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No. 89137 Systemkontra
1,0 MB, 3840 × 2634
Previous >>85851
No. 89138 Kontra
95 kB, 736 × 771
Well shit, Bradley's are coming. Good stuff.
No. 89140
7 kB, 207 × 243
No. 89142
84 kB, 734 × 960
So the bottleneck now is amount of artillery (or even reserves and production of artillery shells)? Who has the upper hand here?

> Russia’s Reb[...].pdf
Huehuehue, he published it days after Russia garrisoned hundreds of chmobics together with an ammo depot. Reminds me of >>88251 . Maybe death of traditional media is a good thing. But I appreciate that he admitted being wrong about Kherson instead of omitting it like a proper intellectual would do.

You promised -50 degree frosts, but they didn't happen. For lying to me you will be punished.
No. 89143
This war is not interesting anymore, it doesn't generate enough clicks or interest. Won't someone please think of the media and newspaper profits?
No. 89144 Kontra
Don't forget we starving here and the super markets are empty.
t. made small shopening's 5h ago for 50€.
Bought: Veggies, meat, fruit, noodles, cheese, chocolate, freedumb sweets, Olive oil, canned beans and (plum) tomatoes. Almost everything was in stock, not as fresh as I wanted but I blame the new year celebration shite.
No. 89145 Kontra
They clearly don't. How is Ukraine supposed to launch a combined arms offensive with 50 IFVs? They need 5 times that many, and MBTs and ground attack planes.
No. 89146
1,2 MB, 960 × 540, 0:10
>So the bottleneck now is amount of artillery (or even reserves and production of artillery shells)? Who has the upper hand here?
Capacity-wise US and Europe could beat Russia there according to some credible Western analysis, but I can't remember the source now. Trust me bro! But the real issue is if that aid will be provided. Russia has no such worries, and there is significant capacity, but not enough to sustain the type of war seen early on. In the case that the war continues with the current intensity, I doubt Russia would have much trouble with shell production.

Don't have the numbers for Russian shell production, but from the links you can gather the following:
Current 155mm shell production is around 270k - 300k for Europe and 168k for US, and increasing rapidly. But what percentage will be provided to Ukraine? It's a mystery.

No. 89147 Kontra
The goddamn video broke again. Fuck! Here's the source for your wide-alliance-enjoyment needs.

No. 89148
That's why they're bringing in new weapons. Sadly this won't be a high budget AAA sequel but just a poorly made tv offspin. They should have sold the rights to disney months ago
No. 89149
63 kB, 239 × 217
>providing ammo making stats
Thanks, Finland best land, may Russia be smashed and arise anew as a free cunt(ry). Doge bless. Ukraine will win.
No. 89150 Kontra
>When the fate of an economy is decided by the weather, it should no longer be considered an advanced economy

I always thought countries that rely on their natural resources are countries that are usually considered backward. I mean you even like countries that are basically agrarian. Russia has natural resources and fields, nothing else. It's an agrarian country with mining and a rich city oligarch elite whose kids study in degenerate gendertopia and you would give your left testicle to live there it seems.
No. 89151 Kontra
3,3 MB, 498 × 370, 0:04
No. 89152 Kontra
>whose kids study in degenerate gendertopia
ssshhh! shush!
keep trusting the plan
No. 89157
63 kB, 528 × 498
>Putin orders ceasefire in Ukraine over Orthodox Christmas - Kremlin
>Frontline situation unclear as Russia says unilateral truce comes into force in Ukraine
No. 89160
Russia has industry that produces stuff, unlike Germany where everyone has a service job and everything is imported from China to slap a "Made in Germany" - sticker on it and sell it to suckers abroad for a premium.

When you can only supply energy to citizens and industry when weather conditions are favorable, you are back in the 18th century, before coal and steam power, when primitive people of the past relied on wind and water. Russia has surpassed this age by electrification, Germany is going back to this age by reliing on renewable Energy.
No. 89163 Kontra
33 kB, 640 × 638
5 kB, 251 × 240
>Russia has surpassed
No. 89168
76 kB, 346 × 921
547 Bytes, 132 × 119
OK. According to head of American staff, there are approximately 100k casualties on each side:
Given that Russia has 4-5 times more population, it will eventually defeat Ukraine at this rate in a few years (assuming that proportion remains the same, but that won't be the case if one of sides runs out of equipment, so everything now depends on amount of military aid).
No. 89169
542 kB, 1728 × 1152
Not sure if this was posted already, but simply ebin. Thank you burgers thank you ein berliners. The Patriot missile batteries cost an arm and a leg.
>In late December, the United States announced its donation of a Patriot air defense missile battery to Ukraine. Germany will join the United States in supplying an additional Patriot air defense battery to Ukraine.

>According to head of American staff, there are approximately 100k casualties on each side
And civilian casualties from 15 to 40 thousand. That's fucked up.

>Given that Russia has 4-5 times more population, it will eventually defeat Ukraine at this rate in a few years (assuming that proportion remains the same, but that won't be the case if one of sides runs out of equipment [...]
Looking at the "hard facts" this is true, but there's just so much lost regarding the war itself or other externalities. US and buddies didn't win in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan(neither did SU) despite having better everything on paper.

>[...] everything now depends on amount of military aid
Indeed. It would be a clear indicator for Ukraine's defeat if the military aid dried up. Short of that I'm not making any predictions what the outcome of this war will be.
No. 89170
You know, in Russia, they have coal, oil, nuclear power, and it works even when it is cold and dark.
No. 89172
Western aid will dry up, it is certain. When America goes into recession, Americans will not be willing to finance a foreign war. The next president will win elections on a promise to stop the war in Ukraine at any cost.
The energy sanctions have placed prohibitive cost on Europe. European economies are on the brink of collapse. Russia will surely win this war. There is no doubt about it.

Vladimir Zhirinowsky of LPDR has advocated for the destruction of Germany and the EU and the nuclear contamination of the Baltics and the application of nuclear weapons to sink the British isles since the earlt nineties. In 2023, it might all become reality!

>In his 1991 presidential campaign, Zhirinovsky promised that he would feed Russia within 72 hours of taking office by using military force to coerce Germany into supplying them with food, saying, "I'll bring troops into former East Germany —a million and a half people, they'll rattle their weapons, including nuclear ones, and everything will appear."[17]
Quote from Wikipedia! Germany could have been invaded and destroyed as early as 1991!

Sadly, the weak puppet of western interests and Russian gangsters Boris Jelzin was placed in the president's chair and proceeded to sell out the country to whomever.
No. 89173 Kontra
243 kB, 1600 × 900
>The next president will win elections on a promise to stop the war in Ukraine at any cost
They're finally going to nuke Russia? Based, my man! BASED! :D
No. 89174
No, they will withdraw with their tail tucked between their feet. Like they withdraw from Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraq again, and Vietnam!

America is weak and has lost every war since WWII, when Russia fought and defeated the fascists and then the Americans and Englishmen came in to proclaim victory!
No. 89175 Kontra
What does Russia winning the war mean?

You think the US is powerless but to me it seems like it could easily bring Russia down, subtracting the case of a nuclear war which would mean devastation on both sides.
The US has trained Ukraine on ROC, basically going after what the US failed against. It could be a second Afghanistan for Russia. You remember that glorious Russian win?
No. 89176
The Yankees can not win a prolonged war, they are soft as bubblegum. History proves it!

Russia withdrew from Afghanistan because back then, Gorbachev was general secretary, and he brought disarray and chaos for the country. But Putin is a very different man. He is not an appearatchik, he is a Chekist!

Besides, from 1979-1989 is one decade. Just imagine! What will might happen in ten years! Maybe not all winters in the coming years will be so warm? At the current rate, every Ukrainian will have fled much sooner and the country will just fall in Russian hands!
No. 89177 Kontra
121 kB, 861 × 1100
>History proves it!

History is not Newtonian physics.


Boring, I was hoping for more exciting copium.
No. 89178 Kontra
> I'm so smart and cool! I OWNED severely retarded and mentally ill schizo on anonymous imageboard with my facts and logic
No. 89179 Kontra
34 kB, 231 × 296
Wow, didn't know you read minds. That where my thoughts and feelings exactly.
No. 89180
>What difference does one man, a hundred rifles, a train full of tanks make?

Nothing if it's thrown away.

>Capacity-wise US and Europe could beat Russia there according to some credible Western analysis, but I can't remember the source now.

Well going off the logic of Binkov

Ukraine is utterly dependant on US artillery stocks and whatever is now left of Eastern European reserves, there's a physical limit to how much artillery can be provided and the US simply isn't going to produce the required rounds to maintain momentum even by 2024. Obviously Russia is in a similar boat but then Russia might be much more willing to throw everything it has in, of the right calibre, with vastly more reserves that is backed up by simply zerg rushing when that falls short.

This posing a problem for a war that is falling into one of multiple defensive lines where you need artillery to drive breakthroughs. Assuming Russia doesn't do anything stupid it has considerably shortened its frontline with a successful Southern retreat, deployed mines and other nasties along with slowly bringing up reserves. It's frozen conflict-tier. This might be what Putin is now going for or he might just know that eventually someone is going to float the idea of a ceasefire if he just hangs on long enough for the maximalists in Ukraine to lose favour to people who realise that Ukraine would still win over the far longer-time horizon as Russia turns into North Korea.

>there's just so much lost regarding the war itself or other externalities

That NATO doctrine calls for 3/1 odds to conduct an offensive and Ukraine is suffering 1:1 losses fighting a defensive war. I get it, fuck Putin etc. etc. But we've not even discussed yet the very real possibility that China might see an ideal time this year to strike Taiwan while Europe is utterly incapable of even posing strong sanctions. That must be something on Biden's mind as he looks at production figures and US artillery reserves.
No. 89181 Kontra
114 kB, 834 × 1280
Hohol estimates on Russian rocket stockpiles.
It’s over Zisters…
No. 89182
>But we've not even discussed yet the very real possibility that China might see an ideal time this year to strike Taiwan while Europe is utterly incapable of even posing strong sanctions.
Bad for Europe but China is not strong enough yet(!) to oppose USA even with home advantage near its coast, most economies would go to shit.
spoon.jpg, if the conflict goes for 5 more years with current intensity China might do it and we get WW3, "West" would still win if no nukening's but the results would be catastrophic...
No. 89183
66 kB, 800 × 600
In short: If the conflict goes on for years and China decides to rush Taiwan we get WW3.
No. 89186
Russia know this and will keep fighting until china attacks Taiwan, then the west is toast and hard time and suffering will come to gayrope and the us. People will slaughter their neighbors for meat. It will be Africa-tier shitholeness for the next decades! Poorope will been for a Russian invasion!
No. 89189
Europe will not be able to fill gas storage next summer. There will be no Russian gas!

