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No. 8232 Systemkontra
134 kB, 1024 × 633
Autumn is finally here.
Come in, Ernst, grab a cup of tea and tell us about your sufferings.
No. 8236
9,2 MB, 450 × 360, 3:30
Muhammad can't save you. The Mosaic law can't save you. Buddha can't save you. Krishna can't save you. Confucius can't save you. Mary can't save you. Gandhi can't save you. White supremacy can't save you. Pan-africanism can't save you. Doctors can't save you. Scientists can't save you. Religious leaders can't save you. Politicians can't save you. Activists can't save you. Lawyers can't save you. The universe can't save you. Witchcraft can't save you. Eating healthy can't save you. Owning guns can't save you. You cannot save yourself. ..and satan won't save you.
No. 8237
23 kB, 355 × 275
>implying I need salvation
I know what I am: a maggot crawling in filth, scorched by the sun, looked down upon by the sky.

And I will continue to crawl until my last breath, to spite myself and a God that doesn't exist.
No. 8245
Why don't you instead do something useful and destroy churkas and their arab religion
No. 8246
That's in the works.

I've always wanted to be a tengrist arson-terrorist. Start my own neo-tengrist cult, worship sky and ancestors, smoke weed, lead a doom metal band, and burn down mosques.

Something between varg and unabomber.

No. 8248
Tbh, it's also the best country to actually try and build that movement in because it seems like a lot of Kazakh history and tradition is basically being Islamic while the Caliph is looking and then going back to nomad shit when he wasn't. Traditional patterns are an excellent example because you see non-Islamic Turkic designs with animals being represented literally and then the exact same pattern just with enough plausible deniability that they can say it's not representative and so totally halal. Also in the 14th century Ibn Battuta got crazy culture shock once he went north of Bukhara because it dropped off from turbo-islam to barely-restrained paganism almost instantly.
No. 8250
57 kB, 329 × 500
33 kB, 334 × 499
Then you must read of Ungern Von Sternberg. Even this bargain bin leftist trash from a "he had to get a gook" Brit neckbeard James Palmer is epic since it's about him

No. 8252
236 kB, 1280 × 960
Sufferings weren't.
It's a nice day, looks like it'll be foggy later on.
No. 8253
That feel when took double dose of SSRI and washed it down with 4 cans of energy drink.

Feel the buzz.
No. 8254
I'm moving to Portugal
No. 8255
>An anti-Semitic fanatic whose penchant for Eastern mysticism and hatred of communists foreshadowed the Nazi scourge that would soon overtake Europe
He sounds like a fag.
No. 8256
When you put it like that I have no interest in whatever dumb shit you have to say or advertise. Which is a shame because at least one of those books might've been interesting.

I've realized that honestly I should abandon all forms of media except printed books. I think the rest is just making me dumber and number.
No. 8257
You can read the book and ignore the sissy author's moralizing. The man liberated Mongolia from the Chinese. The book mentions rampant pedo Buddhists in Mongolia and other parts of central asia, at least in that time frame (1910s-1930s). You need to find resources that focus on central Asian Buddhism and not East Asian Buddhism or Japanese Zen Buddhism which is all we're ever exposed to here in the west. It seems like everything froze around the time the Communists took over and the steppe is too sparsely populated and too low iq (lacking white half-breeds like ghengis kahn) for a comeback.

Or read this: https://www.amazon.com/Beasts-Men-Gods-Ferdinand-Ossendowski/dp/1605979929/

>This is the tale told by a Polish Colonel in the Russian Army (Tsarist White Army) who is escaping from Vladivostok and making his way through Siberia and into Mongolia.
>I know that after he makes his way out of Asia, he traveled from the Philippine Islands to Vancouver, BC and then to Seattle. He went from there to New York where he met with men who would publish this book and then left for Poland. He was still a wanted man by the Red Army's NKVD (secret police) when they captured Warsaw, he had just died weeks before and they had his body exhumed for identification so they could inform Stalin that he was dead.
No. 8259
Why do you sound like such an obnoxious fucking halfwit?
No. 8260
>lacking white half-breeds like ghengis kahn

Genghish Khan was a half-turkic half mongol half-breed, though.

t. red haired kazakh with tocharian heritage.
No. 8262
4 kB, 150 × 180
71 kB, 220 × 220
I was talking to the Kazakh not to you. I bought a book about a baron who died in 1921. It should have been an unbias biography by a young historian but I got chapter after chapter of this is bad m'kay?

Common sense rule for any historian (unless he's a leftist), you can't judge people from another time and place with your values from your time and place.

You probably look like the author so I'm happy you fatties with liberal arts diplomas are not supporting eachother financially. It would suck for this fat limie hapa if he had to work for a living instead of writing poor books bastardizing subjects and living off the passive income.

No. 8264
This wasn't a good idea.

t. getting the shakes
No. 8265
You're not missing out on much with the first one at least. The guy's entire story in popular history is a massive meme that has certain aspects blown out of proportion because people think it's 'epic'. In reality, the guy just worked towards Imperial interests in the region with an existing cavalry regiment and dressed funny. There are more authentic and interesting movements happening in other parts of the fractured empire at the time.

Also, other kinds of media don't make you dumber. Books being the only 'good' form of media is an iq89 mene tbh. Try lectures on youtube as a good in-between. They're often pretty nice to listen to and even watch if the video editing is good and shows the slides for you.

His mother was Qongirat. They have Turkic descendants but were Mongol. Her specific tribe displaced the Naimans rather than originating in East Mongolia where they now reside.
No. 8266
No. 8267
I'll admit, watching that happen in real time through those three posts made it a pretty funny conclusion.
No. 8269
625 kB, 685 × 1214
Dysfunctional drunk

What would your 15-20 year old self say if he say you
No. 8270
"yep, about what I expected"
No. 8288
40 kB, 590 × 350
I wouldn't mistake assburgers with inceldom. Bernard Montgomery is a person who would probably post here if EC was a thing back in the 20th century. He lacked tact and was generally an unlikable person. and did things that no "normal" person would do.

>One example of his difficult personality is when US Major General Bedell Smith bet Monty that British forces would not capture Sfax by 15 April 1943. Montgomery won the wager when Sfax fell on 10 April, and demanded an American bomber to use as his personal transport.

>Unfortunately, Smith had made the wager in jest and only pandered to Monty’s 'crass stupidity' at Eisenhower’s bidding.

>Monty was notoriously vain. When asked once to name three great generals he replied: ‘The other two would be Alexander the Great and Napoleon.’

However, he also possessed qualities such as bravery, which he showed as a frontline officer in WWI, and intelligence, which he displayed during the Second World War. That's the key difference. People like Monty had a lot of the same qualities that guys like the one in the bottom image possess but they also had positive traits which they cultivated and used to achieve something whereas Eliott Rodgers remain on the same intellectual level for their entire lives and end up being bitter, self-hating assholes with no redeeming qualities who go on rampages or, at best, sit in their parents' basement.

On a sidenote, actual aspies are rarely concerned with not being able to have sex. Some Ernsts who clearly possess the PDD - Pasanen Development Disorder don't express any anger and/or frustration over them not being able to put benis in bagina, which differentiates them from the incel crowd.
No. 8289
29 kB, 512 × 502
I think the brown cashier girl has a crush on me or something.

She keeps calling me for trivial reasons as an excuse to talk to me. How do I deal with this.
I'm not even sure how old she is, I think she's fresh out of high school.

I try to pretend being a normal person, faking a smile, etc, and that's what I get. People start thinking you're their friend.
I'm flattered, but also troubled. Living in a society is just more problems.

>have to type in a kaptcha
That feel when relegated to a third class poster.
No. 8290
6,1 MB, 640 × 360, 1:42
10 minutes in everything is going, you're both eating ice cream in your car. All the sudden Cops come to a screeching halt behind you screaming get your hands up! The girl cries she's got weed and doesn't want to be arrested, "Save me ernst! Save me". You put the car in reverse, start driving out and get shot by Hank from Breaking Bad.
No. 8291
>provoking american gestapo over a woman
I wonder if she'd sacrifice her life for him as he did for her.
Irrelevant question, of course, the only life you should be concerned about is your own.
No. 8292
67 kB, 800 × 562
I have mixed feelings about Monty. He didn't like to take unnecessary risks which is something I respect in a commander. Someone who takes to many risks with his men is gambling with other men's blood a bit too freely. Making costly decisions is one thing, but making costly gambles that don't pay off is another. I also understand why Monty didn't take the risks. Every time he did, it blew up in his face.

Even beyond grating though, he was a slimeball. A lot of the credit he gets in North Africa for 'saving' the campaign at El Alamein is misplaced and based either on him appropriating the ideas of or slandering Auchinleck who was genuinely one of the best desert commanders of the war. Monty also tried to keep up the image that O'Connor was incompetent and fired rather than having resigned which didn't do the man justice. He was one of the most forward thinking of the British generals, and fought a true war of movement in Operation Compass until the reversal by Rommel and his subsequent capture. Had he more time in the field, I think he'd have been remembered a lot more highly by people.
No. 8293
Go on that date dumbass, that cashier will rescue you, girls love slobs.
No. 8294
32 kB, 287 × 170
Engage in the chat and drop truth bombs so hard that it gives her a heart attack. Instant turnoff.
t. women pro
No. 8295
126 kB, 1920 × 1541
What date are you talking about? She mentioned no such thing, although she's been acting... affectionate.

I think she expects me to ask her out, just like any girl. Haha, fat chance. I hate myself.

Last time I met a girl (two years ago or so), I fell for her, which clouded my judgement. I really wanted to talk to her, but nothing to talk about. So I called her, and when she answered, I realized I have nothing to say.
So I recided a story about how I was walking down the road, and a road washing truck passed by and stained my pants, so I had to go home and wash them, and was late for work.

She said "uhm... ok. Any other news?"

Fuck emotions and feelings and shit, they're the mind killer.
No. 8296
202 kB, 1203 × 450
I am not the biggest Monty fan either. In a way, he is like Zhukov - a decent commander who is praised a bit too much. As for O'Connor, him being captured so early in the war was really unfortunate for his career since he could have been the British general who beat Rommel and not Montgomery.

Even though in reality the first major victory against Rommel was secured by the aforementioned Auchinleck but Crusader is often overshadowed by El Alamein
No. 8297
238 kB, 612 × 373
>So I recided a story about how I was walking down the road, and a road washing truck passed by and stained my pants, so I had to go home and wash them, and was late for work.
No. 8298
Man, Auchinleck saving Operation Crusader is a great story. There aren't many men who will look at an enemy tank breakthrough right outside the HQ and call the bluff.
No. 8300
177 kB, 800 × 525
Looking forward to cold morning with hot cup of coffee, floor heater, and lurking Ernst.
No. 8309
No. 8311
Got into a verbal boxing match with a pensioner on the bus. She was bullying some little kid for a seat. Made the kid sit up, and then didn't even thank him. Told her
>I can't see the gratitude
And she got mad and told me that she's over 70 and the boy and I'll need to work a lot more to reach that age (like not dying in this day and age is some achievement)
So I told her that this is the attitude why some are choosing (including me) to not respect every single wrinkly fart that's still walking this earth.
Then I laughed and she said I should go and fuck my mother.
What a poor loser.
A single "Thanks" is all I'm asking for, nothing more. Mutual respect basically. She can trample over me like I'm a carpet or something? Of course not. Respect goes both ways, and if you deny me respect, I'll deny it to you too, even if you are my superior.
Hungarian pensioners are the reason I take Confucius with not a pinch, but with a spoonful of salt.
(also can't post this post for whatever reason, "string refused" or some shit)
No. 8312
I would say most people at least on old KC if not on here have the problem with vision https://getpocket.com/explore/item/the-3-stages-of-failure-in-life-and-work-and-how-to-fix-them-1297462574
Fixing mistakes in life is impossible without having clear set of goals. Also why do we suddenly have captcha? Was some retard spamming us?
No. 8313
>(also can't post this post for whatever reason, "string refused" or some shit)
>Also why do we suddenly have captcha?
Due to recent spam "attack" we had to enable some filters.
Guess we have to introduce komturcodes soon.
No. 8314
>car starts moving
>decide to stand in front of it
>car is still moving, unload gun on kid
>"you saw him, he was trying to kill me"
The thing that confuses me is what these faggot cops are doing to get away with it but I'm starting to suspect it's witness and jury intimidation where the entire department shows up and sits in the court room audience. This is a why of saying "we know who you are and will fuck with you if you vote against us on the jury". Then there's ridiculous shit like this happening all the time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f5OT8WzNIR4 so yeah Germany, you don't have polizei problems the way we do to understand why so many Americans feel this way.

If my kid got killed by a cop like that I would definitely wait my time to ambush and murder him and his partner. If there is no justice then street justice shall reign. Chris Dorner did nothing wrong.
No. 8315
What spam were we getting? I guess I missed it. Must have been some pretty pathetically weak spam.
No. 8317
/pol/-tier Worst Korea spam.
No. 8318
Well, I just deleted the first paragraph of my post and it got trough. I just had no idea what was happening. Thought the Catpcha might be wrong.
No. 8322
48 kB, 640 × 480
But I'm a good boy, officer. This scenario is completely implausible!

The cop was harsh but there was a clear risk of harm to either himself or from the assburger ploughing himself into traffic. Not to say that American maximum escalation strategy works but eh, I can see him getting off on a judgement call. Take it to news anyway, this thread is for uninteresting conversations only.
No. 8324
59 kB, 658 × 901
Windows asked me to install an update this afternoon. I know what you're thinking and I wasn't going to do it either but I read online that an upcoming update will have a dark theme for file explorer.

Well this update doesn't include it. All I can see that it's done is reset a few privacy settings and include more connectivity nonsense that took an hour to install.

But what about those of us who are brainlets and have never needed to use irc to request komturcodes? I'm the glue that holds Ernstchan together dammit, YOU WON'T SURVIVE WITHOUT ME!

At least try. It sounds like you could do with a woman in your life to keep you on an even keel and in general they're nice to have around. Maybe she’s just lonely at her job and wants a friend if you're going to be a homo about it.

If she's shit or you fuck up badly enough you can always palm her off on that annoying guy you were talking about. Two birds with one stone.
No. 8325
We had spam attack? Sad! I missed everything. Good that now we safe. I don't like kaptcha earher but well I can tolerate it much more than spammers
No. 8326
You cannot use the excuse of the driver using potentially deadly force if you throw yourself in front of an already moving vehicle. That's just stupidity on the cop's part. No, not even "he was doing his job" that's just flat out fucking stupid and I doubt any kind of training says you can or should do that for exactly that reason because the only thing that can happen is either the cop gets run over, dragged if he holds onto the car, or he opens fire, in which case the car is probably going to keep moving and run him over anyway.

See the other thing you have to keep in mind is American cops are also dicks who know how to twist the rules. They also lie to you and sometimes are themselves entirely ignorant of the law, or they simply play dumb. They know how to deliberately do shit like try to get you to fall towards them or fall with you in a takedown for example so they can also hit you with an insult charge if they feel like being particularly vindictive pieces of shit. They routinely plant or misplace evidence and engage in witness intimidation. Many of their tactics are flagrantly entrapment. And the reason why people do things like get "support the police" stickers and shit like that https://nypost.com/2018/01/21/police-union-slashes-number-of-get-out-of-jail-free-cards-issued/ is because cops can and will engage in gang stalking and harassment if they decide they don't like you. I honestly, genuinely think that US law enforcement is far more corrupt than Russia. Russia is more free and less corrupt than us when it comes to cops
No. 8329
>You cannot use the excuse of the driver using potentially deadly force if you throw yourself in front of an already moving vehicle.

