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No. 85229 Systemkontra
110 kB, 1066 × 707
No. 85231 Kontra
MUTTERFICKER beat me to it.
That's what I get trying to do more than the bare minimum, plus you forgot to link to the old thread.
No. 85232
11 kB, 250 × 278
>plus you forgot to link to the old thread

I never did that anyway, it's your act of service, mine is carefully curated Ernst-certified pictures.
No. 85234
>This was a trick question for a first date
I’m sorry I didn’t express myself very clearly. This was not our first date and she had just taken my virginity.
No. 85235
What, you put out on the second date? You're a SLUT!
No. 85250
Ho-ly shit! I have no use for it in my blender projects, but damn.
No. 85251
55 kB, 668 × 800
Does this look wrong for anyone else, too?
Glad I fixed it with this post.
No. 85255
It wasn't furbished and hauling beds to the 5th floor was tricky, not everything fit the elevator I had a wom*n helping, so in total we were a person and a half.
Some things are still missing, but the place has an incredible view of the palace and castle. Now I am truly ballin'.

Germans like discussing the various aspects of moving because it is fundamentally a logistical challenge.
No. 85260 Kontra
And that makes for a difference in economy, my romano friend. Portugal can't find optimal solutions for moving, hence they don't have something like a Lidl or Aldi expanding all over Europe thanks to finding good solutions to logistical problems. And unlike Portugal, they know the women at the checkout do hard and tiring labor.
No. 85261 Kontra
4,0 MB, 4032 × 3024
The harvest has begun. The German Diskonts that have been offering unbeatable prices and quality are finally turning on us.
It’s over Ernst.
No. 85262 Kontra
Wait why the fuck is my flag American?
No. 85264 Kontra
Because the board thinks your IP is American. The more interesting question is: what is your real flag? I want to know who thinks German discounters offer quality, not inedible tasteless garbage.
No. 85266 Kontra
It's the hungarian.
No. 85269
292 kB, 1605 × 1178
I played the guessing game of German counties/Landkreise.


Guess it is obvious I'm from the north and only traveled through souther Germany in my live but never stayed there.
No. 85270
330 kB, 2400 × 2400
I tried.
The 3rd one that came up was my own and i didn't even get that one right.
No. 85271
275 kB, 942 × 732
I accidentally got some right by accident.
No. 85272
Well, we wouldn't want you to accidentally get some right on purpose now, would we?
No. 85273 Kontra
Got some right on purpose, too. But that cluster in East Germany is just me going "sounds ossi, let's click somewhere in GDR."
Got lucky a lot, really. I did a repeat-run and it was atrocious.
No. 85274
>accidentally got some right by accident
>we wouldn't want you to accidentally get some right on purpose
No. 85276
139 kB, 967 × 739

ugh...82% on US States. Don't know why they said I missed Nevada. They must have asked for it while I was still locating a different State and didn't realize.
No. 85278
Got 57%, the small east coast states and some around and south of lake Michigan are hard to remember

76% on Caribbean flags
No. 85280
22 kB, 314 × 499
I was doing a bit of research on a possible source for a writing piece (a padcaster among other things) and he did a podcast with this venture capitalist (at least self claimed, didn't look further into it but why not) which again has a podcast that revolves around psychedelics and its future (as industry primarily)

Everyone and their dick/vag does podcasts. Looks like the dream of public TV actually got realized by everyone having a podcast.

Anyway, gonna listen to some of these perhaps for sleeping, some sound intriguing as how people want and plan on shaping the future present and what people think about it.

Reading Orit Halperns Beautiful Data which traces the conceptualization of different concepts (representation, memory, perception, cognition, knowledge and many others) in the blackhole of cybernetics (systems, operationalization/mathematization and mechanizationtechnicity of the biological for example, of thinking etc). What Halpern concludes from Wiener and others is a shift in perspective regarding ontology or reality. Instead of asking for proper (undistorted) representation of reality, what comes into focus is the potential reality and an obsession with process. Go away representation of truth, hello virtuality (real but abstract existence, not-yet) that can be realized with the help of computational thinking among other things, a good engineering approach in other words
No. 85281 Kontra
Today was fine.
I wrote an essay for a seminar, made lunch, played pinball and also watched a few video essays on Chinese topics.

Every time I have the chance of writing an essay (an essay, not a study) I find myself glowing. It’s great stuff. It’s so liberating to write one of these and get lost in myself.

Turns out that using Apple’s “privacy relay” is an instant “begome fadposter :DDD” button which I did not expect.

My plan for tomorrow is to continue reading and Chinese practice, plus to put up the calligraphy on the wall. I want it someplace where I see it often.
No. 85283
Rotated tires today, with my dad (he has a garage and car jack). Even after six years of driving this car I am amazed at how quick changing all four goes, compared to my old car, especially considering this one has one more screw on each wheel. Because it was pretty hot today and due to me not having done anything physical in the past four weeks (due to a cold + still recuperating) I worked up a good sweat, because otherwise it's really not a particularly exhausting or demanding task.

Because I had a rather long trip ahead of me I wanted to check/adjust pressure, but the gas station pump valve connectors are always busted, I assume because retards abuse them, so they won't keep tight on their own. Gladly I was not alone, or I wouldn't have been able to pump one single tire where there was no way of keeping it tight without actually pushing that shit onto the valve. And because someone had to operate the pump (i.e. pushing a button), I couldn't have possibly done that on my own. There are some pumps that automatically pump when they detect a counterpressure, but this wasn't one of them.

After driving the 200km I checked the screws for one last time and put on the hubcaps. Now winter can come.
No. 85284 Kontra
Oh and I also had to dial the clocks back an hour because of daylight savings.
So I also woke up an hour earlier than planned because my manual alarm clock is too dumb to reset itself. So is my watch.
And turns out the clock on my wall has been out of battery for ages.
No. 85285 Kontra
10,4 MB, 264 × 480, 1:06
Tomorrow is my birthday. It will be my 30th year. On the surface I have many things going for me. A job which pays very well, a house, a long distance person that I love and overall I'm comfortable with financial stuff, but I am alone and have no close friends and generally life is really boring when I don't travel. I also dislike my job quite a bit. Feels bad man but still it could be so much worse
No. 85286 Kontra
I have less (no well paying jerb, no property, no gf) and a boring life on top and I turned 30 this year. One good thing about getting older is that I get a better orientation intellectually (and this just doesn't mean academia) while being still disoriented in a sense, but I think nobody figured it really out, when I look how people still go on about their lives with 40, 60 or 80.
So all I have is a career prospect in doing what I love to do. maybe that could change, but I think reading and writing or research and creation or whatever you wanna call it will be at its core of what I like to do, even though both are quite hard to do in the end

So heads up, it could be worse, can be better, keep on doing stuff.
No. 85287
95 kB, 630 × 630
70 kB, 982 × 719
I joined the gym anyway with a intro session hopefully for the end of the week, I'll play on the bikes and do simple weights until then. Surprised at how out of shape I've become after I shamefully haven't been hiking much at all thus year, not noticing so much because of the sweat but because all the regulars were looking over happy to see a new fatty-boombalatty sorting himself out. Now comes the hard-part of avoiding picking up sweets whenever I go shopping.

To also avoid warm feelings turning into a workplace disciplinary I'm slutting it up with any woman who will have me. I'm now going to go out with a clone of an ex to turn a short-term problem into longer-term problems. Man I really need to sort my love life out huh.

>Every time I have the chance of writing an essay (an essay, not a study) I find myself glowing. It’s great stuff. It’s so liberating to write one of these and get lost in myself.

This is the only way I learn. Not so much doing as bullshitting about it and learning as I go, I think it's a learning style the internet imposes on you :DDD

Happy birthday, Ernst. I think your problem is just the nature of getting old, now you've gotten few personal life troubles but also need to look after yourself.

I'll also be having a birthday next week. I've made no plans aside from taking a long-weekend as usual, my tradition is to not plan anything on my birthday and sit at home watching cartoons or listening to music from my teens. Basically it's a day I let myself be a kid again before responsibilities and worries about growing up took over. Like with Limmy and that swing.
No. 85295
108 kB, 1080 × 653
Fun coffee break distraction.
t. civil war loser
No. 85296
>Screenshot in German
What? (I haven't visited that site)
No. 85298
Visited my mother today and spent some time walking around outside. Leaves. Are. Everywhere.

>Caribbean flags
t.Good guesser

Happy Birthday, ernst.

I have nothing going for me, but also no major strikes holding me back. Living every day in the meh zone.

Ouch. My shame grows exponentially.
No. 85300
To be fair, most of the central square states were guesswork. I know the Civil War era states well, know the former southwestern territories and the west coast. There was a little deduction, like the dakotas being next to each other, knowing Colorado had straight borders etc, so I did minimise my luck there where possible but it was still guesswork (hence the short time, I just said fuck it).
No. 85303
The page is in german but pretty self-explanatory (and also that aussie knows his way around some g*rman vocabulary)
No. 85304 Kontra
Actually, he could've switched the language to english...

>The game USA: Bundesstaaten is available in the following 42 languages
No. 85305
164 kB, 936 × 750
Okay, I was curious now too and I don't feel too good about the result either D:

All my failures are still visible in this screenshot. Stupid balkan.
No. 85306 Kontra
171 kB, 939 × 755
51 kB, 438 × 346
Found a way around the problem: Restrict to EU countries and you get rid of most balkan states :-DDD
No. 85309
I'm naturally terrible at guessing precise locations of American states, as they're entirely irrelevant for an European and have pretty much no history connected to them. Most of the time I can remember the approximate localization of a particular state, though (South, Midwest, the Western coast...).
No. 85310
103 kB, 871 × 749
...And here's my Europe (tiny non-states give me a headache as usual, have mixed up Monaco and San-Marino).
No. 85312 Kontra
106 kB, 930 × 719
Still passed the test on the American states out of curiosity. Absolutely terrible just as expected. Well, even slightly more terrible than that.
No. 85313 Kontra
150 kB, 930 × 713
Ingushetia was a misclick, though. As usual, cannot remember much about the regions of South Siberia, except they're located roughly in that area.
No. 85315 Kontra
>I accidentally got some right by accident.
I couldn't frankly remember all Great Principalities of Arschenfickelfdorf even if my life depended on it. Half of my knowledge about the internal geography of Germany comes from EU3, but even there finding Mainz or Ulm was always problematic.
No. 85316
471 kB, 2048 × 1585
>I'm naturally terrible at guessing precise locations of American states, as they're entirely irrelevant for an European and have pretty much no history connected to them.
I try to connect them to trivia to give some meaning to the names. The Dakotas are full of oil wells and nuclear silos, that kind of thing.
No. 85319
23 kB, 423 × 321
Wargame more :-DDDD
t. has spent many hours looking at hexmaps of Europe :-DDD
No. 85320 Kontra
There is zero chance I could do this one.
t. familiar with some features of Germoney but not to that extent :-DDD

Similar settis. I could probably get a few since I'm familiar with the rough locations of some of the big cities but no way I'd know the rest. I only know burgerstan because of civil war studies :-DD
No. 85323
>Leaves. Are. Everywhere.
Tell them to leave.
No. 85325
>There is zero chance I could do this one.

I got Oberpfalz and thought it is part of the province of Rheinland-Pfalz but no, it is a county in Bavaria :DDD (near Nuremberg)
No. 85329
181 kB, 593 × 1188
Working for a Ukrainian IT company be like
No. 85330 Kontra
Epic, absolutely epic.
No. 85331 Kontra
82 kB, 900 × 607
They're sending out stimulus checks. I got mine, 125€. Thank you, wise leader. I'm sorry I ever spoke poorly of you on EC. My loyalty is bought for perpetuity.
No. 85332
I can only see that the person has an edgy username or something? What does it say?
No. 85333
>Need a team to sign off that a previously planned action isn't happening and therefore won't impact broader strategy
>Literally 'we're not now doing it so it obviously doesn't impact things'
>I need approval of Newtonian physics
>Spend an hour trying to get a decision out of them

This should take a minute and the approval process is a courtesy someone decided to do on Friday because the other team's work is being referenced in a stupid question. But the managers of the team, rather than make a simple decision as leaders do, brought in an analyst who then suggested that it be brought back to my side to sign off despite making very clear the specific line relates to their work and that it's not a choice in our version of reality.

I spend an embarrassing amount of time dealing with this kind of thing. It makes me want to go into the woods and start letter bombing people only I'd then have a group of policemen outside my shack chattering amongst themselves over how one should knock and I'd starve to death waiting for them to come to a conclusion.
No. 85334
355 kB, 1000 × 1588
106 kB, 800 × 1080
A page that gathers fringe images of human creative/imaginative productivity


Came across it when I looked for New Landscape in Art and Science exhibition from 1965, done in the US by this Kepes guy, a hunagrian emigré.
No. 85335
Funny thing about that is how that surname basically means "someone with pictures" or "picturesque".
(Derived from the noun "Kép" + an -(e)s adjective suffix.)
No. 85336 Kontra
42 kB, 720 × 832
To me that's now even more funnier name, when "kepes" means a testicle in Finnish slang.
No. 85337
Even more funny, since Kepes design method was archiving pictures from all kinds of contexts, putting them together and work on a new way of vision and perception (the actual method I think then is this new way of seeing and also thinking, in patterns etc.) through this arrangement of pictures.
No. 85352
Children in costumes just rang my doorbell, they're from the neighbours. I pretended not to be home and am hoping that the bit of light in my corridor isn't visible from the outside.

No, I don't hate children or anything like that.

But I barely know these neighbours despite living on the same floor as them for at least 4 years now and I'm terrified by the idea of having to explain to these kids that I don't have any sweets at home and that I didn't know it was Halloween because I don't care about such things. Also I'm in my pyjamas and haven't shaved for 4 days and haven't left this apartement for at least 5 days now...

