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No. 80621 Systemkontra
109 kB, 1280 × 720
The thread is dead, long live the thread!
No. 80622
Who is/will be PM btw? Boris is over for some reason, I heard.
No. 80623 Kontra
Liz Truss got the post like two days ago.
Her premiership is already off to an inauspicious start.
No. 80624
I mean, how this system works? She was elected or she kinda rules instead of Johnson until end of his term?
No. 80627
The prime minister is not voted on directly.
In the UK you vote for a party and that forma a government.
The head of the party becomes the PM. If he loses a leadership struggle then the guy that becomes the new leader of the party will become the PM too.
No. 80628 Kontra
No. 80631
  • Philip dead
  • Global Situation fucked up
  • umpteenth new PM to Deal with
Old Queen just had enough.
No. 80634
90 kB, 640 × 408
Don't they have fancy titles these days, like "King George, the Lion"? He should call himself "Charles the Intermediate".
No. 80635
His Majesty King Charles the Third, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of His other realms and territories King, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith, Knight Companion of the Most Noble Order of the Garter, Knight of the Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle, Great Master and First and Principal Knight Grand Cross of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, Member of the Order of Merit, Knight of the Order of Australia
No. 80636
65 kB, 852 × 696
...von Hautkopft of Ulm.
No. 80637
Hautkopf, no end "t".
No. 80638
Well, that was what I thought, too, but google said otherwise. Only the German wiki article says Hautkopf, but the text under the youtube video and the Monty Python fandom-article say "Hautkopft", and so do most other results.
No. 80639
Well fuck me, I have here the book "All the words" with transcriptions of all the skits and I was absolutely positive it was "Hautkopf". But right here on page 67ff it does indeed say "Hautkopft".
I apologize.
No. 80640
No need to apologize. I also was absolutely positive that it was Hautkopf until very recently. Maybe it is a conspiracy to make us doubt our memories.
No. 81116
115 kB, 550 × 836

A rail strike is looming in America, with a Friday deadline for unions and management to reach an agreement. The holdup? A scheduling system which keeps conductors and engineers on call 90% of the time. One railway (BNSF) policy:

>each worker started with 30 points. The only way a worker can stop being on call—other than the federally-mandated time off after a shift which is often spent in a hotel away from home—is to lay off, as it is called in railroad terminology. In many cases, this comes with a points deduction.
>The only way a worker can get more points is by being on call for 14 straight days, at which point they accrue a “good attendance credit” of four points.
>If an employee uses all 30 points—they take two holidays, for example—they are suspended for 10 days, have an investigation opened on them, and start again with 15 points. If they lose those 15 points, they are suspended for 20 days and go back to 15 points. If those 15 points get deducted, they’re fired.

No. 81117
889 kB, 1222 × 818
>McDonald's is to close all of its UK restaurants on Monday 19 September, as a mark of respect to Queen Elizabeth II on the day of her funeral.
>John Lewis, Waitrose, Asda, Primark and a host of other businesses have already said they will be shut in the UK on Monday to mark the proceedings.

I heard some of you weren't even planning on watching the funeral. Do you care to comment?
No. 81118 Kontra
303 kB, 1211 × 1280
How do you experience the Queen's death in your daily life? Might be a silly question for you, but please understand that I'm clueless of the happenings over there. I want to hear your personal experience and take on it and not some news article.

>not my King

>Do you care to comment?
No comment.
No. 81119
529 kB, 2400 × 1260
>How do you experience the Queen's death in your daily life?

Shock for a day followed by annoyance at minor inconveniences. Soon it's going to end up like Prince Philip's funeral where everyone gets sick of it.

There is also a form of madness taking hold with the queue forming in London that is growing more and more powerful with psychic energy, you see it every time you close your eyes and sometimes wake up to find yourself shuffling towards the queue. People who get close to the queue report an inhuman wailing to be heard in the wind, like a creature of immense proportions calling from inside your mind.
No. 81120
782 kB, 1060 × 719
They want me to rate her job performance. As someone who didn't closely follow her reign, how should I respond?
No. 81122
There's a live tracker of The Queue if you want to be part of it.

She was certainly locomoting but at this point I'm uncertain if this will be revealed as just her fainting.
No. 81123
>I heard some of you weren't even planning on watching the funeral.
I am not able to watch it live due to hectic juggling between schedule work and time spent working for the think tank, but I'm sure national TV will cover the entirety of the funeral+expert analysis. When the queen died, all kinds of royalty types came out of their burrows to talk at length about their personal experiences with her Maj.
t. British cryptocolony resident
No. 81126
822 kB, 1047 × 713
For our 'national day of mourning' I've been invited to a sesh at the local union pub by some James Connolly appreciators from Belfast that I met on may day :-DDDD

What is super epic is that there are actually cascading effects of such a strike that makes it especially ebin, pissing off more than one porky means that there is more pressure for management to break. Also their automatic scheduling system is fuggen stupid and using it would cost them a fuckload of money in terms of time and fuel inefficiency.
No. 81129
One good thing about communists: they destroyed labor unions in Russia.
No. 81156
>VTsSPS exists
Naw, that one was ya boy shock therapy. One can argue the merit/militancy of the various M-L union federations but they did exist as a framework with a lot of infrastructure that could have transferred to a new system if not smashed.
No. 81162
No, unions in USSR were even more fictional than they are today. They were subdue to the same center of power as factory management, and it was impossible to use them for negotiating better working conditions.

The thing is that labor unions can't work in totalitarian state. It's much easier to imprison or execute workers for sabotage than to follow their demands. Really, how do you imagine soviet citizen demanding anything from authority figures? Something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novocherkassk_massacre probably.
No. 81164
I agree that the state unions were pretty yellow in many respects, but honestly most unions here are pretty yellow too but they're still considered unions. That impotence was what I was referring to when talking about their "merit/militancy".
No. 81165
I mean, my union's main rival is the biggest union in the country, and their main gimmick is getting management to help sign people up (dues income and political sway in the Labor Party) in exchange for cutting companies really sweet deals, like getting rid of penalty rates for weekend work, even to the point that they've had agreements torn up for undercutting minimum wages.
No. 81166
Oh and also since the company I work for doesn't want to negotiate a new agreement, workers taking action are liable for $10K fines that would bankrupt most of them. Soviet labour relations unironically look better than ours in some respects right now lul.
No. 81169 Kontra
166 kB, 422 × 600
>Soviet labour relations unironically look better than ours in some respects right now lul.
No. 81171
For example, if you and your co-workers are being made to constantly do overtime and you all decide to simply stop accepting it, that /will/ be classified as 'unlawful industrial action' as your issue isn't related to active negotiations to a new or expired bargaining agreement and the bosses can do the following:

>Seek an order from the Fair Work Commission (FWC) requiring a return to work, or an injunction from Federal and State Courts.
>Discipline workers or sack them.
>Sue unions and workers for contempt of court if orders or injunctions are not followed to the letter.
>Sue the workers and their union under various laws for fines up to $13,320 for workers. and $66,600 for unions.
>Seek compensation against workers and their unions for lost revenue.

It's honestly very macabre. At least the Soviets would just lock you up. Here they'll put you on the street instead.
No. 81172
>living on the street in Australia is worse than getting sent to Gulag
Shit, I knew Australian nature was hostile, but THIS hostile?
No. 81173 Kontra
>At least the Soviets would just lock you up.
Or put you down like a dog for industrial sabotage.
No. 81175
Gulags weren't really for industrial disputes of a small scale. At most you'd get a few months in a local jail, not fined into homelessness. You'd still get your arse beat, but that shit happens to the homeless too, and they don't do so good here in other ways with the high cost of living.

Again, for a small single workplace dispute, you're not going to see large reprisals. In many cases historically you actually see a performative change to shut people up, maybe punishing one delegate or some crap. Not the entire body of workers being economically destroyed.
No. 81178
141 kB, 1071 × 843
>Again, for a small single workplace dispute, you're not going to see large reprisals.
In the initial stages when the labor camps were placed under the NKVD, a good deal of the new inmate population were for all intents drafted to accomplish various public works, to increase resource output or to simply settle new areas. It's already funny to think you'd escape the organ's loving embrace by being innocent, but it's even better if you think you'd escape such or worse reprisals for a work stoppage. I have some sympathies for the sort of people who, raised under the Soviet system, did meet their end proudly proclaiming their loyalty to the party, begging and appealing clemency to the people who placed them in this predicament for just long enough that this obvious error and mistake could be resolved.
That's people who were raised in the system though.
No. 81180
>the entire history of Soviet labour relations was the same as it was at the beginning
>the Soviet system was the cartoonishly evil caricature that it is often presented as
No. 81181 Kontra
>the beginning
What do you mean? This was 20 years into this experiment. Do you want to discuss another decade?

>the Soviet system was the cartoonishly evil caricature that it is often presented as
There's not even anything here, do you dispute anything I posted? Which time period of the Soviet Union do you think working conditions and legal safeguards were better than your suffering on the Australia in 2022?
the power of symbols, etc
No. 81183 Kontra
>give proofs that a country changed over the course of 70+ years
God, I wish I could be this spooked. Must be comfy.
No. 81184
Nursultan got renamed again. It’s Astana again.
No. 81185
Tbh, in actual usage it never really changed. There were government sites still calling it Astana this whole time :-DDD
No. 81187 Kontra
Startled and unable to answer, the internet leftoid returns to memes.
No. 81191
38 kB, 640 × 439
>gee, why doesn't this person want to engage with my disingenuous position of "literally no policy or structural change occurred in 70 years of Soviet government"
>must be my superior intellect

My literal phrasing included the justifying phrase of "in some respects" deliberately to point out that I wasn't referring to the entire structure, but rather just to Soviet acceptance of minor unsanctioned industrial action, while in Australia unsanctioned industrial action of any kind is immediately a matter for the courts. This in context to correcting the statement that Communist rule destroyed unions, when they were in fact large, with usually mandatory membership, albeit politically weak due to kneecapping.

I'm honestly of the opinion that anything short of outright anticommunism is "tankie" to you. Classic liberal brainrot. What else is to be expected of a business owner though?
No. 81193 Kontra
732 kB, 853 × 480, 0:20
Your continued made-up quoting makes you look like a clown. But don't mind me, I've got no interest in internet arm wrestling with ideologues :D
No. 81194 Kontra
How else am I meant to take the argument presented earlier that the situation in the 1920s, a period of crisis between civil war, siege by Imperialist nations and famine, is somehow applicable to the entirety of Soviet history?
No. 81195 Kontra
172 kB, 1080 × 1064
>my disingenuous position of "literally no policy or structural change occurred in 70 years of Soviet government"
You have a very creative mind.

