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No. 77789
205 kB, 1333 × 1000
152 kB, 1734 × 845
Soon it will be that time again, Ernst: Radio Ernstiwan will celebrate its 3rd birthday on the 3rd of September, and of course we will have a streaming festival on that occasion. Since this will be a weekend the obvious date for the festival is Friday 2nd to Sunday 4th of September. The propaganda ministry already created this cheerful advertising, I can already feel the party starting just by looking at it. Put your stream announcements in the thread, the more flexible you are concerning date and duration, the more easier the planning process will be. For now I plan with the following assumptions:

Please note that the schedule is UTC+2 #justGermanThings

- One streaming channel, no two parallel streams. If this will not result in sufficient slots it can be changed during planning.
- The Weekly Album Stream is locked for saturday, and if Ernstalbum happens it will again be broadcast on sunday evening.
- No planning for graveyard shift and early morning/noon, unless someone insists. I think early afternoon is a good time to start on Saturday/Sunday.
- Bernd will be invited to participate, just like the last time
- Base duration for a stream 2 hours. Of course you can also have more if possible, but priority is that everyone gets a slot, so if you have announced a longer stream and the schedule is tightly packed, then expect me to nag at you if you can shorten your stream.
- If someone else wants to do the laudatio on Friday feel free. If no one volunteers I'll do it again. wieder.
No. 77791
17 kB, 408 × 295
Not sure what I'll stream, but you can pencil me in for Saturday following the Weekly Stream.
No. 77806
157 kB, 1739 × 857
Added. Maybe I should do an UTC time in brackets or something. I can smell confusion brewing.
No. 77819
166 kB, 1741 × 859
Updated with the newest announcements on /b/.
No. 77861 Kontra
111 kB, 1073 × 904
No. 77883 Kontra
162 kB, 1707 × 837
Latest. Don't be shy, and don't be worried about stealing someone's spot, we have plenty of countermeasures in case the schedule gets crowded!
No. 77913 Kontra
159 kB, 1692 × 836
Another update.
No. 77930
127 kB, 1062 × 892
Another update. /int/ with only one stream so far, you need to step up your radio game, guys!
No. 77964
I'll get back to you. My internet presently is kind of rooted and streaming ain't it, but I'm moving again soon, so may have better results then.
No. 77987 Kontra
Nice, I fondly remember the shitcore stream from last time :DD May your new connection be rich in bandwidth.
No. 78258
147 kB, 1705 × 789
Another update. There's still space for 5-7 streams I'd say, and even if there were more announcements we'd have some leeway to get them in.
No. 78750
159 kB, 1706 × 783
Update with Altbernd stream on sunday. I marked the vacant spots on the schedule. I definitely want to fill the three blue ones on Friday night, Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening, while the gray ones are optional in my opinion. If the optional spots suit you better, then don't hesitate picking them over the blue ones though. I also want to get rid of the one hour-hole on Saturday evening, I asked Bernd67 and Stolfo if they can start an hour earlier. If yes that would open another window on Saturday night. If no then maybe wither Burger or Bernd76 can extend to 3h.
No. 78775
I think I'll be set up in time to cover one of those slots, especially the 0000-0200 slot since that's my morning instead of being half asleep like yuros. I may have a union meeting though. Will have a date confirmed in the next couple days for that though so let me get back to you.
No. 78879
175 kB, 1708 × 835
Update: The 1h-gap on Saturday is filled, so some other streams are now confirmed for their intended time. There are still open spots, so feel free to grab them, it's not like you are stealing them from someone else. If there really will be more nnouncements, we can just activate the optional spots.

Nice, I put you in the slot at Friday night (which should be Saturday breakfast time for you. If you need to change it just notify me. If another time slot suits you better we can always move things around.
No. 78880 Kontra
190 kB, 1686 × 855
Screw that whole "vacant" and "reserve" stuff, I just declared everything as vacant, easier to understand this way.
No. 79179
184 kB, 1678 × 833
One week to go, time to fill the remaining slots. Please notify early if you plan to do a stream, so that there won't be chaos before the start. We should try to at least fill Saturday 15:00 (13:00UTC) and Sunday after Ernstalbum, since I consider these two core times, so we'd look bad if that stayed blank. Yuno now confirmed wth Austropop and Bernd67 will likely move away from Saturday to another slot, so there might also be vacant times on Saturday night.
No. 79403
188 kB, 1694 × 827
Update: Bernd67 moved from Saturday evening to Saturday afternoon, now there's a hole on prime time saturday to fill. Go ahead, guys, there are plenty of free slots available.
No. 79544
175 kB, 1686 × 830
Latest update: Kid Charlemagne-stream on Saturday evening extended to 3h, so the hole there is fixed. Also Ernstalbum-stream extended to 90 minutes.

