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No. 84497 Systemkontra
55 kB, 482 × 542
old >>83516
>Ukraine claims that Russia has mined a dam at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant in the Kherson region.
>Ukraine has accused Russia of planning to destroy a hydropower plant in the eastern Kherson region — which Moscow has illegally annexed and subjected to martial law.

>"Russia is preparing a manmade catastrophe," Mykhailo Podolyak, adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said Thursday.

>Podolyak said Russia was mining the dam and transformers at the Kakhovka hydroelectric power plant to flood the lower Dnieper River, where Russian troops face a Ukrainian offensive.

>Earlier on Thursday, Vladimir Leontyev, a Kremlin-installed regional official, said Ukrainian forces had launched five missile strikes against the Kakhovka dam and hydroelectric power station. He told Russian TV that if the facility was destroyed, a crucial canal providing water to annexed Crimea would be severed.

>Zelenskyy said Russia had plans to blow up the dam and power station in what he deemed a terrorist act to unleash 18 million cubic meters and flood Kherson and dozens of areas that are home to hundreds of thousands of people live.

>The Ukrainian president told the European leaders Moscow would then blame Kyiv.

>Zelenskyy, in his daily address, said that blowing up the dam would be "a catastrophe on a grand scale."

>Russia says West's Ukraine weapons are going onto the black market
>She did not say what evidence her assertion was based on.

>Madagascar minister fired for voting against Russia's Ukraine annexation
No. 84499 Kontra
>>Madagascar minister fired for voting against Russia's Ukraine annexation
So there has been a voting in Madagascar on whether Russia should annex Ukraine or not. And that's how the truth about real rulers of the world has slipped out because of stupid journalists...
No. 84545
>Russia says West's Ukraine weapons are going onto the black market
What do you expect from breakaway Russians. They are corrupt and steal, in those countries, politicians, gopniki, thieves in law, business-owners are all the same.
No. 84551
Well, actual temperature depends on a lot of things. If you're intensively cooking, it will unavoidably raise by a couple degrees in an average apartment. Gas for private usage is practically free in Russia anyway (less than $1 per month).
No. 84553 Kontra
Blease stop feeding the troll.
No. 84560 Kontra
No. 84567 Kontra
People in Germany are now much too poor to heat their homes. Some suffer from gas bills that have quadrupled. People who paid $100/month now pay $400/month. Insolvencies are up. Inflation is at 15%. Germany is close to bankruptcy and the red Smurf Scholz wants to sell Hamburg port to the chinks to make some bank.
You think this is trolling? Watched any news lately?
Germany has officially been finished.

You can not imagine how expensive it is. Turn your stove on, let it run for two hours, you are now $3 poorer. It's thirty times more expensive! People can not afford too take showers, but media tells us 'sanctions against Russia are working' and we 'need to support Ukraine'.
No. 84568 Kontra
Another thing is that it's a bad manner to shit in the giving hand like she and EC Schizowaldemar do: be born in Russia, but move to Germany, profit from its' welfare state while praising Putin and hating Germany.

She used to work as prostitute btw. I don't see it as a bad thing, witnesses of holy trad based and redpilled conservative Russia however...
No. 84569
Selensky loudly proclaimed that Russia Poland a false flag attack to flood the dnepr estuary. From this, we can deduce that he blames others for his own crimes and that ukrops want to blow up the dam at Kachowka, then blame Russia. He thinks people will believe his lie better when he tells it early
No. 84570 Kontra
I don't think he's a Russian, he strikes me as deeply Germanic. The sole Russo-German we have is a sensible man. I didn't even know they existed.
No. 84571 Kontra
With the recent influx of so-called "refugees" from the K*hl I wouldn't rule that out.
No. 84573
I managed to use much less gas when showering. Go Iurup go.
No. 84588
24 kB, 720 × 405
>In Russia 18°C in a room is really cold
Maybe, but according to Bild, it was 18°C outside in Munich that day, so it was warmer inside, even without heating. And she did a video for a Russian TV-show, complaining about the cold in her flat, with a down jacket on, hood over her head. Coldest daytime outside temperature in Munich this month was 14°C. Do you wear down jackets with the hood pulled over your head at 14°C? It should be significantly warmer in her apartment, because she claims she supports Russia by having her electric stove turned to max at all times, to waste energy and support the Russian troops.

All the Russian bookkeeper-aunties in my company drank the kool-aid. They are vigorously pro-putin and hope the fascist drug-addict regime that genocides Russians will soon be defeated, they are certain that Ukrainians desperately want to be part of Russia, because it's so much better in Russia. (Then why do they live in Germany themselves, not in Russia?
Maybe they are still butt-mad because they found out that Dallas and Denver clan are just TV-shows and not everyone is an American

Is there a trick to it? Just turn to maximum cold, no hot water will be used, no gas will be used. Unless you are an infant or really sick or really old and frail, it will do you no harm.
No. 84589 Kontra
86 kB, 481 × 585
>All the Russian bookkeeper-aunties in my company drank the kool-aid.
Holy fucking why.gif
No. 84590
179 kB, 2217 × 1187
It feels kinda warm for this time of the year.
No. 84592 Kontra
82 kB, 1259 × 1650
No. 84600 Kontra
Women are dumb
Boomers are dumb (I assume they're boomers)
Russian are dumb
No. 84613
Too much Russian TV, maybe. They are told how terrible live is on the europe every evening, and they start to believe it.
No. 84614 Kontra
And immigrant's identity crisis, I guess.
No. 84619
>Too much Russian TV
No. 84624
196 kB, 1080 × 1080
I’m this cat.
No. 84631 Kontra
>those cosplayers exist despite they completely lack natural economical and historical basis in Russia, exist as some entirely alien and rather unbstable body, predominantly on foreign funding
You just described Bolsheviks. =D
Russian Empire was still largely agricultural country, and proletarians were minority among peasants. But as I said, authoritarian rulers are constrained mostly by their fantasy, therefore "cultural superstructure" (adopted from west) is primary to "material economic basis".
As you see, all these problems are not an obstacle to for coming to power.
No. 84639 Kontra
>Pro-Russian authorities in the Ukrainian region of Kherson urged those remaining in the north of the province to leave "immediately" in the face of Kyiv's advancing counteroffensive on Saturday.
No. 84643
>footage from Kherson reveal Russian efforts to evacuate civilians
No. 84646
483 kB, 1080 × 717
145 kB, 678 × 800
From ISW's latest assessment:
>Ukrenergo […] announced […] that the scale of Russian strikes on October 22 met or exceeded the scale and effect of Russian strikes on October 10–12

From Ukrinform: The Ukrainian president has ruled out talks with the Russian Federation unless the RF first withdraws to the borders of 1991.

Autism service announcement – Ukrainian population estimates for 2022-01-01 are out. With 2.95 million people, Kyiv was twice as big as second city Kharkiv, with third place somewhat of a tie between Odesa, Dnipro and Donetsk (each about 1 million). (Donetsk data may be from RF authorities.)
For oblasts and cities, see https://www.citypopulation.de/en/ukraine/cities/
For oblasts and raions, see https://www.citypopulation.de/en/ukraine/admin/
The site also lists older data, so I used it a couple of months ago to find out about ebb and flow of major Crimean cities during the last decades.

(January 4, 2022)
>Also when any sort of war will break out, the whole country will be disconnected from the internet and nobody will know what's going on in there.
I think we're not yet at that point, are we? Probably related: >>65198
No. 84651
Bolsheviks actually managed to attract the sympaties of the majority during the Civil war, first and foremost by their land policy. And then they used that to install a dictatorship that rapidly transformed Russia into an industrial country, in the meantime keeping their popularity high enough with revolutionary social policies.

So at the very least the liberals would need to install a dictatorship somehow - except that very act would make their political agenda denying itself.
No. 84663 Kontra
139 kB, 700 × 818
The mobilization…
The airstrikes…
No. 84670 Kontra
19 kB, 400 × 400
There is so much juicy cope, accusing the west and Ukraine of everything Russia does, while Russia dindu nuffin.
No. 84673 Kontra
Sure, Putin always has good plan.
(Rus. slang plan - marijuana)
No. 84678 Kontra
>So at the very least the liberals would need to install a dictatorship somehow
So this your real point of contention with liberals? :DD
No. 84702 Kontra
They crashed another jet again.

I wonder if the tallest hedas of the Russian high command spent the last decade debating how to cross the GIUK gap and how to deploy Armatas across the Atlantic.
No. 84722
640 kB, 828 × 1339
1,4 MB, 493 × 498, 0:01
If we go by what some say that Russia tries to blame what it does on others…
No. 84724 Kontra
5,0 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:32
1,6 MB, 848 × 480, 0:13
Must be really powerful magnets or something in these cities, mysterious.

Watch the second video here. Still staged and shopped? :D
No. 84729
No. 84732
Reminds me of bong's joke earlier in the thread. I actually bothered to find it: >>81305
I live near training airdrome, and they constantly fly around. Deebly, deebly concerned.
No. 84734 Kontra
1,5 MB, 444 × 250, 0:08
>powerful magnets or something in these cities
The timer must be reset every 108 minutes to discharge electromagnetic buildup. Seems somebody didn't push the button.
No. 84744
channel 1420
>Martial law has been declared in Russia... This is what Russians had to say.

Well, my first assumption was the planes are falling apart...
No. 84749 Kontra
20,9 MB, 854 × 480, 1:55
I posted this video and killed EC, hopefully it doesn't happen again. Don't remember what the message was.

Anyways, first person ejection from what looks like a SU-25. Probably old video but I hadn't seen it before.
No. 84750 Kontra
380 kB, 1280 × 960
>A host at Russia’s state-funded broadcaster RT was suspended Sunday after he made calls on the air to “drown or burn” Ukrainian children who viewed Soviet Russia as an occupier.
>Russian-installed authorities announced monday the formation of territorial defense units in the southern ukrainian city of kherson where moscow’s troops face an advancing counteroffensive by ukraine’s forces.

>“all men who wish to remain in kherson, despite the increased security threat of actions by ukrainian nationalists, have the opportunity to join the city’s territorial defense units,” the moscow-installed administration said in a statement.
No. 84752
67 kB, 350 × 338
>formation of territorial defense units
>all men who wish to remain in kherson
>have the opportunity to join
>martial law in annexed regions, they too now can be bum fucked and forced into shit

Well, different flavours of martial law have hit the rest of Russia too.
No. 84753
88 kB, 968 × 645
Anton Krasovsky has been long known by his quite fascist views. In particular, he called for arresting everyone who protests against Putin - or "throwing them into the Moyka river". The other time he mentioned that the constitution of Ukraine will be burned on Khreshchatyk street in Kiev together with some unspecified Ukrainians. However, drowning children is apparently still too much even for the RT.
No. 84754 Kontra
260 kB, 653 × 913
60 kB, 500 × 500
No. 84755
>Well, different flavours of martial law have hit the rest of Russia too.
Mostly haven't. Still, overall it looks like the strategy of slowly heating the fabled kettle with the frog.
No. 84756
So is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI-Lojd4g8s lying? See also at roughly 50s.
No. 84757
The martial law noticeably affects only 4 core Russian regions plus Crimea (the newly annexed regions of Ukraine is a different matter anyway). As for the rest of Russia, no meaningful changes that would affect an average citizen have occured so far (in most European Russia it's a somewhat increased level of security plus the official capability to excert control over communications and printing houses; in other regions it's even less than that). But the point is now the government basically has a full carte blanche for rather extreme measures as soon as it seets fit.

Whatever liberal bloggers (especially anonymous ones) say must be viewed with a pinch of salt, but that should be a general rule of personal information hygiene.
No. 84758
Thx. That is basically what I got from the video and other sources, no discrepancies here.

>Still, overall it looks like the strategy of slowly heating the fabled kettle with the frog.
>But the point is now the government basically has a full carte blanche for rather extreme measures as soon as it seets fit.

Well, I have left Russia ages ago. :D
Or rather the USSR over 30 years ago. Take care.
No. 84759
>Kretschmer: Russian gas should resume after Ukraine war

>Russia could plan 'dirty bomb' pretext, Western countries say

>Ukraine's Zelenskiy: only Russia could use nuclear arms in Europe

>Russia hits Ukraine homes, evacuates Kherson, warns of escalation

>Russia's Shoigu warns of 'uncontrolled escalation' in Ukraine conflict

>Ukraine urges global ban of Russia's RT over presenter's call to drown children

>France's Macron says there is chance for peace in Ukraine

>Macron urges Russian Orthodox Church to resist Kremlin pressure on Ukraine
Well, the Ru Orthodox church is a puppet of the Russian state... With a criminal as its head.
Patriarch Kirill of Moscow: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Patriarch_Kirill_of_Moscow

>Deaths averted in Ukraine missile strikes after flight from earlier attack

>Ukraine seems to be increasingly successful in repelling attacks by Iranian kamikaze drones
Spiegel@Google translate: https://www-spiegel-de.translate.goog/ausland/ukraine-news-am-montag-ukraine-schlaegt-angriffe-iranischer-kamikazedrohnen-offenbar-immer-erfolgreicher-zurueck-a-043e6d58-89f5-4b2f-a72a-d33dc81a6760?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=wapp
original source in ger: https://www.spiegel.de/ausland/ukraine-news-am-montag-ukraine-schlaegt-angriffe-iranischer-kamikazedrohnen-offenbar-immer-erfolgreicher-zurueck-a-043e6d58-89f5-4b2f-a72a-d33dc81a6760

>Ukrainian Refugees Report Cases of Exploitation in Europe
No. 84760 Kontra
>original source in ger
article* not source but whatever

>Russia's Shoigu holds second call with U.S. defense secretary in three days
>Shoigu's ministry said he had told his French, Turkish and British counterparts of Moscow's concern that Ukraine could detonate a "dirty bomb" - a device laced with radioactive material. Russia has provided no evidence to substantiate such a claim.
>Previous Russian assertions that Ukraine might resort to using banned weapons such as biological arms have stirred concerns in the West that Moscow might be preparing to stage "false flag" attacks and blame them on Kyiv.

