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No. 83516 Systemkontra
207 kB, 527 × 554
old >>82709
No. 83518 Kontra
534 kB, 587 × 552
First for Trusting the Plan(tm)
No. 83533 Kontra
746 kB, 1920 × 1080
Me, knowing the real plan.
No. 83536 Kontra

No. 83538 Kontra
312 kB, 1080 × 1135
You may enjoy this actually. Rate how Australian state broadcaster tries to paint Xi as very very ebul. I'm not really a sinoboo, but this just made him sound significantly cooler than he actually is.
No. 83543
3,7 MB, 640 × 360, 0:06
>Harks back to the days of Mao
I love journalists. Love how after spending 3-5 years in higher education they lack any sort of historical perspective or consciousness which stretches deeper than slogans or further than the 30s.

I have no doubt that if I shoved this to a leftist almost sympathetic to China they'd say "Based", never mind the tankies. (Who are currently experiencing probably 20 layers of schizophrenia because of Putin.)
You could say I have a life now so I don't keep up with this mecha-tankie patsoc vs true-stalinist twitter bullshit.
No. 83546 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Imagine if Boeing, Walmart, and all the FAGMAN companies were forced to contribute to a 'common prosperity fund' inb4 "that's just taxes". I think the journalist is either jelly or reflecting the oligarchical concern that the government might just seize some of their mountain of assets for redistribution to the undeserving proles.
No. 83550
Interesting, is China as much of a paper tiger as Russia?

I heard that sharts vote for packages of laws and packets with aid to Ukraine contain other stuff, less appealing to reps. Is dat true?
No. 83554
I mean, my first reaction to
>attacked billionaires
>pissed off western investors
>forced a bunch of companies to pay protection money

Was indeed 'based'.

A lot of it is actually the very real war drumming going on in Australia. For some reason we really want to eat a few Chinese nukes because we are so hopped up on western exceptionalism that we think our tiny 27M pop country is relevant by virtue of 'westernness'.

Hard to say. Definitely much more powerful than they were 20 years ago, and to my understanding, conscription isn't even regularly used because they get enough volunteers. That is a good sign for professionalism but the officers do probably lack experience. Their equipment is largely peer with other great powers, so it'd be the classic "kick the door in and collapse the lot, or lose" which isn't really a gamble I'd take personally. That tends to rarely work out against big countries with fairly high morale. Their industry also means that they can survive a war of attrition/expenditure that the west has demonstrated that it can't with Ukraine (see: the US struggling to keep up with artillery ammo production requirements).
No. 83560 Kontra
If you ask me the chief difference is that Russia is utilizing past positions on the world stage it could not attain in its current state to try and reclaim old positions, meanwhile China is in a struggle to gain entirely new positions in the world.

China is definitely not ready yet to wage an open conflict against "the west", but if shit hits the fan over Taiwan or something, China would pose an infinitely bigger challenge to the US and its allies than Russia could simply by virtue of having a larger population base and a bigger manufacturing sector than Russia.
(But then again, we're not seeing an all-out conflict between Russia and Nato.)

The current issue is that as far as I can tell China is trying to sit on two chairs at once. They want to help Russia because it's an invaluable ally in Eurasia, while they also don't want to anger the US too much and hasten the decoupling attempts of the US elite, which would harm the economic growth and by proxy the regime's legitimacy. (Of course on China's part the other option is to shift more of the production towards domestic consumption in case like they did in 2008.)

There's also the stereotypes. I don't know much about Russia in this sense, but from the videos and descriptions of Russia online, the Russian political and intellectual elite is split between boomer leftovers from the USSR, eccentric people with strange esoteric ideas and corrupt fuckwits who do a serviceable job of keeping the flames down just enough to not get fired.

Don't want to claim I know a lot about China, but the Chinese leaderships seems different. They love slogans and the perception of unity on the surface but they've learned to duke it out behind closed doors.
They have cases of corruption, but ultimately when it comes down to it they all know that they are rowing in the same boat, so the party is very disciplined outwards, and keeps its members better in check than Putin seems to.
They are more calculating and also more anxious because of all these calculations.
Inaction is key, because if you don't do something big, there are no big consequences, and if you fuck up big time you have big time bad consequences.
This is why scholar-officials were so mediocre 95% of the time. That way they kept the lights on and things were stable even if they weren't amazing.

So yes, it might seem like a giant weakness they didn't shoot down Pelosi's plane, but I'd wager the CPC is aware of how stupid it looked and they probably went through the scenarios a hundred times and picked the best one to save the most face and gain the most from the "humiliation" they faced over it.
(China has Vatniks/ultranationalists too, and a lot of them would probably have already started WW3 if not for the CPC holding them filtering them out.)
No. 83561

Does anyone know who is behind this? Link got posted in the War thread on kohl and it sorta looks like a nice refugee.
No. 83564
304 kB, 1280 × 800
>Interesting, is China as much of a paper tiger as Russia?

You' know what, probably, they have shit friends, the same demographic problems as the west and even the CCPs own population hates it. They still haven't solved the Hong Kong problem even with all the rich women who have emigrated to my country which shows a multi-generational problem for them.

China is more of a long-term problem when viewed from historical precedent:
1. A China-US Cold War will eventually become a reverse of the last in terms of GDP between the main combatants.
2. The South China Sea mirrors the US-British naval balancing in the Caribbean and eventually Western Hemisphere. China has to dominate several nearby island chains, the US has to dominate the world and with that there comes at least local parity.
3. China is already outspending the west in infrastructure both at home and overseas which probably tells you what happens when your leadership is made of engineers. They actually spend money today to provide more money tomorrow - the bastards, that's completely unfair!

>I heard that sharts vote for packages of laws and packets with aid to Ukraine contain other stuff, less appealing to reps. Is dat true?

They seem quite specific about this one - America first being the slogan they're trying to apply with talk of spending that money on law and order. Yes, I am sure they're not just shitposting irl. This is what happens when it's a democrat leading the country.

You're relevant to us, Australia <3
No. 83566
>entirely new
The Chinese are certain that they are just regaining their rightful position as the economic, military and cultural center of the world, after a century of humiliation.
No. 83568
China's military is only strong in numbers.
No. 83569 Kontra
6,5 MB, 836 × 480, 1:05
The mighty Russian war-time military industry is raising its heda by "modernizing" a bunch of T-62s.

I wonder where they found that rusty engine block from, the backyard? :D What a video...
No. 83594
So the engine block is rusty. I bet this will give the event shine comfort knowing that they have been killed by a tank with a rusty engine block!
No. 83595
Shitmany is to give Urine more Pzh 2000. That confirms it: all the old ones have already been destroyed it sold to Russia in the blank market!
How anyone can believe shitty Urine Nazis and the west cam win this way against Russia is ridiculous. Then, you like little shit image board heroes think fagot NATO is the 'good guy's. Go read some Chomsky, you are all victim to propaganda lies!
No. 83600
578 kB, 786 × 1064
If you remember the demonstration of their new assault rifle...
No. 83619 Kontra
That might be the Chinese historical narrative, but besides maybe in the Far-East, there's no position to "reclaim", only to establish.
As a narrative it's good for domestic consumption, but in reality, China abroad has to establish a brand new network of industry, military and cultural links between itself and other countries if it wants to "reclaim" its position of dominance, which was at the time, localized to the Asia-Pacific region. Now to be dominant you have to do it all over the world.
No. 83622
China was at the center of the world. The age of discovery was spurned by the desire to trade with China. Historically, all the trade with China went through the Byzantine empire, but when the ottomans established themselves on the Bosporus, it had to go through the Muslims. Europe did not like that at all. At the very end of the pipeline sat the Dutch, the Portuguese and the Brits. At the end of the continent, on the Atlantic, not on the Mediterranean, they had a strong desire to trade with China. The Dutch and the British they to sail around Russia-but could not do it. The Portuguese sailed around Africa, which made Portugal the first colonial empire, because it could trade with China directly, an immense privilege.
No. 83623
It is a great rifle, and so cheap that every American would buy one if it was on sale at Walmart. But it isn't.
No. 83626
2,9 MB, 560 × 640, 0:42
Has this been posted yet?
I still don't understand what exactly the plan was here.
No. 83628
No. 83643
Russia is finished, down with the Putin and Lukashenko regimes, freedom for Ukraine, Belorussia and Russia.
No. 83644
> Interesting, is China as much of a paper tiger as Russia?
Just go there. Everything there is fake. Everything there looks like it falls apart after two years, no matter if it is a train, a road or a skyscraper.
No. 83645
China is just a big scam.
No. 83649
> Everything there is fake. Everything there looks like it falls apart after two years, no matter if it is a train, a road or a skyscraper.
As opposed to shitmany, where everything looks like it fell apart twenty years ago, no matter if it is a train, road or a skyscraper.
I think the problem is that you just don't get Asian design language. For example, your Suisse-brain translates pink->cheap and white->clean. But in China, white is death and pink is clean. You see a pink washing machine and think its cheap and will break in just days.
No. 83652
This is an oversimplification of what was motivating the age of discovery. China was important but the riches of India and chance to ally with Prester John was so much more of a motivating factor at work for the Portuguese. It's true that China abandoned its global ambitions because it knew the world would come to it but the Chinese world for much its history was a series of spheres with itself as the centre, relatively civilized tributaries in orbit and the hordes on the outside. This isn't radically different to what China tells itself.

Like the Hungarian alludes to - China as it is now exists in a world with western institutions and global culture it had no real say in developing and which quite fundamentally clash with its identity. It can't expect kowtowing from Japan, Vietnam or Korea and nor does it have the global cultural network Britain or Spain can enjoy outside of ethnic Chinese in the likes of Malaysia (a played card) or oligarch children living in the west whose loyalties it has to monitor. In many ways it's even worse as it's an outsider the west has a long history of viewing with distrust and hostility.
No. 83654
I just could not resist: The last 4 or so troll posts into a markov chain text generator and hardly anything changed https://projects.haykranen.nl/markov/demo/ :

where everything machine to Argentina-levels. Doomberg said so in podcasts. You don't get Asian design language. For example, of course. You can believe people who are knowledgeable, of gayrope and their Green Party is about to tank and food shortages are savages!

de more from energy exports than ever in it's history. The Russia made more from energy exports than ever in it's history. The Russian design
language. For example, your Suisse->brain translates pink is clean. You see a pink cheap and think its cheap and white is doing fine, while
insolvencies in Germany are knowledgeable, of course. You see a pink cheap and will break in just days. It is the truth. Economic collapse of gayrope and shitmany, where everything collapse of gayrope and shitmany has begun, Russia will win this war with nuclear weapons if necessary, and the Green eco bullshit!!! One years ago, no matter if it is a train, road or a skyscraper.
I think the millions of pet-niggers they brought in China, while insolvencies in Germany are already up 30% compared to the previous year the enviro-green do-gooders anal-lena bareback wirken sie auf einen Atomschlag gegen Russland hin um unsere Demokratie zu schützen!

Shitmany has begun, Russia made more from energy exports than ever in it's history. The Russia will win this war with plundering nigger hordes. But in China, white->clean. But in China, white is death and pink is clean.. You see a pink washing machine and the Green do-gooders anal-lena bareback wirken sie auf einen Atomschlag gegen Russland hin um unsere Demokratie zu schützen!

Shitmany, and everything looks like enviro-green idiots who with their will be power outrages in shitmany, where everything collapse of gayrope and shitmany

t Asian design
language. For example, of course. You can believe the enviro-green idiots who with their Green do-gooders anal-lena bareback wirken sie auf einen Atomschlag gegen Russland hin um unsere Demokratie zu schützen!

Shitmany, and white is doing niggers of mixed-race more from energy exports than ever admit that the Green Party is in Power outrages in China, while insolvencies in Germany with their Green Party is in Power outrages!
The enviro-green do-gooders anal-lena bareback wirken sie auf einen Atomschlag gegen Russia made more from energy exports than ever in shitmany has begun, Russia will be power outrages are knowledgeable, of course. You see a pink washing machine to sanctions imposed to the Green Party is about to tank and food shortages!

Shitmany with plundering nigger hordes. But in just days. It is a train translates pink is a train, road or a skyscraper.
I think its cheap and will be power in shitmany, and the previous year the Green Party is about to tank and ever in German ever in it's history. The Russia made more from energy exports the truth. Economic collapse of gayrope and shitmany has begun, Russia will break in just days. It is clean. You see a pink cheap and food shortages are coming, and think
Glory to Ukraine, Russia is finished.
No. 83655
26 kB, 231 × 191
Russia, I... That's some cringy dystopian propaganda shite. Once again, it is time to unlearn Russian...
No. 83657
2,8 MB, 640 × 360, 0:58
Was Donbas bombed today yet?
No. 83658
This is my phone alarm and my email notification sound. Once I received an email in the library, rate.
No. 83661
711 kB, 1080 × 1778
Not to worry. The ISW wrote in its October 11 assessment (empahsis mine): "Belarusian equipment movements into Russia indicate that Russian and Belarusian forces likely are not establishing assembly areas in Belarus. […] Ukraine’s General Staff reiterated that it monitors Belarus and has not observed indicators of the formation of offensive groups in Belarus on October 11. Russian and or Belarusian forces remain unlikely to attack Ukraine from Belarus […] The Russian Federation is likely extracting ammunition and other materiel from Belarusian storage bases, which is incompatible with the notion that Russian forces are setting conditions for a ground attack against Ukraine from Belarus." (https://www.understandingwar.org/backgrounder/russian-offensive-campaign-assessment-october-11)
No. 83662
Thx for the info, but I have conflicting information: On hand hand they are siphoning ammo since June from Belarus, on the other hand rumours are Iranian drones and other shit is being delivered to Belarus. We will see. Some voices claim Belarus would collapse/liberate itself/get into a "civil war" if Belorussian troops are ordered to attack Ukraine.

