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No. 82221 Systemkontra
4,9 MB, 4160 × 3120
No. 82223 Kontra
Oh, didn't notice the systemkontra. Don't miss my ethnographic edutainment post, als check my quads >>82222
No. 82224
That's a terrible picture that you describe. Yes, perhaps Europeans should stop giving to Ukraine and let Putin occupy it. This outcome will be much better.

To be honest, I don't understand communists' insatiable thirst to suck asses of foreign dictators. Is it just "being against the current thing at all costs"?
No. 82225
63 kB, 600 × 800
Nice picture, Moscow? Also look at the person barely visible bottom left. There's a ghost wig trailing them. Spooky!

No. 82227
No. 82228
No. 82229
No. 82230
>But perhaps your preconceived notions and biases pre-determined your interpretation of reality? See, this is what unexamined ideology does to a person.

Makes me think how the nation is taken as given, but it is that to be proven actually exists (naturally and rightly so). Ukrainians make up Ukraine an vice versa, problems?? there is no good reason to try to understand how this concept came into being and how it works just go on unexamined :DDD
Nationality is just one distinction to draw a difference and it is blown up indefinitely for war reasons here, nothing new under the sun.
No. 82231
453 kB, 1600 × 1067
I would have chosen this one but I was out buying travel-sized shower gel when systemkontra hit.
No. 82232
>I see Ukrainians fighting for their independence.
If they didn't, they might get arrested or worse by Ukrainian authorities, so that in itself is not an indicator of opposition to the Moscow regime nor of support for the Kyiv regime. But yes I assume morale is much, much better in the Ukrainian military than in the Russian one.

>Why are you asking these questions from me?
I assume it was meant as thematically related to your post, not asking you to provide an answer.
>as far as I understand it, all Finnish aid is provided without any demands for compensation
I assume Australia was referring to the Ukrainian regime's submission under IMF rule.

Holiday? Ukrainian Foreign Legion?
No. 82233
Will ypu not stay in places that provide shower gel?
No. 82234
121 kB, 1440 × 810
Maybe he just wants to always carry it around with himself for the comfortable feeling of knowing that he could just shower anywhere, anytime.
No. 82235
>Holiday? Ukrainian Foreign Legion?

Both! :DDD Mit dem Zug nach Kiew! Romania borders Ukraine but I consider Odessa not save enough. Would the even let me pass the border without a passport?

Hostels don't provide shower gel, do they? And since I need to travel quite cheap I will stay at hostels mostly. It was 0.45€ so I guess that is worth it instead of paying many euros more for a proper hotel.
No. 82236
70 kB, 1048 × 1021
>If they didn't, they might get arrested or worse by Ukrainian authorities, so that in itself is not an indicator of opposition to the Moscow regime nor of support for the Kyiv regime. But yes I assume morale is much, much better in the Ukrainian military than in the Russian one.
Of course, the take was reductionist. Pre-war Ukraine had higher(still pretty low) polling for willingness to fight for their country than Russia did. Ukrainian sentiments in personal talks, online talks, news and Ukrainian content creators propaganda all seem to point that that sentiment has greatly increased. Have I, or has the Ukrainian people been PSYOP'd into thinking this? It's possible. But the counter-narrative provided by Russian state media or aligned people mostly doesn't seem to provide convincing alternatives.

As to the repercussions for refusing to fight, I'm sure they exist. Though if there was wide spread dissent, I would assume Ukraine would fracture by infighting or that military-aged men would find a way to become refugees en-masse as seen with other conflicts. Of course there are always nuances that might significantly impact this.

>I assume it was meant [...]
>I assume Australia was referring to [...]
I assumed something else :D
No. 82237
I don't see how an increase in patrioticism during wartime is something surprising, especially if fighting for a "good" cause.
Hell, if you manage to sell a war as "righteous" to Germans, they will support any and every measure, see: almost unanimous support for the war among Greens and like 3/4 of SPD voters.
People haven't changed a bit in the past 80 years.
No. 82238
Eh, the main point I was trying to get at was that even then, the same concept can mean or represent different things to different populations of people, depending on their own ideology, but it was lost in the shit flinging.
For example, I would assert that there is a surplus ideological component in the western conception of Ukraine, in that along with all other things Ukraine represents, it now also acts as a vessel of emotional investment in domestic ideological issues. I don't see anything offensive about this assertion.
What might possibly be offensive is if I asserted that the unspoken perverse enjoyment is that of being allowed to feel good about western military intervention and geopolitical involvement for once, because "it's one of the good ones this time". Which I also think is the case.

Examining ideology makes people defensive for some reason I guess.
No. 82239 Kontra
Did I claim it was surprising? It's still not a given. If Ukrainians wanted to be Russians so bad, why fight?
No. 82241
>Eh, the main point I was trying to get at was that even then, the same concept can mean or represent different things to different populations of people, depending on their own ideology, but it was lost in the shit flinging.

Yeah, it's an empty signifier https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floating_signifier and a vehicle for all kinds of things then.
No. 82243
oh and I didn't mention it because it is self evident but I'll mention it anyway, but the only reason westerners care about ukraine way more than any other recent war is because ukrainians are white

>n-no, it's because they're geographically close
No. 82244
Ukraine is one country away from mine, so yeah, the rockets certainly hit too close to home for my taste.
That said, it's obvious to feel a stronger connection to people that basically only differ from me via their language, than people who I only have the species in common with.
No. 82245 Kontra
49 kB, 552 × 496
fuck wypipo
No. 82246
>believing that there's a further biological delineation within the human species
literally racist omg
No. 82247
He's German, what did you expect from him? Can't learn old dog new tricks.
No. 82248 Kontra
78 kB, 881 × 960
Do European Ernsts order alcohol online, or know of any reputable stores? I'm thinking about finally giving it a go since the shipments no longer seem to be illegally seized by the gommunist oppressor government. What they did was against EU laws and they've finally had to concede. God bless EU.
No. 82249
Having read the exchange between distinguished EC posters regarding ukraine in the last thread I have come closer to forming an opinion that I'm not afraid of hiding behind sarcasm and shitposting. Come closer, not yet arrived though

So thank you all for participating in my opinion forming process.

Until my onions have grown to the desired size, I will side with neither Ukraine nor Russia nor the people of either place nor their ideologies, but instead I will side with the Grim Reaper, who supports all troops.
No. 82250 Kontra
>that basically only differ from me via their language

I don't know, what do I have in common with a Ukrainian besides being white? Why don't Germans get along even though they are white? We speak the same language, are white and yet we hate each other?!
And why is it normal? The normal has probably been made. I wait for an biological explanation that is in order I suppose?
No. 82251
Jesses Ernst, what exactly is your problem?
We are anonymous here, atleast by virtue of not being known by name or face, so why are you being so timid and sycophantic?
If there is a singular perk of posting on such an imageboard, it's the ability to not having to hide anything.
With Ernst I can talk about everything, like hemorrhoids, tfw no gf, techniques to open the third eye, or obscure chinese nerd stuff.

Take advantage of it, seize the thread and join the ranks of the imageboard Übermenschen.
No. 82252 Kontra
24 kB, 333 × 500
>Jesses Ernst, what exactly is your problem?
German mental bureaucracy. All-out war raging for nine months, still not even sure who to support or not x----d
No. 82253
2,0 MB, 1496 × 1043
[schizo]That is because GERMAN WEAKLINGS are guilt trapped by leftist do-gooders to consider WW2 and the damage done to Russia! Olaf you undecidable weakling, send Leopard and MARS II already[/schizo]
No. 82254
38 kB, 413 × 550
173 kB, 552 × 496
I was there when this image was created, I created the thread on old KC and I commissioned the bernd who created this and paid him in memes

It was an austro-mom threada
No. 82255 Kontra
44 kB, 479 × 354
You really did die around 2012 as per: >>77809

How or why would anyone even remember austro-mom in 2022 is beyond me.
No. 82256 Kontra
So it's been nine months and the massive (as in american massive) cognitive dissonance from the start of the war among the left is already forgotten?
No. 82257
>literally racist omg
Humans are generically "racist" in that sense. The closer some people seem (racially, culturally, linguistically...), the more empathy we experience. That's, among other, is the reason why the Western audience remains mostly oblivious to the endless bloody conflicts in Africa. In the meantime, the demographic losses in the Second Congolese War alone are almost comparable to WW2 - but that's generally uninteresting to the average European reader, isn't it?..
No. 82258 Kontra
171 kB, 735 × 530
In addition, these never-ending African conflicts have various actors, groups with great practical decentralization and always changing loyalties -- this makes them very hard to follow.
With this conflict we can all clearly see one side invaded America is behind this.
No. 82261 Kontra
343 kB, 2048 × 1401
hm? bro this was just a shitpost, relax lmao.
No. 82262
34 kB, 615 × 484
53 kB, 400 × 400
Good point.
This is why I don't support ukraine. They're white + they flirt with neo-nazi militias who consider me their existential enemy.

Meanwhile, russia is a multiciltural paradise, where all races are welcome. As long as you kneel to putin of course.
“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” - someone about Russia.

Truly, the spartans from zack snyder's 300 are the ukrainians, and the persians are russia.
Btw, persians are the good guys in that movie according to marxist analysis.
No. 82263
118 kB, 600 × 823
And who's behind America?
No. 82264

Such a flashback to the 2000s or so? I remember all my teenage friends mentioning it, never watched it to this day imperialist consumer goods don't flock with me, ha
No. 82265
Ah, I understand. Using the [schizo] tags I can post whatever I want and have plausible deniability later on because I could have just been satirizing the schizo in case my post wasn't as good as I thought when I posted it.
No. 82266
>Such a flashback to the 2000s or so?
Everyone still living in the 2000s, this nigga already living in the 3000s or so.
No. 82267 Kontra
46 kB, 570 × 691
For years afterwards in British town centres at the weekend, you'd hear groups of drunken men reciting "SPARTANS! WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION? HOO! HOO! HOO!" when on pub crawls. Also at music festivals. It was megalolz.
No. 82268
No. 82269
83 kB, 680 × 680
> The Russian regime is a burp of the global neoliberal world order.
> (c) Madina Tlostanova, postcolonial researcher

Whom of you two I should trust? Probably her, because:
  1. She's researcher from Zizek-approved media and you're internet shitposter from neoliberal think-tank "EcKinsey".
  2. She's woman.
No. 82270
33 kB, 395 × 245
185 kB, 400 × 565
39 kB, 481 × 349
No. 82271 Kontra
No. 82294
5,3 MB, 2287 × 3219
Slept for 4 hours last night. Before bedtime I had some grape tomatoes dipped in sour cream with a beer. It was really good.

Today on my lunch break I ate some flaxseed bread and took a short nap. Had a yucky energy drink and brewed green tea afterwards. Later in the afternoon I had an arugula salad c:

After workies I did some errands and then cooked some awesome seafood :O
I fried a few whole trout! The skin is so crispy and yummy :3
And then in the same pan I fried a ton of scallops in olive oil.
I wish I had a cat I could feed these fried fishheads to lol.
What about you Anon? What do you want on your plate? I want you to try everything.
Here, it needs a little salt. I have soy sauce or lemon juice if you want it ;3

They are so creamy and tasty – I cooked them perfect! Holy flip, these are actually the best scallops I've had in years. You gotta try'em Anon!

I opened a 1.5L bottle of white wine to go with this dindin. I friggin LOVE white wine and seafood together.

Some hot oil splashed on my forearm and I washed it off quickly but it looks like I'm gonna have a mild burn. Oh well. Hopefully it isn't too bad. It just stings a little rn :/

Phew, that was a really nice dindin. I'm gonna be eating leftover seafood all week.

I took a 200mg caffeine pill – I want to party tonight! More yummy wine! C'mon Anon I want to dance :3
No. 82295
Why do you sleep so few?
No. 82296 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

I think an AI is creating these, or an autistic schizo. They are not dissimilar in function.
No. 82298
I share the same surname with more than 100 million people, if Korean and Vietnamese variants are included. My mother's surname is even more common.
Wypipo can now go ahead and make some funny remarks on that.
No. 82299
My surname is completely unique to my family because it's some bastardized, incorrectly written kazakh surname
the russian person at the birth registration office didn't know kazakh and wrote down my grandfather's name by ear.