Fucking hell, this home office thing isn't good for me.
No. 85354
12 kB, 500 × 500
Could have been me. I left my room, though. Yet I always feel like an ugly bum when I don't shave and I haven't bought anything for Halloween and I won't buy anything for St. Martin but the last two years no kids showed up anyway.
No. 85355 Kontra
47 kB, 800 × 600
>Cornelius Cardew (1936 – 1981) was a British music composer, who worked as an assistant for Karlheinz Stockhausen for three years. Apparently, after assisting to concerts of John Cage and David Tudor he turned his research towards indeterminacy and composed his most famous piece, “Treatise”.
>Written between 1963 and 1967, the composition is made up of a graphic musical score of 193 pages in a visual language invented by the author and completely distant from conventional music notation. Cardew never gave instructions on how to play “Treatise” and left its symbols, abstract forms, numbers and shapes open to free interpretation by the performers. Recurring graphic elements suggest the presence of a structure, but each interpretation of the piece is unique as the performer has to set his own rules when confronted with the notation. The graphic richness of the score and its resemblance to abstract composition allow the piece to exist also as a purely visual work


No. 85356
>St. Martin

t. living in region where kids in costumes are running around on December 6th
No. 85357

>rote, gelbe, grüne, blaue:
>lieber Martin, komm und schaue!

also: Ich geh mit meiner Laterne und meine Laternen mit mir, dort oben leuchten die Sterne ... [forgot the rest]

I wonder if we often just sang this one because it was short and was the fastest way to acquire sweets. Oh man, all these sweets after a few hours of singing, 2h or 3h and bag full of sweets.
No. 85358
>hier unten leuchten wir
We only do the lantern part, in groups. No sweets that day and no harassing people for them.

It's crazy when you find out something is VERY regional.
No. 85368
Company gave me a $300 bonus this month for being a good boy.
No. 85369
They expect you to be an even better boy this month. And if you can't do that you are screwed.
No. 85370 Kontra
An opportunity to refine your taste and then never be able to go back to peasant's diet! Be careful, next thing you know you live in a flat and live a normal live, made it to middle class through the computer knowledge.

congrats, wish I would get a bonus to spend
No. 85371 Kontra
12 kB, 480 × 360
A bonus is not a raise, young man.
No. 85372
Don't worry, I still have all of my father's debts to pay off, it's a long way to a normal life.

I work barely 3 hours on most days, I think I can manage.
But tbh I hope they don't promote me to something that requires me to actually work, because right now I'm using the free time on long term side hustles.
No. 85375
>long term side hustles
Like what?

>A bonus is not a raise
I never said that
No. 85376 Kontra
>I never said that
I never said you said that :-)
No. 85378
Survived Halloween; door knocking was eliminated by placing bowls of candy outside. We are now officially onto the next holiday season: A local radio station began 24/7 Christmas music at midnight.

>all the regulars were looking over happy to see a new fatty-boombalatty sorting himself out.
Not the dreaded "Good for you!" look!

European Countries: 40%. I expected to do well with Western nations and poor with Eastern ones. Prophecy fulfilled.

Had a thick coating on my car- including the windshield. Using wipers just pushed them to the side and because it had rained, they were only dislodged when I got some speed going.

Congrats. Even with debts to pay, I assume at least one non-piss lager is now on now the menu.
No. 85379
>Like what?
Ok, get this, I'm going to make an open source computer program, and beg the users for donations
Failing that I'll just get a job as a programmer.

>Not the dreaded "Good for you!" look!
I have it worse, I have swole guys coming up to me and giving workout advice, and also saying how they also used to be a disgusting fat fuck like me, and wishing me good luck.
I mean it's nice of them, but I already know all the theory, I've read several book's worth of text on training and nutrition, the problem has always been applying it. Actually have been successful with my diet and workout program lately, though.

Funny how the amount of willpower and self control I have seems to correlate directly with how much money I make.

>Congrats. Even with debts to pay, I assume at least one non-piss lager is now on now the menu.
Thanks, but no lager for me, I've decided to stop drinking, for real this time.
Kind of just tired of feeling like shit in the morning every day, and it's not even enjoyable to be drunk any more.
Also, I haven't been as mentally ill lately, so I don't need the alcohol copium as much.

Funny how my supposedly inherited mental illness problems get better the more money I earn.

Funny how that shit works you know what I'm saying.
No. 85380
390 kB, 1680 × 1050
364 kB, 1920 × 1080
61 kB, 640 × 480
224 kB, 1920 × 1080
>We are now officially onto the next holiday season
If you want to do some seasoning yourself, here's a couple videogames with Christmas episodes:
Saints Row IV
A Sceptic's Guide to Magic
The Darkside Detective
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark

No. 85381
96 kB, 1280 × 720
Also, Costume Quest (a Halloween-themed game) has a Christmas DLC, Grubbins on Ice

No. 85382
>Funny how the amount of willpower and self control I have seems to correlate directly with how much money I make.

Having money gives you options, a feeling that you actually some say in how things play out. With that freedom it's a lot easier to take steps that otherwise made very little difference in altering your day-to-day. Shit looks fixable, so setting out to fix it doesn't feel pointless.
t.Not as poor as I once was

>I've decided to stop drinking, for real this time.
Glad to hear it. If the text-wall American were around, he would write [show 40 more lines] on the subject but sadly I cannot fill his shoes soooo...just recall one of his posts on life getting better as soon as he quit alcohol and mentally insert it here.
No. 85383
Thanks, but while the world is turning toward Christmas, I'm not ready for it yet. Oh boy...family, man.
No. 85384
Well, you don't have to do it NOW.

Funnily enough, I looked up SRIV and apparently I last played it in 2016. I thought it was closer to now, with my memories feeling rather fresh. So, I'm installing it right this moment.
No. 85388
643 kB, 1181 × 1521

A nice little video about what design is, 1972 when design was still rather young. Design has something in common with engineering yet seems broader. Eames is famously known for the chair he design with his partner (I think) but they were heavily invested in design philosophy and that entails cybernetic principles and shiet they incorporated into design (like others design thinkers did as well).
No. 85389 Kontra
I did some more reading today. Finished “Müdigkeitsgesellschaft”. Can’t say I enjoyed it much. Byung-Chul Han writes interesting things, still, I do not feel like he challenges me or shapes my thinking in any way when I read his books.
I’m having second thoughts about that essay I sent in for this class, because I talked a bit overly-freely in a few of the footnotes, to the point that one might call it insulting.

I translated a short classical Chinese text. It’s for class. The next series of texts we will read deal with the Xiongnu and that one section in a Qing Dynasty book where they drew and overly asianized Hungarian guy as an illustration.
Next week we will have a midterm exam. And then another one in early december, so as to not have an exam during the exam season.

The university wants to cut costs so exams will be held in random locations accross Budapest at affiliated dormitories and high schools, because those do not draw the utility costs from the university’s budget.
Pretty demoralising if you ask me.

My father decided that “Yeah I think I’ll move this door”, so he removed two doorframes just so that he could put one of them back in a different place and put up a door where there wasn’t one before. Turns out having a door there instead of a thick curtain is actually quite good. It’s like a degree warmer in here now.
Plus my mother’s enthusiasm on austerity seems to be waning. Nobody nagged her, yet she turned the thermostat up to 18.5 degrees. It’s actually really good to be home right now. My room’s surrounded on all sides, so the warmth is trapped, and I can sit and read in over 20 degrees.

We visited the graves for All Hallows. Not much to say about it. We lit a few candles, stood around for a bit then left.
I also lit one at “Everyone’s Cross” for my great grandmother. Family was surprised that I had pack of candles in my packet.
It was interesting to see the older graves and how it reflects ethnic change in the city. The old ones are all German.
No. 85390
1,5 MB, 1234 × 1215
>Finished “Müdigkeitsgesellschaft”. Can’t say I enjoyed it much. Byung-Chul Han writes interesting things, still, I do not feel like he challenges me or shapes my thinking in any way when I read his books.

What did you find interesting and what what insights do you expect or wish for? Other than that it I've stated my opinion on Han. They are many better works to understand some slices of contemporary society an culture.
No. 85391 Kontra
I’m just a whiny bitch you know. I’m looking for an unknown-unknown of sorts.
You know that large “aha!” moment after which your thinking isn’t the same. The thrill of a paradigm-shift.
The violence of the self on the self was interesting as a concept, and the vita activa vita contemplativa distinction was also cool to read, especially how this distinction came up in my readings on Florentine politics and republicanism and saw them in new light compared to that context.

I am an idiot and should have studied carpentry instead damn it.
No. 85392
Claim from someone deep down the rabbit hole but: our most important paradigm today is basically all things that level humans and machines (via information concepts, digitization), the mathematization and mechanization of the human and everything else and the shift from representing to control, modification and virtuality (looking for the realization of of future potentials). Somebody like Han is reacting in a specific way to these movements. Foucault was one of the first to give history of our present, our present that began when he lived and write his famous works. That said many other things go on that are not directly about cybernetics, politics is older than cybernetics for example, but cybernetics imagined both humans and machines as systems, systems that run via information/communication, or that are more than crucial for these systems. Many philosophical concepts have been remodeled in light of this shift, which is also an effort in further scientification of things and scientific efforts in general.
No. 85393 Kontra
91 kB, 474 × 737
38 kB, 366 × 500
49 kB, 325 × 500
1,4 MB, 1200 × 1200
And I forgot, since its impact on many understandings of what the world is and how it works, it was a massive shift in how we understand the present. We are part of a new historic semantic that took off heavily during the 20ths century and its spectrality haunts us today.
No. 85394
You already have your own thread, nerd.
Tell us what you did today or I'll come and give you the nettles.
No. 85395 Kontra
586 kB, 1920 × 1080
This is a rendering of the current state of the Chinese space station. It just got a new module docked into it yesterday. Ebin. According to Wikipedia it's now about the size of the soviet Mir space station, but China will grow larger, and so will the space station. Whatever sneaky, world-ending schemes they're hatching on the station I welcome it. As ISS is coming down soon, China will show others how it's done and drive competition. I hope they have plans to compete SpaceX on "large scale" Mars missions (whatever that means) as well.


Why's this in today threda you ask? Because EC is in decline and all threads are full of non-related posts and bickering so actually this is as good place as any for the post. And yes, no one really asked or cared, I'm just complaining for the fun of it.
No. 85396 Kontra
Pls patronise the Asian Studies thread >>60632
Together we can save EC from decline and 乱。
No. 85398
64 kB, 536 × 701
I simply answered a post. Joges and you I read, talked and thought about cybernetic culture today. Like almost every other day. Even when I talk to people outside of alacemia like my roommates I sometimes drift off to think about something related to the history of cybernetics or the postwar years that comes to my mind.
No. 85399 Kontra
170 kB, 480 × 360, 0:11
>Pls patronise the Asian Studies thread
I do enjoy reading it from time to time, but my knowledge about Asian culture and issues is zero, so I do my best to not to ruin the thread by posting something retarded in it. After all, it's one of the only good active threads on EC. Well done! And if the resident Chinese Ernst is reading this, I'd love to get your thoughts about your space station and how it's received by the public. And congrats!

>Together we can save EC from decline and 乱。
Yes. I already regret my actions ITT.

>It only takes a shitpost to turn a threda into decline.
No. 85400 Kontra
The board united must divide, and the board divided must unite. Or however the fuck it goes :-DDD
No. 85404
I specifically had to come into my work office today because the big boss wanted to hang out and talk about an opportunity to lead on a project at the end of the day. Don't be silly, same pay but I'll get to actually do some proper public good they've not previously had the muscle for.

Unfortunately unlike the two previous work days where I was running around all day, I had absolutely nothing to do today. Nothing. I cannot overstate how utterly tired I am from pretending to work for 8 hours. He sat next to me and everything so I had to work hard doing nothing all day rather than idly reading the news. Awful. Bring back proper home working I say so I can watch tv in peace on a slow day (and take a nice poo without the anxiety).

>Funny how my supposedly inherited mental illness problems get better the more money I earn.

Money becomes a drug in itself. Like the American says there is power and a life free of worry in money but also it's so fucking noice to look at your budget and see it all organised and secure. Doubly so once you can have savings and investments like a pile of treasure. A big part of how I even managed to quit smoking was that I simply budgeted all my money into various pots so I couldn't buy ciggies without taking it from something else.

Just wait - soon you will be sitting in a freezing cold home yelling at people to put a jumper on. It's why men get hairier with age, to save money on heating.

I was thinking about Christmas today as well. I've been buying my niece and nephews Christmas presents for years, in part because I feel somewhat bad for how they've had it from global events and I don't have kids of my own so Christmas is easy for me anyway.

The eldest is turning 18 just before Christmas though which both blows my mind and means this is probably the last time I can buy him something without it being absolutely daft. Even now it'll likely just be money so he can do whatever it is kids do these days. Shame I've not really seen him at all since he became a teenager so I can't buy him a proper present.
No. 85405
6 kB, 70 × 40
>for real this time
A wise decision. Ganbatte!

>The old ones are all German.
You mean the names sound German? Or is there more text on the stones, like "geſtorben (am) 1. März 1923"?

>my knowledge about Asian culture and issues is zero
says the Finn.
No. 85415 Kontra
479 kB, 480 × 480, 0:10
Outlaw leaf blowers.
No. 85421
Okay, so nettles it is.
For your own sake I hope you will be able to make anything out of this obsession
No. 85422 Kontra
This is the “new cemetery” so the inscriptions are in Hungarian, mostly starting from the 50s and 60s, but the names themselves are overwhelmingly German in the earlier part, though sometimes they Magyarized the orthography so it’s “Weisz” or “Herczog”.

In the old cemetery (I only visited that place once) I wager it’s all in German. Though some might be unreadable at this point after over a hundred years.
The town itself used to be like 80% German.
No. 85428 Kontra
1,0 MB, 3000 × 1922
796 kB, 1160 × 629
I try to make a "career" out of it.
No. 85430 Kontra
It just came to my mind that Adam Curtis Among others build a career from an obsession with cybernetic times.
No. 85434 Kontra
20 kB, 480 × 360
Bye bye! Stay safe out there, Ernsts.
No. 85439
I think having two thin skinned but also rude posters on the same board is actually kind of amusing, in a cosmic sort of way.
I can see the humor in this.
No. 85440
I see, interesting. I've only heard about Prague being predominantly Germanophone once, surrounded by Czech countryside.

