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No. 79533 Systemkontra
174 kB, 1600 × 900
International Friendship Edition

Previous thread >>78847
No. 79536
The Mr. Assfucked spammer had a mental breakdown recently.

t. check EC often enough
No. 79537
>Mr. Assfucked
Where's that name from? I didn't read any of that bullshit, only reported it
No. 79538
You forgot to account for inertia.
Accelerating from rest takes more energy.

Also, walking/running isn't really a repeated horizontal motion. You mostly swivel your body around the hip, to move.

There's a formula out there that calculates calory expenditure form walking. It's pretty complicated.
I'll try to find it later so we can measure
No. 79539
I did. He's obsessed with fighting against anal sex because of his past traumatic experience.
No. 79540
30 kB, 450 × 450
>The Mr. Assfucked spammer had a mental breakdown recently.
He has the longest mental breakdown in history. He said he's been at it for 15 years now. Can you imagine being - literally - butthurt for 15 years?
No. 79541 Kontra
That comes from all the assfucking
No. 79546 Kontra
318 kB, 805 × 1074

Nah, also BaFög would have run out by now. I study considerably longer than most people. I've been mentally unstable but it was the time needed to excel at uni. Rn I get diet HartIV/BaFög, that is rent (for a room) and insurance by my parents. I worked all those years to pay for my groceries and stuff. I planned a holiday for the first time in years and I will still do it. It won't be cheaper or easier after the winter and those few hundred euros it will cost won't hold long anyway, better get a job and then it's ok. I get by with a few hundred euros per month. I even saved 300-400€ over the last months while bordering the poverty line (1067€ or so), if I had only my parent's money I would be significantly below.
Regarding academia: I know and I don't care, I want to work on something that I motivate myself to do in the end, even though it is so much hassle and shit conditions I will still try it. Because at the moment I don't know of a job that pays significantly better than I could tolerate. When I see for example the people in the library I worked at my old uni, I could kill myself over this "job", dead end and boring as fuck, and I say this as somebody who loves libraries. These people were service and maintenance 'drones', who didn't do anything different to what people do themselves when they look for a book. It's not some cool US university library after all where the people working do cool research themselves and actively engage in the library as an institution. The only job I could imagine would be Fachreferent (which needs a PhD, hurray!) There is not much money to be made with my degree anyway. Of course there are jobs that pay better, working at a publisher can get you a good wage, also there a PhD can come in handy. A PhD might get some Leitungsposition later on if I quit uni ultimately but as you said it can also unnecessarily complicate things until one gets some serious money finally. But I want to do research, I want to research things, I love it even though I often hate it, I love to do research and want to learn this craft seriously.
No. 79547 Kontra
And I'm aware that I have the opportunity to choose. I think it wouldn't be a problem to find a job in the end. I often joked about being a social media manager but at the end that is actually one of the jobs I might be able to do, there are money jobs I could grow into, but do I like them? Well, if I still have choices I should make something out of them. I could also do PR, I did successfully at an archive. Give me a job and I will be dedicated to build a successful Youtube channel around a historic topic. I would also be confident in producing good historic documentaries once some people teach me how it can be done. The problematic thing is that you already expect you to know a lot you can only learn by doing and oftentimes the expect you learned by wagefree internships.
No. 79550 Kontra
I'd guess it's a couple of guys on KC doing a "raid" from time to time and checking in on us just to see if we still exist.
Most of KC probably doesn't give a shit about us at large.
No. 79551
Why are you all constantly Kontra'ing? It's the today thread, you can bump!
In fact, I just want to announce that I recently dediscovered Old Spice.
I used it ten years ago or so and constantly got compliments by women, but then they changed something about their formula that made me not like it anymore.
No idea if they changed the formula again, if my taste of sense changed or simply my old man body got more compatible with any kind of Old Spice, but just for fun I recently bought a can. After the last can of my old deodorant was empty, I started using it and it smells exactly like I remember it smelling when it was still good.
I can highly recommend it to anyone.
No. 79552 Kontra
Kontra for orthography fail
No. 79553
>Why are you all constantly Kontra'ing?
>Kontra for
No. 79554
How often do we need to repeat this: it's used symbolically to downgrade a post's relevance. I checked the kontra box before posting but became aware of it before sending this onto the info dump :DDD
No. 79555 Kontra
12 kB, 421 × 365
I've succumbed to a vegetative state thanks to Excel. Goodbye to the last brain cells I had. Never liked you anyways.
No. 79556
I'm curious if your posting style will noticeably change now.
No. 79557
If you want to grow even dumber, try VBA.
No. 79558
1,7 MB, 333 × 281, 0:04
>tfw mainly programming in VB
No. 79559 Kontra
370 kB, 248 × 360, 0:15
No difference whatsoever.

Don't have any more IQ to spare. Can't go to negative I'm afraid.
No. 79560
Didn't know China is suffering massive heat waves. Ah yes, climate change will finish what is left of us after all the logistical problems we had because of other problems like the war and a virus.
No. 79561 Kontra
You need to check /fefe/ more frequently.
No. 79565 Kontra
Well, I never check it.

I'm checking...
>schizo doing its best to rave about greens

Well, now I know why I never check it. It's probably who is known here as Bavaria schizo?
No. 79566 Kontra
>Well, I never check it.
There's nothing wrong with raving about Greens per se though, but the great thing about /fefe/ is that there is a schizo for every taste, from every possible direction and political alignment.
In fact, on /fefe/ every single poster is wrong, always, including the main hog himself. It's amazing.
No. 79567
So, you're saying it's like a compass permanently pointing South?
No. 79568
No, more like a compass without needle.
No. 79569
83 kB, 500 × 750
So, if we create an opposite board, call it /efef/, where every poster writes the exact opposite of what is on /fefe/, this board would always be right? Or is it a case of being so hardcore twisted wrong that even the opposite isn't correct?
No. 79570
Ernst, what about
>very single poster is wrong, always,
did you not understand?
No. 79877
364 kB, 1200 × 1200
This is the true pope Today thread.
Renounce the false pope in Avignon Today thread.
No. 79878
Why do we have an underage visitor on this board taking edgy action?
No. 79879
Who might you be referring to?
No. 79880 Kontra
The bumper behind a proxy.
No. 79881
>behind a proxy
Still no idea.
No. 79882 Kontra
If you go down page 1 and 2 yu will see that many threads have been simply bumped with "bump", nothing else.
No. 79883 Kontra
A soyjak themed chan raided EC yesterday night.
The bumper was just bumping up threads above the spam.
No. 79885 Kontra
I wonder if it was the same person deliberately trying to remove some particular thread(s) from the board (the ones that were NOT bumped). Maybe I'm just paranoid, though.
No. 79886
Be glad you weren't here about 1 am. It was disgusting.
No. 79887 Kontra
I conform to your primacy.
No. 79888 Kontra
it's don't

i tried to bump some near the bottom (and no proxies were used), due to the raid. There is a post frequency limiter though (which I didn't realise), so I couldn't rapid fire bump as planned, so I only bumped a couple. It's coincidence only that particular ones got bumped. I seeked to bump all.

t. up poster
No. 79889 Kontra
35 kB, 500 × 447
I wouldn’t make it out to be a conspiracy theory like that.
Someone posted EC to soyjak.party, they raided the board, for a bit, laughed at us for getting “our catalogue wiped” and then left.
They might or might not do this periodically from now on if someone is autistic enough to keep forcing EC as a target.
No. 79890
66 kB, 1200 × 801
No. 79891
EC is pretty raid resistant tbh. There are a ton of unlisted pages that just get rolled back to if attempted sliding happens.
t. inside knowledge haver
No. 79892
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Our greatest defence is being boring and implacable. Nobody got angry as a result of their raid, nobody even really replied or interacted. Such people feed on the reaction to their raids and without any there is nothing to fuel repeated behaviour.
No. 79893
>Nobody got angry as a result of their raid, nobody even really replied or interacted.
That's easy when most of the userbase is asleep at the time.
No. 79895
34 kB, 431 × 401
>deliberately trying to remove some particular thread(s) from the board (the ones that were NOT bumped)

Well, if you take a look at the catalog you'll see that many of the threads are full. As the posting rate is very limited I only bumped threads that were A. not Systemkontra'd B. Worth preserving. And they got about halfway through the catalog so quite a number of old threads were already gone. Then the selection of thredas meeting the two categories was pretty small already. And with "worth preserving" I meant threads that had >10 replies. Nothing else.

I just cleaned up the bumps I made already not to further negatively impact our fragile ecosystem. I'm sorry you had to see this.
No. 79898
Don't be sorry. For future reference, the board staff seems to have backups. So don't try to bump, just find shelter and wait for the storm to be over

t. veteran of the last raid not a raider in February
No. 79899 Kontra
36 kB, 637 × 358
>the board staff seems to have backups
Indeed. I don't ever remember being present at the time of a raid so I just joined in on all the others keeping some thredas alive. Next time I'll go to sleep.
No. 79900
204 kB, 750 × 750
I come to EC and all of the threads are reordered.
Now I can't keep up with my daily reading.
No. 79901
From having the most intense love to having it unexpectedly snatched away from you.
Ain't love a kick in the head.
No. 79902
51 kB, 674 × 912
I don't believe you.

