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No. 78920 Systemkontra
113 kB, 750 × 1009
Previous >>77207
No. 78961
118 kB, 1200 × 712
vvv Stolen valor vvv

I wonder if in the future, Juche will guide more than a tenth of the world's landmass. The worst possible ending for post-soviet Russia, just constant hardening and tightening for decades.
No. 78962
70 kB, 400 × 582

Rubros, please provide news from the Russian side.
No. 78963
858 kB, 394 × 720, 0:11
2,4 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:26
1,5 MB, 640 × 350, 0:36
I forgot to post these videos about some drone shenanigans in Sevastopol.

As far as I know no real damage was done but still interesting. A bit like the helicopter raids of Belgorod in the sense that Russian air defenses were caught sleeping.
No. 78969
125 kB, 700 × 818
Lel at the second Nord Stream maintenance shutdown.

Death to Putin and his regime. Freedom for Russians, Ukrainians and Belorussians.
No. 78981
What's going to happen to German industry this winter? Is the new LNG port you're building going to be ready in time?
No. 78982 Kontra
It’s going to be hard. It’s not even the question of “will there be energy” but will it be affordable?
And not just in Germany. Last week a Slovakian aluminium producer shut down due to costs.
Some public institutions are saying they will do remote work and zoom classes again because they can’t pay to heat their buildings.

Germany also wants to go ahead and shut down the remaining nuclear power plants as planned in december.
The Greens should be hanged basically.
No. 78983 Kontra
>The Greens should be hanged basically.
Or cherished for their role in bringing an end of this atlantic unipolar world, right?
No. 78984 Kontra
No they are cringe libs and destroying Europe for Atlantist interests.
No. 78985 Kontra
94 kB, 1280 × 720
It's probably a good ass kick for the sclerotic western asses to finally bring some change into their way of living and find new ways to sustain live on earth. Also I heard a state like Bayern didn't do shit when it came to alternative energies the last 16 years or so but instead depend on Russian gas and now that they get fucked in the ass they cry for sustaining nuclear energy, nobody can invent the shit conservatives do to get their asses fucked in the long run for saying it's good as it is we don't need to change anything with us.
No. 78995 Kontra
FSB blames Ukraine for the Dugina assassination. This is an event they won't blame on a smoking accident.
No. 79014 Kontra
201 kB, 1200 × 800
294 kB, 1180 × 730
Will GRU now try to kill Contrapoints? Eye for an eye, eceleb for eceleb, Yankees!
No. 79180 Kontra

Russia plans to increase its army size by 137000 men.
No. 79281 Kontra
No. 79283 Kontra
Current situation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NG1ItyxMsU
Fuck the war
No. 79442
5,5 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:05
3,6 MB, 394 × 720, 0:33
1,3 MB, 462 × 720, 0:11
Ukrainians attempting an offensive. Dog bless. I wonder how their plans differ from last time, which didn't really go anywhere as far as I remember it. Meanwhile Russians have been sittings in their positions, fortifying them for ages.

Videos not related.
No. 79443
Slowing down the offensive as part of a special military operation in Ukraine is a conscious decision necessary to minimize civilian casualties, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of the heads of military departments of the SCO countries.
No. 79449
>how their plans differ from last time

What last time do you mean? I read that the last weeks since that announcement have been used to "pave" the way for an/the (actual) offensive according to US intelligence.
No. 79451 Kontra
>kerch bridge

This is a HIMARS no? How does that swimming work and aren't they easy targets when not mobile
No. 79452
Seeing those videos makes me wonder why we haven't gotten any nasheed style edits with hardbass and constant BLYAD or something yet.
No. 79454
60 kB, 500 × 500
Seems like, it is not like they are stuck and lying.
No. 79455 Kontra
seems like=seems legit*
No. 79457 Kontra
1,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
Tremendous news. Perhaps the civilian casualties will be further reduced in the future by a reallocation of Russian troops from the territory of Ukraine back to Russia.

The last time I read of a "major" Ukrainian offensive it really didn't materialize in any ground gained. I could be wrong though, it's been a while and I don't keep up with the war daily.

Assburger apocalypse.
No. 79459 Kontra
9,0 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
4,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:23
>Seeing those videos makes me wonder why we haven't gotten any nasheed style edits with hardbass and constant BLYAD or something yet.
Every war has it's own "aesthetic" I guess. And it differs between the sides of course and is forever evolving. Think I saw a lot of videos like the ones attached here in the beginning, but not really anymore.
No. 79461
Iesou Xristo, I should be more prudent with what I wish for.
No. 79462
The Gepard video you posted also has a known tiktok sound. I read that the ROC (Resistence Operating Concept) also calls for such videos/material in order to attract a bigger audience to the conflict/war.
No. 79463 Kontra
*to control the narrative would be part of the official terminology of that concept
No. 79469 Kontra
Apparently they took a village and then got shelled.
They attacked in three directions and the Russians drove them off in two, the third took the village.
Ukrainians lost roughly 560 men in the process, plus two fighters and roughly 50 pieces of armour.
No. 79470 Kontra
4,0 MB, 854 × 480, 0:56
I appreciate the effort to share information, but based on your track record here I'm inclined not to believe anything you say regarding this war. For all I know you're channeling some Discord tankie once again.

No offense :D
No. 79474
4,7 MB, 600 × 332, 0:08
> For all I know you're channeling some Discord tankie once again.
I also look for news only in most partisan and emotionally engaged sources (no matter which side), because they're more interesting.

Before information epoch such levels of bullshittery were not exceptions for dopamine-addicted fanatics but a rule:
> Early in life I have noticed that no event is ever correctly reported in a newspaper, but in Spain, for the first time, I saw newspaper reports which did not bear any relation to the facts, not even the relationship which is implied in an ordinary lie. I saw great battles reported where there had been no fighting, and complete silence where hundreds of men had been killed. I saw troops who had fought bravely denounced as cowards and traitors, and others who had never seen a shot fired hailed as the heroes of imaginary victories; and I saw newspapers in London retailing these lies and eager intellectuals building emotional superstructures over events that had never happened.
No. 79476
This heroic era of bullshittery still lives today. Amnesty international was founded on a similar news article.
No. 79483 Kontra
None taken.
No. 79486 Kontra
205 kB, 1600 × 1045
Based on my one-sided semi-daily skimmings, the Ukrainian imaginary "offensive" has not materialized (yet?) outside of some people's discourse.
Concerning the Russian "offensive", ISW says in their Aug 24 assessment:
>Since Russian forces resumed offensive operations following a pause on July 16 Russian forces have gained about 450.84 km² […] of new territory, an area around the size of Andorra. Russian forces have lost roughly 45,000 km² of territory since March 21 (the estimated date of Russian forces’ deepest advance into Ukraine), an area larger than Denmark.
No. 79510
What's the point in counting the area controlled by Russia by the end of March? Surely the massive retreat was caused by numerous blunders and strategic miscalculations, but it definitely wasn't a military defeat and wasn't a direct result of any actions of Ukraine (unwillingness to surrender hardly can count as "action"). Repeating those numbers over and over again as some meaningful military information looks like just lying to oneself. The truth is that the war is at a complete stalemate and there's no foreseeable military way out of it.
No. 79512 Kontra
45 kB, 222 × 258
>wasn't a direct result of Ukraine
You are right, Ukrainians just stood there, took it and after a while the Russians decided to go home to reorganise.
No. 79543
215 kB, 1759 × 989
Ukraine having AGM-88s(anti-radiation missile for taking out radars etc.) isn't breaking news but I really expected them to have some sort of a ground based launcher instead of actually integrating them to Mig-29s. Pretty wild. Don't often see NATO weapons of Soviet planes or vice versa.

Video of the firings was too large for EC and can't be bothered to resize it.
No. 79571
6,1 MB, 262 × 480, 0:37
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I can't enjoy such videos without hearing bydlo swearing in Russian/Ukrainian as accompaniment. Here, Russian arms depot in Kherson destroyed:
No. 79977
Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Lukoil" Maganov fell out of the window of a Moscow hospital and died.

Hmmm, again. Winter is going to be interesting.
No. 79978 Kontra
129 kB, 1200 × 926
1930s: European anti-Jewish conspiracy
2020s: European anti-Russian conspiracy

srry for funposting
No. 79979 Kontra
Why is a guy in a symbolic nazi appearance throwing rocks into Russian shop windows? It doesn't make sense (well the whole caricature is rather off), since right wingers (besides some tankies) are supporting Russia and suck Putin's dick.
No. 79985 Kontra
Simple. Russia has started the special operation for the sole purpose of liberating the Ukraine from the Nazis that happen to come into power there -> the only people that Russia fights are Nazis -> anyone who disapproves of Russia fighting Nazis is a Nazi or a Nazi sympathizer himself.
No. 80002
That guy ist obviously not a neonazi, they would never wear Black-Red-Gold. It's also not a left wing radical so it must be a CDU voter.
No. 80004 Kontra
It's a mix of AFD and Nazi, the trousers, boots, and shaved head are Nazi, and the top is AFD patriotism.
No. 80006 Kontra
AfD are not patriots though and I reject any notion of associating the german flag with those traitor retards.
No. 80023
Fun fact: In my town someone had a ukrainian flag hanging from his 1st floor window which was burned by unknown people one night. There have also been several occasions where someone put a caltrop with a Z on it in a bus stop (the buses also have little ukrainian flags)
The last story sounds so absurd that I would doubt it if i didn't know about the low level of creativity of local newspaper writers
No. 80035 Kontra
>German flag
>black red and piss-yellow
No. 80036
Obvious Gladio false-flag attacks. The strategy of tension! No German wants war with Russia, it was pushed on us by the American overlords and their puppets!
No. 80053 Kontra
le ZDU-Face.
No. 80073
It's a fun world where we have the word defenestration specifically for the art of throwing people from windows. And it's one that has been unchanged for centuries. 2001 got it wrong, the ape was pushed out of his treehouse window and thus began knowledge.
No. 80095 Kontra
10 kB, 225 × 225
>in Russia they see it all like this, after the collapse of the USSR, Western countries began to actively cooperate with the new republics, pushing them to bloodshed towards a certain minority, thereby setting fire to new conflicts around Russia, you can talk to all of the unrecognized republics and they will tell you that only thanks to Russia, the war stopped, Russia is on the side of the weak. Russia ends wars and does not start, and in Ukraine there is now another response to the oppression of the minority, in this case, Donbass
No. 80255
>Nord Stream 1: Russia's Gazprom announces indefinite shutdown of pipeline
>Russian energy giant Gazprom has said gas supplies to Western Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline have completely stopped due to equipment issues. It gave no time frame on when it would restart the pipeline.
No. 80258 Kontra
to tl;dr: Germanies gas supplies and reserves are all secured but gas prices will suck major dick for the next years I guess.
No. 80340
Is it possible to turn on pipeline in reverse direction and suck gas from German storages?
No. 80349
Germany is such a stupid country.
>Need gas
>do not open pipeline
>need gas more urgently
>put sanctions on Russia so pipeline can not be maintained
>get no more gas
>blame Russia
North Stream 2 Needs to be opened RIGHT NOW.

