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No. 80494 Systemkontra
2,7 MB, 2953 × 2953
No. 80495
85 kB, 800 × 877
You broke my mind. Now every time I see or use English word, I think: is it German or Latin?
No. 80496
160 kB, 1200 × 799
You fragmented my cerebral. Currently every occasion I observe or employ English term, I consider: is it German or Latin?
No. 80497
I know a fella who has, on occasion, said odd, somewhat hateful, remark about homosexuals.

In this case, this man enjoys being on the receiving end of anal-rectal violence, but in his case he wants it to be a woman providing it.

My question is - is this man just homophobic, or is he a hypocrite as well? In a strict legal sense, he is heterosexual, but something doesn't seem right about all this.
No. 80499
There is a Telegram bot where for 300 roubles (5 euro) your dickpic will be rated by real women (at least that's what its developers claim). What does it say us about nature of capitalism? [responses containing less than 400 words will be ignored]
No. 80509
Showed up drunk at the gym again.
The reception lady smelled my alco breath and then covered her mouth/nose then chuckled /smiled to herself. Like I wouldn't fucking notice.

I hope there isn't a no drunk policy. Sure, showing up drunk might be rude, but way less fucking rude than not cleaning up equipment after yourself. And half the patrons here don't clean up their fucking plates. Sometimes it feels like I'm the only one with the courtesy to do that.
Sheesh, what happened to manners?
No. 80511
Some dude asked me to spot him while he benched.
He looked really uncomfortable as I blew alco breath in his face from behind lol.
No. 80512
Today I was trying to organise some internships for a social mobility charity. It has a programme for teens who are bright but come from poor backgrounds so they never get a the benefit of the experience and interaction with other people with careers that the middle class get.

It lead to a very frustrating conversation with the HR mailbox.

Me: Hey, what is the process for organising this?
>Sorry, but we have a rule that we don't run internships or work experience programmes.
Me: Oh, well can we change the rule then. It would be really good for reaching out to young people and other areas do it.
>Sorry, the policy at present, and since I have been here, is that we do not offer internships. There are issues around security etc. [this is word for word]

Sometimes I wonder if civilisation was a mistake. I might be rebellious but it's absolutely infuriating to encounter people who follow rules with no thought at all on if they actually serve an underlying purpose. They might just be lazy but how far could the rules go before they rebel, when would their moral qualms come into it?

You'll start seeing Matrix once you realise that internet people slide deeper onto the Latin side of the scale when they're just being sophists.

>More locally in Hungary the govt has been encouraging the studying of trades in favour of higher education for some time now, by giving priority financing to trade schools instead of Gymnasiums and creating “mixed” schools where you get both an Abitur and learn a trade.

We have similar here where the government has even tried organising an apprenticeship in curry making to at last solve immigration forever. Nobody applied. It's a long-simmering problem for Britain, our curries are getting worse as old men retire and the young folk don't take it up. But it did convince me to make a curry tonight. The WEF conspiracy is working.

I think the line is whether she's using a cock strap-on or a generic.

According to the medical community there is nothing gay about topping men either. It's a big issue because they're unlikely to get tested and will run around with bottom-tier sissyboys just because they're in it for a hole.
No. 80513
Recpetion lady didn't say goodbye as I was leaving. Bitch.
Stop alcophobia.

I need another drink.
No. 80514
42 kB, 829 × 1024
> but it's absolutely infuriating to encounter people who follow rules with no thought at all on if they actually serve an underlying purpose
Why, hello.
No. 80516
>when would their moral qualms come into it?
When the emotional damage + projected personal material cost of a reprimand / losing one's job / getting a fine / demotion, etc. is lower than the personal satisfaction / material benefit of doing the right thing.

This is why capitalism is bad btw.

In a society where nobody has to consider their individual economic well being, nobody would have to sacrifice the much greater public benefit of doing the right thing, for the sake of the much smaller penalty to personal well being, in case decision is wrong.
It's like an economic chilling effect.
No. 80517
In a capitalist country I can get my dickpic rated for 300 roubles. Who will rate my dickpics under socialism? Will there be specially designated social workers for this? What does The Theory says on this issue?
No. 80519
110 kB, 1024 × 672
>According to the medical community there is nothing gay about topping men either.
The said "medical community".
No. 80520
Lifting groceries yesterday I pulled a muscle in my back. The pain lingered, with a jolt accompanying each step. I feared a serious injury, but today only tightness remains. Fingers crossed; I may have survived the physical strain of a mundane task.

>is he a hypocrite as well?
It depends on why he objects to homosexuality. From a religious perspective, he may oppose the "man lying with man", which would not preclude his own anal-rectal violence with a female. If he doesn't like homosexuals because of the un-masculine implications of receiving, or because it violates social norms- then yes, he is a hypocrite.

Whatever people are anxious about, Capitalism will sell you relief... 8, 9, 10...damn it, 390 to go. Wait, now only 385, getting closer...

Lucky bastard. I wish my gym receptionist would stop saying goodbye to me. It's an awkward 5 seconds I could do without.
No. 80522
>Who will rate my dickpics under socialism?

Insufferable Russians that used to smug around on imageboards. It's the appropriate [current year] gulag

>What does it say us about nature of capitalism?

It demonstrates its ability to make markets.
No. 80523 Kontra
Under socialism you will be not permitted to have a dick.
No. 80524
18 kB, 586 × 373
Rewatching TNG I had to think of a classic meme and made something.
No. 80525 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
No. 80527 Kontra
85 kB, 618 × 679
Ceiling Q must be really tired of all my masturbating by now.
No. 80531
Wait a few months and this song will be about you.
No. 80532
43 kB, 410 × 107
wasn't this channel supposed to be about science communication?

and why is youtube suddenly recommending this to me?
No. 80533
>Why does YouTube recommend this to me
>How do recommender-systems work
>What is feature extraction
>What is frequent item lattice
>What is correlation
>What is dot product
There you have your science communication.
No. 80534
Friendology is a real science.
No. 80536
You have NO FRIENDS and you MUST watch this video and give us ad revenue. Genius marketing.
No. 80537
Heh, got the same recommendation yesterday. Didn't watch it because in order to make any sense it should've been preceded by a video explaining why exactly being lonely is bad and why I need friends in the first place.
No. 80538
147 kB, 1186 × 356
Good choice for the target audience, because people who have no friends would have more time to watch videos.
No. 80539
This could be part of the video, why make two videos out of it?

watch the video now
No. 80540
If it's a part of the video, then it should've been indicated in the video's title; otherwise it feels wrong, kinda like watching the sequel before the original movie.

Nah, I'll pass.
No. 80543
I watched the video last night because I have nobody to talk to at dinner. I think it did outline why friends are good to have using statistics on outcomes but as usual it entirely failed to discuss the ideas like the paradox of loneliness i.e. that people actually do want to be left alone, or at least control their interactions, but that they also feel lonely.

It ends with a project of in-person meet-ups using Reddit that I fully expect will end as well as you expect. Mostly men with bad haircuts and the odd manic-pixie dream girl doing speed dating for polycules.
No. 80550
261 kB, 1298 × 653
154 kB, 960 × 720
119 kB, 1023 × 768
200IQ take tbh, I'm surrounded by people and I'd love a year of solitude
Kurge used to have decent videos to be honest, I was surprised to find this one in there (didn't watch btw)

By the way online meetups are good because they are lolcow material for the rest of us
No. 80551
>but as usual it entirely failed to discuss the ideas

it's science, not philosophy :DDD
No. 80552
Why do americans always have this compulsion to meet up? Especially meet-ups of internet "communities", where only the most hideous and cyclopian creatures partake in?
Also, you didn't post any /fa/ or /k/ meetip, which are even funnier than those we can see.
No. 80555 Kontra
331 kB, 853 × 480, 0:07
>Why do americans always have this compulsion to meet up? Especially meet-ups of internet "communities", where only the most hideous and cyclopian creatures partake in?
Why do internet assburgers always have the compulsion to comment on peoples' appearances and criticize people for making real connections around their interests?
No. 80556
>Why do internet assburgers always have the compulsion to comment on peoples' appearances and criticize people for making real connections around their interests?
I'd wager that's definitely not just assburgers.
No. 80557
136 kB, 1280 × 674
435 kB, 1920 × 1202
I don't think that it's exclusively American thing. Dvach holds meetups regularly, at least weekly in Moscow and Piter. Core of these meetups are drug addicts, alcoholics, tranners, porn actresses and other such social animals. Periphery are average sonbaskets. But here it's more convenient become Russia is concentrated in two megapolices while Murrica is more distributed. And also imageboards are much more mainstream thing.

Therefore a more appropriate question is: why Germans are so obsessed with Americans? :^)
No. 80558
464 kB, 672 × 547
The paper is done since yesterday. I just have to check and make some minor revisions. Went to the toy store looking for a gift. The ones I like were quite expensive. Phoned a potential job to ask for specific tasks I would have to face, but nobody picked up. Probably the wrong time to call, trying again tomorrow.
Don't know what to do now that I have nothing to do really. Maybe I should finish the chapter I began reading this morning, prepare dinner and then watch a movie.
No. 80559
Anyone who exposes themselves out there on the internet also exposes themselves (willingly) to judgement by complete strangers.
Nobody forces them to do it, yet they do it.
You can meet people without broadcasting it all over the world.
Therefore it is my right, nay my duty, to mock them, especially if it's 4channelers.
No. 80560 Kontra
Tbh I don't think Ernsts really look that different. The people pestering the Drachenlord in Germany for example are likewise hideous themselves with their average potatoe face, interests, and obscure desire to visit this guy and obsess over him doing stuff. Conventionally attractive people don't need online communities to have a friends experience.
No. 80561 Kontra
>my duty, to mock them
Again, why?
No. 80562 Kontra
So you cannot stop doing this but other people should stop doing what they do, got it.
No. 80564
>So you cannot stop doing this but other people should stop doing what they do, got it.
That's not what I said, at all. You should really improve your reading comprehension.

