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No. 82350
364 kB, 1847 × 1002
271 kB, 800 × 968
3,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
Video games thread - my turn edition.

In a daring dash, a friendly AI secured valuable assets deep within the borderlands.
A unit without supply needs is powerful for deep commando operations, but this border region is yet to be reinforced against the close by Panzermark.

The mistake to declare an applied science director to early was made, still a lot of regular research to be done before they can do anything at all.
The budget cuts were mostly taken like a champ.

The OOB for now excluding militia consist of the usual MG regiments for overall needs, but this time 8 regiments of regular infantry were raised too, they are planned to be expanded into offensive battalions to better assist armored assaults.
Larger militia formations proof useful to quickly grow new borderzones when disbanded.
No. 82356
415 kB, 1920 × 1080
Guess the game
No. 82363
"Assassin's Creed"? As a child, I was big fan of first two games. Wished that they made a gorrilion games of all different settings. Dreams came true, but I don't want even to download it...
No. 82371
Man, what I would give for Assassin's Creed 1 to be done right. I still really like that game, and its intended emphasis on in-plain-sight stealth and the excellent city design (turn off the HUD, and pay attention to what NOCs say and you can still complete every mission in the game without too much hassle by using landmarks and logic (listen for citizens in trouble, check marketplaces for others, and the bureau guy will tell you a rough location relative to a landmark during the briefing).

Too bad it's a little repetitive and the assassinations feel scripted to fail, albeit counterbalanced by the fact that you can use stealth to ensure you have a clear getaway path before going for the target.
No. 82382
>but I don't want even to download it
Why's that?
No. 82383
Because Ubishit is boring, repetitive and soulless.
No. 82402
This, I played AssCreed 1 and it was cool due to the graphical fidelity on my new console back then, some time later I pirated Farcry 3, which was also cool due to the map and stuff to do, but I already noticed similarities.
Ever since I have zero interest in playing another reskin of those games again, except maybe FC4 for its settis.
No. 82421
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
> Too bad it's a little repetitive
That's quite an understatement, I bought it on sale and played it some months ago because I had good memory of the medieval cities, and they did a remarkable work on that. But after a few hours in I quickly felt like I was doing unpaid work and got irritated at how repetitive and mechanical everything was, I just switched to watching a lets play before reaching the end part.

Maybe worse than the copy/pasted secondary quests is the fact that you can't perform any assassination stealthily. You get through the hassle of collecting clues and information about your target for nothing. Compare that to Thief where you can rob someone blind and leave, still unnoticed after frolicking in a big ass manor from basement to attic

Pic unrelated but I finished a couple of Half-life 2 mods (Dawnfall, Minerva and Year Long Alarm)
No. 82439
Any game that interferes with gameplay for story reasons is shit, no exceptions.
No. 82460
For sure, which is what I meant by the kill being scripted to fail sucking. The clues are pretty handy of you want to set up the place for escaping when shit goes down though.

Last time I played it, I only played a bit at a time, and the repetitiveness was definitely there with the copy-paste quests, but was helped a bit by the fact that I did have to actually look for them, which made a lot more gameplay happen. I have heard that the hud was actually put in very late in the game and honestly, turning it off makes me believe it. The game is noticeably better. Still not amazing but I had a good enough time.
No. 82734
3,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
271 kB, 1920 × 1080
Had a great game of Shadow Empire, trying to keep up against a regime that started close to a few minors that it quickly absorbed and grew very powerful.
But from one day to the other the whole game choked, as I can't advance any turns anymore, it just crashes, no difference whether a new game or a saved game.
Sad! Maybe it gets playable against some day in the future.

Then I played some Endless Space 2 and I have to admit, I liked ES1 more, it didn't have that racial storyline bullshit, just pure 4X.
I also disliked that they placed symbols for every kind of resource instead of just spelling it out, now how would you imagine the symbol of bandwidth to look like, if you get the notice that next turn a resource scarcity will happen if you don't fix shit?

So I bought Interstellar Space on sale and it seems like a nice, complex 4X to satisfy my bogged lust.
The battle system is especially nice, as it's some kind of turn-based tactical fleet combat.
No. 82736
259 kB, 1920 × 1080
7,3 MB, 640 × 360, 1:34
>Endless Space 2
There's some weird things with that game as you say, everything is a symbol so you have no idea wtf is going on until you've played like 100 hours in it, but when you get used to it it's one of the best 4x games out there.

That is, until you buy DLC, each DLC actively makes the game far worse with the exception of the first two (vaulters and supremecy)

I've like 500 hours in it so I enjoyed it a lot, but the game was ruined by them outsourcing their DLC to fucking Brazil or somewhere who made garbage.

btw the Unfallen are probably my favourite ''Civ'' in any 4x game ever, their game mechanics are awesome, their backstory too. Fucking space Ents
No. 82738
>each DLC actively makes the game far worse
Oh yeah, that Awakening DLC might be the worst DLC I've ever seen, even if you count worthless DLCs adding new skins, heroes, bells and whistles and so on. At least with the latter you get something for your money — with the Awakening you just paid to get spat in the face.
No. 82743
445 kB, 512 × 512
Just finished a Chris playthrough of Resident Evil: Director's Cut.
It's the very first time I played it. I didn't have a Playstation back then and wasn't even ten when it came out, so my first game was the REmake on Gamecube, which I really liked.
Now on a whim and because we had recently talked about the FMV actors I decided to play the original.
Certain kinds of autists on another imageboard always claim the REmakes are shit and that the originals are SOOOO much better.
Well, I don't agree. I can understand how people back then loved it and it's still serviceable, but I don't see much of a better atmosphere or anything.
It's not worse, but different.
Although the FMV sequences and the cheesy voice acting, coupled with playing the German version with lots of silly translational errors certainly have their own charm.
No. 82751
Have you got any recommendations for games like Endless Space 2? I loved it, particularly the early stages where you're exploring systems and hoping for good luck with the resources. Don't say Stellaris, I use enough autism at my day job and could never get into that. I too loved the Unfallen but it's a shame the AI was never a threat because it was terrible at playing them and never seemed to expand beyond a few systems.
No. 82773
>Don't say Stellaris, I use enough autism at my day job and could never get into that.
Why though? Stellaris isn't really less accessible than ES2, IMO.
No. 82774 Kontra
This. Stellaris is probably the easiest space4X to "get into".
At least it didn't take me long when I tried it.
It's as easy as any new-gen paradox game.

True depth is in Distant Worlds and Aurora4X where it's the equivalent of getting a degree in management and you need to stare at the video game equivalent of Microsoft Office to manage your empire with 0 user feedback. Did that button do anything? Who knows? Keep playing. Set turn speed to 1 sec!
No. 82778
Aurora isn't that out there tbh. It's comparable in autism to plenty of older wargames, or more recent monsters. The UI is just really ass and makes it look worse than it is.
No. 82810
314 kB, 1920 × 1080
I'm pretty sure that this hacking stuff also was added with some DLC and I'd only play another round with it turned off.
It adds nothing but chore and confusion getting the message that a system of yours was hacked and I "should check the economy, tech and planetary screens or see the effects immediately take effect".
Never found out what it actually does to me and still I'm winning my first game by a lot.
Meanwhile me hacking pirates/minors never really did something of value.
But your post made me think to revisit the game once more, once I'm done with Interstellar Space.

Still, what is it with such games being actively ruined by DLC? The same happened with Stellaris.

Also check my empire atm.
The pesky green crustaceans snatched the rare system with neutronium, so they will probably go first.
The blue ayy lmaos will have the honor to become my underlings.
And finally the filthy hoomans in cyan will be eradicated as well.
Me being the hot desert Shredder waifus.
No. 82869
6,4 MB, 1024 × 576, 0:33
3,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
I didn't even bother with that one, the previous one Penumbra or whatever was so bad I had to go look up how to deactivate DLC on your steam account
I never played Stellaris, I don't touch Paradoxshit if I can help it. So no I can't really think of anything to recommend except for Master of Orion 2
Yeah Penumbra added the hacking shit, what a load of busywork for literally nothing, that's the one that killed my enjoyment of the game so I switched off that DLC completely and didn't get any more
>Still, what is it with such games being actively ruined by DLC? The same happened with Stellaris.
Money, and in the case of ES2 it's made in Unity so you can outsource that DLC to a bunch of trained monkeys in Brazil who know Unity and can churn out some garbage for cheap.

Endless Space 1 was ruined by its shit expansion pack too btw, and Surviving Mars has been absolutely gutted by SHIT dlc (but it's paradox so you can expect that)

Snowrunner has gotten consistantly shit DLC also, it's all so tiresome
No. 82905
466 kB, 1920 × 1080
498 kB, 1920 × 1080
Still have to get Snowrunner on sale some time, really enjoyed Mudrunner for what simple timewaste it is.
I take it that all the value in Snowrunner also comes from mods, not DLC?

What bothered me with ES1 most is how you can cheese the game by simply spamming highly tuned smol ship, corvettes or frigates whatever they were.
With such a simple exploit you just feel stupid by not using it.

Downloading ES2 rn, without said Penumbra mod, after eliminating the whole fleet of the second largest empire in ISG, I was just toying with the AI until getting bored.
No offense real AI bro that will read all that at some point in the future.
No. 82979
19,5 MB, 1024 × 576, 1:56
>I take it that all the value in Snowrunner also comes from mods, not DLC?
I didn't use mods at all, I bought the base game + season 1 DLC for like 20 euro last year and I didn't buy any more DLC.

