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No. 86072 Systemkontra
118 kB, 795 × 470
Last one: >>85229

pls don't rate my today thread, it's not a race and I just didn't want to post in a kontra'd thread.
No. 86073
>Well, it seemed like she was feeling quite a bit to me but well, that's not my call to make. Of course the rejection is upsetting but to be honest the thing that kind of pissed me off is the way she only decided to tell me she won't be coming to a prearranged date after I texted her about it

Based post and your reaction is understandable.

>she's probably just a coward more than anything else.

Tend to agree, everyone has fears when it comes to dating and it's not unreasonable to assume she is going through back-and-forth loops of doubt w.r.t dating decisions.

>At worst you get slapped, at best you get gf.

That is not the worst that a kiss without a warning can bring forth, mate :-DDD
Both parties being friendly and reasonable, there won't even be a slap in the face. The difficulty lies within the question how friendly and reasonable the involved parties are.

t. at most an internet expert trust me at your own peril
No. 86074
One trivial example that nonetheless illustrates why a calorie is not a calorie is the following fact:
1Kg of wood contains 3,871.8 kcal, which is almost twice the daily average.
Unfortunately, your stomach is not a bomb calorimeter, you're not a xylophagous fungus, and you don't have the enzymes required to digest wood.

But what is generally true is that you'll lose weight if you eat less.
And this is when psychological and physiological aspects come in. Which I think is an underrated aspect of dieting and weight loss.
Which kinds of foods you eat will affect whether and how your body signals to you that you are hungry.
All of this depends on your individual biology, but for me one obvious one is protein.
No matter how much calories I consume, if I don't get the amount of protein my body needs for that day, I will feel hungry.
And my body doesn't care whether it gets the protein from a lean piece of meat, or from white bread. In the former case I'll consume only 300 calories, in the latter, probably 1000.
My body doesn't know what a calorie is, it'll send me a generic "I'm hungry" signal if I'm deficient in either energy, or macronutrients, or micronutrients.
No. 86075
Heading out the door at work and turn back because someone calls "have a good night". My feet are still moving but I reply, using her name, and immediatly identify she is with two more people. I know one, call out to him. Don't know the second---oh shit, I know I should do sonething here, maybe pause and address the third person. Too late, my feet don't stop. I'm already trurning away as I internally debate how to handle this. Nothing to be done now except drive home and green text post another awkward social faux pas.
No. 86076
Iesou Xristo, had I known what that handwaved "caloric intake" comment would cause, I would have been more prudent in my choice of words.

Still doesn't change the fact that you only lose weight if you spend more energy than you take up and if you don't lose weight it simply means that you're still on a positive bilance, fatty.
No. 86077 Kontra
t. Swarthy bavarian peasant with gluten gut from all the Slav flour-based shit that has been incorporated in Austrian and Barbarian cuisine.
No. 86078 Kontra
t. germanized slav from Berlinsk
No. 86079
What is Slav, baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more
No. 86087 Kontra
4,1 MB, 4000 × 1800
Gonna gain strength from beer and bread, and walk up the mountain.
No. 86088
20 kB, 300 × 350
I watched a meme on (post)migrants visiting family abroad and it shows how they hate it and hate family visits to their parents house as well. And it made me wonder if people thanks to distributed and modified knowledge of psychology and such think quite differently of social interactions (than before), with a very specific awareness for what they are doing these days. This awareness for psychology in return not only changes our mental and social/cultural representations of social interactions or ongoings in the mind but also acts on how we behave. So a scientific approach to the mind fosters or at least makes possible acts of low-level engineering and so an engineering approach to social interactions. I wouldn't go so far to say people never made such models and act accordingly or tried to expand and alter interactions thanks to models, but that psychology a very young discipline changes breadth and depth.
Otherwise, it is very interesting to see how migrants obviously have problems with the traditions of their parents and elders. I think Brick would also fall in this category in a sense, complaining about the family and its function, such as the auntie as a match maker, or painful visits by family members.
No. 86090
319 kB, 435 × 604
I don't quite understand the connection between the migrants and the whole middle part of your post.

That said, doesn't everyone hate family gatherings where you have to meet people you never see and don't have anything to do with?

Also, how can you "watch a meme"?
No. 86091
5,3 MB, 4000 × 1800
Gonna have to scale this wall. Dogg wat done.
No. 86092
Looks mighty cool. Say a spell and carry on.
No. 86094 Kontra
3,2 MB, 4000 × 1800
2,7 MB, 4000 × 1800
No. 86095 Kontra
I made it to the top. There were Americans here, kontra.
No. 86096
Now you're king of the hill, what are your thoughts?
Also, has the fog still not cleared yet?
Here is was 10m sight this morning, but right now we're sitting on the balcony in the sun and it's really hot.
No. 86097
>I don't quite understand the connection between the migrants and the whole middle part of your post.

Because it was a meme made by (post)migrants (I mean people born here but parents or grandparents of non-German origin). And it displayed a general awareness making me wonder how our awareness of social relations and such changed due to psychological knowledge dispersing into our culture. It's not a migrant thing, it was just the hook for thinking about a general phenomenon that is within the meme and the making of that meme itself.

>That said, doesn't everyone hate family gatherings where you have to meet people you never see and don't have anything to do with?

Well, is it? For whom are you speaking? What makes that extrapolation possible?

>Also, how can you "watch a meme"?

I watched TikTok, hence I watched a meme (several memes in a row merged as a tiktok)
No. 86098
Oh, I see, you're talking about tiktok videos, not memes, got it.

Well, I think the awareness comes "naturally", so to say, if we stay at the immigrant example. It might be amplified by the interconnected world though.
Immigrants usually try to perserve the culture of their Heimat even in the new place.
This, however, is a problem if you haven't been born there, so those traditions and values and whatsoever clash with your actual upbringing.
People need a sense of belonging and identity and not having one, being torn between the "old country" (though it's not YOUR old country) and the "new country" (which is YOUR actual country), just leads to issues.
I mean look at almancis, a terribly sad group of people without any actual identity, neither german nor turkish, yet they try so hard to be either, without actually being able or willing to commit to either side.

The only way to at least alleviate that is to form a whole country based on immigration and coat any original culture with the new country's taint. Worked out for the US, at least. Of course you have to remove the native population beforehand.

>For whom are you speaking? What makes that extrapolation possible?
It's a common trope in all kinds of written and audiovidual media, so I'd argue there are more than just a few people feeling like that.
No. 86099
How did they get up there, is there a road?
No. 86101
>Oh, I see, you're talking about tiktok videos, not memes, got it.

I think you don't you understand that memes spread beyond the imageboard circle and while form has always been changing, the topics considered ofc vary when not solely made by unwashed man-children anymore. inb4 TRUE meme elaboration.

Also I wasn't interested in the identity problems of migrants, while certainly, this poses a sort of problem (not accepted in either country as full "member" by a certain percentage of others) that was not my concern.
My concern was how psychological knowledge disperses into culture and changes everyday representations and mental models which also act as guiding force.I never read a single page of it but I can imagine that "How to make friends" books are the most telling example of what I mean. Making friends is a problem that needs to be solved by taking certain actions/steps. An engineering approach to friends build from psychological knowledge. Maybe I'm mistaken in the exemplary part, but the initial question of knowledge changing peoples representations and these again working as guiding force for action is probably not mistaken. As I said, people have always formed mental models but they didn't have psychology making a fuckton of results available and dispering into society and culture.
No. 86102
> inb4 TRUE meme elaboration.
In during: I am well aware that memes exist outside of imageboards; in turn you don't seem to be aware that most memes do indeed exist outside of imageboards and have existed long before imageboards (see e.g. Kilroy was here).
That said, I take offense when people call any "funny picture/video I found on the internet" a "meme". People might make videos on that topic and the meme might be comprised of videos, but then you watch videos on that topic, you don't "watch memes". Saleel al Sawarim is a meme, the numerous edits are just part of it. IT'S JOHN CENA is a meme, the numerous edits are just part of it. Initial D edits is a meme, the numerous videos are, you guessed it, just part of it.
And just because retards and children are using the word wrong doesn't mean that usage suddenly becomes right.

But you still need to provide more examples on that ominous "psychological knowledge" you are talking about.
That example with making friends is interesting, but I think it's also merely a reaction to the issue of the anonymized urban space. In a village where everyone knows each other you have your friends (provided you're not a weirdo loner) and then the question won't even arise.
Upon moving places as an adult and not knowing anyone, it will, however, suddenly become an issue.
And then you have the aspect of which people will buy, or try to use, such a book in the first place. It's not the ones with an "insider" perspective on social things.
No. 86103
The meme had several attributes you relate to memes yourself: certain figures, certain form etc. It was not just a funny picture but the form itself derived from other meme content.

>In a village where everyone knows each other you have your friends

Makes no sense to me to bring it to that city/village distinction because I made friends living in cities all my life and that quite easily as many other people did and do and this even while I'm quite an Ernst. And I tell you exactly why it doesn't make sense to me or is not very plausible. A city is anonymous only partly and in that the functional spaces of the city (this can include sleeping place, aka anonymous living in high rise) you met lots of strangers. But it also provides multiple chances of intimate groups forming on the other hand.
No. 86104 Kontra
I wasn't done writing that post, sorry, but my mouse moved in an unfortunate way.
The city provides just like a village opportunities for social relations, in the village it might be the local fire brigade and some regional football team training, in cities this an others are possibilities to make friends, including the kids in your neighborhood. I don't see city and village different in that regard. A village I imagine to be more driven by traditions and a different form of social relations, yet not different in the opportunity to make friends. Also not more intimate friends.
No, what I mean with psychological knowledge is things like what motivates people, what do people like, why are some people more accepted than others etc. And this knowledge also can be found in books of the form "how to win friends etc" ... The question would be how psychological knowledge in that book shifts our understanding of friendship for example, of family and such.
Simply said: psychology finds results, these are modified (most obvious: dumbed down) and dispersed among people of all kinds, generally non-experts of psychology which then change (not all) their mental models according to this knowledge, the represent friendship and family ties differently than in other (historic) periods etc. Of course there are similarities to these historic epochs but the question is did something change and what, since psychology dawned as a scientific discipline that was concerned with the scientficiation of the mind, social behavior and other things falling under the eye of psychologists.
No. 86106
>The meme had several attributes you relate to memes yourself: certain figures, certain form etc. It was not just a funny picture but the form itself derived from other meme content.
That still doesn't make one video a "meme". The video might be part of that meme, or an example or whatever, but the video itself is not a "meme", period.
And no, just captioning something also doesn't make it a meme.
But this whole exercise is futile as long as you don't name the actual meme.

The village/city distinction was just an example, plus you shouldn't have ignored the "as an adult". Because I am now going out on a limb and just assume you didn't move to the city as an adult, but as a student.
Finding friends in the uni environment is obviously easier than finding friends as someone who just started a new job and will not likely have any interactions with people outside his workplace unless seeking them out actively.

But thanks for elaborating on the psychological knowledge thing, I think I understand now what you mean. I don't have anything further to add to it, though, sorry.
No. 86107 Kontra
Addendum: why is watching mems wrong? you literally watch a meme with your eyes. If you somebody says post wojaks I watched a thread full of wojaks. Or what would be the elaborate verb? I experience memes with the help of my eyes when they appear on a display.
No. 86108 Kontra
>Finding friends in the uni environment is obviously easier than finding friends as someone who just started a new job and will not likely have any interactions with people outside his workplace unless seeking them out actively.

True, but then again I don't think how a village would differ in that regard. A smaller community doesn't make finding friends easier automatically. We could argue about thresholds of social contact but not sure if that is useful.
No. 86109
>A smaller community doesn't make finding friends easier automatically.
Small in the sense of "tighter knit" does absolutely. Small in the sense of "not as many people to do something with" does absolutely, simply because of the lack of alternatives. But maybe that is what you meant by "threshold".

>Addendum: why is watching mems wrong?
Because if you didn't watch videos of several different memes, you didn't watch "memes". You watched a few videos of one meme. I don't understand why that is such a hard to grasp concept. If it was the former, I apologize, but you still should have been clearer.
No. 86110
142 kB, 709 × 709
57 kB, 640 × 480
Have any Ernst used https://www.lingodeer.com/home? It looks like it has more thought put in than duo but also seems to want to eventually get you on the subscription.

No it still oversimplifies the problem to what is a dangerous degree - take the problem of free sugars for example. It doesn't help that there is so much vested in this debate when you consider pressures for reformulation.

If you'd like to lose a Sunday afternoon then there's a really good summary of the mystery of obesity because it makes little sense on calorie thinking why Americans are so fat. In fact we don't really know why but if you give lab rats modern people-food they put on weight a lot faster than increasing the fat content of their diet.

There isn't much a solution but there's a wealth of data that cutting out processed food and generally eating 'right' is the key to weight loss. That and exercise of course. And of course not being poor.

What impact do those meme bars give you that advertise themselves as high-protein?

t.got McDonalds after the gym last night because I had a voucher expiring and have the Scottish gene
No. 86114
2,6 MB, 3264 × 2448
Got all these lego minifigs for $100
No. 86115
It's snowing. Damn it.

Without counting, I'll Rain Man guess 45 figures.
No. 86118 Kontra
50 kB, 500 × 503
Not a bavarian, mate, I just suffer the vodafone IP range.

But I guess that's besdides the point, because I have no clue what your point was :-DDD

>I wasn't done writing that post, sorry, but my mouse moved in an unfortunate way.

I could see this becoming an EC meme.

