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No. 7862
167 kB, 1225 × 735
60 kB, 1225 × 735
5 kB, 192 × 142

>Brazil’s oldest and most important historical and scientific museum has been consumed by fire, and much of its archive of 20m items is believed to have been destroyed.

>The fire at Rio de Janeiro’s 200-year-old National Museum began after it closed to the public on Sunday and raged into the night. There were no reports of injuries, but the loss to Brazilian science, history and culture was incalculable, two of its vice-directors said.

>Rio’s fire chief Colonel Roberto Robaday said the firefighters did not have enough water at first because two hydrants were dry. “The two nearest hydrants had no supplies,” he said. Water trucks were brought in and water used from a nearby lake.

Fucking Brazillians. I am actually mad that they managed to destroy this beautiful museum with a bunch of Portuguese artifacts brought from Portugal by their first Emperor to the ground. The museum was also previously used as the palace of Portuguese kings when they fled to Brazil.

Feels bad.
No. 7863
56 kB, 500 × 259
No. 7866
Someone made a thread on SSC for people to dump the pics of their past visits to the museum

No. 7867
Nice, thanks for sharing.
No. 7885
shouldn't it be possible to recover the fossils and the meteorites? after all they're mostly made of minerals so I'm not sure a regular house fire could harm them. even if the fossils have been crushed by debris it should be possible to reconstruct them
No. 7963

Argentina desperately needs money, and the solution is to tax its main source of foreign cash: the soy exports.
No. 7971
The problem with fossils is in how they react to extreme heat. Just as glass bottles shatter in freezers as the ice expands so too will extreme heat shatter objects by expansion of air in cracks and the sediment itself.

What you end up with is not large broken pieces but something you sweep up with a dustpan and brush. Don't picture bone, picture sand.
No. 7979
Doesn't really fit in here but I didn't want to make a new thread. I was listening to a finnish anti-comunnist song called "Kremlin uni" and now it's not availabe in my country. Is youtube really blocking anti-communist songs? What is this shit?
No. 7982
Germany known for its crazy music copyright issues.
No. 7983
Still cheaper than many quality stuff.
No. 7984
Interesting. Thank you for the explanation.
No. 7990
806 kB, 1440 × 1080
>Pessoal, não salvou-se nada da Linguística. Perdemos todo o acervo de Línguas Indígenas: as gravações desde 1958, os cantos em muitas línguas sem falantes vivos, o arquivo Curt Nimuendaju: papéis, fotos, negativos, o mapa étnico-histórico-linguístico original com a localização de todas as etnias do Brasil, único registro que tinhamos datado de 1945. As referências etnológicas e arqueológicas das etnias do Brasil desde o Sec. XVI...Enfim, uma perda irreparável para nossa Memória Histórica. Está doendo demais ver tudo em cinzas.
>TL: Nothing was saved from Linguistics. We've lost everything in the Indigenous Languages Archive: the recordings from 1958 forward, the songs in many languages without living speakers, the collection of Curt Nimuendajú: papers, photos, negatives, the original ethno-historico-linguistic map with the locations of all of the ethnic groups in Brazil, the only record that we have from 1945. The ethnographic and archaeological records of the various ethnic groups of Brazil from the sixteenth century forward...In all, an irreparable loss for our historical memory. It hurts so much to see everything in ashes.

It felt better when I just assumed it was colonial records and statues. The indigenous history is gone forever.
No. 7991
This is 95% chance the likely reasoning, although honestly probably what's going to happen now is everybody is just so tired of poltard shitposting they're going to start getting pushed off in general. I have mixed feelings about this in the same way I have mixed feelings about keeping children offline.

On the one hand it would indeed be nice to get the worst, most retarded people offline away from where I have to deal with them. On the other hand you can't magically go back to pre-Eternal September days and I am overall opposed to regulating the internet, however these are also exactly the people who with an ounce of power the first thing they'll do is try censoring information and controlling and censoring the internet.

What did we lose?
No. 7998
83 kB, 640 × 640
It's indeed horrifying. That's why you make backups.
History teaches, as they say, that nobody learns history. We will lose so many things in the future and nothing will be done.
No. 7999
>Nothing was saved from Linguistics. We've lost everything in the Indigenous Languages Archive: the recordings from 1958 forward, the songs in many languages without living speakers, the collection of Curt Nimuendajú: papers, photos, negatives, the original ethno-historico-linguistic map with the locations of all of the ethnic groups in Brazil, the only record that we have from 1945. The ethnographic and archaeological records of the various ethnic groups of Brazil from the sixteenth century forward...

Macaco tier
No. 8003
Rich people are such complete and utter fucking scum
Literally stole $400,000 from a homeless man. These people disgust me.
No. 8014

Good news: Brianna Wu lost the primary in the 8th congressional district to incumbent Stephen Lynch.

Bad news: Brianna Wu got >20% of the vote.

Yes, Masshole Democrats are that stupid. At least we can rest easy Brianna Wu won't be holding any political office...for now.
No. 8116 Kontra
>Brianna Wu
>Stephen Lynch.

Are we supposed to know who these people are and what the difference is one of them got 20% or even 80% or otherwise?
No. 8140
You're not going to pretend you don't know who Brianna Wu is, are you? Even people with only a cursory familiarity with Goobergate knows who she is.
No. 8141
I don't know either of those tbh.
No. 8142
Stephen Lynch is far less interesting than Brianna Wu:

Dear Schizenu expected us to see more of Brianna Wu in action because he was so convinced Ms. Wu garnered enough popular support from Bluecheck Twitter and the "failings" of Gamergate that the residents of the 8th Congressional District of Massachusetts would flock in droves to bring a victim of Gamergate into political power. Nothing personal Schiz, but you were wrong. As alarming as Ms. Wu earning over 20% of the vote might be, my predictions that the campaign would fail was correct.
No. 8144
...who the fuck are you even talking about and why should we care? Literally no one gives a shit. No one predicted he would win. This is of massively less relevance than Manning running for office. I have never even seen a single person claim what you are claiming Nebraska you retarded high school drop out fuck.
No. 8145
I'm not Nebraska. Remember the spat we had back on old EC about Gamergate? You predicted Brianna Wu would win.
No. 8158
The eternal Anglo strikes again

Not satisfied with destroying Germany they now destroy their graves for cheap television