I feel most people here are thin skinned (including myself) but also rude (not including myself). Also nice try portraying Finland's behaviour as similar to yours.
Anyway, now it's minus one user, thanks to a certain poster who doesn't want to communicate without flinging slurs.
No. 85441
258 kB, 959 × 982
Don't worry, the Finn will be forced to return once he sees a Portuguese man beating his every Dirt highscore.
No. 85443
55 kB, 640 × 425
What a bunch of slack-jawed faggots around here.
Eat more of pic related, this stuff will make you a goddamn sexual Tyrannosaurus, just like me.
No. 85444
>certain poster who doesn't want to communicate without flinging slurs.
I'll have you know he called me a retard first, some weeks ago during the kontra discussion.
Before that I never insulted him.
I even tried to bury the hatchet and end it amicably, but he keeps aggroing on me anyway.
So be it, I'll respond in kind.

Wouldn't be the first time someone left the board because they started shit but couldn't take some shit back. Remember the incel Ukrainian? Or the weeb naziboo australian? Yeah, good riddance.

Yes, I know it's petty as fuck and kinda pathetic.
But if I can keep posting on EC, minus the posters I personally dislike, then good for me.
No. 85448
>But if I can keep posting on EC, minus the posters I personally dislike, then good for me.
Everyone thinks like that, but most wouldn't admit it.
No. 85451 Kontra
Potatoes with maggots.
No. 85452
>Rubber testicles sprinkled with maggots
It looks intimidating, do not want
t. slack-jawed faggot

I know Finland has been rude, too, and I wasn't aware he started this between you and him as you say. Still, I think you (Brick) overdid it. Don't insult people because they don't understand something, that's not even malevolent behaviour on their part. You can be annoyed at perceived stupidity or laziness, but it doesn't do any good to insult people for it. Perhaps it does for you, but I don't see anything "kind of amusing, in a cosmic sort of way" in this, I just dislike your behaviour because it also makes the place worse for me, even when I'm not your target.
>Remember […]?
No, but I remember Krautchan which slowly descended into more and more shitflinging and less anything else. It's not difficult to imagine this happening with EC, too, if all friendly posters (including dim-witted and ignorant ones like me) stop posting and only assholes (including intelligent, learned ones) insulting each other stay. I think /fefe/ (Dietchan) is like that, and I image Kohlchan has always been so. If that's what's "good for you", I don't get why you are here instead of, say, Kohl.

I dislike everyone here, but even so, it's still nicer to have everyone around than to be unfriendly until everyone leaves so I can talk to myself. I would leave this place if I knew of a similar board with a friendlier atmosphere, even if it has less serious discussions and zero OC.
No. 85453 Kontra
image → imagine
No. 85455
36 kB, 500 × 500
I was thinking about this while trying to fall asleep (fucking 500 calorie deficit, how are you supposed to sleep when hungry)
I think I figured out what happened.

Two posters on this board suddenly started being antagonistic and passive aggressive towards me after I came out of the closet regarding my opinions on le heccin wholesome ukrainerino question. It was like a flip switched and they immediately started doing the thing where you argue against the least charitable interpretation of someone's statement, try to BTFO them with gotcha one-liners, etc.
I don't think it was a conscious decision on their part, this is usually how you interact with people you just plain dislike and have a low opinion of, without even really thinking about it. I do that too.

It was really getting on my nerves until I made the connection, because I thought they were just being assholes, but now that I get it, I'm ok with it.
It's a social thing right, we're like "on opposite sides" now, we're like "enemies", part of the "different groups" and shit.
The reason it was so annoying is because I wasn't clued in that the "social atmosphere" changed and we were playing a different game with different rules now.
I'd thought we'd disagreed on a topic and moved on, but I guess we're gonna do the monkey brain social games instead.
See, when you live in a society and you don't realize that there's an invisible group division, you get confused and stressed out when people you don't perceive as hostile act like assholes towards you for seemingly no reason. But if you're aware that you're someone's "enemy" in a social group, you just get it and brush off their behavior as "oh, those assholes, whatever", and also also start responding with passive aggressive quips at everything they say, because the part of your brain that dehumanizes the outrgroup is properly switched on now. It's like high school all over again.

This is why I don't get angry at the waldemar schizo, or anti-vaxx retards, and so on, even if I think they're stupid and argue in bad faith.
It's clear that they're "on the other side", so whenever I see their posts I just reply with a le epic sarcastic quip and move on. It's just that this time, I am "on the other side".

You know what, the exact same thing happened to me in Uni. I remember being confused and anxious when one clique of friends started being assholes towards me, until I made the connection with a joke I'd made that didn't land. Except it didn't merely not land, turns out it really offended one of the guys, and ever since then, I was "that guy" for their group.
Looks like my social skills haven't gotten any better since then.

> don't get why you are here instead of, say, Kohl.
Same reason right, I already know they're "the enemy" so I don't bother talking to them in good faith.
No. 85456
>not liking caraway
There are two kinds of people: Those who like caraway and frankly I don't care about the other kind.
No. 85459
The only reason why Mr. Spock can always be so logical and cool is because he's sturdy.
If in doubt, he can just tank most things that would maim or kill other humanoids and especially humans.

Imagine a human following IDIC. Would he or she be able to do any of those cool Spock solo heroisms? Humans have no two hearts or a nictitating membrane or anything else the race that lives on a horribly unhospitable planet can.

That is why someone like the character of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory is, even if we ignore the "dumb people writing smart people" angle, a highly - and this is ironic - illogical character and any actually smart person would recognize that.
No. 85461 Kontra
90 kB, 750 × 432
243 kB, 1024 × 759
When was the last time I had a >10 post heated discussion with the other German?
No. 85462
Same could be said about his intelligence.

If you're smart, you're always cool because you can predict many outcomes, and have everything under control.
If you're dumb, it's like being blind, but across time, so you act erratically, because you're getting blindsided by the future.
No. 85463
>If you're smart, you're always cool because you can predict many outcomes, and have everything under control.
That is only true if you are among animals or machines.
Your intelligence doesn't matter if you are around humans and lack social skills, or at least the ability to imitate them.
Obviously among the vulkan society, that is of no concern.
Also, there's street smarts :^)
No. 85464
93 kB, 600 × 417
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Before you posted >>85455, I asked moderation >>/meta/2285 to ask you to refrain from posts such as >>85446; not least because I'd like to know if policy in the long term will be to do nothing about people shitting up the living room. Inb4 can't handle the banter.

>Two posters on this board suddenly started being antagonistic and passive aggressive towards me after I came out of the closet regarding my opinions on le heccin wholesome ukrainerino question.
I don't know what, who and when you're talking about, other than something about Ukraine, and I'm too lazy to search the relevant thread series. I for one am oblivious to any "invisible group division" that excludes you (for criticizing Ukraine? for writing something like "they deserve it, let them suffer"?) and hope you're just imagining it. But whatever you think has happened, please try to make your posts less offensive. (If you're not just imagining the group of (two?) posters antagonizing or bullying you, then they would ofc also have to stop being rude to you.)

Otherwise I'd be grateful for any serious recommendations of a more heavily moderated anonymous imageboard where bland people exchange sterile pleasantries, so I can find out if I'd be happier migrating there.

I like caraway but don't like Handkäs. Are you the Ernst who has previously made a threatening post about pickling Handkäs with vinegar, caraway and lots of onions? I chuckled.
No. 85467 Kontra
I got offered some tea by the librarian so I had some pu-erh. It was quite good and I had four infusions.
It’s quite an initiation ritual to be offered tea in a library, especially now that the university banned personal use kettles.
Anyway I talked with a female classmate about all sorts of random shit and she asked me weird stuff like “how come you’re not studying Japanese?”, summa summarum she told me I should write an article for the uni’s student paper because she sees potential in my style.

I read some more Machiavelli and I feel at least a bit more confident I’m capable of writing that paper.
You could even say I had something resembling a thought.

Picked up a package. I had to go to a newsagents to do so because this is from a small new-old-stock webshop I sometimes order from and this seemed the most sensible.
Also picked up copies of the two journals I usually read from because why not. I wonder what the Catholics have to say about the war, and I wonder what the meme leftists have to say too.
I had to use my passport to verify my identity while picking up the package because my ID expired. I should get that fixed tomorrow maybe. Or maybe next week. I don’t know.
I should have done it last week but I was sick and I didn’t want to have an ID picture taken while I’m sick. And now I don’t have time. Or I do, I just feel a bit lazy to do it.
Yeah, next week I’ll do it and have a proper photo taken.
No. 85471
>Are you the Ernst who has previously made a threatening post about pickling Handkäs with vinegar, caraway and lots of onions?
I think I have posted about Handkäs once or twice, but I can't remember if I made a post about pickling and I certainly don't remember making any threatening posts.
No. 85472 Kontra
>off topic posts
Every thread is a Ukraine thread.

>space station
Frankly, before reading your post, I only vaguely know we have a space station project going on because US banned China from ISS. I didn't feel any online hype either. Even the post mocking NASA Artemis got more replies. Well, not so surprising if one takes it into account that space exploration has always been a locus of national pride much akin to the role of geographical expeditions in the long nineteenth century. And for average internet persona it's probably easier to mock people they've never met than take pride in things they've never done. Or it could be that I did my quick search on a troll farm. Such cases.
No. 85473
794 kB, 680 × 532
Personally, I'd dislike posting on a board where everyone is rude equally as much as posting on a board where every discussion is a passive aggressive low effort interrogation.

> for writing something like "they deserve it, let them suffer"?
Even worse. I said that I don't support the ukrainian nation state because national identity is a spook, and that western liberal support for ukraine is a performative exercise in "see, western hegemony isn't so bad after all". I know, I'm edgy like that.

The "group division" isn't so much a conscious and deliberated thing, rather, it'd be like if you had a unique flag, and said something I thought was really stupid, to the point where wrote off your character as a retard, and from then on whenever I see your post I'd respond with a low effort shitpost because I really don't care what you have to say, just want to let you know that you're stupid.

It's sort of a self fulfilling prophecy, you start dismissing the other person as an idiot, which they interpret as hostility, and start being an asshole towards you, which makes you think "wow I was right this guy is a cunt", and so on and so forth.
Human social dynamics are retarded.

Good point.
I guess human social interaction isn't really logically analyzable because it's quite arbitrary.
No. 85477
69 kB, 284 × 480
Wow, this is literally me
No. 85479
>Wow, this is literally me
Who exactly: Fyodor Dostoyevskiy, the Idiot, or the man on the picture? (I managed to rule the book out.)
No. 85484
Since I couldn't make the joke because you came first I have to settle for pointing out that there are three more people inside the guy's head.
No. 85488
79 kB, 700 × 466
>I'll have you know he called me a retard first, some weeks ago during the kontra discussion.
That's probably not true, because we had an argument where you started throwing insults, and later complained about rudeness and played victim, perhaps here situation is the same. If this is a lack of self-awareness, try to be more polite in the future, and people will be more polite in return. And if you're consciously saying untruth... Pls don't.
As for provoking one-liners, I sometimes indulge in it for a few reasons. It's a wrong thing and I should refrain from doing it, but since you often do the same, you can understand me.

t. part of xoxol gang-stalking conspiracy
No. 85494 Kontra
He really reminds me of one troubled ethnic Russian I happened to know, from Temirtau, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, both his attitude and this whole discussion look positively absurd for an anonymous imageboard.
No. 85501
157 kB, 2156 × 1000
Since you asked for PROOFs.
> try to be more polite in the future, and people will be more polite in return
No, I think I'll keep insulting people I don't like until they leave.
It's working out great for me so far.

>anonymous imageboard.
If you haven't noticed, this board is not functionally anonymous. Not any more than a forum with usernames, because 6 people on this board (half the userbase) are uniquely identifiable by their flags, being the only posters under those flags.
No. 85502
>(half the userbase)
PROO [citation needed]
No. 85511
Are you guys really caught in a "he insulted me first" trap?

Suggestion: Try to remember what your parents did whenever you complained that "This is so unfair, he <X>ed me first!"

However they reacted might still proof succesful today.

And if your parents didn't care or you didn't have parents, you are excused and can go out an play.
No. 85517
Hey now, it's corona and war.
Everyone is going crazy, and even the internet elite of Ernstchan is not exempt from that.
No. 85521
If the internet elite announces that
>I think I'll keep insulting people I don't like until they leave.
>It's working out great for me so far.
then that's just subhuman and will destroy this board for everyone in the long term.
I don't see why he has to shit out slurs like an elementary schooler or use belittling language as in >>85500 while accusing others of being passive aggressive against him. I have not called him a pathetic schizo alcoholic taking after his father (until now) and would like to see some basic courtesy enforced here when it doesn't come voluntarily.
No. 85522
202 kB, 1200 × 1200
You know, it's one thing calling each other retard and subhuman and behave like 4kankers, but being a soft cunt (like you apparently are) is on the other end of the scale.
Both are bad.

But K*hl transplants are worse and have been dragging down the general tone and mood not only of this board, but of the whole site down, all while mods don't do anything against it.

tl;dr: Less bitching, more serious discussion, AND THAT'S FOR ALL OF YOU! hausmeisterkrauseobacht.jpg
No. 85523
49 kB, 1024 × 961
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
I had last week off work and a friend came to stay. Still I checked my emails every day and even did some coding, I felt growing stress otherwise. I was happier this week when it was back to work and I had lots to do.

I wish I knew why I was like this.
No. 85525
41 kB, 884 × 576
There's a little German inside you whom you've been in denial about all the time, and this is his way of trying to get your attention.
Or something like that.
No. 85526
Is it just me or do they not make computer chairs like they used to? I'm very cross right now because I'd spent a lot of money replacing my jeans and socks only for an arm of my computer chair to snap off as soon as I confirm my order and look at the extra cash I had in my budget.

This isn't a situation where I'd gone in for cheaper, I remember a £50 gamer chair lasting me for years.