Also kek at "refurbishing" and "modernizing" t62, I don't even.
No. 83664
The Prodigy - Live At Red Square Moscow Russia MTV Remastered 27.09.1997 / 2019
Goddamn, times are changing.

So now after it is "too late" Ukraine gets a bunch of AA, yeah, thanks a lot fuckheads. Russia mimimis it is not part of the pipelines investigations. Cruise missles and shit are still raining down all over Ukraine. NATO will give Ukraine hundreds of Drone jammers.

>Kremlin says its goals in Ukraine can be achieved through talks

>Russian-installed governor of Ukraine's Kherson suggests residents leave

>Russia consolidating new front line in Kherson's Mylove village, UK says
No. 83665
I may have missed something but don't see what's conflicting.
Russians will launch Shahed killer robots from Belarus directly onto the Ukraine, but neither Russian nor Belarusian ground troops will cross directly from Belarus.
And I think little to no Belarusian troops will enter Ukraine at all, but that's not corroborated by my quote.

Also I think Moldova's conduct in this war is underrated. It has turned from a small corrupt shithole flirting with aligning herself with Moscow to a small corrupt shithole that's taken in many refugees despite its own poverty and now calls Moscow to task for shooting rockets across its airspace. I hope the Transnistrian problem will somehow be solved without bloodshed.
No. 83666
105 kB, 347 × 346
>Russians will launch Shahed killer robots from Belarus
Well, the reports with the rumours assumed to drones were for Belarus or rather the Belorussian army and not to continuously bomb Urine, or at the very least that's how I interpreted reports and rumours, but what you say sounds more likely.

>Also I think Moldova's conduct in this war is underrated... that's taken in many refugees despite its own poverty and now calls Moscow to task for shooting rockets across its airspace. I hope the Transnistrian problem will somehow be solved without bloodshed.
pic related
No. 83667 Kontra
Apparently, I cannot into grammer. Shamefur_dispray.png
No. 83669 Kontra
>to drones
the drones
Apart from that I don't see any other mistakes. I often find some in my posts, such as >>83665 herself/itself, and perhaps "little to no troops" should be "few to no troops", but I think everybody's used to grammar mistakes on /int/, and when we don't understand each other it's rarely because of grammar mistakes.
No. 83672
>So now after it is "too late"
Too late for what? Russia has nothing left that flies low and slow enough for NATO-AA too shoot it down?
No. 83673
Proper AA could have prevented most or at least some of the damages from this weeks barrage, but instead we had to have this barrage to finally get Ukraine somewhat covered. Groan. Well, yes, Mondays or Thursdays barrage had 50% of the shit Russia send downed but moar AA could've helped.

>that's how I interpreted THE reports and rumours
Not a grammar or grammatical mistake per se, but I was referencing THE reports/rumours from the earlier part of ze sentence... Ahh whatever. So indeed, my shamefur_dispray.gif for all to see!
No. 83674 Kontra
sent* whatev
No. 83675
So it looks like Belarus got Iranian drones?
But when Shahed killer drones enter Ukraine directly from Belarus, it won't matter militarily whether they are operated by Iranian-trained Russians or by Iranian-trained Belarusians, would it? It will only matter politically.
No. 83676 Kontra
2,6 MB, 854 × 480, 0:18
673 kB, 900 × 720, 0:27
Too late to save critical infrastructure like in the first video here. It will take ages to fix power and heat plants and winter is almost here.

I said this a month ago. >>81402 Of course it has been in the cards all the time since the start of the war, so not like it was a shocking, new prediction even then.
No. 83677
Well, yes, but I thought they were for the Belarussian army to enhance their capabilities or to prepare for an offensive with Belarussian units against Ukraine, but apparently I am mistaken? And yes, since June Ru is plundering ammo and other shit from Belarus... And having a press officer say Belarus will attack kinda upps the chance of that imo, but we will see.
Uhh, thanks youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w6U42xbdR94
5 minutes in as bg noise and... Decent, maybe another channel to bookmark.
No. 83687
How long do you think the war has to go on now? Russia seems to be running out of equipment, Ukraine is having its own version of the blitz, its too hard to dress up as Putin for Halloween in the west.

Putin has even seemingly changed his tune about the whole extermination of Ukraine and wants a western peace now.

I'm wondering if Belarus is better as a sort of 'army in being'. If it doesn't attack then Ukraine still has to keep defenders in the North and tensions can be periodically ratcheted up to draw resources, Iranian drones could be moving just to deter or even Russian launch attacks but Belarus existing as an ambiguity may be a bigger challenge.

China periodically plays a similar strategy with India where it uses border clashes to diverts funds from the Indian Navy, the branch that China actually has reason to worry about.
No. 83701
End 1.) NATO-supplued Ukrainian mercenaries roll back front to 2014 borders. Russia accepts defeat. Unlikely.
End 2.) Russia decides that nuclear war is the best option and ukes Kyiv and killyouselfsky, then London, just to show the world who is boss. Anglisbitch and whine, but they knew w everything theycan do about would lead to certain death. Very likelt, and I hope this happens.
End 3.) Europe comes to it's senses and grasps that reality that they will either be Africa-tier poor or need Russian gas. Pro-Russian governments come into power in Germany and France, climate-bullshit, veganism and genderism are stomped out, niggers are sent back to Africa it outright gassed.
No. 83704 Kontra
64 kB, 1280 × 960
>How long do you think the war has to go on now?
There's probably another year of war in the waiting. Maybe more, depending on internal events in Russia. The survival of the regime is on the line, so there's no reason for a sensible peace. To think that in March a peace that would see the recognition of Crimea and the LDPR trashcannistans was rejected by the Kremlin.
It's all fucked.
No. 83706 Kontra
>The survival of the regime is on the line

It's kinda interesting to see how 6D-chess turned into poker. We go from calculation (if it ever was ofc) to gambling. It will also depend on the support of the west and its own situation to give and be willing to support that is again dependent on internal developments of the west itself.
No. 83707 Kontra
Ukrainian authorities demolished the Turul statue in the castle of Munkács. They just sawed it off and threw it in the moat. Feet of the bird are still atop the obelisk, but they put up the Ukrainian coat of arms.

An appalling act of barbarism that hopefully won’t go unpunished.
No. 83708 Kontra
155 kB, 550 × 1084
70 kB, 471 × 472
It was always a gamble and the gamble was lost within 3 days, once they failed to blitz Ukraine and take over, it was checkmate, now Russias regime is slowly choking to death. The fall is inevitable, be it in 3 months or 30 years or 300, one day Russia will liberate itself or be liberated. Victory and liberation are inevitable. Peace and prosperity upon the Slav lands, peace and prosperity for the world. Death do authoritarian regimes and corruption, death to war.
No. 83710
It makes me think of the Gegenstandpunkt argument that the US were aiming towards the fall of the last military power that comes close to the US one (I don't know why they ignore China tbh) and that Russia was cornered so it had to start a war. Maybe the US and feminine west tricked macho Russia, it couldn't stand its ongoing loss of power and influence and went after its masculine instincts without using any reason :DDD

Also can somebody explain why Finland in NATO is no big deal but Ukraine going West is? Both border Russia and become a "threat"
No. 83712
78 kB, 615 × 744
>Ukr in NATO bad
Russian hypocrisy and muh sphere of influence, Baltics are close enough to Moscow and Pidorburg so it's hardly an argument. Inb4 some Dugin nonsense.
Look at Russian politicians threatening Finland if they dare to enter Nato...
>but muh encircling and muh self determination, they surely don't want to be in Nato!1
What a load of piss.
No. 83715 Kontra
Let me expand since I railed about Russia and their NATO boogeyman: They meddled in Ukraine and wanted it to be like Belarus, that is why we have all this shit. If they managed to blitz it this time it might've ended similar to 2014, but who knows. Death to Putin and his regime.
t. Rusgerm
No. 83722
There are two concepts about Ukraine in NATO west. The first is the more esoteric one about the unity of "Russians" - big, small or white. From Pynya's own esoteric writings and speeches, this is the one that comes up the most. Ukraine as an illegitimate and abnormal creation that is anathema to the concept of Russia.
A more practical one is that a developed, wealth and 'westernized' Ukraine, with all the semi-functional institutions of first world nations might make Russians think "why not us?". There is a definite line that gets pushed in Russian media that Ukraine is something like an Uganda in the European continent, a country far poorer and more dysfunctional than Russia. At the start of the war, a Russian liberal acquaintance of mine was worried that soon Russia would "be as poor as Ukraine". A statement that I still think about sometimes.

How much is it realpolitik and how much of it is Russian esotericism? Nobody knows. my gut feeling is it's 99% esotericism
No. 83723 Kontra
It’s not esotericism it’s a Russian way of Knowing.
Russia structures its geopolitics differently than the wect.
No. 83725
84 kB, 435 × 656
2,2 MB, 1744 × 986
>The survival of the regime is on the line,
It's hard not to survive when they have oil + nukes, but given that something is wrong with decision making, and they continue to make 6D moves shoot their own legs, I start to think that regime change is possible in near future.
No. 83729 Kontra
It's probably a wild mixture of these, they don't have to be neatly separated, that's just convenient for your mind to grasp.

>poor as Ukraine

kek, from a decadent western point of view years of imageboard education I don't see the difference really.
Just remembered the Aussie that told me he was in Ukraine in mid or late 2010s telling me it was a great experience and joyous journey he had in that country. Tbh I could imagine it similar to Romania with probably a similar fate when it comes to socio-economics. But that is just a wild guess. I mean Romania didn't look super great next to what I'm used to in Germany but it seemed far from unbearable. Like in Bucarest the tram was a comically "soviet" (slow and bumpy af) but they had also all sorts of western amenities or seemed on a way to go there I don't know about health care but I imagine these as the real makers in difference...also this in the end shallow impression I would subscribe to Constanza and Sinaia, but both are also touristic and one has the biggest port on the black sea, so I guess the countryside I saw from the train might have more negatives, but I'm not sure if horse carriages and tinkered "houses" here and there are a better or actual representation of the state of Romania, probably not
No. 83730
I will not rest until all of Russia and China is Ukrainian territory. May the gods grant us victory over our enemies. Democracy is not optional.
No. 83732 Kontra
58 kB, 479 × 534
No. 83755
>But that is just a wild guess. I mean Romania didn't look super great next to what I'm used to in Germany but it seemed far from unbearable.
Romania isn't the worst place in Europe at all. By Moldavian standards it's a rather rich country.

As for Ukraine, it's markedly more poor than Russia and even Belarus (plus income inequality is larger than in Belarus). Of course, some God-forsaken regions of Russia may be not better at all, but overall the picture is quite clear, and millions of Ukrainians visited Russia as gastarbeiters, not the other way around.
No. 83762 Kontra
Taiwan is Ukraine!
No. 83765
9 kB, 200 × 200
I dreamt that I was Leipzig, running from a female vetenarian who was chasing me with a kitchen knife.