>I'm honestly of the opinion that anything short of outright anticommunism is "tankie" to you.
What did he mean by this? This was the first time anyone referenced the t-slur in this threda.
No. 81197 Kontra
>the situation in the 1920s
>a period of crisis between civil war, siege by Imperialist nations and famine
A good explanation, were it not for the fact that the Chekist ran gulag was a product of the 30s. A project that was guided from the highest positions of power.

I've asked you which Soviet decade you want to compare to your Australian suffering, repeatedly.
No. 81198 Kontra
587 kB, 3464 × 3464
Imagine being an unironic follower of any kind of political ideology in the current year.
No. 81199 Kontra
So, your point in presenting only the state of the system in periods of crisis in this post >>81178
with no reference to how it developed outside of crisis/heightened periods of tension was what exactly? If your only point of reference is this period, then am I meant to assume that this is true of all following periods?

>This was the first time anyone referenced the t-slur in this threda.
Sure, you just assign the characteristics of uncritical support for Soviet party line, regardless of content and without exception, the traditional position to which the word is given to what you assume I'm saying is.

I still stand by my statement that you want nothing short of anticommunism. I say this also because the post that started this particular discussion >>81129 curiously met no resistance from you despite being demonstrably false. But hey, I'm sure I'm just imagining that double standard, no?
No. 81200
>Which time period of the Soviet Union do you think working conditions and legal safeguards were better than your suffering on the Australia in 2022?
I guess at none, but the more important thing here is that all the social guarantees, which soviet people had (they had some in late USSR), were given to them by benevolent dictators same way as abolishing of serfdom was given by czar Alexander II to peasants. It had nothing to do with western style union led struggle of labor vs capital. In 1991 social structure changed but the soviet evolutionary strategy of "do whatever authority figure say or else" instead of "organize and fight for your rights and privileges" remained.

Fugg 0_o
Is the child going to be allright?
No. 81202
105 kB, 640 × 433
He still hasn't answered.

>with no reference to how it developed outside of crisis/heightened periods of tension was what exactly?
Between that and trying to write off the use of forced labor for vanity megalomaniac projects as a result of 'civil war, siege by Imperialist nations and famine'?

>>>81129 curiously met no resistance from you
Who am I, fact-checker supreme? I wouldn't even say it's false - questionable at best. After all, all the heroic labor leaders of the late Russian empire met the same fate and it wasn't the forces of counter-revolution pulling the trigger on them.
No. 81219
117 kB, 1000 × 592
Tentative labor deal averts threat of nationwide rail strike


>Railroad workers will now be able to take unpaid days off for doctor’s appointments without being penalized, and they won’t be penalized if they are hospitalized.

This is what qualifies as a labor victory in America.
No. 81220
>siege by Imperialist nations
>I'm not a tankie
Yeah right
No. 81223 Kontra
The concept of imperialism is not bound to the position of the communist party of the USSR. It existed long before tankie was a word for people who sympathize with government of the USSR/party line.

t. didn't rest the discussion
No. 81224
Imperialism is a real thing but mentioning it in that context is a dead giveaway.
No. 81235
Isn't that what all unions do? To tame outrage with a centralised democratic political face that can be bargained with for small policy concessions but which ultimately serves to suppress strikes (especially wildcat strikes) and uphold the interests of its small indoctrinated leadership. As you yourself highlight the unions have created a system that legally stifles peasant unrest and which is justified by 'muh unions' rather than genuine attempts to provide a good life.

One could even say the Soviet Union was an exercise in this on a mass scale. Stalin replacing world revolution by negotiating on behalf of the workers of the world towards the concession of merely the Baltic States, Finland and Eastern Poland. Basically what I'm saying is we should round up the socialists and liquidate them in anarchist gulag cooperatives before they sell us all as that closet neo-liberal Stalin did.

You should be nicer to the petite-bourgeoise, they're probably the closest we get to a genuinely free people outside of the ultra-wealthy.
No. 81254
265 kB, 392 × 263
In the News:

European Parliament passes resolution about the state of democracy in Hungary, saying the country is no longer a "full democracy" but rather an "electoral autocracy".
This may result in billions of funding getting revoked as punishment.
The chained dogs of the Atlantist world order that are the Brusselite bureaucrats have yet again shown their true colours.
No. 81260
343 kB, 535 × 640
Le Russian joge man turns 77
No. 81275 Kontra
To note, Petrosyan has Armenian father (which must be obvious from the surname) and Jewish mother.
No. 81285 Kontra
He probably meant Russian as "российский", mr. Measurehead.
No. 81290
701 kB, 412 × 480, 0:30
I meant it as a reference to how on old KC you'd make a terrible pun and post an image of Petrosyan alongside it with the filename usually being "Le russian joge man".

Grand Khan already reacted to the petty claims of western rulers.
No. 82096
234 kB, 802 × 1020
54 kB, 719 × 410
The pound fell to its lowest rate against the dollar for the entirety of the US' existence this morning because the new chancellor decided to kickstart the economy by slashing taxes on the rich and using borrowing to pay for it. It's not just the income tax but also raising the figure you have to pay stamp duty on (a tax on home sales) in order to push the housing market higher. He didn't run these numbers by the independent Office of Budget Responsibility and literally talked about using cheap borrowing to finance growth and now we have spiralling borrowing costs. He's only doubling down on this.

In order to try to calm down a panic the Bank of England hinted it would raise the interest rate. Once the GBP stabilised the Governor of the Bank of England called off any emergency meeting until November so the pound fell again.

Talk is of reaching parity with the dollar by the year end and then who knows, maybe parity with the Ruble. The fun thing is for over a decade there's been talk of a need to raising borrowing to pay for productivity investments even in the markets but now instead we're going to have to see deep cuts because the government won't back down.
No. 82139
Me and friends call Jordan Peterson as Petrosyan. One of us is big fan of his Jungian schizery, and I like to mock him for that. For example if I see negative post/video about Petrosyan, I immediately send it to him with comment: "justify yourself" ("оправдания?") without even watching it myself.

I must be insufferable. =D
No. 82142 Kontra
>He probably meant Russian as "российский", mr. Measurehead.
Quite likely, but it's always good to be sufficiently specific and clear.
No. 82314
The Bank of England has now stepped in to buy government bonds to try and stem the bleeding but it's only spooked the market further. The Bank's own Monetary Policy Committee was even due to sell bonds this week which had to be reversed after it found out due to cross-purposes. And this is without getting into the cross-purposes of the Bank of England trying to restrain inflation by raising interest rates with the Government pushing growth at the cost of rising inflation.

Yesterday the IMF openly rebuked the plans like Britain is a tin-pot African country that doesn't understand basic economics.
>Meanwhile, Lord Frost, the former Brexit minister and close ally of Prime Minister Liz Truss, criticised the IMF's statement. He told the Daily Telegraph: "The IMF has consistently advocated highly conventional economic policies. It is following this approach that has produced years of slow growth and weak productivity.
>"The only way forward for Britain is lower taxes, spending restraint, and significant economic reform."

That feel when hipster Government.
No. 82317
Overall it looks as if they worked for large cap at the cost of smaller enterprises and, quite possibly, the average British citizen, doesn't it? It will be the main actor benefitting from the taxes being lowered, after all.
No. 82347
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
175 kB, 1024 × 1762

For anyone unaware of British politics, we have an exciting new leadership team whose flagship policy is to 'stimulate growth' by slashing taxes at Thatcherite levels while borrowing money at Corbynite levels to pay for it. Bizarrely, despite this being an obviously growth-inducing policy, global markets have panicked and dumped British bonds, plunging the Pound to its lowest level for decades. Oh, and our new Chancellor (economics minister, basically) has made no announcements in the aftermath of this. And he's also not even elaborating on his 'medium-term' economic plan until November the 23rd.

But good news! If you're a hedge fun manager with ties to the government and attended their latest dinner, that is. A source who was present at such a dinner a week ago revealed: “They were all supporters of Truss and every one of them was shorting the pound.” Several made small fortunes on Friday betting against the currency:


Many such cases on Inselaffen Insel!
No. 82354
119 kB, 902 × 2048
I warned you all about the flu, get a jab booked before they run out of appointments:

>Flu and Covid could make this a hard winter for UK

>The UK must prepare for a big, early wave of flu, experts warn, based on what Australia has just experienced during its winter. Many southern hemisphere nations have had their most rampant flu season for years. It is largely because people mixed more once Covid restrictions had eased, but had little immunity to the influenza virus after a break from the disease.

>Health experts are urging anyone who is eligible for a flu shot to get one. After two years with almost zero flu circulating - and all the focus on Covid jabs - there is concern that vaccine fatigue may have set in. Covid cases are starting to rise again in the UK too. UK Health Security Agency chief medical adviser Dr Susan Hopkins told BBC News that Covid cases "looked like they were turning in all four nations in the UK". We do believe we are starting to see our autumn wave of Covid," she said.

>NHS director for vaccinations and screening Steve Russell said: "This winter could be the first time we see the effects of the so called 'twindemic' with both Covid and flu in full circulation, so it is vital that those most susceptible to serious illness from these viruses come forward for vaccines in order to protect themselves and those around them." The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) says this year's flu jab is a good match for the type of seasonal influenza that is circulating - a strain called H3N2.

>In Australia, which had a reasonably severe flu season during its winter, the jab was well matched to that strain. It is the same one that caused a bad flu season for the UK in 2017-18. The number of excess deaths that winter in England and Wales exceeded 50,000 - the highest recorded since the winter of 1975-76 - with around 22,000 thought to be associated with flu.

Looking forward to the global food shortages in spring :)

Large cap is largely unaffected but it's not like America where it's all evil oligarchs. Well; it is evil oligarchs but for the UK the largest companies on the FTSE100 are all focused on international exports and particularly commodity companies like BP and RIO who have performed well this year. What matters for the Conservative Party is its votes in middle England which are getting hammered by a collapse of the sterling and where the banks have even stopped mortgage lending. Plus the inevitability of it losing the seats Johnson gained in the North of England and even the election in a few years.

No, the government isn't doing this deliberately, it's just impossibly dumb for a guy who holds a PhD in economic history and evil in a more incompetent way. Next week is the Conservative Party Conference and Parliament is out of session so expect more fun. The mini-budget that caused all this was announced on the last sitting day before recess, so we've had a Government paralysed in recent months by a leadership and then a week where it broke the economy in the context of spiralling inflation, anaemic growth, a bad winter and war in Europe.
No. 82519
235 kB, 1200 × 1200
>Yurts provide cheap escape for Hungarians fleeing cost of living crisis

>David Zih, who works in Hungary's film industry, never thought he would end up living in a yurt to escape the surging costs of living. He was planning a house with a terrace and a view on his plot of land near Budapest. But mounting construction and energy prices have forced him to rethink. The 37-year-old head camera technician has bought the yurt, a large circular domed tent like those used by nomadic people on the steppes of Central Asia.