It's the domestication at work. You need a to-do list and a routine when you take any holiday now.
No. 85527
156 kB, 1340 × 2010
Every trip to walmart ends with the need to return something. This time it's socks. The package is labeled "crew" but they are in fact "over-the-calf". I was pulling one on and it just...kept coming. Unacceptable.
No. 85533
Shop elsewhere?

t. has no idea if Walmart has a quasi-monopoly on things in the US
No. 85534
There's your problem.
Shop smart - shop S-Mart.
No. 85546
457 kB, 1038 × 1600
There are other department stores, but Walmart dominates the market- lowest prices and such. If you need a bunch of small things, it's really the best place to go. Target is another local option, but there was a Valvoline oil change location in the parking lot next to Walmart and, since my car was due for one, I decided to combine the trips and go there. For a more complete sock selection, I could go to a JCPenny(more upscale/$$) or Kohl's(clothing store/$$$), but that would have required another stop. I made my choice, now I live with the consequences.

Additional info: My car seems to be idling better after the oil change. I made the leap from pure dinosaur juice to a synthetic blend. It's supposed to be better for high milage engines.

>Shop smart - shop S-Mart
Too dangerous.
No. 85550 Kontra
>shop S-Mart.


t. Frederic Mueller
No. 85551
I don't know if I missed the joke, but you certainly did.
No. 85556
Today I thought about Jews. Because Jews are not bound to the land and entirely soil-less, they are the ideal capitalists. They can not work to increase and improve their land like normal people, because they are hooked-nosed kikes. As a replacement, they horde gold instead of increasing their land holdings, and they Jew interest out of people out cheat them in trading instead of improving their land. Not opening land turns people into scum, and vice versa scum will never manage to own land or lose it, whole worthy superior humane increase their land holdings with each generation. In elections, those who don't own at least ten hectares should not be allowed to vote, because they are not bound to the soil. They have lost contact with reality and believe the stupidest bullshit they see on TV. They do not really care for refugee niggers putting the country because our is essentially not their country, they don't own any part of it. They have no interest in politics, they don't make the sensible choice, they make the choice they think puts them on the winning side, the "good" side, the "in" -side. People who do not own land are far too vulnerable to propaganda to be allowed to vote, and they are far too irresponsible, otherwise, they would own land. People who do own land care for the future if their country and for future generations.
No. 85596
Today I went to Darmstadt.
Things I've seen:

>an incredibly shitty and tight parking garage, with a really bad driver in front of me that later turned out to be one half of a bydlo congregation; they were laughing about how she hit the curb when driving into the parking spot, which was clearly an issue of a lack of control over the car
>a group of africans talking with their funny african accent
>a bunch of furries, one of which was costumed as Bulbasaur
>a lone dude rambling about how the government lies and such (he had a PA, but no idea how to hold a microphone, and a garland with what I assume to be printed schizo ramblings, but I didn't get close enough to actually look at them)
>a cook coming out of a chinese restaurant looking exactly like Senor Chang
>some parking officers holding up traffic for their very important parking inspections
>a sushi place run by a korean that, within an hour of opening, had about half the patrons being koreans (which I simply postulate since they were talking neither chinese nor japanese)
No. 85615
Will provide a poetic account next time you visit a random German city? Unsettle the essence of an average sized German city via poetics!

why have you been there? wörk?
No. 85616
And this is why we need to cleanse this country. Take drivers licenses away from bydlo, sent Africans back to Africa, put the nutjobs back into the nuthoyses instead of 'de-institutionlising' them in assisted living facilities, put degenerate perverts like furries into camps.
Just admit Germany would be more efficient, cleaner and better that way.

I guess you might also want to do something about Chinese cooks looking like Senor Chang and Koreans running Sushi places, but in my mind, it's hard to argue against those things and Chinese cooks can look like whomever they want. It's a free country, after all.
No. 85619
Why not take your racism and shart posting back to whereever?

Or calm a bit at least and reflect on what you're writing. It's embarrasing to be on a board with someone like you no offense
No. 85620 Kontra
No I am not poetic enough for that and no, it was not work.

He's a troll, why do you even reply? ffs has every german on EC just started out on the internet yesterday? Or maybe you're a troll yourself, baiting exactly this kind of answer.
No. 85629 Kontra
My racism? What about >>85619? And since when have furries or the mentally disturbed been a race? We have started letting people who belong in the nuthouse out of the nuthouse, because muh freedom. A significant share of the homeless and drug addicts suffer from untreated or untreatable psychological disorders. Instead of locking them away safely were they can't harm themselves or society, we decided to let them roam freely, because muh freedumbs. This contributes to making life in our cities such an unpleasantly surreal experience, and it is (in part) what >>85596 complained about. For example, many slightly retarded people become alcoholic because someone decided they can live alone and make their own decisions. I really do not think IQ 65 women prostituting themselves for the next bottle of booze is a phenomenon we should cultivate in a civilized society. But maybe I am trolling, because who on earth could be stupid enough to see anything wrong with that?

About immigration:
> olololo he said immigrants take our jobs and are unemployed and only come here to get everything for free from the government. That is a contradiction and he can not see it because he is so stupid and I am very smart because I watch Böhmermann
I write this in an exaggerated and mocking tone, but I think you get my point. Well, guess what: there is more than one immigrant, so both can be true at the same time.
Some will look for work and find it, mostly in low-skilled jobs that are badly paid. When supply of labor will increase, wages will decrease. If wages are at the legal minimum wage, working conditions will worsen and/or illegal employment will increase. (And now, the mindless leftist will crawl out of his hole and tell us this is why we need to replace 'capitalism' with a system where there is no labor market but that somehow is not a planned economy, he doesn't know how to solve this paradoxon, but he doesn't need to keep, and Foucault or some other 'philosopher' said this or that and the imaginary unit is i which looks like a dick lol)
In Germany, we have seen much of it in the 90s and 2000s when the eastern European economies collapsed and suddenly, polish handyman and Czech truck drivers working illegaly and pushing down were everywhere. Wages went down, working conditions for craftsmen worsened, treatment of trainees was abysmal, and an increasing number of young men decided that they needed an office job at all cost. Being exposed to competition that lowers standards and wages beneath what is commonly deemed acceptable is what people mean when they say "they take our jerbs". And it is why we now have a shortage of skilled labor, truck drivers, etc. and our universities are filled with below mediocre students. Every millennial who could avoided everything that isn't done in an office like the plague because they saw it paid badly and condiotions were crap. But the educated left was (and is) conveniently wealthy enough to not be exposed to the foreign competition themselves. Immigration will have no negative impact on the income or working conditions of notaries, dentists or sociology teachers. But when immigration lowered construction costs, these classes got their homes built cheaper (and the two or three flats they own for tax purposes and investment) and they profited. By publicly taking an unconditionally pro-immigration stance, they got to virtue signal and personally profit at the same time. Get to keep your cake and eat it, too!
Immigration now comes with another benefit for them: without immigration, population in Germany would be declining and real-estate prices would be falling, but we have immigration to keep rents and real estate prices increasing, and we got politicians who further limit supply by ever-increasing regulations.
>Hurrdurr you blame immigrants because you dumb racist me smart
You don't blame immigrants because you are trying to signal that your status in society is high, and people whose status in society is high enough profit from immigration.
About getting immigrants getting everything for free: as discussed above, most of the immigrants we get will find low-wage jobs or illegal employment, if any. They will never be net-tax-payers. They are not net tax-payers. So they increase the tax burden on net-taxpayers or decrease the benefits a net-tax payer can get from the government (low crime rate, working public transport, etc.)
Many net tax-payers look at this and decide they are seeking greener pastures in some anglo-Saxon country that does not have an open-gates policy to each and any "refugee". (In Germany, we call each and every immigrant refugee, because it makes it more easy to demonize those who oppose immigration.)

Did not even touch on the subject of immigrant crime yet, but let's just say two things: the press, politician and everyone speaking into a microphone are doing everything they can to hide it. Culprit gained German citizenship or is a German citizen? 'A German ... ' culprit is not German in any way, but lives in $city? 'an inhabitant of $city'. War between two muslim clans? 'a fight between two extended families escalated', mob immigrants smashing windows, cars and so on for fun and to show who is the boss in this country? 'the party scene'. Immigrant gangs? 'youth gangs'. This tactic is both deceitful and ridiculously easy to see through, how am I gonna take anyone serious who thinks I am stupid enough to fall for that?
On an academic level, we have terms like 'vergleichsgruppeneffekt'. Immigrant crime only exists because we make immigrants the subject of comparison! Lalalala, fingers in ears, eyes covered, if I don't see it, it doesn't exist!
No. 85631 Kontra
Just like with the stupid modernity take and immigration, you subtract the economic system out of your analysis, it's immigration and not the market logic itself hurr durr. Your one-factor analysis is probably weak as fuck. Maybe the market did not provide enough housing with increasing demand, why is that so? Oh you could make more profit with non-social-housing (that would benefit all lower classes regardless of skin color and culture)

Foucault said not much about economy but you being clueless but talking loud shouldn't be a surprise by now
No. 85632 Kontra
>still feeding the troll
I am now sure you don't care about any trolls whatsoever, just about showing everyone how smart and morally highground you are and about being right, even if you're arguing with a mere meat automaton.
In short: You have traits of an attention whore and a huge Geltungsbedürfnis.
You are as bad as the troll you are enabling.
No. 85633 Kontra
1) It's not a troll. I'm not sure why you don't think that right-wingers with real political stances exist, ready to spout them. Not everybody is an ironic troll in the internet regardless of the imageboard mythology that it must be trolls when somebody as radical views
2) We are rather anonymous here and I gain nothing by being known here, maybe it's about arguments and political stances regarding society among other things, and not your kitchen sink psychological explanation for motivation.
No. 85635
Weird how you call me a rightwinger, I left KC because they called me a leftist.

Markets are a given. People will trade, even if you make it illegal.
You are an idiot.
>Maybe the market did not provide enough housing with increasing demand, why is that so?
Market regulation by the government, mainly.

First, Germany is a part of the surface of a topological sphere and has a finite non-zero surface area. We have sort of a societal consensus that it is desirable to reserve some share of that surface area for agricultural production and maybe some nature preserves. So we limit the amount of newly build-over area. Can you get behind that or should we use up the complete surface area Germany has so we can fit in as many immigrants as possible? Just imagine, at Kowloon-density, we could fit the world population multiple times! What a beautiful multicultural society we could have!
Second, we now have much more elaborate building codes than we had in the past. Part of it has to do with saving energy, like demanding better insulation, which costs more money. Part of it has to do with safety and fire safety. For example, we now use separate PE and N in electrical installations, which wasn't the case back then. We have mandatory RCDs. Hot water and heating have similar increase demands put in them. And those are the sensible regulations, on top of it, there is the nonsensical stuff beurocracies produce to justify their existence.
Those limits increase the cost of newly build housing so much that building low-cost housing is not economically feasible.

So on the one hand, we have market regulation that limits supply, on the other hand, we have market de-regulation that increases demand. We even have subventions driving up prices, because a significant share of immigrants will have their rent paid by the government for their entire lifetime.

Catch-22 for anyone who does not hold real estate: get to pay more to get less, and pay more taxes to achieve this situation.

Thank you, altruistic leftists!
No. 85636 Kontra
> I'm not sure why you don't think that right-wingers with real political stances exist,
Not sure where I said that or where you got the idea from, but then again, your kind generally works on assumptions without any actual base in reality or anywhere else.

>We are rather anonymous here and I gain nothing by being known here
That's also not what I said. You can be a moral highground holier-than-thou twit even in an anonymous fashion.
Maybe I wasn't being clear enough: I am allegin that it is your inmost need, there is a want inside of you to be right and to clearly signal to everyone how virtuous you are, even if they don't know anything else about you. Why do I think that?
Because the prudent approach would be to ignore and report, which you don't, despite knowing there is no reaching the troll (or any legit rightwing schizo, if you will), so there is no other reason for you to reply to him than extrapolating your opinions on this matter for everyone to see, despite having a whole rich fund of mainstream outlets where you can discuss your politics and positions with likeminded people and pat your shoulders for being so righteous.
An imageboard is not that place, PLUS we have had these exact same kind of discussions in the past already and you're not bringing anything new to the table and just regurgitate the same shit over and over and over.
At least the schizo is entertaining from time to time, your kind is just boring.

See what you did to me? I had actually managed to control the compulsions getting into arguments with idiots and it was actually working pretty well, but yet here I am, doing the exact same thing as you. Thanks a lot.
No. 85637
4,0 MB, 1800 × 4000
3,6 MB, 1800 × 4000
Today I saw some kind of Finnish magical artifact.
No. 85639
Looks ugly as if it's a Holocaust monument.
No. 85647
just took a massive fucking shit.
No. 85648
553 kB, 938 × 605
Why did they do this to my Reese's Puffs cereal? Just put a cartoon on the box, not some weird fashion designer's twisted take on reality. Cereal is for children and lazy men who don't know what AMBUSH is.
t.The latter

Thank God that's over. Now you never have to do it again.
No. 85649
Nope, went back and took another follow-up shit.

I suspect it's because I ate a protein dense meal with not much fibers, then later a fiber rich meal, and then a smaller high protein meal again.

The vastly different composition of the meals allowed my shits to become low resolution recordings of the past.
No. 85651
81 kB, 1220 × 548
My system time didn't update to reflect the end of Daylight-Saving Time. Currently an hour behind, and I think this is the culprit. I don't even remember disabling it, but I must have had my reasons.

Chicken dinner, then oatmeal, then chicken leftovers?
No. 85652 Kontra
hour behind ==> hour ahead.
No. 85655 Kontra
1,6 MB, 3024 × 4032
Today I decided to make scones, but because I'm a lazy fuck and I don't want to grate cheese and then put it on each and every one I decided on making "potato scones".
Which was actually a stroke of genius because I saved half the work I would have had to do, I just put the leftover mashed potatoes into the dough and that was it.
I'm actually sick. Yesterday night I made focaccia and I ate half a tray of that too, and now I ate half a tray of this and I'm sick of it but it's so good. But the bright side of the fullness is that I had two cups of strong coffee and I feel fine.