>Russia-Ukraine live updates: 33 missiles fired at Ukraine
No. 84761 Kontra
5 kB, 251 × 240
>If we go by what some say that Russia tries to blame what it does on others…
Trust the plan
No. 84762
>Well, the Ru Orthodox church is a puppet of the Russian state...
It's not, but it's deeply dependent on it, and overall archbishops in Russia are much more integrated into the Russian, er, elite than they should be. That makes the Church's rhetoric struggling between the Orthodox Christian maxims and subtly supporting the ruling power.
No. 84764
11 kB, 188 × 300
From what I know it is. It's under state control since Soviet time. I have to provide sources since I made the claim, but I cannot be arsed so trust me bro. The state also sponsors Orthodox nationalist/ic orgs, some of them are paramilitary and Nazi tier.

Glorious stronk Russia:
No. 84765 Kontra
23 kB, 522 × 389
>Kirill sees gay pride parades as a part of the reason behind Russian warfare against Ukraine.[113] He has said that the war is not physically, but rather metaphysically, important.[114]

>On March 6, 2022 (Forgiveness Sunday holiday), during the liturgy in the Church of Christ the Savior, he justified Russia's attack on Ukraine, stating that it was necessary to side with "Donbas" (i.e. Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republic), where he said there is an ongoing 8-year "genocide" by Ukraine and where, Kirill said, Ukraine wants to enforce gay pride events upon local population.
Urine Nazis confirmed gay. Kek


>Kirill participated in a Zoom video call with Pope Francis on March 16, 2022, of which Francis stated in an interview[120] that Kirill "read from a piece of paper he was holding in his hand all the reasons that justify the Russian invasion."[121]

>In the aftermath of the Bucha massacre on April 3, Kirill, speaking in the Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces, Kirill praised the armed forces for "feats" of service, saying Russia is "peaceful".[123]

>Kirill supported the mobilization of citizens to go to the front in Ukraine, he urged citizens to fulfill their military duty and that if they gave their lives for their country they will be with God in his kingdom.[135][136][137]
No. 84766 Kontra
Some would say state control is a natural feature of Russian Orthdoxy.
No. 84767 Kontra
Dugin said something similar:
“This is not a war. Russia is driving the devil out of Ukraine. This is geopolitical exorcism.”
No. 84768
>It's not
No. 84769
>geopolitical exorcism

reminds me of people Like Nick Land that "invent" and use a whole range of new or fringe vocabulary to speak about stuff. Not exactly illuminating but aesthetically interesting.
No. 84771
>Some would say state control is a natural feature of Russian Orthdoxy.
General collaboration with the state is a millinia-long strategy of traditionalist Christianity and exists for good reasons. State control, however, leads to clear negative consequences for the Church, as Russia clearly demonstrated in the 18th-19th centuries. The revolution of 1917 became possible, at least in the shape it took, largely because the Church has lost most of its authority even among the peasants (the class which theoretically should have been highly supportive).
No. 84772 Kontra
No. 84773
Because there are simply no direct mechanisms?
No. 84774 Kontra
*had lost
No. 84776 Kontra
No, it's just pure pleasure to say stuff like this.
It's very extravagant and high and mighty and it simply makes me feel good.
No. 84784 Kontra
>General collaboration with the state is a millinia-long strategy of traditionalist Christianity and exists for good reasons
It would stop being collaboration and would indeed become a relationship of subservience if political power has the ability to appoint and remove whoever the highest ranking church leader is, as they had done for centuries before the late Romanovs.
Even during Muscovy times, the church took at this a clearly subservient role to the state.
>millinia-long strategy of traditionalist Christianity
It's a Bizantine strategy and it didn't work so good :DD
No. 84787
Come on, it's not the Soviet regime was giving the clerics much choice in that regard (though there are rumors of those who refused collaborating).
> if political power has the ability to appoint and remove whoever the highest ranking church leader is
For the tsars in feudal Russia that ability was actually extremely limited. Take how long it took such an authoritative figure as Ivan the Terrible to remove St. Philipp II of Moscow from the cathedra, for instance (and now he's venerated as a saint, unlike the tsar).
No. 84789
Most of historical processes don't work same way as democratic elections. It's meaningless to explain them with "sympathies of majority", because well-organised minority can enforce it's will to unorganized majority.

But it's not a neologism, just a metaphor.
No. 84796
>It's meaningless to explain them with "sympathies of majority", because well-organised minority can enforce it's will to unorganized majority
It can for a while. Staying in power may prove more problematic, though. A system based on pure violence is highly unstable.
And the problem with the Liberals is that they would simply cease to be Liberals in that case, thus denying themselves and likely turning into just another (and generally worse) incarnation of Putinists.
No. 84797
First of all, current head of Sergian church is "agent Mihailov", who is subordinate to Fifth Directorate of the KGB (now FSB).
No. 84801
He used to be an agent. I suppose you must understand the meaning of the word.
No. 84804 Kontra
>A system based on pure violence is highly unstable.
Is there a system based on pure violence alone? That a regime lasts for a long time doesn't mean it gets sympathy from its subjects, just that subjects feel apathetic and powerless, maybe after being broken through exceptional violence and political terror.
No. 84820
But you don't follow anyone's orders just because you're "feeling apathetic", do you? You do that either because you're afraid of the consequences or because you think it's the right thing.
No. 84822 Kontra
>But you don't follow anyone's orders just because you're "feeling apathetic"
You accept all kind of things on apathy, as does broader society. You accept the formation of a state that issues you macabre orders because of apathy. Of course, where there's an order there is usually a consequence for not following it - it wouldn't be an order otherwise, maybe a request. But generally, it's apathy that leaves you accepting a situation or condition in which these kind of orders are able to be issued in the first place. Apathy could surely leaving you not caring who or what is in the Kremlin. This then leads to the orders :DD
No. 84833
There is no system not based on pure violence. They tell you nice little stories about patriotism/religion/democracy/whatever, and fools believe those stories. But the truth of the matter is that you play along or they let you have it. For example, refuse to pay taxes, they put you in jail. It's just protection money.
Every ideology is just lies they use to make the fools better about being slaves.
No. 84834
GNOME is a good example of that. you need to know more context of the story - gnome designers and other affiliate people were creating blog posts and etc with propaganda against theming several years ago, and now when they finally achieved their goal but users and independent developers not support it at all - they doing all those games with terminology and etc.

that's way how capitalism works, for example capitalists say there is no slavery, but for some reason people are not allowed to freely travel and they have to pay monthly money to some big guy.

so assuming what they telling you true and making conclusions from their words, instead of making obvious conclusions from their actions - is just turns you into an obedient sheep, which is all what capitalistic system wants from ya and what they study you in school and preach in their churches. "just chill up and dont worry - big guys will figure it out themselves".
No. 84836
I wonder how such a system built purely on violence could even work with regular humans, because even the most docile sheeple will eventually rise up and kill you, so you'd need to be some comic superhuman who is invincible and incredibly powerful, otherwise you will always have to use propaganda and secret police and generally other people to stay in power.
No. 84841 Kontra
>secret police
Violence, too. Maybe systems of pure violence are so unstable that they fizzle out, so they only exist for short periods of time. Military occupation of a city is usually a nearly perfect example of pure violence, civilians do or get shot, soldiers do or get shot. The supreme society of pure violence were various cities during lootings.

>and fools believe those stories
My overlords don't use violence much. In fact, neither do the plebs.
>little stories about patriotism/religion/democracy/whatever,
Themselves already steps further detached from violence. You know this too, you know a citizen of the Russian Federation feels violence in a much more raw manner. This is why you must erase these distinctions in the use of violence between the decadent west and home. It's very common :DD
No. 84842 Kontra
>Only Russians hate the hypocritical, arrogant attitude the west exposes
No. 84858 Kontra
98 kB, 599 × 1024
>>Only Russians hate the hypocritical, arrogant attitude the west exposes
Yes. They are the only ones who can see past our lies. Do you confirm, Misha?
No. 84869
593 kB, 1182 × 872
poor poor putin kek
No. 84871 Kontra
The Spanish republican flag is a nice touch huehuehue.
No. 84875
55 kB, 200 × 200
>Strom in allen Regionen abgeschaltet
>Stand: 25.10.2022 13:05 Uhr
Power off in all regions

>Wegen der Schäden am Stromnetz durch den russischen Beschuss ist in allen ukrainischen Regionen stundenweise der Strom abgeschaltet worden. Der ukrainische Ministerpräsident Schmyhal verspricht Europa schnelle Reformen. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.
Due to the damage to the power grid caused by the Russian shelling, the power was cut off for hours in all Ukrainian regions. Ukrainian Prime Minister Schmyhal promises Europe rapid reforms. All developments in the live blog.

>Exclusive: U.S. considers HAWK air defense equipment for Ukraine

>Berlin conference lays out vision of post-war Ukraine

>reading comments and discussions on the internet on current day
Don't do this.png
So here are the takes from the internet:
  • Ukraine is an Apartheit state.
  • Bayraktar for Ukraine good and Iranian drones for Russia bad, muh western double standards.
  • Superior Iranian weapons will bring victory.
  • Ukraine is planning to drag Romania and Poland into the war
  • Ukraine has big nukes
  • Russia has [secret] ammo supplies and production facilities and will total war all of [???], they will never run out of ammo!
  • Russia is a better, less corrupt democracy than US and its puppets, that is why we have this conflict. Glorious paragon Russia will liberate all and give freedums!

The classics:
  • Ukrainians should bomb Moscow and Pidorburg.
  • Germany/EU is to blame for the war.
  • NATO is at fault, the classic "take".
  • EU will die without Ru gas.
  • The "comedian" is destroying Ukraine and EU leaders are idiots.
  • The fascist Banderite west is losing, our all time favourite take!
  • Victoria Nuland (Murkaaa! Murrica!) and "neo cons" with a 5 billion $ budget engineered the 2014 Maidan "coup".
  • Germoney is freezing. (The next 7 days we will have 15°C-22°C day temperatures in Germany and 7°C-12°C at night.)
  • Everyone is a fucking retard, we need de-escalation and appeasement!
  • muh biolabs
  • The west lies and lied for the last decades therefore Russia is justified, right and stronk.
  • Zelensky is a Jew therefore [insert nonsense].
  • Europe is starving.
  • Hunter Biden...
  • Russia will nuke the US.
  • US troops are fighting in Urine.
  • Israel is to blame. (what ??? Yeah, right NWO nonsense, da JUICEW!)

The worst one today was Corona linked to this war something something NWO, why am I reading. Yeah, also not a new take.
No. 84876
>Kremlin repeats Ukraine 'dirty bomb' claim, says West is wrong to dismiss it
>Russia brings Ukraine 'dirty bomb' warning to U.N. as it evacuates Kherson
More smoke and mirrors nonsense and food for gullible minds.

>New Italian PM Meloni sees tough times, backs Ukraine

>Germany's president, in Kyiv, pledges more military, financial support for Ukraine
No. 84881
>Come on, it's not the Soviet regime was giving the clerics much choice in that regard

Joges aside, I kinda use cinnamon, blease don't judge!

>First of all, current head of Sergian church is "agent Mihailov", who is subordinate to Fifth Directorate of the KGB (now FSB).
basically this
No. 84884
>Every ideology is just lies they use to make the fools better about being slaves.
Every ideology has a curious property of ultimately affecting its own creators, their minds included.
And yes, when there's an ideology, there's no pure violence.
And the issue with the liberal dictatorship we've been discussing is that there couldn't be a coherent liberal ideology attached to it.
No. 84886
2,1 MB, 1234 × 923
206 kB, 662 × 933

I read this as alien and it got me thinking.

>The skies over Kyiv are swarming with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), according to a new report from the Main Astronomical Observatory of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Of course, given that Russia and Ukraine have been locked in a months-long war that relies heavily on aircraft and drones, it's likely that many of these so-called UFOs are military tools that appear too fleetingly to identify, a U.S. intelligence agency has speculated.

>Published to the preprint database arXiv, the report — which has not yet been peer-reviewed — describes recent steps that Ukrainian astronomers have taken to monitor fast-moving, low-visibility objects in the daytime sky over Kyiv and the surrounding villages. Using specially calibrated cameras at two weather stations in Kyiv and Vinarivka, a village about 75 miles (120 kilometers) to the south, astronomers observed dozens of objects "that cannot scientifically be identified as known natural phenomena," the report said.