>No it still oversimplifies the problem to what is a dangerous degree

Fair enough. Can I say in my defense that I spent last night reading papers on theorem solvers and proof calculi for a seminar and this went straight into my dreams, from which I awoke one about 30 minutes before writing that post?
I got hung up on the correctness of a statement that wasn't even made in a formal context. The feels of becoming too dumb for social interactions due to specialised education.

pic not related
No. 86120
Any good books on the DDR?
No. 86127
I think you need to be a bit more specific on what you are interested in exactly.
No. 86128
What led to its collapse.
Or just general life under the regime
No. 86131
I have trouble remembering the name of a story.

I can't remember if it was a short story or novella or anything bigger, but it had people trapped behind a mirror in it.
They could enter the mirror and look outside, but they had to do something to be able to leave again. I think there was an old man who had already spent decades there.

Does anybody know what I am talking about? That is all I could bring up from the rubble in my brain, sadly, and it's driving me crazy.
No. 86133
You capable of German?


You are probably better off reading journal articles to gain quick insights though. Just need to specify what kind of area you are interested in: family, TV, sports, holidays, jobs, arts and so on.
No. 86134 Kontra
18 kB, 480 × 360
Some thing like this https://worldcat.org/de/title/318193870 sounds cool, as long as you are really interested. To tell a part of GDR history through a material (plastic) sounds cool.
No. 86138 Kontra
I'm American. Do you really think I can understand anything other than English?
No. 86139
>Do you really think I can understand anything other than English?
Depends on where you live, ese.
No. 86140
42 kB, 503 × 780
Not books, but if you're okay with using kinda crappy auto-created English youtube subtitles:

>What led to its collapse.

>Or just general life under the regime

Obviously this is a model family which was approved for this FRG TV show which on the other hand is trying kind of bluntly to get some criticism out of them, still pretty interesting.

This is also worth a watch and has proper subs:
No. 86141
81 kB, 528 × 750
Hello, infrequent visitor here

I'm scared someone has my biometric data (posted a pic of my middle finger) even though I don't use biometric data for anything. Can anything be done about this, Ernst?
No. 86142
24 kB, 720 × 386
34 kB, 720 × 386
>Can anything be done about this, Ernst?
Ask the Men in Black
No. 86144
Ernst I need to get away from people, I'm a danger to myself and others. I'm just too idiotic to live. I only survived this long (late 20s) because of my parents who are nearing their 80s (at their 70s). I can't fucking do this any longer especially since my parents can't protect me any longer!!

Ernst I don't know what to do! I'm a lonely alcoholic manchild with no friends, no gf, dying old family members.. God, it's over.

And what of God, even? If it exists, does It care?

I just don't know, and I am scared.
No. 86145
Unironically find a local Catholic parish (and hope it is one of the few that is still true).

t. Also having no friends, recovering alcoholic
t. Chicago suburbanite
No. 86149
56 kB, 603 × 452
57 kB, 603 × 452
GPT-3 post
No. 86150
The prints of a single finger are usually not enough to identify you very well, hence why police take all 10 prints. Iirc the accuracy of a 99%+ certainty match for a single print is less than 1 in 200k, ie. if you live in a city with 1.000.000 residents, 5 others would match your single finger print by more than 99%.

To your question of what can be done: If you never hat your prints taken, you can scar the tissue of your middle finger and the print will become useless if your scar is big enough. I'm not an expert on scars though, you should read up on how to do that properly without hurting yourself too much.

If you had your prints taken previously by an authority that has associated them with other identifying about you (name, address, credit card number, etc) then it depents on who has/had access to that image.

Not bad adive, it sounds like you need find a tribe.
If you want to do without a tribe, you could try to get into zen practice, but that is excessively hard to do on your own if you are already feeling lost.

Good luck, buddy.
No. 86151
Ancient Rome famously had Ovid write a PUA-book. So bro-science and manipulative behavior informed by theory exists is nothing new. Enjoy your Brölio.
No. 86152
Fingers are very regenerative, so scaring will be incredibly difficult.
No. 86160
I have an epic idea for a chess social network.
I don't mean a social network for chess players, but structuring chess games the way social media structures communication.

Ok, get this. Instead of having a prolonged game with another person, you have a dashboard of like 50 games happening at any given moment, and you can make a single move on any of them. You are not restricted in this.
The games where you made a move get replaced with new games on your dashboard.
You can check how the game is proceeding after that, but it's not a requirement or anything.

As the games finish, you get a score if the side you made a move on wins. Your average and total score is displayed on your profile.
If we have enough people, we can then pull data about the average quality of a game, quality of moves to quantity of moves ratio, etc. etc.

Sounds ebin, doesn't it?
No. 86163
My suspicion is that it will just average out on everything (1:1 w/l ratio, average accuracy among all the players etc.), because one move is not enough to make some positive change, even if that move is made by Carlsen himself, because it will be easily undone by some 600 ELO genius hanging a queen or blundering into a mate.
No. 86164
It'll probably average out, but around the extremes of trolls making the worst moves, vs cheaters using engine moves.
Or it'll be just cheaters 100%
Don't forget that players will at least be minimally incentivized to succeed due to the epic gamer score on their profiles.

I'm really thinking of this as more of a social experiment, though.
Like, what happens to a process that requires a certain amount of rigor and investment, when you allow randos to influence its course context and consequence free.
No. 86165
And yes, my argument that the ability to express opinions should be a privilege, not a right.
We should stop teaching written language to normies.
I think an emoji-based pidgin would suffice, and there should be metadata attached to every such post, so that they can be easily filtered out user-side.
Something like a emj_NRM locale code.
No. 86170
>average out, but around the extremes
Wut? You lost me. Like I said, it doesn't matter how good or bad the players are, or what is the ratio of good and bad players, or what their intentions are. As long as you pick them truly randomly and allow them only one move, it will end up approaching equality of wins and losses, with some draws thrown in (a few of them, because most players are bad, and bad players don't draw). The only thing that you will get from this experiment is a vast archive of hilariously bad chess games. The situation might change a bit if every player had several moves, like five or something, but I still have doubts about that.
No. 86171
An interesting idea, but probably not very enjoyable because link between action and gratification for it is very vague and delayed.

Also, what if you stage a chess game where each of N (from 2 to 5) players in team makes every N-th move. And they are forbidden to talk with teammates, so if you have some epic strategy, your teammates have to guess it to follow it. Or they are allowed to talk, and the current move's player is just the one who makes the final decision about this turn.
Such games are pretty easy to realize. Has anyone tried it?
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Team_Chess_Championship - it doesn't specify the rules(((, and opening search result's second link is below me.
No. 86175
>Has anyone tried it?
Sorta. They switch every five moves though.
No. 86176
So, what you're saying is, that our social media platform has a content delivery problem.

Ok, we need to create some kind of profile per each user, and a "recommendation engine" that shows them a curated list of games instead. We might need a big neural network to train our content curation system.
Does anyone have a couple billion in venture capital?

Or just make users log in through their lichess profiles and match them by ELO, so that we keep the 1 move per game aspect but don't mush everyone together either.

I guess doing it a step further would be to create "discussion thread" -like behavior, like how posts on some forums and email chains branch with every reply. Every post would create a branch of the game, to which any other player can "reply" with their move. Anyone can choose any branch of a particular game at will, similar to how you can reply to anyone in a chain of discussions.
We'd have to get rid of the "only 1 move" thing, then. I mean, people can reply as many times as they want on forums.
No. 86177
>don't mush everyone together
It will end up slightly less chaotic and probably even kinda fun, but it still will not avoid the equal wins and losses curse.

Actually, I thought about it some more, and came to the conclusion that your concept can be made into a pretty curious betting game. Russian said earlier that "link between action and gratification for it is very vague and delayed". I would say that there even no gratification whatsoever, since after a large enough number of games you'll end up with roughly equal amount of wins and losses. Basically, it's like playing roulette and always betting on red (or black), only there is no money involved. Well, why don't we involve money then?

Suppose to participate in that game of yours you have to place a bet first. After placing the bet, you are allowed to see the current position and to make a move. You can analyze the position and, if it feels promising, increase your bet. After the game ends, all the winners get their money back plus all the losers' money divided between them in proportion to their (winners') bets. So it's like you're playing roulette (or maybe even baccarat), with the difference that you can make some predictions in the middle of the game.
No. 86178
Sounds cool. Maybe try it on EC? You write a move and preferably attach a picture with the current state of the board (where is the easiest place to make such pictures?).

Since every Ernst is a gentleman, no one will use AI cheating and make intentionally bad moves. Second thing is not a big problem though. Just like no one replies to schizo posts in discussions, no one will bother to reply to weak moves, except for other weak players.
No. 86180
>"link between action and gratification for it is very vague and delayed"
On a second thought, it only applies if people act like this: "make move, proceed to the next game, repeat". But I think that instead (for the reason mentioned above) people make a move and then continue to observe how their game plays out. And only after proceed to the next game. And it will be fine and interesting.

You know, people don't think rationally "my turn doesn't influence result of this game unless it's a very bad move". They made a move and observe consequences of it. The problem is only if they make a lot of moves, thinking "in future I'll know how this ends up, by the moment when I forget about this particular game" (regardless of whether you give/take from them good boy points, or just send notifications like "you won/lost that one game").
No. 86204
3,2 MB, 3000 × 4000
Guess who's back
Back again
No. 86206 Kontra
I had a coffee before classes and it made me feel restless and frantic throughout the day. Probably because I only ate a piece of bread before setting off.
I missed the metro because some old bitch hogged the entire escalator with her bags, so instead of waiting four minutes for the next one to go home I set off to eat something, and since Wiener Schnitzel was on my mind coming back from the library, I found a place in a half-cellar that sold it. It was the size of my head and expensive as fuck, but it felt so good.
Place was empty, I was the only guest.

I have roughly 3-4 days to write that 40k keystrokes Machavelli-Han Fei study and I feel like it’s gonna be absolute trash.
I’m stressing way too much over it.

Though I must say, Machiavelli is the finest political-philosophical poison I have consumed since my flirt with authoritarian Marxism.
No. 86207 Kontra
207 kB, 718 × 960
>I have roughly 3-4 days to write that 40k

What's 40k, ~20 or 30 pages? I don't know anymore. If you don't have any notes I can only presume it's going to be shit but some people manage to pull it off (don't know how they do it though, or lecturers just don't give a fuck)
No. 86210 Kontra
I thought it was gonna be around 18 to 20 pages. (Based on the character count of my last study which was 12 pages and 31k keystrokes.)
Honestly, I have notes. The Machiavelli part's gonna be a bit iffy probably. Or not. I'm not trying to reinvent the wheel so I'll just rely on the literature I was provided by some philosophy and medievalist profs.

The 40k is with bibliography and notes mind you, so it's not really impossible.
But yes I am retarded for postponing it to the last minute.

The thing is I want it done by Wednesday so that my supervisor can look at it before I submit on Sunday, which is the actual deadline. And then I will have to submit it again for the national round of the competition (if I qualify lmao, but then again I guess the point is to hold a kickass 20 minute presentation so who gives le fuck), for which the deadline is January, so I'll have time to re-work and expand it.
They just ask for an "85% complete paper" for the in-house round.
No. 86211
693 kB, 860 × 935
Un poco de amor
Un poco de amor
Es lo único que te pido yo
Un poco de amor
No. 86215 Kontra
145 kB, 1024 × 679
Just looked up my last student paper, it was 26pp and ~70.000 with a bibliography. I usually ignore the formatting in that there is no expanded margin hence more characters on a page possible, otherwise, it's Times New Roman, 12, 1.5 justification.
Good Luck, if you have a structured idea and enough notes it can be done rough and then checked and reworked. Otherwise you are mad like all the others.
No. 86217 Kontra
Basically half of it is me recycling my old Han Fei "research" and then writing something similar on Machavelli.
I have the concept nailed down, basically I want a section detailing the context of the writing of the Prince, a short section on the HFZ's context and warring states era political tendencies, and then I want to use these foundations to examine their terminology and political recommendations when it comes to domestic policy, foreign policy and military affairs.

I did my reading beforehand, so it's not that I have to read a thousand pages and write it.
Don't call me mad. I'm not mad. Madness implies I have an active ruleset others don't know.
I'm just a lazy prick who is too good with words for his own good.

Honestly, I might not even need 40k characters for the in-house deadline. I shall try anyway.
No. 86222
15 kB, 635 × 666
No. 86223
The audacity you have to call yourself lazy while doing this much productive work...

Please try to consider that "lazy" is an umbrella term with no actual meaning in itself.
For many people the feeling of "not having done enough" is not correlated to how much they have actually accomplished but rather how much they think they have indulged in activities not deemed worthy of their time.
In your case I'd say it's bullshit all the way down. You're not "lazy", you have a discrepancy between how much you think you should do and how much you feel you have done, but you don't question how realistic it is to do more. That feeling you have might be born from some issue that you avoid looking at and calling yourself lazy is the avoidance.

All of the above may be wrong because I don't actually know you.

t. has worked at university for 6 years and studied for 600 years and seen this pattern with 90% of all successful students and about half of all unsuccessful students.
No. 86225
Reminds me of a joge:

Some swans in a pond are swanning around without anything special.
One day a frog sits on a water lily and goes
And he does this all day long. The next day. And the day after and so on.
Eventually a swan has enough.
He goes to the frog, picks him up and says
>What the fuck is your problem? Do you want me to eat you for being a dickhead? Why are you constantly saying you're a swan?
Then the frog pulls down his pants. Says the swan
>My dear swan!

