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No. 8012
79 kB, 630 × 400
What are the types of characters you meet in Ukraine or Russia that you wouldn't meet in the west?
No. 8015
67 kB, 630 × 400
No. 8036
124 kB, 741 × 556
88 kB, 658 × 438
378 kB, 1300 × 867
I'm pretty sure the weirdest stuff you find in the slavlands is just a orthodox version to what you can find in the US of A.
No. 8042
No. 8052 Kontra
No. 8059
>types of characters you meet in Ukraine or Russia that you wouldn't meet in the west?
Somehow if it's not a meme, nobody will tell you. Few examples
>post soviet nerd
That's basically a bernd material. Main difference from western nerds is that they suffer a lot. Also different set of interests. Star wars and superhero's are not popular among them, but they will passionately brag about sapkowski, fallout and homm. And they are blend with working class. S-P-A-C-E.
Appreciates only few dad rock bands.
>suffering mom
That's a big subculture.
>weekend farmer
Everyone above 40.
No. 8061
you forgot ragul. and non larping, non full blown schizos attending church.
No. 8062 Kontra
>star wars
I like EU
It bydlo tier to be HEROES fan and ignore main series.

Also this thread feels like low effort and politizied. Is this same american who every day make one-line threads from 4chan?
No. 8064 Kontra
> Is this same american who every day make one-line threads from 4chan?
No. 8065
>you forgot ragul
You can write a book listing the types of regional bydlo.
>and non larping, non full blown schizos attending church.
I have never seen one irl, only memes. And my family is religious. Babushkas often attend church, but they can't do that every week. Also hobos. It might be a thing in Russia, but my guess is that its a lie.
No. 8067
seen it both in russia and ukraine. as far as I see only fully blown schizos attending churches in west and a few people like austromom from kc who is still pretty schizo in my opinion. and they are not even well versed about their theology compared to babushkas or east slavs in general I suppose.
No. 8068
53 kB, 630 × 400
The west now runs on identity politics not personalities, at least that's how most see it. Here we believe a person is good or evil depending on his political party or nationality. Not his actions.
No. 8069
1,4 MB, 352 × 240, 0:30
A 1990s sports channel advertisement from a Dutch firm inspired this new sport in Russia: competition slapping

No. 8071
93% of people in russia visited church only on marriages, funerals and tourist trips
78% of Russian claim that they are orthodox Christians
30% of christians will tell you that god doesn't exist
60% of christians will tell you that church is a lie
Around of 4% of russian population really believes in god.
Only 30% of actual believers visit church.
No. 8072
Looks fun, i want to take part in this sport.
No. 8073
>30% of christians will tell you that god doesn't exist
No. 8078
Russian view orthodoxy as their culture, same as many Belarussians will claim that they speak belarussian at home. In reality we had atheist state for 70 years, even babushkas often just larp as christians. Hardly doubt many of them know atleast one pray. Even 80% of priests often don't know basics of orthodoxy. When you talk to them its visible that they doing it for money. There are people in Germany or Poland who visit church unironically. Not even talking about usa.
Here religion is just a smoke and mirrors. Fanatical atheist crusaders are more common.
No. 8080
figured it's part of the culture. but thought, or atleast seen they are more well versed and not larping or claim obsecure things contradicting their religion.
No. 8081
I'd say a thing post-soviet states have in common is that the last decade of communism managed to produce a big, rabid and nostalgic generation that is hell bent on getting as many benefits as they can by appealing to "the good old times under comrade XYZ", while simultaneously berating young people.
The angry, sad sack of shit pensioner who's really adamant at using her status as an "underdog" in any social situation, while she herself carries a knife and is ready to commit a social murder without hesitation in any given moment.
No. 8083 Kontra
Well I don't know about hungary, but in russia such thouths are direct result of what happen in country. All people after fall of socok imagined that we immideatly become western europe+usa sine capitalism and freedoms are good, but we ended in deep shit in 90s and now stuck with same tier lame authoritaric tyranny, but unlike sovok we are now 3rd world country that not considered even as minor world power besides meme news about hackers and live conditions, industry, army, goverment servises, education, in a lot many things we are worse than sovok was and continue ride to shit currently to become worse in everything than sovok was. Bot a surprise people want USSR back.
No. 8089
>Even 80% of priests often don't know basics of orthodoxy. When you talk to them its visible that they doing it for money.
Well, I wouldn't say that priests are that ignorant on the religion, most of them are pretty decent on that matter, it's their job, after all. But yeah, you're totally right that they only care about money. Just one look at their price lists for rituals gives it away, not to mention that these assholes use free labour of volunteer idiots and don't pay taxes.