>"By the time the yurt is ready it will be half the cost of what a lightweight house would have been. I got a quote for a house like that in the spring and by the autumn costs rose by another 30%," Zih said. His new home, with windows and an insulated wooden base, and its slatted wooden walls and ceiling covered with insulation and waterproofing, will cover 80 square meters among the pine trees in Budakeszi and be finished before the cold sets in.

In Europe's darkest hour an old enemy rises again from his slumber.
No. 82574 Kontra
That feel when most European artists absolutely cannot into Mongoloid or even South Siberian types. As if nothing has changed since the 16th century engravings...
No. 82848
The article is funny but
>"It's a big luxury to heat flats to 26 Celsius," he said.
Even before the cost of living crisis thing we only heated to 19 during winter.
No. 82851
>Believing the COVID gates/soros microchip "vaccines" work

Lmao just lmao
No. 82860
>Even before the cost of living crisis thing we only heated to 19 during winter.

Most Russians would freeze at that temperature. During typical Russian winters, a warm home is a must. But anyway, we mostly live in apartment blocks with district heating.
No. 82879
Are you poor or some disgusti g leftist enviro-green eco-hippy? 19 degree is fucking cold.
No. 82880 Kontra
This board is full of idiotuc NPCs erhöht believe whatever lies government Media tells them.
No. 82907 Kontra
It's my mother's thing to save on energy costs. Yes, it's out of poverty.
You can always wear two socks and a second jumper indoors.
No. 82913 Kontra
Don't reply to the troll.
Anyone who considers 19C "cold" is either a woman or comes from south of the Alps.
No. 83018
168 kB, 1038 × 778
113 kB, 1280 × 898
What is Ernst's thoughts on the European Union? I don't comment on it because I don't understand it.

To what temperature do the assembled northerners heat their houses up to?
t. never had temperature control besides fire
No. 83029
159 kB, 1125 × 1126
>I don't comment on it because I don't understand it.

Then by design nobody can comment on it.
No. 83030 Kontra
I'll say this - monkey together good. Complications aside, this is all great progress in the taming of continental heda. All things considered, the Germans are doing very well and we should be proud.
No. 83048 Kontra
> I don't understand it.
No more complicated then your average European country.

That said I like it. It is way better then shooting at each other. I know some disagree and would like nothing more then ww3 but I'm not one of them.
Yes there are flaws like the union wanting to mess with our labor laws and the upcoming shitshow concerning encrypted communication but they can be dealt with if people care.
No. 83064
>Anyone who considers 19C "cold" is either a woman or comes from south of the Alps.
On the contrary. In Russia 19C in a house is fucking cold. On the other hand, in Italy or Portugal it would likely be a normal winter temperature. Those who live in mild climates (Western Europe, Southern Europe, Japan etc.) can save on heating. The northerners fundamentally cannot.
No. 83077
19C is 19C no matter where you are.
No. 83079
Not in Rassya. They do their own thing, because they're cool.

No. 83080 Kontra
>19C in a house is fucking cold
I prefer sleeping in around 17-19C, but 19C is a bit chilly overall. If you don't mind wearing more than a tshirt indoors it's fine. Wear a bit more and you can get comfy even around 10C.

t. winter cabin visitor pro
No. 83082
Anyone who doesn't wear a comfy jumper in winter is immediately suspect if you ask me. Apparently 18-21 is the human ideal according to the UN but I can only presume it's set for the lizard people.

t. grew up without central heating
No. 83097
>19C is a bit chilly overall
Agree. Before they turned the central heating this year, it was around 18°C in my apartment, and it didn't feel very comfortable. I bought a small heater to improve the situation a bit, and 21-22°C felt perfect to me. Now they have turned the heating on, and it's 24°C in my bedroom, so it feels a bit hot. Then again, to each their own: my aunt and uncle have a gas-fueled boiler with thermostat in their country house, and they set the temperature to 26°C or even more.
No. 83099 Kontra
>Can buy heater
>Not sold out
>Can afford to run it
>Not paying 60 cent per kWh of electricity, so running it for half an hour does not cost him $3.

Lies the green party told, lies that where spread on government media, lies that stupid, naive, dumb krauts believed:
>Renewable energy is going to be great
>Sanctions against Russia are working

Thanks, Anal-Lena, Thanks Habeck, Thanks Scholz!
No. 83102
How can people sleep with more than 20c? Anything above 19c is fucking hot for me at night
No. 83103 Kontra
Sign reads:
>From here on every dilettante who walks in can become a minister
>It doesn't matter, anyway. Destiny of a nation from 1949 onwards

The green goo on the path was undoubtedly
left by trampoline-champion anal-lena bareback and the children's bookauthor and federal minister for incompetence Robert habeck, who apparently can't afford shocks without holes, like fucking hobo.
No. 83104 Kontra
369 kB, 1053 × 744
No. 83105 Kontra
In technologically advanced affluent societies, people have central heating and don't sleep under a mountain of blankets and comforters and shit. Germany used to be one of those countries, so I know. But the current red/green government ended this.
No. 83106 Kontra
527 kB, 1053 × 744
The green federal minister for incompetence and trained author of children's books (most successful work: 'how much fun a power-outtage can be', not joking) Robert Habeck says: I will now decapitate you, so the people are happy, but afterwards, you will be my energy slave!

The letters on the head of his prisoner read:

The loudspeakers announce:
>Hooray! Exit from coal and buckwheat energy completed
No. 83107 Kontra
I like cool air only for my nose so it doesn't get dry, but I like comfy warmth otherwise. I sleep much better when I'm warm, and I get cold easily. Lack of body fat probably.
No. 83108
44 kB, 390 × 382
Caption reads:
Two reasons why the federal government cannot end corona-mania:
1.) Revoking constitutional liberties at will
2.) Glossing over decades of political failure

In the right frame, we see stabbed German Michel (the personification of the dumb, gullible, apolitical easy-to-follGerman) with a knife in his back +we all know what ethnicities like to stab.)

The speech bubble reads: sorry, no beds, no staff, thank the unvaxxed!

The speaker is federal minister for healthKarl Lauterbach, also known as Klabauterbach - hobgoblin.

He plans to prohibit funding for alternative medicine because big pharma doesn't make enough money from it. Also wanted to force people to take the vaxx.
No. 83109 Kontra
663 kB, 1053 × 744
No. 83110
482 kB, 1053 × 744
Societal decay:
Hate against mask-refuseniks ...
... climate non-believers ...
... migration-opponents (and Russians) ...
... And soon against the well-fed!
No. 83111 Kontra
The path of the federal secretary of the CDU:
crawling in the red-green mud and falling flat on his face
No. 83112 Kontra
753 kB, 1053 × 744
No. 83113 Kontra
Looks like the bridge explosion caused schizo's mental breakdown. Good.
No. 83114 Kontra
467 kB, 1053 × 744
The cowboy says: damn, you shall buy your energy from me! Leave that thing alone, or I'll destroy it like the one in zaporizhia!

German Michel (the personification of the dumb, gullible, apolitical, slow German) is desperately hugging his last npp.

The green party, the party currently ruling Germany, was founded and funded by the CIA to destroy German industry. Founding member Jutta Ditfurth admitted this. She discovered the truth in the early eighties when she was giving a speech at an American university and a CIA men tried to get her to collaborate, and when she refused, yelled at her: "if it weren't for our support, your party would not even exist!"

Her faction was later pushed out of the party by the former Frankfurt "spontis", a clique of young leftists who joined for the sole purpose of getting their friends Joschks into the state parliament of Hesse so he could give all of them lucrative jobs.
No. 83115 Kontra
I bet Russia blew up their own bridge, like they blew up their own pipeline, right?
No. 83116 Kontra
Why don't you post these in the comic thread on /b/ instead? They would still be dumb, but at least in the right place.
No. 83117 Kontra
439 kB, 1053 × 744
The people demand: open North stream III now!

The red federal smurf (chancellor sholz) says: your wish is my command and pushes the button on the American flag.
No. 83118 Kontra
The federal eagle demands to see German Michel's permit for his gun and the gun. With the other arm, he pours out a bag of wrap pins over Ukraine. No weapons for Germans, but unlimited weapons for Ukrainian Nazis!
No. 83119 Kontra
452 kB, 1053 × 744
No. 83120 Kontra
475 kB, 1053 × 744
Speech bubbles read:
>Oh, nothing grows there anymore
>I was always opposed to it!
>So was I,!

Letters on the hill say:
>Elderly care in Germany

Letters on the machine say:
>Elderly care
>Vaccination mandate

>The turncoats (lit. wrynecks), 2022
No. 83121 Kontra
722 kB, 1053 × 744
Green minister for incompetence Robert Habeckis sitting in his green Castle-in-the-clouds, looking up the meaning of bankruptcy after he said in federal TV that businesses who could not afford the quintupled price if energy would not go bankrupt. He decides to hire twelve consultants to explain that to him. We see German Michel in the background, he is in Habeck's green bullshit up to his neck.
No. 83122 Kontra
No. 83123 Kontra
The red federal smurf us standing in frontbof the "WHO and WMF depopulation-switchboard for Germany". He can turn up or down the knobs for the number vaccinations, the number of toxic doses of vaccine per vaccination and the price for energy. Every morning, the red federal Smurf receives his orders from Washington on a small written note.
No. 83124 Kontra
521 kB, 1053 × 744
No. 83125 Kontra
335 kB, 750 × 283
Look how well guarded the bridge is:
It even has battle dolphins:
No way pathetic gay redditors do-gooders could bypass such defenses. It means Russia blew up it itself.

> theory
It's The Theory.
No. 83126 Kontra
It's about a sports hall that accommodates people from Ukraine. According to the refugee council, the heating does not work and some showers only have cold water.

According to the refugee council, the "unacceptable conditions" - which are largely rejected by the competent municipality of Rosengarten - were listed in a letter of complaint from their "integration guide" E. A. Seidel:

the heating does not work
partly cold water in the showers
there are only shared showers (no shower cubicles)
There is no shelf for soap and shampoo
The doors in the room cannot be locked
Despite the existing dishwasher, the dishes have to be washed by hand
Internet is not available (there is no internet hotspot in the whole place). As far as I know, this deficiency exists in all refugee shelters in the district.
No food was distributed to the first 6 residents on Tuesday, food was distributed on Wednesday. There was pork schnitzel, the religious regulations of the two Muslim women from Ukraine who were housed there were not taken into account.
No internet, washing up by hand and only communal showers in the sports hall, which also lack shelves for soap and shampoo. And they are “served” pork, as the refugee council calls it.