Yeah, you can. Stepping out in front of a slow moving vehicle causes any reasonable driver to stop and police are outright expected to halt unruly scoundrels and vagabonds.

It's minutia of course. Even assuming he was wrong to get into the situation, we're not talking about compo for an injury but his defence of the decision to use deadly force. Drawing from §3.07 of the MPC there is no situational reference at all to make but instead a focus on potential risks:

Fairly simple. If someone steps in-front of your car and you keep going then they may exercise self-defence given the perceived risk of harm. It could even work here (TL note: self-defence also includes prevention of crime so it doesn't need to be you in danger). Keep in mind we're also talking of perceived risk.

I get it that you hate cops. All big bullies etc. however chimping out at every case doesn't solve the problem. If you have a problem with intimidation then the problem is in how local juries are open to intimidation and the wider problems of the system that create it. Just attacking a case and fanning outrage solves nothing and only serves to make me cranky.
No. 8331
99 kB, 900 × 850
I'm trying to finish a portrait of a girl I know, drew it without copying photo, using the girl as a real life model or anything else. Honestly I'm not sure that I can finish it, I don't have experience with painting at all. All these color theories seem so complex and boring, the first and last time I tried to paint something led to disaster, creation of disgusting abomination that strengthened my depression and made me quit drawing for a couple of months.
No. 8332
194 kB, 900 × 850
Don't ever start with paiting, start from basic drawing.
No. 8333
609 kB, 1440 × 1440
1,2 MB, 2230 × 4000
Also if we talk about that, will post my unfinished things that I most probably will never finsih anyway. I'am not an artist too, and too not very sucsessfull in learning it and still stuck at basis. I dream of become cartoonist, but well... it is only a dreams now
No. 8334
385 kB, 800 × 555
204 kB, 1113 × 1598
If you're not confident with paint, you can still add a lot of tone and depth with things like crosshatching and such(example attached Moebius). That's what I usually do since I can't paint either.
Nice, I guess we all have a stack of unfinished stuff.
No. 8335
174 kB, 900 × 850
I don't think that your image is correct. I just need to raise chin a little and show the connection between the neck and jaw
No. 8336
I never tried hatching because I don't want to show unfinished works to people, so I thought that it would be just a useless waste of time to try to add depth at the sketch stage.
I like your work, did you use reference? This pose seems extremely difficult to draw.
No. 8338
261 kB, 1200 × 481
You should read Mouse Guard if you haven't already.
No. 8339
Yes, I was triced by position of head. Your form of neck looks more correct for this image indeed. Dunno by form of scull but you most probably more know about that than me.

I seen some pictures, no not readed. I seen Redwall cartoon (sadly not readed books yet) and very liked it, and back when was a kid and now. It have so many soul, and in many ways so mature and awesome. But I was kinda sad that in many ways it is still more tale, than actual fantasy. I have sseting in mind that use alot more thropes from early wacraft, in times of firts and second game. I want not just "forest animals" but want make them developed as nations and as races and build plot and world around it, it create not heavy, but actual fantasy sseting.
No. 8340
I understand what you're saying about the hatching-it takes a lot of time for something no one will see. And on you're second image, raising the chin does makes a big difference.
>I like your work
Thank you.
>did you use reference?
Yes, this one is based on someone pole vaulting-right at the point where they are releasing the pole. I have a huge collection of reference photos because I have trouble drawing from memory or imagination. Plus when I'm just making the lines up, I get stuck in a kind of indecision loop where I can't tell if the lines are right or not.
No. 8341
As I already stated, shooting at the driver of a moving vehicle does not negate risk to yourself in fact it heightens it because now you have a dead person flooring the gas pedal. So, no, it isn't justified.
No. 8342
Redwall isn't typical fantasy because it isn't intended to be. If Redwall was all about generic fantasy kingdoms but with animals it'd be 0/10. It's actually part of the reason that there has never been a licensed RPG for Redwall. Jacques doesn't think that it's what Redwall is about. It's closer to fables like Reynard than fantasy.
No. 8343
435 kB, 4532 × 2000

Do you mind talking a bit about your idea? I am interested in hearing about it.

If not, it is Ooo-K.
No. 8367
>But what about those of us who are brainlets and have never needed to use irc to request komturcodes?
Most probably, we will not use IRC, so this is not a problem.
No. 8369
Well, I not copying redwall everywhere exept fact of anthro mouse and rats. I have differet vision and despire use at basis fantasy classics, I hope it be interesting. I like redwall story and characters, but it is not a universe that I want take deep dive into.
However starting from somethibg small but you know, made it developed and clear is something that I imagening of.

If you take me as co-author - for shure. I even help you as much as I can. [spoiler]I don't wanna die poor looser in russia[/spoiler]
No. 8370
I tried waking up in the morning to go to Lisbon to get shit done but my car broke down.

This is what I get for not sleeping in.
No. 8372
28 kB, 412 × 594
Why didn't you take the train to Lisbon? If I recall correctly, you live somwhere in the North and judging by this map I found online your part of the country has quite a lot of railways that can be used to get to the capital.
No. 8374
My dad's car are broked too we now thonking about what broked. Now need money for new parts.
No. 8376
281 kB, 960 × 456
>Why didn't you take the train to Lisbon? If I recall correctly, you live somwhere in the North.

Different PT, I live in Sintra.
t. russophile PT

There are also trains leading to Lisbon, but they're fairly expensive and they go through some shit areas.
No. 8378
But that's really close to Lisbon. Are there intercity buses onto the Portugal?
Why not set up an IRC just in case this site goes down so that Ernsts have a place to gather and decide on how to carry on EC legacy?
No. 8381
>Why not set up an IRC just in case this site goes down so that Ernsts have a place to gather and decide on how to carry on EC legacy?
In case this site goes down forever I doubt it is going to be our concern.
But in case the site goes down due to technical reasons, there will be the place. We are working on it.
No. 8385
It'd take me two hours or so with buses.
t. living yokel area
No. 8387
True, and you can spend those hours studying Russian culture, history and language instead.
No. 8391
70 kB, 694 × 601
i'm finding myself falling into my "usual" pattern of not going to work and finding lame excuses; hope it i just temporarily.
No. 8392
30 kB, 200 × 189, 0:00
>pattern of not going to work

How long can you get away with this before they fire you ?
No. 8393
Sleep early it helps trust me, my hatred for everything and my near-constant migraines are going away and being replaced by peace and eagerness to work.

I went 2 full nights without any sleep many times in the last month, stayed up browsing ernstchan and youtube, didn't feel tired from the anti-depression effects of ec except my body was shutting down and my face looked ghastly so when I went to buy groceries at 8am (opening time) all the employees were staring at me.
No. 8395
[b]Why Spoilers and other things not working properly?[/b]
No. 8396
Yes, Russophillia is the way forward, although I recently spent more time learning about the Ukraine and its tragic situation.
No. 8398
I'd say our situation more or less equally tragic currently.
No. 8400
1,3 MB, 330 × 312, 0:03
87 kB, 1184 × 631
>string not accepted
fuck this

>want to take screenshot via dev toolbar
>wtf, where toolbar gone?
>quick search: not supported anymore
> >https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/GCLI" rel="nofollow">https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Tools/GCLI
fucking fuck.
No. 8401 Kontra
me not did that. phutuba error.
> >https://test.xyz" rel="nofollow">https://test.xyz
> >link
No. 8402
I actually worry about a real catastrophic situation happening in Russia, some 90s core shit.

Emergency fund is burnt through, Putinka is cutting pensions. It's clear Russia is hitting breaking point. All support that exists for United Rashka will fall if the country finds itself back in the 90s.

There seems to be a period of relative calm before the storm.
No. 8403
Now there should be no problems.
No. 8405
10 kB, 500 × 500
No. 8406
>There seems to be a period of relative calm
Calm already gone. Calm period was in 00s. During this time, that was more good than 90s because oil prices, people was tired from all shit and wanted to live in peace. And pootine offered this peace, his rules was like - we controling all politics but people can live as they want.
During times when pootine against constitution become presidente again there was massive protests, with soschi olympics on which was spended hell lot of monies in nothing his popularity start to drop. Then was crimmea affair and since then it is time of heavy political shit everywhere. Country on fucking crazy steriods since than and there not "calm" since 2013 basicly.

I really hope for devalvation and economical default, it will really help situation to speed up, but yes, recently pootine already did so many fails. Fire in kemerovo, trash polygons in moscow oblast', rising of taxes and pension reforms.
No. 8411
1013 kB, 1200 × 814
71 kB, 602 × 394
315 kB, 1180 × 787
44 kB, 856 × 482
>I really hope for devalvation and economical default, it will really help situation to speed up,

Fug fug fuuug, no! Russians get emotional during such situations and things never end well!
If it does happen, I will immediately visit Russia though.
t. Russian 90s interest me
No. 8412
Right now they are running the biggest military exercise since 1981 with over 300 000 soldiers somewhere in far-east regions.
No. 8415
What a bullshit, I heared news. We don't have any proper army in reality now, it's all farce and nothing more. Fuck, army leader currently guy who never was in army and just a friend of current corrupt goveremnt. I live not far from one of the most important military cities, bases and all this kind of crap - everything or total rust or was stealed during 90s or just old tech packed with conscripts who will run from army after SECOND of real warfare.
Only "army" russia have is little speacial forces and some other goverment agency forces which main goals in conquer nearby countries that 1000 times weaker than russia and can't make resistance like Gerogria or protect pootine from protest people.

>Fug fug fuuug, no! Russians get emotional during such situations and things never end well!
This is only opportunity to make people remove pootine. There is bad part of our mentality that we are basicly tolerate everything... until certain point. And I want certain point to hapen, because if not, Pootine will just slowely kill russia and it be the end.
>If it does happen, I will immediately visit Russia though.
I see you want EXTREME sports? Well you can visit syria or afganistan or central africa even now! However I think if currently be such things, they will not be as horrible as was 90s, in 90s was total shit combined with forced change of mentality after fall of Iron curtain.
However I fear that full war in North caucasus in unavoidable.
No. 8417
89 kB, 640 × 589
283 kB, 664 × 2568
>There is bad part of our mentality that we are basicly tolerate everything
I know that feel. Don't Russia, trust me, just don't. You are giving people way more credit than they deserve. Every time you think the bydlo will finally have had enough, they just sink to new lows and, more often than not, just finding an even bigger more corrupt and evil dickhead to install as prince of thieves.
>However I fear that full war in North caucasus in unavoidable.
It seems a holding wolf by the ears situation. Maybe you have this saying in Russian
>“But, as it is, we have the wolf by the ear, and we can neither hold him nor safely let him go."
I think that the one wiser thing Putin has actually done is to get Kadyrov to deal with the churkas, since you can either have that or have an unstable region full of insane retarded violent churkas or have an even more unstable region full of said churkas outside your own borders constantly bombing you, which let's be honest here Western intelligence services will only exploit further. Although, after past many years, I have no come to understand that there is no limit to how much brutality Russia is entirely justified using on that region, up to and including shooting all the men and impregnating all the women until they are obliterated as a people forever.

Why do you guys not just install Navalny? How hard could it possibly be to just start rounding up the oligarchs and shooting them or threatening to shoot their families if they do not agree to the terms? Well other than the fact, a lot of them seem to be Jews, and we all know how that goes. Or Armenians, Georgians, and Churkas. In fact do you even have ethnic Rus oligarchs?
No. 8418
56 kB, 510 × 403
47 kB, 612 × 400
126 kB, 1000 × 541
24 kB, 313 × 499
>Only "army" russia have is little speacial forces and some other goverment agency forces which main goals in conquer nearby countries that 1000 times weaker than russia and can't make resistance like Gerogria or protect pootine from protest people.
My understanding is that the array of foreign forces that Russia has, and the increasing militarization of specific militias with loyalty to specific individuals or groups is to protect the interests of particular individuals within the Russian governmental apparatus. Something along the lines of Kadyrovtsy, but for different oligarchs.

>This is only opportunity to make people remove pootine. There is bad part of our mentality that we are basicly tolerate everything... until certain point. And I want certain point to hapen, because if not, Pootine will just slowely kill russia and it be the end.
I am also afraid of this, even more so because I don't think it'll be Navalny pulling through. For all I know, it could be a Yeltsin->Putin succession. With FSB bombing apartments again

>I see you want EXTREME sports? Well you can visit syria or afganistan or central africa even now! However I think if currently be such things, they will not be as horrible as was 90s, in 90s was total shit combined with forced change of mentality after fall of Iron curtain.
I don't know. The macabre part of Russian identity is still very much tied to the cold war and the post-soviet period. One could very well see the exact same things play out, except this time it's Putin that's syphoning off IMF money to maintain political stability. It's clear that Putin has no problem whatsoever with starting wars to boost his popularity and pander to vatniki. From my understanding, it very much seems like the common Russian has a siege mentality, and I'm certain the current government will be able to exploit it in order to turn its increasing smaller support base into a very militant and dangerous base.

>However I fear that full war in North caucasus in unavoidable.
Yes, it very much seems that way. Any purge on Putin would bring down Kadyrov, as will any serious investigations into the most macabre episodes of recent Russian history. From the end of the Chechen War to the murder of Boris Nemtsov.

There's a real possibility a new generation of Russians conscripts will experience complete pizdets, and that it will shape their coming worldview, and with it the future of Russia. Book related, very macabre stuff.
No. 8420
Spent the night finishing a novel and then listening to some music and making plans for the future. A few minutes ago I realized that there must be a rave somewhere nearby as I hear heavy techno/trance beats outside. If I wasn't an assburger and completely sober right now I'd go and check it out but it's somewhat creepy to go out alone that late at night in a big city, you never know what kind of people you will meet. But then again there is a longing for adventure coming up inside me that makes my heart beat faster, going with the rhythm of the monotonous pseudo-tribal music and the well known feeling of heavenly, drug-induced euphoria and chewing your gums while being on all kind of synthetic uppers. Maybe I'll go for a little walk to see where the music is coming from but maybe I'll prefer staying at home and starting a new novel.
No. 8424
31 kB, 780 × 440
98 kB, 480 × 360
>Every time you think the bydlo will finally have had enough, they just sink to new lows and, more often than not, just finding an even bigger more corrupt and evil dickhead to install as prince of thieves.
Thanks for advise, but Iknow it since I live in constant of it. Now it feels that even rise of pensions will not move everywhere even thought 93% of country hate it. This whyI said that right after it shal come meme pizets with currecy, I hope it be enough, considering current unstable situation. And it may happen, with recent american sanctions and terrible economical policy (well, terrible for russia, good from them because they are just take goods and transfers them to all other countries on their sercret deposits) rouble again going to shit.

>I think that the one wiser thing Putin has actually done is to get Kadyrov to deal with the churkas,
You know that war not over, Kadyrov is one fo this metioned churkas, and in time when this deal (give kadyrov absolute power in chechenya as dictator, hive him trillion every year) war immideatly will start again? I against killing people, I against holocaust and all that things, but after all happened, after like hundreds of years of this war I see no final resolve of it exept just absolute invasion in north caucasus with "final deciion". Or something less harm, but same powerfull - like massive forcing of cultural change, forbiddence of traditions, investment of DIVERCITY of region so all local traditions, nationalism, islam can just die.

