow bipoc mongoloid, why are you suding with the whitoid oppressors?
No. 77178
516 kB, 1114 × 2852
Excuse me sir, my ancestry is a wild mixture of the various tribes that settled in Europe during the last millenia, so I can hardly be called white!
No. 77179 Kontra
I'm happy with how I'm managing to re-orient it towards reading books instead of discord messages 2bh.
If this is still just a prosthetic limb for my brain, then it's getting tractor caterpillars installed instead of trying to run on peg-legs.

Glory to Eurasia!
No. 77180 Kontra
I feel like a mix between potato faced slav and Mediterranean attractiveness. I've been confused for a turk but still white. My parents told me my ancestors were perhaps Frenchies that moved east of Berlin at some point. Maybe it's made up I don't know how much they actually looked into that.

whities making up excuses again, shamefur dispray
No. 77181 Kontra
73 kB, 512 × 360, 0:04

Tbh I've never run into a "climate optimist" so as far as I'm concerned it is another fringe ideology fueled by internet shitposting. Didn't watch that video so I'm talking out of my ass as usual.
No. 77182
126 kB, 1080 × 1063
There is nothing wrong about complaining in itself. You complain about something and make other people solve the problem.
The problem is that Zizek and co's complains are not meant to be satisfied because they bitch about literally every thinkable phenomena on Earth. As long as tutoring is allowed, it's a "soul-crushing exploitative system". But if it's banned, then "it's a fascist interdict meant to embody education into oppressive structures".
Because bitching is not a tool for them, but a self-sufficient goal.

This is exactly what a middle class westerner would say.
No. 77183 Kontra
You don't understand that tutoring is not tutoring German phrase don't know if common in English as well. What I mean is this: tutoring is seen in relation to other things, not as an activity in itself, totally cut of from any relation it has to other phenomena.
Tutoring in school age of kid that can only be paid by rich people while poor people have no access to tutoring even though it would help them kids excel just like the people that can pay for it is a problem. Everybody sitting in a uni tutoring class is probably not a problem because everybody has the same tutoring experience we subtract from this view that uni can cost money, that people can still pay for private tutoring etc..
1) You view things solely atomistic which is not helpful
2) you put things en pair that are in the texts probably differentiated and you fail to see difference while there might exist similarities.
No. 77184
I have no idea what german phrase you are alluding to here.
No. 77185 Kontra
Well taking a second look it might be to far away from the phrase.

X ist nicht gleich X


Rap ist nicht gleich Rap.
Um zu verdeutlichen, dass eine Sache mehr Differenzen beinhaltet als auf den ersten Blick gegeben zu sein scheinen.
No. 77187
I just had my first job interview today
Still nervous
No. 77189
did you get any bullshit gotcha questions

I once was asked "why are you quitting this job after working there only 4 months", and I had to point out to them that they're the ones who found my CV and contacted me, I didn't approach them.
fucking hr people man
No. 77190
Is that like porn where the only ones called "European girls" are from shitholes in the East?
No. 77191
Another example of hypocritical western ideology.
When eastern women produce erotica, it's because they're cheap whores, but when "real european" women do it, they're liberated, and their erotica is "tasteful" and "artistic".
No. 77192
Your argument is great. According to it any commercial activity is bad and worth banning because poor people can't use it. We can apply it to ban on abortion in some murrican states and conclude that it's a very progressive measure. In past rich women could afford abortion and poor couldn't. But now this inequality is finally abolished, hooray.

Actually there is nothing surprising here. As I said, presenting literally anything as horrible, exploitative and worth complaining about is not a bug but a feature of this mindset. It's as useful for western middle class as sunglasses for Californians (referring the analogy mentioned before). Let's suppose that you're one of them. Recognizing yourself as a privileged person, one of golden billion enjoying best conditions in the human history so far is psychologically uncomfortable. Because if a lot was given to you then a lot is expected from you. No, actually you're a victim sufferings in horrible soul-crushing conditions of late stage capitalism.

But how to present yourself as such? Most important skill here is using the vocabulary. First world -> late stage capitalism, activity -> oppressive system, unregulated -> neoliberal, regulated -> fascist, use -> exploit etc. Calling things scary names to make them look scary and couple of other tricks make up the critical "theory".

Western-European women look less attractive than Slavic but their facial traits are associated with sky-high HDI and signal about worthy sexual partner. Strange feeling.
No. 77193
That's not what I said. Just an observation. And the porn makers are the ones using derogatory terms, not me. Well, besides "shithole".
No. 77195
898 kB, 1083 × 697
Yeltsin, pls go.
No. 77196
Ah, I see. That's certainly more understandable.
I can't come up with a proper translation either, though.
No. 77197 Kontra
147 kB, 660 × 660
Yeltsin destroying internet gommunists with facts and logic.
No. 77199
Not really
It was mostly to know my English level and my expectations
Now I have to wait for a second interview
No. 77200
UTC -5
Don't know what's wrong with my internet
No. 77211
3,4 MB, 3000 × 3000
I finished the remaining two-thirds of the Tatami Galaxy today.
That's one off the bucket list. (Still gonna buy the official English edition when it comes out even if times are hard.)

As I was cooking lunch I was stuck with a debilitating episode before realising I was having an extended thought. Basically I was arranging the knives around to find the one we use to cut bread, and I came upon this really big breadcutting knife that's very bad at cutting bread but my father got it because it's retro.
It's more of a sword, so I was kinda taken in with the idea of imagining myself sitting in an interrogation room after a political assassination, having a discussion about the nature of power with fictive policemen as they take note down my confession.
Basically before I realised I was writing an essay in dialogue-format.
Truly, my mind is being liberated. At this rate in a few weeks I might start a religion.

Also had a good coffee and hung out the wash to dry. Without anyone asking me to.

Picked up the last volume of Three Kingdoms. It's finally out. Just as I predicted, it's bronze colour. So the set is now complete.
I should probably read it actually.
Saw Előd Novák at the bookstore. He's an MP for the Our Homeland Movement and a bit of a meme in certain circles online.

I'm now eating Bismarck doughnuts. Very tasty. Though for some reason I feel like I could eat a horse.
Don't know what I'll do tonight. Maybe just chat some. Or read something.
No. 77213 Kontra
3,4 MB, 360 × 360, 1:00
>hung out the wash to dry. Without anyone asking me to.
You've got a real skill in reminding us from time to time that there's a child posting on EC :D
No. 77215
German cultural imperialism stronk.
It's "laundry"
No. 77216 Kontra
Pretty culturally imperalistic of you to assume that the hungarian word for "laundry" comes directly from "Wäsche" and "wash" is not a sloppy translation of the normal hungarian (non-german-influenced) word.
Also, "washing" is an actual word, as in "we're gonna hang out the washing on the Siegfried Line".
And on dict.cc I just found out that "wash" is indeed an actual word, too.
Seems like I out-smartassed you.
No. 77217
>Pretty culturally imperalistic of you
Yes, that's what I said.
No. 77218
No, I meant YOU are being culturally imperialistic. As in, overestimating our ancestor's cultural influence on those cumanics.
No. 77220
>>77215 >>77216 >>77217 >>77218
Ernstchan – where every thread is German Studies thread!

Listening to Turkish pop songs on a local radio station, rate my appreciation of other cultures
No. 77221
Just listening is not the same as appreciating.
And even liking something is not "appreciating", because you might as well be a simpleton being easily entertained by catchy tunes.
That said, if it wasn't Simerik by Tarkan, it was probably shit.
No. 77222 Kontra
Oh and I forgot, if it was american "pop" music just with turkish lyrics, you can't even precisely talk about "cultural appreciation" in the first place.
No. 77225
2,8 MB, 1:10
Ernst, please, it was my attempt at a joke.
>a simpleton being easily entertained by catchy tunes
That's me all right. I didn't even understand a word of the songs.
No. 77226
>No, I meant YOU are being culturally imperialistic
How many more times am I supposed to say "yes" until you get it?
No. 77227 Kontra
1,0 MB, 2880 × 3840
I'm this cat after reading a joke produced in Germany.
No. 77228
Judging by your posts you are multiple cats in a trenchcoat. Well fooled!
No. 77229 Kontra
404 kB, 668 × 480, 0:08
No. 77230
It's midnight and STILL too warm to open the windows. Should have wallowed in my own stink, at least it would have been cool stink.
No. 77231 Kontra
Speaking of cats. When I was in elementary school I had to see a psychologist for a while, and one of the questions that kept coming up was "What animal would you like to be?", which I always deflected because it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable at the time. But now that I'm older, I can safely say I'd say I'd want to be a cat.

Yeah, I knew it felt off somehow, but I didn't feel like checking it.
It's actually the same expression in Hungarian.

I'm a manchild if anything :D
I just live at home in what is commonly known here as Mamahotel.

It's gonna be 37°C tomorrow.
No. 77232
>It's gonna be 37°C tomorrow.
I don't have to go anywhere and my new windows seem to be insulated really well. Downside, I have to sit in the dark all day.

Then again, anything is better than a heatstroke. I once had one and for some reason it was accompanied by a feeling of having to vomit.
No. 77233
A girl at work has indicated romantic interest. She did so without a specific proposition which I would have been forced to accept or decline; as I absorbed this information our conversation shifted, and the moment passed. I have no intention of pursuing the matter further. My plan to die alone must not be interrupted.
No. 77234
It could be real. I heard that a lot of huguenots moved to protestant parts of Europe, when the Catholics began to persecute them.