If things are going so badly for them in this oh so bad country - maybe they should consider whether they wouldn't be in better hands somewhere else. Such guests are not welcome with us, and may take their brazen advocates and challengers with them.
No. 83127
>No way pathetic gay redditors do-gooders could bypass such defenses. It means Russia blew up it itself.
I bet USA black ops team did it. Probably by bribing someone or blackmailing someone. "Blow up that bridge fir us or your little daughter will be given to black men from the ghetto" or something like that.
No. 83137 Kontra
113 kB, 858 × 1024
fug, didnt see this post before posting the same image.
No. 83141 Kontra
It's not the same, my pic lacks battle dolphins.
No. 83145 Kontra
>lacks battle dolphins
Look above the arch.
No. 83421
>Bank of England's Bailey tells pension funds they have 3 days to rebalance

>Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey told pension fund managers to finish rebalancing their positions by Friday when the British central bank is due to end its emergency support programme for the county's fragile bond market. "We have announced that we will be out by the end of this week. We think the rebalancing must be done," Bailey said at an event organised by the Institute of International Finance in Washington on Tuesday. "And my message to the funds involved and all the firms involved managing those funds: You've got three days left now. You've got to get this done."

>Earlier on Tuesday, the Pensions and Lifetime Savings Association, an industry body, urged the BoE to extend the bond-buying programme until Oct. 31 "and possibly beyond." But Bailey stressed that the programme was part of the BoE's financial stability operations, not a monetary policy tool, and had to be temporary.

>The British central bank expanded its bond-buying on Tuesday to include inflation-linked debt, almost two weeks after launching it to help pension funds cope with a slump in bond prices triggered by the announcement of unfunded tax cuts by the new government of Prime Minister Liz Truss. "Things seemed calmer again today," Bailey said, referring to conditions in the gilt market. "We will see."

Would anyone like to buy a British pensioner? Get them now before the winter finishes them off.
No. 83438
374 kB, 828 × 995
Our Grand Khan is now active on the bird app too.
Already posting bangers from his trip to Germany.
No. 83440
Thinkgen to short the FTSE, ngl.
Need to make up what AMD & nVidia have lost me so far.
No. 83756
856 kB, 1080 × 1308
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I can't remember the last time chess was in the news this much.

Also I am once again proud of the British press:

No. 83757 Kontra
48 kB, 972 × 634
I appreciate your reporting on UK's financial matters. I'm too retarded to make intelligent comments regarding it, but your posts are always a good read.
No. 83783
187 kB, 279 × 337
If you ask me it's a soap opera to bring in new audiences by building opinionated camps.
Me, first I was a Niemann man, as I thought that Carlson is just a bro dude not able to cope that his time is over, but the more media I consoom about it, the more I sway towards Carlson and think that both are unlikable pricks.
No. 83916
I hope the fire won't lead to dozens of inmates suffocating in agony in their cells. I hope whoever started the fire knew what they were doing and isn't deliberately creating martyrs.
No. 83946
Death from smoke is hardly pleasant, but aside from intense coughing you simply pass out at some moment because your blood ceases to absorb oxygen (while still evacuating CO2 without much problems - it's mostly transported by simple dissolving). Definitely ways better than being slowly burned.
No. 83951 Kontra
I see. Then I hope they weren't slowly burned.
No. 84097 Kontra
12 kB, 242 × 375
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
All the crazy economic plans announced by the new PM are now cancelled and the Pound has recovered a bit. She's nowhere to be seen these days, very embarrassing for everyone involved.
No. 84099 Kontra
6 kB, 226 × 175
…anal what?
No. 84137 Kontra
No. 84140 Kontra
137 kB, 761 × 1390

To be revealed at the next budget statement.
No. 84193
>allowing the Chinese police to set up pretty obvious observation posts in our major cities
Would you mind to elaborate or throw me a link? Do you mean telcom infrastructure? Consulates?
No. 84211
I like how the guy who wanted to take corporation tax even lower is now the fiscally responsible adult they've brought in. Even the pension lock is gone now, I can only imagine how hard things are going to get in the coming years if even pensioners are getting shafted.

Due to budget cuts in the Peoples Republic of Britain, the beating must now be delivered directly by staff:
>One of China's most senior UK diplomats was involved in violence against protesters at the Manchester consulate on Sunday, a British MP says.
>After Consul-General Zheng Xiyuan ripped down the placards, Ms Kearns told MPs, there was "grievous bodily harm against a Hongkonger, one of whom was hospitalised for taking part in a peaceful protest. "Some were then dragged onto consulate territory for a further beating by officials who have been recognised to be members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

British police crossed into the consulate to remove protestors and now there's talk of declaring a senior Chinese diplomat a persona non grata. Were I a more unfair poster I'd point out that the acting PMs wife runs a Chinese state propaganda hour on one of the countries major news channels:
But it's literally just a flower show
No. 84217
Pretty much. VoA glows but it gets the basic idea across. I think I was listening to the community radio when it was being discussed or something.
No. 84291 Kontra
From Sweden's planned migration policy: "The following reforms will be implemented within the framework of the project: increased use of biometric data in alien cases, enhanced possibilities for internal alien controls, intensified return work, tightened labour immigration and tightened conditions for family immigration, transit centers throughout the asylum process, deportation due to lack of travel, and tightened requirements for citizenship and revocation of residence permits in several cases." — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tidö_Agreement
Emphasis mine. What does "lack of travel" mean here, I don't understand it at all, thanks. OK I think it may just be a mistranslation, the Swedish Wikipedia article has "utvisning på grund av bristande vandel" instead, with a link to vandelsprövning. So it's probably either about deporting people for crime, or for failing some kind of simple "good citizenship" test. (I imagine that authorities often won't be able to deport people when people wouldn't be safe in the receiving country due to war, persecution or lack of adequate healthcare.)

>>84202 >>84211 >>84217 Thanks.
No. 84308
It's one of those fun nights in British politics. The Government has a major vote on fracking tabled by Labour this evening, a subject very controversial for MPs of all stripes and if the Government faces a rebellion on this and loses the vote it would signal the collapse of Government.

On the one hand political chaos should probably end soon.
On the other, if the Government collapses then everyone will probably phone it in at work tomorrow.

Pension lock is back after savaging by the press. A u-turn on a u-turn.
No. 84309 Kontra
Will Truss outlast the lettuce?

Honestly surprised how her govt keeps piling fuckup upon fuckup.
I mean Boris had a scandal every week, but at least those were destroying the prestige of the party, not what remained of Britain’s material wealth.
No. 84313
Suella has resigned from Home Office.
Rumours that one of the Government's whips has resigned.

Government has defeated the Labour anti-fracking motion with accusations that MPs were physically manhandled to vote correctly, one allegedly in tears.
No. 84315
>that MPs were physically manhandled to vote correctly, one allegedly in tears.
Rate the veracity of this claim, or the plausibility of a whip maintaining discipline with the back of his hand.
Yes Minister, my only source on this, implies it was only done with psychological terror.
No. 84317
29 kB, 530 × 250
Chief whip and deputy whip now resigned.

It's probably an exaggeration until we hear something from a nay voter. That a chief whip has resigned and MPs were given a three-line whip to vote the right way I wouldn't say tensions haven't risen.

>the plausibility of a whip maintaining discipline with the back of his hand

You may remember that what triggered Boris' resignation was his appointment of a know gay sex predator as chief whip who then duly went about molesting MPs. His name with Pincher as well in another example of nominative determinism. But this looks more like the work of loyalist MPs.
No. 84345
142 kB, 1410 × 793
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Fortunately for us, it's basically impossible to critically damage the British economy since its backbone consists of either lending people money or counting their money. Behold the British hegemony over, er, accounting and auditing:

No. 84355 Kontra
>that MPs were physically manhandled to vote correctly, one allegedly in tears.
What a whiny bunch of bitches. Those cunts should be beaten with a broomstick to give them something to cry about.
>Mimimi I was man-handled mimimimimi
No. 84390
Sterling literally rallying at news the PM may be about to resign.
No. 84393
326 kB, 828 × 992
30 kB, 680 × 383
lmao even
No. 84394
PM gone.
Leadership election within a week.

I have no idea on how you can put a new PM in so quickly, they will come in just as the spooky Halloween budget comes and need to resolve the party divisions. I'd say we may actually have a general election soon unless we get someone like Ben Wallace in and if we do it looks like Labour will conduct a massacre.
No. 84396
82 kB, 567 × 680
Breaking news: New PM announced. Promises growth agenda and sunlit uplands.
No. 84397 Kontra
I find it really interesting how the past two years have shown clearer than ever before just how inept politicians are at just about anything but lying.
As long as things work on their own, they can act like they're hot shit.
But as soon as there are actual crises, they falter and break.
No. 84398 Kontra
811 kB, 1465 × 828
No. 84399 Kontra
44 kB, 480 × 367
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
All hail the lettuce!
No. 84408
Brits, I... Reelection when? Just rejoin EU. Inb4 Boris will once again lead UK into the shit future. Doge save the queen king!
No. 84409
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Would EU membership have made any difference? We weren't part of the Eurozone so our monetary mistakes policies have always been our own affair, while our taxation similarly didn't face ultimate scrutiny from the ECB. Boris was brought down by various scandals mostly related to COVID. I made a prediction back in 2016 that for the next two decades at least, every relative national shortcoming will be blamed on Brexit while every comparative success would be used to trumpet it. I've generally been proved right, although we are certainly better endowed with the former.

The worst mistake the Tories made in the last three years was not putting Dominic Cummings in charge of literally everything.
No. 84411
25 kB, 500 × 500
Le funny anecdote answer: A bunch of Yuropoors used to order stuff from the UK for the 2 wheel/er modding scenes, after Brexit it got to expensive to order from the UK... The economy and the currency took a hit after Brexit, because of Brexit, there goes a chunk of value and stability.
No. 84412 Kontra
29 kB, 685 × 696
I retract the part about the currency. I don't know much about UKie politics and should just shut up, I also don't remember much of the dozens of economic analysis articles I've read over the years about UK/Brexit.
No. 84417 Kontra
887 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:13

Europeans stopped ordering from UK and vice versa. Unless you have statistics to show how the balance on the grand scale of things worked out, anecdotes like this are worth less than nothing! Ko o-o-o on-t-ra!

