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No. 85851
7,3 MB, 854 × 480, 0:57
160 kB, 2324 × 1255
olde >>84497

>4 minute readNovember 10, 202212:07 AM GMT+1Last Updated 44 min ago
>Russia orders retreat from Ukrainian city of Kherson in major setback for Moscow

>Biden urges Republicans to work with him as control of U.S. Congress unclear
>Republicans also could engineer a showdown over the debt ceiling to extract major spending cuts, and could pare back aid to Ukraine.
Well, seems like the Republicans (Republicucks) don't want to finance Ukraine, nothing new.
No. 85853
31 kB, 682 × 701
Areas in and around Kherson may be mined...
No. 85859
32 kB, 500 × 500
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
Poor choice of OP image, it isn't eye-catching or humorous.

t. Imageboard-pro
No. 85861 Kontra
34 kB, 400 × 308
No. 85865 Kontra
2,3 MB, 640 × 352, 0:27
He was even more interesting person than Pushilin. =D
No. 85867 Kontra
>Nazi shizo shite
No. 85881
284 kB, 1179 × 1558
So how many dimensions of chess are we on right now?
No. 85882 Kontra
Current cope seems to be that the Russian commander is a “true general” who isn’t afraid to “make the right military decision even if it’s politically harmful”.
No. 85895
>Ukraine says Russians will take at least a week to leave Kherson city
No. 85897 Kontra
It maybe take less than a week, not all of them are leaving. Kherson Kessel has fallen. I think the pain of the it being the only district capital was what kept it being reinforced up until a few days ago. They've committed troops to continuous assaults in Bakhmut to no gain and now they must withdraw from their eternally Russian city. I wonder what the forces within this power structure that advocated for what were.

ominous radioactive chanting
No. 85898 Kontra
If anything they will just blow the dam and then blame it on the Hohols.
No. 85899 Kontra
Good idea, but what for?
No. 85900 Kontra
To make sure the Hohols definitely don’t cross the Dnepr for a few weeks while they try to regroup the mobniks and whatever forces they have.
No. 85901 Kontra
I’m reminded of what one of the Russian Ernsts said a few months ago.
“SMO Phase one: Take Kiev
Phase two: Protect the Donbass
Phase three: Defend Beogorod at all cost”
No. 85906 Kontra
I think it was "retake Belgorod".
No. 85907 Kontra
We shouldn't underestimate Volga as a natural defensive line, though.
No. 85914 Kontra
AFU is entering Kherson right now.
No. 85918 Kontra
Wagner telega confirms it.
The amount of butthurt in the comments, I shouldn't get pleasure from this but I do.
No. 85921 Kontra
397 kB, 2080 × 1394
[8 months later]
What a vile and impotent war.

I will now open the first of these threads and forward all posts that aren't complaint with European foreign policy.
No. 85923
> because it's none of his fucking business in the first place?

> The governor of Nizhny Novgorod announced that he had achieved a reduction in the price of Doshirak for those mobilized in the village of Mulino
> In the military trade in the village of Mulino, Nizhny Novgorod region, they reduced the price of instant noodles "Doshirak" after Governor Gleb Nikitin drew attention to its high cost. Nikitin himself spoke about this in his telegram channel.
(this is a training ground built by Germans btw)
No. 85929
If you kill force your enemies to retreat they win
No. 85936 Kontra
854 kB, 336 × 640, 0:09
2,5 MB, 640 × 368, 0:29
Joyous days in Kherson.
No. 85953 Kontra
398 kB, 967 × 322
No. 85957
Well obviously the millions upon millions of pro-russian patriots in Kherson are not celebrating, they are probably eating pickles with vodka
No. 85971 Kontra
There is most definitely a large share of pro-Russian patriots in the cities of South Ukraine - I doubt Kherson is any different from Odessa in that regard. As for Kherson, some portion of that share is now refugees on the eastern bank. The remaning will obviously face interrogations by the SBU, with occasional imprisonments and extrajudicial murders. All as usual.
No. 85985 Kontra
Look, he is very concerned about the well-being of Kherson residents now and this imagined "large share" of Russian patriots.
No. 85988 Kontra
723 kB, 544 × 640, 0:08
Kherson will probably remain without electricity for at least a full month, but nonetheless, they go on.
No. 85994
I'm generally worried about our dear moronic civilians. The smaller the losses the better, and may Zelensky swim in a single kettle with Putin, I couldn't care less about either of the states unless the people are relatively safe.
>and this imagined "large share"
This imagined "large share" is based on quite sensible extrapolations from the information I happen to personally know.
No. 85995