To do: Fill the empty slot after Ernstalbum (Sun 20:30UTC), and find someone for Sat 13:00UTC, so Bernd67 can move to his preferred slot at 11:00UTC.
No. 79545
Lol I'm kinda in the timezone where i could take any 2 am and 1300 spot i like.
Lemme think about it and I'll pick which ones
No. 79662
In for the radio against the spam.
No. 79729
And I give it a bump again.
No. 79929
1,4 MB, 4496 × 3000
63 kB, 607 × 460
Sounds good, just let me know which one(s) you take so I can update the plan.

I salute our neutral hero, your valiant deeds for the radio will be remembered!
No. 79948
I'll take the one right after aussie on saturday 2:00 then.
Call it "3 in the morning fucking yo bitch" or something

If the rest are free by the time Get to them, I'll put something on.
No. 79952
187 kB, 1694 × 845
Nice, I updated the plan.
>Call it "3 in the morning fucking yo bitch" or something
Your wish has been granted, badum-tssh
No. 80065
181 kB, 1697 × 846
Another update, our newest streamer "fettbernd" will stream some Oi and Punk Saturday at 11:00UTC.
No. 80066
31 kB, 550 × 550
Connecting to radio.ernstchan.xyz:8000 ...

connect: server answered with 405!

Welp. It's been good lads, but ya boy is too computer dumb for this shite.
No. 80067
It's port 80 now, matey: https://radio.ernstchan.xyz/
No. 80068
alright, test completed, didn't make my computer shit the bed so I think I'm good for this time tomorrow
No. 80069 Kontra
Is the schedule in EC time?

t. Time Retard
No. 80071
Noice, good to have you back on board.

The first time is germtime (UTC+2). The time in brackets is UTC time, which is EC /int/ time.
No. 80072 Kontra
Thank you very much!
No. 80092
96 kB, 1341 × 318
I went onto 4kohl today and right next to some CP was an advert for EC's radio

I fucking lol'd
No. 80104
I had a brain fart and didn't realize that the first number is germany time, not UTC. in that case I probably won't be able to make it.
I'll try to make it for 10 UTC sunday instead, but I have a lot of shit going on right now, so I won't reserve the slot because there's no guarantee I'll be there.

Sorry, all my radio preparation time was eaten by a two week long depressive cycle.
yeah I'm a fuckup like that.
No. 80112
180 kB, 1691 × 837
No prob, I moved your stream to Sunday 10:00UTC and marked it yellow (unconfirmed). That means there's a new vacancy tonight at 00:00UTC!

Nice of them to give us a sticky. They are getting a lot of heat for that at the moment from the hardcore Ernst haters in their userbase.
No. 80129
Which of the sections won't be on German?
No. 80130
That's for the streamers to decide. Moderation of the Happy Birthday and Ernstalbum streams will be in English. My guess: Most streams will be music only anyway, except for maybe Prostmusik and Kosmonauten.
No. 80139
14 kB, 591 × 340
Who is listening 70 times?
No. 80141
80 kB, 766 × 960
I still have to speak in tiny moderation snippets in my stream. Since live moderation is stressfull and even technically too complicated. Since some people do not understand English well, I decided to do a double moderation, in German and English. So most people can follow the idea behind the play list. Will eat up some time, but most likely one song less will open the time for this.

t. Altbernd
No. 80145
No. 80146 Kontra
16 kB, 468 × 261
Wow! What a powerful statement! And of course, we all stand behind that fully erect.
No. 80148
84 kB, 546 × 900
>host reveals his true political allegiance
>Loses 70 listeners

No. 80149
105 kB, 600 × 600
It seems the anti anus violation propaganda already has infected large portions of the userbase!
No. 80152
51 kB, 680 × 848
What'd I miss, I have a morbid curiosity
No. 80156
Only a tongue in cheek reference to our anti-anal violence spammer. I assume the lost listeners were bots cleaned up by admin
No. 80158
97 kB, 719 × 700
i am #teamstopanorectalviolence
No. 80160
192 kB, 1710 × 848
Schedule update: Bernd67 switches to tonight 00:00UTC, so we have a new hole to fill tomorrow at 13:00UTC. Please notify if anyone wants to have it.