I'm still puzzled because I've dreamt anything like that in my entire life
No. 83766
You really need to get a grasp of reality, vatnigger. Russia is a third world shithole and if there's a nuclear exchange, they are the only country who is going to get annihilated as their own nuclear deterrent system probably fizzles out like literally everything else in their military without exception.
No. 83771 Kontra
63 kB, 600 × 800
Can this dream be interpreted as a premonition regarding the war in Ukraine, or why's it ITT?
No. 83777 Kontra
125 kB, 435 × 397
>I was Leipzig
What a ghastly nightmare

The female "vetenarian" represents Putin's henchmen, and the Finnish poster is a cat representing the Ukrainian people, or Russians hiding from mogilization.
No. 83778
11 kB, 251 × 216
haha, maybe
The impression I've gotten from Leipzig is that, it's a metropolitan, foward-thinking city
What grievances do you have with it, Brudi?
No. 83779 Kontra
>What grievances do you have with it, Brudi?
Not him, but:
1. It's in Saxony.
2. It's not Hamburg.
3. 15% voted for AFD.
4. It's an east German shithole corrupted by the touch of Commnazis and Russians, it should be glassed.
my ex is from Leipzig, nuke the city
No. 83780 Kontra
>Nach der am 24. April 2017 veröffentlichten Polizeilichen Kriminalstatistik des Bundeskriminalamtes rangiert Leipzig nach Berlin auf Platz 2 der registrierten Kriminalität in deutschen Städten ab 200.000 Einwohnern. 2016 ereigneten sich pro 100.000 Einwohnern 15.811 Straftaten.
Wtf. City (with over 200k inhabitants) with the second highest crimes per capita in Germany, after Berlinshithole. At least they have more atheist hedas than west Germoney, which is a plus.
No. 83781
* "The presence of large numbers of Russian citizens fleeing mobilization continues to drive tensions in Central Asian states"
* "IAEA: Back-up power to Zaporizhzhia NPP restored"
* "ISW continues to assess that joint Belarusian and Russian forces will not invade Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Russian forces continue to attrit their own combat capabilities as they impale themselves on attempts to capture tiny villages in Donbas and simply do not have the combat-effective mechanized troops available to supplement a Belarusian incursion into northern Ukraine and certainly not to conduct a mechanized drive on Kyiv. […] Putin is more likely weaponizing concerns over Belarusian involvement in the war to pin Ukrainian troops against the northern Ukraine-Belarus border."
* "Deputy head of the Kherson Oblast Occupation Administration, Kirill Stremousov, […] promised that Russian officials would find accommodations for Kherson residents in Russia and provided a hotline to call for interested residents."
* Ukraine has struck Russian air defense in Kherson and attempted strikes at Russian logistics around Mariupol

None, I wouldn't mind living there, I was just trying to be funny, and you probably meant you were in Leipzig. I think I've only been there once, thought it was a bit on the ugly side, but that was thirty years ago.
No. 83782
Hamburger :DDD
Fair enough
No. 83789
>How much is it realpolitik and how much of it is Russian esotericism?
Pushing the century-long dead concept of "Russia minor" and acting on those ideas (instead of stating the common linguistic and cultural space and proceeding from that) is hopeless esotericism. The "Uganda" theory definitely has some truth to it, but it's still an exaggeration. Aside from differences in average income, Russia and Ukraine are generally worth each other (a crypto-fascist banana republic vs. a corrupt fascist dictatorship, basically). Ukraine may arguably have a slightly better potential (chiefly because it has no meaningful natural resources), but it doesn't make a practical difference.
No. 83790 Kontra
Leipzig has a drug-problem.
No. 83792 Kontra
506 kB, 1014 × 534
958 kB, 956 × 800
125 kB, 820 × 503
>chiefly because it has no meaningful natural resources
A country the Murricans pump full of weapons always has natural resources.
The oil-industry demands that from the presidents they put in place. Only Trump was different. He was elected because Americans no longer want to give free shit to foreigners or fight foreign wars. Why should a hard-working American trucker pay taxes to defend Europe while a lazy German with a well-paying do nothing bullshit-job gets free healthcare, and lots of other stuff, because shitmany can rely on the U.S. of A. for defence and does not have to spent its own money? That's hard to explain to Americans. But Schlumberger, Halliburton, Exxon, Black rock, Newmont and all the other criminal organisation running US politics hated the idea of not getting to grow by exploiting foreign resource deposits, that's why they rigged the presidential election and brought the senile Biden into office to do their bidding. Leftist idiots do not understand this, they were manipulated to fight for 'proper pronouns' and destroy the difference between man and woman so there can be no more family, only perverted sex between drugged sex addicts with mutilated genitals. Divide et impera!
No. 83793
Man Leipzig was always one of the few big cities I found tolerable even though I basically only met ticks.
No. 83798 Kontra
Did you beat them? We do not tolerate ticks where I live.
No. 83800
Nah they were cool, apart constantly talking about the holocaust.
No. 83801 Kontra
You are no true German.
No. 83806
> might make Russians think "why not us?"
Well, southern part of Korea used to be less developed and industrialized than northern part before Korean war. Northern Koreans somehow cope with this.
No. 83808 Kontra
North Korea is only poor because of the sanctions of the West. It used to be wealthier than the fascist military dictatorship the Americans built in the south. But as we have seen, Russia can not be brought down by sanctions from Western nations. It is the opposite: foolish Western leaders destroyed their nations economies. Europeans can not afford to take baths or showers, and media runs propaganda pieces on how much healthier washing with a washcloth is. People are full of rage for the government and its ridiculous incompetence!
No. 83809
524 kB, 1192 × 661
>It's hard not to survive when they have oil + nukes
Do you think the regime could survive a significant defeat in Ukraine? Maybe, maybe repression systems will hold. But I wouldn't count on it. Defeat will lead to critical instability. Maybe we see the historical parallels of the Russo-Japanese war continue and Putin will announce democratic reforms and then provide uppity serfs with Pynya ties :DD

>Russia and Ukraine are generally worth each other (a crypto-fascist banana republic vs. a corrupt fascist dictatorship, basically).
I hope, at very least, you've accidentally flipped the terms. Still, the trends of development in both nations are clear. Ukraine was always the poorest of the east slavic nations and under normal conditions would have continued to be so for several more decades. In terms of worth, I think this present Russia is worse than Moldova. This is all personal values of course, I think poverty isn't as big of an issue as a psychotic repressive state apparatus. I'd rather live the rest of my life in Cape Verde than in Russia. t. haven't been to either :DDD

>Northern Koreans somehow cope with this.
And maybe Russia will cope with this too, by embracing Juche :DD
No. 83813
Why not? Sell it as a victory prevented an Ukrainian invasion of Russia and nazi-parades in Belgorod, preseved traditional values and prevented homo-parades in every city, destroyed the American biolabs in ukraine, stopped Ukraine from becoming a nuclear power threatening Russia, pick not one, but all of those and a few more so the moms and gfs of dead conscripts can think of the fallen as heroes who did not die vain. Then, no one will complain.

But I don't think there will be defeat, Russia can just make a deal with NATO: NATO stops support for the Ukrainian regime and NATO won't be annihilated with Russian hypersonic missiles. Then, Russia can easily overrun the pathetic Kiew regime and Russia will be re-united.
No. 83815
> Do you think the regime could survive a significant defeat in Ukraine?
Why not? Saddam survived Gulf War.

In 1905 Russia's economy, social structure, foreign affairs situation, etc were very different. Before weapons of mass destruction governments had to find balance between domestic stability and resistance against foreign aggression. Literate people are prone to mutiny and heresy, capitalists create alternatives centers of power, same do competent generals, and so on. On the other hand, backward country will be crushed by foreign powers, see Opium wars for example. Now situation is different: any shithole like Pakistan is not worth invading to, it's cheaper to buy resources from local leader (thus supporting his power).
No. 83820 Kontra
>Northern Koreans somehow cope with this.
What does that even mean? What would constitute the line between "North Koreans coping" and "not coping" by your assessment, and why would their – whoever it is – coping matter? It's hardly a falsifiable statement when we don't know which North Koreans you are talking about and what you mean by coping.

Same with super vague terms like "collapse", "(significant) defeat", "(final) victory", "peace", "fair (election)" etc.
As long as people don't provide any objective indicators for them, they're just constructing a way to weasel out of what they seem to be saying when things turn out differently. "Collapse of X imminent", how would we know when it has or hasn't happened? And a lot of things are neither binary nor even on a scale with two clear ends, there isn't a bottom nor a ceiling for how bad or good most things can be, and it always depends on who you're looking at. I'm a bit tired of people speaking as if there were a binary outcome, whether it's the current climate disaster, a pandemic or the collapse of society. Powerless people have always had it bad, and powerful people have always had it good, and that will stay that way, no matter how hard some people try to construe a "collapse" or whatever. It's just people moving down the ladder to join the ranks of those who have it bad, it's not the end of the world for those whose lives have already been shitty nor for the powerful. Only for those people who are moving down.

That was my rant, please like and subscribe
No. 83827
Maybe read the post, which I was replying to? Some people assume that prospering Ukraine would be very problematic for Putin's authority. But Northern Koreans manage to live (=cope) in such situation. Not coping would be switching to western sphere influence and abandoning Juche, by Kim dynasty or by anyone who would overthrow them.
No. 83829
This. North Korea does not need the West, the Murricans would just love to get rid of North Korea, but NK is too strong for them! Because they are weak, soft and corrupt. So-called Individualism (mix of arrogance and cowardice) is what makes western soldiers such faggots and western armies so weak.
No. 83831
175 kB, 1586 × 949
>NATO stops support for the Ukrainian regime and NATO won't be annihilated with Russian hypersonic missiles.
I wonder why they haven't shaken hands on it yet, maybe Russia is ignoring NATO's desperate pleas for peace.

>As long as people don't provide any objective indicators for them, they're just constructing a way to weasel out of what they seem to be saying when things turn out differently.
Very rude, in the two terms relating to my posts -
A regime collapse would imply the present power structure goes to hui, United Russia disintegrates. If the head of the regime is simply replaced by someone else from the ranks, this is not a regime collapse.
A significant defeat is one in which Russia isn't able to simply return to its pre-Feb borders. Even if the K+Z+D+LPRs go away, if Russia holds onto Crimea I wouldn't classify it as a significant defeat that would necessarily bring down the regime with it.

>Why not? Saddam survived Gulf War.
This is true, but Russians are different it did nearly topple him. In this particular case, I think a defeat would be more critically destabilizing due to complex reasons relating to the zeigeist. A ruined Russia, in isolation, with neither battlefield victories, a growing economy or internal stability - why would anyone back the present status quo? Of course, some individuals are too tainted and can't just jump ship and these people have every incentive to fight tooth and nail to remain in power but dictatorships at the very least require submission from underlings in the power structure. The regime somehow losing the war and maintaining power would mean something truly terrible - the hermit federation.
No. 83833
9 kB, 300 × 300
No. 83834 Kontra
tl;dr: Russian spy and possible saboteur caught, dude surveyed Norwegian energy infrastructure and shite. Inb4 Russia didn't do nuffin.
No. 83835 Kontra
>Power structure would go to hui
So liberals rule over patriots, wife over husband, child over parent and blackass over Russian? You make the mistake of thinking Russians are like Europeans.
No. 83837
Norway is a free country, isn't it? People are free to go to places and look at things? Is it illegal to fly drones? It is a minor offence at best. Is Norway no a police state? They always talk big about how much freedoms Europe has, and then they arrest a man for flying a drone. Hypocritical!
No. 83839 Kontra
72 kB, 1600 × 1152
>Ernst, can you make sure he takes his meds every day? He is quite hard to come by and finds ways to discard them, although he can't shut up about taking the red pill.
No. 83847 Kontra
Isn't this good, strong and masculine?
No. 83853
No. 83856 Kontra
When Russia threw out all the foreign agents, they bitched and whined and it was all proof that Russia was a dictatorship, etc.
Now, they arrest men for flying a drone. It is a harmless hobby, isn't it? Isn't Norway a free country, a democracy? Let a man fly a drone, that is democratic! The west is hypocritical and full of lies.
Democracy is propaganda.
No. 83858
Is anything happening at the front? All I see here are people expressing their (very) retarded philosophical musings, is this because the war is uneventful the last few days? Aside from Kerch bridge.
No. 83859
Russian news report failed Ukrainian attempts to advance further near Kherson. A couple of irrelevant settlements were taken by Russia in Donbass several days ago. Plus there are air strikes. Ukrainians have hit a Russian SAM site near Kherson, an air strike against infrastructure near Mariupol has been reported as repelled. Overall nothing major.
No. 83860
Also Ru is urging citizen in Kherson to evac, there are also rumours of Ukraine also hitting Ru/ occupied Ukr infrastructure. From what I can gather the Ru defenses of Ukr aren't looking good.
No. 83861 Kontra
Russian counter-counteroffensive around Bakhmut on the northern front.
AFU renewed Kherson offensive from the north but according to some sources they are paying a heavy price in the process.
Missile strikes are happening regularly.
No. 83862
78 kB, 253 × 235
>Putin claims he has no desire to destroy Ukraine after week of missile strikes
No. 83863
>according to some sources they are paying a heavy price
Seems like Ukr had high losses in Kherson since they started the offensive there, but it is looking bleak for the Ru Kherson defense forces.
Glory to Ukraine.
No. 83866
4,2 MB, 2707 × 3374
Kherson thing seems serious this time, authorities advised population to evacuated, and head of Russian administration is now east to the city too.
Moscovites (1-st class citizens) are now being drafted by cop patrols at subway stations. Only in prolish eastern districts though.
Elon Musk made some shitposts and was added to hohol grievance list.

Since beginning of this war, there were no offensives by [any side], where [other side] wouldn't claim [first side]'s heavy losses.
No. 83868
527 kB, 1053 × 744
"do as i say or I will use Dollar Billions fresh from the Press to Turn your ciubtry into an obedient fascist state. Maybe I will start with your neighbors."
No. 83874 Kontra
4 kB, 443 × 43
No. 83875 Kontra
162 kB, 640 × 460
128 kB, 460 × 639
142 kB, 640 × 447
387 kB, 2598 × 757
What does this one say?
He draws now a lot of nude stuff, also trucks.
>Goetz Wiedenroth was born in Bremen in 1965, began his professional career as an industrial clerk. Commercial training at Daimler-Benz AG, Hamburg branch.

