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No. 8871
26 kB, 600 × 315
Ernstchan Anti-Natalism club
No. 8872
for those who dont know whtat AN is
No. 8873
5,9 MB, 636 × 270, 2:06
No. 8877
What film is this from?
No. 8878
It's from "utopia", a bri'ish conspiracy tv show. Based of actual events btw, part of what they do is making it "cool" to not have children.
No. 8880
1,1 MB, 2532 × 1366
289 kB, 660 × 598
reporting in
No. 8881
>what they do is making it "cool" to not have children.
No. 8882
"cool" for da white folks btw. Then they import millions of cheaper workers lmao
No. 8905
Is that stuff he is saying actually true?
No. 9014
He's comparing some phantom number of expenses on child with similarly random expenses on flight, heating, food, etc, etc.
Obviously he's talking out of his ass. This meme clip already has some small infamy, for all the reasons already stating. Antinatalism has no more meaning that human existance.
No. 12228
No. 12232
In the first place if you love your children you wouldn't want them to be forced into living in this shitty world.
No. 12373
Check out r/childfree, it's the most terrible shit I've seen in a while. Painful to read
No. 12375
There's also r/antinatalism