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No. 78243 Systemkontra
398 kB, 2167 × 1547
Just because
No. 78244
27 kB, 500 × 500
Even on a Sunday, I wake up and drink coffee.
Good day outside.
No. 78245
I made burgers today.
Made the patties myself and my sister’s friend brought over some home-made buns. It was a very nice meal.
I feel like I’ve been reborn. No longer dizzy or tired.

I’m working on my Han Feizi tranlation. Got stuck on a sentence before realizing I’ve been struggling with a 4-character-idiom.
I actually find myself relying less and less on the German and the English versions I have. (They are still immensely useful, but I feel a lot more independent and brave.)
I actually really like working with the tablet. I thought it’s just a gimmick but it’s just simply not.

Gonna make a coffee now I think.
No. 78249
160 kB, 1065 × 710
>Even on a Sunday, I wake up and drink coffee.

Is this wildly uncommon? I thought all coffee drinkers do this.
No. 78250 Kontra
95 kB, 780 × 551
My primary task is to set the coffee machine to full power right after getting out of bed.

T. Not-an-addict
No. 78251
I don't drink coffee and frankly, I feel rather smug about it.
I would really like to see what happens if there was no coffee or caffeine available for just one day.
No. 78253
124 kB, 1280 × 720
I stay in bed and wait for whatever genie wish caused this dystopian nightmare to end.
No. 78254
278 kB, 1600 × 1067
I rarely drink coffee these days (and never have been an avid addicted drinker anyway) because the side effects are outweighing the benefits more often than not. It depends on my state. Coffee is a drug not to be underestimated, also in its negative impact and I could imagine many people drink coffee even though it impacts them negatively. I just think of Hungary complaining about feeling bad, anxious, and yet drinking espressos (maybe my memory is playing tricks on me if it was like that exactly).
No. 78255 Kontra
Oh I think the nauseous feeling Hungary reports oftentimes I think, could also be from coffee
No. 78256
135 kB, 696 × 1043
> you are in the habit of going places by taxi.
What's wrong with supporting my fellow working class in the service industry (I tip), while reducing my carbon footprint at the same time? Should I get my own car instead, maybe a 5L engine pickup truck, like a real authentic working class macho man?

I must also confess my other class traitorous habits, such as buying clothes, eating food that I didn't grow or prepare myself, and worst of all, indulging in bourgeois luxuries like eating ice cream, and the brutal exploitation of the dental industry workers, whom I hire as personal servants every year for 1 hour to examine my teeth, a luxury only an aristocrat should have access to.

I should get "counter-revolutionary" tattooed on my forehead then put against the wall. Mom's gonna freak!
No. 78257
If I had stuff to do I’d probably do without it, maybe take a nap if I really must.
If I had nothing to do I’d probably miss the caffeine and take long naps.

The nausea I experience has a wide range of causes.
Caffeine only makes me feel sick if I haven’t eaten enough before or after drinking the tea or the coffee.
That “Cigarettez + covfe” Eurobreakfast meme thing is impossible for me physically.
No. 78259
50 kB, 670 × 376
Getting anything business-related done in the summertime is absolutely impossible in Finland. Everyone's on a vacation lasting for half a year. Where are the international megacorp lobbyists when you need them?
No. 78260
>Where are the international megacorp lobbyists when you need them?
On vacation.
No. 78261 Kontra
84 kB, 197 × 241
No. 78263
Walked 4 miles to and from the gym, ran for 3 more heading away from home, then meandered back another 3 on unfamiliar back streets. Temperature wasn't bad- hovering in the mid 80's. Currently eating ice cream while a pizza bakes...There's the timer.
No. 78264
3,1 MB, 3264 × 2448
Decided to broil the top....

Where was I...oh yeah. I haven't squeezed this many miles into a day since...last fall. I should get back to doing it regularly. Extended time outdoors is great for clearing my head and shit.
No. 78269
Come to Germany, everyone is having their vacation in a staggered manner so there's always someone there to get on your nerves.
No. 78272
I'm sitting in a doctors waiting room and next to me is a middle aged woman that seems to watch YouTube videos. Everytime she starts a new video the audio starts at full volume and then she turns it to 0.

I don't understand. It is annoying.
No. 78273
In some phones, if you don't set your overall volume to 0, it will always play videos at full volume.
Also, why not counter with some german gangsta rap? Frauenarzt or Kaisa or something like that.
No. 78274
Tired of right wing edutainment propaganda and left wing edutainment propaganda?
How about some good old fashioned "basically reasonable" liberal propaganda?

This channel is a pretty good exercise for training your propaganda detector.
It presents itself as a more or less objective historical education channel, but will use certain statements, comments or omissions in key places in a pinpoint manner to build the narrative.
Would recommend.
No. 78275 Kontra
No. 78276
> Those only serve to create pseudo-objectivity. Math is a fetish of classical theory!
Marxist "economists" :handshake: Austrian school "economists"
No. 78277 Kontra
>but will use certain statements, comments or omissions in key places in a pinpoint manner

Ach Backstein :3
No. 78279
You have to assume no previous knowledge for this exercise.

Basically, imagine you're some dude, and you don't know much, and you've heard about chomsky because your annoying college roommate with dyed hair and a nose ring wouldn't shut up about him, and not much beyond that.
So you watch this video and it starts with basically reasonable premises like "genocide... le BAD!", but therefore "intervention... le GOOD!". Another thing that happens is that he doesn't bother to define "genocide", or mention that there's some discussion to be had about what exactly constitutes a genocide. Then he goes in for the kill: he takes a clip of Chomsky talking about the semantics of the word "genocide", and spins it as genocide denial. Another thing he does is that he takes quotes of Chomsky talking the data figures and the narrative of west at the time, but presents it against the data and narrative HE has right now. Basically giving his opponent the unenviable task of having to argue with someone 30 years in the future.
I think it's quite nice, I appreciated it.
No. 78280
These lolcow / kiwifarm people seem to always be chasing the high of people like CWC or Terry A Davis, but since such high "quality" content is quite rare, they'll start crawling the internet for anyone they could conceivably gossip about, and will work themselves up into a fervor over barely controversial literallywhos, caring about whom makes you even more pathetic than the lolcow itself.

Really weird behavior, reminds me of broke nicotine addicts smoking roaches, or those twitter mob people who try to recreate the rush of a high profile "cancel" by going around brigading literal nobodies over literal nothing.

It's so embarrassing.
No. 78281 Kontra
6,0 MB, 406 × 360, 4:47
Speaking of Terry, this Thursday it will be four years since he passed. Scary how fast time goes by.
No. 78282
903 kB, 2495 × 3533
Not the dead Terry I know
No. 78283 Kontra
121 kB, 1080 × 1347
>"basically reasonable"
I've only watched one of his videos before (https://invidious.namazso.eu/watch?v=hhMAt3BluAU), and the sheer density of mistakes would make it immediately obvious to anyone with a minimal amount of relevant knowledge that he doesn't understand what he's talking about. I still remember that he used the character 韓 to denote han chinese.

There has to be better examples of veiled propaganda than youtube content creators.
No. 78284
11 kB, 250 × 278
I was incredibly tired today even though I slept about 8h. I went running yesterday in an attempt to clear my head, just worked for the moment and the last minutes before I went to bed.
Plowed through one of my main sources for the paper again. Not much noting was necessary. Yet, the topic discussed is wildly fascinating and I really like how it presents a window into a shared field between cultural and media studies and CogSci.
No. 78285
200 kB, 1280 × 720

I actually had a lot of respect for him and was kinda sad when he died. For all the silly and hilarious crap he did and said, he was still a talented and interesting guy. I hoped for a better ending for him
No. 78286
I don’t feel any satisfaction. Like I spend some money on stuff and it only brings me anxiety that maybe I spent that money on crap I don’t need and I should be ashamed for it.

Work’s a drag but I think we’ll finish entering and processing all the data this week if everything goes well.
That means less money for me but more free time I guess.

(Sorry I did my best but I might be a bit rusty.)
No. 78287
40 kB, 600 × 413
No. 78288
168 kB, 860 × 774
Today I got lost
ended up walking in circles for 90 minutes until I realized what I was doing
No. 78296
30 kB, 1024 × 576
young, it seemed that life was so wonderful, a miracle, oh it was beautiful, magical
And all the birds in the trees well they'd be singing so happily, so joyfully, oh playfully, watching me

thump thump thump thump thump thump
No. 78298
I generally have no issues approaching women. I allow my natural desires and drive to take over the wheel and everything just goes normally.
Yet, when I meet a girl who is plain looking and just generally nice to me, I freeze up and disallow myself to do anything about it. Mysterious. Psycho-emotional impotence.
No. 78301
Good Morning! Yeaaahhhh one two three
Pump it up

Oh fuck this is a catapult into the past to one of the first youtube videos I watched back in 2006

No. 78302 Kontra
For me it's often the other way around even though I managed a bit better over the years.

t. still not engaged with the female classmate but we still need to sniff each other out due to time reasons that did not allow for many meetings, good signs are still sent and received which keeps things smoldering so far. At the end of this week, I probably know more.
No. 78303
Speaking of montages, this song was featured on one of the earliest cellphone videos I saw, before youtube was a thing.

I can't post the video in question, but anyone from post sovok of a certain age range will probably know what I'm talking about.
No. 78304 Kontra
I think of remember watching a porn where two dudes fuck a woman with this song blasting, is this the video also in question? :DDDD Also this porn was heavily like in some coming of age movie, again MMF and the hair of these people were familiar, so also 2000s I guess
No. 78305
7 kB, 577 × 83
No. 78308
22 kB, 500 × 161, 0:06
Winter in Buffalo sucks, but the Summers are nice.
t.Not being cooked
No. 78310
I've devised a most elegant thought experiment about consequentialism vs deontology. It is so concise and conceptually straightforward, that even laymen with absolutely no previous knowledge in this field of philosophy can grasp its premise. Make sure to pose it to your family members and work mates to see where they stand on this fundamental question of morality.
Here it is:
"Is it incest if she's dead?"
No. 78311
I get up from the bench for literally 3 minutes to get some more beer, and this pair of lovebirds immediately take my spot and start sucking each others' faces.
Fucking bullshit.
Why the fuck is public drinking illegal, yet public displays of affection are not?
No. 78312 Kontra
81 kB, 720 × 937
Your takes suck today. Boo!
No. 78313 Kontra
Tomorrow's probably my last day on the job. There was surprisingly little stuff to record. (Plus, I think they actually called me in later than the last few years.)
I actually don't mind. The money's good but the work is so mind numbingly boring that I'm glad it's gonna be over tomorrow.

Accidentally ordered two of a cable I needed.
Still no word on the poems I sent out.
I need some sort of positive feedback to my life. Day after day I feel like I'm achieving nothing and that my existence is an embarrassment because I can barely manage my existence. Or at least I feel like it.
Things will improve eventually, but they suck now.
No. 78314
I don't do "takes". I'm not a fucking social media figure chasing the 15 minutes of fame viral shitpost high. Fuck you.