>Given the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began in February 2022, it's reasonable to suspect that some UAP described in the new report may be linked to foreign surveillance or military technologies. According to the ODNI report, other possible explanations for UAP include "airborne clutter," such as birds and balloons; atmospheric phenomena, such as ice crystals; or classified government projects. Neither the U.S. nor Ukraine reports raise the possibility of extraterrestrial visitors.

>The U.S. government has openly renewed its interest in UAP investigations since 2017, when several videos taken by U.S. Navy aircraft leaked to the media. The now-infamous videos showed unidentified aircraft moving in seemingly impossible ways, with no explanation. The government subsequently declassified the footage and recently revealed that more military footage of UAP encounters does exist, though the Department of Defense (DOD) will not be releasing them due to "national security concerns." Earlier this year, Congress approved funding for the DOD to open a new office focused exclusively on managing reports of UFO sightings by the U.S. military. The authors of the new UAP report out of Ukraine added that the country's National Academy of Science is interested in contributing to this ongoing research.

>'UFOs' spotted over Ukraine after 'miracle lightning attack' on Russian troops

I've heard many reports of Russian conscripts blacking out and some awaking far from where they intended to be with a mysterious dampness in their trousers, others even report being held down against their will by malevolent entities and probed for hours.

"I'd certainly hope I don't have several million dollars land near me"

There, fixed
No. 84887
51 kB, 640 × 520
kek, especially pic 2 which should be ancient_ukrainian_cossacks.jpg
No. 84888 Kontra
287 kB, 1969 × 1479
No. 84980
Will the southern front just freeze for months once Kherson city is retaken? Every time I look at a map it makes me think crossing the Dnipro river under enemy fire without any bridges is going to be fucking impossible.
No. 84982
>Will the southern front just freeze for months once Kherson city is retaken?

Possibly. It depends on whether either side can amass enough troops for a successful offensive. Both sides will have additional reserves after the Russians retreat behind the Dnieper-line.

Ukraine might try to sever the railroad running parallel to the Southern front. If they find a weak spot, they will probably try to push towards Mariupol and to cut supply lines from the eastern part of the Russian front to the western part, splitting the Russian front in two and exploiting the fact that the Kerch bridge can only operate at limited capacity. That would be the first step to re-taking Crimea.

Russia, on the other hand, must find a possibility to regain the initiative. Their strategic retreat from Cherson is not hampered enough, and they might use the troops and equipment they free for an initiative north along the Dniepro from the South, or an advamce west towards Charkiv from the East, securing the supply lines from Belgorod to the front and re-establishing the Northern pincer on the Ukrainian center.

That is why it is important for Ukraine to gain additional ground in Lugansk before Russia can evacuate all trained personnel from Cherson. Ideally, they would take and hold Starobilsk, but they are hardly in the shape for that. Svatove or Troitske would still be better than nothing.
No. 84983
Servant with slave morality: gets call-up letter, goes to military commissariat because "it's a right and manly thing to do". Dies from frostbites near Donetsk.

Also servant from race of slaves: ignores call-ups, doesn't open door to anyone, trembles in fear and scolds Putin in internet via proxy.

Nietzschean superior being: never gets call-ups because of connections, works for ministry of defense, legalizes stolen money in West, moves to Berlin and gives interviews to DW about Russian collective responsibility.
No. 84990
Many such cases.
No. 84992
What are the chances of EC Russians getting a call from Putin to take up arms for a few days before having a long sleep on Ukrainian soil?
No. 84994 Kontra
>Every time I look at a map it makes me think crossing the Dnipro river under enemy fire without any bridges is going to be fucking impossible.

The problem with a good defensive line is that once it's broken you get a good shoeing.

t. knows a thing or two about map painting

Do you want to have a cigarette accident? The soil is Russian now. It is cold, all the infrastructure is broken and everyone is poor. Russia.
No. 85010
40 kB, 474 × 330
>The Kremlin-installed administration of southern Ukraine’s Kherson region has been evacuated to the left bank of the Dnipro River, a Moscow-installed official said Thursday as Russian troops face an advancing counteroffensive from Ukrainian forces.
The HQ is now on Krasnaya Sloboda :DD
Ukrainians speak of Russians amassing troops in Kherson in preparing for a counter-counter offensive.
No. 85013 Kontra
Yes. The counter-counteroffensive will start and the front will turn as the exhausted and underequipped hohol troops are pushed back by fresh Russian units.
Already happening in the north and in Donetsk.
No. 85014 Kontra
>Already happening in the north and in Donetsk.
Magyarchan, I...
No. 85021 Kontra
What's wrong? The amount of glory along the front lines is increasing exponentially. Hopefully 8 billion people will have a chance to gloriously die in the struggle against the evil soon enough.
No. 85026 Kontra
310 kB, 900 × 554
For the glory of God and Holy Russia!
No. 85028 Kontra
13 kB, 645 × 773
Russia is third Rome!
No. 85031 Kontra
Some serious case of machine translation detected (first, a Russian official Aleksey Pavlov has been mysteriously de-Russified into Oleksiy Pavlov, and second, Kadyrov's term has obviously been de-Shaitanization).
No. 85046 Kontra
Latest from the Tsar:
>Vladimir Putin: "The dirty bomb will be made from spent nuclear fuel loaded into the Tochka-U tactical missile.”
No. 85111 Kontra
>"The historical period of undivided dominance of the West in world affairs is coming to an end," said Putin. "The unipolar world is becoming a thing of the past."
Eight years months into this military adventure.
No. 85114
154 kB, 599 × 455
>Potassium iodide sales in Russian pharmacies have risen by 150% since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24, RBC cited the pharmaceutical marketing agency DSM Group as saying.
>In total, over 850,000 packets of potassium iodide worth some 115.2 million rubles ($1.88 million) were sold in Russia between January and October.
>Yandex recorded a sevenfold increase in inquiries for potassium iodide in September. Other drugs that mitigate the effects of radiation saw similar growth compared with September 2021.
>In a separate report on Friday, the state-run TASS news agency reported a huge increase in the sale of antidepressant medications in Russia, with 8.4 million packs being sold between January-October, a jump of 70%.

What about you, Ernst? Do you have a stockpile of iodine and anti-depressants?
No. 85115 Kontra
Pharmacy iodine pills don’t have the necessary dosage.
You’d need thousands of them to save yourself.
The ones made for disaster are a state monopoly here.
No. 85116 Kontra
128 kB, 870 × 580
>Tank killers hate him! Belorusian man finds a way to outsmart all HATO anti-tank weaponry.

>What about you, Ernst? Do you have a stockpile of
Yes :D
No. Instead I have loads of multivitamins. But if I had any prescription medicine I'd try to stock up on it, not sure if that's possible though.
No. 85117
109 kB, 800 × 575
135 kB, 800 × 600
>hato antitan[...].jpg
First of all, it looks cool.
No. 85118
Practically useless against Javelins, though. Contrary to the popular beliefs among idiots, the missile locks on the IR image of the target, not on heat sources. And detonating it 1 m away from the top of the turret won't make the armor to hold the jet.
No. 85131 Kontra
>t. knows a thing or two about map painting
I'm German, was this a joke or serious?
t. went to an exhibition on map colouring several times this year and bought the catalogue
No. 85132
I assume he's referring to GSG.
No. 85133 Kontra
101 kB, 1200 × 675
No. 85134 Kontra
Oh, I see.
No. 85150
Too autistic even for German
No. 85188
Now I wonder what you were referring to
No. 85190 Kontra
1,5 MB, 2339 × 1654
78 kB, 720 × 405
52 kB, 960 × 540
Western propaganda repeats the old lies.
>Our losses are insignificant
>The enemy's losses are enormous
They tell us Russian economy is close to collapse, while bankruptcies are through the roof, major producer of toilet paper is bankrupt, supermarket shelves are increasingly empty, instead, we get notes "they increased prices too much, we don't stock that anymore" in a passive-aggresiive tone.

The shit enviro-green leftists are ruining this country, and people hate them and their voters. Everyone in telegram and Facebook wants the corrupt government to step down and the new government to end involvement in the ukrop war against Russia. If Anal-Lena, the red federal Smurf Scholz or e children's Author who doesn't have a pair of clean socks Robert Habeck stepped out without their paid goons, they would probably be hanged.

The red federal Smurf Scholz sells everything to China because he wants to help Winnie the Pooh, a fellow red.

The fat green pig Ricarda Lang is also disgusting. She gets fatter by the day while food prices have doubled. Her core concerns are feminism and body positivity. She studied law for 7 years but has no degree, not even a three year degree. She is now the leader of the green party and has considerable influence on politics. The fat stupid pig. Look at that they need to use extra wide chairs for her fat ass while regular people who actually work hard and actually have skills that contribute to society can afford ever decreasing amounts of food, take cold showers and love in unheated flats. Because this "plus-sized" failed law student without any job-experience landed a job that enables her to influence national politics, and because she hates nuclear power (without understanding the most trivial things about our, I'm sure) wants war with Russia. Because Russia=evil. That self-important arrogant fat toad.

Oh, and her last name means long. What an irony that she's not long, but wide.
No. 85192 Kontra
1,8 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:42
Bakhmut is being described as a "meat grinder" by both Russians and Ukrainians. It seems Russian command wants to take this victory before the winter sets in, to have a little morale boost before the snow and ice sets in.
Ukrainians describe Russian probing attacks conduct being conducted by mobilized units while real assaults are led by Wagner.
Will they take it or will they achieve nothing but murdering mobilniki? Currently we are most likely at around 150k dead on both sides.
No. 85200 Kontra
139 kB, 853 × 1280
>Everyone in telegram and Facebook wants the corrupt government to step down and

Ah, finally a root of the schizophrenia as been detected.
No. 85206
51 kB, 946 × 650
Given the side-effects of taking iodine above trace amounts we're going to see some real health problems emerge in Russia and Ukraine in a few years. You might already see some inexplicably chunky conscripts.

>Do you have a stockpile of iodine and anti-depressants?

The prevailing wind here comes from the south west so good odds either I die instantly or get background exposure over many years. Have fun dying in my wars, continentals.
No. 85207 Kontra
Ukr MoD Main Intelligence Directorate head says the operation to seize Kherson will most likely last until the end of November.

Russia announces withdrawal from UN-brokered grain deal; UN says they're in talks with Russia about this.

Head of Ukrainian President's Office names major war tasks for Ukraine, including "compensation […], which will spread over several generations of Russians" and "spreading great Ukrainian history and the truth about small Russian history".

Literally what I said.
Ich habe dieses Jahr mehrmals eine Ausstellung zum Thema Landkartenkolorierung besucht und mir ein Exemplar des Ausstellungskatalogs gekauft.
No. 85213
>Literally what I said.
Yeah, I understood the words, but I still don't understand.
You're telling me there are people whose entire expertise is how to colorize maps and that they have exhibitions (with a price for the best colored map maybe?)?
Also, what is it with those catalogues? It made me think instantly of Carnage where the Jodie Foster character is so proud of that one catalogue from an exhibition and the Kate Winslet character later throws up on it.
I don't mean that in a mocking way or something, but why exactly would one get a catalogue from that exhibition?
No. 85214 Kontra
>but why exactly would one get a catalogue from that exhibition?

Why not? If an exhibition was good, you can get a catalog of it. (You make photos of your journeys, don't you?)
And maybe the coloration of maps is a bigger and more interesting topic that touches on several subjects than you think. Your ignorance is a bad measure in a sense.

t. not the visitor of that exhibition
No. 85218 Kontra
Russian MoD officially blamed the United Kingdom for the sabotage on Nordstream 1 and 2.
No. 85233
37 kB, 210 × 209, 0:01
Apparently the new Black Sea Flagship was blown up by cigarette drones and Russia is accusing Britain of being involved. Also Russia has pulled out of the grain deal out of butthurt over the attack which may actually mean that British ships will soon enter the conflict to escort grain.

I'm not sure how this ends but suspect it entails the destruction of the European Union.
No. 85236
81 kB, 305 × 301, 0:09
Today I spoke to an "eggsberd": Russia did not do nuffin, also cancer stick shenanigans is a code word for "foreign" sabotage, we just have to trust_Russia.
No. 85237
No. 85245 Kontra
No. 85252 Kontra
Oh boy, Russia, I....
>propagandists do not believe their own drivel
No. 85282 Kontra
You defined "liberals" as larpers of western SJWs I'm also liberal but in a sense that I don't support pig-cutting. These people furiously hate democracy as a source of "populism": stupid bigoted people don't want to eat the bugs and inject fifth booster, and western democratic institutions make it hard to force them. However in Russia nothing prevents such "liberals" from realizing all of their ambitions.
No. 85327
There's one thing: their popularity among the people with weapons is close to zero. Of course, mobilization might change that situation, but I wouldn't put my money on that.
No. 85338 Kontra
81 kB, 1074 × 690
16,2 MB, 1280 × 720, 2:00
8,1 MB, 406 × 720, 0:50
1,2 MB, 406 × 720, 0:56
Ukrainian drone boats went for Russian ships, breddy neat. Unaware of the level of success. If someone has infa on what ships were hit let me know.