T. Family haver from jutland with this background.
No. 77235
>I once had one and for some reason it was accompanied by a feeling of having to vomit.
That's actually one of the symptoms. Basically your brain is boiling, so pressure is rising and any abnormal pressure inside your skull can lead to nausea.

I took the car to work today, despite having a 10min walk, but stepping outside the front door I already didn't feel like moving at all today. And even sitting in a hot car in the evening for two minutes is already better than spending any more time in the open.
Now in office the air is rather dank, but at least temperature is still bearable and I have a fan for dat sweet convection.
No. 77236
Ok, so we can play a little game and perhaps talk about it/steer some discussions or funs.

1. go to https://random.country/

2. Then you fill this chart by clicking through the generator and create your individual random country

Political regime/government
natural beauty

maybe some more parameters would be interesting but I cannot think of any more right now
No. 77237 Kontra
I'll start:

Food - Moldova
Climate - Honduras
Economy - Benin
Political regime/government - Zimbabwe
natural beauty - Malidives

I just wonder how Moldovian food is like, otherwise, I created a country from the global south it seems.
No. 77238
Moldovian food is probably the same as romanian.
Climate and natural beauty are cool, but holy shit, zimbabwean government...
No. 77239
Mine are:

South Africa
S. Korea

Well shit, apart from food and natural beauty this isn't a great mixture.
No. 77240
Food - Salvador
Climate - Indonesia
Economy - Barbados
Political regime/government - Ukraine (I just thought about Ukraine before clicking!)
natural beauty - Kiribati

4/5 are countries about which I know nothing. I hear word "Kiribati" for the first time. So there is nothing to discuss. (and rest 1/5 is already overdiscussed topic) Probably I need to revive my idea: >>72896 , >>72915
No. 77241
I just HAD to look up Germany when I saw they list a "national dish"

I can't say if the other countries fare better but now I don't trust this site at all
No. 77242
70 kB, 1000 × 614
How many of these combinations are theoretically possible? For example, China is rice-based civilization. Growing rice requires a lot of cooperation. Probably that's why China had developed bureaucracy long time ago and Europe only since Modern History. And why Chinese people have more collectivist mindset.

Can country with economy of Saudi Arabia and food of China have political system of United States?
No. 77243
Food — Netherlands (okay, we're safe here, if Charles de Coster is something to go by; the site says that the national dish is something called Poffertjes, and after looking it up it seems crazy fattening but also crazy tasty).

Climate — Cameroon (dunno about that, seems a bit hot, but at least it's tropical monsoon, so it can be tolerable).

Economy — Serbia (trash, but at least there's some hope, unlike some other countries out there).

Political regime — Tajikistan (okay, now we're properly fucked; the only thing that gives me a teeny-tiny bit of hope is that it isn't North Korea).

Natural beauty — New Zealand (totally fine, if not really great; they filmed Lord of the Rings there, and it looked awesome).
No. 77244
Those things are always bullshit anyway. Just run with it and exfoliate your onions.
No. 77245 Kontra
Food - China
Climate - Ukraine
Economy - Vatican
Government - Afghanistan
Natural beauty - Ecuador

10/10 country imho.
No. 77246 Kontra
>Government - Afghanistan
>10/10 country imho.
No. Just no.
No. 77247
Wikipedia just asked again for money and told me to not click away the popup. I clicked it away. Have you ever donated to Jimbo?
No. 77248
What's the winning draw here? Obviously it's debatable on most points, but I guess the following would qualify:

Food - Italy - we recently had a matrix with food ratings from tourists, and I think Italy was at the top
Climate - something mild, close to the sea, maybe northern Portugal? Might be too hot now though. Japan maybe also a decent choice.
Economy - Easy, some filthy rich state like Luxembourg or Switzerland
Government - Stable and centrist, and it can't be any government of countries which are regulars here because that would yield an instant NOOOOO-cry by that country's poster, so maybe Norway?
Natural beauty - plenty of choices, I go with New Zealand
No. 77249 Kontra
138 kB, 1087 × 323
I found a challenger for climate: Ecuador. Mild thoughout the year, basically an eternal spring.
No. 77250
Another question: what's worst possible combination?
  1. Meme answer is UK but actually India.
  2. Central African republic.
  3. Central African republic.
  4. Turkmenistan.
  5. All nature looks cool, but deserts are primitive and monotonous. Saudi Arabia.
No. 77252
Food - Nauru(?)
Climate - Sudan
Economy - Swaziland
Political regime/government - United Arab Emirates
natural beauty - Oman

Poor muslim desert island.
No. 77253
>winning draw

>Food - Italy
Yeah, I don't think that many people would argue with that.
>Climate - something mild, close to the sea
As much as I like our kind of winter, I will concede that mediterranean is the best possible climate for a human being.
>Economy - Easy, some filthy rich state like Luxembourg or Switzerland
Dunno about that, they seem to be heavily dependent on the capitalism working properly. It's better to pick a country with stronk economy and decent natural resources, like the US or China, IMO.
>Government - maybe Norway?
Scandis are pretty much best of the best, so Sweden and Denmark are fine too. From my post-sovok perspective most European countries are great, so I would actually add Garmoney, Finland, France, Netherlands, Belgium, and mmmmaybe even Czechia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Ireland and the UK.
>Natural beauty - plenty of choices, I go with New Zealand
Ah, I think that countries with the most diverse biomes win here, so it's either the US or China. New Zealand is definitely awesome though, and I'm glad that I rolled it.
No. 77254
77 kB, 670 × 780
I'm thinking about other fun activities which can be done with EC + random number generator.
One of propositions: each of participators names a movie which he likes [not too popular but available on English]. Then you have to watch one of other's movie (decided by random) and write a review. Profits:
  1. You watch a movie which you probably wouldn't watch otherwise because of presumptions about it. Get a potentially new and positive experience.
  2. Make someone care about your shit.
Or another version. Each one names a topic he's interested about ("your most strange dream"/"Jesus Christ"/"turn based strategies"/"your siblings"/etc). And then every participator has to make a post [preferably a detailed one] about it. The point is the same. Cause interaction which wouldn't happen otherwise.

How it can be grifted:
  1. Naming intentionally awful movie ("Slaughtered Vomit Dolls") or intentionally boring topic ("industrial output of Ottoman empire").
  2. Naming your topic and later not replying to other's.
Perhaps I described it awfully but it must be not as boring as it sounds from my description.
No. 77255
268 kB, 1200 × 1145
It's hotter than Dubai here at the moment. How are people outside? My roommate that is still left (others are somewhere else in Germany right now) went out this morning probably to learn for exams. Walking to the supermarket that is 5min away was enough for today I am just reminded of going to the Arab supermarket was one of my day goals, I need Sumac for Tantuni. At least yesterday I was outside doing summer stuff (cooling down in waters).

too much work for me
No. 77256
>How are people outside?
No choice

>watch one of other's movie
On the Germany that would either cost money buying/renting or cost money getting sued for pirating. Not everyone lives in a no-shits-given country like Russia
No. 77257
It sounds complicated but from perspective of participator it's simple:
1. Propose a movie.
2. Watch a movie assigned to you and post review.

Or for the second idea:
1. Propose a topic.
2. Make posts about topics proposed by others.

all you need to do is to watch movies and shitpost
No. 77258
176 kB, 1000 × 698
>No choice

This was more of a rhetorical question, I know that people need to (wage)labor. But everybody else has no excuses!
No. 77259 Kontra
1,5 MB, 1944 × 2592
I'll probably "waste" today. No, maybe try continuing my translation of the Han Feizi's first chapter. Installed Pleco on Bluestacks so I can actually use the kickass handwriting recognising it has without the phone. The jank must go on!
And maybe get in the pool. Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable idea.

Also here's a picture of the last volume of Three Kingdoms I picked up yesterday. This phone has a 5 megapixel camera, but only takes 5mp pictures if it's in 4:3 ratio, otherwise it only does 3.5mp.
Amazing how much shit people put up with back in the day.

I have no idea. I went out but the heat literally makes me gag even if I'm sipping icy water in the shade, so I came inside to save myself from a potential heatstroke.
No. 77260
33 kB, 207 × 322
>What's the winning draw here?
>Japan maybe also a decent choice.

In Japanese fiction, characters sometimes complain about heat or humidity. So at least the part of Japan where the average character lives can't have the world's most pleasant climate (but perhaps the northern and southern periphery?).
I think lots of places with a stable (sub)tropical high altitude climate must be best. Quito has been brought up; Waziristan must be nice if only climate-wise.
Second place going to a strong moderating maritime influence. Long ago on Krautchan, Belarus wrote that Northern Germany must have the best climate with its mild winters and not too hot summers. Before that, I had not thought of the local climate as remarkable. On top of that usual mildness, the last 2 winters felt extra mild.
t. northern Germany
No. 77261
Writing about low-latitude, high-altitude climate, I remembered this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_Murree_snowstorm
(Pakistani climate tourists want to see snow, so they get in their cars, clog mountain streets and die from hypothermia.)
No. 77262
>even if I'm sipping icy water in the shade

Learn from North Africa and make some mint tea.
No. 77263
What >>77262 said. If you ingest cold food or drinks your body has to heat them up.
No. 77264
More importantly, drinking hot tea uses the cheat that you instinctively begin to sweat profusely. And the evaporating sweat takes away much more heat than the tea brings in.
No. 77265
Despite all our superficial differences, human anatomy is more-less the same everywhere, at least functionally.
This leads to some actualities, like pants having two legs and caps not having holes for horns.
It also leads to a finite amounts of ways to make noise or to throw a punch - for example a boxing punch is a karate punch is a muay thai punch, simply because it's the most efficient way to punch.