Europeans hope the winter of 2024/2025 will be just as warm as this one, but what if not? Europe will be in recession in 2025! Things are going to get bad, really bad, really soon! Hungary will collapse Merkel's Euro-Reich! Based Orbán will hold pathetic loser Scholz on the basis and lead him through the circus! Poland will demand reparations from Germany, and reparations will be extracted!

And then, Germans will BEG Russia to invade this shithole! Russia needs to save western Europe!
No. 89191 Kontra
Did the schizo or the mods delete the schizo post this post is copying?
No. 89192
You decide.
No. 89193 Kontra
butthurt schizo reply?
No. 89194
112 kB, 1280 × 963
>Nothing if it's thrown away.
It is thrown away because..?

>Well going off the logic of Binkov
You're citing Binkov? You might want to find some better sources my man. The "logic" of Binkov forgets a few important things. Like European production, more accurate NATO artillery, availability of drones for spotting and correcting fire, special ammunition like Bonus and Excalibur, M270/HIMARS platforms. And Ukraine is requesting cluster munitions for both 155mm and HIMARS, remains to be seen what comes of it. Many of the things I mentioned decreases the amount of shells needed. West is positioned a lot better to keep delivering these types of ammunition to Ukraine than Russia is to restock theirs, and in my knowledge just lack some of these capabilities entirely. So Russia will keep churning about a gorillion 122mm Grad rockets to achieve almost the same result as a single M30A1 fired from a HIMARS. Sure, Ukraine doesn't have enough 155mm for its liking but it's not nearly as one-sided or critical as Binkov would have you believe.

What about the Russian situation? Here's what I found:

>"We estimate that Russia had about 17 million rounds of ammunition before the war started, 10 million of which have been used up," he said. "At the end of the summer, their ammunition usage was very high - there were days when between 20,000 and 60,000 [artillery] rounds were being fired, which is a huge amount."
>prior to the war, Russia's artillery remanufacturing capacity was around 1.7 million units per year, along with the introduction of mobilization, factories which produce arms have increased their operations significantly, in order to increase arms production.
>"No matter how much they are able to increase ammunition production levels, simple math tells us that they still have about 10 million (rounds) in stock. They could produce around 3.4 million more in a year, meaning they would have enough ammunition for at least another year, if not longer, of war,"
>Precision ammunition, which is currently being used to attack Ukrainian civilian infrastructure is also being depleted. However, along with the various missiles Russia has, these stocks will also be enough to last for at least the next nine months
Source: Estonian state media, December 2022. https://news.err.ee/1608815692/edf-intelligence-chief-russia-still-has-long-term-offensive-capabilities

>The Russian military is quickly running out of artillery and rocket ammunition, Pentagon officials said Monday, and the Russian army can only sustain its current rate of attack in Ukraine until early next year.
>A senior U.S. defense official told reporters on a conference call that Moscow is increasingly turning to Iran and North Korea to replenish its “rapidly dwindling” stockpiles of rocket and artillery rounds
>forcing Moscow to rely on ammunition that the U.S. classifies as being in a “degraded” condition.
>Russia already is pulling from stockpiles of ammunition manufactured during the Soviet era, with some rounds more than 40 years old. That ammunition is highly prone to failure, defense officials said, and often doesn’t explode when it reaches its target or in some cases doesn’t fire at all.
>Still, U.S. officials said it’s clear that the current Russian war plan relies heavily on artillery and rocket fire, meaning the Russian army has little choice but to rely on Soviet-era ammunition absent major shipments from Iran, North Korea, or another ally.
Source: Washington times, December 2022. https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2022/dec/12/russias-ammo-rapidly-dwindling-may-begin-run-out-e/

They paint quite a different picture, but the trend is certainly that Russia is running out of shells eventually. Do note that the millions of units per year is referring to a bunch of different ammo types. Though it would be really interesting to find a source for the amount of 152mm Russia can produce. When the total units is that high it could be possible that Russia would outproduce US and Europe in regards to 155mm. But:

>“We are in a position to support Ukraine, but it’s more the mid and long term,” Bush said. “By creating this capacity ... if this war goes three or four years, we’ll be in a position to just vastly outproduce the Russians all by ourselves ― and if you combine that with our allies, then we’re just dwarfing their capability. They won’t be able to keep up.”
Source: Federal Times, December 2022. https://www.federaltimes.com/govcon/contracting/2022/12/05/army-plans-dramatic-ammo-production-boost-as-ukraine-drains-stocks/

Who knows!

>Russia doesn't do anything stupid it has considerably shortened its frontline with a successful Southern retreat
That's certainly one way to describe Russian performance. A successful retreat.

>That NATO doctrine calls for 3/1 odds to conduct an offensive and Ukraine is suffering 1:1 losses fighting a defensive war.
Looking at the 60k shells fired a day in the beginning of the war I'm surprised Ukrainian losses weren't 3:1 while defending. But I don't think it's a fair assessment to state that Ukraine has been fighting an defensive war. Ukrainians have conducted offensives and driven Russians out of areas, it's not simply Russia "successfully retreating" all the time.

>I get it, fuck Putin etc. etc. But we've not even discussed yet the very real possibility that China might see an ideal time this year to strike Taiwan while Europe is utterly incapable of even posing strong sanctions. That must be something on Biden's mind as he looks at production figures and US artillery reserves.
Even more reasons to give Ukraine additional support. It would be disastrous for Europe if Ukraine falls. Though as far as I know TSMC is building a 5nm or 3nm fab in the US. I'd imagine developments like that could lead to USA not giving a damn about Taiwan? You tell me, I don't know enough about Taiwan's importance to them. And you can support Putin for all I care. If you have interesting insights or good sources for infa I'm all ears.
No. 89195 Kontra
Negative. Semiconductors are important as a resource, sure, but this is also a geographical question like any.
Taiwa - Ryukyu - Korea are there as the first line of defence, preventing China from getting out into the Pacific.
Giving up Taiwan would mean that there'd be a colossal hole in the American defence, which is not something the US can afford.

There's also the fact that Taiwan is considered an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" which is anchored right next to mainland China. Giving up Taiwan would mean having to try retaking it in case of a war, plus it'd give up the advantage of landing air units in the area in case of a conflict.

Taiwan is something that might seem costly to hold, but it's a central jig in the American ambition in the pacific and giving it up would mean paying a lot more later down the line in strategic value, materiel and blood.
You give it up and what's next? You let the DPRK annex the South? It's a red line and from the standpoint of the US, holding it is imperative.

The ultimate question is in case of the conflict is not who wins, but who is willing to not back down? Is the US and the ROC government willing to suffer China's first strike with potentially tens of thousands in civilian casualties as Beijing makes true on its promise to fire 2000 missiles on the island the minute shit hits the fan and war breaks out? Even with the victory uncertain?

So far the Beijing leadership is content with increasing the ties between the PRC and the ROC economically, making Taiwan more and more dependent on the mainland for supplies and business opportunities, this, plus the threat of bombing the shit out of Taiwan in case of a declaration of independence made it prohibitively expensive to unfreeze the conflict from the position of Taiwan.

And this doesn't even mention the political-ideological consequences "abandoning a democracy" would have.
No. 89197 Kontra
90 kB, 1125 × 1087
>Semiconductors are important as a resource
In my understanding it would've been incredibly destructive for the economy and burger national security if they lost access to Taiwan's semiconductors. That concern seems to be going away now.

As for most of the other points I'm sure you are right. Just from an ignorant perspective like mine it seems pretty much ridiculous to expect that the US could somehow protect Taiwan given the logistics involved on both sides.

>You give it up and what's next? You let the DPRK annex the South?
This sounds a bit silly though. South has a capable military, short of China joining on DPRK's side on the war I think they'd stand their ground.

>And this doesn't even mention the political-ideological consequences "abandoning a democracy" would have.
Has been done before, and I doubt the regular US citizens has strong feelings about Taiwan or see a reason why they should go to war with China over it. But I could be wrong.
No. 89198

>"How severe this crisis will be and how long it will last greatly depends on how the energy crisis will develop," said Michael Groemling at the German Economic Institute (IW).
>"The national economy as a whole is facing a huge loss of wealth."
>The money set aside stands at up to 440 billion euros ($465 billion), according to the calculations, which provide the first combined tally of all of Germany's drives aimed at avoiding running out of power and securing new sources of energy.
>That equates to about 1.5 billion euros a day since Russia invaded Ukraine on Feb. 24. Or around 12% of national economic output. Or about 5,400 euros for each person in Germany.
>Europe's preeminent economy, long a byword for prudent planning, now finds itself at the mercy of the weather. Energy rationing is a risk in the event of a long cold spell this winter, Germany's first in half a century without Russian gas.
>The country has turned to the pricier spot, or cash, energy market to replace some of the lost Russian supplies, helping drive inflation into double-digits. There's no security in sight either, with the push to build up of two alternatives to Russian fuel - liquefied natural gas (LNG) and renewables - years away from targeted levels
>The country's chemicals sector, the most exposed to rising power costs, expects production to fall by 8.5% in 2022, according to industry association VCI, which warns of "huge structural breaks in Germany's industrial landscape".
>Despite these efforts, there is little certainty over how the country can replace Russia; Germany imported around 58 billion cubic metres (bcm) of gas from the country last year, according to data from Eurostat and German industry association BDEW, representing about 17% of its total energy consumption.
>The hectic travel schedule of Habeck and Chancellor Olaf Scholz point to the difficulties in securing major long-term deals that could wean Germany off pricey spot power. They have criss-crossed the globe this year to hunt for additional volumes, including trips to Canada, Qatar, and Norway.

So the Reuters analysts clearly think Germany is fucked, big time. Basically, it's game over for German industry and German government debt and inflation are through the roof.
But according to German Ernst, there is nothing to worry about. Everything is fine, since the lights in Ernst's home are still not off.

Ernst just isn't great at abstract reality. The concrete reality of electricity from a wall socket and hot water from a tap are make it impossible for Ernst to grasp the severity of the situation of abstract
currency units moving from account to account and making the country poorer, collapsing its industry, raking up debt, etc.
No. 89199
You run on arrogance and copium.