>Maybe you have this saying in Russian
Take bull by horns. But it mean different.

>Why do you guys not just install Navalny?

Ha-ha-ha, if it be so simple that totalitarian regimes not existed in thos world anymore. You think anyone with brain don't want him?

>My understanding is that the array of foreign forces that Russia has, and the increasing militarization of specific militias with loyalty to specific individuals or groups is to protect the interests of particular individuals within the Russian governmental apparatus.
Yes but they not that powerfull you can imagine. They look powerfull from outside, but you need to remember that whole this goveremnt build on mafia base and there no loyalty. For example if revolution happen - most of them just run away with their parts of stealed monies. Don't know what will happen in chechenya 100% tho, but don't dissmis possibility of start just civil war between clans.
>For all I know, it could be a Yeltsin->Putin succession.
No, and there is the meme of current situation. If they had replacement for putin - it will be already used since pootine tired as fuck and becoming alive zombie like breznev slowely. Rest of goverment officials even in eyes of pootine patriots have very, very low reputaton. They notfound any other person to hold this position even now, this why they so want to keep pootine in place where it is now, make it forever president. ANd after medvedev that tried to kinda break from putin to become real currupted dicktator, not putin marrionete, putin will never attempt such thing again most probably. And in current stuation of we cut snake's head - snake will die.
It like "гонка на лафетах" when all 80+ YO политбюро just died from age and after some time USSR died too.
>From my understanding, it very much seems like the common Russian has a siege mentality, and I'm certain the current government will be able to exploit it in order to turn its increasing smaller support base into a very militant and dangerous base.
Well, things happen slow, but generation changes. Thanks to internet, computers and west infulence current generation... not even near patriotic. As you may see, majority of protest people are from 15 to 25 years old. Those, who always lived without that much of opression. Problem that a lot of them still to young. Putin trying to change them but it words not that well because his propoganda are very bad and much worse than USSR one was for it's time. Even when interned raided with billions of bots it not helps THAT much.
>will experience complete pizdets
I hope this time we just nuke all north caucasus but it's only dream since west will be against it.
Another even more deep my dream that we can make north caucasus be good regions with good people. However this is possible. For example, Dagnestan even when it shithole too, much better than chechenya in some therms.
No. 8431
>but it's only dream since west will be against it.
West will bark about what you do no matter what, but I think in this case, our barking may be minimal. Don't forget that churkas have killed us for no apparent fucking reason. Unlike say the Arabs and Afghans, who have actual cause for grievance, we had some Argentinians run over in NYC and a running marathon blown up by churkas for no reason at all. We did nothing to them. They did not even pick anything reasonable like a symbol to attack, just murdered completely at random innocent civilians at total non-affiliation with anything. Go in and murder their whole villages for all I fucking care at this point.
No. 8432 Kontra
A government will never waste a good crisis.
No. 8433
>Or something less harm, but same powerfull - like massive forcing of cultural change, forbiddence of traditions, investment of DIVERCITY of region so all local traditions, nationalism, islam can just die.

It seems like China is already drawing up the blueprints. Of course such things cost money and...
No. 8435
>massive forcing of cultural change, forbiddence of traditions, investment of DIVERCITY of region so all local traditions, nationalism, islam can just die.

That would probably just make the situation worse because it's no give and all take. What ends up happening is that all the extremists get their preaching validated and suddenly all the local kids who might have been less than accepting of it suddenly see that they were right, the Russians are coming to destroy your home and culture. China doing it in East Turkestan is a big part of why the ISIS affiliated party managed to grow so much in the last few years. Suddenly all the brimstone and hellfire seemed a lot more real when China ramped up their shit.

Besides, even with all the crap that goes on there, I can't justify an attempt to destroy traditions and change their culture to yours and/or kill it. That's by definition genocide. Give people a legitimate alternative to the bullshit and a lot of them will take it. Give them a real reason to like Russia and not be seen as an occupied people and you'll also see a lot of the antagonism go away which helps part one. I mean, the same solution could be used to destroy Russian traditions and culture and let the various other peoples in the country do their thing. It's not right to do it to a 'them' figure if you wouldn't have it done to an 'us' figure.
No. 8436
So on friday evening, I took some clozapine to help me fall asleep so I can fix my schedule.
Doc told me to only take a teensy small dose, or else it'll knock me the fuck out.
So I took another dose and went to bed. One hour later, nothing. So I took another teensy dose. Still nothing.

Then I went, "fuck it" and took a tablet.

Guess what, I just woke up, sunday morning.

10/10, would miss out on life again.
No. 8437
83 kB, 640 × 676
>Give them a real reason to like Russia
We're trying to find realistic solutions
No. 8446
125 kB, 500 × 376
>Russian meat and milk factories are so desperate to show how their products have high quality that they mimic Belorussian brands with labels in Belorussian
I hate it so much that I liked it
No. 8449
Some moscow factories that produce mil mimic to be local produced milk

Ehh, North Caucasus situation it this point already fucked up multiple times and north caucasus nations not that firendly ones. You not sligtly get what Iwanted to say there but anyway whatever, currently for some reason too lazy to disscus this topic anyway.
No. 8456
Managed to get trough the sentence I was stuck on.
Gonna finish a chapter today. I've also reworked chapter one.
The Internet isn't working on my Linux trashtop, so I'm stuck using the other one with windows.
No. 8459
Which distro, is the hardware old?
No. 8460
The hardware is quite old. It was my father's old work laptop from around 2008-10. It's an old Toshiba satellite, nothing fancy.
I found it lying around, and since I wanted a hardware to use for actual work (Translating and writing) I decided to use this one. If it's not powerful, I can't play with it, so it's perfect to keep me concentrated and focused.
The distro itself is xubuntu. Runs it perfectly fine.
The internet is back on it now, no idea why though.
No. 8469
34 kB, 427 × 300
Slept again til evening.

You can not comprehend the degree of rested I am in right now.

Looks like I have some reading to catch up to.
No. 8472
>You can not comprehend the degree of rested I am in right now.
I'm feeling you. I slept 4 hours yesterday, then another six in the evening, I'm so rested it's unbelievable.
No. 8479
155 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'd say this weekend was pretty good. Didn't really go much besides translating two pages, drinking some green tea, and cleaning my room.
Tomorrow I'll buy some more tea, since I'm running out.
After waiting at the bus stop during the sunset, I got the idea for a short story. Don't know if I'm going to write it though. Can't really write. Most of my writings are short impressions that try to convey a specific feeling.

My classes start late tomorrow, so I get to sleep a lot. This last week, for this last time. Then the faculties (Extra classes) will start. Turns out I was the only one who picked History in the whole class. Most picked a foreign language, mathematics or informatics. Strange. I thought this would be a more popular class, since it's considered easy. The physics teacher keeps asking why I didn't pick physics, which is strange, because I'm mediocre at physics. Maybe it's because I'm the only one who actually tries answering his questions at all when he asks them. Even if my logic is absolutely false, it's still fun to make my brain work.

Still have this strange feeling of despair in short episodes, even though I'm achieving the "victories" that I'm searching for in my day to day life. Feels like I've built a house of cards that could fall over at any moment, and they'll find out that I'm just a poser pseud who just got lucky at whatever he did.
No. 8508
1,4 MB, 1920 × 1080
That feel when I have to go out and buy some more aspirin tonight. I'm going through a 24 pack in less than a week these days. Two in the morning, two before bed. Two doses of painkillers a day keeps the anxiety migraines away.
No. 8509
NoFap and NoCaffeine, is worth a try.
Depending on the weather a short walk and exercise may be some relief.
Getting used to two beers in the morning, is a bad idea and will have fuck all effect after a while.
Can't see aspirin doing anything.
Look up the half life of caffeine, it can really fuck you up.
No. 8510
Not him.
What does the NoCaffiene do?
No. 8514
Aspirin dulls the headache itself and puts down the fever. I don't know if it's a true migraine in the medical sense, but it's got the side symptoms that a plain headache doesn't have, so I felt it fit what I was trying to get across more for lack of knowing a real term for something in between headache and full blown migraine.

I already don't fap and caffeine helps me relax a bit and take the headache down some. Because it's tied to extreme stress levels coming from a mix of asperger problems with functioning in society and employment and anxiety making those problems worse, I don't think it's something I can really prevent without tarnishing my official mental health sheet and that's something I am keeping pristine for a reason. So I just go for dirt cheap solutions to hit the symptoms. Off-brand Aspirin costs me less than a dollar per week to manage the pain though so that's the route I'll take.
No. 8521
Caffeine is a stimulant which effects the CNS and has a huge half life, meaning caffeine you took 3 days ago is still in your system.
If you are having issues with anxiety, cutting back or abstaining, would be beneficial.
It also effects the gut bacteria, which is more important than people give credit to.

Reducing alcohol would be a good idea as well, especially if you have a racing heat beat in the morning.

The next part is verbose.

I would also seriously consider going for a walk outside even if it is just to buy some milk, staying in the same place tends to dull all your other senses and a sudden change seems to make all your senses go back up to 100%.
For example you take pills listen to music drink coffee and beer, while sitting in a room you spend 80% of your time in, will have a reduced sensation to these stimuli, this includes hunger and thirst.
When the light suddenly comes on or there is a noise or knock at the door you will wake from this slumber and your senses are now 100% and you feel the baseline anxiety at 100%
No. 8524
>Reducing alcohol would be a good idea as well, especially if you have a racing heat beat in the morning.
Protip if you're having this you're an alcoholic. It is the rebound effect from a night of heavy drinking and part of why alcoholism is so dangerous. Really it's not even your liver so much as your heart and stomach you've got to worry about. Most chronic alcoholics develop terrible sores and ulcers in their stomach. My friend who is from a line of alcoholics was actually so deep that one time when he was out partying he suddenly felt kind of full like he ate and was not hungry anymore. A little while later he felt so full he started throwing up, and projectile vomited a stream of blood. He had such a burst ulcer that the doctors said had he not sought treatment immediately he could have died.

Regarding the heart, this is the first sign of real alcoholics. It's when you're so hooked on the shit that after a night of drinking which lowers your blood pressure the next day it shoots up and your hands are shaking and your blood sugar levels are shot to hell. So what do you do? You have another drink to "calm the nerves" and this eventually progresses into sick medicinal stuff. Same friend actually referred to his pint he always carried as "his medicine" which he watched and nervously eyed the levels when he shared for no other reason than to specifically keep those withdrawal symptoms away. I myself actually got so in deep that I had to have a shot bottle just to stop the heart pounding and shaking. It got to the point where I was taking a shot here and there for no other reason than to calm the addiction and feel normal, and the worst part is booze withdrawal is actually quite dangerous. So, you also shouldn't let it get so far because there comes a time where you literally need professional help because your life depends on it. The poison is slowly killing you, but you literally physically need it. It's a horrible thing that can really only be solved by something like a detox clinic or an intervention where you are fed plenty of fluids and enough benzodiazepines to stabilize you and bring your levels back down to normal, which typically last like 3-4 days.

So if you start shaking and your heart is pounding that is exactly the time that you HAVE TO stop, or you're eventually going die, and probably be locked up in a jail or hospital first. There are really only three paths to alcoholism: institutionalized in a jail or mental asylum, in the grave, or long term genuine sobriety. I am speaking to you honestly. These are the only three paths from which you can follow the pounding heart in the morning. Otherwise you will follow the one and only inescapable path of destroying absolutely everything around you until there is nothing left and you die, broke, broken, poor, hated, and alone. That is all that will become of you if you're an alcoholic who doesn't quit. You will lose everything. Your family. Your friends. Your brother and father and mother. Your possessions. Your health. Your memories. All about you shall be sacrificed on the throne of poison of your god.
You shall serve it willingly and then unwillingly until it destroys the last part of you.

Already Kazakhstan you see this. You shall see how all your headphones are broken. Your keyboard ruined and filthy and possibly with cigarette burns. Your phone and wallet, lost. Your relationships strained and ruined with your family, just as an alcoholic father ruins his. You shall break free of this and become a sobered alcoholic who abstains. Otherwise you shall truly see what serving the dark side is like.
No. 8525
Good post, although I have had a racing heartbeat after a night of heavy drinking, and I dont think I'm an alcoholic, it's just that I tend to drink heavily when I do. Because of this, I usually drink once every two weeks or so.
No. 8526
58 kB, 450 × 450
Thanks for the tip. I'm off of work for the week after tomorrow's shift so I'll have my pick me up tomorrow to see me through that shit and then try dropping off the coffee in the following days.

Work is my biggest problem tbh. I'm kind of tired of the bullshit they pull. They treat me like a downie because I talk funny and see things differently to them. They don't often do it to my face but I know enough about how people operate. It certainly escalates from fine to condescending a lot faster with me than it does for others.

For example today I'm stuck with a kitchen missing half the prep and even being entirely run out of one of the most common ingredients we use on a daily basis. Nobody bothered on the quiet Sunday night to actually do their job though and do any of the loose end prep that was lying around. Instead I get a morning prep list full of it all, but conveniently lacking all of the things they'd run out of so that I wasn't aware until service began because I was too busy doing all the prep and opening the kitchen by myself at the same time to chase it all up.

ANd what happens when my second person comes in? I get complaints about how things are 'half done' because I've gotten them to a usable state without all the dates filled in. Ignoring that I'm given an hour to open the kitchen, do my morning prep and then do the job of the people who are meant to be doing all this other prep during the mid afternoon when there are no orders. It'd be even worse complaints if I didn't get all the various things done though, even if the ones I did get done were labelled. Not to mention that the other kitchen worker was sick which is fucked up not only for the people whose food he's handling but also for me who is working in close proximity. It was also having him in a mood and as the manager, if he's not in a condition to actually do his job and manage the kitchen, then why is he in at all?

I can't take that place much longer. Too bad my other job applications are either getting turned down or not replied to.
No. 8527 Kontra
I don't even drink. I can't afford it these days. Last beer I had was a stubbie like 6 months ago and I haven't touched hard alcohol in years.
No. 8528
It's actually not an entirely bad thing to be the unrecognized person that is holding up the entire structure.
Even more so, considering that you're just about to have a week off-work. Consider having a word with your manager before getting off work Friday, so that your complains are fresh in his head as he realizes an extra dose of chaos is entering the kitchen Monday.
No. 8531
Have you tried face to face, if you are trying to get a job in a kitchen.

It is good if you have contacts in the industry.
I found people only respect you, if you occasionally be a dickhead or after phone in sick, then they miss you.
I generally miss a high pressure job, makes the day go much faster.

I'm going through a similar thing, with disorganisation, incompetence and generally rude behaviour and getting ignored.
No. 8534
Problem is that I'm not holding it up, for a while I was a lot more indispensable because I had availability that NT staff didn't by merit of being nolife. All I have now is the ability to complain without getting fired, it doesn't change anything. Were it this time last year where I was getting enough hours to even pay my bills, I'd probably even put up with it, but now I'm no longer worth a living wage. Driven home even worse by seeing a new name on the roster getting more hours than some long-term workers, not just myself. Maybe they realised that they were becoming reliant on the part-time staff and wanted to put us in our place, who knows?

