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No. 81349 Systemkontra
100 kB, 634 × 799
Yeah yeah sorry, calm down man.
No. 81350
STEM education teaches you to think: "how things really are?". Humanity education teaches you to think: "what sounds better?" or "what would my mentor like?"

No one said that "mainstream=right" or "mainstream=wrong". The point is that even if you're "on the right side of history", that's accidental and purely out of conformism.
No. 81351 Kontra
>the humanities question my beliefs therefore I don't like them and will randomly accuse them with arbitrary claims

>"how things really are?

plain: how things are.
I don't see how humanities are not following the same question, their objects are different though since STEM is a mostly a science of matter (biology has living systems and ecosystems). You are not interested in serious discussions, what a shame.
No. 81352
25 kB, 340 × 340
I don't go with the physical mainstream. Bloody conformists and then the next paradigm shows up and they will align like dogs over time.
No. 81353
173 kB, 916 × 675
No. 81354
I thought this was /int/? Didn't you want to throw us out?

Who would make new threads for you then?
No. 81355
He could probably do it himself, but not as efficiently.
What most people don't know is that Germany is the #1 exporter of Today threads, mainly rooted in retaining the know-how of YEARS of generating Today threads and honing this know-how.
No. 81356 Kontra
27 kB, 334 × 466
Exactly. Last time I made a today threda it was only out of spite of you Germans competing who gets to make it. I'm a consumer of today thredas, not the maker of them.

>Didn't you want to throw us out?
Still do.
No. 81358 Kontra
7/10 picture for the today thread, previous one was superior
No. 81359
today I learned that "psychoanalysis" is just french metaphysics, which just so happens to share a lot of vocabulary with what we today call psychology.
No. 81360
1013 kB, 2560 × 1440
227 kB, 1024 × 1023
379 kB, 2048 × 2048
723 kB, 1500 × 1327
I will submit some candidates for the next one
No. 81362
Since you already posted them they are not "today". Make a "yesterday" thread with them, perhaps?
No. 81363
There is french psychoanalysis but it was of German origin. Maybe German imageboard psychology is a derivative of this psychoanalysis.
No. 81367
120 kB, 708 × 404
>A second example of wishful thinking is to believe that learning how to program in a computer science course or a coding-intensive workshop will enable you to solve problems in any field that uses computation. No, you will need to learn something about the other field too. For example, even if you have studied search algorithms in a programming course, you are not likely to be able to be useful to a genomics project until you have learned genome biology and the significance of biological data.

And techies want to solve social and political problems with their programs and platforms.
No. 81368
>I don't see how humanities are not following the same question
They should theoretically, the problem is that it's not what education and career in humanities teaches you to ask. It operates with fundamentally different incentives.
No. 81369
327 kB, 512 × 512
Turns out being a code monkey is indeed not more than being a code monkey. But everyone except code monkeys (and apparently you) already knows that.
Also: Looking up stuff just to get mad about it is not healthy, Ernst. Ask yourself: What makes you happy? and then pursue that.
No. 81370 Kontra
>I make things up


Ignoring the assumptions, it was just a remark about computational thinking and social and political aspirations and theories.
No. 81371
remember how they solved currency, intellectual property, law, and public transportation?
can't wait until they solve climate change as well.
No. 81374
Excuse me, mr. Sarcasm, public transportation exists thanks to techies. And I can imagine what you would write living in 19 century:
> Haha, train needs a wagons of coal to move. And it can only move on special "railways". Instead of simply commuting to a place you first need to cover the entire path there with iron beams. It's nothing but another toy for bourgeoisie.
> How many coachmen are going to lose their jobs because of this inhumane technology? Rich will become richer and poor will become poorer because of it. Once again, techies made things worse for everyone of us.
> Lol, this "trains" still have a driver, like a horse wagon. Automation, my ass! This is basically pure ideology.
Recognized yourself? What's so cool about being bitter cunt? At least the German guy is paid for it.
No. 81375 Kontra
23 kB, 213 × 300
The powerbox isn’t working so there is no electricity.
I can’t fucking believe this. Why must everything always break and why can’t I fucking fix anything?

No, I tried flipping the switch and it flips back on so there’s a short circuit somewhere but I have no idea where and the only thing that was on was the kettle and I pulled the plug on that.
At least I have a jug of tea.
No. 81376
No, it exists because based ideologues forced the techies to make it for the benefit of the public.
Sometimes at gunpoint.

Give techies freedom and they invent NFTs and instagram.
No. 81378 Kontra
>public transportation exists thanks to techies

You mix things up and pull out a massive strawman, nice job.

A technical problem is a technical problem is not a social problem.
No. 81379 Kontra
Mit Verlaub Herr Vladimir, you are the most bitter cunt on this board.
No. 81380
>Give techies freedom and they invent NFTs and instagram.
Wasn't that business types though?
No. 81381
Do the world good (social progress through techies tech) and make money with it is a techie credo, business and techie fall together that is the point: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Californian_Ideology
No. 81382
Oh so it's again silicon valley shenanigans, got it.
No. 81384
ominous monday morning chanting drawing closer
No. 81385
I hear we're all supposed to learn code these days, that in the future not knowing code will be like being illiterate as we move to human-AI teaming. It does make me wonder, there is a mentality to interacting with technology of course that necessitates thinking like a machine and it's not without precedent for mankind to adopt the thinking patterns of a computer for efficiency. It's coming at it backwards to your own gripe but what happens when you have a society operating on code monkey logic from the top.

Look at Germans for example, I once had to explain the temporal concept of -ish to a group of them.
No. 81388
lol'd at the clip, but what is the "temporal concept of -ish"?

Also, fun fact: When I went to Bongland some years ago I was amazed at how punctual all the public transport was compared to Germany.
No. 81389
-ish is an approximate value, "let's meet at half'one-ish." It is similar to how Southern Euros play it loose with time but for us it's more a formal agreement that you might be a few minutes late.
No. 81390
1,2 MB, 576 × 712, 0:10
Ah, I see. But how did that need explanation?
With how you describe it it seems to be used in the exact same way as -ish is used anywhere else (e.g. "yellow-ish").
And meeting "around $TIME" isn't something completely unknown to Germans.
>Ja, ich bin dann so kurz nach 3/um 3 rum da.

Or was there more to it? Or did they just not know that you could use -ish also in a temporal context? Maybe they were taking the piss acting like assburgers because you expected them to be? And later they were making fun of you
>Ja, der Inselaffe dachte echt bei uns wäre immer alles auf die Minute hahahha, "JA JA ZE STACKENBLOCKEN" hahahaha
>Ja Mann echt das Drecksvolk wallah, Gott strafe England
No. 81391
119 kB, 1276 × 714
Do Germans behave German-like to amuse foreigners? How do we distinguish between genuine and performative displays of Germanness?
No. 81392
149 kB, 733 × 716
Pope visits kazakhstan?
I sleep.

Xi Jinping visits kazakhstans?
I sleep.

Toys for children in war-torn kazakhstan?
I expect a plush toy from ausball in my post box by late october.
No. 81393
117 kB, 728 × 667
Holy CUMmunion: babushkas gone wild (tags: bukkake)
No. 81394
I don't know if "Germans" do that, but I have done it in the past on occasion. I also ask foreigners stuff about their country pertaining to stereotypes, like that australian guy I pestered about shrimps on the barbie or the indian who got a bit irritated when I asked him about the toilet supply in India.
No. 81395
Omnipresence of internal combustion engines didn't make everyone expert in thermodynamics. Moreover, with time cars and buses became more reliable, "it just werks" things. Probably same will happen with IT, and if these days non-IT people have to know something besides computer literacy, it's a sign of immaturity of the industry.

What would be useful however is to teach humanity students math. Not some advanced theory with "apply this formula" tasks like today, but quite the opposite: non-trivial tasks without theoretical pre-requisites. Will help them with basic intellectual hygiene.
No. 81396
What would be the general area of math you would chose for this? Like, the general sub-field of math that would be best for teaching people intellectual hygiene?
No. 81397
Euclidean geometry, of course. Next!
No. 81398
243 kB, 1024 × 759
Like the other German I have actually done this. Germans will play the German but the real German will come out eventually, you will know when you think wow that was rude/inconsiderate/weird.
No. 81399
And here I thought I did this because I'm severely mentally ill. Guess I'm sane and merely German.
No. 81400 Kontra
This post was brought to you by -ERELY™
No. 81401
We were discussing workplace differences, like German's sending blunt emails and the British habit of extensive chit-chat at the start of any meeting. They later tried to apply -ish and arrived a half hour late but maybe they were just taking the piss.

There's a war in Kazakhstan?
No. 81404
> There's a war in Kazakhstan?
Technically, screenshot doesn't say that.
No. 81406
Yes. The class war. A war between the class conscious proletariat (me), and the bourgeoise, reactionaries and lumpenproles (the rest of kazakhstan).

But to answer your question, no.
No. 81409
93 kB, 768 × 1024
I put a level on my bathroom sink because everything I set on the edge slides off and ends up on the floor. It's level-ish, and actually tilts towards the basin. The mystery continues. It's either ghosts, or I'm clumsy and inattentive.

Now that crooked switch plate is going to bother me. At least the mirror is level. And the tub. Don't take out your level, ernst. It's addictive.

Could be a bad circuit breaker. Easy to replace, like pulling a big fuse, but for the love of God please do not attempt.
No. 81410 Kontra
Solved the local energy crisis and now I know how to solve it in the future. (Thanks to the over-the-phone guidance of my father.)
There's no electricity in the dining room because it makes the fuse-box shut down for some reason. But otherwise everything works.

Did the copywork for Chinese class so I'm relaxing a bit and then I'll go back and read the short story I need to read for Monday.
Now I actually fucking miss the tablet because it would have been good to read over it.

Looked through the drawers and found a magnifying glass. It's kinda cool.
Also found a music box I had as a child. After almost 20 years I finally know that it plays a small excerpt from "Hey Jude" by the Beatles. Amazing.

>There's a war in Kazakhstan?
If we said yes would you believe it?
This says a lot about society 2bh...

I honestly don't know.
Most of the circuit breakers turn on no problem, but two of them seem to trigger the residual-current device and switches off electricity completely. So I just didn't turn on those two and everything works fine and dandy, save for a few lights.
No. 81414
>It's either ghosts, or I'm clumsy and inattentive.
Set up a camera in your bathroom (unless other people also use it. Then don't, or you'll be a creep). Either you catch ghosts or you can cringe while looking at yourself doing stupid things.
No. 81415
Currently rewatching TNG.
Started an episode, realized I am not even able to properly process Star Trek, so now I have Friends on as background noise, at least I can completely turn off my brain now.
No. 81416
87 kB, 500 × 495
New housemate moved in today, I didn't realise that on top of being a young doctor he was a fitness guy and one that fixes sports injuries. He even immediately made friends with the neighbours.

I'm sure I have a wonderful personality but fuck this, I need to hit the gym pronto!

I thought it might've been that clan business that had Russia CSTO intervene recently.
No. 81417
Currently listening to this on loop. No wonder I turned out like that playing and building my own island state, a real commandante. I used cheat codes and bulldozed all favelas and instead build nice housing complexes and a thriving economy, cash crops and tourism as well as mining :DDD


Hm, now I could fire up that and play since I have holidays but I guess I will quickly lose interest anyway.
No. 81418
Huh, I should play Tropico 3 again.
No. 81419
Today, I started playing euro truck simulator 2. I like it, cozy/10. But the I can't get it to look like in the videos published online. Probably needs more computing power or some addon or both. The laptop was spinning its little fan quite angrily, it was clearly not made for this, and usually, it's running Linux without a desktop environment.
No. 81420
You made a post about videogame not in the videogame thread. For violating ordnung you should be stripped of citizenship.
No. 81422
I would love to see a ghost. In the moment it would be shocking (in the same way I would be shocked if I looked out the window and saw a stranger who wasn't supposed to be there), but the experience- the revelation and its implications- would be worth it.

Also, am I the only one who has recurring nightmares about looking out a window and seeing someone standing there or peering in? It seems like this should be a common anxiety, but maybe not.
No. 81425
Is it allowed to make posts related to today in the video game thread?
No. 81427
238 kB, 1920 × 1080
Now your trucking was yesterday, so yeah.
No. 81428
Interesting license plates. Driver's license and insurance, please.
No. 81432
>Interesting license plates
Ask the game, these are generated automatically depending on your home base.
No. 81433 Kontra
5 kB, 250 × 190
Perhaps we should do away with all but Today thredas.
No. 81437
Yeah, computers are a way to understand and take the world, this is not without problems, far from tbh.