Yes, the 90+ were another DOS attack. The ~30 now are legit, though, that's a record for an Ernst-organized festival.

Nooo, we are #teamproanorectalviolence here!!!11
No. 80162
184 kB, 1685 × 840
Another update: retrobernd on Sunday after Ernstalbum with 90s/electronic. In yellow because it's a fresh account we can't test until tomorrow.
No. 80163 Kontra
35 kB, 474 × 475
Is this song about fried chicken? Now I'm hungry.

Nice Prostmusik stream, too bad most of the talking is in German.
No. 80164
With a German title, what did you expect? It's not called Cheersmusic for a reason.

This is your opportunity to teach me the Finnish equivalent to prost/cheers.
No. 80165 Kontra
45 kB, 640 × 640
>With a German title, what did you expect? It's not called Cheersmusic for a reason.
I expected it to be in German. That doesn't change anything.

>This is your opportunity to teach me the Finnish equivalent to prost/cheers.
So the people talking are callers? I wasn't too sure, you all sound the same. Did I already say that it's too bad it's in German? Because I have no idea what's going on. And I'll pass on that opportunity. Still nice music though.
No. 80166
I'm not on the radio. Now come on, what do Finns say when drinking?
No. 80167 Kontra
243 kB, 1600 × 900
Hölökynkölökyn ja Pohjanmaan kautta! Onneksi olkoon Ernestikanava!
No. 80168
92 kB, 600 × 600
Aussie, we are about 35 mins behind schedule, I hope that works out for you?
No. 80169
For some reason that looks familiar. I might have seen that as part of a title of a song.
No. 80170
Start 35 mins mins late? Grouse, I'll sleep in :-DDD
No. 80171 Kontra
51 kB, 342 × 360, 0:02
>I might have seen that as part of a title of a song.
I wouldn't be surprised at all. We have a... special relationship with alcohol.
No. 80172
yuno just said that he'll go until about 22:18UTC, so we're catching up a little.
>Grouse, I'll sleep in :-DDD
More like: You can have breakfast before your stream :DD
No. 80173
>We have a... special relationship with alcohol.
Doesn't every country that invented beer?

Btw, found it:
No. 80176
>So the people talking are callers? I wasn't too sure, you all sound the same.
>I have no idea what's going on.
The people talking were international pop stars like Rihanna giving shout-outs to Radio Ernstiwan for its 3rd anniversary. All of them having the same voice as the streamer must be your imagination.
No. 80178
270 kB, 1000 × 1172
No. 80179
I laughed! This is gonna be good.
No. 80180
91 kB, 0:03
Yuno ended the stream, the stage is yours Rosegum.
No. 80181
You can start, yuno's done!
No. 80182
No. 80183
Repeating in my head right now

No. 80184
No. 80185
Yeah, sorry lads. BUTT was acting up and needed a reinstall to sort out.
No. 80186
6 kB, 602 × 175
Don't worry mate, all good. Audio settings are hell, we've all been there.
No. 80187
Why german rap tho? Its pretty dope, dont get me wrong but how come?
No. 80188
157 kB, 482 × 800, 0:00
Because it came up in my recs one time and hit for me. Can't remember exactly how, but I'm assuming via Moscow Death Brigade since they are on adjacent labels.
No. 80189
Lyrics are dope too. Knew him by name but never really listened to him but shit is fire.
No. 80190
Babsi Tollwut is also breddy good if you like this.
No. 80191
Stream is kill.
No. 80192
Stream ded ;_;
No. 80193
339 kB, 1080 × 564
No idea what happened. Internet is wired, got up to take a piss and come back to a shat bed. Sorry again lads. This is what happens when you give computer dumbs like me this much power :-DDD
No. 80199
179 kB, 783 × 382
Real nice of 4kohl to give you a sticky, right up there with the daily loli thread, have a laff before this gets deleted like my last post about this

I'd love to know why EC and 4kohl are working together now?
No. 80200
>before this gets deleted like my last post about this
This one? >>80092
No. 80201 Kontra
211 kB, 962 × 729
Really enjoying the German rap. Is there a tracklist available somewhere?