Many such cases in kazakhstan.
No. 82306
My surname comes from an Orthodox Christian first name (in its Church Slavonic form, of course), though it wasn't frequent even back when names were chosen according to the church calendar, and now is totally non-existent (if we exclude monastic names). As a result, the surname is pretty rare itself (roughly 1:15000 among ethnic Russians). Causes some minor problems, because I often have to pronounce it syllable-by-syllable or some illiterate bastard will spell it incorrectly.
No. 82311
Agreed to get demoted in exchange for the ability to work from home indefinitely, next step will be renting an apartment from some trusted people. This shit feels surreal as hell, just like it did in February, except even worse because it directly affects me. Is it selfish to feel that way? Probably.
No. 82315
7h on the train, 7 more to go. Czechia has a butifel landscape close to the germany border.
Also phone ec is terrible to browse
No. 82328
Experiencing mild butthurt because I'm having to teach this "marketing specialist" at work, who probably earns more than me, how to do the only actual skill requirement her job has: using excel.
No. 82341
They make more than you, literally more valuable :DDD

t. the market has spoken
No. 82342
Is she at least hot?
No. 82344
272 kB, 1000 × 846
I'm trying my best I think, but I'm still failing.
I still feel very tired sometimes but it's getting better now.
There's a lot of stuff to do.
No. 82360
I currently had that painful sensation when the dried up semen causes the tip of my genitals and the underwear to be glued together
No. 82368 Kontra
I learned some good info about the history of the department today.
But I still feel depressed. Lecturer offhandedly told me to work on my pronounciation. Plus I don’t feel like I’m making progress with anything.
I’m in another one of those slump-periods. I need a victory.

Read Byung-chul Han’s Transparenzgesellschaft and while I was engaged while reading it, ultimately I feel profoundly unmoved by it.
Like usually course readings at least are somewhat inspiring if not outright influential on me but this thing was just kinda meh.
Little new info. Didn’t give me a sense of enlightenment. It was surprisingly clear with its language though.

I find it hard to write my posts. But I’m still gonna do it.
I just gotta get back into a good rhythm.

My cold’s almost completely healed now. I still have short coughing fits from time to time and people say that they can hear more rasp in my voice but at least I no longer feel cold all the time when not wrapped in a blanket and a bathrobe.
No. 82374
I came here to whop your ass on it (just kidding, relax, many things resolve over time, the ride never ends)

My first impression of a rainy and dark budapest is good though. I now understand why you are stuck around 1900 :DDD

14h train ride killed me though, I just got a expensive Kebab (similar price to germany though It's not like a german Döner in a good sense btw) and then went to the Hostel
No. 82375 Kontra
Additional Info: It's annoying to estimated in foreign currency although 4000 Huf = 10€ helps
No. 82376 Kontra
61 kB, 1024 × 997
Huh, Hungarian forint isn't doing great. Goddamn Germans and their kebab fixation... Go eat goulash!
No. 82380
217 kB, 800 × 501
My mental state is slowly deteriorating with the changing weather. Not sure if correlation or causation. Time will tell...
No. 82385
810 kB, 1174 × 835
Slept for 2 hours last night. I woke up in the night with tummy pain, and I felt awful in the morning. Yeah, I know I'm really dumb :/
I nearly finished that 1.5L bottle of wine because I am an idiot. I'm remembering now why I used to avoid buying these large wine bottles – it takes too much self-control to not finish it! At least with a regular bottle I can thoughtlessly finish it and still be fine in the morning.

I ate some flaxseed bread for lunch and took some aspirin. I took a short nap and had a scary dream where I was being attacked by a bear :(
I drank a yucky energy drink when I woke up. Brewed green tea.

In the late afternoon I had an arugula salad with some really hot chili peppers added. Those peppers were so hot my eyes were watering – phew! xP

Today was another busy stressful day at work. Ugh. I ended up working late into the evening :/

After workies, I finished the white wine bottle with some of the yummy fried trout :3
That crispy skin is sooo good!
I let some of the trout marinate overnight in the fried scallop juice from yesterday – it's flipping orgasmic.
Then I took a 200mg caffeine pill and opened a bottle of sherry <3
Yay! Party time! xP
I'm gonna take some cannabis extract in a bit and then get nakey and hop in the shower :3

I think my space heater is broken – it's not blowing any warm air anymore. Anon I'm cold :(

I have stubborn insomnia issues, and being well rested just to go wageslave is a waste of life lol
No. 82386
Today my interwebs home has been down for 4 hrs so far and I am jonesing for interaction so I came to this threda to tell you about my day.
Last night, mom told me that she wanted to head out today and run an errand, so I went ahead and took some sleeping pills at 5am, woke up bright and early at 1:30 pm and was ready to head out by 3pm but she didn't wake up until 6pm.
I don't smonk dudeweedlmao if I know I have to go somewhere because it gibs me chinkeyes and social anxiety, so I couldn't wake and bake or smonk all day (until nao).
Anyways, we are both bad at directions but I am better when it comes to navigating, especially if I know wat she wants to buy but she decided to not tell me the whole gameplan and decided to take the long way home and spend as much as possible by not telling me her intentions and just told me "You will see" when I asked why she turned right when I told her to turn left.
We then proceeded to make an 8 mile circle with me telling her how to het back.
D*g bless her heart for trying to take contol but I am the navigator for our tiny bubble in our cozy little corner of the universe.
Today my mom learned a lesson, if I say turn left, you turn left damnit!!!
No. 82387
D-did I do a good job with my effortpoast >>82386
Is it really better than if I say cyantexted it or dashed it?
No. 82388
I'm Jonesing for interaction.

Inb4 you say that it is only my problem.
No. 82389 Kontra
88 kB, 768 × 1280
You ain't from around here, are you?

And how old are you?

My guess is 17.
No. 82390
Why are you so mean spirited?
I'm lvl 40 sonbasket.
No. 82391
Holy mother of Dog, you're an actual human posting those!?

diary/10, fit for Today threda
No. 82392 Kontra
That wasn’t my intention, apologies. I haven’t slept in 300 years, but I’m going to now. Also:
>This ain’t cyan t. assburgundi
No. 82394
3,2 MB, 3:32
No. 82395
196 kB, 960 × 720
No. 82400
Still down.
I'm getting worried.
No. 82401
Sad. Hope it comes back, ernst.
No. 82404
Why wouldn't you remember her? She was an embodiment of the sunk costs fallacy, hilarious and sad at the same time. Do you remember piv-is-rape German? He (she?) had been posting the same inane shit for almost a decade, now that's what I call dedication.
No. 82406
hope it stays dead
No. 82412
>piv-is-rape German
Ugh? I guess it was like the anorectal spammer, but about benis in vagina?
No. 82419
Nah, it was someone who ranted about how consent is a myth and any woman who engages in a sexual relationship with a man is a rape victim. Like actual arguments and all, pretty interesting stuff if you're into nutcases. I've seen them on kc since 2009 and possibly posting well into 2018, right until the end.
No. 82427 Kontra
67 kB, 466 × 611
>Why wouldn't you remember her? She was an embodiment of the sunk costs fallacy, hilarious and sad at the same time.
I usually don't abstract personalities to that level so to me she was just another deranged namefag in the endless sea of them. Sure I remember some of their names years later when prompted, but not much else. The cube who among other things knitted stuff onto public property was a cool burger, but can't even think of what his "handle" was.

>Do you remember piv-is-rape German? He (she?) had been posting the same inane shit for almost a decade, now that's what I call dedication.
Yes, but I don't think I ever read more than one entire post from them. See a post is about the subject, ignore.
No. 82441
It was the only place open that was close to my hostel. (everybody staying is probably 5-10 years younger on average)

My plan is the following before leaving hungary for romania:

Visit museum for history of the city
Visit museum for the subway/public transport
Visit museum of agriculture
Visit the art Museum with the classic pieces and collection
Visit Walter rozy Villa (Museum)

Eat langos
Eat something else that is hungarian
I had good food but non was hungarian :D

I saw a ukranian restaurant on my way back but i'm to asburger to eat alone in a packed Restaurant (a few occupied tables is fine)

Public Transport is really nice and the ambulance has a nice US-like Sound

Any architectually cool soviet monuments I can visit?

I will stay another day on my way back, all Museums closed then so i will postpone riding the Subway and used book stores in that day

Also, enjoy german auto correct on this phone
No. 82443
Unironically true.
Just how there's no ethical consumption under capitalism, there's no consensual piv sex under the patriarchy.
No. 82445
Had a single seminar today. We hold this one in a lecturer's office and it had a few armchairs so I sat in one and spread my wisdom regarding le society from there during our discussion of Byung-chul Han's writings.
Day was otherwise uneventful.

>counting in 10 euros
Forint isn't feeling all that good and just passed 420 (XD) HUF/EUR

>Any architectually cool soviet monuments I can visit?
The overly soviet parts (statues of Soviet troops) have been removed, but the "Statue of Liberty" on Gellért Mountain was built by the Soviets.
It's right on top of the old Habsburg fort and looks over the city from the Buda side.

There's a collection of soviet era statues and memorabilia in Memento Park where they put all the communist stuff after the 90s.
No. 82453
So budapest does not have gigantic (artistic) concrete monuments? Sad!

You live in a very beautiful city, mate. The danube has sublime power over me. I mean in a way it is like every big city but compared to Hamburg for instance it has a nice rusty charme, certainly the mountainous landscape and the river shape the face. It reminds me of italy, rome or something with all these old buildings from around 1900, trams that seem to run even though more than 30 years old. Unlike germany were most has been bombed or modernized. I took the h5 today and the seats were very good in comparison to modern seats im germany were ones ass immediately hurts because comfort got canceled
No. 82454
4,8 MB, 2428 × 4000
Today was a good day.
No. 82488
43 kB, 700 × 350
I was pining for a girl and wanted to make sure I was still in her head so I messaged her to promise I was going to take her on an adventure in my city when she's back here. She of course replied asking what adventure I had in mind. But is of course very keen despite my slightly desperate horny messages.

>There are a few options, it depends when you're free, do I get to meet you at the airport or shall I wait for the weekend and get a whole day?

In reality I have maybe one plan - take her to a hidden museum and then a hidden beer hall doing Oktoberfest. I've got this itinerary down to a science but it wouldn't be a surprise. This isn't the first time I've hyped up how I'm going to show her around so I've written myself into a corner here. The bank around Cutty Sark and Greenwich Park would make a bracing October walk to spot the deer but they've gone and relocated them.

I suffer as a homebody. And also they call the autumn cuffing season here because the cold makes people jump into things with people that lasts until just after Valentines, I suffer from this hard. I cannot be left alone in winter because I can and will get into a toxic relationship.
No. 82489
3,4 MB, 1460 × 2358
Slept for 4.5 hours last night. Before bed I had a pint of stout and an arugula salad with lots of hot chili peppers, and a little sour cream added too. I am messing up in the alcohol department this week – gonna try to do better next week. I felt kinda bad this morning.

For brunchie I had flaxseed bread dipped in hot mustard. Brewed green tea and drank a yucky energy drink.
In the afternoon I had another chili-pepper arugula salad – those chilis were so hot I could barely breathe lol

Around dindintime I had some of the leftover fried trout – goddamn it's so tasty. Then I had to keep working late into the evening :/
Took a 200mg caffeine pill and drank more tea. Worked for about 14 hours today :/
I am seriously exhausted, and my mouse hand is killing me.

After workies I finished the bottle of sherry from yesterday :3
And now I'm gonna drink some craft beer and maybe cook a vegetable dish because I have fresh produce I need to use...

My space heater is still broken. Anon I'm cold :(
Seriously, I'm actually freezing cold.

Not bad actually. I like to dance! Let's go to some trashy Euro nightclubs together :)
No. 82492 Kontra
140 kB, 326 × 376
Piv is no difference from a punch in the face, and rape is merely an act of physical violence. Suggesting otherwise would imply that the sexual organ is more special than the rest of human body.
No. 82510
having my fat face plastered all over my corporate account profile pictures is giving me additional motivation to lose weight
jk it just makes me feel bad but not motivated lol
No. 82514
Losing weight is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. I used to be obese as fuck a couple years back, feeling hopeless and depressed all the time, but once you get into the right state of mind you realise that it's the only life you have and it pays to make the most of it. After I got in shape my life kinda turned around, I started enjoying new hobbies, got a much better job, actually started dating again. Of course, it all pretty much ended in february but I had a great 2021
No. 82520
2,3 MB, 4032 × 1960
This cat just brazenly sat on me.
No. 82521
2,4 MB, 4032 × 1960
Feeding ans cat
No. 82522 Kontra
22 kB, 335 × 337
Merry weekendium, Ernsts.