Also speaking of, just got in:
>Education experts from the Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany (KMK) have called for the introduction of a compulsory subject of computer science in schools throughout Germany. There is a broad consensus that computer science education is an important component for successful participation in the digitalized world, according to a report by the Standing Scientific Commission for the KMK. Computer science instruction could begin as early as in the subject of general knowledge in elementary school. The committee of 16 education researchers advises the states on education policy issues. In some states, computer science is already a compulsory subject, while in others it is offered as an option.
No. 81440
>Home base in Portugal for a truck transport company
Why would anyone inflict such misery upon themselves?
No. 81441
Because it's not the real Portugal and thus lacking whatever downsides you see IRL.
No. 81442
The main downside in-game is the non-central location. It's easier having a more central garage at first.
No. 81443
If you must know I was wörking on the Iberia achievements, and I picked a country at the outer borders of Europe so that I could start off taking jobs leading to the opposite side. In this case Portugal - Königsberg Kaliningrad. I've done the same when Turkey came out, going towards the UK.
No. 81446
Oh sorry, I confused you with the newbie. I haven't played for some time, mainly because my big rig time has been drastically reduced since I moved in with gf
No. 81449
4,2 MB, 4000 × 3000
I spent the weekend at a Scottish-American Highlands festival up north with my mother. The event took place at a very grand ski resort with the room we booked featuring a living room, two bedrooms, two bathrooms and soaker tubs. Soaking in the tub for extended periods of time was such a welcome reprieve. The event was very well attended with people of all ages tromping around the grounds, but the crowd decidedly skewed a little older. If I were to estimate the median age, I would peg it at around 55. A huge swath of the children in attendance were there entirely at the behest of their parents, and the teens couldn't have been more obvious.

The festivities included caber tossing (of course), parades, bagpipe contests, whiskey tastings, Scotch ale competitions and various other games and activities. I am no athlete, so entering me into anything physical would've been a disaster for all those involved. Naturally, a Gàidhlig speaker was there to teach interested parties a few phrases and words, all of which I mangled horribly.

The vendors had various treats, kitsch and other offerings from or themed after Scotland and the British Isles. We bought shortbread, whoopie pies, Worcestershire sauce crisps, tunics, t-shirts and other assorted things.

Sadly, the hot food at both the faire and hotel was abysmal with the only items approaching anything close to edible being the bridies and meat pies, all of which was likely ordered from Cameron's.

Socializing was the highlight of the entire affair for me, including a Folk singer visiting America for the very first time. I attended four of her sets and even joined in with the crowd singing a few songs for when the moment called. After the gigs, I got my picture with her and her manager. We also chewed the fat over Celtic music and had the perfect opportunity to namedrop Alan Stivell who I felt might be of intrigue to her. We also chatted about Alestorm, Skyclad, Cruachan and Primordial.

First time I had been to a mass event like this in years.
No. 81450
Such an utterly american post, just c&a.
Glad you had fun, but who are the girls? Also, is that you, Ronnie?
No. 81451
A Folk singer from Scotland and her manager :3

I feel funny namedropping her ITT because I don't want to quite out myself, but apparently, she's big on TikTok. I don't use that shit, so I wasn't aware of who she was until I came to this event.

Other highlights included talking to a 50+ year old ex-rivethead in a Clan of Xymox t-shirt. He came with his wife who's of Scottish descent. We spent a good portion of the day talking about music as well, particularly Gothy Post-Punk, Industrial Rock and Metal. We shared favorites, discussed bands we liked/disliked, highlights/lowpoints of bands' respective careers and upcoming shows. Clan of Xymox is on tour and will be coming to my region in March. Might go.
No. 81452
1,8 MB, 4952 × 6430
I've promised to take some time to tutor my fresh 7th grader cousin in Euclidean geometry very soon, but I still have no clue how to teach. A while ago I spent a weekend walking him through basic algebra and elementary number theory successfully without much effort. But for Euclidean geometry, I
- don't know how to organise the material. For algebra you simply go from Z to Q to R, analogously from polynomials to fractions to radicals, cover linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, and go back to Z and polynomials to do number theory. I looked into some middle school geometry books but still fail to grasp a logical order of topics. Should I introduce similarity before or after circles? When shall I bring up a discussion on geometric transformations? Where do I insert ruler and compass construction among endless theorems and proofs? I can't just follow the outdated Elements or dumbed-down school textbooks.
- can not teach everything in a go. After a small topic, the pupil needs to draw figures, make constructions, experiment with software and most importantly write down formal proofs. It will take much longer time than in algebra. I don't have so much time and only want to offer him a panoramic view of Euclidean geometry in a relatively short time.
- have already forgotten much of it. I don't need to look up some sources to teach algebra. But whoever practices Euclidean geometry after (junior) high school? I had to skim through some geometry books to familiarize myself with everything and realized that, unlike what I remembered, I wasn't so good at it to begin with. I never actually understood what the nine-point circle is really about before. (It's about homothety). And unlike the degenerate wect, Euclidean geometry is still heavily emphasized in secondary education in Asia. For example, P4 of IMO 2022 https://artofproblemsolving.com/wiki/index.php/2022_IMO_Problems/Problem_4 would be perfectly normal to appear in senior high school entrance exams here. I found myself struggle with very standard problems.

I'll probably meet my extended family during the national day holiday in October. If I haven't come up with any approach to pedagogy by then I will just give up and teach him elementary functions.
No. 81453
Singer and manager as he said. I'm confused, is this RAC?
No. 81454
>I'm confused, is this RAC?

Was the namedropping of bands not obvious enough?
No. 81455
Ah shit I missed "got my picture". I blame the phone screen.
No. 81456
I just wanted 100% clarification.
No. 81457
Did they do anything to commemorate the Queen?
No. 81458
Not really much from what I recall. A few did say God rest her soul, but beyond the mourning from a few of the attendees in between praising her reign, I don't recall any particular moment of silence or anything dedicated towards commemorating the Queen.
No. 81474
96 kB, 403 × 347
Do I understand correctly that EC Brick is the original certified Kazakhstan Brick? How does it feel to be a celebrity?
No. 81476
ominous four days of the week left chanting
No. 81480 Kontra
It's brick because he is the only brick on EC, the flag was a brick on old KC as far as I know. Back then there were multiple bricks, no? I cannot even remember them distinctly or what they wrote, I just know brick from EC.
No. 81484
587 kB, 2432 × 1867
GTA VI videos have been leaked. I remember that back when V came out I played many missions with a friend who is dead already. Back then I think I thought I will always play the new GTA. But I skipped the addons, I skipped a 1/3 of the missions in V, I don't even remember the plot line except it gets divided between three characters who I remember roughly. When I watched the leaks I was a bit interested but quickly realized it's love. I don't really care about one of the best game series of my youth and adolesence.
No. 81485 Kontra
>quickly realized it's love

Damn, autocorrections.
over, it's over!
No. 81491
Had two good classes today. I think I might actually translate the short story we've read because it's short and really interesting.
First workshop class went well.
I was the only third year present and oh boy did it felt weird to be asked to put my name first on the paper because "I'm the senior now".
I talked a lot. I feel very free during classes. Though I can sometimes feel that I talk too freely and my jokes offend people.
Like when I joked about economists and education not fitting in the same sentence, let alone paragraph and there was this econ student girl sitting at the table, but I told her "I might talk a lot of shit, but when you shout your help, I will be the first one to throw everything away and come to your aid. I'm a theoretic chauvinist, not an applied one."

Anyway, we will be talking about lexicography this semester, comparing scripts. Class is lead by that sweet Assyriologist woman (girl?) whom I could only describe as a delicate fairy and I hope one day she gets painted or something. She looks "poetically" good if that makes any sense.
Aside from the lexicological studies, we were asked to each produce a short piece of writing on the life of a Hungarian oriental studies researcher from the past.
I got a guy who I didn't even know the name of, which is exciting. (I know a lot of names and works in Hungarian sinology primarily, so this felt odd.)

On my way home on the first commute I picked up a copy of Lingua Tertii Imperii which will probably come in handy during my research on totalitarianism.
Saw an endearing looking little Japanese novel. It seems to be a straight up romance/lemonade book but it looks so short and I liked the cover.
I still don't have any money on my card so I didn't buy it but I took a picture.

I feel terrible. I had a cough in the morning. I croaked for like an hour before it got bearable but it still feels like I have a thread of yarn in my throat, but now also my nose runs and I think I have a fever if the thermometer is correct.
Lot of people seem to be having a cold right now.

Hopefully I can get up tomorrow morning. I have important seminars to attend. The first classes of the year are always the sweetest because you meet with people you're acquainted with.

Tablet will be out of commission for at least this week. They also didn't offer a stand-in device for the repair period. The fuckers.
So I actually have to rely on pen and paper again and I actually fucking miss the tech. I never thought I'd miss it. It's unbelievable.
No. 81493
3,9 MB, 1080 × 720, 0:33
Only four days... Chant me some more please.

Ha-ha! Look at this loser in love with video games!
No. 81494
>Lot of people seem to be having a cold right now.

Meh, here as well. I stopped wearing my mask where not mandatory. Hope I just don't catch something when in Budapest. It would ruin my trip. I will have to curate myself then on the night train to Bucarest or something.
No. 81495 Kontra
No. 81496
All countries started out as bricks and then Polandball happened so they were changed. Kazakhstan was missing and so were various meme countries and HP printers. Unfortunately I know this random trivia instead of having invested every waking moment investing in internet coins before they took off.

What does it for me is the knowledge they will continue the online focus of V and it will likely be the focus of the games development as it's where all the money is. I hear it's gotten so bad now that in Fifa they will literally gimp the game mechanics unless you pay.

That and like you I'm too old. I don't have time for videogames anymore, I tried playing EUIV a few months back but had to stop after a few days because it was fucking up my life.
No. 81497
3,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:13
locked a mosquito in a box, he was aggressively buzzing inside for a while but stopped.

get fucked
No. 81501 Kontra
I got 5 as a gift once. Played through it out of obligation, but hated most of it, so my interest in 6 is non-existent. Well, no, I hope it becomes an actual total shitshow and Rockstar goes down the shitter.
No. 81503
>I'm too old. I don't have time for videogames anymore
>EUIV fucked up my life

You mean timewise? Because I'm too old because of time and because I cannot care enough, or be invested enough. I'm simply not curious aénough to play GTA VI, the story, the world. I would probably play it over at a friends place and drive around, make a few missions but myself I would never have the energy or patience to go through because I simply don't feel it.
I posted about Tropico the other day and I did not download it. Because I know that after a few hours I would probably deinstall it again because I cannot be arsed to build a whole island, I simply have "better" things to do. Things that are more important to me. Albeit play would be good to me, but its probably having my own kids that would teach me how to play again and not some video game.
No. 81533
72 kB, 800 × 450
Yesterday night I was shaking so badly it was unbelievable.
Today I woke up with a fever of almost 40 degrees and I was so dizzy I stayed home instead.
I don’t think I had the flu in like 5 years now. This is awful.
No. 81537
Plot twist, you got the 'rona.
No. 81538
> 2k22
> corona
No. 81544 Kontra
But the POTUS said the scamdemic is over…
No. 81545 Kontra
26 kB, 500 × 430
...In the USA. Not in Hungarian People's republic.
No. 81546 Kontra
Imagine just trying to listen to a classic song on youtube and making the mistake of reading the comments with most people BEING HERE BECAUSE OF $MCU_FLICK_9001 LOLOLOL LET'S MEME THIS TO DEATH

If you enjoy Marvel films I will simply not, never ever, consider your opinion in any way whatsoever.
Ceterum censeo Ruscisilvinem esse delendam.
No. 81547
>making the mistake of reading the comments
I won't. Using Ublock Origin to hide the comment box.
No. 81554 Kontra
53 kB, 700 × 393
To the German who suggested intelligence squared debates I wish all your bread turns to shit. I used to listen to them in 2015 and as such I was familiar with this insufferable atmosphere of intellectuals kissing each other's anuses. The presentation makes the listener feel as if he's also in on this, as soft jazz plays and we ponder big brain topics I wish they would all be kicked in the head and myself the listener included. I'm still gonna listen to the one about the Soviet collapse.
No. 81556 Kontra
Took max dose of fever meds. I was at 39.9 degrees.
No. 81563
I bought cheap chamomile tea. I thought it wouldn't matter but it does.
For my sins I also bought cheap jasmine tea which was just an all-round terrible idea.

Now I'm drinking a moderately expensive Twinings that apparently has gut bacteria that can survive boiling water. Upon inspection its bacillus coagulans and which will give me a nice healthy vagina. This is rather surprising news for me.

>You mean timewise?

Yeah and in the same way the responsibilities that constrain time. It all ruins your ability to enjoy certain types of games imo. It's why when I do pick up a videogame it's a casual platformer so I can escape for 15-20 minutes on a level even if I really could use that time for a bracing walk.

Let this be a lesson to get the flu jab every year.

This whole post is like some old man rambling. How could I let this happen to me?
No. 81575
me kiunda dperopesesadslo-aff
No. 81582
2,0 MB, 400 × 304, 0:02
Well, that’s a valid observation.
I’m prone to acting like a grumpy elderly person.