I don't handle face-to-face very well and that bumps on to having a complete lack of contacts. I'd 100% swap this crap for (competent) high pressure too. There is a difference between a job worth doing that needs to get done and a job that is unnecessarily pressurised because it seems like nobody further up the chain thinks more than a day ahead at best. Combined with their constant inability to understand the big picture in a lot of what I do, it makes me think that the average Australian NT is incapable of strategic thinking.
No. 8539
43 kB, 460 × 215
You know what I really hate? People forcing a conversation on me and intruding into my private space. Ran into a few of my ex-classmates today and they started talking to me about all sorts of shit I didn't care about and after politely telling them that I wasn't interested and not getting the result I wanted I just told them to fuck off. Needless to say, they got offended and told me how much of an asshole I was for not wanting to communicate with them.

This notion some NTggers have that everyone must be talked to and made into a friend is the most ridiculous shit ever. I remember back in school trying to explain to these people that I wasn't conversing with them not because I had a superiority complex but because I genuinely had no clue about small talk and how it worked.

Sadly, my message never managed to get across and to this day I am considered to be by the vast majority of people I know to be an unsociable asshole who thinks too highly of himself.

On a sidenote, I just got Wars of Succession on Steam and will be playing it pretty soon.

On a different sidenote, I remember reading some British Ernst's posts about him trying to get a position in the government. As I recall, he failed to do so but if he(you) ever read(s) this post, I'd like to hear if there was a new attempt to secure a civil service job or not.
No. 8540
58 kB, 252 × 342
Hang in there mate.

I also had a pretty terrible couple days.
Due to taking a too large dose of anti-psychotics and falling asleep for 48 hours, I didn't take my other meds.

And when I don't take my meds, I become retarded and forgetful, so I didn't remember to take my meds. I only remembered after wondering for a day why I've been so retarded recently.

The realization that I didn't want to accept now hit me. These meds are for life. Without them, I'm literally a cripple. Brain doesn't work properly.

Such cases.
No. 8541
Also, brother delaying paycheck again'st :-DDDD.
No. 8543
The leaves are turning yellow and the goose have almost all left South. I can hear them honking from my open window at dawn and dusk, when they fly high above in long lines.

>meds are for life
I know that feel, friend. Do you have one of those small cases for your pills? I have one (for a week) and see pretty quick if I've taken my daily meds.
No. 8544
I started to learn english vocabulary again. I stopped it while still going to school. Now that I have to face the fact that so much writing to current social and political theory as well as philosophy it has always been the case yes, but new currents emerging are really based on the english language, even the italian contributors just write english to get their audience is coming from anglo countries or gets first translated into english before some german publisher will even pick a book. I had to acknowledge my english might be enough for some simple or even little more complex chat but I have to frequently look up words if I don't want just vaguely guess what they are saying while reading those academical language texts.

I finished my first paper, it's not really good but I had to choose from a range of topics in ancient history which is the most boring to me. inb4 autists screeching about the birth of civilization and renaissance (science) picking it up again
No. 8545
I don't, I think I'll get one, since I have disposable income. Woo.

Meds eat into my earnings pretty deeply. I'm considering registering myself as a cripple. Free meds, and I'd get small amount of monies on top of that.

On another hand, registering yourself as a certified sub-human is probably not the best idea.
No. 8547
There is no shame in learning new words, in fact there are a few words I repeatedly look up because I can't grasp the meaning.
Read books, preferably old books and your vocabulary will improve.
You can use a phone app now to look up words, easier than a dictionary.
If it is academic then you may need to use a search engine to find out the meaning.
In reality the words we use are now fewer than 20-30 years ago, words go out of fashion and people become lazier and dumber.
t; Native English speaker
No. 8549
So a while ago I saw tihs extract from a philosophical text by a western author online. It was about Russians being forced to live in cities while their true nature is to inhabit the steppes much like other peoples of Asia. Does anyone here know what I'm talking about?
No. 8550
23 kB, 620 × 350
>It was about Russians being forced to live in cities while their true nature is to inhabit the steppes much like other peoples of Asia.

I have no idea what this book is, but if you find it, please post it here.
No. 8556
42 kB, 640 × 480
Bought three packets of tea. It's pretty nice to have around.
It'll be my first time drinking oolong tea. It was somewhat hidden on the shelves. (Or maybe I'm just too short to notice it at first glance.)
I also decided to take up Russian as an after school activity, however dumb that may be, but my brain is still young, so I might be able to get something out of it. My classmates are still struggling with English and German.

Still reading Soul Mountain. It's getting a bit overly sexual for my tastes. Feels strange to read that on a bus.
I wanted to read an Aristophanes play on the weekend, but couldn't find the time for it. And I won't find the time for it next weekend either, since I was assigned an epic poem to read for literature class. (I love how the new teacher immediately assigned 3 works. It's great that she has expectations of us. When nobody expects anything, it feels demoralizing)
No. 8557
btw I know my suffering isn't as great as yours, and that nobody cares, but it feels nice to went.
Maybe I should write a diary instead.
No. 8558
1,6 MB, 3264 × 2448
>It'll be my first time drinking oolong tea
tfw drinking plain black Ceylon tea as somewhat a substitute of coffee.
It gets so strong that my face muscles bend on themselves.
>I also decided to take up Russian
/int/ - Russian language students club
No. 8559
After reading this post I decided to skip my midday tea to see what happens. 0/10 – was absolutely RAGING until I got a cup in me.

It is rather unsettling to now look at the whole culture of tea in this country with sober eyes. I remember drinking tea from a sippy-cup as a toddler and I don’t think I’ve ever gone without for any amount of time. Maybe I'll try to survive on red-bush for a few weeks and see what kind of person I am. My suspicions say a very angry one.

>On a different sidenote, I remember reading some British Ernst's posts about him trying to get a position in the government. As I recall, he failed to do so but if he(you) ever read(s) this post, I'd like to hear if there was a new attempt to secure a civil service job or not.

There was! Just over 2 months ago I went for an interview to be a constitutional advisor and I find out sometime this week if I got the job. I've been doing stuff since then of course but this is the big one.

I've tried to keep pessimistic throughout and pretend I didn't get the job but this week will still either be amazing or crushing. You can expect to see a post soon where I bitch about not getting it or bitch about having to move near Central London.

I can also confirm. As someone who uses imageboards I imagine your written English is actually much better than you might think...Of course academic English may as well have been written in Japanese at times but at least you suffer just as much as everyone.
No. 8560
68 kB, 636 × 477
Drank two liters of kefir and ate an entire loaf of sesame rye bread while doing wөrk.

Feels good man
No. 8561
Also two bananas.
No. 8562
The strange thing about British tea culture to me is that you guys don't even drink the good stuff, only the ground up dust leaves.
Yet you are so proud of it for some reason.

>I remember drinking tea from a sippy-cup as a toddler and I don’t think I’ve ever gone without for any amount of time.
Same here. The family was always fond of tea. It was strange to find out how others here don't drink it at all or only during winters.
Probably a leftover of communism, since older people told me they often had no access to teabags or tea. (That is why some of them dip the bags 2-3 times, even in the end it's just bitter water with sugar and lemon)

Also congratulations to your job. I sometimes imagine myself working as a bureaucrat.

Well, my teachers asked if I'll be moving on to Russian after taking on the Maturation Exams in English and German successfully. My father also wanted me to learn Russian, and my mother still remembers a lot from her old education, she even did a Matura Exam in it. (Yet today she uses German mostly)
So I might as well learn it, since it seems like we are again trying to embrace the hug of the bear that is Mother Russia.

Btw I drink mostly loose Earl Grey leaves or this weird mix they sell as "Russian Tea". (It has a smokey flavour and is really strong therefore I like it.)
On somewhat special occasions I drink Yunnan Golden, sencha or aged Pu'er.
Never realized how good tea is before I discovered loose leaves on accident.
No. 8563

Huh, funny thing. Don't say that I great fan of it, but looks well enough.. watchable at least. Last warchable russian big cartoon was Knyaz Vladimir.
No. 8564
>/int/ - Russian language students club
If all realn it we can move int of EC to russian. This way we will be protected from any kohl invasion X--DDD
No. 8567
I would actually like to move to Ireland but the tea culture thing is a problem. I don't get you tea drinkers. We drink coffee. The only tea I drank was Kratom. And then I often mixed teas with it and honey which was surprisingly good though an acquired taste (much like whiskey, coffee, and cigarettes I guess). I mean, I just don't get it. There's absolutely nothing like the first fresh cup of coffee in the morning especially with a cigarette and made from a French press.
No. 8568
What the crap with this CULTURE? I drink both. And more even cocao and juce and kvass and all types of milk stuff. I drink everything exept alcohol.
Like americans can't drink teak and britains can't drink coffe...? I only know that USA have not the best beer, but with coffe everythink O.K> I supose
No. 8569
The aesthetics are interesting. It's the aesthetics that truly show that Russia is an independent civilization, standing on its own.
(Though the choreography is a bit lacking imho, but it's still nice nonetheless)
No. 8570
574 kB, 1280 × 968
267 kB, 800 × 581
123 kB, 600 × 450
Well it's not unicue, since it same for all eastern slavs.
I dream about good fantasy sseting based on east slav memes, not mixed with cyberpunk or anything.
No. 8571
>Read books, preferably old books and your vocabulary will improve.

I think academical texts are ok, they are also translations of french and other philosophers with different vocabulary. I have put around 120 some are the same word with different translations/nuances new vocabularies in my list since yesterday just by reading the first 30 pages of one book and a minor text.

things like:

many start with con- or per- prefixes and I mix them up, in fact I cannot tell you the German equivalent to permeate because I have like 10 per- in my list

>If it is academic then you may need to use a search engine to find out the meaning.

Most of these are rooted in Latin and you can guess the German equivalent, does not make it easier to understand the thoughts tho :DDD
I use dict.cc to look up words and then put them into the vocabulary trainer there. Works pretty well.

So I'm conscious I will improve within the next months, I've always been good in memorizing vocabulary, but that was before I took speed and had weekends without sleep. I guess those few years of consumption left its traces on my cognitive abilities. I can even already feel how reading English itself enhances my written English.
No. 8572
I consider tea to be a more heavy drink that doesn't sit well with my stomach in the morning. And during the day, it's more of a social event to drink a cup with your colleagues. Or at least it felt like that way when I was working. The people would gather in the meeting area, discussing random stuff while sipping on a cup of coffee.

For me, tea is about enhancing my psyche to prepare for concentration in solitude. Good tea is also harder to prepare outside your home. (That's why I make it in the morning and drink it from a thermos)
No. 8573 Kontra
Tho it could definitely benefit from varying sentence structures :DDD
No. 8574
Don't take it wrong, but for me East Slavs = Russia.
You might have Ukraine and Belarus as offshoots, but Russia is still THE Russia for me.
No. 8576
152 kB, 1024 × 727
254 kB, 800 × 588
Well, russia is just moscow principaty that growed to what it is now. For me - east slavs is east slavs. We are very, maybe most closest nation in the world, but still how histry turned - have some differences. And this style for most times way before "moscow principaty" formed something called "Rossya".
Pic related - yes, 100% Russia
No. 8577
You are an East Slav, so you know it better, I'm just a curious onlooker.
No. 8578
I'am very east-slav-boo. I thinking about to start learn Ukrainian language, I think. Ireally want that we some day become one country. Thought, it seems impossible today.
No. 8579
I always though the -boo affix made the term derogatory.
Can you be a boo of your own culture though? I'd say it's just healthy love. I don't love my own culture nearly enough. I sometimes even doubt it exists.
No. 8580
Well I'd say there not that much people who respect all east slavs equally. With current political trends and even before russians and ukrainians hate each other often or don't count each other as equal.
It also very wierd thing that I hate and love my country for same time. Like our good parts I think is best in the world, when our worst oarts... obviously worst in the world. When I see bydlos or bad things I sometimes think "I don't wanna be russian". When see drunkers, gopnic, just regular dumb and ugly bydlos.
If only we somehow can magically remove all worst parts of us, all this ugliness in souls.
No. 8581
558 kB, 1268 × 3279
>The strange thing about British tea culture to me is that you guys don't even drink the good stuff, only the ground up dust leaves.

Them's fighting words. I think it's just because our tea ritual requires milk which doesn't work with your farty green teas.

I'll send you some Yorkshire Tea one day. Make a man out of you. Or at least permanently tan your insides.

Yeah it is pretty much an acquired taste and something that comes with psychological connections. For example, a mental health nurse revealed to me that when their patients act aggressive they ask if they would like a cup of tea to settle them down.

Because who could possibly be angry when they have a nice cup of tea and a couple custard creams.

>Like americans can't drink teak and britains can't drink coffe

Nah, we drink both but coffee is less versatile. So does Ireland and everyone else. Americans only stopped drinking tea because John Adams declared drinking tea to be treasonous (ironic) and people stuck with it because they associated tea with the motherland.

I'd argue that is the source of more differences between our peoples than is immediately apparent.
No. 8583
Brother scolded me for calling him at 1 am to update him on work progress :-DDDDD.

I know he doesn't sleep til like 2 am, he was probably annoyed because he was fugging his wife or something
No. 8584
It's not even that I like green tea, but rather how bagged tea is somehow always bitter and tastes bad. Loose leaves are different.
A good earl grey stands on its own. The bergamot oil and the relatively OK quality tea makes for a nice brew to sip on throughout the day.
Of course there are the sinoboo and weaboo teas, but those really are an acquired taste. A mix of nutty, earthy and smokey flavours that don't come close to the wester Earl Grey, which I'd say is almost naturally sweet, even with no sugar, or if not sweet, then it still pleases my tongue the same way sugar does, only more gently. Sugar is raw and unwelcoming in taste, and gets stuck in the mouth, which is really unpleasant.

The drinking process depends on the quality. If I drink bagged tea, then at least lemon is a must, if I drink loose, then I'd say it's a waste to add anything to it.

Honestly, my insides are already permanently brown from all the good and bad stuff I've drank even during my really short time on this Earth. But it's fine this way. I'd rather go to war than to not have access to tea.
No. 8585
That comic is top tier by the way.
From the Russian wearing a golden necklace weighing 3-4 pounds, to the Ukrainian irredentist claim that the British are all Ukrainians.
It's great.
No. 8586
38 kB, 650 × 365
This is not gold
This is baranki to tea
No. 8587
75 kB, 1024 × 962
I will start posting good content soon, I promise.

It's amazing how little energy you are left with for seriousposting when you wage.

And I wasted my hypomanic spiel (when I'm usually inspired) on... whatever the fuck I was doing last thread.

t. worst poster on EC
No. 8588
Oh. Thanks.
I thought it was supposed to be a bydlo maffia necklace.
No. 8589
Actually some of our beer is among the best in the world. It is like associating us with just Mickey Mouse and Burger King or Budweiser or whatever retarded crap. There are some very, very good beers here. Actually maybe ironically my favorite beers would probably be He-Brew
If I recall correctly this one was the best, absolutely my most favorite best beer of all time https://www.legalbeer.com/2009/06/hebrew-bittersweet-lennys-ripa
You just have to ignore the major corporate brands. We have thousands of small brewers who make fantastic beers. I think though that just about the only country in general that outcompetes us and everyone else is Belgium. Nobody on Earth can make a better beer than a Belgian. I was also rather nonplussed with Norwegian beers. Polish beers are pretty decent for a cheap price like Żywiec. Man I liked their porter. German beer is also similarly kind of a letdown. It's just kind of..meh. And Guinness is vastly overrated, unless they're shipping us crap and keeping the good stuff.