No. 82523 Kontra
Uhhuh. Except this Saturday I'll be working mending my hall again (hopefully it's going to be the last day, at least the last day of joint efforts) and this Sunday, with luck, I'll be meeting with my friend and his GF (and the preparations will take some more effort). At least it's going to be productive.
No. 82524
58 kB, 669 × 281
when u browse internet without ad blocker
No. 82528
I have this shit at work, they force us to use Edge of all browsers, and up until July we even had to use Internet Explorer before Microsoft stopped supporting it for good. And I work at a fucking hospital, our IT security is not even a mess, it is practically nonexistent.
No. 82532
Today we read from the Shijing and the Chuci.
They were very fun texts. Didn't make that many mistakes while interpreting them, and those I made I corrected on the spot.
Talked with my thesis supervisor after class regarding my translations and he said that I did a good job with the Han Feizi's first chapter.
I feel like I'm gonna get a lot of shit done this weekend.
No. 82549
I was closing a door and, looking back as I did so, somehow managed to swing the edge into my eye. Fun fact, the eye socket has a lot of pain receptors. Applied ice, and there is a small lump, but it doesn't look like it wants to bruise.

Don't leave us in suspense; how much does a hair transplant cost? W-were you surprised?
No. 82550
555 kB, 687 × 1000
Slept for a little over 4 hours last night; had some really vivid dreams.
Last night I sliced up these hugeeee red peppers. They were literally the size of my forearm :O
I ate the pepper slices with goat cheese – it was so flipping good. I saved some for you Anon, you gotta try some. Say aaahhh~ :)
Drank a couple pints of delicious IPA with it too. YUM :D

For lunchie I had some yummy brown tomatoes with goat cheese :3
Later in the afternoon I had flaxseed bread dipped in hot mustard with green tea.

Work was stressful today. I have a ton to do and will definitely need to work this weekend. FML, I'm so exhausted. I feel awful :(

After workies I took ~35mg THC orally, and now I'm at home chilling out. Gonna try to play some video games or maybe just go straight to bed...
Ugh what an awful week...
Ughhhhh of course my neighbour's dog is loudly barking now...
AND somebody just started running power tools D:
Good thing I am starting to feel stoned af xP
No. 82551 Kontra
144 kB, 311 × 350
No. 82552 Kontra
124 kB, 1080 × 1088
No. 82599
498 kB, 720 × 540
1,3 MB, 3024 × 4032
I went out and got some new shirts. Of course they are the same shirt but in multiple colours. Well, just two. Shirts are expensive. Also got a purple shirt with a vapourwave aesthetic which my mother seems to hate but I do not care. I think once I move out I'll probably eventually start dressing like Jon from Garfield.
Also picked up the Hungarian edition of Lüshi Chunqiu. It's a pretty good edition over all, save for refusing to use pinyin. I'm going to send a(n angry) letter about it to the publisher.

Had gyros for lunch and slept a bit in the afternoon.
Checked my mail and had an ominous "official message" waiting for me according to an entirely separate official message referring to it in my mailbox.
Didn't know what it could be but apparently they announced this semester's studies stipends which are calculated using your grades.
Mine somehow got doubled. I'm gonna get 80k HUF every month this semester. Fucking oligarch tier.
This is actually well above inflation.

Also the fucking system says I have a book borrowing expired and then I enter into the separate system of the libraries it says I have no expired borrowings. (Which is good, because this is the system that actually counts borrowings and late fees. If that doesn't record it then everything is fine.)
Amazing technological integration.
No. 82635
671 kB, 1200 × 2033
Slept for 11 hours last night. It felt really good. I had some strange dreams about attending some specialized training school.
Before nightnighttime, I sliced up some tasty brown tomatoes and ate some with goat cheese. I finished them this morning, along with a huge red pepper I cut up. I also diced up a little chili pepper to go with it too c:
I love peppers! :)
After brekkies I brewed peppermint eucalyptus tea :3
Then I browsed the internet and did a little online shopping.

I woke up freezing cold this morning :(
I've been feeling sick all day and it's just getting worse. My throat is sore and I feel feverish :(
I have that achey chilly feeling like when you have the flu :/

Later in the day I had to work, and I ended up working late into the evening. Ugh, FML. :(
Afterwards, I took ~50mg THC orally, and then I heated up a premade meat pie – I tried some and it's actually pretty crummy. I thought there were vegetables in here but it's actually just a bunch of ground pork wrapped in a pastry. WTF this was overpriced...
It's super dry too. Ugh I need to do something to make it more palatable.
Hhmmm I have some leftover chili peppers I need to use – Anon, let's add them to the meat pie! And you know what else, a little sour cream would go awesome with this. It'll negate the dryness and complement the hotness of the peppers.
Eh, it's alright. What do you think Anon?

I'm feeling kinda depressed tonight...
At least I'm starting to get stoned af now lmao xP
Ooh actually I just remembered I should take some aspirin now that I've eaten. I'm gonna grab a non-alcoholic beer too.
BRB Anon! :)
No. 82636 Kontra
8 kB, 250 × 250
No. 82651
2,0 MB, 4032 × 1960
Coping about not having been able to set up wce multiplayer over the internet by playing with myself, by myself.
No. 82654
2,6 MB, 4096 × 2304
The night train is a nice experience, although if you are picky in comfort, it is not so much. The train carries you like a mother its baby though.
Check the part of carpatian mountain range, Ernst.
No. 82655
I went out last night to a friends birthday party on the other side of London - there's a tube strike on so this took me a full 1.5 hours using buses and it was an artist party so I didn't have much to talk about. Still, I got to see some soul band which was great once they got into it and only spent about £20 because everyone was buying food and drink for the table.

Now the real challenge has been getting my hair to shine to the level my hairdresser managed last week. Not sure how she managed it - I got a new hairdryer and brush anyway but no joy. My next guess is she used a higher heat setting but I don't want to damage it[/tart]
No. 82656
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Get some decent conditioner if you haven't already m7. I use the following, along with some Argan oil massaged into the hair while it's still damp:


t. Another vain tart
No. 82657
70 kB, 679 × 696
Thanks for the tip. I've been using a cocoa conditioner soap for years but for whatever reason you can't find it anymore, most be something to do with oil prices I guess.

In the past I've used jojoba oil but stopped because I found it slowly clogged my shower drain. Is Argan any better in that aspect?
No. 82658
It seems like I'm gonna have to live in a studio apartment for the foreseeable future, I've never actually lived alone before, it was always either at home or with a girlfriend a couple of times. I feel like it's gonna be cramped and uncomfortable, and not sure how healthy given the fact that leaving the flat wouldn't be an everyday occurrence.
No. 82660
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I haven't tried Jojoba so can't offer a direct comparison, but Argan oil doesn't seem to cloud or solidify at cold temperatures so I'd imagine it's ok. Certainly I've never seen any issue with my drains because of it, of course most of it is supposed to go in your hair anyway. I use this one which lets you precisely control how much you use. It gives the locks a lovely shine, but make sure your hair is still damp while you comb it in or you'll end up with greasy-looking hair instead:

No. 82661
It's very nice actually, so long as you have desk space. You'll soon spend 99% of your time naked, have the freedom to live on your own schedule outside of work and you won't have to deal with some fucking morons concept of what clean dishes looks like. Just remember to go on long-walks a few times a week and try to have regular catch-ups with someone to maintain social maintenance.

t.survived 2 years of the pandemic living in a studio
No. 82663
Yeah, hope you're right. I'll have to buy a desk that would suit my need, the one there is lacking. As for the other stuff, it is possible that I will have to avoid using public transportation or even go near any gatherings soon so not sure how feasible that is. At least a gym will be nearby so I'm not gonna become a disgusting blob.
No. 82664
Beautiful, one of the last actual "wildernesses" in Europe.
One day I will hike there.
No. 82677 Kontra
Haven't even gotten the money yet but eastern euro brain is already setting in because I'm thinking about buying a watch.
I used to have a small plastic casio as a kid and I thought some retro-style metal digital one would fit me nicely. It ain't too expensive and will most likely survive the upcoming Russian nuclear strike too.

Currently working on two short handouts for the workshop class.
I don't want to overwrite it because it's just gonna be there to prove that I held a small presentation about it to other members of the workshop.
It's a brief introduction to the "Chinese script" for people outside Sinology. Basically an encyclopedia entry.
No it has become overwrought.
No. 82678
2,6 MB, 4096 × 2304
Do you have curly hair? What works for me is good products, but even expensive one can be shit (boucleme in that case). Use a detangler. I was my hair with jessicurl shampoo (i have thin hair but curls), and use jessicurl conditioner to squeeze into the ends. Then i use a tshirt to gently drain excessive water from the hair, then you either let it dry by air or use a hair dryer with Diffusor (special techniques reqiured) since that Kind of hheat enhances curls (jessicurl gel gives hold and shape to curls if you need that).
No need for oil, thin hair will grease too fast

Funfact: in brasov a Group of hiking gear germans got off the train
No. 82680
4,4 MB, 2456 × 1736
Slept for 7 hours last night. I was cold but eventually fell asleep.

I ate some of the meat pie for brekkies. With a little sour cream and some chili peppers (and then sriracha sauce once the chili peppers ran out). Then I did some skincare stuff and browsed the internet. Feeling a little depressed today.

Now I'm opening a 1.5L bottle of Chilean Cabernet <3
And I'm unwrapping some delicious blue cheese – the flavor is super intense! And it goes amazing with red wine. I'm gonna nibble on it all evening. TBH I'm not even hungry but this cheese is going to expire so...
I'm also gonna brew Turkish-style coffee and drink it with more red wine – yay, partytime!

Do you want to try some strong stinky blue cheese Anon? :P
Can I get you a glass of Cabernet?
No. 82684
Cyantext story, because why not
> Plan to spend long weekend at Heimat, visit parents and family
> Dad calls off because he has a cold or something
> GF feels a cold coming, but wants to go because she wanted to visit her parents, too
> Saturday: Drive halfway through Germany in horrible rain
> Spend afternoon with mom, also see nephew who is a cute little rascal
> Spend evening playing Pokemon Blue on emulator
> Wake up at 8 well-rested but a bit mad that I seem to be waking up early on weekends despite not going to bed early
> Mom shows me her corona test, which is positive
> Plans to at least say hello to dad gone
> Also don't want to spend much more time at mom's place
> GF now feels actually sick
> Go visit in-laws for lunch because they don't care, because "hurr we're vaccinated"
> Drive home through horrible rain

I was about to suggest that we don't go in the first place, because this weekend was overall below average. At least we got some produce out of it, but I hope I didn't catch the rona and especially not the little boy, he already had it and it wasn't nice.
I (personally don't, yet) suffer on the Germany.
No. 82686
You sound like a huge NPC. Please go away.
No. 82687
Trivia: During a chain of lookings-ups starting with looking up
>who Norm Macdonald is
(joke thread), I happened to stumble upon something else I had recently seen on EC:
>"dead souls"
(war thread) is apparently the title of a Russian novel IIRC, which may have popularized the meaning of the term as used in the thread.

Bleib gesund, Ernst.
No. 82690
Blasting this classic jam to honor Lula: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jK9Uog3G9-c
No. 82707
rented a cloud instance from hetzner and they racially profiled me during registration
I had to take photos of my id, + unwashed face
and they sent it to human verification as well; no doubt their whitoid-trained face recognition software failed to detect my mongoloid features as "human".

fucking german tech-nazis
No. 82710 Kontra
Or maybe you're just fat beyond what the software can handle?
But seriously, I hate everybody who made video verification a thing.
No. 82723
233 kB, 980 × 2460
I went through the whole catalog but didn't find an appropriate thread to post this, so I will shit it here for you're conveniences.

After reading >>82709, I was going to predict the Russian Federation will take first place in European male suicide rates in 2022, 2023 and 2024. But then found out Russia is already there (as of 2019), surpassing Ukraine, Lithuania and even Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, picrelated only shows numbers for a single year instead of a longer-term average. Also unfortunately, the WHO has data that are potentially newer than this or would give roughly the military age bracket hidden behind Google captcha, so I used these data instead, WHO via Wikipedia.
The chart does not include territories whose statistics I don't trust at all, or for which there was no data, or which were in utter chaos at the time – think North Korea, PRC, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Kosovo, Donbass, Central African Republic.
No. 82724
No. 82727
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
What on Earth is happening in Lesotho? Such a huge disparity makes we wonder if it's a case of authorities routinely misclassifying deaths as suicides for various reasons.
No. 82728
Don't kill yourself just to bump a statistic
No. 82730
Russia is between Romania and Rwanda in alphabetical list. How do we fix that?
No. 82731 Kontra
My uninformed guess: Poverty, unemployment (leading to failure to conform to social expectations), HIV epidemic, alcoholism and worse, traditional (read: unsanitary) initiation rituals gone wrong causing loss of peepee (leading to failure to conform to social expectations), an economy overly reliant on the first sector with all its climate risks, homophobia, transphobia, anorectal violence.
No. 82732
I've got something planned to address that issue. Not today though.
No. 82737
Found something:
>25 June 2019
>…many of [Lesotho's farmers] have died by suicide over what they described as "oppressive" wool and mohair regulations introduced by the government.