T. Thought/Post Police
No. 84418
28 kB, 400 × 400
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

Heh, I have my own anecdote and it's one which I hear with regularity. My brother is a courier, a lorry driver. His pay has been going continually upwards since the Brexit vote as the available pool of Eastern European workers gradually dried up. He likes Slavs on a personal basis but hates drugs and always complained to me that all the Polish/Baltic drivers took amphetamines and that management turned a blind eye to it since they wouldn't complain about long night shifts. I can neither confirm nor deny. My brother of course voted for Brexit, which led to a long-standing rift between him and my sister (who owns two houses and who, as a legal expert, has never faced any employment pressure from Johnny Foreigner). So there are winners and losers, and while it's hard to disentangle the economic effects of COVID, Brexit and the current energy crisis from each other, I agree Brexit will have almost certainly have had a net negative influence on the economy.

Overall I think it's a muted influence compared to the other two. I recall with amusement that at the time of the Brexit vote, many of my more left-wing acquaintances were convinced that the entire London financial industry was going to relocate overseas because of Brexit, when these same friends were - just a few years previously - hoping that the hated sector would collapse so we would end our reliance on finance and stick it to the greedy bankers. Meanwhile some of my more right-wing (or at least libertarian) friends were assuring me that, freed from various unspecified and pernicious regulations, our economy would be free to soar ever higher as we opened trade with the rest of the world.

Of course neither happened. Most of our much-lauded trade deals are just legal continuations of previous agreements that existed under the EU. And the finance engine is still chugging away at the heart of the economy, for better or worse. But economic change is a slow creature, and I doubt we will see the true consequences of Brexit until it's a decade from now and we have a clearer picture of the various trajectories Western economies have taken relative to each other. One thing for certain is that a government this disorganised and incompetent would fail under the rosiest of circumstances...

Also pic related looks just like my brother, and I always picture the Norfman saying everything in my brother's voice.
No. 84511
Ben Wallace has ruled himself out and indicate Johnson would be his pick.
Rees-Mogg was early out on his endorsement of Johnson.

I actually have too many podcasts to listen to on this that by the time I actually finish listening to them we might have a new PM

I'd recommend two now providing coverage:
The Rest is Politics

The Rest is History

Everything is moving too fast.
No. 84512 Kontra
>#bringbackboris is actually happening
No fucking way
No. 84513 Kontra
37 kB, 446 × 599
No. 84514
In German news:

China wants to buy into the Hamburg Port.
Everyone hates it, especially considering the current events and what happens when making oneself dependent on foreign powers, but the chancellor wants to see it through.

No. 84515
t. Hamburger
No. 84516
71 kB, 960 × 880
422 kB, 1402 × 1215
The 1922 Committee is trying it's absolute best to stop it from happening but it's happening. You may be surprised to hear the people most happy about this prospect are the Ukranians who adore him.
No. 84517
82 kB, 749 × 499
Personally, I see benefits like foreign goods, finally a change from American imperialism and at last, Hungary might find a job here with his Sinogermanic education. With could be the Hamburg Trio, doesn't that sound good to you?
No. 84518
No NO NO NO! NEIN! If their shitty authoritarian regime wasn't doing "things" I'd be more than happy to welcome them.

Now all joges and memes aside: I am sceptical and not really sure if it is a good idea to let em buy a part of the port. Despite being a "knower" I was even sympathetic to the 5G Huawei infrastructure supply thing but more recent developments made me change my mind, I really do not thing it is a good idea. I hope they get democratic gubmint in the future, they can buy all they want once they do.
No. 84519 Kontra
Realistically speaking who else is there?
Everyone seems to have tried it at this point.
You have Rees-Mog but nobody wants him I wager, and besides him maybe Cummings.
Or what, elect a bloody backbencher? It’s interesting how despite they’ve been in power for over a decade, the Tories seem to be running pale from a lack of fresh blood.

Romans had “Year of the Four Emperors”, at this rate Britain might get “Year of the Four PMs”.
No. 84520 Kontra
No. 84521
Is that also one of those words adopted from German or is it also of oother origin (like the duck)?
No. 84522 Kontra
*despite having been in power for a decade
Holy shit how did I screw that up?

I don’t know. In British politics it means a lesser known MP who sits in the back during house of commons meetings. You could also use it pejoratively akin to calling someone third-rate. (Like I just did.)
No. 84523 Kontra
493 kB, 828 × 1227
Truss the plan…
No. 84526
522 kB, 1200 × 1600
72 kB, 480 × 640
>Realistically speaking who else is there?

The establishment wants Sunak or possibly Mordaunt. These two are very likely as the rules for this election require that those standing have the support of 100 MPs (therefore you can only have 3 possible candidates). Sunak is very likely to win this by all accounts as a kind of installed technocrat who would almost certainly charm the markets.

Johnson is actually a dark horse in this context, he would win a membership vote and one that involves the current cabinet but this is a vote among the Conservative MPs.

>You have Rees-Mog but nobody wants him I wager, and besides him maybe Cummings.

Rees-Mogg has endorsed Johnson and is probably too preoccupied at the moment with being Secretary of State responsible for the current energy crisis and one trying to push through fracking that a couple days ago nearly took down the Government.

In Parliament you have the Cabinet who sit at the front benches - these are the people actually running departments or being PM i.e. frontbenchers.
Those to the back are the backbenchers who are elected MPs. There are those who spend their entire careers as backbenchers because it gives you much more freedom to vote and campaign on issues.

There's nothing to stop a backbencher becoming PM other than the lack of experience in running a department being a serious handicap and usually (i.e. not Liz) the PM brings in the leaders of different party factions into the Cabinet so those tend to have the strongest bases of support.
No. 84527
>I am sceptical and not really sure if it is a good idea to let em buy a part of the port.

When has it ever been a good idea that states have authority somewhere else? Same with big corporations, it is a plain old sentiment but people, states and such have interests and buying part of a port in order to do stuff according to your interests can always lead to problems for others.
I'm not even against a state apparatus per see as China has it but yeah we know that China is problematic in many regards at the moment.

Btw. with the personal discovery of Kurdish folk music... why do Chinese repress the Muslim minority in its west? Fear of seperatism or national-cultural purity fears/claims?
No. 84528
>Fear of seperatism or national-cultural purity fears/claims?
From what I heard mostly the former but probably also the latter, I also heard claims about "suppressing terrorism and radicalization".
No. 84529
89 kB, 512 × 256
I should add that Rees-Mogg does not have many friends in the party outside of the right. His tweet this morning has infuriated a large part of the Conservative party looking to bring unity so there's good odds he will be out on his arse (from the frontbench).

Unless Johnson wins in which case he might get another promotion and maybe end up running the Home Office.
No. 84530 Kontra
67 kB, 734 × 734
First building gas pipelines to Russia, now selling ports to the Chinese. Never change, Germany!
No. 84531
There were riots and a real fear of some sort of rebellion in China's western provinces that had a similar effect to 9/11 in the US.
No. 84532
>Btw. with the personal discovery of Kurdish folk music
Post some in the music threda plz
No. 84534 Kontra
I remember when Greece sold a port to China top pay the denbts, it was considered a huge scandal here. Now it seems like it's a completely normal thing to do.
No. 84540 Kontra
59 kB, 750 × 1071
No. 84546 Kontra
I think that this picture is shopped, because few people would like to buy this mug in normal conditions, but a lot of people would like to buy it ironically.
No. 84556 Kontra
I think that picture is shopped simply because it obviously looks shopped.
No. 84558
I went to verify but they seem to have sold out.

Unfortunate none of us got a souvenir really given she's been the shortest service PM in all of British history. And even if you do get a later one the line will always be that Liz only lasted as long as she did because of the Queen's death. That'll be some high-tier political scientist memorabilia in a decade.
No. 84564
They forgot to add
>Thieve of the Koh'tor, pampered prick, brother of pedo
No. 84597
146 kB, 1024 × 721
What happens here?
No. 84598 Kontra
HATO aggression…
No. 84604
95 kB, 992 × 558
Oil, gas, windfarms. Please do not sabotage.
No. 84606
>Telecommunication between the Shetland islands and the British mainland is interrupted when a subsea cable is damaged. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-north-east-orkney-shetland-63326102
No. 84607
(I meant not the sea, but countries inside the red curve)

> Shetland
No. 84608
1,7 MB, 6460 × 3403
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
It's also the GIUK gap so lots of SOSUS, magnetometers and other such sneaky things:

No. 84612
>Destroy communications link to Shetlands
They obviously try to punch holes into >>84608 so the Soviet Navy/airforce can break into the North Atlantic and close it to NATO shipping.
No. 84620 Kontra
>so the Soviet Navy/airforce can break into the North Atlantic
You mean, punch holes in the space-time continuum?..
No. 84621
1,3 MB, 1200 × 874
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Americans already did this. Of course the glowies have been busy at work discrediting the witness accounts:

No. 84625
>You mean, punch holes in the space-time continuum?..
No, in the SOSUS-line. There is now far too little pre-stationed American equipment in Europe, and the European stockpiles are far too low. When Russia invades, there is lots of stuff that need's to be brought in from the US, including munitions and fuel, otherwise, the war will become unsustainable for NATO within days. To ensure victory, the Russians need to close the North Atlantic and break through the GIUK-gap.
No. 84628 Kontra
What a fascinating world you live in. Outside, Russians are still committing a mass mobik suicide in Bakhmut.
No. 84630 Kontra
102 kB, 604 × 512
6 kB, 259 × 194
> a fascinating world you live in
It's called "manyamirok" (Manya's little world) on Russian boards. Etymology is related to "Bespredel" movie and prison roosters.
No. 84633 Kontra
>Russians are still committing a mass mobik suicide in Bakhmut.
Doesn't matter, their air-force and navy would use regulars for that, not mobilized school-teachers and third violins.
No. 84747
No. 84777
61 kB, 960 × 640
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Brebare you're angus :---DDDDDDDD
No. 84778
I know nothing, blease redbull me. What I like: He is not an old fart but something over 40, that cannot be bad. Inb4 he is a conservative cretin, I hope not.
No. 84779 Kontra
What I mean to say: Is he a decent choice or is he Trump tier?
No. 84780
4,2 MB, 4032 × 3024
Next round of “National Consultation” is in full swing.
Khan Aoban of the Xiongnu is asking us about “Brusselite sanctions” in this “over-the-mail-kurultaj”.

You can read the questions here:
No. 84781
He's a rich kid with a billionaire father in law, I'd assume he's a conservative.
No. 84782
That does not sound good at all.
No. 84783
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
He's what I would describe as a technocratic candidate. Not populist, if that's what you mean by "Trump-tier", his instincts are conservative in the traditional sense. Various sectors of the internet are predictably exploding over the fact that he's our first non-white PM inb4 Disraeli but he's really as close to a 'traditional' candidate as we've seen in a while. International markets have notably become far more relaxed about British economic prospects as a result of his entry.