>I was among those who fought against the screening of “NAZI WAR DIGGERS” when it was first announced in 2014 and I happily joined the fray again, when I learned that Channel 5 was to show in Britain under the new name of “BATTLEFIELD RECOVERY”.
No. 8192
Who is "we"? I personally never said such a thing. I also don't know why you keep trying to import poltard drama here. Regarding Wu, seriously who fucking cares? Gamergate became a failure and a cringefest that literally nobody actually cares about one way or the other. Although, the fact that this guy got 20% of the vote anyway is pretty sad.
No. 8327
I'm not sure where to put this but this is an interesting article
Be it noted that Las Vegas itself is literally a US city that was built by organized crime. Both the Italian mafia and Jewish mafia worked to help transfer the US gambling and vice capital from Atlantic City out to the middle of the desert where they wouldn't be so bothered by the cops. But this is, I think, a special sort of level of Capitalist dystopia
>It’s no wonder, then, that hosts often become engrained in their client’s personal lives, being invited to weddings, birthdays, sports events, and kids’ graduations. They get to dip into the casino’s coffers for gifts that will cement the bonds, says Kelly Van Aken, vice president of national marketing. That can be anything from a fabulous bottle of wine to an $18,000 Birkin bag, or a hand-delivered platter of Peking Duck from their favorite Vegas restaurant.
Imagine having a company basically founded in a sea of organized crime hiring employees to be your "friends" and come to special personal events to shower you with gifts so that you'll stay happy with the corpo and keep gambling your money away there. Also nowadays like half of these people are Chinese or East Asians.
No. 8328
72 kB, 640 × 360
Have you watched Louis Theroux's Gambling in Vegas?

It mentions the friends deal you mentioned.
They interview a particularly interesting gambler who was offered some really insane suite to go gamble at the casino.


It's pretty dystopic and I liked it.
fugging captcha ree keeps fucking up
No. 8337
>Brazil’s oldest and most important historical and scientific museum has been consumed by fire, and much of its archive of 20m items is believed to have been destroyed.

In Brazil everything is named after Jews so I bet a mysterious force was behind this fire
No. 8379
I've been reading about this gambling industry in USA and elsewhere in these past months. They're the largest employers in Nevada by far, and MGM is one of the biggest employer nationwide, it hires more than 50k people

They're also most of the most expensive buildings in the world, if you exclude infrastructure stuff (like nuclear powerplats), both in Vegas, Macau and Singapore, the three big gambling cities of the world today.

And the biggest hotels in the world

They also have the highest wages in USA for hotel-related jobs, more so than fucking Florida or NY.

I read somewhere that due to all of this success other states and cities decided to also allow gambling, which made gambling industry spread nationwide and las vegas lose its importance. People don't need to travel to Las Vegas to satiate their gambling addiction anymore, and because they don't need to travel there anymore they also don't consume the other services in the city and its hotesl, so it all falls appart. But Las Vegas is still growing, the Wynn complex is still being built and it's going to be a multibillion project (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wynn_Las_Vegas)

Also in Europe there are small towns that live entirely from a specific casino, and Monaco owns most of its success to the Monte Carlo casino too.
No. 8388
539 kB, 1118 × 816
>I've been reading about this gambling industry in USA and elsewhere in these past months.

Have you enjoyed our convoluted Native American Reservation gambling situation?
When New York wanted casinos(prior to 2013 laws that made it legal) they made a deal with the Seneca Tribe to operate them on New York land that would sort of become Native land. Obviously law suits have followed.
No. 8389 Kontra
Picture explanation:
>Indian gaming operations in the U.S., overlayed on a map of population density. Indian gaming is permitted only on tribal trust lands, so the geographic distribution of this industry is skewed by the long history of Indian policy
No. 8409
2,0 MB, 40 pages
Yeah and of course also the slimy fucking retards just think "well, unfortunately people are smoking less and less so we have less tax money. How to make up the budget shortfall?
I know! Let's build fucking casinos!"
Gambling is a major source of revenue to state budgets. Funnily enough NY was the first to come up, but it is the case with lots of states other than NY. There's also lots of riverboat casinos around the South which I think might be a mostly Southerner thing https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/louisiana/articles/2018-01-16/louisiana-lawmakers-to-consider-riverboat-casino-changes basically it has to do with state laws about gambling on the land so they just set up casinos on boats for people to gamble up and down the rivers. Riverboat gambling is such a prominent part of American history that we've got one funny origin of a poker term from it
>The River:
>The last card dealt in Texas Hold'em and Omaha, also called "fifth street." In a five card stud game, the river is dealt face down to each player individually.
>To make a winning hand on the river, as in "rivered." (verb)
>One credible theory is that the term came from the Mississippi riverboats on which poker was played in the 1800's. Sometimes, cheaters would purposely deal a final community card that would improve their own hand. If caught, they would often be thrown overboard, into the river, thus giving the "river" card its name.
No. 8423
Gambling nowadays ultimately is about entertainment, not addiction nor trying to make easy money. People already spend a lot of money in entertainment these days, might as well entertain yourself while trying to make some money out of it (sure 99% at best only recover part of their money, but some do get out of it with more).

The point here is that in this age of middle class with big wages most people have just too much money to spend on superfluous stuff, and they spend it on experiences mostly. Tourism, fine dinning, gambling and other stuff like that, there's a term for this "transumerism" (https://www.investopedia.com/terms/t/transumer.asp) which is basically a new kind of consumer focused on spending his money on experiences rather than ownership. The term was firstly coined to classify consumers of airports, by the companies who owned such places, because they had to focus on ways to make money out of the passengers while they were still in the airport, this way they could charge less fees from the airlines, which means even more flights and even more passenger-costumers in the airport; basically the airport becomes a shopping center. But term gained popularity among market analysts and social scientists when they perceived this pattern of consumers who want to spend their money on experiences, rather than buying stuff. They are typically educated waged people with somewhat high wages (thus the airport thing, typically executives who spend a lot of time traveling around paid by the company), they have no reason to buy stuff because they make their money out of the knowledge that they have in their area, and thus offer their services instead (again executives, consultants, analysts, bureaucrats, etc), and are highly paid for it. The term latter expanded to middle class in the first world today, because they all are waged people (and thus don't need to worry about accumulating wealth, and worry about accumulating knowledge instead) with too much money to spend. So they seek to buy experiences rather than buying stuff (except house and car), tourism and fine dining are the two biggest forms of transumerism, but gambling is also a form of experience-entertainment. This is why gambling industry is being legalized everywhere in the world in these past decades.

Think about the amount of money that teens and young adults spend on games these days, specially with these luck-based microtransactions, it is basically gambling already, but worse than gambling because they can't make real money out of it. Hipsterism too is a consequence of transumerism, people paying a lot so that they can consume unique products (usually food). Light drugs such as marijuana too are at least part a consequence of this form of entertainment and consumption. The whole point in the end is that as long as we're living in this age of middle class, this age of waged people who earn too much, all of these experience-focused forms of consumption will go on making a lot of money, the middle class itself will demand that they should be legalized, and like I said they really aren't gambling because they're addicts or because they're trying to become rich, they're gambling just because they want to spend their money.