>Like European production
Europe can not produce stuff.
European armaments industry might have capacity on paper, but there has been no significant production in decades. A production line that has been sitting idle for three decades might be counted as theoretical production capacity, but it will be a different matter to get it producing.
Europe has no energy for massive production ramp-up. Russia turned of the gas, remember?
It is impossible to keep export industries running, and BASF is shifting production away from Ludwigshafen, 10% last year, probably another 20% this year. We can not produce enough fertilizer to keep up food production, but people talk about producing artillery shells to fight a foreign war about some break-away Russian province? It is madness.

Even if there was energy and materials, there isn't enough personell to ramp up production. The people who used to produce those shells are mostly dead or retired, only very few remain.

>more accurate NATO artillery
Yadda-yadda, all the propaganda about NATO being better at everything is not to be believed.
It was spread during the cold war so people would not feel too afraid of the massive Russian superiority in numbers.
But everyone knew that Russia would be able to reach the river Rhine in just 3 days!

>availability of drones for spotting and correcting fire
Russia can buy cheap chink-drones.

>special ammunition like Bonus and Excalibur
Russia has guided ammunition. 2K25 Krasnopol. What now?

>M270/HIMARS platforms
Russia has rocked artillery. Russia invented rocket artillery. Buration is much more effective than any NATO system.

>And Ukraine is requesting cluster munitions for both 155mm and HIMARS, remains to be seen what comes of it.
Russia will just start using cluster munitions.

>Many of the things I mentioned decreases the amount of shells needed. West is positioned a lot better to keep delivering these types of ammunition to Ukraine than Russia is to restock theirs, and in my knowledge just lack some of these capabilities entirely.
No. Europe must try to not ruin it's economy completely (HINT: this will result in massive failure, total European de-industrialisation is in full swing),
America must try to be ready to fight the Chinks over Taiwan (HINT: this will result in massive failure, the Ukrainian war is running down their stocks far too fast.)

>So Russia will keep churning about a gorillion 122mm Grad rockets

>to achieve almost the same result as a single M30A1 fired from a HIMARS.
America ran down its stock of GMLRS, and Ukraine is using them up faster than they can be produced.

>Sure, Ukraine doesn't have enough 155mm for its liking but it's not nearly as one-sided or critical as Binkov would have you believe.
Ukraine has already lost, so has the west. Total collaps, death and destruction await us.
No. 89203 Kontra
96 kB, 900 × 651
Says alot about what you value in social interaction, kek. The trash can is down the alley, bro, suit yourself.
No. 89204 Kontra
>you have 0 posts per hour.

That's k*hl minus 90% of the trash
No. 89205 Kontra
133 kB, 1223 × 656
Bost deleted. I decided that it's best for everyone involved not to engage with schizos. I'm sorry you had to see this.
No. 89206 Kontra
Just imagine a Russia will get a German WW1 reparation treatment after the war. For the Schizo that would be a Doppelschmach, NEIN, das darf nicht sein, nein, nie verlieren, ich darf nicht verlieren, habe so oft verloren, nein, nein, nein. Putin, rette mich, deine Art ist mir ein Vorbild mein verkrüppeltes Leben zu führen.
No. 89235 Kontra
One of my Facebook friends, now ex-friend, loves to eat horsemeat. Well, you never know, who loves what? The best poet of the Soviet era liked to watch children die. But this friend, who lives in France, decided to ask a local group where he can buy horse meat steaks. And the answer was a wave of hatred. He did not understand what he was guilty of, and complained to his compatriots. And they supported him, of course. One Russian woman from New York wrote in the comments that her friend's son is constantly mistaken for a daughter, because Americans have gone crazy with the freedom to choose their sex and have ceased to distinguish boys from girls.

It would seem, what does horse meat have to do with it? But there is definitely a connection. The best thing that happened to Western civilization literally in front of my eyes, in the last 20 years, is the transformation of veganism from sectarianism into the norm and the realization that gender can be bent in all directions. These are grandiose changes in the mass consciousness, and I watch with delight how they are affirmed and transform everything around. And it was precisely them that the savage pseudo-civilization, to which I belong due to my unfortunate place of birth, was frantically not accepted.

All these people can be a hundred times against Putin, but try to pull a piece of horse meat out of their mouth, and they will immediately turn into general Surovikin. And one of the most important reasons for the war that they declared to the whole world is precisely this.

I wish them a speedy and most humiliating defeat.
No. 89241
No. 89249
No. 89250 Kontra
Somehow, this doesn't make much sense. Is the problem that the French do it horse or is the problem that they don't eat horse?
No. 89290
The French eat also horse meat. >>89235 is just squibberish nonsense.
No. 89293
The French do eat horse meat (googling boucherie chevaline still yields results), but they used to eat more of it. While, in general, the French show little disgust eating ortolan, foie gras, frog legs and snails, maybe some younger hipper French bubbles might be disgusted or outraged by the consumption of horse meat? I am thinking of young female equestrians, in particular.

From the quote, we can deduce that the original writer has a friend in New York, and that friend has friend who is the mother of a child. The author also has a friend living in France. So the author and her friend living in France are likely woman of child-bearing age. When one of these three Russian friends lives in New York and one lives in France, all of them are likely to be well-off. So the French friend's French Facebook contacts will likely be young, female and well-off. That is the group where you will find most equestrian women, and I can guess that such women are the French demographic most likely to be offended by the idea of slaughtering and eating horses.

But then, the last sentence about "pulling horse meat from their mouth" does not make sense. If someone turns into surovikin when pulling horse meat from his mouth, he gets militant when you take the horse meat away from him, right? So the problem suddenly is not that the French do not eat horse meat, the problem is that they do? Somehow, I do not think that is the case. My guess would be that either "pulling smth. from so. mouth" or "pulling horse meat from so. mouth" is an idiomatic expressions in Russian that should not be translated verbally.

So far my interpretation of the horse-meat
aspects of this seemingly incoherent rant.
No. 89295
that's kazakhofobia
No. 89311
Marder is 1960s technology. It was supposed to be replaced with Marder 2 in the 1980s because it couldn't keep up with Leopard 2, but I guess improvements and added weight have slowed Leopard 2 down to Marder-level by now.
No. 89329
487 kB, 1200 × 2267
507 kB, 1200 × 2176
I don't understand picrelated, so I thought I'd share it with my favourite Russian think tank armchairing about the military industrial output of Third Rome vs. Second France while I'm already here at the Institute for Serious DiscussionsWideposting (ISW) for the latest SITREP (Shitposting, Internet Trolling, Reading Ebin Posts), OPSEC (Obsessive Posting of Shit on Ernstchan), PATRIOT (Posts containing "Armchairing" / "Third Rome" / "Internet Of Things") and recreational use of over-the-counter copium.

>The US has trained Ukraine on ROC, basically going after what the US failed against.
Not 89174 here, but I fail to understand your sentence. I suppose you don't mean the United States has arranged for Ukraine to train in Taiwan, nor that the US has somehow used Taiwan to train Ukraine, right?

>factories which produce arms have increased their operations significantly
Interesting; (the other) ISW says:
>A country would normally increase the production of missile, rocket, and other weapons systems and munitions before embarking on a major war and would normally put its military industry on a war footing once the war began.  Russia has done neither.  Putin’s failure to mobilize Russian industry to support the Russian war effort in Ukraine may result from [TLDR: reasons]
And concerning the different pictures painted by Estonian military intelligence and the Pentagon, ISW sounds like the Pentagon:
>Although the Russian military’s tactical missile stock is less expended, S-300 and 3M-55 Onyx missiles are less precise systems than Russian strategic missiles, which is likely why Russian forces have not used these systems extensively in large-scale missile strikes against Ukrainian critical infrastructure. […]
>Russian forces will be able to continue their campaign against Ukrainian infrastructure at scale in the near term
>Russian forces will likely be able to conduct only a handful of massive drone attacks in Ukraine in the near term until Russia receives from Iran another delivery

>Western betrayal has been done before
Yes, the textbook examples are probably Poland and the ROC, right? The ROC by the US in the 1970s, and by the ROK in the 1990s. You'd think the ROK and ROC would be natural allies, united by staunch anti-communism. I think the ROK transferring diplomatic recognition from the ROC to the PRC was a particularly low case of backstabbing. Both the ROC and the ROK had been dictatorships existing next to a very real red threat, and for rulers on both sides of the front, the enemy's existence served as a pretext to justify their murderous suppression of all opposition. This went on for decades until both the ROC and the ROK were transforming to somewhat liberal democracies; in other words, people there now no longer only had their wealth to lose in case of a red takeover, but also political freedoms. But the ROK, instead of allying even closer with their ROC neighbour to defend this new freedom against a common enemy, decided that pecunia non olet, dropped Taiwan cold, and befriended the gentlemen of the Communist Party of China who not too long ago had ordered their underlings to murder many people in Beijing for trying to protect the pro-democracy student protesters.
I wonder if the advent of labour rights in the ROK directly triggered the ROK elite's rapprochement with the CPC to facilitate using the PRC, and later Kaesong, as guaranteed union-free sweatshops. The ROK's "left" had never considered the Kim dynasty their enemy,* but the ROK was still under a "conservative" government when it backstabbed the ROC, and I'm not aware of said betrayal costing the "conservative" camp any votes. And if they didn't face any backlash to speak of, I can't imagine the European Union reacting to an overt PRC takeover of ROC territory (perhaps in slices starting with Jinmen, like Russia did with Ukraine, but more probably all in one bite given the fleeting window of opportunity) with any more than voicing its strongest disapproval while winking to Beijing, and some token sanctions that won't hurt either side too much.

* Which, by the way, is relevant to >>89197 "South has a capable military": The bigger threat and, judging from Moon Jae-in's presidency, more likely scenario is a South Korean "left" government surrendering the ROK to Pyongyang without a war. A difference between the ROK case and the ROC case could be that in the ROC's case, unification in the form of submission under the PRC is only economically motivated, with elites on both sides of the Straits being driven by no ideology other than greed (although it gets painted in nationalism), whereas in the Korean case I believe there's some genuine ethno-nationalism involved, too. And with the shameful display of some conservatives [0], perhaps the "left" can soon continue on their path of peaceful reunification where they left off.
[0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2019_South_Korean_Capitol_attack
No. 89330 Kontra
>I suppose you don't mean the United States has arranged for Ukraine to train in Taiwan, nor that the US has somehow used Taiwan to train Ukraine, right?

It's Resistance Operating Concept.

t. IPoCHH (Ernst Wurf from Institute for Post Clarification Help Helper)
No. 89332
13 kB, 2 files
10,7 MB, 11:38
A man talks about his frontline experiences as a volunteer soldier in the Russian army.
I've attached plain text (English and Russian) and audio (Russian only).
If you want links and images:

English translation:
“I fucking went to protect people and now they say I am nothing but a faggot!”