I'm continuing my readings into Florentine politics and I'm feeling more and more confident I'll be able to produce a text for that competition, especially considering it's "only" 40k characters including spaces and footnotes and the bibliography. I can crank it out soon enough and I already have the abstract planned.
I don't plan on winning, but the experience will be nice. Though I should kinda apply myself since I'm the first student to take part in it from the university's Chinese Department. It's like being able to compete at the Olympics for a country that for some reason didn't have representation for a few years.
No. 85656
No. 85657
When a German decides to post in /b/ instead of /int/, what motivates him?
No. 85658
Literal shitposting
No. 85659
No idea, I use both
No. 85660 Kontra
>When a German decides to post in /b/ instead of /int/, what motivates him?
Keyboard layout set to German.
No. 85661
Thät döesn't mäke äny sense.
No. 85662 Kontra
>An imageboard is not that place

Exactly, that is why your argument does not make sense and it is - your favorite term - baseless assumptions.

Thank dog I was out with real people and not glued infron of my display (I could have read something nice though) being tempted emptying myself in this piss trough.
No. 85663 Kontra
It does. Keyboard Layout set to German? Post to /b/. Lewandowski Layout der top english? Post to int. Because this is what German lesbarer ob muss mobile Autocomputer english to.
No. 85668 Kontra
>Thank dog I was out with real people and not glued infron of my display (I could have read something nice though) being tempted emptying myself in this piss trough.
Good approach, you should pursue this further and forego EC altogether.
No. 85671 Kontra
So you can share the board alone with Waldemar? :DDD
No. 85673
I wish I had seen this earlier, so I could have called an ambulance, but after leaving a stroke untreated for more than 6 hours, nothing can be done anymore.
No. 85675
I can deal with and ignore one idiot; if it's two, it's already twice as hard, especially if they interact with each other.
No. 85676 Kontra
30 kB, 474 × 310
Be strong and disciplined. I don't have the power. shitmany WEAKLING!!!
No. 85713
ominous tired chanting
No. 85715
Well, it's over.
She apparently is still in love with her ex-bf back in Novosibirsk. I don't even know if she'll ever be capable to see him again. She'd be arrested and held hostage if she goes back to Poccrn and I doubt a man could flee the country from Siberia to Switzerland right now. It was nice, for a little while, I felt like I was in a tragic novel.

I'm not that sad, it's just that now, I am simple Ernst again. I feel very lost in my life. It's been years now that I don't really have anything to wake up for. I don't have any goals; uni courses are too fucking easy, minimum involvement suffices for acceptable grades. I am slowly losing my creativity. I don't know what could take me out of apathy.

My apathy began a few months before covid. Something like six months after, I made my first post on EC. I pretended I came from kohlchan because I thought it was cool, then really browsed k*hl for a few months and got sad. Developed self-destructive oneitis, got into music, made friends, lost some, got into movies, took drugs, had sex. Nothing that could take me out of the grey.
No. 85717 Kontra
>Developed self-destructive oneitis, got into music, made friends, lost some, got into movies, took drugs, had sex. Nothing that could take me out of the grey.

Besides the movie that is a large part of my biography after I became 16. I mean uni is kinda challenging but that is because I challenge myself on writing projects etc. You get older eventually and they grey won't vanish but it's a different grey, it's not so much a grey dust layer that suffocates you grey anymore for me. I have quite bad periods but over all getting older makes you more relaxed on quite some things. Another woman will come into your life if you don't shut yourself off from them, if that is what you worry about atm.
No. 85723
Today, COP27 started. And it's makes me very depressed.
I think it's a farce. It will end with a big fuck you from China, India and Russia, and maybe a few non-binding declarations of intent from all other nations. It's only use is to give the mildly worried idiots at home the illusion that something is going to get done when nothing gets done. And the idiots are happy with that. Can't do more, because out would anger people, lol. They get angry about driving smaller cars fewer miles and buying less stuff. Like maybe 5kg of clothes per capita and year instead of 25kg. They don't get angry about an existential threat to humanity that will render big parts of the planet uninhabitable, collapse ecosystems, severely limit for production, and kill hundreds of millions before the end of the century. But hey, what's your children's when press against fast fashion, Iphones and SuVs. When climate change will cause civilizational collapse, they want to at least get the most stuff they can out of it, because the amount of stuff is limited, and what is life all about? Right! Buying and throwing away the maximum amount of stuff between death and birth! That and driving!

As the effects of climate change worsen, we will only see more denial and a swing to fascism. I am very afraid.
No. 85724 Kontra
>Besides the movie that is a large part of my biography after I became 16.
For me it began at 18. But I think besides the movies, it’s the life of a lot teenagers/young adults.
>I have quite bad periods but over all getting older makes you more relaxed on quite some things.
I hope I will live up to that point in relative stability. >>85723 Just give me 20 more years please.
>Another woman will come into your life if you don't shut yourself off from them, if that is what you worry about atm.
Not really worrying about that.
No. 85725 Kontra
>As the effects of climate change worsen, we will only see more denial and a swing to fascism. I am very afraid.
View this emerging challenge dialectically, for if fascism were to reemerge in Germany today, it would be so brutally unforgiving to weaklings, so hostile towards every foreign influence but Russia and North Korea that it would become a pariah state. Political isolation would bring economic isolation. The weight of clothes imported would drop to 0.3Kg. The cities are empty in 2042 (weaklings purged) and most Germans now live in rural dwellings. Solar panels and wind turbines are symbols of Aryan self reliance and independence from the "European" power network. The Völkisch Reawakening is a chicken coop powered on renewables.
Then they start war and the German question is finally settled.
No. 85726 Kontra
>The Völkisch Reawakening is a chicken coop powered on renewables.

Sounds like it exists in Brandeburg today yeah maybe they don't have the renewables yet but some rightwingers or esoteric right leaning crazies buying lot and old castles in eastern Germany actually happened
No. 85727
Not only talking about Germany. I'd classify Hungary is fascist, too. Front national gains ground in France, SD are now part of the Swedish government, the Republican Party has become the Fascist Party of America.

As the number of climate Refugees increases, natural desasters wreck havoc and the costs of climate change reduces the standard of living, people will demand a return to the status quo ante, and they will vote for anyone who promises to teargas and beat the everliving shit out of climate protesters who remind them of inconvenient facts, and people will openly demand to shoot the damn refugees right at the border and frack for every last drop of oil and gas from the soil of the respective country. Driving and buying and throwing away stuff are a religion and anyone who suggests there must be less stuff and less driving is committing a sacrilege in the minds of the majority, and they want him burned at the stake.
No. 85728
Today it is holiday in Colombia so stores were closing earlier, I went to the pizzeria and I noticed the cashier was mad taking my order, after I sat down to wait for my pizza she complained to her coworker that "now I have to calculate today's earnings again"
No. 85729
Yesterday was my birthday but I'm taking Friday-Tuesday off work. Mostly to spend some of the enormous amount of leave time I've built up but also because I hate a fuss.

Things have been nice, I've mostly played Red Dead Redemption 2 and gone to the gym but also assembled a new office chair after the arm broke on the previous one just as I looked at my budget all satisfied that everything was in order for Christmas. One thing I'm slightly miffed about though is that someone nicked a birthday card from my mum. A trifling amount was inside but the thought that someone either in the postal service or in my building makes it their business to steal birthday cards is a sad fact of life.

Been going to the gym and eating my salads too. Which was completely undone by carrot cake and getting a free donut voucher from my local supermarket but such is the nature of always having an excuse. Losing weight over Christmas is going to be quite a battle.

The future is coming. Mexico was first to ban cereal mascots last year and retailers like Lidl have already taken action to ban mascots, even on cereals that are not really sugar dense.

For the latter it's actually quite fascinating to see the reasoning where Lidl explicitly did it because parents report 'pester-power' i.e. that children see the colourful mascot when shopping with parents/guardians and have the power to influence spending decisions in a totally disproportionate way to their position. There's something in that we all understand implicitly on the nature of power in a household where children have theoretically enormous disposable income without what we'd consider the capability to appreciate the choices they make.

Now eat the fuggin' cornflakes.
No. 85730
What do you think Ernst, fuck around with an Australian chick over Christmas doing the generic traveling thing or sack that off as a distraction?

I'm trying my very best to avoid getting stuck in unsatisfactory situations or hurting people when it comes to relationships but I'm also aware that girls are nice to have around and tend to attract other girls like a cruel universal force.

>As the number of climate Refugees increases, natural desasters wreck havoc and the costs of climate change reduces the standard of living, people will demand a return to the status quo ante, and they will vote for anyone who promises to teargas and beat the everliving shit out of climate protesters who remind them of inconvenient facts, and people will openly demand to shoot the damn refugees right at the border and frack for every last drop of oil and gas from the soil of the respective country. Driving and buying and throwing away stuff are a religion and anyone who suggests there must be less stuff and less driving is committing a sacrilege in the minds of the majority, and they want him burned at the stake.

You're spending too much time reading this stuff from biased sources. Take for example Fracking as one of those things that makes no sense to complain about when you factor in the cost of LNG imports on the environment and that the LNG ports now being built in Europe will be on 30-40 year contracts. It all continues to be a shitshow because today's climate anxiety is almost conspiracy-tier in how it just depresses people and motivates others to take such an extreme approach that it nullifies all debate on objective policy outside of a binary 19th century industrialist strategy or making everything a hundred times worse by not understanding how electricity grids work.

It'll be right. Millions of people in the third world might end up homeless but then well sort it all out and can go back to whatever it was that worried people in the 1950s. The real shame of COP27 is that it's being hosted in Egypt that really has no business hosting any international fora given its stance on worker and political rights, and much less so one concerning the environment.
No. 85733
93 kB, 459 × 784
Probably avoid. I'd rate Australians as probably worse than Americans when abroad.

>Millions of people in the third world might end up homeless
picrel tbh
No. 85734
People are stressing out as conditions rapidly decline. Everyone is under immense pressure, because of the shortages and empty shelves. "Supply chain issues" is just an euphemism for drying up rivers and failed harvests. Food in supermarkets and basic necessities like toilet papers are increasingly scarce. Subconsciously, everyone knows that things are bad now, and they are going to get a lot worse. Prices and rents have risen to the point where you can either eat or have a roof over your head, and anyone who does not have a second job is looking for one. Everyone is stressed out.
People stop caring about being polite, because they know that mad max without fancy cars is coming, so there is really no point in politeness.
No. 85736
2,0 MB, 3120 × 4160
It's probably the "Shitmany" poster. Finally he found a socially acceptable reason for his apocalyptic predictions.

R8 gretameter btw. It correlates with my subjective feeling of stuffiness, but not always.
No. 85740
Actually climate panic is the latest fad among "politically active" germans. Recently a bunch of them (calling themselves "Last Generation") glued themselves to a street, causing a traffic holdup where an ambulance on its way to an emergency got stuck. Tge emergency was a cyclist being run over due to the shitty bike lanes. She later died in hospital. All of this happened in, you can guess it, Berlin.
Now the climate activists are in full cope mode talking about how there is no causality and collateral damage can happen in the good fight.
That's "minor inconveniences" for them.

But that's how they think they will win hearts and minds for their cause.
I give it five more years until we see a Green Army Fraction of some sort.
No. 85752
>It'll be right. Millions of people in the third world might end up homeless but then well sort it all out
I'll explain to you how I expect 'us' to 'figure it out': Sometime in the 30s, hundreds of thousands dead in India during a heatwave will just be enough for the Indian government, and they will unilaterally decide to geo-engineer the planet by darkening the sun. A solution worthy of a Hollywood-villain, but it will be 'figured out'.

>the LNG ports now being built in Europe will be on 30-40 year contract
That makes it worse, not better.

>go back to whatever it was that worried people in the 1950s
Lol. No. We might well go back worrying over what people were worried after the bronze age collapse. Those who survive, that is.

>policy outside of a binary 19th century industrialist strategy or making everything a hundred times worse by not understanding how electricity grids work.
Why do you assume I lack basic education?

And of course, the climate activists are to blame, right? The problem here somehow isn't shitty bike lanes and being squashed by a truck, it's the squashed remains not being scraped up fast enough.

We've had that for decades, climate change has been publicly acknowledge by George Bush I as a major thread. You probably don't remember that because you are two young. Then George Bush II got an awesome job in the oil industry. Maybe there might be a connection.

It's just now that 20-somethings are desperate enough to radicalize, because the effects of climate change become undeniable, after we've known for thirty years at least and did nothing for just as long.

For gen-xers and older millennials, climate change was far in the future. 20 yo in 2000? Yeah, he thinks climate change is far of, sometime in the future, like 2050 when he's 70, and by the someone will figure it out, technology will solve this!
Now, we are just sitting down at a banquet of consequences and people still argue for business-as-usual.

Worst of all is that most of the protesters live a carbon-intensive upper-class lifestyle on their parents money and are basically protesting for keeping that lifestyle AND reducing carbon emissions at the same time, as if that was possible.

As for
I am 37 years old, I hold a decent job, I never owned a car, I traveled airplane two times in my life.
Yeah, I'm doing this just to be fashionable.
Or maybe I'm just to poor to own a car and fly to Mallorca to drink myself to oblivion.

We have 30 years comparison of the period from 1960-1990 and 1990-2020, look it up for a weather station of your choice, and tell me what you see. Just fashionable nonsense of course, right? It's not real. Manbear-pig, lol.
No. 85753
Climate change (and we have strong reasons to believe that it's currently anthropogenic) is a global problem, and it will affect Germany anyway (for starters, it could go as far as provoking WW3). Another thing, of course, is the rational course of behaviour as soon as you learn that information. In particular, the current popular approach to the "carbon trace" has extremely little to do with scientific knowledge (because what should concern us is not how much CO2 some activity emits, but how it objectively affects the amount of carbon that is consistently conserved in fossil fuels and in solid biomass, which is a more complicated question demanding some intellectual effort and knowledge). Let alone there's extremely little reason to be concerned by the influence of German farting on the climate when China and India continue to be burning ever increasing amounts of fossil fuels non-stop. In that context it becomes little more than a chewing gum for everyone's minds, preventing the masses from asking much more important questions (much like with "gender issues", women's rights in modern Western societies, etc., except those also keep the masses conveniently divided), plus it's an additional social lift for some generally untalented but unscrupulous people. As far as climate is concerned, an average German should not shift to vegetarianism but, first and foremost, demand its government to solve the problem of CO2 emissions internationally (which is the only way to do it successfully).
No. 85754 Kontra
58 kB, 655 × 286
>The problem here somehow isn't shitty bike lanes and being squashed by a truck, it's the squashed remains not being scraped up fast enough.
So only one of those can be a problem? Interesting. What if it was just an old person having a stroke or something?. The cyclist was still alive at that time, btw.