This country is getting crazier by the day. It is being ruined by the leftists and the greens. First with Covid-Madness, now with this. Of course, they do this because they hate Germany and want to destroy it.
No. 80350
I would laugh about this so hard. Now, there is shit-expensive gas, which means rich fuckers can heat their pools and saunas while everyone else gets to freeze their balls of.
No more gas at all means no more gas for no one, period. The assholes deserve this.
No. 80351
>actually believes prices will go down
When have prices fallen, ever?
No. 80352
>to tl;dr: Germanies gas supplies and reserves are all secured but gas prices will suck major dick for the next years I guess.
That's not the tl;dr.
German government says
>"For the time being, the LNG terminals, the relevant storage levels and significant savings requirements are becoming more important," said Klaus Mueller, head of Germany's network regulatory agency, on Friday. "It's good that Germany is now better prepared, but now it's down to each and everyone."
He is a government official. He wants you to think everything will be fine, which is why he speaks the way he does. But
>the relevant storage levels
are insufficient, the
>significant savings requirements
means more industries will be forced to shut down and go bankrupt
>it's down to each and everyone
>if you are fucked, you are fucked, we brought this upon you, but we won't fix it. Fend for yourself. But if we run out of gas during winter, we will blame you.

Imagine what it means to have no more gas in winter. France won't supply us with their NPPs, they are down. So we will be out of electricity, and people will freeze in their unheated flat. They will try to burn wood-coal or plastic garbage in flats without stoves. Many will die of CO-poisoning, their will be fires.
Without electricity, there will be no payment processing, so you will not be able to shop, even if you have 'money' (in reality just some bits on a harddisk that can be erased easily) in 'your' 'account'.
Without electricity, there will also be no running water. Firefighters will not be able to put out fires. They will not even be alarmed, because no one can alarm them without electricity.

In spring, Germany, might be a savage stone-age society with few survivors. I will die almost certainly. I hope the Anal-Lena Bareback will be raped by refugee-niggers before all is over, but I doubt it. USRael will heli-lift her...
No. 80353 Kontra
The problem at this point is not that gas will not be available.
It's that nobody is going to be able to afford it.
The market was fucked up by artificially ending demand for Russian gas while we still have a demand for it.
Prices will stay astronomical until the puppet clowns in the EU administration decide to stop acting on behalf of Washington while disguising their policies as taking the moral high ground (in what is ultimately a material question), and instead, start to act in the interest of Europe at large.
No. 80356
>Yes, the collapse of the soviet Union was a historical disaster that has to be undone, please, I want to be ruled from Moscow again, where are my secret police, my planned economy and my crappy cars?
No. 80357 Kontra
231 kB, 1280 × 960
2,2 MB, 394 × 720, 0:25
My bad, I really can't tell if this is satire or not so I have to address it by selling you a nuclear reactor instead of Russian gas. There, I fixed all of your problems. You can even stay at the moral high ground. Though that's not where the Germans are, they're on Mt. Retard or something :D
No. 80359
43 kB, 267 × 373
Do you actually believe the maintenance problems are made-up?

>The market was fucked up by artificially ending demand for Russian gas
Except deliveries were not stopped by EU-sanctions, but by undeclared Russian sanctions against EU. They won't even come out and admit it. I guess they lie to support their useful idiots in right-wing European parties, so they can argue like >>80349

Yuri Bezmenov would laugh his ass off about them if he was still alive.
No. 80361 Kontra
>It's that nobody is going to be able to afford it.

It'll be fine. The problem over summer has been the drought cutting hydroelectric and nuclear capacity but that's ramping back up, Europe is well ahead on stocking up for winter and the major fear of a harsh winter now seems unlikely to materialise. The script will change to the next thing in a month or two and gas prices will fall after January.

Put a jumper on, ignore future German attempts at geostrategy and Rolls-Royce is exporting flat-pack nuclear plants to Japan that Britain will gladly also sell to Europeans.

>start to act in the interest of Europe at large.

Putin can fuck off, Europe's interest at large is on peace and stability which Russia is not acting to uphold. All the Americans want is for Europe to be stable so they can finally focus on chest-beating with China and ignore us forever.
No. 80362 Kontra
>I really can't tell if this is satire or not
No. 80367
>It'll be fine. The problem over summer has been the drought cutting hydroelectric and nuclear capacity but that's ramping back up
Germany decided to de-commission perfectly fine nuclear plants and replace them with a combination of Russian Gas and renewables. No ramping up here.
France's nuclear plants are down for maintenance, because someone decided it would be smart to stop all maintenance due to covid. Another problem is that they need to somehow qualify these plants for extended lifetime, since all French governments since the early 2000s neglected building new plants. The only EPR they started building is the one in Flammanville, and that started construction in 2007, now they need 15 more until the end of the decade. Some of the old plants have developed issues with corrosion that can not be easily remedied.

France's schedule of switching on one reactor per week starting in October are overly ambitious and will not pan out.

There will be no affordable energy in most European countries during the 2020s, because our politicians are incompetent.
No. 80374
Fatmasters our worst enemies. They want to destroy Europe. Germany should align with Russia. German technology and Russian ressources would create an unstoppable force. Perfidious Anglos with their faux 'Democracy' can fuck of.
They started this by installing their pro-Nato-junta in Ukraine.

Booh-fucking-hoo, Dreckswessi. It was way better in GDR than it is no in the GmbH.
No. 80376 Kontra
>Booh-fucking-hoo, Dreckswessi. It was way better in GDR than it is no in the GmbH.

Aren't you a Wessi yourself?
No. 80378
Aren't you a tick?
No. 80385 Kontra
Why do you have to dodge the question?
No. 80387
You are a tick.
No. 80396 Kontra
And you are pathetic, little Wessi.
No. 80404
Go and suck some American nigger dick.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 80472
email me. miroq@tutanota.com
No. 80541
5 kB, 251 × 240
>Russia says United States is behind Europe's gas supply crisis
>September 6, 20221:00 PM GMT+2Last Updated a day ago

>VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Sept 6 (Reuters) - Russia's foreign ministry said on Tuesday that the United States had fomented Europe's gas supply crisis by pushing European leaders towards the "suicidal" step of cutting economic and energy cooperation with Moscow.
>Europe is facing its worst gas supply crisis ever, with energy prices soaring and German importers even discussing possible rationing in the European Union's biggest economy after Russia reduced gas flows westwards...
My sides
No. 80542
>U.S.: Russia could be about to buy 'millions' of North Korean shells, rockets
No. 80544 Kontra
It’s true.
No. 80545 Kontra
111 kB, 500 × 500
What is?
No. 80553 Kontra
That Russia's foreign ministry said that, i guess.
No. 80606 Kontra
What an awfully quiet threda :DD
No. 80607 Kontra
It will get loud once the nutcases post again.

No. 80677
1,5 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:09
Ukraine has advanced quite far at places during the last couple of weeks. I'm really surprised. Keep it going!
No. 80678 Kontra
991 kB, 1620 × 599
No. 80683
468 kB, 1200 × 798
Entire NATO is encircled in kotyol. Better surrender nicely.
No. 80702 Kontra
224 kB, 299 × 326
>‘Substantial victory’ for Kyiv acknowledged on Russian TV after Ukrainian breakthrough
>Russian Forces Retreat Preparing For Battle Of Kupyansk
No. 80704 Kontra
Did they gave any reason on why this was happening?
No. 80705
Just trust the plan tova- I mean friend))))
No. 80706 Kontra
207 kB, 527 × 554
"We pizdets the troop deployment"
-Russian MoD
No. 80707
130 kB, 1106 × 1280
State Duma Deputy Fedorov:
Who sent troops to Ukraine? Not Putin. The Federation Council introduced troops to Ukraine by its decision on the basis of international law. I remind you that behind the senators are the financiers of regional election campaigns, and this is basically an oligarchic mechanism. Putin does not have the authority, both legal for this, and the possibilities.

Czar is good, boyars are bad
No. 80708 Kontra
>Czar is good, boyars are bad
Heaven is high, and the Emperor is far away.
What an interesting parallel.
No. 80709
Similar phrases seem to exist in every country with authoritan leadership. In Nazi Germany it was "Wenn das der Führer wüsste" (If only the Führer knew about this), acting like everything bad only happens because of bad local personel, and not because of orders from the very top.
No. 80711 Kontra
Well, here we say "The fish stinks because of its head" and we never lived in a democracy.
I think authoritarianism is only a component in this. You also need to have an "imperial sized" bureaucracy.
No. 80713
>You also need to have an "imperial sized" bureaucracy.
Oh don't worry, Germany has a galactic empire sized bureaucracy.
No. 80717
We have similar saying about fish. Surely, Fedorov is not speaking for all the country but he is representative of narrative which is very convenient for authorities and therefore is actively pushed through different talking heads.