Well for one thing I guess even with our culinary tastes and everything else, we like it LOUD. We don't just fuck around with these piddly little low caffeine cups of tea. The American style is to just slam massive amounts of coffee at work to be wired and awake. We pretty much do this kind of crap with everything. You'll notice our sweets, LOUD. When we making a spicy thing, it is LOUD. And when we get drunk it's not sipping a nice glass of scotch with your buddies, it's LOUDly slamming the whole damn thing and getting utterly shitfaced. You'll notice this trend with Americans but especially the police, whereas others try to defuse the situation Americans for some reason almost always immediately escalate the situation. Our celebrity culture and mass shootings culture probably have something to do with this.
No. 8590
>and everything else, we like it LOUD.
Sounds like Russia, but from the other side.
No. 8593
>it seems like we are again trying to embrace the hug of the bear that is Mother Russia.
Inderasting. Does the average hungarian feel this way? If so, why? I don't see much of an improvement in the relations between our countries.
No. 8594
Guess who’s going to expand the Paks Nuclear Power Plant?
Rosatom. Who’s financing it? The Russian state. We’ll be in debt towards Russia for this in the coming 30-40 years.
>How does the average Hungarian feel about this?
Depends on who you ask. People supporting the opposition say that we are going to die as a nation because of it. The government says it’s A-okay because the expansion was planned during communism. And these are not THOSE Russians, these are the good Russians.
I’d say it’ somewhat logical. The old reactors will all be shut down by 2030, and then what? It accounts for a third of our energy needs.
No. 8605
272 kB, 1500 × 1000
First night at my new place. It's weird here. Good news is that my room is bigger and I have space for eventually getting a PC and I can put up a table for solitaire hex autism. Also there is a kot. Maybe when I'm set up more, I'll do an ISI (I Stayed Inside) of Ernst's domain.

I left my aspirin at the old place by accident though and I suffer with really high fever and headache. Also a bit dizzy. Doing more cleaning tomorrow so will grab it then but still.
No. 8613
40 kB, 604 × 340
I went to the shoemaker's shop, because my bag fell into disrepair again. A regular tailor can't pierce the fake leather coating it has, so I have to take it to the shoemaker who can.
It won't be ready today sadly, they said they are full of work. At least it didn't cost me much. Less than 3 euros for a repair.

There is something oddly nostalgic about visiting a craftsman and asking for a repair instead of throwing the thing away and buying a new one.
No. 8615
I also was looking at a few rectangular pieces of paper today, and I was imagining them to be line infantry and pitting them against each other. Got the idea to decided the battles and damage trough dice rolls, and then I realized I was constructing the really basic skeleton for a Napoleonic Wars tabletop war-game.
Would be pretty interesting to develop this further, even if I would be playing against just myself.
No. 8617
need to get this out

Well, it finally happened. Dad got taken away to the rehab due to having hallucinations after three days of alcoholic insomnia.

I'd provide juicy details in my usual derisive tone, but this time it wasn't funny. He wasn't even angry or violent this time, he just sat on my bed reminiscing about how we moved to our first house and other memories. He was manic the whole day, but I thought it was his usual drunken stuff. He also talked about not being able to fall asleep, and seeing strange visuals.

Then he got more and more agitated, and started having hallucinations, about being in some civil war or something. We had to calm him down and assure him there are no enemy soldiers in the room. He laid down for a bit, but then started hallucinating again.

When the policeman came to get a statement from mom and take him away, he got furious because he imagined that the policeman was extorting money from mom, challenging him to a fight, etc. Yelling something about how he won't get away with such injustice.
When we were taking him to the car, he refused to enter, yelling "I'm not going anywhere without my wife and son". I had to leave little brother home and follow them, because when the car started moving with me outside, he because hysterical, screaming "Stop, that's my son". Maybe he imagined that I was being left alone in danger or something.

As I sat in the car on the way to the rehab, trying to calm him down and distract him from his disturbing ideas, I was already tearing up. The voice that used to scare me as a kid now sounded so desperate and pitiful. I think he was legitimately afraid.
At the rehab waiting room, I couldn't contain my sobs any more. I had to dress him up in his hospital gowns because he wasn't coherent enough to do so himself.

Until this time I held on to the quiet (and perhaps foolish) hope that one day this will end well, and we'll just become a regular family with normal lives. In the waiting room, I realized that this door might have closed. Maybe he's already done for as a person.

Fuck this whole reality. it's fucking bullshit
No. 8621
You're a manic depressive too right? Because that sounds like a manic/mixed manic episode with psychotic features. Either that, or your dad was detoxing himself too quickly because it also sounds a lot like delirium tremens, which is the final stage of the alcoholic.
No. 8624
145 kB, 1519 × 1219
Today I've tasted Camembert.
My body wanted to puke instinctively. No wonder people recommend eating such cheeses with bread. It's impossible to eat them as is.
Even palm cheese isn't that bad.
No. 8626
61 kB, 634 × 455
Damn, that's heavy. Was he at Jeltoqsan or something? Either way, my condolences. I've said some shit before, but nobody deserves that.

Reminds me a bit of how my Ma started losing her marbles towards the end when the cancer got into her brain, so I can relate to at least some of the shit you're experiencing. Difference here is that Rehab's got plenty of smart people who have probably seen as bad if not worse. He'll come out better for it, so don't worry too much about that. You keep doing you, go visit regularly and such if they're a rehab that has visits. Ain't no good if you don't keep trucking yourself now.
No. 8627
72 kB, 530 × 299
If only our medecine and scince was batter and we can avoid at least things like that. Sometimes I fear that something like this may happen with me too. It is very bad and sad
No. 8630
I never had hallucinations, just obsessive thoughts and ideas, but yeah, I was officially diagnosed as bipolar at some point.

He might have something too. Although, he was intoxicated while hallucinating, he drank a bit that day. So not sure what it was.

Yeah, I hope so. He seemed a bit fatalistic in recent years, refused to go to the doctors and stuff, because he didn't seem to care. Maybe if he gets better, he'll realize he isn't that far gone, and can live a decent life if he quits.
I just want everyone to start living peaceful, regular lives.
No. 8633
Mom went to visit him and bring him sanitary supplies, etc.

They detoxed him and stuff, he seems to be fine and agreeable towards being treated.
No. 8634
7,5 MB, 854 × 480, 1:15
Finally pos coal specifically that 2ch from new zealand is good for something, sorry i mentioned that board's name but i'm reposting a webm in case you ask me where it came from
No. 8639
Well the fact that he's not fighting treatment is a good start to getting back to some kind of functionality. That's a good sign.

I'd have responded sooner but we're still cleaning up the old flat for inspection. Feels bad man because I'm super drowsy lately and my heda has been feeling like a bag of bricks just lolling about on a rubber stick. Very depersonalising feel tbh because you feel very back seat in the whole event.
No. 8640
Ugh, looking at places to live near Westminster is painful. We're talking half my income+ on rent alone and I have to make the choice of living alone in a box or renting with other people in a nicer place. It's obscene and I just know I'll make a rookie mistake and end up somewhere ghastly.

Actually no, I can't be negative right now. I got the job! Serious discussions on this website now come with a chance of influencing the future makeup and democracy of the UK. I wonder what my Russian code will be, 'red-mole' maybe?
No. 8642
59 kB, 628 × 337
Excellent, now other posters must also infiltrate the higher echelons of government in their respective nations.

Congratulations on the job.
No. 8643
Brother delayed my paycheck agains't, then ordered me to do something, but my interned was disconnected due to no payment this month, so I told him to piss off.

Now sitting on mobile internet and looking for new job. Such cases.
No. 8645
I take it from now on you will be telling us about the daily sufferings life of a civil servant? Looking forward to seeing an Ernst in charge of the UK in a few years.
No. 8646
107 kB, 680 × 827
Had my first extra literature class.
I was surprised to see that I was the only male in the group. Strange.
The teacher made us fill out a small form about ourselves, about our goals, and what level exam we would like to take next year.
Even if it makes me look like a burger king, I've answered honestly, because there is no point to lying in such matters.

In other news I feel bad. The bad thing is that I don't know if it's the oolong tea, the yoghurt I drank, or something else that makes me want to throw up.
Maybe the two together. Who knows.
No. 8647
I kinda miss KC.
EC is for serious discussions and comfy, kohl is for political shitposting, but there was a schizoposting niche on KC that isn't filled anywhere any more.

t. professional schizoposter

I tried doing it on EC, but it was disruptive more than anything.
No. 8648
>I was surprised to see that I was the only male in the group. Strange. 
Not strange at all, sadly literary studies are filled with girls and women to the rim, like most humanities. I had to work in groups with girls who unironically thought that Harry Potter is great literature that everyone has to read and other than that they also like the Diaries of Anne Frank. The majority of those young students strive to become teachers and see humanities as an easier way out than picking STEM subjects, so there we go with a next generation of literature teachers completely deprived of any soul and love for their subject. I remember back in school we mostly had this kind of teachers, in 9th grade for instance we've been talking about the poem "Der Gott der Stadt" from Heym and the teacher almost literally told us that she finds it boring herself but that we somehow have to get through it and interprete so we'll make it in the higher grades. Most of our literature teachers were such people who felt no love or passion for what they were teaching and merely saw it as a source of income. In older german school comedy movies you'll often have the stereotype of the eccentric literature teaching only talking for hours about what he loves about certain works etc. which then usually is portrayed as boring. Oh how I dearly wish I would have had such a teacher back then! Speaking of it I actually had one but only in 11th and 12th grade and pupils sadly only made fun of him. He was a literature teacher of passion and listening to him talking you really knew that he knew what he was talking about and tried to give us a glance at what literary studies can be like. Obviously he mostly talked alone and sometimes allowed discussions which I found great too but incompetent pedagogues condemn because of being too authoritarian. That was another cruel experience of my school time: the soulless literature teachers usually didn't have anything fundamental to say about the works we were discussing besides some few shallow points they probably read and noted the night before, so they did what those modern pedagogues love to do. Putting together random groups and letting them do the work alone, obviously the results usually were complete and utter trash and I didn't learn anything from having to work with 89iqs when I could have listened to someone who is wiser and has more experience in his subject. I could probably rage on like this for hours but it's senseless.

Btw reading your posts sometimes I feel like your schools are really way better than the german ones. Our ones are mainly used to produce as many Abiturienten as possible so really anyone who can barely read can pass the test if he is willing too, that's one of the reasons why universities have gone to chuj as well. Thinking back that during the times before the first world war the Abitur had to be done in latin and then thinking about the fact that most students nowadays are struggling to even write a decent german sentence is a bleak and depressing outview.
No. 8649
it was shit, bitter slandering considered joke and it was full of obvious newcomers thinking being hardcore edgy makes them adapt to kfc culture. it was shit for so long but after 2014 it just became unbearable with full of obnoxious people.
No. 8650
The Hungarian school system is trash, and I go to a relatively "bad" school.
There are a lot of problems with the system in general, like the overly large quantity of data that is taught, the number of classes (35-36 a week, and then do after school activities and such) and of course being understaffed and underfunded in a lot of departments.

I talk a lot with teachers after classes. Let's be honest, I only talk to teachers basically. They say interesting bits and pieces about the given subject, and it's nice. Everyone greets me by name, because we've talked so much about stuff. And this is what matters. Having a true student-master relationship.

>Abitur in latin
The good old days. My private math teacher is a guy who lived in West Germany and told me that a pre-war Abitur would make a top student today scratch his head in confusion.
Well, here at the end of HS you have to take 5 matura exams.
All of them are two level. One normal and one "Elevated level".
The five exams mean five subjects. History, Grammar&Literature, Mathematics, A foreign language of the student's choice, and a subject of the student's choice.
Elevated exams are worth more points when you apply to a university, and they can help you land a state funded course. (If you don't get a state funded place, then you have to pay to study what you want)
I already did two of these exams, with one being an Elevated English exam and the other a normal level German (Which is will be my free choice subject)

If you know what you are doing, they are piss easy apparently. I mean I almost failed mathematics last year, but did the mock exam with a mark 3, which entails "Mediocre performance" (Here 1 is a failing grade, 5 is the best possible grade).

My new literature teacher is pretty good. She genuinely cares about the works she mentions. I'm happy that she already gave us two epic poems to read at home.
The old one was like the ones you've mentioned. She found the works herself boring, and made us read condensed versions or rewrites. Or just a basic plot structure. I hated it. There is nothing worse when you are enthusiastic about something and they want you to piss off. It's nice to have people have expectations of you.
I picked literature as one of my extra subjects, because an elevated exam lands me plus points if I want to take China Studies at university.
And it's important to know my own language too if I want to be a translator. Someone who isn't well read can't translate something in a serviceable manner.

I like school because I have goals I want to achieve, and school gives me the tools to achieve it.
No. 8652
Our teaching methods are also more "Prussian" as they call it. The teacher speaks, you take notes.
No. 8653
I don't. Not KC 2015-2017 when the cancer was terminal. This place is basically KC from 7-9 years ago. The only thing we don't have is IWOs and such. It's slightly missing the full scale of pure love and comfiness and that's just about it. cabbagechan is a complete shithole and it wouldn't surprise me if eventually it gets shut down due to pedophiles. It's literally the worst shits there, like everyone that eventually got permabanned and all the shitposters so bad it actually convinced KC admins to kill the entire site. cripplechan is basically the exact same people. The only place that's really like KC is EC, and it pissed off the shitposters so badly they went on a crusade of trying to kill old EC because their site wrecking shitposting was not tolerated there and bernds declared EC the successor to KC. So far as I'm concerned, that is still true, and I am pretty sure every week we're going to be slowly getting a trickle of people finding this place and abandoning the other shitboards, which is what happened with first EC.
No. 8654
Wait, there are other methods?
c: sore
No. 8655
Westerners seem to prefer "group activities" or "dialogue".
Dialogue is nice if the class isn't brain-dead, but group activities are dehumanizing as hell.
I don't feel my input, I don't feel like an individual!
What do you mean, write a poem in a group? My input wasn't considered at all while writing it!
Fuck group work.
No. 8656
>What do you mean, write a poem in a group? My input wasn't considered at all while writing it!
Lel, I often ended up the one who worked as a whole group.
No. 8657
Not group work at home, or holding a presentation, but working as a group during class. I hate that.
I make sure to work alone when there is a presentation coming up. I'm good at those, and other members only hold me back.
No. 8659
I said about situations that were during class.
No. 8660
>two epic poems
Those were barely mentioned at my school, maybe later Iliad or Nibelungenlied were namedropped but no-one ever expected us to read them or even tell us something about it.