I don't like to post videos like the Bakhmut (might be anywhere for all I know) hell here, but for me it's quite striking. What a world.
No. 85340 Kontra
46 kB, 866 × 484
>went for Russian ships
No. 85346
>Ukrainian drone boats went for Russian ships, breddy neat.
And Russia has suspended the grain deal as a result.
No. 85348
Pidorushka has suspended the grain deal as a result of Pidorushka being terrorist state, simple as. It would make an excuse anyway, no matter how retarded it would be. For example, "Ukraine dared to attack our navy after we invaded it".
No. 85349 Kontra
1,1 MB, 432 × 720, 0:12
Cool video, I've never seen how a BUK works from the inside.

...And Russia started terror bombings of Ukraine after the Kerch bridge hit.

No. 85353 Kontra
No. 85361
>Calls Russia a terrorist state
Hypocrisy. Europe is just as bad or worse.

The jokes you make in Russia about homos, niggers, veganism etc. in the west are al real in Europe, and the few sane people left suffer. The government takes kids out of homes at ever increasing rates. They claim increases domestic violence, caused by isolation due to lockdowns, in other words caused by the government itself. Homo couples are allowed to adopt boys. It is completely legal. Stop government takes children away from their parents and gives them to homo couples. Even if they do not rape those children (slim chance of that, if you ask me), they will raise them to be homos.
Our media is just as corrupt as Russian media, if not more so. We are forced to pay TV taxes every month, even if we don't have a TV. First, they decided to spread their programs online, then, they demand to be paid TV-taxes not from everyone who has a TV, but also from everyone who has a computer, then from everyone. Because that tax would be illegal, they don't call out tax, but hoysehold-contribution. Head of a regional TV station was forced to resign a few month back, because she stole too much (that is significantly more than all the other heads of regional TV stations). Birgit Spanner-Ulmer is a technical director in the Bavarian TV-station. The tv-station pays her 250000€ a year. Plus two cars. Plus two chauffeurs. She is also a professor at an University. She is also on the supervisory board at Salzgitter. Considering these are at least two full-time jobs, I just bet she works 16-20 hours a day, lol. The things they tell in this media? Leftist news anchor told he hoped meat and air travel would become so expensive that no one could afford it, because climate change. Then he air-traveled to the cocos islands.

About beinga terrorist state? Europe bombed Serbia in the nineties, forced Kosovo independence, then bombed Afghanistan, then invaded Afghanistan, then bombed Lybia, together with our murrican overlords, the masters of this world, the disgusting fatmasters.
When a so-called refuge steals in a shop, police will do nothing. They don't even have time for that. The niggers quickly learn that in Germany, they can do everything, the police will not even beat them up. When they lol one of their robbery victims or rape a woman, they will get sentenced to maybe 5 years in prison, ans they will geht out after there. Syrian "Refugees" from 2015 are alles seen driving expensive BMW. Where do they get the money? It is obvious they earned or through illegal activity. They still get paid by the government and laugh about the stupidity and nativity of Germans. But saying this can get you imprisoned in Germany, that is hate-speech, you see. So much freedom!
No. 85363
98 kB, 1280 × 716
A Bullshit told in German news:
Russians soldiers steal washing machines to Termine ICs to User this ICs in rockets. Because, apparently, every washing machine has the right ICs in the right package for Iskander missile. Like there are not already 100s of variants of STM32 alone.
But Germans are so used to believing idiotic bullshit, they believe every lie without questioning anything they see on government TV.
No. 85364 Kontra
Anything else going on in the schizoverse?
No. 85366 Kontra
813 kB, 500 × 640, 0:02
Higher than zero.
No. 85373
>A Bullshit told in German news:
>Russians soldiers steal washing machines to Termine ICs to User this ICs in rockets.
Right from Ukrainian military propaganda, I bet. It's beautiful in so many ways I don't even know where to start. Nothing much new, though, we already know about Russian soldiers from Mongolia who have only seen paved roads in Ukraine for the first time. The rest really pales in comparison.
No. 85374 Kontra
113 kB, 1129 × 665
Since propaganda is so prevalent, what about listing some sources of the truth about the current situation by either Russian or Wectern media? Should be easy, especially when you can source Russian media as well.

No propaganda allowed.
No. 85377
>Since propaganda is so prevalent, what about listing some sources of the truth about the current situation by either Russian or Wectern media?
The truth is of little use to all the sides, so all sources must be used, but none should be trusted and all of them should be critically analyzed. Doesn't mean you cannot use particularly curious pieces of propaganda just for lulz in our hard times, though (it's what it mostly deserves anyway).
No. 85385
458 kB, 1080 × 1195
Are we still trusting the plan towaritschi?
No. 85386 Kontra
5 kB, 251 × 240
No. 85410
Why do you think this is so ridiculous? Ukrop fascist can either leave the black sea fleet alone and export grain or they can continue their terrorist attacks, but then THEY will be to blame for every grain ship that gets sunk!
Inb4 gay little bitches go
>the poor African children with swollen bellies and flies in their eyes
>Russia is to blame!!!
>Le ebul Vladolf le Putler!!!!
That's what the lying government media in shitmany tells us, but it's propaganda lies. In reality, this grain is cow- and pig-feed, and when it stays in Ukraine or lays on the bottom of the black sea, the leftist-green German government will have reason to turn up their disgusting pro-vegan propaganda to eleven (since meat became unavailable) and force all school cafeterias to go full vegan. Stupid Germans will go along with it. After all, Le ebul Vladolf Le Putler is to blame, not Anal-Lena Bareback, Ricarda Wide (not Long!), or the children's book author turned minister for incompetence who does not have one single pair of clean socks without holes.
>Freezing for victory
will become
>Starving for victory
and children who are damaged in their heads from being locked up for months will be malnourished on top of it. (remember the Rona? I am glad that due to all the lockdowns, a virus as dangerous as the common cold has been eradicated, lol. But at least people have been trained to obay orders that will harm them without questions. All the unthinking sheeple donning their useless mouth-diapers and getting vaxxed...)
No. 85445
8,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:43
How do you feel about this thank you, dear Germans?
No. 85447
Isn't this based on a commercial?
I hate commercials.
No. 85449 Kontra
Yeah so much to steal and sell! Thank you Shitmany for being the useful idiot among nations, gullible and easily exploited by everyone!
No. 85450 Kontra
>Russian President Vladimir Putin threatened to leave the Ukraine grain deal again if Kyiv violates security guarantees to Moscow, hours after Russia said it was resuming its participation in the agreement.

Interesting viewpoints, thank you Germans.
No. 85454 Kontra
I can't even complain about offensive or silly stuff Ukraine does anymore, because everything the RF allegedly does is so much sillier and more offensive.
No. 85458 Kontra
bretty gud
No. 85468
30 kB, 376 × 511
6,9 MB, 854 × 480, 1:21
>Russian Invasion Has Uprooted 14 Million Ukrainians, UN Says
>UN: 14 Millionen Ukraine-Geflüchtete
>14 Millionen Ukrainerinnen und Ukrainer sind laut UN-Flüchtlingskommissar Grandi seit Kriegsbeginn vertrieben worden.
UN: 14 million Ukraine refugees
According to UN Refugee Commissioner Grandi, 14 million Ukrainians have been displaced since the beginning of the war.

>Ukraine conflict, sanctions set to blow hole in Russia's finances

>Don't expect Putin to fall anytime soon, says Western official
>LONDON, Nov 2 (Reuters) - President Vladimir Putin has been weakened by his decision to invade Ukraine, but a change in power at the top in Russia is unlikely any time soon due to the autocratic nature of its political system, a Western official said on Wednesday.
>Putin, the longest-serving paramount Kremlin leader since Josef Stalin, has dominated Russia for nearly 23 years since Boris Yeltsin gave him the nuclear briefcase on the last day of 1999.

Wow, did not know it was an official video from Ukr/UA. Doge bless.
No. 85469 Kontra
>Mobilized Russians Launch Strike to Protest Lack of Payment
>More than 100 mobilized Russian men have gone on strike at their training center in central Russia to protest their lack of payment.
No. 85474 Kontra
>Russian oil and gas revenue at record high
>German metal smelters, paper processing, etc. mostly shut down due to enormous cost increase
>private households face quadrupled gas bills
>Single moms working the cash register at netto now have to pay $150 per month instead of $50
>government forced to use energy subventions to prevent civil unrest
I am certain this will increase public debt and/or lead to budget cuts. No, we can't just take it from the rich. They will just take their capital out of Germany and abandon ship. They are doing that already because of the increased cost of energy. As a matter of fact I am doing exactly that, and I am not even rich. Since FED rates are at 3% to 3.25% and ECB rates are at 0.75% and 1.5% and ECB continues to buy unlimited government bonds from Italy and other PIGS, it is obvious that the Euro will devalue further. Since Europe will not find cheap energy overnight, it is obvious that the European economy will decline or grow very slowly over the next decade, with high inflation. And no, 'muh renewables' will not fix this. You can not just run all plants at full capacity when it's sunny and windy and sent everyone on a holiday when it's cold and dark. Competition overseas works their equipment 24/7, since they are not on a fluctuating energy supply. No, muh nuclear won't fix this, either. Nuclear power plants are bad at steep load ramps, they are good at chugging along at 80% capacity for weeks on end. But when 50% of your electricity supply is renewable, you need the other 50% to do steep load ramps, which is why we have so damn many gas plants in the first place. And no, we can not re-build the entire electricity grid over night, either.

But I am certain this is just me schizo-posting, everything will be fine, only a mentally ill person would apply reason instead of just believing! No sane person would ever make a connection between cost of energy and economic growth, or money supply and inflation!
Sanctions are working!
No. 85476 Kontra
You are drawing up fantasies in the way that you say nobody worries or something. The news and social media are full of people pouring their opinion on our crisis-ridden times. You are just chiming in and not even with an original opinion. Everybody gets it that we have massive problems. But unlike you they understand that crisis means

>From Latin crisis, from Ancient Greek κρίσις (krísis, “a separating, power of distinguishing, decision, choice, election, judgment, dispute”), from κρίνω (krínō, “pick out, choose, decide, judge”).

We are at a turning point on how to go on though that could be a feature of modernity in general since it is a future-prospects attitude, looking at the past. The only thing you have to offer is let's go on like we have done before! If it was so good then why are we in this multiple crises crisis? You essentially want to conserve an economic model while restoring past social values simultaneously. Given that both are involved in what is called the present people might questions this.
No. 85478 Kontra
It's a troll, ignore it.
No. 85480
19 kB, 360 × 353
>though that could be a feature of modernity in general
No. 85482
34 kB, 231 × 296
We should have a modernity thread :DDD

There would be multiple approaches to understand modernity, I made the decision to understand it as an attitude towards something. In this case it entails a certain understanding of the future, of a certain openness to the future in contrast to the determined future of Christian societies of the middle ages which then demands us constant decision-making that plays out to determine our future present by working with models of future that are nothing more than present futures German: zukünftige Gegenwarte / gegenwärtige Zukunft. The schizo then also fails in thinking that his model of the future (present future) is congruent with an actual future (future present). We basically don't know what will be possible nor what will be realized. But crisis can spark the realization of the unthinkable that is when crisis becomes hope and not doom.
No. 85483 Kontra
I should have said *previous unthinkable
No. 85485
I am stretching my boy to all the cope. Feels_good_man.gif

>Russia fails at U.N. in bid for Ukraine, U.S. bioweapons inquiry
>UNITED NATIONS, Nov 2 (Reuters) - Russia failed on Wednesday to get the United Nations Security Council to establish a formal inquiry into its accusation that the United States and Ukraine have biological weapons programs in Ukraine, a claim that Washington and Kyiv deny.
>Only China voted with Russia in favor of a draft Security Council resolution on the measure. The United States, Britain and France voted against it, while the remaining 10 council members abstained.

>Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: nuclear plant disconnected from grid

>Russia summons British ambassador over drone strike on Crimea
>Nov 3 (Reuters) - Russia summoned the British ambassador on Thursday over Moscow's claim that British navy personnel were involved in a Ukrainian drone attack on Russia's Black Sea Fleet in Crimea.

Ru soldiers whine over soviet tier vehicles and IFVs.
sources in German:
No. 85486 Kontra
>Further abstract definitions and a German word
It's settled, modernity is not real. "An attitude towards something", Kontra!
No. 85487 Kontra
>The Russian flag hanging in front of the regional administration in Ukraine’s occupied Kherson region has been taken down, pro-Russian Telegram channels said Thursday.
>Kirill Stremousov, the deputy head of Kherson’s Moscow-installed administration, warned that Russian troops could move to the left bank of the Dnipro River in the coming days.
>“Most likely, our units, our troops will go to the left bank part of the Kherson region,” Stremousov told Russian state television.
Ruh roh :DDD
No. 85490 Kontra
91 kB, 838 × 948
Attitudes aren't real? Action is not guided by attitudes?