This might be harder for you to perceive because USA was the first country with a sizeable middle class with strong purchasing power, so your society has been in this situation for longer and still spearheading it.
No. 8429
American media censorship won't tell you this but

See there's a problem with creating the largest criminal underclass in the world particularly by abusing the legal system to do so and create a new slave caste. The Russians did the same thing with gulags.
No. 8438
Well, Arab Spring sure turned into something horrible and shitty
No. 8439
34 kB, 550 × 779
gambling is also widely used to wash monzeys clean.
No. 8447
118 kB, 634 × 757
Depressed 29yo who worked for minimum wage at Seattle airport stole a $30million airplane and went on a joyride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD5sFrTGFnw

Can anyone diagnose him by his speech? Surprisingly he had a wife and kids.

>The perpetrator, an airline ground service agent, performed an unauthorized takeoff, and F-15 fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the aircraft. Sea-Tac air traffic control made contact with the sole occupant
No. 8448
111 kB, 562 × 316
No. 8450
47 kB, 695 × 390
>One tattoo. 100 years. 10,000 free pizzas.

>That was the deal offered to people in Russia last week when Domino's Pizza in Russia began their "Domino's Forever" campaign on social media offering "free pizza for your whole life".

Burger tier late-capitalism
No. 8451
Today protests ended be pretty lame. Like totally lame.
They also started campain by bying other "liberashkas" so the become against navalny and basicly I feel that today start possibility that any orginised protests that we achived in recent years be broken again and there again no orgonised opposition in russia.

Woo-hoo! It's really time to fuck off from this shithole.
No. 8453

>One tattoo. 100 years. 10,000 free pizzas.

No. 8457
11 kB, 480 × 360
>It's really time to fuck off from this shithole.
Meanwhile a film by Russian liberal is banned in the EU because it discredits this Ted Talk about Putin uploaded Aug 14 2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BT254smRufA


The documentary (The Magnitsky Act behind the scenes):
No. 8458
>Meanwhile a film by Russian liberal is banned in the EU because it discredits this Ted Talk about Putin uploaded Aug 14 2018
Are you a native English speaker? It seems your native language is Russian.
No. 8461
No. 8464
I fully understood your post, it simply has the mistakes one would expect from a Russian speaker.
No. 8465
He is that 4cancer-type spammer. Belorussian said he is autist probably, don't be surprised if he not american eather since it easy to post via proxies on EC
No. 8471
This is how the world system of the antichrist would work. You're literally selling yourself and your body to be owned by a corpo in exchange for their pizza. Although I have to admit, if it was anything else the answer would be no and still is no, but man lifetime of free pizzaalthough, Dominos is pretty shitty pizza
No. 8473
407 kB, 1213 × 618
His voice reminds me of this guy
>I've played video games before so I know what I'm doing
lol no you don't

>I wasn't planning on landing it
I'm surprised he didn't get shot down for that statement.
No. 8489
>lol no you don't

>Beck said the aerial maneuvers were "incredible" and that he "did not know how [Russell] achieved the experience that he did."[38]
It finally answers the question of what a vidja simulator pro can achieve.
No. 8491
Official Moscow Metro train driver simulator runs on Unreal Engine.
That's what I wanted to say.
No. 8493
Wait so is piratebay finally caput?
I can't access shit and it's giving me weird lag. Is it now no longer safe and just a honeypot?
No. 8504
You get vpn adds as an external pop up, some mirrors are worse than others.
Some sites are up to date, some aren't.
Just search reverse piratebay this will give you a site lists at least ten mirrors.
And always use magnet links.
I downloaded bowies discography, kinda disapointing last night.
No. 8511
Wait so can I download without getting a lawsuit or what? That and the legal cases and everything else makes it sound super sketchy to me now, unless that was their whole objective. Ironically enough it's probably porn more than anything that will get you aggressively prosecuted.
No. 8515
i can't find it, but i've read some time ago that the american providers are illegally throttling p2p traffic (and government doesn't care in this case).
they may also have a list of the different mirrors and make it look like the server is at fault for the lag.
is uj3wazyk5u4hnvtk.onion working fine?
No. 8516
>i can't find it, but i've read some time ago that the american providers are illegally throttling p2p traffic (and government doesn't care in this case).

The same thing happens in Portugal.
No. 8517
idk grow some balls
No. 8518
226 kB, 1920 × 1080
146 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 8519
132 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 8533
A good update piece on the efforts to contain the latest Ebola outbreak in DRC. It seems like Merck's rvsv-zebov vaccine is really a game changer, as well as innovations in treatment facilities and improved containment strategies. However there was just a death reported in a previously untouched Congolese city in North Kivu, Butembo. This does not portend well as the 2014 outbreak was initially thought to be contained before arriving in major urban centers and exploding.

No. 8546
Are you a kind of epidemiologist or something? Do you work in healthcare?
No. 8552
80 kB, 665 × 669, 0:00
No. 8554 Kontra
It hasn't even begun
No. 8575
Same time, 70 years annivercity of best country in da world.
Thousands and thousands of people with torch combined in slogans that praise glorious leaders of DPRK
No. 8635 Kontra
Ukrainian TV channel 112: President Poroshenko considers coming of IKEA to Ukrainian market a good sign for international brands
If that's not suffering, then what it is?
No. 8667
>If that's not suffering, then what it is?
I hope pootine after it will ban IKEA
No. 8677
521 kB, 1920 × 921
You know what I'm having serious problems trying to figure out, didn't the Carolinas already get rekt and we made jokes about God punishing South Carolina? Didn't that already happen this year or last year or am I imagining it?

You may have been born way too late for exploration by sea and way too young for s-p-a-c-e but you were born just in time to explore cyberspace and live in a cyberpunk dystopia.
>The European Parliament has passed a resolution calling for an international ban on so-called killer robots.

>It aims to pre-empt the development and use of autonomous weapon systems that can kill without human intervention. Last month, talks at the UN failed to reach consensus on the issue, with some countries saying the benefits of autonomous weapons should be explored.

>And some MEPs were concerned legislation could limit scientific progress of artificial intelligence while others said it could become a security issue if some countries allowed such weapons while others did not.

>"I know this might look like a debate about some distant future or about science fiction. It's not," said Federica Mogherini, the EU chief of foreign and security policy during the debate at the European Parliament.

>'Arms race'
>"Autonomous weapons systems must be banned internationally," said Bodil Valero, security policy spokeswoman for the EU Parliament's Greens/EFA Group.

