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No. 7886
43 kB, 600 × 339
"Socialism with Chinese characteristic" is an often repeated phrase from the Chinese Communist Party. What is Chinese characteristic?

Well, if you take a look at the current chinese society it'll reveal a lot of things. You see in China today there are many millionaires and billionaires, this would have been unacceptable under the old CCP. Not only that Chinese people in general are no longer the socialist of the old CCP but back to the old greedy simple chinese. So you can see that Greed is obviously a chinese characteristic.

So if I change the phrase into, "Socialism with Greed" we now know what the CCP meant. Socialism is just sugar to cover up the actual Chinese trait, so if I remove the socialism you are basically left with Greed. So China is just like many western Countries but they are willing to take extreme measures and sacrifices to become rich.
No. 7887 Kontra

China is clever mutated state driven capitalism.
At least some years ago an article I read in a German Sino-historic journal suggested that many party members are also in leading positions of big Chinese corporations. They participate in a global market while having full control over the way the corporations take.

Tho your post does not need to be his own thread, you could have used one of the general threads.
No. 7890
Everything can be controlled and planned. Everything belongs to the government on papers, while isn't controlled directly by it. In worst case scenarios government steps into your business and is capable to seize control. Government given loans, so many you couldn't imagine even in usa. Not only cash loans, but property loans too, they can loan you workers and tech as loan too. By pumping loans from one industry to another they basically control their economy. Everything needs a loan, from a car to a house. And it's not even the pyramid scheme, since China currently absorbs all the markets around it
Huge state economic sector or directly controlled state companies. They don't even need money for it, because they can simply borrow anything.
Ideologically China is a complete mess. It's authoritarian-bureaucratic one party state where will of several people is officially stands above constitution. One central сommittee controls highly decentralized bureaucratic system.
No. 7892
"socialism with chinese characteristics" is basically the communist party appealing to the nationalist side of the population. Chinks don't forget that the countries criticizing their government for authoritarianism today are the same ones that turned their nation into an opium whore not long ago, and that commies were the ones who kicked these euros and murkans out, thus giving them sovereignty once more. The communist party can easily capitalize on that. European countries (+murka in the end) simply have no authority in trying to teach them european values, and chinks tend to see this as western imperialism and an attempt to attack their sovereigntiy. This is why they paint themselves as a non imperialist alternative to global leadership, they point to their pre-colonial past, where they were the "middle kingdom", and under the idea of tianxia[/] (pax-chinese) they ruled over East Asia passively as some kind of benevolent super power. They also point to their colonial past, where they were treated like bitches, just like the rest of Asia and Africa, by Euro countries, in order to gain sympathies from these countries that suffered under European domination too.
No. 7895
China has long tradition with autocracy, stability and nationalism.

Regardless what ideology they adapt more or less they will have such characteristics in their state. Nowadays they are economically pretty capitalistic with chinese characterisic. But they also insist about carrying on socialist one party and bureaucratic system.
Regardless how they are expanding the socialism fucked chinese culture than worse than it's enemies combined in entire history.
No. 7910
>What is Chinese characteristic?

Confucianism, conformism, despotism, Han-nationalism.
No. 7970
1,4 MB, 1 page

It's a political slogan that changes based on context and the speakers own biases. Like liberal capitalism or any other ideology. Scratch the surface and you might find something akin to local implementation with top-down planning but it's complicated as China is a big country with varied policy.

I've attached a good article on the topic from a few months back that goes into detail about how little coherence exists. It’s a good read but I'd add to it that scale is what really makes the whole system tick. China builds entire cities specialised for an industry thereby providing enormous competitive advantage in the same way we have awful hipster cities for consumer/IT industries.

>So China is just like many western Countries but they are willing to take extreme measures and sacrifices to become rich.

Half-remembered Chinese joke: America has a capitalist system. In China there is not capitalism, why? Because in China the government controls capital and not the other way around! [pause for laugher]

The position of the Chinese Communist Party is one of control that can easily direct sectors to undertake projects. For instance data flows everywhere and plump national champions are told to focus on certain areas with research similarly directed by government priority.
No. 7974
61 kB, 600 × 391
17 kB, 300 × 225
118 kB, 536 × 409
226 kB, 1024 × 767
>what socialism does to 'Chinese characteristics'
No. 7975
22 kB, 422 × 403
>Half-remembered Chinese joke
I've heard an extremely similar Russian joke about Soviets.
I wonder where it could appear from...
No. 8195
Byldoness is incurable. It reminds me same thing as any witch burnings, looting of libraries, shariah Islam etc.

More and more I realize the only true form of government that's good for us is one almost entirely ruled by philosopher kings, a not necessarily technocratic society but one where the leadership is principally concerned with wisdom, knowledge, and ethics. You will never have that in a democracy or dictatorship. You will likewise not have that in something as shitty as Communism or a theocracy.
No. 8212
Destroying past cultures in a new regime is a Chinese characteristic, there is nothing contradictory here.