The ideal public space is a contextless void where you're not forced to be exposed to unsolicited stimulus. Playing music, talking, bodily expression, visual imagery, etc. in public spaces should be harshly penalized.
It would be the closest thing we have to teleportation: all space between origin and destination would be so blissfully empty of stimulus, that all travel would subjectively take 0 time due to information deprivation induced time contraction.

90% of space outside of buildings are already no man's land reserved for automobiles, so lets get rid of the remaining 10% because honestly that segment of time between leaving a building and getting inside a vehicle is the worst part of the day, and that's because it's the place where you have to be confronted with human beings you didn't explicitly consent to have around you.

Also fuck cats, worst animal ever.
No. 78315 Kontra
80 kB, 638 × 960
>I don't do "takes". I'm not a fucking social media figure chasing the 15 minutes of fame viral shitpost high. Fuck you.
I don't see how your actions differ from them tbh. Kisses.

>The ideal public space is a contextless void where you're not forced to be exposed to unsolicited stimulus. Playing music, talking, bodily expression, visual imagery, etc. in public spaces should be harshly penalized.
Cemeteries exist already. Go hang out there.

>90% of space outside of buildings are already no man's land reserved for automobiles, so lets get rid of the remaining 10% because honestly that segment of time between leaving a building and getting inside a vehicle is the worst part of the day, and that's because it's the place where you have to be confronted with human beings you didn't explicitly consent to have around you.
Another shit take! You can't possibly claim that for example customers or your coworkers are people you've explicitly consented to be around of. If you consider the freedom to quit for job to be explicit consent that's just dishonest. And with that logic you could just remove the shitty 10% by never leaving your house to begin with, so problems weren't.

Also I doubt that the percentage is anywhere close to 90% in European cities. For US cities I'm not so sure. The parking lot requirements are something else.

>Also fuck cats, worst animal ever.
No. 78316 Kontra
Ngl both activities should be forbidden.

t. islamist
No. 78317
I'm jealous. It's 92°F outside, the AC in the gym's cardio area is broken and I can barely breathe.
No. 78340
I just remembered something that made me cringe really hard.
I was a boy, barely a teenager. We were on summer vacation in Austria and had a holiday home in one of those mountain cabins.
It had a balcony and un the garden below thr kids of the owner always played.
One day I employed the gaps between the balcony railing to spit down into the garden. Not by force, just collecting saliva and having it drip down. Also when those kids were playing. I think I was hitting a stool or something.
They discovered where it came from and I think they complained to my mom or something. I can't remember anything beyond that.
And thinking about this I have absolutely no idea why I did that, what compelled me to, how I even came up with doing it in the first place. An animal's motives couldn't be more enigmatic to me.
I never apologized for anything because I know that in that moment I considered my actions justfied, based on the information available and reaction time limit, but this one does not have any base or spin to it that I could even attempt to elucidate the motives behind it. I definitely had no quarrel with those kids and I was not a "that kid".
Completely mysterious.
No. 78345 Kontra
>I was a boy, barely a teenager. We were on summer vacation in Austria and had a holiday home in one of those mountain cabins.
I can explain it to you: you were a rich spoiled asshole kid who never had to take responsibility. Any working-class parent would have beaten you for this.
Only the children of bonzen and lumpen can get away with this kind of behavior.
No. 78349
Having financial security increases your iq by at least a standard deviation because it frees up your subconscious from having to calculate contingency plans in the background 24/7
No. 78350
Can relate, have memories of that sort as well.

Please go back to kc, this board is not for the likes of you (working class kids with anger issues).

Shit, so I need to start making money afterall is what you're saying?
No. 78351
Does that mean being NEET equals being intellectually superior?
No. 78352
It's not really about the money, but rather the capacity to absorb unforseen setbacks.
No. 78358
If you could live in a single-story house in Cape Coral, FL which one would you choose? Get the satellite image and zoom closer in look around the city
No. 78360 Kontra
Work’s over. No more data to enter.
Got my pay and left in the middle of the day. Went around the city and checked the book carts. Found nothing that peaked my interest or I didn’t already own. Grabbed a burger for lunch.
I’m feeling better. I think I’ll go to bed early.

On the other hand, the rich are also rich, because they plan ahead, so while what you say it’s true that wealth frees up time for other things, calculating ahead materially is also foundational to building wealth.
It’s a vicious cycle.
No. 78361
A girl at work, who had previously only hinted at romantic interest, directly asked if I wanted to go for drinks or whatever. I don't, but the issue was left open as we were interrupted, and I didn't want to continue the conversation with an audience. Damn. Now we have to talk, and I have to explain that while I may appear normal in casual conversation, I'm actually a weird loner.
No. 78363
534 kB, 878 × 568
No. 78364
Planning ahead and planning for an unforseen danger are quite different.
One is specific, the other is general.

That's the thing, when you're planning how to not fail, you're not planning how to succeed.
No. 78365
The US and its car-centric culture are fascinating. How many miles of rows of McMansions does this city probably have?
Also, the German publisher has a fancy little McMansion.
No. 78366
3,4 MB, 1920 × 942
>the German publisher has a fancy little McMansion.
Now we know what EC admin has been doing with all our subscription money :DD


Assessed at half a million in 2020, but the market value will be significantly higher.
No. 78367
>The ideal public space …
I largely agree, but as you said that's only an ideal.
Where I live, many structures and all utility poles are covered in stickers advertising the vandal's "brand" or web presence. Walls and doors are additionally defaced by graffiti. Each individual act of such vandalism takes at most a few seconds and is not something police would easily notice from far away. So, short of UK or even PRC tier surveillance, not even a powerful draconian authority would be able to identify the perpetrators in order to harshly penalize them. Every idiot expressing themself onto common space not being a thing in Best Korea is one of the very few things for which I envy the Norks. (Singapore probably has lots of legalized advertising instead, and poor shitholes are littered with rubbish.)
>that segment of time between leaving a building and getting inside a vehicle is the worst part of the day
With public transport here, it's the other way round: From the moment you enter the subway station to the moment you emerge from your destination station, the (ostensibly public!) transport corporation tries to shove as much advertisement into your face as possible. In the past, I sometimes walked through a particular subway station to avoid adverse weather above ground, but since that station has been modernized to have even more obnoxious advertising screens, it has become an Unort I avoid. Riding the subway now feels like riding that South Park unicycle, except it's ads instead of dicks.
No. 78368
Also, even if the vandalism is an ad, you cannot prove that the business being advertised is responsible. If business X being advertised were sufficient proof that business X is behind the vandalism, rival businesses could illegally advertise business X in order to have it harshly penalized for vandalism. But it's not accepted as sufficient proof, hence we have legal companies illegally advertising their cancerous shit in public space because they can always just deny being responsible for the vandalism.
No. 78378
Today, in a chance encounter in public space, A recognized and greeted B whom A was following on the Instagram but whom A had not met in IRL life. Surprise all around. Such cases.
No. 78379
What if its6 not actually neoliberal authoritarian post modern globohomo capitalism, and I'm a miserable piece of shit for some other reason?
No. 78380
5,1 MB, 4080 × 3072
>the rich are also rich, because they plan ahead
If by plan ahead you mean, their ancestors rigged the system for them, then sure.
No. 78382 Kontra
63 kB, 843 × 843
You should buy a book and support other people profiting from your miserability telling you how to make friends and be an entrepreneur and tackle life accordingly. There are only gains to make in a pool of sharks, soldier!
No. 78383 Kontra
37 kB, 606 × 480, 0:02
Good takes today brick.

We pooled our resources and put a man into space. I love gommunism.
No. 78385
39 kB, 1031 × 625
For the first time in my (conscious) life I tried unsalted peanut. Now I know how peanut tastes like. And it doesn't taste like salt. I like it.

Alternatively you can blame Demiurge, your parents, yourself or bad luck. But it's less fun and pleasant.

Rigging the system requires a lot of effort and planning.
No. 78388
Yuh, peanuts go hard.

Re: planning. Yes but no richoid today set that system up. They just let it continue its natural process towards concentration of accumulated wealth and reaped the benefits. Even upholding it is more the job of paper pushers than the big dogs themselves.
No. 78394
131 kB, 666 × 674
A guy from the US was telling me they even boil fresh peanuts and then season them with all sorts of spices. Apparently it's way different from roasted peanuts. Something to try if visiting a peanut-producing country/area.
No. 78395
Wait, have you also never eaten peanuts right from the pod? With skin and all?
No. 78397
there should be a movie about a guy who lives in a post soviet country inexplicably transporting to a parallel universe where everything is the same, but all the people are different, but at the end it turns out that he was simply drunk and wandered into another commieblock district that's exactly identical to his ow-

wait that already exists nevermind
No. 78398 Kontra
I don’t feel like things are improving at all.
My main concern is that I feel tired and that I feel like there’s no reason to get up.
It’s probably that the meds stopped working why I feel weak, and my weakness is why I feel depressed.
Don’t really want to call it depression, because I don’t want to die really, I just don’t feel like I’m able to do anything, or if I actually do anything it doesn’t feel right.
I went to bed early, woke up no problem, but I don’t feel a productive surge.

On monday I’m going back to the doctor again. I wonder what new exciting treatment we will try to make me a base level normal human being that other people who are not absolute genetic trash like me are like by default.
And don’t come with the “Normal people aren’t real” thing.
No. 78400
Sounds like an episode of Twilight.
No. 78401
7 kB, 460 × 276
>an episode of Twilight
No. 78402 Kontra
50 kB, 380 × 360, 0:03
I'm pretty sure one can be depressed without actively wanting to die. I don't know if you work out, but lift some hand weights and do pushups until you can't anymore. Disregard all gymbro bs you've heard, but working out a bit can really help in a situation like that.
No. 78403 Kontra
He probably meant The Twilight Zone.
No. 78405
Oh no, you have caught the 'tism from the Germans!
No. 78407 Kontra
>not depressed

While I might be also having problems with anxiety that somehow are interlinked with depression ( I don't know what I have but I show clear symptoms of both), wanting to die is not the only marker for a depression. I don't want to die yet I can relate to what you describe. I'm often tired, my productivity has spikes but also long downward curves. I'm rarely happy nor do I feel satisfied really. I'm lonely more or less. I get up and do a few things so as to keep things in check but in the end that is just a functional variety of my psychological illness, whatever it is.
Do some sports, get touched and touch, don't eat shit. These three will probably cure many men's depression these days. I mean I felt empty for a prolonged period of time even with gf after a year but these three can keep you quite stable, strong and relatively "sane", many don't have this, which is a problem.
No. 78408 Kontra
Oh, and add academic/career pressure through expectations and goals. I think you are a good candidate for these as well.
No. 78411 Kontra
70 kB, 1016 × 774
Horrible headache. Used to get this frequently but it's been a long while since the last time. Gotta go lie down.
No. 78412
My brain is mush and it's not even 5 yet. And I still have to work another day until I can finally take my vacation.
It's all so tiresome.
No. 78420
87 kB, 440 × 604
If there was an organized gang of Yakuts operating in japan, would they call themselves the Yakutza?
No. 78434
2-minute exercise for willpower. Watch the video until the end without pausing or distracting:
No. 78439
Nah, my willpower is strong enough to not click on shitty videos.
No. 78440 Kontra
No. 78441 Kontra
42 kB, 700 × 550
It feels like every single dumb decision or mistake I've made in my life is cascading back onto me. My entire day was an almost endless series of neurotic thoughts. Entire thing got triggered by the fact that I noticed a really small scratch on the tablet screen and I immediately felt like I've sinned and that my father will be disappointed in me.
Took temperature, I borderline have a fever and sometimes my guts really hurt.