For senile boomers there is already mentioned Fedorov, for leftists there is Khazin and for right-wing measureheads there is Galkovsky. The meaning is same in all the cases: czar is not responsible for anything, it's all the invisible 6-D chess game of agents and traitors against him.

Maybe you remember, my compatriot Ernst who at first was in euphoria about the war, in summer wrote that probably it's generals who started the war (of course Saint Pynya couldn't make such bad decision).
No. 80718 Kontra
It reminds me of this historian's discussion on Hitler Germany and its bureaucracy and whether it was the administration that ruled or Hitler or if Hitler and others planned the administration like that so decisions can always be delegated to the führer, something along the lines of this. I forgot the name of the historian and the actual debate. It is about how Germany was ruled during this times though.
No. 80721
Well, the point is that there's always one more place to delegate responsibility to, while also having a centrum to fall back on rhetorically when the grenade of a decision inevitably blows up in the face of a poor administrator who will bear the consequences for the (in)action (if action takes place at all.)
No. 80727
>Germany also wants to go ahead and shut down the remaining nuclear power plants as planned in december.
>The Greens should be hanged basically.

That fool Robert Habeck already does more than he can afford to do politically without losing support from the party base. He does not do enough to achieve anything worthwhile. There will be elections in lower Saxony early next month, and to many green party voters, nuclear is the devil, plain and simple. Scholz should in this case overrule his minister. But of course, Scholz is SPD, not treen, and he wants the green party to loose out in those elections. So he is standing back, hoping Habeck will be forced to keep the NPPs running. Thus, German state elections endanger electricity supply in Europe. This country is dumb enough to make anyone want to puke. We can just hope that France gets their plants up for winter, but I doubt it.

This is what German pupils in the 80s and 90s were assigned to read in school. Take-away: nuclear power will kill you and your family. It will be like late-stage WWII and the immediate post-war period, but with nuclear radiation.
No. 80728 Kontra
> in summer wrote that probably it's generals who started the war
Well, I always knew that Ernsts don't have a sense of humor.
And no, it's not me who was euphoric. Hard to be euphoric about what's essentially a civil war.
No. 80729
Great power comes with great responsibility. All statesmen in Russia are appointed by Putin or by people appointed by Putin. It doesn't make sense to say "yes, he grabbed all the power to put fools and scoundrels on key positions, and they fucked up, but it's entirely their fault and he dindu nuffin".

Remember https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poe%27s_law
No. 80734
Rumours are Ukraine is about to surround 10k men (10-15 BTGs? ?? or just infantry or cannon fodder from Donbass/Luhansk? Probably a mix...) in the Kharkiv offensive. If they get them and also liberate Kherson in the south that would be a major blow to Russia. I cannot believe Ukraine is still standing and now this. Freedom! Freedom for Ukraine! Death to Putin!
No. 80736
>I cannot believe Ukraine is still standing
Not really surprising, given that Russia cannot use all the available resources for political reasons, while Ukraine can and does (with the help of the countries whose economies constitute about 50% of the world's GDP to the top of it). Under those circumstances any hope of successfully winning the conflict in a military way could only rely on a blitzkrieg, but by the beginning of April it became obvious it had failed.
>Death to Putin!
Are you really prepared to deal with whoever succeeds to him?
No. 80737 Kontra
It’s unironically fucking over.
No. 80738
> Are you really prepared to deal with whoever succeeds to him?
And what is there so special to prepare for?
No. 80740 Kontra
I’ve seen this a lot online from pro-russian people as an argument when couping Putin is brought up.
Basically their point is that Putin is the moderate standing between the world and ebil nazbol Russia committing its full strength to conflict.
Ironically these people would probably say “b-based” if that were to happen.

The West wants another Yeltsin but imho getting rid of Putin is going to be more akin to a slot machine. They might win big and get what they want, but the odds might be stacked against them and they might get an actual hardcore dictator who doesn’t fuck around. (It’s just questionable what even the most competent dictator do in that situation, where Putin is deposed due to the unfavorable progess/loss of the war.)
No. 80744 Kontra
>given that Russia cannot use all the available resources for political reasons
Hehehe, poor Russia fighting with both hands tied behind its back.
Izyum looking like a wrap up.

It seems I got to live long enough to witness a new Russo-Japanese war, but this one feels even more humiliating and damaging to Russian national psyche.
No. 80746 Kontra
>getting rid of Putin is going to be more akin to a slot machine.

I don't think any person will start a new war after this one is taking its toll on the nation already. Would Europe get back to the same gas volume once there is a market friendly liberal in pootins position? Or will they finally make a turn to renewable energy sources? If the latter Russia might become more and more uninteresting besides its military potential which orthodox Marxists in Germany saw as a reason to this war, to decimate (in the interest of the world police USA and others) a regional power with quite a lot of military power. Besides Russia, there is only China that could take a chance.
No. 80747 Kontra
So was the announced Cherson/south UA counter-offensive a sort of ruse? there has been heightened activity in the south as well
No. 80748
I would say so. Russian troops were moved there to prepare for an attack towards Kherson and the Ukies spent a good deal of time destroying stockpiles and vital arteries to reinforce Kherson. I also thought they'd attack through there, but I'm no military commander :DD
No. 80750
> oh, discussions about the war are so below me, I'll contra the thread to show that actually I don't care
That's so gay!

Dunno, Saddam remained in power after Kuwait war, I don't think that even if Ukraine retakes all its territories it will lead to Putin's overthrow. Anyway, he's mortal. He can slip on banana peel tomorrow or die from cancer 15 years later.
Why I think that it's a huge cope about "le evil successor":
  1. It's just more convenient for everyone to say "oh, we now have a good czar, we are so kind and liberal, let's trade again" rather than dig yourselves even deeper.
  2. In society in general there is little genuine support for the war, probably it's the same in the ruling class.
No. 80752 Kontra
I kontra because my postings are not very thought out or important in my opinion. Quit the bullshit.
No. 80753
>Would Europe get back to the same gas volume once there is a market friendly liberal in pootins position? Or will they finally make a turn to renewable energy sources?

I think this is what forced the war in a way. Russia's long-term fiscal position is always teetering to ruin by mid-century given how large a proportion of the budget gas makes up, the only option being a predatory relationship with its near abroad. Ukraine then forced the issue as it was now evidently getting into a position where it could defeat Russia in war.

The talk of 'who if not Putin' does raise the question of whether anyone has a plan for this. Say Putin loses the war and the entire security establishment sits on a bottle, as far as I can tell the US would gtfo Europe to beef up its activity in Asia and Europe would drop the ball on not only Russia but Ukraine and Belarus' reconstruction. Even in Britain our long-term security is focused on sending carriers to the Pacific (the US has stated they'd rather we focus on Europe) despite how many cakes carry Boris' name in Kiev.

Unprecedented times I guess. People like to compare post-Soviet Russia to interwar Germany but now its a hypothetical situation where Hitler fails to invade Czechoslovakia but the same grievances remain. Maybe we'll kick the can down the road hoping Russia turns into a hermit kingdom.
No. 80754 Kontra
2,0 MB, 480 × 480, 0:14
We all laughed at that certain German who boasted about the incoming cauldron closing around Donetsk, but who is laughing now?

Never more will I not contra this threda.
No. 80760
47 kB, 750 × 655
> Never more will I not contra this threda.
But... but... that means you're gay!

my feint with reverse psychology worked in full accordance with plan
No. 80761
>I don't think any person will start a new war after this one is taking its toll on the nation already.
Anyone can start a civil war. And Russia is a nuclear state. Absolutely no one can guarantee that in those circumstances nukes won't start flying left and right. And, rest assured, any amount gas or oil exports cannot be guaranteed either.
>And what is there so special to prepare for?
A slot machine indeed. Putin's support is still rather high, but that goes with a very low support of the ruling party or anything associated with the current establishment. If Putin's death co-occurs with increasing economic problems, dissatisfaction may become critical and various groups will be getting ideas.
No. 80762 Kontra
So can we all agree that we finally need another color for the Kontra?
inb4 install dollchan
No. 80763
>various groups will be getting ideas.

business as usually one is tempted to say, it even has a term: power vacuum.

>Absolutely no one can guarantee that in those circumstances nukes won't start flying

There is hardly any 100% safety for what happens politically, so Putin was putting nukes on the table during this war already. But any plausible reason why in that case of him gone nukes might "fly left and right"? The chaos of the civil war could be exemplified by a scenario in which it happens.
No. 80764
>But any plausible reason why in that case of him gone nukes might "fly left and right"?
If the sides of the civil conflict will start using nukes (preferring that to the defeat), ultimately they'll have little enough to lose and may use them against other countries as well, in particular those that are affiliated with their enemies and/or just those they will blame for the whole situation.
No. 80767 Kontra
19 kB, 878 × 158
It fits so nicely with my countryball and the theme.
No. 80768
At any rate, military correspondents report pulling out from (most) of Kharkov oblast.
To note, that considerably complicates any offensive operations in Donbass.
No. 80770
93 kB, 548 × 604
Everything is possible in this world, but I would bet on something like in 1953. Few very powerful people falling from windows and then business as usual.
No. 80771
Why does Dimi have one eye closed?
No. 80773
Only as long as economic situation will be sufficiently good and no power group will end up hugely dissatisfied.
No. 80774 Kontra
58 kB, 598 × 338
146 kB, 1600 × 894
No. 80776
Putin has a characteristic feature from judo, he always very carefully gives everyone the opportunity to speak out before he himself takes a deadly strangulation grip.