Ukraina über alles,
Über alles in der Welt,
Wenn es stets zu Schutz und Trutze
Brüderlich zusammenhält...
No. 85996 Kontra
>Information I happen to personally know
Proofs? After all, being a Russian speaker doesn't mean you back this monkey war. In Odessa I'm sure people that would anxiously await liberation are a minority of a minority. Can't speak for Kherson, but if Odessa is your starting point, it's already a flawed reasoning.
No. 85997
General observations shared by my acquiantances living 150 km away in Odessa. Obvioysly they are biased, but they simply have no reason to lie about particular facts. In particular, if people aren't afraid to express quite anti-Ukrainian attitudes even in the midst of the war while their own city gets an occasional kamikaze drone or two, it's sufficiently telling.
No. 85998
>After all, being a Russian speaker doesn't mean you back this monkey war.
Obviously it doesn't. On the other hand, people with Russian as their first language are empirically less prone to the Ukrainian state propaganda (which was mostly the propaganda of hate during the last 8 years, though in more subtle forms it started much earlier). And, after all, pro-Russian demostrations in 2014 in the southern cities (some even ending in the protesters being burned alive, as we all know all too well) are an objective fact.
No. 85999 Kontra
>people aren't afraid to express quite anti-Ukrainian attitudes
This could also speak to leniency of the nazis. I'll say this, for several weeks after occupation, Kherson faced protests that were increasingly violently suppressed until they fell into silence. For this and the propaganda I consume, I'm quite sure the absolute majority of Kherson's population detests this war of aggression and anxiously awaited the removal of occupier government.
Then again, up until the recognition of the trashcannistans, I was sure war wouldn't come so who knows :DDD
No. 86000 Kontra
>On the other hand, people with Russian as their first language are empirically less prone to the Ukrainian state propaganda
But definitely not immune, from my personal experience with people who still speak Russian in 2022 Kyiv, in itself already quite a laudable stance, while being patriots of the "nationalist cause".
No. 86001
>I'll say this, for several weeks after occupation, Kherson faced protests that were increasingly violently suppressed until they fell into silence. For this and the propaganda I consume, I'm quite sure the absolute majority of Kherson's population detests this war of aggression and anxiously awaited the removal of occupier government.
The larger share of the politically active population - yes, most likely so. But as we perfectly see in Russia itself the distribution of political sympathies among the people in general and among political activists may differ drastically. And, rest assured, the situation doesn't allow to make conclusions about the "absolute majority" of anything.
No. 86002 Kontra
>politically active
The question is fundamentally different in times of war. People protesting a military occupation shouldn't be brushed aside with the tag of being just political activists.
No. 86004
They shouldn't, but it's a matter of fact. It just doesn't tell us much about the general distribution of opinions (which obviously should concern us the most).
No. 86005
It is just the same. They are naive idiots thinking they will fare better wegen the puppets in government are exchanges or different people pulll the strings and steal everything. Knowlegable people who learned from history will not fall for such bullshit tales. Only retards. If you cannot see it, then you are a retard and I can only laugh about you!
No. 86008 Kontra
>They shouldn't, but it's a matter of fact
You know the action of protesting a military occupation is fundamentally different to protesting a government, both in reasoning and in the scope of retribution one will face. Are we to expect only professional activists would take to the streets after Russian cities are occupied?

Please don't reply to my posts until 300k Ukrainian servicemen are encircled in Donbass.
No. 86009
No one said anything about "professional" activists, but the point is that 95% of the time the protesters are a natural minority, aren't representative and don't tell us much about what an average Joe may be thinking. I don't know how else I may put it.
No. 86010 Kontra
Wars news - Ukrainian military command claims they're conducting operations on the left side of the Dnipro from Kherson. Presumably to attack Russian units while they're disorganized after a retreat and for what seems to be primarily psychological warfare, to continue causing grief and anxiety to troops who otherwise might consider themselves safe after evacuation. They speak of landings in the Kinburn Peninsula, all of it impossible to confirm over shaky footage of boats crossing the Dnipro. In any case, this seems to be a harassment effort.
No. 86011
When Russian cities are occupied, Washington will be smoldering radioactive crater! Then, no one will be left to protect cowardly Europeans from Russia!

>You know the action of protesting a military occupation is fundamentally different to protesting a government, both in reasoning and in the scope of retribution one will face.
I explained that it is just the same. Ridiculous pathetic people who think one government might be better than the other. "If only a different shepherd would fleece me my life would be so much better", dumb sheeple think.

>Please don't reply to my posts until 300k Ukrainian servicemen are encircled in Donbass.
Who do you think you are? Will you make me stop? You cannot make me stop.
No. 86012 Kontra
>You cannot make me stop.
I hope you never stop :3
No. 86020 Kontra
76 kB, 160 × 160
You are feeding the cretins, I can only question your intentions.
No. 86022
>If only a different puppet would speak and pretend to rule Germany, everything would be so much better! Because I, as a political person, would much prefer someone else stealing from me and forcing me to use gender-speak and poisoning children with their propaganda.
No. 86026
1,2 MB, 3500 × 3100
>don't tell us much about what an average Joe may be thinking
And what does tell? Here are election results, pro-Russian ОПЗЖ lost in Kherson region.

Regardless of their amount, the most militant ziggers are eastern Ukrainians. Limonov and Elizarov were thirsty to send tanks to Kyiv before it became a well-paid thing to say, and both are from Kharkov. Nothing surprising here, after all Chomsky is from America and Nikita Sadkov is from Russia.
No. 86029
Sometimes I question what these results say. Obviously I wouldn't go back to pre-2014 but at the same time there's a reason Ukrainian politics is now dominated by centrist-libertarians. And I doubt it's because they've built a workers utopia or that everyone is okay with the suppression of Russian language.