Expectations of the open future are fictitious, though, but fictions serve a function. Just look how the schizo orients himself in the present via an imagined future it is a small narration of decay as well. You are no different to him, of course in that regard.
No. 85492 Kontra
You know what else is an an attitude towards something predicated on a certain understanding of the future that, necessarily, entails a certain openness to future possibilities?
Leaving your home without pooping! Kontra!
No. 85493
Is it true that Black Sea fleet is useless? I heard, Turkey fleet is too stronk for it. And even against fleetless Ukraine it's not used much and now even requires "security guarantees".

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world”. - Ludwig Wittgenstein
Lower races non-German speaking people like us will never understand wtf are dasein and uberschweinetswerbigengunt.
No. 85495 Kontra
>non-German speaking people like us will never understand
The worst part is the fuckers probably have a word for this.

I don't know the purpose of the Black Sea Fleet, but the purpose of the entirety of the Russian Armed Forces is presently in a state of flux.
No. 85496
>Is it true that Black Sea fleet is useless? I heard, Turkey fleet is too stronk for it.
It's not like it's entirely useless. It's meant to counter NATO fleets, but the trouble is that Turkey won't let it out in the case of a major conflict with NATO, and Russia currently has no means to deblockade the straits, so its sole purpose is protecting Russian interests in the southern seas and, in the case of a major conflict, countering incoming NATO fleets (not very efficient). During the current special war, it's been used chiefly as launching platforms for cruise missiles (not a very efficient use either - it's not like you need ships to deliver cruise missiles from Russia to Ukraine).
No. 85499 Kontra
507 kB, 1280 × 1273
Accept defeat, or be serious.
No. 85503 Kontra
74 kB, 360 × 353
No, that was a bad definition.
In the Intelligent Squared debate some German YOU! posted, one of the fellas accuses the other one of conflating colonialism with modernism and this definition brings me no closer to understanding what a modernism is.
I am the most serious poster, stop slandering me or I'll contact the admins. Another extremely serious KONTRA.
No. 85504 Kontra
modernism or modernity, fuck
No. 85505
87 kB, 1280 × 720
No. 85507 Kontra
170 kB, 1000 × 1481

It is minimum a crucial part of modernity to have an open future (and for capitalism dynamic of economic growth: https://www.hup.harvard.edu/catalog.php?isbn=9780674088825), or at least a dynamic outlook on history, otherwise progress (a staple of modernity) as idea makes no sense.

>In the Intelligent Squared debate some German YOU! posted, one of the fellas accuses the other one of conflating colonialism with modernism and this definition brings me no closer to understanding what a modernism is.

Don't know what you are talking about, don't remember that debate. I can only think of my note on Yuk Hui's essay where modernity is presented as an attitude, modernity is a way of knowing, a certain way to produce knowledge and having a certain outlook on things, for example time (how we understand time, the future for example, namely as open and sorta contingent, sometimes it has/had a telos, these days it doesn't, really)

Yuk Hui says that modernization (besides technical or infrastructural progress or development/improvement) is a process in which this thinking/knowing and acting (modernity) is universalized by western colonialism. Which means that non-western people came in contact with that thinking through westerners conquering their land and forcing their thinking as superior on these people and thus modernity got universalized. So modernity does not equal colonialism but colonialism universalizes modernity in a certain sense.
No. 85508 Kontra
modernism concerns art btw.
No. 85509 Kontra
Modernity can also be understood as a process that favors certain goals and actions, it can also be understood as a project then.
No. 85510 Kontra
Wikipedia is of help as I think this is what I learned about modernity during my history BA

>Modernity, a topic in the humanities and social sciences, is both a historical period (the modern era) and the ensemble of particular socio-cultural norms, attitudes and practices that arose in the wake of the Renaissance—in the "Age of Reason" of 17th-century thought and the 18th-century "Enlightenment".

So my point that it is an attitude basically means modernity is socio-cultural norms.
No. 85513
Wow, great explanation why sanctions are working (TM). Keep your sanctimonious pseudo-intellectual preaching seasoned with etymology to yourself, it is worthless.
No. 85518 Kontra
>Wow, great explanation why sanctions are working (TM)

I don't have a clue why you think that was my intention because it wasn't, but it is not the first time you do this. I just hope it is unconscious behavior.
No. 85529
>Hurr I am so smart we just need economic system that works without energy or raw materials admire my awesome skill of analysis
Yeah, the majority of people don't see stone-age communism as a viable alternative. You can go to the bush niggers in Africa and live there if you prefer it over 'the old system'.

But you don't actually do. You are just some damn north German big talking smart ass. People like you are always Prussians.
No. 85530 Kontra
>we just need economic system that works without energy or raw materials

Said nobody ever. But keep on trying to paint a fantasy world that helps you go through life as the clever I know everything about the present and the future. You are the terribly smart person that tells Ernst every day how is doomsday fantasies are true and nothing else. remember the begin of the war? I thought Germany must have been collapsed 4 times but it didn't happen
No. 85535 Kontra
104 kB, 500 × 667
He is pulling your leg. FFS ignore him.
No. 85536
>Russian troops signal withdrawal from Kherson as Ukraine moves in | DW News

>Medvedev says Russia is fighting a sacred battle against Satan
>said Moscow was fighting "crazy Nazi drug addicts" in Ukraine backed by Westerners who he said had "saliva running down their chins from degeneracy".

>Swiss again reject German request to re-export Swiss ammunition to Ukraine
>German Defence Minister Christine Lambrecht had written to the government in Bern last month asking for permission to supply 12,400 rounds of Swiss-made ammunition for Gepard anti-aircraft tanks that Berlin has already supplied to Ukraine to help in its war with Russia.
>But Swiss Economy Minister Guy Parmelin gave the same response the Swiss government had given in June when it rejected an earlier request.
>"Under the principle of equal treatment in neutrality law, Switzerland cannot agree to a request for the transfer of war materiel of Swiss origin to Ukraine as long as the latter is involved in an international armed conflict," the government said.

>Heavily criticised Russian commander takes three-week holiday, agency says
>Kadyrov said a month ago, after Russian forces were driven out of the strategic logistics hub of Lyman in eastern Ukraine, that Lapin should be stripped of his medals and sent to the front with a gun to wash away his shame with blood.

>G7 to work together on winter aid for Ukraine, Germany says

No. 85537
28 kB, 450 × 319
> X says
> Y says
No. 85538 Kontra
The Swiss, the damn swiss. I hope all their ammunition cooks off, sending bunkers flying across the landscape.
No. 85541
50 kB, 665 × 290
inb4 >Daily Mail
No. 85542
97 kB, 800 × 800
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I've eaten both kangaroo and bison, they are delicious. Truly the heroic Russian de-Nazifiers are also gentlemen of high culture and refined tastes.
No. 85543
I think this is a backwards way of looking at modernism. I'm certainly sympathetic to the idea that the west is obsessed with millennialism but the boundless concept of progress appears symptomatic of the world we currently inhabit. Certainly these days when we'd all quite like to get off the change rollercoaster now please.

I'm not saying that change never happened pre-Early Modern period but if we approached the pace of change found in pre-modern society would we hold to our beliefs of progress or what-have-you? Conversely, would it be wrong to question whether what you define as a modern outlook might have always existed to some extent but have become an 'of course' because the change and revolution actually happened. Todays Moscow delenda est being viewed in the far future as merely part of German civilisation's 800 year mission to civilise the East.

>Yuk Hui says that modernization (besides technical or infrastructural progress or development/improvement) is a process in which this thinking/knowing and acting (modernity) is universalized by western colonialism. Which means that non-western people came in contact with that thinking through westerners conquering their land and forcing their thinking as superior on these people and thus modernity got universalized. So modernity does not equal colonialism but colonialism universalizes modernity in a certain sense.

Sounds very sketchy to me. It falls into the trap that such societies lack agency and must have modernisation imposed upon them rather than it obviously being a dynamic between economic/urban/whatever centres imposing reality upon the outer society. Or in the case of hour/minute/second time keeping, it being a really useful technology to both administrators and people that we now take for granted but which was a technology that fundamentally changed our perception of reality. No colonialism involved, you hand two hunter-gatherers a watch each and they schedule a rendezvous on it.
No. 85544 Kontra
785 kB, 960 × 815
No. 85548
100 kB, 800 × 914
modernism concerns a period in art, modernity is the concept we talk about


change ≠ progress progress is implicit in change though, progress means a certain change, maybe even accumulative change, for example of knowledge, freedom whatever

>the boundless concept of progress appears symptomatic of the world we currently inhabit

debatable. While surely people still believe in progress(es) of various kind, there is also a lot of pessimism or ideas of decay that seems to describe our world better, according to certain people the schizo is a good example
Change on the other hand would be symptomatic since we live in accelerated times. Modernity is the historic period, in which technology killed distance and made time 'rapidly accelerated' physical time is physical time, before somebody wants to comment on the social construction of time being fashionable nonsense because hurr physical time exists, yeah it does but that is not up for debate

>but if we approached the pace of change found in pre-modern society would we hold to our beliefs of progress or what-have-you?

don't understand this sentence/question, maybe it is the slang ending that is the barricade here.

>might have always existed to some extent but have become an 'of course' because the change and revolution actually happened.

Well, as a set of socio-cultural norms, probably not. Yeah, ancient greeks had scientific interests and systematization, but they did not have the technology, no mass society and industrialization and their democracy and politics were also not the same democracy and politics we have today. For the middle ages, I already mentioned that "god forbids" a progressive attitude.
Changed always happened, yes. But how was that change understood (as a progression towards something? I don't know but that is a modern mindset and I don't think that it was really understood as progress but differently), was it always revolutionary change? What is a revolutionary change and what is just change of whatever different sort? revolution as 1. The radical break with the existing political or social order and the constitution of a new and lasting political or social order 2. The progression towards freedom 3. The question of violence, whether it is needed or not, in what form, etc. ... how does that fit to occurrences in the past? I can only think of slave revolts in ancient times and the German peasant's war, but I think none of them were successful so it wasn't a revolutionary change I'd say, albeit a change nonetheless.

>Todays Moscow delenda est being viewed in the far future as merely part of German civilisation's 800 year mission to civilise the East.

History changes, so maybe in future historians will turn back to this more or less originally 19th century understanding of history (Hegel's teleological understanding of history (as progress towards something)).

>It falls into the trap that such societies lack agency and must have modernisation imposed upon them rather than it obviously being a dynamic between economic/urban/whatever centres imposing reality upon the outer society

Well, while the dynamic between x,y,z is true for Europe, the European colonialism exported the results of this dynamic with very different outcomes or "bifurcations" to non-european countries. A country like China has a different history than a country on the coast of West Africa and thus the colonialism and modernization turned out different and similar. You don't subtract all agency of these people when pointing out that Europeans ruled the colonies, after all a rule or government is exactly defined by a regulation of agency of individuals (degree, modality, reach etc. is different from case to case ofc). Yuk Hui in his essay pints out that different modernities are possible and that exactly former colonized cultures might provide different understanding of modernities, that is basically new cosmotechnics --> different/other cosmologies than western one that could provide a different approach to technology and its application in the world

> Or in the case of hour/minute/second time keeping, it being a really useful technology to both administrators and people that we now take for granted but which was a technology that fundamentally changed our perception of reality.

Yes, it changed our perception if reality and our reality then. But this happened first in Europe, on a large scale, and is part of modernity rationalization (of time) is such a norm that belongs to modern thinking

>No colonialism involved, you hand two hunter-gatherers a watch each and they schedule a rendezvous on it.

That is not what I said in that post. I said modernity as a set of norms develop in Europe and these have been exported (and imposed, lets be frank here) in colonies. Perhaps and most probably in colonies you never used watches and the days weren't quantified into h/min/s for better control and planning and it is a problematic thought to think that people will simply (have) adapt(ed) to this, because even Europeans resisted the introduction of watches on a large scale, the famous article here is this one https://www.sv.uio.no/sai/english/research/projects/anthropos-and-the-material/Intranet/economic-practices/reading-group/texts/thompson-time-work-discipline-and-industrial-capitalism.pdf
No. 85549 Kontra
To be clear in the last one

Modernity is not colonialism, but colonialism ran on the modern attitude (social and cultural norms) that has been imposed on non-Europeans to various degrees then. That what is meant by the universalization of modernity, colonialism was the medium so to speak for this process of universalization. Europeans first aggregated this set of norms and exported them (with violence).
No. 85552 Kontra
61 kB, 435 × 600
7 kB, 251 × 242
No. 85553 Kontra
When all those non-Europeans had modernity unjustly, unfairly imposed on them by the evil disgusting genocidal white devils, then why are so many of them trying to immigrate here and steal frozen chicken-pieces from ghetto-netto? Why do they clog doctor's waiting rooms instead of going to witch doctors?
No. 85554 Kontra
72 kB, 1600 × 1152
No. 85558
68 kB, 800 × 616
Dostoevsky is to blame for this war and for all the shit happening in Russia in general. Bullshit which people around say is literally what Dostoevsky taught, that is:

1. Cult of suffering.
Which is preached in the plain text, basically. "I don't support this war, but I won't simply ignore call-ups, because I'm not some Smerdyakov to wish good for myself".