Listening to Mahler's 6th. Bernstein is conducting. He's rushing as usual. Like he's late for his fucking bus.
It's not helping at all. Nothing is helping.
Yes, I will go to the doctor's but only on Monday because that's when my appointment is.

I'd like to add that while Bernstein rushes everything while conducting Mahler, in my experience he does the exact opposite with Shostakovich, and he stretches out the motifs like as if they were dough.
No punch, no strength.

I love you guys and I'm so sorry you had to see this.
No. 78442
34 kB, 720 × 900
Let go of the ways that consumer tech lizards try to mind trick you into. The tablet is a tool for you. Treat it like a tool. A tool should look like it has been used. Don't let the mind control hinder your productivity.
No. 78445 Kontra

t. never used a casing for his mobile devices not true, for a short period of time I put my most expensive bought laptop ever in a sort of casing but I don't care anymore, as mentioned it is a tool and will do its job until it is replaced in a couple of years
No. 78455
>my coated pan is scratched, but it's supposed to look like this!
>my knife is dull and jagged, but it's supposed to look like this!
I mean you have a point in that the crack will not hinder proper functionality of the tool like in my polemic examples, but your take is bydlo tier nonetheless because taking care of your stuff is never a bad idea.
No. 78459 Kontra
There probably is a difference between a tool looking like it has been used and a tool that doesn't work anymore because while in use there was taken no care for future proper functionality. It tool can look used and still work properly because it was sufficiently cared for.
No. 78462 Kontra
33 kB, 390 × 390
You know what I think is bydlo? Making holy artefacts out of every day items is bydlo. Curb your commodity fetishism.

Anecdote: I have a friend who wraps his skiing boots in a blanket before putting them in the trunk, out of fear they might get scratched. Ridiculous. I ski with those boots, they are going to get one or two scratches, unless I ski like someones grandma.

Coated pans are, by the way, stupid. Making a pan out of a material that is easily scratched, so that you even need to use styrofoam coasters when stacking pans, that is pure genius, because sooner or later, the user will fail, and they will buy a new pan.

Designing a product that constantly needs to be 'protected' is planned obsolescence. Be on the side of users, not on the side of things, don't buy such products, if it can be avoided. Pic related is a pan. You can actually use a (metal!) spatula in those without ruining them. They come at the disadvantage of not being 'space age' and 'space materials'. They come at the advantage of being able to use your pan without babying it. You can even put them in the sink and stack on bowls, dishes and cutlery on top.
No. 78464
It really is all tiresome
No. 78465 Kontra
>Curb your commodity fetishism.
How about you curb your wastefulness? But it seems like I struck a nerve there, huh?
Also, neither you nor >>78459 seem to have actually read my post. Let me guess, you lurk by phone?

>Designing a product that constantly needs to be 'protected' is planned obsolescence.
Dumbest thing I have read today. Hey, why don't you give me your glasses and let me step on them? Wait, what do you mean they would break? Damn shitty glasses and their planned obsolescence if they break if you just use them.
Waxing my leather shoes? No way, I'll just buy new ones, because I am not a commodity fetishist, just a smug consoomer.
Can I borrow your car? I just want to drive over this very high curb. What, your oilsump broke? Planned obsolescence!
What, you mean I can't put this cast iron skillet in the dishwasher? PLANNED FUCKING OBSOLESCENCE!!!!111einself
No. 78466 Kontra
>But it seems like I struck a nerve there, huh?
No. 78468 Kontra
Not sure what your point here is.
No. 78472 Kontra
>Waxing my leather shoes? No way

I'm >>78459 and can tell you in case of the shoe example what I meant and where the difference is that I spoke about. Waxing your shoes is fine, as shoes get brittle otherwise and aren't performing well anymore. Yet obsessing over crinkles and evading them at all costs is dumb. Signs of wear are ok. My laptop has a small dent in its aluminum casing, which won't do anything noteworthy to its performance (important for any tool as you said) that is important to me.
You just come up with extreme examples, congratulations for making hyperbole content and missing the point.

It's like telling people the factory needs machines as clean as a whistle every day. But not every factory is a clean room for chip production.
No. 78473 Kontra
>You just come up with extreme examples, congratulations for making hyperbole content and missing the point.
>missing the point
Missing the point, how? Read >>78455 again, this time read it actually to the end, especially the last sentence, understand it and then compare it to what you wrote in >>78459. I don't think those statement are too far off from each other. Also note that my concluding statement was merely
>taking care of your stuff is never a bad idea.
which you, in your post right now, even agree with.
So if some absolute fucking retard like >>78465 seems to be ok with constantly buying new shit because to him everything is consumables, obviously I will mock him by pointing out his retardation in an exaggerated manner, especially considering he chose cast iron pans as an example for "not needing protection" type of goods.

>It's like telling people the factory needs machines as clean as a whistle every day. But not every factory is a clean room for chip production.
That analogy is limping. Plus, in a factory cost and time are factors and cleaning would mean downtime. Still, maintenance plans exist because gunk can and will accumulate and wear is a thing. But the other german would just let his car's oil run dry because an engine that constantly needs to be protected from friction ain't worth shit.
No. 78478
They started talking about tablet scratches and end up discussing the proper maintenance protocols for factories. It seems they all agree with each other, but they are vicious today. This is the greatest forum for anyone interested in the Germans.
No. 78479
>they are vicious today.

It's above 30°C, no German can thrive under these conditions except when abroad.
No. 78482
6,7 MB, 4:52
Finally, wörk is over for the next two weeks. I think tonight I might drink a bit because tomorrow I will get drunk like Harald Juhnke.
No. 78483
I have only just today learned about the en passant move in chess.
Now I feel even dumber than usually.
No. 78486
182 kB, 738 × 1600
83 kB, 1200 × 1600
>boo hoo muh scratches
Meanwhile, the phone I've been using for the past year or so.
No. 78488
Looks cool and punk. Perhaps Samsung should sell scratched phones just clothing stores sell ripped jeans.
No. 78491
564 kB, 2000 × 1500
>for the past year or so
Oh wow watch out, we've got a badass over here!
My phone has a few rather large cracks on the upper part of the display, and has been like that for like 4 years or so.
Also, one has to wonder what you took those pictures with...
No. 78492
No. 78493
189 kB, 1080 × 1348
My face when I never cracked a phone and I had like 3 or 4 since smartphones exist.
No. 78494
248 kB, 2048 × 1362
My face when I never paid a single cent for a cell phone. My first one was a really ancient one I got gifted from a friend so that I can put a mobile number on my job application, and since then it's company phones. I did pay 210 bucks or so for a prepaid card for the ancient phone, though. But never for the hardware.
No. 78495 Kontra
1,6 MB, 2165 × 2839
I'm feeling moderately better. Picked up some packages, and during my slightly dizzy walk I actually managed to compose a few paragraphs to an essay I'm going to write.
I came home, had lunch and then wrote some. Then had a nap.

I finally found a copy of this book for sale. Been looking for once since like 11th grade.
It's just a collection of random articles on Shostakovich. Binding is atrocious on it though.

Samsung will do it first, but when Apple (pbuh) finally adopts it people will call it revolutionary.
No. 78496 Kontra
121 kB, 500 × 375
My face when I've never had a smart phone - bought, gifted or otherwise.

Also my face whenever people ask me how I manage to do X or Y without a phone.
No. 78497
I wish I had the willpower and anti-social energy to do that, but then I would have no contact to any of my friends anymore and my mom would probably call everyday. Quickly replying with a "yes" on whatsapp without having to listen to her irrelevant yapping is a good thing.
No. 78498
>I've never had a smart phone - bought, gifted or otherwise.

>people ask me
Not same
No. 78499
So last year I've met a girl, we shared a certain hobby, which is a group outdoor activitiy. Things were going great for awhile, bit eventually we broke up. I tried to stay friends but she kept being very hostile to me, so I just stopped talking to her altogether. Well, what I'm trying to say is, she brought her new boyfriend today, and now I'm feeling extremely sad, even though I have no reason to, and definitely no right to resent her for it. But somehow this knowledge doesn't help.
No. 78500
20 kB, 284 × 311
My face when I have never inflicted visually noticeable damage to any consumer electronic devices during my whole life.

Also merry weekends everyone.
No. 78501
189 kB, 1080 × 1348
248 kB, 2048 × 1362
121 kB, 500 × 375
20 kB, 284 × 311
Faces of EC.
No. 78502 Kontra
25 kB, 600 × 557
Well that was a lie. My keyboard keys have changed shape from being used so much. That's visually noticeable and could be considered as damage.

No. 78504
That's what you get for acting all smug.
No. 78508 Kontra
Cultural funfact: number 2 is a German meme about economics students
No. 78511
Yes, they are usually like that.
> Economics? It must be about money and luxury stuff, like in "The Wolf of Wall Street" movie
That's why there is a lot of Armenians among them. Was pleasantly surprised to see exceptions from this stereotype.
No. 78521 Kontra
262 kB, 685 × 396
I can't remember when this quote was relevant but I failed to post it when it was, because I couldn't find it. So here it is regardless, it's from Zinoviev's Homo Sovieticus.
No. 78522
4,9 MB, 3000 × 4000
Often more found in small village bars, this house presents two very usual tiles.
"May God give you the double of what you wish for me".
"If you envy my living - get working, you bum."
There are other popular variations of these tiles, the most common one being for small establishments to have something like "Credit is only given to people above 80 years of age with their parents as signatories.

Culture of tile.
No. 78523
There should be an AI service that takes your manuscript and edits and formats it for publishing. In tex or markdown or whatever else.