This led me to wonder if there is also a most efficient way to write by hand. Sure, typing is basically independent from anatomy, but handwriting needs, well, hands. Amputees with special contraptions don't count here.
And as with throwing a punch, the construction of the fingers and wrist also limit the possibilities of writing with some kind of pen.
It will obviously be some kind of cursive, but does a truly efficient script even exist?
No. 77266
7 kB, 584 × 157
Just encode the alphabet in binary, and write in cursive, where a peak is 1 and a valley is 0. Can't possibly get faster than that.
You'll just have to be very careful to remember whether your text started with a 0 or 1 so you don't get confused
Or just use a notebook with ruled paper so you can use the lines as a guide. It works well with existing writing technology.
You can then use huffman codes to compress your text to save on paper and ink. It's good for the environment!
No. 77267
This is efficient text from perspective of writing. What will be most efficient text from perspective of reading?
No. 77268 Kontra
>a most efficient way to write by hand

Despite the anatomy making constraints, this is not solely decided by anatomy but also the character of the signs for communication. Different symbol systems for communication exist and are factor to consider as well in that question.
No. 77269
Well, this depends on whether linguistic constructs have meaning in themselves, or only in relation to other things.

Like, the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple.
But is that representation representing the same thing as the word "apple"?

Do words have separate noumena from objects that they represent?
No. 77270 Kontra
436 kB, 406 × 720, 0:09
Why not write in cursive quaternary or octal instead of binary? Easy enough to distinguish between a few more horizontal values and save on the length of the text. I would guess it's a lot faster with a comfortable writing "font" size.

>"What animal would you like to be?", which I always deflected because it made me feel incredibly uncomfortable at the time. But now that I'm older, I can safely say I'd say I'd want to be a cat.
This might be just me but I would never trust a person who answers that question with a cat. You better answer some kind of a bird or a majestic animal or else there's something wrong with you. Particularly answering a cat tells me there's something untrustworthy going on and I don't want stay around to find out what it is.

Also today I'm this cat.
No. 77271
> the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple
Yes, it works simple real world objects. But what would be the most efficient way to visually represent "the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple" (considered that we're allowed to detach writing from usual human speech)?
No. 77272
Yes, interesting point, and if you read closely you will notice that I talk about finite ways.
And yeah, comparing that with a punch that has a single goal and is vastly less complex functionally than writing was probably a bit short-sighted.
No. 77273
Bogotá is also a good option from my experience
No. 77274
6 kB, 171 × 148
Well, that depends on whether two physically different sensory phenomena can truly represent the same thing.

Like, do the words "apple" and "яблоко" truly mean the same thing? Is there not some information loss between the two representations? Or even if we stick to one language, and I said that "╗▀┤¤" now stands for the English word "apple", do the really, truly convey the same thing?
What if there's no true synonyms, and every unique arrangement of anything stands for exactly one thing?

And even more fucked up, does the same word written in Helvetica and Comic sans also "mean" the same thing? Doesn't feel like it to be honest.
No. 77275 Kontra
Maybe the most efficient way to visually represent "the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple" is "the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple", because it's the only way to truly represent "the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple".
No. 77276
You're a very silly Brick and I refuse to further discuss this matter while you are not being less silly.
No. 77277
>Climate - something mild, close to the sea, maybe northern Portugal? Might be too hot now though
Subtropical winters suck. Period. Since the local infrastructure is always very poorly adapted to cold weather, you'll freeze. My choice beyond the god-blessed Central Russia with its fabulous winters is something mountainous, moderately humid and close to the equator.
Not bad, but too little sunshine. September in Moscow is more sunny than the most typical month in Quito. Given the temperatures aren't too high either, I'd seek for a bit more comfortable option.
No. 77278
I thought the finite was just referring to anatomically constrained finiteness since your post was centered on anatomy.

I'm wondering of punches can be differentiated though, different techniques for different punching goals. Sure, they all hurt or something but will a punch be sufficient to knock somebody out quickly, make the loss of balance more likely or not etc etc. etc.
No. 77279 Kontra
I have no idea of martial arts but now I think about this: does the punch have a specific role in the "systems" of different martial arts? Like in boxing the punch is very important, what it is its role in kickboxing though? The relation of punch and kick. So that a punch is not like any punch but could be more specified. Punches that make more sense in relation with other moves in that martial arts for example.
No. 77280
>I thought the finite was just referring to anatomically constrained finiteness
Yes that was the point. Maybe I misunderstood your "not solely decided by anatomy" - to me it sounded like you thought I said that it was the only factor.

Speaking of martial arts, well, a punch is a punch, which means it's the most efficient way to bring your fist onto someone. It's a different tool inside that given system. Obviously boxing is centered around punching as offensive means and has basically perfected that system over the course of millennia.
That said, obviously there are different types of punches, and I apologize being imprecise before; I was talking about the straight variants mainly, i.e. jab and cross.
However, there are certain details that the different disciplines might differ in. For example, you will use more jabs and "lighter" punches in the disciplines that also use other limbs or other parts of limbs, whereas in boxing you want to put all your weight into your punches; Jack Dempsey once put it as "falling into the punch", but obviously it's slightly more complicated than that.
In something like muay thai you also put your weight into your punches, but in different ways, especially since you'll also will put your weight into your kicks.
Okay now I am rambling, the tl;dr is still: there's only so much you can do with your fists to beat someone.
No. 77281
2,6 MB, 4160 × 3120
Trip to grocery store complete. Verdict: milk, peanut butter and bananas are still cheap. Greek yogurt and bread are not. Milk is a loss leader, ofc. No idea what the real market price should be without stores competing for consoomer foot traffic.
Also, the clerk didn't charge me for a paperbag. $.05 saved!
No. 77282
It's quite interesting how much design and engineering (not just physical) goes into our built environment.


As he says in the video, it's just one part of the design and "implementation" of a highway, coming to the crest I had to think of driver's license school in Germany were one question of the theoretical exam is what to do when nearing a crest

>What should you expect beyond the crest?

1) a broken down vehicle
2) a (incoming) vehicle in my lane using it as well
3) a slow driving vehicle on my side of the road

now I want to take that test again :DDDD I can already imagine a German video game that is driver's license simulator
No. 77283
>to me it sounded like you thought I said that it was the only factor.

Well in your post it was not mentioned but centered on anatomy as (then sole) constraining factor.
No. 77284
>fat free milk
What is this? Islamic gommunism? Luckily for you the crmy pb bails you out, otherwise I'd have to call the FBI!
No. 77286
I was raised on 2% milk and getting used to fat free took a while. I made the switch when I was going through my most 'health obsessed' phase as a teen. Now I prefer it for breakfast cereal, whereas the whole milk is used for coffee and chocolate milk. Fat free milk in coffee is disgusting; I'd rather drink nothing.

Also, that price is per gallon- the only reasonable quantity to purchase. Who buys half gallons of milk? Or worse- quarts! Weirdos.
No. 77287
106 kB, 959 × 236
Yes, I understand what you're talking about. But it's more interesting what can be achieved if we ignore these nuances and consider "apple" and "яблоко" same thing.

Real life objects can be represented by their image. Entire paragraph describing a person's appearance or landscape can be replaced with one image. "Green" can be depicted by green rectangle, "more" can be depicted by ">". Abstract concepts have their symbols too ("science" is blue image of atom, "Islam" is half-moon with a star ☪).
No. 77288
173 kB, 1496 × 832
Update for the schizo-language: reasoning, instructions and compound sentences in general can be represented by block-schemes.
No. 77291
I think I had this conversation with brick while on edibles once. We came to the conclusion that menes and smileys are basically the highest form of language.
No. 77292
Newfag's question: is he Brick because his countryball is rectangle or is his countryball rectangle because he's Brick? What happened first and why?
No. 77293
The former. I don't know why it be that way though.
No. 77295

I want to say that it’s all because of KC had countryballs made for countries that had posters in the first place. When brick arrived to the block he had no countryball and displayed a country flag instead. And for some reason a ball wasn’t made for some time, resulting in the identity of a brick in midst of all the balls and eventually a brick-shaped “ball”.
No. 77297 Kontra
Attempted to reply with some emojis but they disappeared. Oh well.
No. 77298
That is the story I was told more or less.
No. 77299 Kontra
25 kB, 199 × 227
Even the rice I made for lunch cooked faster in this weather.
No. 77300
Why does it show the water temperature (or something) of the Balaton?
No. 77301
You can decide if you wanna go swim now. Or too cold.
No. 77303
>Subtropical winters suck. Period. Since the local infrastructure is always very poorly adapted to cold weather, you'll freeze.
No. 77304
Beach trips.
No. 77324
So I've been sending my cv to many offices and now I have noticed that my phone number is not working
I should try one more time maybe
No. 77327 Kontra
46 kB, 605 × 434
This Donald Duck comic titled "Without Beer" is very relevant today.