2. Antiintellectualism, hysteria as a preferably way of thinking.
We don't need smart, hard-working and principled people in Russia -- they will kill grandma like Raskolnikov or go insane like Ivan Karamazov.

3. Compassion to cruel.
And one who is compassionate to the cruel is ultimately cruel to the compassionate. Dmitry Karamazov is violent, dumb and impetuous, but actually he's a good guy and he didn't kill his father despite all the evidence. Danila Bagrov is nice too.
"Yes, he employed as mercenary in Wagner, but who are we to judge? Who gave us such right? Everything is not so univocal...". Poor, poor Dasha Dugina. ;(

4. Also he taught us to love prostitutes and fallen women in general, but it's probably unrelated here.

If Dostoevsky was alive, he would surely support the war.

I'm not saying that many people actually read their books, but they absorbed all of this from him through collective consciousness. Except for complete psychopaths of course, which gives us perfect combination of slaves and masters. Or maybe I'm confusing cause and effect. Anyway, every Russian must kill Dostoevsky within himself, throw him off the ship of modernity, just like Bolsheviks tried.

If you remember, Krasovsky was buck-broken almost the same way as Dostoevsky.
No. 85560
459 kB, 2091 × 692
>“A man who lies to himself, and believes his own lies, becomes unable to recognize truth, either in himself or in anyone else, and he ends up losing respect for himself and for others. When he has no respect for anyone, he can no longer love, and in him, he yields to his impulses, indulges in the lowest form of pleasure, and behaves in the end like an animal in satisfying his vices. And it all comes from lying — to others and to yourself.”

>― Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Despite being "special" RUSSIA STRONK he said some profound things from time to time, also intredasdin books. Bretty gud.
No. 85561 Kontra
So you say I might be Ztarded because I read too much Dostoevsky during my school years?
No. 85562
30 kB, 376 × 511
59 kB, 377 × 561
So are Russians withdrawing from Kherson or is it a trap.jpg?
No. 85563
You are fine since you are ztronk. Keep Beardevs words close to heart so you don't turn into a weak western gay nazi satanist sissy futa:
>Medvedev says Russia is fighting a sacred battle against Satan
>said Moscow was fighting "crazy Nazi drug addicts" in Ukraine backed by Westerners who he said had "saliva running down their chins from degeneracy".
GOYDA kek²

Russia is finished. Yeah, yeah, the war might go on for years, sigh. Victory for Ukraine, freedom from for east Slavs. Death to the poopoo regime.
No. 85565 Kontra
12 kB, 200 × 220
>Russia is fighting a sacred battle against Satan
No. 85566
Now, when we understood that Smerdyakov was right all along, let's revise one of his quotes:
> "In the twelfth year there was a great invasion of Russia by the Emperor I, ... and it would be good if these Frenchmen conquered us then: a pretty wise nation would conquer a pretty silly one and join it to itself. There would be entirely different order, sir."

There is actually nothing radical here, moreover it's a return to tradition. First Russian ruler was a viking, invited by local people, according to chronicles:
> Chud, Slavs, Krivichi and Ves said: “Our land is great and plentiful, but there is no order in it. Come reign and rule over us"

Which Scandinavian should rule Russia this time? How about Jens Stoltenberg?

No, in your case it's sadism.
No. 85567
>Ukraine war: Putin allows former prisoners to be conscripted
>Convicted murderers and drug dealers who have recently left prison in Russia face being conscripted to fight in Ukraine under a change to the law.
>President Vladimir Putin amended the legislation on calling up reservists to include men convicted of serious crimes who recently left prison.
>Former prisoners convicted of sex crimes against children or terrorism are still excluded from serving.
>Russian soldiers have been accused of crimes during the invasion of Ukraine.
No. 85568
>in your case it's sadism
I'd be interested in more of your analysis.
No. 85570 Kontra
Surprisingly good as far as I can tell.
No. 85571
56 kB, 952 × 536
It's in your blood. As a hungarian you descend from Attila the Hun, and everyone knows huns were bloodthirsty and evil.
Deep in the back of your head you still have the drive to rape and pillage and burn, but your soft bougie upbringing is (yet) successfully quenching that.
Come home, HUNgarian man.

Also, why are bongs so obsessed with Attila and huns? Look that this, it's fookin Gerard Butler as Attila the Hun.
No. 85573
Not an answer. They can live free from modernity in Africa, complete with their pre-moderm believe in djinns, smearing shit on wounds, reaping virgins asa cure for aids, etc. Instead, they come to Europe where we ghastly modern Europeans make raping any woman, virgin or not, illegal and don't even believe it's will cure Aids. Maybe you should go to fuckinf Aftica and live like a nigger when you want to have nuggets around and Europeans and modernity are shit?
No. 85574 Kontra
I blame the Prussians. It's always the Prussians who cause ruin by allying with Russians.
During the Napoleonic era, things were progressing nicely all in all. But the Prussian weren't happy at all. Can't have economic and scientific progress and civic liberties. The Prussians desperately wanted ab agrarian economy with land-bound servants, a strictly stratisfied society and general backwardness. Prussians need this, it is in their blood. Otherwise, their unwashed peasants become unwashed boozing lumpen, like it is today. Practically all the fuel for German daytime-TV is Prussian. So their natural ally is Russia. Spirit of Tauroggen and all that.
In WWI, the Prussians desperately looked for a Russian they could ally with and found one in Lenin. They continued this alliance all thoroughout the twenties, when the black Reichswehr cultivated a mutually beneficial relationship to the red army. It took the Austrian Hitler to end that. After WWII, the Prussians continued it even worse and became Russia's most loyal little puppet regime among all the eastern European puppet regime in East Germany, while the Prussian Herbert Frahm in West Germany did "Ostpolitik" to suppirt his communist comrades in East-Berlin, Warsaw, and Moscow. Kurt-Georg Kiesinger would have never allowed it, because he wasn't a Russia-loving Prussian! The Prussian "Gas-Gerd" Schröder and the Prussian Merkel had North Stream I and II built, to tie Germany closer to Russia. Spirit of Tauroggen, those fucking wannabe-Yorcks!
No. 85575 Kontra
37 kB, 562 × 475
No. 85577
>Cult of suffering.
Deeply intertwined into the Christian cultural roots and hardly has anything to do with Dostoyevskiy.
> Antiintellectualism
Intellect is a gift, not a merit, and thus naturally lies outside of the scope of morality. It's a tool, and without a proper structure of personality - potentially a dangerous one indeed. I wouldn't call the lack of the cult of intellect "antiintellectualism".
>Compassion to cruel.
People are obliged to love everybody, that's just another Christian maxim. It won't prevent you from killing someone when absolutely necessary, but will overall make you a better person and more protected against making various terrible mistakes when treating people around you. The loss of the last remnants of that principle obviously results in the modern Western cancel culture - irresponsible, unforgiving, indifferent to actual intentions and ultimately just counter-productive.
No. 85581 Kontra
Can you refute him without posting a wojak in true 4channeler fashion?
No. 85582 Kontra
>refute him

Not interested in a Sisyphean task.
He is not actually interested in serious discussions so I can just answer with equal-quality posts, maybe he then understands, but I have my doubts that this meatrobot is able to learn anything.
No. 85584 Kontra
> maybe he then understands
hommmmmmm hommmmmmmm

Oh Ernst, you are killing me :3
Especially the irony of your post.
No. 85585 Kontra
>hurr durr don't feed the troll finally

I genuinely think it is not troll
No. 85586 Kontra
Okay, since you seem to deem yourself a person capable of logical thought, let's consider the two alternatives here - a) he is a troll, b) he is not a troll

a) if he is a troll, you are feeding him, thus replying to him and playing his game and contributing to the cancer killing this board

b) if he is not a troll, but a legit schizo, replying to him and trying to convince him with arguments won't work, thus replying to him is futile and in addition giving him attention to the same effect as in case a)

tl;dr: report on /meta/ and move on and tell the mods to actually do their jobs
No. 85587 Kontra
32 kB, 252 × 394
>tl;dr: report on /meta/ and move on and tell the mods to actually do their jobs

If it actually was that easy to solve the schizo problem.
I contribute to the board's decline by giving a minimum attention (4channeler picture and medical advice) to wake up the mods to enhance the quality of this board again.
No. 85588 Kontra
This. He is a troll infa100%.
No. 85589 Kontra
>I contribute to the board's decline by giving a minimum attention (4channeler picture and medical advice) to wake up the mods to enhance the quality of this board again.
Oh, so you are indeed exactly as dumb as you seem. Shame.
No. 85590 Kontra
>he is a troll

Then this troll must be quite frequently among people who spout these opinions, since the use of language is quite telling. Granted this is the case, then why troll like that if you donÄt actually believe on EC?

Looks like cannot combine picture and text. This was more jokingly said and even if not, Hirschman would probably provide an answer in the sense that the noticeable decline in quality is either used (finally) to recuperate and deliver quality again or do nothing about the decline, EC management has become worse, let's face it
No. 85601
Ernst, tell me if you see this post >>85577 too. I must be dreaming. And don't even know where to start.
1. On the one hand, there are mercenaries, who kill other people, because "pig-cutting gives me erection", according to their own words. On the other hand, there are little Jesuses like this one, who say that condemning them is unfair and literally cancel culture.
2. On rushka people are imprisoned and sometimes killed for wrongthink, and I'm supposed to be concerned about westerners being banned in twitter for writing "nigger".
3. It's claimed that western intolerance to wrongdoing is counter-productive. You know, it's not west where people are brought to butchery after one week training and buying equipment for their own money. I see counter-productivity somewhere else
Anyway, a perfect illustration on why Dostoevsky should be cancelled
No. 85602
I thought you're honest with yourself about it... Remember how you were excited about that general, who was shilled as related to strikes on civilians? Yes, that's it.

And on a second thought this is not entirely pathological -- everyone likes cool villains. It's just about treating IRL as a hollywood movie (fetishising reality, pompously speaking). Also I'm sure that most of "bothsiders" and "appeasers" at least, everyone of them with IQ>80 are like that, they're just not as open as tankies.
No. 85603
>1. On the one hand, there are mercenaries, who kill other people, because "pig-cutting gives me erection", according to their own words. On the other hand, there are little Jesuses like this one, who say that condemning them is unfair and literally cancel culture.
You seem to miss a huge continuum between the two groups somehow. And yes, mercenaries are rarily decent people in general (or fully sane people, to that matter). Doesn't mean that deeds of any person don't require thorough examination on the case-to-case basis and adequate evaluation, though.
>On rushka people are imprisoned and sometimes killed for wrongthink, and I'm supposed to be concerned about westerners being banned in twitter for writing "nigger".
You are, of course. We live not only on one planet, but even in one cultural macrospace, which is dominated by the West. Fixing local problems doesn't mean that you should strive to acquire the problems of your neighbor - on the contrary, you will normally seek to avoid those as much as possible. Avoiding them, on the other hand, requires understanding them, and that requires systemic thinking.
>It's claimed that western intolerance to wrongdoing is counter-productive. You know, it's not west where people are brought to butchery after one week training and buying equipment for their own money.
Uhhuh. Also they don't burn Jews in the West, so everything is beautiful and should stay just like that.
Counter-productive means, for starters, progressive degradation of mass culture (which has become so obvious it's even impossible to ignore) and, even worse, subtle suppression of free speech and free thought, and if it's more subtle than in Russia, it doesn't mean it's going to be any less destructive.
No. 85606
>Ernst, tell me if you see this post >>85577 too. I must be dreaming. And don't even know where to start.
see >>85588
Your choice if you engage him, I assume it is the Russian schizo, but who knows. According to that schizo Maslov is not real and Russians value individualism more than westerners or something something.
No. 85608
>According to that schizo Maslov is not real
You're mixing me up with someone else. Anyway, Maslov's pyramid is just a simplified economic model, which is often misused to the top of it.
> and Russians value individualism more than westerners
Pointless statements outside of the historico-cultural context. Modern Russians are largely a result of the Soviet era and the subsequent period, to begin with, which naturally makes them extremely individualist, often up to the pathological extent. What conclusions would one make out of it, though?
No. 85609 Kontra
>You're mixing me up with someone else.
my bad, sry
No. 85610 Kontra
>Maslov's pyramid
>What conclusions would one make out of it, though?
behold fellow Ernsts a schizos insights:
No. 85611
>Ukrainian forces brace for bloody fight for Kherson
>FRONTLINE WEST OF KHERSON, Ukraine, Nov 4 (Reuters) - Oleh, the commander of a Ukrainian mechanized infantry unit dug into trenches west of Kherson, is confident his Russian foes will be forced to abandon the strategic port by winter weather, logistical logjams and the threat of encirclement.

>Iran says it shipped drones to Russia before Ukraine war

>Attackers injure pro-Russia judge who sentenced foreigners to death in Ukraine
>Nov 5 (Reuters) - Ukrainian attackers shot and seriously injured a judge in an eastern Russian-controlled region of Ukraine who sentenced three foreigners to death in June, a pro-Moscow official said on Saturday.
>Denis Pushilin, the administrator of Russian-controlled parts of Ukraine's Donetsk region, said Alexander Nikulin had been injured late on Friday in the town of Vuhlehirsk to the north east of the city of Donetsk.
>"The Ukrainian regime continues to display its vile terrorist methods," Pushilin wrote on Telegram.