>"The power to decide over life and death should never be taken out of human hands and given to machines."

>"It's not too late to change course. A ban on fully autonomous weapons systems could prevent some truly dystopian scenarios, like a new high-tech arms race between world superpowers which would cause autonomous weapons to proliferate widely," he added.

>But some countries - including Israel, Russia, South Korea and the US - opposed new measures at the August meeting, saying that they wanted to explore potential "advantages" from autonomous weapons systems.
So what new digital ruins did you explore today ernsts? Find any cool bbs or geocities sites? Anything on tor net? Anyone spoof your garage door opening and hack into your home or an appliance? Tell us your cyberpunk dystopian troubles.
No. 8712
134 kB, 960 × 430
471 kB, 1024 × 653
"Funny" Berlin news

Some criminal Arab got shot by other clan of criminal Arabs. Hundreds of filthy genetic trash come to his funeral and worship him as if he was some sort of saint. State police acts officially as security for the scum.


No. 8756 Kontra
State police acts to prevent further spiraling down of this idiotic power play.

It's not often that I would defend the actions of any police, but you are just being a teenager right now. It's not EC-tier, get yourself together.
No. 8787
They could have banned crowd attendance outside of closest family members, or even better sent the dead body back to Lebanon, but having the state police acting as security for organized crime syndicate is rather pathetic.
No. 8788
Is there any legal basis for limiting the number of people attending a funeral?
No. 8791

They can ban anyone at any time from any given place if they assume the person in question is a threat to public safety and order.
No. 8943
Allowing folks like that to attend a funeral and watching it closely is much better police tactics.
Banning them would make them go full riot mode.
No. 9033
Well that's mysterious. My best guess would be that they scoped out a spy satellite they weren't supposed to see. Another very interesting turn of events was this https://www.dailystar.co.uk/news/world-news/677720/Strava-fitness-tracker-online-heat-map-US-soldiers-military-Afghanistan
ironically enough for once the all pervasive spy technology of the new digital era has been used against them as well.
No. 9166
>Banning them would make them go full riot mode.

Which would give enough reason to deport anyone who takes part in the rioting. The "fight" against the clans would be over very soon and it would be won by the state easily. If only there was a real will to fight this "war" on the side of the Berlin administration.
No. 9167
You say that as though riots are clean. There'll be a lot of property damaged and bystanders injured which can be prevented by stationing a few coppers at a church. Frankly the latter is the cheaper, cleaner and most elegant solution to that situation.
No. 9169
Only that you don't get rid of the criminal Arabs.
No. 9255
91 kB, 200 × 200
No. 9284 Kontra
The guy kiled wasn't an arab, afaik he was a gemran-cuban or something like that. In the end it doesn't really matter, it's just "one of them killed one of us". And as cynical and cold as it might sound, those people are completely right about the fact that not a single one of the people murdered and raped by refugees would have had to suffer without them being let into this country. Shit is really getting hilarious on the Deutschland, especially since Maaßen, the Verfassungsschutz-Chef got kicked out by Merkel after suspecting the deliberate spreading of misleading informations through a video uploaded by someone who literally had Antifa in his youtube name. It wouldn't be of big relevance if Merkel wouldN't have said that there would have been a Hetzjagd/Manhunt against migrants in Chemnitz, basing of one video where some skinhead dude is running to a migrant or refugee. I don't even give a shit anymore what's right or wrong, I just want the uprising against those arrogant pricks in our government.
No. 9331
37 kB, 1050 × 605
64 kB, 380 × 266

Syria accidentaly shoot our plane because thought it was Israel attack and Russia blame Israel for that Crash
Funny story I guess you already aware about that, but I want just point

>fucking 2018
>fucking turboprop Ил-20
>shooted by C-200

Is this flashback from 1960s?
No. 9338 Kontra
We were not talking about Chemnitz and protesting Ossi hordes, m8.
No. 9416

It's not news, but it's related to Trump's trade war on China. They explain how international postal tariffs that benefit non-developed countries are being used by China to take over murkan market.
No. 9420
No. 9458

1- Trump runs out of chinese materials and components to put tariffs on, so he decides to put tariffs on end consumer goods

2- but he knows that this will make murkyan consumers unhappy, since it will hit them very directly and clearly, so he avoids tariffing stuff like iphones, and also puts tariffs only at 10% instead of the usual 25%, claiming that he's actually putting it at 10% in order to invite china to the negotiating table, saying that if they retaliate the 10% by putting tarifs on murkan exports to China, he'll raise the tariffs to 25%

3- less than one day later China calls out the bluff and puts tariffs on a bunch of murkan product at 10%, saying that they'll raise it to 25% if murkya also raises theirs to 25%

waiting for Trump's next move.
No. 9459
90 kB, 800 × 1151

Dr. Cavalli-Sforza was a pioneer in using genetic information to help trace human evolution, history and patterns of migration. The founder of a field that he called genetic geography, he was renowned for synthesizing information from diverse disciplines — genetics, archaeology, linguistics, anthropology and statistics — to explain how human populations fanned out over the earth from their original home in Africa.

David Reich, a professor of genetics at Harvard Medical School, said in an interview that Dr. Cavalli-Sforza was the first scientist to predict that there would be “enough information in genes to determine where people came from in the world and who they’re most closely related to.”

By the way if you're interested I recommend checking out a recent episode of the geneticists Spencer Wells and Razib Khan's podcast, The Insight, which is dedicated to discussing the life and legacy of Cavalli-Sforza.
No. 9461
1,1 MB, 1 page
47 kB, 720 × 450
I thought an article in last weeks Private Eye might be worth a look regarding Ukraine. The idea of Ukraine's future president having his campaign bankrolled by skimming from African projects and shady Cypriot arms dealers...I mean it's supposed to work the other way, surely?

>Russia turns the eastern quarter of your country into a warzone and you lose one of your most lucrative regions to illegal annexation
>Economy tanks, people getting carbombed everywhere and constant ko-ko-ko spam for over 4 years
>End up back in the Russian orbit anyway

Do Ukrainians just want to suffer?
No. 9464 Kontra
Ex-USSR recent history is a chain of suffer, one way or another.
No. 9470
Ukraine's future president is either Tymoshenko, literal Ukrainian speaking pro-Western populist from Western Ukraine, Poroshenko, current president and the guy who was pro-Western before 2014 and whose business was harassed in Russia for his political views by the Russian government, or Vakarchuk, very popular Ukrainian singer from Western Ukraine, son of former minister of education of Ukraine. Little is known about Vakarchuk's political views, but he speaks only Ukrainian and never expressed views supporting Russia. Also, there are two smaller candidates: Gritsenko and Lyashko, both of them are real Russophobes and wouldn't never support Russia.
Boiko ain't popular and he doesn't has a chance of winning popular vote. The first rule of Ukrainian politics in 2018: pro-Russian candidate can't become president. A third part of Ukrainians still like Russia and only 10% of total population vote for the single pro-Russian party in this country.