Maybe you could re-contact them and claim that you had your old phone number listed by mistake. Not a great outlook but it is what it is.
No. 77328
The last 15min I've been watching a 20yo streaming from work on TikTok. He labors at Mcdonald's Drive-In. It's kinda fascinating and about 3500 other people think the same it seems.
No. 77329 Kontra
He takes money while taking an order and he has attention on the stream/comments as well. Switching between all three. It looks super stressful, the guy is constantly taking orders, and taking money and he lives in a rather small city even.
No. 77330 Kontra
Oispa Kaljaa :D
No. 77331 Kontra
368 kB, 854 × 480, 0:09
Amen brother :D
No. 77334
>the most efficient way to visually represent the appearance of an apple would be a picture of an apple
But what kind of picture? A drawing of something reduced to black outlines is often easier to recognize (and that's only one of several advantages) and thus a better representation of it than a faithful picture, especially at small sizes. And if I'm not good at drawing or creating realistic representations, writing "apple" may be more efficient.
No. 77335
Of course, writing "apple" may not meet your definition of visually representing the appearance of an apple. But reading usually happens visually, the letters form a word representing an apple, including the apple's appearance which the reader can substitute for the word in her mind.
No. 77338
Today a company called me and told me to get a full physical examination
I not only got lost looking for that hospital they sent me to, results say my right ear is almost completely deaf and the left is under optimal levels
Also tachycardia
I guess that the search for a job continues
No. 77339
Well tbh, when I read words, I don't literally imagine their representations in my mind, but rather some more abstract "notion" of the word.
What exactly happens in my mind when reading a word is largely depended on the context in which the word was used.
A lot of the time, I don't even really "parse" the word individually, the word rather acts as an "anchor" or "node" in the structure that is being built by the rest of the sentence / paragraph.

In some sentences, the "appleness" of an apple is important to the meaning of the text, in others, it acts more as a placeholder for a general notion of "fruit", in others still, as a general notion of "food", etc., depending on what the text is emphasizing.

Does this make any sense to anyone else?
No. 77340
How is that legal?
No. 77344
>don't literally imagine their representations in my mind
This part makes sense to me. I strongly doubt I imagine a picture of the thing everytime I read a word.
About the last part, I don't think it works like that for me, but I don't know. I wrote >>77334 and >>77335 but I'm not the philosophy German and am only very superficially interested in all this.

In Sweden, can you become, let's say, a firefighter without proof of physical fitness?

I wish you good luck.
I sometimes (once every couple of weeks?) experience what feels like a sudden short (1–2 seconds?) "jog" of my heart, usually when I'm sitting (bad posture?), never during or after climbing stairs or running. But when I went to the doctor suspecting something may be wrong with my heart and/or lung, simple checks found nothing.
No. 77346
"Herzstolpern" is not all too uncommon and can occur even in physically fit people. I have it, too. As long as it's not an actual arrhythmia, it's no biggie.
No. 77347 Kontra
Additional fun fact: athletes often have a rather irregular resting pulse and only under load it gets truly steady.
No. 77349
> But what kind of picture?
Something like I posted. Cartoonish but colored picture. A platonic apple. Picture of specific apple can be used when we talk about specific apple and want to describe how it looks.

> And if I'm not good at drawing or creating realistic representations, writing "apple" may be more efficient.
Yes, but I'm talking about reading efficiency (at cost of writing efficiency).
Suppose that someone invented neurochip which draws any image or scheme which you can imagine (and does nothing except this hehe).
No. 77351
364 kB, 633 × 628
I was in the sun for a grand total of half an hour while walking about and I think my lower arms got burnt.

The hot Earl Grey really helps with the weather though. I already read half of the novel I picked out today. Don’t know if I can go on though with the temperature nearing 40 degrees even in the shade.
No. 77352
Why wouldn't it be?
It's my first time looking for a job, didn't know it wasn't common
No. 77353
> was in the sun for a grand total of half an hour while walking about and I think my lower arms got burnt.
That's why I always wear long sleeves
But still 40 c sounds horrible, I can't imagine reading with those temperatures
No. 77355
>High disruption
... of what?
No. 77357 Kontra
"Staying alive" in my experience.
No. 77366 Kontra
38 kB, 640 × 701
I don't understand why more countries don't adopt including a deposit in beverage pricing. For example you pay an extra 10 cents a beverage container that you get back when you return it to a store. In this way nearly all cans and bottles get recycled and there's none laying around on the ground. People do leave their containers out and about, but eventually someone picks them up and returns them to the store.
No. 77369
Cousin called me asking if it's possible to install windows 10 on an M1 Macbook.

Because her auntie (and my former boss) gifted her a macbook for HS graduation, but her entire college curriculum is built around MSVC++ and C# programming.

If I cared, I could just take my work laptop from the office and lend it to her.
Maybe I'll do that.
No. 77371
Recycling is a lie, especially regarding plastic packaging. A lot of these consist of multiple different types and they just get burned anyway because it would be far too difficult to separate that shit.
No. 77374 Kontra
59 kB, 426 × 240, 0:03
Sounds like you have your work cut out for you in regards the tutoring. If you were planning to tutor her, don't recall the specifics.
No. 77375 Kontra
Why do you post something so retarded? I'm talking about beverage containers, not plastic packaging. Did you know that beverages come in many forms of containers, such as glass, aluminum AND plastic? All of which are easily recyclable, unlike plastic packaging.
No. 77377 Kontra
Is that true for Pfandflaschen and Pfanddosen or are these designed so that they are recyclable? If so it's only partly a lie, because then you speak about things like yogurt plastic packaging which has no fees on it.
No. 77381 Kontra
830 kB, 1920 × 1864
154 kB, 4000 × 499
I'd like to add that writing instruments and material are also crucial. They have in fact shaped the symbol systems. Consider the voluptuous Brahmic scripts on leaves and barks and the later descendent Tibetan script: slender, sharp, written on paper with bamboo pens. Or compare the chinese carved on oracle bones, written on bamboo slips and on papers.

What's the case of cube and triangle then?

>For example, China is rice-based civilization. Growing rice requires a lot of cooperation. Probably that's why China had developed bureaucracy long time ago and Europe only since Modern History. And why Chinese people have more collectivist mindset.
The northen half of china, which is the political center and where china was unified from, grows and eats wheat, not rice.
I also doubt any simple reductionism like this.
No. 77383
2,4 MB, 4080 × 3060
6,8 MB, 4080 × 3060
Today, I rode my bicycle from Sjöbo (Skåne) to Höör (Mitt i Skåne, as they will tell you on every street corner). Things I saw:
To girls/young women in nightgowns on the campsite. Which strikes me as odd, since all women under 50 of whom I know what they wear to bed wear PJs all the time. (Took a count, it's 5:0 for pj's). (Obviously, no photos attached. Just imagine a young woman in a nightgown, something I haven't seen since the nineties.)
the Sjöbo annual fair. Same as every small-town fair in Germany, really, but without a beer-tent or wine-tent or even a tiny little white beer stand. Why do people go there when they can't even get drunk?
Lots of gravel roads that clearly used to be tarmac, until the tarmac degenerated and they just graveled over. I guess the bigger through-roads where built instead, but still sucks for the people living on the now-graveled by-roads.
Lots of bus stops where I don't think a bus has stopped in decades.
A skinny girl in an A-tractor, she looked 13, but could have been sixteen.
Raggare in a giant ancient Cadillac.

Sweden seems to be its own cliche.
No. 77384
2,4 MB, 2448 × 3264
We have that system for glass bottles
Buit would be great if cans and plastic bottles were like that too
No. 77385
79 kB, 800 × 600
>What's the case of cube
No. 77386
Which is a reference to

I don't know the story behind SGP.
No. 77387 Kontra
>for Pfandflaschen and Pfanddosen or
PET-cycle-is a myth. The PET-bottles are not used to make new PET-bottles, they are downcycled in the best case. Aluminum cans suck for automated sorting, they can't be separated by magnetism. But tinplate can be recycled pretty good.

Glass recycling is energy-intensive, but much less energy-intensive than making new glass. Multiple use glass bottles are pretty good, as long as they have short shipping distances.

Not him, obviously.
No. 77388
44 kB, 897 × 538
>writing instruments and material

Yes! Right in the feels of a media studies scholar!

>I also doubt any simple reductionism like this.

It struck me as surprising that this argument can similarly lead to "tribes based on cooperative action, so basically everybody should have the collectivist mindset from then on since we all have been tribes as some point and were collectivist"
No. 77389
Palace economies and early cities worked in the opposite way. A big guy decides everything, everything belongs to him, he just let's his cronies use it. This is a palace economy, tsardom or putinism. Early cities depended on slavery, since without slave girls, they would have been unable to upkeep their population and their standard of living. The cuneiform for slave is just mountain girl, and in proto-cuneiform, that's just a cunt and a hill.
No. 77390 Kontra
223 kB, 640 × 460
I survived the heat. Finished two thirds of Vladimir Sorokin's Day of the oprichnik. Gonna finish the rest tomorrow.
Otherwise I'm mainly reading Garfield comic strips. They are really thought provoking in a sense.
Just randomly picked a year and going from January 1, 1980.

Dad bought me a tablet as a gift for the good grades.
I've been using it.
Technology is actually amazing. Last time I used a tablet was a decade ago and then it was some cheap Chinese android that ran like crap, but this thing, oh mama, this thing does multitasking and handwriting recognition in office and putting handwritten notes over pdfs and I feel like an absolute boring twit for getting excited over finding a new way to use productivity software.
It also doesn't weigh like a billion kilos, so I won't get scoliosis carrying it in my bag to university when the time comes.
Set the house-rules for it though. It's strictly a work device, so no twitter, no discord and no youtube.
Actually didn't ruin my focus at all for the day. So I guess I'm starting to reach some sort of synthesis.