The more interesting question is: Why not?
No. 80566
>Germans are so obsessed with Americans? :^)
Easy. They substituted our culture with a broken copy of theirs after World War 2 because anything German = evil.
No. 80568
How exactly?
No. 80570
How exactly what?
No. 80571
No. 80572 Kontra

They never asked for your judgement. It is strangers like you that willingly comment though.
No. 80573 Kontra
604 kB, 1260 × 648
You should be able to rationalize and elaborate on your statements instead of reframing and evading.

At this point I don't care anymore. You do you.
No. 80575
I’m waiting for university to start slowly. I needed to write a few e-mails, most of the related to arranging workshop classes.
It’s a lot less stressful now that I don’t have to worry about my university classes clashing.
The one case where this happened I managed to arrange it so that it’s not a problem, though for now I don’t know if I’ll have to take an exam at the end or write an essay/report. Either is better than having to add an extra year to finishing my degree.

It’s especially nice when you get a reply from a lecturer you’ve been worked with over a year and they say they look forward meeting with you in person again.

I’ve started reading a short Chinese novel titled “Seven Kinds of Mushrooms”. I’m having fun with it. Though the mosquitoes make it very hard to stay focused outside.
I actually managed to swap a pair while they were mating or something.

Went to the store to pick up some paper towels. It was uneventful.

Later in the afternoon I cleaned out my room entirely. I’ve been neglecting it while I was weaker.
Lots of papers lying about. Mainly random Chinese writing sheets.
I also seem to lose socks without even noticing. Found like four pairs.
I put away the standing fan. No need for it now. I wrapped it in a plastic bag and took it to down into the basement. It kinda makes it feel like summer is officially over.

Also package from China arrived. It’s just a bunch of books I bought in a package. It has the Xunzi in it which is why I bought it. Also came with the “Book of Filial Piety”, “Confucius’ Home Sayings” and also a volume titled “Chuanxi Lu” (I’d probably render it as “Anthology of Learnings Passed down”) which is supposedly a Ming dynasty confucian work by Wang Yangming judging by the cover.
It’s actually amazing how I can almost read the introduction without consulting a dictionary at all.
Anyway they are fun little pamphlet-editions and I will use and abuse them throughout the year hopefully.

Internet on my PC keeps shitting itself for some reason. Don’t know why but every 5 or so minutes it cuts out. Makes it unusable.
No. 80576
> Though the mosquitoes make it very hard to stay focused outside.
Cold enough to freeze, not cold enough for mosquitoes to fuck off. (((

Soon they'll disappear or central heating will be turned on.
No. 80577
>They never asked for your judgement.
I also never asked for your comment. We are the same, you and me.

By publicising a picture of oneself one (explicitly) does ask for judgment by others, though.
Also, what is going on here? Do you all have real name accounts with your actual pictures on social media that you feel so vexed about random strangers judging other random strangers?

You don't want to get judged by random strangers on the internet?
Then don't make it possible for them to look at your ugly mug, easy as.
No. 80578
144 kB, 1200 × 1721
5,8 MB, 4273 × 5309
90 kB, 600 × 600
Spent an evening with etymological dictionary, I realized that "fascist" and "faggot" are relative words.
No. 80579 Kontra
>We are the same, you and me.

I don't feel the urge to comment on people's appearances socializing outside of online communities
No. 80580
I already knew it because I am a Chad latin.
No. 80588 Kontra
If they were merely socializing outside their online communities, they wouldn't post any pictures to their (publicly accessible) online communities.
Also, for all I know you could be a vile facebook troll, try to prove the opposite.
No. 80593
398 kB, 975 × 1260
just had another BIG BRAIN thought.
AI generated art has existed for way longer, and in more complex forms. it just used humans for the computation.
Remember those elsa vs spiderman videos, or those fake "lifehack" videos? Or SEO optimized top 10 web pages?
All content that is optimized to game the recommendation algorithms of social media platforms is essentially "AI generated".
The actual creation of the final media content is just a formality, the part that's doing the "creative decisions" is the statistical weighting of the output.

Also, I have a suspicion that the reason those huge corporations can't get rid of this low quality content that is obviously damaging to their product's value, is that they can't. Their content rating AIs have already been trained, and they can't retrain them or even pick the right metrics.

It's funny to think that a bunch of third world content generation farms are absolutely cucking those tech megacorporations by feeding weird data into their servers. Epic.

How long until someone with enough resources starts mass uploading generated images on the internet, effectively training AIs to always paint pictures of goatse regardless of input?
No. 80594
>How long until someone with enough resources starts mass uploading generated images on the internet, effectively training AIs to always paint pictures of goatse regardless of input?
Be the change you want to see <3
No. 80595
Aren't those AI trained/based on the optimization decisions of humans? Also, the content does matter, people don't view anything just because the algorithm was gamed. The content is "astonishing" even if it is crap. Perhaps it is exactly why they did it like that. I hardly see how the AI used humans for computation.
No. 80596
People view whatever the algorithm shows them.
People make whatever that makes the algorithm show their content to the people.

The AI is "outsourcing" the content generation by "weighting" certain content higher than other content through monetary compensation - labor / time expended. I see this no differently than "rewarding" a generation algorithm by giving it a higher "score" for the right images.
No. 80597
>Their content rating AIs have already been trained, and they can't retrain them
No, such things are not trained "once and forever". Youtube doesn't automatically delete all the content about Elsa and syringes but it decreased its ranking and demonetized it after the public scandal.

Why do you presume that such crap is algorithm's bug and not what children prefer to watch?
No. 80598 Kontra
Because as the adage goes “Children are fucking stupid” and they have no agency in most regards in their lives until they get older.
No. 80599
Yes, they are. That's why they like to watch these videos. In this sense algorithm did exactly what it was supposed it to do: gave the audience what it prefers to watch. (another problem is that it's not always desired outcome, especially with children)
No. 80600
this isn't really a chicken and egg problem
such content only started existing after the algorithm was implemented

it's not like it has always existed, but the algorithm promoted it.
there's clear causality here.
No. 80603
Such content didn't exist because it's impossible to publish show about Elsa, crap and syringes on Nickelodeon. Telebubbies is as close as you can get to it.
No. 80604
6 kB, 225 × 225
Youtube existed before it had a curation algorithm and was even more loose with copyright back in those times
No. 80605
In 2009 youtube wasn't watched by toddlers en masse.
No. 80611 Kontra
19 kB, 480 × 480
where were u wen queen elsabet die
No. 80619
The article didn't say exactly when her death was pronounced.
But I was probably eating dry stewed chicken breast i made, which took a while.
No. 80626
Ah, you mean the algorithm pushes a certain production of content? On tiktok some people gamed the algorithm by posting long texts/takes but make the video only a few seconds long so it is watched a few times which signals the algorithm it is catching but in the end if your take/text is shit nobody will engage in it quickly dies. The algorithm is not everything then.

>it always what people demand

Ach ja, this one again. Well, I said people might watch 5min cragt because it is trash and shit, as I said it is "astonishing", I watched several of these Videos until I got bored. You know click metrics dont tell you so much why people watch something, just that they do.
No. 80629
4,5 MB, 5545 × 6809
I was suddenly realizing that this goofy mf is now king and laughed out loud.
No. 80630
Easily amused, aren't you?
No. 80632
Yes, it's one of the perks of having a sense of humor.
No. 80633
Nice strawman, m8
No. 80641
Feels good man. Weakening that institution is always a good thing. Might even get a republic out of it. Not exactly a solution to any of our problems, but good for a cheeky laugh, and potentially not having someone else's flag on ours.
No. 80647
Set alarm to 8.
Have been up since 5:45 because it was extremely hot and also I had to pee and generally felt uncomfortable and not able to sleep anymore.
Now I am sitting here, feeling like I got up much too early.
What is my body even trying to tell me?
No. 80648
I woke up at 3:30 today. I feel you, bro.
No. 80649
Shit. Work-related or just because your body fucking with you?
No. 80650
I'm on vacation right now, so not work-related. I haven't been sleeping that well the last couple of days, so I woke up in the middle of the night. I think, I achieved to fall asleep again though?
No. 80651
Oh well then, enjoy it while it lasts.
No. 80652
Monarchy is a beneficial institute. Bydlo tends to sacralize authority figures. Better when it's some ceremonial royalty while actual politicians are viewed merely as elected state managers. Kinda a vaccine against caesarism.

And in case you live in authoritarian country anyway, better have a king like in fairy tale than pathetic sham elections.
No. 80653
Nod really.
t. lives in a country where the crown's representative recently signed off on a backroom power grab that bordered on coup attempt
No. 80654
He did it because of covid! =D
Are you antivaxer or something?
No. 80655 Kontra
Context: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-16/how-can-scott-morrison-be-secretly-sworn-in-several-portfolios/101335064

Scuffed bit is that it was technically legal to do that. Also kind of in character for the seat of Governor-General too. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1975_Australian_constitutional_crisis

In short, nah. Having a foreign, unelected agent with absolute executive authority over government, to the point of being able to just fire a sitting elected parliament is fucking garbage.
No. 80656
Ebin :-DDD
No. 80657 Kontra
These are also pretty wild: https://www.naa.gov.au/explore-collection/kerr-palace-letters

Lot to dig through, but scholars who did the digging found that the Crown knew of Kerr's intent to sack the elected government, and that he was advised by the highest levels of the Australian legal system that he didn't really have justification for it, but the crown essentially told Kerr to tell the Australian legal system to go fuck itself and remember that it's a goddamn colony.
No. 80658
49 kB, 640 × 812
>At work
>Meeting with a customer
>talking about some design points
>Among them, arrows to shift stuff up/down
>Start murmuring "up and down"
>The other guy understands directly and does the same
Now I've been listening to Vengaboys for the past half hour or so. Everything sounds the same, but it's kinda uplifting and fun.
Also, the singer girl makes my naughty bits tingle.
No. 80659
37 kB, 660 × 500
And up...
No. 80660
36 kB, 1280 × 720
And down...
No. 80661
23 kB, 1500 × 1125
Holy fuck. German tax-financed state TV is so fucking obsessed with nobility. Just now I visited my grandma, the news were on. Of course a certain death was the main thing. I went shopping for groceries and when I came back they ran out of things to say about her or whatever. So what did they do? Extend their obsession to the country of the nobles in question.