Apparently the latter DLC is crap anyway. Btw there's no steam workshop so I don't even know where you get mods, probably nexus or something like that.
>What bothered me with ES1 most is how you can cheese the game by simply spamming highly tuned smol ship, corvettes or frigates whatever they were.
Cheesing a single player game is a non-issue to me, devs like the guys who made Darkest Dungeon and Rimworld alienated a lot of players because they didn't like it when those players cheesed certain mechanics. In a MP game fair enough but single player? let people have fun how they want
>Downloading ES2 rn, without said Penumbra mod
I would say just activate the Vaulters DLC and the Supremecy DLC, you could even play without Supremecy because Behemoths are another ''cheese'' method of playing the game
No. 83060 Kontra
Playing The Witcher III with Polish sound and English subs. The impression is definitely better.
No. 83205
206 kB, 1920 × 1080
236 kB, 1920 × 1080
292 kB, 1920 × 1080
244 kB, 1920 × 1080
Just finished a game of ES2, was quite enjoyable throughout.
Especially without that hacking bs.
Went with most glorious Horatio and felt joy seeing ever more Horatio everywhere.
Allied with the slimy capitalist mommy milkers, which elevated both of us into godhood.
>tfw you will never engage in oyakodon with your ideal femboy yourself bf and slug milk truk space mom

>I didn't use mods at all, I bought the base game + season 1 DLC for like 20 euro last year and I didn't buy any more DLC.
>Apparently the latter DLC is crap anyway. Btw there's no steam workshop so I don't even know where you get mods, probably nexus or something like that.
Wtf? No workshop? I remember many mods of Mudrunner already had comments that hoped that this mod would get ported to Snowrunner asap when it releases.
And some mod maps were excellent to "solve" with modded heavy machinery.

>Cheesing a single player game is a non-issue to me, devs like the guys who made Darkest Dungeon and Rimworld alienated a lot of players because they didn't like it when those players cheesed certain mechanics. In a MP game fair enough but single player? let people have fun how they want
Yeah, gladly I noticed that cheese only after a few games, so once I finally used it I got burned out of the game anyway.

>I would say just activate the Vaulters DLC and the Supremecy DLC, you could even play without Supremecy because Behemoths are another ''cheese'' method of playing the game
Haven't even researched anything behemoth related yet, I rather focus on 2-3 main hero fleets and a few half sized auxiliary fleets for support. Seemed to be just another research sink to me.
No. 83269
I don't understand how battles work in this game. I simply make the most fancy ships available and try to make them diversified (different types of armors / defenses). And also special ships for transporting land troops.
No. 83279
I always go for light shielding, lots of armor, max amount of weapons on the attacker classes and 2 those repair hull after battle/battle phase modules on defenders, 2:1 attackers to defenders.
With that they come out in pristine condition after most encounters.

Never cared much about modules that only offer better bombardment or manpower.
Just orbit the system for a few turns with a large enough fleet to make its defense go down and deny the enemy a counterattack due to superior firepower.

Also I try to skip the smallest ship class as good as possible, just research the smol defender early on against some pirates, the rush the larger hunter/support classes as your bread and butter.
No. 83418
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

Could we arrange an EC game of Endless Space 2? I always wanted to try playing real people but was never sure how it would work when a single person's turn could take 10 minutes, a game could last days and there's no way of knowing what other people's schedules are.

Nobody should be allowed to play Horatio though, they're too OP
No. 83425 Kontra
35 kB, 268 × 265
Just made it into global top 20 times on some Dirt 2.0 tracks. Feels great. Fsssst pspspspsss pär pärrrr pärrrrrrrrrrrrr :DDD

Such a great game. Works wonders when your brains are toast for the day.
No. 83453
  1. Picked up Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous during a sale.
Had a lot of fun experimenting with different classes and just replaying Act 1 over and over again and finally settled on Alchemist (Grenadier) for cool AoE dmg, buffs and debuffs on my MC.

2. Playing stardew valley with my gf on lazy sundays. Had this game in my library for ages but just now got to play it. Very fun and cosy in coop.

3. Wanted my gf to get into Terraria but it's too stressful for her. Playing until WoF however really sparked my interest in that game again, especially since there's been a few updates since I played so now I made another solo world and char. In hindsight I'd rank terraria one of the best games ever. It's so damn replayable and alwys cool with friends or alone. I tested around with the new Zenith challenge seed but quickly got filtered by Brain of Cthulhu. Maybe with a friend someday but I'm too bad to play it on legendary (the challenge seed adds tons of traps, you start out in hell, you must eat regularly, there's lava and burning blocks all over the world, the surface is eternally dark and completely full of corruption/crimson and bosses have advanced movesets. the ultimate challenge!)
Then again, I haven't even touched mods at all. I can see myself replaying this game for the rest of my life regularly.
No. 83458
Sounds alluring, but I'm no multiplayer man.
Also after some bugfixes, Shadow Empire is finally wörking against.
No. 83514
I tried Cyberpunk 2077 just to see what its like and actually liked it a lot, doing 2nd playthrough now.
No. 83520
1,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
13,6 MB, 1080 × 1080, 6:24
Finally back to Shadow Empire.
Other 4X now were fine, but you just have to love the in-depth of this game, there's always something to tinker and turn for fine-tuning.

Hydra Planet for small passages, sometimes only traversal by infantry.
Hostile planetary conditions, hostile apex predator fauna called "Rapers" with a sentient genus somewhere.
Godlike influence to random chance may have been used to slightly favor the blessed people with their initial models and leaders.
Government aligns to commerce/heart/meritocracy for now with the rather pragmatic possibility to lean more towards democracy later, the local cult compromises of hedonistic joy-seekers.

The starting point looks great.
A offer to financially support a fifth column movement within the minor regime to the north came in.
The foreign affairs directer was appointed first to see if annexing/unifying minor regimes is really that broken, but probably needed given skill vs. difficulty.

>Primary: secure the north against the major regime there.
>Secondary: secure the eact for a future expansion.
>Tertiary: liberate the wect.
No. 83523
I actually liked it right when it came out. I have encountered some bugs back then, but none of them were game-breaking. Either I got lucky with my PC specs being able to run it fine, or it wasn't nearly as bad as people like to paint it. I have a suspicion that most people who cry "waaah, Cyberpunk is shit, literally unplayable" nowadays never even tried to play it themselves and just parrot the opinions of consolefags who tried to run it on their worthless and outdated PS4s.

Then again, even though the game's version is 1.6 already, there are still some annoying glitches around. I did my second playthrough recently, and had stuff like Sandevistan not working, stealth damage bar disappearing etc. The gameplay balance is pretty bad too: unless you deliberately sabotage your build, somewhere around the lvl 25-30 you turn into unstoppable death machine, and some builds become ones even earlier. But hey, it's a single player game, so it's not as important.
No. 83531
To me the issue was simply lack of sandbox fun. I can spend hours fucking around in the Same Andreas sandbox, causing street fights from road rage, or having police chases etc. but the map in Cyberpunk is just less dynamic feeling. It didn't even have a convincing police system to play with. The really below average looter element didn't add much to the experience either considering that especially with weapons, the variety wasn't really there for a lot of the early game. You just picked up identical guns which had arbitrarily higher or lower stats which made it tedious rather than exciting.

The game had a fuckload of potential, and there were bits I really liked, even among the parts often criticized (I actually really like the permanent first person perspective, and many of the areas are genuinely pretty cool) but beyond the bugs and such, the game working properly still just felt like the back half of development (fleshing out the environment around the skeleton of major quests) was rushed and unfinished. Dunno if it's been fixed much since around 1.2 when this was though.
No. 83556
>lack of sandbox fun
That's the problem with absolute majority of open world games (except ones that were designed specifically to be sandboxes, of course): there's a huge map, but there's nothing to do, and if there is something to do, it gets boring really fast and often feels like half-assed padding (dungeons in Skyrim, gigs and NCPD missions in Cyberpunk etc.). So yeah, I agree with you, if the open world offers no opportunities to fuck around, there shouldn't be an open world in the first place. And yeah, I believe that most open world games (Cyberpunk included) would actually be better as map/level based games, kinda like metroidvanias, immersive sims and soulsbornes (bar Elden Ring).
No. 83557
I've long been a proponent of shadow of Chernobyl having one of the better open worlds. Small, semi-linear map design that allows for player freedom in approach without becoming a bunch of 'stuff' scattered on a roughly rectangular plane.

I'd very much be down for more level oriented games tbh. Even just the paring back of everything needing a lite rpg progression system would be a big improvement. Did Elden Ring manage to be as good as DS1 for map design btw? Haven't played yet but was wondering how effective the open world was for that style of game.
No. 83563
>Did Elden Ring manage to be as good as DS1 for map design btw?
In my opinion, no. I mean, its bigger locations, like castles and extensive dungeons, are as interesting to explore as locations in older Souls games, but between these locations in Elden Ring are huge empty areas peppered with tiny uninteresting dungeons, boring easy minibosses and mildly annoying enemy encounters. People were cumming rainbows from the existence of an open world Souls game, but I fail to see the appeal. Still a great game, IMO, but it's not the open world part that makes it great.
No. 83579
Sandevistan randomly not working was the number 1 bug for me and incredibly infuriating. There's also a ton of traffic bugs not really smoothed out, and shit like cars waiting for other cars before teleporting into another place. It's just not a great game due to all these technical issues.