In the garden two of my most promising tomato plants broke. Both of them just snapped and fell over for some reason, despite being the small and sturdy type. I put some stakes next to them and tied them up and now I'm praying they don't die.

Heat is still unbearable. 32 as of now. Sun is about to completely set though, so it will go down.

Afaik China's highly centralized/bureaucratic nature can be attributed to the really harsh floods the Yangzi and the Huanghe rivers produce. Now this puts a really fucking big strain on communities, to organise building dams and then watch and manage them. (If you look at the mythology, the mythical times of Yao, Shun and Yu place great importance on flood control.)

Imho it's normal. At least I heard about it when my sister was looking for a summer job. They made her do a full check-up before they employed her.
Don't know what the function is though.
No. 77391
67 kB, 734 × 734
>What's the case of cube and triangle then?
The original cube was quite... different sort of a person so it could've been the same deal as with brick but involved hypercube joges like the comic posted by the German suggests, and stuck because of them. I don't recall really. As for tringapore, no clue. I don't remember anything about them or the posts they made.

Wasn't expecting that at all. What a nice surprise! Have you seen people that look for discarded bottles, or does everyone return their own bottles?

>PET-cycle-is a myth. The PET-bottles are not used to make new PET-bottles, they are downcycled in the best case.
Has someone here claimed that there is such a thing as PET-cycle? For me recycling means taking would-be-waste and either re-using it or turning it into usable material for new products. Downgrading recycling process to "downcycling" is pretty dismissive. A product needs material so it can be manufactured and it's great if that material can be recovered from something that would otherwise be waste. Only in the case that the recycling process is more efficient, that is. And for plastic bottles that has been the case for a long time even without any sort of "green" subsidies.

>Aluminum cans suck for automated sorting, they can't be separated by magnetism. But tinplate can be recycled pretty good.
Simply not the case. Machines have been sorting plastic, glass and aluminum containers efficiently here for as long as I can remember. Decades. You can see a modern, quite large machine operating here and see for yourself:
Just the first video I found. There are way smaller machines that fit your small corner shop that do the same sorting. Just used one two hours ago.
No. 77392
33 kB, 332 × 500
River or rice, geographical determinism will not explain either a supposed collectivist mindset (it's not sufficiently thought-out what this could even mean tbh) nor bureaucracies, even more so since the latter is a phenomenon that all big states have, government control is one super important phenomenon of modernization which figured super prominently in the West and Asia during the 20ths century. So floods are more than insufficient to explain state control that goes beyond the special case of flood control. China is not the only country that had flood control problems, I mean other geographies have other natural phenomena that called for control. After all the enlightenment era, capitalism, the dawn of the state, scientifization played all together in the West. Take France for example and Louis XVI, gathering data and getting the mathematics right was important then.
No. 77393 Kontra
What I forgot in my rant was this: the enlightenment era in the west with the emergence of classical sciences was also bundled up with a control of nature, so flood control would be a tiny slice of a mega project that is governmental control by political powers. Nature is one area of control through science. The populous is another, especially when you have more and more people living on your territory.
No. 77394 Kontra
Fuck, that reads like a complaint. Want meant that way. I am just surprised about little things, mainly at swedishness turned up to eleven.
No. 77395
When there is no cycle, there is no recycling. Can't post more, but it's simple logic.
No. 77396 Kontra
107 kB, 800 × 800
Buy a cycle then?
No. 77397 Kontra
Undoubtedly it is a complex question, of which geography is only a component of.
No. 77398
I’m in London! Pointy noses, burkas, red hairs and drunkards fill the streets. The immersion is total.
No. 77399
Who are you? All the brits we had left a long time ago.
No. 77401
Failed the test for the job I was applying, also I probably got covid (getting harder to breathe and flu) . Anyway the doctor recommended not to take it because I m half deaf already
Glass bottles are almost always returned, at least I have never seen them in the trash so far
No. 77402
> Let's pretend the word cycle has only one meaning, and applying that meaning, the poster I respond to said something very dumb, which means I am very smart
Look, it is called re-cycling. That implies resources being taken from a cycle and being re-entered into a cycle. Cycle meaning:
>course or series of events or operations that recur regularly and usually lead back to the starting point
If the material degrades in every step and can not be turned into what it was, it's not recycled, just re-used. When plastic bottles are turned into dust pans and then burned, that is not recycling.
> But to me, it is!
If I said that to me, black is white, would that mean that black is white or that I am full of shit?

Do not pretend to be dumb for argument's sake. If you actually are dumb, don't make arguments.

Still not >>77371
No. 77403 Kontra
That's just aspie tier.
No. 77405 Kontra
While you try to outsmart people here once again I think the autism is strong in this language game. Recycling does not have to be a full closed loop to be called recycling, although a closed loop with good energy consumption values is the most desirable goal of recycling.
And part of the stuff that gets not feed back in the loop then can be re-used or is downcycled
No. 77406
>Applying agreed upon definitions is a game
>Making up definitions on the go and twisting meanings is totally not a game
I am not trying to outsmart people, I'm just calling him out on his bullshit.

You are falling for the pseudo-arguments of the garbage-industry shills.
No. 77407 Kontra
No. 77409
>agreed upon definitions

Ah yes, of course! I guess the literature on recycling agrees on just one definition you have yet not proven to be the one. I think recycling is such a big concept that it won't fit YOUR definition of 100% or in other words a fully closed loop of feeding back waste materials of a product into the production again. That is the ideal and base of a circular economy but we don't have that anyway, that does not make it a lie but I know that recycling is not as well done as its image says, yet it doesn't make it useless.
No. 77410 Kontra
233 kB, 1189 × 995
I’m glad at least the Chinese thermometer is enjoying the weather.
I went outside, read 20 pages and had a cup of tea and then quickly fled back inside the house, because I started feeling dizzy.
Even with my hair wet.
Still, I finished the book and I’m onto the next one. I’ll probably read another Russian book before A Rebours.
No. 77411
>I’m glad at least the Chinese thermometer is enjoying the weather.
My clock/thermometer combo only shows when I should open the windows, not a smiley.

That feel when no happy gadget.
No. 77412
92 kB, 608 × 790
What the fuck is wrong with you? :D Start off with reading the definitions for recycling and take it down a notch.

>You are falling for the pseudo-arguments of the garbage-industry shills.
Like I said before, recycling beverage containers is a profitable business run by real companies operating without subsidies for decades in Finland at least. That material is used domestically and even exported. It's a whole different ballgame compared to "generic" plastics "recycling". And of course the processes for glass and aluminum are also profitable. If this doesn't fit your definition of recycling it's not my problem and not something I'm interested arguing about.
No. 77415 Kontra
48 kB, 900 × 900
Actshually, a ball isn't a sphere.
No. 77420
just had an honest to god wet dream
it was so realistic that I could smell the skin
then I came in my pants and woke up.

No. 77424
37 kB, 620 × 450
Was he hot?
No. 77426
Disappointing and disgusting. I'd be pissed about getting fooled.

>recycling beverage containers is a profitable business
Human trafficking is a profitable business. What's your point?

>Beverage containers
Don't generalize that. Glass bottle can be turned into glass bottle, near perfect recycling. Aluminum can can be turned into anything aluminum, including aluminum can. But I still maintain its hard to separate aluminum from plastic thrash automatically and I doubt the process works as well as you claim. PET-bottle-recycling? Happens on a limited scale, not possible to turn old PET-bottle into new PET-bottle. At best, you add one stage between the bottle and the landfill, two if you count burning it and dumping the highly toxic ashes in a mineshaft. Common scenario: it finds it's way into the ocean sooner or later. Hardly cyclical, and we have to thank successful lobby work that out counts as re"cycling" or sustainable. Fools don't get it. They think it's all environmentally friendly, since there's a deposit on the bottle! It has to be!
Protip: like the other ball said, most of those bottles are burned, since there's not much else to be fine with them. No one needs that many PET-dustpans, etc.
No. 77430 Kontra
>Human trafficking is a profitable business. What's your point?
That recycling the bottles into material is more efficient than sourcing virgin plastics for whatever the use case for it is. Therefore, recycling them is better than incinerating usable, cheap material and replacing it with even more plastic.

>But I still maintain its hard to separate aluminum from plastic thrash automatically and I doubt the process works as well as you claim
So you didn't watch the video I provided? Please don't participate in this topic if you're not interested in learning anything new and just repeating your idiotic takes. If you're against setting up a system to recycle beverage containers you could at least provide some reasons why that is the case. Maybe there is some special quirk about German beverages that somehow makes this a bad idea. Now that would be interesting.

>Rest of the bullshit text that has nothing to do with recycling
Cool. Go read what recycling means.
No. 77431
One of the Swissballs
No. 77432
There is practically just one, no?
What did you do in London?
No. 77433
A new one created a few threads lately so maybe not anymore.
No. 77434 Kontra
>what did you do in London?
I’m still there, on vacation to some friend’s grandparents apartment. I went to the British Museum, ate fish and chips and went to Brighton beaches and pubs like a true tourist. I may take pictures and do an IWO.
No. 77435
I don't know, I couldn't get a good look since he was behind me the whole time.
No. 77436
>friend’s grandparents apartment

That is what I imagine a filthy rich swiss would say!

