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No. 8344
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Please, post some good artwork with dinosaurs. Here, I'll start. Thank you.
No. 8354 Kontra
But why? Feels a bit like spam, this thread.
No. 8443
80 kB, 520 × 750
Dinosaurs never existed before Jews, Steven Spielberg made billions of Jurassic Park. Kids are obsessed with dinosaurs around the age of 5 when they should be obsessed with being created by god.
No. 8444 Kontra
Pls go back to kohl
No. 8513
401 kB, 502 × 546
So is this the art thread? You know, I hate smoking pot and haven't done it in many years, but there was this one time I got the purple stuff. I mean the whole plant was purple, from the buds and the leaves down to the stem to the roots. Whole plant. And by God, the purp was something like the ambrosia or manna of the philosophers. It was like that pic where some spede is imagining himself a great philosopher versus reality of shitposter. It was a clear, inner world thing, almost like an LSD headspace, which had no anxiety or paranoia or body high. And I have never found it again. But when I was on it, I could draw perfectly. I am in awe at some stuff I've done. And sadly some was lost. I'd really like to get back into art but it looks like shit and I feel like I've become more impatient, distractible, uncreative, and retarded lacking the basic discipline to do art which requires a nearly assburger focus.
No. 9541 Kontra

TED talks are pretty blasé but this one's pretty interesting.
Basically there a lot of "different" dinosaurs because the rush and "clout chasing" of early paleontologists wanting to discover new different kind of dinosaurs.
This guy cut open a lot of samples of dinosaur bones he had and found a lot of things, like the Allosaurus was really just a younger Tyrannosaurus and etc. because one day he started to wonder where the hell the baby dinosaurs were.

Conflicting sage cause shit thread but I like dinosaurs.