  1. Russia has not yet lifted its heavy bombers into the air (TU-160, TU-95, TU-22, MIG-31K), and this is a mega serious force.
  2. Russia has not yet tested Armata in Ukraine, and this is a mega serious force against which all these means (Javelins and NLAW) are just fucking bullshit. Even compared to the current typical when 3-5 people are sent to slaughter with one of the faustpatrons slightly smoking a tank.
  3. Russia has not yet applied its even stronger means based on new physical principles to Ukraine in general, and this is generally beyond good and evil.
  4. EMF will most likely be applied already in the final phase of the operation, before the start of the airborne forces' work on a full sweep.
  5. The Russia-China Union is no longer an “agreement”, it is a full-fledged union, modeled on UKUSA.
> poe's law
Just kidding.
No. 80778
When the Russian army appears in front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it will be easy to understand.

The first sign is the failure of all means of communication, the complete discharge of batteries in vehicles, tanks and other equipment, at the same time the discharge of batteries in mobile phones, in sights, in radio stations. Then there is a break in electrical circuits in all equipment - any. This is EMI. All engines stall, there is no way to start. This is how the Khingan system works, with a radius of 20 km.

The second is the complete failure of all systems using liquid crystal monitors, the failure of all target designating devices of the air defense system - the radars are dead. The Altair system is in operation.

The third is refusals when trying to use any type of guided weapon - from MANPADS to ATGMs .. When you try to use shells, they self-destruct immediately ... This is the "Mercury" system - on the basis of MTLB such an antenna is high, now the Russians have it in every battalion. Works on a 15 km radius.

Fourth, it is impossible to use drones. They either fall, with the failure of the navigation system and the engine, or sit down at the location of the Russians. The Kosukha-4 system disables the on-board equipment of airplanes and any other aircraft. The Avtobaza system intercepts control of drones. The Russians presented it to the Iranians, and they stole the most secret US attack drone "Kandahar Beast".

Not everyone will have time to see and the fifth sign. This is the phenomenal accuracy of artillery fire from a distance inaccessible to Ukrainian artillery. The artillery reconnaissance and guidance stations of the Russian army operate via satellites and their own drones. The Russians have modernized the shells, they now have a homing system, they have become longer and carry more explosives.
Ukraine has no satellites of its own. Only two communication satellites... It is impossible to quickly adjust the fire of the ukrartillery from American satellites.

Dozens (hundreds, if necessary) of combat helicopters, riding all the roads, begin to hunt in the rear for armored vehicles, trains, and cars. Railway paralyzed, broken arrows, blown up bridges.

In the rear, the lights go out - the substations are broken. Civilian and military headquarters in the rear and individual leaders are liquidated at a time by infiltrated groups in advance.

And then ... Vata descends from skies. 100500 divisions of the Airborne Forces and the GRU ...
No. 80784
This is the first and last Ukrainian offensive. They used up their fighting aged men and are already pressing 16 year old teenagers from swimmingpools into the Army. Fighting aged men are either dead or crippled. Russia still has immense reserves and can continue this fight for years. Ukraine can not. Russia is winning the war.

Temporary territorial gains are meaningless, despite all the western propaganda. Russia fought Germany on the eastern front for four years, Germany reached as far east an south as the Elbrus, but Russia grew stronger every day, never weaker. Russian economy is not harmed by sanctions at all. In fact, sanctions helped Russia, now Russia can sell less gas for more money.

Weapons are produced for Ukraine, and the Ukrops sell cutting edge Russian technology to Russia. PzH 2000 was already sold to Russia for a few thousand euros, although the professional liers on German public TV deny it. Caesar, too.

I think this post will again be deleted because ernstchan now has pro-NATO censorship.
No. 80785
This. Ukraine can be destroyed at any time Russia wants to. But Putin wants to harm NATO as much as possible, enticing them to send all their equipment their until they have nothing left! The west with it's lies about democracy is doomed! It will bec returned to it's place, and their will be a multilateral world, where America can not just continue to exploit and bomb other countries.

We are already seeing this in Germany, where through inflation, the standard of living and level of industry are reduced to what they should be without imperialism - just another third world shithole. Because on what do such countries live? They love in resources they stole elsewhere! Oil, fertilizer, gas, metal, all imported with U$-Dollar! But imperialism will be ended!
No. 80786
>Russia fought Germany on the eastern front for four years
The USSR did, not Russia. Fought for survival. With a major economical help from the US, to that matter.
>Russian economy is not harmed by sanctions at all.
That's an exaggeration.
No. 80787 Kontra
> With a major economical help from the US
Yea. People seem to forget that the biggest manufacturer in USSR during that time was the famous Regus Patoff.
No. 80788
6,4 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:21
>Russia is winning the war.
Why does the winning party lose (or concede) territory in your opinion? Why is the Ukrainian offensive working exactly? :D

>Temporary territorial gains are meaningless
Indeed. Russia knows this very well.

>Ukrops sell cutting edge Russian technology to Russia.
Interesting take. At least they have plenty of stuff to sell now.

>PzH 2000 was already sold to Russia [...] Caesar, too.
We already went through this earlier and the source wasn't very convincing on the account of even Russian sources discrediting it. If there are some new developments I'm interested. But one would think that there's no real reason to sell this stuff as it gets captured at some point anyways. Applies to both sides.

>I think this post will again be deleted because ernstchan now has pro-NATO censorship.
Your posts are only deleted when you get really deep in the schizo end. This post isn't nearly on par with the worst ones you've made so it should be fine :D
No. 80789
> replying to schizo
BTW today he had a new apocalyptic prophesy. It's western slavs (Poland, Czechia) who will finally solve the German question. They will demand trillion worth reparations for WW2 and German economy will COLLAPSE.
Fascist mods deleted it(((
No. 80791 Kontra
I don't see how WW2 compares to the current year at all. Anyway, just say you believe in mysterious Russian soul that will stand the test of time once again, it is the best explanation you can come up with in the end. Volksgeist is key.
No. 80792 Kontra
2,1 MB, 394 × 720, 0:35
>replying to schizo
But that mostly why these threads exist!
No. 80793 Kontra
Probably yes.
No. 80795
Can Russians afford to Gerät their homes? Will Russians be able to keep trucks on the roads? Will Russians have food next spring? Will Russia be able to produce or procure enough fertilizer to feed its population? Can Russia ran its steel producing industry to make more weapons? Then Russia is doing vastly better than Europe.

>USSR, not Russia
Yes, agreed, Russia is now not a power of world communism, so a distinction has to be made. Still, Russia use an opponent if fascist imperialism of NATO.

>With a major economical help from the US
That is American propaganda. It was insignificant and meaningless. America did way less than they could, they have no weapons, only meaningless things. They even refused to open a second front, hoping their natural ally could still win. Even in early 1945, Dulles tried to make a special peace with Himmler Schellenberger in Switzerland, and then attack Soviet Union with the Nazis. You can google that, it was called "operation sunrise". But Red Army advanced too fast for that to happen.

It is a scandal that this fact is not more widely known today, because it shows that capitalis imperialism and fascist imperialism are one and the same, just in different stages. This, they are natural allies!
No. 80796
328 kB, 1920 × 1280
>poland will ruin Germany by reperations

The schizo is the biggest victim of our information society. He will take any information popping up for a true thing. Claims, speculations, facts, rumors, demands, a fart, random videos and audio, news headlines. For him it's all the same. He cannot differentiate, everything is information that has the same value for him.

It's a simple demand -> Iz habbeding!
an obscure news claim and obscure page -> iz habbedings!
putin says something -> iz habbeding
some weapons are deployed -> iz habbenings!
greens say something -> iz habbedings
nord stream 2 news -> iz habbenings
scholz farts -> iz habbening
No. 80797 Kontra
>He cannot differentiate
Sadly, he isn't even remotely alone. That's a typical feature of any person without a structurized hierarchy of knowledge in his head. And there are quite a lot of them everywhere.
No. 80808 Kontra
52.1% of poles think Poland deserves reparations. Morawiecki plans to arrange talks, under the participation of Israel. Should those talks not lead to the desired outcome (Poland getting 1.3 trillion euro), he promised Germany will be brought to court. Will Den Haag court rule in favor of Nazis? I can hardly imagine they will.

When the poles are granted their reparations, a devastating sum by any measure, everyone else will want a piece of the cake, the entirety of former Yugoslavia, Greece, etc. It will be as bad as Versailles.

But this should not be part of the discussion in the Ukraine thread, so I will not bump.
No. 80819 Kontra
The anti-german card has been played several times by polish governments and people saying in a poll Germany should pay is not = iz habbedings! have you seen a war being terminated by a poll of 75% saying war should stop?

Again, you just take info without any though and make an iz habbedings out of it. Why should anybody pay attention to your alarmism? You are like all prophets: when it didn't happen you just more on to the next thing that will happen, this time for sure, though.
No. 80822 Kontra
Why do you think this is an anti-German card? It's a very popular position. I would not call a politician actually implementing what he promised his voters 'playing a card'.

What do you think will prevent the polish government from using the report on damage they have so nearly compiled, if 'playing that card' is so successful? Why not demand said meetings (in Berlin), and why not appeal to Den Haag? What might, in your opinion, stop them? You don't gibt any reason for your estimation of the situation-in fact, you are for the opposite! If the Polish government has played the 'anti German card' in the past, why would they stop doing so in the future?

By the way, from a polish POV, this is not anti-German. They only want compensation for all the west damage, and they are certain that this demand is just. Has Germany paid for this damage? It obviously hasn't. Ask the arguments Germany brings forth are of an legalistic nature.
No. 80825 Kontra
>It's a very popular position.

Should tell you everything that I was implying in my post. It's foremost a nationalistic appeal and is used in domestic politics.

>why would they stop doing so in the future?

I never said they will. But will they get through with weird demands or are these aiming for domestic effects as suggested above? I think it is the latter. Maybe they don't believe in getting reperations at all, they just want the (domestic) effect of Poland being the victim it's a nationalist staple: our nation has been the victim of evil habbeings, just like you blame Americans for they make Germany a victim of their politics, people like you play the victim card all the time but when somebody else claims victimhood it is untrue of course and people like you fall for it (unsurprisingly).
No. 80830 Kontra
>When the Russian army appears in front of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it will be easy to understand.
>The first sign is the failure of all means of communication, the complete discharge of batteries in vehicles, tanks and other equipment, at the same time the discharge of batteries in mobile phones, in sights, in radio stations.