It seems in 2001 he drew less political stuff.
What happened? If only I spoke German.
No. 83876 Kontra
209 kB, 510 × 361
>What does this one say?
I meant this one.
t. got overexcited in saving nude girl drawings
No. 83878 Kontra
114 kB, 1056 × 594
> It seems in 2001 he drew less political stuff.
Haha, those German painters...
No. 83879
On platform "Germany" there's an express train to hell. The ride is mandatory. If you don't enter, you will be taken.

Conductors are not pointsmen. Just employees. [probably alluding the the "BRD GmbH" shit]

tl;dr: Wiedenroth was at one point mindbroken and went 100% off the rails (tihihi), but not in a fun way like Wagner.
No. 83880
105 kB, 347 × 346
No. 83885 Kontra
>One hundred points in the central pedestrian register

Germany has a database called "central traffic registry". There are certain offenses for which drivers get awarded "points". Those points are stored in the database. Achieving a certain number of points means you lose your driver's license.

The comic makes light of this 'injustice' to drivers. (Can't lose your 'walkers license' for jaywalking, there are speeding cameras for drivers, but no jaywalking cameras for walkers, etc..., how dictatorial of the German government.)

In my opinion, that comic is political and it is already right-wing. Right-wing loves the car and hates speed-limits, speeding cams, pedestrian crossings, etc. Everyone should go as fast as they want, no driver should be punished for anything-pedestrians and cyclists rank lower in the social hierarchy, so they should be punished more and suffer more than drivers. Right-wing pov, not mine.

> A train to hell is departing on platform Germany. There is an obligation to ride on this train. Whoever does not get on the train will be picked up.

>Engine- and train-conductors do not decide how to set the switches, they are only employees
No. 83888 Kontra
>Conductors are not pointsmen.
Pointsmen are also employees, aren't they?
No. 83891
"Pointsmen" was probably not a good translation. The double entendre of "Weichensteller" here is not just the people who set the switches, but the people who decide how the switches are to be set.
Also, the translation by >>83885 is a bit more elegant, despite his obsession with le ebul car drivers. I wonder if he's the bike schizo.
No. 83895
298 kB, 654 × 601
Good evening everyone.
Got banned from Kohl because I told Waldemod to kys and swinging the banhammer won't make Russia win this stupid war.

KhC is all about information war nowadays. Vatnigger bots try to keep up the appearance that the internet gutter is absolutely counter-culture, pro-Russian. Therefore, they need to ban any dissent. So much samefagging and cancer going on. We should discuss the final solution of the Waldemar question.
No. 83896
The final solution the the KCmods question is finding a less cucked board.
No. 83897
Hello Ernst. My name is Bernd and I was banned today.
No. 83898
22 kB, 759 × 685
Hello, where are the serious discussions
No. 83899
Not in the Ukraine War thread
No. 83900
84 kB, 604 × 533
Ok, let's go - what happened in Kherson theatre today?

An offensive was announced, but then relative radio silence on the typical social media outlets ensued. I think there are two possible scenarios here, either it's to keep a tactical information advantage or Dills got their ass kicked a bit.
No. 83902
I bet there was some minor progress, like 10 kilometers advancements, but we will know about it only after 2-3 days.
No. 83903 Kontra
According to the Russian MoD, a couple of tajiks fired upon their own during a training exercise.
No. 83904 Kontra
Banderists got demilitarised and offensive failed.
t.Suvorikin twitter
No. 83906 Kontra
125 kB, 700 × 818
No. 83907
It's good to see more and more people leaving vatnigger chan for greener pastures. Even the rampant pedophilia was grudgingly tolerated and yet the jannies still managed to make the place completely intolerable. I hope the jannies here don't prove to be equally subhuman in the future.
I'm still having trouble adapting to this IB software though. Not my fav.
Anyway, back to the war.
I read that russians destroyed the dam that's used to shut down the water to the Crimea. Does that mean that even if dill takes Nova Kakhovka they will have trouble shutting the water down in a timely manner? Could they just fill the canal with rubble or something?
No. 83909
>Since beginning of this war, there were no offensives by [any side], where [other side] wouldn't claim [first side]'s heavy losses.
Except occasionally the losses get confirmed by the other side.
No. 83910
>An offensive was announced
by whom? i only saw russians reporting about it
No. 83911
In other news:
>A fire has broken out at Iran's notorious Evin prison, with footage posted online showing flames and smoke billowing from the area. Gun shots, explosions and alarms have been reported as coming from the jail, the primary site for detaining political prisoners. An official quoted by state media said "criminal elements" were to blame, but that the situation was under control.

>Iran has been gripped for weeks by anti-government protests. They first erupted last month when anger over the death in police custody of 22-year-old Kurdish Iranian Mahsa Amini boiled over. Officials say she died from an underlying health condition, but her family say she died after being beaten by morality police. BBC Persian's Rana Rahimpour says we do not yet know if the situation at the prison is linked to the recent demonstrations, but it easily could be because hundreds of the protesters have been sent to Evin. Inmates there will be fully aware of how intense the situation is in the country, Ms Rahimpour reports.

Iran's morality police is getting bullied by women and motorists while China has just suffered a Cold War technology ban and Russia is humiliated. Is the West winning the 2020s?

>Northern Koreans somehow cope with this.

North Koreans have landed on the Sun. How will Russia beat that?

But more seriously, the power structure of North Korea is something centuries in the making that drew influences that range from 1930s Shinto Buddhism to urban control being replicated in rural settings. You would never be able to create such an apparatus in Russia without at a minimum cutting the internet and reverting knowledge of the outside world to the 1970s where the party was incorruptible but local officials were criminals who flew under the radar of Moscow.

Well... Maybe you could, but it doesn't really work the same with a Tsar and Stalinism requires an ideology.
No. 83913 Kontra
>Iran habbedigs
News thread is >>80621

EC war im Herbst schon schrott, weil irgendwie rvss in die Fäden gekommen ist
No. 83914
The "dam" was just a pile of boulders shoved into the driver by a bulldozer. It's next to trivial to repeat that. I imagine this very thing is the reason why Ukrainians are pushing forward in that direction. Cutting off the freshwater supply to Crimea cost Russia billions in maintenance trying to stop the soil from turning bad. It might even been one of the factors that led to this war.
I think blocking this freshwater supply is the main objective of the Kherson push and once it's done, Ukrainians will move forces east to try push towards Melitopol or Mariupol. That'd basically cauldron the entire Russki southern front.
No. 83922
689 kB, 1080 × 1886
New Xi article dropped. Aussies are really bad at shit talking the guy honestly. Once again making him seem ebin. ABC pls stop, I don't actually like China's trajectory :-DDD

North Korea also benefits from building it's structures back in the day under the auspices of a genuinely supported government led by a national hero of resistance to Japanese occupation. Without that kind of support, major changes are just hard in general.
No. 83923
381 kB, 1080 × 1710
Part 2
No. 83925 Kontra
>that last paragraph
Lel, almost made me fall for it and start hailing the chairman.
No. 83940
Are refugees from Waldimod welcome here?
No. 83941
27 kB, 587 × 248
63 kB, 549 × 674
hopefully, Ernstchan is a bit too serious sometimes, however the board itself has a lot of nice people with neat hobbies to exchange some love together
No. 83942
As if anyone cares. Vatniks are non-existent here anyway (so I myself have to assume their role from time to time).
No. 83943 Kontra
As long as they behave
No. 83954 Kontra
65 kB, 444 × 392
11 kB, 225 × 225
> So, the next two weeks will be the hardest. The darkest. We will taste the bitterness of defeat again. But only to then experience our biggest victories in decades. Two weeks. The blackest night before the dazzling dawn. You have to be patient, you have to endure. There will be many provocations, nerves will be torn for miles. It will seem like this is the end.
> But this will only be the beginning. The beginning of our deafening Victory for the whole world. A dialectical paradox, indeed. Know this and be calm. The process has already been launched, the flywheels have not already given the first turn. The car will turn over - it needs time. Everything great needs time.
> And the time is two weeks.

Last time I checked, Kohlchan had a pinned message that butthurt mod had been kicked away.
No. 83955
81 kB, 419 × 480
Trust the plan
No. 83956 Kontra
48 kB, 582 × 635
Thanks for the translation. How come everything is always two weeks away? Does it have something to do with the two-week news cycle so that everyone will have forgotten the message by the time things should start happening?
No. 83957
Anytime I refresh /int/ and the war thread is on top position and I see that goofy mf with the goofy headdress, I must smile.
Thank you whoever made this.
No. 83958
From ISW's latest ass.ment:
The RF MoD reported that mobilized soldiers shot at each other at a training ground in Belgorod Oblast, resulting in at least 11 killed and 15 injured on October 15. The MoD described the shooting’s perpetrators as “terrorists” and said they were from an unspecified CIS country.

If they were from another country, how were they mobilized?
No. 83959
>If they were from another country, how were they mobilized?
Rightful russian clay
No. 83961
Going by the reactions, I guess about 40% of the Russian population is no longer falling for the same bullshit. Even if Russians are fed nothing but propaganda their entire lives, even for them there's only so many times you can hear the same old story before you stop believing.
>Last time I checked, Kohlchan had a pinned message that butthurt mod had been kicked away.
Kohlchan is the rushit mods. That place is not run by Germans but by a German-speaking rusnigger, that much is extremely clear by now. The "butthurt mod left without explanation" is bullshit smokescreen because he realized everyone who made half-way good posts was leaving and the threads are boring as sin and devoid of any content now.
They are sending untrained mobiks to die, they are clearly desperate. There is no way in hell they have anything else to field that would make a difference, they would already have done that ages ago if that was the case.
No. 83962 Kontra
>I can't not be a dumb retard without written rules that are merely common sense anyway
No. 83963
Then why would the MoD of all sources not say "Russia" but "a CIS country"?

Behaving would be a guess game for refugees as long as EC hasn't fixed its https://ernstchan.xyz/rules
No. 83964 Kontra
Sorry, broke your link.
How would the refugees know whether the rules are just common sense?
No. 83965 Kontra
>How would the refugees know whether the rules are just common sense?
...are you trolling or just legit autistic?
No. 83966
>How come everything is always two weeks away?
In this case: because newly mobilized personnel will be stretching their foreskins in the "training" facilities for two weeks before being sent to death. Just my uninformed guess, but I think I've several times read something about training time usually being 2 weeks.
Step 1: Mobilize everything that breathes.
Step 2: Keep them in a training camp for 2 weeks.
Step 3: Send them to the frontline.
Step 4: ???
Step 4: Our biggest victories in decades!
No. 83967 Kontra
Whoops, step 5, even. Sorry, I'm arithmetically challenged.
No. 83968
I'm serious. Board cultures differ, so newcomers can either read the rules or just lurk moar. If rules were just common sense, why would there even be a link to them? But this discussion belongs to /meta/.
No. 83969 Kontra
You know,it just occurred to me that I never saw the rules of EC.

So I'll just go ahead and call you a dumb faggot, because I also can't just infer anything from common sense.
Oh, and you should kill yourself, because how would I know that's not board culture here?

Also, I have just started visiting imageboards yesterday, so "lurk moar" is a concept I am not familiar with, at all, but I am glad I can post right away and shit my mental diarrhea into every thread because I just don't know better!
No. 83970 Kontra
To prove my point, while telling people to kys isn't OK on EC, I think calling people a dumb faggot is. Also, board cultures differ in where they draw the line regarding such things as posting animu stuff, politics, slurs, "low effort threads", 2D (or even 3D) borderline CP, etc. If you don't state rules, there's a risk of a wave of new posters suddenly changing what's normal.

I've read the rules but can't remember them.
No. 83971 Kontra
> there's a risk of a wave of new posters suddenly changing what's normal.
That is not in our (regular poster's) power, sadly. I have complained time and time again on /meta/ to not tolerate any cabbagery, but mods are still too nice.
And it's not like not knowing the rules has any repercussions as in real life. You might get warned the first time and then you either behave, or you get banned.
But that warrants having a moderation that actually does enforce this board culture.
And no, I don't think calling someone a dumb faggot is ok on EC. Just because the cancer on the american board can't communicate in any other way means we should do it, too. Please note though that I don't object using "faggot" or "nigger" or anything, but I'd hate for EC to allow establishing this kind of tone in regular conversation.
EC is basically like old KC and I like it that way.
No. 83973 Kontra
>I'd hate for EC to allow establishing this kind of tone in regular conversation.
I think that has already happened, if it hasn't always been like that.
>EC is basically like old KC and I like it that way.
EC still feels slightly politer and with less political shitflinging at each other than how I remember old KC. In other words, I like EC better than old KC.

I could add non-CP pr0n to the list of potentially discouraged content. I had always assumed it wasn't welcome on EC, but recent posts indicate mods at least tolerate it to some extent, both 3D and 2D.
No. 83974 Kontra
>EC still feels slightly politer and with less political shitflinging at each other than how I remember old KC.
When I say "old KC" I mean pre-Winnenden.
There basically wasn't any political shitflinging until the refugee crisis, but that was when the cancer had already started growing.