>Fanatical atheist crusaders are more common.
Hm, really? Never seen one. Apart from myself, when I was twelve, that is. XDDDDD

>claim obsecure things contradicting their religion
Our president identifies as an "Orthodox (as in Orthodox Christianity) atheist". Nice oxymoron, right? And Gennady Zyuganov, the leader of the Communist Party of Russian Federation, also considers himself an Orthodox, despite supposedly being a Marxist.
No. 8096 Kontra
Wait are we have 2 belorussian posters?
No. 8097
Yes, there was at least another one beside me in vidya threda. Maybe there are even three of us.
No. 8098 Kontra
I know there are 2 russians besides me, and 2 ukrainians but other post rarely because he have problems with this style bug that sometimes happen with me too. We also have famous kazah poster and looks like this all from post-ussr. Ah, there was latvian poster but he post very rarely.
No. 8103
Well, our dictatorship differed a lot from what you had in the USSR, despite Hungary being a satellite state.
So in 1945, the Red Army moves in, and by the fifties they've successfully managed to downgrade the Democracy, and got the Communist Party into power. Its leader? Mátyás Rákosi, nicknamed the "most faithful student of Staling", and also called "A big brother to us all" by the leader of North Korea.
Stalinism ensures, as Rákosi focuses on turning Hungary into the "Land of Iron and Steel", despite lacking coal, or iron ore for that matter. So the nation is forcefully industrialized over the course of ten or so years, and the government doesn't ensure that there is enough good available to the people.
In 1956, all hell broke loose as the Soviet cabinet was overthrown by a less radically communist group, advocating for neutrality and "socialism with Hungarian characteristics". Then the Red Army intervened as part of an agreement with the US, that if the US is allowed to pressure Egypt, then the USSR can crush the revolution in Hungary. So the Revolution was crushed over the course of two week, and then all partisan activity ceases by the end of the year. After this shitshow, the Soviets called Rákosi back, and gave control to János Kádár. After a year of retortion and jailing, executions, the Kádár government wanted to make sure that such a thing won't happen again, so they decided on a new approach.
Bread and Circus. Hungary became the "Happiest Barrack" in the Warsaw Pact. Essentially, the planned economy got geared for consumer good, even if it was unprofitable, to keep the people sedated and happy. Free this, free that, jobs for everyone.
All of this was paid for with foreign loans.
Even if you were fired, you'd be rehired by the end of your lunch break, because everyone was guaranteed a job and good living standards.
So naturally, the people who grew up in this system and lived their whole lives in it, became quite used to getting everything with minimal effort. But since they worked shit tier pseudo-jobs in a lot of cases, they have shit pensions, and are bitter about it, because under Kádár, they got free shit.
These women (usually they are women) are called kisnyugdíjas, or "little/small (time) pensioner". They have an inferiority complex and are intent on ruining everyone who isn't a pensioner.
They vote purely based on benefits and kept the rebranded communist party in power for +3 terms after the fall of the People's Republic.
Justice was never achieved :'(
Many sads.
No. 8110
326 kB, 1200 × 793
164 kB, 900 × 574
43 kB, 600 × 409
I kinda trying to avoid talks about soviet invasins in warshaw pact countries because for people who live in this countries this is very sensetive and happy or sadly, unlike germany who accepted it's defeat and apologize for world wars many times, russians most probably in majority never accept that soviet union did something bad and never accept defeat in 1991 os it cause a lit problems while talking with baltic states, or warchaw pact states who view their communist rejimes as direct opression from russia. I trying to view on this as on history that happen back than in different times with different people who did different decidions, and thier examples and past cases should not take as some possible path for modern russia, which need relise that it's not soviet union, drop current corrupted goverment into le trash and go like all other european countries into way of rising it's quality of life, servises, economy etc.

Meme about ineffective economy is 100% applyed to USSR too. But instead of taking foreign loans we just used our own economical potential and ruined it to shit. Well, planned economy can not work wevery well but it can work at least at basis, but our GLORIOUS LEADERS with 55iq turned it into some sort of absolute meme that broke itself.