This has long happened, the internet is full of these videos where Ukrainian soldiers arrive at convois of broken down Russian vehicles where apparently everything malfunctioned and the drivers ran away on foot.
No. 80834 Kontra
>convois of broken down Russian vehicles where apparently everything malfunctioned

But Russia will have steel next spring to make more of these!
No. 80840 Kontra
969 kB, 964 × 1702
I still trust the plan
No. 80868
Spent 5 hours outdoors. Report me what's up with the hohols fast
No. 80872 Kontra
360 kB, 1267 × 650
From a local man on the grounds:
>The logic is simple guys. Each of the previously liberated cities, and now abandoned and occupied by the enemy, is a Russian city, Russian land, captured by the enemy.
Each, from the cities that have not yet been liberated, where, accordingly, the enemy is also located, is just the same Russian city, and exactly the same Russian land captured by the enemy.
>To the enemy, trampling on the Russian land, without the permission of its true owners, no mercy. Nothing. Not even in the smallest. Even the right to breathe the air produced by trees grown on Russian soil.

A spring of Russian culture dawns.
No. 80875 Kontra
That's basically raising the ideological bets, even if not officially. Hardly anything good can come out of it, though.
No. 80876 Kontra
31 kB, 300 × 100
No. 80877 Kontra
They are right where Russian military wants them to be.
Plan is working and Hohol heavy weaponry is now in open field ripe for picking by Russian forces.
Trust the plan!
No. 80883
60 kB, 600 × 600
No. 80902
166 kB, 1600 × 971
Looks like Putler is now bombing critical infrastructure in Ukraine. Blackouts reported in multiple oblasts.
Specmilops is entering into new phase yet again.
I am authorized to say that the action we are now reporting may well bring the war within measurable distance of its end.
No. 80914 Kontra
It feels like an angry child thrashing a tower because he has not got his will. I mean Ukraine was to be freed of fascism and not missiled into the stone age.
No. 80920 Kontra
> I mean Ukraine was to be freed of fascism and not missiled into the stone age.
Well, those two are not mutually exclusive...
No. 80921
725 kB, 848 × 464, 0:05
5,1 MB, 464 × 848, 0:14
1,1 MB, 480 × 592, 0:13
From Friday:
>🇷🇺🇺🇦⚡Reported from Izyum:
>“Our people have taken the settlements of Sinikha, Senkovo, Vorontsovka, Fedorovka, Lesnaya Stenka, surrounded by allied forces, combat assault formations are being introduced and territories are being cleaned from the inside and with mini boilers!”
Source - Intel Slava Z, source that has been approved by true Z Ernsts.

Shameful, just shameful.
No. 80922 Kontra
534 kB, 587 × 552
The plan...
No. 80935 Kontra
125 kB, 700 × 818
Trust the plan! They are just regrouping!
No. 80938
2,6 MB, 1374 × 1080, 0:09
No. 80940 Kontra
2,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:25
No. 80948
Apart from ethical aspect, what is the point of doing this? It's not like Russia doesn't have power plants too.
No. 80953 Kontra
55 kB, 720 × 405
344 kB, 1347 × 757
I wanted to write something like "Le strong leader face", but Scholz is neither strong, nor a leader, and it doesn't even work in an ironic kind of way, so I am not sure what to make of it, especially of the first pic that looks like a failed attempt at slavsquat or him taking a dump, reinforcing the german shit porn stereotype.
No. 80954
36 kB, 600 × 599
Even the Reuters news read like a clown show.
Well done Urine, well done. Freedom for the east slavs, death to Putaine and his cronies, remove oligarchs from premises.
No. 80960
The second looks like he bought a nice sports car in midlife crisis and still feels like an Ernst being photographed because he is not used to it (both the photos and the car).

Anyway, what's the tank? air defense? live maps show a lot of air defense in action, is it European/US weaponry?
No. 80961 Kontra
87 kB, 960 × 880
Cope in comments in German state media news@Youtube:
>To defend ones land is a must, but not with foreign weapons! But muh nazi Ukrainians
>...Azov is placing explosives so that shit media can make propaganda, fucking lying media!
is that someone blaming Ukraine for the recent infrastructure attacks against... Ukraine?
>The price was very high... I am for sacrificing Ukraine so they capitulate. The constant arms shipments prolonged the war and cause massive unrest here... Those who think Russia can be beaten are beyond wrong.

>Russia never planned to occupy Ukraine - once again, the offensive is for the protection of Russians in Ukraine... Denazification... Restoring rents for Russian Ukrainians... Russians are liberators!
>Fake war! Wake up sheeple!
>(Our) weapons suck. People there wont be happy about the return of the Ukrofascists.
>The german Wochenschau (weekly state news) from the time of Stalingrad was less slimy, embarrassing, full of lies and disgusting.
Top kek

>If the Russians wanted all of Europe would be flattened within 1 month, but Putin does not want and never wanted the war to be this way, Ukraine never stopped, since 2014, murdering Russians, yes yes my dear not-knower, the war already begun 2014.

No. 80962
No. 80963
My very good friend gone insane shortly before the war started. In mental hospital he was watching Russian TV all day long for a month. As result, he returned even in worse condition. Claimed that he personally gave order to Putin to start war as a part of great FSB/illuminati plan, praised "pig-cutting" and so on.
This is perhaps even sadder if he just died. Probably I already told all this.

He was also reposting most deranged Z-channels to our groupchat, 40-50 of posts every day. When someone asked him to stop, he became angry and called us hohols and fascists. We were afraid that if we kick him out, he will report on us to police, so we conspired and secretly created another groupchat where added everyone except him. He didn't notice anything and continued his activity for weeks... Until yesterday when he suddenly lost all interest in the war.

Such cases!
No. 80964
48 kB, 578 × 604
Reading zis makes me sad.
No. 80965 Kontra
No. 80966
> reposting most deranged Z-channels to our groupchat,
It's not even correct this propaganda because it's often spam cloning different propagandists for commercial purposes. It had the most juicy clickbaits and gave him hardest dopamine hits. I'll post some of examples of what I was exposed to last time:

> It seems that the military-political leadership of our country has implemented a very cunning plan in Ukraine. And while one well-known blogger draws maps three times a day and tells who, where and how many kilometers have advanced, the main events take place in a completely different place.
>Frankly, I myself followed the situation at the front more, I was very worried and did not sleep well. But one of our most valuable subscribers drew attention in the comments to Putin's true goals and plans for Ukraine, which are not immediately evident to a simple layman.
>Let's start with… read more (link to spam)

> Our Chechen friends found Maxim Galkin in Israel and forced him to apologize to all of Russia - WATCH [link to spam]
> Apology video posted here - [link to spam]
> Chechens knocked out teeth and severely punished the artist - VIDEO [link to spam]
? Drunk Galkin cannot connect even a couple of words, all this shame can be seen here - VIDEO [link to spam]
No. 80968
38 kB, 401 × 500
73 kB, 1024 × 682
> RightWing Cunt is the best patriotic Z-channel, where funny memes about Bucha and anime girls from PMC Wagner are waiting for you
> As well as edits with the heroes of Novorossia under a cool fonk and feets of [unrecognizable zoomer slang] of right views
> Hurry up to subscribe

> Fan club of the killer of Hitler - a channel where they make fun of feminists, trannies, faggots and other opressed cunts ️‍❌
> Yes, this is EXACTLY THAT CHANNEL whose videos managed to blow up the asses of all the feminists in RuNet.
> Hurry up, join the ranks of white straight oppressors
No. 80969
19 kB, 372 × 294
No. 80970 Kontra
Ugh… Dare I say..
No. 80971
No. 80972
6 kB, 169 × 251
Finally managed to watch the whole episode, the woman with rabbit plushie and the young dude with red jacket removed millions of my brain cells.
No. 80973
But would mobilization make things much better? Or the bottleneck is not in manpower? Also giving weapons to millions of motivated people didn't end up well for beloved by Girkin-Strelkov-Runov Russian Empire.
No. 80974
>My very good friend gone insane shortly before the war started. In mental hospital he was watching Russian TV all day long for a month. As result, he returned even in worse condition. Claimed that he personally gave order to Putin to start war as a part of great FSB/illuminati plan, praised "pig-cutting" and so on.
This reads like from a comedic movie Script. I hope you are making this up, but you probably aren't.
No. 80975
So with not only the army retreating, but also russian civilians fleeing, do you think they will now just chimp out completely and level everything?
No. 80976 Kontra
Thr civillians are fleeing because the Ukrainian government threatened reprisals for collaborators, and the UA government defined collaborator as “anyone who received Russian food aid”.
No. 80979 Kontra
10,8 MB, 854 × 480, 0:56
They're actually going to arrest and execute anyone who even said a word of Russian, ever. Let it go Z-man, it's time to let it go.
No. 80980 Kontra
55 kB, 200 × 200
No. 80981
36 kB, 600 × 470
259 kB, 1200 × 1200
Look at how innocent Russian civilians raise their hands in terror at the sight of neo-Nazi bandits! Putin will soon strike back and destroy the multicultural west who have sent their best equipment into easy reach of Ryssia ko-ko-ko
No. 80982
are you posting about ukraine in kc?
No. 80983 Kontra
148 kB, 761 × 1280
2,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:11
These happenings bring out some great shitposting. Very nice.