One time during social sciences in 11th grade we had one half semester consisting only of group work to create presentations about regional conflicts in the world, it was completely ridiculous. We literally sat in class for about 4 months 2 hours a week and did nothing than chatting and relaxing and then a few days before we had to finish everyone created a half-assed presentation and it was enough for good grades. Obviously in the mean-time the teacher didn't have to work and we learned the true meaning of team work. :DD
The bwst about all this is that secretly no-one of the teachers really believes that group works have any real benefit but it's what cultural ministries dictate them and as teachers have loads of work in germany they gladly accept to not invest too much energy in their pupils.
Also most of the teachers have barely any authority over the pupils and let them do whatever they want. It's not as bad as in the burgerlands but pretty close. Modern pedagogues (especially the old retards from '68) read some Frankfurt School in universities and therefore think authority is pure evil (funnily enough that wasn't even the point of Adorno and the others, but we all know that leftists are pretty good in misunderstanding their teachers). So what we have now is pretty much the teacher not anymore as a master but as some kind of corporate supervisor who supports you and gives you feedback. Sometimes it went so far that teachers told us about teacher's conferences where some academics told them to greet their pupils by a "cool" hand stroke/shake. This country got so fucked up during the last century, it's not even funny anymore.
No. 8663 Kontra
407 kB, 471 × 457
>So far as I'm concerned, that is still true, and I am pretty sure every week we're going to be slowly getting a trickle of people finding this place and abandoning the other shitboards
We've had like every week one poster coming "oh wow cool EC is alive" and usually this was their last post.
EC has a dozen active users and that's all, I guess.
No. 8664
I know that feel. I fucking hated group work with such a passion. And of course rest of the group is always dicking off and expects you to do everything because you're the "smart kid" in high school. Fortunately I basically avoided group projects as a whole throughout college.
No. 8671
That's all true, but I wish there was a place somewhere for... "non malignant shitposting"?

I remember when shitposting could be fun. Just everyone in one the joke, shooting shit.

Nowadays, imageboard posting on shitholes like kohl or 4kanker or cripplechan is school fight level of serious business. It's like being on a political rally.

The art of shitposting is lost. There is only the science of shitposting, which is the pushing of an agenda.
No. 8672
20 kB, 231 × 330
In other news, this night I have dipped my toes in the fascinating world of kazakh young bydlo culture.

That weirdo faggot I mentioned earlier called me, saying him and a friend I actually like going for a drink on the bloc. I had no monies, they were paying, and they only had light beer, so I thought what the hell.

Everything was going as usual, until we met another group of people (two "kents" / friends / clique) next to a 24/7 store.

He started talking a lot, as he usually does (bad sign), we acquaintanced, and went to a bench to hang out.

That's when the crazy friend started talking "дұрыс емес әңгіме", or as russians would say it, "ne po ponyatiyam". Translated to english literally, it would be "talk not in accordance with street law", or "mouthing off with ain't shit to back it up with".
Basically, saying stuff like "I could kick anyone's ass in this district" and "You wanna fucking go mate?". Which might sound like drunken talk to us internet elite, but on the Streets(tm), that's serious misconduct that calls for "poyasnenia". I, as a diplomat, tried to calm everyone down (as the person with highest bodymass and therefore, the most sober), but the retard was making his case worse by escalating.

So the other friend gave him a good slap on the face for his trash talk, as the Street Law(tm) states, that if one of your kents (nakamas) is In The Wrong(tm), it's the responsibility of the rest of the clique to kick his ass, so that the opposing clique doesn't kick his ass (in which case they wouldn't hold back).

Fortunately, this particular clique was fairly lenient and understanding (since we live in a relatively well of district, if it was one of the hardcore districts, he'd be dead or a cripple), and they took it with humour, since he was acting SO provocatively, that it was amusing. Even still, the retard wouldn't let up and actually legit punched my other friend in the face, without even squaring up (scum move). A fight broke out, which I had to break up.

It came to a drunken peace/stalemate once again, upon which, the other clique's member, once again, tried to explain to the retard his wrongdoings in a peaceful manner, "po pacanski". To which he responded by pushing aside an open palm. At that point, I could take the shame and dishonor he was inflicting upon our clique, and punched him in the jaw, then pushed him down on the ground. He babbled something then wandered away to sleep out somewhere in a ditch.

After that, we parted ways peacefully, since it was apparent that the guy was a "dolboyob" (retard), and didn't answer for his own words. They wished us good luck, and said that even though the retards needs a couple of beatings from his kents, and has too much swagger for his own good, he's ultimately a good lad, since that very swagger is what will make him stand up for his kents when, in the future, we are the ones in the wrong. Good thing he didn't send any of them to hui, or else simple diplomacy wouldn't have solved this issue, only blood.

Such cases. It made me think that if I weren't a shut in ernst, I could have made it far on the streets, since I instinctively know what is po ponyatiam, and what is gonor.

I'm still rather sober since their light beer ain't done shit to me, and this is the first time I drank in a week or so. I consider this experience quite valuable, since it gave me first hand experience in a world that I was never a part of, even though everyone else around me is.

Also, those two dudes from another clique were quite interesting to talk to. They were, what I would call, "street intellectuals". One was a spiritual type, the other was an oppositioner with strong political opinions.

Such cases again.
No. 8673
>Fortunately I basically avoided group projects as a whole throughout college.
I had the exact opposite experience. Nearly every class was structured around group projects and presentations. By senior year everyone had settled into a kind of working clique and the same groups were forming in every class. We would do mock interviews to get into groups, but everyone already knew who was going to pick who.
No. 8675
Ebin, though doesn't the Kazakh дұрыс емес әңгіме just literally translate as a tall tale rather than anything street specific? Or is it not a construction that's used in any other context?
No. 8676
>It's like being on a political rally.
> which is the pushing of an agenda
Yeah exactly but it wasn't just that. We sorta had that for awhile, but the problem is the legitimately vierkanal immigrants came and shatpost, and took themselves too damn seriously. But it wasn't just the poltards. We had wizardchan tiers too who again took themselves too seriously when all they were doing was whining rather than discussing. So it was also like being on a tumblr group or something. We had all kinds of shitposters by the end of it and even though we had such cancer as tinychat and camwhoring on KC it never got so bad before and that was partly because the mods eventually abandoned moderating the site entirely, so it became like a clogged toilet nobody cleaned or flushed. Both the average age and general IQ level dropped dramatically, to where you could tell some people were still in high school and that some people legitimately had <89IQs. And then knowing vaguely how stupid and unwanted they are, they simply started ganging up on any interesting poster until only a few total fucktards and shitposters from Europe and USA remained.

Jesus Christ how horrifying. No our school was super individualist which I liked. Even making our own majors. There was no sort of hard set program to go through class requirements. The main problem with the school is you had to be very self motivated and goal oriented to get through it. People without at least a vague idea of what they wanted to do and the self will to do it tended to have a hard time and dropped out. Or we had lots of kids trying to float by while spending the semester getting stoned, partying, fucking while wasted etc. until they had nothing to show for it and got kicked out basically. We had a huge washout rate of something like over 50% I believe, because basically nobody really checked up on you and your program. They might have changed that though. So it comes at a cost, namely people who feel the need to work in groups.

Holy fucking shit, I hate that. And now I am back in the "real world" where it's filled with idiots and people who "want to work in groups" for some reason. Just seeing it on job applications pisses me off. I mean dealing with people at work is fine, as long as I don't have to work with them on the same thing and they only ask for help fixing it or whatever. I don't understand people who need some kind of moral support either. That includes everything like therapists and support groups. They have those for everything. Like, okay you have cancer, but why the hell would you want to spend an hour just sitting around with people who are total strangers talking about cancer? That's the group work thing to me. And they always end up turning it into some kind of idiotic clique eventually too. Or form the cliques within groups thing, thus undermining the work itself.
No. 8678
173 kB, 1080 × 1440
Even though it were street bydlo I think it's awesome that you've found some social contacts. Why not befriend them? It could be a very valuable experience for you and maybe you'll even have new opportunities and experience at the end of the day. Or maybe become a rapper :DD
No. 8680 Kontra
Can you delete this?
No. 8682
>Jesus Christ how horrifying
That was my exact reaction at the time. When I started and saw one class after another was doing the same thing and breaking us up into work groups I was borderline freaking out. I had no experience with that. I wanted to be given books, a direction, and listen to lectures like >>8652 but instead found I had signed up for some kind of best friends club.
No. 8706
75 kB, 151 × 237
>download your first book with a discount
You sound like you are implying that I am ever going to use your service.
What's worse, every ad talks about that like I want to use their service.
No. 8716
Әңгіме means both talk and tale in kazakh. Әңгімелесу - to have a conversation.
So дұрыс емес әңгіме would be "wrong talk", or "improper talk". Wrong, as in a moral judgement in this context. "Not right".

A tall tale would be more like қиял, "fantasy", or өтірік, "lie".
No. 8718
502 kB, 736 × 761
Hungarian epic poems from the era of national awakening. More like ballads that are really long.
Illias and Odysseia are usually taught, but most teachers make you read excerpts.

That's the moment you stand up to the teacher and you announce that you won't be working with anyone because that's the best for you.
I don't hate teamwork because of socializing, but rather because it's pointless.
If I make the slides, then why should someone else present them? It falls apart that way.
I do the research, then I'm the one who's most qualified to write the slides.
It's just partitioning work into worthless little segments creating more pitfalls. No thanks.

Btw had the biggest brainlet team in Ethics class
>"Write down the 5 most influential people today"
>Dumb bitches make the list
>It has Benedict XIV., Obama and Bill Gates on it
>"Why fucking Obama? He isn't even the president!"
>"But he is still important"
No. 8719
2,8 MB, 1709 × 1975
> Benedict XIV.
No. 8720
I see. The 'talk' verbs have always gotten me real good in Kazakh because you have a few different ones with slightly different tones. I remember you correcting me writing something I wrote once that sounded like I was talking at the target rather than to the target by choice of verb root alone. It's also funny because it contrasts so heavily with how versatile other words are. It reminds slightly of how Australian English is extraordinarily context driven where words like 'cunt' and 'mate' can be interchangeable depending on who you're talking to and when, also how 'yeah nah' can be both yes and no with no audio difference. All things considered I shouldn't be having as much trouble as I do with Kazakh talking words :-DD
No. 8721
Well, I screwed up the numbering then.
You know, the guy after "le funny John Paul Drugy XD".
No. 8722
For security vetting I need to provide a reference for my military service which is all good only it includes a mandatory email field. That means unnecessarily catching up with people I haven't spoken with in years to get a personal email address. I mean it's fine, I never committed any warcrimes but it entails social formalities. Inevitably I'll get invited for a drink, I can hardly refuse after a favour but like being caught in razor wire I'll only be pulled deeper and deeper in.*

Maybe I'll just try doing something like N/A or Unknown in the field and they can post to the base. That seems reasonable, right?

*I have a irrational fear of razor wire. There's a special kind I had to try and put away once whose barbs were like daggers perfectly designed to cut into a man's flesh. I just imagined getting it wrapped around you and cutting your apart as you struggle.

>I picked literature as one of my extra subjects, because an elevated exam lands me plus points if I want to take China Studies at university.

You've probably looked into it already but did you consider applying to Peking? I used to know someone who went on to study Chinese there and apparently it is really good course with the university itself being a place full of party princelings. Also you can gf whoever you want.

Chinese higher education is desperate to attract foreign brains so there's a ton of grants offered for international students.

This is best from my experience. In university I never trusted the other members to do the work so I prepared the whole project beforehand and gave out orders delegated responsibilities. It felt good to be the boss.

It's really about training you for the real world and providing something to write about when a job application asks questions on collaboration work etc. Same deal as university societies. I think it makes sense given the death of assembly line work.
No. 8723
I've looked into it and the uni I'm applying to has a grant programme to study Chinese and Chinese literature at the Beijing university, and I'm planning on taking advantage of that.
Still, it depends how I perform on the state exams next year. I want to earn +90% results on two elevated level exams to ensure a place in the course.
And I also want to take a German language exam to have something to show for it besides that medium level matura I did last year.
My goal is to know as many languages as possible, so I can become a valuable translator.
But just Chinese alone could land me a civil service job potentially, which would be fine by me. I could retire from there.
No. 8724
I don't want to piss on your parade but average gook salary is 5000rmb a month, 15k rmb is a very good salary with 30krmb being for proffesionals excellent in their field.
Most Chinese are self employed.
China itself is a dirty polluted place, where everyone tries to outjew each other.
I was physically stopped from buying Chinese milk bc it will fuck your organs.
A Chinese degree, is not fought after.
I don't know if your field has any societies or fellowships, if so iwould ask if they accredit a Chinese degree.
I would also avoid Beijing as a city.
If it is only a one year exchange then go for it.
Just think if the next few years will make you employable.
No. 8725
Well, I don't imagine my life in China. Or abroad at all. Maybe later.
I'd say I'll have good chances at finding a job with all the languages I've learnt and will learn.
Keep in mind that speaking English well here isn't always a given, even with young people.
Most learn it in a really basic fashion. Same goes for German, but with even less people learning it.
(But pleas tell me more, I'm interested)
No. 8726
I'm just a lost brit, tell you more after I visit Shanghi, this month.
No. 8727
Honestly, I don't imagine myself going anywhere. Just sitting here over books, translating stuff and getting paid for it.
No. 8728
Okay I understand money is not your motive and it is an interesting motive.

So personally I find Chinese history and the emperors so fucking boring.
The forbidden city is a joke, took over Gengas Khans city, made it a Chinese secret city full of slaves and prostitutes.
Not a fan of Chinese art.

Japan is different.

Can you explain the mystique with China I have read a lot about China, Russia, Japan.
China just seems some backwater hillbilly town, who are glad to be slaves, at least from a European mentality.
I like Confuses(sik), whose whole philosophy is tow the line or be beheaded.
No wonder it became state religion.

Am I missing something, I do not need to be convinced, just the more I learn, the more I realise that these are peasants pretending to be people.
No. 8729
I find it interesting how they twisted and wrote their own history as one monolithic chronicle until the fall of Qing.
Re-writing parts and canonizing things differently, essentially creating one gigantic novel that has little offshoots.
Classical literature seems interconnected too, and I feel rewarded whenever I know what they are actually talking about without looking at the footnotes.

I get what you mean by the Peasant thing. They really were peasants. Roughly 1-2% percent of the population was able to get trough level 1 exams, which were organized in the provinces, and not in the capital. So yes, in essence most of them were peasants tilling the soil and never leaving the villages.
Some were merchants too.

My fascination started at around age 15, when after a night at the theatre I bough a copy of the Dao de Jing at a bookshop. I instantly fell in love with it.
Can't really explain it myself why.
No. 8730
Another day working til midnight.

I want to go home
No. 8731
222 kB, 1440 × 672
I am at Paul romero's concert held at Moscow.
Who would know that Tower was inspired by Russia?
No. 8732
Working and not getting paid, being a literal cuck.
Honestly until you go back o school this is the best thing you have ever done, but you are still a cuck.
No. 8733
I think you forget 80% are still rural peasants who believe anything they are told as Mao replaced God.
Visit, they are great people but very dumb and believe the government as a replacement of religion.
No. 8734
Old habits die hard, or so goes the saying.
Being a peasant with superstitions is a 3000-4000 year old habit there, and was never really fucked with until the PRC got hold of the whole country. (Except for the coast of I know correctly, apparently Shanghai was a vibrant metropolis in the early 20s and 30s)
I understand why it's hard to modernize when you have to bring billions of peasants out of both material, mental and spiritual poverty.