>End up back in the Russian orbit anyway
Ukraine and Moldova are constantly reducing the share of Russian imports/exports and increase the EU's share in their economies. Russia can't properly influence Ukrainian politics without military action if its trade with us is in decline and they're international pariah.
No. 9473
48 kB, 593 × 403
>is in decline and they're international pariah.
And you think you better than us? Come Taras, sit with me in petrol soaked mud and snow and hatings world together. Nobody escapes the bucket from us.

>Russia can't properly influence Ukrainian politics without military action
Challenge accepted
No. 9501
107 kB, 601 × 840
Some irrelevant news from irrelevant Ex-Yu countries:
Mighty Slovenian butt explosion happened after Junker declared the EU's stance on the Slovenian-Croatian border dispute(*) as neutral. I thought someone might put the caricature to good use, for trolling purposes or whatever.

No. 9546
228 kB, 480 × 360
Not really news since it happened a while ago but somehow i completely missed it and just found out right now after i wanted to check after Terry Davis and see what he's up tp.

Terry A. Davis came under a train and died a month ago.

>A man killed by a train in The Dalles in mid-August had a Youtube following and was a “minor celebrity” in the computer world for doing the Herculean task of writing his own operating system, a fan said...


His last video
No. 9547
probably faked death. he got captured by the cia n1ggers.
No. 9556
174 kB, 600 × 450
>it happened a while ago but somehow i completely missed it
There was some confusion when the first reports came out-people not sure if it was a hoax or whatever. It wasn't. It was just a sad story.
No. 9557

I noticed dozens of threads about him on /g/ during the last few weeks but didn't look into it because I always found the hype about him and his OS pretty silly.

Is it known if it was an accident or a suicide?
No. 9558
97 kB, 878 × 1047
The only news sources i found don't talk about suicide but i guess it's not unlikely.
No. 9559
>According to a police report on the death, on the evening of Aug. 11, Davis was walking along the railroad tracks, with his back to an oncoming train, when he turned and faced the train before it hit him. The train engineer considered it a suicide, according to the report

The full text of the The Dalles Chronicle article can be read here:
No. 9561
Yeah, especially with his mental illness. From the article:
>He posted one last video, a few hours before his death. In retrospect, that video may have hinted at depression, the psychologist said.
“He said something about it must’ve been a shock to these people in The Dalles that such a vile person was among them and that he learned how to purify himself. “The last 20 seconds of the video I think are interesting because he leaned back and he said ‘It’s good to be king. Well, maybe. Sometimes I think I’m just a weird little person walking back and forth.'"...
No. 9610
Russian government issues passports with similiar numbers to its GRU officers and the Sailsbury "Dindu nuffin" couple is from GRU. A story about hilarious incompetence of Russian intelligence.


No. 9690
News in PT only

A BR candidate from a party with libertarian inclinations proposed that farmers should use war tanks to protect themselves from land invaders (left leaning movements who advocate for the re-distribution of farm lands by invading farms).

He was expelled from the party.
No. 9692
Le ancap picardia faec
No. 9699
47 kB, 248 × 310
Brazil is quite possibly one of the greatest countries in the world. Its insanity will be missed.
No. 9701
35 kB, 480 × 480
Tbh, why shouldn't you use whatever means you have available to defend your shit? If you happen to have heavy armour lying in the shed, then go nuts.
No. 9719
EU, Russia and China agree special payments system for Iran


So much winning! #MAGA!
No. 9721
4,6 MB, 640 × 360, 1:22
Link hits a paywall

But oh you better believe our media and government are crying like bitches over this
Most of what our government is doing now more than ever is pretty much being a puppet of AIPAC. I have never seen anybody put Israel first ahead of US interests before to the pathological degree Trump does it. With any luck we can get rid of Trump sooner than later before he does seriously catastrophic damage to our standing in the world.
No. 9814
48 kB, 432 × 413
>“Swedes hate racism — as long as we’re not talking about the Chinese and the Russians, of course,” he said. “No politically correct campaign in the world can eliminate the Swedes’ hatred for the Russians. And that is probably because most of Russia is in Asia. They are almost Chinese.”
No. 9815
79 kB, 586 × 558
lol, still butthurt about Ostsee shore
No. 9901
not really news but an interesting read about datafication and an uncanny vision of biopolitics that could be counducted by corporations in the future.

No. 9934
39 kB, 800 × 450
Today was heavy clashes with police in barselona with catalonia separatism demonstration. Looks like this problem still not resolved.
No. 9936
>Yesterday, Amazon announced a new line of Alexa-enabled products, one of which provides a solution. It’s a cheap analog wall clock. The minute markers can illuminate to show the progress of timers set via Alexa. That’s it. On the surface, it seems like a preposterous, excessive solution to a problem that doesn’t even really exist. But for 30 bucks, it’s tempting.
This would probably upset me more if I didn't already lose my last shred of faith in humanity or respect for them. Because buying a cheaper clock to begin with is unthinkable apparently.
>rest of this article
I do however look forward to the day when I can watch hackers torment the shit out of people like this.
No. 9939
And there I thought that common items eventually become so ubiquitous, easy to manufacture, and reliable, that the product's concept becomes immune to price point milking, essentially equalizing all social classes for this particular commodity. Clocks for everyone! Now everyone can tell the time.

But I got proven wrong again. When a niche is filled, le free market simply manufactures another niche to peddle shit, even if it doesn't make any sense.

Do you guys think we're just luddites and internet connected paperweights, scissors, digital socks, etc. are the future?
No. 9941
The problem is Spain.
No. 9942
>When a niche is filled, le free market simply manufactures another niche to peddle shit

Of course. How else could companies create revenue growth/sales increases.
No. 9943
The problem is the coupling of a shitty economic system with basic human nature. Consumer Capitalism is by far the worst economic system ever devised.

>Do you guys think we're just luddites and internet connected paperweights, scissors, digital socks, etc. are the future?
No, it's the simple issue of people with a massive economic stake in the market having enough money to try and manufacture non-existent demand. A lesser degree of this is accessorizing, where if you buy the Barbie, then there's a million useless fucking plastic things that go along with it, or you get one medication prescribed and that drug causes so many side effects you get prescribed two more drugs, with each causing their own side effects. This is one reason why older people end up with literally a dozen different drugs they're taking.