But how would you get the idea that porn wasn't allowed here? There just was never anyone caring enough to post it.
And one thread on /b/ that gets bumped once a month or so is hardly noteworthy. Now the animu footfag on the other hand...
No. 83975 Kontra
1,4 MB, 390 × 720, 0:10
What's the point of having these meta discussions? When Kohl is down or they get banned, they come here. When the situation is resolved they go back.

Also: There's no such thing as "old KC", KC was KC, kohl is something entirely different.

ALSO also, #BanAllGermans :D
No. 83976
>Also: There's no such thing as "old KC", KC was KC, kohl is something entirely different.
You still have people calling the K*hl "KC" (especially over on /b/), and in order to prevent misunderstandings, it needs to be made clear that "KC" is Krautchan, and nothing else.
No. 83977 Kontra
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I'm still unsure what the kontra etiquette is here. Sometimes I'll kontra my own post simply because I don't feel it's informative or interesting enough to warrant a bump, but maybe other people interpret it as disapproval or passive-aggression.
No. 83978 Kontra
I mostly contra because I think it ties in the green and red together in the Gute Informatiker style.
No. 83980 Kontra
I Kontra whenever I feel like it.

That said, some time ago we had the problem on /b/ that everyone was constantly politely saging so that no thread ever got bumped, which is the other extreme.
No. 83981 Kontra
Aha, Wikipedia comes to the rescue. It sounds like they were RF citizens in the RF who were merely born or had grown up in the near abroad.

>But how would you get the idea that porn wasn't allowed here? There just was never anyone caring enough to post it.
See, misunderstandings like this are what will happen when there are no stated rules and newcomers are reduced to very slowly learning from observation: they will sometimes come up with wrong conclusions. Not that it matters in this case, it's not like I desperately wanted to post pr0n but held back, but it's an example.

Oh, I thought you added the "old" to distinguish between early 2010s and mid-to-late 2010s Krautchan.

wow racist :DD
No. 83983 Kontra
I don't contra when I otherwise would when a threda is already on top, except now so as not to break the combo.
No. 83985 Kontra
>See, misunderstandings like this are what will happen when there are no stated rules and newcomers are reduced to very slowly learning from observation: they will sometimes come up with wrong conclusions.
See, this is why "lurk moar" is such an important concept, and I don't like that it is slowly being forgotten. The german version makes it even more poignant: "Lauern und Lernen".

> mid-to-late 2010s Krautchan.
was already dying, when the cancer finally got untreatable, killed KC for good and then formed K*hl.
No. 83987 Kontra
Here's a GUI tip from a design eggspert: if you want people to intuitively interpret Kontra as politeness, it should be colored green instead of red, so people think it's an upvote instead of a downvote
⬆️3 ⬇️0
No. 83988
I have actually been proposing for some time to change the Kontra color, but nobody is listening to me.
Also, it's neither an up- nor a downvote, but you know that, you wannabe master troll.
No. 83989 Kontra
144 kB, 1443 × 725
179 kB, 1308 × 848
180 kB, 1285 × 885
>STILL not lurking with Laurachan
Are you guys kidding me?
No. 83990
Using extensions is merely treating the symptoms, not the cause.
No. 83995 Kontra
29 kB, 640 × 640
>Here's a GUI tip from a design eggspert: if you want people to intuitively interpret Kontra as politeness, it should be colored green instead of red, so people think it's an upvote instead of a downvote
What an absolutely RETARDED take. First of all a "design eggspert" has no authority regarding information (or UX) design. Second of all, kontra can be used in many ways, therefore, the only proper color would be something neutral. Its only function is not to bump. The meaning is entirely dependent on the context it is used in.
No. 83996 Kontra
"Das Metaphysik der Kontra, vol. 1." -- Ernst Ernst, 1872.
No. 83997 Kontra
Anyone using "UX" also has no authority regarding anything.
No. 84000 Kontra
In most cases, but at least it's more relevant than "design". It was in parenthesis for a reason.
No. 84005 Kontra
Ernst Kant, Kritik des Kontra (I)
Ernst Kant, Kritik der Brettqualität (II)
Ernst Kant, Kritik der Schizophrenen Urteilskraft (III)
No. 84008
Kontra is not a "merely functional" interaction. (In fact, the whole point is that it has no function at all, it literally does nothing, but the important part is that it informs you of the fact that it did nothing)
All interaction is interpreted through the subject's internal context.
The only question is whether the context was intentional or not.

For example, the only function of an upvote or downvote is to increment or decrement a counter. The "meaning" of the interaction lives purely in the space of human context, as in whether the numbers are green or red, and whether the arrow is pointing up or down.
There's no functionality purely as a thing in itself. There's only functionality in how it is used, and how you wish for it to be used.
So yeah, the color of text or button is part of the function, precisely because the meaning of the interaction is in the human's head, rather than in the code.

This is exactly why sage is still used politely on japanese message boards, but used as a downvote in western ones, despite the "functionality" still being the same. It never was a "neutral function", it always had a social connotation, and the color of the text is a decision about which connotation you want it to have, simple as.
No. 84009 Kontra
>Kohlchan had a pinned message that butthurt mod had been kicked away.

some KZ guy was banned for no reason via the whole ASN the next day after the "presumable" kicking. I also asked about this ban on the admin board and a different ASN of my cellular got banned too. Such cases
No. 84010
4,2 MB, 640 × 352, 0:47
2,9 MB, 464 × 848, 0:21
2,6 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:28
No. 84012
> Last time I checked, Kohlchan had a pinned message that butthurt mod had been kicked away.
Incorrect, some mod said that the mod who is constantly shitting his pants and banned a hundred people for posting facts he didn't want to see had left the mod team without giving a reason. But the message also stated that they dearly wish to get him back because he was a great mod.

A day or two later the banwave resumed and butthurt childish messages by the mods appeared on admin, mocking people who complain about the state of moderation, so it's likely he returned. He is still banning random people whenever he feels like it. There's never a reason for it, it's just random posts he doesn't like and the bans are month long for the entire site.
No. 84014 Kontra
>Kontra is not a "merely functional" interaction.
Way to mischaracterize what I said. Kontra is functional. The context in which kontra is used determines the meaning. The fact that kontra visually appears aggressive and is still being used with varying intents on EC shows that the visual design of it is sub-par and doesn't reflect the range of intents. Therefore, if we want to adhere good design practices kontra wouldn't be assigned a color that signifies intent. The color doesn't change the function but only makes the interpretation of the intent difficult for new users.

Upvote and downvote have no relation to kontra. The dynamics involved are entirely different. And to suggest that the color of an element is part of the function is ridiculous. It's part of the interpretation, nothing to do with the function itself. Do not mix function with interpretation or intent. You could create an interface of randomly colored buttons and text and the function of each element remains exactly the same. An user's interpretation of their function probably does not.

Any argument stating that "There's no functionality" is objectively wrong. Even in the case where you kontra a thread that's already at the top, the simple fact of displaying the kontra-flag on the post is the result of a function. How it is interpreted is up to the reader.

Simple as.
No. 84022
You have a naive and small brained model of reality where you think that there's some platonic ideal of what "kontra" is supposed to be that should be "preserved" and danced around.
How people use it is effectively its functionality.
If people use it as a downvote, it's a downvote. If people use it to be polite, that's it's function.
And if changing the color of the text makes people use it a different way, then sorry, the change of color was in effect a change in function.
It's not that the color doesn't reflect the "true" intent, it's that you can change the intent or "meaing" by changing the color, because part of the meaning is in the color.

For example, the mutation of ">" from direct quote like in email, to "greentexting"/"cyantexting"/"redtexting" was entirely due to it being colored differently on imageboards, which creates a subjective impression of the text being "detached" from the rest of the text, thus gaining a new semantic meaning.

The problem is that you are a spiritual coward, who only thinks about adhering to existing meaning, and is afraid of allowing yourself the freedom to create meaning.
I believe such mental barriers exist as a social safety mechanism that the inferiors among us (sus) never exercise their Will to Power, because the task of creating meaning for others can only be trusted in the hands of the Spiritual Aristocracy (such as myself)
I'm sorry, but I'm afraid you will forever live in the dreams dreamed by greater men than yourself.
No. 84024
>How people use it is effectively its functionality.
>If people use it as a downvote, it's a downvote.
That is utterly wrong though. You simply can not downvote here. You can either bump or not bump and not bumping is not the same as a downvote because the thread will not be bumped down.
Also, this is the war thread, what's the point of these meta discussions?
No. 84026 Kontra
98 kB, 828 × 420
89 kB, 828 × 346
Mysterious Russian Sovl…
No. 84027
>not bumping is not the same as a downvote because the thread will not be bumped down.
I'll let you in on a secret.
On most social media platforms, downvotes do nothing. It's just a way for you to signal your attitude. Internally, it either does nothing, or is even counted as "engagement", and is technically a "bump" of a kind. Sometimes the change is even client-side only, so nobody else sees your downvote.

The function of a downvote is entirely "cultural", intended to foster some kind of behavior in the users.
In cases where the numbers are shown "honestly" it really is about having users see how many people like or dislike a comment.
In cases where it's purely user-side, it's because they'd prefer you to press a button and scroll away than take the time to write a nasty one word comment.
No. 84028 Kontra
>You have a naive and small brained model of reality where you think that there's some platonic ideal of what "kontra" is supposed to be that should be "preserved" and danced around.
Definitely not, you can delete kontra or turn it into a button that summons fireworks on the screen. Then the usage will evolve with the function. My comments are specifically rooted in reality of EC and the usage and functionality of kontra. That's it.

>How people use it is effectively its functionality.
Wrong. Functionality and usage are specific topics.

>If people use it as a downvote, it's a downvote. If people use it to be polite, that's it's function.
It cannot be a downvote, do you not even understand what its functionality is? Do you now understand how IBs and karma-based systems differ?

>And if changing the color of the text makes people use it a different way, then sorry, the change of color was in effect a change in function.
A color can guide usage. Color does not dictate functionality. The usage is dictated by the users.

>It's not that the color doesn't reflect the "true" intent, it's that you can change the intent or "meaing" by changing the color, because part of the meaning is in the color.
I don't know what you're even saying here but color can lead to (initial) perceptions of a function, sure. And a good designer would match an elements visuals to reflect both it's function and intent.

>The problem is that you are a spiritual coward ...
Adhominem more, idiot retard. Check yourself before making claims of being a "design eggspert" who can't differentiate between function and intent.
No. 84029 Kontra
Russian missiles strike oil depot in Nikolayev, taking out reserves probably meant for the Kherson offensive.
No. 84031 Kontra
3,1 MB, 270 × 480, 1:24
1,5 MB, 728 × 480, 0:14
Finally an interesting ARG :D
No. 84032
383 kB, 1000 × 669
128 kB, 1000 × 1000
843 kB, 1440 × 1920
>My comments are specifically rooted in reality of EC and the usage and functionality of kontra.
No, your comments assert that there is a some way of displaying kontra that correctly adheres to its function.
But kontra has only ever had a social function. The fact that a kontra'd post doesn't bump the thread doesn't mean anything in of itself. It only matters within the social context of what bumping or not bumping a thread means to said social group.
If people think that not bumping is a way to give less exposure to the OP, they'll use it like that.
If people think that not bumping is a way to give less exposure to your own post, they'll use it like that.
What kontra does doesn't matter. What kontra means is what matters. And changing the way kontra is displayed tells the audience what kontra means. smile as.
And by the way, if you for some reason wanted to have kontra but in a contextless void where people care about having the ability to not bump a thread, but don't know why they're doing it, the answer is not having the kontra text in "neutral colors", it's not displaying the kontra text at all.
So you're, like, double wrong.

>Wrong. Functionality and usage are specific topics.
Here's 3 pictures of rocks. Can you explain to me what functionality they have that exists separately from their usage? Lmao.
>A color can guide usage. Color does not dictate functionality. The usage is dictated by the users.
Let's say you have two buttons you can press on every post with counters next to them. When you press a button, the corresponding counter increases by 1.
⬜5 ⬜3
Is this a karma system or just two arbitrary numbers?
Now imagine the same thing, except one of the boxes is green, and the other is red. Now it's definitely a karma system, because the only meaningful functionality of those buttons is a property of its usage, and its usage is dictated by color, which is dictated by the social context of associating certain colors with certain values. QED.
>And a good designer would match an elements visuals to reflect both it's function and intent.
Visuals communicate intent. And in cases where the function IS to communicate intent, visuals determine the function. Simple as.
>Adhominem more, idiot retard. Check yourself before making claims of being a "design eggspert" who can't differentiate between function and intent.
On the contrary, I think it is you who should check yourself before
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No. 84033 Kontra
Still mixing entirely different concepts. You've constructed your reality, but it won't substitute mine. Just hope you never get to design anything that I'll use!
No. 84035
i think you're a stupid doodoo head
No. 84036 Kontra
81 kB, 1080 × 1215
Also a retard. Might answer your points if I ever get bored enough but goddamn you pet-rock-as-a-head-having-ass-motherfucker, fuck off!!! Simple ass.
No. 84046 Kontra
Mongol-Russian disinfo op ITT
No. 84058
13 kB, 540 × 330
Back to war:
What present would you give to our god tsar emperor Vladjimir Putjin?