Honestly it's not even the peasantry I'm interested in, I care a bit more about the high culture I came across. (However orientalist and ignorant this may sound)
No. 8735
That's a HOMM screencap right?
No. 8736
Bracada mages. Forgot how thier town was named in heroes 3.. tower I presume?
t.other ernst
No. 8737
Tower I think.
In HoMM2 it was the "wizzard" faction if I recall correctly.
No. 8738
5,6 MB, 5984 × 3366
proofs btw
No. 8739
Technically Enroth Wizzards and Antagrich Bracada are different factions but gameplay-wize one sucsessor of another more or less, yes.
No. 8740
ENVY. Like litteraly. However my favorite ost for mm6 did not only him but still. What tracks he playing. Only heroes ones or from main series too?
No. 8741
I barely could recognize MM tunes. Doubt there were any.
It was mostly HoMM III and several melodies from IV, V and II. All town themes except Conflux from HoMM III were played.
Battle theme was played awesomely.
I'd like to hear Knight's castle from HoMM I, for example.
No. 8742
Oh yes. It's some journey over Russia IIRC, maybe he'll have a concert somewhere near your place.
He's going to have an interview on Russian TV tonight.
No. 8743
I heared news about him visited russia from like summer but he will not be near my place and I poor as fuck.
For god sake I only man on earth probably (well not true but still) who played ALL pre-ubisoft might and magic games and care about lore but I not had talks with any developer non have I opportunity to visit this concert.
I bet there should be bracada desert, or emerald island music from mm7, as I know romero did all tracks for 7. From mm6 dragonsand theme, town exploring 1 and 3, hive theme are awesome tracks but dunno if it romero ones. 100% romero in 6 is only snow and grass music remixes from 2nd game. Combat themes from 2nd game is awesome. I so really dream about listening this in real opera. :(
No. 8744
6 kB, 223 × 226
I also caught a really bad cold... AGAIN!
So I decided to take the next day off, and don't attend classes.
On the other hand, I'm hoping I'll get well enough to attend an event one of my old teachers recommended me.
A prominent Hungarian translator will be having a serious discussion with a linguist, and I want to hear it.
I wonder what kind of people attend these events. Last time I went to the theatre for example, it was only boomers, university aged girls, and people in their late forties.
It felt very strange. I'm not used to actual social situations. I though they were making fun of me at the theatre's café because they called me "sir".
Je suis petit bourgeoisie
No. 8745
I've attended public lectures and talks on literature twice: one about German expressionism and apocalyptic fantasies and the other about the New Subjectivity in the 1960s and 1970s in German lyricism. All of them were inhabited by grey hairs except the New Subjectivity by that cute grill who also studies literature and some others from uni. I rarely have seen any young or even 20 somethings there. Some students including myself, that's it. Theatre is mostly visited by educated middle class and upwards here. I just went there in school when I was forced too or my mum took me.
Really I like to read literature and it touches me, makes me enthusiastic, hyped or sad and confused or whatever else but I will never be some of the classic art admirer tho most people have no clue and go there to show off it seems
No. 8746
Also Kafkas Diaries came in the mail today. Gonna read a few entries everyday next to my uni readings and some theorie to have a bit more diversity.
No. 8747
I got a small philosophical monograph from the library. It was used as a textbook at one point, and the librarian wants to sack stuff like this. Since it wasn't catalogued, she just gave it away instead.
Also have fun with Kafka's diaries. I've yet to read more of his writings in any language, but it should be fun. (My next plan is to re-read Das Prozeß in either Hungarian or German. Guess I'll try it in German.)
No. 8749
All of his novels are great, Der Prozess is more paranoid than Das Schloss which is more uncanny. Amerika plays on a different level tho it shares themes and motives.

I read that people shouldn't miss his diaries and also his letters, since these can be counted as part of his work. Few months ago I listend to the audiobook version which is just 3-4h and therefore selective

Anyway, whatever you read, Kafka has a calm and simple language, yet cuts thru butter like a knife. Deleuze & Guattari argued that Kafka his so good because he does not use metaphors, he produces "minor" literature that is nothing like big overload classics ofc today Kafka is canonic but he was an outsider in the 1910s

You can argue he very well does, yet I found that explanation intriguing, because it somehow seems to fit the bill. There are motives, nexuses and sequences die Kanzleien, (Neben-)figuren als Duos auftretend as they point out and that is what makes him so special and not a fragranced pafümiert language
No. 8751
Got another third of my paycheck.

Time to pay the bills.

t. cuck
No. 8752
Also, I'm going to find a second job.
part time / online as well.

Working is pretty cool, you get to do stuff instead of refreshing EC every 5 minutes.
No. 8753
99 kB, 960 × 720
It's been a while since i last posted here for truth be said, i believe i lazied out

Anyways, i've been off in other imageboards schizoposting and expelling my demons wich is an action that if done correctly, can be quite terapeutic.
As for my life i must say that it's been taking a turn for the better, i got a job 2 months ago more a less and despite it being shitty i've been able to hold to it, mostly because i have a goal to look up to (save enough money to emigrate and start life anew)

Still gfless and i don't see an end to that situation truth be said... also, been kinda stale in regards to creating and educating myself, mostly just read manga, watched old simpsons episodes and youtube meme videos (in other words, the modern equivalent of sitting in the sofa watching television)

Nevertheless, i believe that my life is finnally progressing at least. I'm back to reading books and playing piano. Gotta draw more. Also, been able to get some contacts in galiza, may go there for a few days and hang out in the land of my ancestors and gather some historical documents for my personal research

Well, that is all
I see that the schizo kazak pal and aussie m8 are still around wich is good in regards to see familiar faces again
No. 8754
Which country do you want to move to?
No. 8755
These advanced warnings really take the fun out of typoons.
There may be one of the biggest typoons to hit hong kong this sunday afternoon cet.
But a three day warning, meh
Still have to wait until tomorrow to buy some meat and a watermelon, logic goes if cant buy more food, at least can eat water melon, if internet goes down i can watch classic twilight zone or lotg
Will also have to buy emergency beer :), but cant buy anthing yet, such an any climax.
The local markets have already increased price of vegetables due to typoon, such nice people.

Other news, Trump gaining support in hong kong, due to Chinese suppliers cant sell to usa, so wife's mom bought fruit, which says made in america, so some chinese scam, but was cheap aparently, will find out more later.

Also installed lichie chess, no adds, get to play chess against strangers 10/10 app
No. 8759
135 kB, 519 × 537
I think the fact that I can't afford real food and am having to ration what I do have to boot is starting to take its toll on me. I'm sleeping a good 15-18 hours per day and am noticing that it's a lot more difficult to stay upright for extended periods of time. Also just hauling groceries home earlier today was harder than usual and I had to have a 4 hour sleep afterwards.

This is why living wages are important, kids. Malnutrition is one hell of a drug.
No. 8764
>I suffer in the first world
In all seriousness though, don't you have a job? How could anyone be employed and yet be malnourished?
No. 8765
They cut down the hours of a lot of employees. My weekly pay doesn't even cover my rent anymore. I've been bleeding money out of my savings for a few months now. I can't really afford a proper diet.
No. 8766
459 kB, 1200 × 1200
Why you don't live with your parents or siblings?
No. 8767
I do live with my sister, but she doesn't make much more than I do. Parents are dood though. I'll have some meat later in the week because of her boyfriend cooking dinner for us all, but that's not an every-night thing and I wouldn't expect it to be.
No. 8768
>so wife's mom bought fruit, which says made in america, so some chinese scam

had to chuckle a bit

don't you have any voluntary social support spots in Australia, where people can get nearly expired food for next to nothing?
No. 8770
I know it probably is a scam, but why though? You do realize USA exports massive amounts of food?
No. 8771
What happened with the parent's property, their house/flat or at least savings?
No. 8773
I dunno. Probably not near me anyway. It's lower-end suburbia rather than the ghetto. Charity would probably go to Inala or Woodridge (ghetto areas) or something before where I am.

No property, not really that much money. The legal costs were absurd because the will was from overseas and we needed two legal teams to get it to be valid so a lot of it was eaten up anyway. Also keep in mind that everything is expensive here because Australia.
No. 8775
Northern europe most probably...
Culture of outdoors, best wildlife in europe, good living standards, autismo-friendly-countries and robust women
No. 8776
It may be a long shot but have you mentioned it to the manager/owner, they may give you more hours, they may not, any reason you cant get bennies, and are you entitled to any support if you are low wage earner.
No. 8777
I've mentioned it before but I haven't gotten much out of them. This week we had new people on the roster even, diluting work distribution even more.

I'm going to try again and talk to cennalink if nothing comes of it once more. Income support is pretty lousy though and I'd probably get knocked back for having a job even though I don't make enough to pay my cost of living because the people who run the offices tend to be the kind of people who don't get how you can get fucked over in non-professional employment.
No. 8778
1,3 MB, 1920 × 2560
I shouldn't be too down though. At least I have a kot at the new house. Also not my kot so I don't pay for his food.
No. 8786
261 kB, 1075 × 1353
Damn, that's tough.

At least I have a family to back me up. And an extended family. And further extended family. Oriental gypsy social structure safety net, I guess.
Hope your financial situation gets better.

I'd love to rent out an apartment, but that would cost nearly 70% of my income (which I'm in all honesty leeching off my brother), and I don't want to leave mom alone with an alcoholic retard.

Pretty good kot.
I don't like kots myself, I think they're not very empathetic. When around kots, I feel like they perceive me more as an object than a friend.

I kinda want to get a pet, but I guess I have no business taking care of animals when I can't take care of myself. I browsed the local pet shop, and I think I'd want to get a chinchilla. They also have midget goats for $600 :-DDDDD. I'd get one and name him Baffy for Baphomet :-DDDDDD
No. 8789
44 kB, 620 × 372
This kot is kind of funny. I've seen cranky animals before but this cat is just very 'salty' for lack of a better term. He even huffs and then turns away and ignores you if you do something he doesn't like. The psychopathy of kots is a feature tbh, not a bug :-DDD

>I'd get one and name him Baffy for Baphomet
Ebin. Goats are breddy cool though. Really hard to care for unfortunately because their habits with eating everything causes them a lot of stomach problems. Mum would always go on about how she hated working with goats and horses because they both did things that damaged themselves intentionally while cattle and sheep were less iq89.

I've also been getting nostalgic and watching old wrestling videos. Super trashy and bydlo but god damn there is just something about it that almost any male of those generations on the decadent west can relate to. Was it a thing on the Soviet Bloc?
No. 8792
185 kB, 420 × 363
I'm soon off to attend that event I talked about yesterday.
My cold got a bit better, but I'll take a painkiller for my head.
I think there is a chance that there might be too many people, and if I arrive late, then they won't let me in. But let's hope the best.
Gonna take some notes while there.

Haven't eaten anything besides a few biscuits today. No appetite. Only drank water. Can't be arsed to make tea.

Looking in the mirror, I actually look serviceable if I wash my hair and shave the proto-beard I have.
No. 8793
All goverment offices should privatized. People should get fired if they are shit about their jobs, the
uncapable ones should starve to death if they cant find a job.
No. 8794
89 kB, 600 × 800
>Super trashy and bydlo but god damn there is just something about it that almost any male of those generations on the decadent west can relate to

Too true. Some media here recently did a retrospective on "Macho Man" Randy Savage and reminded me of the little details that made his character so perfect. Stuff like referring to the camera as a 'videoscope', and his constant swaying and turning motion during interviews. I wound up re-watching old clips. Those were good times.
No. 8797
privatization won't make things better or leads to less bureaucracy. Administration people will nearly always follow the rules and hence give away their responsibilities under the order of anonymous/abstract power by legislation. Same would apply to enterprise intern "rules".
No. 8801
I'm generally hate jobs that guarantee you some shit and rights. It leads lazy scum and no competition. It was rather towards to zero competition not any place owned by government.
No. 8814
Sounds to me like you've been fired. I've heard similar stories from bar staff here, they keep you on the books to save the hassle of formally firing you and will string you along because it's only in their interest to.

No. 8815
2,5 MB, 1985 × 4333
Apparently Kohl is down. Let's hope it goes back up again or that EC mods doo a good job of containing this cancer because this image shows just what KC retards can do to a good board when they are not kept in check.
No. 8820

I just saw a kot die violently and painfully on the way to the store.

Apparently, it was hit by a car. It was writhing on the ground and screaming in agony spraying blood everywhere, because it's skull was crushed and one eye was bulging out.

Another kote was sitting next to it.

On my way back from the store, it was still sitting next to the body.

Bad feel.

Also, I'm manic again, and drank 3 cans of monster. Something about these meds I'm taking amplifies the effect of all substances I ingest. Before meds, two cans of beer was enough to make me sick and not want to drink any more. On meds, I became a 12 cans a day alcoholic for a month.

Before meds, energy drinks would just give me a headache. Now, they work so well that I feel like tearing off my clothes, running around in circles and yelling the song "Hey, what's going on" at the top of my lungs.

The only downside is that combining it with nicotine makes me retch and almost throw up violently. Maybe I could quit smoking that way. 3 cans of monster a day.
No. 8821
In general, on the post sovok, all of the combined media of american 80s and 90s flooded in at around mid 90s to 2000s.

Lots of trashy but ebin movies about muscular dudes shooting terrorists and stuff. I grew up already immersed in it, but for my parents it was probably a huge culture shock. I have nostalgia for cheesy late night TV runs of american action movies about guns or karate masters.

Also, hilariously cheesy music videos :-DDDD
No. 8822
Sad. Such is life for street kots
No. 8823
10 kB, 175 × 218
I saw something like that a few years ago.
The horrible sight has been forever burned in my brain now.
No. 8824
320 kB, 460 × 648
Maybe we should give them a board once a given critical mass is reached. Rename this one /srs/ for serious discussions and begin constructing our own language.
No. 8826
35 kB, 750 × 750
Something about street animals cuts me deeply.
I try not to think about it.

Animals that were bred to be dependant on humans now abandoned and doomed to be vermin.
I had another encounter with a dying doggo a couple years back. I was walking home from granny's house in winter, and saw a doggo laying on the ground, on wet snow. I thought it was starving or cold, so I bought a bit of meat intending to feed it, but when I approached, I noticed that its eye was bulging out and it was coughing up blood. It was ice cold. Yeah, meat's not gonna help with it. I just couldn't leave it, I petted it for a while, then wrapped it up in my hoodie and moved it on dry leafy ground. I hope it was still conscious enough to appreciate that last bit of care it received, and that it eased its suffering for even a little bit.

We don't even have vet services or anything on the kazakhstan, and I had no way of giving it the final mercy. Felt absolutely devastating, man.
It was such a beautiful doggo too. Very elegant body with a long snout.

It's easy to forget just how much sufferings there is in the world, until it hits you in the face one day. I don't know if there's any way to deal with such awareness other than simply ignoring it.
No. 8827
623 kB, 1308 × 1648
Was going to post this in the videogames thread but here it will probably get more attention. Would any Ernst be interested in playing classic Ace of Spades? Seems like a game you people would be interested in.
No. 8831
Hey Deuce! :3
I play this game already for years and know all about it! What servers you usually hang out on?
No. 8834
I don't play it these days. Used to spends hours digging trenches with Bernd back in the days but after KC went to shit nobody really wanted to play with me so I stopped playing the game completely.
No. 8836
That does sound like a distressing encounter. Thanks for sharing, Brick: you have a very compelling and soulful manner of storytelling. Personally I am rather insulated from death and suffering as I live in a middle class suburb in USA: I don't think I've ever even seen a stray dog. There is a cat that wanders around my neighborhood occasionally but he has an owner.