That's a class of jobs I can actually see being automated away.
No. 78524
The last one with the parents hangs in a bar right next to the house I grew up in.
No. 78525
Fugg, why am I in Bavaria now? Not even on mobile. I am a non-bavarian german and not associated with the b.ball schizo.
No. 78526
>May God give you the double of what you wish for me".
>"If you envy my living - get working, you bum."
Gee, I bet working hard will get me enough money to buy a home that costs 15-20 times the median gross wage.
If you don't inherit one or two homes, you come from a shitty family, anyway and don't deserve better.
No. 78529
7,6 MB, 4000 × 3000
In a land of poverty, it is possible to buy a small rural rectangle via median wage. The median wage is in fact very high in comparison to what people in this area get.
in the area of pic 1, not this one
No. 78531
Don't engage him, he's just the leftist schizo.
No. 78532 Kontra
All Germans are calling each other schizo, very avant-garde performance :DD
No. 78533
I guess there are both upsides and downsides to being the only poster under a certain countryball. Or a German.
No. 78534
Well, since we are the americans of Europe and the whole US is 100% schizo, thisshouldn't come as a surprise.
No. 78535
Ok, since being employed in a tech company as of one month ago, I found out that there exists a job description called a "Business ANALyst" that pays more than twice as much as my current job, and all it entails is talking to customers and relaying the information to the development team.
I can do that.

I must hatch a devious plan once again.
I manufactured my job history to get this job, I shall manufacture another one and apply for remote business ANALyst positions (3 years experience) at other tech companies.

Imagine the look on my boss's face as I hand him the resignation papers.
"Why yes, I got a new job before my trial period even ended, as a better paying job position I didn't know existed before joining your company".

Or maybe, if the workload stays as low as it is, I could keep this job and get another one on top.

rubs hands furiously
No. 78536
54 kB, 500 × 375
You sound like a capitalist pig
No. 78537
> talking to customers
> I can do that.
No. 78538
Additional information not that anyone cares
Yesterday she actually smiled and said hi to me, knowing I've seen her with the guy. When I met her today at that place - she was alone - she didn't talk to me at all.

I guess she's not a very good person. Doesn't make me feel any better though.
No. 78539 Kontra
I'm the biggest leftist here and I didn't post. Also, what was leftist about this post, the last sentence was anything but surely not leftist, lol. Schizo's gonna schizo I guess and call others schizo without a good reason/ any sound measure.

t. not interested in discussing another spergism.
No. 78540
We need an EC approved chain of insults, like:
>I'm not the schizo, autist
>I'm not the autist, sperg
>I'm not the sperg, capitalist pig
>I'm no capitalist pig, normie
>I'm no ..., schizo
No. 78542
Soaking T-shirts in diluted bleach water to fade the color. Too bright. Red one came out great. Green one is kill. The bleach left spots and streaks everywhere. Maybe I should have let the solution rest longer on that one before dunking.

My brother is a financial analyst, and from what I can gather the term 'analyst' is applied to any position with high pay and low productivity. No doubt you could do it in your sleep.
No. 78543 Kontra
84 kB, 640 × 428
I have a fantastic solution guys, let's put German posts on the blockchain!
No. 78544
455 kB, 1600 × 1200
I don't have employees and I don't own any means of production so you're WRONG.
Nothing wrong with exploiting the unjust capitalist system for one's own gain.
I mean, it's the market right, everything is worth precisely as much as you can convince someone to pay for it.
t. convincer

It's not that hard when it's a zoom call.
I'm actually way more talkative and sociable online than I am IRL.
Must be all the experience I got being an assclown and a minor lolcow in all them multiplayer game clans and guilds I used to be part of.

Wouldn't those colors wear out after a few washing machine cycles anyway?
Even my good clothes lose a lot of their hue in a few months.
Maybe I'm using the wrong settings on the machine, but I can't be bothered. I just throw it all in there and use the "whatever" setting.

I need to do some research to figure out which types of material + pigment are least sensitive to washing, so I can buy them exclusively. Ain't nobody got time to babysit clothes.

Also, you should try screen printing stuff on your t-shirts with bleach. Do the "wolf howling at the moon" design.
No. 78545
>Wouldn't those colors wear out after a few washing machine cycles anyway?
I am impatient and paid the price. Well, half the price since it worked on one of them. I should put the EC logo on a shirt, then tell people they're not cool enough to know what it means.
No. 78546
If someone does find out you're the laughingstock.
No. 78548
>Ain't nobody got time to babysit clothes

I babysit my clothing, what do you want to know about materials and washing?

t. degenerate wectoid
No. 78549 Kontra
I keep hunting flies and mosquitoes. Lots of bites everywhere but I kinda don’t care at this point to be honest. Actually, I’m only irked by the fucking buzzing noises they make constantly.
Took part in a meeting that basically ended without much conclusion.
We will have another meeting, plus I agreed to help the respected general secretary of ours to vet the 9 applicants to the workshop at a bar.
I will not drink, I don’t want to repeat last time, that was fucking awful and I’m never drinking beer ever again.

I actually quite like this laptop table I got. Relatively stable and wide enough to have a book open next to the tablet.
Read a few writings from the Shostakovich book and harvested three tomatoes.

Grandma is finally out of the hospital. Thanks to the few strings my mother pulled she’s now in a carehome.
Glad that chapter’s over. Lot less uncertainty hanging over us.

I’m still feeling very weak. My appetite’s getting weaker too. Things are not looking up.
At least I’m not feeling as depressed as before.

Wanted to say that I’m too lazy to write something long, but as it turns out writing a lot of meaningless garbage is intristic to my very being at this point. Amazing.
No. 78550 Kontra
>I’m only irked by the fucking buzzing noises they make constantly.

Don't remind me. A few weeks ago I turned on a lamp to deal with the problem as flies are attracted to it; they get grilled by the heat of the thin bulb. Don't know exactly what it is that makes them go straight grilling themselves.
No. 78551
Serious question, where are the nurses (or whatever) from? Over here there are hardly any Germans working those jobs, they are all from poorer countries mostly to the East.

Is Hungary rich enough to attract workers from some shithole?
No. 78552 Kontra
Is this backed by data or just some impression? Because I know many people on in Germany doing care work, you might confuse this with nurses and care workers living at home with old people, this kind of service is quite expensive that is why people from eastern Europe are oftentimes considered as they do it for less than any German would do. They don't pay rent and food so can send home a big percentage of their money afaik.
No. 78553
19 kB, 396 × 104
I will never fucking ever click on this video, despite the fact that it shows up in my youtube side bar every single fucking day.

Unless this guy's name is Alan Turing or Kurt Godel, or I dunno, fucking Ada Lovelace or something, I don't want to know about how he "revolutionized computer science with mathematics".
How the fuck do you revolutionize CS with math when CS was a product of, and is indeed still a subfield of, math in the first place? The entire premise doesn't make any sense.
And even then, I'm probably doing a disservice to the field of mathematics and a countless number of mathematicians of the past by not counting the abacus or a clay tablet with a multiplication table etched on it as a computational device or whatever.

Fuck you.
No. 78554 Kontra
Never mind, looks like this really took off over the last years, now I have been reminded my grandma has been dead for quite some time. She was in a care home and while they had non-Germans this wasn't too many, same with my grandpa, but he is dead even longer, nearly 10 years so that is some time gone that provides some likely potential for change.
No. 78555 Kontra
>despite the fact that it shows up in my youtube side bar every single fucking day

You can make it go away by right click not interested.
No. 78556 Kontra
Usually there are enough Hungarians who don’t speak a lick of German or English to stick around.
When we need foreign workers we just get Hohols. (Most of them work in construction)
Or south east asians. (Local conveniece store has them stacking shelves.)
Or Mongolians. I think the cleaning lady in our high school was from Mongolia.
No. 78557
I did that a month ago. It came back after a while.
Apparently the youtube algorithm thinks I'm a "I LE FUKKEN LOVE SOYENCE" type soyboy.
It is not too far off, but I'm insulted anyway.

Edutainment is supposed to make me feel smart, not brazenly reveal its low but nonetheless accurate opinion of my intelligence and education level.
No. 78562 Kontra
212 kB, 1125 × 1028
Sometimes I'm disappointed how the algorithm does not feed my specific niche interests but tries to feed me the mass-consumed edutainment pellets. Do other countries have science slams? I mean ofc it can be interesting but why the forced humor? I got some Hossenfelder lately and the one between computer and brain signaled interesting content it wasn't, I expected something else after reading a bit about cogsci, also I wonder what her book existential physics is about because they video seems to lack so much interesting stuff that has an existential dimension if you will...the jokes were horrible and cringe and even seemed stereotypical "science nerd", I somehow think somebody wrote these for her? I can only guess she has a team is not doing this all on her own.
No. 78566
In some parts of the world it's still Lefthanders Day for a couple of hours.

Being lefthanded sucks. If I even can find certain products made for lefthanded use they are fucking expensive.

Thanks for coming to my TED talk.
No. 78567
>I got some Hossenfelder lately
You are not the target audience. She now simplifies her videos to the point where people with a tenth grade education can understand them. That makes them horrendously boring. I only watch for her jokes and to see if she made some eccentric wardrobe-choices, which she does less and less.
>signaled interesting content
that was the intention, I guess.
I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean in this context. Pertaining to the existence of whom or what? I have not watched the video, but maybe accept the unstated premise that computers and brains indeed do exist?
No. 78568
I got excited when I saw her star trek teleportation / ship of theseus video, expecting to get some new insight from a synthesis of physics and philosophy / metaphysics.

But no, it was just "I thought about this for 30 minutes and here's what I came up with" type of video.

So yeah, I don't have high hopes for her new book, she clearly hasn't read that much philosophy, or at least not the fun parts.
No. 78569
>I have no idea what that is even supposed to mean in this context.

I guess it's about how physical explanations of our existence, marveling about how physics and existence go together

Well, I looked up the publisher text

>Where do we come from? Where do we go to? How much can we know? The area of science that is closest to answering these questions is physics.

Yeah, nah. It's probably physics-informed philosophizing but it feels like many important questions concerning "us" will be left unanswered because physics has nothing to say about it. You can tell people how the universe came into being, but will it really answer where we came from or where we go? The debates about what this could mean and entail is philosophy for me, here it seems settled already and clear as polished glass or narrowed down by physical knowledge. As Brick said, all the fun parts are missing it seems. This reminds me of the video I also watched of course since I received a basic or intermediate historians education so far about does the past still exist? (one of the questions also answered in the book) It was boring to me because from a humanities standpoint this question finds numerable answers on how the past still "radiates" (via objects and (external) representations, human memory etc.) which of course is not part of a physical concept of time, so yeah a fun part missing here but maybe I'm expecting too much.

I wonder what she says about the theory of everything and the relation of science and religion because from a philosophical or cultural view there might congruent but also be very different answers. In sum: I don't trust physics to solve all great riddles of existence even though the base layers are nevertheless a very important research subject, no doubts here. But maybe she will come down to all this in her what are the limits part.
No. 78570
Also, my intuition was right, it has been featured in the edge foundations library. Still not sure if all books in there have been mediated book contracts by John Brockman/his son.

No. 78571

Each time I see something like this I wish germans had a bit more of the french spirit. I think this kind of "vandalism" is healthy to democracies in a way that is entirely overlooked here. It might even be incompatible with the german political landscape such that these actions when applied here would either not be noticed as relevant to public debate, or would not be understood at all by anyone in the space of public debates.