Some dude was on screen, wearing what state TV thinks is stereotypical British clothing, rambling on about pork pies.

I'm kinda glad I'm too poor so I don't have to pay for that bullshit.

The first lyrics site I came across at one point couldn't be arsed and put an "etc" between the ups and downs
No. 80662
Ernst, were you born just yesterday? The ZDF has been broadcasting every single nobility happening since forever.
I should know because my mom has watched every single broadcasted nobility happening since forever.

>I'm kinda glad I'm too poor so I don't have to pay for that bullshit.
Wait, Hartzers don't have to pay protection money to the GEZ mafia?
No. 80663
>Ernst, were you born just yesterday? The ZDF has been broadcasting every single nobility happening since forever.
I know, but I try to forget between happenings.

>don't have to pay protection money to the GEZ mafia?
No. 80664
>I know, but I try to forget between happenings.
Right, that's understandable. Oh well, I am glad to pay for the independent high-quality programme the public broadcasters provide us with.
No. 80665
it's so embarrassing when you message a software vendor you integrate with, with some issue in the software you do support for, and they link you to their official documentation and tell you that there's no problem on their side and that basically we should RTFM.

But we can't RTFM because nobody in the dev team speaks english.
No. 80668
Wait, how can you be a computer developer in 2022 without speaking english?
No. 80671
You live in eastern europe and program in php.
No. 80672
>any web "development"
No. 80674 Kontra
>rambling on about pork pies

That sounds like an excellent use of taxpayer money. How can EC apply for ZDF funding?
No. 80675
happy day, local gym now works til midnight.

now I can overwork and still make it to the gym when nobody's there.
No. 80676
Not sure if I enjoy the new boomerbrick.
No. 80679
It's what people like to watch, what's your problem?

t. a russian

I gladly pay my GEZ for Deutschlandfunk and Deutschlandfunk Kultur and other talk radio, quality is quality and should replace all the advertisement Chart-Dudelfunk stations forever
No. 80680
Are you willing to wear silly dresses?
No. 80682
You are aware that those stations you listed could be run at like 5% of what they are currently taking from us? The other 95% go into intendant pockets and Musikantenstadl coke.
No. 80684
Hey, cut down on demagoguery. Only I have a right to do it!
No. 80686
>Only I have a right to do it!
Show your licence.
No. 80687 Kontra
95 kB, 693 × 431
Have a nice weekend, Ernsts.
No. 80688
65 kB, 500 × 410
No. 80689
Et tu, Erneste.
No. 80690 Kontra
I'm afraid it only allows you to wear shining objects on your left and right breasts. You still need a separate license for demagoguery.
No. 80691
Currently dealing with the cognitive dissonance of enjoying working, getting satisfaction from doing a good job and going above and beyond, but hating the fact that my employer is profiting from that.

This is more like a return to form.

fuck you
No. 80692
I am aware and my solution is that the TV and online offers have to adhere to a Deutschlandfunk quality standard. More features, art discussions and education, less easy entertainment.

t. education dictator
No. 80693 Kontra
there is a comma missing between art and discussions.
No. 80694
I'd be ok with that.
Alternatively: I decide which channel(s) my money goes to.
No. 80695
Which channels would your money go to?
No. 80696
I haven't been watching TV for about ten years, but I'd say Phoenix, 3Sat and Deutschlandfunk would be the ones I'd be ok with giving my money to.
No. 80697
>I decide which channel(s) my money goes to.

Interesting, wonder how that would turn out if realized.
No. 80698 Kontra
7 kB, 311 × 234
>Letting people decide what media public money subsidises
It's the thin end of the wedge, appalling barbarism. The end of civilisation as we know it.
No. 80699
My money goes to national TV weather I want it or not.
It's a big debate here because Swiss-Germans tend to want to supress the media tax but the Welsches want to keep it. Especially since local state-funded radio and TV stations are pretty much the core of their modern identity.
No. 80700
I drunk and it didn't hit again
No. 80701
Always remember: It is wrong to be french.
No. 80703
ominous chanting on the TV
No. 80710
202 kB, 645 × 900
Do you remember what someone was wearing the previous day? Family, at work, a neighbor, whatever. I never do, but am not sure if that is normal, or if I am simply inattentive. Anyway, I just wore the same shirt to the gym two days in a row and would like to gauge the odds anyone noticed.
No. 80712
I don't but i think others do which is why it makes me feel weird to own the exact same T-Shirt 5 or 6 times.
No. 80714 Kontra
This depends on the clothing and the attention people spent. If you wore a T-Shirt with a big Osama Bin Laden face printed all over people might notice more likely. But generally this is often not the case, but I sometimes remember clothing yeah and I could tell you in one case that my roommate wore her brown jacket the other day. I remember the clothing of my last love interest from weeks ago since she was doing stunning stuff in my eyes.
No. 80715
> own the exact same T-Shirt 5 or 6 times.
Nothing wrong with that, unless it's the only t-shirts you own. In that case you're probably a tv show character.
No. 80716
As long as it didn't stink nobody cared.
No. 80719
53 kB, 797 × 429
>unless it's the only t-shirts you own. In that case you're probably a tv show character.

Well, i have multiple shirts but the two or so shirts i have that i actually wear i own multiple times.

Pic related. Me.
No. 80720 Kontra
I own the same shirt in multiple colours.
Though I do have like 3 red sweaters which are the same.
Nobody ever mentioned it.
No. 80722
66 kB, 1033 × 679
>same T-Shirt 5 or 6 times
In my Johnny Bravo phase I had similar and kept a pile of plain black T's. I think as long as the shirt is basic, then people will assume it's a duplicate. All my current gym shirts have various prints...

...but no Osama Bin Laden. This one was Voltron.

It passed the initial smell test, but since I walk to the gym, that certified wearable™ status may have slipped a notch by the time I arrived. It was in the 80's /upper 20's.


>I own the same shirt in multiple colours.
Smart. I have what I refer to as "shirt anxiety", the persistent fear that the shirts I have now are the last decent shirts I will ever find. I go through, and reject, a lot of them. The next time I find a well-fitting plain T I'm going to buy one in every color.
No. 80723 Kontra
66 kB, 1033 × 679
Sorry, that errant period was bothering me.
No. 80724
I feel tired, but also restless. And disaffected and a bit angry. Also bored and phlegmatic.
I want to go to sleep, but I don't want to go to bed.
I have stuff to do tomorrow that will take all day and I already hate it, especially since I have to take public transportation and I just know the train will be full of subhumans.
Also everyone is ging more full retardeder than ever before.
If I were god I would just kill everyone and start over.
No. 80725 Kontra
3,2 MB, 347 × 230, 0:04
Fuggen saved!
No. 80730
Is the picture and/or sentence some reference I'm not getting?
No. 80731 Kontra
175 kB, 1033 × 679
It’s an edit of this.
No. 80732
Thanks, but next question: What's this from?
No. 80733 Kontra
I own 5 identical white t-shirts I wear. I own another set of 5 identical t-shirts that are from the previous batch but they're too worn so I keep them for working out.
In another few months, the new batch will take the place of the old ones and I'll buy another set.
No. 80751
53 kB, 2182 × 1052
36 kB, 937 × 473
43 kB, 292 × 333
25 kB, 674 × 829
I miss making Ernsts. In general imageboards could do with more OC.

>white t-shirts

I see you like to live dangerously. Do you just eat naked?

For me, I'm old and flabby so I just buy a multicoloured pack of shirts that is slowly transitioning into them all being breathable gym t-shirts of various colours that match my skin tone i.e. blue, jade, grey, black etc. A t-shirt is really a base anyway for an outfit so versatility is a premium and if I ever went on print-shirts I'd have to be an assburger and get custom book t-shirts or bands nobody has heard of.
No. 80766
Went to the city again, to pick up my shoes.
Soles are as new, now I just have to wax them and they're ready for the autumn.
Haven't worn them for two years or so, I am already looking forward to it. Nothing better than nicely broken in leather shoes.
No. 80769
2,5 MB, 272 × 480, 0:54
Making jam out of apples I liberated from my parents' garden. Tastes pretty good, as one would expect from a pile of sugar and some apple.
No. 80772
I think I never ate apple jam in my life and never thought about it being a thing. I imagine it spreading over a piece of bread and it seems off. But then again on a sweet milk bun, I can imagine it as perfect, with a bit of cinnamon in the jam.
No. 80777
173 kB, 1080 × 1057
I eat it all the time but it probably isn't very popular generally. Really like it in my porridge or plain(?) yogurt and muesli. My preference is to add cinnamon separately if I want it, and that's how I buy it as well. Though now I have about 3kg of it and that's way too much. Gotta give some of it away.
No. 80779
On topic of Youtube. Another victim of the algorithm:
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ckVYO9oI8vc
> My Son who is Autistic is completely obsessed with this song/video. We are not Jewish and IDK where or when he found this video. But now we watch it on average 20 times a day and before bed it's a must..keep up the great work gentlemen you Are making my kid smile!!
No. 80780 Kontra
20 kB, 431 × 345
I've watched that for at least three times before this time as well.

t. Algorithm survivor
No. 80781
78 kB, 625 × 468
When did they change "King Sized" candy bars to "Share Size"? I didn't get this oversized Twix because I'm surrounded by hungry friends, I got it because I'm a wealthy aristocrat who enjoys the finest things lfe has to offer.

For me, making OC is like planning a day out: I'm not sure if I should, it's easier not to, but looking back I'm glad that I put in the effort.
No. 80782
Either a woman complained or a fatburger.
No. 80783
687 kB, 640 × 360, 0:14
Damn loyalist!
No. 80794
Send me something by mail then!