Incidentally my dog killed a skunk a few weeks ago. My dad was just walking him around town when suddenly he grabbed a skunk out of a bush and thrashed it in an instant, breaking its neck. So we took him to the vet to get a rabies booster shot even though the skunk probably wasn't rabid. Such cases
No. 8862
Apparently, you can smoke ground coffee.
Another reason to get into rolling your own cigs.

Also, drinking an disgusting instant coffee. While listening to neo synth dance music.
Also, my farts smell like rotten mushrooms and redbull :-DDDDDDDD.

Also, my gym membership is running out and I only went there a couple times because of my fucked up schedule. I cheaped out and took the morning to noon subscription instead of the 7 am to midnight one, but I often pull late shifts then oversleep.
Also, for some reason I'm more energetic and motivated in the evening than in the morning.

I remember playing it like 5 or so years ago with 4kanker /v/.
Fun game it was.
No. 8875
How weather today in your region?
No. 8879
43 kB, 447 × 598
Well, I went to the event, got there on time, and the place was full, so they didn't let me in.
But there was a livestream of it on facebook, so I grabbed the file and I'll watch it later tomorrow.
Strangely enough, most people were around 5-10 years older than me by the looks, so it wasn't really the old people crowd.

I'm a bit disappointed, but I don't feel that bad about it. Wanted to eat in the city, but there were lines in every single establishment I've looked at.

All in all, I've wasted around an hour preparing myself to look nice, and I've wasted 50~ minutes getting there and back home.
The way back felt like a fever dream, and I think it's only pure luck I've haven't gotten into any trouble because of acting upon my instincts or not looking where I'm going.
No. 8883
106 kB, 800 × 460
Cold, but sunny (some clouds), no wind and no rain.

Such weather happens when snow falls on the mountains, and the cold radiates down into the city.

So even though the sun is shining, it's cold as hell.
No. 8922
I'm hoping nothing goes wrong and I can get tobacco. I think I got addicted again because already I'm feeling incredibly bitchy and hostile without it.
No. 8942
Good evening, Ernst.

for my country I cant really say that autumn is here, but the weather has been cooling down significantly and we are having some nights of cool breeze and bearable weather.

I have a splitting migraine due to bad sleeping schedules and not enough water for the day, the usual. I have been having this issue since I was a child, but as I grew up my tolerance for this kind of pain is getting less and less.

There is a concert outside not very far away from me playing local indie music. I cannot stand this type of music and I can still hear it through the closed windows.

yeah, so a typical day for me...
No. 8944 Kontra
thank you for the ball, mods/admin! may you gents have a better night than I am having.
No. 8987
It probably nice and same time strange to live in town near big moutians and same time in land. I want in one moutian town in mine region and it was much colder than mine town same time. Thought I have to admit, pictures like that you posted looks beautifull. You live in south or north kazahstan? I'd like to visit kazahstan one time and interested in best nature places to see.
No. 8988
115 kB, 666 × 501
76 kB, 800 × 600
52 kB, 480 × 480
266 kB, 1440 × 1080
I live in southeast kazakhstan, Almaty.
Most of the time the horizon is obscured by buildings, but when you see the mountains towering over the city, and the clouds towering over the mountains, it gives you this sense of awe.

Best nature places in kazakhstan is popularly agreed to be north east and east. You have evergreens, mountains, lakes, rivers. And -50 C on some winter days. The best eurasian sharp continental biome has to offer.

Me, I personally prefer the steppe. It's not a tourist destination because it's empty, but that's the point.

We have lots of russian tourists in almaty, and some westerners. I often see them near panfilov park.
No. 9004
How it feels to live in city that was a capital but now not? Also I interested, why capital of kazahstan was switched anyway? What do you think about Astana compare to your city?
No. 9011
150 kB, 1200 × 900
1,1 MB, 4000 × 3000
254 kB, 1200 × 900
245 kB, 1200 × 900
Here's some photos of my rooftop view.

Took it like a year ago on a cold spring morning when the air was clear, early in the morning when the city smog didn't obscure the mountains yet. My shitty ancient camera is pretty bad, but I hope it does the trick.

Feels good. Biggest city, most infrastructure, and least amount of assholes compared to the capital city.
You know how capital cities always attract assholes, but also happen to be the most important place in the country. Well, it's not like that here. Almaty is the biggest city and "cultural center" of kazakhstan, but all the assholes are over in Astana.
If I had to make a comparison, it would be like SPB vs Moscow.

Capital was moved further north to gain a foothold on the russian heavy northern kazakhstan, but creating a big economical hub, thus attracting kazakhs from the south to immigrate north to even out the population and reduce separatism. Or at least that's what I've heard. Also back then kazakhstan was aligning itself to the west, getting investments, partnerships with western powers, etc, so maybe it was also a symbolic move, since almaty is right next to china.
No. 9012
It almost looks like Montana, or Colorado. Looks pretty comfy.
No. 9015
Part of the problem with Slavic commie architecture is that it does not allow any light to go through, the result of which is just perpetual darkness in the thoroughfares in already dark countries.

Also I forgot to post about this, but I realized something, that Russian skies really ARE too low. Isn't it true that the earth bulges a bit in the middle? If so wouldn't then the atmosphere be slightly thicker closer to the equator? I noticed this between visiting New England and Texas. New England has this really cramped but cozy feel to it and somehow the sky just seems smaller. But in Texas the sky just feels much bigger somehow. I actually wonder if the higher latitudes just have thinner skies.
No. 9017
426 kB, 980 × 653
3,2 MB, 2121 × 1414
Same sharp continental topography.

America looks a lot like central asia (sharp continental, ranging from scorching deserts/steppes to freezing mountains), but on crack. The nature there is very exaggerated and amplified. If we have charyn canyon, you have the grand canyon, which is the granddaddy of all canyons.

It's why americana gives me such huge feels. Seeing a muscle car driving on a highway through a vast steppe evokes the same kinds of feels as driving from almaty to ust kamenogorsk and seeing nothing but the road and the plains around you for days on end.

Also, native americans are ancient altaics, infa 100% :-DDDDDDD
No. 9020
My district is pretty cozy in that "quiet soviet commieblock district where nothing happens" way, I like it even if it's a bit provincial and ugly.

The new districts at the edge of the city are much better planned, less crowded and generally look better.

Then there's the... inner city suburbs, as strange as that sounds. Places that used to be suburbs, that the city grew around and just ignored, paving roads between them. So in almaty, you can be walking through a busy street full of cars, then turn right and walk into the trees, and discover an entire village obscured by trees. And being there really does feel like you ended up in a village, down to small springs and water mills people have built on them :-DDDDD.
No. 9022
1,4 MB, 1345 × 648
>Also, native americans are ancient altaics, infa 100% :-DDDDDDD
Truly, Tengri is another name for Jehova and the Turkic people are the Israelites))))))))
No. 9028
>Also, hilariously cheesy music videos
Seeing as you like that and Americana, I can only recommend you watch the official video of Hulk Hogan's theme song. Prepare your anus for the most Burger-tier thing you'll see for a while.

No. 9029
154 kB, 729 × 638
This is an ameri-bear webm, except even more burger-tier and unironic.
No. 9030
The US are located at the same latitudes as Kazakhstan.
I thought that nature must be similar, it seems I'm not wrong.
No. 9032
366 kB, 1632 × 918
>Capital was moved further north to gain a foothold on the russian heavy northern kazakhstan, but creating a big economical hub, thus attracting kazakhs from the south to immigrate north to even out the population and reduce separatism. Or at least that's what I've heard. Also back then kazakhstan was aligning itself to the west, getting investments, partnerships with western powers, etc, so maybe it was also a symbolic move, since almaty is right next to china.
Oh, I get it, politics. Well, pretty understandable, and about separatism too, since all post-ussr countries during 90s had continuation where somre regions wanted to be independed. However I don't think that this will ever happen in kazahstan, aside jokes, your country is pretty stable. However it be nice if and russia, and belarusand kazahstan will get rid of it's meme-diktators.

>You know how capital cities always attract assholes, but also happen to be the most important place in the country. Well, it's not like that here. Almaty is the biggest city and "cultural center" of kazakhstan, but all the assholes are over in Astana.
Well, I hope Astana better than SPb. I like SPb city center -you know, it's like alive musem, but rest of the city - well, it was meh, don't liked it overall, not the best place to live. not by weather, not by people. New builded districts is more terrible. SPb is fun only when you watch 90s bandit movies and series like Улицы разбитых фанарей (first-second seasons only rest is shit) to see most memetic post-ussr 90-s possible. However, it may be like thins because I'am live in less than half milion population city with different kind of people and mostly visited pre-million cities. Basicly, SPb was only over-million city I was. I was also in Yaroslavl' but it 700k.

Good pics. Indded, your camera is good enough. I tke my photos on terrible phone camera
No. 9034
Hmm I thought it'd be not so similar, since America has not enough "continental" and oceans are clother than it is in center of Eurasia.
No. 9037
47 kB, 642 × 642
260 kB, 650 × 440
80s Pro Wrestling was a wild time. The whole thing ramped the 'MERICA to 11. It was kind of ironic though in that case. Hogan's gimmick was to be this kind of 'All-American Hero' kind of guy. It was for the character rather than the man himself. There were some full-on gimmicks in the 80s too, so don't be too surprised by how intensely ameribear tier that video is :-DD

the 'Soviet' opponent in that match, Nikolai Volkoff is a stage name, and he's not even Russian but a Croat :-DDD
No. 9041
48 kB, 590 × 491
>Nikolai Volkoff
At least not Zangief or Dolph Lundgren X---DDD

>It was for the character rather than the man himself.
I remember there was a giant commerical for pirate non-licensed Ninendo catrige, some sort of Action-52 or similar one, and it was filmed as some sort of "video games tournament" (decade before your Starcraft and Counter Strike!) and Hogan was in role of show host
No. 9050
224 kB, 1101 × 679
I'm pretty amazingly critical of my country and I have to admit, that gives me a feel
No. 9053
149 kB, 1090 × 1010
Beautiful place. Doesn't seem crowded at all.

I'm not even American but the video still inspires awe. It reminds me of that clip from Stephen Fry's travels in America:

America could kill us all but they'd put one hell of a show on doing it.
No. 9062
No. 9067
I've just done the laundry, but it's pissing down outside
No. 9070
Since there is no bolitigs / philosophy threda (and probably isn't allowed), I'll post my musings on economics from marxist perspective I wrote at work in this thread to copy to my philosophy journal at home.

There's actually only two economic systems in rigorous terms, from marxist / dialectical materialist terms.

Communism (never been achieved)
And capitalism.

Think of economics as human social emergent equivalent of evolution.

Communism would be an idealistic state where human will triumps evolution. A sort of a garden of eden state, where there was no scarcity, therefore no struggle (species struggle in this case), and therefore no evolution. All living beings lived in solidarity. Unfortunately, it's only a hypothetical.

Capitalism would be post garden of eden. And no matter how you try to frame the semantics, evolution or survival of the fittest, is ALWAYS happening, because survival of the fittest is a priori true, and a law of nature like thermodynamics.

So all systems that aren't communism (which doesn't exist) are capitalism, no matter how you frame them. They're all fundamentally about class struggle and economical "fitness". Fascism, neoliberalism, imperialism, feudalism, whatever. The only thing that changes is who gets to be the proletariat. The undermensch, the third worlders, or the colonies, or the peasants. Somebody HAS to be the proletariat, as long as the laws of thermodynamics and entropy hold.

I guess the the point of contention between left and right economics is the question of whether economics serve man or man serves economics. In the "natural" state, it seems that men are simply... a medium through which material dialectics develops. The "spirit" of entropy/dialectics/economics/kapital, whatever you name it, is at the central stage of material history, while humans are simply yet another resource, medium, the body to its platonic solid, if you will, the actors being directed by the God Head. And as such, they are created and expended freely in accordance to the tides of entropy.

Such cases.
No. 9071
Holy fugg being sleep deprived for 30 hours and high on 8 cans of monster gives me superpowers.

I feel like an idiot savant. I have achieved katalepsis, but have to count how many sheets of paper there was in my document stack like 10 times.
No. 9074
Oh man, don't do that. Lay off the engery drinks and stick with Sencha+Mate+Guarana, please. I don't want you to have another episode like the one where you were drunk for days and things spiralled out of control. These energy drinks will give you such a bad rebound from your mania that you could slide back to drinking beer.
Just ... calm down, get some sleep and drin tea and an occasional coffee to stay motivated during the day.
No. 9077
The shitty thing about mania is that it's kinda like being a cokehead, except your brain synthesizes stimulants inside itself without your consent.
And once you're high on dopamine, you can't stop, since your frontal lobes go into stimulus response mode
No. 9079
>So all systems that aren't communism (which doesn't exist) are capitalism

Capitalism is defined as constant accumulation which differs from a rather little surplus that the powers in feudalism took from the production of their serfs. Every system reproduces it's vertical power structure in some way tho.
There is a difference between capitalism and power systems/techniques, the former uses variants of the latter.

Since survival of the fittest is about the one best fitting and not triumphing over all others, communism could be the state in which mankind best fits, whatever that means. I don't hold much of teleology.
Just keep in mind humans care for each other. Just another apriori

Neoliberalism fosters individuation and more important: individual rivalries on personal and private levels. Who leads the best life, better than others? Who traveled were and how far? Who has the fastest car, the happiest family, the coolest clothing, the best grades.....list goes on and on. This dimension is not natural but man made.

The (scariest) technophile deliberation from the technoleft today is:
>If nature is unjust, change nature
No. 9084
Sufferings weren't.
Today was a good day, managed to finally enjoy Saturday for once instead of worrying about work. I realized the importance of Sabbath-like day, one wherein you get to relax, slow down, and deliberately stop working. Weekends are there for a reason. I hope all of you are able to enjoy your weekend too.
No. 9093
903 kB, 300 × 200, 0:03
Since I've become a certified bachelor, I am getting ready to exams into mastership.
Topics for exam seem to be not very hard, but, still, it feels like they are too broad and I feel uncertain.
Should I worry or I shouldn't?
No. 9094
91 kB, 1500 × 1292
I've been a certified bachelor my whole life.
No. 9095
You should do lots of reading of journals and keep at it because this is your life now.
No. 9101
>this is your life now
Do you imply I decided to go for PhD or something?
No. 9108
I bought some leberkase at the deli. How should I eat it? So far I have been combining it with cheese and wholegrain mustard on bread
No. 9109
You (should have) started reading journals articles in your undergrad years and now is the point that rapidly escalates. Obviously being 'taught' scum you're still going to have textbooks to read but if you're not planning on reading beyond then you're going to have a bad time.
No. 9111 Kontra
Why so aggressive?
No. 9114
29 kB, 480 × 480
That feel when have resisted the urge to drink several times in weeks.
So strange, I have never inhibited an impulse before.
Are the meds working? Am I developing agency? Am I a real human now? Do I have a soul? Did my pineal gland finally awaken and caught a 4G connection with the Holy Spirit?
No. 9119
I'm speaking from experience.
No. 9134
Well, interesting, what's your experience?
No. 22447 Kontra