Also, I had to lol a bit because that headline sounds exactly like a Guido Knopp documentary.
No. 84060
My life.
But only if I get prepared at least a week for my looming death and also be subject to a few anal rapenings by hyper-conservative Muslim hordes led by a leader that enjoys e-thot footwear on himself.
Then I can gloriously march towards death, knowing that my future generation I will leave behind alone will enjoy the same life without any wectern decadence.
No. 84061
i don't rly care about this or previous wars.
all i noticed is, that the refugees are treated differently around here.
it makes sense: it is, locally speaking, a lot closer. you usually treat those close to you with more kindness.
additionally the refugees are mainly women and children this time around. the "other" refugees usually had a lot™ of middle aged man, who tried to "fight our burocrazy" to get their family over or just earn bling bling here and send it back. (i might misinterpreted/misrepresent that. i didn't really look at nationality or something regarding the previous refugees. they came from all over - some areas might have been just children and women as well)

what i am more interested in is a thing some already started to call the 3rd world war or information war.
since decades our area is flooded with american "entertainment", which, to be fair, actually has some entertainment and some productions have no hidden intend or propaganda behind it. welp, that is not suprising just looking at the sheer amount they produce. lately, we get flooded with russian propaganda as well. they seem way more aggressive and obvious in their approach... and, sadly, effective in some cases. the chinese, as far as i can tell, are just listening; not careing too much about injecting propaganda into our media.

humans are a bunch of idiots.

wasting precious energy for war, infighting and misinformation campaigns. i kinda surrendered. let those humans be idiots while i circlejerk to the mighty algo feeding me stupid engagements intended to keep me occupied and docile. why bother if you can become sheep?
if humanity wants to destroy itself... so be it.
No. 84062 Kontra
161 kB, 1000 × 630
>Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin has announced that "partial" mobilization is now over in the Russian capital, with the city having fulfilled its quota of recruits set by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Ministry of Defense.
>Mobilization centers will close at 2 p.m. today, Sobyanin said, adding that any outstanding call-up papers sent out to homes and businesses are no longer valid.
Russian officials had been saying that once the 300k number was reached, mobilization would stop.
When does Ernst think they'll announce round 2/2?

Today a bunch of Iranian suicide drones hit Ukrainian cities. Loitering munitions are an interesting weapon.
No. 84064 Kontra
One of my extended family works as a social worker or something, at least they are working on refugee cases. The people there complain about ukrainian refugees because they behave like I would imagine Germans in that situation would behave, i.e. they can't treat them as poor poor brown pets.

What I certainly have noticed is that there are lots of ukies who already live here or have family over there organizing help, getting apartments and household appliances and such. I never heard or saw any muslims doing the same during the last refugee crisis.
No. 84066
Ackchually Muslims have been doing that a lot. There are a number of millionaires in Germany who bought shit apartment complexes and filled them with Muslims. The rent is the maximum the welfare state will pay and they will even help people fill out their welfare applications.
No. 84072
Claims of Russian officials are not worth anything. Moreover, in Orkish ethics keeping your word is for loosers, while breaking promises is considered a norm. But for Moscow it may be true: concentration of untouchable nobility there is too high, therefore it's strange that they started mobilization there in the first place, because it violates first law of Russianness: "A Russian may not injure a master or, through inaction, allow master to come to harm".

t. Ernst Ernststein, "Theory of permanent mobilization".
No. 84074
Don't they have their half-yearly conscription coming up soon?
Now with the 4 parts of Ukraine being Russia for Russia's law, they can send them to die there, can't they?
No. 84075
14,4 MB, 6149 × 4341
As you can see, Ukraine currently occupies large swatches of Russian territory. Can they really use conscripts in the defense against foreign invaders?
No. 84079
I always thought it was the main reason for their sham referendum, that nobody else would accept it it should have been known even to them.
No. 84090
13,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:47
On the video, our cops are shooting down an ir*anian drone with AKs.
No. 84091 Kontra
Very cyberpunk, glory to the metropolitan police. I wonder how feasible it is to down these drones with rifles, certainly solves the issue of it being too expensive to shoot them down with AA.
No. 84092
On the one hand, it sounds like the drone itself is too cheap to shut it down with AA but on the other hand, the damage is way more expensive.

In my opinion, we need mobile groups with technician trucks to shut down drones with machine guns. But the main problem is to detect them not too late.
No. 84094
>Claims of Russian officials are not worth anything.
That part we can agree upon. In fact, it's something all sane Russians must agree upon by now.
No. 84095
>I wonder how feasible it is to down these drones with rifles
A relatively small unmanned target moving at 150 km/h? Very low chances to make an effective hit. Basically you can do it by accident only.
No. 84104
No. 84107
11,9 MB, 1920 × 1080, 0:43

Israel has made autoaim hax for hitting drones with small arms. Their youtube channel has more videos of stationary remote controlled weapons using it also.
No. 84108 Kontra
213 kB, 474 × 354

>Way to mischaracterize what I said.

>You have a naive and small brained model of reality

>That is utterly wrong though.

Guys, please try to be more positive, this is a place people visit to release toxic stress, relax, and fill up on positive energies.
No. 84109
So is this a sort of AI/ML solution where the Ai detects targets and aims accordingly?
No. 84110 Kontra
It was a quick and sudden burst of German energy tbh.
No. 84115 Kontra
4 kB, 252 × 240
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
You forgot:

>The problem is that you are a spiritual coward (continues)

I could not be happier with how the kontra discussion evolved.
No. 84117
briefing on African food situation due to the Ukraine war by a german left think tank (party foundation of the left party). It's English language.

No. 84118

You point at the target and lock it in with a button push. After that you can pull the trigger down and the gun will only fire when your aim is over the target hitbox so every shot hits.
No. 84121 Kontra
> to release toxic stress, relax, and fill up on positive energies.
To become more positive you need to release negative energy from yourself into outer world. Do you understand what I mean, faggot?
No. 84126
>A relatively small unmanned target moving at 150 km/h? Very low chances to make an effective hit. Basically you can do it by accident only.
But should be plenty slow for CIWS.
No. 84127
Ok but that seem to assume nonmoving or barely moving targets? A moving target needs predictive calculations since the bullets itself takes time to arrive. If the shot is fired only when the aim is crossed than that is already too late with a drone speeding in the sky.
No. 84129 Kontra
>Hey, we earn nothing and live of subsistence farming, let's have eight children!
>white men will always give us food!
Africa in a nutshell.
No. 84130 Kontra
>A moving target needs predictive calculations since the bullets itself takes time to arrive
Gee, i bet no one ever thought about this. How could you ever hit anything that's moving? Maybe figure out a solution for this problem and you'll be rich and famous! Maybe you can even use one of those new-fangled programmable electronic calculating machines to solve that in a jiffy!
No. 84132 Kontra
36 kB, 384 × 364
Interesting. Is that in anyway related to the "smart", linux powered rifle of years, or a decade back? Seems pretty similar. It's still such a weird concept for small arms.

As if Germans were capable of understanding ANYTHING.


We should have an EC boxing or wrestling arena where one could take these aggressions to. How does one wrestle using text? Fuck you if you even thought about debates. All in all, I'm so sorry, so so sorry you had to see this.
No. 84138
Instead of having an attitude you should use your impeccable intellectual force to explain how that Israelian system solves this problem because the explanation of the finn doesn't deliver and I don't want to invest time and look it up myself.

In other words: make yourself useful instead of producing an imageboards equivalent of hot air
No. 84147 Kontra
>how the Israeli system

For a psychologically normal observer, it might be enough to know how these things work in general.
1.) Extrapolate target position
2.) Iteratively calculate ballistic curves until you find one that hits extrapolated target position.
It is how phalanx shoots down artillery shells in mid air, and has done so for decades. Don't expect me to implement a simulation for you.
No. 84148 Kontra
That was not the point. The point was if that system (even) does extrapolate movement or if it does not, because from what the Finn said it didn't sound like that. It sounded like it would work well with very slow or nonmoving targets since the trigger is only pulled once you move over your target.
No. 84149 Kontra


Please refer to additional promotional material
No. 84151 Kontra
In this video (in German) they demonstrate how they operate that rifle. They use it in combination with a jammer that supposedly makes the drone stop in place or make an emergency landing. So this looks like it is meant to defend against civilian drones.
No. 84154 Kontra
92 kB, 675 × 900
Apparently a SU-34 crashed into a building today in Russia. This picture of the thing is unreal.
No. 84158 Kontra
I mean the moment and the parachute feel like it's staged/shop.
No. 84161 Kontra
On this video you can see the two ejection seats firing about 2-3 seconds before the crash: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-y6YANxoHBc

So I'd say it's entirely possible that isn't shopped, bar some color adjusts and sharpness maybe. But not in the sense that it's a manufactured composition.
No. 84162
Germ*ny is in absolutely no position to be lecturing other nations on policy at the minute and the fertiliser challenge is going to be something we're all going to have to deal with. Before you give a snotty retort remember that the rest of the world will have to bail you out this winter because your leaders decided to put all their eggs in one basket despite fucking everyone warning them.

See this seems like a proper solution to the problem i.e. jamming equipment. Unfortunately these are the tactics for dealing with Jonne's shutting down airports with off-the-shelf kit, I have no idea what capabilities you need to deal with Iranian tech and whether "signal lost" on them isn't darting around erratically in a downward direction until it hits a kitten orphanage. Remember these are quadcopters so predicting momentum is actually a little more difficult than straight trajectories.

It's the same thing that bugs me about hypersonic weapons discussion in the other direction. You don't have ships of fleets sailing by the shore with targets on them, the ECM alone allows the US navy to send carriers through the Straits of Hormuz despite the best efforts of the IRGC to lock onto them every time they sail through.
No. 84164
115 kB, 1280 × 720
66 kB, 1024 × 480
69 kB, 1024 × 480
Nice. The thing itself is visible in very few frames, like near the upper left corner of this one.

The other two are stills of >>83050.
No. 84165
53 kB, 480 × 480
Let's all do our best to find more appropriate channels to let out built-up negativity and anger.
I understand it is often challenging to break free from a spiral of mutually reinforcing negative energies. It is more difficult when life throws you a lemon, and you feel alone and powerless. So let's look after and be there for each other.
Let's remember that this is an anonymous imageboard war thread*, an inclusive safe space for families to wind down, detox, bond over serious discussions of forces and sources, and build happy memories. We should always encourage and help each other to stay true to that goal.
*) To our readers under RF jurisdiction: Please mentally replace "war" with terminology of your choice.
No. 84166 Kontra
275 kB, 1598 × 1062
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
The Iranian drones are likely program-and-forget platforms which exploit cheap INS after take-off alongside an initial GPS/GLONASS coordinate set to insulate against EM jamming (or related trickery). Of all countries they'll have learned the lesson about disabling automatic landing protocols on UAVs if connections are interrupted or sensors overwhelmed. There are hints of this in their impact patterns - they reach their target location well enough but are too imprecise to indicate operator control. Bydloranians probably don't even exploit CV to prioritise final trajectories, hence why quite a few have simply detonated on the ground between buildings

Platforms like IRIS-T SLM are the most reliable defence since these drones are slow, but of course these systems are limited in number and are generally prioritised for more contested airspaces near active combat zones. All the online commentary I've read seems to revolve around how this is a terroristic response to the Crimea bridge detonation, and while it may serve some domestic purpose in Rassiya for morale/placating hawks, I think the more justifiable reason is that they want to constrain Ukrainian AA capabilities at the front however much they can and by whatever means they can.

Also it's G*rmany, not Germ*ny.
No. 84169 Kontra
281 kB, 1080 × 1322
756 kB, 1080 × 1606
210 kB, 1080 × 1054
It keeps happening :-DDD
No. 84174
The Iranian drones shouldn't be mixed up with the X-wing 'Lancet' drones by Kalashnikov, though. Those are tactical guided drones designed to destroy vehicles, fortifications and similar targets.
No. 84177 Kontra
This looks like honest analysis to me. But I don't remember that many high net worth individuals doing forced charity, only some tech companies. Maybe I don't know enough these people.
No. 84180
I don't necessarily disagree. It's just that their wording and presentation is often stupid as hell.

Critiquing big words is some real glass houses shit considering what our official reports sometimes look like, plus just makes your analysts sound dumb tbh. Then the 'redder than red' video painting Xi as Mao is hilariously off the mark, and regardless of its actual nature (which has got issues), the seething over state-owned enterprises and a pivot to planned production of currently important products and those of emerging importance misses the point by just making it sound like Xi is doing what actually needs doing here (Australia has sold off many state-owned enterprises and gotten worse products for it and has gutted its secondary industries to even greater detriment). Then malding about "subsidising the poor" by forcing corporations to cough up is just the quiet part said out loud.

