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No. 79204
1,1 MB, 1280 × 720
r8 my spider fren
No. 79335
bump serious discussion

haven't seen my fren in roughly a week. hope he's doing fine. i mean i visit his dormitory nearly every day but i don't poke around. he's keeping enemies at bay and i let him live in a warm and decent, cozy place.
No. 79338
Rated. Used to have a spider fren that had a web next to where I parked my car. Was noice to watch her building a web over the course of a month and then the various rebuilds after heavy weather.
No. 79411
104 kB, 643 × 900
>haven't seen my fren in roughly a week. hope he's doing fine

The only house spiders you're likely to come across are the males because they get that feel and go out to meet a lady spider. The females are usually well and truly hidden away and feel no compulsion to make human friends.

He was probably once chilling in his bachelor pad between dates but now has a 9-5 job and a family to care for. Maybe he will check up on you one day and bring a pack of tiny spiderbeers.
No. 79415
>spoider got rated by an Aussie
That spider is now fucking certified.
No. 79418
i'm gonna fockin tell that crazy cunt it's been certified by a fockin aussie mate, ey
underrated post
i got one of the spiderlets already in my bedroom, it's definitely his kind and over three days i saw it moving through rooms, getting closer to my bedroom, till it ended up here
it has about 4cm in diameter
dad has roughly 12-14cm - both including legs
No. 81340
Just checked up on him, he's still fine, even running around. Poked around too much when getting my emergency cake. Should have set up a sign he's sleeping or something so I won't disturb him.
No. 82153
868 kB, 720 × 1280
Got ans new spider fren. It's an Nosferatu spider (Zoropsis spinimana). Pretty ebin name amirite?
OP is ans Eratigena atrica btw.
No. 82159
Ethical quandary: If you have a web making spider in your home is it the right decision to capture and release them outside? On the one-hand they're unlikely to catch anything but on the other, you expose them to immense danger moving them outside on premise that you know what is best for them.

I looked it up and the best approach is actually to take some of their web with them and then place on a low-lying plant. Then again he's probably come in because it's getting to winter.
No. 82160
Just leave them inside. They are your frens. They eat Jewish bloodsuckers like mosquitos.
No. 82165 Kontra
Why do spiders create webs right in front my outdoor CCTV camera lenses? Do they enjoy IR LEDs? How would I resolve the issue of them encroaching on my property without resorting to violence?
No. 82171
Violated the NAP. Use those recreational nukes (aerosol+lighter) tbh.
No. 82190 Kontra
:D Alright, I'll believe an Australian's advice when it comes to dealing with spiders. Finally an excuse to bring out the nukes.
No. 82588
1,6 MB, 1280 × 1206
Not mine (fren send me this from his garden) but what does Ernst think about wasp spiders?
No. 82590
We should make united "nature thread". There is a pirding thread, spider thread, Hungarian gardener and also I'm going to shitpost a lot, mostly about botany.
No. 82596
I 'd like that.
Will you open it?
No. 82961
3,4 MB, 4160 × 3120
This grass spider has been on my water spigot all Summer. Out of frame: a bee who was making me nervous.