But yeah, keep fighting the good fight, live the right life in the wrong one, I bet you can do it.
No. 85759 Kontra
>shit flinging

The recent quality of discussion on EC is making me sad. This kind of tone was (mostly) contained in the news thread once, now it's all over the today thread, computer thread and generally found in any thread that crops up on page 1.

It's not just the one or two Ernsts that draw these discussions, it's also that other Ernsts are prone to react in kind. At least that's what it seems like to me, I may be wrong.
No. 85760
>Probably avoid. I'd rate Australians as probably worse than Americans when abroad.

I think it's a gendered issue, it's the men who act like proper cunts harassing women and starting on people. Sheilas tend to be better behaved which is odd considering everything I've heard from Oz about shameless drunken laddettes.

The problem with the women is more fundamental that they're approaching (or just over) 30 and have ended up in Britain because they don't know what they're doing so they latch onto you. First because they're somewhat lonely and want to be shown around (or parasite your friend group), and then because they want you to throw your life away and go back with them. For the majority they spend 6-12 months here and then go back with nothing to show for it.

But yeah I'll avoid.

>Why do you assume I lack basic education?

Because you can't weigh policy options and I think this is the second time now that I've had a germ obfuscate what we're talking about. Take for example:

>That makes it worse, not better.

Yes, LNG imports are hugely polluting compared to fracking even on the transit alone. We're going to have natural gas for at least the next 10-20 years as we need it to provide baseline grid capacity so to poo-poo European sources is NIMBY madness. But you can't have this kind of conversation when the debate is a civilisation ending catastrophe that we can't solve because the person seeing it is a depressed hippie who hates humanity.
No. 85761 Kontra
The solution is obvious. Ban all Germans.
No. 85762
-- Germans must go.
-- Who must go?
No. 85763
Allowing [current thing] discussions in the first place was the first step down the slippery slope.

Attracted many kohl-rejects who brought their posting style with them.
Especially after the recent ban-wave on kohl.

But generally, I've come to the opinion that public internet conversations are pointless beyond a certain threshold above normiedom.
Best case scenario, people who are not into your particular flavor of autism won't have anything to say to you, and you'll be speaking into the void like the cybernetics Ernst.
Worst case scenario, they will have something to say, and it will be a vapid and uninteresting drive-by shitpost.
No. 85764
296 Bytes, 17 × 18

Domestically I can see the other side of the argument when it comes to fracking. While the tremors we've seen so far have been miniscule (and I'm not sure most of the public realise the Richter scale is logarithmic) it's not to say it can't get worse when the application is extended to industrial-scale production rather than exploratory drilling. The Netherlands has seen wide problems with their own local - and enormous - Groningen field which has been exploited for years and is thought to be behind a number of quakes that have resulted in substantial property damage:


The ultimate issue is that our country is small and property is valuable, so the externalities of fracking likely outweigh the broader economic benefits. I'm agnostic though and wouldn't complain even if the government did still press on with it.
No. 85771 Kontra
It's true, I didn't partake even. But the mods stay silent on why they are doing nothing, those cowards.

>and you'll be speaking into the void like the cybernetics Ernst.

:DDDD I have a >150 page document where I write down stuff and 95% concerns academia/cybernetic culture but sometimes I tell Ernst about my findings that are not the absolute pinnacle of niche cybernetics concerns us all!

>But generally, I've come to the opinion that public internet conversations are pointless beyond a certain threshold above normiedom.

Either this or rigid control of emotions and thus also language. That is why I like academia, you know, they argue without insults and pejorative language and still can maintain an intellectual stab, which makes clear there is a conflict. Ernst was able to or contained it, but it got worse indeed.
No. 85772
88 kB, 604 × 604
Auntie calling me and trying to set me up with someone's daughter-basket again.

It's all so tiresome.
No. 85773
What info have you been provided? Have ever been on one of Aunties set up dates?
No. 85774
>Have ever been on one of Aunties set up dates?
Thank d-g no

>What info have you been provided?
She's from a well off family. Is a "nice girl". Overweight. About my age. Single.
So basically a loser like me.
Just goes to show what my auntie really thinks about me.

I mean she's right, but still.

I really need to lose some weight so I can be fatphobic without also being a hypocrite.
No. 85775
Interesting, what the daughter-basket thinks of you. Was it she who initiated it or your aunt?
No. 85776 Kontra
344 kB, 625 × 421
I failed modern Chinese midterm. It's not over but the lecturer said that "this is a warning".
I haven't told the results at home yet but they know the jig's up because I have left my room only twice.
I'm going to cope by acing the classical midterm this week.
No. 85777
Ernst will probably never find a girl that can be introduced into his autistic ego bubble so why not give it a shot? Kidding, thank dog these archaic practices have been purged from western culture by the force of modernity welelele ... unless, some men these days would be grateful for these attempts to bring two "hard to market" souls together

Also thanks for the posting of mundane life.

>what the daughter-basket thinks of you.

Good question. I bet it is the aunt that organized everything by herself.
No. 85778 Kontra
Some of these pre-modern practices may see a resurgence. I think here we're only one incel related shootings away from seeing a return to the traditional practice of traumatizing kids by having prostitutes sexually abuse them at 13 years of age.
Yes, unrelated - yes, I just wanted to bring up this cultural artifact
No. 85779
Daughter-basket's perspective. Brick is Uncle Grisha.
No. 85780 Kontra
I had the i-word in mind, one could think of yours really as incel prevention since a full blown incel won't accept women anymore. Too ugly, too loud etc etc. they will always find a reason to excuse and cope.
No. 85783
>Was it she who initiated it or your aunt?
My aunt.
> what the daughter-basket thinks of you.
She is not yet aware of my existence, and neither is her mother (who'll hear about it first).
So this is probably auntie going on a manic obsessive streak again. Hopefully.

> I bet it is the aunt that organized everything by herself.
Exactly right. She's really into family politicking and networking. It's a nomad thing.

Someone recommend me a light novel where the mother of a lesbian girl tries to set her up with the son of a neighbor, except that unbeknownst to anyone, he's actually gay, so they elope and go on a cross-post sovok road trip on their parents' volga.
Soundtrack by [generic russian post punk band]
(I won't read it)

But if we entertain the notion, I really don't think "nice girls" are a good fit for me.
Was it Camus who said that by 30 a man should know and accept all of his personal defects?
Well, one thing I've come to accept is that I have a personality defect in the form of being an alpha-sperg king of the molehill type person. I can be really mean, domineering, cuntish and petty towards those who let me get away with it, despite being nothing much myself. Also I'm passive unless some external force moves me.

So what I actually need is to be pussy whipped and tard-wrangled by gf with a stronger personality than mine. Be someone's clay, so to say.
You know what I'm saying?
then again, this might all be cope for being a lazy retard with inflated ego, and wanting to offload life responsibilities onto someone else so I can enjoy perpetual childhood of "doing what I want" without haVVING TO DO boring adult stuff. who knows.
maybe I should learn to wear the big boy pants instead. ultimately we are a product of our circumstances. the betaest cuck can mantle the role of the alpha chad given the necessity and circumstances.
this is too difficult to think about I need another berer. ol
No. 85784
26 kB, 427 × 429
>Soundtrack by [generic russian post punk band]
>(I won't read it)

I would t. listener to post sovok post punk. A westernized foreign object writing about post-sovok life, hurray. I guess your forgot the name.

>So what I actually need is to be pussy whipped and tard-wrangled by gf with a stronger personality than mine.

She would beat you up for your alcoholic relapse and send you on the treadmill until you sweat out all that alcohol gunk. And makes you return to a perpetual childhood and not this limbo, because a child is not allowed to drink but is also not allowed to take adult responsibilities [manage life (better)], you are like those french intellectuals, always on the boundary, never making the decision to be child or adult, but living the difference in itself!!!
No. 85785 Kontra
>She's from a well off family

How well off are we talking about? You have debts to pay and closed legs don't get fed.
No. 85786
>So what I actually need is to be pussy whipped and tard-wrangled by gf with a stronger personality than mine. Be someone's clay, so to say.

Now the femdom-guro stuff you were talking about on sunday falls into place. I've seen right through you!


Let me translate yourself back to you: You are scared of the vagina. Wishing for a domineering woman is an avoidance pattern because it forces upon you what your fear doesn't allow you to decide yourself.

If you are in the role of the one being forced to engage, all the moral highground is on your side and every excuse for not performing to someones standard gain viability. Being forced is the easier option in the face of fear, especially if that fear is suppressed.

t. knower of such things
No. 85787
726 kB, 1280 × 1941
656 kB, 1280 × 1941
1,3 MB, 260 × 178, 0:03
"Well off" as in it could amortize my financial situation, me having to pay debts AND support a family won't spiral into poverty; AND we'd live relatively comfortably in some condo not having to deal with my father or whatever. Like think local equivalent of upper-upper middle class.
Not "well off" as in actual rich people money that could elevate me out of poverty with a snap of a finger.
Here comes the entitlement: it's where I'd be if my parents were functional, or if I were socially and mentally functional since my late teens rather than my late 20s lol. I blame everyone but myself for everything.

Not quite.
It really was a purely intellectual exercise, but one MOTIVATED by a Freudian psycho-sexual condition.

What I'm afraid of is not the vagina, but actually the penis.
As in, all of my deepest, darkest sexual fantasies are that of a dominant, violent, masculine nature. And I don't really like it.
Because of certain childhood traumas I REALLY don't want to go into (and also probably exposure to a bunch of weird internet shit), in my mind, sexuality and violence are closely intertwined. Thanks, dad.
So, my exploration into female sexual violence is just a mirror of my own complexes about male sexual violence. The starting point was the personal observation of masculine sexuality being closely related to masculine forms of violence, and the intellectual exploration of femdom ryona/guro was spurred by the curiosity to know whether the female equivalent to this existed. Apparently, it does.

So, my desire to be dominated by a female is not vaginal, but penile. IT is motivated by a desire to be symbolically castrated: for the penile to be excised from me.
Rather than being afraid of the vagina, I'm afraid of my own penis.

This goes back to my comments about how in another world, I would be the most stereotypical cruel capitalist factory owner, or evil dictator. Like, the kind who'd throw workers into the machinery gears for breaking a piece of equipment, or enacting sweeping policies that lead to mass death, but align with my fucked up, idealistic, a-human philosophies.
I have a track record of being a cruel sperg to people who fail to meet my completely arbitrary and unrealistic standards, surely you have noticed it from my meltdowns on EC last week.
So in conclusion, it's not that I'm pursuing my inner desires (wanting to be swallowed by the vagina), but rather trying to escape my inner desires (by trying to cut off my penis).
Further Reading: Crossed by Garth Ennis; Marvel Zombies series.

Probably not a good idea to expose the inner machinations of my mind on a random imageboard, but fuck it, I'm drunk.
Also, please note that it is not wise to trust the patient to psychoanalyze themselves; reading the patient's analysis of their own psyche is akin to asking a Wehrmacht soldier whether they ever raped any Eastern European women: extremely biased and unreliable.
No. 85788
ominous arranged wedding chanting
No. 85789
>The cyclist was still alive at that time, btw.
They already have gotten her out, btw.

>Why not piss on the playground
China burns fossil fuel for export. Chinese per capita emissions are still only half of German per capita emissions. So Germany has a loooooong way to go down.
>It will cause WWIII
Oh, great. Then we should definitely continue emitting, the more war, the better.
No. 85790 Kontra
>I blame everyone but myself
We noticed this a long time ago.
No. 85791
Yeah, and you'll have to deal with my obnoxious personality for as long as I care to post here, which will be for longer than you do.

And there's nothing you can do about it, faggot.
No. 85792 Kontra
One Brow project continues:
I have considered ending it because of the scorn that society has for radical thinkers. In general, things remain mostly the same. I may come to terminate this project soon, but I know I will return to it. Despite all the scorn you may receive, it's possible to deploy while one-browed. An unmet niche. demand??

When unwashed, unshaven and wearing trackies I really look disgusting. It's intense to go outside in this powerful form.
No. 85793 Kontra
delete this
No. 85794 Kontra
25 kB, 736 × 414
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Insomnia. She's a harsh mistress and she visits when she pleases. I get too thoughtful on nights like this, watching stragglers in the streets when I pop out for a cigarette, wondering why they are around at this ungodly hour when they're not even drunk. Somewhere, probably not far from me, some trainee marines are practicing night exercises in studied silence while they traipse through hedgerows. I visit old corners of the internet, some the same, others with new warnings that their embedded flash games won't work with modern browsers. homestarrunner.com videos link to YouTube now. britfa.gs is down. I'm getting older and no wiser. I'm glad I'm not in the office until Thursday.

Sleep it off, rummy. And daughterbasket may be the best thing that ever happens to your sorry arse.
No. 85795
Oh right, it's not the drunkedness itself that made me want to quit drinking, it's what happens the day after.

I wish alcohol worked at its intended purpose of making me fall asleep, rather than the opposite.
No. 85796
Well, a relapse is not a failure because it's an unavoidable part of the way out of an addiction. You can't get from where you are to where you want to be without meeting a bunch of relapses.
Progress is when the number (and length) of relapses over one year goes down.

In other news: A ladybug has died on my PC case. Yesterday it landed on the front, sitting on the mesh behind which the fan is sucking air in. It hasn't moved since and I suspect it actually suffocated because the fans are sucking air around it faster than it can draw beaths. If I had thought of that yesterday I might have been able to save it. Now I gotta deal with its corpse...

I wonder what they taste like.
No. 85797
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
What did you do all night?
No. 85799
Just took a shit, and when I tried to flush it, due to a precise combination of factors, vertically aligned circular flow emerged, so my poop did a sick loop de loop inside the bowl and defiantly returned to the surface.