I wish the actually okay points were made well tbh. The situation in the pacific right now is pretty tense and we need to be having real talks as a country about where we want to stand (not just having the federal government unilaterally decide to allow the stationing of US strategic bombers on Australian territory, or allowing the Chinese police to set up pretty obvious observation posts in our major cities).
No. 84181
terrorist bombing serves the purpose of putting political pressure on ukraine to do more defense, putting their limited surface to air systems at risk and exhausting their munitions supply. of all the things the west can supply more of, SAMs are not particularly one of them unless there's some vastly accelerated effort behind the curtain to assemble AEGIS-on-a-truck.
No. 84198
Initial situation

Most wars end in a treaty and not in a trouncing of one party. Before the war started Russia’s leader Vladimir Putin repeatedly lamented that NATO assurances made from 1990 onwards by Genscher and other decision makers that the changes in Eastern Europe and the German unification process must not lead to an “impairment of Soviet security interests” and NATO should rule out “expansion of its territory towards the east, i.e. moving it closer to the Soviet borders.” Genscher even proposed to keep East Germany (as part of the new Germany) out of NATO military structures. These assurances were offered throughout 1990 into 1991 by various highest-level interlocutors (among them Genscher, Kohl, Baker, Gates, Bush, Mitterrand, Thatcher, Major, Woerner, and others) Inside the US government a different discussion ensued. The Defense Department suggested to leave “the door ajar” for East European membership in NATO (as of October 1990). Thus, Gorbachev went to the end of the Soviet Union assured that the West was not threatening his security and was not expanding NATO.
Ukraine declared independence from the Russian Empire in 1919 but was overrun by Bolshevik forces and became part of the Soviet Union. After the dissolution of the SU, 90% of voters endorsed independence once again in 1991. Nonetheless Ukraine remained part of the Commonwealth of Independent States. Ukraine interpreted this organization as a tool for a “civilized divorce” whereas Russia regarded it as a means of retaining some degree of regional integration (under Moscow’s political domination) and sought to establish it as a supranational body. One of the most acrimonious disagreements between Russia and Ukraine developed about control over Sevastapol and the Black Sea fleet in 1992. Russia kept perceiving Ukraine as an integral part of the Russian realm as Ukraine sought more pro-Western policies. Especially after nuclear disarmament and receiving foreign assistance by the U.S. The presidential election of 2004 brought Ukraine to the brink of civil war after candidate Yushchenko suffered from dioxin poisoning (Putin supporting his opponent Yanukovych).

Development of conflict

When we look at the map at the start of the war (24 Feb 2022) Russia occupied about 20% of Ukraine within a month, crossing the Dnipro river and advancing to Syrets Metro in Kyiv. This situation persisted with minor changes. By April 2 Ukraine retook all conflict zones around Kyiv and declared the city free. By October Ukraine counteroffensives advanced past Kharkiv to cities like Kupiansk and Izyum. Only small pockets of Russian forces remained on the Western side of the Dnipro river.

Ramifications of the war

Europe’s energy supply depends on the outcome of the war as it imports almost 25% of its energy mix from Russia. A lot of formerly neutral countries such as Finland and Sweden are now inclined towards NATO membership, as Russia returned to its aggressive, expansionist foreign policy.
No. 84200
>Russia, I... That's some cringy dystopian propaganda shite. Once again, it is time to unlearn Russian...
We're occupied by fascists, plain and simple. Dugin may seem too crazy for the establishment, but apparently Okhlobystin is just fine. The only thing which obviously has been missing so far is "slava Putinu" everywhere (but apparently most modern Russians, starting from Putin himself, just don't feel very comfortable about marked cults of personality).
No. 84203
Fucking this. NATO are liars, ans Russia will Not be fooled again. Russia is at war with NATO!
No. 84204
Fucking Gayropa is DONE!
No. 84205
Zelensky: 30% of Ukrainian power stations destroyed by Russian air strikes.
Iran to send more missiles and drones to Russia.
Wagner units keep pushing into Bakhmut.
Joint forces of the Union State patrol the Ukro-Belarussian border, fueling tensions.

Current Russia general seems intent to keep the pressure up and try and cripple the infrastructure as much as possible.
I wonder if the mobilized troops will restore the initiative to Russia, especially if they keep bombing the infrastructure like this.
No. 84206 Kontra
122 kB, 1024 × 660
>I wonder if the mobilized troops will restore the initiative to Russia, especially if they keep bombing the infrastructure like this.
You don't need to wonder. The longer the war drags on, the more the balance shifts towards a Ukrainian victory. It's not like Russia is bombing the power plants that supply the HIMARs production line. Throwing mobiks without training onto the front line will not change the tide of the war either.

You got hoodwinked by a finnougric manlet. Time to stop trusting the plan.
No. 84214 Kontra
Most of wectern journalism on china are in that tone, so I didn't expect much. Even though only scratching the surface, it's nonfiction writing that doesn't try to mislead its readers. That's decent enough by my low bar of standard. Everything else I can take as different perspectives. A naive western eye might focus on their uncooperativeness with wect and conclude that Xi is but the second coming of Mao. Besides, isn't that a promotional video that doesn't have much to do with the body text? I get millions of china watcher videos like this recommended to me every time I watch something on youtube ;)
No. 84216 Kontra
It's a 'news' video put out by our state owned media's official 'china watch's show :-DDD

Australia is currently undergoing a third red scare in order to sell Pacific NATO/militarisation, nuclearisation, and austerity to the population here. I just like to laugh at the absurdity of the presentation, regardless of its merit. It's my copium for this cursed as fuck trajectory we're on lul.
No. 84220 Kontra
34 kB, 240 × 240, 0:02
>You got hoodwinked by a finnougric manlet. Time to stop trusting the plan.
Fight me online and see what happens!
No. 84221 Kontra
> OK, perhaps he's right, but I'm a raging tankie and I need to seethe about people speaking about my Chinese master in inappropriate tone
Cmon, it's not even related to this war.
No. 84223 Kontra
>I have no ability to have nuance on a different country
>I can't stand anybody saying that what America seems to be le bad may in fact just be a fairly standard country with authoritarian tendencies (not normally an issue for the west btw)
U fatnik son?

I simply reject sensationalist propaganda even if I disagree with most of that place's politics, including economic (labour rights are a fucking joke in China, and any half decent communist will say so. The idea that china is bad because 'big words' as a literal criticism however is just comical).

I frankly don't see any value in dehumanising china, and acting like it's uniquely bad. Even on stuff like surveillance, it's just outsourced here. We had a big telco data breach recently that required a plurality of the population to have their ID papers reissued because so much sensitive data was gathered that it was trivial to commit full blown identity theft with it. Any issues with china are issues we should all be having as societies, and not acting like China is the only one doing it for propaganda dunking.

I put it here because it's where the conversation started. Deal.
No. 84224 Kontra
*discussion on issues with China....
No. 84234 Kontra
151 kB, 1274 × 1732
86 kB, 320 × 260
4,0 MB, 336 × 640, 0:45
Putin is part of the same bog people as Finns. Don't post maps about greater Karelia if you can't handle the truth.

Allegedly video from a BTR in the "Kherson direction."
No. 84235
>We can discuss where Russia went wrong
When Peter I made us German colony instead of Polish.
No. 84238
>I wonder if the mobilized troops will restore the initiative to Russia, especially if they keep bombing the infrastructure like this.
Probably not. These troops can hold a fortified line (shoot in the general direction of the enemy when the enemy approaches), but they can not force an initiative or do a fighting retreat. Imagine yourself with two weeks of training and an AK. What can you do? Well, you know what side of the rifle the bullets come out, that's about it. You have now idea what you are doing, you are scared shitless, you are cold, you had shit to eat the last few days, and most likely, you don't want to be here, but at Babushka's dinner table, or in some Lara's or Katyusha's pussy.
Yeah, pointing that funny stick roughly in direction of the enemy is the best you can do, you have no idea how to advance, and instead of a fighting retreat, you shit your pants and lie down until captured (best case) or killed instantly (worst case).
No. 84250
Sure, being a colony of a non-existent country must have been particularly frustrating.
Frankly, I don't see why one would want to be a colony of a country where every tenth person is a nobleman who feels obliged to treat the remaining 90% as subhumans (and if they're Orthodox, then simply as cattle). Anyway, after the mid 17th century Poland unavoidably turned from being a geopolitical subject to being a geopolitical object; and with its internal (dis)organization it couldn't have been the other way around.
No. 84254 Kontra
>Russian-installed authorities in Ukraine's Kherson region expect to evacuate between 50,000 and 60,000 civilians to the left bank of the Dnipro River within the next week ahead of an expected Ukrainian counteroffensive, the Moscow-appointed acting governor Vladimir Saldo told state media.

>Residents of the city of Kherson received SMS messages early Wednesday morning urging them to evacuate to avoid possible Ukrainian shelling, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported.
Watermelon time's :DD
No. 84255
14 kB, 297 × 347
Russia should just keel over and die to be reborn anew as a modern democracy. Humanism for everyone!
No. 84262
I've already written everything about "modern democracy" and its (rather grim) prospects in Russia. For one, Russians themselves don't believe in democracy en masse. So you basically have to choose between a fascist dictatorship (but we already have one) and communist dictatorship. Anything else would be highly unstable, and I doubt NATO would be willing to hold its troops in Russia for decades, like in some hugely magnified copy of Iraq.
No. 84263
383 kB, 852 × 804
>it is time to unlearn Russian...
No. 84265 Kontra
No. 84266
8 kB, 645 × 759
tl;dr: I cannot into Cyrillic but speak Russian
I speak Russian, I never read a proper book in Russian after I learned Cyrillic like 20 years ago so I cannot into Cyrillic anymore, I speak and read German and English all the time, I speak Russian like once a week. The unlearn thing is actually a joge.

>We're occupied by fascists, plain and simple.
Well, whatever Russia is, a cleptocracy it is for certain.
Sry, who? I could google him in 1s but...

sad_noises.gif if you are right, I don't think you are, I am sure democracy could prosper if all the cleptocrats and ultranationalists are shot.
No. 84267 Kontra
t. Russogerm
Feels bad not being able to read Cyrillic being неграмотный. Thanks google translate.
No. 84268
>Russian commander admits situation for his troops is 'tense' | DW News
No. 84269
> Russians are nation of genetic slaves
If it's true, then there is no need to deploy American soldiers in Russia, just put-in NATO general in Kremlin, and Russians will kiss his boots.
No. 84270
6 kB, 259 × 194
>Sry, who? I could google him in 1s but...
An actor, a movie producer, a writer, a former priest (for about a decade, without any formal religious education), a monarchist and, by coincidence, a man who was hysterically shouting "goyda" during his speech at the last pro-war meeting.
No. 84271
262 kB, 1354 × 1376
Doge bless the internet:
translated the image just fine. Yandex stronk!
No. 84272
49 kB, 710 × 556
No. 84273
Holy shit, second google entry (first was 9gag kek):
Oh boy, why. Wtf does goyda actually mean? I understand the rest just fine.
t. Russogerm
No. 84274
>Russians are nation of genetic slaves
Russians are a product of their society with its history and its economic basis, as simple as that.
No. 84276 Kontra
No. 84277
>Wtf does goyda actually mean?
Pretty much nothing in Russian. But ultra-right pseudo-traditionalists (from monarchists to neo-pagans) seem to love such archaic unintelligible cries, infusing them with their own meaning. The word seems to be the Ukrainian counterpart for Rus. айда́ "let's go", both forms being Turkic loans. Though I doubt Okhlobystin knows it's exclusively Ukrainian. Ironically, the word has been popularized as a fictional cry of oprichniks by Vladimir Sorokin in his dystopian "Day of the Oprichnik".
No. 84278
No. 84279 Kontra
>turkic loans
Interesting, considering we have a similar word, “rajta”, which has a similar meaning along the lines of “let’s go” or “come on”, “let’s do it”.
No. 84280
44 kB, 720 × 304
> tfw Rushka became a parody on it's own parody
Ohlobystin also played himself in a movie "Tzar" about Ivan IV. It's a propagandist movie in a sense that it's a warning about consequences of tyranny from 2009. Seems like Putin watched it, he claimed that in reality Skuratov dindu nuffin.
No. 84281 Kontra
– Ах, – ведь в конце концов кто знает! Может быть, так надо! Может быть, именно в этом великая сермяжная правда!
No. 84284
>I am sure democracy could prosper if all the cleptocrats and ultranationalists are shot.
Kek. And those have apparently arrived from Mars, haven't they?..
Also, a very democratic course of action. Surely it will bring democracy no problem as soon as you'll be over with shooting the wrong people... though I somehow doubt you'll be over with it really soon.

What Russia definitely needs is a new economy and a new ideology attached to it, which could conform to the Russian reality and set a course of development. A left Christian one might prove a decent compromise. The liberals (cosplayers of American democrats) may not readily accept it, but the majority of the people will.
No. 84285
So, dare I say it, is MAGA-communism more then a shortlived joke, but the Russian existential future hope?
No. 84288
>Kek. And those have apparently arrived from Mars, haven't they?..
State sponsored nationalistic Orthodox propaganda + a rural population sure does help to create nationalists (and conservatives).