I suspect he'll be a fairly unexciting PM, but we will have to see. He's certainly intelligent for what it's worth; a few years ago I read an interesting paper he wrote on the importance of subsea-infrastructure security, and he displayed an acumen I don't generally expect from our politicians.
No. 84786
Is he able to quote ancient-Greek poetry?
No. 84788

>Trump tier

He did support the brexit, so he is at least compliant with and supportive of populist action.
No. 84790 Kontra
Thanks to your link I came across Afrocentrism tier comments like "there was no ancient Greece" which lead to me finding "nuggets" like:
>The Epsilon Team (Greek: Ομάδα Έψιλον, romanized: Omada Epsilon) is an alleged secret society that appears in Greek modern folklore, conspiracy theories and ufology. The team was first described in a 1977 book, and supposedly consists of prominent Greek people who possess secret knowledge of extraterrestrial origin. Beginning in the 1980s, literature about the society became infused with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, placing the Epsilon Team in a cosmic battle against the Jews.The body of beliefs related to the Epsilon Team has been labeled epsilonism, and those who subscribe to it have been labeled epsilonists.
No. 84793
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Sadly, I suspect he is rather incurious about such things.

Ah Boris. Despite my better instincts, I can't help but like the man, even miss him. His Homeric flaw was that he was always a fundamentally indolent creature who never shook off his schoolboy conviction that rules are for breaking, and any admonishment can be diverted if you face it with enough cheek. I don't think foreigners, particularly Germans, ever really understood the man. People were always comparing him to Trump when any similarities were paper-thin and reflected more a general desire among the left-wing media to taint him by association. Boris was erudite, had a Wooster-ish playfulness, and certainly never had to pay anyone for sex like Trump. He was unashamedly a piece of a bygone age. We will not see such interesting politicians for a long time, but perhaps that's for the best.
No. 84818
Like Ernst says he's a monied investment banker. He actually only fell into the spotlight as a junior minister because his boss got sacked and so he ended up as number 2 after the PM leading covid support which then made him very popular (in addition to being on the young nerdy side women like). Literally had it not been for the pandemic he would've been quietly reshuffled into another junior ministerial post with a well done pat for holding the fort.

Then everyone fell out of love with 'dishy rishi finance fitti'* during the pandemic after it came out his billionaire wife was doing tax avoidance and he's generally been quite hawkish on spending. People seem to forget the latter given No10 and 11 were outright plotting against each other during the time of Johnson as PM after he blocked some important government strategies like Net Zero and axed the foreign aid budget. Earlier in the year it was revealed that he'd become a US green card holder during the pandemic which entails a commitment to eventually become a US citizen, that is some very mixed loyalties given he was Chancellor of the Exchequer at the time.

That said, he's a safe technocratic pair of hands which is probably what we need after the last PM managed to accidentally the economy. He failed the last leadership election because he tried talking austere sense which was popular with MPs but absolutely toxic to the Tory base. Now he managed to become PM by avoiding even a membership vote because Johnson dropped out who absolutely would've trounced him with the party membership. Thank god we did away with those unelected Eurocrats, now we have a thrifty billionaire who will show the market our discipline by cutting everything to the bone past the bone.

No. 84825
No. 85072
142 kB, 1101 × 1200
96 kB, 1280 × 720
>Over $80bn wiped out in a day
>Lost over $500bn on the rebrand alone

How can you lose so much of other peoples money so consistently and obviously on an autistic fantasy and yet still not only be alive but one of the richest men on Earth. This man continues to have PENSIONS invested in his business that has people buying virtual designer outfits for a sims rip-off whose gimmick is talking to schizos on the internet in VR using your real identity.

And yet, if I went to work tomorrow and took a shit on the carpet I would be put in a mental institution. If I wanted to withdraw all my money so I could invest it in the local ant colony the bank would tell me to sod off and probably tell the police that I'm an identity thief - but if I took all my money and sunk it into this obvious money pit it wouldn't even be considered that unusual.
No. 85081 Kontra
112 kB, 1242 × 991
That was quite the ride. Feeling inspired by it I made a little gamble and bought some Amazon just before the close. Uh oooh, fuuuuugggg :DDDD
No. 85109
50 kB, 828 × 721
205 kB, 1200 × 1543
Musk closes twitter deal after months of fucking around. Fires CEO and chief legal officer (she cried) on the first day.
Twitter engineers’ access to the code has been removed and he brought over guys from Tesla to look at it.


Looks like he’s intent on having a more hardcore takeover of the company.
No. 85153
101 kB, 453 × 720
No. 85154
435 kB, 1002 × 1066
No. 85155 Kontra
Oops, didn't mean to post this without any comment, so Kontra here.

But I am wondering:
What will change?
Will anything actually change?
Will the leftist/liberal/sjw/whatever scares /pol/tards userbase leave twitter now?
Will twitter maybe die?
Will something even worse rise if/when twitter dies?
No. 85156 Kontra
I honestly doubt there will be a mass exodus of liberals from Twitter. They will just block based on keywords and that's it.
A more hardcore contingent might leave for Tumblr (again) or some other shit site, just like how some trumptards left for Truth social and other meme tier garbage.

We don't know how much "free speech" Musk will allow/wants/can afford.
What might actually kill twitter is him trying to get bots out of the way. On one hand it'd be interesting to see just how much of the establishment media's engagement is genuine, but also having to give my ID to twitter is a bit meh.

The freakout is fun to watch though. The establishment libs are screeching so hard over even the slightest chance of getting deplatformed or deboosted on a platform.
Musk is no longer wholesomechungus redditor space billionaire.

I just gotta wonder how much of this is because his wife left him for a troon.
(But I wager that the fact that Biden's administration is neglecting Tesla when awarding contracts is a bigger reason in him putting his feet staunchly down against the democratic administration.)
No. 85157
Nothing will change.
Mark my words.
No. 85158
397 kB, 589 × 747
No. 85159 Kontra
I think bots are more a thing of right interested people, no? Research points to more maga style hashtags used by bots than anything Biden related for instance, afaik.
No. 85161
Got any proofs?
No. 85164
80 kB, 1200 × 630
I read parts of book attached when I was still in my bachelor (the poland one was cool, I remember that), so it's been a while. Lot of country case studies among others Germany. In the case of Germany the results is not many bots but most are AFD related, then comes CDU, though the number of tweets related and percentage of automated tweets for a party shows that while the AFD still takes the lead again, the left has a also double digit percentage of automated tweets from total of party related tweets. But left party related content in numbers basically has no tweets in comparison to afd related content numbers.

You could check the other countries case studies if you are interested. My main aim of the previous post was to questions Hungary's predictable accusation of establishment doing bot stuff while from what I remember it is often just the political fringes using it quite heavily.
No. 85166 Kontra
I think there's a difference with the method of using bots.
With the fringes you have them try and reply boost stuff through the algorithm, the ones the establishment have are usually just there to inflate follower count, which is what I observed.
Millions of followers, but barely any comments, likes or retweets, a moderately successful niche account outdoes them in engagement.

Also: There are establishment bots. They just bring them out in crucial moments when politics demands it. All those "[name]bunch of numbers" accounts that post once a year with no pfp are bots, and they usually come out in supporting the liberal establishment.
No. 85167
Great picture, but I can't read the book from it.

That said, wouldn't it be natural for the fringes to try and appear "bigger" than they are? Since the mainstream should, per se, have higher numbers overall even without machine support.
Does that book also say how active users are? I remember seeing something like "10% of twitter users generate 80% of twitter posts" or something.
No. 85171
Liberal [adjective] -- having or related to views, opposite to mine.
No. 85173 Kontra
61 kB, 750 × 936
Also: My evidence is anecdotal.
Thank you.
No. 85176
401 kB, 1286 × 1282
Tbh, the MSM is basically a glorified bot anyway with how bad they are at not just copypasting what actual bots say on social media. For example, this very real example of the NYT reporting what is effectively a CIA botpost.
No. 85178
>liberal establishment

In Hungary anyway? Maybe in Budapest :DD

You should download the book from libgen if you are interested, I won't dl it for you nor is it clever to make copyrighted material available on EC which can be found easily via web search, I think.

>bigger than

Yeah, fake support and scale of political communication/distribution of message.

bots are probably used for different things apart from elections in which context they are mainly discussed.
The Poland case study is interesting because it depicts the combination of bots and paid writers.
No. 85179 Kontra
272 kB, 1000 × 846
Ministry of Human Resources demands 25% cut in gas use from Hungarian state universities. Forces them through decree to only heat lecture halls and classrooms to 18 degrees Celsius.
The universities will have to work out an "Energy saving action plan".
No. 85181 Kontra
The archetype of the liberal inner-city Budapester intelligentsia is a topic for another day, but no, I just rushed into this topic because I actually use twitter daily (not for politics). I'm aware that from a Hungarian standpoint this is probably a bit pointless but I don't feel like I can formulate anything coherently at this time.
No. 85182 Kontra
My and other German unis (will) heat offices and seminar rooms/lecture halls at 19°, decadent west, I will need a pullover when I sit in the library!
No. 85604
155 kB, 1440 × 960

>“The type of customers coming to us the most are the ones trying to do advertising in the sky,” Hill told Gothamist. “The advantage of drone light shows is being able to turn empty space and empty sky into a large billboard, essentially.”

Wow. There are actually people in the world who look up at the sky and think "I could sell that". A drone light show spammed NY with Candy Crush ads in an attempt to convert the last 50 people in the city who haven't downloaded it. Launched from New Jersey to evade NY laws. Old news in China, but this was on the America. It has spread and night skys will become the new highways: a space to lease advertising. I love the tech but despise its application.
No. 85605 Kontra
15 kB, 480 × 360
It's optimized for the greatest good :DDDD
No. 85614 Kontra
Are you a communist? There should be laws against freedom hating anti Americab libruls like you
No. 85618 Kontra
Hi, where are the Jever Fun??? :DDDDD
No. 85677 Kontra
>Jaja, von wegen es gibt kein richtiges Leben im Falschen: a gudes Bier kennt kei kridik
No. 85698
>iPhone 14 Pro: Apple expects delivery bottleneck after Foxconn lockdown
>Bonuses are intended to discourage employees from “escape”.
>Foxconn's campus within the industrial park will operate as a "bubble" to contain the virus. Employees work, live and sleep on the premises and are thus sealed off from the outside world to limit the spread in the event of an infection. The strict precautionary measures recently prompted workers to literally flee the site because not enough food was provided for the bubble. Videos from China's social media showed workers climbing fences and walking along highways.
Source: Big German IT site via G*gle Translate: https://www-computerbase-de.translate.goog/2022-11/iphone-14-pro-apple-erwartet-lieferengpass-nach-foxconn-lockdown/?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
I'd kek if it wasn't so sad.
No. 85699 Kontra
Mercedes Benz or some other German car manufacturer and their Chinese partners deal similarly with the problems, it's not Foxconn specific then to have them sleep, eat and live there, the food problem might be a Problem specific to Foxconn though.
No. 85714
Sounds more like a general chinese problem to me
No. 85720
Still not clear to me what Chinese leadership is doing here. Are these undeclared sanctions? Are they testing how far they can go until the population will rise up? Do they know something about COVID we don't and Thurs take it much more seriously? Is out just that they have declared 0 COVID an cannot be seen losing face? Is it a tactic to fabricate a reason to start WWIII in earnest (waitu piggu is to blame for this)?
No. 85732
The thought of living in a modern office under lockdown is horrifying. You'd have no personal space at all in this situation but simultaneously be incredibly bored and frustrated by the intrusion of HR with office socials.