Was kind of impressive to watch tbh.
No. 85801
I called a guy by the wrong name at work. I immediately caught myself and corrected, apologizing for the error. Not the end of the world, but it was made slightly more embarassing because he is an African American, and the name I used was that of another African American coworker. He approached me later for a quick casual exchange, so I think we're still cool.
No. 85802
No. 85803
19 kB, 177 × 275
>pull aside covers to go to bed
>spooder there
Not anymore tho. I murked that sumbitch.[spoiler]
No. 85804 Kontra
Additional info. It wasn't big (not necessarily a good thing. One of the bad ones in Australia is actually p. small). Additional additional info: I have longstanding arachnophobia from childhood huntsman trauma, so I'm kind of a bitch with spiders. Sue me.
No. 85805
How is the rain in Oz? I hear the sub has abandoned the country and people have PTSD about it now.

Maybe the spider was depressed and wanted to stay in bed.
No. 85806
144 kB, 1068 × 601
It was sunny today but the rain here recently really showed the Anglo class society off. Here is a picture of a fancy racecourse protected by a flood wall that made the flooding of nearby suburbs much worse by blocking off the natural floodplain :-DDD
No. 85807 Kontra
>killing spooder
understandable, have a nice day
No. 85809
I thought of two Tatar coworkers as a same person for the first couple of months. They both had complex names and looked like Lenin. Before that I wondered how he manages to be a cunt and a nice guy at the same time.
No. 85812 Kontra
4,5 MB, 498 × 371, 0:02
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
When I was fairly new at my old company I made friends with a bloke and we'd go to the gym sometimes at lunch. We had another colleague whose name also began with J, and who looked somewhat similar. So of course, one day when my friend didn't show up to the gym I approached his doppelganger from behind while he was still having lunch and half-yelled "So where were you, you lazy bastard?".
No. 85835
249 kB, 1080 × 703
Today I realized I suffer from scale drift.

t. fashionable nonsense make maker

finally I have a starting point for my novel :DDDD
No. 85836
38 kB, 587 × 522
Feeling edgy, might delete later.
No. 85838
My brain is full of fuck
Like a sponge, doused with oil
Thoughts don't come by easily
I'll go to sleep now
No. 85843
110 kB, 847 × 911, 0:00
Things just sorta go on.
I’m reading Psychopolitik for tomorrow’s seminar plus practicing classical.
My favourite expression/word from the deck is still 腐鼠, which means “rotting rodent”.

Tried to pick up a Machiavelli monograph but the clerk at the uni bookstore fucked it up again and said he sold it accidentally and will have it tomorrow. So I’m hoping I’ll have it by tomorrow.

I’m stressed.
No. 85844
1,6 MB, 1458 × 2239
Who would have thought that blanched and cooled, chopped spinach with light soy sauce can taste this good? I now think about growing spinach to get a healthy dose of green leaves for cheap over the winter. Probably my new favorite dish.
No. 85854
I am intrigued by your suggestion and would like to know more. There are lots of recipe for stir-fry spinach and it's good with noodles but it sounds like you're doing something different.

t.trying to lose weight
No. 85856
slept for 1 day straight

No. 85860
I did this one but had no sesame oil at home and no green onions and it's very tasty. I tried it wth just light soy sauce and spinach and it was also very tasty. no ice bath btw, just rinse in cold water and press out water

No. 85862
Ukrainian is obviously not a real language (just like Norwegian) but if they go full nation state and promote it's exclusive use it might have a bright future. In this scenario Ukrainians will slowly forget Russian over time, not sure how likthat is. Language autists will be all over Ukrainian for tourism reasons maybe.
No. 85863
God I wish that were me.
No. 85868
Why can't my little cunt of a little brother just shut the fuck up and do as he's told?

I'm barely functional myself, I can't tard wrangle his ass.
No. 85869
I baked a pizza and some rosemary flatbread.
Went to seminar. It went okay except for that one moment where we somehow drifted to the abortion topic in light of “intristic value of life vs value of quality of life” and I sort of lost my composure and argued for abortion by saying that if someone is gonna have an unfulfilling, uncomfotable life due to a disability, and he is also going to destroy their family and negatively impact the vider community’s resources, then abortion is almost an obligation.
Lecturer got really uncomfortable for a second, fixed his collar and said that I was “quite radical” and that I should be careful because in other classes people have been called nazies for far less than advocating for eugenics.
But ultimately he chalked it up to me being in China studies when I excused myself after class.
“No Sir, of course I’m not advocating for the defence of the Volksgemeinschaft.”
You know I think I might be a fascist. Or just an idiot. Who knows.

Picked up a book on Machiavelli. It was quite cheap. Chatted with the clerk a bit, he offered me some mentha tea which I acceped.
It was nice to drink something after walking in the cold.
No. 85872
Sounds Peter-Singer-tier.
No. 85874
558 kB, 800 × 870
Speaking about fertility, why urbanites don't reproduce?
No. 85875
The lecturer sounds like a weenie

A real epic gamer take would be to say that women should be forced to abort the disabled babies, but also forced to birth the healthy ones.
No. 85877
I can be more edgy, watch:
Women who refuse to have more children than average should be forcefully impregnated with the sperm of retarded, ugly cripples as a punishment.
Women who want to have more children than average should have their fetuses crippled in utero.
That way, the sum of human suffering will be increased to the max, which is an absolute good, since humans are scum and deserve to suffer.
No. 85879
43 kB, 429 × 645
That's not edgy, just convoluted edge larp.
True edginess always chooses Occam's razor, for example to cut girls' clitorises off.

t. edge pro

btw, question to the young ones on here: are Columbine references still being considered edgy?
No. 85880 Kontra
I don’t think so.
We regularly joked about school shootings and calling someone a “school shooter” was kind of a common insult if they were perceived as a misanthropic loner.
Hell we even wanted Pumped Up Kicks as our entry music for the graduation ceremony.
The boomers were fine with it until they learned what the lyrics meant but otherwise nobody who is young/was born right before or after it considers columbine edgy.
No. 85883
The young ones have never heard of Columbine. To them, Bowling for Columbine or Elephant are as culturally relevant as "I don't like Mondays" is to millenials. Some have heard of it, but it has no meaning to them.
No. 85884 Kontra
Also what the other German said.
I know about columbine because I’m a weirdo who engages way too much with American culture and I also played Doom.

The act of shooting up a school as a stereotype is known. Specific incidents? Who even has the time to care for them?
No. 85885
5,9 MB, 6:25
>Who even has the time to care for them?
Well, in my time they were not a regular occurrence.
I remember when Erfurt happened. Apart from all the blame-shifting and boomer "experts" talking about video game violence and whatnot, I can for example still remember that our german teacher had us write a letter to Robert Steinhäuser and tell him how we feel or what we think about him or something like that.
Also, german metal band Eisregen made a song about it. I still chuckle about the line "Glock, die kleine Glock".
No. 85886 Kontra
School shootings are far from regular in Germany.

I was still in elementary school when Erfurt happened but I remember already reading in Gamestar about it later on. And About this Pfeif(f)er guy, criminologist or something?

Maybe it's just that you voice yourself like an internet edgelord in RL while other people actually manage to contain that?
No. 85887
Yes, Christian Pfeiffer, a moral crusader, zealot and attention whore. He has probably spent more time in talkshows than doing any actual "research".
I think he was also connected to the 80s "Horrovideo" scare, if you want you can watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nMy-NryQN2c and see if he appears somewhere.
No. 85888
A guy I went to school with in the 2000s is called Christian Pfeiffer.
No. 85889
It's always the german poster who has to make things weird, huh.
No. 85890 Kontra
No I don’t talk like an internet edgelord IRL.
Off the ‘net I’m a respectable, educated member of society.
No. 85892
112 kB, 954 × 614
After finishing with a machine at the gym I wiped it down with the supplied spray and a disposable towel. Another patron, who was standing right there and had to have seen this, proceeded to re-wipe the machine prior to sitting down.
No. 85893 Kontra
Something particularly horrifying from the picture in today's spam. The fact that you can geolocate it by the image itself is truly horrible.
No. 85894 Kontra
It's like gun safety, he also checks if it was unloaded.
What if you keep bad towel safety?
No. 85896
37 kB, 350 × 197
I'll cancel the vendetta...
No. 85903
I need to put in some work tomorrow, not massively so but a few hours of hard graft on a Friday combined with shepherding others. Unfortunately I also have a number of fairly pointless phone calls going on throughout the day that I know will make focusing impossible but which will either offend others to cancel and that I know if I reschedule then it won't stop being rescheduled.

It's something I had pointed out to me by a boss who must be at least somewhat on the spectrum, that I spend too much time on my networks doing tasks that distract me and are a waste of what I'm being paid. Unfortunately I tend to take the opposite view where maintaining networks and building kudos is incredibly important to getting anything done and it's nice to be human sometimes. I'm not saying any thing controversial here but I am procrastinating on doing some work now and will be tired tomorrow as a result. Damn you, internet.

Putting some effort into not contacting a fling from university where the attraction was purely physical and trying to see if she wants to 'hang out' over Christmas. Last time I spoke to her I broke her heart and she told me never to speak to her again. There's something about this time of year that has always led to terrible decisions.

I find it best to qualify sometimes where I open by saying 'to be contrarian'. You really argued nothing wrong though, in fact it's a decision people make to such a degree that down syndrome is going extinct - but such are peoples emotions.

Space for children is unaffordable in major cities and most people are a lot worse off, in terms of at least financial security, than we really recognise. Part of that is quality of life expectations but I think the birth rate would be a lot higher in urban cities if young couples could afford their own home - a bird in a nest leads to eggs.

Also, obviously urban areas skew young and single. Once people get into their 30s and couple up they move to the tedium of suburbia to have the children.
No. 85908 Kontra
>Get called a nazi yesterday
>Wake up
>Read critique of abstract
>”In my opinion this part is overly marxist, I would recommend rewriting it unless you deeply agree with it of course.”
I see the problem. I let my surroundings interpret me. I let myself become nothing but a pure subject of their interpretation.
True freedom is breaking free from labels.
No. 85909
Just wear a Mao suit.
It will reinforce your image of being "the China man" and in the future any potentially fascist statements you make will be perceived as communist.
No. 85910
264 kB, 1920 × 1080

An extremist, a fundamentalist, shaped by the internet! Buy a house, make a family and earn money and we will see what will be left of your talking, young man!
No. 85911
Cutting clitoris is not really edgy. Friend of friend studies in Murican university, she had conflict with her mentor over female circumstance. Slavic barbarian failed to understand that negative attitude to it means cultural imperialism, neocolonialism, imposing modernity on Africans, you know the thing.
No. 85913
Kek. It seems the snake of Western cultural Marxism (not to be mixed with Marxism proper) is eating its own tail now, just as it should have happened. Ideological particularism is a bitch indeed.
No. 85940
So, does dieting ever get easier, or will I be a frustrated, angry cunt for the rest of my life?
No. 85941
Weren't you always a frustrated angry cunt?
No. 85942 Kontra
1,8 MB, 2628 × 3099
Did the exam. Don't know how much I fucked it up.
Probably a lot.
Went to the store to buy goose-lard because it's St. Martin's day and you need to eat something goose related on this day. Can't exactly remember the story or how the animal ties into St. Martin's life.
I remember that he was a legionary who tore off his cape to share it with a destitute man after converting.
He hid among geese? Heh, Amongeese.

Also looked at the windows of the antiquaries. Saw a China-studies volume but I didn't get it because it was a bit too expensive for my liking. Everything at that store is expensive.
Went to another one because I saw a small pocked Daodejing in the window, but as it turns out it was in Spanish, so it was completely useless. There was a Mao essay volume too. Also in Spanish.
But I came across this lovely pocket volume of some medieval Japanese novel and it was quite cheap.

Yeah and I re-wrote the abstract. Well, that part anyway.
Ultimately I think this happened because I basically let Ferenc Tőkei's sinological writings take the better of me and I used his terminology of "decaying patriarchal society" when describing Warring States China.

I thought about it but I just think it'd be a distasteful thing to do plus I don't think a Zhongshan suit would go well with me having long hair and a beard + moustache.
Basically imagine a musketeer wearing one.

I don't deny that I was politically socialised by 4chan.
Can't say we ever talked about politics at home. Besides my father being a de-facto, subconscious anarchist who must always fight and despise power, no matter who wields is.
So basically I inherited my father's constant protesting against present forces and users of power, while internalizing far-right rhetoric and topics mixed in with my amazingly deep (no) knowledge of Marxism.
Politics is fucking retarded.
No. 85943
This, I don't think it has to do with dieting.
No. 85944
>with me having long hair and a beard + moustache.
Then get your hair cut, hippie.
No. 85946
Yes, but even more so now, if you can believe it.
No. 85949
I dunno mang, I also was sorta dieting lately (completely excluded sugar and lowered the quantity of starch-heavy foods, like chips and fried potatoes), and I don't feel angrier that I usually am (granted, I'm usually an ultra-phlegmatic pohuist, but still there are no noticeable changes at all). Perhaps you picked a diet that's too tiring? Constantly being hungry may cause more damage than good.
No. 85959
I need new glasses. I want to get new frames which signal that I’m the most pretentious artist/thinker there is. What design should I go for? Bonus for European style.
No. 85960
There is nothing more pretentious than Windsor glasses, bonus points for a really small diameter.
Doesn't get any more pretentious and will make you look like a faggot in 100% of the cases, infa 100%.

Famous wearers: John Lennon, Bert Brecht, Heinrich Himmler
No. 85963
Huh, why starch? To me the main thing I'd expect someone to avoid in chips and fries is the fat, not the starch.

By sugar you mean additional sugars added as ingredient and not the natural sugars of ingredients itself, I assume?
Avoiding "extra sugar" is something I've avoided for about 2 years now and it feels great. I feel more energetic throughout the whole day, even though it seems counter intuitive, but now my energy and motivation isn't tied much to when I eat but rather spread out through the day.

Except that I didn't plan to avoid extra sugar as much as I was surprised that I've been doing it for several months at one point. I never ate much sweets anyway (since moving out after school) and I've been cooking without much pre-packaged stuff and then when I stopped drinking soft drinks about 2 years ago I was effectively avoiding extra sugars without realizing it.