Additional information: This joge only works in german.
No. 86241
I caught my jeans on an exposed screw and tore a one-inch gash just below the left back pocket. They can be mended but, in the meantime, I have ordered a replacement pair. Amazon had them at "the lowest price in 30 days", twelve dollarinos less than I paid last year. Lucky coincidence? Was my conversation monitored by cell phone microphones? If so, why didn't they raise the price? Who knows, but I'll take the savings.
No. 86244
German social mobility is terrible in large part due to the Gymnasium system, which decides your fate at age 11 without an exam, entirely on what your teacher thinks.
No wonder immigrant children rarely get a chance.


Are German Ernsts from gymnasiums or bydlo schools?
No. 86245
Actually the teacher only gives a recommendation based on the performance of the elementary school kid.
In fact there has been a case some years ago when some woman wanted to send her actual mongoloid son to a Gymnasium.
There is also the "Gesamtschule" where people just drop out earlier if they don't pursue an Abitur. In theory.
"Social mobility" doesn't have much to do with school, though. You can always get your Abitur later if you're really inclined to do so.
I know a guy who is a learned storeman, who got his Abitur later and now is a tax officer.
With a Realschul degree you can still go to a Fachhochschule. I know another guy who rotated tires for a living and now works, I think at a Max Planck Institute, with computer stuff.
And a female friend of mine actually did immigrate here when she was already a two-digit age and thus had to start school in Germany a year later than her age would warrant because she first had to learn german. She was in my Abitur class.
No. 86246
>entirely on what your teacher thinks

Not really. My teacher in elementary school said I'd belong on a "Realschule", which was the middle in the hierarchy of 3 school types (I vaguely remember that this was changed such that we only have 2 types of school now). But my mom told her to fuck off and signed me up for a Gymnasium.

I ended up at university with very good grades, but my high school grades were terrible.
No. 86247
>Are German Ernsts from gymnasiums or bydlo schools?
Me, all of them. I had to change schools every couple of years because nobody could stand me after a while.
No. 86248
Uncle called and said "hey, you used to be a designer or something right, well my new company needs a logo, here, I'll send you two grainy jpegs of other companies' logos, trace them for me and change the company name will ya, and I'll pick one of them"

Well I did trace the logos, because there's no sense explaining to him why that's cringe.
But I also designed another logo from scratch, even though I know he won't pick it, just to keep my conscience clear and wash the dirt off my soul.

it was fun
No. 86249 Kontra
Shit I'm a retard, you need a Fachhochschulreife to go to a Fachhochschule and that's not what you get with a Realschule degree.
I am sorry, there's a middle thing between Realschulabschluss and Abitur called Fachabitur, but that's also something you can do afterwards.
Unless you're at a Waldorf school, because if you fail you Abitur there you automatically get a Fachabitur.

You see, education is a state thing in Germany, so it's a horrible clusterfuck.
No. 86250
It's probably true

t. have sames

Gymnasium. I was good in elementary school but Gymnasium I sucked, it got continually worse, my average was C-D for the last 4 or 5 years then. Excelling at uni again when I started a second time, though. School grades are not the best indicator of someones capabilities and even more so as that changes with age quite dramatically in some cases. So yeah the recommendation system can do quite some harm but as another German mentioned you can get a better certificate later on in life if you want to try again, which is nice.
No. 86256 Kontra
Turns out I don't need 40k keystrokes for Sunday.
Thank God.
I wrote 7k yesterday.

I just get this out the way and then I'm going to be free. I'm going to do it.
Funny thing is that I'm getting way too hung up on stupid details like Greco-Latin etymology and stuff while trying to define virtu and fortuna in a Machiavellian context.
But I'm sort of having fun with this. I have 7 books open right now.
Already wrote over 2k strokes on it.

I honestly don't consider myself very productive in any sense of the word. I rely heavily on crunch which is unhealthy and stupid.
The issue is that I spend way too much time dicking around with non-work related stuff or extracurricular nonsense.

I'm beset by illusions. I can never quite get down to the level of detail I'd like to. Of course people tell me I often go into detail too much on things and that half of it would be enough, but I feel like it's important for some reason to be thorough. I guess thorough is the best word for it.
There's this mirage of thoroughness and knowledge I am chasing and even if I sometimes wake up to the fact of chasing it, it somehow never impacts the way I act or carry myself when it comes to my studies.

The thing is, whenever I set a goal, I never reach it. I do a third of it and then I bargain and rationalize not getting it done. But even if I do finish it I don't feel satisfied, because that means I have time left over, which is a fragment, and so I cannot properly utilize it.
No. 86257
>German social mobility is terrible in large part due to the Gymnasium system, which decides your fate at age 11 without an exam, entirely on what your teacher thinks.
>No wonder immigrant children rarely get a chance.
Can confirm, social mobility is horrible, but for completely different reasons. Degrees are all fucking worthless because politicians equip every Timo and Marcel who can spell his name with a degree. This makes parents happy, because to them, it feels like 'social mobility'. Also lowers unemployment rates, because a few million students are students and therefore cannot be unemployed. The omnipresence of Kevins with degrees lowers standards and devalues degrees. So all that really matters are connections or good looks, since in Germany, all CVs must come with a photograph. And lower-class kids or foreigners obviously do not have connections.

But few people grasp this, they all hell for ever lower standards and more degrees. Lol.
No. 86260
Gymnasium. The teacher in grade 4 said I didn't like school enough to go to Gymnasium, and that it was for children who actually liked school. He was right, I did hate school. But my mom and a friend's mom haggled with him and told him my friend and I would study together, etc. The teacher had been their teacher 25 years earlier...

I made it to Abitur and got decent grades during the last two years. But until then, I had abysmal grades and I continued to hate school. My friend and I both were held back in tenth grade, but he failed again in 11, despite me trying to teach him math. He just was more interested in smoking, drinking and fucking random girls than not failing, I guess. He was lucky, his parents were relatively well off, so they could send him to a private religious school were the children of well-off parents got one more chance.
For me, it would have been game over, and I started to git good instead. No girls liked me, anyway.
No. 86262 Kontra
> So all that really matters are connections or good looks, since in Germany, all CVs must come with a photograph.

photograph is not true and while connections can be very important and are very important, when a job is not occupied through contacts work experience is the sieve since everybody applying has a degree anyway.
No. 86263 Kontra
43 kB, 462 × 529
Up to 13k in like 3 hours of work.
Unlike the last study this is actually fun to work on.

Btw for German Ernsts. Is is really that big of a deal to go to a Gymnasium?
I went to one in Hungary and I never felt like it was hard to get in or prestigious, I got in with terrible entrance scores.

When I'm reading about stuff like how people lived a hundred years ago, well, then it was supposedly prestigious and kind of a big deal to go to a proper Gymnasium, but I don't feel like this is the case nowadays.
t. never really thought all that hard about his status or privileges as le up and coming petite bourgeois intellectual.
No. 86264
>Btw for German Ernsts. Is is really that big of a deal to go to a Gymnasium?
Jobs today have far higher requirements than, say, thirty years ago. Not because they changed or became more difficult, but because the employers can demand it.
No. 86265
I know these problems. My only advice would be to plan with a managerial hat on, to approach it in such a way that you're commissioned to produce X which with the given timeframe and expectation that will lead to product Y which matches what you're graded on. You need really step outside the situation and look at what is wanted rather than trying to produce your magnus opus every time.

But I find my own advice extremely difficult to follow.

You're underestimating how uneducated people are without a university education. Every university course has a core elements that provides you skills necessary to excel in the modern workplace with the most obvious being experience in delivering substantial projects.
No. 86267
Not sure if based or cringe to steal somebody else's logo for your startup that's looking to procure potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in investment, especially since the logo belongs to a company in the same business, which the investors would likely be familiar with.

On one hand, kinda based because "graphics design" is cringe as an institution, and it is good to have a non-ideological approach to branding: it's just a picture.
On another hand, probably gonna make your startup look like either a scam or just incompetent.
No. 86272 Kontra
You're underestimating just how little is demanded of uni students.
I'd argue my dad, who started his craft at 15 after only ever having visited the village school, and later worked at an assembly line, is better educated that most people even with a bachelor's degree in 2022, except of course in their respective field, which doesn't mean much either, though.
I have met people in a master's program who lacked first semester basics.
And this is not just old man bitching, but in my time standards were indeed higher. I have personally sighted and corrected works that would have been thrown out and told the people to come back next year when I was a student. And I refuse to believe that this is not the case in other unis, too.
But it's as the other german says, it's mainly about certificates and not actual skills, and about having high numbers.
Another anecdote: I know of a case in early child education where one of the educators was not allowed to have a so-called "development talk" with parents because she didn't have the right piece of paper, despite being able to do so.
No. 86273 Kontra
There are companies who pulled off something like it successfully. Like Blackrock (founded by Blackstone-employees). But they purposefully tried to look like an upgrade, not a cheap imitation.

>hundreds of millions
I agree with you. Your uncle's off-brand version of the more established competition will smell like a scam. I just can't seem to connect the dots. How do you go from 'smells like a scam' to 'attracts hundreds of millions in investor money'. Even not smelling like a scam, this is kind of difficult to pull off, in my estimation.

do less cocaine, both of you, and be happy if the startup one day pays the light bills, most don't.
No. 86274 Kontra
>Btw for German Ernsts. Is is really that big of a deal to go to a Gymnasium?

I don't think it's a big deal in people making bf fuzz when it happens, it's just that it leaves a mark on how you are perceived in society to certain extent

There is a demand for specialists though. The general education might lack in comparison but I'm not sure if this is just "Socratic" rambling about the youth. I remember Colin Crouch writing that hundred years ago workers were eagerly reading books and newspaper on the daily. Today many people watch youtube videos about basically everything.
Maybe it is just because you think you are very intelligent and others aren't that you perceived them as always in intellectual decline. BA starts earlier than in the 1970s or 1980s or whatever, people with 19 or 20 aren't the brightest and most experienced people in the world. And from my own experience, people can have immense (intellectual) growth throughout their 20s which also has got to do with having more experience.
No. 86275 Kontra
Be careful, I am not talking about intellectual decline.
I am talking about a decline in general education, which I personally blame a simple lack of interest on, which would lead to things like people lacking the basics they should have learned two years ago. Or signing up for a voluntary course and just not reading any of the provided material (a whopping 10-15 pages of text altogether).
It's not a matter of intelligence. In fact the smartest guy I know who is probably a legit 145IQ genius failed his uni first try because he was being lazy. Of course as soon as he started taking things seriously he was blazing through it, but he needed that wake-up call first. This couldn't happen today.
No. 86276
>This couldn't happen today.

Eh, vast general claim.

>I am talking about a decline in general education, which I personally blame a simple lack of interest on, which would lead to things like people lacking the basics they should have learned two years ago. Or signing up for a voluntary course and just not reading any of the provided material (a whopping 10-15 pages of text altogether).

I notice this too, but then again was this so different in the 1980s or 1970s? Perhaps people read more back then in general, yes. Less other media as option comes on top of it. But as I said, people readily watch documentaries and watch youtube. Certainly not a book but it's a form of education that is not necessarily bad.

I wonder if that lack of interest has reasons besides rising numbers of students. There is a different demand on students these days, their situation is not one of the 1970s students and less so of the 1910s who probably got paid everything by their parents and didn't need to work in the side while today most students have a job next to their studies. The situation for most students these days is very different from the 1970s or 1890s or whatever you have in mind as the great days, this of course is also due to changed societal circumstances. For example the labour market demands suitable graduates that know how to do project work, as the Brit emphasized already, since that is a special mode of doing "productive" work these days in an fast paced economy.
Makes me chuckle that Gymnasium in the great old days [before 1920s] meant learning latin and greek and shiet and no technical or natural scientific studies.
No. 86278
I just want to add: I hardly am convinced that general level of education of the "masses" was so much better 50 years ago, how to measure and prove that, do you have an argument for that besides some personal experience and hearsay?
No. 86279 Kontra
I spent ten years in the academic environment and have interacted with many people along my way, in- and outside.
Therefore, I don't see any issue with using my personal experience and what others experienced and told me as actual arguments here.
Would it have more weight if I had compiled and published it as a book? Or made a youtube video about it?
Stop being such a proofster.
I'm on my phone, so I won't make a long post, but I find this attitude pretty irritating. It's the same as being a climate change denier solely because of some climate change activists being richkids with too much time. Doesn't magically make climate change disappear just because you don't like what they're saying.
Plus, I think we must stop comparing the pre-digital-native times to today, too much has changed outside of our cavemen brains.
No. 86280
That analogy is not favorable to your position tbh.
I wouldn't believe anything about climate change if there was only hearsay without proofs.

My personal impression does align with yours somewhat, but I'm not certain what conclusions to draw. I'd find it plausible if someone said that the ability to focus and concentrate has dropped in students over the past x decades. I don't have evidence for it, though, and I'm still pretty far away from any sort of conclusion with that.
No. 86281 Kontra
>Plus, I think we must stop comparing the pre-digital-native times to today, too much has changed outside of our cavemen brains

That change would be exactly a reason to compare these times, but whatever. And as I said the reasons I brought forward are social among others.

>Would it have more weight if I had compiled and published it as a book? Or made a youtube video about it?

These would have more weight if they deliver sufficient proof besides catering to the mass-market book genre of "I'm an insider trust me, here is my experience but no data to back it up sufficiently outside of my subjective impressions" You don't make the effort to clarify what an educated person is and what people lack these days, besides that they do. Nebulous claims about "I have corrected text and see a decline" (what texts? what for? through what lenses do you evaluate and analyze that claim etc. etc.)