Is the newest flu shot even out?
Honestly I never had a flu shot in my life.
No. 81591 Kontra
250 kB, 864 × 1280
Hang in there fucker.
No. 81594
I shaved and now I remember I’ve got a short heda.
No. 81614
ominous coding chanting
No. 81622
3,8 MB, 270 × 176, 0:06
Now I hope than all russian warmongers are happy.
No. 81623
10 kB, 432 × 104
Especially those who are already in Los-Angeles.
No. 81637
Isn't he just trolling?
No. 81640
Yes, just like Katasonova ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AUMdI4PRA8 ) and many of "Nashi" leaders. They all live in west ironically.
No. 81667 Kontra
the Pfizer juice could have prevented your suffering.
No. 81679
85 kB, 909 × 791
Drinking pumpkin spiced coffee and eating pumpkin flavored brioche. The season is in full swing.
No. 81685
I personally know several vehement patriots of Russia or at least people with a strong pro-Russian stance living in the US and in Europe. Well, humans are weird beings.
No. 81690
109 kB, 1091 × 971
There are different reasons for that. Katasonova is not patriot in any sense, she is just careerist. And that specific guy was always a freak.
No. 81694
Friend said that great challenges await us and sent me his compiled book "just in case". I need to do the same. It's... ughh... it's modern "art", poetry... You won't understand...
No. 81713
Yeah they come at the start of autumn like ugg boots and are the result of flu camp trials. You should get them every year given as you now know flu can be a debilitating, even dangerous, illness.

I too am a basic white girl trapped in a man's body. Not even meming, I'm very happy it's getting into jumper season and the Starbucks here do a delicious brie and marmite toastie.

Smashed iPhone screens are a revolutionary statement. Sister of the world unite! You have nothing to lose but the fuckboi in your dms!
No. 81714 Kontra
Done! 43 pages. Needs some polishing though.
No. 81715
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1273
Slept for about 3 hours last night. Getting up this morning was not fun.

I had leftover anchovie pizza for brunchie. Drank a sugarless energy drink and lots of strong green tea afterwards.

Today was another stressful day at work. Lots of pressure and tight deadlines :(
Ended up working late – did nearly 14 hours today :/
Had coffee with some wine gums while I worked in the evening. Lol.
Ugh I'm so tired...

After workies I drank a glass of delicious rye whiskey, a glass of french brandy, took some cannabis extract, and I'm drinking a pint of black IPA rn ;3

Gonna heat up some leftover spicy chickie wings in a bit.
No. 81717
ok, finished my probation period

time to replace anxiety over stability of income with the anxiety that this is what I'll be doing for the foreseeable future, 5 times a week.
No. 81734 Kontra
1,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:33
#mood #tired

No. 81735
45 kB, 600 × 600
Had to get gas for my lawn mower and have been procrastinating because it required a dedicated trip- I can't just leave the empty gas can in my car and swing in when convenient. Got it done, glad for the fact that gas stations are one of two oases in polite suburban society which permit attendance without having to consider clothing, cleanliness, or appearance (the other being hardware/home improvement stores). Come as you are, no need to even look in the mirror before departing.

Also, they put a lot of safety features on gas cans. Pic related. That child lock at the base isn't easy to open.
No. 81736
>Also, they put a lot of safety features on gas cans. Pic related. That child lock at the base isn't easy to open.
The ones my family owns look nothing like that. Well, besides the overall shape. Then again, they must be multiple decades old by now.
No. 81737
Germany is also not the US.
No. 81739
29 kB, 680 × 490
Brazilian meme.
No. 81740 Kontra
21 kB, 482 × 404
What did they mean by this?

Also, I've spent a couple of weeks somewhere on that pic. Incredible.
No. 81741 Kontra
Kumia -> Comia (I would fugg her)
As seen in comment to a picture of a particularly ugly woman.
No. 81742 Kontra
23 kB, 468 × 307
But why fug particularly ugly women? Perhaps there's no woman a BR wouldn't fug.

Tämä on Kumia, käytä siis kumia.[This is Kumia, so be using a rubber] Very good joke that was self invented by me right now, insinuating that the women of Kumia have sexually transmitted diseases so you better wears an gondom's. This joke is also very funny because the town's name translates to rubber, or [something is] rubber and also a conjugated slang word for wearing a condom.
No. 81743 Kontra
2,3 MB, 576 × 864, 0:11
>But why fug particularly ugly women?
Meme, customary to say 'would' whenever seeing ugly but sexually feasible women.
Culture of sex.
No. 81744
This thing is a monstrosity compared to the simple can I had growing up. A cap to contain fumes, a button which has to be depressed before pouring, some kind of mesh on the nozzle interior to minimize the chance of explosions. Fuel transport has never been safer- or more frustrating.
No. 81745
What happens if you let it stand in your car in hot weather?
No. 81746
132 kB, 600 × 800
My ex, lost virginity with her (as well as entire Dvach).
No. 81747
Today I picked up my old GBA that still had the F-Zero Maximum Velocity cartridge in it.
And frankly, I have no idea how we were able to play back in the day. I am usually a bitter boomer hating on newfangled technology, but backlit screens, man, I really wouldn't ever want to go without again.
Now I remember why I always played Gameboy at the window.
No. 81749
574 kB, 1221 × 707
I don't think it would ignite but fear my interior would forever after smell like gasoline from the fumes. I don't trust that cap to contain them.
No. 81750
Turns out if you wear a college hoodie you look like a college student.
I still feel like crap but at least I can finally walk around and do stuff. Washed my hair because it felt like having a mop on my head.

The only two symptoms that remain are a slight cough and a runny nose.
Coughing is actually good though, because with every single one I can feel my respiratory tract getting cleaner, even if at times it feels like I'm coughing up glass shards for a split second.

My mother yesterday came home with a bread-making machine. Supposedly it was a giveaway at her workplace. She wanted one for years. I tried operating it and made a nice loaf of white bread.
It's better than any loaf I bought from a store in the past five years or maybe even longer.

Got the corrections to my HFZ translation. There are sometimes consecutive sentences without edition. But I seriously need to rework it.
No. 81754
With Russian clothes and hairstyles I can never tell but that picture must be rather old (decades?) by now. I've seen it years ago on old KC.
No. 81759
1,2 MB, 993 × 688
Today I had a team-building day so I really didn't do much of anything. I got some free coffee and biscuits, stood around while young people got excited about fun corporate activities (the candles can't shine if the sun is always out) and then I ditched a scavenger hunt to get more pumpkin spice latte and chill in the office up until I returned for the free lunch where I mostly bitched about work with people.

Finished up with a few emails before heading home. Got some pictures from a girl who I thought had palmed me off so I took a nap and dreamed about playing with her boobs. Today was a good day. Okay she sent pictures of food but it's nice to have a girl reach out.
No. 81763
2,2 MB, 1600 × 2500
Slept for 5.5 hours last night. Ughhhhh. Just gotta get through this week.

Fall is finally starting Anon :3
Yay! I love this time of year :)

My mouse hand is really hurting today. My neck is stiff too. Ugh this week is sucking so hard. I really need to get off the computer but I have so much work to do :(
My throat is sore and I still feel sick...

I had instant ramen, coffee and green tea for lunchie.

After workies I ate some almonds and peanuts, drank a glass of yummy rye whiskey, a glass of french brandy, took some cannabis extract, and now I'm drinking a pint of black lager c:

Gonna try to play some video games but idk if I have the energy. Gotta get up early tomorrow :/
No. 81765
Easy to confuse the two boards but this isn't 4chan.
No. 81766 Kontra
16 kB, 400 × 400
At least we can be sure that it's not ErnstBot.
No. 81768
>At least we can be sure
I don't quite follow. How does that rule it out?
No. 81769 Kontra
87 kB, 576 × 512
Is ErnstBot not trained on posts of Ernstchan? How many "Anons" are there in the training set? Probably not a lot.

4kankermongoolbot would be a more likely suspect.
No. 81774
295 kB, 640 × 360
Man, brain, what's going on?

Woke up this morning and had the melody of Freestyler (Boomfunk MCs) in my head, absolutely no clue why or how. Anyway, opened up yt and wanted to watch the video again. I remember really digging the style of the kid in that video, finding him unusually attractive for a guy. Mind you, I was 11 years old at the time, so attraction wasn't the same back then. Pic related, tell me that isn't an astheatically pleasing face, right?

Anyway, where am I going with this you ask?
Well, first, here is the video if you want a reminder or don't know what I'm talking about:

But that's not the first video I found when I searched today... what I clicked first was the following video and I want you to put yourself in my shoes for a second there:

Yes, I was fucking confused. Who creates a new video for a 20 yearold song (with this much budget) anyway?

But also, this hits a very rare sweetspot of my (sexual) attraction and I got a major confused mental boner right now. Will re-watch the video now.

Also, thanks to wikipedia I now learned that Boomfunk MCs are FROM FUCKING FINLAND?!

Thanks for reading my TED-talk.
No. 81776
Superior Bomfunk MC song:

And the following "modernized" music video:
No. 81777 Kontra
2,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
Btw, this was the shot where I realized I wasn't watching the original video. Took me a while but I was still having sleepy brain, okay?
No. 81778
When I was young(b4 pubes) if i scratch my scrotum🥚🥚the flakes of skin would flake out. The experience of scratching my scrotum feels very good but now i have not experience shedding bits of scrotum skin when I scratch my balls.
No. 81779
Can't agree. Spent the last hour or so listening to their catalogue and Freestyler is still the winner for me.
No. 81780
>now i have not experience shedding bits of scrotum skin when I scratch my balls.

That sounds like a good thing to me
No. 81781
>Woke up this morning and had the melody of Freestyler (Boomfunk MCs) in my head, absolutely no clue why or how.

Call of the Wild West (Internet)

No. 81802
93 kB, 720 × 891
What would be a good way to find European companies when buying stuff online? I'm so annoyed googling "$item_category europe" and be greeted with all kinds of Chinese, Turkish, Indian and Russian companies masquerading as European ones. Tragedy of a modern consoomer.
No. 81824
57 kB, 640 × 632
It's Friday against. Have a nice weekend, Ernsts.

And thanks mods!
No. 81830
What "stuff" are you looking for? If it's cheap plastic shit you are SOL.
No. 81834
Good news everyone.
Remember that fake diploma my uncle got me without my consent that I was paying for?

Well, turns out, it's a fake. Obviously, duh.
But I don't mean a state sanctioned fake where it's a legit diploma but some higher up signed off on it for money.
I mean like a legit fake. I checked it on various diploma databases and it doesn't show up, + the QR codes they have printed on them don't work.

I knew this thing was worthless, but it turned out to be even more worthless than first thought.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that apparently, Kyrgyzstan already had problems with legit diplomas that had broken QR codes. And half of their government websites for checking diplomas don't work anyway.
Epic. I was shitting on Kazakhstan's government online infrastructure, but apparently it's much worse in Kyrgyzstan.

No. 81840
962 kB, 250 × 250, 0:02
>What "stuff" are you looking for? If it's cheap plastic shit you are SOL.
Hahaha, you are so incredibly wrong! I ~literally~ bought kilos of cheap PLA plastic shit from a German online store.

But that's really not the point here, it really shouldn't be that I have to come up with a different search strategy every time when the category of items changes. I want to find an European company, offering a product. That's it.

I asked you before how to spot a fake diploma like yours and finally you answered.
No. 81842
>German online store
Yes, and? Made in China I bet.
No. 81843 Kontra
933 kB, 220 × 220, 0:05
>Yes, and? Made in China I bet.
No, made in Germany. I did my due diligence.

Answer the question or leave me alone, idiot.

No. 81846
First winter with no restrictions and we already had a cold that basically sent the entire family to the sickbed over a period of like 9 days.
My hands feel a bit cold but otherwise I feel fine now.

They I releasing a Hungarian edition of Lüshi Chunqiu so I pre-ordered it.
You know it feels like I've matured a bit now, because I'm finally kind of on top of new releases that interest me. This is like the second book I pre-ordered this year.

I tried the bread I made yesterday and what surprised me is that it's actually kinda tasty. As in, I found myself munching on empty slices of it accompanied by tea.
Kinda puts into perspective how bread was a staple for so long and how it was a staple. It's tasty. Not very nutritious, but tastier than grazing on grass.

I don't think there's enough of an abundance of European goods made in Europe to allow for this.
Not that Europe isn't making stuff. Though the only thing that suddenly comes to mind are Swiss clocks and Austrian Audio headphones.
And cars.

What's the problem with Made in China?
It's just becoming a byword for quality like Made in Japan did.
I got a pair of in ear monitors, designed and manufactured in China and they work marvellously.
It's not like we're not gonna do a disastrous attempt at "decoupling" in the name of some political-virtue signalling memes in like 15 years or so, enjoy while it lasts.
No. 81847
Use dollchan and block German posts
No. 81848 Kontra
>It's not like we're not gonna do a disastrous attempt at "decoupling" in the name of some political-virtue signalling memes in like 15 years or so, enjoy while it lasts.
Geopolitical clarvoyant license is suspended for 2 years.
No. 81849 Kontra
It's not enough that German posts are ignored, they must be silenced so as not to corrupt others.
No. 81850
Dollchan can hide not only Germans, but also posts which reply to them.
No. 81853
473 kB, 2006 × 1415
Slept for 4.5 hours last night. Dealt with lots of stressful work stuff first thing in the morning :/

For lunchie I had garlicky mashed potatoes and lots of green tea :3

After a busy stressful day at work, I did laundryyy <3
Yay, laundry!

