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No. 81492
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Hello, i will visit Budapest eith my fiancee for two weeks in October

What should we do?
No. 81499 Kontra
>What should we do?

Go in summer instead and to a different country. Croatia is nice.

Always glad to help.
No. 81510
Not very helpful krautman :/
No. 81570
No. 81574 Kontra
I would recommend a quiet stroll down Bishop Xie Shiguang Road.
No. 81646
I don’t think I can offer much original input 2bh.
The Royal Palace/Buda Castle is very pretty and worth seeing, so is the Parlament building right accross the Danube.
Below the castle is Clark Ádám square with the Chain bridge. You can also go to the square first and go up to the palace with the small train they have installed that uses gears to go up the mountain.
Fisherman’s bastion is also popular and is a great lookout point to the city. It also has a fancy gothic church where the last coronation ceremony was held.
Gellért Mouintan with the old Habsburg fort and the Statue of Liberty is also nice.

Heroes’ Square with the museums are also nice and behind that is the newly reconstructed city park if I recall correctly.
There’s also the national museum.

You mean “Hszie Si-kuang püspök Út”.
Unironically though, that’s in the middle of an undeveloped rust-district.
No. 81723
Thanks bro, good 2 know that most of what is planned is already contained there.

Do you have advice for public transit and rail transit in general? Is getting tickets easy and so on? Any directions read in English?
No. 81729
If you land at the airport there's a bus that goes directly to the city centre which is ran by the city transport company. The ticket is like 3-4 bucks I think. After that you should probably check out what kind of a city pass suits your needs best, but since you are staying here for two weeks that's gonna be the half-month Budapest pass, which is around 15 USD per person.
You can buy tickets and passes at any transport company ticket dispenser machine. They are grey-blue boxes with a screen on them and have English on them. (I'd advise you pay by card when using those, because change is prone to getting stuck in them in some locations.)

Metro has English directions and announcements, but they are pretty limited imho.
But if you use google maps you should be fine.
No. 81730 Kontra
Apple Maps worked fine too. :D

You can get public transport tickets straight from the airport. The company has a booth there with real people.
No. 81867
should i go to oktoberfest?? seems like a long ride
No. 81868
658 kB, 1920 × 960
336 kB, 640 × 1177
It wouldn't be worth it even if you're in Munich anyway. Crowded, expensive, bad music and foreigners larping as stereotypical bavarians everywhere.
It's a tourist trap.
No. 81902 Kontra
It's great for maximum keins though, they can get blowjobs right at the beertable. But everything is great for good looking, extraverted charismatic people and everything sucks for everyone else.
No. 81903
I am not a kb. Should I go anywhere in Germany? Thinking of a few short sojourns to Vienna and Bratislava instead of going to the land of enrichment (DE)
No. 81905
>they can get blowjobs right at the beertable.
Uh, in a good way or in a bad way? I fear Germans at their most spiritually charged.
No. 81906
>In a good way or in a bad way
That depends entirely on your point of view. If you think getting fellated in public by a drunk woman you have never med before--good way. If you think that's vulgar and disgusting--bad way.
No. 82083
No. 82084
372 kB, 1600 × 1065
These is an interesting conundrum. Normally, I'd say yes - this is vile, but I worry there's a cultural layer I am missing. Above all else, I do not wish to slander your people's traditions.