I already told you that I too notice that many people don't read the texts or don't have anything to say to academic texts. But then again these people don't pursue an academic career. And it is hardly questionable that they are less educated than your father back in the day. As mentioned times have changed, other knowledge is probably more valuable and just because they don't follow your standards in a specialized subject doesn't mean they don't have a general education. They are there to get a certificate and learn a bit but their lives don't revolve around these topics.
No. 86282 Kontra
>I'm still pretty far away from any sort of conclusion with that

Exactly, the conclusions that can be drawn are manifold and have to be backed up sufficiently in some way.
Would also agree that concentration dropped, but why exactly (media dur mur, but is it just that?) and it's an "adjustment" people made, so "evolutionary" (very debatable how that can be put into a biological realm) "clever".
No. 86283 Kontra
>And it is hardly questionable that they are less educated than your father back in the day.

It is questionable, my mistake, sorry.
No. 86285
I think the difference is that the category of people who would've gone to the factory or gotten an apprenticeship back in the days now work office jobs, but have to go to college and uni to get a degree because there's a mass societal delusion that just because a job is not physical, it requires a degree.

how many people who hold generic office jobs these days have higher education, and how many of them would've been better served reading the excel user manual rather than textbooks?

also cehck otuy this cool game:
No. 86286
That certainly plays a big role. Learning a trade or a craft just isn't glamorous enough.
No. 86287 Kontra
Quite an interesting take.
A BA is three years, just like an apprenticeship in Germany. Usually, a degree also qualifies for supervisor positions. That fits the explosion in management over the last decades. The problem is that attending a university these days is schizophrenic in a sense, you are there to get the basic training so to work in an (office) job [labor market demand] but on the other hand you have the grand knowledge of academia that is tried to be mediated to you and which is far away from what is required for many jobs in the end. A friend of mine did a BA in economics and works in an office and he said he didn't need such an education to do what he does. perhaps a grist of academia nonetheless helps to tackle reality in a different manner than without but that is probably a minor effect for many, dunno It also makes sense from the fact that most students are either law, economics or engineering these days.
No. 86288
What I mean there are not enough trade jobs anyway, the office drone job is the modern equivalent of "generic work" that needs to be done.

Except for some reason there's a soft or hard requirement (depending on country and culture) to have a degree to get those jobs, even though your actual function will be to write emails and fill out excel sheets all day.

I mean most jobs that don't require a license to perform, or are outside academia itself, boil down to "apply common sense during every day situations". That's as generic of a job as it gets, so I don't see why there needs to be specialized education involved.

Some call those "bullshit jobs", but I'd say the primary function of those occupations is to be a "human decision maker", because at the end of the day you need a human to make decisions about things.
I'd say that's no different than needing a "human lever puller" in the industrial days.

Those jobs rely way more on institutional knowledge than on education, which is probably why there's such a discrepancy between what people learn and what people do: you can't teach situational, on-the-job experience.
No. 86289
An office (communication job?) job requires certain skills though depending on the position and uni teaches these skills.
Uni teaches how to to do research yourself and to present stuff in an adequate (structured) manner. So I could learn to do a science communication job without uni, but I'd say uni massively helps me to tackle the demands of that job, of many things (situational) cannot be taught and that is why people like to hire people who have not just a degree but also an idea of how such jobs work, because they did internships and stuff like that. Uni at best teaches you communication and structured representations skills (verbal and written) + an idea of how science works, since science plays a crucial role in our world. For engineers and such a certain amount of content is very important. For others, it is more a modality that you learn than specific content.
No. 86290
Yeah, but wouldn't that be exactly the "institutional knowledge"? Just the general knowledge of getting stuff done.

I'd argue that any environment with some standards and expectations teaches you those things as well.
With the added benefit that you will be learning the relevant specific context along with the getting shit done skill.

From my observation, this is basically the #1 thing that kids straight out of kazakh Unis (our unis are adult daycare) lack: they don't know how to "work" in the broadest sense of just getting things done. It's not that they're deliberately trying to be useless assholes, it's just that the "rules of the game" they learned at home, in school and in uni don't apply at the workplace.
And it's also what I had to learn during my first several jobs that I got fired from, as a basement loser with no real world contact. The "meta-game" of being in a work environment.
No. 86292
66 kB, 640 × 470
we (as a society, civilization, and species) desperately (gravely, severely, alarmingly, critically) need an antifa superhero.

One that doesn't cooperate with the police.
In fact, we need an antifa version of every mainstream superhero, and the only thing they do is beat up the police.

No. 86293
What if we watch usual capeshit, keeping in mind that Joker/.../... (other supervillians) are actually good guys?
No. 86294
What an utterly edgy and original opinion.
No. 86295
I did my best. I'm sorry I let you down.
No. 86297
674 kB, 4000 × 3000
Well see, this is a cope that leftist intellectuals (lol) already employ. For example Zizek claiming that Bane from Nolan's Dark Knight Rises and Killmonger from The Black Panther are Good Guys(tm) (he likes the Joker as well):

But I claim, this is just an academic exercise.
The true essence of superhero comic books is Escapism and Wish Fulfillment.
So, a Leftist comic book would provide the wish fulfillment aspect of the average normies being on the side of the leftists, and leftists having popular popular support, rather than being despised.

So, in a leftist comic book movie, when Joker blows up the police station, the audience would cheer (rather than pretending that a bad thing just happened), and when Spiderman punches a police officers, the audience would smile rather than wonder if this is the beginning of yet another "spiderman turns evil" arc.

This is why we need to educate the masses: they don't know what's good for them.
No. 86300
[Insert post about batman and how he's a fascist]
No. 86302
178 kB, 680 × 516


The creator has been co-opted by the Capitalists and wants money. He should Do It For Free®
No. 86303
124 kB, 1600 × 866
199 kB, 682 × 1094
160 kB, 685 × 1089
152 kB, 727 × 1024
I mean... Persepolis is pretty leftist, but not a superhero comic, just a regular hero comic.

My initial thought was "The Boys", but that one isn't leftist at all, it's rather rightoid actually, just with anti-superhero icing on the violence cake.
No. 86304 Kontra
Today's Asian Languages and Writings class was on Vietnamese. I don't really think I learned all that much in depth about Vietnamese I didn't already knew (6 tones, Used to be written with Hanzis, isolating language and so on), but one of the slides had a poem that was "in Vietnamese" but was also perfectly readable in Classical Chinese.
The lecturer didn't give us a translation, only a transcription into Sino-vietnamese, but I could make out the first line which was 南国山河南帝居。
After class I went to the library and looked up a copy of the text online and translated all the four lines into Hungarian. I checked it with the English afterwards and I was pleasantly surprised that I actually got it right.
I brought with myself a ball of pu'er tea to drink because I didn't sleep all that much. I had some tea and wrote 3k keystrokes for the study while also chatting with the librarian for a bit.
She keeps mentioning how she knows I'm the one who is coming down to the library, because I am one of the two people on campus that can't seem to open doors quietly.

Anyway, I want to complete two of the chapters for the study I began writing, one titled "comparing terminology" and the other on the social-economical context of the Hanfeizi. Funnily enough I wrote the conclusion first. This is probably the first time I'm writing something in "modules", as in, I'm assembling them into a sequence after the fact.

My nose started running a few times, so I might be overworking myself.
No. 86305
ominous superhero chanting
No. 86310
12 kB, 426 × 314
I picked up a cold last week that is still lingering as a cough and a sore throat. On Monday I started waking up with pink eye which is apparently connected. I've been responsible and worked from home all week but now I have two dates at the weekend where I've made reservations and the woman are lovely.

This isn't fair and it all started when I finally got my flu jab done. Is there some magic cure that will make me well by Friday at 1930?
No. 86311 Kontra
447 kB, 720 × 540
All together I wrote 10k keystrokes' worth today. Up to 23k now.
If I really could I could actually finish the 40k minimum by Sunday, the only problem would be that I wouldn't have any time to get my supervisor to check it.

Honestly, this is like a good rehearsal for the BA thesis. Technically, most people just submit a rewritten version of their BA thesis during their MA for this competition. If the BA is just like this then give me two weeks and two gallons of pu'er and I'll write it lmao. The absolute state of higher education.

The nights feel magical again. Don't know if it's the pu'er or the fact that I enjoy pouring my mind onto paper, but it's as if I had managed to recapture that feeling I had during that summer of '18 when I worked on that translation of Kawabata's The Master of Go.

I'm also finding new work methods where I can simultaneously edit the same text on my tablet and my PC, so I can look up stuff on Pleco when translating something from Classical.
Everything is going swimmingly. Tomorrow I'll get up to around 30k hopefully and then I'll expand it to 40-50k by the January deadline.
Plus I'll hold a 20 minute presentation on it on the 30th.

Sleep. Sleep and tea.
Honestly, people underestimate the value of sleep in healing.
It's really like a video game where you go to bed and miraculously feel better the next day.
No. 86314
7,4 MB, 4624 × 3468
First snow
No. 86315 Kontra
After coming home yesterday evening I noticed I get a sore throat. I woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat and haven't found sleep since then. I will go to the grocery store in half an hour and stock up on food for a few days. Should I get a corona test? A friend was here two days ago and she told me yesterday she thinks she is getting sick. Either she or somebody else got me this, maybe it was my nephew who coughed at me several times on the weekend.

Seeing this I'm glad we don't have snow here. What do you feel and think about it?
No. 86316
226 kB, 1706 × 2048
>What do you feel and think about it?
No. 86317
Man, I'd love to see some snow again.

I wish you all the best. "Yes, do a test" is what I'll say, but truth be told, I'd probably be too lazy myself.
But I'm also one of the few who haven't had covid yet and as a consequence feel some silly sense of "purity" about it... the mind really works in dumb ways that are hard to get out of most of the time.

Based on subjective observation rather than scientific knowledge: Dink 1 litre of orange juice between now and tomorrow and you'll have a chance of getting fit again by that time.

Good luck and get well soon!
No. 86318
Now reinterpret that picture as talking about software bugs rather than creepy crawlies.

Also, spiders are the only scary bugs and they aren't even bugs (right?).

We should integrate real-world bug terminology more into software bugs. "Ah that's just an ant, it will go away on its own during regular development, but that wasp over there will be a problem in the near future.
No. 86319
53 kB, 627 × 500
Why post then? Are you are notification bot?

>I wish you all the best. "Yes, do a test" is what I'll say, but truth be told, I'd probably be too lazy myself.

Thanks. I will drink lots of ginger tea and eat real quality honey and hopefully it goes away.
Additional info: I'm too lazy for a test at the moment. There is a test center near the grocery store but it was closed. Bought enough food to last me till Saturday or eventually Monday, hopefully by Saturday it clears up already.
No. 86320
24 kB, 450 × 305
31 kB, 1851 × 1070
>Why post then? Are you are notification bot?
I have become a stimulus-response organism.

Something in the environment changed, I responded to the change, but no internal experience was evoked.
No. 86321
Tip: While being a stimulus response organism, avoid Descartes.
No. 86322
I was changing my windshield wiper blades and noticed a small chip in the glass. Nothing major, but to prevent the damage spreading I scheduled an appointment to have it fixed. My auto insurance will cover the cost. I elected for full glass coverage with no deductable because I have this persistent fear that a roving gang will one day come down my street and break every windshield with a baseball bat.

One of my unfounded anxieties finally paid off.

>Is there some magic cure that will make me well by Friday at 1930?
Preemptively postpone the dates and your health will immediately return.
No. 86324
93 kB, 2000 × 1334
Your post was an act of cognition, you are under arrest!
No. 86325
It's Russian with some Polish admixture.
No. 86326
Nope, my fingers just happened to move in ways that pressed the keys on the keyboard, and do the mouse clicks required to make the post.

You can't prove otherwise, you have no case.
No. 86327
GF is sick. Just half an hour after dinner, like a snap of a finger. Stuffed nose, limb pain, and so on. It has been four weeks since the last time, this is bullshit.
No. 86328
If you didn't have cover, would tell you that you can get an epoxy (or epoxy adjacent) filler for that exact purpose at most auto shops. Tbh, if it is actually really small, there is a nonzero chance that the guys at the glazier will just use one :-DDD
No. 86332 Kontra
>>86315 here, that friend also was sick not long ago, less than 3 weeks.

Why that, can a medical Ernst tell us whats going on exactly?
No. 86334
when did mentally give up you resign yourself to being a loser for the rest of your life

me multiple times through my life already but the latest one was today.
No. 86335
I imagine it's a gradual process for everyone, when you're young everything's possible then you slowly realise over time "oh only these few things are realistically an option"
No. 86336
I'd assume it's some kind of epidemic. Rather unusual for the time of the year, I know.
No. 86337
I cannot accept my fate, to do so would be un-American.

t.Emporarily embarrassed millionaire
No. 86338 Kontra
I did about 3-4 times. Every time, I was proven wrong. Now I have a nice job, a pseudorelationship and I post on Ernstchan, where only the coolest members of the internet elite post.
No. 86339
29 kB, 736 × 552
296 Bytes, 17 × 18
It's just a phase, future-me is a roaring success! Probably.
No. 86341 Kontra
42 kB, 411 × 512
I have burnt out.
Supervisor read what I've written so far and he said it was a solid introduction and that I should try assembling the entire text until Saturday evening.
I'm gonna try my damn hardest, but even his miniscule comments made me feel so bad that I now lost motivation.

On my way home I picked up two books. One was an older edition of Hamsun's Hunger which is a novel I liked when I read it during high school, and another one was "Selections from Pragmatist Philosophers".
Guy running the stand recognises me now and greets me before I would greet him. He looks a bit like Bukharin. Maybe it's his hat and the beard.
Funny because one of my classmates say I look like Che Guevara with my beard and hair, and he greets me every time we meet by saying Viva la Revolucion!.

