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No. 78893
907 kB, 1022 × 745
Have you ever tried to collect rocks?
I've been thinking i might wanna start collecting them because i have nothing else to do with my pointless shitty life.
If you have any suggestions which gems should i start with it's welcome.
Also post your collections even if it's not rocks.
No. 78894
When I was a child, there was a journal about rocks with samples of rocks attached. I bought it because my classmates did the same. npc.jpg I would like to gift it to you but they're in my hometown and I won't visit it any time soon.
No. 78928
When I was a child I had agate slice, amethyst clusters and a rose quartz on my window sill
No. 78930
It's minerals.

Also not really. I had a collection of various stones and stuff as a kid but i have no idea how i got them.
Probably got a collection from somewhere and tried to find a few more stones but never got serious about it.

Overall i think there are better things to collect. How about toy cars? Or old magazines?
No. 79140
Weirdest/Most exotic stone I ever owned was a vulcanic one my father brought home from Italy. It was flat, almost like one of those stone-age hatchets. Don’t know where it is right now.

Otherwise the only thing I ever collected seriously were books.
No. 79141
For a brief time I collected cigarette packs, but after 20 or so different ones it was over because people in my environment were hardly adventurous concerning their addiction.

I also collected Pringles cans (which I cleaned and used for storage of different kinds of small stuff; some of those are still in use).

Of course in the 90s I briefly (teehee) collected stamps, like everyone else.

After I moved out from home, I stopped consciously collecting anything because room was scarce.
Eventually I started collecting beer cans, specifically Faxe cans with those viking tale motives. Whenever I am in a shop and see one I don't have, I grab it, but I don't hunt for them or anything. I have 7 so far.
No. 79159
58 kB, 640 × 640
Out of all gemstones, the opal is the most appealing. It would be wonderful to have a collection of these.
No. 79161 Kontra
88 kB, 652 × 851
Collected interesting looking rocks I encountered while diving along a lake bottom when I was a kid but that's about it. For some reason amber that had insects trapped inside of it was as cool as it gets, but I don't think I ever had any of those.
No. 79162
I should've done this when I had the chance. My nanny state government decided to replace all original packaging with drab green boxes that have various, supposedly off-putting medical images on them.
No. 79168
These pictures make smokers anxious. And what's best way to cope with anxiety if not smoking? Also some people collect these medical images.

t. non-smoker
No. 79178 Kontra
As a smoker, I can tell you that I simply don't notice the images at all. They annoy me on a conceptual level, since I consider it a sign of creeping dystopia.

"Citizenry! It has been brought to our attention that some of you are using your personal capital to legally purchase things that are bad for your health. This is a big no-no! In order to suitably modify your behaviour, we have placed images on your product that we hope you will find viscerally repulsive, in order to provide the necessary psychological impulse to your subconscious so you will do what we want. Have a nice day and don't forget to pay your taxes!"
No. 79181 Kontra
I don't smoke much these days but I always have a bag of tobacco and rolling stuff ready and I just couldn't tell you what images are on these bags these days. I remember the baby from years ago but everything else is more like a mixed version of what I think these images actually entail, lungs or something.
No. 79194
Ah yes, the "smoking is bad" pictures on the tobacco products - during the first series we were always joking at work that they should publish a kind of collector's album for them.
Then a year later or so the second series came and then they probably realized it doesn't work as intended, because I haven't seen any new ones for a few years now.

I always liked the "impotence" one because it looked like the dude "exploded down below", if you catch my drift, nudge nudge wink wink.
Then there was this artsy one with a woman blowing smoke or something.
The kid with the cigarette in mouth looked cute and funny.
Then of course there was the crunchy foot and some other medical ones I can't quite remember.
No. 79196
32 kB, 600 × 418
How "erectile dysfunction" label looks in your country?

> we must protect children from shocking content
> put gore images on cigarettes packs
No. 79197
45 kB, 681 × 705
56 kB, 679 × 705
There were actually two, first one is the one I meant, but second one is also funny.
No. 79210
270 kB, 650 × 520
Hm, apparently we have the same as rest of post sovok.
I like this one.

All post sovok countries' governments copy each others' homework or something. There's probably a github repo somewhere out there with all of the resources and laws needed to run your own post-sovok government, that every post sovok country pulls from.
No. 79212
104 kB, 968 × 592
101 kB, 900 × 600
207 kB, 550 × 1207
You triggered my curiosity. There is a joke about Belarus being testing ground for Russia. This time it turned out to be Kazakhstan.

4 October, 2012
Different pictures.

≈ 29 April, 2013
Same pictures.

12 July 2013.
Same pictures.

Same pictures.

Don't know when but same pictures.

27 March 2020 года
Different pictures.
No. 79213 Kontra
> ≈ 29 April, 2013
Oh, it mentions 4-th of July, 2013.
No. 79387
In the US this might work, but in Germany I have to pay for smokers getting hospitalized for smoking, so I am all for less smoking.
Next target should be the fatasses, they also cost the health system a lot.