Goverment created dumb plans of things that nobody need --> corrupt g-mans who in charge oh factories, kolhozes, facilities claimed that they produced 150% more over plan while they not produced even half of that and nobody in fucks sake need this shit they produce --> on next party meeting another half-dead 99yo GLORIOUS LEADER talk about how many awesome things we managed to produce and how it's much more than whole west produced for same time and create new plan for next 5 years

Add to it that
1.A lot of goods and most quality things exported to west to show how awesome soviet production, also send to other socialist countries to make immersion in DDR, Chezoslovakia etc. that current system really produce awesome shit and better than capitalist system already even if it's not.
2.Military production>civil production. On tanks was spend like million times more monies that was on civil cars. On rifles and bombs gazzilion times more than on toys for children or dress for people. Even happened things like that - if civil factory give their remnants of production to military factories, they will be rewareded. And this rewards was MORE THAN REWARDS FOR PRODUCTION ITSLEF. So this factory just take all material they got to produce whatever they want and break it into shit insteat of produce anything and send this to military and rewarded more.
3.Absoluetly dumb plans. Planning what people need is very hard, but they not even managed to try. Deficit is most known meme of USSR. Thousand and thousand of people in line trying to buy "rare" things that hard to get. Yes, to get - this how it was called in USSR, not "buy" thing, but "get" them. Of cource this boring GIANT CORRUPTION. Rare goods traded only if you know certain people (g-mans in charge of shops, traiding posts, storages) who hide rare goods and trade thme only to certain people. People also traveled from one city to another to get even things like kielbasa or boots.
known joke: -What is long, green and smeel like kolbasa? -Train from Leningrad/Moscow/other city with high category of supply!
4.Bad quality of production. Well, quality often was oppsoite, very good, but very outdated. Packaging of goods, harvesting, manufacturing and storaging often used outdated methods, and since a lot of things go to military production, nobody wanted to improve it. So a lot of fruits and vegedables rooten, food become bad before it managed to go into stores, great part of actual industrial achivments lost before people can consume it.

But yes, a lot people still prefer even it than current situation. High praces, very low wages. Terrible quality of products, terrible social servises. In SU you can get apartament for free - nowdays generations of people live in one apartament because with averege wage of 20k in o.k. city standart one-room apartament cost like 1,5million or nowdays even 2. Goverment servises are terrible - police are aggresive corrupted gang than majority of people fear or hate, firefighters are one of the worst in the world - recent things in kemerovo show it clearly. USSR had terrible production distribution but Russiand Federation has no any production at all. In USSR propoganda said that all nations and all races of soviet union love each other and people belived it - now people see that everybody hate russians. Democracy? In soviet union you had authoritarian goverment with GLORIOUS LEADER in charge for 20 years, nowdays you have same, but current leaders who are litteraly bandits from 90s, oligarhs and criminals have much less respect in human eyes than even soviet leaders.

I don't like sovok, but even I, overwiew current russia can say that in somce cases I'd better live in SU than in current shithole called "russia".
No. 8115
I was born well after the Iron Curtain fell, and I don't take any offence in it, honestly. If I remember correctly my great-grandfather was shot by Soviet troops. A "non-combatant casualty", because he told a pair of soviet troops to "Fuck off" when they asked for wine and supplies. So he got a few nice little bullet holes from one of their machine guns. I'd say it's a pretty funny story in retrospect, says a lot about the bloodline and the temperament of the family. The generation that lived through '56 is soon dying out.

On the planned economy, yeah, they lied, and then those lies created more expectations, encouraging further lying.
There is actually a somewhat lengthy joke about it. It goes like this:
A member of the party visits a peasant who's pig is about to give birth. He asks: "Well, how many piglets will there be, comrade, the five year plan says 10 little piglets." The peasants says "There is no telling, really" to which the party member replied "We'll leave it at ten, and that's it!"
Then the pig gives birth to 4 piglets, and the peasant has no idea what to do, he decides to lie and say that there are five piglets, which is "Almost half and not as shameful as 5"
This information gets to the regional officer, who looks at the data, and says, "This is not quite right, it's half of the plan." So he writes in 6 piglets, because that's still better than 5. Then the County level official sees the data, "Oh dear, six is not quite the amount we expected", so he decides to write in 7 pigs, he then sends this data to the capital, where it, through different ministries gets bumbped up to 8, 9 and finally 10.
The dear leader Rákosi is standing on a podium, about to give a speech:
"Comrades, the Hungarian economy doing excellently, see these 10 piglets born there, 100% of the five year plan. Now, Comrades! 4 of these we'll give up for export, the remaining six, we'll use them for a feast!"
No. 8130
419 kB, 1165 × 1200
76 kB, 800 × 518
77 kB, 577 × 461
114 kB, 586 × 600
>I was born well after the Iron Curtain fell, and I don't take any offence in it, honestly. If I remember correctly my great-grandfather was shot by Soviet troops. A "non-combatant casualty", because he told a pair of soviet troops to "Fuck off" when they asked for wine and supplies. So he got a few nice little bullet holes from one of their machine guns. I'd say it's a pretty funny story in retrospect, says a lot about the bloodline and the temperament of the family. The generation that lived through '56 is soon dying out.