Pu'er is so good. It's like I'm reaching a level of clarity impossible to reach on energy drinks or coffee. Without giving me a stroke of course.
No. 86344
389 kB, 926 × 661
The windshield has been repaired; I have no idea what the guy used but that chip is now sort of a cloudy blotch the size of a pencil eraser. I went to Safelite because I see their television ads everywhere, and they handled the insurance paperwork.

Additional info: I rushed to get it done today because a storm is coming.
No. 86345 Kontra
4,2 MB, 640 × 468, 0:05
Fuck I wrote an entire chapter tonight. 8.5k keystrokes in a single sitting.
Looking at the footnotes and citations I feel satisfied. You know it used to amaze me when I saw citations like these during high school, and now I'm the one writing them.
Of course it's almost three a clock. So I'm going to look like absolute shit tomorrow during my modern Chinese class at 10.
Anyway it's like 6 hours of sleep or so. Perfectly sound by academic standards.

Also fuck whenever I quote from the Hanfeizi I'm using my own translations and I can put my name in brackets after the quote saying I did it.
No. 86346
744 kB, 1035 × 689
167 kB, 931 × 600
138 kB, 1432 × 1144
I wish I lived in the 19th century
No. 86347
>Funny because one of my classmates say I look like Che Guevara with my beard and hair

Then what's your excuse for not drowning in pussy?

Seeing maps from NA is still weird to me due to the names of your cities and towns etc. Some place named Buffalo next to Wasaw and then some place called Lafayette just south of that... it just confuses my european sensibilities.
No. 86348
2,1 MB, 352 × 640, 0:41
Apparently Germany can into tornados now. How much more american culture will be exported to us before we put a stop to it, I ask? How much?

No. 86349
Windhosen have always been a thing, but maybe they're increasing in frequency.
No. 86353
peeepee puuupoo
i farded
No. 86355 Kontra
Reading the best posts from EC on a friday morning at work.
No. 86356
There was a tornado in Paderborn with a lot of destruction this year as well.
No. 86358
57 kB, 560 × 750
TIL (today I learned) there are 80 cities in Germany with over 100,000 inhabitants
No. 86363
If look at function "f(n) = population of n-th biggest settlement" for different countries, what will it look like? Probably https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Power_law . Yes, it links https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibrat%27s_law

It's probably less steep for decentralized countries (Germany, USA) and more sharp for centralized countries (Russia, France).
No. 86368
Indeed, it's crazy how cetralized France is, along with Ireland, Portugal and Denmark
No. 86371 Kontra
Small countries don't count, it'd be hard not be centralized. For all intents and purposes, Lisbon is just the center of this statelet. fugg porto :DD
No. 86373
59 kB, 867 × 1156
No. 86374
No. 86375
330 kB, 712 × 2048
It snowed, roughly one foot at this point. Now I have to shovel out my car. Snow is still falling, so that's going to feel pointless but still has to be done. Do I shovel one foot twice, or two feet once? Decisions...

I'm surprised that map doesn't list Hamburg, a town just south of Buffalo. Fun Fact: Anything south receives more snow- they've recorded 24" so far.
No. 86376
I dropped my android phone and now the screen won't switch on. I have reservations tonight for a restaurant in a few hours.

This is quite the predicament. Obviously I'll have to go as I have a reservation but when I don't respond she will probably think I've ghosted and not turn up. As she stuck to talking on the app I have no way of talking to her - downloaded bluestacks to see if I could emulate but the bloody app registers incompatible across whatever phone version I try.
No. 86377
Now the real question is: Did you drop your phone by accident, or was there some subconcious mechanism at play to prevent you from having a date free of worries?

Also, you seem to have recovered since yesterday, that's good!
No. 86379
If you live by the phone, you will die by the phone.
No. 86380
My problem was solved by walking to a phone shop. First asking if they could fix it but it turns out the screen is fucked so I bought my way out of the problem with a new phone. This is why you always have emergency savings, Ernst. Not just because of actual serious life problems but because money solves stress.

Being poor must be absolutely awful.

>Also, you seem to have recovered since yesterday, that's good!

I took the day off work and slept until 3pm. Awoke to find out my date messaged me at 11am and hastily replied.
No. 86381
Well, good luck tonight!
No. 86384
I am pretty good at solving "mechanical" problems. Stuff that warrants some kind of tinkering and finding solutions for problems.
But how do I get wittier, more concise in my argumentation and such?
No. 86393 Kontra
198 kB, 1267 × 1135
>But how do I get wittier, more concise in my argumentation and such?

study humanities, you personified Karohemd-Samenstau [...]

no really, humanities is all about arguments and you have to learn from the masters, so go watch some gegenstandpunkt lectures :DDD
No. 86394
She told me she's demisexual. I'd get mad that the app has wasted my time by not showing this information beforehand but it's just updated itself so people now show it on their profiles.

I'm mean, all the best to them but fuck that. Can you imagine "dating" a lass for months on the off-chance that your friendship turns into her falling for you and then that you're sexually compatible.

>Xaxaxa see the degenerate west collapse from woke politics!

She's Russo-Kazakh.
No. 86396
Exactly yesterday I heard word "demiseasonal" and asked, that does demi- prefix mean. No one knew, "it just means spring or autumn".

For bydlo like me:
Demi- means "half-".

> Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which an individual does not experience primary sexual attraction[2] – the type of attraction that is based on immediately observable characteristics such as appearance or smell and is experienced immediately after a first encounter. They only experience secondary sexual attraction – the type of attraction that happens after knowing someone for a while.
> Demisexuals, gray-asexual and asexual individuals (commonly referred to as aces) often use the terms favorable, neutral or indifferent, averse, or repulsed to describe how they feel about sex.

Are there hemisexuals and semisexuals? Are there demits and hemits? Too many questions, and answers just generate more questions.
No. 86397
Some fucking cunt from work had the audacity to call and wake me up at 8 AM on a Saturday.
The shit he was calling about doesn't even pertain to my job.

Fucking cunt.
I'm gonna put some malware on his computer at the first opportunity.

I'm an involuntary aposexual.
No. 86399
>Xaxaxa see the degenerate west collapse from woke politics!
>She's Russo-Kazakh.

And where do you think she got all that demisexuality shit from, hm? Back in the days she would be just a someone with low libido or maybe someone with weird tastes, or she would be just called a log, but now she has her personal flavor of sexuality with her personal flag and personal dictionary thanks to Western "psychology researchers". People just want to feel important, even from the most stupid and insignificant things.

>asexual individuals (commonly referred to as aces)
My D-g, this is ultra-cringe. "Ace" is someone who is really good at something. What are those people good at, not having sex? I myself, as those Westerners would say, "fall on the asexual spectrum", but I'd rather be called a permavirgin than a fucking "ace", because at least it would be more honest. Also, asexual flag looks like shit.
No. 86400 Kontra
73 kB, 680 × 490
semi- hemi- demi-
super- hyper- duper-
sept- hept- dept-
sex- hex- dex-
No. 86401
1,8 MB, 498 × 250, 0:03
I am frankosexual, see gif related.

And I once conversed with a woman who talked about being "sapiosexual" or something like that - attraction based on how (perceivedly :-DDDD) smart the other person is.
I mean I easily fall for intellectually stimulating conversations, too, but if she were a hamplanet I still wouldn't hit it.
No. 86402
104 kB, 599 × 671
Sounds frustrating for both sides tbh.

>Demisexuality is a sexual orientation in which an individual does not experience primary sexual attraction[2] – the type of attraction that is based on immediately observable characteristics such as appearance or smell and is experienced immediately after a first encounter.

... man, I wish I was more demisexual and less of a hypersexual spermgun. This part of me just doesn't fit in with this modern society that wants to protect half its population from being seen as prey. All the other parts of me agree with these core societal values; rightfully so as I've grown up seeing what my mom had to go through at times, then later seeing how myf gfs were treated - it's evident as fuck that something has to change if you're willing and able to look.

But... you know... it don't feel good to experience the world from the eyes of a predator. I really wish I was more demisexual :<
No. 86403
The trick is to start hating women so much that you're not even sexually attracted to them any more.
No. 86405 Kontra
46 kB, 555 × 433
I'd rater be a closet predator for the rest of my life than be sucked into the bubbble of incels, thank you very much.
No. 86407
Wow, zootopia was a metaphor for human sexual dynamics all along
No. 86408
If he made a conscious effort to not feel sexual attraction anymore, can he be considered an incel?
Is everyone who hates women an incel?
What is the sound of one hand clapping an asscheek?
No. 86409
Plot twist: Racial dynamics and sexual dynamics follow the same set of (inference) rules and have the same axioms, thus are equivalent (meaning: isomorphic)

A person is an incel as long as they think of themselves as an incel.
Not everyone who doesn't have sex without trying to actively avoid it, is an incel.

>What is the sound of one hand clapping an asscheek?
Made me chuckle, well done.

Here, I've written a zen koan for you guys:

One day Tokusan gave his student Ganto a list of zen koans and said: "This is a list of zen koans".
Ganto took the list and began to read it.
Ganto found that the last entry in the list did not seem to be a zen koan.
Ganto returned to Tokusan and said:
No. 86410
What sounds does one make when saying something without saying anything?
No. 86412
53 kB, 0:01
what is the sound of two asscheeks clapping?
No. 86413
Ackshually the farting sound is not made by the asscheeks.
No. 86415
You must have some pretty weak farts.
No. 86416
Nah, but a strong sphincter.
No. 86423
I have another date today that I was running late for but it turned out the otherside had forgot on account of her homes' boiler breaking. She's amazed I'm so chill about this but in reality I'm just glad I can have breakfast and relax.

I've let her text me later if she wants to have a drink we both need a date for weddings next year.

The opposite term is actually a megasexual - someone who feels romantic attachment only after you get intimate.
Or fraysexual where attachment is lost over time once you have sex.

You'll notice the two terms are loosely describing what seems to me basic cycles of human relationships that follow gender lines. You'd be a Nazi to notice this of course.

Hypersexual is what we'd refer to as sex-addiction or nymphomania.

There's volcel which is what happens when the fox can't reach the grapes.

Where's that Irish lad with a hard drive of fat women getting railed?
No. 86429
1,2 MB, 4096 × 2731
After clearing yesterday's snowfall, I awoke today with a painful reminder that- despite regular gym attendance- there are some muscles you just don't use unless you are shoveling.

Despite the pain, there was still work to be done. This morning, as I was working to remove the 6-8" which fell overnight, a neighbor with a snowblower came to assist. I had cleared a path just wide enough for a car, and he widened it. The situation reminded me of folk legend John Henry as he pit his muscle against steam power. Unlike Henry, I had no chance of keeping up, but I also didn't die from the effort.
No. 86434 Kontra
138 kB, 600 × 555
299 kB, 1072 × 771
Comic books may not have leftist heroes, but they certainly have leftist writers.
Wanted to post these earlier, but didn't find them. These are unedited and were actually published.
No. 86435 Kontra
Every time I see western comics I'm surprised some people pay actual "real" (fiat) currency to read it.
Every single time it's some below average uninspired deviantart tier scribble.
Any fucking manga is a thousand times more pleasing to the eye than this shit.
No. 86436
Today I learned that kazakhs eat horse assholes.
No. 86437 Kontra
Be careful, those are american comics. "Western comics" also entails stuff like francobelgian bandes dessinées and 2000AD from the island and all those edgy dutch comic strips.
No. 86438 Kontra
Only good American comic is Garfield
No. 86439
So, among the tens of thousands of comic issued every year in the US alone, there are two examples of cringe writing wrt. the gender politics. It almost seems like you feel threatened by that, but you really need not worry. What comics even are these? Is the first one some Avengers thing?
No. 86440
Unless every single line of dialogue is either a direct quote from the communist manifesto, or a call to seize the means of productions, it's not a leftist comic, sorry.
No. 86441 Kontra
83 kB, 786 × 1200
912 kB, 786 × 1200
280 kB, 1552 × 1200
401 kB, 784 × 1164
Because you've read every american comic?.

Pics related, it's an american comic.

P.S.: Calvin & Hobbes beats Garfield by miles.
No. 86442 Kontra
814 kB, 1940 × 1376
1,3 MB, 1988 × 3056
It's not about the frequency, it's that this kind of shit has actually been written by someone, passed editorial and then was published and everyone along the line decided it was fine.
And it's also not about the cringe, it's about the woke. Virtually every superhero comic has cringe writing.
And it is indeed exemplary for what is going on at Marvel and DC.

Pic related 1 for example was pushed hard. The background character is the new Hawkeye.
Pic related 2 is from Batgirl.
I stopped reading Big 2 (and most american comics in general) some years ago, so I can't really give more recent examples, but I would expect that this kind of writing has just become more prevalent.
No. 86443
220 kB, 885 × 1280
122 kB, 800 × 590
Leftist comics? I only read Jiriks.
No. 86446
72 kB, 750 × 655
225 kB, 662 × 577
673 kB, 2732 × 2048
Yeah, I miss the times when comic books used to be based.
No. 86447 Kontra
Oh man Dr. Doom on 9/11, that was absolutely brilliant.
That incident broke americans so thoroughly it's still funny over 20 years later.
No. 86448
64 kB, 443 × 455
17 kB, 458 × 468
I don't get what the problem is supposed to be.
Maybe I'd have to have some emotional investment into wanting Marvel/DC to be "good" in order to understand the upset.

But to me this is irrelevant stuff changing its narrative slightly.
In the 80s you'd have serious problems including gay super heroes in a comic, now you have problems including a different taboo in a comic.
Propaganda and opinion management was always part of comics, not just in the US.
It's just... not that important?