I can some remote industry where it's fine but even in a factory environment you'd probably have people snapping by the weekend. Not in the sense of sudden breakdowns but the formal rule structure and hierarchy turning utterly absolutely toxic in a way you wouldn't get when it's a pack of lads on a boat without the intrusion of management science.

From a health angle China was successful in zero-covid and now it's written itself into a corner as a result. There's a low vaccine uptake and a lot of old people who will potentially die at once if the floodgates are open which would push the healthcare system to collapse. It's not like Britain or India where it's been circulating for long enough now that people have resistance either from direct exposure or just because they had their vaccine, the apocalyptic scenes in India is probably exactly what is in Xi's mind right now.

Also there's probably some systematic arguments in keeping China under lockdown at the moment while also keeping the population producing goods for the wider global market.
No. 85735
>From a health angle China was successful in zero-covid
Every policy is successful from a health angle, because covid is just slightly more dangerous than usual flu. In Russia there were no serious measures and those which were, were sabotaged en masse. And the was no "collapse" of medical system. In Belarus and Ukraine restrictions were even less strict and they were fine too. The only difference is that westoid journos are in hysteria over covid, while Chinese media report that everything is gud and slavs are not prone to this sort of moral panic.
I see the sparrow-killing vibes here.
No. 85737 Kontra
>In Belarus and Ukraine restrictions were even less strict and they were fine too.
Well, except that thousands and thousands of people died, which doesn't really happen during "usual flu" seasons, and then either got covered up or written off. It's not really surprising though, because the Belarusian state never really gave a fuck about its citizens.
No. 85741
Up to the delta strain it was considerably more dangerous and damaging for people previously unexposed to SARS viruses. Evaluated lethality of 0,5% is really a lot, even if we exclude prolonged consequences in many patients who survived severe forms.
No. 85742 Kontra
P.S.: Another question is what counter-measures can be validated by that situation, of course. Mandatory masks in places with high concentrations of people and free vaccination - most definitely yes. Lockdowns, though?..
No. 85757 Kontra
72 kB, 551 × 549
>The only difference is that westoid journos are in hysteria over covid, while Chinese media report that everything is gud and slavs are not prone to this sort of moral panic.

It's weird how the mass cremations in India have been memory-holed. And even after Papa Nurgle felt it wasn't hellish enough in India and released a black mould that left people having their face eaten off and eyes removed to protect the brain.

What must be especially worrying in China is that 1.08 billion people have diabetes which is connected to much more serious complications.
No. 85870
>It's weird how the mass cremations in India have been memory-holed
Does it signify anything beyond the fact that the authorities decided to mass cremate the bodies of the people who had died from COVID?
And as for bodies piling up everywhere, the wretched truth is that morgues and crematories are usually unprepared even to the normal mortality being doubled.
No. 85871
“Democrats from Pennsylvania and Tennessee who died last month were re-elected to the US House of Representatives. In Pennsylvania, former Democratic Congressman Anthony DeLuca, who died Oct. 9 at age 85, was still re-elected with 85 percent. Tennessee Democrat Barbara Cooper, who died Oct. 25 at age 93, "won the race" in the state's 86th congressional district on Tuesday.
No. 85950
772 kB, 1048 × 930
>Pokemon's Ash Ketchum wins world championship

>Ash Ketchum, the lead character in the Pokemon anime series, has won the Pokemon World Championship. Fans of the franchise have expressed their delight at the character becoming the strongest Pokemon trainer in the world, more than 25 years after the first episode of the programme aired.

>A tweet from the official Pokemon Twitter account congratulating Ash has received almost 200,000 likes.

This is top news on the BBC right now.
No. 85951
Wait, is this the satire branch of the website? Am I being rused?
No. 85952
True and apparently it ends in December. Not Pokémon obviously but Ash's journey.
No. 85954 Kontra
It's just incredibly autistically written imho.
Treats it as if this was some actual sporting event and not some episode of a TV show watched by kids fat weebs.
Can't decide if this was a fan trying to keep their powerlevel hidden, or some clueless office retard who sorta knows what's going on but couldn't care less so he managed to write up this garbage.
Or the BBC is testing a new AI.

/Off but I never really got Pokémon. I was born after the craze but even when I tried the games I found them to be boring shit even when playing them at 200x speed using an emulator.
No. 85955
Fucking hell, what is going on there?
No. 85956
As for the appeal of Pokemon, outside of the craze, which you really had to be there, I enjoy the games as unfrustrating, unchallenging, comfy entertainment.
Obviously you must have at least some affinity to JRPGs and grinding.
Also, it consistently has the best waifus.
No. 85958
1. There are a lot of bored millennials on a Friday clicking on news websites. This is considered more professional than arguing with shizos on imageboards for reasons.
2. Pokémon cards are big money these days because we live in a world where meme nonsense sells.
No. 86460
79 kB, 120 × 90, 0:04
Funny orange man is back on twitter.
No. 86461
206 kB, 200 × 150, 0:02
63 kB, 590 × 314
No new tweets yet. He must be busy carefully composing his comeback message. Over/Under on exclamation points: 6
No. 86462
799 kB, 320 × 320, 0:09
No. 86479
117 kB, 442 × 477
Good morning Sirs, yall ready for the best world cup of all time?
No. 86488
Wait...The USA somehow qualified? interest intensifies
No. 86489
172 kB, 440 × 475
Good Morning Sirs, I dont know how you qualified, but I like your best Player, Mr. Tom Brady. Go USA, Go USA!
No. 86494 Kontra
Someone in the good ole US of a shot a up a clubhouse full of pansies! I will not express anything that could be construed as hatespeach.
No. 86497
148 kB, 896 × 500
It will be interesting to see how they will square the circle of holding a World Cup in a deeply homophobic country that doesn't give a fuck about exercise when FIFA has a whole message about equality. Qatari authorities say they will be more lenient but the US team is already out to push that. Professional football is dead when it can be so blatantly bought

>FIFA President Gianni Infantino raised eyebrows on Saturday when he attempted to show empathy with marginalised groups by telling reporters in Qatar 'I feel gay ... I feel like a migrant worker'. Infantino opened the traditional pre-World Cup news conference on Saturday with a lengthy monologue lambasting the critics of Qatar hosting the tournament because of the country's human rights record. read more

>"Today I feel Qatari. Today I feel Arab. Today I feel African. Today I feel gay. Today I feel disabled. Today I feel (like) a vagrant. Today I feel (like) a migrant worker," he said.

Does Ernst ever feel gay?

You should look at how the US women's team performs.
No. 86498
America is the greatest country on earth. Inclusion of racial minorities onto the rainbow flag will never not make me smile.
Sometimes I feel like a gay migrant worker, but only when I'm answering questions in my official capacity o fFIFA President.
No. 86499
79 kB, 750 × 421
Pretty bigoted. The flag should look like this.
No. 86500 Kontra
No. 86509
>Does Ernst ever feel gay?

Yes, today I feel GAY, today I feel DISABLED!
No. 86521 Kontra
>today I feel DISABLED
Good for you that you can stop it tomorrow. I can't.

t. 80%
No. 86523
Hold on, that's just a Fox news scam, isn't it? The US team didn't really change their flag anywhere, right?

So, I'm about 0% interested in football and only learned through EC that there is a championship going on, but ... I'm stocking up on popcorn now, just in case.
No. 86535
163 kB, 488 × 274
>80 Percent

Now thats a lot, is it your back or somehting else? Did you get it the 80 percent "forever" or only the next years?

>Hold on, that's just a Fox news scam, isn't it


But how are you surprised? Germany talks only about Manuel Neuer and his Rainbow-Flag. Now the media suggests that our players should kiss each other after every goal. I am not that much of football enjoyer, but damm it, this is only the second day and I ran out of popcorn
No. 86537
Nope, didn't hear about any of this and if you hadn't provided that image I'd have called you a liar. Consider me surprised :-DDD

I will chose to interpret the events thusly: Because the propagandists are intelligent people, they know that I am slightly pissed to have involuntarily given money that helps finance fifa corruption; so to appease me, they made sure that even for a football-sceptic such as myself they provide entertainment in the form of international cringe-comedy.
There are many other ways to interpret the unfolding events, but I've now chosen this story and will stick with it!

Also, I've tried to watch a few minutes of it to test my limits. What I've seen was the summary of the first match, Qatar vs. Ecuador. I witnessed 22 brown people being commandeered by a white guy with a whistle.
No. 86543
1,7 MB, 1733 × 989
>if you only knew how bad things really are
No. 86572 Kontra
415 kB, 598 × 817
Question to the schizo:
How do you feel about this?