Russian article (December 2022):
«Я, б****, поехал людей защищать, а меня сделали последним пид***сом!»

Russian audio:

Aha, danke!
Wikipedia doesn't seem to know it.
No. 89343 Kontra
No. 89344 Kontra
3,3 MB, 294 × 360, 0:30
Good morning, I hate Russia.

Here's a decent documentary on some Ukrainian volunteers by BBC.

>Ukraine: The Peoples Fight
No. 89358
the bald dick is a mutant - a creature without documents.
And here he is, like "recognized by the international community as the president of all ruskies, and even Clinton talked to him."
But this does not cancel, among other things, the obligation to have personal documents for the head of state.
Well, he was recognized in the West - this is how he works for them, and they also didn’t recognize him there exactly as Putin, but they recognized him as something that came out of Russia and represents it at the moment.
They will not check his documents shortly speaking, but they rely on the internal document flow of the state.

If the bald-headed non-name does not have any documents, and meanwhile he occupies such a place, then this is not the problem of the West, but of those people who live in this country and did not bother to demand documents from the one who "manages" them.
Also, not only Putin does not have personal documents, but he does not have any certificate of his health, both mental and physical.
In short, the bald patch is unverified, as it were, and it can be recalled that this is a good clue for the future, in order to nullify, as they say, some of the results of his reign, citing the fact that this one "did not have any documents confirming that he is exactly the Pynya - a man who was allegedly elected by anyone"
No. 89359
40 kB, 400 × 380
United States DoD has ordered “14 VAMPIRE [anti-drone] systems […], with four delivered by mid-2023 and ten more delivered by the end of 2023” which will be fitted on vehicles and shipped to Ukraine.

themoscowtimes.com reports that its partner, TV station Дождь, will operate under a Dutch license after having its Latvian license revoked after only half a year after censorship-evading relocation from Russia to Latvia:
“[Latvia revoking the station's licence] followed a series of fines issued over the outlet's coverage of the war in Ukraine, as well as a scandal over an anchor calling the Russian Armed Forces ‘our army’ on air.”

Thanks, I had only checked English Wikipedia.
>book can be had for free on the internet
Confirmed true, the 286-page strong PDF from April 2020 is at https://www.hsdl.org/c/view?docid=838149
No. 89424 Kontra
I am too dumb. I don't get it.
No. 89460
Russia may or may not have taken Soledar and may or may not have trapped hundreds (400 or 500 or far more according to the rumours) of Ukr troops, some Z-niks are throwing a party like "they" have won the war.
May Ukraine win, may the Putin regime perish so that both countries can prosper.
No. 89461 Kontra
I forgot to say: the shithole is north of Bakhmut and pretty close.
No. 89463 Kontra
And if the hohols held onto it you wouldn't be calling it a shithole.
No. 89465
They have taken Soledar. Russia has all the time in the world, and they will no establish two pincers on Bakhmut. Hohol loses are enormous and can not be sustained. The France will collapse and the west will cry and warm in defeat. America and it's Worthless lapdogs are already the laughing-stock of the world! All of Africa and Asia will break out in celebrations when the pathetic hypocritical 'democrats' will be destroyed!
No. 89466
It is not curious at all. He listens to western propaganda all day and is a pathetic homosexual sycophant.
I live Hungary for being the last dance European country where they know the difference between men and women and will not teach sodomy to small children! Where not all men are gay by default! Where there is freedom of speech!
No. 89468
187 kB, 510 × 361
The red federal smurf (chancellor scholz!) Speaks into his phone:
>Yes ... of course, Mr president!
>Next week also leopard 2 tanks to ukraine!

His memo reads
>Remember nothing
>Not even Stalingrad

The caption reads:
>Weapons for Ukraine: "consultations" between Washington and Berlin

This is what every German thinks, bit few dare to say, because there is no freedom of speech in this country! The federal smurf does Washington's bidding! The lessons of WWiui are forgotten!
No. 89469
No. 89471
285 kB, 1053 × 744
The green big bird ACAB (Anal-Lena Baerbock) says:
>You want to know what smells like smoke in here?
>That's the Russian loses, of course!

Caption reads:
>Expert giving a tour through mountains of explosives
No. 89472
Public government television has FRiG-sheeple high on massive doses of copium as standard of living declines, cost for food, heating and rent explode and money runs out.
No. 89473
No country has politicians as pathetic as Germany.
No. 89474
>And if the hohols held onto it you wouldn't be calling it a shithole.
That's pure bs but I believe it. triggered_doubt.jpg
I never hid that I believe Russia and Ukraine to be huge, corrupt shiteholes. Ukraine wanted to free itself from the (post) SR curse but Russia or rather the leadership there did not want any of it, that is why we have this bs.
For your information: I was born in the USSR.

Death to the Russian regime, may Ukraine and Russia and Belarus and yadda yadda arise as free, prosperous democratic states.
No. 89476 Kontra
fun fact: in earlier threads I called Ukraine Urine.
No. 89477
Lol, is this the aid America is giving to Ukraine? Some Qassam rockets on a pickup truck? Lol. America is done! Pathetic! America is a joke!
No. 89478
Putin cleaned up Russia and no restores what was taken from Russia. He is a great leader, not a weak puppet. If Russia is such a shithole, why does Germany have all the bumdrillers and the bumdrilling-propaganda to children? If Russia is such a shithole, why can Russians afford to hear their homes, but Germans can not? If Russia is such a shithole, why does Germany do America's every bidding like a fagot, but Russia does not? Can you answer this questions? You can not answer these questions. Then do not speak.
No. 89479 Kontra
>because there is no freedom of speech in this country

You molest us with your schizo musings for a very long time now. Thank dog nobody has to endure schizos talking without being able to backfire, people saying you are a schizo just make use of freedom of speech just as you can enrich us with right-wing lingo innovations like Schulz being a smurf.

t. Plandemie Karl
No. 89480
It is weak and can easily destroyed by Russian manpad! Destroy expensive American weapons with cheap Russian weapons! America will have nothing left when China invades Taiwan! The west has lost!
No. 89481
You don't get it, right? He is short, he is red, and he has that Smurf nose and round head.
No. 89483

Hint: this thread is the inside of that bus
No. 89485 Kontra
What bus?
No. 89487 Kontra
ACH schizo.
No. 89488 Kontra
He was too agitated to realize.
No. 89490 Kontra
41 kB, 640 × 471
We did get a couple of decent posts in before the thread turned into complete shit again. Progress, perhaps.

For a moment I thought I was a Jonne again and playing Battlefield 1942. Sounds exactly like the German voice acting:

No. 89503
186 kB, 1445 × 533
What do you think?
No. 89504
1,1 MB, 426 × 236, 0:26
36 kB, 474 × 324
Another humvee from the Amikäfer-imperialists destroyed by brave Russian freedom figthers.
No. 89505
93 kB, 850 × 478
I didn't know that Zelensky is that unpopular among the the Ukrainian people.

>But beyond that carefully crafted Western media image is something much more complicated and less flattering. Zelensky was elected by 73 percent of the vote on a promise to pursue peace while the rest of his platform was vague. On the eve of the invasion, however, his approval rating had sunk to 31 percent due to the pursuit of deeply unpopular policies.

No. 89514
>I didn't know that Zelensky is that unpopular among the the Ukrainian people.
You mean "was", his approval ratings have gone up again.

No. 89515
So the war is saving him from being ousted?
Now I know why he does everything to lengthen it.
No. 89516 Kontra
It's the schizo with a french proxy, I recommend to ignore "it".
No. 89518 Kontra
You are not the sharpest tool in the shed...
No. 89519
No, I am not. Isn't calling all Ernsts, whose opinions you don't agree on, schizos with French proxies, a bit schizophrenic?
No. 89520 Kontra
Are you kidding? The schizo posts above the "French" ones are the same, only the flag changed. The same style of images, the same use of "Denglisch".
No. 89521
>You are not the sharpest tool in the shed...

Why have you been double posting? Are you that nervous?
And on what basis does, out of all person, a person, who is not able to prevent double postings, assess the sharpness of tools in some shed?
No. 89522 Kontra
I thought he ran on a platform of anti-corruption.
No. 89523
31 kB, 540 × 360
>the same use of "Denglisch".

Yes, I agree.
>>89487 and >>89488 are using the same style of "Denglisch" like you do. You must be schizos with French proxies.

>ACH schizo.
>He was too agitated to realize.
No. 89524 Kontra
9 kB, 210 × 251
A typo was fixed, is that what you wanted to hear?
>you no smart you typo in one sentence
Is zat coming next?

So, enlighten me
>So the war is saving him from being ousted?
>Now I know why he does everything to lengthen it.
where did you get that? The "recent" unwillingness to negotiate with Russia?

The Russian regime has to be crushed if Ukraine (and Russia) want to be free. Ideally the Russian people would oust their autocratic pieces of shit right out of the windows, but if that won't happen, Ukraine has to smash the Russian army, otherwise they will always be under Moscow. Yes, they death toll is beyond insane, but there is no other way to be free of the Russian yoke.
t. Russogerm
No. 89525
These are different Germans.

The eve of the invasion drop to 31% percent schizo reports is claimed by a Nigerian news site that doesn't say what poll or anything.
I wouldn't even be surprised that he wasn't that popular. Same observation can be made with Putin btw, as his approval rate also increased significantly due to the invading Ukraine. Magic tricks of war I suppose.
No. 89526 Kontra
fun fact: You and me>>89524 are talking to the Schizo, Omsk aka no geolocation'ings? and German + Bavariaball are not enough for him anymore...
No. 89527
>The eve of the invasion drop to 31% percent schizo reports is claimed by a Nigerian news site that doesn't say what poll or anything.

Unless you aren't a complete schizo who makes arbitrary claims you surely can prove your claims, can't you?
No. 89528
>fun fact: You and me>>89524 are talking to the Schizo, Omsk aka no geolocation'ings? and German + Bavariaball are not enough for him anymore...

Okay, are a complete schizo.
No. 89529
Whatever the case, a 3s Google search gives me:
>Poll shows overwhelming support in Ukraine for Zelenskiy
>Over 90% of Ukrainians have said they support president Volodymyr
Zelenskiy, according to a poll conducted by the Rating Sociological group this weekend.
>According to the data compiled from two thousand respondents from across Ukraine, 91% of respondents backed Zelenskiy, only 6% said they did not support him and 3% remained undecided.
>The support is a threefold increase from December last year.