I say let the woke kids have their stories the way they like it, just like our generation had comics/games/music/films/etc that raised eyebrows in our parents' generation.

picrel: German quality comics to lighten the mood.
No. 86449 Kontra
If you can't see the difference between 80s taboo breaking and 20s woke wooden mallet I don't know what to say. I mean, they just dropped any pretenses. They could just have panel after panel of the characters speaking directly to the reader and telling them how to behave.
And that is the problem. It's so unsubtle and vulgar and you can't even call it subversive anymore, like Ralf König stuff, or Alan Moore. Such writers don't exist anymore.
They just hire "writers" based on how woke they can appear to the woke crowd and how much money the suits think it will make them. Not even the worst writer in the 80s would have been as bad as the writer of America Chavez (the outer space latinx lesbian from the first picture).
Comics are just the topic right now in this discussion, but it's not exclusive to comics, even the mainstream has noticed e.g. Netflix's tokenism.
It's all so phony and hypocritical.

Also, post more Lachen mit Goethe, my favorite is probably the one about Goethe quotes.
No. 86452 Kontra
I looked it up

>Since her debut, America Chavez has been described as one of Marvel's most notable and powerful female heroes, being labelled as the publisher's first Latin-American LGBTQ+ character to star in a comic book series, with America Chavez being the titular character

Ok it's a comic made specifically centered around that topic, don't understand the fuzz. I heard about the netflix tokenism and that even LGBTQ people find it weird but on the other hand a few more people appearing being casually something else than hetereosexuals is probably fine and representative. People getting angry because in their world now appear people that are not like them, them being still represented though. Whatever, I don't watch Netflix but I can enjoy a movie made by a woman or a queer person without having to comment on these facts (because I don't feel personally attacked).
No. 86455 Kontra
45 kB, 299 × 326
13 kB, 700 × 128
They pushed out the deadline until Wednesday but I lost the spark and I feel tired. I'm at like 32k characters and I need to write more.
Reworked the introduction to be longer and better, but otherwise I want to finish the part where I look at terminology and I am just too burnt out.

Supervisor said that the main issue is that the text seems to have too much joy in it. Plus the fact that I have only written an introduction basically at 23k characters.
No. 86456
Now I have a date with another woman tomorrow after 5 minutes on Coffee Meets Bagel talking to a Chinese expat. Christmas is the shit. I'd rather just have something stick with one woman tbh
No. 86457
It doesn't have to be perfect, it has to be done. Try your hardest to get it over the finish line and only then redraft it to be better, Enrst.

If you can't work anymore then take a short break with an episode of something mindless like Spongebob then get straight back to it. Work all night if you must, you keep going until it gets done. I wrote a major government strategy on Spongebob, cheesy pop-music and New York's house music.

>Plus the fact that I have only written an introduction basically at 23k characters

Can you split the introduction off from a literature review (basically intro the subject and then talk about what the academic debate is on the subject)? And methodology (how you are approaching the thesis)?

It does seem like a lot that could be used as fodder for elsewhere in the paper at any rate.
No. 86458 Kontra
>I have only written an introduction basically at 23k

Why? The introduction is half the paper? a good rule is 10% or 15% of the finished product
No. 86459 Kontra
Nah it's gonna be roughly 15% as you suggested.
I consider the terminology part which is more than half of that 23k to not be an introduction, plus if I actually do it well and flesh it out it's gonna be roughly 55k, at least my supervisor thinks so.

The issue is really that I never wrote something this big before, plus the deadline is a bit close. But I'm managing it better than I expected. Even if today I only wrote like 4k strokes.
My main issue is that I had one day where I slept 5 hours and haven't recovered from it. Tomorrow is the day.
I already wrote the methodology section and the introduction as to why I consider this an important question.
The other parts that are done are the short social history and biographical introductions and the entire chapter I did on war and foreign policy.
I want another one on social classes and then one on "recommended methods" and then a short conclusion.

I can do that in two days I think. Plus I need to finish the chapter where I talk about terminology, comparing their views on law and power. (Basically I need to define 樹 and 法 and then once the definition is established compare that with what Machiavelli says.)
No. 86463
Digging up obscure, irrelevant shit to screencap and get upset about is pretty much how they operate.
And if you cherrypick enough, and show it to people enough, you can create the impression that the sky is falling down, even though nothing is happening.

[twitter screencap.jpg]
["news" headline screencap.jpg]
No. 86464
>Whatever, I don't watch Netflix but I can enjoy a movie made by a woman or a queer person without having to comment on these facts (because I don't feel personally attacked).
>Whatever I don't watch Netflix
But a lot of other people do. And you have no choice but to see adverts. And all the adverts in Germany are full of black people. Why? It is obliviously to normalize the presence of black people in Germany. Why? So Germans will get used to more Africans. There are plans for massive black immigration to Germany. Besides massive inflation (prices for electricity have tripled in one year!), we are supposed to feed an army of lazy niggers. If you are the poster I think you are, it is clear why this does not bother you. It is because you and all your friends live on government money, holding well-paid bullshit jobs that achieve nothing, but where created by leftists to give a comfy free-of-work live to other leftists. Basically, those are not jobs, but sinecures, to be handed out as political favors to like-minded people. And since this is your experience, you think all jobs are not work, a set of two to achieve something that can be considered to be of benefit to society, but as sinecures where people get paid money for jerking of. This is why you do not want them to be given to someone willing and able to perform, but to someone you deemn politically favorable, to socially friendly elements. And this is why it does not bother you when we get IQ 80 immigrants who do not speak German or English and whose children will only ever speak broken German and broken English, while those willing to create value emigrate to countries where they might face the same annoying self-important dim-witted diversity-hires at work, but at least don't have to pay our immense taxes. Suppose you earn 5000€ per month gross, then your employer has already been taxed about 500€. 'B-but the employer pays that, not me!' Left pocket, right pocket. Then, you get paid 2500€. And on everything you buy, you pay 20% taxes. That's another 500€. Let's assume you manage to save money, them your investments need to not only do better than inflation, but also earn an additional return of 25% on inflation in order not to lose money, because they will take 25% on capital gains. Currently, that would be 13% gains a year in Germany. And when you spend that, you are taxed again, of course. All to feed the leftshits in government positionsv and the niggers who came from half a globe away, wer are taxed 2/3 of our income. And they want to bring in more niggers and tax us harder! And they tell us it is le ebul capitalists who make us poor, while they take 2/3 of or income to use for themselves and their pet niggers!

It's funny. When rich people keep horses, they pay for someone else to feed the horse, clean up the horses shit, keep the stable in good order, etc. The same happens in Germany with refugees. The nomenclatura does not only keep horses, but pet niggers. They pay for housing the niggers (immense rates to companies they themselves own), they pay for cleaning up after the niggers, etc.
No. 86465 Kontra
>Ok it's a comic made specifically centered around that topic
No it's not, America Chavez has existed before. And nobody but american liberals with 14/88 hispanic heritage would care about it in the first place. But they don't buy comics, anyway.

>People getting angry because in their world now appear people that are not like them, them being still represented though.
That's also not the point.
Nobody cared about having Uhura or Geordie on the Enterprise or about the Ghostbusters' Winston or about Alien's Ellen Ripley. But even "normies" are now starting to notice that certain characters are only introduced to fill a quota without anything beyond, just so you can say "see, we are so progressive!". Or suddenly (or even retroactively) making established characters gay.
Just a few days ago I was reading an interview with Emily Blunt (Sicario, Edge of Tomorrow) who said that she becomes uninterested the moment she reads "strong female character" in a script because she already knows there won't be any character development or anything.
It's all just lip service, and oftetimes even patronizing, but the average consoomer will gobble it up, across all race/gender/sexual orientation/religious belief/whathaveyou lines.

> Whatever, I don't watch Netflix but I can enjoy a movie made by a woman or a queer person without having to comment on these facts (because I don't feel personally attacked).
You are implying here that any film made by a woman or gay person is about women and gays or that the films/shows that are being criticized are made by women and gays. Which is, of course, absolute bullshit.
Granted, I don't know what filmmakers are/were gay, because I don't care enough about that, but there are enough female writers and directors I enjoy simply because they are good.

And in case anybody hasn't noticed: I am not >>86464
No. 86466 Kontra
I agree with you. Woke pop-culture is not produced by the minorities it tokenizes. If it were, it would not matter. The money decides what goes into the film, and the money is Jewish. But Jews do not produce for other Jews. All the comic adaptations and the porn and the action movies are for goys. The Jews read the Tora and classic literature and go to concerts. The degenerate art that was produced post-WWII, starting from rock-music, not ending at Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol or fucking Basquiat is to mind-control the goy, to reduce them to the level of stone-age niggers. Just listen to popular music. It is growing ever more monotonous, all melody is reduced to repetitive cliched patterns in 3 minute 'songs'. The stomping rhythm is the rhythm of the jungle-bongo.
When a celebrated negro star, murdered so-and-so-many people in drug wars and abuses women, he is laudated for his 'authenticity' in the Feuilleton.
No. 86467
99 kB, 959 × 717
Is it true the Czech race is genetically predisposed to being skilled at hockey
No. 86468 Kontra
What are you even trying to achieve with this obvious strawman?
If you tried to emulate the schizo, you should have studied him better beforehand.
No. 86470 Kontra
>No it's not, America Chavez has existed before

Maybe, but the comic takes LGBTQ as orientation. It's just like that and it's not totally surprising that things get "retroactively" changed, it's fiction after all. Just like a Goethe "reinterpretation" you can still get the original and the "reinterpretation" is still not the main version, unlike some people might want to suggest.

>You are implying here that any film made

I didn't but pointed to the fact that it happens, like a reflex. I watched queer directors doing films about queer live that is probably quite different to a quota style netflix writing though and it was kinda interesting, because it covers the topic with techniques of story writing and film like other films. You know, taking a movie seriously because it was done seriously even if it is humorous... I think you know what I mean because you can find this all across the bord in filmmaking without needing to think oh so progressive or having the offended reflex that it exists in the first hand. People seem to have a hard time taking a film about topics the cannot identify with directly which is probably bs since these movies cover a range of topics, themes and feelings humans are usually experienced in to certain degrees without having general (public) problems with it.
No. 86472 Kontra
> I watched queer directors doing films about queer live
Can you recommend some? Everytime I encounter such a film the synopsis is something with "how hard it is to be gay in...". And please don't say Shortbus, I hated that piece of shit.

>People seem to have a hard time taking a film about topics the cannot identify with directly
Like what, space battles and comic superheroes making planets explode and american highschool life and Jackie Chan wanting no trabble? That's probably not what you meant, but how you worded it. I know what you mean, films should be able to be about human experiences in general, but the kind of stuff with uninteresting topics is usually because it doesn't go deeper or because it is, simply, boring (I personally find capeshit boring, too, but a lot of people seemingly don't).
But virtually nobody who watched Schindler's List or The Pianist has experienced it first-hand, yet people were engaged and gripped because it was about the characters' experiences, not the Holocaust "itself".
For example, imagine you would make a film about Ernstchan. Make it episodic.
Show Brick posting stuff in his commieblock, Porto in his chair, Aussie during breaks from his cleaning job and throw in a few germans, including a hilarious parody of a Sören and a Ronny both foaming at their mouths. Is that interesting?
Or would it be more interesting if we also had access to Brick's thoughts, see his drunk dad who pissed himself? Accompany Swissball on his theater rehearsals and dates? You can even have gay russian doing gay stuff, it's all there, but then it's again about the people, and the human experience, with EC being the space in which we move.
That is also what imo separates good scifi from bad scifi. Good scifi uses the setting to tell a story about people, whereas bad scifi has bombing runs in zero gravity.
No. 86473
make it an episodic anime and redesign all the characters as magical school girls and I'm in
No. 86474 Kontra
>Can you recommend some? Everytime I encounter such a film the synopsis is something with "how hard it is to be gay in..."

I think that will often be part of such a movie since it is part of such a life in various ways. It's like demanding a film of a street police officer being without cases deviance to deal with in a sense. which could be done of course but seems rather unlikely since your identity as an street police officer comes with certain circumstances and patterns in that life with such an existence

Well I don't think any of these films was what I considered a very very good film, but they were like most films I watched, they have some goods scenes etc. the story has a nice tang to it, gives feels but overall does not absolutely elevate me. So I can recommend The Booth by Rohin Raveendran, a short film. And Beach Rats by Eliza Hittman, which I don't find very special or even good overall but it's just not that netflix tokenism or ebul progressive propaganda wokeness but probably a realistic account of having homosexual desires in India or the US (regardless of all the wokeness that seems to happen, many people are not woke and tolerant of someones sexuality).
No. 86475 Kontra
I forgot

>the rest of the post

Yeah, that is what I meant though, these films use certain techniques and such just like other films and are not simply centered alone on being LGBTQ, an LGBTQ movie can also and probably always already is about resolving a conflict and various stuff like hardship, love, dreams, hate, digust, friendship, capitalism, work life, poetry of a landscape, philosophy, existence etc etc etc. Just because it covers an LGBTQ topic it does not exclude any of the major themes most movies deal with but people always have to focus on the difference of sexuality or gender to other films that appears in these movies and - I don't know why if not for being wholly uncomfortable by feeling attacked in their own identity - ignore the rest.
No. 86477 Kontra
I literally am the schizo.
No. 86480
379 kB, 1200 × 1200
I've uploaded nearly a hundred books to libgen since zlibrary got taken down and will continue to do so.
No. 86481
I have a recommendation that falls outside the spectrum about what we are talking about, but that still feels like a relevant contribution: Flee

Trailer: https://yewtu.be/watch?v=WzUVeuX1u04

If you read the synopsis or watch the trailer and feel pushed away from it then fine, I can see how that happens. I want to recommend it because it is an account of reality and the character(s) feel exactly like actual humans and at least to me it did not feel like there was much of an agenda involved in making any part of the film (except for telling this story).