For references: Compare the past 10 years of public debates about burning cars in paris with that one time it happened in in Germany (Hamburg). The french debates always have at least two sides. The german "debate" was a monologue where every newspaper and magazine was hurried to agree with all the others and what I will call the "german decentralised monologue".

Posting this here instead of the news thread because nobody can consider this news and also the news thread is a swamp.

In other categories of "today": I didn't sleep well tonight. But not just because of the heat like every day lately, no! This night presented additional hurdles. Because of the heat I was sleeping with wide open windows, which is okay because this is usually a very quiet part of town and all I have infront my my window are trees. But in contrast to the soothing animal sounds I usually hear while falling asleep, I got woken up by frantically yelling woman. At first I was startled, then worried (someone needing help? Should I call the police?) but after a few seconds this turned into bewilderment, annoyance and amusement: In the middle of the night, on the edge of a forest where there are no streets or cars, a woman is agressively shouting at her phone (I assume, it was too dark to see anything really) for having tricked her into walking in the wrong direction for hours.
Listening, I learned where she wanted to be, where she thought she was and what her opinions were of technology.

After 20 minutes I realised she was not going to leave and closed the windows. Naturally, I had trouble sleeping in the ensuing heat then. Such cases.
No. 78572
>The german "debate" was a monologue where every newspaper and magazine was hurried to agree with all the others and what I will call the "german decentralised monologue".
Isn't this good? By political forces all denying this sort of vandalism, you prevent things from getting worse. I think these formal universal denunciations by political forces are good.
Also, fug golf :DD
No. 78573
>Isn't this good? By political forces all denying this sort of vandalism, you prevent things from getting worse.

Not really. If preventing escalation is the top priority then the solution is not to mention it at all. But if all outlets talk about something in agreement that is a feedback loop in service of one side of the story that will widen the gap. Not acknowledging any credibility in different perspectives is bad journalism anyway, but if done unanimously it's something worse.
No. 78574
>Hurrdurr we need more burning cars
We need to put people like you in camps.
'Young men' burn cats every day. It's just not reported because all German newspapers were hurried to agree that reporting that would be racist. But anything sorry if the red revolution is insufficient. You know that they'll put useful idiots like you in camps right with the to opposition, right?
No. 78575
364 kB, 1920 × 1080
I was reading a source and the financial support for the project was interesting, funded by the (US) Naval Office and the "System Development Foundation" which in the early 1980s was bought by an office equipment corporation that was interested in the systems knowledge developed on information technology. This means funding research on connectionism/new models of cognition, and later on they had big contracts with US government agencies. It's really interesting to see how research get funded that later plays out to be part of business models and products.

>Presentations by invited experts gave the Board the necessary background for formulating a set of funding guidelines. These guidelines, issued in December 1981, declared SDF's intention to support research in principles of information science, computer representation or modeling in biological and machine information processing (as in neurobiology, cognitive sciences, non-Von Neumann computer architecture, and robotics), principles of human-machine interface, and the interface between the computer and artistic endeavor.” (4)

Wish I could go through these boxes located in Stanford, CA. Nothing is online, just the inventory and a short summery of the SDF, but I would be really interested in the correspondences which are available between two specific researchers and the SDF.

No. 78578 Kontra
I wasn't reading through all of it, but did now, so I made a mistake regarding control of grants, yet I think this was also interesting for the office equipment corporation, given that the research topics had to do with human information processing.
No. 78580
>If preventing escalation is the top priority then the solution is not to mention it at all.
I don't think it's a matter of preventing escalation, seems more of a matter of limiting the political struggle to a political field. I don't think any party having a nuanced opinion on burning cars would be beneficial towards improving anything, while it would harm democratic institutions. Something that made me happy was when our AfD equivalent (maybe?) had their political rally attacked, all parties rushed to condemnation. A cynic would say it's in their own interest, as this sort of stuff only further radicalizes people with populist sympathies. Still, some parties that condemned these actions would stand to benefit from an increase in extremists.
No. 78591
66 kB, 212 × 320
31 kB, 250 × 375
23 kB, 212 × 320
39 kB, 250 × 375
I diligently click "not interested" like a good boy and recommendations are very similar to that I've already watched and which I'm very probable to like. For example, songs of same band and rarely same genre.
Sometimes it's still strange shit and rarely new and cool things. Yesterday I was shown channel with soyboish reviews on trash books. And learnt about Igor Rybachenko:

> Time-Traveller Bee:
> Can an insect decisively influence the course of World War II? Maybe - if inside the bee is Colonel-engineer Pyotr Degtyarev, who found himself in August 2014 a heroic death during the fighting in the Donbass.

> Time-Traveler Molecule:
> In one of the alternative realities, Adolf Hitler managed to develop to the level of the hyper-omnipotent ubergod, and now the entire super-civilization of human Demiurge Gods, the omnipotent creators of universes, is under the threat of destruction and enslavement. To find the key to victory over the demon-possessed Fuhrer who knows no limits of strength, Russian engineer colonel Pyotr Degtyarev is embodied in a DNA molecule in order to take control of Hitler's brain.

> Trump And Putin On The Jungle Planet:
> Two US and Russian presidents, Donald trump and Vladimir Putin are thrown into a parallel universe. There they must find the artifact, without which the reproduction of the human in the universe can stop. Suddenly the planet is wild and no signs of intelligent life. It seems the presidents are in a bind. Very beautiful barefoot girls. Warriors and presidents!

> Putin vs Satan:
> Being in the body of the leader of the USSR Stalin, Putin is trying to defeat the Japanese empire. So far, things are going well for the Red Army. But more and more frequent thoughts about what will happen after the victory over the country of the Rising Sun. Will the Wehrmacht turn on Russia again? One hope is for beautiful girls who can find artifacts and magic power. And the girls are great! Especially when barefoot! And very curvy!
No. 78593
>I think this kind of "vandalism" is healthy to democracies in a way that is entirely overlooked here.
Let's be honest. If "their side" (AFD for example) did it, you'd be the first to talk about literally Hitlers and demand prosecutions for them.
No. 78594 Kontra
No. 78597 Kontra
The problem is that "they" don't and won't do such things, that is why this assumption is basically nonsense, it makes no sense that AFD-affiliated people are filling up holes on a golf course.

t. another German
No. 78607
whatsapp is responsible for the biggest systematic destruction of user data on mass scale.
for some reason, normies think that whatsapp is their filesystem. they sent photos and videos over, which get compressed to shit. whatsapp doesn't really store your files on their server, but pretends to, so people will remember some file from 8 months ago that they thought they had in their chat history, scroll up, and discover the file is no longer accessible.
they'll also buy new phones, install whatsapp, and discover that none of their files are there because why the fuck would they be, and they never enabled backups, either, so all of their files are on the old phone that probably has a broken screen

and the worst part, whenever any of the above happens, they come to me
No. 78609
33 kB, 305 × 265
I bet you're tolkienists. That's why you prefer not to specify the hobby.
No. 78610
Zoomers don't even know what a (hierarchical) file system is.
No. 78611
Both boomers and zoomers are tech illiterate and I'm in the middle doing tech support. Truly the worst timeline.
No. 78612
If this isn't your job, why do you keep doing it?
No. 78613
No, if you're that interested, the hobby is horse riding.
No. 78614 Kontra
8 kB, 480 × 127
Well, they can’t use it because half of them have an iPhone that actively discourages you from using it. (Android has a usable filesystem, and the iPhone is capable of doing it too, but for some fucking reason on iPhone it’s not used all that much.)

What’s more worrying imho is that supposedly some of them seems to have trouble with search engines. Instead of using google or one of the digital assistants that links to google, they try to use Tiktok as a search engine. Kinda like what boomers do with facebook or twitter when they accidentally post out stuff like “Sex gifs” to their timeline.

But this was bound to happen imho. Technology just expects less and less of us, simply because the more idiot proof you make something the more control you have over it, which is good for business.
No. 78616
91 kB, 648 × 900
I knew it was you, horse rider man.
I would stop worrying about this, women who ride horses are too powerful. Find one that doesn't even drive.
No. 78617
>too powerful
Not sure what you mean by that.
No. 78620
american leftist political analysis is pretty bad when it comes to international issues. for an american leftie, the rest of the world is just a backdrop against which us domestic politics can be analyzed.

basically, wars or crises on other continents are important to them only in so far as they can somehow use the event to make a stronger case for implementing single payer healthcare in america or whatever.

although, now I'm thinking how I'd love to see the outcome if america suddenly flipped and turned into a USSR style authoritarian commie state. Imagine the the synthesis of burger mentality + commie aesthetics and its effects on the world, that'd be so ebin to see.
No. 78621
That's exactly what I thought about. You ride on horses while imagining yourselves as Rohan cavalry or Orkish wolf-riders.
No. 78623
>Technology just expects less and less of us, simply because the more idiot proof you make something the more control you have over it, which is good for business.

I read tech design stuff from the 1980s/90s atm and yes, basically one imagination was that the tech should get the task done without burdening the user with learning complex machinery because that is an obstacle to overcome when using tech.
No. 78624 Kontra
Well, if you limit the tasks a device can get done, you also create new niches in the market to fill in. This is just another consequence of streamlining the processes for the end user who just simply doesn’t care.
(And with a really tightly regulated environment or device you can make sure that eventually even the powerusers who would like to jury-rig it to do something else it was not intended to do by design would just say its more trouble than it is worth and go and seek greener pastures elsewhere.)

If we talk software, I don’t think anyone would design Windows as an environment today as it looks like right now. The only reason why it’s even remotely as free as it is (and in turn, allows you to fuck up so much, which for example iOS in my opinion severely limits) is because of the development history that carries this fact as a backpack.

Any freedoms we have left with our devices are either due to specialised needs or just inherited legacies from times when so much control wasn’t possible due to limitations in technology.
At least that’s how I’d describe it.
No. 78625
> although, now I'm thinking how I'd love to see the outcome if america suddenly flipped and turned into a USSR style authoritarian commie state.
Why suddenly? It's more likely to happen evolutionary way as boomers die out.

> Imagine the the synthesis of burger mentality + commie aesthetics and its effects on the world, that'd be so ebin to see.
No need to imagine:
No. 78626
>Well, if you limit the tasks a device can get done, you also create new niches in the market to fill in. This is just another consequence of streamlining the processes for the end user who just simply doesn’t care.

Yeah, basically. The Internet of Things sort of but it did not turn out like they imagined back then since all these devices are sending data to centralized data hoarders, back then people were more thinking of closed circuit IoT at home for instance.
Also, the user could be regarded as a certain model, a certain imagination, a new figure of the "information society", a new subject form (in the Foucauldian sense) even maybe.
No. 78627 Kontra
It would have been okay if they paid attention and it wasn't so thrown together. Like have the pictures actually on the wall, hold the flags normally and so on.
And the camerawork not being symmetrical doesn't help either.
Not to mention le honhon Frenchman berets they bought instead of the military ones.
It just reeks of a wish for grandiosity yet they couldn't even bother to do the bare minimum.
No. 78628
51 kB, 480 × 316
139 kB, 1200 × 750
McCommunism :D
That's why I don't think that burgers would suddenly adopt soviet style instead of drawing workers and peasants like picrelated.