I took ~40mg THC sublingually and then hung up my laundry to dry ^.^

Then for dindin I had black-eyed peas with some hot jalapeno peppers c:
Now I'm drinking a non-alcoholic beer and decaf green tea. Pretty tired and probably gonna go to bed early...
My mouth is still burning from those peppers!
No. 81854
916 kB, 467 × 854, 0:05
EC has gone pretty downhill in the last few months eh

This was the last imageboard where people were coherant to some degree, no longer it seems
No. 81855
There's a war going on
In our minds
No. 81857
Tfw I know he doesn't mean me. I was never coherant.
No. 81859
You need to specify.

I don't have the energy for serious postings often anymore because others don't seem willing to put enough seriousness into their posts anymore. Maybe I'm just weary of online discussions to oftentimes lead nowhere, perhaps a first since of impending old age.
No. 81860
I think it has evolved for the better. It has become slightly less autistic, while it retained its seriousness. My only complaint is that the number of Brickposts went down, but this is what wörk does to a MF.


>age 16-25: Shitposting galore
>age 25-30: Yes, dear sirs, I have seen everything and I'm all grown up now, look at this sophisticated argument I have prepared in the delicate windings of my cosmopolitan brain
>age >30: Shitposting galore
Feel is known.
No. 81862
Maybe your "serious" postings are actually silly and don't warrant any serious replies?

I personally would set the age brackets to 14-18 and split 18-30 in two separate brackets; in my experience people are the most pretentious after coming of age (especially when pursuing a higher education) and then start to mellow at around 25.
Of course some never manage to develop beyond their adolescence and some others huffed too many of their own farts and stay that way.

That said:

Poo poo pee pee ROFLCOPTER
No. 81863
145 kB, 787 × 1200
>I don't think there's enough of an abundance of European goods made in Europe to allow for this.
There is. The problem is that to find out that the stuff is made in Europe you need to do a lot of digging, since no one brands them as being European. It's either all focus on the product and company, or adding a specific country branding like "Made in Germany", "Produced in Spain", etc. Almost all the stuff branded as European is everything but European. Well, they might have a post box in the Netherlands but that's about it.

>What's the problem with Made in China?
No no no, I don't have a specific problem with China. The thing is that I first want to support domestic companies, Europe second, then the rest. Consider it a boycott-tier useless consumer action. But it makes me feel good consooming and knowing that I'm supporting Europe to compete, maintain and develop manufacturing knowledge and keep Europeans employed and prosperous. Of course I don't always adhere to this if the price difference gets too high.

>It's just becoming a byword for quality like Made in Japan did.
Well, it's probably in the making but it's going to take a while. It's not like they don't produce good stuff, but simultaneously they shovel so much shit into existence it's unreal.

>It's not enough that German posts are ignored, they must be silenced so as not to corrupt others.
Amen brother!
Good summary.
>Poo poo pee pee ROFLCOPTER
Nice try, you 29,99999 year old.
No. 81866

Ah you know I think people just turn so and so, they want to be serious but then they want to shitpost just because, there is no coherence with that.
Maybe at the moment, I just don't feel like arguing, I don't even feel like reading lately. Though I take three books on my travel, one is a novel, one a history of philosophy of 20th century account and the last is an account of the "critical (arts) university" and what's the problem with it and what an alternative could look like.
No. 81869
In defense of long arguments that lead to nowhere.

A lot of my mental development due to long winded conversations or arguments on a topic, but not because the other guy convinced me, or we reached some mutual conclusion, but because they seeded ideas in my mind that I later developed on my own.
Most of these conversations actually ended with me calling the other guy a fag, but then a couple days later in the shower I'd be thinking about the argument and be like "hmmm, the guy had some interesting points, I should think about this some more"
No. 81870
What if I just call you a fag without further elaborating?
No. 81871
No. 81872
No. 81873 Kontra
92 kB, 398 × 403

No. 81874
I just realized I don't know any real insults in finnish, just general cursing.
Would "kyllä" work?
No. 81877
I've often thought about this after dealing with 'hello dear' messages whenever there's a problem with a product/delivery. It sounds like a good business idea, a kind-of ebay for the developed world with the price-point really coming in how far into the supply chain you want to go.

Of course maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself before the UK is excluded from my own idea or it morphs into a horrid superstate.

Call him a Swede.
No. 81878
236 kB, 683 × 1024
1,2 MB, 2000 × 1623
I made an incredibly tasty salad that is supposed to be Portuguese. I only loosely hold onto the recipe but its still close Too bad I'm sitting in my cold room while it rains outside all day instead of enjoying this salad on a terrace that faces the Atlantic.

Yeah, true. Online discussions taught me a few things and maybe the way you described the outcome is the true virtue and merit of (online) discussions. Not agreement but refinement and modification.
No. 81880
253 kB, 720 × 1080, 0:07
Saatanan sakemanni, puupää sekä täys mulkero. Haist sie kuule pitkä paska! Kusipää hinari! Suksi vittuun siitä helvetin mikki hiiri.

>It sounds like a good business idea, a kind-of ebay for the developed world with the price-point really coming in how far into the supply chain you want to go.
That would be nice indeed. Though I wonder how one could enforce it on scale that the companies really do what they claim, i.e. don't just re-badge Chinese shit but actually manufacture their products. Or that the companies entire European existence isn't a single mailbox where the business is registered to.

>Of course maybe I should keep my thoughts to myself before the UK is excluded from my own idea or it morphs into a horrid superstate.
>Call him a Swede.
Going straight for the nuclear option. That's not very nice. You plonker.
No. 81881
Wait, "Mickey Mouse" is an insult in Finland? Elaborate please.
No. 81885
Finland is Donald Duck Aku Ankka country
No. 81886
>That would be nice indeed. Though I wonder how one could enforce it on scale that the companies really do what they claim, i.e. don't just re-badge Chinese shit but actually manufacture their products. Or that the companies entire European existence isn't a single mailbox where the business is registered to.

There's an entire body of international customs law on the matter backed up by state product codes so it shouldn't be as impossible as you might think. After all there's money to be made on tariffs and fining smugglers: https://www.trade-tariff.service.gov.uk/a-z-index/a

What you'll hit using standard tariff codes is where you want to set hard % of final manufacture which would be based on existing trade agreements but it's by no means a perfect science and you can say goodbye to any hope of state support on this project due to risk. Believe me I've looked into this on the civilian side of procurement and it made me recoil in horror, a few years back you may remember a big drive to remove slavery from supply chains but it's actually impossible to map which is why today's 'ethically source' clothing providers use weasel words and periodically you get stories of big companies being caught up with Uighur slave cotton.

But still, defence procurement manages it because of the money involved and I assure you anything attached to the movement of sensitive technologies is a nightmare e.g. it's extremely difficult to export cameras to India. If you get the resource to stay ahead of every scummy distributor and physically beat it into every manufacturer that they can't just use off-the-shelf components you might be able to do it and be known as the world's richest racist :D

Next move onto the world of investment
No. 81887 Kontra
Have you never heard of something being called a 'mickey mouse' [thing] to refer to it as being absurd? For example a Mickey Mouse operation or building, like a tech company in the dotcom bubble.

On an individual level we prefer to call someone a muppet or clown but I'm sure they'd understand the sentiment.
No. 81888
No, I don't think I have ever heard anyone say this.
In fact, the only occasion I have ever heard anything in any german anything pertaining to Mickey Mouse (apart from someone having a "Mickey Mouse voice") was in Godfather Part 2 where Fredo complains to Michael that he has no responsibilities despite being the older brother abloo bloo "I always get send for those Mickey Mouse jobs" (i.e. shitty, smalltime jobs that don't require any skill).

Germany too.

t. Donaldist
No. 81889
178 kB, 780 × 841
Meh, at least you tried, Dall-E.

I know that saying, and I'm pretty sure that I know it from a movie. I think it was Full Metal Jacket, when the Gunny Sergeant chewed out the recruits once again. And to be clear: It was the german translation of the movie.
No. 81890
Could it be you're confusing it with the ending where they sing the mickey mouse club song?
No. 81891
75 kB, 504 × 472
The more you know! Actually interesting information.
>But still, defence procurement manages it
I'm sure this is generally the case, but I know of some cases in the US where Chinese and Mexican alloys as well as Chinese ICs have made it into the manufacturing process despite being very illegal. But those aren't really sensitive technologies, more on the side of raw materials. Anyways...

Mickey Mouse (Mikki Hiiri) is used as an insult quite similarly as bitch, pussy, wuss, etc. Not really related to the characteristics of Mickey, but we really don't like him. Also honorable mentions to:
- Gladstone Gander (Hannu Hanhi) - Describes someone who is very lucky.
- Gyro Gearloose (Pelle Peloton) - Sort of like MacGyver, a bright practical problem solver.
- Scrooge McDuck (Roope Ankka) - A bit rare, but sometimes used for incredibly rich people.
- John D. Rockerduck (Kroisos Pennonen) - Same as Scrooge, probably.
- Neighbor J. Jones (Teppo Tulppu) - Kusipää homo :D joge entry pls disregard

Bonus gomic:
Teppo Tulppu, you just won 20 million euros in the lottery, how are you feeling?
-I'm feeling good right now and Donald Duck is a fag

Fucking Tulppu
No. 81892
>Germany too.

>t. Donaldist
I remembered D.O.N.A.L.D. right after posting.
(for everyone not in the know, that translates to "German organisation of the non-commercial disciples of the pure Donaldism" but that acronym only works in German, of course)

I guess most, if not all of Europe likes Donald better. Mickey is just so clean and boring.
No. 81893
140 kB, 781 × 839
Still not what I wanted, but undeniably better.

I found the german clip of the movie: https://youtu.be/XpbemPzq9uY?t=113
No. 81895
>Skateboarding in the rain
Am I missing something? Is that the newest maymay?
No. 81897
Nah, I just thought the picture of the Aussie "losing his wallet while skateboarding in the rain" (>>81799) is very appealing, but I didn't want to further clutter the tabletop thread with it.
No. 81901
Huh, I honestly couldn't remember that line anymore.
No. 81914
152 kB, 566 × 525
190 kB, 1116 × 804
> im this cat 89.jpg
No. 81916 Kontra
Good God! I'm not that cat! Is that meme explainable? Would love to know its story.
No. 81920
103 kB, 453 × 604
379 kB, 1105 × 1080
98 kB, 600 × 576
Well, there are silly and illiterate cat memes, made by children and pensioners. And there is same, but ironically (on a new turn of dialectical spiral in Hehel's terms). Often they're on (pseudo)Ukrainian because it sounds funny and cute.
No. 81923
ominous periodic humming
No. 81924 Kontra
596 kB, 480 × 480, 0:10
>Well, there are silly and illiterate cat memes, made by children and pensioners.
Those cat-mushroom hybrids look absolutely demonic! No way a pensioner would've made them. Zoomer cat pics are pretty good though. The stuff pensioners make is cringe.
No. 81931
>because it sounds funny and cute
Might be somewhat similar to how we perceive Dutch. Rather familiar but different enough.
No. 81932
3,5 MB, 2508 × 3541
Slept for 11.5 hours straight last night. It felt really good and I had lots of vivid pleasant dreams :)
There were some sexy dreams too >.>;

I made spicy broccoli soup for brekkies and brewed ginger tea :3
Do you want some too Anon? Here's your bowl! :)

I browsed the internet in the morning and then dealt with a bunch of dumb computer software stuff :/

Later in the day I ate some yummy shrimp and brewed mint tea c:

In the evening I took ~35mg THC and now I'm gonna play some video games x)
Opening a tasty non-alcoholic beer rn.
I've felt tired all day and I'm probably gonna go to bed early...

That chick pea dish looks really good. I love chick peas :3
No. 81935
PSA: Sadly, Austrian Audio also sells cheap China sweatshop slavery stuff that is only "designed in Austria". Now I have much less of a reason to give them my money. Whenever a brand doesn't emphasize "Made in [non-shithole]" for the brand but only for individual products, it means some of their stuff is from shitholes, or they are preparing a full dive to shitholes.

Are the QR codes not even valid just as QR codes? Or is something useless encoded in them, like "trololo"?
No. 81954
In today's episode of beer induced thoughts:
The human burp can not be notated with text.
The onomatopoeia "burp" is the phonetic antithesis of the actual human burp. B and P are plosives, while R is either an alveolar trill, or a postalveolar approximant. While the burp can be done with the mouth completely open and the tongue in a stationary position.
Considering that the word "burp" is an English word, and the English language pronounces "R" as a postalveolar approximant, it's not even really an onomatopoeia if you think about it.
Because the most distinct sound in the human burp is exactly the trill, which is absent in English "R".