That's sad. Hope he'll get better.
No. 80984 Kontra
No. 80985
who is the hungarian on kc? wouldn't mind speaking with him
No. 80987 Kontra
20 kB, 500 × 333
No. 80988 Kontra
Gonna learn programming so I could bind writing “It’s over” and “We’re so back” to hotkeys and only react with these phrases to the war news from now on.
No. 80989 Kontra
109 kB, 668 × 712
Macros, Autohotkey...
No. 80990
It's over
No. 80991
76 kB, 590 × 1280
Assessment please
No. 80993 Kontra
Russian text on an image/5
No. 80995
I was asking the russians if what is written here could be true.
No. 80996 Kontra
46 kB, 652 × 720
Declaring mobilization would be tricky, it'll also be the date in which every faction that wishes for a leadership change will kick into action.
Should done it while the copium supplies lasted :DD
No. 80997 Kontra
Given the source clearly belongs to the militant liberal opposition (or is simply an Ukrainian in disguise), i'd regard it as a random piece of information noise. Literally nothing can be verified here, and there are all the reasons for it to be false.
No. 81004 Kontra
10,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 1:03
Pew pew.
No. 81007
Of course it could be true. Moreover, I think that it's highly likely in case situation at war won't change soon. But I don't have any insider information and anyone could make up such screenshot.

> militant liberal opposition
In other words, to people who were right all along but we didn't listen.
No. 81008
Kherson: looks like Ukraine is rotating its troops to the rear to give them rest, sleep, warm food after a day of combat, while the russian toops are 24/7 in their foxholes and non-stop under attack.

Only a matter of time until these russian units break and run.
No. 81009
Ukraine may still be pushing the northern front and now also south around Kherson, rumours are Ukraine is getting closer to the city and has secured hundreds of square kilometers. Recent gains are now rumoured to be 6k km² (south + north).

Germany will not send old (decrepit??) Leopard 1.

Situation in the NPP seems okay.
No. 81010
>Only a matter of time until these russian units break and run.
If the rumours are true either this will happen or we get the meat grinder, there are at least 30k Ukr vs 30k Ru troops in the south... I'd much rather see both sides be alive and hope the Russians withdraw instead of the meat grinder...
No. 81011
Or Russians will stabilize and movement ceases, the frontline becomes static again, who knows, but if recent rumours are true...
No. 81013
287 kB, 640 × 425
My fellow Russians

My quick & easy three day war into Ukraine has now run for 7 months. We lost the battle of Kyiv, their capital & largest city. Then we lost the battle of Kharkiv too, their second largest city. Just yesterday we lost the battle for Izyum, a town we had seized
No. 81014
92 kB, 300 × 225
When our army fled Izyum, they left all our heavy weapons there for the Ukrainians to use against us in this war. This is part of my glorious plan. We did the same in our loss at Snake Island. We abandoned all our valuable military gear there too. We've handed Ukraine 500 tanks
No. 81015
270 kB, 679 × 419
The largest warship on the Black Sea, our Navy flagship, the mighty missile cruiser Moskva was sunk. And sunk by an enemy who does not operate a navy. The commander of our Navy has been fired. All remaining Russian warships from our naval base at Sevastopol have bravely fled away
No. 81016
127 kB, 400 × 224
We lost more warplanes in one day at our airbase in Crimea than any day ever in any war in Russian history, and these were not lost in combat in the air. They were destroyed sitting like ducks lined upon the tarmac. Our remaining air force has abandoned Crimea & is bravely hiding
No. 81017
304 kB, 680 × 383
All of our Russian tanks have turned out to be death traps. Their turrets are prone to explode, with unfortunate results to the tank crews. One tank regiment was so furious about this war, they ran over their own commander with a tank. Rest assured, he was buried with his legs
No. 81018
143 kB, 444 × 312
We had a whole regiment or our own troops irradiated by their own commanders inhaling radioactive dust digging trenches at the Red Forest, the site of the Chernobyl nuclear accident. These men have lungs that glow in the dark. Some of them might live to see the end of next year
No. 81019
245 kB, 540 × 332
We have been eagerly retreating so much since March, that half of the terrain we once held in Ukraine has already been handed back to Ukrainians. In the words of my pet & sex toy, Donald Trump, I call this unconventional form of military maneouvering: 'winning'
No. 81020
428 kB, 679 × 355
In the past six months so far we have lost 53,000 Russian soldiers. That is more than we lost in ten years of our failed war invading Afghanistan, and the two long wars in Chechnya, plus in fact all other wars as well like Georgia etc, since the Second World War, combined.
No. 81021
585 kB, 680 × 510
We have not just lost warplanes, tanks, ships, and soldiers. We also have lost Generals. So many generals have died, that I have lost count. I believe it is about 15. To help make winning this war even easier, I have myself fired another 7 Generals commanding this war
No. 81022
377 kB, 680 × 383
The one thing Russia never, ever wanted to happen, was for NATO to expand, especially near our border. And I am proud to report, that thanks to my glorious 3 day war invading & pillaging Ukraine, both Finland and Sweden are now eagerly joining NATO.
No. 81023
35 kB, 900 × 471
At this point the army we have in the Donbas region is retreating as fast as it can, after the rout in Izyum

And in the South, the army defending Kherson is surrounded, out of ammunition & food, with only bridges for escape destroyed by Ukraine. So they will have to surrender
No. 81024
390 kB, 680 × 526
As you can see, my 3 day war into Ukraine has been a tremendous success. The next phase in this war will be even more glorious

One quarter of the men I sent to invade Ukraine have died. Our army is in full retreat. Which is why I have decided to not send them any reinforcements
No. 81025
... I remain a Master Strategist
No. 81026 Kontra
It's over.
No. 81027
Reportedly, Azerbaijan attacked Armenia. They did it before, but last time it was in Karabah, territory which formally doesn't belong to Armenia.

The thing is that Armenia is a member of CSTO, eastern analogue of NATO. Looks like there will two options for be Russia: open the second front defending Armenia or accept collapse of CSTO. In the second case Belarus will also be on their own.
No. 81028
You know, a few days ago or so I said some orthodox Marxists said that the USA sees Russia as a threat to their world policing because of its military power. And while we can still be taken by surprise because Russia "actually gets started" right now it seems like this military power as in many weaponry and ammunition is not useful against a ROC trained country that was equipped with rather few modern western heavy weapons once has to consider though that the US sent a shitload of money to Ukraine, imagine they would have spent that money on building a nice country. It reminds me of this proverb about small and big dicks and how it depends on the technique not the size of the dick :DDD
No. 81029
4,9 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:28
Nice speech there president Putain.

That's quite significant if true. I vaguely remember an article stating that the Russian peace keepers got shipped out of Armenia to Ukraine during the early stages of the war. I appreciate the possible negative consequences for Russia and Belarus, but we humangs would be better off starting less wars and ending more of them. How bout that.
No. 81030 Kontra
4,4 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:31
>It reminds me of this proverb about small and big dicks and how it depends on the technique not the size of the dick :DDD
There's definitely something there, but this analysis is lacking in the era of anorectal violence and the associated tactics. Check pic1 of this post: >>80983
No. 81031
>Looks like there will two options for be Russia: open the second front defending Armenia or accept collapse of CSTO

Wasn't that 2020? It seems like Armenia will in reality be fighting alone with Georgia closed to Russia aircraft. Their only hope is Iran but I really hope it doesn't come to it given Europe cannot do with Azerbaijan's gas being cut-off right now.
No. 81032

>Reportedly, Azerbaijan attacked Armenia.
Oh boy last battle or war was like 2 years ago, AGAIN? Fucking again? It is happening for at the very least one month and I just now learned about this... FFS
Is this real life? Why the fuck.

Well, it's ogre, probably too late anyway, so even if Russia tried now... Too much Russian material was lost now, mobilization would do jack shit, it is too late.
Inb4 RA conscripts.
No. 81033
111 kB, 500 × 500
I wanna see cope from other countries, what about Chinese cope? Well, state media will either be silent or mirror Ru media I guess but what about the wisdom of the average chink?
Meh, will probably be the same cope spunk as everywhere.
No. 81034
> Wasn't that 2020
That was Karabah, which is legally Azerbaijan, even according to Armenia:

> The entire international community recognizes the territories under the control of the NKR as part of Azerbaijan. The NKR is recognized only by three other states that are not members of the UN: Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Transnistria. In October 2012, the Australian state of New South Wales recognized Nagorno-Karabakh.
No. 81035
4 kB, 222 × 211
Yeah yeah I know about the last one but I did not hear about the current conflict there. FFS
No. 81036 Kontra
Afaik Chinese (state) media is not blatantly pro-Russian. They will critique the west, but they will also criticize Russia for things being done.
No. 81037 Kontra
No. 81038
210 kB, 1103 × 930
What is happening here btw? I think it is interesting that Belgorod region now gets a taste of war itself. It seems like the same thing happening in Rostov.
No. 81039
13 kB, 645 × 773
If true: Some "fires", nothing serious, just some burning military logistics or similar. Nothing to see here, trust me breh.
No. 81043
>One quarter of the men I sent to invade Ukraine have died.
That does not matter. They were mit Russians most were conscripts from Lihansk and Donetsk.
>Our army is in full retreat.
That is not true.