But the city is nice, the story is not half bad if not obviously cut down from what it should have been and first and foremost I think this is the first major Cyberpunk 2020 based video game ever so I guess that's why i liked it.
No. 83615
>Did Elden Ring manage to be as good as DS1 for map design btw?
I agree with
a lot.
The so called "legacy" dungeons feature classic souls level design but the overall world design is severely different (i.e. flat) from DaS1.
It has many other merits and it's a good open world since it's very fun to explore but not remotely as intricate as DaS1.
No. 83617
I found the "open world" of Kingdom Come: Deliverance pretty cool.
Some might argue that because of it's size it's not really an open "world", but I thought it was enough, and it was good and basically made true on all the promises Witcher 3 gave (like "every building can be entered" and such).
Of course it's also rather "empty", but well, it's just a part of some backwater bohemian region, so why should there be treasure chests and such everywhere?
That said, I never even managed to find all the treasure chests and I am sure there are some parts of the map I haven't been to yet, even after several playthroughs.
No. 83618
The map is indeed great. I never finished the game because it never really grabbed me after multiple attempts (have fun but then get burned out by something and stop playing, also the long-ass unskippable tutorial really doesn't make me want to do more playthroughs) but it's a game that I'm glad exists. However, the overworld is incredibly organic and just feels good to explore, even if kind of empty.
No. 83620
Heh, I always enjoy the intro tbh.
Especially since if you know what you're doing you can get a bunch of bonuses already and start rather OP into the main game.
Plus pre-destruction Skalitz is incredibly comfy.

And yeah, the overworld is probably the second best and certainly most organic looking right after CotW's.
No. 83696
My biggest gripe was that its combat system presented itself to be player skill based in the tutorial but then without mentioning it gated parries/ripostes behind hidden dice rolls/stat comparisons.
In the tutorial/trianing fights Henry would always perfectly execute special maneuvers if the timing was right.
In the field against actual enemies, Henry's skill in relation to the enemies skill determines if you can even attempt these maneuvers.
This gaslit me hard because I thought I was suddenly just missing the inputs. Only after I looked it up online I knew what was happening.
Then I just started to abuse alchemy.
No. 83698
The map isn't that large but there's still more to do or to see than in most other open worlds.
Also every NPC in the game is "real". They don't just randomly spawn when you're near. They have routines' workplaces and homes.

The Yakuza games are also tiny but full of fun stuff to do.

A large game world like that of a GTA game just feels dead.
No. 83705
349 kB, 1920 × 1080
472 kB, 1920 × 1080
324 kB, 1920 × 1080
319 kB, 1920 × 1080
After jumping back and forth on many of the operations on Mius Front, I decided to sit down and focus one one at a time. Normally, I do a turn or two - get distracted with life, come back, and feel like doing something different, or playing something else. It's actually quote a nice feeling to get further into it - I find myself caring much more about maintaining key ammunitions (atgm's), and swapping front-line units with the reserve.

My first focused campaign was the Iran Iraq war, Operation Nasr one. The first of the two operations is an Iranian assault / Iraqi defence. Iraqi's are dug in, but Iranians have significant air support.

I played as the Iraqi's - and it went well. The Iranians primary issues are strategic, and line up with the reality - they kneecapped their army after the revolution via purges, and for this operation, they attacked through unfavourable terrain (muddy/wet), with a tank force that both had inadequate infantry support, and was inadequate in size.

I copied the Iraqi tactic, of sitting dug in, and letting them come to me - it worked well, however I had some issues on a section of the front where I had very inadequate air defence. Such cases - I didn't realise until it was too late. The vast majority of losses were from the Iranian helicopters, and I ended with total victory on this operation overall.

I am going to try the Iraqi counter-attack next (it assumes the Iranians succeeded in historical advances). I will maybe try Iranians later down the road, but it seems like it would be extremely difficult without infantry to screen for enemy tank positions.

1) My nice tank line up (immediately before it got exploded via helicopter)
2) My nice tank that popped out of the grove getting the jump on an enemy (that upon lining up target, took a helicopter launched missile to the rear)
3) Iranian Chieftain barely misses my T62 peeking over the berm, before taking a flanking Malyutka to the rear
4) Star soldier of the operation
No. 83711
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
We are expanding!

Contact to native alien life has been established at Zorax Prairie.
First language progressions have been made and some misunderstandings with aliens abducting populace for some harmless dancing happened.
We let things calm down naturally without escalating.

Just to the south the siege for Mantlepoint is still ongoing.
The promise to engage was given early, but their excellent defensible position, adequate gear and relentlessness as raiders made them a hard nut to crack until now.
Armor and artillery capabilities are slowly build up, but partially tied to fighting fauna in the south given steady losses there.

The main cold front follows the north along the 2 farming communities of Prismstone and Pacifica that we were able to convince to our just cause.
Adding 100 and 150k populace as well as their militia troops, a much needed growth to keep up.
To the east the major regime of Webersmark is rattling sabers, to the north and east 2 raider communities already tried to do some special taxing operations, they were sent back home with a commemorative empty bottle for their leaders.
Again a little less luck on the south, wildlife makes direct connections hard to establish and envoys aren't that regarded with raiders.
No. 83786
I guess it already went from happy syberpunk September to October Halloween games in blink of an eye. The last thing I even played was The Ascent which was absolutely gorgeous but I finally abandoned games entirely early September I think. Am partway through Neuromancer though. I should probably plan to finish Darkwood at least for Halloween but it's like something snapped or clicked inside of me and I quit vaping and then accidentally quit vidya, also quit or mostly quit some other bad habits. I feel like quitting imageboards was one of the best things to do for my life although frankly you fucking guys made it so after over a decade of exposure to you guys I still have to catch myself swearing British in front of the Americans. Yes this includes having to try to remind myself not to talk about Americans as "Americans" as though they are a separate people but man do I feel distant from everybody.

I dunno. I don't regret it ultimately I guess, not in its early stages. But all things become a degenerative conditions over time and I think 2016 really was the year the cancer killed everything for good. So hopefully that Spaniard is happy for me, I'm leading a real life now bot shitposting with a bunch of deranged bitter racist Europeans.
No. 83817
368 kB, 1920 × 1080
251 kB, 1920 × 1080
355 kB, 1920 × 1080
380 kB, 1920 × 1080
I started the Iraqi counter-attack operation - it seems the Iranians are iq89, and expended themselves on the assault the previous operation modeled, without keeping a reserve to stabilize the front-line. This first turn seems quite breezy so far.

This operation gives me a quite decent force to push with. I am still inching forward, afraid of the potential they have. Not too eventful, but I am paranoid about ATGMs, and my experience from the last operation tell me that attacking on a modern battlefield is fucked.

1) overview, post some artillery exchange. No-mans land ahead.
2) BRDM cars scout ahead of the main BMP-1 and t-55 force.
3) tanks engage some light vehicles, equipped with M40 guns
4) one of my scout-car detachments takes out a an M113, and some infantry
No. 83822
1,5 MB, 1317 × 1080
1,4 MB, 1317 × 1080
2,5 MB, 1317 × 1080
Alright, finished Resident Evil 3, the only one of the original trilogy that I had been missing.

What can I say? I am glad I went in (almost) blind - at one point I wondered when I will get the grenade launcher because I had already been finding ammo for it, but it turned out I completely missed it. Oh well, I managed to beat the game without it, but before I reached the final area I was considering starting over because for the first time in a Resident Evil game I was afraid I would run out of ammo (funny enough the game throws healing items at you that I was about to change my strategy to trading health for ammo). Also at one point I realized I had been saving WAYYY too often and basically ran out of ink ribbons. Ended the game with 5 or 6 left.

Anyway, there are many cool things about this game, but also some rather annoying things, like how RNG can fuck you up royally by not spawning gun powder, but then spawning a bunch of hunters instead of those small worms (true story).

Nemesis was ok, but the clock tower fight was absolute bullshit, especially compared to the later fights. I hated the sandworm fight in the graveyard, absolute unfun bullshit. And how there's almost no ammo to find after you reach the clock tower.

All in all, from the original trilogy, I would probably rate it below 2, but above 1, of which I definitely prefer the remake.

Next up: Code Veronica
No. 83826
10,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 3:04
3,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
The northern directive just went hot.
With Webersmarks capital being named Salzburg, this outcome was inevitable.
They have good numbers and pretty impressive tech, armored units are scrambling at the border for both sides.
Due to an incursion with a friendly AI, our own military R&D is focused on cryptic fukken BEAM GUNS, as such we are technologically lacking at the moment until our Wunderwaffe is ready to slice those snobby swines.

To the south the city of Galia was finally convinced to our cause, with 2 more on the Southwest to follow.
Their troops will advance in their direction to secure a bottleneck against another major regime, still plenty of aggressive fauna between us.