The IPA doesn't help us either, because it is not concerned with the source of the expelled air. Or rather, it assumes it comes from the lungs and is vibrated by the voice box. While the source of the burp is the esophagus and stomach, and the trill is applied below the voice box (but the voice box could also apply vibration to the burp with a lot of practice). Complicating things further, the burp can also be modified by the mouth and nose cavities, tongue and lips the same way as lung expelled air. You can say "P" through a burp. Or most phonemes really.

Such cases.
No. 81956
I think any modifications (such as length, nasal release, rounding of the mouth, devoicing, or simultaneous articulation of an additional sound) can be represented using IPA. Just not the source of airflow and I've never pondered what part of the body vibrates to produces the characteristic burp sound in the first place.
>the most distinct sound in the human burp is exactly the trill, which is absent in English "R"
The German onomatopoeia would be "rülps!" with optional additional r-. But I think the burp vibration is different from any sound in any language, so R doesn't represent it well, either.
Wiktionary doesn't list a Kazakh translation.
I can't remember if I always burp voiced if orally released. I think voicelessness is more difficult to achieve with increasing burp force.
No. 81957
I don't think most languages have onomatopoeias for burping.
In russian it's just a word "rygat'". It sorta sounds guttural, but not really an onomatopoeia.
In kazakh it's "kek/ɪ/ru", which also sounds guttural, but also not a true onomatopoeia.

Also, I have this schizo theory that most words have phonetic and aesthetic correlation with the the objects they're assigned to, so all words are in some sense onomatopoeia. Like, words for objects, and objects themselves both descend from the same platonic entity.
No. 81958
>it means some of their stuff is from shitholes, or they are preparing a full dive to shitholes.
While continuing to sell at the non-shithole price, of course.
No. 81960
I can offer you a German vacuum cleaner, Thomas or Sebo come to mind. Starmix if you want industrial quality. Maybe you would like an Italian Delfin or a Swedish Nilfisk?

If you want an expensive mixer, there is Ritterwerk or Bartscher for industrial quality.
No. 81962
Or maybe you want to spend a few grand on a suisse washing machine or fridge from VZug?

Thing is: if you buy European, you will basically pay a price that relates to your income in the same way a 1970s equivalent would have related to your income in the 1970s. Plus a luxury bonus, because the only people who are willing to pay such prices are people in the market for the luxury variant, anyway. You are a software developer and buy a European washing machine? It will cost you about as much of your income as a high-end washing machine would have cost a specialist electrician or phone-network-guy in the 1970s, which is 1-3 months of income. The 1970s was the decade when outsourcing to shithole countries started in earnest, and we can get stuff for cheap because people in shithole countries live shitty lives and get paid shitty wages and there are no environmental regulations. But people love cheap stuff and at the same time complain when their job gets more crappy because they have to compete with shithole countries. The decision is entirely political, but the average voter is just a consoomer who wants more stuff for less money and is unable to see the other side of the coin. It's worse in low-trust societies where cheap opportunism is considered a virtue.
No. 81965
"rülps!" can be said to be the expected onomatopoeic form of the verb "rülpsen", or the other way round, chicken egg problem.
>most words have phonetic and aesthetic correlation with the the objects they're assigned to
I would say that way of thinking is ass backwards in most cases. You have been conditioned by your specific languages to make such associations, but speakers of remote languages may have different associations and may find your associations off. Try to guess the meaning of Japanese or Korean onomatopoeia, for example, and those aren't even particularly isolated languages with all the wanderworte for "horse", "honey", "coral" and various metals.
There must be many conlangs who deliberately randomize what to call something, perhaps Kotava, or effectively Lojban?
No. 81968
Pronunciation (using IPA) has been added by a very prolific editor, so you can read the pronunciation before scrolling down to check if your guess as to the meaning is correct.
Or you could do something useful, of course.
No. 81970 Kontra
455 kB, 406 × 720, 0:08
Once again I'm puzzled with all this text that's in no way related to the question I asked. Let me remind you what it was:
>What would be a good way to find European companies when buying stuff online?

You're absolutely free to discuss whatever you want, but don't fugging reply to me if you're not saying anything to me.

t. mega mad burger
No. 82002 Kontra
Are you dense? I literally told you the answer for 3 examples. Umbrella you are more specific, you can't hope for anything better. I put in the extra effort explaining to you why this stuff is expensive. What an ungrateful little bitch you are.
No. 82004 Kontra
>I literally told you the answer for 3 examples. Umbrella you are more specific, you can't hope for anything better.
No, you listed some brands for completely random products. Not even close to answering the question.
>I put in the extra effort explaining to you why this stuff is expensive.
Extra effort explaining something no one asked for, or is in any way relevant to the issue. Great.
>What an ungrateful little bitch you are.
If you just want to talk about things no one asked for or is interested in, speak to the walls of your apartment :D Leave me out of it. Schizo retard :D
No. 82007
>speak to the walls of your apartment :D


I wonder which one it is, but Germans know it better and they will let you know, just face the truth.
No. 82008 Kontra
Oh, excuse me, next time I will list manufacturers of all products, with address and tax identification number. I do not want to disappoint your majesty again.
No. 82012
I wonder if he's the same retard who recently tried to sell cast iron pans as something you don't need to take care of.
No. 82014
24 kB, 628 × 367
They're doing that thing again.
No. 82015
I don't trust the 'tens of small plants cheaper than one big plant'-reasoning. We built everything as big as possible for scale effects, after all. So it sounds bogus to me, but I might be wrong.
I widly guess that some smart chaps at RR and GE figured out that nuclear subs could be a whole lot cheaper when they built similar reactors by the hundreds, and that is where the savings might be. For the military, not for any citizens or businesses who use a lot of juice.
Just need the right salesmanship to do it!
No. 82016 Kontra
Learn the difference between cast and wrought, for chrissake.
No. 82017
Oh, so I can put those in the dishwasher? Good to know.
No. 82018
Spend most of the day mending my hall together with my aunt (man, she does have a terrible personality), went shopping, met a close school friend (with some luck we're going meet next Sunday; it's nice to see that political disagreements aren't a major problem for reasonable people). After returning home I called a female friend from the years in the university. Thankfully their family is fine so far, though several friends of hers in Vladimir oblast have been conscripted and she's worried sick about them. I basically recommeded to pray and take God's will as granted. The plant where she is employed works extra hours now - military orders keep piling up. We also talked about possible complete mobilization, and how my GF still fails to move to Moscow.

Feeling physically and morally exhausted. Cannot even think about doing something to relax. Probably I should make some tea and finally wash the damned plates.
No. 82020 Kontra
Yes, of course, just don't use detergent. Jokes aside, no, that would still be a bad idea. But that you prioritize the convenience of putting the skillet in the dishwasher over not having to buy a new one every two years speaks volumes about you and your attitudes in life.
>Look at this superior pan, I can put it in the dishwasher
>It will be ruined when I use a spatula, and when it gets too hot, it will kill canary birds
>but I can put it in the dishwasher!
They make engine blocks out of cast iron, by the way, and they don't put a PTFE-Coating inside.
No. 82027 Kontra
120 kB, 708 × 404
The point is that a cast/wrought iron pan also needs to be taken care of, just like a coated pan. The type of care is just different, so your whole argumentation is beyond idiotic.
And if you manage to kill a coated pan in just two years you might simply be too retarded to use anything in the first place.

>They make engine blocks out of cast iron, by the way, and they don't put a PTFE-Coating inside.
True, they use a constant oil coating. But you can try dry-running your engine. Please record your findings.
No. 82049
91 kB, 407 × 405
On Friday I was on a call with boss and had to run down several flights of stairs to pick up a heavy package and then lift it back up again at pace. Needless to say I was completely out of breath from it which made talking with my boss challenging.

Can't say I liked this, losing composure with a superior. So this weekend I've been working out - today it was a long hike and weights and I'm currently looking up some classes in medieval combat sparring to be a complete assburger. I understand that stairs knock anyone out of breath because its a case of your body experience a surge of activity but it's still unpleasant and it reminds me that I'm on the decline phase of the human lifespan now.
No. 82053
I smoked two packs of cigs today and I'm afraid of going to sleep now because of the coughings I'll have in my sleep. it's killing
No. 82055
1,5 MB, 2392 × 3508
Slept for 5 hours last night. I ate some fattoush and stayed up pretty late.

For brekkies I made some roasted eggplant :3
Brewed decaf green tea.

After that I washed a ton of dishies and cleaned my kitchie. Yay! Everything is all clean now and I have lots of fresh dishies for yumyums c:

Then I opened a 1.5L bottle of Chilean Cabernet <3
And I also unwrapped some fresh blue cheese ;)
Let's see how it is. Do you want some Anon?
This kind is pretty creamy, kinda like brie. I should get some sharper stuff next time.

Now it's time to brew coffee and drink more wine with it :)
I'm feeling a little melancholic this evening but that should change once I get some more red wine and coffee in me :3
No. 82060
Let's talk about surnames, Ernsts. In Russia majority of people have -ov/-ev last names (Ivanov, Lebedev). People with Ukrainian ancestry have -ko/-uk last name (Naumenko, Zavorotnuk). Latter is perceived as funny, a villager name. If zoomer has German surname in social media like "Daria Stangenzirkel", real last name is most likely -ko. Asian minorities also have -ov/-ev, but with different roots (Ibragimov, Bulgakov).

I heard that Randians change their names to Anglo-Saxon ones to sound like le wealthy capitalist in cylinder. A real millionaire and SJW-tankie Katya Kazbek, on the opposite, took a Turkish last name.

How is the situation in your country? Which type of last name do you have? Mine and most of my relatives' are boring Russian with exception of branch of Askenazi Stangenzirkels.
No. 82061
Spent today helping a brother move. It rained, as is tradition, but only on the front half while we loaded a U-Haul. Unloading was not only dryer, but relatively uncomplicated- despite a flight of narrow stairs. A long day which went too late for a heavy meal and thus ended with a decision to forgo the promised pizza.

Occupation based Anglo-Saxon names are common here, along with Spanish names. I have the former- boring, but it could be worse. My maternal line had an Italian surname and, before taking my father's name, my mother's could easily be twisted into an effeminate insult. I dodged a bullet, tbh.
No. 82062
Been putting our soviet time cast iron pan in the dishwasher for years, nothing bad happened
No. 82063
2,9 MB, 250 × 252, 0:05
It's a descriptive surname, like the English surnames; Armstrong, White and Brown.
No. 82064
From more than 60 Bulgakovs in Wikipedia, ALL are ethnic Russian/Slavic. As for Bulgakovs in Vkontakte, the ratio between Orthodox and Turko-Islamic first names is roughly 20:1 as well. The surname belongs to several noble families, coming from a nickname of Turkic origin, and, as it happens sometimes, was also taken by some of their peasants in the 19th century. It's not the only predominantly Russian surname with a Turkic etymon, but surely the most notable one.

>Asian minorities
I don't even know what the hell is that. Surnames of ethnic minorities generally fall into the next categories:
  • Islamic (-ov/-ev, rarely -in, with a Muslim name as the etymon; ethnicity often can be guiessed based on the specific phonetic shape or probably model, e.g. Magomedov would be clearly from the Caucasus, while Galeyev oк Fayzullin are undoubtedly Tatar or Bashkir);
  • General ethnic (-ov/-ev, -in/-yn), with an ethnic name/nickname or a clan name as an etymon: Kirdyashev, Vil'yurov, Aydarov, Dzasokhov etc. It should be noted that some of such surnames may be indescernible from Russian surnames of dialectal origin (from the nicknames that have Turkic or various Finno-Ugric origins);
  • totally indescernible from Russian ones (typically for the minorities which are formally Orhodox); that also occasionally includes surnames coming from occupational names (in the Russian form) or even translated old clan names;
  • of Belarusian origin (-ovich), often actually Jewish, though many bearers of such surnames have been assimilated for several generations;
  • Korean (Tsoi, Yun etc.);
  • Tuvan (unaffixed local surnames, e.g. Shoygu, or surnames ending in -ool);
  • Finno-Karelian (some ethnic Karelians may have surnames like Rinne or Habonen, though much more typically that will be surnames ending in -ov/-ev/-in of the types mentioned above).

Surnames ending in -skiy (fem. -skaya) fall into several uneven categories:
  • Russian general toponymic surnames, e.g. Vladimirskiy (very rare);
  • Russian nobility surnames (essentially toponymic as well), e.g. Basyatinskiy (extraordinary rare as far as general population is concerned);
  • Russian seminarist surnames, e.g. Rozhdestvenskiy, Arkhangel'skiy (relatively rare);
  • surnames of Polish origin - most typically actually Jewish, but sometimes also Ukrainian or Belarusian; the most common variant.