A big problem with the system is that it's not concerned with anything but making more money for the sake of having money, regardless of harm to anything else including regardless of long term economic self harm. It's a dead end system and they'll build new societies on the ruins of our dead civilization like the mounds of Cahokia.

The problem is they spend exorbitant sums of money to try and make new shit things you don't need and never will need and for some strange reason people keep buying them. One family members does this and it irritates the everloving fucking shit out of me. Come to think of it, this is usually a problem with females having easy credit and lots of cash, hoarding useless shit nobody has any use for.

A good example is the sort of infomercial channels in the US. You know this half hour long commercials with people like Billy Mayes? Those are for the halfway successful products. There are tons of patents and shows for cheap plastic crap that nobody has any use for. In these cases the people hawking their products hope to use the media and advertising to generate a currently non-existent demand for a product whose supply they control.

Naturally, Amazon is trying to do this shit by tying Amazon corporate crap into every single thing where you don't need it, like a coffee maker or fridge, and then try and convince you that you needed it all along.
No. 9947
127 kB, 573 × 800

I consider that company not acceptable and refuse to use any of their services and so should do everybody.

No. 9949
This is a much more poignant thing than anything anyone could've written in science fiction. It also shows the depths to which all the idiot utopian dreamers were wrong about a slave robot force liberating mankind.
No. 9951
I'm more than a little skeptical of why these machines made the news. This is a small forklift for lifting heavy boxes (which saves workers backs etc.) and like all heavy lifting machinery is required by law to have a protective cage for the user.

There is also the little detail that diving into patents doesn't mean the technology will ever be used. It makes for an easy story I guess.
No. 9952
Actually patents are a great place to look tbh. I knew about microwave weapons many many years ago because people were finding all the patents for them. When discussed, people derided it as some kind of insane conspiracy theory. Meanwhile in 2018 the US government is now complaining that microwave weapons are being used against US diplomats.
No. 10009 Kontra
I'm unsure as to how this disqualifies my point. Do you just want a biscuit or something?
No. 10050
This whole article is like some kind of set piece
It sounded like he talked about nothing, but somehow this perfectly encapsulated life in America in 2014-2018.
No. 10121
62 kB, 590 × 461
41 kB, 450 × 450
[beginning to worry]

Indonesia has had a lot of tectonic activity over the last decade, although, it's also Indonesia. Still though.

This also has made me realize, doesn't America have a deadhand switch to its nuclear arsenal? Isn't the way that's supposed to work is if the system detects sufficient seismic activity from nuclear detonations that it retaliates automatically? What if there's a series of volcanic eruptions?
No. 10128
I know you're americans and all, but i still think you're smart enough to have some precautions to avoid starting a nuclear holocaust.
No. 10134
79 kB, 1347 × 536
>but i still think you're smart enough to have some precautions to avoid starting a nuclear holocaust.
Oh sweet summer child, did you really just imply that American leadership is sane, intelligent, competent or decent? Frankly it's amazing we haven't accidentally dropped nukes on ourselves.
No. 10140

Bolivia wanted Chile to gib clay to them in their coast so that Bolivia could have access to the ocean again, but the court ruled overwhelmingly in favour of Chile saying that Chile doesn't even have the obligation to talk about this issue with Bolivia.
No. 10141
Why doesn't Bolivia just invade them? They also have a massively long border.
No. 10142
198 kB, 594 × 513
You made me use wikipedia until I reached the Stargate project, which is also called GONDOLA WISH
No. 10143
I am pretty sure at this point that one of the true skills of an Illuminate is to bend and reshape reality. I'd likely put a lot of stuff in works of fiction, however it occurred to me I don't actually know the legal limits of doing things like putting detailed instructions on making bombs or methamphetamine in a novel. I am also wondering if there's a way to sort of "overload reality's servers" so to speak. It is also conceivable that with the internet humanity might just start becoming its own reference point.
No. 10165

Does anyone have a spare leader we could borrow for a few years? It's gotten so bad now that (god-awful) leadership wannabes are actively harming our diplomatic relations.

Wasn't the whole Yellowstone thing ruled to be a bit exaggerated?

>doesn't America have a deadhand switch to its nuclear arsenal?

No, that was shut down in 1991. Allegedly the Russian's still operate the Soviet system but I find that a little dubious given territorial changes and financial environment since the end of the Cold War.

At any rate the deadhead switches within both the USSR and USA were by design only activated in times of international crisis. So if a conventional war broke out in Europe the Soviet leadership could turn it on affording some opportunity to give pause to unverified readings before pushing the button. Then the machine still had certain oversight functions like monitoring communication links to central command before delegating final launch authority to hardened bunkers. It's horribly misunderstood imo given the machine made nuclear war less likely by removing the anxiety of decapitation strike.

At least it's better than the entire British nuclear arsenal being fired off if BBC Radio Four goes off air. Think about that when the Remembrance Day moment of silence drags on this year posing the real possibility that Moscow could end up glowing in the dark for it.

It's an irritating case to read about because Chile is being held to account for essentially being a bro. I'm glad the court ruled as it did because it risked upending the idea of states having open-ended chats and assessing the feasibility of solutions.

Morales also gave zero fucks when the OAS told him to reopen dialogue with Chile but then relies on OAS treaty for his submission that demands peaceful resolution of disputes. Are the Andean peoples always this insufferable?

The judgement is a pretty easy read if anyone is interested:

>American solutions

No. 10260
3,3 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:50
> Does anyone have a spare leader we could borrow for a few years?
No. 10287
138 kB, 800 × 603
You voted for Tories again. There's nothing I can do to help you.
No. 10294
3,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:31
117 kB, 604 × 453
>Officials with the Justice Department's national security division and the FBI announced the charges Thursday morning, shortly after officials in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands revealed a secret joint intelligence mission that thwarted a Russian intelligence operation targeting a global chemical weapons watchdog at The Hague, called the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

>U.S. officials allege that some of the Russians caught in the operation at The Hague participated in a global hacking campaign against individuals and organizations in the U.S., Canada and Europe. These include attacks on Olympic organizations, including the World Anti-Doping Agency and the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, as well as attacks on a U.S. nuclear power company in Pennsylvania.
My fucking sides
No. 10315

Told you so. I mean this one was kind of a no brainer. I am simply astounded by how incredibly stupid and overall incompetent our government really is. Anybody with the least bit of common sense would be eschewing all electronics from China, not installing fucking government and military servers on them.
No. 10355
Chinese chips on foxconn motherboards were known for several years atleast. Dell even had upgrades to disable them. And botnet is overtaken by Microsoft now. Honestly any country involved in production does this. And China does this the rude way
Hardly doubt this is somehow big news for anyone in industry.
No. 10404
Sadly not available in english, but you might be lucky with deepl or google translate:

So far the best (eg. most neutral) article I've found about the topic.
No. 10708

Just remember that I already told you all, the slow collapse of America is coming. Now we have fucking typhus outbreaks. I would estimate we haven't got more than a decade before our shitty infrastructure starts collapsing and making us third world. Already the usual yearly house explosions aren't taking out one house but entire blocks.