How many Ukrainian dead? We do not now. We do know that they conscript men and even teenagers without prior training and throw them to the front after 10 days crash course as cannon fodder.
No. 81044
Can they afford to strike into Russia with American supplied weapons? Isn't that problematic, politically? If they strike into Russia, and bomb Belgorod to rubble or something like it, won't there be a nuclear response?
No. 81045
>Thr civillians are fleeing because the Ukrainian government threatened reprisals for collaborators, and the UA government defined collaborator as “anyone who received Russian food aid”.
We do not get that news on our media, it would shed a negative light on Ukraine and destroy the good-evil dichotomy in the kinds of foolish Germans.
No. 81046
24 kB, 534 × 443
Another oligarch accidentally.
Ivan Pechorin or something.
No. 81047 Kontra
>and even teenagers
I can't believe the bastards would stoop so low as to conscript people as young as 18. Sickening, just sickening :DD
No. 81048 Kontra
40 kB, 550 × 375
14 kB, 297 × 347
Did you just reply to the schizo creatura?
No. 81049 Kontra
I will continue to, I can't help myself.
No. 81051 Kontra
>Russian economy is fecked

They have fertilizer, food, and steel (cars and guns are not made my steel alone? wdym?). What do you mean a peasant style living is fucked in today's world?
No. 81055 Kontra
>car production for example went down by 90%-95%
Yeah. I was thinking of buying some new but cheap ass-carrier like Kia Rio or Hyundai Accent next year or maybe year after next, but now there aren't many of them remaining on sale, and those that are still being sold are almost two times more expensive than they used to be. Two official car dealerships in the neighboring town (Lada and Renault) stand completely empty and only offer maintenance services for cars already bought. Guess I'll have to either buy a used car or wait several years until Western car companies will do business with Russia and Belarus again. And it seems that Eastern car companies aren't very keen on working with us either: Geely factory in Belarus is reportedly having some problems, whether because of sanctions or because the Chinese don't want to be zashquared for Western markets by working with the agressor's (only) ally. Overall, the situation is very bleak.
No. 81063
>Afaik Russian economy is fecked, car production for example went down by 90%-95%.
Unsurprisingly, given that Russia never was a major car producer and for the most part the car industry is either owned by Western corporations or uses Western parts. Still, it doesn't mean we won't have our cars. The main problem here is of different nature: we're pretty fucked in regards to spare parts to a large part of the currently running cars. At least when it comes to the prices. And it definitely will have its effect on the economy.
No. 81064 Kontra
42 kB, 615 × 453
>The Federal Security Service (FSB) said in a statement carried by Russian news agencies that it had detained a Russian national suspected of "high treason for transferring data to Ukraine to the detriment of Russia's security."

>The FSB said the Russian citizen — a resident of the Moscow region — had photographed "classified top-secret technical documents," and sent them via mobile phone to an employee of an aviation factory in the southern Ukrainian city of Odesa.

>The statement said an investigation had been opened into high treason, which carries a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. The employee — the director of the plant — had been detained, it said.
No. 81083
Unironically the same here. Used car lots are empty, cars that sold for 6000 Euro a year ago sell for 9000 now. Should have bought 10 cars ...
No. 81085
>I can't believe the bastards would stoop so low as to conscript people as young as 18
The practice is standard. But I think the reason they conscript 18 y.o. all around the world is that they don't count as children AND are still foolish enough to go gung-ho into battle.
No. 81086 Kontra
Ernst, I have the suspicion he was being ironic...
No. 81087
67 kB, 577 × 433
> no steel for Germany
Another huge victory for Ukraine.
No. 81088
Everyone was surprised by recent Ukrainian counteroffensive. Russians blame DLNR conscripts, churkas from Bashkir HOMO who don't know how to fight (unlike armchair warriors), British queen king who ordered Putin to retreat, conspiracy of Jewish oligarchs.
Even some pro-Ukrainian people (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ojJ002Fc4Uk) believe that it was achieved by diplomatic, not military means.
No. 81089 Kontra
14 kB, 297 × 347
No. 81093
So? He still has a point. It's not men as old as Biden or Putin who die, but mostly young idiots. Sending a young fool to die because you want to hold a parade is grade A assholery.
No. 81103
66 kB, 486 × 485
No. 81104
Brilliant move. Everybody knows a two-front war is unwinnable.
No. 81105
23 kB, 288 × 499
South of Georgia Armenia and Azerbaijan are already fighting... Inb4 WW3 - just kidding.

On one hand it would increase the pressure on Russia but on the other hand... Politicians should always keep their nations safe, dragging ones nation into a war is the opposite of it. Yeah sure, long term security would be better with a democratic, modern and non corrupt Russia rid of its imperial tendencies... This is either fake news or most likely just populism games but I do not know much.
No. 81106
2,9 MB, 464 × 848, 0:20
Ukrainians are retreating. Proofs attached.
No. 81108 Kontra
29 kB, 400 × 250
I wonder if this is real, but if it is - we may very well see Transnistria being the last remaining post-soviet non-state.
No. 81109 Kontra
3,5 MB, 942 × 720, 1:52
War is young men dying and old men talking.

T. Conscript Pekka and someone else, probably

We should do the same. Time to reclaim our rightful clay. The horde rides again :D
No. 81110
No. 81111 Kontra
Forgot to add: analysis about the current/recent situation in the War by an Austrian colonel with PhD in military theory or something like that, the channel is the official channel of the Austrian army.
No. 81112
Except in that case Russia won't be really fighting a second war. South Ossetia will be abandoned, as Russia will be unable to provide any meaningful land assistance, but Abkhazia is going to be a much thougher cookie for Georgian military, while Russia will mostly concentrate on attacking Georgian troops and infrastructure from the air and from the sea. And, rest assured, Georgian forces cannot cross the mountain range in any meaningful capacity - the few passes are perfectly defensible or destructable.
No. 81113
102 kB, 1105 × 1109
I came a lil' bit from reading all the cope in the web.

Guess the meat grinder will go on. Freedom. Death to Putin and his oligarchs. Death to war and corruption.
No. 81124
>Vladimir Putin's chief envoy on Ukraine told the Russian leader as the war began that he had struck a provisional deal with Kyiv that would satisfy Russia's demand that Ukraine stay out of NATO, but Putin rejected it and pressed ahead with his military campaign, according to three people close to the Russian leadership. The Ukrainian-born envoy, Dmitry Kozak, told Putin that he believed the deal he had hammered out removed the need for Russia to pursue a large-scale occupation of Ukraine, according to these sources. Kozak's recommendation to Putin to adopt the deal is being reported by Reuters for the first time.

>Kozak also was one of those present when, three days before the invasion, Putin gathered his military and security chiefs and key aides in the Kremlin's Yekaterinsky hall for a meeting of Russia's Security Council. State television cameras recorded part of the meeting, where Putin laid out plans to give formal recognition to separatist entities in eastern Ukraine. Once the cameras were ushered out of the vast room with its neo-classical columns and domed ceiling, Kozak spoke out against Russia taking any steps to escalate the situation with Ukraine, said two of the three people close to the Russian leadership, as well as a third person who learned about what happened from people who took part in the meeting.

>Six months on from the start of the war, Kozak remains in his post as Kremlin deputy chief of staff. But he is no longer handling the Ukraine dossier, according to six of the sources who spoke to Reuters. "From what I can see, Kozak is nowhere to be seen," said one of the six, a source close to the separatist leadership in eastern Ukraine.

Let's all wish Kozak's family the best after he falls from that window next week. There's a timeline where Putin is still seen as a chess master and the west is reeling from his victory in Ukraine.
No. 81125
857 kB, 1080 × 2246
10 kB, 200 × 200
It seems Finland has infiltrated a Ukrainian propaganda battalion.

No. 81135 Kontra
1,2 MB, 480 × 480, 0:17

I've been compromised. Extract! Extract!
No. 81141
300 kB, 1280 × 957
1,4 MB, 406 × 720, 0:11
Well this is a pleasant surprise. Finnish APCs in Ukraine with a Finnish paint scheme. I wonder how that happened :D

Underlines how incredibly pointless this war is. Sad.
No. 81153
Has any army ever operated equipment as varied as Ukraine does now?
No. 81155
49 kB, 840 × 522
Nazi Germany would come close honestly. The amount of captured stuff they ended up just plain pressing into service out of necessity was pretty wild.
No. 81158
71 kB, 744 × 494
271 kB, 1193 × 795
I'd have interesting videos of Ukrainian operations in 2014 and today, but they're too large. The difference is crazy. You'll have to do with these pictures instead. Thanks, EC.

Nazi Germany could win indeed. Post-WW2 Ukraine probably wins hands down.
No. 81159 Kontra
No. 81163
>This reads like from a comedic movie Script. I hope you are making this up, but you probably aren't.
Yes, I thought about it. The thing is that it's just one episode and weird shit constantly happens around me. I must live in arthouse tragicomedy.

Also, interesting if this "anime girls from PMC Wagner" thing works. Will next generation become Pavlik Morozov tier zealots?

Ancient armies were pretty diverse. Instead of common standards each tribe of empire formed separate armed forces.
No. 81210
Actually, it's not the army in the second photo but the SBU special forces unit "Alpha".
No. 81211 Kontra
191 kB, 1280 × 856
Yeah, not really a fair comparison. Don't think I have such a photo of current regular army soldiers, but on some videos they do look more like the special forces than the 2014 army. Or maybe all I'm seeing are special forces. No idea.
No. 81212
6 kB, 699 × 58
I saw hundreds if not thousands of photos, so I'd say that pic related is how our fully equipped soldiers look like.
No. 81213
444 kB, 704 × 365
Wrong picture, sorry.
No. 81214
476 kB, 666 × 720, 0:08
The special forces all have active noise cancelling hearing protection, radios and better optics. Other than that I don't see much difference between them and the current regular army soldiers you posted. Both seem to have come pretty far from the 2014 grunts. But I'm no infantry/small arms pro so I might be missing something.
No. 81215
I'm reading a book on the technological sublime and the HIMARS fall under this. I find something very fascinating about these. Do you have more HIMAR videos? I only have that one from the beginning when they have two in a corn field at night.
No. 81217 Kontra
3,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:26
1,7 MB, 264 × 480, 0:16
2,9 MB, 312 × 480, 1:00
22,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:19
It does fit the bill of technological sublime when it's firing. The end result is far from sublime, though.
No. 81226 Kontra
4,2 MB, 608 × 1080, 0:20
Dog bless our NATO overlord Portugal for finally ratifying our application. Only three nations to go. Hungary, Turkey and Slovakia.
No. 81232 Kontra
30 kB, 437 × 582
>Hungary, Turkey and Slovakia.
Sovakia will do it. Hungary may bitch and do it. Turkey will bitch a fuckton and probably do it.
No. 81257
I very much doubt Turkey would do it for free. It needs to be placated. Materially.
No. 81269
98 kB, 650 × 686
Some kind of sweetener for the deal, a real Turkish delight?
No. 81276
King Victor will not let anyone join a pact against his dear good friend Zar Vladimir for free. A true man of his people, he needs to be made feel special first, then he needs to see his own advantage in it.
No. 81279 Kontra
521 kB, 768 × 548
> WW3
They are poor and brown, so it's not "WW3" but "armed conflict". And thankfully, it didn't escalate to full scale war. At same time, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, both CSTO members are having shootenings at border.
No. 81284 Kontra
The Khan can be disregarded because Hungary is no longer a democracy.
No. 81291
493 kB, 2754 × 1692
336 kB, 2000 × 1596
> I find something very fascinating about these
For me it's B2-spirit. Looks like an UFO, very futuristic.