On the one hand, Qatar is "based" for resisting globohomo and american cultural imperialism, but on the other side they're muslims.
Does it make your head explode?
No. 86577 Kontra
My guess: They are based and cool as long as they stay in Quatar, because Muslims in Europe they wouldn't be based anymore but become loud littering clan criminal rapists by default, even though what they have in common is being threatened by globohomo.
The schizo I guess is fine with ethnopluralism, everybody stays where they are in the nation they were born in. He only hates Muslims when they live here and bring/reproduce their culture of loud littering clan criminal rapism.
No. 86578 Kontra
Reading both of your posts, I dont think anyone of you should call others "schizo"
No. 86579 Kontra
Why? My post was a (semi speculative, but read up) account of certain right-wing thinking. The schizo pretty much tinkered together a patchwork right-wing worldview, some people would say that is a significant sign of fascism, to patch together various beliefs. And I read a good argument on why this patchwork came together during the last ten years and it has to do with the online spaces that allow for this right-wing tinkering consisting of concepts like ethnopluralism, media progressive elites, the ebul bureaucratic state, scientific racism, strong hierarchies (autocratic instead of democratic) etc.
No. 86580
291 kB, 690 × 387
So, Orban has once again proved to be a trendsetter.
How long until we see german politicians wearing Großdeutschland scarves?
No. 86582 Kontra
Lol based gxpsy khan.
Hohols got so butthurt they called in the ambassador to reprimand him.
No. 86584
726 kB, 840 × 2610
>100 years later
>MAGYAtards still mad
I actually had a polandball on exactly that topic, but I can't find it anymore. Have this one instead.
No. 86585 Kontra
>and it has to do with the online spaces that allow for this
You mean like every single other ideology and dumb idea that anyone with an internet access can be exposed to?
I bet the CIA found that out. They find out everything. EVERYTHING!
No. 86588 Kontra
62 kB, 615 × 667
So? Didn't deny that, I was merely specific. While it is true in potential, in actuality the (libertarian) right wing actors made good use of it in comparison to others (as can be seen with the schizo politically raised with imageboards), so all the other dumb thoughts and ideologies aren't relevant for that post. There was no need to point it out. In fact, you have been clever enough to make use of inductive reasoning without me pointing out the supposed obvious. Might consider working for the CIA with such a big brain.
No. 86592
Will we see slav world war this decade?
No. 86594 Kontra
>you have been clever enough to make use of inductive reasoning
Sure, and then you claim I make "assumptions over assumptions" or somesuch.
I know the ways of internet arguments, despite not always abiding by their rules.
But I still would like to challenge your notion of
> right wing actors made good use of it in comparison to others
by simply saying: Twitter

drops mic
kicks down door
heils a cab
No. 86603 Kontra

Kek, overrated bubble, Youtube, and podcasts (though both overlaps) are more important to facilitate a proper pipeline people can follow through and share. Imageboards just have the most vulnerable clientel: young(er), mostly lonely or unkissed/unfucked, man and so on. Youtube is also great to attract boomers as well as a the young(er) man that didn't found their way up to the holy halls of imageboardry.
Surely many different people with all kinds of opinions made use of twitter and youtube, but the surge of rightwing opinion is noticeable.

>and then you claim I make "assumptions over assumptions" or somesuch.

Just wasn't the case here ;)
No. 86629 Kontra
32 kB, 604 × 340
>Russian lawmakers passed legislation Thursday imposing steep fines for LGBT “propaganda” among both minors and adults.
>Under the newly passed amendments, propaganda of “non-traditional sexual relations” among both minors and adults is punishable by a fine of up to 5 million rubles ($82,500) for organizations.
>Groups that “distribute” materials containing LGBT content or which “can make children want to change their gender” face fines of up to 4 million rubles ($66,000).
>Propaganda of pedophilia is punishable by 10 million rubles ($165,600) for organizations.
Soon to be illegal to tell Russian adults about sweet gay love.
No. 86631
Another 5D chess move.
You see, soon they will announce a much higher pay for soldiers and mobiks, raising morale.
However, since gay faggotry is rampant among the russian armed forces, the organization will have to pay the higher wages back to the state.
This either leads to a total dehomonization of the rusdian soldier, thus increasing his battle rating, or more money for the government, thus enabling them to hold out longer.
I can't really fathom that genius.
No. 86636
>Imagine you are ukrainian soldier
>You literally fight for bumdrilling homos who take it up the ass
Is there anything more degrading?
No. 86637
It's quite paradoxical that anti-lgbt people seem to implicitly believe that sexual identity and gender are social constructs, way more so than the lgbt theorists.
As in, they believe that you can change someone's sexuality and gender identity with propaganda alone.

I wish it were true, though. We could live in a utopian society where every member of both of the sexes is turned gay in schools. There'd be two parallel societies of homos and lesbians living in peace, and all procreation would be done through artificial insemination in a safe, regulated and scientific manner.
Maybe we'd even breed the straightness out of the species forever.

One can only dream.
No. 86638
375 kB, 1533 × 1008
They have problem not with homosexuality, but with freedom. Idea that people are free to choose with whom to sleep is unacceptable for vatniks, it's chaos for them. Master should tell them the only one right way to do stuff. This is why homosexuality in army and prison are fine, because it is not a matter of choice there.
No. 86639
You sound like the comic book guy in that one Simpsons episode where he suggests that people are only allowed to have sex every seven years because Pon-Farr works like that.
No. 86640
>As in, they believe that you can change someone's sexuality and gender identity with propaganda alone
No, I think those people are sick. Gay homos are sick and disgusting. Stopping them from desiring perverted sex acts with other men is impossible, but it is possible to punish them when they act on those desires and are caught. The homos spread sickness and disease with their perverted, sick practices.
No. 86641 Kontra
>The homos spread sickness and disease with their perverted, sick practices.

Why are you afraid, you are interested in women, arent you?
No. 86645 Kontra
>The homos spread sickness and disease with their perverted, sick practices.
Brick called it, I'll be damned. He did it again.
No. 86646 Kontra
Bisexuals exist, you know?
>feeding the troll
Since being rude is officially allowed, I want to add: retard
No. 86652 Kontra
23 kB, 592 × 296
>Bisexuals exist, you know?

I addressed the schizo, not a generality. The schizo is not bisexual (whatever the actual truth is).
No. 86653 Kontra
Are you assuming the schizo's sexuality?
With all that unsolicited talk about homos I'd even argue he is projecting hard and enjoys gay homosex as much as your average russian soldier.
No. 86655
4,2 MB, 5616 × 3744
>>feeding the troll

What if my post triggers the troll and I revel in his/her/its reaction? Is the troll then feeding me?

Oh right, this is the news thread... uh... let me just check some news sites and... okay, found something:
The new Miss Germany was born in a brazilian favela, is 37 years old and won an award from Unicef when she was 15 for the humanitarian work in her home-favela. Apparently she is the first Miss Germany with a migrant background.

Source: https://www.spiegel.de/panorama/gesellschaft/domitila-barros-ist-die-neue-miss-germany-a-916679a3-68b6-4979-861d-4b56d2a9d322

This counts as news right? Should also be decent material for triggering some people.
No. 86656
Read my post again. The schizo is hetero REGARDLESS OF WHAT IS ACTUALLY HIS TRUE SEXUALITY.

In other news: my copy of Foucault's The Order of Things arrived in the mail today, I know Ernst is eager to learn what events unfold in my mailbox.
No. 86657
Plenty of heterosexuals also engage in ano rectal eroticism, including violent and objectively foolish varieties. ~AA

"Women in the UK are suffering injuries and other health problems as a result of the growing popularity of anal sex among straight couples, two NHS [British National Health Service] surgeons have warned. The consequences include [fecal] incontinence and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as pain and bleeding because they have experienced bodily trauma while engaging in the practice, the doctors write in an article in the British Medical Journal. Tabitha Gana and Lesley Hunt also argued that doctors’ reluctance to discuss the risks associated with anal sex was leading to women being harmed by the practice and letting down a generation of women who are not aware of the potential problems."
... "National Survey of Sexual Attitudes research undertaken in Britain has found that the proportion of 16- to 24-year-olds engaging in heterosexual anal intercourse has risen from 12.5% to 28.5% over recent decades. Similarly, in the US 30% to 45% of both sexes have experienced it. “It is no longer considered an extreme behaviour but increasingly portrayed as a prized and pleasurable experience,” wrote Hunt, a surgeon in Sheffield, and Gana, a trainee colorectal surgeon in Yorkshire."
"Many doctors, though, especially GPs and hospital doctors, are reluctant to talk to women about the risks involved, partly because they do not want to seem judgmental or homophobic, they add. “However, with such a high proportion of young women now having anal sex, failure to discuss it when they present with ano rectal symptoms exposes women to missed diagnoses, futile treatments and further harm arising from a lack of medical advice,” the surgeons said. NHS patient information about the risks of anal sex is incomplete because it only cites STIs, and makes “no mention of anal trauma, [fecal] incontinence or the psychological aftermath of the coercion young women report in relation to this activity”. Health professionals’ disinclination to discuss the practice openly with patients “may be failing a generation of young women, who are unaware of the risks”."
[The article text was edited slightly to condense it into fewer lines.]
No. 86659 Kontra
So now we paste the a..-r.... violence pasta into threads after derailing them, instead of opening new threads with proxies?
No. 86660
Imagine the woman I have sex with had sex with other men before me. I know, this is pretty sick and disgusting in its own right, but in the current day and age, close to 100% of women are worthless whores. Imagine one if these men was a pervert, or one of the women he fucked was previously fucked by a pervert.

It is hardly the same thing, though, is it? You can not compare that. Most men his women, and that is normal. But that is not comparable to men kissing men. men kissing men is sick and disgusting.

It is natural to engage sexually with women, it is against the laws of nature to engage sexually with men. Those who do that are sick degenerate individuals that can not be cured. The only thing that can be done is beating them into shape.
No. 86662 Kontra
28 kB, 556 × 297
>Those who do that are sick degenerate individuals that can not be cured. The only thing that can be done is beating them into shape.

If this guy was wearing a suite and speaking into a microphone, I'd just assume it's yet another politician. Probably from the US, Russia or Iran et al.
But reading this here on EC attached to a german flag, I instead think of an unshaved, fat, smelly pimpleface living in his moms basement and suffering from mental illness.

Isn't it absurd how much of a difference context can make?

I'm now trying to picture some bigot politician proxy-posting on EC during his lunch break every time I see our schizo post here.
No. 86663
>I instead think of an unshaved, fat, smelly pimpleface living in his moms basement and suffering from mental illness.
I think you replied to the wrong person, my post is way up.
No. 86664 Kontra
Beauty pageants are bullshit anyway and the women are never pretty enough to warrant any kind of "most beautiful woman of $COUNTRY" title.

The only thing that could possibly trigger me is the obvious attempt to garner attention for their dumb enterprise by pulling the diversity card.

But she has a pretty face and I am into freckles. I'll allow it.

Oh, and I just found out that Miss Germany has been a thing here for almost 100 years.

But here are some news that will certainly trigger someone:

No. 86665
I didn't derail the thread. >>86657 was my first post in it.
No. 86666 Kontra
>I'm now trying to picture some bigot politician proxy-posting on EC during his lunch break every time I see our schizo post here.

I usually imagine other Germans looking like the average Drachenlord fan including the schizo.
No. 86670 Kontra
Good thing I don't know anything about the Drachenlord except the stuff I learned from having the thread on the front page here.
So if you know what a Drachenlord fan looks like, I have bad news for you.
No. 86671
Beauty pageants are an ancient heathen ritual, it is very Anglo-Saxon, germanic, and only we truly understand them.
No. 86673
75 kB, 900 × 507
I imagine they have the same cultural lineage as agricultural shows.
No. 86674 Kontra
>So if you know what a Drachenlord fan looks like, I have bad news for you.

I watched a documentary on it once and I have seen pictures of the trial since it was in the news, my little snowflake.
No. 86675 Kontra
I don't see how that changes anything about my point.
No. 86686
642 kB, 1400 × 788
True, I've seen it in documentary movie Midsommar