Obviously there probably won't be an answer until the war ends.
No. 86031
27 kB, 512 × 512
34 kB, 512 × 512
27 kB, 512 × 512
You took Dostoevsky too uncritically and too close to heart. And now your mind is like a fly trap, to which every Kremlin's psyop sticks to. It means that I have to elaborate on my previous statement
> Krasovsky was buck-broken almost the same way as Dostoevsky

Dostoevsky participated in Petrashev's opposition circle. Krasovsky was an opposition public figure in 2011. Dostoevsky was sentenced to death sentence for distributing Belinsky's letter. Against Krasovsky there was fabricated a case for "attacking" life.ru propagandist. Dostoevsky's execution was cancelled in the last moment, when he was standing on a scaffold. Later his exile sentence was halved (in exchange for what?). Krasovsky's real prison sentence (practically, death sentence, given his health condition and his sexual orientation) was replaced with probation in the last moment (in exchange for what?). After his punishment Dostoevsky became militant loyalist. After his punishment Krasovsky became militant loyalist.

Two centuries has passed, but tactic of authorities didn't change and still relies on Stockholm syndrome. "In Russia everything changes in 10 years, but nothing in 200 years".

tl;dr: Your role model is a buck-broken rooster. He can be very talented (or not to be) and he deserves compassion, but he won't teach you anything good.
No. 86032 Kontra
Any chance you're talking with anyone in particular, or you're just copypasting whatever catches your attention?..
No. 86033
Yes, I addressed this essay to you (most probably).
No. 86039
That's a good point. Ukraine which is "basically just like nazi Germany" is definitely European and belongs in the EU.
No. 86040 Kontra
I've only ever mentioned Dostoyevskiy in refuting your (I suppose) frankly absurd claim that Dostoyevskiy (and not the general historiocultural and economic background) is somehow to blame for the modern Russian mentality. So I really don't know what most of that "essay" has to do with my opinions at all.
No. 86041
Let's just say that "Ukraine above all" brings really undesirable associations no matter a part of what Ukraine is or wants to be.
And I just happen to dislike all sorts of nationalists.
No. 86043 Kontra
P.S.: Especially those who happen to glorify a plain butcherer on the national level, as a matter of fact. That sort of history just tends to repeat itself if not reflected properly. Let's wait how long it takes until Ukraine liberates a convicted murderer of a Russian national and cherishes him as a national hero (I hope you know what story involving two military officers and an axe I'm referring to).
No. 86045
What made you think that I'm replying to a particular post about FMD? I'm commenting entire set of posts which you've made over all these months. Anyway you're addressing some formalities, avoiding (probably psychologically uncomfortable) central point. But I hope that I sew some thoughts into your heda, which will grow one day.
No. 86048
>I'm commenting entire set of posts which you've made over all these months.
If your reading capabilities are very selective for some reason:
>I've only ever mentioned Dostoyevskiy in refuting your (I suppose) frankly absurd claim that Dostoyevskiy (and not the general historiocultural and economic background) is somehow to blame for the modern Russian mentality.
Moreover, I've apparently missed all the posts about Dostoyevskiy somehow.

Personally, while I deeply respect the author (in particular, he would likely hold the title of the most intellectual classical Russian writer), in the end he's just a child of the late 19th century in Russia and his views cannot be taken out of that context.
No. 86049
51 kB, 1000 × 1000
>your heda, which will grow one day.
The one who posted the "Ukraine über alles" post has no heda and there will never be heda. frustrating.jpg
No. 86050
64 kB, 500 × 763
> a plain butcherer
Who gave us or Ukrainians a right to judge Bandera? Are you some supreme moral authority to do it or what? Do you think of yourself as God? If it happened, there were probably objective reasons for that. It's probably just Ukrainian mentality, you can't do anything about it. After all, it's not Christian to give such accusations, you should apply principle of charity and give the other cheek.
No. 86051
15 kB, 225 × 225
8/10 beating "it" with its own weapons. Me like.
No. 86052 Kontra
Took me only another 5 hours to do it too, guess I never learn.

>War in Ukraine: Kyiv prepares for a blackout
No. 86053 Kontra
I meant "I sew some thoughts and THEY will grow one day", this impolite interpretation of sentence wasn't in my intentions.
No. 86054 Kontra
to sow -> sowed , not "sew"
No. 86055 Kontra
Are you referring to that 2000-something case in Budapest when during some NATO-cooperation training an Azeri dude snuck out at night and killed an Armenian officer?

We extradited him to Azerbaijan after a few years because the Azeri govt promised a fuckload of investment money and this was part of the deal.