It's a great honor to be killed with a bomb dropped from it: instead of dying like average Russian (40 years old, from alcohol cirrhosis) you're lucky to interact with this technological miracle of scientific progress and be part of global struggle for human rights and democracy.

Not sure if I'm worthy enough to spend 1212032912$$$ on my killing though.
No. 81293
456 kB, 1024 × 551
61 kB, 650 × 242
147 kB, 1200 × 281
56 kB, 1800 × 592
>Not sure if I'm worthy enough to spend 1212032912$$$ on my killing though.
Hey, they once dropped a fuel bomb on fifteen ISIS members. If you become infamous enough with the US Gosdep, you might get lucky.

Speaking of which, by which pieces of military equipment would Ernst want to be killed?
For me it's the following ones:

A-10 Thunderbolt II — one of the best looking planes in history, IMO, and with cool weapons to boot (BRRRT, motherfucker!). Just imagine people talking about my death afterwards: "How did Ernst die?" — "Oh, he got killed by a Warthog." — "What, like a wild pig?" — "Nah, an attack plane." — "Whoa, that's sick".

H&K MK23 (US SOCOM) — yeah, I know that it looks a bit silly and overtacticooled, but if I will get killed by one of these, I'll feel like a fucking Genome Soldier.

M60 — if I get mowed by it, I will just imagine that I crossed the path of a certain bandana-wearing Special Forces veteran. Or maybe that I got some from a certain heli gunner who is very proficient at killing women, children and water buffalos. Either way, it's gonna be all sorts of awesome.

Barrett M82 — RoboCop, baby! My death will be very brutal and ugly, just how a proper death in a war should be. Also, overkills are cool, and killing a person with an anti-materiel rifle is a total overkill.
No. 81295
14 kB, 297 × 347
>Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, both CSTO members are having shootenings at border.
Make it stop. ;_;
>Speaking of which, by which pieces of military equipment would Ernst want to be killed?
It's don't.
No. 81296
Where were you when WW3 started?
Me? At home, looking at sexualized anime girls.
No. 81297
160 kB, 681 × 1024
>Speaking of which, by which pieces of military equipment would Ernst want to be killed?
If I must die, I better go to Jannah.
No. 81301 Kontra
36 kB, 651 × 433
>by which pieces of military equipment would Ernst want to be killed?
I don't have a real preference to what would kill me. In reality it would most likely be artillery, so let's say a thermobaric rocket from TOS-1. Going out in a big bang.

Put the coffee machine on, boy. The bolice are already on their way.
No. 81305
It's sad answering this in the west because it'll be pretty embarrassing to get killed by anything but rusting commie weapons.

>How did Ernst die
>Oh he got killed by a MiG-31
>Wow did he get shot down?
>No, one of the engines fell off and it landed on his house

Does sex count as a weapon?
No. 81313 Kontra
162 kB, 1280 × 1097
>Does sex count as a weapon?
Only if it involves military grade anorectal violence.
No. 81315
>thermobaric rocket from TOS-1
These kinda scare me. Being crushed by ultra high pressure doesn't sound very pleasant.

>it'll be pretty embarrassing to get killed by anything but rusting commie weapons
B-but muh Kinzhals and Grads... Also, there are Chinese weapons: sure, they are still commie ones, but at least they would be fully functional. Probably.

>Does sex count as a weapon?
What, you want to be buggered to death by a bunch of Chechens?
No. 81316
22 kB, 600 × 600
Is this the craniology thread?
Looks Neanderthal or Asian in that photo.

Perhaps if he's close enough, he will instantly melt away instead of slowly suffocating in utter agony?
No. 81317
234 kB, 1000 × 667
Such is the price of freedom. It is better to be dead than red.
No. 81319
>slowly suffocating in utter agony
I don't think that he will be "slowly suffocating". More like "being turned into a sack or minced meat and crushed bones". One can only hope that a death like that will be quick.
No. 81321
After the first allegation that Russia used an aerosol bomb on the Ukraine, I looked up what it is, and Wikipedia says suffocating is a common effect of being aerosol bombed:
>Der Erstickungstod ist eine häufige Folge einer Aerosolbombe. Der Grund liegt nicht in einem Sauerstoffmangel, sondern an Verletzungen der Lunge, einem sogenannten Barotrauma. Die Phase des Unterdrucks bewirkt eine Expansion der Luft in der Lunge, was zu entsprechenden Schäden führen kann. Die Eigenheiten einer Aerosolbombe – lange, relativ flache Druckwelle mit entsprechend ausgeprägter Druckabfallflanke, sowie der Verbrauch von atmosphärischem Sauerstoff – begünstigen dabei diese Wirkung.
Whereas English Wikipedia says:
>Those near the ignition point are obliterated. Those at the fringe are likely to suffer many internal, invisible injuries, including burst eardrums and crushed inner ear organs, severe concussions, ruptured lungs and internal organs, and possibly blindness." Another Defense Intelligence Agency document speculates that, because the "shock and pressure waves cause minimal damage to brain tissue ... it is possible that victims of FAEs are not rendered unconscious by the blast, but instead suffer for several seconds or minutes while they suffocate".
And, in a quote:
>The [blast] kill mechanism against living targets is unique—and unpleasant. ... What kills is the pressure wave, and more importantly, the subsequent rarefaction [vacuum], which ruptures the lungs. ... If the fuel deflagrates but does not detonate, victims will be severely burned and will probably also inhale the burning fuel.
Fun fun fun!
No. 81323 Kontra
257 kB, 1920 × 1186
It's not as bad as it sounds when you compare it to the alternatives, especially if you're close to the impact. The thing with thermobarics is that you can't really increase your chances of survival with fortifications.

Almost any projectile, high explosive or its shrapnel can fuck you over incredibly bad and you might stay alive for dog knows how long without any hope of salvation. Of course when talking about ideal ways to die one would prefer getting headshotted by an ICBM or something else that's quick and painless. I just looked it through a more "realistic" lens.
No. 81329
5 kB, 251 × 240
No. 81331 Kontra
23,7 MB, 720 × 480, 2:34
2,9 MB, 394 × 720, 0:55
6,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:38
Some Finnish music edits relating to the war, with short descriptions.

First: "vehicle inspection mechanic just laughs"
Second: "when you forgot to be on your toes, everything is ablaze"
Third: "russkys are being grilled" (hockey song :D)
No. 81336
>"russkys are being grilled"
>not "ryssät"
No. 81338 Kontra
3,3 MB, 500 × 1080, 0:17
I'm not sure but I think "russky" is more internationally friendly term than "ryssä". On the song they refer to "ruski"s, which definitely isn't a common term, but I'd say a politically correct alternative to "ryssä", since that has quite a negative connotation to it. After all, a Russian is a "venäläinen", not a "ryssä".
No. 81365 Kontra
234 kB, 571 × 570
>Most people buried in mass grave in Ukraine's Izium are civilians, police chief says
>Izium mass graves

War is beautiful - soldiers die, civilians die, infrastructure and economy go to hui and later you get little treats directly flown through your kitchen window like tiny limbs from children, if they manage to find a mine or old unexploded ordinance. Beautiful.
No. 81366
37 kB, 446 × 599
>Conflicts arise among Izyum residents following recapture of Ukrainian city | AFP
Pain in the ass, why would you blame people for taking food from the Russians... Yeah, lets just die instead. Inb4 collaborators. How_does_human.jpeg
No. 81372
Too lazy to check if that is true.
No. 81373
You take food from occupier, you are like a dog. Barking for everyone who feeds. Since you behave like dog, you deserve to be treated like dog.

Why they give food to you? What else did you give in return? We do not know.

When Red-Army re-took the occupied lands from the fascists, those who lived there were punished for being collaborators. Red army soldiers who had been taken prisoners were executed for treason. It is the rational and correct thing to do.

You are soft in the head with your leftist-do-gooder thoughts. Your pathetic, weak so-called 'ethics' and 'morals' are good for a soft, sheltered, affluent civilian life. They reek of slave morality. You are weak, stupid, pathetic and likely suffer from low testosterone and homosexuality. Fagot.
No. 81383 Kontra
244 kB, 1445 × 811
110 kB, 640 × 742
124 kB, 594 × 1202
Why do elderly Ukrainians dress like Millennial Seinfeld. They're even arguing about nothing.
No. 81386
104 kB, 694 × 448
Once again it is time to unlearn russian.
How can anyone fall for this shit. Glad my grandparents from Sovietistan died so they don't have to watch all this crap.
No. 81387 Kontra
Either this or babushka tier clothing, choose your poison.
No. 81402
2,6 MB, 854 × 480, 0:18
It just might be that Russia starts focusing more strikes on civilian infrastructure to try to force Ukraine into signing a peace treaty. If heat and power plants get blown up all over the country it's going to be a really nasty winter. Probably related to why Ukraine is in a real hurry to get NASAMS and other AA systems.
No. 81407 Kontra
>How can anyone fall for this shit.
When you're inclined to, you will. And you will likely be inclined when living in Russia and having the TV always on.

I'm generally against capital punishment, but witnessing the hanging of Skabeyeva would be a real delight. These propacondoms are f***ng with the mind of the whole country. I'm not even half that mad at Putin.