>Xi opposing nuclear weapons in Ukraine was reason enough to visit China, Scholz says
>BERLIN, Nov 5 (Reuters) - German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who was heavily criticised for a trip to Beijing this week, said on Saturday his and Chinese President Xi Jinping's joint statement opposing the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine had been reason enough for the visit.
>Scholz, who has been criticised for seeming to continue a strategy that exposes Germany's economy excessively to China, its most important trading partner, said diversifying was key to limit possible repercussions should the relationship sour.
>Germany's business relationship with China has come under closer scrutiny since February when Russia invaded Ukraine, which led to the end of a decade-long energy relationship with Moscow and caused numerous companies to ditch their local businesses.
>This has fuelled concerns over the potential consequences for Germany's economy should China invade Taiwan.

No. 85613
Fucking Scholz man...
No. 85617 Kontra
Criminal corrupt chancellors are a tradition by now. Cum-ex Scholz is the bankers and China's man, he really nows how to dance on multiple weddings. Merkel was a Stasi-IM, I honestly believe it. Schröder did not only work for Putin, he also protected the Hell's Angels from criminal investigation. Kohl had famously forgotten where all the cash came from.
No. 85622 Kontra
449 kB, 1500 × 1500
Thought Schizoernst would apreciate this.
God bless your autism man. You write these comments so I don’t have to.

I’m gonna be honest with you. I have no fucking idea of what layer of irony or coping I’m on regarding the whole situation at this point.
I’m rooting for Russia but I know the odds are bad, even if I couldn’t confess it to myself that Russia could possibly lose this.
As long as I doublethink everything will be fine and I won’t have to face even the slimmest intellectual consequences of my fucked up politics.
The material consequences I have to because economy is pizdets and Budapest is now full of Hohol refugees.

I am actually very sorry and embarassed.
No. 85623 Kontra
>I’m rooting for Russia
No. 85624 Kontra
Cheap oil and gas? These are the only reasons to root for Russia now if you're not a some sort of pol-tier retard having wet dreams about Putin's hard and manly dick in his ass.
No. 85625 Kontra
I agree but I asked him, the German in Hungary.
No. 85626 Kontra
I know, I'm just speculating. Also, I don't root for Russia if that's what you're implying.
No. 85627 Kontra
Got it, I did not try to imply and I akshully did not imply you were pro Russia. There are also the brainwashed, as you know some of them have quite an overlap with Qanon/poltardism.
I had an unfortunate encounter the last weeks irl with a "brainwashed", he tried telling me homogay is trying to destroy the union and ties of families that is why Russia good and the west is ebul, since Russia is not homogay and values the family and all, that happens when an uneducated German watches RT and takes FB group nonsense as valid information. Despite all that he is mostly a good lad old man. True story, please kill me.
No. 85628 Kontra
80 kB, 249 × 238
Correction: He said "they" want to destroy families.
No. 85630 Kontra
17 kB, 400 × 171
No. 85634
200 kB, 850 × 847
131 kB, 410 × 300
What for did Hollywood burgers gangstalk Putin?
2000 - he becomes president
2001 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
2002 - Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Pure coincidence? They even bullied him into botox injections.
No. 85638
>2001 - The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

Incredible how good the movie aged compared to many others of the time. Or Putin.
No. 85640 Kontra
>Emergency services in Moscow-occupied Ukraine said Sunday the key Kakhovka dam in the Russian-controlled region of Kherson was "damaged" by a Ukrainian strike, Russian news agencies reported.
Dogg they're gonna flood the whole thing.

>I’m gonna be honest with you. I have no fucking idea of what layer of irony or coping I’m on regarding the whole situation at this point.
You still hope for Russian victory. Part of you still thinks it's possible.
t. psychoanalyst
No. 85641 Kontra
30 kB, 376 × 511
33 kB, 587 × 552
125 kB, 700 × 818
207 kB, 527 × 554
But Russia is winning.
t. nutcase

How some people believe RT is feeding them nothing but truth is beyond me.
No. 85642 Kontra
>How some people believe RT is feeding them nothing but truth is beyond me.
You can substitute "RT" with any other channel and the statement doesn't become less true.
No. 85643 Kontra
It does, absolutely. Due to the progress of the war, an RT viewer is at a greater distance from reality than a Radio Free Europe watcher.
Speaking of, this has some nice footage:
No. 85644
No, it doesn't, really. Because by virtue of the way the sentence is constructed, it will only become false if there ever were a channel that told really nothing but the truth in 100% of cases.
No. 85646 Kontra
How nutty that is depends on your cost-benefit-analysis and how you weight the costs and benefits. Europe is going into a deep recession, that is of benefit to Russia. They killed some 100000 Ukrainians, that is a benefit. They destroyed much of Ukraine, that is a benefit.
On the cost side, they lost some 100000
soldiers, but many of those were not ethnic Russians, so they don't really count to Russia, and Russia has more to spare than Ukraine, anyway. Russia was hit by sanctions, but you can build a car without ICs. It will be a crappy car, but it will drive. Can't drive a car without fuel, which is what Europe lacks. The black sea is a NATO-lake for now (as far as you can count Turkey as part of NATO), that is cost. But maybe the problem can be solved after the Ukraine-war by deepening the Turkish-Greece conflict and splitting Turkey out of NATO. If that works, Russia will have managed to bomb Ukraine to the stone age, cause a deep and lasting economic crisis in Europe andvto secure it's southern flank, at the cost of making a few hundred of thousand Russian mothers the proud mothers of heroes and having cars with 1980s technology. Even if you or I don't like it, that might count as a victory to them.

Meanwhile, Russia still occupies large parts of Ukrainian territory, bombs Ukraine daily to the point where cities suffer blackouts and water shortages, while Russia itself is practically certain to not be severely damaged.
So maybe don't just go full
>Hurrdurr vatnik gopniki finished
No. 85650 Kontra
163 kB, 584 × 328
imagebord heda. culture of contrarianism.
Plus Putler promised me glorious Eurasia and end of progressivism.
Ultimately I'm not really different than the "bearded youth" whom Zinoviev writes about in Homo Sovieticus.

In short: I just really hate America.
No. 85653 Kontra
72 kB, 624 × 582
Uhh, okay, thanks for the answer.
No. 85654 Kontra
I'm really sorry about it.
I was just socialised badly when it comes to politics.
No. 85665 Kontra
Is there a cure, dogdor?
No. 85669
1,0 MB, 1354 × 826
German media say Russia is importing home appliances via kazachstan to turn them into rockets. It's this to be believed or is it just a case were some journo made up something about a topic he has no idea about, and the others copy it?
No. 85670 Kontra
Cure for what? Being a fan of right-wing populist authoritarianism and wanting your country to be ruled by Russia? Sorry, seems to be a common byproduct of growing up in Hungary or East Germany, to a lesser extent in the Czech Republic. Maybe it's some western slav genetic affliction, who knows.
No. 85672
72 kB, 457 × 305
Kazakhstan already uses washing machines as satellites, so everything checks out.
No. 85678 Kontra
176 kB, 1585 × 1068
You must place your hand over your heart and repeat after me:
Thank you Lord, for allowing America to win the race of superpowers.
I understand there would be no better alternative and every day I thank the Americans for having kind hearts and allowing us to live in peace instead of nuking us like they should.

The Hungarian's prayer, I call it.
No. 85679
Remember old times when "antiamericanists" managed to maintain moral and intellectual highground without "I'm pretending to be retarded fulltime" excuses? And Zizek called himself "friend of the Russian state".
No. 85680 Kontra
When was that? In the sixties, when they could pretend not to know about the abysmal Soviet standard of living, technological backwardness and the political prison system? Or in the 1930s, when they could pretend not to know about stalinism?
No. 85681 Kontra
Take the Pfizer juice, it determines which side you are on in this war.
No. 85682
2,8 MB, 396 × 704, 0:43
From different producers than the ones who brought you "African soldiers practice with sticks and make BOOM BOOM noises" now comes another blockbuster:

No. 85684
543 kB, 690 × 574
Usually they do another type of excises with bottles.
No. 85685
No. 85688
75 kB, 276 × 288
113 kB, 680 × 680
No. 85690
>German media say Russia is importing home appliances via kazachstan to turn them into rockets. It's this to be believed or is it just a case were some journo made up something about a topic he has no idea about, and the others copy it?
I did no "research" and dunno but my assumption is this is horse crap, if they needed the PCBs and maybe sensors they could get them elsewhere without the washing machine around it, I think. The washing machine makes the price 2 orders of magnitude higher if it is new, 2$ vs 200$ and there may or may not be problems with the quantity/time vs ordering the circuits and sensors and maybe needed communication/triangulation components (to use GPS, GlONASS etc.). Well, there are ways to get things for free or for "free", so, but I cannot even be arsed to read the article...
tl;dr.: Without looking into it and knowing much: I think it is BS.
No. 85691
Where would they get it from then?
The article reasons via the very noticeably increased import of washing machines and refrigerators from the EU to Armenia and Kazakhstan

>Allein im April wurden dieses Jahr fast sechsmal so viele Waschmaschinen aus der EU gekauft wie vor einem Jahr. Auch Kühlschränke sind anscheinend knapp: Bis einschließlich August hat der zentralasiatische Riesenstaat Kühlschränke im Wert von mehr als 21 Millionen US-Dollar aus der EU importiert. Das ist mehr als dreimal so viel wie letztes Jahr von Januar bis August.
>Das geht aus Daten hervor, die die europäische Statistikbehörde Eurostat gesammelt, und das amerikanische Finanzportal Bloomberg ausgewertet hat, weil diese amüsant anmutenden Importzahlen einen ernsten Hintergrund haben: Es besteht der Verdacht, dass Kühlschränke und Waschmaschinen über Armenien, Kasachstan und andere Nachbarländer nach Russland geschmuggelt werden, damit Wladimir Putin sie ausschlachten und mit Bauteilen daraus neue Panzer und Raketen bauen kann
No. 85692 Kontra

>in Kasachstan hat nicht nur die Einfuhr von Kühlschränken zugenommen. Daten der Regierung in Astana zeigen, dass gleichzeitig auch die Lieferungen von Kühlschränken, Waschmaschinen und elektronischen Brustpumpen nach Russland sprunghaft angestiegen sind: In diesem Jahr hat Kasachstan bereits Waschmaschinen im Wert von 7,5 Millionen Euro exportiert. In den beiden vorherigen Jahren lagen die Exporte beinahe bei 0. Die Ausfuhr von Kühlschränken hat sich gegenüber dem Vorjahr verzehnfacht.

In the end it could also just mean that it's parallel imports to give the russian population the goods they need and not build themselves in order to have a stable supply of home appliances which could otherwise mean more problems in case demand is not satisfied (albeit I think that is a minor problem for the government at the moment)
No. 85693
2 kB, 179 × 139
My assumption: Illegal imports from lowest end chips and plastering them on PCBs via China or the neighbours or in Russia should be possible since washing machines have potato CPUs and stone age PCBs, even Russia should be able to produce this shit themselves, should be possible in theory since the neighbours and China don't give that much of a crap.

From your quote I can only assume that they (or the people) are either hoarding for reasons or really salvaging the chips/PCBs etc., and the latter does some more reasonable which would make all of my drivel wrong. But since I am too lazy to check all of that... Kinda kek since Russia is finished anyway, nothing will change the outcome now, I want them to arise as a new democratic nation free of their chains.
No. 85694
Yeah, could serve a dual purpose as you said.
No. 85697 Kontra
Me again: Maybe they are importing to cover the domestic needs AND to salvage chips/PCBs and shite to make rockets etc., but it's probably just for the war industry aka "rockets".
No. 85701 Kontra
Come on, there is no need to desperately try finding a reason why some obvious cheap piece of propaganda still may be true. Unless you want to seriously claim that the Western journists are saints, which is already ridiculous as it is.
No. 85702 Kontra
59 kB, 377 × 561
I am:

>Come on, there is no need to desperately try finding a reason why some obvious cheap piece of propaganda still may be true.
I am just speculating, as you can see I did zero research and did not read the article, my initial assumption was: it is bs.

>Unless you want to seriously claim that the Western journists are saints, which is already ridiculous as it is.
Wut, nowhere did I make such an assumption. I have to admit my 4 posts are somewhat disorganized since I was doing 3 things at once while refreshing the thread every 20 minutes so my posts were a disorganized mess.
No. 85703

>Ukraine says Russia forces pillage, occupy Kherson homes ahead of battle
in German: https://www.sueddeutsche.de/politik/ukraine-krieg-newsblog-russische-soldaten-cherson-1.5686818

>Ukraine's Zelenskiy: Heavy Russian losses in the east

>Russia issues rare denial of "pointless losses" by marines in Ukraine
>LONDON, Nov 7 (Reuters) - Russia's defence ministry took the rare step on Monday of denying allegations that a naval infantry unit had suffered disastrous losses of men and equipment in a futile offensive in eastern Ukraine.
>The ministry was responding to what Russian military bloggers said was an open letter from members of the 155th marine brigade of Russia's Pacific Fleet, complaining they had been thrown into an "incomprehensible" assault on Ukrainian forces southwest of Donetsk.
>"As a result of the 'carefully' planned offensive by the 'great generals', we lost about 300 people killed, wounded and missing in the course of four days. (And) half of our equipment," said the letter.
>The text was published by Grey Zone, a popular military blog. It was addressed to Oleg Kozhemyako, governor of the far eastern Primorye region, thousands of miles from Ukraine, where the unit is based.
>Kozhemyako appeared to acknowledge the letter was genuine but said it exaggerated the scale of the true losses.