Jewish surnames (as you could've guessed already) come in many different shapes, but most typically it's:
  • surnames of Polish or Belarusian origin which were mentioned above (Rabinovich, Berezovskiy etc.);
  • surnames of Yiddish (Burshteyn) or German (Bernshteyn) origin;
  • surnames of the typical Russian model but with specific etymons (Malkin, Dvorkin, Sorkin etc.). As far as surnames formed from Jewish names go, one should bear in mind that Old Believers often have Jewish names as well (hence Moiseyev, Solomonov etc.).

Probably one should also list the surnames ending in -ikh/-ykh, as well as the surnames ending in -ago (essentially Church Slavonic) - most typically Russian or Ukrainian.
>People with Ukrainian ancestry have -ko/-uk last name
Occasionally also -yk (e.g. Bilyk), plus everything additionally mentioned above, as well as compound "verbal" names like Nepeyvoda or just unaffixed surnames formed from occupations or nicknames (Koval', Kozak etc.); the last group of surnames may be also Jewish or Belarusian.
No. 82065 Kontra
*Baryatinskiy, of course, not Basyatinskiy.
No. 82066
175 kB, 220 × 220, 0:02
are you a etymologist or sommin
No. 82067 Kontra
I just happen to have some interest in linguistics. As well as in ethnic minorities and surnames in general.
No. 82068
Here in germany, the most common names are still descriptions of work. Müller (miller, someone operating a mill), Schmidt (smith, someone who operated a smithey), etc.

But due to the different in germanic and slavic languages, we don't have much going on with the suffixes. If you dig deep enough, the regional differences you can find are just alterations of spelling the same name based on pronounciation in that region. For example, a variant of Müller is Möller, which is very uncommon in comparison to Müller, but common enough that most people will have heard the name somewhere at some point. Someone named Möller may likely have ancestors close to the french or belgian borders (if I remember this tale correctly, infa 73%).

What I find much more fascinating though is names that sound like they mean A but really mean B. It tells you something about language evolves.

Take the german word for lock: Schloss.
The lock of a door is a Türschloss (Tür being door), etc.

Now take the name Schlossmacher (literally lock-maker) and you might think it describes someone who built (door)locks.
And you'd be wrong. The name derived from actual lock-makers is Schlosser, not Schlossmacher. In contrast, a Schlossmacher was someone who built the locking mechanism in firearms. But since this no longer exists this very form of vocation, the meaning has been lost on most people.
No. 82070
And I thought it was someone who builds castles.
No. 82071
And what are you? A Lachmacher? :DDDD
No. 82073
217 kB, 900 × 750
132 kB, 1024 × 1001
Some people are stuck with a surname depicting a flaw of an ancestor. Take these two, for example: Friedrich Schiller (a corruption of Schieler, someone who is cross-eyed) and Bastian Schweinsteiger (a corruption of Schweinbesteiger, "climbs on a pig" aka pig fucker).
No. 82074 Kontra
Ernst Fedenmacher.
No. 82075
Would anyone be interested in participating in some virtual LAN parties with other Ernsts?

No modern games, just stuff that had LAN connectivity at the time of release, and that people played back when LAN parties were a thing. It'll probably mostly consist of old arena shooters, RTS games, games with co-op campaigns and the like.
There's probably going to be a different game we try out every week, and after a while we'll settle on a few favorites. Most of the games will probably be either free or pirated, because they'll likely to be abandonware anyway, or the official servers are dead by now.

There's 3 of us right now (and we can't always all make it), but everybody knows the more people there are, the more fun LAN parties are.

!!!CS:GO and Rocket League /b/ chuds not allowed!!!
No. 82076
What do you think this means?
No. 82077
>How is the situation in your country?
The most common of course are Russian (-ov, -in: Popov, Smirnov, Ivanov, Voronin, Severin, Fomin), Belarusian (-vich, -chik, -nya: Mitskevich, Polyakevich, Nehaichik, Mikulchik, Protasenya, Prokopenya), Ukrainian (-yuk, -ko, -ets: Morozyuk, Ponomarenko, Gorobets) and Polish (-skiy: Nevmerzhitskiy, Belskiy) last names. Then there are of course Jewish last names (-shtein, -man, -er, -in, -ovich, -skiy: Zilbershtein, Fridman, Shnaider (although seemingly Ashkenazi surnames might sometimes actually be Volga German), Levin, Davidovich, Isakovskiy) since Belarusian territory historically was a part of the Pale of Settlement, and Tatar last names (they are usually Russian-like with -ov and -ev: Yusupov, Kireyev).

>Which type of last name do you have?
The Russian one ending with -ov. Both my father's surname and my mother's maiden surname end with -ov/-ova; among my ancestry there are also surnames ending with -ina (paternal grandma; I'm 90% sure that it's Jewish), -er (maternal grandma; I thought that it's Jewish, but my mother said that my great-granddad was of German origin and he hailed from one of the Baltic states; not sure if it's true), -skaya (great-grandma; Western Belarusian/Polish — the whole maternal side of my family up to my grandma were Catholics).
No. 82079
Both of these men are handsome though, I wonder if men with silly surnames are disproportionately represented in the catwalk
No. 82080
353 kB, 1280 × 1704
>How is the situation in your country? Which type of last name do you have?
There are many "father's name" type surnames, but its seems we stopped issuing them like this some time during the discovery age. These type of name end in -es, equal to Spanish -ez. Some very ancient names live on as a common surname - 'Mendes' is common but Mendo has been dead for several centuries.

There are the odd foreign names, but generally we all have our 3 or 6 national origin names. Naming conventions usually go [first name] [mother's surname] [father's surname], but these are just the basic building blocks.

Some names come from geological features - Mountains, Coast, Fields, etc. These are also the names we mostly used for Africans/Afro-Brazilians/Assorted colony residents, so these names are heavily represented in former colonial clay. Names of religious origin are common too, "of Saints" being a common surname too for people in the former empire.

Not much diversity in origin. There is a meme that all names from trees 'Carvalho' 'Oliveira', etc - are all Jewish/Converso names. This is incorrect, but some Jews did take up such names.

Pic rel: Carlos Fernando Luís Maria Victor Miguel Rafael Gabriel Gonzaga Xavier Francisco de Assis José Simão of the House of Braganza.
No. 82082 Kontra
1,0 MB, 2880 × 3840
I would guess so but only because having a weird surname is great for personal brand, making it easier to remember the model.
No. 82087
1,1 MB, 810 × 815
makes sense
No. 82094
I am interested in principle.

What exactly is supposed to be played?
If I don't have the game, is it in my own responsibility to acquire it?
Can I suggest games?
And when is this supposed to rise?
No. 82100
>How is the situation in your country?

For England it can be pretty generic - either occupation or relates to some ancestral feature like they lived on a green hill or had brown hair. This is nice in a way, it means they developed naturally in rural settings where the surnames made contextual sense for differentiating one John from another (which was v.useful for your mother xD). As you spread out you get a higher incident of uncivilised origins like Scottish clan names, Welsh language equivalents or that Mc/Ó paddyism.

Mine is weird a derivative of a derivative of a personal name. Oddly enough it's more common in Oz and to a lesser extent the other former colonies which probably means I have the criminal gene. My mother cares about this stuff and her side is a Scottish clan name with my later descendants being criminals, alcoholics and my great grandfather was a traveling musician who knocked up so many women she's spent years reconnecting with lost great uncles.
No. 82107
Got into an argument with the CCO, apparently he actually supports the war. Called me a traitor and repeated every nonsensical TV talking points, goodwill gestures and all. Thankfully I'm an engineer and not a salesman, so he's not my direct superior, but I'm gonna find a lawyer tomorrow just in case he or someone else reports me to the authorities, I've never hidden my opinions, should've done this sooner probably.

Interestingly enough, my colleagues, who were quiet during our exchange, supported me after. I guess I got a taste of what the opposition activists feel - albeit on a much smaller scale - when people around them agree with their points, but are too afraid to speak out.
No. 82108
It's of course one of the lesser problems plaguing life on earth, but if you want to discuss surnames, I think it's a bit sad how rare surnames disappear over time, while common ones become ever more common. Instead, we should devise a system where humiliating or boring surnames go extinct while the raddest ones thrive. A step in the right direction is being allowed to choose or change the surname when you marry, procreate or just feel like it, unlike back in the days when brides would always get the groom's name and children always their father's if there was one, and before you know it, everybody will be a Nguyen, or a Santos, or a Lee, which kind of defeats the purpose of having surnames at all.
I'm intrigued that there are Asian states today which still allow people to have only a single name, with neither family name nor patronymic. I've met such a person once but didn't think to ask them if they often run afoul of culturally inflexible systems requiring an official name consisting of two parts, like I'd imagine visa applications, air travel, or resident registration.
Another aspect of names: Imagine your name were Chrzumczütz and everyone would have trouble guessing how to spell or pronounce it. That's an actual surname btw.
First names: (White?) English speakers increasingly gave their sons names ending in -n towards the end of the 20th century, has that trend passed by now?

No, only their Austrian-made headphones are expensive. Their China sweatshop slave headphones are not. But if I wanted sweatshop slave products, I think I'd rather buy even cheaper Mediamarkt house brand.

This mindset explains the state of your country.

>Schweinsteiger = pig fucker
Proofs pls

>my later descendants being criminals, alcoholics
I think you meant to say "ancestors", or else you should rethink your education methods.
No. 82109
You should've agreed with him about everything, then ask, why is he not at war yet. Then convince him to go there. My schizo friend btw is going to be volunteer, proposes me to join him.
No. 82110
Isn't there a tennis player by the name of Roger Federer? I bet his ancestors were prolific shitposters.
No. 82112
1,2 MB, 480 × 480, 0:17
Not really. Though a game like OpenTTD could be nice. It runs on anything and accommodates different time zones well by being very much a drop-in, drop-out whenever you like type of a game. Also highly autistic, take that how you will.
No. 82116
96 kB, 800 × 800
>how to fix??
While we are very strict with the regulation behind first names, surnames are chaotic. You can have up to 4 and they must come from the mother or the father. I can name my children after my grandmother's surname if so desire. I can also combine my surname with other ones if they also carry a particle. My son could be Ernesto de Teceiros e Fedenmacher and that would only be one of his multiple surnames.
No. 82118
I heard Chinese have very few surnames and they don't marry people with same surnames, so now there is some government program to make more diverse surnames.
No. 82129
You know how it goes, "why should I do it? Let the professionals handle it", "When they call me I'll answer", all that crap.
No. 82131
And you know how to reply: "don't be coward", "they'll teach you everything required", "don't look for excuses, just go". The point is that you shouldn't expose yourself to danger (I hope you'll be alright btw). You should expose him to danger by sending him to a tuberculosis Auschwitz barrack (see video posted by Fin).
No. 82132
>I think you meant to say "ancestors", or else you should rethink your education methods.
It seems people tend to universally mix up words for "ancestors" and "descendants", regardless of the language. That might provide a curious insight into human thinking...
>You know how it goes, "why should I do it? Let the professionals handle it", "When they call me I'll answer", all that crap.
And that even would be a totally valid answer. Moreover, when they call me I'll answer - while I'm firmly against the war. The alternatives are just too difficult to handle. I know what I could tell to grieving mothers of the enemy sodiers when being a soldier myself. But what could I tell to grieving mothers of my own compatriots when I'll be basically leaving them to die - or to my own future children, to that matter? Tell them how I heroically evaded mobilization, shaking from the fear for my own life, while others were at the front line? I'll try to do what I must, and will surrender myself to God's will; come what may. But Putin surely will answer for that massive pointless slaughter.
No. 82133
Or the opposite of innovation: People in need of a new surname (I guess immigrants or people whose name is Pigfücker) are forbidden under Finnish law to take one already in use IIRC, presumably to prevent random immigrants and parvenus from tarnishing your name, BUT authorities publish a list of suggested "unoccupied" surnames to choose from, which consists of extinct Finnish and Swedish surnames, and perhaps some made up ones that have been checked not to have any living bearers.
>other ones
Even made up ones like Fedenmacher?

Hm, wouldn't they have something like patrilineal clans so that marrying within a surname is okay as long as it's a different clan? That's how it worked in Korea, I think. Nevermind that it's probably no better than going by surname as an indicator of genetic distance.

IIRC, a PDF posted on EC mentioned that if you're a Libyan, the likelihood of your parents being each other's first-grade cousins is 40%.

Not sure if telling a higher-up he's a coward is a good strategy to avoid him reporting you to the authorities for defeatist sedicious agitation. On the other hand, if the CCO reports non-anonymously, wouldn't he be the first to be mobilized on account of his patriotism indicating a lower risk of morale problems?
No. 82135
394 kB, 360 × 356, 0:03
> Moreover, when they call me I'll answer - while I'm firmly against the war
No. 82136
>heroically evaded mobilization
In my book, even if you tried but due to your own stupidity failed to evade mobilization, that would sound much better than the opposite narrative of letting Putin lead you like a lamb to the slaughter, with you doing exactly what your masters want you to do, not giving them any trouble.