They promised to actually make him spend time in jail like he would have in Hungary but the minute he got off the plane he received a presidential pardon and was even promoted.
Kavkaz. Not even once.
No. 86056 Kontra
I got you, but some people just don't have a heda. sad.jpg

Insanity of reality is sad.jpg
>Kavkaz. Not even once.
Whole or only the Muslim parts? Hmmmm...
No. 86057
>Whole or only the Muslim parts? Hmmmm...
The whole. That's not about Islam in the slightest, but about plain tribalistic nationalism which continued to flourish there even during the Soviet era (and quickly went off the charts afterwards, when the local leaders started to use nationalism to reinforce their positions).
No. 86058
What you want from you Ukrainians is to adopt western cancel culture, totally unforgiving and unproductive.
No. 86059 Kontra
To my knowledge it’s not just the muslims.
Everybody is batshit crazy there.
Caucasians would have genocided the Russians long ago if not for them hating each other even more than the Russians.
It’s like the Balkans but wilder.
No. 86060 Kontra
No. 86061
>Who gave us or Ukrainians a right to judge Bandera?
And now you're playing the ape. Whatever one may think about the personality of Bandera, his ideas and activities must be judged and condemned by any sane member of humanity for our common good.

Actually makes one think what an array of miscreants the West "had" to support during the years of the Cold War, and what kind of miscreants they won't support for their private gain again as soon as the necessity arises. No, nothing unusual about that at all, just mixes terribly bad with playing some sort of saints in public.
No. 86062 Kontra
Aha, the third character appears...
No. 86063
>which continued to flourish there even during the Soviet era (and quickly went off the charts afterwards,
Soviet popular culture romantisised the caucasus in movies like 'the Caucasian prisoner' or 'mimino'.
No. 86064 Kontra
>That sort of history just tends to repeat itself if not reflected properly.
Unless Ukrainians undergo deep historical self-examination, they risk ending up being led a psychotic leader with delusions of nationalist greatness. Then, they'll surely start wars.
No. 86065
Bandera best era. Speaking of saints, Bandera should be made a saint for fighting the godless communists.
No. 86066 Kontra
Well, fug :DD
No. 86067 Kontra
No, it's me again. Came up with some more thoughts after I'd already sent the post.
No. 86068
"Navalny will become president and all of Ukraine and Russia will join the EU" One must be careful about online jokes they just might become reality
No. 86069 Kontra
Good ending:
Navalny becomes president and he starts another SMO but this time Russia wins.
No. 86083
Russia now has ballistic missiles from Iran. Gonna be fun seeing shitmany bankrupting itself over energy subdidies for the freezing Germlings and AA for Urine trying to shoot those missiles down!
Russia will bomb Urin to the stoneage! Then NATO will see what they get from their meddling! Fuck NATO, fuck EU, fuck Germany!
No. 86084
Disclaimer: I do not condone the Russian offensive war in Ukraine, that would be illegal in this free-speech country.

I just hope something good will come out of it and shitmany will go bankrupt!
No. 86089 Kontra
If Germany goes bankrupt, it will stop to pay you Hartz-IV, and you will die from hunger. Why do you want it to happen?
No. 86093 Kontra
96 kB, 600 × 787
A small prize to pay for the end of liberal democracy, feminazism and ecofascism. Picture for illustrative purposes.
No. 86100 Kontra
I am smart, I am prepared. Also Not in Hartz-IV.
No. 86116 Kontra
No. 86117 Kontra
My (100% German) uncle on property tax:
'They only need these forms to find out where they can put refugees, I read so in my Telegram group. But if they send me any refugees, I will lock them in my basement, shot them, run them through the meat grinder and have them flushed away in the river.'
No. 86122 Kontra
19 kB, 372 × 294
Sounds almost like my mother.
t. Russogerm
No. 86129
Hey I remember you. Have you still not moved from your village? Why do you keep associating with these people if you hate them so much? Is it because you do actually enjoy your uncle molesting you?
No. 86130
Fuckmänner gonna enrich you're schwester :DDDDDD
No. 86148 Kontra
They are probably in the same Telegram-group.
No. 86167 Kontra
210 kB, 1360 × 966
>In footage published over the weekend, the man, who identifies himself as Yevgeny Nuzhin, says he surrendered to Ukrainian troops in early September but was kidnapped from the streets of Kyiv on Friday. The gruesome video then shows Nuzhin, 55, being bludgeoned to death with a sledgehammer by a Wagner fighter.

>“Nuzhin betrayed his people, betrayed his comrades,” Wagner founder Yevgeny Prigozhin said through his press service Sunday.

>Prigozhin, in his comments on Nuzhin’s execution earlier Sunday, described the video as “excellent directorial work that’s watchable in one sitting.”
No. 86168 Kontra
See, russians are smart.
They know the words of Justin al-Trudeau (pbuh) who said "if you kill your enemies, they win".
So naturally, that means if you kill your soldiers, you win.
Two more weeks and Ukraine will be back in the empire.
No. 86173
>Video shows sledgehammer execution of Russian mercenary
>"Nuzhin betrayed his people, betrayed his comrades, betrayed consciously," said Prigozhin, who has been sanctioned by the United States and European Union for his role in Wagner. "Nuzhin was a traitor."
>In further remarks about the execution video on Sunday, Prigozhin also issued a warning to others in Russian society whom he described as traitors.
>"Do not forget, there are not only traitors who throw away their automatic guns and go over to the enemy," he said.
>"Some traitors are holed up in offices, not thinking about their own people. Some of them use their own business jets to fly to those countries that seem neutral to us so far. They fly away so as not to participate in today's problems. They are traitors too."
No. 86191
>if you kill your enemies, they win
What was he talking about? Creating martyrs?
No. 86192
Ernst, ich...
No. 86220 Kontra
300 kB, 1360 × 765
News from the home front:
>“Famine” tells the story of the 1921-23 Povolzhye famine in Russia’s Volga-Ural region that sparked an outpouring of international aid, primarily from the United States and Europe.