When I visited London ten years ago or so I visited some record shops and Tate it was with my English Abitur course, we also did the Globe Theatre and something else I forgot as a mandatory program...we also did a boat tour through Canary Wharf and such I think. I remember going back by tube and taking this train through Canary Wharf

Are you that on-point IRL as well? Good answer.
No. 77441
>That is what I imagine a filthy rich swiss would say!

That’s me!
The grandfather in question was implicated with the creation of the first interstate highways in Chicago. He became rich, made an MBA and became richer. The apartment is in an upper middle class imperial neighborhood and pretty close to the center.
No. 77442
223 kB, 1200 × 1920
Every time I save a file on Medibang, this ad plays. Every time I close the app, this ad plays. For three days. I have listened to the first 10 seconds of this abominable song more times than I can count. No one has ever known such suffering.
No. 77443 Kontra
44 kB, 786 × 480, 0:02
Surely there must be a way to invest a few dollars to end the suffering, no?
No. 77445
137 kB, 680 × 390
Wasp genocide best day of my life.
But only after mambet genocide, because they leave food waste around, which attracts wasps in the first place.
No. 77446 Kontra
>>Rest of the bullshit text that has nothing to do with recycling
You are obviously extremely stupid, right? No, I won't waste my data limit on an industry propaganda video. Hang yourself in the attic, you joke of a 'person'.
No. 77447
>invest a few dollars
$20 annually last time I looked. I have a strong aversion to paying for software, but maybe I'll bite the bullet and do it just this once. Let them win. And take my money. Just once.
No. 77451 Kontra
29 kB, 270 × 240, 0:02
Subscription pricing model for software is just not right. But at least 20$ annually isn't that bad.

>No, I won't waste my data limit on an industry propaganda video.
Didn't realize that I had to tailor the information sources to fit third world internet :D Well, makes a lot more sense why you are so misguided when you are unable to access new information.

>Hang yourself in the attic, you joke of a 'person'.
Should've noticed earlier that I was engaging with a schizo :D We're done here.
No. 77453
Just went to discord to look something up.
First, I had to allow about ten different scripts that only appeared after I reloaded the page.
Then I had to enter a name, but without actually making an account(???), then solving an "H-captcha", which is like an even more retarded version of recaptcha.
Then it took another minute or so to load because of all those unnecessary bullshit widgets and fidgets and sidebars and whatnot, then notifications randomly popped up.
After like ten minutes of scrolling I finally found what I was looking for, but it was a miserable, horrible experience.
No. 77454 Kontra
>After like ten minutes of scrolling I finally found what I was looking for, but it was a miserable, horrible experience.
Never used Discord from a browser but I found the search function pretty good. (Like how it allows you to filterby person, channel, type of link or even just having a file attached.
If you know even a single piece of info about the post you’re looking for it’ts pretty easy to find stuff.
No. 77455 Kontra
>Hang yourself in the attic, you joke of a 'person'
Please keep it civil, thank you.
No. 77457 Kontra
Doesn't help with the convoluted, shitty, cluttered interface though.
No. 77461
i got banned and wiped again on kc.
No. 77468
555 kB, 1296 × 2304
That feel when Chinese flu
No. 77469
>"Gotta be a mistake, let's try again"
>"They sold me defective stuff"
>"Third time's the charm"
No. 77470 Kontra
Please get banned here too.
No. 77472
Ernst, what are the costs of an imageboard? Who finances EC and Kohl?
No. 77474
Get well soon.
If you die, can I have some of your monies?
No. 77475
>If you die, can I have some of your monies?

What monies? I spend it all on covid tests :DDD
No. 77478
Discord won't send an email to verify my 'new device' log-in, which means I'm effectively locked out of my account forever. On one hand, I don't care and no loss. On the other, I hate it when simple processes that should work inexplicably fail. Just send the email, or at least offer an option to 'resend' it.

No. 77479
I think I'm sweating more right now in 30 degrees than I did when it was 40.
Got some menial tasks done.
Tomatoes are about to ripen. Honestly I expected more, but there's maybe one and a half dozen in total.
Like a year or two ago we harvested new ones constantly, but these, they're not growing all that well for some reason.
Oh well, we will try again next year.

I'm dicking around with the tablet some more, experimenting with software and seeing how I can introduce it to my workflow.
I know war-allegories are cringe and all, especially now, but I feel like this thing is forcing me to reconsider my entire doctrine for the better. (At least once I get a keyboard for it to type faster.)
Honestly amazed how much tech improved in a decade. Like this is a fully functional workstation basically. (At least for my retarded, humanities student needs of making ppts and editing word files and scribling over pdfs.)

I know jack about hosting personally, but I doubt it costs a whole lot to run a small to mid sized imageboard if you don't archive the threads. (At all for a really long time.)
Domain names are quite cheap like 5-6 bucks a year, plus you have hosting costs (can't be more than 20-50 dollaridoos a month) and maybe DDOS protection of you want to make sure a single autist with a vendetta for some petty grievance doesn't take the site out.

So my estimate is like 25-30 bucks a month. The software is free, it's just hosting you need to pay for basically.
Plus you have to moderate it and so on.

I'm surprised you actually tested yourself. At this point I hasn't heard anyone mention covid non-jokingly in months.
(Except for the people who act like Japanese holdouts in the Pacific in 1970, asking for four week lockdowns to save us all.)

Da Kann man nix machen ¯\(ツ)
Honestly, I'm used to it at this point.
No. 77480
764 kB, 564 × 802
>I'm surprised you actually tested yourself.

Positive test: I can stay at home for a week
No test: I have to go to work, infect everyone else and then they can stay at home while i have to do their jobs, too.

Of course i test, silly.
No. 77481
>I think I'm sweating more right now in 30 degrees than I did when it was 40.
Humidity is a bitch
No. 77482 Kontra
22 kB, 335 × 337
Is it your first rodeo with the Chyna virus? Get well soon regardless.

Also I'm that cat!
No. 77483 Kontra
>Is it your first rodeo with the Chyna virus?

Also hello cat.
No. 77484
My shitty browser translator says "oon brought the cat". Who the fuck is Oon?
No. 77486
159 kB, 692 × 922
>Tomatoes are about to ripen. Honestly I expected more, but there's maybe one and a half dozen in total.

I planted tomato plants I got outside in May. Two big buckets filled with "Tomato soil" and I give them fertilizer (aka banana peels sit in water for 24-48h hours and our the liquid mix with water, the minerals of the banana dissolved into the water). They have (luckily) a long exposure to sunlight since it was possible to place them south-faced (~9h/day of direct sunlight) and more or less sheltered from rain.
It also is about the breed. Last year I had San Marzano and many got calcium deficiency (brown crippled endings). Now I have small tomatoes, one breed is TinyTim and it already has like 30-40 growing and still goes strong making new ones. Guess I will cut of new blossoms end of August (or should it be sooner?) so put all energy into the fruit on the last one or two months. The other is a breed I don't know, it grows way higher (luckily it can grow up to 2.5m or so where they grow) and so far has only a dozen or so growing. But I expect four to fivefold of that if everything goes like it is now. So far I'm satisfied with my tomatoe growing.
No. 77487
I forgot: no tomato is ripe due to late planting I guess
No. 77488 Kontra
2,2 MB, 498 × 281, 0:04
I'm on the verge of tears right now.
No. 77489 Kontra
19 kB, 480 × 480
>My shitty browser translator says "oon brought the cat". Who the fuck is Oon?
The text on the image is spoken language. Same in written standard language would be "olen tuo kissa", translating to "I'm that cat".

In any case the translator is wrong as if you'd expect the text to be standard language, it would translate to "Oon(,) bring the cat" where Oon indeed would probably be a name since it's not a real word. Not a Finnish name though.
No. 77490 Kontra
53 kB, 640 × 480
No. 77493
1,0 MB, 1080 × 1920
I have now given up on every kind of contact. Lately I had been joining a "friend group" with the sole purpose of being inclusive and they actually included me, somewhat, but obviously people began being irked by me and the majority was absolutely degenerate anyway.

I look to every circle I once tried to dabble in and all just look pathetic and pitiful. I open my old social media accounts and just want to close them immediately since other people's posts fill me with cringe, no matter what side they come from.

I had deleted Facebook and never looked back. It's all so far away.

The only "friend" I have is someone from work and I know for a fact, as soon as one of us decides to work elsewhere, that "friendship" is instantly over.

And I feel weirdly serene about all of this. I enjoy not bothering with all this tedious stuff.
No. 77496
Monday. Time to pull my shit together and appear functional.
No. 77498 Kontra
370 kB, 248 × 360, 0:15
Just remember that people think about you and what you've done a lot less than you'd think. Meaning: not at all. How does this relate to what you wrote? No idea.
No. 77501 Kontra
I have not that many social contacts and I know many people outside of imageboards are in such a situation as well. Sometimes I think humans, including myself, are so tiresome and exhausting and what if I cut all ties. But then when I go a long time without human interaction I get crippled and tbh no love and affection will cripple you regardless of what people tell you. Perhaps there are some exceptions but no love and affection will kill you inside in the long run.
No. 77504
I've been looking for an apartment for rent in Bogota df (not suburbs) to get better job opportunities
I've been already twice rejected when they see my Colombian ID because "we don't rent to Venezuelans"
God, migrating is hard even with nationality
No. 77505
189 kB, 756 × 426
I read the first third of Against Nature today. Also did some cleaning and picked up my copy of Sun and Steel.
Plus I figured out how to connect a pair of bluetooth headphones to the tablet. I feel like a total boomer at times, but then again my sister couldn't do it either when I asked her to help so there's that saving grace.
Went out and bought a bag of fries and some spices. And a daily. Wanted to see what the party line was concerning the recent grand speech the Khan gave about the decline of the west and racemixing. It's like 2015 /pol/ lmao.
Honestly the liberals might be right that the government maybe isn't as centre-right as it claims to be.
I have this bad feeling that one day they will ask me to choose politically. Not in an election sense, but maybe more like when it comes to my studies. And I have no idea how I'd handle this.