But if you haven't noticed already, all nearby countries also rank high(ly?): eSwatini/Swaziland, Mozambique, Botswana, South Africa. It's not like Lesotho is an order of magnitude above those.
No. 82739
I dreamt of snow-covered branches and awoke to news of this season's first overnight frost. I need to buy another hoodie. Or two. And some thermal tops.
No. 82741
Looks like a People's Republic of China national whose name is only given as "Stone" Shi jewed a lot of poor people out of their work and wool:

Two years later, Formosa Textiles (presumably Taiwanese-owned?) pollute lungs and rivers in Lesotho, and the relevant authorities don't reply to journalists questions:

…while miners pollute their lungs in South African mines to send remittances home to Lesotho.

This year, a planned wind energy project magically disappears:

Fourth world, indeed.
No. 82755
135 kB, 350 × 347
Today I had a discussion with a neighbour (female) while coming back from studies. We talked for something like 10 minutes at the door. Before going she asked if I wanted to take the train to uni with her on mornings. She asked for my number to organize this, I mindlessly declined to give it to her and told her we could do everything here and now.
I just processed that she asked for my number. I sometimes worry.
No. 82764
36 kB, 500 × 500
You know, I'm actually enjoying the Hungarian literature seminar. It's good. Save for the times when this ugly art-hoe is obsessively trying to use freudian psychoanalysis to interpret fucking everything.
I might have my own interpretative obsessions stemming from my canonical experiences and studies but man this is just fucking tiresome and cliché. Not to mention most of the time wrong.

Workshop class went okay. Talked about the life of two Hungarian orientalists and then I held a short presentation on hanzis. I fucked up a grammatical construction and one of my classmates corrected me and I literally looked at her and then the blackboard and I fucking facepalmed and said "Oh fuck". It was very embarrassing, especially considering that the CLASSICAL construction I sketched up was good, it's just that I fucked up the MODERN one.
It made me lose all confidence again.

I have to hand in the title and topic of my thesis for my degree. We agreed on "Methods of Exercising Political Power in Ancient China" and in the subtitle I'll add that I'll be focusing on the Legalist side of the argument.
This weekend I'll correct my HFZ translation.
No. 82780
4,5 MB, 4000 × 3024
Slept for 2 hours last night. Last night I drank about a litre of wine and then had a couple pints of delicious stout, and lots of coffee. I stayed up until 5am and woke up still drunk. Yeah, I am really stupid and I need to stop doing this :(
I can be a little wild sometimes...

I took a long lunch break today and ate some instant ramen and took a nap. Had some vivid dreams about people I used to live with.

After workies I went to a shop and got some sandwichies. I ate the meatball sandwich when I got home. There was some work I was supposed to do this evening, but I'm so exhausted I just can't do it.

Now I'm finishing the rest of the 1.5L Cabernet bottle, and brewing green tea and coffee. I'm feeling kinda depressed tonight. I'm gonna take some cannabis extract now and play some video games.
No. 82781
That was a very silly thing to do, Ernst.
No. 82791
373 kB, 1500 × 998
443 kB, 1500 × 998
Fog today! These images were from ~8:00. The first one from my balcony, the second one from my room (deliberately awkward framing through the window with its borders so that you get more a sense of interior vs. exterior).

Would've gone for an early morning walk if I had woken up an hour earlier and had more time.
No. 82795
Same here, really thick soup and <50m view.
No. 82796
3,1 MB, 4000 × 3008
A few observations from Budapest :DDD

Very nice city. It's relatively clean and overall has a laid back vibe. Lots of pretty buildings and the walk along the Danube is nice

Windy and the weather isn't great, but it's similar to Chicago

Public transit is good and it's cool that it relies on the principle of trust in a way

People are friendly overall and English is spoken pretty widely even if signage isn't

I've never seen so many attractive women with ugly men in a place before. It's interesting to see

Almost everyone is white or Asian, barely any dindus or Arabs.

Overall I rate it 5/5 breddy gud so far
No. 82802
3,1 MB, 4032 × 1960
Dad's sleeping on my beer drinking bench again.
He's pissed himself too, judging by the smell.
God damn it I just wanna drink some beer in my favorite spot. Thanks, dad.
No. 82843
24,0 MB, 6048 × 4032
1,5 MB, 3868 × 2589
>Stay up late to learn hanzis
>Lecturer forgets about the test
I feel cheated.

On my way home I checked the books for sale. I saw one that had a weird cover design so for a second I thought it was a Chinese novel because in big letters it said ZHANG.
Turns out it was just vissZHANG or Echo. Now that I think about it "Zhang Martinov" doesn't really seem like a plausible name for a person.
Anyway, I found a small Hungarian edition of Finnegan's Wake (excerpts) and a book by fucking Zhirinovsky. God knows why that got translated. It's titled "On The Fate of Russia" ("O Sudbakh Rossii"). Hoping for some schizo fun. If I ever get to read it.

I realized that with the stipend money I can also replace my shoulder bag. As in, I can buy one of those fancy leather suitcases with a strap I see people carry around from time to time. Like fuck yeah money is fucking great I'm going to have something good that I've earned.
Too bad I don't have it yet :D

>it relies on the principle of trust in a way
Well, they do check your pass/ticket rather frequently. And during rush hour they actually have to validate your ticket or show your pass on buses (to the driver) or entrances of metros.
But you can still run into an official checking your pass.
t.got fined once
No. 82849
R u in Budapest? R u girl????? UwU
No. 82850
1,3 MB, 3320 × 2304
2,1 MB, 4096 × 2304
2,8 MB, 2304 × 4096
Carpatian preview, I went to a mountain top with a gondola in some small town in a ski area. Also stray dog vs. property dog (stray dog followed me from half the mountain into the town.

Knock at her door and say you were stupid and when is the next train going.
If you do have an agreement on taking the train just make up a reason to get the number, if she is interested she will happily give away her number for reasons that give massive heatenings bc they are that "dumb".

>I've never seen so many attractive women with ugly men in a place before. It's interesting to see.

Try Romania, it gives me hope :DDD many beautiful women here but their men... They are what incels should look up to. It's personality, stupid some women just have a thing for ugly features though I heard
No. 82852
>Well, they do check your pass/ticket rather frequently

Didnt use any buses when I stayed last week but tram and metro, tram nothing but metro checked 5-10 times in just three days, they just randomly wait at the entrance or exit of a station.
No. 82853
Shiiiiet, he (his ghostwriter) also wrote books?

http://flibusta.site/a/65150 - 52 books

http://flibusta.site/b/659080 - "Basics of sex", in collaboration with other guy (literally who).

Some of chapters:
> A man's erection problem is a woman's problem
> For Russia, a normal annual semen production should be about 40,000 tons
> Sexual capital of the world Thailand
> No to prostitution, yes to sexing
> "The face is aging. C...t doesn't age. C...t always eighteen ”(Eduard Limonov)
> man has the right to have sex
One day I'll read it. Maybe even tomorrow.
No. 82857
59 kB, 600 × 600
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>Finnegan's Wake in Hungarian

Oh God, why? Who would subject themselves to translating such a thing?
No. 82858 Kontra
25 kB, 562 × 556
Looks like I might be visiting Poland this year after all. December probably doesn't do the place justice, but I'll take it. It's only a couple of days and hardly costs anything.

What a nice place. Thanks for bousting's of bicture's.
No. 82861
ebin, what part
No. 82862 Kontra
38 kB, 640 × 480

Additional information: none
No. 82867
2,0 MB, 1757 × 2500
Slept for 5 hours last night. I ate a ham sandwichie before nightnighttime :3

Today was a busy day at workies. I wolfed down some instant ramen for brunchie but basically just worked hard all day. Drank green tea and a yucky energy drink :x
Later in the afternoon I had some yummy baked beans c:

I'm still feeling kind of sick. My throat is sore :/

When I got home from workies I opened a bottle of some Islay single-malt scotch. Let's see how it is Anon – here's your dram! :)
I've been looking forward to this :3
OMG I can tell this is super peaty just from the smell. Wow it's so fragrant.
Ooh! It's like an ocean breeze in my mouth xP
It's got this salty oceanic finish to it. Whoaaa.
Hhmm, it's a little cold from sitting in my floor cupboard against an outer wall. Wrap your hands around my glass like this Anon... I need to borrow your warmth :)
Here let me show you grabs your wrists
Just hold it like that. Good. Now hold (dis)still while I waft your glass right under your nose >:)
Smells goooddd, right Anon? Like a smoky ocean~
Okayyy now open your lips just a little – here comes a tiny splash!
Whaddya think? Delectable, right?
Okay now serve me mine >:)
Oh wow, that's even better now. It's like deliciously peaty and briney at the same time. Anon, your salty warmth is filling my mouth, and it's such a delicacy ;)

mmm I love scotch so much. When I drink it this warm dreamy feeling washes through my entire body, just like how I feel when I'm close to you Anon :3

Now it's time for a bigggg glass of yummy brandy! The night is just getting started ;3
No. 82870 Kontra
23 kB, 600 × 616
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
No. 82878
No. 82883
Been seeing a bunch of russians from russia IRL lately.

Interesting how they subtly differ from russians from kazakhstan. They're generally louder and more outspoken.
Also, interestingly enough I haven't seen many kazakh russians being casually drunk in public, but for russian russians it's normalized to be walking around in the evening, going to public places, etc., while slightly drunk on beer.

No. 82887
What do you mean by kazakh russians? Russian immigrants to kazakhstan or the other way around?
No. 82888
43 kB, 605 × 702
I mean our 17% russian ethnic population.
Another way to say
>russians from kazakhstan

The concept of "kazakh" does not fit clean divisions by ethnic, linguistic or national lines, so russians in kazakhstan might as well be "kazakh russians".
No. 82889
Lies. Russians do not get drunk on weak drinks like beer. Beer is not even considered alcohol by Russians. Also, what's wrong with being drunk in public? Are you an American? Americans get angry about being drunk in public. America is the most hypocritical society in the world, full of lies!
No. 82892
A lot of people don't know this, but economic emigration is always a mistake. Richer countries are Babylon and they will eat your soul.
No. 82898
Fortunately, it's not a problem for people immigrating to portugal.
No. 82899
True, Portugal is heaven for people of all creeds and origins.
No. 82900
My shoes are squeeking so loudly that I can't go study in the uni library without bothering evryone. The place echoes like a church.

>if she is interested she will happily give away her number
Yes I know. It looks simple but if I actually do that it'd be the ballsiest thing I did in years.
How do you know that if you haven't emigrated yourself?
I comfirm that Swiss society is inexistant and peace is only guaranteed by money and will crumble on the slightest push.
No. 82901
>How do you know that if you haven't emigrated yourself?
But I have.
Additional info: none
>Yes I know. It looks simple but if I actually do that it'd be the ballsiest thing I did in years.
All the more reason to do it.
No. 82903
Is public drinking legal in Kazakhstan? Here no, but level of enforcement may differ from place to place.
No. 82904
Drinking in public is illegal, but you almost never see cops except for the city center. And they'd have to catch you in the act.
I don't know if being drunk in publc is illegal, but it's unenforceable.
No. 82908
A lot of advice from highly productive people (and I mean actually productive as in they get stuff done, rather than being mere busybodies) seems like it can be described as "act like how ADHD people act when they're trying to get something done".
Now I wonder what I'd be like if I didn't have ADHD and my workflow was an improvement over the norm, rather than something I have to do just to keep up.
No. 82909
63 kB, 500 × 387
Yesterday I got left on read by a girl I liked after she got my hopes up.
Today I got a shitty performance review because I'm not positive enough (internally to organisation) and don't pounce on work unrelated to my job role.

Fuck this gay earth.
No. 82911
mom caught on to the fact that I get shitfaced basically every evening and won't stop drilling me about it
can't just have my juvenile indulgence in the death drive in peace?