>Residents in Crimea and the rebel-held areas in eastern Ukraine were excluded from the survey, according to the BBC.
No. 89530
16 kB, 798 × 265
>I thought he ran on a platform of anti-corruption.

He pretended, but in reality he put almost one billion dollar aside for himself, as it seems.


No. 89531
>is claimed by a Nigerian news site that doesn't say what poll or anything

So where are now your proofs for your claims about a 'Nigerian news site that doesn't say what poll or anything'?

Nice Denglish btw.
No. 89532 Kontra
You click the schizo greyzone link and then click the 31% hyperlink and it leads you to a page with .ng
No. 89533
Thanks. I found it. Not very trustworthy, I have to admit.
No. 89534 Kontra
>So where are now your proofs for your claims about a

This btw doesn't sound very native English speaker btw.
No. 89535 Kontra
I don't know where you get that idea. Maybe your English is not well enough to judge properly?
No. 89537
>Russia claims capture of Ukraine's Soledar; Kyiv says fighting goes on
Did Putin lie about taking Soledar?
No. 89539 Kontra
21 kB, 135 × 129
47 kB, 443 × 600
>Ukraine credits local beavers for unwittingly bolstering its defenses — their dams make the ground marshy and impassable
No. 89541
Good job of the beavers!
No. 89542
From what I can gather very intense street fighting is going on in Soledar, there are rumours Ukraine is about to retreat from there or planned to do so, but what about Bakhmut?

>Ukraine defence minister: We are a de facto member of Nato alliance
No. 89556
>It's the schizo with a french proxy, I recommend to ignore "it".

No. 89558
>Russia claims capture of Soledar, acknowledges Wagner role
>Jan 13 (Reuters) - Russia said on Friday that its forces had taken control of the salt-mining town of Soledar in eastern Ukraine, claiming to have made its first big battlefield gain after half a year of military setbacks.

>However, the spokesperson for Ukraine's eastern military command, Serhiy Cherevatyi, denied that Russian forces had seized control of Soledar. Earlier, Ukraine had said its forces were holding out in Soledar after a "hot" night of fighting.

>Reuters was not immediately able to verify the situation in the town, which has become one of the bloodiest battlegrounds of the entire 10-month war.

>Russia's defence ministry said its forces had captured the town on Thursday evening. It said this would make it possible to cut off Ukrainian supply routes to the larger town of Bakhmut, to the southwest, and trap remaining Ukrainian forces there.

No. 89566
A real know it all mod over here.
No. 89568
>fun fact: You and me>>89524 are talking to the Schizo, Omsk aka no geolocation'ings

fun fact: I like to be rooted through Omsk, but I have to clue about the other nonsense your write. I am even not German. lol
And I haven posted here today. So you all, including the mod, seem to be really a bit crazy. lol
No. 89574
>War for Ukraine - First Conclusions from 2022 and New Challenges 2023
analysis by the Austrian army / by Colonel Markus Reisner
>Colonel Markus Reisner on the War for Ukraine. He takes a look at the first lessons identified and the challenges we might see in the weeks and months to come.

Quality content.
No. 89579
Russia is advancing towards Bakhmut and in the south. The Ukrainian front is close to collapse!
No. 89585 Kontra
He says Urine is FUCKED with a capital F because they can not sustain the war!
No. 89631
Leopard 2 is a very weak tank. It faired very badly in Syria. It's armor is weak, it can be penetrated by T-72. It is heavy, it can not operate in muddy condition. It does not have an autoloader, it has low rate of fire. Its gun is weak. It can not even penetrate T-80 from front. In Syria, Leopard-2 threw their turrets!
Poland is procuring strong Korean K2 tanks and Korean K9 howitzers, they try to get rid of the useless German crap. Soon, Poland will not have anything to do with Germany, except for getting reparations from Scholz pro-Russian naziland!
No. 89635
>UK will provide Challenger 2 tanks to Ukraine

There's been a debate in Britain for years about giving up on tanks. This looks like it might be the perfect excuse to now do it.

Is there anything German you like?
No. 89638
Peter Rásonyi writes for the NZZ:
>There is every reason to expand the successful formula of the Ukrainian defense strategy. To do that, the Ukrainians need Western tanks, and they need them fast. If the equipment is to be ready for a spring offensive, repair, delivery and training must begin now. For logistical reasons, focusing on just one tank, if possible, is imperative. As long as the Americans do not send Abrams tanks, this can only be the Leopard because of its wide distribution in Europe's arsenals.
Though he also states:
>On the course of the war on the Ukrainian front, 14 Polish Leopard 2 or 10 British Challenger 2 tanks will not have a decisive influence. [...] But the quantity of British and Polish tanks is not decisive. Warsaw's and London's plans should be understood primarily as political messages: They point the way and increase the pressure on Germany to break out of self-isolation and finally follow suit.
What is your view on that?
No. 89640
No. Even Pilsener beer is not German, but Czech.

Ukraine needs 600 MBTs. That WOULD have been a quarter of West-Germany's aresenals in cold war, but being the pathetic piece of shit the Berlin Republic is, there are now only 250.
Reunification was a mistake. It destroyed everything.
No. 89641 Kontra
>Even Pilsener beer is not German, but Czech.
No. 89642 Kontra
Many People do not know it.
No. 89643 Kontra
What, that Pilsen is in Czechia?
No. 89646 Kontra
Czechs are crypto-Germans anyway.
No. 89647
Shouldn't you be in some company being deployed?
No. 89649 Kontra
No, of course not, I'm not Russian.
No. 89660 Kontra
That a city named Pilsen exists and that it is in the Czech Republic?
Why would anyone care what happens where slavs and ossis (one and the same) live?
No. 89661 Kontra
They would genocide us given the opportunity, like every other nation in Europe.
No. 89665 Kontra
And rightfully so.
No. 89680
45 kB, 222 × 258
So the UK will send a token number of tonks, huh?
No. 89684
332 kB, 3600 × 2000
So will the conflict freeze or will Russia collapse in the next 5 years?
Glory to Ukraine
No. 89685
Russia will not collapse. The conflict will not freeze anytime soon, Russia has already started to mobilize another 500k men.
Ukraine would need hundreds of IFVs and MBTs to be able to conduct offensive operations.
Ukraine will not get these, since they do not exist in western arsenals. They existed, but they have been scrapped or sold off to Taka-Tuka-Land.

Lacking the capabilty to counter-attack, the Ukrainian front will at some point be broken and collapse.

Russian victory will be followed by a period of relative calm. Russia will remain peaceful for 2-5 years, then demand some form political control over the Baltic nations and/or Finland.
Russian education has gone full blut-und-boden, and outward aggression and threat towards Europe will be the prominent feature of Russian foreign policy for the coming decades.
No. 89686
>Ten Russian soldiers injured in blast in Belgorod -Tass cites emergency services
>TASS said there was a fire in a local cultural centre overnight where ammunition was also being stored, which caused the explosions.
Smoking inaccident

>Repaired German Leopard tanks for Ukraine ready in 2024 at earliest, armsmaker says
>BERLIN, Jan 15 (Reuters) - German armsmaker Rheinmetall (RHMG.DE) could only deliver repaired Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine in 2024 at the earliest, its chief executive was quoted as saying by Bild newspaper on Sunday.
>Germany announced earlier this month that it would provide Ukraine with Marder infantry fighting vehicles to help repel Russian forces. But Kyiv has also requested heavier vehicles such as the Leopards, which would represent a significant step-up in Western support to Ukraine.
>Repairing the tanks it has in stock would cost several hundred million euros and the company could not begin doing so before the order was confirmed, Papperger told Bild.
>"The vehicles must be completely dismantled and rebuilt," he added.

>Britain to send 14 of its main battle tanks, more weaponry to Ukraine
>LONDON, Jan 14 (Reuters) - Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's office said late on Saturday that Britain would send 14 of its main battle tanks along with additional artillery support to Ukraine, disregarding criticism from the Russian Embassy in London.
>A squadron of 14 Challenger 2 tanks will go into the country in the coming weeks and around 30 self-propelled AS90 guns, operated by five gunners, are expected to follow, the British prime minister's office said in a statement.
No. 89687 Kontra
I'm pro-war when I think about it in English and anti-Z when I think about it in Russian.
No. 89688 Kontra
20 kB, 179 × 167
54 kB, 499 × 499
768 kB, 1280 × 1172
9 kB, 238 × 192
No. 89693 Kontra
It's a warning, as soon the Ukranian military hears the deafening sound of our Ajaxes they will be begging for mercy!
No. 89704
161 kB, 1643 × 2155
>RUSSIAN OILMAGEDDON 2023 | Falling Oil Prices Are Crashing Russian Economy
Who would have thought?
No. 89706
496 kB, 1125 × 1876
This time for real?
No. 89707
9 kB, 507 × 430
39 kB, 644 × 1338
I doubt it, it should be a rather slow decline, although the deficit caused by the war is gigantic. From what I can gather Russia ramped up its arms production and will fight tooth and nail, if Ukraine can hold Russia will fold. Doge, I wish you can get a proper gubmint after that and we Marshall Plan Ukraine and Russia to rebuild.

Murkas gubmint and 2 party system have to be fixed too... I want the world to be a better place, maybe we can fix all the richer countries and build up Africa and east Asia and so on together once it is all done. I hope China gets rid of its autocratic regime but for now this is all but a dream.
No. 89708
>Marshall Plan Ukraine and Russia to rebuild.

Disaster Capitalism 2.0 for these sovoks, they have to learn eventually.

There was a TikTok on a promotional film supposedly from the Ukrainian government on how to kickstart Ukraine with economic reforms and industries after the war and it was neoliberal (market fundamentalism or an unregulated market is best for society and economy).
Not sure if this video was really from the government but it did not really look like a hoax and I don't know why people should fake one.
No. 89709
70 kB, 471 × 472
>Russia will mobilize millions
Quoting random people from the Internet btw.
My sides, Russia can hardly supply the current amount of Mobiks and is drafting thousands more, rumours are +500k is the goal FoR nOw. Once Ukraine has won the Slav lands can hopefully into peace.
No. 89714 Kontra
Damn, those people are so stupid. They had 8 decades of the worker's paradise and they reject it, after having seen the light!
No. 89715 Kontra
Russia will not mobilize millions, for now.
>can hardly supply
That might be propaganda. "The enemy is ill equipped, our equipment is superior." Concerning the Russians, it is a redux of the pick-and-shovel-myth from WW2.
No. 89718
>Marshall Plan Ukraine and Russia to rebuild.
What will there be in Russia to rebuild? Best case scenario for Ukraine is pushing back Russia to pre-war borders and Russia folding.