>“The famine of the ‘20s was one of the first symbols of the international struggle for life,” say the film's creators, screenwriter Alexander Arkhangelsky, director Tatiana Sorokina and journalist Maxim Kurnikov.

>Russia’s Culture Ministry said it pulled “Famine’s” screening license “due to numerous complaints from citizens,” according to a statement circulated by state media Monday.

>“Citizens point to provocative and shocking audiovisual information contained [in ‘Famine’]. All of this, according to viewers, can cause a strong negative reaction in society,” it was quoted as saying.
No. 86221 Kontra
>Russian proxy officials in the city of Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine’s southern Kherson region said Tuesday that they were relocating deeper into Russian-held territory because they were increasingly under fire from Ukrainian forces.
Good Lord.
No. 86232 Kontra
3,3 MB, 7:16
90 rockets today.
Ukraine claims to have intercepted 70 of them, but the Russians still struck 15 targets of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

Also in the news:
>Suspected missile hits village in Poland, killing 2 people - local radio
No. 86236 Kontra
200 kB, 564 × 540
>Suspected missile hits village in Poland, killing 2 people - local radio
No. 86239
324 kB, 1600 × 1200
510 kB, 1600 × 1200
162 kB, 720 × 605
No. 86258 Kontra
It is obvious that this is a false flag attack. Gulf of Tonkin, 9/11, now this. Americans did it together with polish secret service. They want to provoke WWIII, they think they can destroy Russia!
No. 86261 Kontra
The appropriate strategy might be to assume that this was a honest mistake and send a stem warning. If such a honest mistake is made again, measured response must be applied and some Russian house needs to be destroyed, otherwise, Russia will certainly interpret the lack of retaliation as weakness and maybe send a nuke next time.
No. 86277 Kontra
Turns out, Ukrainian S300 fragments. Can't even have nuclear annhilitation.
No. 86299
Does anyernst know who blew up the gas pipeline? This whole thing seems a bit CIA, hopefully we can become more independent rather than rely more on the US
No. 86301 Kontra
201 kB, 1280 × 577
164 kB, 1280 × 577

Update - Photos of the alleged car wreck.
No. 86308
Fatmasters did it to make sure that after the German government topples this winter, a new AfD-government can't switch sides and go on to get affordable energy. There was a leaked document from the RAND-corporation that proves it. Nya dagbladet published it. You can google it, it is a fact. But indoctrinated fools are unable to see the truth, even if it is right in front of their eyes! Doublethink!
No. 86309 Kontra
78 kB, 427 × 640
>The Enemy is Too Strong and Too Weak: Fascism casts its enemies as both incredibly strong (to brew up resentment and humiliation) and incredibly weak (to prove their inability to rule and decadence–and thus, their illegitimacy)
No. 86313 Kontra
Yes, it is quote funny how the fascist imperealists talk about Russia. One day, we need to give Ukraine all the weaponry politicians accidently left Bundeswehr, the other day, Selensky is going to hold a parade in red square tomorrow.
No. 86323
10,4 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:16
No. 86330 Kontra
66 kB, 909 × 982
>Selensky is going to hold a parade in red square tomorrow
I like the way you think
No. 86331 Kontra
Zelensky will be in Red Square in two weeks but in chains.
Trust the plan.
No. 86333 Kontra
186 kB, 975 × 994
Take a hit, you'll see how close Washington is to capitulating. How eager the Ukrainians are to be freed from the tyranny of woke culture. Much like J.K. Rowling, you can't cancel Russia.
No. 86340
87 kB, 1200 × 900
The war will soon turn.
Putin has fully recovered from his ailments and is now looking better than ever.
No. 86342
154 kB, 960 × 720
So he's not a manly anymore and stopped repressing his homosexuality? Are he and Dmitri finally getting married?
No. 86361 Kontra
It's better to remain a bachelor as Putin can more easily form a parasocial relationship with his subjects like a rock star
No. 86385
>Selenskyj: Mehr als zehn Millionen Ukrainer ohne Strom
Zelensky: More than ten million Ukrainians without electricity
The news or very short video from a German newspaper is not what I want to highlight, the comment section is, 95% of the comments are anti Ukrainian/Pro Russia. The ratio is really, really sus. I checked 2 other German news videos from <5h ago and there it is almost the same.

While internet comments had a lot of bs and often went against the "mainstream" narrative, the ratio of this shit in the German Youtube comment section slowly, steadily rose after Drumpf came to power. Now, we clearly have Spam bots (crypto scam comment chains, telegram impersonators, channel advertisers etc.) and other kinds of bots (for example: pro Ru bot posting slightly OT anti Ukr things in Ukr related videos, related news videos etc. as a reply to a fuck ton of comments), but I cannot identify for the vast majority of bots and can only guess. Note that I hardly use the German net...