Makes me think pf how much of historical garbage should we attribute to specific ideology, to specific nation or to specific personalities. Like would Moscow subway be built if Czar remained in power? If yes, how much differently it would look like?
No. 78629
155 kB, 1000 × 786
Excellent taste in burger schizos. Another example would be to look at the golden era of the CPUSA.
No. 78630 Kontra
Having it closed circuit would be more expensive I guess. Why build millions of internal networks instead of using one central one everyone already has installed in their homes?
Cuts down on maintenance and support costs, plus the user doesn’t need to get used to having a second network which is more limited in scope.
No. 78632
It's americans, what did you expect?
Every single time something gets americanized or appropriated by americans they put their own "twist" on it, you could also say they pervert it.
Take the million americanized dishes, for example.
No. 78633
36 kB, 545 × 720
No. 78634
So, mr. tolkienist, why didn’t the eagles fly the Ring to Mount Doom? Do you also exercise in fencing and archery? Who is this bearded man -- some dwarf?
No. 78635
104 kB, 1080 × 779
Forgot to say that burgers self-centered worldview is actually healthy unlike mental escapism here.

Was reading essay called "Russia in post-Industrial world" in subway. I've read two thirds and thought: "when there will be anything about Russia? it's only about how west is going to collapse any time soon". Then started to peak in neighbor's phone. She was reading "Russia today" TG channel. One article was about burgers using chemical weapons against Vietnamese. Another article was about homosexuals in some western military. That felt stupid.

But okay, perhaps westoids really are center of the world and shining beacon of civilization. 8 years of "what's with up with hohols" however...
No. 78637
They are, or can be, mini networks in themselves but are also part of a bigger one as we have it now. But I don't think it is so much a cost issue as simply a data issue, if these devices just connect to each other in one home or send to those large tech companies is quite irrelevant in costs for both home users and producers of devices, it is not irrelevant for BigTech whose business is extremely dependant on data/information. Private IoT networks mean less information that can be used for "personalization" improvements.
No. 78645
178 kB, 850 × 852
Ok, here's some friendly advice.
Uncooked quick oats are not digestible.
You can't just chug down a handful of oats with cold water when you're too lazy to make a meal.
Don't try it.
No. 78646 Kontra
283 kB, 766 × 1072
If you let them oats sit in the water for a few hours it might be ok.
No. 78647
I've never seen anyone who took pride in working hard, actually work all that hard.
I mean they're usually decently productive, but the way they present it you'd think they were regularly surpassing the human biological limits or something, but that's not the case.

People who actually work hard don't typically think it's a good thing that they do.
No. 78648
Actually you can. Swiss Germans do that all the time.
No. 78649
I don't know the difference between quick oats and regular oats, probably because quick is the only kind you can buy from regular supermarkets here. The only difference they make is small-leaved and coarse-leaved.

>You can't just chug down a handful of oats with cold water when you're too lazy to make a meal.
I use milk instead of cold water, but that has been my daily breakfast for decades.

I'd even say that its unusual to cook porridge from oatmeal in Germany, to the point where we usually refer to eat by its English name (porridge) instead of it's German name (Haferbrei).
No. 78650
>refer to eat
Yu heff ze tsherman accent even ven vritink. Funi.
No. 78654
79 kB, 508 × 507
With small-leaved oats, 1 minute in cold water should be plenty. Coarse-leaved oats take a bit longer but not hours, and it's a matter of preference anyway.
But "scientists have discovered" pouring boiling instead of cold water over your oats kills some germs or something. And it reduces soaking time to <1 minute even with the coarse type. Caution: oatmeal may be hot. If you pour hot water on oats (instead of oats into water), use plenty of water quickly to avoid lumping, especially when using fine-leaved oats.
But if you attempt to DRINK (>>78645 "chug") your oats with cold water, that will not work well, not even with small-leaved ones. You'd have to either take small-leaved oats and cook them to a goo in plenty of water (you cannot achieve similar viscosity by soaking them in cold water for half a day), or buy the very expensive oat flakes made for dissolving in cold liquid ("Instantflocken") which look like each flake is not from a grain but from flaked oat powder. You could probably make a chuggable beverage by cooking ANY oats into a goo in plenty of water and pouring it through a sieve.
If you want to add cocoa, cinnamon or another powder to your oats, mix it in when dry to reduce lumping. Cocoa is great with banana or pear, cinnamon is good with apple sauce. Caution: cassia cinnamon contains coumarin (and so do tonka beans, by the way), use Ceylon cinnamon instead.
For hot oats, if you cannot mix in cocoa powder, it's possible to throw in chunks of dark chocolate. Same for hot beverages, but part of the chocolate will form a crust on the container, and it's more tedious to clean a narrow mug of that stuff than a bowl.
No. 78660
Ok germoids, then explain the wet diarrhea shits I had yesterday.
No. 78661
Montezuma's Revenge. You just aren't used to it.
No. 78662
39 kB, 1777 × 124
Speaking of.
I decided to read the traveler's diarrhea wikipedia article just for fun.

Does anybody see a problem here?
The wording implies that TD happens not just due to travel, but due to travel to "developing nations" specifically, and then they list the entire non-western world as the places where "TD occurs".
For some reason the article never questions why the inhabitants of those places aren't constantly shitting water.

Inhabitant of X country notices that whenever they travel, they get the shits. Conclusion: every country other than X gives you diarrhea. That's some premodern thinking right there.
No. 78663
>Does anybody see a problem here?
No. "First World" is just too clean. Which makes us weak and full of allergies.
No. 78666
From my own experience, I don't think I have a third world superhuman immunity to e.coli because I got it once and it felt like I was gonna die.

Maybe first worlders are the dirty ones and they don't fadh their hands as often?
No. 78667
Maybe >>78654 is right and the problem is that you didn't chew.
Oatmeal is food, you are supposed to chew food.
No. 78668
I often thought it is because of the different spices and their amount that lets western get the shitting. But it could also be different bacteria in the gut? Where is biochemist Ernst?
No. 78669
>The wording implies that TD happens not just due to travel, but due to travel to "developing nations" specifically, and then they list the entire non-western world as the places where "TD occurs".
This is correct. Third world is a dirty place

>I don't think I have a third world superhuman immunity to e.coli
No, you would at best be resistant to the dominant local strains of e. coli and others, due to exposure.

>Maybe first worlders are the dirty ones and they don't fadh their hands as often?
Maybe first worlders don't bring their own kitchen and eat in restaurants and hotels more often, increasing their chance of infection.

>Wash their hands
When tap water is full of bacteria, that won't even help. But we caught on to that and bring plenty of wipes when we are traveling to nations that have tap water ladden with bacteria. Of course we can't clean entire hotel kitchens plus the personnel..

Also, what the fuck. You live in Kazakhstan, that's second world by definition. Don't pretend like you are some black African or Cambodian or Indian where they have designated shitting streets and toilets are just status symbols, not for actual use.
No. 78671
That's a way to put it.

Hot climates are advantageous for bacteria spread, their installations and infrastructure allow for cross-contamination from black water to tap water, hotels and restaurants might have lower standards of hygiene than in Europe (hard to imagine, I know), and soup containing the cooks nail dirt and kept at forty degrees for three ours will be a good breeding ground.

In India, imagine the whole place to be smeared in shit, which it practically is. Touch nothing, eat nothing that does not come out of a western looking package. Eat ramen raw (yes, raw), if need be.
No. 78681
a) You can get the shittings when eating unfamiliar food, especially if it's some kind of fat you're not used to, also spices. Counterpoint: Eating at any kind of "ethnic" restaurant in Germany has never given me the shits (except that one time I ate Börek from some turkish restaurant), which speaks for the "third worlders are dirty" hypothesis.
b) Obviously you are used to your local bacterial makeup more than a foreigner, because
c) your gut microbiome has a specific regional makeup. If "foreign" gut bacteria come into play and release their foreign bacterial toxins, your salt homeostasis goes crazy and ceases proper water resorption. After a few days a normal human's gut flora will get used to it.

Fun fact: You can "transplant" gut microbiomes and it has actually been proposed, or is even in use, for helping fatasses lose weight by replacing their fatass gut flora with a thin person's.
No. 78683
Sorry, I failed to pay attention to your wording of "not digestible" and mistakenly thought the problem was swallowing. Many meals of cold-prepared oats have never given me the shits, so I'll write off your unpleasant experience to the oats you used being bad oats.

>This is correct. Third world is a dirty place
That was not was Brick's post was about and not something Brick questioned. As far as I understand, Brick implied that the WP article's implication of "every non-Western place" = "third world" is invalid. So you should have answered "No, you are wrong and WP is right, every non-Western place is indeed absolutely third world".
No. 78688
It was more of an objection on sorta epistemological grounds.

"Traveler's diarrhea" is a cultural-linguistic concept that identifies a shared experience pattern observed by a certain group of people. Yet the article treats it as if it were an actual noumenal object out there in the world. You know what I mean?