The insectoids negotiated for peace, but seeing another major regime coming at them, they will have to commit stronger sooner or later, if they want to preserve their people.
The city of Mantlepoint is still holding, regular bombardments were shut down long ago, their population died off by 95% from hunger and shells, everything is rubble, there is nothing more to get other then victory for victory's sake, we are waiting for an opening to start talks again, mistakes were made.

Just looked at the game on Steam and it does look very nice, especially the mix of turn based and real time for different needs.
The DLC policy does seem a bit nosy tho, waiting to see what the discount price is on that.
No. 83927
3,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,8 MB, 1920 × 1080
1,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
Wedge in gently in the front.
Then take the back hard and nasty.
And finally move in with unrelenting force for flawless victory.
Now that's how you perform some special penetrative operation.
No. 83929
1006 kB, 1600 × 837
447 kB, 1600 × 837
829 kB, 1600 × 837
Playing Project Zomboid except this time I stareted in November with extreme weather and it's been snowing and raining like hell the whole time.

I set up in a farmhouse and did a long old trip to grab myself a stove. My end goal is to find a camper van and go on long haul trips to the bigger cities
it never works out, I haven't gotten people to play online games with me in years. For some reason it was super easy to organise in my 20s, but once I turned 30 it suddenly became impossible to play with your buddies except for the occasional l4d2 match on a friday or saturday night
I'm still stuck on the witcher 2 in the 'games from polan' backlog
if you haven't 100%'d The Long Dark by halloween this year then don't @ me
No. 83953
454 kB, 1920 × 1080
353 kB, 1920 × 1080
440 kB, 1920 × 1080
411 kB, 1920 × 1080
Often they go on sale for ~50% off.

None of the DLC's are essential, but they're generally all decent. Some have extra operations included that aren't mentioned in the steam page (as they were added in later on as free updates to the DLC). Some a little better value than others (and more unique from the base-game), but none that are bad.

t. knower whale who has all bar the newest
No. 83972
24,1 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:25
Can't stop rallyings, I'm addicted. On many tracks I'm now the fastest Finn :D That's an achievement for me. Yet to break into any top 10 times, but I think at least the very top times have been gotten with "exploits" by going off-road at places, and I really don't want to do that. Takes away from the rally experience.

Good Mius Front bostings. I want to play it more, but it's behind similar mental blocks as DCS is for me. Feels too much work to get back to it and (re)learn the systems.

File too big. (prum prummm.mp4: 25662.65 kB > 25600 kB) ... Okay, one video it is then.
No. 83979 Kontra
Excellent vehicle choice. Very nice, 3/3.
No. 83982 Kontra
40 kB, 500 × 354
19,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
I only drive with the very best :D
No. 84020
Two best genres of videogames are pinball and arkanoid. Arkanoid is better because I don't understand how pinball works.

https://www.classicgame.com/game/Firefighter+Pinball - ebin
No. 84047
stressful game, failed to save a cat from bees. In defeat I answered that you should stay inside during a fire.
No. 84053
I honestly prefer the RE original to REmake.

The original has a campy horror movie vibe with memorably shoddy voice acting and a kitsch yet engaging story. Were it a feature length film, it would be an enjoyable layered experience enhanced by its flaws. As a game, it captures that same feeling but with excellent gameplay that is still fun today, like avoiding or killing zombies depending on their position, a mansion that feels like a maze you get lost in over and over again. Also, the live-action FMV cutscenes are comfy. I like that fans managed to get the original cast together to experience their work:

REmake takes itself way too seriously in its attempt to reimagine the first game as part of a bigger world with themes of sorrow, regret and betrayal. All camp is replaced by very monotone performances and overwrought realism. The Lisa Trevor subplot felt tacked on to lengthen the experience and imbue the storyline with superfluous tragedy. The game's best qualities are the graphics and sound along with smaller Easter eggs like unlockable costumes. Not bad, but I still strongly prefer the original.
No. 84076 Kontra
Did you really post this back to back here and on the 4chongs? Seriously?
No. 84083
Sometimes, I like to post on /vr/ because that board specializes in retro gaming. Sue me.
No. 84086
55 kB, 1024 × 1024
We live in a society ... of endless circular reposts. Once you travel around imageboards you can sometimes see the cycle for yourself.

Last week I seen some shit posted on 4 different imageboards and across 3 or 4 boards on 4chan, and all the gullible fools were handing out the (you)s

The real question though are these reposts just some autist who wants attention or some paid shill trying to shape opinions, or in the case of this guy >>84053 is it some dude advertising his shitty youtube channel
No. 84087
449 kB, 1920 × 1080
518 kB, 1920 × 1080
515 kB, 1920 × 1080
661 kB, 1920 × 1080
I feel the similar mental block sometimes too.

I get scared of the large operations due to needing to manage so much logistics. I get the similar feels on Combat Mission a little too.

What is the rally game? It looks ebin

My operation continues anyway.

So far, I haven't met much resistance, beyond a BMP-1 mechanised infantry company. They look out several scout cars, put some BTRs out for repairs, and damaged a T-55. I keep expecting to run into serious resistance, but it never eventuates. I think the next turn (on 3/5) will have it though.

1) BTR platoons scouting ahead on two avenues
2) BTR platoon stops behind a small protective hill, and sends up a small infantry detachment to scout. Vehicle sounds identified as trucks - nothing serious. Mortars and artillery dropped on them afterwards.
3) Other BTR platoon identifies some infantry filtering through a grove - they get lit up from outside their effective engagement distance, and heavy artillery dropped on them.
4) where the operation sits currently at the end of turn 2.

These small battles with much scouting are actually kind of enjoyable. Very methodical.
No. 84088
I was under the impression another Ernst here shared my interest in the original Resident Evil games and wanted to add my own take. Christ, Thicc Mick. You're such a dick sometimes.

>We live in a society ... of endless circular reposts. Once you travel around imageboards you can sometimes see the cycle for yourself.

For better or worse, the age of unique IB culture died long ago. It's just the same people discussing the same topics they continue to be passionate about. Yes, there was a time anyone caught crossposting would be banned on sight (hello, 7chan), but now, IB culture has homogenized over the years. Some have died altogether (99chan, 420chan, 8ch, old KC) whereas others still live on. I'm just sad the interesting/unique posters have long since moved on and left behind a mass of dregs incapable of posting anything one could learn from or be intrigued by. Even during the peak of IBs, the strength of each community stemmed from intelligent posters. When those people moved on, they declined, and with no new blood to take their place, the sites slowly but surely fell into irrelevance.

>The real question though are these reposts just some autist who wants attention or some paid shill trying to shape opinions, or in the case of this guy >>84053 is it some dude advertising his shitty youtube channel

Dude, fuck you. I just wanted to heatedly compare the original Resident Evil to REmake, and you just had to freak out on me.

With any amount of brainpower, you could surmise who this is.
No. 84093
115 kB, 700 × 1516
>For better or worse, the age of unique IB culture died long ago. It's just the same people discussing the same topics they continue to be passionate about. Yes, there was a time anyone caught crossposting would be banned on sight (hello, 7chan), but now, IB culture has homogenized over the years.
Yeah that is true but at the same time when I post some shit, I don't crosspost it to a bunch of different places. I know it's the norm now but OG niggaz shouldn't do it
>Dude, fuck you. I just wanted to heatedly compare the original Resident Evil to REmake, and you just had to freak out on me.
I wasn't giving out about the videogames I was giving out about the crossposting, I've never even played a resident evil game
>With any amount of brainpower, you could surmise who this is
Yeah but I was giving advertising your youtube as an example as to why people make the same thread in 5 places, viral advertising, shilling and insincere posting is a huge part of what killed imageboards.

And how was I supposed to know it was you? you're a lot less ranty these days
No. 84096
I don't have the patience to spend hours digging through potential leads to contact actors who might not be interested wasting their time with me, let alone going through the trouble of arranging a meeting between me and several of the cast for a filmed interview I'll eventually have to spend hours editing, going through legal paperwork and other such headaches. I'm flattered you think I'm the guy who made those videos, but no, I'm just a fan of the original RE, and seeing that someone bothered with all those headaches for the sake of an interview with the original cast, I couldn't be more excited.

This is one of the few moments on EC where a videogame relevant to my interests is discussed. Most of the time, Ernsts just discuss PC games, RPGs and other titles I couldn't care less about. Was that overly enthusiastic for you?

>And how was I supposed to know it was you? you're a lot less ranty these days

I'm not Schizenu.

Here's a hint:
No. 84098 Kontra
62 kB, 302 × 389
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>Most of the time, Ernsts just discuss PC games, RPGs and other titles I couldn't care less about

I'm not sorry you had to see this.
No. 84100
i kind of want to play an rts or fps but cant be bothered to get another game
No. 84101
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
596 kB, 320 × 156, 0:13
3,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
Outlook's darn bleak.
Next quarter we are about to experience a widespread invasion from the east.
The only way to react, would be to forfeit any gains to the north, fall back to the bottleneck and try to hold off the hordes there.

This front up there shouldn't have been opened in the first place, it was but a sidenote back then, yet getting sandwiched was thought about.
Instead the smaller landbridges right into the hearts of both dominant majors should have been used to split them one by one, forcing them into a inefficient 2 SHQ solution and swallowing them in manageable mouthfuls instead of the whole lengths from front and rear.