I'm employed. I'm bringing money home and paying my share of the bills. I'm spending a chunk of my disposable income on the education and development of my little brother. I'm not out there getting into fights or messing with the wrong crowd or getting arrested or creating extramarital babies that I can't support financially.
What the FUCK else do they want from me?
No. 82912
50 kB, 1430 × 291
I had an okay day. Was almost late because the metro broke down partially so I had to go by tram.
Read some state theory between classes and then I went to a student circle meeting. We will meet regularly to prepare for the upcoming national essay competition. I will enter with a study comparing Legalism with Machiavelli's writings.
We had tea and biscuits.

I also officially submitted my thesis proposal to the Department of Sinology. It's gonna be called "Techniques of Power in Ancient China as reflected by the works of Han Fei and the Legalists".
Almost had a tear in my eye as I hit submit. Such an amazing thing to be able to do.

>>No to prostitution, yes to sexing
Ebin :DDD
Wiser words have never been spoken.
The Limonov chapter is just a cherry on top.

Back of the book actually compares it to Mein Kampf for some reason. "Better to read it before the events in it take place than after the fact."
I'm just baffled this actually got translated for some reason. Nobody actually read this copy though, pages are still stuck together plus the spine isn't broken at all.

They do board them. Usually during the middle of the day after rush hour. At least in my experience. Even in a metro you can have impromptu pass-checks. But I haven't encountered one in a few months.
They don't have the capacity, plus since you need to show your pass or ticket anyway when boarding most buses during morning most people have passes anyway. The passes are checked just often enough that not having one would be a pain in the ass.
It actually used to be a lot more relaxed.

By the looks the chump who did it is called Endre Bíró. Strangely enough he was a biochemist by profession if I'm looking at things correctly.
Supposedly he did this in 1964 and it was published first in Yugoslavia. But it apparently had a large influence on post-modern Hungarian prose.

>Oh God, why? Who would subject themselves to translating such a thing?
We must translate everything no matter how pointless it may seem. It is the holy duty of a Hungarian intellectual to conquer these literary mountains, these Mount Everests. No cost is too great!
No. 82915
80 kB, 733 × 550
>I tried looking for such a list of suggested, "unoccupied" surnames but was unable to find it, and I'm now more convinced such a thing doesn't exist.
>I will of course post it on EC if I find it on another drive in the future.
The future is now: https://www.kotus.fi/en/publications/name_publications/new_surname_proposals
Turns out it wasn't a government website, or at least not in the narrow sense:
>The Institute for the Languages of Finland has compiled this list as a source of help and inspiration if you are thinking about adopting a new surname. […]
>The catalogue is based on place names extracted from the Place Names Register of the National Land Survey of Finland, which holds around 800,000 names. The Place Names Register is an apt starting point for proposals of new surnames, as a large proportion of the surnames in Finland are drawn from farm names or other place names.
>The extracted place names have been checked against the Population Information System of the Population Register Centre. Any names already used as surnames have been eliminated and the most uncommon names have been removed, as have names which for various reasons are not considered suitable as surnames.
>The catalogue also contains names which have previously been used as surnames but which currently have no bearers.
No. 82916 Kontra
My son, Ernesto de Teceleiros e Fedenmacher Juurikkajärvi...
No. 82917
>What the FUCK else do they want from me?

That you don't become your father, maybe?
No. 82918
200 kB, 475 × 305
I called Capital One because my credit card is nearing expiration and I have yet to receive a replacement. No problem, the rep confirmed my mailing address and assured me another one will be sent out. Just to confirm - another one? Yes, this is the second. I asked if I should be worried that mail was stolen, and a duplicate card is floating around. She said no.

t.Still worried

I'll have to keep a close eye on charges going forward. The lost card can't be used until activated by my phone, but the account number will be the same. Relying on that three-digit security code-assuming they change it- is not a comforting thought.
No. 82919
Don't be a retard Ernst, you can't drink every evening. Go chase some girls instead.
No. 82920 Kontra
182 kB, 404 × 388
Speaking of surnames. I got questioned again about my "heritage" or rather my "origins" when I said it today to someone when we introduced ourselves and I feel a bit insulted. For over 20 years nobody ever asked me this thing and now I had the question twice this month.
I'm just as magyar as anyone else in that fucking room, I just have a funky unmagyarized surname.
No. 82922
Has the hand skin always been like that, or has there been some accident?
Hurts just looking at it.

Ernest of Weavers and Threadmaker Beetlake will probably hate you for that name.
Germany also has a Rübensee (beet lake) btw.
No. 82923
2,5 MB, 4096 × 2304
Im drunk, heading off for the Black sea tomorrow. Went to dinner with am aussie from my Hostel with people from another Hostel, there was a germanesse that was Born in the same City as me, coincidences man.
Have a picture from communist era Subway that still runs the M4, it is covered in graffiti inside and outside just like in the Videos (unlike the M1 and m2 which are clean All the time)
I have a video for an iwo, stayed tuned, Ernst.

>They do board them. Usually during the middle of the day after rush hour.

Yeah i got checked in the M1 some time after noon

>fuck this gay earth

The girl i layed eyes upon and gave me intensive eyes contact in classes told me she got a bf after i asked her. Told her that i dont want to see her again bc i find her cute and getting to know her better is stupid/ probably running into an open knive for me then

Fun fact: at least in bucarest drrinking in public is not allowed and fined with 250€, dunno if they Pull through with it but i havent seen someone consuming alcohol in the streets really
No. 82924
653 kB, 1280 × 949
Slept for 4.5 hours last night. Had some vivid romantic dreams.
Before nightnighttime, I had some almonds and sea salt chips with some sour cream and a pint of strong IPA. I also took a 200mg caffeine pill last night, which was dumb in retrospect but I wanted to stay awake and party. In total, I ingested ~750mg caffeine and ~100g alcohol yesterday because I am a dummy and make bad decisions lol. Oopsie!!! xP
At least I resisted the urge to have a nightcap beer and drank a non-alc one instead.

I was freezing cold this morning and getting nakey in the bathroom was not fun xD
I felt groggy this morning but forced myself out of bed as usual. Just gotta get through this week.

I had broccoli soup for lunchie and brewed lots of green tea :3
Took a short nap afterwards – it felt good and I had some strange vivid dreams.

When I got home from workies I poured out another glass of this delicious Islay single malt. OMG it's sooo good. It's super peaty and the taste lingers in your mouth for so long ^.^

Ugh my neighbor is loudly hammering away at something and it's really annoying :/

Now I'm gonna drink a glass of yummy brandy and take some cannabis extract. Not sure what I want for dindin – I'm thinking fried fish c:
No. 82927 Kontra
graffiti 'artists' are scum and need to be hanged from their balls.
No. 82930
>Has the hand skin always been like that, or has there been some accident?
Afaik he spilled boiling water on his arm as a kid.
Now that's what I call character design. He's a bad person and has a red (left) hand.

I get this advice a lot, some variation of "stop doing [self destructive thing] and find a woman"
I don't think it's a good idea to get involved with another person's life while being a dysfunctional retard yourself.
If there's a quicker way to become my father than developing alcoholism, it's getting other people entangled in your shit.

I've read the little prince; fuck roses and fuck foxes.
No. 82932
In some circles german homo scene the little prince is a synonym for your own penis and reading the little prince is ...

>Told her that i dont want to see her again bc i find her cute and getting to know her better is stupid/ probably running into an open knive for me then

Understandable from your perspective, but I feel the need to inform you that being on the receiving end of this reply can cause difficult-to-resolve psychological issues over time.
The message received over and over again eventually sinks in as "you are not a person worth knowing beyond your attractiveness and you can't ever be friends with the other other half of mankind."

This post was brought to you by me and not meant as judgement or prompt to change your behaviour. Sometimes it can help to know the other perspective to avoid causing hurt. And not causing hurt is good.

t. feeling old thinking about all the hurt I have caused
No. 82946 Kontra
>The message received over and over again eventually sinks in as "you are not a person worth knowing beyond your attractiveness and you can't ever be friends with the other other half of mankind."

I understand what you mean. But I wrote her I wanted to get to know her initially because I think she is cute, but getting to know her better further and further when we continue to meet might cause me pain in the end when I know she has a bf. And I think she also has to consider my feelings. Im attracted to her but if she could really be my gf beyond an attractive body was not very clear, that is why i wanted to know her better. I think she must also understand that i dont want to be sad in the future and if she likes me she will have to understand as well. I will probably run into her on campus and I already said to her we will meet again. It's ok. She hasnt answered though and probably wont do. Perhaps that is exactly why I need to check her out better, bc I dont like such a behavior for example.

All in all I dont say you are not worth knowing but knowing her might hurt in the end, I would like to know her better but It's too much of a risk, because Ive been too invested already and from the beginning.
No. 82962
When I'm reading a book I'm usually pretty oblivious to my surrounding, so today whilst riding a bus I only noticed that this girl was looking at me when I was getting up to leave. She was kinda pretty, if I noticed sooner I'd have probably talked to her. But hey, she could have approached me herself. Still, I smiled at her so she wouldn't feel ignored and waved at her through the window when I was walking away on the street. She smiled and waved back. It felt kinda nice but at the same time a wasted opportunity. Weird.
No. 82963
currently googling "can I take paracetamol to save money on alcohol"
It's either that or sticking a vodka soaked tampon up my ass
No. 82964
anorectal suicide
No. 82965
"can I take intravenously"
"can I take alcohol sublingually"
"can I get drunk inhaling alcohol"
^ my google history as of right now.

apparently, the answer to all of those is "yes"
But price is just one factor.
If you don't drink the alcohol, I assume you don't absorb the calories, and you don't have to worry about not getting properly drunk because you ate some fatty foods before.
so take notes kids, if you wanna get drunk but keep your waistline, find other holes to put alcohol into!
No. 82969
Why not do what the cool kids here did already years ago and put a tampon soaked in vodke in your ass?
No. 82977
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
Stipend finally arrived. I feel less smug about it than I expected, but it's still very very good to have.
I ordered that watch I was talking about, plus I spent a couple of bucks on an album because no torrentz and I wanted to hear it in good quality.

Apparently I might get my application thrown back because you might need to attach a selection of literature and an outline to the title of the thesis with the application, even though nobody said you need it. They always just said "you can" and I'm not writing a fucking outline if I mustn't. Writing outlines, plans and abstracts is the most asinine boring shit on the planet and if I ever become an academic it'll be the reason I kms.
I guess copying over the conference source-list would be a sensible first step.

Had the weekly culture studies seminar and I enjoyed it again. Though I don't feel like I'm learning anything I'm just dropping le ebin truthbombs about le neoliberalism I've learned on the internet and have the lecturer agree with me.
I'm not developing new thoughts basically.

Still coughing from that cold. It's vaguely similar to the one cold I had like a year or two ago where I had a runny nose for two days and then I coughed for three weeks. Usually in the mornings.
I wake up and I spend like 15-20 minutes having a coughing fit as I get ready.
No. 82982
3,0 MB, 1017 × 2000
Slept for 4.25 hours last night. Forcing myself out of bed this morning was not fun :/
I ate some popcorn for dindin last night lmao xP

I had oatmoi with a little honey for lunchie :3
Drank a yucky energy drink and lots of green tea. Ate some almonds in the afternoon.

After workies I went wine shoppinggg <33
As usual I spent more than I should have but whateverrr. I'm living my best life!! :P

I also dropped by a shop and got some sandwichies. I ate the meatball sandwichie when I got home and it was yumyum. I felt tired so I took a 200mg caffeine pill afterwards – I'm trying to party tonight! ;)
I'm getting started with a biggg glass of some nice rye whiskey c:
Can I get you a drinkie, Anon? You are always such a good listener :3
No. 82983 Kontra
25 kB, 720 × 732
No. 83004
ok, I guess I'm done being a degenerate for the month
time to get back on track.
No. 83035
137 kB, 357 × 473
Nothing interesting happened today really. Went to classes and then after classes I met up with the other members of the workshop to help with organising a conference in the spring.
We thought of a name and ultimately we decided on the one I came up with as a throwaway.

Checked out the book outlet. I got another Sorokin novel and a volume of a Slovak nationalist's (Ludovit Stur) writings because I've been seeing it for years untouched and I'm always vaguely curious about the "other side".
Also got a CD-Book. As in a book came with a CD. The book part is shit but for like two bucks it's nice to have a Mahler Symphony (No.5) on CD.
Been listening to them with these fancy IEM's I got and yeah it sounds good. Good investment.

Turns out I actually have to write the fucking outline for the thesis and I don't know how to go on about it. It's a BA thesis so obviously its a limited text, but I still feel like that my writing might be a little bit too limited.
But maybe mentioning that I'm going to translate from the HFZ will spice it up.
Already have the source list. I'm satisfied with it. It's got Chinese stuff on it. Got some German stuff. Yeah it shows off what I'm capable of tackling. Gonna be a real tour de force.