It is what it is.

Are you still in Poland? Really like the photos. Desire to go Polanding is ever increasing.
No. 79904
Blame the ones linked in >>79757 or maybe not, they might come back and do it harder
No. 79905
6,7 MB, 4000 × 3000
Yes, I am still in this strange land.
I'd recommend it, it's a nice place. Probably very cheap for a Finn.
No. 79908
That would be me and some other Ernsts fighting off the invading soyjak spammers by bumping threads with different IPs till they get a timeout for spam. In the end I could have done nothing, since EC has many more pages that are simply invisible and get back up as soon as the spam threads from invaders are deleted, but we ruined their fun so it was worth it.
This >>79889, >>79895 and this >>79888 are good explanations.
Tried to bump every threda with at least 10 posts and not on Systemkontra. No conspiracy.
tl;dr it's Ernstchan, everyone is gonna read the whole two sentences bumped as much as I could

I might delete my bumps this evening. Could take some time.
No. 79909 Kontra
Jesus Christ, it was a mildly annoying, but overall rather ineffectual raid and you people act like you survived Stalingrad.
The happenings earlier this year were far more severe while they lasted, did you just arrive here yesterday or what?
No. 79910
385 kB, 540 × 661
>act like you survived Stalingrad
How so? It was simply explained what happened last night.
>bump existing threads
>end of raid
>deletion of raid threads
>back to serious discussion
No. 79911
You act like we should welcome the invaders for shaking up the threads, and cheer them on.

How about you leave EC and start lurking on their board instead since you seem to love them so much?
No. 79912 Kontra
>You act like we should welcome the invaders for shaking up the threads, and cheer them on.
How could you possibly come to that conclusion, especially with my post clearly visible for everyone to see how full of shit you are?
Is it because you're traumatized? You can get counseling for that.
EC is strong, but it won't stay that way with people like you.
No. 79913
14 kB, 236 × 320
I am also German, and I don't agree with both of these statements, rate!
No. 79914
543 kB, 600 × 855
I think we can all agree an mutual disagreement.
No. 79915
No. 79916
2,1 MB, 3546 × 2620
Got a bookholder in the mail yesterday. It holds books allright.
I just can’t fathom what I was thinking when I ordered it in the most fucking boring colour in existence.

Today I went to the store and everything was expensive. Except the bread. The bread was suspiciously cheap for it being a kilo.
Okay, 500HUF for a loaf of bread is still a lot compared to pre-covid apocalypse times but it’s nothing when you consider that a lot of not even fancy half loaves go for 6-700.
Anyway, I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

University is starting soon. Gotta start writing emails about lectures clashing and so on.
I registered for most of my courses already. There’s one they haven’t put into the system yet so I can’t register for it sadly.
No. 79917 Kontra
6 kB, 259 × 195
Where would EC be without your toughness?

t. late turdviver
No. 79918
107 kB, 625 × 790
>and you people act like you survived Stalingrad.
What if we really did? Not everyone is as young as you.
No. 79919
Man I really want a Laugenbrötchen now.
No. 79920
75 kB, 675 × 900
Incredible. How much did an ancient artifact like that cost you?

>most fucking boring colour in existence.
I was about to say. But if it's in use you won't really see it so problems weren't.

What a nice remix of two classic cartoons.
No. 79921
Pour some pipe cleaner on some dough and bake it. Home made Laugenbrötchen.
No. 79923
>I just can’t fathom what I was thinking when I ordered it in the most fucking boring colour in existence.
You are supposed to notice the book, not the holder. A red one or something with a garish pattern would be counterproductive
No. 79924
You're a funny guy. That's why I'm going to eat you last.
No. 79927 Kontra
3,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
It’s brand spankin’ new.
You can’t really be sure about money nowadays but I’d say it was around 15 Deutschmarks with postage from Glorious 中国。

It was available in a bunch of colours. Iirc I was trying to decive between black and grey, but when with grey because I thougt that if the paint scratches on black then it would look like trash, and gray probably means that it’s just unpainted metal. (At least the photos made it look like that)
But no, I got duped. It’s painted and it radiates “Office energy”. In a sense it’s kinda nice if you ask me.
Ultimately you are right that the book covers it so it doesn’t matter.
No. 79928
I wonder, how much are Chinese books shorter then corresponding English books. Let's say book in English contains 1000 pages. How many pages it will contain if translated and written in hieroglyphs?
No. 79930
Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

English: 352 pages
Chinese: 241 pages

You're welcome.
No. 79931
Thanks. How did you find that out?
No. 79932
136 kB, 1357 × 628
No. 79933 Kontra
Another one is the Little Red Book
Chinese: 271 pages
English: 311 pages

For classical Chinese it depends on edition, but they can be roughly the same because the Chinese ones contain the work twice, once in the original, once translated into modern Mandarin.
Book of Lord Shang
Chinese: 216 pages
English (Wordsworth edition): 142 pages
German: Core text 163 pages, with notes 277 pages

Funny thing about that map is that I bothered to check it and the name of the Japanese school is literally just “Magical Place”.
Durmstrang as a word evokes that feeling that if one were to say it out loud, one would only be allowed to do so while putting on the accent of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
No. 79941
>Durmstrang as a word evokes that feeling
It's the oh so funny and mature practice of switching the first letters
No. 79942 Kontra
It's a Fantasy books for Children written by a British woman portraying a British milieu.
I don't think it's very constructive to expect Rowling to harbour much imagination or knowledge regarding the world outside the Anglosphere.
No. 79943
To be fair, I do it too sometimes. Then again, I am not trying to make money with it.
No. 79945 Kontra
Not sure what the map is supposed to depict, but Wikipedia has differents. For example, according to Wikipedia, French is "Poudlard", Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Polish, German, Chinese and Korean are "Hogwart(s)". Haven't bothered to check in detail.
No. 79946 Kontra
Curiously it's the Russian school that's missing from the list and the article says that basically everyone on the continent aside from the Frenchies goes to Durmstrang, which is le evil.
No. 79947 Kontra
29 kB, 640 × 640
Sometimes life is just so draining. Yesterday I lost my last brain cells and today I lost my will to live.

Fucking shit!
No. 79949
Finn dood, wat nou?
No. 79950
486 kB, 600 × 700
I didn't care at first but you unleashed the spiral of autism with your remarks. It probably misses from Wikipedia because it wasn't mentioned in original book series, only in related computer games, as we can read in https://harrypotter.fandom.com/wiki/Koldovstoretz
No. 79953
ominous chanting
No. 79954
Oh no, something bad is going to happen!
No. 79956
100 kB, 1024 × 683
>Me? Oh, I just look at the posts come and go all day.
No. 79957
louder ominous chanting
No. 79959
78 kB, 736 × 736
>Delta 800...Frankfurt center climb and maintain flight level three three zero and expedite your climb please
>Delta 800 ...Franfurt center, I said clib and maintain your flight level at three three zero and EXPEDITE your climb
>Delta 800, Frankfurt center, what's wrong up their guys? ...
No. 79960 Kontra
wow, a lot of mistakes, I should go to sleep instead of modifying air control transcripts of an ethnographic study of a cockpit
No. 79962
349 kB, 376 × 701
I wonder if it will fell any colder or drearier when I first step outside the house after waking up.
No. 79963
No. 79964
132 kB, 721 × 901
>They're kind of like babies in that way: only the people who made them think they're interesting.
I feel that way about most fiction, especially books, and don't understand why so many people don't. They buy themselves a book, collectively sustaining an entire industry, and spend many hours entertaining themselves with it, perhaps even gaining an insight or two, even though they don't expect the book to be one of the best they could possibly read out of the myriads of available titles that the English or German market each offer. Why do people seeking, for example, light entertainment choose a medium that forces them to deal with tiny letters on paper for hours, paper that doesn't stay in shape when they open it so they need to keep their page open using a hand (unless they buy a bookholder, but what kind of person would do such a thing), so that reading tires not just their eyes, but their hand, too? Add to that the uncertainty whether they will even like the story.
No. 79967
>Book uses simplified characters for a Literary Chinese source text
Didn't expect that.
No. 79969
One good thing about Islam: it solves the problem of insufferable dog owners.
No. 79980
>Contrary to our intuitive experience, the brain is not a passive receiver of stimulus from its environment, but is continuously engaged in an act of interpretation Friston calls active inference. This is a corollary of the free energy principle that explains how we actively forage in the world for evidence that best satisfies our expectations. “It means that you are in charge,” he says, “and you can choose which data you sample in order to make inferences about the causes of those data.”

>Schizophrenia, which was Friston’s first area of study after medical school, shows the tragic consequences of inference gone wrong. This pathology has taken on a wider cultural meaning in the context of fake news and other forms of social manipulation on the internet. “If we don't assign the right confidence to different sources of information that we've engineered for ourselves with technology,” he says, “then we could end up making false inferences very much along the same lines as people with schizophrenia might make false inferences about the causes of certain things they're witnessing.”

