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No. 80223
840 kB, 1080 × 1920
I gave in to the propaganda and I got myself some tasty insects. They cost a whopping 500 €/kg, cheap protein my ass.
No. 80226
3,5 MB, 4160 × 3120
Here are they. I'm quite scared guys.
No. 80227
Jesses Ernst, should have grabbed a Big Mac instead. Or do you have Marfan syndrome?
No. 80228
ALso: Prepare for disappointment as they will barely taste like anything at all.
No. 80229

Mistakes were made


You're right Ernst, they taste like i imagine fried paper would taste :(
No. 80235 Kontra
Are you Chinese? Then don't eat vermin.
Want cheap protein? Oat, whey, chicken, hemp protein, all kinds of legume are all cheaper.
No. 80238

Buddy i got them out of curiosity, there's no need to get worked up
No. 80239
Ernsts coworker once brought some kind of thai insect crackers to work. They tasted really bad, no amount of spice could hide it. If felt like sucking on sweaty feet, only without the erection.
No. 80241
I now imagine thai workers at some cracker factory putting old socks in the dough for stupid farangs to eat.
No. 80242
I know the other german (most likely a cabbager) is trolling, but I really don't see the difference between eating crustaceans and eating insects.
A meaty locust isn't really that different from a prawn or something.
So refusing to eat the bugs because "hurr durr bugs" is a really retarded reason.
No. 80243 Kontra
>Ernsts coworker once brought some kind of thai
Your co-worker is a sex tourist.
>If felt like sucking on sweaty feet, only without the erection.
I bet you don't sweat much at work, since the whole company seems to be prince-Andrew tier.

There used to be laws in America, limiting the amount of lobsters inmates would be fed. Because lobster were considered vermin, the rats of the sea.
No. 80248

They're just teenagers in search of an identity. Being against anything new make them feel cool and edgy.
No. 80249
>Being against anything new make them feel cool and edgy.
Isn't it usually the other way round?
No. 80251

It's about being against mainstream society. Modern day society embraces change and it's eager for novelties, hence edgelords have to become traditionalists
No. 80252
Mainstream society still favors the rich staying rich and the poor getting poorer though, which is still something one can rebel against.
Any woke coat of paint doesn't change anything about that.
No. 80253
The establishment is for everything 'new'. Not for themselves, they keep everything as-is, largely. But for everyone else.
Just an example: Chaufered cars, long-distance flights and African safaris for a cookie-dynasty heiress like Luisa Neubauer, the fruits of her activism for everyone else in the form of rampant inflation, lowered standards of living, unemployment, poverty and crime for the lower 90%. And the easily manipulated and the manipulative both play along, trying to get a bigger share of the smaller cake by obedience or trickery.

Like Anglo-Saxon peasants trying to become some Norman lord's bailiff. But what is a stupid ugly bespeckeled leftist to do. The shit can't do any real work, all he has learned in school is repeating propaganda-lies.
No. 80257

Poor people are generally awful so they deserve it


Ernst, there is no Boogeyman scheming behind closed doors. We're all products of our time and try to do what's possible to make life bearable, the rich and the poor likewise.
No. 80260 Kontra
Didn't read the rest of your autistic insect talks but you claim poor and rich people are basically the same but then why are they rich and the others poor, that implies difference, thus they are not the same.
No. 80264

I've never said we're all the same, i said we're all try to make the best out of our life. Poor people are generally dumber, less educated and are characterized by a vulgar and rude behavior. That's why they poor.
No. 80265
311 kB, 600 × 500
I know a lot of dumb, rude and vulgar people that are far from poor.
One of the dumbest people i know just got a house gifted from his parents in one of the most expensive parts in town.

He said "I actually didn't wanted THIS house, but my mother insisted".
His grandfather worked hard to get his own company running. He gave it to his children and one day the idiot is going to be boss of the company and probably run it to the ground.
No. 80266
>I know a lot of dumb, rude and vulgar people that are far from poor.
I can fathom how skilled, intelligent, hard-working, conscientious people get rich, but that's trivial and not very interesting, since I can hardly make myself smarter, and making myself more hard-working would be hard.
It would be much more useful to understand how idiots come into money, because acting stupid is something I think I could potentially pull of.
But you probably are right and most of them just inherit their wealth.

>one day the idiot is going to be boss of the company and probably run it to the ground.
Running into the ground is sometimes required to re-allocate capital to more profitable ventures. Imagine yourself to be the heir of a weaving mill in 1970. With 20-20 hindsight, should you try to run it as good as you can, invest your time and money in trying to keep it competitive, or take the profits, invest your time and money into an industry that will still exist at the time you retire?
No. 80334
1,9 MB, 540 × 304, 0:02
Is that real? do shops actually sell packaged insects on continental Europe?

pretty dystopian shit
No. 80335 Kontra
320 kB, 1723 × 1271
Yeah, it's completely crazy.
No. 80337
You can get the one's made with cricket flour from what I've seen in the UK but they don't stay on the shelves for long because it's an expensive novelty food.

Supermarkets are instead moving more towards using insects to feed animals instead of soya with the insects themselves fed off food waste to create a circular economy. I'm not sure how 4kanker will take this change.
No. 80338
122 kB, 800 × 533
I bought some bread made partly from cricket flour years ago. It wasn't very good. It disappeared from the shelves pretty fast as it was expensive and bad compared to anything else in the price range. Seems like it's very difficult to make crickets taste good. Perhaps it's best used in very small amounts.

I'd still try the snack crickets though. Don't recall ever seeing such a package.
No. 80339 Kontra
The only person who should have a bug up his butt in this thread is OP XDDD
No. 81003
119 kB, 1200 × 854
If you think of it, eating the bugz is traditional as fuck.
No. 81005 Kontra
As is owning nothing and being happy. The memes were right all along. It’s time to return to monky.
No. 81006
Ooh ooh ah ah!
No. 81012 Kontra
74 kB, 578 × 535
47 kB, 443 × 600
>speaking American
Speak English ya wanker!
No. 81052 Kontra
bugs are gross
No. 81066
Eh, not my thing. I won't be eating bugs because I'm not interested in wiping exoskeletons off my ass:
No. 83627
What a weird package design.
>High Protein

Did Ballaststoffe make it into the English language dictionaries like Schadenfreude or what's going here?
No. 83636
My guess: That package is for the German-speaking market – there's a LOT of English going on on our packaging and advertising, German is often restricted to what must legally be included. Ballaststoffe is here because that last item is a health-related claim and therefore has to be properly translated. Or it's because, of all words on the package, "fibres" is least likely to be understood by potential customers, so is given in both languages.
No. 83638
Don't forget

Classic Germglish.
No. 83640
4,0 MB, 4000 × 3000
4,2 MB, 4000 × 3000
So I can finally post these gems again.
No. 83641

It's called Denglish.


I laughed, what does this even suppose to mean? Are Hartz-IV people hiddenly excluded by such a phrase or are they also Alltags-Performer? I never get out of bed so this is not for me.
No. 83659
2,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,9 MB, 3120 × 4160
2,3 MB, 3120 × 4160
Meanwhile Persinglish.
No. 83663
I'd like to go on some fresh orginal dates.
No. 83671 Kontra
And then you keep your dates In the Refrigerator (0°-5°).
Reminds me of a certain online community, heh.