Starting my job on Thursday. Same shit as always. Data entry. Wonder if they'll raise my pay or if I'll be working for peanuts thanks to inflation. Hey, at least I don't have to cook every day.

Went to bed too early so now I can't actually sleep.
Totally fucked.
I wanted to get up early to go out and buy pizza-rolls. Today there were none at the bakery or the convenience store by the time I walked up there at noon.
No. 77506 Kontra
70 kB, 1048 × 1021
>I've been already twice rejected when they see my Colombian ID because "we don't rent to Venezuelans"
Why's that? And what's wrong with Venezuelans?
No. 77507
The same thing that happens when tons of people migrate
They start getting treated as second class people by some
No. 77509
53 kB, 460 × 460
640 kB, 940 × 627
>not cheap white-trash cuisine
Damn. Now I want pizza rolls but there are none in the freezer.
No. 77510
486 kB, 1500 × 1125
I wouldn’t call it haute cuisine either way.
Really, they’re just an offshoot of the good old Chocoa rolls.
(I’m translating them as “rolls” because in English it would sound stupid to call them “chocoa snails” like we do in Hungarian.)
If anything they’re more of a school food in urban areas where you pop into a bakery before arriving at school. At least that’s how I always got a hold of them.
No. 77511
Maybe they shouldn't be so criminal then.
Serious discussion: When we over here talk about migrants, we are talking mainly about middle easterners who come from a completely alien culture and who speak a completely alien language.
Colombia and Venezuela seem more like Germany and Austria in this regard, so it seems weird why someone moving from one country to another country that already has the same language and probably a similar culture should have such problems.
No. 77514
I got the pizza rolls. Had one with a bottle of yoghurt and now I feel a bit sick and tired. I guess I just need caffeine.
Keyboard for the tablet arrived so I’m trying out the typing functionality a bit and later I’ll probably try and translate some. But so far it seems to be working well.
This thing even handles a mouse. This is amazing actually. I’m gonna get so much work done with this thing in the coming weeks.
So gonna get that first chapter of the Han Feizi done in Hungarian.
No. 77517
Was fucking around documenting our financial software and found a critical bug that allows one type of regular user to escalate to superadmin lol.
No. 77518
Exposing corporate incompetence is a terminable offence. Better keep this information to yourself.
No. 77519
410 kB, 1000 × 502
>one type
Do you Have The Power now?
No. 77520
I reported it to my supervisor like a good boy.
No. 77522
15 kB, 360 × 480
>They start getting treated as second class people by some
That sucks. I don't know much about South America but to me Colombia and Venezuela appear quite similar in regards to culture, language and religion. Are there any real differences between the populations? Excuse my ignorance.
No. 77524
Colombia is more Andean, Venezuela is more Caribbean, so more like North VS South in Italy?
No. 77526
In Italy, North is just considerably more developed and modern (with all the universal social implications coming with that), so I don't think it's a good analogy.
No. 77529
What jobs do you apply to? Is your family still in Venezuela?
What do you guys eat and drink in Venezuela and Colombia? I mean everyday food, not high restaurant cuisine. My stereotype is: same as "Mediterranean diet" but with quinoa, more corn and cacao not only in dessert.
Do you have funny religious and political cults?

Replying to my post will lead to more questions asked. So think twice before doing it. :DDD
No. 77531
>My stereotype is: same as "Mediterranean diet" but with quinoa, more corn and cacao not only in dessert.
You simply cannot cultivate the same plants on the Iberian peninsula and in Venezuela (at least in proportionate volumes), so there must be differences, and the cuisines are noticeably different indeed. In Venezuela they mostly grow rice, maize and sorghum, even though wheat and potatos are being grown in the mountaineous regions as well. No olives for you - oil is mostly produced from sunflowers (much like in Eastern Europe).
My main stereotype about Latin American cuisines is that they're more meat-oriented.
No. 77533
Tell me if I’m wrong but I heard from the Venezuelan part of my family that the stereotype of the Venezuelan is a lazy TV-watcher. It may play a role…
Not at all. Fat black beans and maize arepas. The only broadly Iberian thing is a lot of beef.
No. 77535
>lazy TV-watcher
That could describe people from just about anywhere that has TV and where they don't have to fight for survival every day.
No. 77541
Aren't southern Italians considered louder and lazier? At least that is what I've heard about southern Spaniards
That's the analogy I wanted to make

Spanish teacher for foreign students and call centers from home
My parents are still there, I'm here with my sister

Quinoa is more Peruvian
Cassava is more popular here, but the typical lunch would be rice and chicken and fried cooking plantains or pasta alla bolognesa, and arepa (corn pancakes?) for breakfast plus coffee
And dinner sometimes the leftover from lunch
And for tea time we usually have hot chocolate with Cassava and cheese bread, mostly in Colombia though, not sure about Venezuela

Religious stuff, the weirdest thing would be santería (like voodoo but not so hard-core) it's more common in the coasts
Politics... not sure what do you want to know
Sunflower seems to be more common in Colombia, in Venezuela before the crisis maize oil was more popular, now soybean oil is more popular
The stereotypes Peruvians / Colombias have about us are "lazy and violent people" from what I've seen
No. 77542
46 kB, 500 × 500
So I was sitting on the bench outside my commieblock flat drinking cheap hobo lager, when young lady and some guy showed up with a cake. The cake had a bunch of sparkly candles stuck in it.
I heard the girl calling someone, telling him to come out at exactly midnight.
It was 23:50 by the way.
So I'm sitting there drinking my piss lager while trying to listen to a SpongeBob Remix ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8m_Glbwi8UI ) of a sped up version ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjNpRbNdR7E ) of a remix / re-imagining by 屠洪刚 ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mr88HDonG6k ) of a song called 天上太阳红彤彤 (The sun in the sky is red) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcbCNwIvN04 ) , from the album 红太阳——毛泽东颂歌新节奏联唱 [0] (Red Sun - New Rhythm of Mao Zedong's Carols (Translated by Google Translate) [1]), which is apparently some old folk song that had its lyrics replaced with stuff praising mao during the cultural revolution, but that is not confirmed and I need to do some more research into the origins of the song.

anyway where was I

So I was trying to listen to this song while some girl and some dude were making a surprise birthday party for some dude.
At 23:58 (2 minutes too early, very inconsiderate) the guy comes out, and the girl lights the sparkly candles and congratulates him, so does the guy.
She seemed super excited and giddy, one might have even described her as "genki".
And the birthday boy is this skinny dude with acne face, and he looks absolutely indifferent, even annoyed perhaps.
After this awkward celebration, the three of them dispersed.

I really hope the girl wasn't his gf, because knowing that this absolute wet cardboard cutout of a person got himself such a caring gf would upset me. She was quite attractive as well.
Well to be fair, I would also be annoyed if my obnoxiously hyperactive gf woke me up at midnight to do some stupid celebration so she could post about it on social media, but I'd at least have pretended to give a shit, and that should count for something, right?

[0] https://zh.m.wikipedia.org/zh-hans/%E7%BA%A2%E5%A4%AA%E9%98%B3%E2%80%94%E2%80%94%E6%AF%9B%E6%B3%BD%E4%B8%9C%E9%A2%82%E6%AD%8C%E6%96%B0%E8%8A%82%E5%A5%8F%E8%81%94%E5%94%B1
[1] https://zh-m-wikipedia-org.translate.goog/zh-hans/%E7%BA%A2%E5%A4%AA%E9%98%B3%E2%80%94%E2%80%94%E6%AF%9B%E6%B3%BD%E4%B8%9C%E9%A2%82%E6%AD%8C%E6%96%B0%E8%8A%82%E5%A5%8F%E8%81%94%E5%94%B1?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
No. 77544 Kontra
Yes, yes. We all would be naturally so upset that somebody thought of us and cared about us.

I hate my birthday but when I then can see that some people still think of me and take a bit of care I'm relieved I'm not totally alone in this world.
No. 77545
Does that apply to all forms of caring? Like, are you obligated to enjoy the fact that someone cares about you, regardless of the situation?
What about obsessive people who can't take a hint that they're not your friend?
Simply self serving people who use you as a source of self satisfaction, but present it as empathy?
No. 77546
>Does that apply to all forms of caring?

No. The question would be if some of these are even 'caring'. Catcalling is hardly care/caressing. I hope there is no misunderstanding to due language when I say somebody thinks of you because when I hate somebody I think of that person as well but that does not make it care in the sense of caring to to see somebody happy and to share moments and to be part of somebodies life.