This is of course armchair advice and I have no idea what I would do in your situation, other than being scared shitless.
No. 82137 Kontra
11 kB, 344 × 342
>Or the opposite of innovation: People in need of a new surname (I guess immigrants or people whose name is Pigfücker) are forbidden under Finnish law to take one already in use IIRC
Yes, you cannot change your surname to something that's in use by a living person. (Doesn't apply for taking your partner's surname in marriage.) Your example is clearly a foreign surname, which likely could be changed to Pikfyker, possibly even if there already was someone with that surname. Changing surname to be more usable in Finnish society is allowed, but translating is not.

>authorities publish a list of suggested "unoccupied" surnames to choose from, which consists of extinct Finnish and Swedish surnames, and perhaps some made up ones that have been checked not to have any living bearers.
I'm not aware of this being real at all. New surnames have standards and need to be in compliance with Finnish surname conventions. "Unoccupied" names would be a safe bet for being in compliance, so maybe there's something there. Every would-be surname will be available for comment for 30 days, during which anyone can object to it if it's insulting or breaking some law.

I'm not a surname lawyer so I could be wrong.
No. 82138
>In my book, even if you tried but due to your own stupidity failed to evade mobilization, that would sound much better than the opposite narrative of letting Putin lead you like a lamb to the slaughter, with you doing exactly what your masters want you to do
I suppose if the sole purpose of your life is to do whatever Putin does NOT want, you have serious problems far beyond the war, man.
Individually I cannot change a thing in the general course of events, especially in the events that have already happened. There is even no political movement to join (the only choices are the degenerative "liberals" with 100% slave mentality and the communists, who essentially chose to be my natural enemies despite being left-wing - and, frankly, both groups are pretty useless and pathetic). So what I could do when conscripted basically falls into two variants:
  • attempt killing some Ukrainians who will try hard to kill me, trying to avoid unnecessary violence in process;
  • try to save my life, abandoning my own kin to their death.
I know for sure that my friend's husband will be there, my school friend will be there, as well as thousands upon thousands upon thousands of my people who I just don't happen know, and even if 90% of them are morons, they're still my kin. Is individual survival (or, to be precise, dying just a couple of decades later from some stupid cancer in an absolutely pitiful state) really worth that much?
No. 82140 Kontra
Got me thinking where the new would-be surnames are displayed, and I found it. In case anyone cares, here you go:
No. 82141 Kontra
2 kB, 204 × 36
No. 82143
1,1 MB, 256 × 480, 0:22
> tyrant whom I don't support told me to go to war which I don't support. Hmm, I must obey
> liberals with their slave mentality...
No. 82144
140 kB, 447 × 450
Sound has died. Is there a way to "restart" sound on Debianoid/Ubuntoid linuxen without ending the session?

>I'm not aware of this being real at all
I've got the official list, probably even downloaded it from a Finnish state website myself. Not on this machine though.

>anyone can object to it
Sounds like an invitation to oppose any name claiming it insults your personal religious beliefs. When your objection gets dismissed, complain about discrimination.

I think in Switzerland, when foreigners apply for naturalization, there is a poll in which every heimatberechtigt member of the commune in which the applicant resides can vote, I think anonymously, so villagers can decide they don't like your face and ruin your future. Or something like that. Don't know how it works in big communes.
No. 82145 Kontra
Liberals have slave mentality since they cannot do anything but imitate their idols and hate their nation because it doesn't meet their expectations, so they end up without a single ounce of national dignity. Terrible self-induced mental slavery, if you ask me.

I decide the right thing to do among a very limited list of available options, and I do that myself, with my own mind, because I am who I am and not because someone told me so. Putin may create the options, but he is unable to affect my choice.
No. 82146 Kontra
241 kB, 791 × 861
Fugging sw*des I swear :D
No. 82147
>if the sole purpose of your life is to do whatever Putin does NOT want
My intention was only to point out that "evading is shameful" is far from the only possible way to frame it, and that it's just as easy to construct a "NOT evading is shameful" narrative.
>thousands upon thousands of my people [… a]re still my kin
That way of thinking is strange to me, and also how that leads to "therefore I should not try to evade mobilization". I would totally get it if you wanted to selfishly avoid post-war ostracization by the community you expect to live in, or if you believed your family was under threat and you had reason to believe that cooperative behaviour might somehow alleviate that.

Ah, you beat me to it. I wondered whether I should look for it on my external drive. Thanks.
No. 82148
Reasoning here is simple:
  1. This war is unjust.
  2. Decision to start this war wasn't made by people who represent you in any sense, because:
2.1. You don't support them.
2.2. They weren't democratically elected by your compatriots.
Because of that, it's a morally right thing to avoid participation in it.

What you say, in simple words is: "other lemmings join this war, how can I dare not to do the same". Actually, it's your friend's husband must be asked: "why did you go while others didn't". Grieving mothers should have question not to you, but to people who sent their children to death.

Also there is no such thing as "Russian nation". Russia is not nation state, just like pre-revolutionary France wasn't, for example.
No. 82150 Kontra
>Ah, you beat me to it. I wondered whether I should look for it on my external drive. Thanks.
No no, that's not at all what you suggested. The link I posted is a list of surnames that someone has applied to have, and are now under public scrutiny. You claimed:
>authorities publish a list of suggested "unoccupied" surnames to choose from, which consists of extinct Finnish and Swedish surnames, and perhaps some made up ones that have been checked not to have any living bearers.

I tried looking for such a list of suggested, "unoccupied" surnames but was unable to find it, and I'm now more convinced such a thing doesn't exist.
No. 82151 Kontra
Correction: Chrzumczütz is a placename, (probably) not a surname. It is another name for the village of Chrząszczyce, Prószków commune, Opolski County, Opolskie Voivodship.

Oh, I hadn't looked at your link and just assumed it was what I had described.
I'm still convinced I've seen my list, probably with a brief explanation in English because otherwise I wouldn't have arrived at my current idea of what it represents, and that I've either downloaded the list itself or saved its URI somewhere. But I haven't found it on an external drive searching for "name", "finn" or "sukunim" and don't want to look further. I will of course post it on EC if I find it on another drive in the future.
No. 82152
I think I can understand weaboo mentality more than I understand nationalist mentality.

It's easy to idealize a group of people far away whom you've never met.
But how can you not dislike, let alone idealize the people you actually interact with on a day to day basis?

On the other hand, it makes sense if you consider that when people talk about "my people" or "the people", they don't actually mean anyone specific or tangible, but this abstract notion of "the people" that is even further away, and thus easier to idealize, than a foreign nation, on account of not even physically existing.
No. 82154 Kontra
Question: Have you visited countries with different culture than yours?
No. 82155
You don't need to idealize something to love it. Imho that's your problem in general: you can't accept world being unideal place. As a consequence -- love to all sorts of "critical theories".

Just like other Ernst, I have nationalist mentality, and as Russian nationalist I support dismantling of "Russian Federation". Because if it remains, Russian civilization will come down to the oil pipe, riot cops guarding it, their human cattle and ethical abyss of "funny memes about Bucha".
No. 82156
29 kB, 599 × 578
I was looking into becoming a renaissance swordsman, a nice parrying dagger and rapier so I can pretend I'm playing Dark Souls but with all the protective equipment and without even getting into classes and membership fees it's easily in excess of £700.

Such cases. I've wanted to do it for awhile but I'm never in a position to start without wiping out my emergency cash and cutting into my monthly savings because I got a job helping people instead of being a soulless banker. That feel when even in 2022 a working class boy can still never join the gentry unless he saves money until the spring classes maybe.. Also the neighbours downstairs were burgled today and I think I heard them try my door so maybe I'd only have some subhuman steal from me anyway.

Is he an upstanding citizen too?

I was pondering the same predicament myself the other day. You can run but then what of your family and the poor bastard they do catch, what of home and the cheap twinge you'll feel whenever the war is remembered. It was a weird enough feeling at the start of the war when Ukraine was actively recruiting people like me on social media with ads, if it was my own country I'd definitely do something stupid for the King's shilling.

That said it's a pointless war so if you can't get a good shot at Putin then either surrender once you've had enough to preserve your manhood, use your skills to avoid getting stuck in a frontline position or do some paramedic training now so if do you get called up you can (maybe) go into combat medical and focus on keeping people alive.

Being British it's very simple, everything is terrible but somehow everywhere else manages to be even worse.
No. 82157 Kontra
Tbh, the only manly thing to do is oppose going to war. Imagine taking manly pride in how strong you are because you did what you were told and sold your soul for a row of medals or for lines on a map.

Remember kids: they only get mad if you /don't/ want to fight for their benefit.
No. 82158 Kontra
50 kB, 615 × 409
How about becoming a modern swordsman?
No. 82161
Went to uzbekistan on a business trip once.
Was sames, except people were browner and spoke funny.
Proportion of assholes to decent people was the same as here.

But that's the thing, nationalism only makes sense if you appeal to some transcendental entity. It stops working when you take a non-sentimental approach.
Otherwise, why feel patriotic about one nation over the other? Why this exact socio-political formation rather than the one that existed on the same territory, under a different name, but with the same ethnic makeup? Why must a semi-arbitrary delineation of people be more legitimate than any other way of grouping or dividing people?
Simple practical test: does your love for "the people" extend to the guy who pisses in your commieblock elevator? The alcoholic next door? The corrupt policeman? The murderer who's serving life in prison? Career criminals? Putin himself? After all, they're all still Russians. And if not, then you're no longer talking about concretely "your people", but some abstract, idealized notion of the "people" that doesn't include people you don't like.
And there's nothing per se wrong with that, except that one must then admit that their identification with "their people" is not any more "legitimate" than any other group identity, be it in religion, physiological features, hobbies, pop culture interests, etc.

To me, nationality is simply a thing invented to replace god as a source of legitimacy. And I don't mean in a le tips fedora "ideas don't exist" sense, but in a quite literal sense, in that nation statehood was invented to replace the monarchy, but with "the people" rather than "divinity" as the source of legitimacy.

I choose not to be a hypocrite and adopt the following thesis:
There's people I like and there's people I don't like, simple as
t. enlightened despookified ubermensch
No. 82164 Kontra
>for a row of medals or for lines on a map
Why do you bring that up? I don't think anybody ITT, or many people IRL, care about those. Instead, the concerned Russian ITT sounds half like lacking alternatives and half like hating the state but fearing that evading mobilization would somehow mean betraying the minjok unless everybody else also did it, and for some reason the idea of getting crippled or blinded doesn't seem as bad to him as the imagined betrayal.

>the only manly thing to do is oppose going to war
Would that make not opposing a womanly thing to do? Or a boyish thing? Or an animal thing?
No. 82166
>Un-manly implies womanly
Maybe like boyish, I think. Peter Pan goes to war lightheartedly, but Peter Pan can't die. The lost boys can die.
No. 82167
254 kB, 1366 × 853
>It seems people tend to universally mix up words for "ancestors" and "descendants", regardless of the language.
Data point: I don't think I've never come across a mix-up of Vorfahren or Ahnen and Nachfahren.
No. 82169 Kontra
*never → ever

I was going to add something like "I wonder what's my most common kind of mistake" in that post.
No. 82170
Responding directly above to "if it was my own country I'd definitely do something stupid for the King's shilling."

Reminds me of a definition for racism I heard recently which defined it as a technology which really made me think. The nation could also be described as a technology tbh. It's a tool with specific uses, and not itself a transcendental thing.
No. 82173
4,4 MB, 576 × 576, 0:14
> Why must a semi-arbitrary delineation of people be more legitimate than any other way of grouping or dividing people?
It's more legitimate than many other ways of grouping people, because Russians are united into a community by their language, place of living, family connections and shared experience, including history. For this reason most of your relatives, friends and in general people, whom you care about belong to same nation. In this sense division into nations is more meaningful than, let's use this example once again, left-handed and right-handed people (and tbh I still perceive other left-handed as part of our secret club of chosen people). But it's not some sacred and absolute value, which is uber alles.

Related to discussion above:
And even if it was, I still don't understand why you must do same mistake as other community members do. Another problem is that most of the aspects I've mentioned can be applied to Ukrainians as well, so you'll have to kill "your kin" as well.
No. 82175
1,0 MB, 1211 × 1577
Only got a few hours of broken sleep last night. I felt really groggy today and definitely drank more than I should have yesterday :/

I didn't eat anything until after work.
After workies I went shoppinggg <3
Yay, shopping!
The cashier was new and really slow and did a dumb job of bagging my stuff :/
I got some yumyum stuff for us to cook this week Anon :)

When I got home I took some cannabis extract and drank a yummy pint of strong IPA while I put away my stuff. Now it's time to finish this blue cheese and Cabernet. Will you help me Anon?
I'm brewing decaf coffee and I'm probably gonna have another beer too lol
Feeling a little depressed tonight but I just need something to distract myself.
No. 82178
Dumb question: If nations are such an arbitrary thing, why support Ukraine in the first place? I mean, their "nation" and their "people" and their "homeland" is exactly what they are fighting for.
If it's all bollocks, why do we even care?
No. 82180
Good point, actually. I assume it's a thing of "if I don't support Ukraine I end up with those supporting russia"; i.e. being drawin into the mindset of either-or.