Russia will not have been bombed. There are no bi-weekly strategic bombing raids on Russian cities, and there will not be, for fear of nuclear retaliation. What has been destroyed in Russia so far? Kerch bridge, Engelsk VVS-base. What is there to rebuild?
No. 89722 Kontra
>Damn, those people are so stupid.

That's not what I said.
No. 89724
The economy (outside of Pidorburg/Moscow :D).
Sure, Ukraine is devastated and would need much, much more monies.
No. 89729 Kontra
47 kB, 640 × 567
>le sanctions ruined russia-maymay
Avtovaz has been producing on a 6-day-week since September, after a production stop in spring. They produced about 200000 cars in 2022, down from 350000 in 2023. Just one example. The Russian economy was prepared for sanctions. Who wasn't prepared for sanctions is Germany.
No. 89745 Kontra
59 kB, 613 × 374
961 kB, 2199 × 2990
The said workers paradise.
No. 89746
There are famines in capitalist countries, caused by capitalism.
No. 89747 Kontra
9 kB, 210 × 251
751 kB, 1815 × 7400
Lies! Russia said 20000000000000 trillion Lada in state owned Lada shack factory were produced in the last months! Germoney Germhole is freezing -500000°C, Russia rich!

There are seriously people out there thinking Russia killed UA in 3 days or 1.5 months and all the troops there are actually ill equipped NATO merc blokes getting shredded by Russian artillery.

Russia has already lost, the clock is ticking, maybe Ukraine will even get another few chunks back before Russia collapses.

sauce except for the google weather pic: https://www.ndr.de/
Aka (north/ern) German state news.
No. 89748
>evil peasants eat their own children
>somehow socialism's fault
No. 89749 Kontra
4 kB, 222 × 211
>le turan wisdom
Replace socialism with shitty soviet leadershit, there.
No. 89750

Automotive industry in Russia has high import dependency, but after 4 months of standstill, they resumed production at pre-war rates.
No. 89751
>mimimi booohoo le ebul leadership starver muh childrun
They should have pulled themselves by their bootstraps and learned some personal responsibility.
No. 89753 Kontra
14 kB, 604 × 618
>pulled themselves by their bootstraps
No. 89766 Kontra
Soviet leadership would be fine, but they made a grave mistake of taking German ramblings too seriously.
No. 89769 Kontra
Ukraine will be free after the war, it will have the only true freedom in the world. Governments are tyranny, whatever the form, be it socialist governments or democratic governments. Hence Ukraine will have the only true freedom, the freedom of the market. While they try to rebuild their commie blocks, we will implemented an unregulated market to make the most of it. Corporate power is a lie, corporate power is not responsible for you being a lousy worker, $Ukrainian name. Corporate power is not a tyranny unlike government power, corporate power is freedom, the only agent of freedom is a free market. Hence we will push trough free market policy when Ukrainians are busy condolence their family members and trying to live from the rubles the war left. Why? Because the market fixes everything, social problems are solved through market equations, only idiots don't understand this.
No. 89772 Kontra
>gulags, family members critical of the party disappearing, famines and no freeze peach were all fine
brotip: I am from the SU

yeah baby, freedums! No (unpaid) holidays and 60h 10$/h Trickle down - pay 120000€ for heart surgery die of 500$+ per syringe insulin costs, truest of freedoms!
No. 89775 Kontra
>pay 120000€ for heart surgery

everything else means incentivizing illness and inefficient behavior. Once it's practically free people will have heart surgeries every day. They will just casually demand heart surgeries, that's what human nature is like, I don't make the rules (but the market does).
No. 89776 Kontra
47 kB, 443 × 600
No. 89779
>Once it's practically free people will have heart surgeries every day.
Actually true. When heart disease can be "fixed" for free, people have no incentive to avoid it.
No. 89787
Thinking this through, I would even go a step further: heart disease is a disease of low impulse control. Basically, it's a disease of people who fail the marshmallow test ... As adults. What can society expect from such individuals? Not too much, and I feel certain that we are better off without them.

In my eyes, they are very much like the scum who attends Octoberfest and then disturbs other passengers on public transport and creates a nuisance, even 100km from Munich, in Swabia. Or like football-hooligans. Or asylum seekers. Or those who litter our streets with chewing gum. Or the dog-owners who pick up dog poop, put it in a bag and hang it in a bush. I am certain there is a huge overlap between all of these groups, since all of them are antisocial, unthinking and suffer from low impulse control, a disdain for established rules and no respect at all for law enforcement or other people.

If I could have my way, I'd line all of them up and have them shot. But not paying for heart surgery is at least the start of a solution.

A great idea would be making safety belts non-mandatory, it would kill many of these "people" before they can procreate. Legalization of all drugs might be even better, it would enable the idiots to accidentally off themselves without endangering third parties.

Promoting these drive see wouldn't even have to be a government endeavor. One could assume that industry tries to keep its customers alive for as long as possible, but the actions of the alcohol industry and the tobacco industry proof otherwise. Small profit today beats huge profit tomorrow!

If we make it legal to sell deadly drugs, greedy people will sell them, stupid people will die them, off themselves, and their won't be any need for heat disease.
No. 89805
Rumours are large scale smokening's will happen in southern, Russian controlled Ukraine including Crimea. :D
No. 89823 Kontra
GerXy will get a new clueless MOD called Pistorius, because the old clueless MOD was deemed to incompetent, even by GerX standards.

(GerX is the gender neutral form of Ger-man and I will not continue to use such gendered language)
No. 89839 Kontra
Lifehack #1.
You can epicly own your boss by self-mobilizing.

Lifehack #2.
If you stay in Russia and don't emigrate, geriatric women will call you a man, not a boy.

(social advertising)
No. 89843
>heart disease is a disease of low impulse control
[citation needed]
in some cases it might actually be lifestyle related, but there are also a lot of cases where it is caused genetically. To say that all people with heart diseases are just lazy slobs with eating disorders or low impulse control is completely wrong.
No. 89844
>people will demand heart surgeries everyday
lolwut? who would put himself under the knife for no good reason, even if it was free? As long as there are still risks associated with surgeries, nobody will do this without medical indication.
No. 89845 Kontra
What can be dumber than tankie's spergout? Ernst who didn't understand irony in it.
No. 89847
Laws of the market, it's not that hard to comprehend.

I'm not a tankie, I'm just a man in favor of the best economic system.
No. 89852 Kontra
14 kB, 297 × 347
No. 89853 Kontra
I mean the joge bamboozle (or idiocy) was thicker than my babushka. Maybe 3am isn't just for some Ernsts.
No. 89854
>Citation needed
Esselstyn, Caldwell B., Jr., et al. "A way to reverse CAD?" Journal of Family Practice, vol. 63, no. 7, July 2014, pp. 356+.

>it is caused genetically
No. "Runs in the family" just means "we have a shared unhealthy lifestyle, with a meat- and dairy based diet and all vegetables we consume stirred in fat and oil, smoking, drinking, and blame all results on genetics."
No. 89855
>who would put himself under the knife for no good reason, even if it was free?
In the past, dental treatment was covered in Germany. Since tooth decay is associated with significant financial lots, people started taking much better care of their teeth.
No. 89856
>I'm just a man in favor of the best economic system.
Capitalism is not an economic system, as trading at market prices is a default and can only be prevented by some form of government intervention. Remember the rat-catcher of Hamelin? Yeah, those kids left to Brandenburg because there was no future for them in Hamelin. Because guild regulation made it so there could be no future. Number of masters in any trade was fixed, so were the prices, and people did what they do in such cases, they said "fuck this" and left. Unable to about that their 'economic system' sucked balls, the good food of Hamelin made up the rat-catcher tale.
No. 89859
That is why I'm in favor of the best economic system which combines individual freedom with free, that is unregulated, markets. It is of course no coincidence that this economic structure also touches upon the social and political issues that goe with it. Social and political problems can be solved by economic incentives as was proven greatly in

So we just need to maximize the freedom of individuals and markets and everything will come in order again.
No. 89862
Yeah without airbags, anti-lock brakes, radio, climate control...
They now produce 1980s cars.
No. 89870
696 kB, 1000 × 1000
>Yeah without airbags, anti-lock brakes, radio, climate control...
The only thing bothersome is the AC.
Do people care? Imagine you could bring back Audi 80 B3, or Omega A1, including their sucker engines. Millions of car nuts would be delighted, without a doubt.

Of course the air in cities might be worse with 1980s engine tech, think leaded gas, and more people would die in accidents, but most people do not think about that too much. When using seatbelts became mandatory, people were angry about it, and eveb today, many people use pic related just so they can disable the seatbelt-alarm. Do you think they care about airbags?
No. 89881 Kontra
153 kB, 920 × 520
>They now produce 1980s cars.
A considerable portion of the population is still practically driving 1960s cars. 1980s would be a progress.
No. 89922
Ukrainians come to Germany and make demands. A Ukrainian family of so-called refugees came to Xanten. They demanded to be given a house, because they had a house in Ukraine. The German authorities agreed and gave them a house. Just like that, because some people from a foreign country arrived and demanded it. The median net-income of a household in Germany is about €3700, and homes cost €500.000 to €700.000 in mid-sized cities. Their is a fuckton of adds were Ukrainians demand to be given stuff for free or in the cheap. They are greedy leeches, just another wave of criminals who came to Germany to exploit Germans, and the authorities rob Germans with the world's highest taxes to give everything to foreigners. Steal from the poor, take a cut for yourself, give the rest to foreigners, this is how the anti-German government works.
No. 89923
Ukrainian here, next I'm gonna steal the girl you have been secretly lusting after and there's nothing you're gonna do :^)
No. 89925
I know that you don't really work but write leftist essays, and that you are payed for this unproductive bullshit by the government. So you are also a leech, in that you are correct. But every woman I know laughs about types like you.
No. 89926 Kontra
>But every woman I know laughs about types like you.
So, none?
No. 89927
Look, little friend, I get that you are triggered by the idea that they is morally wrong. Otherwise, you wouldn't be a thieve. Come back when you are done having a hissy-fit, them we can have a discussion.
No. 89930 Kontra
>hissy fit
The only one fuming here is you, as evidenced by your numerous spelling errors because you probably can't even see any keys anymore through that red veil of yours.
On the other hand, maybe you are just a retard who doesn't know basic english, who knows?
Not you, that's for sure :-DDDDD
No. 89931 Kontra
It's incorrect to compare him to refugees from war-torn country. Unlike them, he had every opportunity to become a productive member of society, he just chose not to.
No. 89932 Kontra
Still butthurt that a member of the cathedral doesn't agree with free market fixes everything type of guys?