In other news and bad news

No. 10712
>collapse of America is coming

It's not only America.
No. 10798
Well fugg
Not that this is surprising to me, especially since the military hardware is all using Chinese parts. I'm pretty sure the Chinese could simply switch off the bulk of our military at this point. Never underestimate the incompetence of America's leadership.

Deus Ex soon
No. 10805
>weapon systems used commercial or open source software, but did not change the default password when the software was installed, which allowed test teams to look up the password on the internet and gain administrator privileges.
I have no words for this level of stupidity...no wait. I actually do: Boomers.
No. 10807
5,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:58
458 kB, 642 × 482
Explosion and fire at a Russian owned petroleum refinery in Bosanski Brod, a Bosnian (Republika Srpska) town at the border to Croatia.

No. 10812
ebin :-DDD thanks for the entertainment Mordor
No. 10823

Article about the radicalization of murkyan universities. It's interesting because it has links to many other articles about the issue.
No. 10827 Kontra
hurr durr I hate another portion of "Teacher fucked a young boy" news, so I ain't giving any link
I feel butthurted
No. 10858

China made death camps for their muslims official. They also forcing muslims to eat pig meat, watch goverment tv, not use arabian names for their childrens, forbidden their religion, destroyibg religion buildings etc. etc.

What do you think about this? I have very mixed opinion on this question and interested if you share your opinion.
No. 10859
It's massively fucked up and this kind of shit is precisely why they've been having problems with the Chinese and Turkic muslims for as long as they have been. A little bit of mutual respect goes a long way to solving these kinds of issues. Chinese policy towards their non-Han groups (and similar policies elsewhere in the world) do nothing but forge the 'us vs them' scenario that leads to the bloodshed and bullshit in the first place.
No. 10861
When I was in Shenzhen they ran videos on subway cars on what do in case of a terror attack. It was mildly disturbing that they chose to use some gook cartoons for the purpose.

No other onions other than I'll be pretty sad if the Hui people are gone.
No. 10881
Hahaha I'm going to laugh so hard if Brexit ends up killing the union.
Gott strafe England.
No. 10884
Why would you love at the potential suffering of so many people? Are you a bad person?
No. 10889
It was a joke mate. Although I do sincerely hope NI splits from the union and unites with Ireland.
No. 10891
Came back from Shanghi, you have to submit to 3-D face scan to stay in a hotel if Chinese.
Option to pay in McShit by 3-D face scan as well.
I enjoy the messages about terrorism in cartoon form, could you do it in any other way.
You want to break up the Union let the English vote on Scottish independence, they would get kicked out.
Prepare for White terrorism, much more effective than sand nigger terroism if this happens.
British soldiers are still murdered yearly in Ireland, it is so common it is not reported heavily.
No. 10892
>Came back from Shanghi, you have to submit to 3-D face scan to stay in a hotel if Chinese.

Very macabre.
The cartoons simply made it feel even more dystopic, I'd figure they'd be able to simply get the "stay calm, alert authorities and run away" without cartoons of jihadis lighting up the subway.
No. 10899
86 kB, 270 × 300, 0:02
They live in Britain. They suffer anyway.
That'd be the meme answer
No. 10936
The more I learn about China the more I want to bomb them and think MaCarthur was right https://www.quora.com/What-parts-of-China-did-MacArthur-want-to-atom-bomb-Did-the-US-public-know-or-support-this-plan
No. 10961
You would be shocked by how lazy Chinese retail is.
For example walk into store, all 8 employees are playing on their phone or watching a Chinese sopa opera.
Go to Tourism Information in a tourist place, in a 1st tier city, all playing on the their phones.
Chinglist told me English was finished, I told her come on we got a good few years left, joge was not accepted, I re-worded this into they had no English language information and why would the Chinese go to a Tourism office.
They are usually herded in big tour groups, which force them into bus trips, where they have to stay 3-4 hours in certain malls to buy stuff or visit certain restaurants.
Meanwhile 200k people(made up figure), cross the border into Hong Kong to buy ......
Cosmetics, shampoo, babby milk, chocolate, clothes, every day.
The lack of a sales tax is not the reason, the reason is there is no trust in Chinese products and branded products in China have a high chance to be counterfeit.
Go to certain areas, you will see the traders or tourists pack a suitcase on the floor, throw rubbish on the ground and fill case with skin whitening products, shampoo, obligatory 4 cases of babby milk powder and other mundane shit.

You have to stop and ask why have they travelled at least two hours to buy shampoo, answer because they will sell fake shit which will kill you in China.

Told not to buy milk while in China because you will at best get kidney stones, worst die.
Young boys especially just get taught to pee in public, a busy side walk, anywhere, just pee straight on the ground no modesty.
Did see a pro-dad, use his daughter as a kind of squirt gun to pee in the men's urinal in HK, that was a first and generally impressed.
Toilets in China are hell, not really.
Squat toilets, shit everywhere, no toilet paper because you might steal it.
Finding a toilet and have paper and handwash is literally my biggest brolem in China, apart fom outside major areas where they only sell 3-4% beer.
Everything is ali-pay, you pay with your phone which needs wi-fi, even for a 2$ hotdog.
Shanghai at least has some beautiful women, HK's average must be 40+ and the women are terrible, ugliest schoolgirls by a country mile, hairy legs, picking nose on the metro, I think the lesbian population is quite high as well because they are all gold diggers.
No. 10962
average age must be 40+
No. 10964
39 kB, 589 × 403
>use his daughter as a kind of squirt gun to pee in the men's urinal in HK
No. 11028
New Navalny's video with English subtitlles about rich and extravagant managers of Russian state corporations. It's just a coincidence that they were friends of Putin in the 90s, we all know that Russian state apparatus is an effective meritocratic system and not an excellent example of crony capitalism. So much for the savior of the white race, with saviors like that I wonder why whites are not extinct yet.
No. 11035
I honestly don't know where that retarded idea even came from, except maybe these are children of single moms looking for a father figure which is why they universally support every single shitty authoritarian regime.
No. 11041
731 kB, 709 × 704
For some unknown reason a lot of people on imageboards think that Russia is
  1. a religious country, which is not true
Russians themselves widely consider the orthodox church corrupt, especially a lot of younger people dislike the church. I think that Russian orthodox church is indeed more corrupt than the protestant or catholic one, the Moscow patriarch is quite a controversial figure
When sexually frustrated /pol/tards talk about religion and religious population, they primarily care not about faith in Christ, tolerance or love, but about racism, religious discrimination (primarily discrimination of Islam) and ability to get a virgin gf. You can google average age of virginity lose and everywhere Russian numbers would be placed among "degenerate" Western countries.
2. country that persecutes gays. Well, it's true, they won't throw you in jail but propaganda of gay relationships is forbidden and overall there's a negative attitude towards homosexuality in Russian society.
3. country that persecutes ethnic and religious minorities. Totally untrue, that's one of the most retarded things that I have heard on English imageboards, only totally clueless man that knows nothing about Russian domestic policy would hold that opinion. Even Putin is not an ethnic Russian nationalist, in words or in deeds, the Russian government encourages migration from Central Asia and subsidizes the economically backward ethnic republics, especially enormously huge subsidies despite the small population gets Chechnya.