"stories from world war 2" is classic. Russian soldiers raped womans in berlin, German troops mass murdered population on soviet terriory. This war was terryfic and this why it's known as most horrible war in makind history. I bet that almost everyone who live in europe or affected by war parts of asia and oceania may tell horrible story how his ancestors suffered/died in war. In russia there are CULT OF VETERANS where all soviet soldiers prised as saint holy paladins since after stalin death propoganda start overusing VICTORY as some sort of hyperachivment and nowdays it become some sort of actual real religion, not fake one as orthodoxy, so for many russians story like your is some sort of "NO IT'S A LIE!!". It like say to christian that Jesus was born out of random Roman sodier because his father was dumb impotent and mother whore. For me? Not a surprise, world war 2 was one big world wide haos and deep sheet where almost everywhere life sucked.

Same kinda I view and cold war - all this events are just part of big proxy war between authoritaric goverment in moscow and democraticalso authoritaric goverment in washington and all other world suffered from it. I not support КПСС and their actions and think that they are dumb, but place yoursef in their place, what options they have in Hungary? There already almost independed Jugoslavia, if Hungary even become some sort of independed state, whole warchaw pact meaned nothing, and soviet block just slef destroyed itself in like a single week and USSR will lost world war immideatly, so it was logical to wait a respong when world physically diveded between two rejimes and only rare "neutral" countries like Austria, Switzerland, China was happy to be alone or even play on two sides. Sadly, at this point, Hungary has no such opportunity.

But ultimately Sovok failed, and history written by winners. Hunary now EU memeber, one of famous european countries and we now in deepest shit since 1600s or times of civil war X--DDDD

Agree I with actions of КПСС? Absoluetly not. Total failures, who loosed everything, loosed war because they was dumb and incompetent. Bad and economics, bad in politics, terrible at managment. They had half of world and all chances not only on victory, but on actual victory of their ideology and they had all power to provide to people good quality of life and some of their core ideas was noce, but they managed to do everything to shit,and whoever russian can blame fir it's fail, but only their leaders, not some "west" or imagenary "traitors" like all other nations should by default join russia just because.
Sad I that USSR lost? Of cource! While it was fail of commie party, actual looser is actualy country and it's people. We are now in big pile of shit, and everythink majority of people think that WAR IS NOT OVER, REVENGE!!!! - this why at start and during Crimea affair Pootine get so many support from cheated people. All thought that he will rebuild USSR and continue civil war and this time we will win. Nobody understands that it not possible now, like we lost compleatly and for next 50 years there be no single chance of any sort or revenge, and that current GLORIOUS LEADERS just pretend to do any kind of REVENGE and in reality just stealing monies and make this country even in much more deep shit, wrom which, I worry, we will never able to go back. Only hope for russia is as much as fast to REMOVE pootine and just try to be modern, capitalist manufacturing and consuming trading states like all other european states who "loosed" this race for become "world dominant power".
No. 8146
174 kB, 750 × 1024
>Minizaitunya Ibyatullina, 102 years old, at her home in Borovka, a village in Tatarstan.

The picture is of her husband, who died in the war in 1943.
No. 8152
107 kB, 681 × 671
No. 8161
39 kB, 474 × 358
84 kB, 700 × 326
Sculptural Composition of Barge Haulers on the Volga by Ilya Repin

No. 8171
You know that you may interest much more people if you exept providing object of interest, make a full big commentery what you want to disscus? Ernstchan is not classic fast imageboard where people just dumb things into, there people trying to make some effort while posting, and since board is not that fast, if someone interested, you rewarded with same quality and big answers and interesting disscution.
We also awoiding about talks politic much, at least in "meme ironic" way, more count on actual history and sociology when disscusing such things. Trying not to shitpost, but think and disscus actual interests about history, culture and other events in hope that it may be educational and entertaining for other users.
No. 8181
If you never talked to a real autistic person he certainly acts like one. Don't bully him for that. It helps to tell something
No. 8684
139 kB, 855 × 440
The thread is about Slavs, I don't live there you do so make observations. I'm the listener so what am I supposed to post besides questions? I posted a NY times article about Russian soul by a trending Norwegian author and asked someone to refute it since I have no perspective on the matter, >>8152 you ignored it because you want your balls fondled.
No. 9171
211 kB, 900 × 615
No. 9176 Kontra
I not answering on one-liner agressive posts
No. 9218
2,3 MB, 352 × 640, 0:45
1,2 MB, 2592 × 1755
>What are the types of characters you meet in Ukraine or Russia that you wouldn't meet in the west?