Took the guys at the tablet repair shop two weeks to say that "yeah m8 screen is fucked, that needs fixin'". So hopefully sometime next week I might have access to the fucking thing. I unironically miss it. It went well with my workflow and I think it opened up my mind a bit regarding tech.
Heck I even have a pair of bluetooth earbuds now and I love them even. It's just so neat to have them.
Though I think they are an inherently perverted device in a sense. Especially if you have long hair. You can wear them and people won't notice that you are wearing them. Been thinking about this fact for a few days now but I haven't really come to any conclusions. Or much of anything really.
No. 83045
649 kB, 2109 × 1405
A light switch broke last week, and I finally got around to replacing it. Step one was figuring out how a multimeter worked; I usually just flip the breaker and assume power is off, but for once I decided to play safe and verify. Step two was deciphering how the old switch was wired. It's an uncommon style; wires were part of its assembly, protruding from the sealed unit and connected to the home with wire nuts. Initially confusing, but once everything was untangled connecting the new one was quick and easy.
No. 83046 Kontra
5 kB, 250 × 190

Still, the most interesting part of today was making glue out of potato flour. Bleeding edge technology. Have a nice weekend, Ernsts.
No. 83049
6,5 MB, 4508 × 3348
Slept for 4.5 hours last night. I ate a ham sandwichie with a pint of stout and some rye whiskey before bed yesterday. I felt kinda groggy this morning.

On my lunch break I ate some spicy instant ramen and then took a nap. It felt really nice.
In the afternoon I brewed green tea and ate some almonds :3

Around dindintime I ate some corn with tea and then continued working late into the evening :/

When I finally got home I took ~35mg THC sublingually. I'm feeling pretty tired and have a mild headache...
I'm starting to feel nicely stoned at least. xP
Not sure what I want for dindin – I should get some protein in me.
I need to work this weekend too :(
No. 83051 Kontra
27 kB, 334 × 466
No. 83058 Kontra
A horrible act of cyberbulling.
No. 83089
1,6 MB, 1195 × 852
Worked a little yesterday, also my portable media player died ;_;
Had some cabbage & mustard sandwiches for dindin and slept for about 10 hours :3
For brekkies, I would've taken a few grams of theobromine powder but didn't have any bananas left which would go nicely with it, so I'm now eating oats with apricot and cinnamon. Smells nice, right, Anon? Here, have some. Say ahhh! ^O^ Delish, isn't it?
Probably going to get nakey and take a shower later before I go out.
Weather is pretty unstable atm :/
No. 83096
Yesterday I had a good day at work but rest of the week was horrible
Next Wednesday they will tell me if I continue based on last week performance
I can only wait for their answer and look at the horizon
No. 83130
I bought some expensive headphones that arrived yesterday. I thought I'd be anti-monopolist and order off the manufacturer website instead of using Amazon only that meant that Hermes Evri was delivering so I spent last week in heatenings that it would either get nicked in transit or, as it happened, that the package would be stolen from my doorstep after the driver left it on my doorstep. What I didn't factor in with this is that I'm now constantly playing with the EQ settings to match the genre

Also I'm joining a whole new team at work soon on the basis of my undergrad dissertation somehow giving special skills. I'm not too sure how I'll introduce myself or what life I project to them, "Hello, well I post on an obscure German imageboard and no not that one". I should get an animal so I don't have to have a personality.

>Had the weekly culture studies seminar and I enjoyed it again. Though I don't feel like I'm learning anything I'm just dropping le ebin truthbombs about le neoliberalism I've learned on the internet and have the lecturer agree with me.

I've always like these sessions - it gets even better at work when they try to organise such sessions so you're paid to be contrarian. It makes you incredibly popular with the organiser but I do wonder sometimes if tearing down the views of the idiot box wins me much kudos from the rest of the crowd. Especially when you're talking 90% of the time.

I wish it was like Confederacy of Dunces and I'd have someone to help derail the whole session with and who would then bail me out before the men with the white overall come.

>Turns out I actually have to write the fucking outline for the thesis and I don't know how to go on about it.

With a literature review. A nice good third spent gossiping like a fish wife about he said this and she said that with some wider observations splashed in "why of course a police commissioner having his budget cut would argue that cuts to policing would lead to rising crime".
>BA Thesis

Good luck Ernst. Be sure to stress how you told them you had all that chaos going on.
No. 83133 Kontra
53 kB, 596 × 796
Pondering about drinkenings. Only 30 minutes left to decide until this gommunist shithole prevents me from buying beers.


No. 83135
410 kB, 1600 × 1200
>not always having a ready supply of beer at home like Bierernst
See, that is why you lost Karelia to the Russians, because you are so inept.
No. 83136
Woke up at 7am, decided to sleep a little more. Woke up at 4pm.

Did you get beer's?
No. 83138
Eastern Europe brain fully set in. I did it. Went out and bought a leather shoulderbag. It's so neat.
It's the same size as my old bag but it has extra pockets.
Clerk at the shop was an older lady and she thought I was sixteen. She also thought my long hair looked nice. Even asked to touch it.
So anyway, the bag's nice. Got a discount on it. Now I just need to "treat" the leather or something to prevent it from drying out. But I think it's not very urgent.
My mother says this thing looks almost completely like a bag my father used to have like 25 years ago. She says that we're acting more and more alike with my father. Which is not a bad thing I guess.

Went to the store afterwards. Bought some pens and a measuring cup. Saw a small book of Garfield strips for sale and got that too because why not. I used to live that stuff when I was a kid. It's still funny except now I can see how bad the translations are from time to time, and I can almost reverse-engineer the puns and jokes in English word for word.
Wanted to buy a magnifying glass but they didn't have one. They are selling halloween stuff though. Pumpkins. They warn you that they are inedible.
Had two large slices of pizza for lunch.

I've finished writing the thesis outline or whatever. Hope it's good/okay because I hate this shit and why can't they just let me do it without this.

>Especially when you're talking 90% of the time.
That's my biggest problem. We have like 15 people in a small room, and most of them spend it just typing away on their laptops and not saying anything, and I feel like I'm hugging the mic even though nobody is actually ready to take it from me.
I'm a nerd but I don't want to look like one too much.

>With a literature review.
That's easy. I already have made one on a similar topic so I just added that thing and expanded it a bit.
My issue with it is that it's just much ado about nothing, considering the sources will probably change, plus nobody will ever fucking read this thing besides the department head who is for some reason needed to stamp the fucking thing and approve it, which happens after the supervisor already approved it.
So why can't he just delegate the responsibility to the supervisor who is his good colleague and an expert of the given field?

>>BA Thesis
Yes I probably fuck up terminology.
Or: Yes, I am probably more anxious about it than I should be, considering it doesn't have to be groundbreaking or anything, just a well edited compendium of sources, reaching a somewhat clever conclusion.
It's the western equivalent of the eight-legged essay.

>I should get an animal so I don't have to have a personality.
It's don't. Unless you want one it's a very big emotional and financial commitment.
I wanted to say that fish are cheap but don't substitute for a personality but I don't think fish are actually that cheap compared to a dog if you want to keep them well. Or maybe it's just the initial investment that's bigger with having to buy the tank, the heater and the cleaning devices, plus the stones/sand, plants and ornaments and then the accompanying fishes like the ones that eat algae. Afterwards the food might be cheaper.
I remember we had a fish tank waay back. I liked the neon tetras. Those are a fun fish breed. You get like 6-7 of them and they start acting like a school. It was amazing to see them make up formations in the tank.
Well, I guess if I can talk about it then being an "aquarist" does make for a pretty good personality trait.
No. 83139
18 kB, 240 × 400
> We know that you're scared
> t. flat design creatura
Good ad. I'm not scared but I probably should be.
No. 83142
I think slugs might make for good pets: There's not a lot of things you could do to accidentally mistreat them, they're chill, and keeping them will let people instantly judge your character.

>asked to touch it
Wow, weird. Then again I don't have nice hair, at least not upstairs if you catch my drift.
No. 83143 Kontra
30 kB, 642 × 644
>if you catch my drift
You have a hairy butt?
No. 83144
Just after I got back from vacation (it went great by the way) our eternal emperor decided to announce the draft. Since I have no desire to kill Ukrainians, aid in their killings or especially get killed myself, I organised a change in my living and working situation. Cost me some money, but at least my new flat is in walking distance from the stables I used to frequent before, when I was living at home it could take me 90 minutes to get there. So I'm back in the saddle, literally.
No. 83148
85 kB, 618 × 679
You went into hiding? You now work for something so important you can't be drafted?

No. 83150
Are you a riding instructor for rich women or something?
No. 83151 Kontra
249 kB, 1080 × 1080
Inept? Quite the opposite! No beer survives cohabitation with me more than a couple of hours. Your peoples' desire to such amounts of beers like yours is the reason why your entire nation was turned into rubble before. Be careful or it might happen again.

Nice beer crates. Me rates.


No. 83154
No, it's his hobby to ride on horses. He's a tolkienist.
No. 83156
Oh, I see. In Germany, riding/keeping horses is mostly for rich daddy's girl/trophy wives or single women who spent every last penny and every last minute on their horses. The horse is their raison d'etre.
No. 83157
759 kB, 1920 × 1371
Horse riders I've met IRL also fit the pattern described by you.
No. 83158
I just enjoy the activity, it's fun and provides the body with much needed exercise. Obiviously I just pay the instructor, it's way cheaper than having your own horse and it doesn't require you to waste copious amounts of time on it.
No. 83159
Would you accept draft if you were made an officer and got a horse and a whip?

Saúde from Iberia :DD
No. 83160
No, I wouldn't want to get drafted unless my country is under attack and not the one doing the attacking. And whips are for women, not horses
No. 83161 Kontra
25 kB, 500 × 373
Ebin :D Terveydeksi, rapaz do sul!

I thought the whip was there so you could ride around and whip your fleeing countrymen back in to their positions. Could be wrong though. Perhaps whips could be for men as well as women.
No. 83162 Kontra
Oh, perhaps I misunderstood. Still, not into whipping men.
No. 83167
Do you like full moons?
I like full moons.
Encountered a hedgehog sniffing for worms and snails after the rain, and watched it for a while. A grill on a bicycle made a funny noise while passing me, probably a combination of chuckling when she realized why I was standing there and the strain of cycling uphill.
Accidentally stepped on and crushed a snail.

I still don't understand how that change of your living and working situation would have any effect on your risk of being drafted or conscripted. But I totally understand if you don't want to reveal any more details about your personal situation, you probably shouldn't.
No. 83172 Kontra
Sometimes it negatively impacts me. Makes me have nightmares or just simply decreases sleep quality.
So no, I don't like the full moon.
No. 83195
>Also I'm joining a whole new team at work soon

And of course as the day progressed I've steadily gotten sicker. Sore throat, nausea, starting to cough phlegm. Yesterday I was craving KFC and I ignored it but clearly there was special nutrient my body was after. Vitamin grease.

On Monday I'm liable to be asked to come in to the office due to certain sensitivities ASAP where my rational thing would otherwise be to hide in a corner but people will take me as antisocial. You can't win. Current status: Feeding the cold with copious amounts of toast, eggs, pierogi, tea whatever I can get my hands on, diet be dammed.

>Or: Yes, I am probably more anxious about it than I should be, considering it doesn't have to be groundbreaking or anything, just a well edited compendium of sources, reaching a somewhat clever conclusion.

We just call it a dissertation whereas a thesis is the research piece you write at PhD level. You're essentially just going through the motions at the moment, you get the highest mark by playing pretend within what is asked of you: to show someone who understands the basics of putting together a proper paper and can ultimately handle a significant project alone. The marker pretends to be interested in the topic, you pretend to be interested in the form.
No. 83197
903 kB, 1991 × 1422
Slept for 8 hours last night. Last night I ate fried fish with a non-alc beer and lots of decaf green tea. Had some wine gums too lol

Ugh I feel sick in general today. I think I've had a lingering cold the past couple weeks. My throat is sore again...