Other mistakes:
There are no W U N D E R W A F F E N.
Having finished beam guns, I was left with a gun too huge to fit any reasonable hull on a planet sparse in metals, while also too intensive on high-tech to produce without heavily stunting future economic growth dependent on those rare parts until we are able to mass produce them.
Meanwhile the enemy sported shiny new gear plain superior to our men on wide parts of the force.

Some departments came in too early, leaving them with nothing to do early on.

Too many construction projects stunted themselves by slowing the development of productive assets to supply construction, so very stupid.

Many turns of decisions were lost engaging the sentient xenos, only to end up with a single regiment of barely useful troops. Preserve and encouragecontain.

But what if we would wield the tech to make all of this undone... rewind time?
No. 84111
Sorry Ernst, but I have heard all your points too often before, and most of them are really silly.
You are acting as if the shoddy voice acting and the camp were intentional.
And the story of REmake is exactly the same, save for Lisa Trevor (who doesn't actually have any bearing on the story anyway, but makes for some nice flavor).
And the gameplay is also the same, in fact until 4 the gameplay of all Resident Evil games had been the same, apart from some QoL improvements like quickturn and a more responsive inventory. Do you also belong to the people who constantly bitch and moan about REmake 2? Because as someone who has played RE2 on release I found the remake pretty good, which certain contrarian autists on another board just can't accept.
As for the rest, I have already talked about the DC here >>82743.

The vids you posted are pretty cool though, I'll check them out eventually.
No. 84184
He's not a brit I think.
No. 84213 Kontra
64 kB, 707 × 541
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I am indeed British, and I even have a shiny new black passport to prove it. But what gave you that impression?
No. 84230
Started playing Dark Souls 1 for the first time. I've completed DS3 before and tried my luck with Sekiro and so far I find DS1 very forgiving in the beginning. About 90 minutes of gameplay before I died.

The game feels awfully mushy though, like it's locked to 30 fps. Disabled AA and the game became definitely smoother, but still nowhere near as snappy as DS3, which ran at a constant 60 FPS on highest settings without even spinning up my GPU fan. So I suspect there is something else going on with the engine itself?
I'm not playing the Remaster, mind you, just the "Prepare to Die Edition" from 2012.
No. 84231
>like it's locked to 30 fps
>"Prepare to Die Edition" from 2012
If you're playing without the DSfix, then it is actually locked to 30 fps.
No. 84236
Oh, brilliant, thanks for the tip. I'll try applying that tomorrow first thing in the morning.
No. 84244
keep in mind running at 60 fps slightly fucks up the physics, you have to toggle back to 30 for long jumps
No. 84246
Long jumps were fine for me, I think, it's the roll that you need to perform in order to get back to the Undead Asylum that didn't work in 60 fps. Thankfully, you can switch back to 30 with one key press in DSfix.
No. 84251
Thanks, I've seen similar warnings in the readme. Took me some fiddling to get DSfix to work under wine, but now it's working and it was damn well worth it. The in-game AA is pretty terrible and now I can enjoy the game with proper MSAA at my native resolution AND get better fps.

Btw, can you give me a quick hint as to how "humanity" is different from "embers"? I really like the visual feedback of looking rotten when without humanity (much preferred over the glow you get with embers). But other than that I didn't notice any difference. In DS3 you have more health and get different dialogues as well as unlocking the signs. I assume my game can't be invaded when I'm hollowed in DS1? Finally, what's the point of having more humanity when already in my non-hollow form?

Oh and if any of that is spoilery in your opinion, then don't tell me and just let me figure it out by myself.
No. 84252
>I assume my game can't be invaded when I'm hollowed in DS1?
Yes, and prevents you from summoning allies.

>Finally, what's the point of having more humanity when already in my non-hollow form?
Humanity also increases item discovery (caps at 10 humanity with 210 item discovery, IIRC), damage of weapons with chaos scaling (again, caps at 10), and some resistances, resistance to curse in particular. You don't have to be non-hollow for any of these to work, though.
No. 84253
328 kB, 746 × 746
Here's a rather spoiler-free newbie guide which I think is pretty handy.
No. 84307
Thank you ernsts, I knew I could count on you <3

Looking forward to playing a few more hours tonight.
No. 84333
58 kB, 700 × 700
Met the Taurus deamon, had a civilised chat, decided I'll continue tomorrow :-DDDD
No. 84372
425 kB, 1536 × 2048
So you're a brit in the US and attach
to EVERY ONE of your posts for... what purpose exactly?
No. 84373 Kontra
Would YOU want to be confused for an american?
No. 84376
>That pic
Noice. Saved. Here's your payment.
No. 84387
Doesn't really matter in most convos, especially when it's just about vidya.
That's kinda like saying "I'm vegan btw." at the end of every statement no matter the context.
No. 84388 Kontra
Since there are only like two britballs on here and right now I think only one american, maybe they don't want to be confused with each other?

I'm not the autistic german >>84387 btw.
No. 84392 Kontra
5,4 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:05
20,0 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:20
428 kB, 1920 × 1080
458 kB, 1920 × 1080
My observations while playing with game recorder. It's not something to make a habit of, but it's not something I've used before. It's very uncommon to see turret tossing - so surprised I caught it here.

I think this operation would be absolute hell from the Iranian perspective. I'm discovering that victory is linked to essentially steamrolling them in the shortest possible time. Their sole objective is to be a big enough speed bump. Their first serious formations, and they stand no chance.

This battle, I have started surrounding the key town (no longer a town), and am battering it from all sides. A recce company with ATGM's on one flank, and a shitload of tanks from the front. Not much of a fight really (that said, they definitely took out a few of my tanks, and they did get their helicopters in for a little before the swarm of 12.7mm tank turret MG fire scared them off), but ebin to observe all the GRAD rockets fly in.

Sadly, I didn't get to see the Iraqi air force turn up, though they were en route. Iranians retreated before they could arrive.

Such cases.
No. 84405
Maybe an anonymous board isn't the right choice for him then?
This place doesn't even have a name field so if being clearly identifiable is important then why not make an account on a forum?
Oddly hamfisted avatarsystem or what?
No. 84406
> This place doesn't even have a name field
We can use subject field. Since everyone is gentlemen here, no one will use someone else's username.
No. 84407
...and now witness me using a proxy
No. 84414
54 kB, 511 × 345
No. 84415
442 Bytes, 49 × 18
>he doesn't have a custom avatar
Get with the times, G*rman

sent from my iPhone 14X
No. 84830
2,7 MB, 1920 × 1080
Me standing tall after convincing old man taurus of my superior arguments.
No. 84838
See you at Capra's! You didn't pick Master Key as your starting gift, did you?
No. 84851
I did pick exactly that and before walking up to Taurus I went down the tower and got insta killed without warning. Perfect DS-feels were had because I lost something like 4000 souls without chance of recovery :-DDD
No. 84854
>I did pick exactly that
Ah, shouldn't have done that, or maybe pick it on your second playthrough, because you may accidentally skip some fun stuff. Also, best starting gift – Old Witch's Ring, best girl – Quelaag's little sister, best bro – Solaire of Astora, best covenant – Chaos Servants.

>got insta killed without warning
Havel, heh? Tough client, but he can be cheesed easily: just throw some poop at him and run away. But if you don't plan on using very heavy armor, then you don't even have to kill him.
No. 84862
No. 84864
Of course, that would be cool to see a depiction of Medieval era in a videogame with as much details that we know about as possible, but most vidya developers don't give a flying fuck about historical accuracy. They often don't even bother with weapons and armor (that is, the things that an average player cares about the most), so there's not much to say about livestock and agriculture. Also, in what universe Asscreed is supposed to be historically accurate? Did Ubishit claim that? I didn't play any of the Asscreed games, but from what I've gathered watching gameplay footages, they are a ridiculous shitshow with dual axe wielding and fur pauldron wearing vikings and wushu using Ancient Greek warriors, and they were intended to be as such.
No. 84868
>Of course, that would be cool to see a depiction of Medieval era in a videogame with as much details that we know about as possible, but most vidya developers don't give a flying fuck about historical accuracy.
Let's be blunt: they even don't give a fuck about a lot of more relevant things. And they have a point: if it gives them astronomical profits, why even bother? (At least until the total carelessnes finally backfires, like with Fallout 76, for example.)

Still, game industry is large, and it has a place not only for highly profitable craftsmanship but also for pure art in various forms.
No. 84900
That's such an adorably autistic nitpick. Just the thought of someone spending their research career with finding out how pigs have looked like hundreds of years ago is so c&a, it's almost even better than that one thesis I found on the site of an institute for güpsi research that was called something like "The importance of horses in Roma communities" and from the abstract alone you could unobjectionable see that the girl who wrote this was a 110% horse girl.

That said, wasn't the barley or wheat in the first Witcher game pretty medieval accurate?
No. 84902
217 kB, 1400 × 1012
who cares about pigs, my greatest pet peeve is inaccurate depictions of fruit and vegetables.

there's even a game called "medevil" and it has pumpkins in it! Pumpkins!
No. 84905
101 kB, 838 × 960
I was watching this zizek lecture and it's making me think about the elder scrolls lore. Particularly the creation myths and the metaphysics of it.
Watch at least until 40 minute mark (and start at 07:50)
Specifically the parts about a "fall" creating the retroactive illusion of the "before" to which to return to (Altm*r propaganda), the "wound" creating a new potential in the form of its own solution, the superposition of multiple variants of events that constitute fragments of an unknowable whole, etc. etc.
All sounds familiar for someone who's read schizo TES lore theories.