Interesting video about that
No. 9219
1,6 MB, 640 × 360, 0:18
reminds me
No. 9223
3,6 MB, 480 × 480, 0:57
that feel when no gun culture on the kazakhstan
No. 9224
That feel when we had a 'who gives le fug' attitude to guns and now everybody is a limpdick who wants you to jump through flaming hoops to even shoot a musket at a range because guns are scary or some shit. My uncle even had an SLR back in the day. Feels bad to lose the sick cuntery that this place used to have tbh. Did Brickistan have something similar or was it never really a thing? Excluding guys who are obviously going to be packing heat like the nomads.
No. 9228
Don't you have all kind of vicious creatures to shoot? What do you do if a wild emu appears?
No. 9231
You can get them, it's just got a lot of weird restrictions and exceptions that exist basically because some inner-city twat thought they were scary. Let's say you want a semi-auto for the farm because there are vermin everywhere because really that's the biggest problem. Most of the dangerous animals aren't the ones you're shooting, or if they are they're only dangerous if you fuck with them like kangaroos. To get a semi-auto of any kind requires not only all the usual 'fit and proper' subjective crap where the officer has leeway to deny someone on a gut feeling to some extent but also them to have a business that 'requires' it, and guess where the coppers tend to sit on the 'do you really NEED it?' talk?

Another fun example of weird gun laws is that is actually harder for me to get licensed up for musket shooting than it is to get the same licensing for a brand new top of the line hunting rifle because your powder is classified as explosives even though you can have the same amount of more dangerous smokeless powder in modern cartridges without limit. The gun laws are as patchy as patchy can be and are in essence written in broad sweeps of whatever meme drama is sweeping through the media like trying to get lever-action shotguns banned as assault weapons or some shit (because they're scary looking t. inner-city parent)
No. 9249
>and now everybody is a limpdick who wants you to jump through flaming hoops to even shoot a musket at a range because guns are scary or some shit.
You act like it is some mystery how that happened. Your guns got banned immediately after a mass shooting.
No. 9258
Some of what I'm talking about isn't even in the 95 Act when it was written. Between then and now there have been additions that are just to appease screeching parents who got hysterical after some story on the 6 o'clock news. You can tell because they are duct taped into place and oddly specific. Also, the shootings that do still happen here on the regular with the biker gangs are oftentimes done with guns that are just outright illegal and would have had to been smuggled into the country to begin with and are still used when there's a high profile one as pretext for trying to make it even more difficult for a law-abiding citizen to have a firearm for sport or business.

The mystery isn't where the law came from, it's where the serf mentality came from and where the civil disobedience went.
No. 9277
I would imagine smuggling shit into Australia to begin with is difficult let alone firearms. Why don't they just machine them there?
No. 9280
They come in via Indonesia presumably. They catch 90% of it but like drugs some gets through. A motor boat can cross the Torres Strait if the driver has a pair. Some homemade stuff happens but if it is a high profile gang shootup, it is often a spray job and ends up being an M4 or something like that. The lower profile stuff is just handguns and shotguns which range from hard to very hard to get legally. It is why I cringe at people pointing at our record of no mass shootings since 1995. We weren't America-tier beforehand and the guys we don't want armed are still armed as much as ever. The law didn't really do that much to the situation.
No. 9294
55 kB, 400 × 400
>The mystery isn't where the law came from, it's where the serf mentality came from and where the civil disobedience went.

No. 9296
That show is utter garbage that hunts down the lowest common denominator in society and then sensationalises it. It's hardly representative of the vast majority of Australian society.
No. 9305
Hahahaha holy shit that's Chinese peasant tier
No. 10025
23 kB, 318 × 249
7,2 MB, 287 pages
No. 10679
654 kB, 1000 × 707
So apparently this hohol single-handedly changed boxing in the last few years

No. 11263
Kazaks, winged hussars, boyars...
No. 11315
Seems to me he just takes advantage from his opponents being bad boxers. (which of course implies he's a better one(
No. 11579
14,7 MB, 640 × 360, 2:49
No. 11787
What I don't understand is why the supposedly scary Russian warmachine even puts up with this shit
No. 11797
11,2 MB, 640 × 360, 3:13
Characters like this unless you're unlucky.
No. 11798 Kontra
11,1 MB, 640 × 360, 3:18
No. 12077
92 kB, 442 × 580
No. 12078
Funny thing is how much that same lobby has been screeching in Britain about Corbyn and the leftists removing comparisons between Nazi Germany and Israel as actionable "antisemitism"

They're doing everything in their power now to convince the British to vote for conservatives.