It's like if the article on the Paris Syndrome attempted to examine the city itself for the reasons why it makes japanese travelers go temporarily insane.
No. 78689
281 kB, 350 × 263, 0:01
>"Traveler's diarrhea" is [...] a sharted experience
Sorry, had to. I see myself out.
No. 78694
460 kB, 930 × 900
The main question here is why you are reading english language wikipedia articles (most likely written by some kind of anglo) just to take (ironic) offense.
For example the german article has no mention of "developing world", instead talking about tropics and subtropics and lists the incidents in relation to travel destination.
In the introduction it's already made clear that it's the most common travel ailment for travelers hailing from temperate climates.
No. 78696
What's up with the screenshot? I don't get it (((.
No. 78698 Kontra
>You know what I mean?
I think I half get it now. But I must excuse myself now. Everyone, enjoy your serious discussions.
No. 78699
Took a while for me, too. The guy in the picture is actually named Ernst August, he gained some notoriety by being of noble descent while also being a total bydlo at the same time.
No. 78701
Actually an interesting question.
I guess the answer is because I view myself as a universal subject.
I'm not like one of those "oh, it's your language, I'm just speaking it" cucks, you know. I, by default, assume that anything written in a language I can read is "intended" to be read by me.
Must feel kinda weird to be an anglo and have the rug pulled from under you, in that your language used to be a subset of your culture, but due to factors beyond your control, you can no longer make assumptions about the audience when writing or saying anything any more. In a way, their language got taken from them. It got stripped of its assumed context, and turned into a pure communication medium.
But it's not my problem.
Look at me, I'm the anglo now.
No. 78703
Actually his name is Ernst August Prinz von Hannover Herzog zu Braunschweig und Lüneburg Königlicher Prinz von Großbritannien und Irland
No. 78704
>but due to factors beyond your control,
Oh you :3
No. 78705
I'm talking about the average anglo here.
I'm not one of those people who attributes personal agency to historical processes, that's magocal thinking.
No. 78706
I won't even reply with anything, just laugh at you for this typo hahahahahahah
No. 78707
Im not one og 5uos3 people eh9 fudses ovrr tupos, becausr i am not insecure
No. 78708
How are you ever going to recover?
You made a fool of yourself, infront of the whole world to see.
Frankly, my perception of "Brick" as this 7D chess mastermind whose psychotic abilities enabled him to play the human internet discuss in an expertly way, has been completely shattered.
From now on I can't never think anymore "mayb he does have a point", but instead have to think "yeah he's just retarded".
It's a shame, we have truly lost one of the greats.
No. 78709
This. It's over, he can as well use a bavarian proxy now.
No. 78710
August 16 will be remembered as beginning of post-Brick era of EC. He's now CANCELLED.
No. 78711
10 kB, 37 × 21
I made a new countryball, because the old one is kinda used up now. Can't stand looking at it, too many memories.
No. 78712 Kontra
There is something to be said about meeting your heroes.
>enabled him to play the human internet discuss in an expertly way
I need help helper translation.
No. 78714 Kontra
116 kB, 850 × 649
I'm still very tired. Went to the doctor yesterday. Got a new treatment. I'm waiting to see if it works.
Though I am feeling better.
Played some X-com today, took a walk. Got totally dizzy by the time I got back home.
I think I'm genuinely still scared about the future.
No. 78715 Kontra
I just want to rot in my room while simultaneously yearning for contact with people. I want to be in somebodies presence that I like as a person.
Don't want to tell Ernst about another possible failure. Again and again, why is it all so exhausting?
No. 78716
4,0 MB, 3264 × 2448
I bought a pair of jeans but didn't realize they had a preworn streak on the thigh and knee. Don't like it, but will keep because they're comfortable.
No. 78717
No one wins, no one finally loses. Except the dead - under the sun they rot together in absolute biological equality.
No. 78718 Kontra
I thought I bought a food article (among others), but it seems I didn't bring it home (can't find it anywhere) and the last time I remember having it was on my way to the supermarket check-out. I don't remember putting it on the conveyor belt nor in my bag, but I do remember I was thinking: "Wait, is this all I bought?"
Perhaps I failed to pick it up after it got scanned. I wonder if the lady who was in line behind me stole it. It was cheap and I didn't need it, but not finding it irritated me.

I'm puzzled, too. Perhaps they meant "discourse" (Diskurs)?
No. 78720
She now laughs about the socially incompetent list who is so oblivious to his surroundings that he is that easy to steal from. She is also certain that you never had sexual intercourse, because what woman would have sex with such a loser. Even a hooker would just take your money without servicing you, and with your total lack of street smarts, you could do nothing about it. She will tell her bf, her mom, her sister and all her friends about the loser she stole from at the supermarket, and they will laugh about you.
No. 78721
While this is the most probable scenario, I want to present a minuscule alternative:
She notices the small glass of Gewürzgurken left forgotten by Ernst and says to the chashier "Der Herr vor mir hat wohl etwas vergessen" the cashier takes it saying "Na, ich behalte es mal hier, vielleicht fällt es ihm noch auf". End of story.
No. 78731
We have a next candidate for cancelling. Since we can't tell him from other Germans -- sorry, guys.
No. 78733
881 kB, 417 × 66
First world my ass. Come on, point and laugh.

I suffer on the Germany with shitty internet
No. 78734
You have a better internet than I do at home. Maybe you should just make dealings, SHIT WEAKLING!
No. 78735
16 kB, 677 × 259
42 kB, 250 × 250
Bow down before the lord of slowness.
No. 78738 Kontra
9 kB, 383 × 125
911 kB, 800 × 550
Lmao get on my level

t. Bundeshauptstadt Ernst
No. 78739
8 kB, 317 × 240
Holy shit, in Berlin? I'd get it if you were living outside of civilization in some kind of barbaric wasteland... oh wait!
No. 78746 Kontra
2,4 MB, 582 × 360, 0:40
Tested speed:
D:88 Mbps U:12 Mbps

Previously 1,9€/month, but now 0€/month :DDDD
No. 78747
Lts spk nglsh wtht vwls. Vr cnvnnt: lss tpng. Jws d t nd th cntrl th wrld.
No. 78748
Admit this has nothing to do with Estonians, you slanderer of nations.
t. reformed yli poster
No. 78749
>in Tulving’s words, “he cannot remember, in the sense of bringing back to conscious awareness, a single thing that he has ever done or experienced in the past” (p. 362). For example, even though he remembers how to play chess, he does not remember ever having played it before. He knows his family had a vacation house on a lake, but he doesn’t have any recollections of being there. K. C.’s brain damage seemed to destroy his ability to access what we’ll call episodic memory, his own autobiographical knowledge, while leaving his general knowledge system—his semantic memory—intact.

Well, Ernst, would you also crash your motorcycle after reading this in the hope of losing episodic memory forever?
Wonder how living is experienced this way, I mean you have no comparison anymore I think, I'm not sure if there is a sense to remember that it once was possible but the contents of specific episodes are just not retrievable.
No. 78751
This sounds like a shitty superhero origin story. Not that the outcome is even desirable, but still. "John Smith read about how [the Hulk/Spiderman/random dude from Marvel or DC] got his powers and tried to copy it. Sadly, all it did was kill him"
No. 78752
Every time I am ready to throw in the towel and tell my cousin that sorry, you're not cut out for this, she'll have an eureka moment and figure something out on her own. And I'm like "fuck it... let's keep going".

The problem isn't that she doesn't know how to program. The problem isn't even that she has barely any computer literacy.
The problem that she has never done any problem solving at all. Like, the concept of being faced with a [problem] and having to figure out a solution by all means accessible is not familiar to her. I'm having to teach her the general methodology of solving problems, and the programming thing is just a surface detail.
Thanks to school curriculum and helicopter parents.

I've heard that traumatic childhood can fuck with your episodic memory, and I guess I am proof.

I am quite good at memorizing "information", but very terrible at memorizing "data".
Like, I can't recall what I did yesterday. I don't really remember much of my life.
But in my case, it's not an inability to record memories, but a hampered ability to access them.
Sometimes I'll get in "one of those moods", and suddenly remember in vivid detail something from my childhood, or from a few years ago, which will make me melancholic, nostalgic and depressed.

Normal days, though, I lead a timeless existence where only contextless, time-independent information is accessible.
No. 78753
14 kB, 381 × 131
Meanwhile in kiberpank country. 550 roubles/month.
No. 78754
13 kB, 666 × 379
32 kB, 615 × 409
No. 78755 Kontra
I'd rather have his >>78753 upsteam than your downstream tbh.

t. also vodafone but only getting 60% of the promised bandwidth
No. 78756
9 kB, 523 × 195
Download speed is good enough to stream video and browse, but buffers regularly.

>losing episodic memory forever?
No, I like my memories. I mean, most of them are terrible but they're fuel for my introspective nature, analyzing how I became me and
such. My conclusion to date: I was always this way. My personality traits are remarkably consistent from childhood, and my memories are basically what happens when that character is dropped into different scenarios.
No. 78757 Kontra
900down/45 up (90%, I think laws say at least 80% must be provided, meh)
10-12 ping in Germany
provider: sucks dick
No. 78758 Kontra
also: 50€ I think
No. 78759 Kontra
34 kB, 410 × 410
Listen up youngin,,, I was for posting on IBs before you or yli was even born´ed´s,,, I've seen it all play out right in front of me,,,boy,,
No. 78760
>I was for posting
And now you are against?
No. 78761
Why are German railway stations so full of misery and drunkards? It was particularly shocking in Hanover and Hamburg.
No. 78762
>Why are German railway stations so full of misery and drunkards?
It's that way so travellers fuck off soon-ish.
No. 78763
>I am quite good at memorizing "information", but very terrible at memorizing "data"

I think from the POV of CogSci it's all information processing.
Anyway, I heard that with childhood as well somewhere (tiktok) and I have a similar experience to yours and I suspect we just get older and memories vanish. If you really concentrate on your childhood and retrieving memories they should slowly come as accelerating splinters.
No. 78764
Privatizing the Deutsche Bahn was a mistake
No. 78765
In Hannover, I get asked a lot by homeless people and similar if I can spare change on the platforms. Rarely had a waiting period without somebody coming up to me.
In Hamburg, you should visit the August-Bebel-Park near the main station and then you will know. Although it is indeed the case that the streets and places around the main station are full of drug users and/or homeless. Is this a German specialty? Could make for an interesting history then.
No. 78766
>Why are German railway stations so full of misery and drunkards?
Because Germany is a tolerant and open society and we don't run a police state? Learn to live with diversity, you fucking Nazi.
No. 78767
Every well-fuctioning member of German society is on the Autobahn, only those who fail to make the cut end up on public transport. They get drunk in the railway station and dream about driving across Germany, but all you see is misery.
No. 78768 Kontra
78 kB, 427 × 640
>Als das Gas alle war, musste ich sie am Bahnhof ertragen.
No. 78769 Kontra
61 kB, 750 × 936
12 kB, 655 × 114
Somehow I have gained a new lease on life and all of my torments have stopped.
Worked on some classical Chinese and harvested some potatoes. Played X-com.
Had lunch.

Mine's absolute shit because we have a shitty router and I need to use some weird dongle I found in one of 'em boxes from years ago.

Maybe the drunkards/hobos rightfully think they can just lay low there. Police can't take you away if you say you're here for a train I guess. (Plus there's a lot of people and who knows, if they are tourists they might be more generous with change.)
No. 78770
Train stations are actually THE prime spots for police controls, exactly because of travelers and druggies.
No. 78771 Kontra
Okay, then I have no idea.
No. 78773
>more up than down
Easy solution, become a Content Creator™
No. 78799 Kontra
46 kB, 800 × 1092
7h of reading (two articles) and notetaking (only two pages) today. I want to push two other texts into this day to get as much shit down for the first thesis/chapter of my student paper and the bridge to the second thesis/chapter. I read the two other texts already and marked it, so maybe it's possible. Now that I have read bit more I can come back and they make more sense now and can be incorporated into the argument properly. It's just that this basically means understanding roughly the history of some knowledge leveraged and I have to make basic sense of what happened back then (the emergence of neural net models for cognition) so as to go on about what is really important to me in the actual paper I'm writing, it's just that the thing I'm most interested in is based in these debates of the 1980s in cognitive science and hence cannot be discarded (and I want to work with sources of the debate and not just a single paper that tries to give a summery).