>From Russia with cash: Georgia booms as Russians flee Putin's war
TBILISI, Nov 5 (Reuters) - As war chokes Europe, a small nation wedged beneath Russia is enjoying an unexpected economic boom.
>Georgia is on course to become one of the world's fastest-growing economies this year following a dramatic influx of more than 100,000 Russians since Moscow's invasion of Ukraine and Vladimir Putin's mobilisation drive to drum up war recruits.
>As much of the globe teeters towards recession, this country of 3.7 million people bordering the Black Sea is expected to record a vigorous 10% growth in economic output for 2022 amid a consumption-led boom, according to international institutions.

>Vast majority of Ukrainians expect prosperous future in EU - poll
>KYIV, Nov 7 (Reuters) - At least 88% of Ukrainians believe their country will be a prosperous member of the European Union in 10 years, according to a poll published by the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology on Monday.
No. 85704 Kontra
No. 85705
The open letter is another piece of Ukrainian propaganda, not the first one of the kind, and definitely not the last one. That the officials actually decided to disprove it is, indeed, surprising.

I really don't know whose idea was a written open letter to a governor (of all people) revealing pieces of information that is by definition classified. I mean, it isn't even remotely convincing.
No. 85706 Kontra
In defense of that ebul western journalist propaganda machine: it is stated as question and in the end is itself displayed as speculation, an open question ... at least what I remember from lunch time today reading it. It may be propaganda but it's not stated as fact, people probably read it like that. Think of people lacking reading comprehensions, EC people can sing a song about those, since nearly all Ernsts lacked it one time or another.
No. 85708
293 kB, 640 × 629
594 kB, 640 × 640
379 kB, 600 × 647
> 1.png
> Software: gnome-screenshot
No. 85709
150 kB, 1280 × 720
Only the brightest minds go to Russian army. They know well about separation of powers and competences of every government official, which are maintained strictly, since Russia is a place with rule of law. After multiple cases when "obvious Ukrainian propaganda" turned out to be true you could learn at least to allow such possibility.
No. 85710
Firstly, it was before information epoch. "Some CIA shills write nonsense about mass hunger and cannibalism in China, some prominent intellectuals write about achievements of cultural revolution... Who knows whom to believe?" Secondly, it was a long time ago. Dunno about you, but me and Hungarian were born years after dissolution of USSR, when such failures of useful idiots were already memory holed. We don't remember them writing about imminent collapse of capitalist system in 1988.
So yes, they shitting their pants realtime and in full HD is something new.
No. 85718 Kontra
Samev could happen at Bumswehr, tbh.
No. 85719 Kontra
>Dunno about you, but me and Hungarian were born years after dissolution of USSR, when such failures of useful idiots were already memory holed.
Still below forty, but that's old enough to laugh about all the little tanky kids who will explain to everyone who will listen the virtues of the Soviet union.
No. 85722
400 kB, 1578 × 1164
>I mean, it isn't even remotely convincing.
Underestimating the propaganda powers of the Ukrainian secret services is in itself a dangerous activity during times of special military operation. The enemy succesfully tricked established military Z channels into published this emotional appeal by people whose credentials they should easily have verified. Government figures referencing it shyly and now officially denying it.
The letter itself is very Russian, an appeal that the system would save them by emotionally demanding action against what they see as criminal mismanagement. It brings the exact numbers of dead naval infantry because they believe they can receive justice by telling LEADER what a REALLY happening on ground!!..

If for a moment, you entertain the possibility that is not hohol lies, it's very macabre.
No. 85746
188 kB, 1200 × 851
85 kB, 1280 × 720
> an appeal that the system would save them by emotionally demanding action against what they see as criminal mismanagement
This was called "челобитная" in the past (from "beating your forehead against the ground").
No. 85748
Military men of all people should understand a chain of command. What would be the point of addressing a governor who's in no capacity to directly change anything simply because it's none of his fucking business in the first place? American military men love to send letters to their senators, but that's a democratic system where the senator really represents people and has an extensive state authority on that account, and where the military is ultimately obliged to answer before the elected representatives. It's not Russia, where administrative and military powers are connected pretty much through the president and the common legal framework only (for what it's worth) and where deputies are talking heads who are allowed to decide very little.

I happen to be familiar with various types of contract soldiers from the 2000s. Overall, people are prone to mistakes, but you don't need to belong to the brightest minds to demonstrate generally rational behaviour.
No. 85755
Yeah, maybe Zizek is full of shit when saying that post-modern day ideology functions without anyone really believing in it.

Clearly there's still people out there who take ideology at face value instead of thinking it's either blatant bullshit that we can't do anything about (if you disagree) or "between the lines" 4D chess (if you agree).
And they sincerely believe that Great Leader will write a decree to fix their shit stalagmites.
Genuinely sad.
No. 85758 Kontra
496 kB, 1280 × 960
438 kB, 1280 × 960
479 kB, 960 × 1280
Ukies found the Sovok drone. It's rough out here.
No. 85767
22 kB, 464 × 348
Despite the formal command chain and article 359 of the criminal code there are governors and even private individuals with their own armies, and it's hard for normies (especially village fools) to sort out all this stuff.
No. 85769
Come on, everyone knows that Chechnya is Russia only de jure.
And Prigozhin would have been imprisoned long ago if his "private army" wasn't an extremely valuable tool for the government.
No. 85770
35 kB, 390 × 244
Germany used to operate something similar based on a model plane, it was called Luna. The model plane make went out of business, though.
No. 85810 Kontra
344 kB, 1360 × 765
They killed the head of (occupied) Kherson.
He still had time to suggest Shoigu should commit sudoku over his incompetence.
F to a traitor, but a real political esoteric.
No. 85811 Kontra
133 kB, 1080 × 1169
Quick correction: it's entirely clear he was murdered
No. 85813 Kontra
>Russian Army will position and withdraw on the left side of the Dniper River in Kherson direction -Surovikin
It’s fucking over
No. 85814 Kontra
I can't believe Kherson was another masterful feint, Putin is such a genius.
No. 85815 Kontra
33 kB, 587 × 552
125 kB, 700 × 818

>I'm really sorry about it.
>I was just socialised badly when it comes to politics.
That is sad if you are seriousing me. sad.gif


A chunk of the Russians and right wing people 'ere around me drank the Kool-Aid too, makes me sad, even my family is afflicted. I feel like a helpless bystander, meanwhile some (German) friends rented buses and bought supplies (food, clothes) and did a bunch of trips to Ukraine and Poland to supply refuges, they also carried Ukrs to Germany. Fuck this gay earth.
t. Russogerm
No. 85816

Apparently it's going to snow next year.
No. 85817
532 kB, 858 × 672
5 kB, 360 × 360
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

Why worry?
No. 85818 Kontra
smol kek
No. 85820
>He still had time to suggest Shoigu should commit sudoku over his
Is Shoigu actually making any decisions or is his task to instruct the glorious Russian army on the wishes of Tsar Vladimir and then let the actual career officers figure it out?

>I can't believe Kherson was another masterful feint, Putin is such a genius.
They've been saying they are withdrawing for months while actually increasing the number of mobiks in the pocket. Maybe they'll make it true in the near future, maybe they won't.
Who knows what is mines and will be blown up when they retreat. At this point, the list of what isn't might be shorter. L
No. 85821 Kontra
388 kB, 3000 × 2000
>They've been saying they are withdrawing for months
For the record, this is the first actual Russian MoD confirmation of a withdrawal from eternally Russian Kherson.
Mines are just part for the course, one wonders now how orderly their retreat will be. What wont make it across the river?
No. 85822
I don't trust Russian sources, let's wait for more confirmations. Also -- is that Bolsonaro on the pic?
No. 85823
Btw the guy touching his hand is Denis Pushilin. He was Ponzi scheme activist before he became head of DNR:
No. 85825 Kontra
Head of some of the (increasingly temporarily) occupied regions, picture taking during their unity day celebration. I only recognize Pushilin, so someone in charge of one of the other three.
No. 85828 Kontra
210 kB, 1360 × 825
he really looks like a hybrid Bolsonaro/Orban, you will know them by their phenotype
No. 85829
38 kB, 500 × 334
>Ponzi scheme activist
Absolutely fucking disgusting

>you will know them by their phenotype
e/B/in :--DD

>Ukraine presidential adviser: too soon to talk of Russian withdrawal from Kherson
>"It's necessary to separate words from deeds," Mykhailo Podolyak, a political adviser to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, said in a statement to Reuters.
>"Until the Ukrainian flag is flying over Kherson, it makes no sense to talk about a Russian withdrawal."
>He said that Russian forces remained in Kherson, which was captured by Russian troops shortly after Russia's Feb. 24 invasion of Ukraine but had become the focus of a Ukrainian counteroffensive.
>"Ukraine does not take these statements (by Russia) into consideration," he said.
>"It is still too early to talk about the withdrawal of Russian troops from Kherson: a grouping of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is being maintained in the city, and additional manpower is being pulled into the region."
>He added: "Our armed forces work according to their plan: reconnaissance, risk assessment, effective counterattack."
Seems like Ukraine is bein' careful.

>Russia's war hawks rally behind decision to abandon Ukrainian city of Kherson

>In major retreat, Russia orders withdrawal from Ukrainian city of Kherson
More caution

>Russia's war on Ukraine latest news: Russia orders withdrawal from city of Kherson

>Key developments in Ukraine's Kherson region since invasion

>Russia abandons Ukrainian city of Kherson in major retreat

No. 85831
Glory to Ukraine, freedom for Ukrainians, Belorussians and Russians, down with shitty regimes.
No. 85832
No. 85833
Photographing from this perspective was a mistake. Only take full frontal photos and place the manlet one step ahead. His heel lifts can't even begin to fix the problem.
No. 85834
>you will know them by their phenotype

It was curious how that beetle-like type proliferated in the Ministries: little dumpy men, growing stout very early in life, with short legs, swift scuttling movements, and fat inscrutable faces with very small eyes. It was the type that seemed to flourish best under the dominion of the Party.
I googled it.
Orbán: 174cm, short for Hungary.
Bolsonaro: 185cm, not short anywhere.
Pushilin: 175cm, on the short side.

Orwell definitely was on to something.
No. 85839
Seems like the retreat from Kherson is some poorly made trap, possibly to turn the city into an urban warfare hell and/or to shell it with artillery, doge knows what ideas were hatched. Ukraine seems to tread carefully and not storming.

I assume in the next 12 months Ukraine will advance south and capture the area from Kherson to the border of Donetsk, not sure how the fighting for Crimea, Donetsk, Luhansk will turn out and how long it will take.
No. 85840 Kontra
23 kB, 600 × 616
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
>175cm, on the short side

Actually I just checked and I'm 177m, thank G-d I missed the manlet cutoff...
No. 85842 Kontra
9 kB, 232 × 331
Godzilla, please
If I give you 5,5cm of my height we would have similar heightening's, that would make us both 6 freedom burger units tall. Autism.jpg
No. 85845
>Seems like the retreat from Kherson is some poorly made trap, possibly to turn the city into an urban warfare hell and/or to shell it with artillery, doge knows what ideas were hatched.
Something something dirty bomb? They sometimes announce what they are going to do by blaming it on the other side first.
No. 85846
Are you beetle-like with shortb legs, a fat face and small eyes? If so, you should try to become the autocrat of Britain.
No. 85847 Kontra
196 kB, 500 × 333
84 kB, 600 × 602
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

My face has been described as vulpine, and I'm also the other way around - my legs are an ordinary length but my torso is rather short in proportion. It is however gorgeous since I'm a gym rat, but I will refrain from posting pictures since there are no Ernstadettes to enjoy the splendour of my Adonis-like body.
No. 85848
29 kB, 685 × 696
I think the nonsense about nukes and dirty bombs is indeed just nonsense, cheap scare tactics, empty threats or propaganda for the gullible, I also doubt they would blow up the dam, but we will see.
>smoke and mirrors
Or rather smokes.

This whole war ain't funny, no war is, all the meaningless death and destruction, I hope Russians kill trial/judge and imprison their leadership and go home.
No. 85849
45 kB, 222 × 258
grammar went to hui

we need a new treda <_<
No. 85850
>_> /r/ new threda with wide zelensky
No. 85852
new thread >>85851
No. 85857 Kontra
Bad luck for you, you will only ever be fit to model for propaganda posters, you will never be a high-ranking beurocrat or leader.