The schizo of course is either lying or parroting facebook/ telegram group propaganda or he doesn't know that you can rent a house that is not necessarily more expensive than a flat.
No. 89958
91 kB, 1440 × 819
Do you think that I agree with them? No.

What I'm saying is that you obsess about irrelevant people with views, which enrage you. Because they're a convenient strawman.

That is definitely unproductive and unhealthy. But at least you're paid for that unlike most of leftists.
No. 89959 Kontra
>you obsess about irrelevant people with views

I'm writing a small text on it (13 pages, just needs polishment), which never the less panned out to reading a good amount if different texts.
That said, I don't think it is irrelevant as the alt-right definitely made some gains and this is also due to NRx and it making a handy fusion with libertarians and other free market lovers. You mistake fringe with irrelevant.

Whether or not you agree with these people in all aspects, I'm pretty sure these people shaped your opinion on certain things, just like it did with others who visited imageboards within the last decade.
No. 89960 Kontra
277 kB, 1213 × 325
Gas all the schizos in this thread.
No. 89964
How did the WEF got DESTROYED? I just heard that they are bleak about it all and noticing prices going up it feels easy to chime in.
But the MARS train does not have any brakes? The golden age will be upon us with Elon The Wise taking lead instead?
No. 89965
Also had a chuckle when I read Moscow got air defense. Why lift air defense upon a building? This seems to screams symbolism and creating atmosphere but no real threat so much, or am I wrong?
No. 89966 Kontra
3,3 MB, 498 × 370, 0:04
189 kB, 975 × 994
Reports of a Russian breaktrough at the Zaporozhye-front.
No. 89969
>Guy gets paid by government to produce texts that are only of use to other people paid by the government, who might decide to use it as input to produce similar texts
>Writes text about how people who think government should not pay him for his work have been brainwashed on imageboards

It has about the same value as a pig-breeder's association bashing veganism or a lignite mining company educating us on the dangers of nuclear power.
No. 89971 Kontra
>anti academia

To my amusement, your opinions are based on people who are or have been paid to think and write. Why is that? because you have been born in a world of opinions written up by others.
No. 89972
>... anti-academia ...
Straw man.

>You grew up...
Unlike you, I assume.

Fact remains: you write self-serving propaganda.
No. 89975 Kontra
>straw man


>Unlike you, I assume.

Obviously not. But unlike you, I don't think that it is a naughty naughty thing.

>you write propaganda

You don't even know what I write. You can read these people and will find that they are loving the free market meritocratic society and that they don't like egalitarian politics, there is no need to write propaganda since these people say it is publicly available. Stop making yourself look stoopid.
No. 89976
Would anyone even have thoughts if it wasn't for Academia? Thank you for your service, Ernst.
No. 89978 Kontra
The statement was meant in a more general way, that is newspapers and magazines, alternative media entrepreneurs like Jordan Peterson etc.


You are welcome.
No. 89979 Kontra
And let me clear that up: you are born in a world of opinions, written, spoken whatever. There is no innocent thought from the world you live in, some people form this world are paid to articulate thoughts. Obviously there is an interested in reading thoughts. Your interest in the USSR and the books you read about it is a simple example.
No. 89980
>you don't even know
You told us. You keep telling us. It is literally all over the board.

I am able to differentiate. You are not and confuse yourself with "academia" . Slightly megalomaniac, but OK.

You describe the topic of a recent text in >>89959. At the moment, your job consists of finding out what is "wrong" with people who think that the world can do very well without your services. And that makes it seems like those people are right.

>You can read these people
Yes, certainly. If you tell me right whom or what you mean by "those people." The classics? Adam Smith? Walter Euken? Some more modern economist?

>and will find that they are loving the free market meritocratic society
We get that you don't like free markets or meritocracy.
>and that they don't like egalitarian politics,
OK? neither do you. Or do you want all the lower-class AfD-Mirkos to get a government funded position where their job is to write about the spread of anti-German thought and the car-haters of Facebook? Because then, their social position would be equal to yours. They'd be wing-nuts paid for having a circle-jerk, like you.

>there is no need to write propaganda since these people say it is publicly available.
Then quit and get a real job.
No. 89981
> pig-breeder's association bashing veganism
Veganism is CIA's (successful) psyop, aiming to turn people dissatisfied with capitalist system into borderline retarded weaklings. These meat tycoons cut the branch on which they sit.
No. 89982 Kontra
What about entrepreneur's like Veronika Krocher or Noam Chomsky? I mean, they write books and earn money with it. Why take Jordan Peterson as an example?
No. 89983
Do you think the CIA will come for them?
No. 89984
the elites have always known that the destruction of the human diet is essential in them being able to fulfill their agenda... they are doing everything they can so none of us could have a normal, human diet. everything from veganism to fastfood are ways for them to weaken as many of us as possible. hell, even "normal" food has already been tampered with...
No. 89985 Kontra
>You told us

I told you not that much, believe it or not. You can think that my text is different than an imageboard post.

>your job consists of

I'm not paid to write this student paper btw.

>my service

I could try to sell it like they plan on doing and like they do themselves, see Jordan Peterson etc. Put my point is not that I would lose a job prospect but that this means corporate power is the new political power. Corporate ruling has no interest in critique according to those people. This means it will reign according to its needs and interests, not mine and not many others. Albei they say it will be a trickle down economy, the same we have for decades now, but there is not much trickling down.

>If you tell me right whom or what you mean by "those people." The classics? Adam Smith? Walter Euken? Some more modern economist?

I mentioned several names all over the board, it shouldn't be too hard to find further material on what these people wrote and how their policy got implemented and how people push for similar but sometimes more radical policy. There are tons of material on it, from standpoints.

>Or do you want all ...

No, I don't want all people to do the same, this is not the goal of egalitarian politics btw. And I don't know about you but the AFD politicians are paid by the German state and people in academia can and actually do have conservative thoughts and are paid by the government.

What I write about is up to you to judge if it is good or bad in your eyes btw. I'm not making a moral argument, I simply try to argue for what is a case. I'm not saying this is good or bad. You can guess that I personally might have a problem with anti-egalitarian politics. But I still have to argue for that this is attempted to be pushed through (that which is the case). Giving arguments is what this is all about. But so far your post boil down to get a real jerb!! (funfact I worked normal jobs and I rather want to do research on other topics than what this little paper was about, in case you cannot sleep at night anymore because a naughty boy is influencing a future generation to swallow the vegan pill tomorrow)

Are you an Ernst who did academia at grad level? Let me ask you this:
Do you think the current university system is good? if not, what is your problem with it? I'm not talking about the humanities but the rest since you didn't do humanities.

>why take JP

Because people on international imageboards know him, unlike Veronika Krocher which I had to look up even myself. But I tell you what is a difference between all these people given the fact that they are actually all self-employed (not sure about Chomsky): Peterson makes a lot of money with it unlike a small German Journalist. Peterson makes money with young males wanting to hear what's wrong with the world and the wokist virus having a grip on your mind, Veronika Krocher has a small audience in comparison. Nobody cares what Krocher has to say in the US and GB while Peterson is known all over the wester world and even beyond. Peterson built a business, Krocher is just a tiny journalist.
No. 89992
>U.S. officials advise Ukraine to wait on offensive, official says

>Senior U.S. officials are advising Ukraine to hold off on launching a major offensive against Russian forces until the latest supply of U.S. weaponry is in place and training has been provided, a senior Biden administration official said on Friday. The official, speaking to a small group of reporters on condition of anonymity, said the United States was holding fast to its decision not to provide Abrams tanks to Ukraine at this time, amid a controversy with Germany over tanks. President Joe Biden, who approved a new $2.5 billion weapons package for Ukraine this week, told reporters at the White House, "Ukraine is going to get all the help they need," when asked if he supports Poland's intention to send German-made Leopard tanks to Ukraine.

>U.S. talks with Ukraine on any counter-offensive have been in the context of ensuring the Ukrainians devote enough time first to training on the latest weaponry provided by the United States, the official said. U.S. officials believe an offensive would stand to be more successful should the Ukrainians take advantage of the training and the significant infusion of new weaponry. The United States on Thursday announced it will send hundreds of armored vehicles to Ukraine for use in the fight.

>A high-ranking U.S. delegation that included Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman and deputy White House national security adviser Jon Finer was in Kyiv in recent days for talks with Ukrainian officials. The belief in Washington is that Ukraine has spent considerable resources defending the city of Bakhmut but that there is a high possibility that the Russians will eventually push the Ukrainians out of that town, the official said. If that happens, it will not result in any strategic shift on the battlefield, the official said. One consideration for the Ukrainians, the official said, is how much they continue to pour into defending Bakhmut at a time when they are preparing for an offensive to try to drive the Russians out of areas they hold in southern Ukraine. U.S. officials are working with the Ukrainians on this tradeoff, the official said.

>On another front, U.S. officials are advising Ukraine to adjust how Kyiv conducts the war away from trying to match Russia round for round with artillery fire because ultimately Moscow will gain the advantage through attrition, the official said. This is why the latest U.S. supply of weaponry includes armored vehicles, because it will help Ukraine shift how it fights the war, the official said.

>Bad winter weather has hindered fighting on the front lines, although a cold snap that freezes and hardens the ground could pave the way for either side to launch an offensive with heavy equipment, Serhiy Haidai, governor of Ukraine's Luhansk region, said. The official said the United States does not plan at this juncture to send Abrams tanks to Ukraine because they are costly and difficult to maintain. German Defence Minister Boris Pistorius on Friday denied Berlin was unilaterally blocking the shipment of Leopard main battle tanks to Ukraine but said the government was ready to move quickly to send them if there was consensus among allies.

Surprise offensive soon? Surely NATO must know that it can't count on Germany to be an effective ally?
No. 89993
124 kB, 1280 × 1031
534 kB, 600 × 394
37 kB, 297 × 322
> Surely NATO must know that it can't count on Germany to be an effective ally?
Herr Sholtz is a German nationalist under Marxist's disguise. Together we'll crush Anglo-Saxon world order and build the greater Eurasia. in 2 weeks
No. 89994
But his revolutionary cunning would make a tschekist blush! The way he let those bankers circumvent taxes with cum-ex-trades and then pretended he couldn't remember might everyone think he's just corrupt like Lindner!
No. 90022 Kontra
14 kB, 297 × 347
No. 90023 Kontra
97 kB, 1024 × 672
No. 90029 Kontra
4,3 MB, 480 × 480, 0:28
No. 90078
901 kB, 480 × 270, 0:08
Heil Putin!
No. 90080
American conservatives don't seem to like Zelensky:

>False Democracy
>Ukraine is not the bastion of freedom described by most Western media


The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights doesn't like Zelensky neither:

No. 90081 Kontra
Has anyone ever doubted that Selenskij is any less of a crook than any other politician?
Didn't he have some kind of corruption thing going on before the war?
Doesn't change the fact that he is an excellent figurehead during the war and made the smart choice of letting the people who know their shit handle the war.
No. 90082
8,6 MB, 1 page
260 Bytes, 275 × 183
Man, the whole Russian Action Committee seems like it is purposely designed to be as unpopular as possible in opposition to Putin, or as pro-western as possible. I don't even know what their endgame is here.