I ate popcorn for brekkies lmao. Then I took some aspirin and brewed peppermint eucalyptus tea :3
After that I did some chores around the home, browsed the internet, sent emails and made some phone calls :/

Just now I ate some peanuts with a non-alc beer, and then took ~35mg THC sublingually.
I'm gonna play some video games now ^.^
I'm pretty tired and still feel pretty crummy though, so might go to bed early. Might take some more aspirin too :/
No. 83206
That's not how subsurface scattering works

also what's wrong with her mouth?
No. 83208 Kontra
174 kB, 598 × 574
who cares lol, fix your testicles

t. finally having sex drive again after a week of suffering a bad cold
No. 83209 Kontra
Anime. Shameful.
No. 83210
1,0 MB, 814 × 1500
Call the cops, I don't give a fuck
No. 83211 Kontra
Luckily for you, poor taste is not yet a crime. Unless there is some German legal provision against the sharing of softcore pornography - which there might be!
No. 83213
Not >>83208, but can you find a more fitting word than anime? >>83197 doesn't move and has more lighting and shading than I think is common in Japanese animation. How about Mango / Japanese style face? Can you come up with something that tries to distinguish between these one one hand and Western style depictions of Eastasian features on the other?
No. 83215
42 kB, 536 × 800
42 kB, 800 × 1404
96 kB, 336 × 459
Her arms look like they're growing out of the base of her neck from behind, rather than from the sides of her ribcage.
In fact, everything from neck up is in a different perspective from the rest of her body. (also angled slightly counter clockwise for some reason)
Notice how her ribcage is receding from the camera, while the neck, arms and head are facing it straight-on. If we're looking at her boobs from the below, but looking at her scapula straight-on, try to imagine where her boobs are growing out of.

The artist clearly didn't know the anatomy of the abdomen, and how to connect the pelvis to the ribcage, so they sort of fudged it, making two overlapping ovals like a string of sausages or a squashed michelin man.
Also notice the rendering of the torso right under the boobs. What's going on there? It's just an amorphous undefined mess.
The muscles of the abdomen connect to the top of the arch of the ribcage right under the pectorals (the chest muscle). Pectorals are also where boobs grow out of.
So if her abdomen ends above the navel and the pecs/arch of the ribcage end under the boobs, what's all that inbetween?

And finally, what's wrong with her right leg (left from our view)? Why is it thinner than the other leg despite being closer to us (hip is angled to the right)? it looks like a stump. From that angle, her right leg would be covering up the bottom of the pelvies (where the vayjayna is), and we wouldn't be able to see that left asscheek.
Which I'm not sure would even stick out like that with the leg bent that way, because the ass is a muscle that connects to the leg and stretches when you bring your leg up, it doesn't just grow out of your back like a pair of reverse-boobs.

Now that I've pointed all of that out, you can't unsee it and I've ruined the picture for you.
You're welcome.
No. 83217 Kontra
130 kB, 1200 × 799
Chinese cartoons?
No. 83218
>softcore pornography
I had to double-check if I am on the 4channel, but no, it seems that Portugal is also home to puritan brainlets.
No. 83228
Don't cartoons, whether still strips or animated, usually rely more on contours or evenly-coloured surfaces devoid of elaborate shading and lighting?
How about weeb style picture?
No. 83231
>puritan brainlets
You are going to tell me softcore pornography is not an apt description? Go on.
No. 83232
Well, it's not pornography, so no, it's not an apt description, at all.
No. 83233
it's just anime, so you shouldn't think about it too much.mp4
No. 83235
53 kB, 700 × 927, 0:00
What is the German term for this and do you happen to know of a courthouse that has your house within its jurisdiction and open e-mail for legal queries so we settle this once and for all?
No. 83239 Kontra
Hochlandgericht Nemberch.
No. 83240
There isn't even a term. It could probably fall under "Akt" if you were being generous.
Apart from that I am wondering why you seem so afraid of the female form. Does it scare you? Does it intimidate you? Are you afraid of vaginas? Does the word already make you uncomfortable? Do you not like hearing it, are you having difficulties saying it? Vagina.
No. 83242
442 kB, 2400 × 1200
>Does it scare you?
>Does it intimidate you?
>Are you afraid of vaginas?
>Does the word already make you uncomfortable?
>Do you not like hearing it, are you having difficulties saying it?
No, vagina is a very funny word. In Mirandese, it's 'bagina'.

What I really don't like is Chinese drawings. I've seen /b/, I've seen what happens when you Alemães are left unchecked.
No. 83244
497 kB, 2560 × 1841
I think he objects to depictions of vaginas in a specific style, rather than vaginas in general.

Remember, "this is not a vagina".
No. 83246
So what does an anime style vagina look like compared to a western style vagina?
No. 83247
40 kB, 700 × 474
216 kB, 768 × 1041
15 kB, 235 × 320
61 kB, 560 × 400

You mean Bibendum (translated from 'now is the time to drink'). A cryptid that is growing strength from mankind's collective psyche.

Whatever it is, it's getting stronger as it manifests. Try not to think about him too much.
No. 83249
120 kB, 1024 × 576
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I've seen worse. Recently I played a Chinese rip-off of Slay the Spire called Indies Lies, and while most of the art is serviceable there are some true abominations - pic very related. The whole upper torso is so laughably out of proportion I'm amazed not a single person noticed or cared. Perhaps they were too busy staring at her breasts, which sprout mysteriously from the bottom of her ribcage. Although thematically I did like the idea of a psychic character using their long hair as an additional limb.
No. 83250

t. Mannerist
No. 83251 Kontra
>Incompetent basement-dwelling permavirgin wannabe mangaka are modern-day Botticellis
Get a life.
No. 83254
10 kB, 240 × 240
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
If those proportions were an artistic choice that was reflected in the general character art elsewhere then I wouldn't object, even if it's not my taste. But this was just a singular and uniquely poor example of draughtsmanship.
No. 83255 Kontra
31 kB, 564 × 563
I accidentally made fish bacon. Or that's what it sort of tastes like anyways. I attempted to make my own fish stock but left it unattended for so long that all water had evaporated and crunchy, salty salmon was stuck on the bottom of the pan. Lucky me. Caught it before it started to burn.
No. 83257
Yes. Paraphrasing your post, Botticellis are old-day incompetent basement-dwelling permavirgin wannabe mangaka
No. 83258
Damn son you should stop getting so butthurt at silly shitposts, one day you will bleed out.
Are you by chance the same Ernst who is constantly butthurt over AI art and "tech bros"?
No. 83259
>Don't kill yourself just to bump a statistic
Or else? Whatcha you gonna do about it?
No. 83260
>I still don't understand how that change of your living and working situation would have any effect on your risk of being drafted or conscripted
The notice has to be given directly to the draftee, if they are unable to find the person at the workplace or the registered place of residence, they usually just give up. Of course, if they escalate the situation, involve the police and start an actual search, then I'm screwed, but that doesn't really happen unless the subject has been politically active or something.
No. 83262
150 kB, 1010 × 1259
Damn, kazakhstan is falling behind.
Unless it's just bad reporting by kazakhstani institutions.

Also check out that gender discrepancy. Clearly sexist. Probably the fault of the patriarchy and toxic masculinity (completely unironically).
"oh no I'm not a real man because X, time to kill myself."
No. 83263
To be fair, human anatomy is really, really fucking hard.
And it takes a little bit of eye training or discretion to notice these sorts of things, so if audience doesn't notice, and you get paid for it, might as well fudge it.
It's like a TV show depicting computer stuff accurately or not. Only 1% of computer autists will notice, so who cares.

But that doesn't help me any when I want to masturbate while looking at depictions of human bodies AND I took anatomy classes in art school.
Normal people are like "unga bunga well rendered boobies neotenic face hips vajina COOOM", but I notice these kinds of things and it kills my boner.
Seriously, correct anatomy is a significant factor in my ability to get off on illustrated erotica, and I don't know if that's weird or not.
Bad anatomy just breaks the illusion and turns on the art analysis part of my brain, and I immediately go soft, because the blood is going to another part of my body. The brain, that is.
No. 83264
57 kB, 1123 × 793
Seems like Middle-Eastern countries are matriarchies. "Oh, I'm not a real woman, I need to kms".
No. 83265 Kontra
> "Oh, I'm not a real woman, I need to kms".
(insert joke about tranners)
No. 83266
No, that's still also patriarchy, because ideologies are manufactured by the dominant social structures, and since patriarchy is the dominant social structure in basically all of the world, both the standards of masculinity and the standards of femininity are manufactured by the patriarchy.

Example: the idea that women don't fart or poop. The idea of a woman that doesn't fart is a conception of femininity from a masculine perspective, rather than some "real" or "objective" summation of "femaleness". Same as the idea of a man who isn't really a man because he didn't serve in army and didn't serve a sentence in prison.
Both are manufactured.

Sometimes I want to live in a matriarchy just to know what the matriarchal ideology of masculinity would look like. Like, having to LARP to the standards of masculinity that adhere to the female perception of reality.
Imagine the horror.
No. 83267
2 kB, 297 × 259
Too bad, in a pinch I can make do with something like pic related, plus my own fantasy and past experiences.
No. 83268
47 kB, 640 × 897
> standards of masculinity that adhere to the female perception of reality
Do you look like a K-pop star?

> ideologies are manufactured by the dominant social structures
> patriarchy is the dominant social structure in basically all of the world,

Reminder: you've cut your way to retreat by saying "unironically". After you'll be owned in this argument, the only manly option for you (since you can't find me and start a fight) is suicide. OK, perhaps getting drunk to oblivion also acceptable.
No. 83270
i always hate this transition that happens when you're engaging with someone's content output on social media, just because you need their content, but simply by exposure you begin to sort of starting to know the person as a person rather than just a human medium for the content you need, and your brain starts to humanize them humanize them

I just want to know about [subject X], I don't want my monkey brain to file away the presenter of information on [subject x] as a [person I know]. Because I don't really know them, my monkey brain is just confused because I see their face talking at me regularly because I want to know about [thing], and my brain now thinks we're friends.

you know what I mean?
No. 83271
2,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
I diligently did my homework today. Also cleaned my room and entered the new volumes into my catalogue.
Packed stuff into my new bag. Fits nicely. I'm very happy with it. Feels like I made a very adult purchase.
Gonna sound stupid but I feel like I'm coming to realise that nice things are nice.
Friend said it looks like something mafiosos would exchange money in. I don't think it looks that serious.

There are still mosquitoes around. Killed 4 of them today. Their bites are a lot smaller now that it's cold for some reason, but it's more annoying since they bite me in my sleep while I do not have socks on and then my feet itch in the socks and shoe during the day, while during summer I can scratch it as often as I want wearing flip-flops.

Dog had surgery again. I was a bit anxious about it but she seems to be handling it very well. Rationality says that it's just an animal but I can't help but be attached to it emotionally.
She keeps bumping into stuff with that plastic cone around her neck. Surprisingly lively otherwise considering she has like a 20cm wound on her stomach.

Btw I don't understand how those anime images don't qualify as soft-core porn like Portuernst said they were.
I thought Akt was soft-core.

Yes I know it's a terrible facade structurally speaking. But I think I have a good supervisor. Not someone who is burnt out.
Guy genuinely seems excited that I turned in a good translation.
No. 83272
853 kB, 2333 × 3439
Slept for 7 hours last night. Last night I ate spicy broccoli soup :3
I woke up in the night with really bad tummy pain, but thankfully it subsided.

I felt pretty feverish this morning, and continued to all day. I'm definitely sick. My throat and sinuses are sore :(

I had popcorn for brekkies again lol. Took some aspirin and brewed green tea.

Then I went out and FINALLY bought a new space heater. I've been freezing cold every day >.<
I setup the heater and so far it's working really well. I'm quite happy with it c:
Unlike my old one, this has a temperature sensor and turns on and off as needed once I set the desired heat level. It's really great. I always had to babysit my old heater. This is a massive improvement. Yay! I may be sick but at least I'm nice and warm.
Here, put your hands in front of it Anon. Really nice right? It's super hot :3
Now I won't have to wear sweaters all the time!

After setting up the heater, I spent the remainder of the afternoon/evening doing some work I needed to finish :/

After I finished my work I ate some peanuts with a non-alc beer, and then took ~35mg THC sublingually. I'm gonna play some video games now ^.^
Yay, we're nice and warm now Anon! I'm so happy with our new heater :)
No. 83273 Kontra
>Ideologies are manufactured by dominant social structures
I Wonder what he and other people who like to use the word 'manufactured' so out of context mean. Produced in a huge series, like in a factory? Probably not, there are not so many ideologies. Manu-factured in the literal sense of the word, i.e. made by hand? Even less so, since ideologies are not made by hand.
As far as I can tell, it is just a word used out of context, expressing a vaguely defined notion that fits with some fee-fees of some people.
No. 83274
25 kB, 800 × 544
291 kB, 943 × 858
>ideologies are not made by hand.

there's an entire industry of people whose job it is to manufacture ideology, we call that "working in media". A lot of them even do it consciously!
And yes, it's literally made by hand, because what other bodypart would they do it with.