I looked up apple jam (Apfelmarmelade) but turns it out it is commonly sold under apple jelly (Apfelgelee), might give it a try.
No. 80798
Gelee and Marmelade are discerned by their fruit content, iirc, but they're not the same thing. Or was it Konfitüre? Can't remember.
No. 80803 Kontra
Konfitüre has fruit pieces, Marmelade not.

>Lebensmittelrechtlich werden Gelees aus wässrigen Auszügen von Früchten oder eingedicktem Fruchtsaft als Gelee einfach (Obstsaftanteil von mindestens 35 %) oder Gelee extra (Obstsaftanteil von mindestens 45 %) bezeichnet.
No. 80805
Cool, thanks
No. 80806
88 kB, 768 × 1280
>Send me something by mail then!
Sure, I can send a small jar if you give me an address :D Somewhat related, what a shame that Finland got rid of pseudonymous poste restante addresses. I received all kinds of stuff from people from IRC channels and IBs before that was taken away. Very sad.

>I looked up apple jam (Apfelmarmelade) but turns it out it is commonly sold under apple jelly (Apfelgelee), might give it a try.
Hmmm, I think marmalade has a much stiffer constitution than jam does. Jelly is supposed to be very stiff as well, no? The stuff I made is definitely jam, bordering on mash. I finally understood why the French call potatoes pomme de terre, it was almost impossible to tell if I was making potato mash or apple jelly just by looking at the pot. I prefer it like that so it's somewhat mixable in yogurt. Marmalade or jelly would just remain as a large chunk unless I cut it into pieces.
No. 80810
Central heating is not turned on yet. Cold-proof mosquitoes are still flying.
No. 80815
455 kB, 2560 × 1707
>if you give me an address

Herrn Ernst-Casper Hauser
Carl Friedrich von Wurf-Allee 89a
10249 Berlin

just in case: it's just kidding I will never give out address

>like mash

So maybe you did Apfelmus? That is nothing to eat with bread, but maybe pancakes. Oh yes, I ate European pancakes (flapjacks?) with Apfelmus a lot as kid.
No. 80817
Wait what the fuck I thought I had already replied with an Apfelmus post of my own.
Was the post deleted? Did it get lost in the ether? Have I mandela'd myself despite potentially posting this not even half an hour ago?
No. 80818
51 kB, 674 × 912
>just in case: it's just kidding I will never give out address
Thanks for the clarification. Some countries might still have pseudonymous mail so you never know. I've personally collected mail for Arto Nym(passable name close to anonymous) from postal offices.

>So maybe you did Apfelmus? That is nothing to eat with bread, but maybe pancakes. Oh yes, I ate European pancakes (flapjacks?) with Apfelmus a lot as kid.
Yes I eat with pancakes as well, I very rarely put anything sweet on my bread. The jam is pretty close to the image you posted but a bit denser, stiffer consistency due to jam/jelly sugar, and more of it, probably.
No. 80827 Kontra
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I woke up really early today. My mother is accompanying my father on his next business trip, so I'm left in charge of the house.
I got up early to say goodbye to them. (They said saying goodbye last night is fine but I insisted.)

I wrote an email to the workshop's Chinese cabinet supervisor about what I intend to research in the next two semesters.
Had a croissant and a strong coffee and then I just lazed about, chatting online. Then I made some fries and cheese for lunch.

Went out, checked the plants and then spent half an hour reading the example texts from the Chinese textbooks and another half an hour on my anki deck. I just couldn't concentrate. I went to bed and fell asleep for a couple of hours and I did nothing afterwards again.

Tomorrow I'm gonna do some preparations like going out and buying a bus pass and such. And learn more Chinese.
My schedule is okay. On a lot of days I can sleep in and go to campus for noon or even later.
No more 7:15 Latin classes for this guy. (Though I'm actually having a lot of fun with my meagre latin knowledge.)

Still, I gotta fix my sleep schedule and it's not looking to good so far.

Can't comment on the name change, since there's no such a thing as a "King Sized" chocolate bar here.

Sometimes I feel anxious that someone will notice that I'm basically a sitcom character who spends the entire winter in different coloured versions of the same sweater.
But then nobody does.
No. 80839
Duolingo is a hell of a drug. One hour before deadline. Me and Muhammad compete for place #10 in TOP-10 list of our room. So I rapidly complete lessons on Hebrew to gain so needed good boy points and he -- lessons of German.
The one who wins, he will receive even more good boy points.
No. 80869
As an experiment I threw some old bread out on my flats patio to see if the birds would take to it. There no grass but if you ever leave a black bin bag out then Mr.Crow will be poking holes in it within moments. He's completely shameless about it as well; you shoo him away and he hops onto some railing less than a meter away while muttering something anti-sapien and waits for you to leave.

Well, the little buggers seem to have turned their noses right up at my malted bread with pumpkin seeds - I may even have to come out tonight and pick it up lest I attract mice!

Regulatory politics.

The government would never ordinarily tolerate such large portions being available for consumption in a single package because it's extremely unhealthy to eat that much chocolate. At minimum they would bring in laws to reduce the sugar content which would is hell for confectioners because it involves tampering with the recipe and most of what you eat taste like utter shite without a massive hit of sugar.

Industry however got the clever idea of making share sizes so they can say "look, we made this to share or save for later so it's the consumers fault!" And so the fat men can rejoice that their giant bars of sugar remain on shelves, confectioners can stave of regulation, politicians can pretend they're in dialogue with industry to avoid red-tape and civil servants don't have to work out whether a Twix is a chocolate or a biscuit. Everyone wins until the insulin resistance kicks in.

No. 80870 Kontra
1 kB, 163 × 146
In Kein news I took a girl out for drinks yesterday and she got drunk. She told me she wants independence and could never be a clingy princess type who needs caring for, let me tell you with Allah as my witness she hasn't stopped messaging me since I walked her home and even stopped me watching Frasier with some camomile tea last night.

Apparently I'm a little chubby so she's going to get me active, also we're going to try to be morning people and get a dog and cat. Being a good listener has its perks but sometimes it doesn't.
No. 80873 Kontra
>the fat men can rejoice that their giant bars of sugar remain on shelves, confectioners can stave of regulation, politicians can pretend they're in dialogue with industry to avoid red-tape and civil servants don't have to work out whether a Twix is a chocolate or a biscuit.
I love bureaucracy.
No. 80899
Crazy how nothing is open Sundays save for the grocery stores. It's also crazy how I never noticed before.
Basically in the entire town centre you only had old ladies and alcoholic tradies bumbling about.
No. 80952
Go to Germany and your sentence would end at "Sundays". Praise be to the holy Weekend.
No. 80955 Kontra
We tried that a few years ago (Orbán threw a bone to the Christian-Democratic People's Party, which is basically a satellite party of his, but officially it's in a coalition with Fidesz) and everyone hated the idea when they announced it, but they went forward with it anyway. Then everyone hated it when it got announced, and eventually they rolled it back to save face. (As in, not be fucked over in a referendum.)
No. 80999
161 kB, 1170 × 1441
Are there any ethical concerns when an employer provides free coffee to employees? On one hand they are literally drugging people to profit from their increased productivity, but on the other hand if there was no coffee in the break room I would quit.

Sounds like a keeper whether you want it or not :D.

It used to be that way here, now the only thing closed on Sunday's is Chick-Fil-A. Fast-food chicken place with a Christian founder.
No. 81002
106 kB, 540 × 720
As someone living in London I'm getting pretty tired already of being told not to travel anywhere. We have a national holiday on Monday but I'll likely spend it cowering inside as royalists parade in the streets like an occupying army from a country where people will queue for hours 'just to be part of it'.

I'd post a Death of Stalin screenshot but I don't want a baying mob to drag me from my home and sacrifice me to their Corgi god.

In Britain there is now the emergence of shadow benefits where employees even receive a lunch that you can take home, or boxes of household gifts that you can't consume it on the premises for tax purposes. Such is the cost of living crisis in Broken Britain after a decade of stagnant wages.

Everything is fucked and coffee was the thin end of the wedge. Just think, why don't they pay you more money instead of giving free coffee? To condition their employees into a state of dependence of course.
No. 81040
1,9 MB, 2973 × 1980
1,8 MB, 2591 × 2982
2,2 MB, 3143 × 2548
First day of the semester is over.
Had a single class. We will be reading works by Miklós Mészöly. I have no idea how this ties into the study plan under the title "Cultural Canons and Institutions" and the lecturer doesn't either.
But I guess it'll be okay. (Anything to be done with it)
Used my tablet for taking notes instead of a notebook and it works well enough.

Went to the library just to check in. There was a large pile of books up for "adoption".
I bought home a bunch. The two Chinese ones are "Grand Dictionary of the Daoist Religion" and "Dream of the Red Chamber". DotRC is in a single volume, I went through it and checked all the chapters and such.
Very fancy edition. Good binding, good paper. It goes from right to left top to bottom using traditional characters. So in accordance of what SinoErnst said, this is more of fancy volume for people who know what they're doing. (So not me.)
And it's mostly unopened. The pages are stuck together.
I don't think I will ever top this haul.
Actually had trouble carrying home all the stuff.

That old dictionary I took home for fun because it has all sorts of funny bureaucratic terms and concepts in it and I get a perverse enjoyment out of reading stuff like that.
I think I actually went a bit on the librarian's nerves. I was basically acting very erratic and uncomposed shifting through the stuff.

I had lunch at home to save on money and then I slept for a few hours before going to a consultation regarding the time for the German classes.
Afterwards I spent like one and a half hours talking with the members of the workshop mostly about dumb philosophical nonsense (I think we basically just trolled each other relentlessly) and literature.

Realized I can actually use outlook's calendar to make my schedule because I can set events to repeat until a set date, so I moved my schedule over there. Looks a bit fancier than the excel file I used before.
No. 81041
karma struck back and broke my phone out of the blue.
now I have a (gasp) unaccounted expense
No. 81053
There is no ethical consumption under capitalism.

But, if iphones were ethically produced under communism, I'd still look down on you for having one.
No. 81054 Kontra
212 kB, 1080 × 907
Why do you keep buying unethical, weak, sissy android devices and breaking them? Get a well built, communist endorsed, environmentally sourced, worker's rights endorsing Apple device instead.