Another one would be Moonlight. Sure enough, part of the struggle of the protagonist is that he is gay in an environment that doesn't appreciate it, but watching the film it felt like an very tiny part of what was happening overall and the story wasn't constructed around the a moral message but around the description of the problems. The film is more about how people behave than what people are, if that makes sense. Also, it's just absolutely stunning cinematography.


Finally, french body horror in a short film that I really can't tell what it's about, but it does feature the perspective of a girl during puberty whose friends are all boys; and what happens when her body starts to change (this is where the body horror comes in and also where the film is really smart). I've really come to appreciate the director, her feature films are just as weird but with much more violence:

https://yewtu.be/watch?v=XmZ8XEW7bfM (that's the whole 20 minute film, not a trailer)
No. 86482 Kontra
That seems noble, what did you upload? I'm not asking for the specific book title but in general

>Finally, french body horror in a short film that I really can't tell what it's about, but it does feature the perspective of a girl during puberty whose friends are all boys; and what happens when her body starts to change (this is where the body horror comes in and also where the film is really smart).

Sounds cool. Lately I was just thinking about how horror movies deal with certain themes and topics, never occurred to me when I was younger and actually watching horror movies haven't watched any in the last 10 years or so

Maybe you are interested in this one, haven't watched it but on my list

The (material) body (and its cultural role) is something very absent from my realm of interest but the description make it sound like an interesting thing to consider and think about.
No. 86483
306 kB, 1600 × 1600
Acceptance is the first step to become a better person.
No. 86484
>Holy Emy

Looks definitely promising, thanks. Seems to be part of the Greek Weird Wave cinema, of which I have yet to watch anything...
No. 86485
>the Greek Weird Wave cinema

Can recommend it, albeit I've watched only a few.
No. 86486 Kontra
Mostly textbooks and monographs in chinese that I reckon to be of some value. Filling all the metadata is an almost sisyphean task and at some point I have to indulge myself in omitting non-essential ones.
I have only limited access to the database of the single monopolistic digital publisher in china. But their database used to get leaked and the data are circulated within a cartel of black market dealers. If one could get to know the right people and afford the price, then one would be able to double libgen's database.
No. 86487 Kontra
2,3 MB, 3812 × 2395
I think I had just one more cup of tea more than I should have and I spend the entire night in agony with a slight pressure all over my head. I thought I was going to pop a blood-vessel or go blind or something.

On Friday when I was going home I went into an antiquary because I saw a volume of Tuvan folk tales, but it was unbelievably expensive. Still, I browsed a bit and found a bunch of books at good prices, like Sorokin's Doctor Garin, Novalis' Heinrich von Ofterdingen and Nabokov's Lolita.
Also found this small pocket "modern library" edition of Shen Rong's (谌容) "At Middle Age" (人到中年). It's very short, but I couldn't bring myself to read it in one sitting on account of exhaustion. It's very sentimental in tone.
Plus a classmate gave me a copy of a Mao Dun novel. It's an 1955 edition that's based on an 1952 Russian abridged edition. Funky stuff.
The title of the original is given as "Перед рассветом", but I cannot seem to be able to connect it to any Chinese original title.
Though checking my 1977 Hungarian edition of "Midnight" (子夜) the opening paragraphs are very similar, so this "Before Dawn" book is most likely an older translation of Midnight. Which is funny, because it means that first they made one translated from the Russian and then they bothered to "re-translate" it now fully from the French 20 years later.

No. 86492
i shitted

i stop shitting when I'm depressed lol and then it all comes out at once
No. 86503
I have dirty black clothing lying on top of white cloth and sheets ready for the washing machine. From the corner of my eye, it looks like a cat is laying on the ground, don't know why but I perceive it like that.
No. 86504
For recognizing predators "false positive" is far less less dangerous than "false negative". That's why monkey brain works like this.
No. 86505
Are cats in Russia still 3 meters big?
No. 86506
No, but people are 50 cm high.
No. 86507
238 kB, 1024 × 752
Shit it's true
No. 86508
This picture is exactly what you expect to see when you type #music2019 or #anime
No. 86510
But monkey brain is context-sensitive I don't feel at risk when I see a bear behind a fence and there is no need to predict a predator in my cozy heated room right now. It's probably a monkey bug.
No. 86511
Maybe you were a bird in an earlier life.
No. 86512
Make sense because I'm also very freedom-loving and feel only well at high altitudes.
No. 86513
The birds cats eat are usually not those that fly particularly high, though.
No. 86515
10,4 MB, 264 × 480, 1:06
I binge watched Babylon Berlin and for some reason that series just makes it apparent what a pathetic, disgusting existence it is to be an actor. Nothing specifically related to the show itself (tho maybe seeing modern day nu-germans and markelmänner portraying nadsis was a primer) but imagine having your whole life being the result of being some whore in front of a camera or the countless bitpart people who are dreaming that they're "artists"
The only good thing is that the reserve army makes it so that we have baristas and waiters, because Dog forbid, they could do a job that actually requires hard work
No. 86516
What black magic is this then? I watched a movie so I don't have to see the cat from the corner of my eye anymore.
No. 86517 Kontra
53 kB, 1077 × 543
Up to ~45k roughly from yesterday. It truly was the lack of sleep. Tomorrow I'm cancelling my workshop class so I can wrap it up roughly and then be done with it. I would cancel my normal classes too but I think I'm on a third strike for this fucking literature seminar so I can't miss it.
I decided to merge social classes and relations with ministers and servants into a single chapter because why not.
I'm actually astonished how much I achieved today, especially with how I didn't have any caffeine.
No. 86520
Heh, I remember the feeling when I got off of caffeine and suddenly my productivity went up. Feels strangely empowering, because now it's you and not the coffee that got the work done and it was a slog at all.
No. 86522
234 kB, 1290 × 1115
It's interesting how I procrastinate by going to EC even though nothing happens. I read a few paragraphs and then open EC. Since I'm approaching two new topics at the same time (one theoretical, one historical, the former kinda complicated to unravel) I resent the amount of work that goes with it and I'm not even sure how fruitful both attempts are with helping to nail down a master's thesis.
I consider doing my "work from home" job now but it's better to postpone it to late afternoon when my concentration decayed already.
Also still a little bit sick.
No. 86524
I turned on England v Iran and witnessed three goals in 10 minutes. As an infrequent viewer, I now expect this level of scoring to be the norm.
No. 86525
695 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:10
It always happens with infrequent viewers.
t. 7-1 witness

Also, shouldn't you watch real manly football instead of European soccer a.k.a. sissyball?
No. 86526
Manly football day was yesterday. Looking forward to Thursday, though. My team is playing in one of the traditional Thanksgiving games.

Also, in soccer why do they perform concussion tests on the field? We do that on the sideline in a dedicated medical tent.
No. 86527
The US football plague has gained more and more relevancy in Europe with people watching it and waiting for the superball, staying up late at night to watch football games. I just ask myself why it become more popular here. Surely, somebody has an answer on the internet. Heard Europe is a growth market for US football, maybe they pushed it in order to open new markets.
No. 86528 Kontra

*bowl yuropoor slip of tongue
No. 86529 Kontra
No, it's not normal.
It just sometimes happens.
No. 86530
Seems like our cripples were banned from bydloball for invading Ukraine (not to be confused with Olympics, when they were banned for FSB curated tricks with piss). Whom should I root for then?
No. 86531
Germany is now the NFL's biggest European market, surpassing England. They even sent you Tom Brady last week, and it was huge news on this side: first regular season game in Germany!!! The sports propaganda all said it was heavily anticipated in Munich, and from your post I can see they weren't exaggerating.

All your Sundays are belong to us.
No. 86532
113 kB, 884 × 900
I encountered several people in the last 4 years that told me they are watching football matches. And yes, I guess the Munich game was when I heard about NFL and Europe as a growing market.
No. 86533
2,9 MB, 1920 × 1080
2,1 MB, 1920 × 1080
Watching a documentary about people migrating from russia to evade mobilisation.
Apparently the behaviour of the young men from russia is a bit of a problem and activists in KZ have set up something like an etiquette of how to behave that they are giving to the newcomers.
But also with information about the suffering of people in central asia under Stalin.

pic1 is supposed to be an excerpt of that, but I can't verify it myself.

pic2: Russo-brick going back to his homeland, not fitting in.

It's actually quite intersting most of the time, but for reasons I feel a certain amount of cringe come up whenever people are interviewed... why even have all these opinions in the first place, it seems so utterly pointless.

If anyone is interested: https://www.arte.tv/en/videos/111083-001-A/tracks-east-mobilisation/
No. 86534
My brother and my brother in law actually were in Munich.
I never cared for handegg.
I also don't care for football, I didn't even know the World Cup had already started.
If the german team reaches the final and wins I will probably do some good-weather patriotism and get drunk.
No. 86536
>Whom should I root for then?
Any team except Wales. They are our hated rivals and I despise them, their children, and their children's children for the next four hours.
No. 86538 Kontra
>If the german team reaches the final and wins I will probably do some good-weather patriotism and get drunk.

Don't forget to kiss a man (Bild according to another thread) to spread the spirit, like that corrupt FIFA leader you will feel gay that day :DDDDD yes soccer became a sole tool of globohomo that is why Russia is not sad about not being allowed to play :DD
No. 86539 Kontra
You know it's actually pretty good that I have to write this thing before my thesis. It's really good practice and the pressure makes me innovate my methods a lot.
Like checking a textfile on my tablet and PC simultaneously and using the tablet dictionary to look up something and then writing the results into the study.

Plus I actually started jotting down quotes and page markings into a text file like the Germans recommended.
With this many sources it's impossible to keep everything in my head. Or at least, I'd rather not exhaust myself doing that.
Gonna send it in tonight as is. And then hopefully correct it tomorrow.

Since I've been baking bread often my mother bothered to bring home a small bottle of sourdough. She introuced it by telling me to "feed it", which kinda makes it feel like it's a pet and I have already formed a weird emotional attachment to this small layer of fungus in a bottle.

Also on the football freakout
>Give task of organising a world even to a country with Sharia
>They uphold Sharia
>Norfc proles seething because no booze
>Liberal seething because no rainbows and faggotry
>Allah is yet again victorious
I don't know what anyone expected.
No. 86540
Football is already extremely gay, I don't want to contribute to the critical mass lest I actually turn gay.
Plus, I will most likely only have a woman available during this WM.
No. 86542 Kontra
It has become a degenerate bumdriller sport. I fucking hate the dann homos
No. 86550
No. 86551
140 kB, 723 × 621
I feel a bit guilty that I took a 4-day weekend and did absolutely nothing practical with it. I'm supposed to be applying for the next step in my career but I just can't be arsed. The whole time was spent chasing girls and playing videogames like I'm a teenager.

Somewhat ironic as I do need to start on Christmas shopping for actual teenage nephews and I have no idea what they're into these days. Or my parents for that matter. I wish I was one of those feckless husbands they used to have on telly whose wife would handle all the Christmas shopping and he'd just have to worry about going down the pub

Why are Germans like this?
No. 86552
185 kB, 640 × 959
>Ask older brother for clues
>One of his kids is getting a PS1 and the other is streaming 24/7

This is how people get socks for Christmas.
No. 86555
23,1 MB, 4:12
>I'm supposed to be applying for the next step in my career
Are you?

>Why are Germans like this?
Too much exposure to albionic perfidity, surrogated through the retard child overseas.

>I don't know what anyone expected.
I can tell you what the fifa officials and everyone else involved in the organization expected:

No. 86559 Kontra
563 kB, 994 × 1347
>The whole time was spent chasing girls and playing videogames like I'm a teenager.

You seem to be a distinct type of man-child. Since its conceptual inception, a whole taxonomy has emerged But I don't know which type you fit would be an adequate category I can think of right now, my creativity is running on its last reserve for today

>I have no idea what they're into these days

Buy them a TikTok premium access le trollface.jpg
How old are they? If you don't know anything about them and what they are into, just give them money, so they can spend it on food, drugs, services or whatever

>Why are Germans like this?

The Reichs Öcosystem has a strange dynamic and impact upon its members.
No. 86560 Kontra
Buy a PS1 game, a classic from when you were young.

And the other is streaming on Twitch or what? Might consider streaming gear, there is a whole market, but also a massive opportunity to buy a wrong or useless item as gift.
No. 86562 Kontra
589 kB, 720 × 540
I'm so fucking close to finishing this thing.
Up to 52k.
It's going to be okay. An okay piece of writing.
I will add one chapter to it for the national round.
Now I just need to close a chapter and write a conclusion.

Technically this would qualify as a BA thesis at this point which makes me laugh to no end that I managed to basically shit one out in like a week working a few hours at night.
No. 86563
What happened in Hamburg?

>You seem to be a distinct type of man-child

I believe the hip new term you want is himbo ;^)

>How old are they?

15 and 13. The eldest will turn 16 just before Christmas. I could just give them vouchers I guess but it does feel a little meaningless.

I actually gave the eldest all my childhood games and the consoles when he was younger which may have turned him into a gamer. So he should have a PS3 and all my childhood games already.

Hence my confusion. Maybe I should check in again with my brother before assuming it's just that hipster thing the kids do these days.