Makes me think of the Vaccine thread.
It's cool though, I like how systems sciences terminology is strong in this one. It is not surprising given the history but I can't help but be fascinated to see it pop up again and again, not as cybernetics anymore, but "circular causality" was strong in cybernetics, especially second-order cybernetics that was interested in biological computing the notion of circular causality is ofc older than 50-70 years


It is also interesting to see that dropbox pays to make more or less easy to read articles on the mind. My inference here is info fascination in an info enterprise in an "information society"
No. 79982
It happens.
All the classics I have (a whooping three in total) that were published in the PRC use simplified.
Though it makes me wonder if more obscure texts use traditional even there.
No. 79984 Kontra
>drop box pays

I now know why. They are providing frontline services in a collective action to unravel the secrets about humans and humanity:

>We're all aspiring collectively to the simplest explanations for why we are here and what we are doing.” Workers in all fields can meaningfully participate in this struggle. “That movement is a collective movement,” affirms Friston, “and it does depend upon a culture of digital exchange and stored knowledge.”
No. 80003
155 kB, 800 × 1200
I recently found out that the earphones I use have left and right mixed up. This is probably why subliminal propaganda has not affected me, or has had an opposite effect.

It seems a flat adjacent to mine is getting a change of occupants. My previous neighbour was so quiet I hardly ever noticed him, so I'm afraid I will get less quiet new ones. You may place your bets on the kind of surname or the kind of people, for example "20-ish couple with German surname who will play music, emit fucking noises and smoke", "loud TV watcher" or "attractive girl who wants to be my gf". Background info: It's an affordable but not disability-friendly 2-room flat in a somewhat central, predominantly German and Turkish (1st generation Gastarbeiter and their offspring) urban area without much green space, but with substance abusers loitering around the local station.

>more than 10k people think it was a funny comment

You have shattered my self-confidence from the only 1 or 2 times when somebody on old KC thought what I wrote was funny.
No. 80005
A northern german surname with pastiest, potatoest girl you can imagine who moved here because of the multiculti enrichment.
No. 80008 Kontra
I am in love.
No. 80010
t. the multikulti enrichment
No. 80013
First day of Autumn and it's suddenly cold. Two days ago I almost got a sunstroke. Today everyone wears a coat.
No. 80014
Real life copying games like Stardew Valley or Harvest Moon where seasons work exactly like that.
No. 80016 Kontra
It's a taxing and thankless job, but somebody's gotta do it.
No. 80018
the things you find while learning SQL
No. 80019 Kontra
I should start gifting women fruit I guess.
No. 80020
51 kB, 946 × 1360
No. 80021 Kontra
31 kB, 300 × 200

She's neither shagcattle nor did she use the opportunity to also read out the SQL statements in an overly wanton voice. I've never fapped to technical stuff and will continue not to do so.
No. 80022 Kontra
No. 80024
What is shagcattle?
No. 80025
Literal translation of "Bumsrind", a term for certain women someone on KC started trying to force. Possibly the one you replied to.
No. 80030
ominous chanting starts again
No. 80031
stabs the ominous chanter from the shadows and disappears
No. 80032 Kontra
Now I'm thinking of the ancient greek plays
No. 80033
180 kB, 1200 × 1200
Jokes on you, it was just a tape machine replaying a chanting record.
No. 80037
Now it's a stabbed tape machine
No. 80038
ominous chanting continues because what absolute retard thinks ominous chanting comes from exactly one person
No. 80040
I've got more knives.
No. 80041
You know, it wouldn't be ominous chanting if you could actually locate the source, so all knives in the world won't be of use to you.
No. 80042
Plot twist: you are the ominous chanter.
No. 80043
Me? But HOW?
No. 80044
Attention: This is am IMPOSTOR.
The actual ominous chanter would NEVER reveal his or her identity.
No. 80045
How can I be an impostor if I don't pretend to be anything?
No. 80046
Nice try, impostor. You are using reverse psychology and "ohhhh I am so stabbing the ominous chanter, but I am totally not" and obviously everyone will now think you are the ominous chanter, when in reality you are but an impostor impostoring in an impostorious way.
No. 80048
Plot twist: EC is the ancient order of ominous chanters. At the current moment you are going through the initiation ceremony. To pass it you need to insist strong enough that you are (not?) an ominous chanter.
No. 80050 Kontra
223 kB, 710 × 926
I did nothing today basically.
It rained so I slept in long.
Did some minute administrative work for university.
No. 80054
[ominous chanting intensifies]
No. 80055
84 kB, 600 × 769
Guys, lately I feel like I live in a movie trailer for some basic Hollywood horror film. Any clue hy that is?
No. 80057
No idea, there haven't been any quick cuts, terrified looking girls or the sounds of doors getting slammed real hard lately.
No. 80060
dramatic buildup sound that abruptly ends with a door getting slammed, silence
No. 80061
ominous chanting draws closer, drowning out any other, less ominous, chanting
No. 80062 Kontra
Fuaaarrrrk it worked!
No. 80063
Also did you notice the big ears Popper has? I recall reading ears are growing all life long, is it that?
No. 80064
My, grandpa Karl, why are your ears so big?
No. 80070
My cold from last weekend still lingers with annoying, but not incapacitating, symptoms. Nose won't stop running and my lung capacity is significantly diminished. Damn. I may not have recovered as quickly as I hoped, in which case it's possible I spent the past week spreading this thing around.

>What is a turnaround?
>She doesn't give us a spin
No. 80077
argh, fuck SQL.

if you have read only access, you can't do something as simple as searching a database by a list you have in a text file
you have to write a script in another language that then executes your SQL script.

Or you can do it epic style and just paste your entire fucking list of 10000 entries into the SQL script itself.
No. 80078
SQL is great. Just wait until you have to work with PL-SQL and Transact-SQL simultaneously and constantly have to look up the differences and idiosyncracies.
No. 80085
I love it when I google something about mysql, and the first answer on stackoverflow is either a fucking php script, or a feature that only exists in Microsoft SQL.

at least it's more interesting than help desk.
No. 80086
105 kB, 990 × 990
>if you have read only access, you can't do something as simple as searching a database by a list you have in a text file
But you can if you have write or execution access? Why is that?
No. 80087
Because mySQL can only work with stuff that's in the server you're currently connected to, so what people do in those cases is generate a temporary table in the current database using the text file, and then work with THAT.

To be fair, Microsoft SQL has such functions, because they have integrations with excel and shit, but plain old Mysql has you jump through hoops.
No. 80088
I loudly farted three times, and I'm sure whoever was working in the adjacent flat must have heard it. I hope it was just someone hired to rip off the wall coverings and not the future tenant (that is, my future gf) herself. She'd think I'm the kind of person who farts.
No. 80089
You should fart as stronk as possible. This will show her your super male vitality.
No. 80090 Kontra
Sorry to disappoint you, m8, but she's even worse - that is, the kind of person who shits and pisses. And even menstruates, to that matter.

Also, wtf, do you live in some sort of cardboard box calling it your flat for the sake of convenience?..
No. 80099
He's probably the berlinian commieblock tenant who asked us to place bets on who moves in.
I demand an update on that matter, btw.
No. 80100 Kontra
129 kB, 960 × 960
Take notes: shared housing = commieblock
No. 80101
41 kB, 475 × 356
Unironically yes.
No. 80102 Kontra
Listened to the latest episode of a podcast I subscribed to and totally astonished that the guest was my high school classmate.

It's quite common for classics and academical writings thereof to be published in traditional, and sometimes with vertical rtl typesetting. I think you bought from one of their more accessible series (book.douban.com/series/4103).
Examples of series in traditional:
No. 80106 Kontra
40 kB, 840 × 488
Ate a nice pizza but now I'm feeling very tired.

Also what is wrong with you Ireland? Distributing illegal content is, surprise surprise, illegal. Can you not post that stuff please?

Thanks for the explanation. Kind of does make sense.

Another great example why we need to abolish time zone garbage and operate in global, Earth time only.
No. 80109
>Another great example why we need to abolish time zone garbage and operate in global, Earth time only.
Instead of World War 3 we'd have the "war of which area gets to be the standard". Well done, you.
No. 80110 Kontra
Finally something worth dying for.
No. 80111
There are people who teach their children Esperanto as the first language.
I guess in your family everyone operates in UTC time.
No. 80113
>In all known cases, speakers are natively bilingual, or multilingual, raised in both Esperanto and either the local national language or the native language of their parents.
Turning my child into a monolingual Esperanto speaker. It will partially ruin his life, but I am sure he will be worshipped by people who care about this silly language. Plus, he will be famous!
No. 80114 Kontra
49 kB, 698 × 711
>There are people who teach their children Esperanto as the first language.
While it would be nice if in a future utopia everyone would speak a common language, the concept of introducing a global language is quite far from introducing global time. These things aren't even remotely similar.