I've heard that before from people losing weight. If your diet comes with losing weight then you're likely to feel cold all the time and become cranky easily. But that'll go away as soon as you are done burning through fat reserves and your body adjusts its expectation for sugar/fat/carb intake, right?

I don't know to much about losing weight myself, so take it with a grain of salt.
No. 85965
>why starch
Because it very easily gets turned into glucose which in turn ends up on your belly and ass. AFAIK, it happens faster with carbs like glucose than with fats, although I may be wrong.

>By sugar you mean additional sugars added as ingredient and not the natural sugars of ingredients itself, I assume?
Yep, so fruit are fine while chocolate bars and sugary sodas are a no-no.

Then again, my diet is probably not nearly as heavy as brick's (I just got a little chonky a couple of months ago, so I decided to not indulge myself so much as I used to; now I'm pretty much back to my old skinnyfat self :-DDDDDD), and I don't workout much (just some basic calisthenics, like push-ups, plus my blue collar job doesn't let me sit around much), so I don't have any mood changes, negative ones at least.
No. 85966
>me the main thing I'd expect someone to avoid in chips and fries is the fat, not the starch.

>By sugar you mean additional sugars added as ingredient and not the natural sugars of ingredients itself
I do not know about this poster, but the keto-bulldozers do exactly that. "It's starch and sugars that makes you fat!" "Plants contain anti-nutrients, do not eat plants!", "wheat and gluten makes you fat, gotta detox from wheat!"
Just go to YouTube to get a load of the idiots. Only thing I love more is the German word "entschlacken". Slag exists in blast furnaces, not in the human body.
No. 85967 Kontra
>500 kcal of fat are less kcal than 500kcal of starch
Only way to get less fat from fat is eating so much of it that you shit it out undigested.
No. 85968
I see. I thought you were just talking about the starch regularly contained in potatoes, but apparently industrially fried food contains a huge amount of extra starch to speed up the frying process.
But starch itself is really not a problem if consumed in the quantities found in unprocessed food.

Well yeah, I assume every poster on EC to be mentally capable enough not to follow any such bullshit diets as keto.
No. 85969
I thought of Ace & Tate from the Netherlands (has shops all over Europe), the Zara/H&M etc. of designer glasses and the US has an equivalent from which A&T seemed to copy the business model and design: Warby Parker

Honestly, I bought my glasses there because you get something good looking for really cheap prices and I suspect many people run around ith them these days, might be that it's just a big city where you can buy them that I see them that often but you know they have try@home service and such.

No. 85970
>industrially fried food contains a huge amount of extra starch
Yeah. And I also did not give up these foods completely, because I fucking love potato chips. I just try not to eat them as much as I used to.

>Plants contain anti-nutrients, do not eat plants!
WTF, what do they eat then, meat and fish only?

>wheat and gluten makes you fat, gotta detox from wheat!
Yeah, in my experience people who avoid gluten are either the ones who actually allergic to it, or some sort of batshit crazy pronouns from the Western internets. I'm neither of those, so I'm fine with wheat bread. Rye bread is superior, though.
No. 85973
To chime in into the diet discussion:

You lose weight from a caloric deficit first and foremost. Anyone who tells you anything else is full of shit.

That said, when you're doing sports, depending on what kind of sports you are doing, there's a difference in what kind of energy is used up first.
You have basically three tiers of energy supply:

  • "free" saccharides like Glucose, used up immediately
  • Glycogen, it's basically muscle starch and used up first from the storage substances
  • Fat, which consists of fatty acids joined to a glycerin. The fatty acids are broken down in segments of 2 carbon units, which takes some time. The yield is ultimately pretty high, but it's not a short-term solution.

What e.g. keto is doing is depleting all your non-fat deposits, so the body has no choice but to burn fat for everything. This can be useful in a short-term fashion, but a big problem here is that your brain runs on Glucose. It just LOVES sugar, as in actual monosaccharides. It can do with ketogenic compounds, but not as well, so a prolonged ketogenic diet will basically starve your brain.

The tl;dr here is, as always, the old Paracelsus wisdom
>All things are poison, and nothing is without poison; but the dose makes it clear that a thing is not a poison.

So in short: Keep a caloric deficit and don't overdo it in any direction.
No. 85986 Kontra
>what do they eat then, meat and fish only?
Essentially, yes. And don't call them pronouns, they are right-wingers, mostly, opposed to them pronouns and shit. Jordan Peterson only eats Steak.
No. 85991
>Essentially, yes.
That's fucked up. All the health hazards of such a diet notwithstanding, it would also be pretty expensive and eventually bore you to death.

>don't call them pronouns
I was talking about the gluten-avoiders I've encountered, who also usually were some sort of vegan feminist pansexual whatever-else-is-fashionable-in-their-circles fuckheads. If you're saying that anti-gluten craze is common among the right-wingers too, then I guess the horseshoe theory is also true for food preferences, only with different extremes. :-DDDDDD
No. 86006
Keto is a low-carb diet. No carbo-hydrates implies no gluten.
No. 86014
79 kB, 596 × 673
Success in dieting ultimately depends on how much stress you're adding to the system and how quickly. Remember you need to influence current and future you in such a way that you will cooperate - with the consequence of failure being that you will binge and be miserable. So it sounds like you need to adjust your diet. Not by adding cheat days but for me it's letting myself have a small (SMALL!) treat when I go shopping and maybe even a pizza when I've been a good boy to stop future self getting pissy.

But realistically you need to focus your efforts on kicking the nicotine addiction and drinking as the priority. Nicotine does cause a higher fuel use but it also pushes fat into your belly and will be a bridge you'll eventually have to cross anyway.

t.read the literature from my countries project to keep our collective waistline under control

You'd actually be surprised at the results being reported from the potato diet. Nobody know why it works but if you eat (unfried) potato you stand to lose a lot of weight very quickly, there's some environmental factor at work that makes less processed = good, and there's not much more unprocessed than a boiled potato out of the ground.

Keep in mind wild animals, isolated hunter-gatherers and lab rats have also gotten fat in recent history.

>You lose weight from a caloric deficit first and foremost.

No. 86015 Kontra
The ratio of tourists to locals where I live at 4pm is about 9-1. I don't know what to make of this. At least, it's very quiet in the night when they all go back to Lisbon.
No. 86016
94 kB, 736 × 576
me after I lose weight
No. 86018
>No carbo-hydrates implies no gluten.
Gluten is not a carbo-hydrate though. I assume you were referring to stuff like seitan, that, while being rich in protein, still has a lot of carbohydrates.
No. 86019
Went on a few dates with a girl, actually liked her a lot, she's rational, pretty smart, open, tall and attractive. A couple of days ago she suggested to watch a movie at my place. She said that there would be sexual stuff and I was okay with it. We spent the evening together and everything went pretty fine, lots of intimate contact and a lot of apparent desire from her, but she was on her period so we just openly talked about how we would like to be sexually involved with each other.

We were supposed to go on a date tonight, but when I texted her to confirm it she said that she wanted to spend the weekend alone. And then texted that I'm a great guy and all but she didn't feel anything from kissing me and we're probably not physically compatible. Well, it seemed like she was feeling quite a bit to me but well, that's not my call to make. Of course the rejection is upsetting but to be honest the thing that kind of pissed me off is the way she only decided to tell me she won't be coming to a prearranged date after I texted her about it, that was pretty low of her. I don't know why I'm making this post, probably just venting.
No. 86021
POE went to shit, ascendencies were a mistake, the game went to shit once they came out. Change my mind.

Today I slaved away for the greater good, helped 234 year old neighbour with housholdening's and shopping. I am a saint (I am not).
No. 86023
Poe went to shit after they trivialized the campaign with power creep, which happened early in the game's history, relatively speaking.

I never understood why people who play MMOs and games like PoE bitch and moan about the "leveling content".
They say it's "boring". Well it wouldn't be boring if the devs didn't listen to their bitching and make it trivially easy.

On the contrary, every MMO or ARPG type game I played, the leveling experience was the only good part of the game, because it was the only part that had larger context and structure on top of the "enter a room and kill 100 enemies" gameplay loop.

It was also kinda shit even before it came out, conceptually, because it was designed with trading in mind, meaning the drop rates are so shit that you can't access most of the content without trading, which means that the only fun game mode - SSF is pointless.
I do not understand the logic of making a game in the genre of "find randomly generated epic loot", then taking the randomness out of it by making trading the main method of loot acquisition.
Grinding for loot your build can't use so you can trade it for loot somebody else found that fits your build is no different than grinding for gold and buying gear from a shop. That entire system nullifies itself.

I hate PoE because there's a good game somewhere in its systems, that I will never be able to play.
No. 86024
I played the come once open beta dropped like 9 or something years ago. My rant was supposed to be a joge, but I am salty that ascendancies have no off classes like spellsword for the duellist etc.

>Poe went to shit after they trivialized the campaign with power creep, which happened early in the game's history, relatively speaking.
Well, I disagree since I always breezed through the game.

>I never understood why people who play MMOs and games like PoE bitch and moan about the "leveling content".
I for one never did that, I also just left once the game got too bad, last league I played with mates was like 2 years ago and the state was at the time was bad, I am actually serious that afte 2.2 or something once Pera(d)us with Ascendancies dropped it slowly went to shite.

Well, it is a D2 style hack/click and slay, the fun part is imo the theory crafting.
Also: There always were and most likely are builds which carry you to endgame with zero investment, before the reworks of magma orb or poison assassin (infinite pois stack) with only moderate grind, blade vortex with less grind even today I assume and so on, but most builds are shafted, and they did indeed fuck up trading, I also mostly play SSF without using the mode so that I could occasionally have fun with mates.

I hate the drops too, were always shit as far as I remember, melee is always fucked and spells in most cases are better or need less investment unless you go high budget and so on, I never understood why it took them years to remove double dipping for fire dot builds, the list is loooooooooong.

>it was designed with trading in mind, meaning the drop rates are so shit that you can't access most of the content without trading, which means that the only fun game mode - SSF is pointless.
Well, yes, drops and trade are shite and yet I basically played ssf and bought items after/at the end of the league for standard which I never used. I sometimes messaged the first 20 people and another bunch further down in poe trade and offered 3 times the prices (say 3 ex instead of 1) and did not get a single reply so I had to make/craft the item myself for even more...

>I hate PoE because there's a good game somewhere in its systems, that I will never be able to play.
Yes, but loot is not the only problem, I don't wanna write a book of all the PoE issues. Melee vs ranged (spells) is one of my fav issues, fuck the devs I feel forsaken. If they fixed all of my issues I'd pay them 100€ per year...

t. poe pro but I quit 2 or so years ago, SSF but without HC since online only makes this shite, one lag and the char goes to hui, not gonna play logout macro
No. 86027
Women are skittish and mysterious animals. My sympathies, she's probably just a coward more than anything else.
No. 86030

After we got together, my gf confessed that she would have never ever made the first (or any) move.
Had I not just kissed her one evening the thing would have never taken off.
At worst you get slapped, at best you get gf.
No. 86034
>All the health hazards of such a diet notwithstanding
They are. Listen to Peterson telling about what happened to him after such diet:
Yes, it's leftie's parody on him, but my friend who is Peterson's fan retold me the same story, so it's not some deep fake or quote taken out of context. Notice how he attributes health hazards not to the diet, but to the fact that he followed it not strictly enough!
No. 86035
She's not a coward, the cunt-whore is now at a different Point in her cycle and instead of a nice agreeable worthless piece of shit beta, it is now (subcodciously) looking for a strong powerful succesful dominant Alpha to Splash his valuable genes into her cunt. She is probably getting plowed by one this very moment, knowing fully Well that sie USA how sixth or seventh this week. Thats is how women are, but it IS politically incorrect to admit this.
No. 86036 Kontra
No. 86037
It's just sad that even at my age stuff like this is still emotionally affecting me. You'd think someone's skin would grow thicker by their 30s. Ah well, I'll get over it.
No. 86038
I just spent a bunch of time reading about things I didn't need to know and won't have a use for.
No. 86042
>It's just sad that even at my age stuff like this is still emotionally affecting me.
Come on, it's fucking normal. If your relationships do NOT emotionally affect you there's something deeply wrong about you indeed. And you fundamentally cannot reap the emotional benefits without taking the emotional risks.
No. 86044
There are the correct emotions of men, that is rage and a desire to dominate other men and women more, to be stronger, to rape women and kill all opponents. Then there are the emotions of weaklings, like sadness, loneliness and a feeling of inferiority. Pimps do only feel the first set of emotions, never the second. Women love pimps. No wimps. They live pimps so much that they willingly let sexually disgusting men have access to their whoreholes to make money for the pump and gain the pimps favor.
No. 86046 Kontra
4 kB, 184 × 200
No. 86047 Kontra
Thanks for sharing your valuable opinion with us, Aloisovich. :)
No. 86071

At the chance of being pedantic: The content in that video does not make the statement of the previous poster wrong:

>You lose weight from a caloric deficit first and foremost.

Is correct. What's easy to confuse here is that the way calories are counted being incorrect does not mean that a caloric deficit will cause weight loss.
A calorie is still a measure of energy, and a loss of energy is a loss of energy, regardless of how incorrect the attribution of that energy to different substances is.

The calorie as measurement for energy intake needs to be overhauled or abandonned, I agree. But the statement

>You lose weight from a caloric deficit first and foremost.

is equivalent to all of the following statements:

>You lose weight from an energy deficit first and foremost.
>You lose weight from a deficit in joules first and foremost.
>You lose weight from a caloric watts first and foremost.

Note that lack of quantifier that makes the simple substitution of measurement units possbile here.

Anyway, your sentiment was right, of course, but your invalidation of the other posters statement was not correct.

Here is a more detailled read about the same topic from your video, if anyone is interested:

This sais essentially the same thing as the video, but with much more background, for all Ernsts who want to understand why "a calorie is not a calorie".
Note: That article does not debunk the video, it agrees with the video entirely, and then provides more historic and scientific background.
My defence of the statement cames not from this article. Just want to be clear about that to prevent circular discussions