It truly is the peoples' phone. From the homeless to the richest of the rich everyone are using identical devices with the same OS. Think about that. That is the only thing they have in common. An Apple device. Now that's gommunism.
No. 81056
135 kB, 1400 × 1400
It's me who will be head of Gosplan under socialism. And I won't allow to produce Iphones, everyone will use stylish clamshell phones.
No. 81057 Kontra
17 kB, 300 × 100
No. 81058
I propose that consumption under capitalism can be ethical when you have the choice. Rich people should live as environmentally friendly as possible, they have the means and are obliged to make use of this. So no more (private) air travel for these people. They have to use the train or (other) electrical devices.

Golden. Perfectly captures ECs creator vibe. EC is a hub for special kinds of minds.
No. 81059
>Rich people should live as environmentally friendly as possible, they have the means and are obliged to make use of this.
How much money do you need to enter the ethical consumption phase?
No. 81060 Kontra
Uh, you do know that Diesel trains are still a thing? Especially those that don't just drive around cities?
No. 81061 Kontra
68 kB, 620 × 930
Egscellent work.
No. 81062 Kontra
Uh, you do know that this was implied in the (other) as in (electrical) trains and other electric transportation means. Yes, I'm very aware of Diesel trains, I even was a passenger in some.

We are still doing the calculations to have an exact number. I think you are spared, phew :D On the other hand, you made a luxurious journey to Poland. Care to reveal your mode of transportation, perhaps we have to sanction you in retrospection.
No. 81065
Looks like digital dreams, rightwing libertarianism with the hippie attitude still mixed in is a thing. Sounds like an interesting read of an interesting microcosms

>I thanked him and gave him a minute. Looking around the bar I recognized someone I’d met at an event in Austin last fall, a kind of TikTok hype house for highly online reactionaries, organized by podcaster Justin Murphy. I remembered him vividly, because when he arrived at the house, directly from the airport, the first thing he did was pull out a hardcover copy of Henry Kissinger’s World Order from his messenger bag, and the second thing he did was pull out a knife and slice open the book’s spine, in which he had hidden tabs of LSD. He worked on Urbit, he told me, and he shared his acid with another Urbit engineer, an extremely tall, extremely hyper 22-year-old Australian dressed in a white Tommy Hilfiger tracksuit. We chatted about cyberpunk philosopher Nick Land (“based”) but the two of them were soon engrossed in their laptops, playing StarCraft while they waited for the acid to hit.

No. 81067 Kontra
Stopped reading at "Austin", and so should you have.
No. 81068
What's the problem with Austin?
No. 81070
838 kB, 280 × 210, 0:04
It's in the US, which means the author is most likely a unitedstatian.
All americans are insane, especially those who write articles on the internet.
And consuming this kind of writing affects your mental,too, and yours, and yours... and yours.
No. 81071 Kontra
The articles is long and I'm still reading but it opens many links. And one is that on the Urbit (an alternative to the web we know) people pay literary people, arts people etc.

Check people showing up at their parties reading stuff like this
No. 81072
Stopped reading at peepeepoopoomag.com
Yes, I started reading the post from the link.
No. 81073
Had first Chinese lesson of the semester. I'm a bit anxious, since they expect a lot more work from us but I think I'll manage once I get into the rhythm.
Everything is the same otherwise.

I re-did it with a higher-res EC logo. Put it on /meta/ in the banner thread.
No. 81074 Kontra
63 kB, 680 × 680
Looks great! Deserves to be added as a banner for sure.
No. 81075
>And one is that on the Urbit (an alternative to the web we know) people pay literary people, arts people etc.
I don't understand what you're trying to say here, but I looked up that "Urbit" and still don't understand what it actually is supposed to be, except that the founder is apparently some kind of nutcase obsessed with Borges. As I said, insane americans.
No. 81076 Kontra
And link opened by the article is that Urbit people seek connections into the world of "culture" or more like subculture and literary and arts scene. It is the cyber-quadruple: cybernetics concepts, technology, politics/social organization and various forms of art/design. Basically the article ventures into a rather obscure corner of society to peek into cultural and political developments. But in the end Urbit is a fantasy that some people still work with to move the actual reality. As far as I understood it Urbit is the attempt to built an actually liberal internet in the sense that you own a corner of the internet and can do whatever you want with it, no need for platforms etc. If that is true or can actually, will actually work. I don't know, I don't think so, but the existence of it is interesting because it spills back into the real world or can be read for what our times are. Of where this might be going. And before people bemoan that this is just a little piece: Of course something like the Ukrainian war plays also part in how our world will look like. The problem might be that I consumed lots of books and articles on cybernetics, systems science and the whole culture around it.
Something like systems time, a circular understanding of time don't worry, physical time stays what it is, from the present the future is to be controlled cybernetics, probability theory, engineering are just things that form a control paradigm, control contingency. But this controlling of the future which strictly speaking can only be unknowable has it hasn't happened forks back at the actual present as it operates with fictions that can be critical for how the actual future turns out.
No. 81077
That's an awful lot of "cybernetics" in here, and the way you describe it would mean that this whole construct operates under the premise that you are your own ISP.
A "truly free" internet with "your very own corner(property)" can, by definition, not work as long as you don't also own the connection, because without connection you are simply locked out of anything you could possibly do.
Maybe that is something that should be considered first.
No. 81078 Kontra
I'm actually a dipshit retard and that edition of "Dream of the red chamber" is from Taiwan and not the mainland.
The back says "中華民國八十三年", so "83rd year of the Republic of China".
No. 81079
Cybernetics, as a discipline, is reactionary in nature.
No. 81080
>That's an awful lot of "cybernetics" in here,

Cybernetics is just a placeholder, an umbrella term for a lot of concepts and historic, technological, social and cultural developments. If you are the academic Ernst you will know how incredibly vast a field or topic can become once you dig deeper into it and how it sprawls out and makes you eager to find containment.

>Maybe that is something that should be considered first.

As mentioned I don't believe in this utopian (for some dystopian) vision of the internet, I'm just interested in the culture around it. Even if a utopia does not materialize or work out, it can have profound impact, I don't need to tell anyone. I don't think we will have 'networked CEO lead city states' and a liberal urbit alternative running in parallel. But I'm interested in these libertarian fantasies, as economy and state have rivaled (and worked together) in the last decades. This is just an expression of postdemocratic politics, if you will. And I wonder how telling and how fitting this is for the times in general. and yeah I know that this cannot easily be universalized or translated, I'm speaking about tendencies, trends that can have unique twists or even provoke a "counter-trend" to keep the language I have used
No. 81082
Yeah, many critics claim it to be totalitarian. Usually, there is conservative cybernetics and creative (left) cybernetics but people like Dieter Mersch say it doesn't matter it is both mathematical reduction of everything and always ends up in control fantasies. But indeed this culture can be found everywhere, it can make you paranoid. Take information processing, information is a cybernetic concept, a concept that to this day is quite vague don't come and quite some definition since too many exists, that is what I mean by vague. People that speak psychologically and about an organism or a brain processing information are part of a cybernetic culture and frame of understanding things. A question unresolved is if information are ahistoric, ontologically actually a thing.
No. 81084 Kontra
Also cybernetics as discipline is practically dead for decades now. What did live on meta-scientifically cybernetics was conceptualized as meta science are notions like information that can be found in many disciplines.
No. 81090 Kontra
40 kB, 720 × 960

That's it for today.
No. 81094
272 kB, 612 × 383

The oldest surviving thread on Ernstchan has hit Systemkonta. 4 years 2 months and 11 days...damn...No. No tears; this is a time to celebrate, to recall every attempt at physical improvement Ernst documented over that incredible span and revel in the audacity. Here's to the next 300 weight loss and fitness blogposts...
No. 81095
Is there in Ernst that posted for 4 years. What are beginning an end stats?
No. 81096

In the span of almost two years, I've lost 100 lbs. I hope to weigh 200 lbs. any time in 2023, but for now, I will be humbled yet thrilled with the journey I have taken to better health.
No. 81097 Kontra
Wasn't USSR very into cybernetics? Another evidence of the reactionary nature of the Soviet regime.
No. 81099
Sort of. They had factions for and against. It started off being suppressed, gained a lot of influence and then went back into decline.
No. 81100
>It started off being suppressed, gained a lot of influence and then went back into decline.

This. It was a bad western science at first. Bogdanov is sometimes regarded as proto cyberneticist.
No. 81102
Today I realized Russia is gay and homosex
No. 81107 Kontra
No. 81114
1,9 MB, 1985 × 2362
Handed in my paper yesterday. I have a job interview tomorrow, I hope it does not ruin my planned holiday trip. Since it's not so many hours and is flexible I hope they will be ok with me doing more work in the rest of October so I can take my holidays. Anyway, I still have to get the job.

Other than that I have holidays, haven't had real holidays in 7 years or so. Now I have a month of doing nothing so far. I wanted to read a book on biofabrication but turned it down a few pages into the first chapter. I don't want to read anything, maybe a novel. But other than that nothing, I would prefer reading more of that Duesterberg stuff but in a moving pictures or audio format, my eyes are too stiff to read, exhaustion makes any attempt futile.
Also, this woman I was eyeballing and thought ghosted me after three meet ups was sending me a message again. I had already booked it as fail, now I'm confused and will play the game I hate: let them wait before I answer. Though I don't really know what to answer besides formally answering her questions anyway. Too exhausted for this shit it seems.
No. 81115
Had two lectures today. One was “East Asian Languages and Scripts” and the other was “Modern Chinese Grammar and Linguistics”.
The latter’s gonna be tough. Lecturer talks fast and uses “the lingo” so it’s a bit more effort to follow than regular lectures.
Taking notes on a tablet is actually not that hard. I have infinite paper basically.
It doesn’t feel any different really.

Went out to have lunch between the lectures. Spent some time on reading random history books otherwise.