>I guess in your family everyone operates in UTC time.
Why would they? Perhaps the resident Chinese Ernst or other Chinese experts can chime in on how China Standard Time positively or negatively impacts the nation. I don't see why it would be such a tragedy for me or my family to change the clocks to UTC+8 if everyone else did so as well. Would make international business and pleasure a lot simpler.
No. 80115
>Would make international business and pleasure a lot simpler.
Would it really? I assume that if we all changed to GMT (the real universal time), it's not like the Chinese would start becoming exclusively night owls. It may even be trickier, because then you'd have to think about what hours different countries get up at. It's 17:38 in China, but what does that mean? At least now I just know to add 6 hours or so.
No. 80116
> it would be nice if in a future utopia everyone would speak a common language
It's not future, it's what already happened. But I wouldn't like it to be the only language which people speak. I like my native language a lot, and English doesn't cover many of its features.
No. 80119 Kontra
Having your country's timezone set too far away from the actual time fucks with the perception of time for a lot of people.
It's why the Spanish sleep in the afternoon.
No. 80120
spent the whole day combing the data and found no relevant correlations that we needed.
either the request was a false alarm, or the csv file they gave me to correlate with had missing data, or I don't fucking know
entire day wasted.
No. 80121 Kontra
308 kB, 853 × 480, 0:06
>I assume that if we all changed to GMT (the real universal time), it's not like the Chinese would start becoming exclusively night owls.
You're making it more complicated than it needs to be. I'm not sure about Portugal, but most businesses in countries that I've visited display their operating hours. So in practice the structure of time or our relation to it doesn't change. Just the specific range we operate on changes. Now the function of figuring out shared hours for global offices or international assburgers is as simple as you checking if your corner store is still open at this hour. No need for looking up time zones and shit after finding out their local operating hours.

So when brick says that he wants to have a 3 AM slot in the radio, everyone knows when it will be and how that time relates to them without anyone having to look up a single timezone, including brick.
No. 80122
ominous chanting in Greenwich intensifies
No. 80123 Kontra
72 kB, 720 × 960
That's possible. If credible research shows that to be the case then I'll concede the time revolution. But I remain skeptical of it since at least in the north time shifts and swirls like nowhere else. In the summer the hours on a clock don't mean anything. There is no night. And it's the opposite during winter. It's night all day long. Having a different timezone would make fuck-all difference to anything.

But I'm sad to see you neglected your duty as a China-professional to let me know I'm wrong by implying that China runs on a standard time. There's at least Beijing time(same as China Standard Time) and Xinjiang time, though I'm still not sure what the role of Xinjiang time is in reality.

Shut up!
No. 80124 Kontra
You have been rused by your fellow Finno-Ugric. That is not why Spanish some mediterraneans sleep during the afternoon. Traditionally, it was just too hot outside to do field work.
No. 80125
We'll have to use two types of time anyway, one of which refers to day-night cycle. What we need is simply to use UTC in case when we need to coordinate people from multiple timezones.
No. 80126
The problem is conflating the concepts of time and position in a day cycle.

We should invent a mental construct where those are separated, and people talk about "point in time" and "point in the day cycle" in a way that it would make no sense to talk about both in the same context.

A sort of type checking for human language.
No. 80127
Imagine if there were a stream on the radio festival that consisted of nothing but ominous chanting.
No. 80128 Kontra
I got this one because I had this idea that the Commercial Press probably won't fuck up stuff like this.
It's only a bit later I realised that the simplified is probably more of a hindrance than a blessing, because at university we read classical with traditional characters and I spent way more time cramming the classical deck than the modern one, which is why sometimes when I try reading the books I'm like "What's this" and it turns out I'd have recognised the traditional form.
No. 80131
Objection: we manage to distinguish 8am and 8pm without viewing it as two fundamentally different things.
No. 80132
Last week, I went to sleep at 6, and woke up at 10.
For how long did I sleep, and was it dark or bright outside when I woke up?

You have 1 guess.
No. 80133
Trick question, you had a manic episode and didn't sleep at all.
No. 80134
If you told this story in any other context, you would specify what you mean. And even if you wouldn't, I would ask to clarify it.
my guess is that you slept from 6am to 10am, 4 hours. Dunno when it's bright at your place of living. I suppose that at 6am it's dark, at 10am bright
No. 80135
Wrong, I had a depressive episode and slept from 6 in the morning to 10 in the morning... of the next day.
No. 80136
Next show, stabbing noises 24/7
No. 80137
I don't think you will ever get the ominous chanter, Herr Impostor.
No. 80142
I looked up ominous chanting on Youtube and I think I should listen more to chants and prayers in foreign languages. I mean it's quite obvious how the acoustic of a church was just perfect and hypnotic enough for Christian religion to be captivating.
No. 80143
493 kB, 238 × 360, 0:14
244 kB, 1023 × 732
No. 80144
Sacral chants are not ominous though. They celebrate the faith and praise the lord.
For me, it's Agni Parthene.
No. 80147
Yeah but the can be ominous though, but ofc the search gave me mostly religious chants.


Even my open mind has a problem adjusting to this at the moment.

I love Japanese and Arabic plucking instruments though, Koto and Qanun
No. 80150
ominous non-denominational chanting in the distance
No. 80151
>I like my native language a lot, and English doesn't cover many of its features.
Yes. Despite its extensive vocabulary, I often find English criminally unexpressive when it comes to subtle shades of emotions.
No. 80153
>Despite its extensive vocabulary,
What extensive vocabulary? 80% of the so-called english language are just words stolen from other languages and just pronounced in a retarded way.

t. Heizölrückstoßßdämpfungsventilingenieursassistent
No. 80154
It's fine but sounds very unserious

I miss the ability to craft words with suffixes and prefixes the most.
No. 80159
248 kB, 965 × 965
23 kB, 482 × 295
you ever be just existing, and then several concepts that existed in completely separate parts of your brain suddenly form a connection?

because I had that today.
No. 80161
Bought my train ticket to Budapest, I just have to choose a hostel now. I will probably only stay two days and then head off to Romania since the hostels have better reviews. Looks like Bucarest is still less frequented than Budapest which sounds like a city western European people travel to make cheap(er) party (+a bit of travel).

>you ever...

Once you are deep diving into systems thinking there is nothing stopping you, it's a brutal lens
No. 80175 Kontra
67 kB, 690 × 672
Have a nice weekend everyone.

>You have been rused by your fellow Finno-Ugric
Not again...

>We should invent a mental construct where those are separated, and people talk about "point in time" and "point in the day cycle" in a way that it would make no sense to talk about both in the same context.
Perhaps. Though the idea of using both a 24 hour cycle and something like Unix time isn't too enticing. But I'm sure we can do better.

Looks like I forgot to post this, was on a different tab for hours.
No. 80207
The link from all the words for sugar to Sahara is the notion of something ground/granulated, I assume? The article only mentions

>The name "Sahara" is derived from the Arabic word for "desert" in the feminine irregular form, the singular ṣaḥra' (صحراء /ˈsˤaħra/), plural ṣaḥārā (صَحَارَى /ˈsˤaħaːraː/),[4][5][6][7] ṣaḥār (صَحَار), ṣaḥrāwāt (صَحْرَاوَات), ṣaḥāriy (صَحَارِي).

which has no direct reference as far as I can see.

Interesting nevertheless.
No. 80208 Kontra
Was meant to ref >>80174
No. 80209
I've heard the rumours but refuse to believe them.

There wasn't enough housing after the Britons and Americans firebombed residential areas. Then, in the early 1950s, a lot of buildings were (re)constructed, and sound isolation was not given priority. I live in one of these and can hear my neighbours speaking when there is no other noise, so I must assume they can also hear me.
There isn't enough affordable housing now, either, but this time it's not the result of a firestorm terror campaign.

I don't know how long renovations will take before new tenants move in.
No. 80210
23 kB, 1178 × 432
Your mistake was just skimming the boring dictionary pages instead of reading them fully.
No. 80213
If you find the vial/phial thing crazy, just wait until you find out about the german "Ampel".
No. 80214 Kontra
121 kB, 428 × 526
What an amazing day to be forced to go on a two day trip to some wooden cottage and another random village bath-park because “muh family must spend more time together”.
I think this will be my mother’s cope as me and my sister are becoming more distant. She will force it and cry if we don’t.

I also love this 8 hour notice I get in the afternoon that “oh btw tomorrow we’re going away”.
I’m so fucking fed up with this shit.
No. 80215
Feels known (about "getting told right before it starts").
No. 80216
Your mother has a point. The only people you can fully rely upon is your kin. You increase each other's chances of survival if anything goes wrong. Don't throw that away.
No. 80217 Kontra
You could move out? Or is that financially not possible? Don't know living costs and shared flat costs in Budapest, maybe with inflation it gets way more difficult but afaik you get money from the state while studying?
No. 80218 Kontra
I wish I could spent a Weekend with my sister.
No. 80219
I have this rant sitting in my head about ai image generation, art and capitalist ideology, but I'm too lazy to render it in writing.
No. 80220
AI text generation could help...
No. 80221
Bro painters will be extinct in 50 years have you seen how good that ai is at painting things? I can just type french revolution in Mexico and it will draw a picture of it!
No. 80230
1,2 MB, 768 × 924
No. 80232
Couldn't you just imagine what I would've written instead?
I mean, you've probably seen enough of my posts to imitate me. And you don't even need an expensive GPU for that!