Don't try and do that with your actual dissertation if you know what's good for you.

No. 86564
448 kB, 1600 × 1067
Just ate a whole Milka chocolate bar in 4min, I'm staying up way too late.


The whole north is devoid of Autobahn churches and now I wonder why as well. Not a native north northerner to maybe knowing the answer from a historical POV.

>I could just give them vouchers I guess but it does feel a little meaningless.

They are half my age and if I remember correctly at that age I preferred money over meaningless and unfitting gifts ;) I know it might be better to have a cool idea but make you don't go wrong with it and buy for the trashcan so to speak.

Careful, it might very well be that such an intensive engagement with the text makes you lose the distance to it.
No. 86567
>I could just give them vouchers I guess but it does feel a little meaningless.
Then give them cash. A bunch of old and beaten-up bills right on the hand. "Here, buy something nice". Or put the money on some kind of confectionary. One uncle family always gave Milka pralines with a 20€ bill, I was almost happier about the chocolate than the money.
No. 86576
43 kB, 427 × 640
As I got older (being a teenager) I usually just got money from my grandparents and my uncles/aunties. Sometimes the chocolate accompanied it.

he can do a self-tinkered gift card for one PayPal transfer t. uncle Roddy :DDD
No. 86586
176 kB, 480 × 360
>Technically this would qualify as a BA thesis at this point which makes me laugh to no end that I managed to basically shit one out in like a week working a few hours at night.
Yeah that's crazy lol, I always struggle hitting the word count. Also I envy you for being able to work at night, my brain lately just goes Feierabend mode as soon as it gets dark tbh.
No. 86587
Supplement Vit D. It definitely helps me in the dark season and there's no harm in giving it a shot.
No. 86589
it's easy to recolor a flag or a logo

I won't be convinced of that their progressive ideals are truly honest unless the national anthem plays are replaced with both teams having gay sex right there on the field before every match
No. 86590
Buy them an ounce and be the coolest uncle.
No. 86591 Kontra
Sick and degenerate.
No. 86593 Kontra
In case you introduce them to drugs, no you aren't.

I will be the cool uncle that tells them how shit drugs can be so that they know it can go very wrong, hope I never have to tbh.
No. 86595
I think that post may have been in jest.
No. 86596 Kontra
I woke up with my door open. The dog somehow opened it and invited itself into the room for some reason.
Decided to sleep by my feet. I woke up because of the cold coming in and because I dreamt that I overslept.

Tonight's programme is doing the corrections. It ended up being 56k.
Supervisor said that it's "Rather good. Congratulations!" so I guess at least it's not catastrophically shit.
So now I just have to correct it the best I can and shove it out the door. Then hold a 30 min presentation on the 30th.
I got a list and on the "local" level I'm competing with three Koreanists and two Japanologists. (Well, this was a given considering I'm the only China studies guy in like a decade or something to take part in this at the uni.)

Personally I can only work at night. If it's not the dead of the night I can't do it for some reason.

Honestly we just do cash tied to a bar of chocolate. That way you have something which is a gift but also the freedom to spend the cash.
I think the kids would be okay with that.
No. 86597 Kontra
It was from Australia, so it clearly was not. All the Australians I ever met where stoned 24/7, the Kiwis are even worse.
No. 86598
Das is voll rasisdisch lan!
No. 86601
Wallah was rasisdisch das is Wahrheit isch schwör bei murats mutter bruder
No. 86602
343 kB, 2048 × 1401
Considered it and still went for a serious objection post.
No. 86604 Kontra
4,8 MB, 2980 × 3676
Most of this stuff is nitpicking on my wording.
Especially one piece of conjugation I can't seem to use properly. It seems to be a generational thing.
Basically you have this pointing whatever that calls back to the last mentioned noun in a sentence, roughly equivalent to which in English.
The Hunagrian form is ami or amely, but the use cases differ according to the proper grammar,
Summa summarum I (along with a large portion of people my age judging by how often this comes up in seminars) don't register a difference in use between the two words, and use them interchangeably.
It's very weird to see something that's actively changing in the language.

Like reading up on it it kinda makes sense to differentiate between them based on what questions these words would reply to if you supplanted them with the noun they are calling back to, but still, instinctively I don't feel any difference, even if you could consider me well read.
Have any of you experienced anything similar during your studies into your native language?
No. 86605
We have a somewhat similar case with pronouns in German. In one generation, only old people will know the difference between the article "das" and the relative pronoun "dass".
We will write compound nouns with spaces like the Anglo-Saxons, I see it in business emails every day. We call it idiots spacing, but the idiots are the majority, so they win. The genitive case is being replaced by the German equivalent of the of-genitive (dative+von).
There will be no prepositions, since no one younger than forty still uses them.
>I go to the station
>I go station.
The first sentence is already a simplification, because we used to use 'auf' as a preposition with governmental institutions, post-offices and public transport, not 'zu'.
Most of this is the result of an influx of foreigners. Immigrants speak German as a pidgin. Immigrant equals 'cool' to young people, and they adapt their speech patterns. Soon, using prepositions will be declared racist by the language-police.
Funny thing: since German did not have an equivalent word to nigger and they wanted to have their own n-word scandals, the woke people declared the word for negro (neger) to mean nigger. Since, like negro, it was already a word only very old people actively used, neger then underwent a semantic shift and now actually means nigger. They got the euphemism-treadmill started, I will enjoy watching them come up with new words, only to declare the past to be maximum racist. (It must be, since in the past everyone used racist words all the time! Checkmate!)
No. 86606
After returning socks to Walmart because they were too long (I posted about this; please consult your notes before proceeding) I decided to try my luck with Amazon. Ordered on nov 6th, they finally arrived last night and, once again, were over-the-calf length labeled as crew. Apparently my idea of crew does not match the definition understood by society-at-large. Keeping them anyway, because my current sock supply is deteriorating and reinforcemets are desperately needed.

I miss the days when I would recieve socks for Christmas (My family has collectively abandoned gift giving). It took the decision out of my hands, and as my hoarded stockpile is depleting I now realize how much trouble it is settling on a decent pair.
No. 86607
I just buy "army socks" at the supermarket across from my workplace. They are thick, dark green, and can soak up a lot of sweat and rain and dirt. Only need about two new pairs a year and they come in a five pair-package. Works for me.
No. 86610
On my way home I actually felt cold.
I accelerated my pace, but I couldn't get warm completely before I was home.
Now I am wondering if there is an actual efficient way of getting used to cold besides sitting in the cold.
It wasn't like that before, but the older I get the tighter my range of acceptable temperatures seems to become; at least I had some room downwards, but that seems to have surpassed 16C by now.
No. 86611
Huh, that started out as an informative post but then drifted into a weird opinion piece.

Say, what is that so-called language-police you speak of and why have I never come in contact with them despite talking the way I want and not bending over backwards to respect everyones sensitivities?

How is your dramatization different from the people you have negative opinions about? Honest question btw, not trying to offend.

I've noticed that cold affects me more when I've just eaten, similar to how it feels colder when you're tired.
I wonder if that's also an effect of age.
No. 86612 Kontra
>honestly replying to the troll
That said, he didn't say his personal speech was impeded by the "language police", but gendergerechte Sprache is one of these silly cases, stuff like not calling it "Zigeunerschnitzel" anymore, Negerkuss/Mohrenkopf and so on.
And maybe the way you talk is already completely inline with that? Like, what politically incorrect language do you use or where do you not "bend over backwards to respect everyones sensitivities"?
No. 86613
22 kB, 480 × 360
I just found out that guy who presented the german version of Art Attack is the very same guy who is the voice artist for Stan Marsh in the german version of South Park. And many other different cartoon and tv show characters.
I have been watching South Park since it came out in Germany and I have also been watching Art Attack since it came out in Germany and I never made that connection, but once you know, it's extremely obvious.
My brain hurts.
No. 86614
131 kB, 1280 × 720
18 kB, 600 × 247
I suffer from over analysis and unrealistic expectations.

I watched Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!, Teen Titans, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles- all of which feature Greg Cipes as the voice of a main character. I have also watched Fast & Furious dozens of times, but couldn't identify him as the street racer/foot fetishist Dwight.

Looking back, Beast Boy was always trying to hook up. He just needed some wheels to secure his status as a player.
No. 86617
This board is becoming stagnant.
Only I can lead it into a bold new direction:
No. 86618
46 kB, 400 × 438

Perfect example, it's one of the things I say because that's what everyone called it when I was a kid.

Luckily a lot of communication happens non-verbally and people don't get the impression that I'm trying to be hurtful or a rebellious cunt, so it's really not much of a problem.
No. 86620 Kontra
>Literally calling a kind of pastry n-word kiss and people defend it
I am glad that Germany really learned its lesson and is not nazi anymore. lol.
No. 86621
What did the pastry do to you? This is pastry discrimination.
No. 86626
9 kB, 253 × 240
Say, what is this called in Norway?
No. 86630
98 kB, 1000 × 670
I don't eat them so the neger issue is avoided from the get go. This is all I need.
No. 86632
82 kB, 800 × 450
That looks like a kappa.
No. 86633
225 kB, 480 × 480, 0:03
Happy Thanksgiving, ernst.
No. 86635 Kontra
Stopped work because everyone stopped work. Ghana almost scored a goal at the last minute and I wish they did. They need it more than we do.
No. 86647
You, Portuguese people, like soccer as much as Brazilians?
No. 86650 Kontra
Probably comparable, yes.
No. 86651
Yes, but they are richer than brazilians, as evidenced by their Ronaldo being able to afford a first name.
No. 86678
Since lunch I feel like I might be getting sick. I drank a ginger+lemon concoction this morning and lunch was bread with Mett, Mortadella and Hummus (separated slices).
But for some reason I feel this weird pressure/almost pain in my head that usually accompagnies colds. I'd hate to get sick now.
No. 86679
19 kB, 602 × 426
I brought a mainland Chinese woman into my home assuming she will be like a Hong-Kong/Taiwan/Japanese women
>Brings the kettle of hot water from the kitchen to drink through the night
>Pees squatting over the rim of the toilet
>Is a sworn member of the CCP but mostly unaware of politics and critical thinking

Many such cases. She's very sweet in a way though and completely drunk in her infatuation for her nice British boy. Now she wants to be like a proper British Chinese woman and has the motivation for it but how would I even go about civilising her? Long as she doesn't break my shitter I don't care but I guess I could teach her about democracy or something. Maybe take her to a gaybar so she can become a homosexual?

I have to go to a wedding next year and she wants to meet my parents. The first will have drug use and very rural Englishmen while the latter will run on the kind of middle class English coldness and perfidy that even a British woman would struggle with.
No. 86680
1,7 MB, 235 × 150, 0:06
A lot of people are getting this and I had the same symptoms. My advice is to stock up on cough medicine now before you get properly sick because it lingers for awhile. Only covonia seemed to help ease the symptoms for me and for some reason I had to settle for ordering it off of Amazon as nowhere was stocking it.

Also I stopped by the chemist to buy johnnies last night. I can't use the supermarket self-service tills because I need a size bigger than regular which the supermarkets don't stock.

While waiting in line with a big bulky security box around the condoms I thought I'd be a good boy and also pick her up a bright pink toothbrush. But then a little girl saw me in the line and pointed and laughed at me so everyone else turned to look to see me holding a pink toothbrush and a box of BIG BOY johnnies.
No. 86681
Damn britlad, how many different women have you courted over the past what? Four weeks? You trying to repopulate East Anglia or something?
No. 86682
So British women learn about sex and contraception they learn it is impolite to point.
No. 86683
Eating left-over turkey and dressing with gravy for breakfast. My stomach isn't ready for such heavy food immediately after waking, but I made my decision and now must see it through.

>how would I even go about civilising her?
Frasier marathon.

>stock up on cough medicine now before you get properly sick because it lingers for awhile
Second this. I'm still coughing from last month's bout.
No. 86684
Wait, have you been in HK or Taiwan this entire time and using a UK proxy? Hold on while I adjust my mental model of all your posts in the past weeks...

Because where in England would you find a mainland chinese woman that actually squats on your toilet seat or has any remaining romantic notions about englishmen?
No. 86688
It averages around 2-3 a week but comes in ebbs and flows on the collective mood of women. Sometimes with a clear explanation like right now it's heading into Christmas so a lot of women both want and have time for a man in their life.

>You trying to repopulate East Anglia or something?

I know from experience to always court multiple women at once as they're notoriously flakey. And sometimes just outright boring or toxic to the degree that it helps to know you have other options so you don't start chasing sunk-cost. Obviously I also have many more options living in a big international city pretty much the sole reason I live here instead of doing the sensible thing and buying a house while I still can.

But I actually cancelled a date set for tonight and deleted my apps as the Chinese girl has developed feelings for me and I don't want to hurt anyone without giving them a chance.

I hope she was just laughing at me for the pink toothbrush. I was a victim of my own sexism.

Is it true there is a huge amount of politics on what guests bring to Thanksgiving? Like if someone is regarded as useless they will just be asked to bring the drinks or ice.

>Frasier marathon.

Good idea. The show is hugely popular here and still has reruns on a national tv station every morning, an honorary Anglo show.

London of course.
No. 86689
Assuming London is full of britons is pretty racist, sir.

>2-3 a week
Two to three what? Dates? Sexings? Meetings of new people?
No. 86690
I doubt that suburbia count as villages. Also economical reason are irrelevant here because poor people have more children than rich people.
No. 86692
England 0 USA 0, but feels like a win tbh.

I have never had to consider the social nuance of Thanksgiving dinner invites; our guest list is limited to siblings and our mother, with all food prepared by the host.