Talked some with classmates after class and then went home. On my way I went into a record store just to check prices. I’ve been mainly looking for Mahler’s symphonies conducted by Abbado. It’s not that expensive.
Found a CD of Kondrashin conducting Mahler’s 3rd and I might actually go back and get it if I can’t find a torrent because I love the way he conducted Shostakovich.

I have a single class tomorrow but after that I’m going to attend a public lecture/talk at a café a translator is giving.
No. 81127
>One was “East Asian Languages and Scripts”
This is relevant to my interests. I'd appreciate if you shared anything interesting you learn there in the Greater East Asian Co-Prosperity Thread, only if you like of course.
No. 81128
The interview went well, looks like I got the job, we talked about the contingent of hours the contract should be set up with and that it just needs an ok from the head of department. And it will only start in October or even November.
No. 81130
46 kB, 426 × 599
No. 81131
>Also, this woman I was eyeballing and thought ghosted me after three meet ups was sending me a message again. I had already booked it as fail, now I'm confused and will play the game I hate: let them wait before I answer. Though I don't really know what to answer besides formally answering her questions anyway. Too exhausted for this shit it seems.

How long did she take and is there a reason? Women can be energy vampires when it comes to men. Not that it's a write-off, sometimes it's just hard to reach out.

Ask her any old bullshit, if she likes you it will be cute even if it's weird. Within reason. Maybe go with movie/book recommendations so you can have homework to escape the holiday fog. t.has to watch In the Mood for Love

What are you going to do in the meantime?
No. 81132
In the meantime, Mars left.
No. 81133
The hunger winter is averted :DDD

>What are you going to do in the meantime?

Nothing, live from my savings. I will also go on holiday for two weeks or so. Otherwise, I hope reading stuff.

I don't ill but I had to cough quite badly, yesterday was feeling fine, the day before that I was feeling like something is coming, maybe I did catch it finally. But I feel like this for a week more or less now.

>How long did she take and is there a reason?

three weeks or four, but she took a trip after we last met so you have to subtract that, I told her to write when she is back, when she didn't I thought ok she has no interest. She said she was working and I know she does work a lot atm to make some money and now she is again on a holiday and wrote me, she basically works to make holidays and support herself as far as I can estimate.
Whatever, I just wonder if she is interested in more or of she was disappointed by me. I mean we were catching gazes many times before even talking so I thought she was attracted to my appearance before we even talked, so this cannot simply vanish. But there hardly has been much body contact the last time and even the time before was less exciting. I know people say mixed signals is better taken as a no but some signals were so well, that maybe she cannot get over herself. I know she was quite nervous when we met the second time. I just want to cuddle her.
Will ask her for a holiday pic tomorrow or so.
No. 81134
I got confirmation mail for my job.

I forgot, go watch that Wong Kar-wai. Have you watched Fallen Angels?
No. 81139 Kontra
151 kB, 1166 × 1180
What a shit day with fighting with MS 365 stuff. The whole management infrastructure is so unbelievably bad and slow. The backend probably runs entirely on Excel macros outsourced from India.

Congrats on the job!
No. 81142
610 kB, 1280 × 720
I woke up hungry, which is unusual; I'm usually good for 2-3 hours on just a cup of coffee, but today immediately prepared food. I don't like it. It feels like I didn't earn the meal with activity and such.

The majority of my posts were related to running. At first, I couldn't, now I can. I no longer time myself, and am undoubtedly slower than my peak pace, but my current cardio conditioning is such that a 5k is nearly effortless.

No. 81143
ominous chanting resumes
No. 81145 Kontra
annoyed grunting in the distance
No. 81146
Ah sometimes you have to send the first message when they get back even if you feel daft for it. They end up overthinking such interactions much worse than we do. She did eventually get back to you though so she probably does want to jump on your bones and there's no need for games.

Next time physically touch her arm and stuff near the end of a date, if she's fine with it then slowly escalate, you handsome man. If not receptive then she can fuck right off.

>she basically works to make holidays and support herself as far as I can estimate

Such cases. A girl I'm seeing is off to New York and then a few weeks later is off to Syracuse. Meanwhile I haven't left the country in nearly 10 years but I have a pile of money to show for it. I have a theory that men and women at a certain age just have different cultural pressures that turns men thrifty and women into experience consumers.
No. 81147
I've not watched any of his movies even Chungking Express despite liking the soundtrack.

I can handle chopsticks like a pro and that's the important thing anyway.
No. 81148 Kontra
>physically touch her arm and stuff near the end of a date

We did have these, but it didn't go further. Maybe she is just very careful. Oh well, I will see, I guess there will be another meeting otherwise there is no point in reaching out since she had shown no interest in just texting with me. Thanks for listening and conversing.

>women into experience consumers

How can this dialectic be resolved? My gut feeling is the same, many I know look for experiences while I experience reality through text :DDD
I reached an age where I still like to see and do new things (we could travel together) but also imagine a family being a good thing within the next years.
No. 81149 Kontra
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
They are all love stories, Fallen Angels is the coolest with the best aesthetics though. In the Mood for Love is less rough and more classy if that makes sense.
No. 81150
Had one class today, for my culture studies. We are going to read Han Byung-chol.
Seems interesting enough. Though the way the lecturer talked sometimes (Really, the way most lecturers at this department who are learned in philosophy and cultural critique) it made me feel like that as an Ancient China guy I’m a bit like a fish out of water and I feel bad that I neglected western philosophy and literature so much in favour of chasing Eastern languages and writings.

Anyway, the lecturer seemed like a bit of a learned odd-ball who is “in” with the happenings of modern philosophy and knows a lot of people. His speech was littered with personal anecdotes to illustrate his points, although I didn’t get any of them because I’m not moving in those circles, but I have a suspicion maybe like 1-2 students in the class got them, since the others are from different departments like me.
Anyway, one interesting thing was when the lecturer read out our names, and in two cases he asked if we knew what our names meant. Mine was one. He thought I had Polish roots and was surprised that I actually knew the etymology and meaning of my surname, to the point asking me why I’m studying Chinese instead of going to Slavic studies with “my pedigré” and I told him that it’s only my name that wasn’t magyarized, otherwise the family was assimilated generations ago.
This felt very weird to hear. Never before have anyone taken me for a member of a “nationality”.

I had lunch afterwards and picked up a few books I ordered. Went home and got caught in a storm so bad I actually had to blowdry my hair at home.
Put on a raincoat and a new shirt and went back into the city.

Tonight was the first meeting/lecture of the Contemporary Chinese Book Club and a lot of people asked me if I’ll be there, so I went despite the awful weather.
The topic of the first talk was Yu Hua’s works. The guests were two Sinologists whom I admire and read a lot of their translations, and the editor of two of Yu Hua’s novels in Hungarian.
The author sent the book club a video message and wished us all well. Then the vice president of the Chinese Cultural Centre held a small speech about the importance of friendship and intercultural communication, thanking all the Hungarian translators working tirelessly to make this possible.
The talk itself was interesting, afterwards I got the chance to talk a bit with one of the sinologists thanks to the uni librarian being present and introducing me saying “this is the young man I’ve mentioned to you a couple of times”.

I feel motivated. I’m going to get my life together. I need to be worthy of being myself.
There’s a lot of work to be done and I’m going to make changes in my schedule and lifestyle.

If there’s anything interesting I’ll share of course, but I’m scared it’ll be woefully basic. (Let’s hope I’m wrong.)
I’d post the literature but all of it is in Hungarian by Hungarian authors from Hungarian books, even the ones on more “obscure” stuff like Manchu-tunguz scripts and languages.
No. 81151
504 kB, 2587 × 3200
>I feel bad that I neglected western philosophy and literature so much

Tztztz, didn't heated discussionings on EC taught you the basics by now?
In Germany people on twitter make fun of Chul because he is doing shallow contemporary philosophy. I read three of his books though. It's not bad but since I read these twitter posts I never returned, a grain of truth is in these. What justifies this standpoint beyond the kewl twitter clique streamlining my opinions? Others have the same object(s) of inquiry but do it better.
What will you read?
No. 81152 Kontra
2bh, even your EC discussions are way above my head, and I feel embarassed reading them.

Syllabus is not online yet, but the first thing we’ll read will be “Transparenzgesellschaft“ which seemed interesting at first glance because of how the lecturer said that transparency kills mysticism/mystique and I immediately associated it with my reading of Han Fei how the incomprehensibility and mystique of the ruler adds to his power, and with transparency you destroy that that system of power, because you make it open to ridicule and critique.
It’s why people laugh at the Queen’s death, but fear the CPC.

But this is such a preliminary reading based on my own thinking. The book itself might not even be about this. It’s probably not about this.
I don’t know.
No. 81157
I read Transparenzgesellschaft as one of the first books when getting into uni approx 6-7 year ago. What I remember: a contemplation and critique of transparency, that means among other things the demand for transparency (for example in politics), the call for transparency as phrase and what it entails, privacy issues and perhaps even what you think it is, I don't remember properly. Surely it is more than what I listed. It's an ok read, as I said, it can be interesting but perhaps others do it better.
No. 81160
42 kB, 750 × 809
>How can this dialectic be resolved?

Like all dialectic exercises it helps to first recognise that they're both fucking stupid. We all know that a good life really involves a solid tribe of mates, sharing your life with a good woman and productive hobbies that deliver experiences with meaning. Not buying into a broken system that you'll never win or traveling to the Himalayas to look at some ugly mountains.