I guess the moment when it all came together for me is when someone used the term "vanity publishing" during a discussion I had about this somewhere else.
Like how most books published today generate no profit, and in fact the writer pays the publisher to print their books, thus making it "vanity press".
The very existence of this term basically sums it up. Spending money or effort into creating something for no other reason than you want it to exist is seen as a moral failing.
Besides that, I don't see a meaningful difference between that and a painter paying for their art supplies or whatever.

An unrelated side note is that I've noticed that there's this air of smug, bitter gloating among the chthonic basement dwelling tech nerds who wasted their lives learning how to rice linux and probably regret it. They see it as kind of a "payoff" for being tech nerds their whole lives, and now get to one-up them fancy artist types. This is basically pure ideology, in that they feel like active participants and members of a "faction" in some kind of philosophical conflict, while themselves doing basically nothing.

Another point is that this innovation "disrupted" a market that never existed in the first place. There's never been a market for "draw me something non-specific that vaguely resembles what I described, with no control over the process". If anything, both clients and employers in the commercial art and design business tend to be very anal about certain details.
Then there's the fact that everyone has a camera in their pocket, but professional photographers still exist. Because at the end of the day, art is about curating what already exists in nature, and that's the actual fundamental skill you need.
I think this technology would be viable if it allowed very specific control over the output. But that's a self contradictory notion. You can't automate something and have it be specific at the same time. AND even the ability to conceive of something very specific requires skill and experience, at which point you're back to having artists. And at some level of specificity, it becomes more optimal to manually put the pixels where you want them to be, which is what is widely known as "painting".
But if the premise is not to be specific, but give you a vaguely relevant image from a text prompt, then we already have it. I've been doing that for years in my internet posting career, when I needed a vaguely relevant picture. It's called "google image search". AI image generation is just "give me the average result of a google image search".

DALL-E is old and busted, it's all about stable diffusion now.
No. 80233
Oh, and I also had this idea that because AI generates stuff based on text input, it's basically trapped in a "linguistic bubble" of sorts.
It can only give you things that can be described with current cultural linguistic context.
Not only that, it can only give you things that have been codified and labelled within that context. For it to generate anything, the image must have a word associated with it, that is already a shorthand for something so ubiquitous and familiar, that everyone can immediately imagine what it looks like when given the word. Because that's what you need to "tag" images in the training data in the first place - we first need a word to describe the thing we all recognize.

An example of this would be the popularization of the term "liminal spaces". There's hundreds of galleries of thousands of pictures tagged as "liminal". It describes a certain aesthetic, that didn't use to have a widespread term for it, so such images were difficult to search for. Now that it has entered public consciousness, we have a word for it, but that in itself requires that everyone who knows the "word" knows the thing associated with that word.

So, text based AI generation can't give you "liminal spaces" before there's a word for "liminal spaces", but if there's already a word for it, then you already know what output you're going to get, and at that point, what's the point?

You get me? Does anybody know what the fuck I'm talking about here?
No. 80234 Kontra
299 kB, 2000 × 1333
Bro you think art is about composition and ideas, meaningful relations? you must like this banana at the wall or CIA pollock if you think like this. If you cannot draw a photorealistic face or animal you are not an artist to me, because what I don't understand is not art and if it does not speak to me but others it is also not art because only what speaks to me is art and there are no systematic measures besides photorealism and old masters for art, so no composition and construction meaningful relations, using symbolic properties and all that is not art and thus AI will make painters go extinct.
No. 80236
>So, text based AI generation can't give you "liminal spaces" before there's a word for "liminal spaces", but if there's already a word for it, then you already know what output you're going to get, and at that point, what's the point

I like that one. Basically AI has no concepts of aesthetics and cannot come up with asthetics. No wonder, how could it have a concept at all? It's not a human, it has no concept of experience let alone an embodied experience that makes an aesthetics meaningful. AI is a tool at this point in time and it seems far away from getting somewhere else.
No. 80237
Your parody is a bit too informed compared to the real thing.
I don't think tech-nerds typically make the argument that AI will obsolete art as an examination of the human condition or an inquiry into the world or whatever, because they are not aware that such a thing exists.
For them, the entire conception of art is whatever you can find on Artstation or Deviantart. So they really argue that art as a profession will be obsoleted, because that's their understanding of the concept.

Which is arguable in itself. I mean, I could see stock image websites getting obsoleted. Because they both fulfill the same niche "I want a vaguely relevant image, but can't use google images because of copyright and stuff".
Commercial art? Eh, I could see image generation becoming a tool in the toolbox, like photoshop and the like. Because what people pay for when they commission artwork, is not just the picture, but human labor as well.
No. 80240
1,2 MB, 768 × 924
>being this mad
lmao'ing @ your life
No. 80244 Kontra
53 kB, 680 × 538
imagine being "science bro" hyped about dall-e
No. 80245
Are these "tech-nerds" in room with you now? Your essay comes down to arguing with their strawman.

Meanwhile text generation disappointed me too. The closest thing I got was M. Khazin's radio talk.
No. 80246 Kontra
Oh you're just a cabbager troll, I see.
No. 80247
It's impossible to strawman such a person just like it's impossible to strawman an NFT enthusiast.
Any attempt to formulate their arguments will actually make them sound more credible than they are, because you'd be putting more effort into the endeavor than they are.

Just go to whatever reddit thread, or 4chan/g/ general or twitter thread where they talk about this stuff and see for yourself.
No. 80250
OK, I guess I understand whom you're talking about. I even know one such person IRL.

I also can't sleep well when someone is wrong in the internet (on EC or couple of other sites I regularly visit).
No. 80256
I don't care
No. 80259
Thanks for your feedback. I'll do my best on improving relevance and quality of my future posts.
No. 80261
No. 80262
I laughed.

>I mean, you've probably seen enough of my posts to imitate me.
We could try to imagine it, but it would be difficult for any single one of us to muster what's required to produce an artificial brick take as an AI would write it. For example, my attempt to generate it would lack Kazakh eloquence, and Russia's attempt would lack Germany's inability to convice others that it hasn't been written by a robot.
No. 80263 Kontra
t. Ernstbot
No. 80270 Kontra
Now that you posted this, yesterday I learnt that Kazakh and Cossack are not false cognates as I've always assumed. I wonder whether Khazar can fit into this.

Here's a profoundly little-known factoid about Chinese timezones: Asia/Shanghai, which almost all residents in China use, is RoC's standard and cannot correctly portray PRC's DST from 1986 to 1991. The correct one to use is PRC.
It seems to have been fixed in 2018. Someone needs to update the chinese man-page of localtime.
No. 80272 Kontra
I've long wondered whether all manpages are English only. It seems translation happens to some extent.
Like other people, I've stopped setting my system to German when I felt it read more and more like unidiomatic translations from English.
No. 80321
2,5 MB, 4032 × 1960
Drinking ins ans public toilet
No. 80327
2,6 MB, 4032 × 1960
Lifting while drunk
No. 80329
3,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
More beer. Thankfully the store is right next to the gym
No. 80330
1,9 MB, 4032 × 1960
Gym jannies don't know about my beer stash
No. 80331
olycksbådande sång
No. 80332 Kontra
64 kB, 840 × 420
Being drunk while performing physically straining tasks is a bad idea.

t. Your mother

The dedication is admirable though. Also what's that tea pot doing in there?
No. 80341
1,8 MB, 4032 × 1960

For washing your asshole.
Quran says your asshole isn't really clean unless you wash it with water.
Wish it was a bidet instead of a pot tho.

Also, you have reverse causality. It's not about "what can I do while drunk?". It's about " I'm drunk, what can I do?"
Being drunk comes first.
No. 80342
Brilliant guerrilla ad campaign. for Zatecky Gus. EC Kinsey has switched sides and gone from selling Ernstchan, to selling on Ernstchan :DDD
No. 80348
111 kB, 622 × 1280
I just get whatever's the coldest to the touch in the fridge.
I don't know anything about beer. Other than you can drink it to get drunk.

please ignore the mental illness medication.
No. 80354
>please ignore the mental illness medication.
It could have been anything if you hadn't told us. You brought the Streisand Effect onto yourself.
No. 80355 Kontra
48 kB, 300 × 300
90 kB, 1920 × 1080
English is perfect for its intended use - judging someone's class by whether they use Latin derived words like cerebral or the monosyllabic Germanic grunts like mind. A benefit is also that working class children are confronted by another language should they get ideas above their station.

I, also wish I could spend a weekend with your sister. And your mother too :DDD

>please ignore the mental illness medication

The beer, playstation or pills?
No. 80363
2,3 MB, 4032 × 3024
2,7 MB, 4032 × 3024
3,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
4,1 MB, 4032 × 3024
Returned from the trip. It was all right.
Ultimately it was all right. The water wasn't as warm in the thermal bath as I expected it to be, but oh well. We also visited the town centre of Eger.
Today we visited a castle ruin and then we checked out the remains of the biggest Hungarian Gulag at Recsk.
Neither of them took too long and were enjoyable.
I can get into the holiday spirit, it just takes time.