It feels good things seem to come together which is great when I look at the deadline due next month. Yet I'm mentally drained. Guess I should call it a day but I really have this pressure to go through the texts before "getting of work" today.
No. 78800 Kontra
I decided to call it a day. Now I have two texts for tomorrow and two texts for Saturday and then it's the 20th of August and I can proceed with one other book and a few articles and then I'm through with most work and can start writing at the beginning of September. Hope that plan works as planned.

t. updater
No. 78802
I know you are joking, but I don't think I have what it takes to be a streamer or a youtuber.
I'm not the right kind of guy for the job.
No. 78803
I hate modern technology, especially the retard internet (i.e. everything not pertaining to education).
The reason for this are boomers and zoomers alike.
Boomers just try to digitalize everything, making normal services you would normally just make a call for an endeavour that makes me want to kill babies and then myself. A combination of forcing people to sign up or make appointments online, but at the same time having monkeys or something design the whole process, so it won't work the first and second time, maybe the third time, but then you make a misentry and have to start over.
And when you're then at your appointment, nothing goes faster because they still do everything by hand at typical bureaucrat speed.
Or you're a Sparkasse customer and can't find anything anymore since they gave the online banking a facelift. Before it was one dropdown menu with several items that had everything you wanted, now you get your balance and THAT'S IT! I actually had to use the search function to get what I wanted and I don't even know how I got there.
Then you have the "entertainment" side, with programs not being called programs anymore, but everything is an app, which only means that you, the user, are considered absolutely fucking retarded and thus are not allowed to do anything. This is combined with aforementioned "design" made by monkeys or absolute fucking retards or whatever kind of subhuman you can make from shit and what ran down the respective boomer bosses' wife's disgusting cunt.
SO you have shit that doesn't work and even if it did work you wouldn't know if it works because it's so obtuse and needlessly complicated, but hey, at least you have all those cool effects and bubbles and shit that blinks and moves to give the illusion that something is actually happening.
And I despise the kids for not only putting up with that shit, but especially for not being constantly irritated by it. Is it because they are not used to anything else? Or is it because they are all really fucking retarded, since the way all those apps and websites are laid out were made by retards for retards?
Fuck them all, fuck smartphones, fuck all social media, javascript, advertisers and "designers". Fuck ever giving the mob internet access.
From now on I will only pray to Saint Ted.
No. 78804
>I know you are joking
I am German. EVRYZINK is serious business!
No. 78805 Kontra
Ja heil!
No. 78806
Well I mean, do you have a monotonous, affectless voice? If not, why shouldn't you be able to become a streamer?
No. 78807
179 kB, 1005 × 1360
>Or you're a Sparkasse customer and can't find anything anymore since they gave the online banking a facelift.

Keke, I was also irritated, nothing worse than a facelift that makes you left disoriented.

>it's so obtuse and needlessly complicated

While designers should fix this, early personal computers were far from user friendly. I think app are what most people need, a design that they can understand and that gets them things done, nobody of these people needs a command line to customize his/her computer device.
No. 78808
13 kB, 218 × 574
137 kB, 748 × 818
>watch Star Trek TOS
>episode with the hippies
>fall in love with the thick hippie girl with a bike rim who sings
>try to have AI make more of her
>get Shrek with a microphone
Life is unfair
No. 78809
You get what you pay for. Hire an artist and there will only be Shrek if you want it.
No. 78810
♫Someboooody once told me
The woooorld is gonna roll me♫
No. 78811 Kontra
>Gas aus
Wenn ein Zug mit Gaskesseln am Gleis steht, Maske auf, Ventil auf!
No. 78812
1,2 MB, 760 × 926
Could be worse.
No. 78818
I tried it again. I requested a sort of school photo from different french philosophers and got any but that. The impression of this technology wears off quickly tbh.
No. 78819 Kontra
I'd just forget the thick part. She's only a bit stout by the modern standard of actresses (before the body-positive cows invaded the cinema anyway. Ah, humans).
No. 78820
So I tried using the glorious Russian healthcare system and get some help with my anxiety, the psychiatrist listened to me, gave some advice and didn't register me at all, since I don't really need his help and can't really afford a therapist, also apparently if you're registered in the psych/neurology specialised clinic it can potentially cause problems with employnment or driving license or whatever. Wrote a couple of receipts though and told me to come into the clinic in a couple of weeks unofficially. What a weird experience.
No. 78821
>if you're registered in the psych/neurology specialised clinic it can potentially cause problems with employnment
A colleague of mine is registered in psycho ward (he was an orphan with some sort of development problems; I didn't pry too much, so I don't know the particulars), and every time when there is a medical inspection (our workplace has them either every year or every two years for blue collars depending on the hazardous conditions of the position in question), while all of us just get the stamp in our paper and go on our way, he has to wait for medical concilium to gather (about one or two weeks) and then go through the humiliating experience of answering some dumbass questions ("how many digits of Pi can you remember?", "how many planets in the Solar system can you name?") just to get that stamp. Our firm is pretty tolerant for registered psychos, as long as you are not an alcoholic or буйный, so he can keep working, but it's possible that other workplaces aren't exactly so (Russia or Belarus, doesn't matter), so my advice is to avoid getting involved with psychiatry as much as possible. Post-sovok healthcare, not even once.
No. 78823 Kontra
>Post-sovok healthcare, not even once.

Sounds more like post-sovok treatment of psycho problems not even once. Maybe not treating everybody that had registered for psychiatric help as loonie would help on a societal level. As you indicated it's also a workplace thing.
No. 78824
>Maybe not treating everybody that had registered for psychiatric help as loonie would help on a societal level
Admitting to having problems in the heda is not exactly a good move on the Germany either.
No. 78825
Healthcare in general is utter trash here though, and I doubt that Russia is any different. As for it being a "workplace thing", yeah, I work at a state-owned firm, and private-owned enterprises might be more forgiving in that regard, but 90% of enterprises are state-owned anyway, and if the position has some hazardous conditions, you have to go through the medical inspection no matter what. If you are a registered psycho (or alcoholic, or junkie, or simply did some jail time), you're pretty much confined to the lowest of the low (or hardest of the hard) jobs without any perspective of career growth.
No. 78828
No sure how you meant that, but I can add something specific: Having been diagnosed with any "mental illness" means you won't be able to work for the state (as "Beamter") as anything from police officer to teacher.

I put "mental illness" in quotes because it's a category including anything from clinical depression to trauma to schizo.

The problem here is that a clinical depression can be something that lasted for 6 months, was caused by grief over the loss of a loved one, was treated succesfully and had no recurrence for 10 years. But if you want to keep your job as a teacher, better not go seek help from a psychiatrist or psychologist that can diagnose you.

It's a system that feeds its own problems.
No. 78829
Wtf germany is of fascist.

Here, mental health treatment sucks, but at least you're only denied personhood if you specifically register as a mentally ill person and receive (very pitiful) benefits + free medication, and you can leave the mental illness registry after a while if you're stable.
And psychiatrists will specifically discourage you from getting registered if you are not completely crippled, and can get treatment on your own.

I say all of that, but the sum of it all is still 0 because psychiatric care is very poor anyway, so you get nothing and lose nothing.
No. 78830
>Wtf germany is of fascist.
Why so surprised?
No. 78831
>Having been diagnosed with any "mental illness" means you won't be able to work for the state

I think you explained the entire motive of the state right here in obsessively slandering people.
No. 78832
particularly people it is targeting and politically opposed to
No. 78833 Kontra
Yeah, you can broaden the scope of my statement and extent it to basically all societies, at least all modern (western(ized)) ones look pretty much down upon psychological issues, in the end, which might have to do with the obsession of individuality. You can admit it on TV and online these days (in the west?) and many people will approve though but once in the "real world" suddenly people/institutions don't give a fuck anymore in many cases. My hope is for the generation after us to not treat it like nothing to care about anymore.
Also, I never got a 'proper' diagnosis of my issues because of this. I went to uni shrinks which helped me but was without a diagnosis certificate (does this even exist?) and insurance record.
No. 78834
>Also, I never got a 'proper' diagnosis
I did, apparently. But I don't get to see the document because I could "misunderstand" it, they said. Well, at least it's not something I have to get locked away for.
No. 78836
Most universities have councellors that you can talk to. It could be seen as "therapy light", as it's without diagnosis and evaluation (thus also without involvement of the health insurance). It boils down to someone who usually has the full background of a therapist talking with you pretty much the same way as if it was a therapy.
Some places also refer to this as "coaching".

It's no replacement for a full therapy but for a lot of problems this can already go a long way. And if they think you actually need therapy and/or medication after having talked to you for a few sessions, they will tell you. And if at that point you want to see a therapist, they will tell you how to find someone and what you should be aware of etc.

It's actually worse than just working for the state, that was just one example.

Another example would be: You better not have "received treatment for a mental illness" on your record if you want to get your drivers license back after it was taken because of anything. There has to be no relation at all, really. Caught driving while high? Well, that treatment for childhood trauma you had 10 years ago might mean you have to wait a veeery long time before you can get your license back.

The beautiful irony here is: Who is more likely to drive their car into a crowd, the person with untreated trauma or the one who got treatment and is doing fine now? Too bad this system encourages not getting treated.

source: Both examples given are things that happened to people I know.

t. benefitter of german health system that pays for my meds
No. 78839
>all modern (western(ized)) ones look pretty much down upon psychological issues, in the end, which might have to do with the obsession of individuality
Other societies view these issues same way or as demonic possession. Do you think that this is preferable to western approach?
No. 78840
There is a reason we freak out any time the government talks about creating a national database of "x". Whatever it is, it can and will be weaponized.
t.Culture of no national ID card

Here, mental health services only go "on your record" if they are ordered by a judge (committed to an institution against your will, etc.) Even then, the only real consequence is that you can't may not be able to buy a handgun. You can still keep the ones you have, ofc. At least my brother did.
No. 78841
>we freak out any time the government talks about creating a national database
t. country where people who peed in public are listed in the sex offender registry
No. 78842
630 kB, 1184 × 668
>the sex offender registry
Case in point of how good ideas go bad. You do one Chicago Sunroof and they turn your life upside down.

No. 78843
Kinda surprised this video isn't blocked in Germany (not for the profanity or anything, rights holders of intellectual properties don't get along well with the German system)
No. 78844
I really don't see a problem with denying mentally ill people certain professions.
In fact I think it should be expanded to sociopaths, cholerics, power-tripping assholes and so on. Imagine bureaucrats who don't get off on having power over people just for requesting a new ID or something.

I agree though that going into treatment itself shouldn't be brought into consideration for that, since as the other german said, the person with the untreated trauma is potentially more dangerous than the one who actually got some kind of therapy.
That of course would also warrant getting a better therapy system in the first place, which would also mean accepting certain kinds of mental illness as such and removing others.
No. 78845
Fuck's sake why am I bavaria again? I am not on mobile.

Also, I bumped the thread to Kontra, that should be worth something, shouldn't it?
No. 78846
>power-tripping assholes
But who will issue the approved for work stamps? Really shot your own project in the foot there, Sepp.
No. 78870 Kontra
778 kB, 1053 × 642
It could be worse. This website is convinced I'm American.