He made a thread in addition to that post, and the thread had illegal content in the OP. Sad to see that the fella isn't alright to say the least.
No. 80202
Albums on post further above, tracklist below:


Boys Cry
Saufen, Kloppen & Rammeln


Keine Rolle (Ft. Milli Dance)
Dünnes Eis
Schlau ohne Grund
JBG Remix 2020


Pöbel Sports
Autoritäres Jugendzentrum
Schlau & Aggressiv
Gutgelaunte Feindlichkeit
Zero Problemo
No. 80203
Thanks for listening lads.
No. 80204
>and the thread had illegal content in the OP
Well, I guess that solves the mystery of the deletion.

For the rest: The radio people always worked together, especially now as the cabbage doesn't have a radio. That must be the 4th festival or so where there are cooperations of varying degrees between the two chans, so this is by no means a new development. The sticky was an idea of the Kohl admins. I think it's nice, but even if we hated it: It's their decision.

Thanks for streaming, had a good time!
No. 80222
Streams starting early with Oi and Punk.
No. 80224
181 kB, 1691 × 836
Fettbernd is already starting with OI and Punk, so day 2 of the festival is underway. There's still a gap today at 13:00UTC, so if anyone wants to jump in: Feel free!
No. 80254
185 kB, 1697 × 841
Update for 13:00UTC: Dorfbernd will take over with dark music.

Schedule looks good now, the last open spot tonight doesn't need to be planned, the guys will work that one out on their own.
No. 80267
161 kB, 560 × 560
Todays winner is "Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue"

Next weeks poll:

Like always we start at 18:00CET, which is in around 1 hour from now.
No. 80269
I forgot to check the lenght of the Album.
We move the start of the stream to 17:50CET because the Album is actually 70min long.
No. 80273
47 kB, 244 × 332
Great stream Burger, very comfy.
No. 80275
289 kB, 730 × 1024

I made a two hour playlist within the last 2 weeks.
I learned today that my stream is 3 hours so i made the last 1/3 within 5min. I think you might notice.
No. 80276
54 kB, 697 × 456
Thanks for tuning in.
No. 80277 Kontra
15 kB, 360 × 480
Indeed. Very fun and refreshing experience, thanks for the broadcast Burger!
No. 80281
186 kB, 1690 × 839
As expected the night sorted itself out, Bergjude and Funpaku will handle the night shift.
No. 80283
742 kB, 1142 × 2409
Last song of the cover stream is currently playing.
Here's the playlist.
No. 80284
547 kB, 1052 × 1402
the astolfo block started
No. 80287
130 kB, 960 × 956
it ended up being fun anyway thanks for streaming
No. 80288
And on we go with some chaos music.
t. Bergjude
No. 80289
1,2 MB, 1086 × 702
guten party musik
No. 80290
757 kB, 4032 × 3024
Cheers it's a /b/ Sauffaden repost but yeah still drinking Champagne.
No. 80292
The stream will end with a africa remix and will last as long as it lasts.
No. 80293
oh boy here we go
No. 80294
And it's PAKU live. Thanks for listening and have a good night.
No. 80295
773 kB, 720 × 1280, 0:03
good stream danke
No. 80298
And now some interim 80s music to gently wake up. Perfect.
No. 80299
Stream might start 20-30 minutes earlier today.
I also have a setup configured for taking calls, so if anyone wants to shoot the shit inbetween songs, we could do that.
No. 80300
Since Burger is sleeping and telling to kick him off server once you'll start, you can start whenever you see fit. Or we keep a comfy 80s stream as permanent stream besides the program for the off-stage area?
No. 80301
Okay, sure. I noticed that my old login isn't in the new https server, so I'll just have to login by teststroem I guess.
No. 80302
671 kB, 500 × 280, 0:01
Ah, alarm clock finally was smashed.
No. 80304
There's no difference in login data due to the SSL change, your old account should work fine. It should just be user and mountpoint: brickman, and your usual password. Maybe you have ports/protocol mixed up? Valid are 80 without SSL, or 443 with SSL.
No. 80305
Yeah, probably. I forgot how BUTT's interface works, because I haven't used it in a while.
OH well, just gonna keep the stream as is.
No. 80306
328 kB, 480 × 270, 0:01
>ADHD music to wake you up
It werks!
No. 80307
new day new musics
No. 80308
>ADHD music?
>ADHD music!