>Millions without power after Russian attacks on energy infrastructure in Ukraine - BBC News
This comment section does not look much better but I found a comment which may have hit jackpot:
>Paul Gibbon
>13 minutes ago
>What we see here is the botskis getting orders to push for negotiations, while terror attacks proceed against civilians. Russia is getting spanked on the battlefield, so is hoping the noise machine can erode Ukraine's will to fight.
I think he is right. What a shit show our world is.
No. 86386
Why do you even care about youtube comment sections?
And independently from any kind of bot spamming, any comment section that contradicts the latest official narrative would get closed sooner or later anyway.
No. 86387
>but I cannot identify for the vast majority of bots and can only guess.
By that I mean with 100% certainty. Seems like 20%-25% of the commentators are accs made after 2020 and later, very sus. I assume ca 80% to 90%+ of the comments on the Ukr electricity video from FAZ are bots. One could see the "anti western" and similar sentiments rise steadily after Drumpf, the comments got "worse" imo over the years, Corona and Ukr war now. How much started with bods, that I do not know, but I always assumed a significant part if not the majority were legit comments from randos but now with such an overwhelming anti Ukr comment section in related video... There is also the issue with "complainers" being loud. I buy a dozen products on the web and they all work, I wont write a comment, most likely not even rate them or the shop, but if once a major fuckup happens or a faulty products arrive I or other people may leave a stinky comment...
No. 86388
>any comment section that contradicts the latest official narrative would get closed sooner or later anyway.
Not true. Only true if you mean the majority of state owned German media or shite like "Welt" (Pro7 or something?).
No. 86389
>Why do you even care about youtube comment sections?
me again, also: I got nothing to do and they are often as entertaining as the video. In truth, I may be a masochist since comments like "Trojans are ancient Franks" hurt my fucking brain.
No. 86390
I checked a bunch of videos (low sample size of 4-5 vids, about Ukraine, recent and older news and documentaries, comments are somewhat mixed I guess?, upvoted/highlighted older comments are vastly pro Ukraine I guess?):
State owned:
ARD - closed
ZDF - open
WDR - open
(Arte - open)
Welt - closed
FAZ - mixed
Spiegel - open
Stern - open

I guess (state owned) DW Ger and Eng - open from what I've seen but too lazy to check it now
No. 86418
The comments are censored and the upvotes are fake. No one I know in real life is a dumb-ass-shit Merkel/Scholz fanboy. Such people only exist on TV, and some viewers are stupidly naive and fall for it. All media lies. Why would anyone be in favor of massive inflation for 'muh democracy' or 'muh freedumbs' or 'muh bumdriller-rights in the third world shithole called the Ukraine'? It's just like covid where they created this media panic to make everyone poor and get rich themselves by making people but their masks and their vaxx-poison. Everyone who can count to three can see through it. Only massive idiots or very indoctrinated sheeple (those who got brainwashed in uni) fall for it.

By the way, this is what unis are. They select for the most gullible idiots then put them into uni for indoctrination so they have servants that believe every bullshit lie and do as they are told. Like getting a fuckton of niggers into Germany, or forcing people to pretend a eunuch in a dress is a woman and not just some perverted homo who had some kike doctor cut off his dick.

And now, they are forcing us to freeze in winter. It's 1984-esque. Forcing people to not have warm water/heat/electricity "because we are boikotting Russia". Just so people are poorer, suffer more and rage harder against the event instead of destroying their own government. Exactly like in 1984. And double-speak is all around us. What did Russia even do to us, except for reliably delivering cheap oil and gas? Why would anyone care about the well-being of the corrupt filthy billionaire drug addicts CIA uses as the "government" of Ukraine? If Russia killed every single one of those people, Ukraine ans the whole world world be a better place.

It's all the fucking Americans. They want to grow their crappy nato-empire. So they organized two putsches in a Russian breakaway region to make it their satellite state, like they made Germany their satellite state.

Now, the German economy is getting destroyed and Germany is being sucked dry paying 10 times the normal price for American gas. And Murrucans get rich. Of course they love this, because it destroys Germany and makes them rich.
No. 86419 Kontra
>For all that it appears as a restorationist critique of third-way neoliberalism, this contemporary configuration of reactionary politics is very much in tune – affectively and aesthetically – with the rhythms and styles of what Byun-Hul Chan calls the ‘achievement society’. It celebrates
heroic individualism, expressed as manly and victorious conduct in marketplaces of all kinds. It does not question the commodification of the self but reveals selves to have been priced incorrectly, the market rigged by SJWs, Cultural Marxists and administrative-state bureaucrats who let the wrong people win the competition. The subjects to whom it appeals are told that they can and should be the very best kind of human capital, honed by natural and cultural evolution. They are advised to prove this by waging a culture war which begins as a battle to free the self from the illusions of liberalism and acquire the confidence and selfreliance needed to be truly autonomised and responsibilised. We might say that such a politics invokes class consciousness but that, lacking a concept of class, it adverts to consciousness of the self. [...] Online political celebrities interpret the world for their followers, showing them what has been hidden. They cultivate ‘charismatic authority’, offering not so much a programme for a political movement as the promise, in Weber’s words, ‘to effect a subjective or internal reorientation born out of suffering, conflicts, or enthusiasm’, a personal rather than political salvation.
No. 86421 Kontra
How is this relevant to the Ukraine-thread?
No. 86430 Kontra
Have you just arrived here yesterday?
This is the designated shitpost thread.
And because mods are officially endorsing rudeness now, let me be more frank:

Have you just arrived here yesterday, faggot?
No. 86431 Kontra
I'm honestly surprised mods deleted the pol thread opened earlier instead of just letting it be. Looks like the basic functions of the mod bot still working.
No. 86432 Kontra
>Looks like the basic functions of the mod bot still working.
Yeah, but nothing beyond, you double nigger tranny chud.
No. 86433 Kontra
53 kB, 600 × 419
>The heroic individual, freed from convention, can enact opposition to the SJWs and Cultural Marxists, in a competition through which he proves himself. [...] Free speech and debate are understood not primarily as means for verifying constative utterances but as domains for the demonstration of transgressive discursive skill.

Mama ist bestimmt ganz stolz auf ihren kleinen Soldaten. Wenn der Bürgerkrieg erst einmal losgeht, wissen wir ja, wer hier die Hitliste anführen wird.
No. 86491
133 kB, 923 × 841
Vegetovich! What does the scouter say about the casualties?
No. 86496 Kontra
130 kB, 1039 × 1280
German is not an international language. Translate.
No. 86501 Kontra
It's the caption for the picture.
It goes something like
>And then we told them
>Faciliate and Demand
No. 86502 Kontra
64 kB, 536 × 701
>German is not an international language

Thank dog we have international apps these days that translate simple sentences successfully.

Yes, I don't translate, you will have to learn going your own ways, Ernesto
No. 86541 Kontra
Of course, Mr. People Leader, I had already google translated that German gibberish. I merely wanted to drive the point home that German is not an international language. Preemptive moves against more German words being posted here. I think that's an accurate translate of Gaulei*er
No. 86544
What is a translation of Gau-Leiter? I could not find one in your post.
No. 86546 Kontra
122 kB, 490 × 680
>Mr. People Leader
No. 86548 Kontra

Mr. Gau or Province Leader would be better.
No. 86549
>I merely wanted to drive the point home that German is not an international language
German is as much not an international language as english, french or spanish.
In fact, the only truly international language is music.
No. 86553
12 tone temperament is western cultural imperialism
No. 86554
> German is as much not an international language as english
Huge cope
No. 86556
Your fault for not beating the drums to some hot rhythm, a-bong-a-bong-a-bong-da-bong
No. 86557
What part of the compound noun Gauleiter translates to people? Must be leader, since it clearly is not Gau.

How about county-leader or leader of the ceremonial county (in the context of national socialism) or leader of the local branch (of an athletics association, of a scouting association, of a political party... )
No. 86558 Kontra
I thought he would lecture you on even the Aboriginies that worship rocks (no soyence with these ill shaped brains) had a stick to make music and dance to or was it the guy that said humor is the universal thing that the Aboriginies and westerners have in common? Maybe both
No. 86561
Never request a translation, just write things wrong and they'll discuss morphology of words. Pekka was not kidding.
No. 86565 Kontra
130 kB, 1081 × 720
241 kB, 920 × 1255
Germans have a "red pen mentality" the inner German in you is a little man who marks with an imaginary red pen, FEHLER!... DU HAST EINEN FEHLER GEMACHT UND DAS LASSE ICH DICH WISSEN! KEIN FEHLER BLEIBT UNGESÜHNT
No. 86570
So much work for the second one.
Should have just written "It's shit, do it again".
No. 86615 Kontra
>Gassen sind immer eng
Aber manche sind enger als andere.
>Ist das erwähnenswert
Ja. So kann ich mir die Gassen als gepflastert denken, nicht geteert, nicht geschottert.
Wofür wird hier lekturiert? Veröffentlichung in der Bildzeitung oder im Groschenroman?
No. 86731
214 kB, 1280 × 1204
Look how happy they are!
What do they know that we don't?
No. 86733 Kontra
N-TV today had a headline of civil war in Russian not ruled out completly according to FSB. Kadyrov and that Wagner guy are not amused both are fake smiling but for different reasons then
No. 86734
The thing is, if you just say "it's shit, do it again", then they will just re-write it but it'll still be shit.
You need the extra input so the next round of work generates correctly.

They are the only people on Earth who have achieved Z-Nirvana and have seen The Plan in its totality. Joyous are the ones who receive such revelations.
No. 86735
They know that the West is running outv and can't afford to supply Urine much longer. A few cold days and there are going to be blackouts in Europe! Shit going to be so cash.
No. 86736
They have successfully tipped the domestic balance of power between oligarchy and state apparatus in their own favor, by cutting off foreign ccapital exchange in many areas, except their own.
And all they had to pay for it is the cheap lives of russians and ukrainians.