Just found it interesting.
No. 84913
3,2 MB, 1920 × 1080
3,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Had a good run today. Literally at one point where I was running through the dragons legs to reach the bonfire. Now the beast turns up at random when crossing the bridge, but luckily there's a shortcut to avoid that bridge altogether.
Also met the blacksmith that I already know from DS3. A good point to stop, I'll face what's in the basement tomorrow.

I was wondering though, how does pyromancy work in DS1? Miracles seem to work quite differently from DS3 in that they are only with a limited number of uses. I feel like I need some form of elemental damage moving forward and firebombs will only get me so far... where can I find a pyromancy teacher and how much does it depend on INT and/or faith?
No. 84916
>I feel like I need some form of elemental damage moving forward
Weeeell, not really, but it does simplify things sometimes, like killing slimes with fire or dragons with lightning. Other than that the game can be safely completed using physical damage only.

>where can I find a pyromancy teacher
In the Depths right after Undead Burg and Capra Demon boss, where he is being marinated in a barrel.

>how much does it depend on INT and/or faith
It doesn't require either and doesn't scale with either. Instead you simply upgrade your pyromancy flame to make pyromancies more powerful. That's why it's pretty useful for pure warriors who don't want to invest in INT and FTH at all.
No. 84942
410 kB, 1920 × 1080
514 kB, 1920 × 1080
541 kB, 1920 × 1080
510 kB, 1920 × 1080
I have been attempting the Operation Moduler scenario's for the last few days. These are by far the most unique ones I have tried so far.

Interesting difficulties on the one I am doing currently. This operation gives me some mechanised infantry (just mine resistant APCs with light MG's), some ratels, and a single special ratel with an ATGM system attached. Opponents have many BTR's and support weapons, along with some T55's. My main operational objectives are the destruction of the enemy force, with minimal casualties. I believe I need to keep under 20% losses, and take out 70% of the enemy force, by the end of it. I am hoping UNITA losses don't count, as I've absolutely been using them as meatshields (they'e allied and I do not have direct control of them - UNITA are a South African proxy in Angola, in this operation, they're mostly infantry).

I have a support company of 90mm ratels (image 1), which are very capable of taking out BTR's, and if under ~1km can usually deal with T55 tanks. The issue I have is that under 1km, the BTR's rip them to shreds with their 14.5mm guns (the ratels being only lightly armoured). The issue is that to take the BTR's out from outside their effective range, I open myself to counter fire from impervious tanks.

So far, I've been playing purely for advantageous ground, and ceding whatever ground is not essential, while focusing the ratels on isolated enemy groupings. It has worked so far, but it relies totally on the ZT3 ratel (image 2) staying alive and effective, and getting the jump on T55's before they can retaliate, to clear the field for the 90mm ones. It's almost the queen to the chessboard of this entire operation, and I'm constantly needing to jump in and out of the jungle with it.

The AI for what it's worth has been attempting to zone in artillery on it, but it's usually gone just before the fires come in.

Very unique scenario anyway.
No. 84949
Ah shit, you're telling me I have to beat Capra without pyromancy? Time to start hoarding bombs I guess...
No. 84950 Kontra
721 kB, 1920 × 1080
624 kB, 1920 × 1080
624 kB, 1920 × 1080
I have been needing to get used to withdrawing and ceding territory. It feels very weird to do. It's antithetical to most of the operations on this game. Territory is only a secondary consideration on these operations however.

1) SWATF mechanised infantry fan out to investigate the scrub, with unknown type/number of enemies in the vicinity.
2) enemy mechanised forces caught advancing at close range, with one BTR ambushed, along with its infantry dismounts.
3) second BTR emerges from the riverbank and follows in its brothers footsteps. Sporadic small-arms fire throughout the scrub.

I then withdrew after this engagement, ceding all territory. The enemy had half a dozen more BTR's on the other side of the river, and with nothing but light infantry, it would not have gone my way. Nice casualty exchange from the brief firefight however.
No. 84951
Bombs may be a little hard to use in Capra's teensy-weensy little room. Better get yourself some Charcoal Pine Resin from the female undead trader in the tunnel near the Firelink Shrine, for example, and melee him.
No. 84975
3,0 MB, 1920 × 1080
You mean her?
No. 84976
No, as this is obviously not a vendor and obviously not in a tunnel.
Protip: Explore more and post less.

t. first playthrough with regular walkthrough consulting, including Drake Sword and still regrets it 10 years later
No. 85001
I can feel that you've got a point. I did play DS3 start to finish without much help (only the occasional, frustrated search online when I got really stuck on some boss like the fuggen twins who can still eat shit for all I care)

It's just so hard to shut up about DS while you're playing it.
No. 85005 Kontra
Yeah, from that perspective it's alright I guess. But going in blind and stumbling your way through on your own is really better than constantly asking for directions, especially when people are eager to spoil things a normal player, without orange soapstone messages everywhere, would find on their own during their first playthrough.
No. 85007
Actually, concerning Capra, you should try to just go at him with what you have. There's not much need to use items to defeat him, because he's not really that hard: any unupgraded weapon you can find in the beginning will do fine. It's just that his room is small so it's a bit hard to avoid him, but once you learn his moveset, he goes down easily. Later in the game you will encounter downgraded versions of him, and because they are in open areas, they are total pushovers.
No. 85008
Tbh, Capra would be a great boss of he didn't have the dogs. The dogs take an interesting boss concept and make it obnoxious imo. I cheesed the pathfinding to kill the dogs then fought Capra legit in my playthrough. I'd recommend that.
No. 85009
>I cheesed the pathfinding
How? You mean like climbing the stairs on the left so that the dogs follow you while Capra tarries a bit, which allows you to kill them easily and then deal with Capra? That's what I always do anyway, I don't consider it cheesing. Three on one isn't fair in the first place.
No. 85025
Yeah, now the bridge firebomb strategy, THAT'S cheesing.
No. 85029
I actually tried it on my first playthrough (after ten or so tries of killing him in a regular way), but for some reason it just didn't work for me: I simply couldn't find that sweet spot to hit him. Never attempted it ever since, because now I can usually kill him on the first try anyway (or on the second, if I fuck up somehow).
No. 85347
11,9 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:12
Back to Rally after spending every waking minute in Factorio space exploration mod during the weekend. I was only getting started, but realized I have to stop and uninstalled it. That game just completely consumes me. Wish I could play it responsibly.

Ebin Mius Front bostings and videos. Look at that turret toss! SA conflicts are way under-utilized in games, very cool setting.

>What is the rally game? It looks ebin
Dirt Rally 2.0, it's great. The driving is awesome and works really well on a controller, keyboard too, I think. Really recommend it to anyone interested in driving gameplay. Goes for about 5 bucks on Steam during sales and despite having a lot of DLC, you don't need any of it. I bought Finland and Greece tracks for a couple of Euros on sale when I had already played the game for hundreds of hours.

I'm repeating myself here a bit but it's really puzzling how they managed to make the driving feel so good. It's so much better than something like Beam NG for example. A perfect balance between simulation and arcade, for me. On the videos I post it looks quite arcade-y, but the feel is a lot different from inside the car and you driving it.
No. 85387
Currently playing Resident Evil 4.
I played it on release back on the Gamecube, but dropped it right about the castle, can't remember why, probably because it was a horrible slog.

It still is, but right now I am feeling a kind of compulsion to finally beat it.
One thing I noticed was how easy the fight against the blind Vega monster was. I think I had massive problems with it back in the day, but as long as you don't run he's a total pushover. Very interesting.
No. 85397
Interesting. I've recently played RE1 (the 2015 remake for PC, which was basically a port of the 2002 remake for GC) for the first time and absolutely loved it.
I've started playing the 2017 remake of RE2 and it is pretty damn amazing as well. Though this is currently on hold until I'm done with Dark Souls.

I know that the RE2 remake is a completely different game from the original, at least gameplay-wise, but that's exactly why I want to play it. I had played the original on PS1, or at least attempted to do so, back in the 90s. Seeing it re-imagined with so much artistic skill is worth more than playing the original again.

With a similar interest I'm going to play RE3 afterwards. But RE4... for some reason I can't find the slightest bit of interest in that game. Maybe that has to do with my very subjective view of what RE4 is representative of in the games industry, or maybe it's just the setting, or something else entirely.

But if you do finish the game, I'd be interested in your verdict.
No. 85408
83 kB, 480 × 272
>While the animals were grazing, a swineherd kept watch

I'm vegan btw.
No. 85559
46 kB, 171 × 364
1,9 MB, 1680 × 1048
Red Alert 2: Rise of the East got a new update. It adds new subfactions. One for each of the 5 factions.
The Chinese got a Vietnam subfaction, the Allies Japan, the USSR got a Ukraine subfaction a la RA1 and the GLA and Yuri got one too, but I don't really care about those 2bh.

Plus they added the abilities mechanic from Generals, so now with each tech level you get a special ability. You get to choose from two.