>Also, a very democratic course of action.
Well, there is no denying they are ruining Russia.
>Surely it will bring democracy no problem as soon as you'll be over with shooting the wrong people... though I somehow doubt you'll be over with it really soon.
Groan, prison it is, but at least the cleptocrats have to be removed. The corrupt officials are part of the cleptocrats imo, warmongers have to be removed, fine, the rest can stay including the nationalists and ilk. Yeah, does sound like a Nazi/Commie tier purge, cannot be helped.

>What Russia definitely needs is a new economy and a new ideology
Does it? Vast tracts of arable lands and resources are good base, it has to be build up (duh) the best system, ofc it has to work, we have right now is democracy imo and that is why I want Russians to enjoy it too. A democracy without corruption, fucking cleptocrats. Egalitarian and Utilitarian.

>which could conform to the Russian reality and set a course of development.
Well, yes.

>A left Christian one might prove a decent compromise.
Oh boy I hate superstition and religion (mostly useless shit), they commies were right, but if that is what "Russia" would pick, so be it.

>The liberals (cosplayers of American democrats) may not readily accept it, but the majority of the people will.
Murkans are confused, Europoor libruls are good. t. exbert

You are not the Schizo claiming "Maslow does not real!!1" and muh individualistic/collective west/east nonsense from 10 or so threads ago? Disregard the question if you are not, if yes, our little discussion is done.
No. 84290 Kontra
Should've proofread :DDD

-rocket hails are continuing (probably including planes and drones too and not just ground or ship based rockets)
-sanctions against Iranian individuals because muh drones
-martial law in annexed regions, they too now can be bum fucked and forced into shit
-Russia(n troops are)is preparing angus in Kherson
-some German politicians cry for moar arms for Ukraine
-(rumours are) Finns are building a barbed wire fence in Fin/Ru border kek
-ring exchange (Ger->Gr->Ukr) with Greece started, more toys for Ukraine - Greece gets 40 German Marder 1A3 and sends 40 Soviet BMP-1 to Ukraine
-Ru has to dig out more old soviet shit to fight Ukraine kek
No. 84292 Kontra
No. 84293 Kontra
We are about to autosägekontra and the cabagges are gone, I guess?! Did K*hl get fix'd?
No. 84295 Kontra
>LOL Russia diggs out soviet shit
>Ukr gets glorious BMP-1 from Greece!!!!
No. 84298 Kontra
No. 84299
116 kB, 807 × 605
71 kB, 489 × 604
92 kB, 960 × 540
I just realized that meme republics no longer exist after they became formally Russian territory. They were a shining beacon of civilization and inspiring example for all progressive humanity.
RIP DNR 2014-2022.
No. 84300
493 kB, 1516 × 792
But Ukraine never pretended to be a world superpower with the newest mil tech, superior to the western one. We fight with what we have and accept any contributions.
No. 84302
4,2 MB, 856 × 480, 0:38
No. 84303
92 kB, 1248 × 745
>Zed must ded
No. 84305 Kontra
Donbabwe and Luganda gone…
No. 84318
Are you the one who said that mobilization is impossible for political reasons (I wonder which reasons btw)? These people will accept everything, it's only limited by benevolence and fantasy of rulers.
No. 84319
>it's only limited by benevolence and fantasy of rulers
Primarily incompetence. Thankfully, because this one is plenty.
No. 84323
2,2 MB, 640 × 360, 1:26
So there is a designated rooster (lowered) squad.
No. 84326
101 kB, 1080 × 981
No. 84328 Kontra
282 kB, 1080 × 1893
1,2 MB, 3840 × 3071
Such is life.
No. 84331 Kontra
>long hair
What gay fagot that homo is.
No. 84335 Kontra
333 kB, 1920 × 1080
1,9 MB, 632 × 484, 0:13
1,5 MB, 720 × 960, 0:23
404 kB, 570 × 813
Z! V! Biolabs! Goyda! Abyrvalg!

Suffering in Russia is more and more entertaining with each day, while yesterday jokes and absurdist fiction become today's reality. I remember lowered squads and "self-mobilization" being just a funposting.
No. 84344 Kontra
107 kB, 800 × 595
61 kB, 435 × 600
84 kB, 738 × 738
951 kB, 1060 × 1500
Dystopian shit, I am appalled. Not imageboard meme joge tier appalled, but irl, truly appalled. Fucking disgusting, poisoning peoples minds, but people dying in Ukraine is even more disgusting. That's the world for ya, no wonder people are depressed. Maybe it is ironic I wish death upon the ones responsible for the mind rot and the war. I am disgusted but powerless, what does that make me?
May Ukraine prevail, may Russians and Belorussians free themselves from their shackles and cast their enslavers into the abyss, curses upon... Fuck it all.
No. 84349 Kontra
50 kB, 656 × 656
Isn't that what they call "meme magic"? The most retarded stuff somehow becomes reality. Did that term spawn from the Trump 2016 campaign or what, I don't remember...

Unrelated, I was thinking about attaching this picture to the post, but didn't remember what the text said, so right clicked the image in order to open it. Then my hand had some sort of a spasm and clicked on "Set as desktop background". The suffering never ends.
No. 84370 Kontra
>Something Reisen Bern
The eternal Swiss is at it again
No. 84383
Appeasers are pretty based guys if you think of it. Their strategy leads to maximal escalation, and maximal escalation allows to solve Russian question once and forever.
No. 84384 Kontra
>Feels bad not being able to read Cyrillic
Cyrillic alphabet is simple, you can learn in a couple of hours.

t. learned Hebrew and Arabic scripts recently
No. 84385
That's true but I don't plan to read anything Russian, no books and I mostly use the English interwebs so I would forget it, also lazy.
t. learned it actually a bunch of times and forgot
No. 84386 Kontra
All the books I have yet to read which are at home are in German or English, a dozen or so and I did not read any books the last 2 years... Does not feel good man.
No. 84440 Kontra
> (cosplayers of American democrats)
For generation after generation, each new radical trend that covers the Western world is perceived in Russia with hostility. They clearly see in it a sign of moral and mental degeneration, a harbinger of the imminent decline of the West. Each time, the authorities of the country express their confidence that this Western madness not only does not concern us, but, on the contrary, we, as the last oasis of prudence, must reason and save the unfortunate crazy West.

But time passes and the West eventually comes to a compromise: the demands of the protesters are met, but only partially. For example, the destruction of capitalism and the system of exploitation of man by man, which the Marxists wanted, is not happening. Instead, progressive taxation, universal health care and pensions are being introduced. In short, by the time the dust settles, it appears that the results achieved will be significant, but at the same time very moderate.

And what about in Russia? A decade or two later, the Western trend will come to the God-saved country and will be embodied in an absolutely uncompromising form and, perhaps, brought to the point of absurdity. In other words, if you want to understand what will happen in Russia in 10-20 years, look at what is happening in the West now - and square it. If social democracy and raising taxes on the rich are in fashion today in the West, then literally tomorrow in Russia they will be dekulakized and exiled to Siberia for an extra cow on the farm. If neoliberalism, deregulation and privatization are in vogue today in the West, then tomorrow Russia will decide to nullify all social obligations and give state property to thieves for free.

The moral is clear. Russia is the cultural periphery of the Western world and any fundamental cultural trend of the West will definitely affect it. Yes, it will not affect immediately, but as soon as it affects, it will be embodied in an extremely harsh form. In short, when nails are cut in Istanbul, fingers are cut in the provinces.
No. 84445
>Russia is the cultural periphery of the Western world
As I was always stating. (Since I got rid of Gumilyov's ideas, that is.)
>and any fundamental cultural trend of the West will definitely affect it
It undoubtedly will, though it doesn't mean it will be necessarily accepted. Russia has missed 70 years of very important gradual developments in the Western discourse.

But the point you are missing is that those cosplayers exist despite they completely lack natural economical and historical basis in Russia, exist as some entirely alien and rather unbstable body, predominantly on foreign funding. An ideology which is right-wing economically (by Russian standards), ultra-left culturally and often self-denying politically makes pretty little sense to begin with. Russian middle class is small and powerless, and the general population will never, ever accept the proposed US-style economical course, which pretty much automatically turns the "liberals" into some sort of naive Kulturträgers.
No. 84446
The anti-russian homo who wrote this should go to the west where there is no heat, no electricity, no hot water, empty shelves in supermarkets, and where the enviro-green maniacs still protest against nuclear energy and glue themselves on roads. It's insane and pathetic.
No. 84454
Reading the whole article is a fucking ride.
No. 84458
The war is to be seen as a war about the area of the VSA economy.
War is about ensuring survival and extending powers. This is to be applied on economy one to one.
Whoever strengthens his economy strengthens his wealth. Whoever strengthens his wealth and and gives those who generate it enough if it to be content can go on like that forever. Wer seine Wirtschaft stärkt, stärkt seinen Wohlstand.
With my critical thinking as such and the now yearsong framification from the side of right-propagandistic media, it should be easy to grasp that the government oof the US is doing exactly this.
Vladik must die so uncle Sam can go on to do the finest BBQ. And this strategy has been working for hundreds of years. You don't care about this because you are fine.
It will be an interesting drama when the US will be increasingly isolated from the world community, because the other governments (India, China, Japan, South America...) of course understand this.
No. 84459 Kontra
For years, the USA has done nothing but printing dollars and forced other countries to sell them good for dollars. Now, there are so many dollars that no one wants them anymore!
No. 84460
The VS system is based on ever increasing debt and close to collapse. This is why the US destroys all other countries. Wealth and power are relative categories and v the Americans want to destroy all other countries so that they are all just rubble, same as the US will be. When the VS-system collapses, it will be an advantage for the VS to have as many other coutries was posdibler to collapse with them. This is why they Staates the war in Ukraine and the destruction of Russia.

Murricans spread war and destruction because they know their system of ever-increasing debt is close to collapse and they want to take the entire world with them. This is the root cause of the war in Ukraine!

But sheeple do not get this because of the lies in our ""government"" (===VSA!!!!) controlled media! Very few people are smart enough to grasp this!
No. 84461
1010 kB, 1052 × 4980
>The unemployed Russian glorified the Russian war if agression with tasteless videos. She celebrates the bombing of Ukraine by dancing, films herself harassing Ukrainians in the street, and wipes her ass with an apparent letter from the police.

Why do they think it matters that she is unemployed? They say it like it is a bag thing. But paying taxes to the robbing, thieving government if BRiD GmbH is wayb worse! Don't be a pathetic Michel cuck that contributes to the system!
Everything else about her is based!

She also told people to waste as much gas as possible so the German economy will be driven to collapse!

Fuck the German police!
No. 84470
Anti-Russian homo who wrote this already lives in West. Why are you still in Shitmany though?
No. 84476
>Why do they think it matters that she is unemployed? They say it like it is a bag thing.
Of course. If it's bad for corporations, it must be bad. A perfect illustration of human morality conforming to socioeconomic realities.
No. 84491 Kontra
>They say it like it is a bag thing.

With the next turn of a second you will attack mirgrants for not having a job though, pathetic flag in the wind.

Is she the same that simulated freezing in their flat for a Russian TV show btw? it's 18° in my Altbau room without heating
No. 84495
> it's 18° in my Altbau room without heating
For reference (again): 18° in a room is really cold for Russians. If I remember correctly, the Soviet sanitary minimum for living rooms (which has been preserved in Russia) is 19°, while the normal temperature in apartments during winter is typically 21-25°. Everyone has "Euro windows" now, so even a cold wind right into the windows is not an issue anymore (I still remember how people used to thoroughly fill the gaps with foam rubber and cover them with adhesive tape for winter, though).

Now if that has been presented as something new that has occured because of the conflict, it's a different matter.
No. 84498
I reckon 16°C-21°C is fine...

>The World Health Organization in 1987 found that comfortable indoor temperatures between 18–24 °C (64–75 °F) were not associated with health risks for healthy adults with appropriate clothing, humidity, and other factors. For infants, elderly, and those with significant health problems, a minimum 20 °C (68 °F) was recommended. Temperatures lower than 16 °C (61 °F) with humidity above 65% were associated with respiratory hazards including allergies.[9][10]

nu threda >>84497
No. 84503 Kontra
>With the next turn of a second you will attack mirgrants for not having a job though, pathetic flag in the wind.
Well, healthy adult males are normally expected to have some job and not live off the state (= other taxpayers). It's not like it is an obligation in Germany (for a good reason, too), but it's moral. On the other hand, if a woman doesn't have a job, it's generally viewed as something much more normal (though in that case it's presumed that she mostly stays with kids and does other supplementary duties).
No. 84544
>25°C in a room in winter is normal
Now, compare to pathetic, poor Gayrope! 23°C was considered the maximum even back in the eighties! Still, we get constant propaganda
They blast it on government TV and Radio 24/7
But the more they say it, the more I know it is a lie!