Every politician secretly wishes they were a dictator, and every dictator secretly wishes they were an autocrat.
Foreign policy is fomestic picy by other means.
Putin is playing 5D chess.
No. 86738
December is going to be ice cold with lots of snow! Maybe some of the climate retards will wake up, and hopefully, it will be very cold and very dark in Germany, so everyone can see the results of the leftist-green idiocy! Germany needs to have it a lot worse before things can finally become better!
No. 86740 Kontra
97 kB, 500 × 554
So true Volksgenosse
No. 86742 Kontra
A revived Hitler would heat Germany with the warm feelings he creates knowing that the gas storages are full for the winter period.
No. 86744 Kontra
231 kB, 1024 × 1280
329 kB, 1170 × 1279
160 kB, 1061 × 1280
Pictures from Bakhmut.
No. 86764
2,7 MB, 1280 × 720, 0:20
If I were a gay homosexual I would feel pretty insulted being called the same as these guys.
No. 86788
The problem is that Putin never had troubles with balance of power against "oligarchs" and could seize anyone's property anytime. It feels smart and cynical to say that people in power are rational actors successfully pursuing their objective interests (which can only be described in hindsight), but it's obviously not this way. It's more plausible that he (and maybe some part of ruling class) wanted to remain in history texbooks as the great reunifier of the Russian lands.
No. 86863
1,8 MB, 1000 × 930
No. 86864 Kontra
No. 86875
308 kB, 599 × 360
>Russia has hit out at comments from the Pope that some minority groups of soldiers have behaved worse than others in the invasion of Ukraine. The "cruellest" troops are generally Chechens and Buryats, Pope Francis told a US magazine. He also labelled the Holodomor famine caused by the Kremlin in Ukraine in the 1930s a genocide. Russia called the remarks a "perversion", and said national groups were "one family".

>In an interview with America, a Jesuit magazine, Pope Francis was asked about his apparent reluctance to directly condemn Russia for the war. In response he said he received "much information about the cruelty of the troops. Generally, the cruellest are perhaps those who are of Russia but are not of the Russian tradition, such as the Chechens, the Buryats and so on," he said.

>Chechens, an ethnic group originating in Chechnya, in the south-west of Russia, are mostly Muslim. Buryats, a Mongol ethnic group indigenous to Buryatia, in eastern Siberia, traditionally follow Buddhist and shamanic belief systems.

>Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova condemned the comments, state-controlled news outlet RT reports. "This is no longer Russophobia, it's a perversion on a level I can't even name," she said. "We are one family with Buryats, Chechens and other representatives of our multinational and multi-confessional country," Ms Zakharova later wrote on Telegram.

I think the pope might be a Russian ultranationalist.

Those sneaky Jews would only horde all the free gas for themselves!
No. 86876 Kontra
I'm surprised it took this long for us to start paying the tolls of having an Argentinian pope.
No. 86882 Kontra
I would think you to be the last person that would want Ratzinger back. Since you are the hater of all german things and all (^:
No. 86892
76 kB, 525 × 470
Anything new heard about him?
No. 86894 Kontra
ebin picture

I am not blindly Germanophobic, I prefer to seeing myself as a krautrealist. Germans might be suited to some positions where they can combine their natural attributes to better society.

The Pope is in an unique position, leader of the great catholic flock - this rockstar that speaks in front of crowds, with the ability to cause people to feint. For all intents and purposes, he is the beloved Führer with added magical spiritual powers.
Pontifex Maximus (I believe in German this would be Überpriester), is also the supreme schoolmaster for the clergy and has the God given mission to correct the theological/moral/obedience mistakes committed by them. A literal God given mission.

I don't know if Ratzinger was good, Germans might be good popes. Generally, we should be very thankful the Germans are letting go of religion. It's not for them.
No. 86896
>Pontifex Maximus (I believe in German this would be Überpriester)
"Maximus" literally means "highest" and "pontifex" literally means "bridger" or "bridge builder" or something, so "pontifex maximus" would mean "Oberster Brückenbauer".
I take great offense to your ignorance, now go and pray three Ave Marias and read a book, you lazy latinx.
No. 86900 Kontra
317 kB, 2000 × 1333
You are a people that just be preserved for future generations to study.

>The SMO of Russia in Ukraine has completely changed the perception of the players in international relations. Is it not surprising that it has begun and has been successfully conducted for half a year, despite all kinds of opposition from the collective West - with weapons, mercenaries, money, technology, PR people. Since the collapse of the USSR, no country has been able to afford to withstand such an onslaught. And no matter how hard the extremist Meta * tries, one has to admit that such frivolity of Russia removed from the world the sacred awe of the power of the United States, which began to crumble after the Afghan shameful flight.
I am full of joy because I now see the plan.
No. 86902 Kontra
Russia is winning because it hasn’t won yet.
Russia’s victory is continous this way.
Trust the plan.
No. 86903 Kontra
Working Cunningham's law again, are we?
Literally, it would be 'größter Brückenbauer'. A translation that hits closer to the original meaning is high priest in English or Hohepriester in German.
No. 86904
Ratzinger might have remembered similar teachings from his Hitler-youth days.

The average Russian is a little stupid, but a kind soul. He is ruled by bolzhevik Jews. The brutal goons those bolzhevik Jews use are the swarthy and yellow asiatic hordes...
No. 86908
We need a based pope who calls out the heretical demon worship that is the eastern orthodox church