I think BUTT auto-reconnected my stream; didn't count on that.
No. 80309
The computer music stream will start 2 minutes early to ensure a smooth transition. No need to switch early though, the first minutes will only be introduction music.
No. 80310
thanks for streamening
No. 80311
219 kB, 625 × 337
Yeah thanks, awesome stuff, it was an experience!
No. 80312 Kontra
63 kB, 600 × 800
Wasn't at home and missed brick's broadcast. Sad. Anyways you should start Bricked, a talk radio broadcast featuring your latest takes and maybe some callers as well.
No. 80313
I have a recording I made locally, unfortunately the first 10 minutes are missing, because I forgot to start the recording on time.

Also, I did have that idea, and even have the setup required and everything, it's just that I was busy with life stuff this year.
Now that I have a stable job and income, and start working on it again.
The biggest problem is timezones. It be hard living in GMT+6
No. 80314
Is Time Trax on the menu?
No. 80315
Not yet, but if you have a favourite song from this game we can still include it, if you have it available as mp3 or youtube video.
No. 80317
5,9 MB, 4:42
Sure. Title track, mega drive 50hz PAL version (very important)

No. 80318
You are welcome. An excellent song, I am impressed.
No. 80319
Tim Follin delivers as usual.
Unfortunately, the game itself never came out, the music was dug up and released later.
No. 80322
The stream will end soon, I hope you enjoyed the nostalgia. Thanks for tuning in!
No. 80323
Gosh, so many nostalgia feels. Thanks!
No. 80324
Thanks for the stream. Never played most of the games, but I like chiptune music.
No. 80325
Wait is it 3rd or 4th birthday
No. 80326
2,3 MB, 4608 × 3456
feels music on sunday before awful work week time for the last round of drinking
No. 80336 Kontra
Damn, messed up moderation snippets....
No. 80343
Feels were had. Is a playlist available?
No. 80344
12 kB, 474 × 411
>german noises
No. 80345
1,5 MB, 460 × 258, 0:48
Here we go, as usual only in pure text format:

Radiohead - No Surprises
Kristin Hersh - Your Ghost
Bauhaus - Crowds
Kyu Sakamoto - Sukiyaki
Portishead - Sour Times
The Offspring - I'll Be Waiting (Demo)
Amy Winehouse - Back To Black
Type O Negative - Unsuccessfully Coping With the Natural Beauty of Infidelity
John Parish & Polly Jean Harvey - Who Will Love Me Now?
Lene Lovich - Walking Low
The Smiths - Asleep
Shakespears Sister - Stay
Johnny Cash - Hurt
Beck - Nobody's Fault But My Own
Jimmy Cliff - I Can See Clearly Now
Elton John - I’m Still Standing
Matthew Wilder - Break My Stride
Blümchen - Heut ist mein Tag
The Jackson 5 - I Want You Back
KOMPROMAT feat. Adele Haenel - De mon âme à ton âme
Cure - Just Like Heaven
Jonny Hill - Ruf Teddybär Eins-Vier
Ludwig Hirsch - Das Lied vom Heimkehrer
Dead Can Dance - The Host of Seraphim
Wolfsheim - Kein Zurück
Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Original Spoken Intro Version)
No. 80346
88 kB, 800 × 800
No. 80347 Kontra
24 kB, 333 × 500
Suomi mainittu, torille!

Also this:
No. 80358 Kontra
ominous German laughing intensifies
No. 80360
68 kB, 704 × 512
No. 80370
34 kB, 600 × 600
Finally something else than angry German noises!

It was still a nice broadcast, thanks!
No. 80381
247 kB, 1920 × 1081
Had a great time listening to the Ernstalbum broadcast. Congratulations to all the artists for a great cultural contribution. Some real bangers there. My favorites were the tracks by our international Ernsts :D

Big thanks to the host as well!
No. 80382
897 kB, 200 × 133, 0:05
Thanks to all album contributors, and Iwan for hosting.

Recorded stream for chvk, but with 5 seconds of silence during early song because my ISP hates good things. Let me know if you need it, otherwise I'll assume you don't as you were also recording.
No. 80383
82 kB, 680 × 684
Thanks man, it was fun doing it. Also I hope /int/ will take revenge for the dabbing and deliver for the next Ernstalbum, that would make it more of a whole-EC experience.
>Recorded stream for chvk, but with 5 seconds of silence during early song because my ISP hates good things
Miraculously, I did not forget to record, I'll upload the record and a zip of the songs now and post the link here when my potato internet connection is done.
No. 80389
416 kB, 524 × 435
Ernstalbum v2 radio stream and Ernstalbum v2 now available as downloads:

Ernstalbum v2 radio stream: https://mega.nz/file/YR9FQQTK#dS8uYLHTJ0mrHV7rQNEW3REyICkEsEQo6NXgJ0nlm1Y
Ernstalbum v2: https://mega.nz/file/5NkTRLgI#jpv5FReDiWQ7s4yW4H14CRNRI5pFkPAy3ljzFGS8AIg
No. 80398 Kontra
856 kB, 720 × 405
Great track to end the birthday party, and a good stream with.