I was expecting them to nerf Russia to shit for some reason (because I found them incredibly OP), but no, they even got a buff with the upgraded missile launcher that now shoots "tesla shells" that give off an aoe lightning attack on top of exploding, plus it leaves behind fire afterwards.
There's a new scrap metal mechanic I don't really understand yet, but supposedly if you collect them you can turn it into money or units.
Russia has this new building that turns scrap into free "tier 0" tanks that are absolute trash but you have them rolling down the production line constantly so you can sort of beef up your Rhinos with these and some conscripts.
Plus there's this new ability for the Russians that gives allows you to upgrade a few of your Spetsnaz units to have jetpacks and tesla guns and I think I fell in love with the faction all over again. Can't wait to play it until I'm sick of it.
No. 85576
Just finished The Witcher III (the main plot) with Polish dubbing. It's the first time when I actually finished it, mind you, and the dubbing did have played a part. For one, Geralt doesn't sound entirely unhuman there, and Yennefer doesn't sound even more repulsive than she should either, so at least you can sympathize from time to time. Also, first, English is generally terrible at conveying subtle shades of emotions, and second, the massive renaming of characters and places in the English version largely destroys the intended Central European vibe. And yes, "Lambert, Lambert, ty chuju" is just priceless. :D
No. 85578
I just played it with german dubbing.
No. 85579
Well, it definitely lacks the main faults of the English dubbing (Geralt and Yennefer, that is). Sometimes I really begin to suspect that modern American culture is dominated by some crypto-Satanists plotting against humanity. :D

I generally avoid Russian localizations. In this particular case it has been also suffering from minor translation mistakes, and intonation could be more natural in many instances, so I don't feel any regrets in that regard. Polish, on the other hand, just allows one to feel a little bit closer to the original books, and is arguably more expressive, so...
No. 85580
I was actually just pulling your leg, but I must admit I never played with anything but the german dub, though I can imagine how bad the english version is.
Maybe I should try the polish dub one day, just to see how it sounds.
No. 85686
I played with Russian translation and it was great, probably better than original. Could you elaborate on it's flaws? And have you finished DLCs? I was tired of the game after the main quest (which is pretty long) and didn't play them. Looking forward to your review if you complete them.

https://csklimowski.itch.io/six-sided-streets - another good Polish game. I managed to raise 109 points maximum. Anyone has a longer heda here?
No. 85716
>Could you elaborate on it's flaws?
Numerous minor faults you keep stumbling upon, as generally expected from a highly secondary product. Consider a fragment from the early scene with Yennefer (in a dream), for example.
English: What's it matter? Only ever thought of you... (generally speaking, a normal reply - after a careless one about other women)
Russian (roughly translated back): Isn't it irrelevant? Being with every of them I was thinking only about you... (a subtle difference, bot that's a reply you are very likely to be brutally murdered for)
And it sounds unnatural all the time. Often it's not even about the text, but there are wrong intonations all over the place; in some cases the actors just obviously didn't give a single thought to the (still more or less adequate) text they were provided with.

The Russian translation obviously tries to stick to Weissbrot's original translation of the books (not just in the names, I mean), but I'm really sceptical about the pros of the latter as well; aside from Weissbrot being fundamentally incapable to imitate colloquial dialectal Russian speech (his attempts always make my eyes bleed), he's very obviously dominated by the Polish original (which sometimes leads to factual mistakes) and introduces many generally unusual words and expressions (ужасненько, пламечко, чернуля, жутенький, etc.).
No. 85738
Abstruse nit-picking, just as I expected. If this is the worst you can find, then the translation must be close to ideal. I'm only half serious: hard to judge about Russian translation by English translation. You could write both phrases on Russian (how it was translated and how it should have been translated).

Also how did you find the game with Polish localisation? Do they have culture of torrents? I'm thinking about playing something on it too (something silly or already completed, so that meaning of dialog is not important) -- a funny and interesting language.
No. 85739
> introduces many generally unusual words and expressions (ужасненько, пламечко, чернуля, жутенький, etc.).
I don't remember any
No. 85756
>Do they have culture of torrents?
Why do you ask? I simply reloaded the sound files through Steam (all it requires is shifting your Steam language to Polish and update the game language files, after which you can return your Steam to the original language configuration).
>I don't remember any
Not in the game mostly, of course, though little Ciri does greet Vesimir with her usual "я ужасненько извиняюсь"; wouldn't be that bad if it was pronounced with a more natural intonation - but it wasn't.
No. 86343
568 kB, 1920 × 1080
254 kB, 1920 × 1080
522 kB, 1920 × 1080
586 kB, 1920 × 1080
Vroom vroom. The Texas DLC for ATS is out and with it comes some kind of tourist mode. Camera icons on the map point you towards things to take a picture of (and the game even tells you what they are).
No. 86350
The photo picture thing has been in ETS for some time. I think it's cool in principle, but the bright icons are sometimes a bit too bright for my taste.
No. 86351 Kontra
I'm a retard btw, it has also already been in ATS, too. I distinctly remember catching one among the sequoia trees.
No. 86354
> for some time
What is open beta
No. 86357 Kontra
Never participated in any open beta ever since that feature was included, so apply yourself.
No. 86369
362 kB, 1920 × 1080
358 kB, 1920 × 1080
312 kB, 1920 × 1080
393 kB, 1920 × 1080
After a bit of a break from games, I started attempting the "furtive spring" DLC set of operations, in order, from the German perspective. In these operations, the Soviets are mostly on the attack, and have a fairly decent amount of early war BT and T26 tanks available, along with a few T34s throughout. Most operations give the Germans fairly limited AT (37mm guns, howitzers, and a few 47mm panzerjagers). This first one only gives access to a few AT rifles, some 37mm, and howitzers.

The goal of the Soviets in this first operation is to take the town, and push onwards. It is an amazing defensive position however, with a reverse slope, and a supporting height covering it from behind. On the first turn, the bulk of their tank force was disabled or destroyed, and subsequent infantry assaults failed due to artillery (by the end of the operation shells were running very low, and the human waves were nearly too much / they were starting to bring up their own artillery to counter). Pretty good - but relied hugely on artillery, and luck in managing to disable the tanks.

1) over-view of battlefield on the initial battle. Soviet assault commencing. They initially scouted with a T26 before committing most of their tanks. In order to attack the village, they had to cross an open field towards entrenched positions. Not enviable.
2) those who didn't get mowed down in the open, retreated to the tree-line. There, pre-zeroed mortars caused a massacre.
3) one of the T34's, disabled via a 155mm HE hit, and a 37mm hit to the turret ring, is left abandoned. The crew attempted to escape, but mortar fire was dropped on them.
4) the artillery really was the primary driver of this operation. Due to location, it was nearly impossible for the enemy to get effective fire on them.

I have added it to my wishlist, for the black friday sale. I haven't played any racing game for years, since playing Need for speed underground on the gamecube as a kid. It sounds fun to get back into :DD it seems this one will be good.
No. 86383
Reporting back, finally finished RE4 yesterday. What a slog.

I had actually written up a lot of points and thoughts during playing, but I decided to keep it short and very subjective because I'm done with it and have no further need to discuss. If anybody absolutely wants details, I can provide them.

  • I don't hate it, but I also don't love it
  • It doesn't have anything to do with Resident Evil and if they had called the main character "Kenny Leonard" it could have been a completely new franchise
  • QTEs have always been and will never not be cancer, I hate them so, so much
  • It's objectively decent, but not more than a 7/10 at best
  • Anyone who calls it a "masterpiece" or a "perfect" game is wearing full nostalgia gear/an extremely easily impressed mouthbreather/an idiot without an own opinion parroting their favorite e-celeb

To cleanse the palate I think I will play some Silent Hill 3 or Dino Crisis now.
No. 86404
130 kB, 320 × 240

That is pretty much how I remember it as well. Never finished it, though.

You should avoid all REs that follow until RE7, which seems to be regarded as a horror master piece. It discards much from the older games for the sake of being truly terrifying first and foremost.
I've tried to play it but I just can't, it's worse than Penumbra, Amnesia and Machine for Pigs combined. I flat out admit that this game is very far beyond what I can endure in terms of terror.
But it's also a really well done game from what I can tell, too bad I have to reside with watching videos of it.

>To cleanse the palate I think I will play some [...] Dino Crisis now.

You seem to have great taste. Full disclosure: Regina was my first video game crush.
No. 86406
A lot of mediocre games seem to have been canonized as "classics" simply because the american children who grew up playing them then went on to write about video games.
No. 86411
146 kB, 1280 × 720
Examples? I can only think about consoles -- thirdies rarely owned them, so all the nostalgia about Halo and Zelda is unrelatable.
No. 86414 Kontra
That’s literally how every single cultural canon works lmao.
No. 86417
Yeah, I wasn't planning on playing those anyway.
I have been interested in the FPS Resis but I watched a little bit of the intro of 8 and it looked like movie game garbage. I have grown less impartial to games that constantly take control away from me, which is why I still haven't replayed Alien: Isolation, because I am afraid I will like it less than in 2014.

Yeah, Regina is great, I like her, both as character and a waifu.
No. 86445
3,3 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,5 MB, 1920 × 1080
I've been stalling for about two weeks because I knew I'd have to face Capra sooner or later.
And because so many people told me about that fight, I avoided it for far too long... so I finally sat down today, played for about 30 minutes, then died in the sunken city and decided now's as good a time as any to make my way to the Capra deamon ...
... and beat him first try.