Or something like that, answers on a postcard and in the meantime I'll keep saving most of my money for no reason and chasing women that will never live up to the impossible standards I set. Then I'll occasionally remember how much richer I'd be if I got married and bought a house 10 years ago in both money and life experiences.
No. 81161 Kontra
By the way I love this stuff. When I get introduced a new idea through my own preconceptions.
The book might not even be about what I think it is, but just hearing a few bits and the title I have already thought up something semi-interesting.
No. 81167
quite fortunate that I managed to get a job I can do even while depressed.
I just get up, get on my computer, do my shift, then go back to bed to sleep.
now I need to find a better paying job that allows me to do sames.
No. 81168 Kontra
Maybe you just got older and used to it. The older I got the more functional my depression got. I get up everyday, can do a job and perform various other tasks necessary to sustain a certain level of living and routine. This includes cleaning up and not slip into a small landfill. It keeps me from going down the drain but it doesn't chase away the bad spirits either.
No. 81170 Kontra
2,0 MB, 1792 × 1920
531 kB, 628 × 922
790 kB, 598 × 1457
God I love AI artists.
Imagine the unlimited smut permutations, and it was all made possible by tech bros :^)
No. 81174 Kontra
161 kB, 1920 × 1080
Techies are a quantum leap in cultural blandification. They will software engineer and buy their way into culture since they don't know better.
No. 81176 Kontra
3,3 MB, 2301 × 1656
530 kB, 2153 × 1478
7,5 MB, 3906 × 3006
>and buy their way into culture since they don't know better.
You mean like art collectors/patrons?
So why don't we let the artists run our countries?
No. 81177
Not sure if those salty comments are ironic, but they sound like "Video killed the Radio star"-tier to me.

These pictures are pretty good. Damn, I wish I was like Hitler.
No. 81179
>Not sure if those salty comments are ironic
It's Twitter, people there are either stupid, insane or both at the same time.
No. 81182
It's afraid. Good.
No. 81186
Someone post "le strutman".
t. rememberer of ancient EC memes
No. 81188
I don't even see how this properly connects or follows from what I said. This post seems bluntly dumb.

Neither techies nor artists are politicians, they work for them :DDD on a more serious note: both venture into politics and can do both good and harm
No. 81189
38 kB, 416 × 690
481 kB, 300 × 250, 0:02
There will be a new job market for people to copy AI generated images in paint, so that people can buy and hang them on their walls.
Art will go back to the medieval times when it was more about reproducing canonical imagery.
Until someone steals my idea for a computer controlled brush arm.

Impasto will make a big comeback as well. Wish the actual imagery robbed from them as a creative dimension, artists will instead turn to the physicality of the paint medium itself. The good timeline.

t. predictor
le stubby man
No. 81190 Kontra
11,8 MB, 854 × 480, 1:40
Have you considered becoming your own boss? Earlier you were talking about the internal conflict of working a nice job and getting money, while earning the boss even more money or something along those lines. If you are the boss then problems weren't. You really don't need much to start some type of a one man software/consulting business.
No. 81192
Ebin. That painting also had the guy with the torso sized hand, and the guy who looked like he was drunk due to weird perspective. A great mene mine tbh.
No. 81196
I must admit I first misread your "quantum leap of blandification", understanding it in such a way that you implied that art/culture wasn't bland before AI, but when I had noticed my mistake I had already downloaded the Hitler paintings and decided to go through with it.
No. 81201 Kontra
With such a handling of situation you should be the politician, fits the bill.

t. if I was a frustrated boomer
No. 81203
Hey now, no need to insult me man
No. 81204
415 kB, 427 × 240, 0:03
>Finally feel motivated
>Wake up
>Try to check mails
>Tablet won’t turn on
Why must things always turn out this way?
No. 81205
21 kB, 400 × 400
No. 81207 Kontra
Everything I touch fucking falls apart
No. 81208 Kontra
1002 kB, 854 × 480, 0:28
You need to charge battery operated devices.

Anyways I hope it comes back alive, see if link is of any use:

T. Apple evangelist/ambassador/support/shill
No. 81209
47 kB, 900 × 506
75 kB, 600 × 848
I have this skill with plants. I am the human herbicide, the man with the brown finger (no homo). I should take up a job in gardening, this surely is marketable.
No. 81218 Kontra
74 kB, 720 × 720
Have a nice weekend, Ernsts!
No. 81222
ominous weekend chanting
No. 81228
26 kB, 427 × 429
I'm bored
No. 81229
eat something

t. fat
No. 81233 Kontra
112 kB, 1242 × 991
Work. Work never stops. Build build build, chop chop chop. Sell. Buy. More. Expand. IT NEVER STOOOOOOOOOOOOOOPS.

No. 81234
59 kB, 600 × 817
you know how some people say that mocking neo-fascist movements for consisting of incoherent ideologue losers minimizes their danger because early 20th century fascists WERE incoherent ideologue losers, who were nonetheless capable of violence once sufficiently organized?

well, the same applies to me except with pretending to be leftist so I can have an excuse to one day kill rich(er) people
No. 81236 Kontra
124 kB, 1080 × 1088
Huh, if you only put spaces inside spoiler tags nothing comes up. Who knew.

Stop pretending to be an edgelord and answer >>81190
No. 81239
589 kB, 1281 × 654
Made me think: did Hitler really believe in all that things or it was just a populism for frustrated Germans?
No. 81240
520 kB, 1578 × 1578
Can you believe I didn't read a single line of academic text today? I don't even read a novel. Nothing. My brain whispers dangers into my ear, I let go of myself, why don't use my free time know to read some books to catch up on things and deepen my knowledge or autodidactically do natural science.


neo facist as in neorecationaries are not incoherent, it's cyber facism. Engineers + cyperpunk/mysticism/religion + facism. Also these guys are the biggest fans of elites but that is not hard coming from internet egdelords to be fair, hating bydlo masses when it comes in handy is basically a staple of imageboard culture. And these people are doing what they do quite successful when you see red pill and all that comes with it (cathedral theory and the matrix allegory) found a rock solid foundation on imageboards. What deems itself postpolitical is of course political down to the core, postmodern pastiche doesn't help here but it is something similar I guess.
No. 81242 Kontra
It's pretty funny when you think of it. The I'm so clever (obsessed with IQ) people found their audience on imageboards. They all locate themselves left of the bell curve.
No. 81243
49 kB, 698 × 711
>Can you believe I didn't read a single line of academic text today?
There's still time for you to redeem yourself. But to be fair, sometimes doing nothing is the best option. Take it easy.

My brain is fried for the day but still have stuff that I want to finish. Give me more tiiiiiiiiiime.
No. 81245
It works in mysterious ways. I recently had a spoiler fail after which I eye-checked if I forgot a slash, but found nothing. So I deleted my post and re-wrote it without that spoiler. Such cases.

By the way, there is now a dedicated formatting test thread on /b/: >>61392
>[Ernst] kann hier Sachen wie probieren, um nicht in andere Faeden rumzumuellen.
I feel tempted to reconstruct my spoiler fail post there to analyse it further but should probably make better use of my limited lifetime, like spending time with my gf or friends, oh wait
No. 81246
178 kB, 500 × 500
It is.
No. 81247
American far-rights are mostly techies because people in humanities are much more conformist by their nature and it's a very nonconformist thing to be far-right in West.
(nonconformist doesn't necessary mean good)
No. 81251 Kontra
That is basically what they tell about themselves.
No. 81256
>and it's a very nonconformist thing to be far-right in West.
Among the intellectuals - sure.
Among the general population - not so much at all.

Anyway, far-right is relative, especially since the right-left scale itself is multidimensional. For instance, Russian "liberals", who are mostly cosplaying American Democrats (considered generally left in the US), look very peculiar in the Russian realities, as their economical agenda is perfectly right (unlike the Americans, we live in a post-Soviet country) while culturally they're ultra-left (homosexual marriages and so on) and politically they apparently cannot decide between going full libertarian and shooting whoever disagrees with them (anyway, tolerance towards differing opinions remarkably decreased in the West as well during the last couple of decades).
No. 81261
And they are absolutely right about it.

> Among the intellectuals - sure.
Among anyone except Amish and Westboro Baptist Church.

> Russian "liberals"
First let's settle with terminology. In Russia "liberal" = in opposition to Putin which is pretty diverse group of people. You may chain drug addicts to heating batteries or praise Lenin but be considered one of them. In America there are no liberals, only conservatives and progressives who call each other liberals.
> cosplaying American Democrats
Only minority of them, journos from Meduza for example. Culturally Russian liberals are closer for American "conservatives" (who are also gay-friendly and so on). Economically -- it's a common thing for them to be "for socialism like in Sweden" though fans of ancapistan also exist. On average -- more left-wing than murican democrats.

But how is this all related to the topic?
> Anyway, far-right is relative
Yes, but I used it in same way as the German guy did.

Better example from Russian experience: humanity people all were communists, then they became liberals and now they are finally conservatives and imperialists. Same opinion as establishment's prevails. Meanwhile among techies proportion of these views remained relatively the same for all the 40 years.
No. 81265
Sans le tablet dying (RIP) I had an okay day.
Classical Chinese class was fine. Or at least I think it went well enough.

Found a random Chinese novel for less than a buck written by an emigré in English. It's by one "Ha Jin" and it's titled "Waiting".
The interesting thing is that the trashy publisher used pinyin for the name, but Hungarian transcription within the book. An offence that's ought to be punishable by death.

I also did my first ever IRL political statement and threw out a bunch of F*lun G*ng pamphlets I found at university.

I had a meeting afterwards with members of the workshop. Basically we just went to a pub and talked. I didn't drink alcohol. Only had some nachos and a lemonade.
I think I managed to dazzle the m'ladies present with my quote topically wide-ranging, interesting cultural anecdotes end quote. Lots of laughs, good times.
Walked to a metro with one of the girls and she gave me a hug as we parted.