It's not viable. Especially now.
The stipend I get is more like a dog treat, it's not supposed to cover living expenses.
For most students it's usually around like 10k HUF.
I just accidentally gamed the system with the workshop classes and because of those extra credits and easy marks and the mysterious scaling I managed to get it up to a whooping 40k HUF a month last time.
Don't worry, I don't plan on becoming a sonbasket and live at home until I inherit the house, but it's not the right time.
No. 80365
>The beer, playstation or pills?
The book, clearly
No. 80366 Kontra
>For washing your asshole.
I see, makes sense.

>Also, you have reverse causality. It's not about "what can I do while drunk?". It's about " I'm drunk, what can I do?"
This really changes everything. At last I truly see.

How come chainmails don't rust? Or are they modern replicas?
No. 80368
It's not a book, it's a box from SIM card.
No. 80369
Afaik russia and kazakhstan share the same country code
you should call me, we have phone sex yes
No. 80371
No, let's have sexting right here while Germans are watching (I'm voyeurist). What are you wearing?
No. 80372
>For most students it's usually around like 10k HUF.

10.000? or 100.000? 10k is "just" 25€. You get 25€ per month as support from the state? What the fuck? I mean what kind of support is this, you can barely buy anything from that, no? In Germany you can get more than 320k HUF if you have no income/wealth and your parents have nothing either. Still even that is below the poverty line and renting a room in a university town can (and often does, if not more) eat half of that up already.
No. 80373 Kontra
>come home after a nice day
>feel a bit tired because of the beer
>want to watch a movie in peace and call it a day
>stage music from some event close

Meh, maybe the headphones can keep noise out then. Or I wait until 10pm. It's sunday after all, they will keep up the Ordnung and be quite in 20min. For somebody who liked to rave I really start to cherish quietness. City noise is alright and I can deal with it but constant music playing (especially when I think it's boring/shit) has developed into an annoying event.
No. 80375 Kontra
Back in Portugal.
It was the greatest 11 days a poor boy like me could have hoped for. Dogg I wanna go back already.
No. 80377 Kontra
Yes. 25 euromonies. This is something anyone can qualify for through good grades at the university automatically. Told you it's more like a treat given to a dog.
The social stipend/grant is hard to get, and even then, it's barely enough to cover stuff unless you are so severely disadvantaged your chances of going to university are pretty much nil because of it.
(I tried applying for the social stipend but obviously, with two alive, non-divorced parents who have an okay income it's gonna be denied, even if you fudge around with technicalities.)
No. 80379
I'm in my bed, wearing nothong but grey boxers.
I ma fondling my balls
No. 80380
I wear Batman's mask and nothing more. Nothing. I... Oh fugg I coomed.

Until next time!
No. 80384
Can you not get a job? It's a common thing among students to work jobs besides their studies.
No. 80386 Kontra
>Get a job
I don't know where Hungary-Ball lives, but if it's near Budapest, that's totally like telling a Munich student to get a job to pay for rent. Boomeresque advice removed from economic realities.
> Walk straight into the bosses office, give him a firm handshake and tell him you need a side job to get you through uni!
>Just do without Avocado and Starbucks, and in one year, you will have saved enough to make a down-payment on a home, it worked for me!
No. 80388 Kontra
I have no idea what the cost of living in Hungary is, but even if you can't pay for expenses fully, it will at least alleviate them.
Also, nothing prevents you from living at home and STILL have a job.
Maybe you should try to not have such a narrow perspective and respond with less polemics, then you might actually get a job :^)

I apologize to Hungaryball though if my comment came off as smug, it wasn't my intention, but rereading it I understand if someone might understand it in such a way.
No. 80390 Kontra
My schedule is quite shit for the time being, but basically the plan is that I'll get a job once I move onto doing my Master's and would work my way out of home.

Anyway, the whole discussion is ultimately moot because being forced to go on a trip like 3-4 times a year isn't all that bad all things considered.
It's not like my mother and father are constantly on my nerves.
During university I barely meet them on some days due to the evening classes and waking up waay after they've left in the morning.

So yes, I will get a job and I will try moving out, but I'll do that next year or later.
(Job's happening next year anyhow.)
No. 80391
Very well, godspeed then, Kamerad.
No. 80392 Kontra
38 kB, 640 × 533
I'm just really fucking grumpy when unexpected things happen and my routine gets interrupted without me planning to interrupt it.
Once I adjust to the trips actually happening I'm fine.
No. 80394
ominous Walmart employee chanting
No. 80395 Kontra
24 kB, 240 × 240, 0:01
Nice, welcome back. You had a Polish connection right? I wonder how I'll get around just by myself once I visit. By all means post more pictures or infa if you can be bothered.
No. 80402
Fucking SIX AM on a Monday and my neighbour across the street gets a delivery of building materials by a truck with a crane on the back. I've been awake for about twenty minutes before the arrival, but still.
No. 80403
Back to work :(
No. 80405
Having no set hours can be good sometimes...
I had the alarm set to 8 today, but I was still extremely tired, so I stayed in bed until 9:15.
Obviously this means I will until after 6 tonight, but that's ok - at least I won't feel like a walking dead.
No. 80406
I second this sentiment.

Today I was a chump and woke up early so I could do a lot of stuff at work as it's a very busy month and I'm playing boss. What I didn't factor in is that no fucker works before 10am on Monday which is also why I don't usually work before 10am. Please don't tell Alan Sugar about this.
No. 80410
Always interesting to see the difference in company cultures regarding work times. I worked in IT for two large companies in the last years, and in the first one, when I arrived at work Monday at 8 AM, I was the first, and I was alone in the office for at least an hour. In the next company most of the staff was already there when I arrived at 8. And most of them fucked off no later than 4 PM, while on the first company people would regulary stick around until 6-7PM.
No. 80411
458 kB, 2345 × 1320
I was interested in student numbers and disciplines in Germany.

We have about 3 million students

~416.000 are humanities students
~1.100.000 are STEM
~1.100.000 are economics/marketing etc, law and social science (the later is mostly pedagogy and social work, so working with humans in a social context for example administering a daycare or elderly home is a potential job afaik)

the rest are more or less medicine/health, agriculture/forestry and food/nutrition science


Weirdly, English is the only humanities discipline that can be counted among the 20th most studied disciplines in Germany, perhaps this is due to teachers education.

No. 80412
What conclusions are you drawing from this?
And how does the general make-up compare to e.g. 15 years ago?
No. 80413 Kontra
I draw no real conclusion from it, I was just interested in numbers, I was thinking the humanities numbers would be higher as imageboard talks have suggested at times, so many Maltes studying something with literature and art, you know.
No. 80415
>so many Maltes studying something with literature and art, you know.
Eh, that's not the only thing they are studying you know? Especially since "humanities" and "law/social/etc." are pulled apart. I would certainly say that e.g. law is part of the humanities.
>I was thinking the humanities numbers would be higher as imageboard talks have suggested at times
lmao Ernst you're killing me :-DDDDDD
No. 80416
>general make up 15 years ago

have 20 years ago:

the top 20 are quite similar albeit some things changed noticably, computer science is more, humanities among top 20 are English and history, history had 20.000 students 20 years ago, and was 20th place, now chemistry with 40.000 takes that last place.

The greatest change though is really in these

~516.000 humanities
~618.000 economics, law, social sciences
~638.000 STEM

these are quite similar numbers, in 2022 humanities have fallen by 100.000, while the others buth gained about 500.000.
No. 80417 Kontra
>law is part of the humanities

kek, nice try.
No. 80418 Kontra
forgot the number of students during winter 2002/3 was about 2 million. the 1 million gained and distributed among STEM and law/economics/sosci fits the 3 million today.
No. 80419
Do they further break down the disciplines?
I didn't expect law/econ to grow further, as while it used to be the go-to for people who just wanted to go to uni in order to get a degree of any kind, in the past years I was under the impression that this was replaced by (mechanical/industrial) engineering, but the relative numbers say otherwise - provided it is indeed law and economy that gets the plus in students.
No. 80420
23 kB, 678 × 381
Labor Day already? Where did the summer go? My sole consolation as I stare down the impending winter: football season has begun.
No. 80421 Kontra
They break it down yeah

2021/22 (p.35)

2002/03 (p. 52 in pdf)

One thing I noticed is that Erziehungswissenschaften and psychology went from humanities to social science, so 100.000 of these. Means that at least of the 100.000 lost in humanities went to social science, so no difference actually as stated before. But humanities also got 13.000 added by media studies, not included in the early 2000s, while the total number is still lower. So overall the number nonetheless declined a bit it seems. Economics and law come close to 50% increase. Sociology and PolSci has pretty much the same numbers.
No. 80422
ominous chanting in the Audimax
No. 80426
people eating subsidized Schnitzel with bell pepper sauce and unseasoned sides in the uni canteen
No. 80428
>I wonder how I'll get around just by myself once I visit.
Aren't you going with your grilfried? :DD
I can say it was very easy to, uh, get around. I'll picture dump some time soon, inshallah.
No. 80429
Man, I'd /really/ like a Schnitzel mit Paprika(rahm?)soße and unsalted fries right now.
No. 80430 Kontra
1,2 MB, 450 × 720, 0:11
>Aren't you going with your grilfried? :DD
Most likely not. She isn't really interested in going to Poland, but I won't hopefully let that stop me. We've traveled abroad and domestically but if she doesn't want to go that's fine. Though the thing with travel is that I don't think it's nearly as enjoyable when you don't have anyone to share the experience with. No one really wants to see anyone's holiday photos and shit they have no connection with. I'm interested in your Polish adventures simply out of selfish reasons you see :D But I assure you it's genuine interest. Still, it's better to travel than to wait around if you get someone to accompany you with.