I think this is just a case of your English reading comprehension being garbage because you're an ESL.
No. 83275 Kontra
39 kB, 634 × 642
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
No. 83276 Kontra
I educated you I the meaning of the word 'to manufacture', now look up ideology yourself.
No. 83277
Oh, I guess the problem wasn't language after all, it's just that you're, like, dumb in general
See, I applied the principle of charity and gave you the benefit of the doubt, but you decided to demonstrate otherwise anyway
You should've probably just went with the language excuse, now everyone thinks you're an idiot.

No. 83280 Kontra
I look like this caricature.
No. 83281 Kontra
Too many and yet not enough cute grilles. Saw one wearing a villager headscarf, she was sitting in her car. Probably a poor mark of character, just hanging out in her car.
No. 83319 Kontra

The usage of 'manufacture' in the context of ideologies is entirely acceptable and even common. If you weren't so abrasive you'd have more room to acknowledge your own mistakes and thus learn. Being arrogant is antagonistic to your own education.
No. 83329
So many posts, I will never read up on that. The hostel gave me an empty für bed room since i only stay a night.
I'm tired of telling people i dont speak their language + I got "ripped" by a Snack joint here in budapest, shit was like 3400 and I think he did Bill 4400, whatever He actually charges for his snacks is too high though. Maybe also got ripped in the fine hungarian food i will Gift my parents but what to expect from budapest, eh? :D
Anyway, romania was quite interesting but I'm also exhausted after two weeks of traveling. Guess i should talk to more travelers to make up for it. Tomorrow I will be back in germany and then make an iwo sometime. There was no WiFi at the Black sea for browsing, my data contract isnt made for traveling or being a lot outside the house.
No. 83339
It's bullshit when Chomsky says it.
No. 83340
520 kB, 547 × 698
I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, and was planning to ghost her, but decided to reschedule for April. Kicked the can down the road. I'll probably cancel sometime between now and then; it's just a routine follow-up needed to refill a prescription, and by my calculations I already have enough meds to last into 2025. I started reducing my dose years ago and instead of telling the doc I stockpiled pills.

>So many posts, I will never read up on that
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No. 83341 Kontra
>ideology is the sum of cultural artifacts that, in my eyes, are suited to spread said ideology
The last such nonsense I encountered is called "active record pattern."
Stupidity know no bounds.
No. 83342
595 kB, 708 × 528
Many of communists are ideologically possessed fanatics, and it's too obvious even for themselves. So they cope by saying that actually everyone is like them, and everything on earth is ideology.

Reverse cargo-cult: "white men's planes are also made from straw and don't fly".
No. 83354
6,5 MB, 4032 × 3024
New bag is doing its job exceptionally well. It’s comfortable and fits all my stuff.
My watch also arrived. I like it.
Showed it to my father since he likes watches and he said it’s okay, but I should eventually get something more “everyday” because this is too self-serving with its design. He’s kinda right but I wanted something like this. Something fun

I’m consooming way too hard 2bh.
Strange that both my consumption and socialisation have skyrocketed once university started.
But I have a lot of energy currently. That new treatment I received months ago works marvellously.

During workshop class We talked about lists and science paradigms and how in Sumeria and Assyria lists were the method of communicating science.
Very fascinating. Kinda wish I studied at least a bit of Assyrology. Or Sumerian.
I wish I had studied a lot of stuff. Not that I regret studying Chinese. Not one bit!
Would be fun to visit a parallel universe where I’m a third year classics student or a third year Japanology student or a third year Assyrologist student.
No. 83359
15,8 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:07
>Subscribe to the Ernstchan newsletter and have the best posts delivered to your inbox each and every week. No more filtering by countryball or endless F5'ing, just sit back and enjoy top-quality news, commentary, and discussion hand selected

I glimpsed at the latest discussion by scanning a few words in the today thread and the ukraine thread and thought nah. I have gone without the past two weeks and it was kinda fine. Maybe Bad habits come back with a keyboard and a bigger screen. Probably, I mean I will have to return to my routine rotting in germany.

I'm gonna enjoy a few italian dessert varities they prepared superbly at place here and then go to sleep. And take a Look at the Black Sea as attached to this post.

And I met somebody who volunteered logistics in Ukraine.
No. 83361
133 kB, 1026 × 1674
Slept for 6 hours last night. I had spicy broccoli soup again before bed.

I called in sick to work today lol. I still feel feverish, and my throat/sinuses are sore :(

In the morning I did some skincare stuff and browsed the internet. In the afternoon I washed a ton of dishies and cleaned my kitchie!
I can finally use the kitchen in my underwear again because of our new heater Anon. Isn't that nice? ;)

Afterwards, I ate fava beans in a white-wine vinaigrette with lots of garlic c:
Then I drank a glass of delicious 100% agave reposado tequila, and brewed coffee. Now I'm drinking a glass of yummy rye whiskey, and I'm gonna have some craft beer in a bit. Yay, partytime! :)
No. 83362 Kontra
42 kB, 500 × 375
No. 83365 Kontra
1,0 MB, 890 × 892
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
No. 83366
1,5 MB, 3456 × 2304
I'm this cat(apult)
No. 83371
612 kB, 1338 × 1080
I have a bad cold so I'm off work but I still have a guy who works under me asking me to check work and give him instruction on other stuff. I'm ignoring him in the hope he gets the message and shows some initiative but I don't have much confidence in the plan.

It's the same problem I've had for over a year with him; he can do tasks but you can't give him an objective and expect him to know what to do. I've tried hyping him up, giving him all the components for pieces of work and told him outright to show initiative but it's like he isn't capable of abstraction. As a result he'll never move up the career ladder because nobody wants to handhold him and I have no idea how his personal life works if he's like this at work.

Oh well, I won't have to do it much longer and the team will be under capacity so he'll have to grow up and show some initiative or get hurt.

Why wouldn't you tell your doctor that you're reducing your prescription?
No. 83372
How long has he been working that job? Is he a lateral?
I have been working my job for almost a year, am a lateral and still feel like having to get told a lot of stuff and I am wondering if I am especially slow or if it's normal at this stage.
No. 83373
Why would you tell your doctor you are not taking your meds?
That’s like telling your priest you lied during a confession.
No. 83375
Actually about two years at this point, I took over his management from someone else who wasn't happy with him either.

>I have been working my job for almost a year, am a lateral and still feel like having to get told a lot of stuff and I am wondering if I am especially slow or if it's normal at this stage.

As a rule it's 6 months to learn a job after that you just fake it with intuition
No. 83377
I'd be surprised and confused, as opposed to just confused.

I see, thanks. I had read about the personal delivery thing but thought they would very soon know about your new place of residence and place of work anyway because diligent registrationings.

Imagine the parallel universe where people post pictures of cute catapults.
No. 83381
433 kB, 1200 × 1809
bier tastes gut

I invite you to formulate a rigorous distinction between "sum of cultural artifacts" and "ideology".

The assertion that one perceives reality "as is", without the lens of ideology, is the most ideological position of all.
see every conspiracy theorist and religious zealot who's "seen the truth".
No. 83384 Kontra
>They fly
Social construct
No. 83385
Hot take: there are planes made from metal. They fly. Some people are not as much ideologically charged as you are. Actually, it's majority of population.
No. 83391
> there are planes made from metal. They fly.
Sure. Not sure what that has to do with the discussion at hand, though, but I'm glad you got the opportunity to use a catchphrase you learned from Lurkmore or from someone on sosach who read it from lurkmore.

>it's majority of population.
Frankly a laughable statement.
Go ask your average countryman whether they think that russia is getting up from knees and that the wect is decaying.
Unless you think that it's only the average english speaking westoid lib who has a pure, unbiased, objective perception of reality, and everybody else doesn't.
And then you accuse me of having a west-centered worldview because I care about climate change.
No. 83392
Average vatnik is less ideologically charged than you are. He simply repeats what he is told and "rooting for our team" like in soccer. He doesn't pray to The Theory of Putinism and doesn't read boring books about it. He doesn't think about it in everyday life, like whether it's ethical to buy American Iphone or not.
No. 83393 Kontra
939 kB, 1311 × 1306
It's dangerously easy to scam social security. I've known about this from the perspective of a social security beneficiary. With the right mindset, you can secure the minimum social insertion income bag. The ones with the will to triumph can secure a middle class existence.

What I had no idea is just how easy to scam social security from an employer's perspective. You are paid upfront 6 months wages for any new hires from any 'disadvantaged' background. The applicant in whose name you're taking the bag has no input on the process, no confirmation from his side nor even any indication that you've used his ID and contract to enroll in a cash for hires program. Despite the nightmare process of working through the various requested papers and certificates from various government entities and assembling them all together in a way that looks presentable for social security - once that's done it's very straightforward. They pay you the whole thing in one lump sum. It's not clear that I'd even be liable for refunding SS if the new employee was terminated.

Now all I need to do is post 40 job openings, secure the bag on all of them and flee the country. God knows how many more other unsupervised programs and schemes I could apply to before making my way to Omsk with a duffel bag full of euros.
No. 83395
1,4 MB, 2560 × 1920
Pure cope.
It is exactly that they consume ideology passively, without examining it, that vatniks are so useful.
If they were actively thinking about ideology, that would mean they'd be forming their own opinions, and at some point those opinions would contradict the official narrative. It is preferable for ideology to have people believe in it passively, unconsciously, rather than actively.
Unironically 1984 mentions this
>One of these days, thought Winston with sudden deep conviction, Syme will be vaporized. He is too intelligent. He sees too clearly and speaks too plainly. The Party does not like such people. One day he will disappear. It is written in his face.
Why do you think russian ethnonationalists keep falling out of windows?

So... are you a passiv or an activ gay consumer of ideology?
No. 83396 Kontra
43 kB, 800 × 445
Jesus, what a scheme. Imagine what sort of loans you could add to that pile of money as well.
No. 83397
>Why wouldn't you tell your doctor that you're reducing your prescription?
I could list any number of reasons, but they all boil down to the same thing: Telling the doctor would have led to a conversation, and I like to get out of the office as quickly as possible. I've had epilepsy since infancy and growing up with tests and continual prescription refills- being reminded I was dependent upon them- led me to view doctors as adversaries. A necessary evil I cope with by keeping them all at arm's length, by saying "yes doc, no changes" and just moving on.
No. 83401
People who have never heard about Putin or Ukraine are as much convenient. Vatnik has no ideology at all. He has some set of beliefs about reality (faulty or not) and emotional attitudes to them. That's it. There is no some mental framework which is supposed to explain and judge entire reality from cosmology to everyday life (like with communists and their dialectic materialism or with religious fundamentalists).
No. 83404 Kontra
2,8 MB, 958 × 535, 0:01
I think I need to learn everything about project management for Monday.

"Oh well I've learnt it on the job" I said, completely aware that my approach to project management is to not bother at all with useless paperwork.

No. 83405
6 kB, 225 × 225
28 kB, 512 × 512
39 kB, 280 × 280
26 kB, 640 × 287
>Vatnik has no ideology at all.
>He has some set of beliefs about reality
No. 83406
I believe that there is a pot with borsch in my fridge, this is my ideology.
That's what I said in the beginning: commies say that practically everything is ideology in order to paint everyone like themselves. If everything is ideological, then nothing is ideological, and there is no way to accuse us of being fanatics.
No. 83407
I also believe that there is a pot of borsch in your fridge.
Therefore, I have no ideology.
No. 83408
I believe that language is anti-platonic/anti-categorical for lack of a better term, and that you do not have a "pot with borscht in your fridge" but rather the absence of all non-"pot with borscht in your fridge".

Fucken spooked, the lot of you smh.
t. recently came across this concept and was looking for a chance to shitpost about it
No. 83411 Kontra
>I believe that there is a pot with borsch in my fridge
Deeply ideological, requiring further analysis.
No. 83412
Ideology is not being able to let go of a story someone else put in your heda. And the excuses you come up with to hold on to that story are your remixes of it.

If you want to get rid of ideology you have to learn to look at your own thoughts as if they were someone elses opinion ~~and then not judge them~~.
No. 83414
2,2 MB, 2000 × 3000
Whatever you do, just don't think about a rainbow flag covered elephant in your fridge.

You just have been ideologized.

Now let's talk more about anatomically incorrect drawn girls.
No. 83415 Kontra
14 kB, 505 × 414
Your ideology is powerless for my fridge only has pictures of cats on it.

No. 83428 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>Now let's talk more about anatomically incorrect drawn girls

That artist spent so long drawing the detail of her anus that he forgot to make her lower left leg a proportionate length.