Yeah I tried those but it just won't start.
Hey, at least I still have warranty on this thing.
I just gotta wonder what I fucked up. Or if it was me in the first place. I used to basically as a piece of office hardware plus I listened to music on it sometimes.
No. 81268 Kontra
Are you seriously insinuating that "left" is NOT the mainstream?
No. 81273
Given that Trump was in office, the CDU reigned 16 years and we still discuss evil cancel culture on TV in Germany I don't think that "left" (it's liberalism aka democracy that is attacked by NRx, dumbo) is the only position you can take or is mainstream. It is not a minor position but far from being a totality, Germany is a quite conservative country, don't lie to yourself because you must endure more ("progressive") left voices these days contrary to the past.
No. 81277
Isn't there a politics thread somewhere for you to "discuss" this? I most likely hid it, only for you to invade the Today thread with this crap.
No. 81278
How about separate "ominous chanting thread"?
No. 81280
As long as that guy stops it elsewhere, why not? If you meant to imply that's me, sorry to disappoint.
No. 81281
Both my brother and my father are having diagnosed depression. I thought a stable and loving family was enough to avoid sufferings.
No. 81282
Brain chemistry doesn't care about loving families. Or anything, really.

t. retard
No. 81283
ominous political chanting
No. 81286 Kontra
1,1 MB, 1920 × 1602
I wish I knew by what mysterious algorithm/haruspicy credit scores are calculated. Mine went down this month, the reason reported was that I am using less than 1% of my maximum available credit of ~£30,000. It doesn't feel like I should be punished, in a sense, by being responsible with my borrowing.
No. 81287 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Also why do I still have an Ameriball? I think we should dock the Ernst moderation team's salary until this issue is resolved.
No. 81289
Apparently the tablet isn't a brick. It's just the screen that died, because the bluetooth earbuds I have still sync up with it and play music if I use the touch controls on the bud, plus the volume buttons work.
But I had my notes saved to T H E C L O U D anyway, so it's not that big of a deal overall I guess. Well, until I get a replacement/get it fixed anyways.
How did they say it on Top Gear? "It's back to carpets for you."
I will try to not waste too much time thinking about this over the weekend.
No. 81292 Kontra
65 kB, 640 × 631
>It works in mysterious ways. I recently had a spoiler fail after which I eye-checked if I forgot a slash, but found nothing. So I deleted my post and re-wrote it without that spoiler. Such cases.
I suffer from this as well.

>By the way, there is now a dedicated formatting test thread on /b/: >>61392
Ummmm, actually I think you mean >>/b/61392 nerd emoji

>It's just the screen that died
If you still want to do something with the tablet, you could try connecting it to an external screen. The touch input might still work. But it's a good thing you had backups on s o m e o n e e l s e s c o m p u t e r. My father's old iPad had a dead camera straight out of the box. My suspicion is that the QC on (entry level) iPads is severely lacking.

That's the wrong approach. EC moderation as well as the content creation teams are severely underfunded. We need cash injection fast for competitive compensation as well as new hires.
No. 81294
Do iphones become ethically sourced if you loot them from the bodies of the dead bourgeoisie?
No. 81298
353 kB, 1078 × 801
I wonder what that sounds like.
No. 81299
A second-hand phone is at least more environmentally friendly. Good sustainability thinking, comrade.
No. 81300 Kontra
21 kB, 515 × 410
He's starting to believe. I can already see it. He's about to replace the broken piece of shit android with a quality device. Yes. Yes! Yeees!
No. 81302
1,8 MB, 200 × 267, 0:05
Yesterday I was asked to join an emergency taskforce. 6 months of coming into the office in a suit, 6 months of my career being in a weird suspension where I can't move and 6 months of absolute bullshit levels of workload in close proximity to unsouvary characters.

Senior leadership surprised me about it, they messaged me on a Friday afternoon asking for a call when I was on the WFH shitter "you're not in trouble" they said. Then it was all overselling the correct choice:
>this will be a great step in your career
>you will definitely enjoy the experience
>it is your choice of course

The final bit being a categorical lie as it soon became apparent when I questioned whether this would really be a good career choice when I want to move up in the next 6 months. I managed to palm them off that I needed a cup of tea to think about things, then I cracked because it's an emergency and I have a sense of duty. This is just going to be horrible, I don't even have any suits that fit me anymore and the cost of going into the office will be obscene. I've even got to spend the weekend preparing all my shit to handover so that my day job doesn't collapse like a house cards the moment I'm loaned and I need to work out how to measure myself to hopefully order a suit online when all the retailers are shut.

I know how this happened as well, there's a paternalistic dickhead in my office who decided to 'help' my career along with a new experience without consulting me and seemed to have just forgotten how negatively I respond to his personality flaw.

Why do you have a 30k credit limit? Cut that shit right down and make sure you set the account to not automatically raise the limit because it's a debt trap.

The reason is that anyone sane stays in the 10% credit range and pays it off by DD every month. That leads lenders to ask why you have such a large amount of credit, are you planning on piling on debt and escaping the country? Are you only willing to go to a lender at a time of financial distress and therefore most unlikely to pay it back? Do you simple not trust your own financial skill? Experian isn't real, it just uses common rules of thumb to create the simulacrum of a credit rating.
No. 81303 Kontra
This is now /pol/, handelt mit S

According to Deutschlandfunk, Orbán's definition of "left" includes CDU/CSU. Problem solved.

Also I misspelled Visegrád in an earlier thread. I wasn't aware it was the Hungarian one, I assumed it was Slovak or Czech in which case my spelling would have still been wrong.

Right, I forgot to add /b/
No. 81304
6,7 MB, 640 × 474, 0:06
Nah, I don't have anything urgent to do with it, or really anything I couldn't solve without it, it's just that it was comfy to use and I liked having my notes on it and reading manga with it.

>s o m e o n e e l s e s c o m p u t e r
I've been using cloud services for my studies because as you can see, tech under me has a habit of giving up the ghost.
Though I mostly use mega because I can just sync shit locally, so while it's "in the cloud" too, there's always two local backups (one on the PC and one on a trashy netbook.)
I think I initially set it up so I would always have access to a set of university related files on both a laptop and the home PC, so if I need a ppt somewhere I could access it easily.

>Orbán's definition of "left"
And since when is Döci the authority on political terminology?
No. 81307
"Use it or lose it". They want you to be indebted to them for power
No. 81308
>And since when is Döci the authority on political terminology?
Didn't say it was. But one's opinion on whether being "left" is "mainstream" depends, among other things, on what one takes those words to mean, and will thus depend on who you ask.
More interestingly, is "Döci" Deutschlandfunk, Orbán, or something else?

When you actually get off your bum and start killing all whites and rich people, can you find out who is most invested in the way credit bureaus, other personal data collectors, and generally all things that make life dystopian operate, and start with them?
No. 81309
3 kB, 318 × 159
>This is now /pol/, handelt mit S
I'm freezing, so it's more like /pole/
No. 81310
Now it's not enough for weebs to wear tshirts with manga and anime badges. Last 2-3 weeks they roam streets in anime cosplay. And zoomerettes as usually wear makeup which makes eyes look more Asian.
That's cool.

Do iphones become ominous if you loot them from the bodies of the dead chanters?
No. 81311
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
> I cracked because it's an emergency and I have a sense of duty

Funny coincidence, I've had exactly the same thing where a team at my company desperately needs some help and I was the only one available (so they say). And the work itself is neither interesting nor particularly within my field. Oh well, at least I can work from home, and when I do need to hop to the office I have some very nice suits for it :D

As for the credit, that's spread across about four cards. Many moons ago it was because I was buying a new PC, and my needs are expensive so I thought I'd pay for it interest-free and build some credit at the same time. But the limits just keep increasing as you say, even though I have no real use for it - I do still spend a couple hundred a month on them and pay them off of course. Personally I like having a high limit, just so I can entertain the possibility that one day I'll say "Fuck it", tell work I'm not coming in for a week and jet off to the Bahamas to go scuba diving with hookers. Or something.
No. 81312
31 kB, 480 × 360
> dead chanters
Greetings, fellow stabber
No. 81314 Kontra
>depends, among other things, on what one takes those words to mean, and will thus depend on who you ask

We didn't ask for Orban opinion and the specific relativism you propagate by doing so is of the worst kind. I made an argument for why leftism is hardly mainstream. Liberal values are represented on TV but that doesn't make it mainstream, since these new values are stirring a lot of discussions has always been the case.
No. 81318
I think I should have somehow indicated that I didn't intend my post to be taken seriously and was only dimly aware of what was even being discussed. Can we introduce something to that effect so I won't have to spell it out?
No. 81320
> Can we introduce something to that effect so I won't have to spell it out?
No. 81322 Kontra
You never know when talking to imageboarders, though not surprising as face and voice are subtracted from our interaction.
No. 81324
258 Bytes, 17 × 14
To indicate your post is not entirely serious and that ernst should quietly move along, use this one simple trick.
No. 81325 Kontra
537 kB, 318 × 240, 0:16
I thought I wouldn't drink this weekend but here we are.

Indeed, storing your files on someone else's easily accessible computer is really great at times. I bet all the ransomware attacks on internet connected NAS devices people use at home have been perpetrated by the big cloud.
No. 81326
>Liberal values are represented on TV but that doesn't make it mainstream,
Holy shit the mental acrobatics here are astounding.

>since these new values are stirring a lot of discussions has always been the case.
What new values? Like worker's rights and all that? Am I a time traveller sent back to 1922?
No. 81327 Kontra
I wish I was home, browsing ebin.pw
No. 81328 Kontra
> say that being far-right is edgy
> but what about CDU?
And you're speaking about mental gymnastic...
No. 81333 Kontra
Talking about mental gymnastics, you seem to be an expert. Playing dumb and making up strawman is also not it. There is nothing further to gain here, bye.

Imagine you have kids, you must feel threatened by them demanding rights and a certain respect at some point as persons. Some people are strange.
No. 81334 Kontra
Remember when it was mainstream to beat women or laugh about crippled people in their face? Now I can't do anything anymore.
Remember when owning black people because they are not real humans and have no personhood but animal character was mainstream?
Mainstream, the most valuable category when it comes to judging things, it illuminates phenomena so well.
No. 81335 Kontra
Oh shame, I was already quoting
and rejoiced that you might shut up now, but no, you have to double down on your retardation. Amazing.
No. 81337 Kontra
Ach, du armes put put.
No. 81342
ominozs drunk chnatig
No. 81343 Kontra
Beer hall chanting, dangerous chanting.
No. 81345 Kontra
Always have to have the last word, hm?
No. 81347
Bumblimit reached. Germans, arbaiten!
No. 81348 Kontra
99 kB, 960 × 640
What an embarrassment. Get to it Germans!