>I can say it was very easy to, uh, get around. I'll picture dump some time soon, inshallah.
Mind you I have no interest in getting around to strangers' beds... But I'm sure the pictures will be nice :D
No. 80431 Kontra
>Though the thing with travel is that I don't think it's nearly as enjoyable when you don't have anyone to share the experience with
I find it to be so much better going alone. Absolute freedom, and you'll always end up finding someone to share experiences with.
>She isn't really interested in going to Poland
Hmm, I wonder why. Maybe she thinks it'll be a post soviet shithole. Don't worry, soon a picture dump of carefully selected pictures that you can use to make your gf realize she's the one from a peripheral nation.

On getting around, just use your feet. The trains are nice and cheap too.
No. 80433
Bought my little brother a nice PC case (his current one is an old cheap piece of shit with broken front ports). Gonna teach him how to assemble a PC.
Also, bought him a decent headset so he can talk to his discord friends on vocie and improve his English.

Despite the fact that we were raised by a BPD alcoholic narcissist, we were relatively well off, and both my father and my uncles bought us a lot of stuff, that positively influenced our development.
Like, we built our first PC out of parts that father brought from his job's IT department. Our uncles would gift us books and educational toys and stuff like that.
It's tempting to think of myself as completely self made, but it's not really true.
Me having this good (by kazakhstan standards) job and earning more money than most of my peers is a direct result of someone buying me something when I was young.

My little brother, poor fucker, truly grew up with nothing.
Time for me to step up I guess.

The expense stings, though. God damn it why is there never enough money.
No. 80436
Such is life in modern corporate culture. At mine it is mixed but most have been tricked into logging 'flexi' hours which inevitably means they've transitioned from an output-based model to one that has them pretending to work late/early under surveillance and never being able to leave early when nothing is going on.

>in the past years I was under the impression that this was replaced by (mechanical/industrial) engineering

Are certain sections of your society pushing kids to learn a trade too?

I'm quite looking forward to not being warm all the time. And being able to wear a nice jumper.
No. 80438
9 kB, 373 × 123
448 kB, 640 × 480
I have moved once again. Not sure about the place otherwise, but at least I finally feel like the internet connection is of this century...
No. 80439
582 kB, 526 × 163
No. 80440

I don't know anymore. It wasn't really creamy think. Ah well, I miss this canteen a bit, they had salt and pepper and some other powders after the checkout so that was fine. The menu was mostly the good and the quality was constantly alright (ver few exceptions). The current one is a hit or miss it seems, but due to Corona and such I haven't eaten there often anyway.
No. 80441
Wgen u get drunk but it don't hit
No. 80442 Kontra
346 kB, 1222 × 2048
I cut off my beard and moustache today. I don't miss it as much as last time.

Went to the workshop meeting that was called.
It wasn't really that big of a deal, we just formally started the year, the new members did a round of introduction, and we also voted on a new leader for the workshop. (It wasn't much of a contest, the former head of the workshop was basically handing down the title to a disciple who was already the showrunner at this point. We're in good hands.)

My schedule is getting finalized. The workshop classes are still missing from it, but the normal uni classes are already settled. It's amazingly shit, with some of the classes having 5 hour gaps between them.
But hey, only one of them conflict, which is good.
No. 80445 Kontra
42 kB, 612 × 373
>I find it to be so much better going alone. Absolute freedom, and you'll always end up finding someone to share experiences with.
Can't relate :D t. Burger
Solo travel does have it's perks indeed. Freedom is nice.

>On getting around, just use your feet. The trains are nice and cheap too.
Perhaps I'll take a train... to Portugal! Oh the joys of continental Europe. I want to get off this island. But that's good. I've got no idea on where I would even be going in Poland. Plenty of time to think about it as the earliest I could possibly even go is next spring. The dream lives on.
No. 80446
53 kB, 627 × 500
I put two hours or so into manually doing footnotes, I really need to check if Zotero can do a certain citation style I prefer in order to automate this painstaking ritual.

I will watch a film classic of only 15min now, A Trip to the Moon by Georges Méliès. I have seen bits as reference in other works and it looks great.


>It's amazingly shit, with some of the classes having 5 hour gaps between them.

Since you don't have any wage labor to do, this is just a "uni day", library and food and a bit of relaxation on campus (is your university a campus university?) shall be done in between.
No. 80448 Kontra
Yeah, basically. 5 hours is actually long enough that I could even go home and have a cheeky nap in my bed.
But most likely I'll just go out, grab something to eat (if there are such things as affordable restaurants in the future /doompost) and then have a coffee and then work on my thesis and such.
No. 80452
I barely did anything out of my enormous workload today so I need to stay up all night but I'm still procrastinating. When will I learn?

You could see if there's any group of people in classes with you that face such a predicament. Then you can go to the pub together and you and the lead girl will hit it off and start shagging before both learning the terrible lesson of mixing business and pleasure.

No. 80455
>Are certain sections of your society pushing kids to learn a trade too?
No, I wish, it's more of the opposite. Lots of kids I see at uni these days just shouldn't be there, but learning a trade is probably not glamorous enough.
Tradesmen right now are able to demand anything for their services, and unlike uni you also learn stuff you can use in your everyday life.
Were I 20 again I would certainly not go to uni anymore, but back then it seemed like a good idea.
No. 80456 Kontra
Eh, I think what is probably not so cool is that the most desired trade has to do with automobile electronics/mechanics. But perhaps makes it easier to switch. Nevertheless very few people do it in comparison. If trade would be expanded from Handwerk to Ausbildung it is still fewer people than number of students (albeit students do masters thus are spend more years in education), about two million. But tbh most Ausbildungen these days are dentist help helper and commerce. These are jobs almost anybody can do, just like many people can crawl through a BA and then do whatever job. If I wouldn't study I would probably try to become a train driver if I had the choice now inb4 automation or do something with plants.
No. 80459
Conductor, what an interesting choice.
I would have probably done something with wood, but that would also be a "passion" profession instead of going where the actual money is.
No. 80470
439 kB, 1200 × 630
>and unlike uni you also learn stuff you can use in your everyday life.

I don't know, it seems like a lot of the truly in-demand skills require some form of advanced degree and without it you're on the road to running a car garage instead of working for a car company. That's a real life example from my brother and his more academically minded mate.

It seems to me more like we need to get kids doing the right degrees in the event that they don't have a massive passion for something. At the moment once you have the right degree then you're in such demand you can name your price on a global level which has become a serious problem in stuff like aerospace, nuclear and even cybersecurity. You could probably do some form of monkey apprenticeship but I strongly suspect it won't line you up for the same career outcomes in industries where 'hands-on' experience become irrelevant owing to demand and you'll be recruited, given lavish grants and actively groomed right out of school.

...Then again maybe we shouldn't be encouraging tomorrow's 2:2 media studies graduates to run nuclear safety.
No. 80471
Capitalism shat in my pants again.

Everything arrived properly, except for the fucking case, which the seller said was out of stock.