Many Western politicians whom I read believe that Russia is trying to destabilize and divide Western societies by supporting the foreign ethnic nationalists, while strictly adhering to a tolerant religious and ethnic policy at home, thus reducing social tension and speeding up assimilation and creation of civic single Russian identity.
No. 11042
Stop bullying Russia, you satanic Banderist.

But yes,I agree with you that painting Russia as a bastion of traditional society, let alone "the white race" is absurd.
No. 11043
It's hardly a new or unusual development and I don't know why you need to throw in all this psychoanalysis to make it work. In ignorance people project the features they want to see from American idealism of Europe to the once popularity of Trump in China. This is especially telling in Americo-Russian relations as translating Russian to English is a bitch which caused Khrushchev to threaten war and Putin to call Trump a genius.

So what I'm basically saying is we should drown all non-English speakers and then use our newfound cohesion to build a space elevator in Babel.
No. 11044
No. 11045
Forty seconds in and this person in the video is already wrong. The Russian Autocephaly wasn't self proclaimed. It was declared Autocephalous by the Ecumencial Patriarch of Constantinople.
Additionaly, it'd really be a lot nicer if you stop simply pasting in links without any form of explanation.
No. 11061
>insecure manchildren looking for a father figure which is why they universally support every single shitty authoritarian regime

poltards in a nutshell
No. 11067
article in PT only

This is not a poll, it's just the impressions of president of the "permanent council of portuguese communities abroad".
No. 11069
162 kB, 640 × 857
>À semelhança de Flávio Martins, também Fernando Haddad, candidato do Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT) à Presidência brasileira, traçou comparações entre Bolsonaro e o antigo governo ditatorial português do Estado Novo.

>“Acho que os portugueses que conhecem o salazarismo e sabem tudo de ruim que o fascismo traz para o mundo, deviam ficar preocupados com a eleição no Brasil”, disse Haddad à imprensa portuguesa, durante um ato de campanha no Rio de Janeiro.

I never thought the man would be brought up during the Brazillian election. Let the dead rest.
No. 11071
>Let the dead rest.
If someone goes into politics, especially state-level politics then tbh they renounce their right to that kind of thing. Politicians, especially ruling ones, should fit into that system as a kind of public property. If you want privacy, then don't get all up in the public eye so prominently.
t. Thomas Jefferson
No. 11077
It isn't a question of privacy, or that one's life can't be looked into.
But to have a person reduced to a corpse that is flown as a banner, in order to be shoehorned into an entirely seperate political argument is just revolting.
No. 11080
Meh. You want to run a country a certain way to the point where there's apparently a term for it (they used Salazarismo which from what I know of Latin languages is more like Salazarism than Salazar the man) then you can expect to be namedropped when people start using something seen as similar (even if it's not, can't confirm how far they're reaching if at all).
No. 11105
Ukraine finally breaks away from the Russian Orthodox Church and gets its own independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church, the Russian church cuts its ties with Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in retaliation for approval and legitimization of the Ukrainian church.

Yushchenko, former Ukrainian president, once tried and failed to secure approval from Istanbul of the independent Ukrainian church in 00s. Who knows how everything would turn out if not for the Russian invasion.
No. 11111
1,4 MB, 957 × 1332
>the Russian church cuts its ties with Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople in retaliation for approval and legitimization of the Ukrainian church.
Sad. Russia, please.
Thoughts on the new foundations of the Ukrainian state? Army, Language and Religion.
No. 11115
People are much more radical and nationalistic now, Ukrainian government tries to scapegoat the Russians as hard as possible, mainly because it allows the Ukrainian elites to slow down the reforms that hurt the oligarchs' interests. Although the Donbas war has ceased to be intense and there are only 1-10 dead per week now, Ukrainian TV channels still tell the news from the frontline and talk about dead Ukrainian soldiers. I'm afraid that even if the country will successfully westernize and carry out economic reforms, there eventually could be Poland, Hungary, Russia-like political backlash with authoritarian right-wing nationalistic parties corrupting the country.

Anyway, before 2014 the only Ukrainians who really disliked Russians were from Western, most nationalistic regions of the country. It was mostly Holodomor that corrupted our current relations, neverthless a lot of Ukrainians don't think that Russians were at fault there. And now the Ukrainian communist party (10% of the parliament in 2012) is banned, communist symbolic is banned, monuments to Lenin and other communists are destroyed, cities, streets and villages renamed, figters of UPA ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ukrainian_Insurgent_Army ) are officialy fighters for Ukrainian independence. Because of the events of 2014, there is an obvious confrontation that cements Russia as a natural enemy of Ukraine, an external enemy that unites people of both countries.
Ukrainian identity and the moderates has long needed aggression from Russia, which would prove that the Russians cannot be trusted.
No. 11118
44 kB, 625 × 352
Paul Allen is dead
No. 11129
Died of cancer. Probably got that from Bill, like the rest of us.
I'm still mourning the loss of Dennis Ritchie, which everyone forgot because some asshole with a turtleneck died in the same week.
No. 11146
>Russian church cuts its ties with Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople

So Russian church is now a pariah church?
Seems pretty much self destructive.
No. 11147
Nothing new.
Russian church got butthurted broke ties with Constantinople when Estonian church was gaining autocephaly.
No. 11150
Oh, so it's just playing the offended prima donna for a while and then crawling back to the Constantinople Patriarchate silently later? Well, why not. By actions like these at least nobody gets hurt.
No. 11167
Only things that make me this church things EPIN is how they sounds


  • and things like this. This feels like some sort of High Fantasy or Warhammer. In reality this is all lame thing nobody cares about tbh.