Thank you to everyone involved in putting the whole event together! Enjoyed my time at the party.

>I hope /int/ will take revenge for the dabbing and deliver for the next Ernstalbum, that would make it more of a whole-EC experience.
:D Indeed. I've got no idea how to make music, but some of the tracks really displayed that it's all about the heart and soul. Beautiful.
No. 80461
Ernst would like to do a lessons learned for the streaming festival. What was good, and what should we do differently next time? Overall I think the festival was a huge success, and I'm happy that we got 3 new streamers. This year we mostly avoided discord, but it showed that the board only got part of the activity from there. From a technical perspective everything went well I think, I was thinking about looking into fallback cascades, so that listeners are trnasferred to the next streamer when the original stream finished, but I foresee some problems with that approach, so I have to see if it's feasible and if the result is actually an improvement.

If Ernst has ideas or remarks, please let me know.
No. 80500
Too many germans.
No, I don't mean too much german speak, I mean too many germans.

I'd like to have fewer germans next time please.
No. 80501
Stay on the Kazakhstan and don't tune in. Problem solved.
No. 80503
He could make his own streaming festival, with blackjack and hookers, and we could all come and listen.
No. 80505
18 kB, 933 × 1053
>I mean too many germans.
I agree to some extent. While the number of german streamers has risen during the years, the number of /int/ streamers has been fairly constant, and it shows in the schedule: We had the same 3 /int/ streamers on this festival like on the very first birthday festival 2020 - which is great that they are still active, but no fresh blood since then. More participation from /int/ would be nice, not only on the schedule, but also for Ernstalbum. But that's a problem only /int/ themselves can fix I suppose. Maybe we can push for at least one international talk show for the next festival, which in return may raise /int/erest.
No. 80506
>and we could all come and listen.
Then there would be too many Germans in the audience.
No. 80507
31 kB, 600 × 450
No. 80518
28 kB, 550 × 444
For some reason I thought that Ersntalbum is supposed to consist of songs made by Ernst. But actually it's like usual streams, but many of them at the same weekend. If I realized this earlier, I would participate.
No. 80521
458 kB, 609 × 800
Well fug :DD To clarify: Ernstalbum is a virtual music album which indeed does consist of songs made by Ernst. And it is traditionally (like, second time now) presented during the radio birthday streaming festival, but otherwise those two are independent. Ernstalbum is just one of the 20 or so streams during that weekend. So contributing to the festival (and the radio in general) can be done by becoming a radio streamer and doing a stream during the festival, and contributing to Ernstalbum can be done by performing a song.
No. 80528
I didn't observe any technical problems and it was really nice that when a stream ended and the next one started, there still was intro music so you could tune in a bit late and not miss anything. Ideally it would be nice that listeners get transferred automatically like you said.

When the event starts and the plan is (mostly) set, I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW. If you look at the OP of this threda it doesn't really invoke urgency when the even is already unfolding, unless you read the dates and chances are you don't when you've seen this threda on the first page for time and time again. We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around, so perhaps time-retards such as myself could be accommodated a bit better by providing a timezone map in the threda or something.

I don't have problems with Germans but would wish for more international programming and more talking, but both depend on the streamers themselves rather than the festival. Even a couple of words relating to the music or absolutely any topic would be great. If you don't want to speak (English), Text-to-speech is fine too. This is completely a personal preference.
No. 80574
>I would create a new threda that has the final planned timetable in the OP and a clear indicator that it's happening NOW
Good idea, we can do that. Though there will always be last minute changes to the schedule, but at least it will be more up to date than this time.
>We probably don't yet live in a timezone-less world when the next festival rolls around
Maybe I should just do two schedules, one with UTC for /int/ and one for the /b/ with +1 or +2. I agree that timezones suck, I don't have a good solution for it though. Of course I could make a calender somewhere which automatically calculates the timezone, but as soon as I make screenshots of that for the thread, it's all moot again.
>but would wish for more international programming and more talking
Yes, I also think that would benefit he thing as a whole. As I said, maybe next time there will be an /int/ talkshow, that would be nice.