I cancelled the order, but then while searching for other cases, I noticed that the case was still listed, but now almost twice more expensive.
No. 80473
No. 80474 Kontra
7 kB, 220 × 320
Like it has been said before, int is just me with proxies posting with some of you Germans :D
No. 80475
Ernst, "everyday life" did indeed mean "everyday life" not "skills in demand by $INDUSTRY".
What I mean is that I know a few very good scientists who don't know the difference between a disc brake and a drum brake, the proverbial "can't knock in a nail straight", not being able to change a tire and so on.
Of course, all of this are things that anyone with a proper upbringing will know, but still, as a tradesman who (sometimes) works with other tradesman you are certainly more fit for fixing shit around your house than any -ologist.
And even just being able to e.g. connect your oven properly goes a long way. Because I know shit about high voltage stuff, I had to call an electrician to connect my oven, which cost me 50 Euros (and there was in fact some issue with the cables, at least he claimed that). Imagine having to call someone everytime you want to do something. I bet there are even people calling electricians for mounting lamps and such.
The only thing I know I can use for everyday life is the stuff I learned as a paramedic, but frankly I am glad if that will never be demanded.
No. 80476
Yeah, also many jobs have been outsourced thus more demand for organizational work and high-tech expertise instead.
And obviously, you cannot let a media studies student run a nuclear plant, but a welder or landscaper won't do the job better. I would trust the media studies student to do better research on how to run it but maybe that is extrapolated optimism. I think a uni degree gives you training in cognitive abilities like estimate and evaluate thoughts and arguments, doing research. Uni trains you in self-organization and especially self-organized learning which can also mean to make up teams for studying etc. At least uni demands this. You gain organizational qualities that you do not get the same way in a trade, even though a trade will also demand things from you and shape and educate you in certain thinks that are very much valuable.
The last one directs me to speculation on why trades are not thought after these days with young people, besides being "dirty, sweaty", these jobs have bad images regarding your workmates for some people or maybe even many. They seem quite hierarchized and I heard stories of people starting and being the butt until time has passed (and some respect is gained, not sure of that is always the case, maybe it is just habituation and no respect). And while it is obvious that you cannot do a lot of special work at the start the treatment of the new person is what counts. Maybe young people don't accept being commanded from above and "it has always been like that, you will be treated shitty but later you can treat others like that" anymore or less likely. So one argument is young people don't want to work with boomers that live the boomer mindset to the fullest and will force their "wisdom" on younger people. So yeah you will have to carry the tools as well in the beginning and get them from the van while your advisor carries on with the work he can do in the meantime that you cannot but how that is communciated and lived makes a difference. And of course this is heavily dependent on the business.
No. 80477 Kontra
>Of course, all of this are things that anyone with a proper upbringing will know

You love to bash expertism since you can notice it with yourself but a dentist help helper cannot do this either (and a welder cannot do a dentist's work), this has nothing to do with academic education. And I'm not sure if a carpenter knows enough about electricity to properly and safely connect an oven to the household circuit, this depends perhaps in the specialization of the carpenter even (think, there are people specializing on Altbaurenovation, perhaps you call these people instead of others when you want to renovate your Altbau). Generally, these people know their tools and tools that get used in other trades as well. Just like in academia you can know something about other fields as well.
No. 80478
shitposting from work vpn
No. 80479
But I know what you are saying, these people learn a certain hands-on practice while academia is dealing a lot with abstractions. I don't need to tell anyone how valuable abstractions are for humans, though.
But I don't know what speaks against learning this practice in your free time just like a welder can read a book. It's possible, it just needs the dedication and of course a prolonged amount of time to get at least some basics straight. An Ausbildung is three years, a Bachelor is three years. Make it 6 years and you should be able to do some things. Eitherway, not being in uni or not being on the construction side will be a noticeable obstacle to your progress.
No. 80480 Kontra
Wow, did this strike a nerve?
Because it's really a jump from "being able to use a hammer properly" to "do stuff on a professional level wildly different from what you learned".
Or maybe you just read a few key words and got triggered without actually understanding the post.
No. 80481 Kontra
And to give an interesting observation. Me mum has been doing plants in her free time for at least two decades or so she has learned a valuable trade (I think it is not an official Ausbildungsberuf though) that is not GasWasserscheiße, electricity or welding/carpeting when she was above 50yo btw. but reading up/informing myself on the internet about plants and caretaking helps me tremendously to shortcut into good results (tomatoes) my mother never really reached. It is a matter of dedication and knowing where and how to learn, this goes for everything. Thank dog for youtube I know something about dishwashers so I can fix some problems myself instead of calling an expert looking really stupid for what anybody can do. My mum did the laminate of two rooms via youtube/internet instead of spending I don't know how many euros on somebody who does it for her. Regarding electricity, she is calling someone instead of taking actually dangerous risks.
No. 80482 Kontra
Because it is the same hurr I could have done better, trades are the thing. Then why don't you do something about it instead of bathing in pity?
No. 80483 Kontra
On the college vs trade side of things, I think it has multiple layers.
Recently I saw an uptic of pro-trade posting from the right, ironically this usually comes from those that have received the benefits of a college education and have never worked a physical labour. (“OMG ur so smart you shouldn’t waste your time with college, you should become a plumber instead!”)
But I think this will only instensify as the question of even going to college is going to get more and more politicized in the US.

There’s also the traditional pro-trade push from trade-families I’ve seen, where even a gifted kid is encouraged to pick up a trade instead of going to college, simply due to class consciousness on the part of the parents, saying the kid wouldn’t “fit in” or are not “fit for it”.

More locally in Hungary the govt has been encouraging the studying of trades in favour of higher education for some time now, by giving priority financing to trade schools instead of Gymnasiums and creating “mixed” schools where you get both an Abitur and learn a trade.
No. 80484 Kontra
Holy mother of projection, you're reading wayyy to much into this. But why? Are you studying something that isn't even useful in an academic context? Why don't you do something about it?
No. 80485 Kontra
>Why don't you do something about it?

So you don't project of course. I wish you would actually deal with the arguments instead of making my supposed emotions the center of every post.
No. 80486 Kontra
What arguments? You don't have any arguments, but your clearly butthurt reply showed that you're clearly butthurt about something.
No. 80487 Kontra
do you do this IRL? evade people by calling them butthurt.
No. 80488 Kontra
No, I prefer asking them counterquestions when I have no arguments.
No. 80489
> Are you studying something that isn't even useful in an academic context?
He certainly does. Academia in modern society in many ways took place of the church, "the first estate" within which thousands of men dedicate their life to studying about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin.
No. 80490
Every adult guy in this town has a beard, they look kind of like hipsters back in 2010. What the hell is going on?
No. 80491
I don't think I study something useless. Certainly, you think so, but that should not be my problem but yours.

The problem with the German is that he complains about not having learned a trade every other week because he yearns tradition, honesty or authenticity or whatever is attached to those jobs that are "not alienated" from life. What he doesn't realize (besides doing something about it if it is so so terrible) is that this is a form of romanticism that stems from his situation. He can spin the rest of his life around regrets and the connected frustration about other fields of specialized knowledge but the people I know who did trades were a) not magically specialists or overly knowledgeable in other trades nor is b) the working day as nice as it seems to the German

You and the German are probably a case of what Hungary told us about
> ironically this usually comes from those that have received the benefits of a college education and have never worked a physical labour. (“OMG ur so smart you shouldn’t waste your time with college, you should become a plumber instead!”)

Grass always greener on the other side (maybe that the German is the same that likes to post this proverb in other contexts)
No. 80498
I like the irony of you complaining about someone "assuming" you being butthurt while basing your entire argumentation on (baseless) assumptions.
No. 80502
I don't think they are baseless but you don't do anything to bring clarity into this "conversation". Until next time when you will mention trades practical appeal, I guess.
No. 80504
So you can provide bases for your assumptions?
And are you really saying that trades do not have a higher practical appeal than uni degrees?
No. 80508
>So you can provide bases for your assumptions?

You bring it up all the time, it's always the same lament, so I guess this constant reoccurence indicates a heightened importance for you. That must have reasons and I gave a few.

>higher practical appeal

I don't see where I denied that, I was even affirmative about it. But I don't see where something is better or worse as this is the fate of the distribution of labor. As I said I know people who did and are electricians and while they all tend to buy tools to craft stuff I haven't experienced them being advanced doing stuff outside their profession. Of course they have a heightened interest in it, have an idea of what others are doing when they come together at a construction site for example but if they can do it themselves is questionable. They will have motivation to try though and their profession helps in tackling these problems as they have experience and also heightened cognitive attention to certain problems I would assume. But you make it look like other professions, especially academic professions don't throw off any skills, which is simply not true. They are even practical skills but they don't have to do with manipulating/constructing materials like wood, metals and so on. If I want to do a documentary I need other skills than those learned in a trade. And abstract, theoretical academic knowledge was crucial in inventing tools that support the work of tradespeople. Everything has its place. Surely if we have nothing to eat anymore I would try to work on getting food and not do some abstract uni stuff. I hope you are not the German that devalued Australian natives for their living while embracing trades as both of these are based mainly on practical experience. It's hands-on stuff, trial and error with concrete material, tinkering. But humans have the ability for abstraction and making abstractions about abstractions and thus can go beyond this tinkering. Tinkering is great, abstractions too. They have their functional position in human life.
No. 80510
> That must have reasons and I gave a few.
I.e. baseless assumptions, got it.

Didn't read the rest lol. Format your posts properly, nerd.
No. 80515
they are not baseless but since you are not able to elaborate on your personal feefees that make you bring it up whenever possible we won't get anywhere anyway.
No. 80526
>they are not baseless
Then elaborate on those bases, please.
Oh wait, you can't. Too bad.

Also, fix your warped perception
> that make you bring it up whenever possible
>whenever possible
I don't think I have mentioned anything pertaining to this in over a year or so, so either it's not "constantly" or there is more than one person thinking the same.
Then again, while everyone was having a normal conversation it was you with the obviously hurt feefees responding in an overly confrontative way.
No. 80529 Kontra
>I don't think I have mentioned anything pertaining to this in over a year or so

You have a warped perception or indeed there is another German having the same obsession but no, I think it is you for various reasons, since I'm pretty sure we are the same people arguing every time more or less.
No. 81241
>International Friendship Edition
The anorectal end of this thread somehow doesn't fit the title, how could this happen?