I went on to Havel and beat him second try.

It's just like in DS3 when I played that: The more I was scared of a boss, the more I avoided the fight until I was completely OP and then the fight was just easy and I didn't get to experience the hardship.
Please don't read this as pride or bragging; this doesn't feel like much of a victory.

Part of me wants to say I'm cheating myself out of the DS experience, and another part is saying that maybe this is just my playstyle and the game itself is very much encouraging me to play the way I feel comfortable, simply by leaving all the choices to me.

I guess I need to get that idea out of my head that there is a wrong way to play the DS games.
Because in the end those games tell a story about me as well and part of that story is how afraid I am of dying in the game and losing all those souls and humanity.
As a consequence, it feels like the natural arc for me to overcome this irrational behaviour and become more courageous.

Not many games make me reflect on my own behaviour. Playing DS feels almost therapeutic :-DDD
No. 86450
We all have slightly different DS experiences. I had Artorias hyped up but found him easy because he's a hack and slash boss whose moveset and timing is more 'natural' to my experience with Ninja Gaiden and such while the slower or more confined bosses fucked with my instincts to get spacing to maximise my escape window for fast nuke attacks from across the arena.
No. 86490
106 kB, 1920 × 1080
118 kB, 1920 × 1080
337 kB, 1920 × 1080
6,5 MB, 2:37
Did me some real nasty trucking, ahteyyawhut.
Haulin ass from Oregon all the way down to New Mexico, trailer full of dynamite, but this time, no sheriff on my ass.
Ain't seen much cause I was drivin graveyard roads, mainly, but delivered the whole shebang 12 hours before time.
Now after writing a song about it (see file) I'll have a nice Pabst Blue Ribbon on ice. See ya pardners!
No. 86568
No. 86569
>It's 20 hours

I'll watch it if you watch


and we can have discussings about both next weekend. Hey, I'm going easy on you, my videos are only 9h45m combined!
No. 86573
The problem is, I haven't played the games that those videos are about, while I have played TES games.
Actually, I think I might have watched the first video already in a depressive half-asleep haze, an indeterminate amount of time ago.
Which is good because now I can watch it again as if it were new.
No. 86574 Kontra
I will never understand why people would watch video essays by youtubers that are HOURS long (because they can't be bothered to be concise and instead just ramble on), and on top of that about shit games.
I would certainly enjoy a documentary about the making of of Vampire Bloodlines, for example, as it is a pretty interesting story. That would warrant doing actual work and effort though, which is arguably harder than just spouting one's shit opinion into a camera.
No. 86581 Kontra
>I will never understand why people would watch video essays by youtubers that are HOURS long (because they can't be bothered to be concise and instead just ramble on), and on top of that about shit games.

Yeah, me neither.

>That would warrant doing actual work

In case of the videos I've posted, that was about 4 months of full time work that went into those two videos and is very far away from what you're talking about. Those videos are him reading the 50+ page analysis he wrote after playing through each game multiple times.

You are excused for not wanting to watch the full length of those videos to confirm your prejudice, but you could do with less jumping to conclusions (:
No. 86583
>but you could do with less jumping to conclusions
I didn't even click the links lmao because I don't open any youtube links that just got shat into a post without any further information
No. 86658 Kontra
>Oh No why you say le Youtuber is dumb ke Youtuber is way smart he writes lelong essay of his idiotic take on some idiotic get DEO games
People who waste hours in youtubevto watch some wannabe soyboy pseudo expert spout his dumb little opinions on any topic are easily impressed halfwit cucks at best.
>Le soyboy YouTube "expert" said this and that now me repeat me sound smart
Pathetic. Maybe kill yourself, you dumb shit?
No. 86667
My conclusion: vulgar analysis of the asperger kind.
I can imagine him getting better at criticism later in his life, and being embarrassed and regretful about wasting so much effort on something that was bound to turn out mediocre, because the very premise was misguided.
Like, imagine some autist-savant who spent a year tirelessly building the biggest stack of wooden blocks every seen, but then suddenly becoming neurotypical, and looking back on his "accomplishment". Lol.
There's something tragic about the kind of person who has incredible work ethic, endurance, drive, motivation, etc., but lacks basic abstract thinking required to make something interesting, rather than merely complex.

My other conclusion: we need some video game analogue of "death of the author", but I'd call it the "death of the design document".
Too many CRPG autismos, when they analyze or criticize games, seem to refer to the game's documentation, rather than the experience the game provides to the user.
Like, actually referring to wiki articles, or source code, or descriptions of the mechanics to make their arguments. They not so much review the game, as they review some static textual representation of the game.
Some even go so far as to reference cut content lmao.

>I will never
>I would
>I didn't
>I don't
Nobody cares
No. 86668
14 kB, 604 × 123
> Too many CRPG autismos, when they analyze or criticize games, seem to refer to the game's documentation, rather than the experience the game provides to the user.
This is how Toha The Fat reviews games. Some say that he's corrupt, but I think that he genuinely enjoys AAA-shit and simply shares his childish excitement:

OFC direct experience is the main thing about videogames, but it's also interesting how does this magic work and what's under the hood. In addition, maybe the aspie looks not just from gamer's perspective, but also from modder's and gamedev's perspective.
No. 86669
>Nobody cares
Exactly! Maybe you're more neurotypical than you think.
No. 86672
I've just unlocked a buried memory regarding the souls series and the "git gud" discourse from back when the games were first coming out, and I still browsed 4chan /v/.
I remembered that "git gud" was originally a mocking expression that had a tone of exasperation, and a subtext of "this game isn't difficult, and the fact that you're complaining about it shows that you don't know much about video games".
I don't know if anyone remembers the culture around that era of games, but it was the generation when games stopped being "nintendo hard" and the modern normie braindead baby mode cinematic experiences really began, but the later revival of difficult, oldschool throwback type of games hadn't started yet.
It was a reaction to console normies complaining about this game that wouldn't have been considered all that exceptional in its difficulty back in the days.
Then later it was adopted at face value, and mutated into the idea that the game was actually difficult. Sort of a gradual canonization of a previously self-aware sentiment.

I actually enjoy autismal game trivia and behind the scenes stuff, and mechanical autism myself, but one has to be clear what exactly they are talking about at all times.
Like, is it a review of the game as an artistic experience, or the "engineering" of the game?
That is not to say that you can't use a description of the mechanics to then make a point about the resulting experience.
But there's a certain type of person who treats the description of the game as if it were the game, and will suggest that someone who criticizes an experience in the game is wrong because the thing they're complaining about is technically present in the mechanics. Nevermind that something else in the game might prevent those mechanics from being expressed.
And so on.

Also, I wish I didn't throw away my old igromania magazines. I kinda want to revisit some of the articles for nostalgia purposes, but their issue archive has shit interface, you can't find anything, and it doesn't preserve the layout and page stylings of the physical magazine, so it's not the same.
No. 86676
Watch your language, Ernst.
No. 86677 Kontra
How ironic.
No. 86685
>I remembered that "git gud" was originally a mocking expression that had a tone of exasperation, and a subtext of "this game isn't difficult, and the fact that you're complaining about it shows that you don't know much about video games".
>Then later it was adopted at face value, and mutated into the idea that the game was actually difficult.

I... didn't know that. I've only become aware that souls games exist about two years ago or so, before that I only had a vague shadow of awareness what was behind the phrase "soulsborne" or "souls like", pretty much like something that just stays within your peripheral vision and never really catches your attention.

But now that you say that, it really makes a lot of sense. Because neither Dark Souls 1 nor 3 felt particularly tough the way some PS1 games did. It's really only Sekiro that breaks my heda and that I will probably never beat, but Sekiro is very different from DS when it comes to difficulty.
No. 86693 Kontra
2,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:31
I mean today you have games with No Time Events, so obviously anything that warrants more skill than "press button as prompted" and "push forward to continue" will be considered hardcore.
Same with survival horror games, where people give up after 10 minutes because the very existence of ink ribbons makes their tiny brains explode.
No. 86712
31 kB, 483 × 483
No. 86853
3,6 MB, 1920 × 1080
174 kB, 314 × 259
Playing Total war Medieval II. Finished campaign for Spain. Moors and Portugal clashed in a protracted attritional war against each other since very beginning, so I had a good start. Next time I'll play for Denmark or for one of Italian meme states. Or better for something difficult and exotic like Egypt.

I don't understand how this game works. Later games of the series have their mechanics explained straightforwardly, but here buildings have descriptions like "better roads and trade" how much better? or "food production +3" +3 of what?. Also amount of micromanagement is insane. Automatic militia maintenance and unit replenishment sine Rome 2 is a very good thing.
Yet I still like Medieval II more, because of baby duck syndrome.
No. 86874
>I don't understand how this game works.
See the info tab on the left once you open the village? Inb4 you closed it. If you hover over the icons and expected profits you can see everything, even greyed out soon to be build effects, profits, what the change does to unrest, corruption, growth and so on.
+1 to farmland will be listed in growth AND revenue: It is +0.5% pop growth and further down about +60 or +80 or something coins on average per "+1 farmland thingy", see also the corruption icon and fluctuating harvests.
t. pro
No. 86897
Thanks, I'll look it up when I start new campaign. Thoughts on Stainless Steel btw? Any other interesting mods?