That being said, I do support Ukraine because they are currently exporting beautiful women to Germoney!

Not really, I was trying to be offensive but at the same time feel like apologizing for it right after... what has become of me? I wish I was as cool as Portugal when it came to shitposts. Do I still have that awful bavarian flag?
No. 82181 Kontra
>their "nation" and their "people" and their "homeland" is exactly what they are fighting for. If it's all bollocks, why do we even care?

Didn't read the rest of the discussion but it's bollocks in the sense that it is constructed. Constructions are real nonetheless in the same way as I think an "I" does not really exist, but I (haha) use it nonetheless, it's a convenience and "useful" reference for something. And Europe cares either because of "euro-nationalism" (European identity, democratic values etc.) and simple economic interests, or sphere of influence. That is: (a question of) power.
No. 82186
>I assume it's a thing of "if I don't support Ukraine I end up with those supporting russia"
As Russians (or should I say, "Russian speakers"?) say, "a toad was fucking an adder".
But the obvious interest of Europe is weakening its eastern neighbor as much as possible, just in case (since it cannot guarantee good relations). The more Russians die, the better, and Ukrainians are just irrelevant in that calculus. Also, with luck, European players will probably lay their hands on Ukrainian (or probably even Russian) assets. Though, of course, the US will be the first to reap the benefits and the last to suffer. But that's how being a junior member of the alliance generally works.
No. 82188
The hardest part of my job is obeying my team lead's instructions to pad out my daily work hours tracking so it looks like I'm working more than I actually am.
I am an honest lad (except for when nobody knows I'm lying), so it's very difficult for me.

I don't support ukraine the political entity, but i do feel sympathy for those affected by the war (like it matters lol)
Also, fervent support for "Ukraine" seems to be a westoid thing. The couple ukrainian immigrants from my company that I've talked to have more nuanced opinions and typically don't like their government, war or not.

My good british friend from a world of warcraft private server I used to play on always said "Never apologize, always double down". He later turned out to be a real life neo-nazi (all those anti-jewish comments were apparently not just ironic shitposting), but that doesn't invalidate the good advice, right?
I remember him getting really upset that his best friend swedish guild mate came out as bi and started spamming femboy porn on the guild forums.
Good times.
No. 82189 Kontra
5 kB, 250 × 190
>Also, fervent support for "Ukraine" seems to be a westoid thing. The couple ukrainian immigrants from my company that I've talked to have more nuanced opinions and typically don't like their government, war or not.
What do they suggest then, war or not?

The way I see it is that the time for nuanced opinions was before the war. What else is there to do now? Start supplying Russia with weapons as well? :D And when you look at European security in a world where Russia has annexed both Belarus and Ukraine (also Hungary), things start to look a bit worrying. Especially since Germany is unable to arm itself. If one isn't supporting Ukraine for the sake of Ukrainian people, one should support it for their own sake.
No. 82191
65 kB, 504 × 345
>The couple ukrainian immigrants from my company that I've talked to have more nuanced opinions and typically don't like their government, war or not.
Probably speaks to the type of Ukrainian that would end up in Kazakhstan.

>If nations are such an arbitrary thing, why support Ukraine in the first place?
Seems pretty irrelevant if in its genesis, nations are arbitrary. There's a smaller nation being dragged by force into a rooster cage society and they evidently don't want to be a part of it.
No. 82194
I mean, you can just be honest and say it's 100% about european interests. The rest is just PR and lip service.
Performative "support for ukraine" is first and foremost meant for internal consumption by the west, because you know, most ukrainians don't know English. Ukraine is basically a prop to be used for hashing out internal politics, from office watercooler self identification, to government level politics.
The "nation" being an abstract ideological construct, it is performing the only function of abstract ideological constructs - taking part in collective narrative-making, divorced from any concrete ukrainian people per se.

Like this guy for example >>82191, openly admits that if a ukrainian has an opinion on ukraine that doesn't 100% align with his preferred narrative, they're not being a ukrainian correctly. "Ukraine" as an idea is important to his personal reality, any concrete ukrainian person - not so much.
No. 82195 Kontra
>they're not being a ukrainian correctly
Good post. It might be that your co-workers in Central Asia are not representative of the average Ukrainian, but that couldn't be.
No. 82196
Yeah, probably not.
They're real people who happen to be ukrainian though, unlike the mythical "average ukrainian" that acts as a convenient prop for legitimizing your personal opinions.
No. 82197
Anybody who has followed inter-German debates on EC will know that something like a national unity is bollocks^10. People share things and they differ. The lines resemble chaotic criss-crossing, patches of overlap appear and thus as brick said, nation is an abstract category devoid of any actually existing entity. It is at best (and sociologically speaking) an institution. I may speak the same language as the other Germans, I still wouldn't feel duty towards them, simply because we have difference that are stronger than the unifying concept of the nation allows, since I see through the bullshit of its conceptual function.
No. 82198 Kontra
30 kB, 280 × 421
>Let me tell you about your opinions
Okay, fag. So you avoid the question I pose to you by making absolutely retarded claims. Nice diversion, fucker. It definitely isn't only about European interests and you know it, unless you're a psychopath.

>Performative "support for ukraine" is first and foremost meant for internal consumption by the west, because you know, most ukrainians don't know English.
Yes of course it's meant for national or union level consumption. You know, the level where actions like sending military aid are made on. Is there a particular reason I should send my translated messages of support to Ukraine? I'm sure they understand whether or not someone supports them on the account of receiving aid or not.

>[rabble rabble]
I don't see why you make it in to such a deal that internal politics are related to this. Could you perhaps give me some historical examples in which world events are not operated on through local politics? Or lay some foundation on what a person's actions should look like when supporting or opposing an far-away issue? And to something about Ukrainian people... I see Ukrainians fighting for their independence. Staking your life on something seems like a pretty solid way to prove they don't want to live under Russian rule. Waah waah but muh nuance. It's for fags like you. Don't need it.
No. 82199 Kontra
>unlike the mythical "average ukrainian" that acts as a convenient prop for legitimizing your personal opinions.
This would work, were I not a recurring visitor to Ukraine and still in touch with people there.
No. 82201 Kontra
It's not very convincing, you know. It's like saying you are in touch with a few Germans but the three or four of us here are hardly a good representation of Germany and German opinions.
No. 82203 Kontra
51 kB, 917 × 818
You think my express delivery package will make it from Leipzig to my front door in less than 10 hours? The challenge is on, Germans.
No. 82204

I mean, you just told me that my sample size of ukrainians is not enough to extrapolate the "average ukrainian" (even though I'm not interested in invoking spooks like that), but your sample size suddenly speaks for the "average ukrainian"?
Interesting demagogic trickery: switch between generalizing and going into specific depending on what's convenient.

Let me try:
>This would work, were I not a recurring visitor to Ukraine and still in touch with people there.
Probably speaks to the type of Ukrainian that would talk to a P*rtugese.
No. 82205 Kontra
36 kB, 598 × 598
Destroyed with facts and logic.
No. 82206
>I mean, you just told me that my sample size of ukrainians is not enough to extrapolate the "average ukrainian"
I didn't speak of sample size.
Interesting demagogic trickery indeed.
No. 82207
Koreans have very few different surnames. Kim + Pak + Em = 90% of Koreans (extrapolating personal experience...).
No. 82208
That's just Asians.
You're a weirdo if your name isn't Nguyen in Southeast Asia.
No. 82211 Kontra
And when the war ends? Let's assume Ukraine survives and at the far end we see a now extremely militarised, probably revanchist (regardless of your opinion on the righteousness of such) society that is deep in debt to western powers. Which has already signalled for massive privatisation of SEOs and resources, and an impoverished population with the unholy grail of desperation and recently abolished labour protections.

If ya can't see how this could go terribly fucking wrong then I don't know what to say. Maybe we should have a real nuanced look at what could be real consequences, unless the Ukrainian people really are just something to be performative about and as soon as the war is over, we are happy to feed them into a Slavic Pinochet hellhole, and frankly I don't think most people with a soul want that.
No. 82213
Dang, you're right. I used the principle of charity and assumed the best interpretation of your argument. I'd assumed that being ukrainians, they'd also somehow constitute the average you were talking about, but if not, then this:
>>It might be that your co-workers in Central Asia are not representative of the average Ukrainian, but that couldn't be.
Would mean that you actually were quite literally implying that my co-workers are not the "correct" ukrainians, as they do not represent the "average", and shouldn't be counted in the "average".
I assume your ukrainians do represent the average, and therefore, they're the correct ukrainians.

"The true member of a Nation is the average member of said nation, excluding those who are too different from the average, of course" - I am only half-joking when I say that this is unironically fascist logic lol
No. 82214 Kontra
What a great post you produced from my opinion that Ukrainians in Kazakhstan don't have a set of political beliefs that be easily extrapolated to the general population of Ukrainians.
>I used the principle of charity
No. 82216
>And when the war ends? Let's assume Ukraine survives and at the far end we see a now extremely militarised, probably revanchist (regardless of your opinion on the righteousness of such) society that is deep in debt to western powers. Which has already signalled for massive privatisation of SEOs and resources, and an impoverished population with the unholy grail of desperation and recently abolished labour protections.
Why are you asking these questions from me? Am I in such a privileged position to decide what the Ukrainian people want for their country? I can't say for all countries, but as far as I understand it, all Finnish aid is provided without any demands for compensation. Either entirely donated, or covered by the European peace fund (:D). So on that front there is no debt, let alone a deep one. And if Ukraine wants to purchase gold plated HIMARS from the US it's none of my concern. If they were to feel like their leadership is not doing what they should, it's up to them to achieve change somehow. I personally don't support Wectern-conducted regime changes in Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, or anywhere.

>If ya can't see how this could go terribly fucking wrong then I don't know what to say. Maybe we should have a real nuanced look at what could be real consequences, unless the Ukrainian people really are just something to be performative about and as soon as the war is over, we are happy to feed them into a Slavic Pinochet hellhole, and frankly I don't think most people with a soul want that.
Of course nuanced look is always appreciated. I just returned Brick a shitposting favor. But again, what's this whole issue of "being performative" about Ukrainian people? There's an ongoing war that has deep, long lasting effects on Europe, Ukraine included. The actions taken or ignored today will have carry on for decades. In your opinion, what are we to do now to prevent "feeding them into a Slavic Pinochet hellhole"?
No. 82217
They're ukrainians from ukraine who moved here this year after their employer opened an office here in kazakhstan because the one in kiev stopped working (for various reasons).
Maybe you should have used the principle of charity yourself, instead of assuming things.

But perhaps your preconceived notions and biases pre-determined your interpretation of reality? See, this is what unexamined ideology does to a person.
No. 82218
Who's the real man enough here to take responsibility of choosing OP-pic for new thread? Or only soyboy sissy cucks left?
No. 82219 Kontra
>They're ukrainians from ukraine who moved here this year
And what?
No. 82220 Kontra
>Or only soyboy sissy cucks left?
I use an iPhone so...
No. 82222
142 kB, 1000 × 1000
This, but for ethnic Germans and citizens of Germany. Perhaps ethnic Ukrainians and citizens of Ukraine are more hive-minded and conformist.

E(o)m / U(h)m only ranks at #50 (in 2015 data), or #48 (in or before 1960), so must be overrepresented in your personal experience (also in mine btw, I would've guessed a higher rank than #50).
Tops are picrelated (2000 data): blue is Ким / Kim, green is И / Ли / Ри / Ни / Lee / Rhee / Yi, orange is Пак / Park, red is Чхве / Цой / Чой / Choi, purple is Чон / Чжон / Тен / Jung.
Fun fact: Ким also means "nori", И also means "this/these". Besides И, other one-letter family names are О (오, #11 in 1960 source) and О (어, #97), which as you can see are spelled differently in Korean. Many names can be further divided by their Chinese script spelling and/or by bon(gwan) – for an example of the latter, see https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Distribution_Kim.png
No. 82226
> In your opinion, what are we to do now to prevent "feeding them into a Slavic Pinochet hellhole"?
The same thing as you're doing now (talking about it on the internet), except without the part where it directly aligns with the narratives of certain, let's say, geopolitically motivated people.

Interesting demagogic trickery: proclaiming your "support" for something while it aligns with your interests, and then going "mimimi but nothing we do affects anything so it's pointless to talk about it" when someone tries to introduce nuance.

Either your actions are performative because you admit your "support" for ukraine is meaningless, or your actions are performative because your "support" is only enthusiastic as long as it aligns with your interests, but suddenly becomes defeatist once someone tries to introduce another angle.
Is there a third option I'm missing?

I think Ukrainians who talk to p*rt*g*s* "people" don't have a set of political beliefs that be easily extrapolated to the general population of Ukrainians either, so I guess we're back at square 1.