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No. 78912
23 kB, 310 × 475
I'm currently reading a dating advice book because I want to get off the dating ride and back into a healthy relationship. This time without ending up in a relationship with a woman where either I'm not interested or she's not interested. As cringe as it is to even be reading such a book it gave me a thought exercise to do in narrowing down the kind of partner you might want to attract and where they might be found.

You might enjoy taking a stab at it and seeing what you end up with.

>What I recommend to every man before he even begins talking to women is to sit down for a while and ask himself some questions:

>A. What do you value in a woman? Honesty? Affection? Intelligence? Curiosity? Similar interests? Education?
>B. Women with the traits that you value, where do they frequent? Where are you most likely to find them?
>C. What do you enjoy doing most? Do you love to read/write? Do you play music? Do you enjoy sports and competitions? What are events or organizations that you can become involved in that explore your hobbies?

For me, I got.

A. A charming personality, the kind of woman who lights up a room and you feel energised just talking to her.

B. Perhaps an acting troupe or evening art class. Clown college?

C. Fug, I'm antisocial. I do like to read, listen to music, discuss international relations and go on walks but I like to be alone. I guess I should pick up a hobby or 12.
No. 78913
32 kB, 554 × 554
24 kB, 988 × 525
I've not read this book, but I did read The Mystery Method and it was actually very helpful despite the bitching and moaning people do about PUA.

At one point I had 3 dates lined up in one weekend thanks to it, I didn't give a fuck about meeting Miss Right at church or the local grey mouse bookworm, I wanted to go out and have fun and get my dick wet

btw this was just before tinder ruined everything, so good luck now that women have giga chad on call 24/7 with an app on their phone

>A. What do you value in a woman?
see pics

Also I bet this will be a very unpopular post with Ernst, because I had fun, had sex, posted tetten and mentioned PUA
No. 78916
>"Attract women through honesty"
Ah yes, "just bee yourself". People run away once they find out what I really am like. I must be the anti-magnet.

More like "attract women through honesty (if you are full of desirable traits and have a lot of money - but then again, you wouldn't need this bullshit book)"
No. 78918
>wanted to go out and have fun
It's only fun for maximum extrovert confident 11/10 gigachad. For everyone else, it's not 3 dates in one weekend, more like 1 date every 3 months, and it's pain and suffering, because you will be judged to the harshest standards. But you would not get that because you were obviously born with superior genetics.
No. 78919
A. The most important feature in a woman is that she likes you and is stable. Hopefully she is also a positive influence.
B. I do not know, perhaps wherever these creatures hide.
C. I am a pioneer in laying down the theoretical framework for a new form of ethnography. I discuss my findings and review them with fellow members of a German think tank.

PUA is bad, I used to be into that when I was young teenager trying to do what had to be done. Now it's just that, I've found women who like me and I've found women who are functional. These groups don't seem to intersect much.
No. 78924
>btw this was just before tinder ruined everything, so good luck now that women have giga chad on call 24/7 with an app on their phone

It's not as bad as the internet makes out. The apps give you peaks and troughs for whatever reason so one week you're not getting so much as a reply but then others you have to stop using them because you've given yourself too many commitments. In a way I prefer it to approaching women in bars at least but it's a poor replacement for hobbies and friends groups.

Obviously I can only assume the common factor is me and I just get horny enough to lower my standards haha

I do okay so it can't be impossible. But obviously if you're unemployed and think all women are cattle then you've got bigger things to worry about.

>The most important feature in a woman is that she likes you and is stable

How often does your attraction to women follow this?
No. 78932
>EC talking about women
Always funny
No. 78934
> What do you value in a woman?
That she exists, has a pulse, and isn't biologically related to me.
>Women with the traits that you value, where do they frequent?
Probably somewhere outside of my apartment. (FUCK!)
>What do you enjoy doing most?
Nothing. I'm constantly pursuing various ways of not having to be processing my existence at any given moment. That, and posting on EC.
>What are events or organizations that you can become involved in that explore your hobbies?
Uh... Why not do it the other way around and let them come to you? We should start a marketing campaign targeting Crystal Cafe posters to come to EC.
No. 78938
194 kB, 1718 × 904
Efforts to attract a female audience are already underway.
No. 78940
Rules of graphica design state that theost important elements should have the highest contrast. Therefore, you should switch the colors of quote text and regular text.

Right now, you have it the other way around
No. 78941
147 kB, 1598 × 924
80 kB, 929 × 836
The developer was fired and replaced with a female, who immediatly fixed this violation.
No. 78943
Thanks, I always get a sick chauvinistic thrill from using my patriarchal privelege to make females do my bidding.
No. 78945
44 kB, 622 × 455
She can't hear you now, the dumb cunt was already fired after fixing the bug without payment.
No. 79010
696 kB, 1600 × 1067
It's a bit abrasive in the eyes, no? Decrease saturation or something like that, no? Yes? No?

No. 79012
149 kB, 1879 × 927
149 kB, 1900 × 941
147 kB, 1894 × 944
Maybe, who can know for sure whan women really want? I lightened it up a bit. Also since people are interested: There's also Krernstchan and Darkwurf.

Laurachan: https://pastebin.com/vRffXYtK
Krernstchan: https://pastebin.com/eCQAPtmL
Darkwurf: https://pastebin.com/1AvjsD0w
No. 79059 Kontra
Whta color is the Kontra in Darkwurf?
No. 79063
90 kB, 1032 × 580
10 kB, 461 × 105
5 kB, 288 × 64
Normally it's red, but somebody (jokingly?) said it looked too threatening or something, so I changed it to turquoise or whatever that is. Not that it matters, becaue dollchan replaces it for me with a gray symbol. If you want to customize the color you can always change the RGB hex code for the sage value.

Darkwurf is my default by the way, the other two I only made for the lulz.
No. 79136 Kontra
Is that grey symbol a downwards arrow? Remember that Kontra is not a downvote, just not a bump.
No. 79165
The girls I got along with best in life had nothing in common with me at all and I wouldn't have predicted I'd be into them. Self help books suffer from that flaw that no one really knows what they want
No. 79175 Kontra
>Is that grey symbol a downwards arrow?
>Remember that Kontra is not a downvote, just not a bump.
In case of more questions we maybe should move to the computer technology thread altogether.
No. 79336
1,5 MB, 540 × 304, 0:01
This was before tinder, things were a bit different then
>you were obviously born with superior genetics
I wasn't, but things get easier for men as you approach your 30s, women have all the advantage until they start approaching the wall
I have never used tinder but the stories I hear about it are nightmare fuel. When there was 10 different dating apps there was some niches you could fill, things are different now
No. 80565
72 kB, 3000 × 1000