>a source of self satisfaction, but present it as empathy

Well, is this (still) care then? A good question in my opinion as I think people will also have self-serving motives when in a relationship but that does not automatically exclude genuine care for a person. I was always glad when I could comfort my ex when she was anxious for example because I genuinely think and thought back then that she is a good person that shouldn't be left alone with her doubts, thoughts and feelings that diverged so much from my perspective of her. I can pad on my shoulders for being there for her (self serving) but I also wanted to just comfort her because she was (and perhaps still has a certain position as) a special person in my life. Ideally, a relationship is symbiotic.
No. 77547
You are conflating caring with acknowledging here.
And when someone actually does care about you, it should evoke a positive sentiment in you.
Obviously having a borked brain can prevent you from that.
On the other hand, being indifferent or rejecting towards someone actually caring about you could simply mean you're an asshole.
What is it, Mr. Stone?
No. 77548
Well, there are forms of caring, where the the attention giver is sincere, but the relationship as a whole is toxic.

Let's assume that I really, really care about you, genuinely. So I travel illegally to Germany, show up at your house, and bring you a gift. The next day, I sing a serenade under your windows. The next day, I buy you a plush tiger and invite you to come with me to the Tropical Island (tm).
And I keep doing that, every day, for a year.

Would you be an asshole for telling me to fuck off?
No. 77549
I think that both the other German and I would say that this behavior (if rejected as too much etc, no reciprocality) implies you don't care about me or only in a certain way, because if you care, you would respect my wish to not do this kind of obsessive 'care'.
No. 77550 Kontra
Or phrased differently: when care becomes toxic it ceases to be care.
No. 77551
>(if rejected as too much etc, no reciprocality)
>>On the other hand, being indifferent or rejecting towards someone actually caring about you could simply mean you're an asshole.
So, which one is it?
No. 77552
Well you are not an asshole if somebody hurts and pressures you with his/her 'caring' because that is not genuine/actual care anymore then.
On the other hand caring could also mean to say something hurtful in order to ground a person. The problem is that this is probably not answerable in a universal fashion, I'm sorry, Plato :^) It is situational judgement that is asked for.
Because if you hate yourself so much and reject all care because you think you don't deserve it for example, I don't think it's a good thing to reject that care because after all you might still want it, crave it but because it is so unusual you don't know how to handle, what to do how to feel etc.
If that is the case but one doesn't see it and rejects care, that is unfortunate and not very nice to the person that wants to help you out of this because that person actually cares against all the odds somebody made up in their mind.
No. 77554
681 kB, 1057 × 693
Rare colour photo of Brick outside his commieblock.
No. 77555
Seems like a very wishy washy argument, where any party in any such situation could be presented as either a victim or an asshole, depending on how it's presented.

I think I'm just going to be categorical and say that people have a moral right to be indifferent towards what others do for them unsolicited.
No. 77556
I just realized that "Three Cheers for a sweet Revenge" came out almost 20 years ago.
And having just listened to a few songs in my car, I can say that it's still very enjoyable.

For reference: my mom was my age in 1998. This means the same timespan would be an album from 1980.

This is still something I can't quite cope with, because from 1980 to 1998 it feels like so much more happened and there was so much more progress, whereas since 2004 nothing has really progressed and instead is slowly regressing, no matter where you look.
No. 77557
289 kB, 1128 × 768
Giddings? We get to watch burgoid imperialism implode on itself in real time. These days in the age of blackest reaction are numbered. Say it with me now:
No. 77558 Kontra
A look into the past and processed as history will make clear that what happened before 2004 was already quite close to our present in many regards. Whatever progress and regression should even mean here, the reference is not available. Amazon and smart objects are 1980s/90s ideas more or less, truly the progress we got today in a time when progress was made according to you and no regression.

You can do that but the consequences are your problem then.

>any party in any such situation could be presented as either a victim or an asshole

As with many other things. That is why you communicate your thoughts and feelings in order to reach a conclusion or even solve a problem.
No. 77559
>You can do that but the consequences are your problem then.
There's no problem. You receive input, and send an output in response. They then interpret and process your output however they wish. That's it.
The problem is when someone sends input expecting a pre-determined response and then get if that response doesn't match their expectations.
People aren't vending machines that you can put attention into and get gratitude out of.

>As with many other things. That is why you communicate your thoughts and feelings in order to reach a conclusion or even solve a problem.
Not necessarily. You can also communicate i]a[/i] thought, or a feeling, it doesn't necessarily has to match your internal feelings. You can ignore them as well if you so wish.

In fact, I object to the notion of "your" feelings. The fact that the feelings and thoughts just happen to manifest in your internal awareness doesn't mean you are obligated to take possession of them, or associate with them at all. They can be treated as external just like any other observable phenomenon.
No. 77560 Kontra
>We get to watch burgoid imperialism implode on itself in real time
I'd say we're lucky, we're only the 8th or 9th generation to witness the imminent failure of the American experiment. Personally, I think the unfeasibility of uniting the 13 colonies under a federal republic will soon become apparent to all.
No. 77561
You still have to live with what you consciously (that is somehow assumed here all the time I think) put out for interpretation. Punching somebody when receiving a cake from them or alternatively hugging the person in response won't yield the same interpretation, this is not as arbitrary as you make it look like. Same for information: "go away" or "oh, nice of you" do not have the same spectrum of interpretation. Besides information like tonality etc. is left out here.
It's your good right to refuse receiving any gesture of love or care but then you shouldn't ask yourself why you are always alone etc. (this is a hypothetical situation btw. but loners are often in that twilight between wanting nobody around them and actually wanting someone)

>They can be treated as external just like any other observable phenomenon

Speaking of which shows the perspectivsm. You can treat it like an external phenomenon in order to objectify and thus operate differently. But does that make them actually external? A question of boundary drawing and a question if such boundaries actually exist.
I read a bit on distributed cognition lately and I find the thought very appealing that the mind does not reside inside you. Likewise, feelings or thoughts could be very much a relational enterprise.
No. 77562
>Amazon and smart objects are 1980s/90s ideas more or less, truly the progress we got today in a time when progress was made according to you and no regression.
Can you please rephrase? I am unable to understand that sentence.
No. 77563
42 kB, 400 × 300
I think America as a country will continue to exist. I just don't think that their global empire is something that they can maintain for much longer. Shit's expensive, and thanks to the inherent contradictions of capitalism, there are ever fewer truly profitable avenues for finance to pursue, so they'll eventually have to turn on themselves to some extent.
No. 77564
You said that from the 1980s up the late 90s or even to ca. 2004. there was much progress made (in general, nit sure what you actually mean) and after 2004 it seems like there was little to no progress, even worse: regression instead of progression seemed to set in around 2004.
But what is perceived as regressive today was often times thought out in the 1980s or 1990s (or even 1970s)...the supposed era of progress. The regression (whatever that exactly is) today was grounded in the era of supposed progression is what I'm saying. Which make this times already regressive and not just after 2004. Amazon/smart objects would be an example but many more things (politically, economically etc) made their way in the 1980s and the decade before and decades after. The 2004 watershed from which you can analyse history into progressive and regressive is not a good help helper in understanding history anyway. Which could be my over all conclusion to the original post. My üreliminary argument why that is the case has been presented now.
No. 77565
Ah, now I see what you mean.
Sadly you missed the point of my post entirely and instead focused on an irrelevant piece of rant, just like you did with Brick's post.
It's funny because Brick actually has an understanding of his condition whereas you seem to have problems discerning between what people are talking about and what they are saying while not being aware of it. Or maybe you are and enjoy trolling people, who knows? Certainly not me.
Now please, Herr Laauert, erzählens mir von ihrah Frau Muhtter.
No. 77566
Well, if the reasoning for imminent American collapse is the inherent contradictions of capitalism - then we are only what, the 5th generation to see such shitposts in text? Luckier still.
No. 77567 Kontra
148 kB, 320 × 240, 0:04
It's gonna collapse... Any day now... And then, we'll finally have real gommunism.
No. 77568 Kontra
>you missed the point of my post entirely

Ladida, will you explain it or just be smug about it?
I don't give a shit what you think about the music, I was just interested in your later statement and that was the address of my post not what you said besides it.
No. 77569
390 kB, 1680 × 1050
Why can't you two have serious discussions in a neutral or friendly tone?
No. 77570 Kontra
It makes me think of the angry neighbor phenomenon and that show about this phenomenon on (Super) RTL: Höllische Nachbarn

>In der Sendung wurden je zwei kuriose Fälle von Nachbarn, die sich streiten, gezeigt. Der Streit geht hierbei meist von beiden Seiten aus.

er hat angefangen :DDDD
No. 77571
I don't have a condition.
In fact, I deliberately try to lead a condition-free existence.
No. 77572
I have a huge backlog for EC posting. But most of the planned posts require some effort like writing an essay on topic or googling on what Venezuelan said before asking further questions or like you'll see.
I should commit few hours for the sake of serious discussion.
No. 77574 Kontra
324 kB, 360 × 360, 0:09
What if you have a condition that prevents you from acknowledging that you have a condition?

Some Swiss multi-trillionaire Ernst should set up a fund to facilitate serious discussions. There are some real costs involved and a little financial support would go a long way.
No. 77575 Kontra
409 kB, 668 × 469
>Some Swiss multi-trillionaire Ernst should set up a fund to facilitate serious discussions. There are some real costs involved and a little financial support would go a long way.

We are not a humanities department xaxaxa)))
No. 77583
Of course you have a condition.
The human condition.
No. 77645
>Aren't southern Italians considered louder and lazier?
Which would be just elements of a typical archaic peasant mentality.