A lot of their aims seem to almost necessitate the security services they are committed to dismantling in order to keep the regime in power:

>Under the authority of the State Council, we will implement the following program:
>The immediate conclusion of peace with Ukraine on the condition of recognizing the 1991 borders and compensation for the damage caused by aggression, including through the frozen assets of the Russian Federation;
>The rejection of the imperial policy of Russia, both within the country and abroad. This includes the rejection of formal or informal support for entities in the countries of the former USSR not recognized by the UN;
>Cessation of confrontation with the West along with a transition to a foreign policy based on peace, partnership, and integration into Euro-Atlantic institutions;
>Decentralization of the country and the transfer of broad powers to the regions, including in the budgetary sphere;
>The demilitarization of Russia, the reduction of its militarized structures and the cost of their maintenance;
>Release of all political prisoners and their full rehabilitation on politically motivated charges;
>Offering a broad amnesty program to reduce the number of prisoners and offer those released a speedy return to normal life;
>The abolition of all repressive laws adopted during Putin’s rule, including all legislative acts that contributed to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country;
>The dissolution of the repressive bodies that perform the functions of the political police: the FSB and the Centers for Combating Extremism;
>Trials for war criminals and active regime officials who contributed to the establishment of a dictatorship in the country; extradition of war criminals to international judicial authorities;
>Conducting lustration at the federal level;
>The immediate liquidation of all political parties and public organizations that supported the invasion of Ukraine, so that they can not interfere with the construction of a new Russia;
>Liberalization of electoral legislation, simplifying the registration of political parties, allowing the creation of regional parties. Returning to the declarative procedure for holding rallies, strikes, and demonstrations;

>Without prejudging the decisions of the Constituent Assembly, we declare that we will achieve:
>A significant expansion of the powers of the regional parliaments;
>A transfer of power to enable us to form the government of Russia — the future parliament, the structure and format of which will be determined by the Constituent Assembly;
>Transition to an electoral process for the upper house of parliament that will limit the possibility of forming a one-party cabinet;
>Enshrining in the Constitution a limited list of powers transferred to the federal center in accordance with the Constitution/Federal Treaty;
.Exclusion from the Constitution and legislation of Russia of the concept of joint jurisdiction, with a corresponding redistribution of budgetary powers;
>Restoring the election of mayors of cities and heads of municipalities, enshrining a minimum list of rights of local governments and guarantees of their budgetary security in the Constitution;
>Freeing the judiciary from the control of the executive branch;
>Division of courts into federal, regional, and local, the appointment of judges, respectively, by the federal parliament, regional parliament, and/or through direct elections by citizens;
>Widespread introduction of jury trials for all categories of crimes, to limit judicial arbitrariness and ensure maximum access to justice;
>Judicial confiscation of property illegally obtained by Putin, his entourage, and accomplices, and its transfer to funds belonging directly to all citizens of Russia;
>Transparent distribution of natural rent between the subjects of the federation and citizens of Russia on a fair basis.


Although it's interesting to hear elsewhere about the National Republican Army as Russia's own version of the IRA.
No. 90086
Why there are so many "queers for Palestine" but so few queers for Donbass? What is Putin doing wrong? What he (and me) don't understand about mysterious western soul?

Man, it's just three migrants writing manifestos. No offence, but haha you read a longass article about them in a Serious(tm) paywalled newspaper. Death to traditional media, live to Youtube, Telegram and imageboards.
No. 90087 Kontra
Because unlike Palestinians, Russians are inherently evil, chauvinistic, conservative, oppressive nazis.
No. 90091
Sounds great to me, broblem's weren't.

>he is an excellent figurehead during the war
This, ignore the schizos.
No. 90092 Kontra
Can you prove otherwise? difficulty level: don't use Russian news sources :DDD
No. 90102 Kontra
Accurate description of Russians, unsure of the Palestinians.
No. 90104
t. NATO-Koti
No. 90113
You need to go back.
No. 90116
No, you, the now panicking NATO-Koti, need to go back to cabbagechan.
No. 90119 Kontra
Ukrainian minister of police and his deputy minister died in a helicopter crash.
No. 90121
144 kB, 883 × 1077
No. 90128
16 kB, 538 × 396

Meanwhile Pidorrussia might actually manage to get Bakhmut.

Victory for Ukraine, death to Putins regime.
No. 90129 Kontra
843 kB, 318 × 260, 0:01
You mean it's a victory for Russia.
No. 90130 Kontra
72 kB, 624 × 582
Yes, would also be a victory for Russia is Putins regime falls.
No. 90132
Was it here or somehwere else I read American military leaders saying defending Bakhmut at all costs doesn't make sense and Ukrainians better save life and resources for a good counter attack?
No. 90135 Kontra
No. 90138 Kontra
207 kB, 527 × 554
Guess Ukr will get Leos... More artillery and IFVs and other shit might be better but, eh. Give Ukraine MOAR ARTILLERY SUKA!
No. 90142
...and just like that, coincidentally, the US found some Abrams in the back of the fridge.
Curious, isn't it?
No. 90144
4,8 MB, 3:31
I like how it's a red-green government that sends german tanks towards the East to kill russians whereas the self-proclaimed "german first" folks would rather slobber on hui all day.
No. 90148 Kontra
If the Germans do deliver with tanks, I will cease germanorealistic postings in a gesture of good will.
No. 90149 Kontra
What tanks? Germany does mit even have tanks.
No. 90150 Kontra
AfD is the Putin-party of Germany, the greens are the CIA-Party of Germany.
No. 90164 Kontra
308 kB, 804 × 777
The great khan of Finland visits Ukraine

Ukraine will be getting Leos, Abrams and shieet

No. 90165 Kontra
26 kB, 400 × 400
150 kB, 340 × 375
Finlan stronk. Pidors will be removed from premises.
No. 90166 Kontra
76 kB, 1778 × 467
No. 90168 Kontra
I'm sure the AFU can't wait to paint sig-runes, old-school iron crosses and swastikas on the Leopards.
LARP taken to the next level.
No. 90170
No. 90171 Kontra
Even Portugal is sending Leopards.
Joyous days. Glory to Ukraine.

There's not need to be upset, you can tell your friends Kiev failed but the ancestral cosmopolis of Bakhmut should be within the week.
No. 90179 Kontra
245 kB, 1280 × 800
No. 90180
This will be an endless war that will destroy all of Ukraine. The borders of 2014 can not be re-established, western support is insufficient for this. The goal is not attainable.
Hence, a war if attrition will continue until one party collapses. This will be the declining west. Russia is much stronger!
No. 90182
Ducking this. Shitmany is fascist again. I hope I will be destroyed soon!
No. 90184
In 1990, it was already clear that German reunification would lead to renewed German fascism and militarism. The protests went unheard, and now, Barbarossa 2.0 has begun!

And it is evident how it will end!
No. 90189
t.срусская свинья
No. 90200
Roubini has already anounced that WWIII has already begun, caused by the relentless, foolish escalations of NATO!
The Biden administration has announced that they now expect China to attack Taiwan very soon. The declining west will be annihilated, with all it's imperialist fascist and colonialist thinking! They used to be racist against china and call china "the sick man"! China will show them! China will re-take its rightful place in the world! Russia will control Europe up to the Atlantic! Germany will pay for the resurgence of fascism! All regret Germany has expressed over its genocidal war against Russia, the freeway patriotic war, had proven to be lies by Germany's devastating actions! Germany will be made to pay!
No. 90203
Germany pay denbts (for war)
No. 90204 Kontra
All the brainwashed sheeple who want escalation will regret it when war knocks on their door!
No. 90205 Kontra
67 kB, 680 × 680
Portugal my greatest ally.

How many Leos will Hungary provide? :---d
No. 90206
How many Leopard 2 even exist? 2000? It is nothing. Russia has 10000 MBT. How many Leopard 2 are produced every year? I bet it is not even 100. As I said, it is nothing.

Why care if soldiers had good food? Those who die-for them, it does not matter. Those who survive-they can have good food after victory or take good food from Ukrainians.
No. 90207 Kontra
Why don't you join Wagner's conquering of Bakhmut btw? I mean you could fight against the declining west and actively stop globohomo instead of shitting up this board and play the arm chair general shizzo. Make yourself useful for what you believe in. You could service two in one: EC and Putin. But you will stay and shit up this place and cozy globohomo Germany where you have everything you need. You are a hypocrite and a coward, how can you even look in the mirror in the morning?
No. 90208
Moar tonks for Ukraine.

Please gibe artillery (and mb planes). tx
No. 90210
Same logic can be applied to you as well as to schizo. Why don't you join AFU if you believe in their cause? They accept foreign volunteers.
What are your excuses?
No. 90212 Kontra
Because I'm not an inverse shizzo the logic doesn't apply to me.
No. 90213 Kontra
Yes, with us winning because this time Amercia is on our side.
No. 90214
>with us winning because this time Amercia is on our side.
America is an ocean away. America will collapse when China invades Taiwan, which will happen during the next bad weather period. Donald Trump will BE the next American President, and he will negotiate a deal with Russia that will not be in our favor: American withdrawal from the conflict, in exchange, Russia does sever ties with China. Our military will be much weaker than even in 2020, and shitmany will be invaded by Russia.
No. 90215 Kontra
Yeah, this time for sure. In 2 weeks™.
No. 90225
>America is an ocean away.
America may be not collapsing any time soon, but that's actually a point. America can afford to care little about European affairs as long as the things are in line with the American global dominance. For starters, Ukrainian refugees will never reach America in measurable quantities; that's the problem that Europe and, to some extent, Russia will be dealing with.
No. 90231
Since you're not in trench, you're not in position to call him coward.
No. 90233 Kontra
Your butthurt amuses me, but your answer bears no logic. He actively affirms the war, burns for it but is too much of a coward to fight a war he affirms himself and wants to happen. He lets others do the fighting for him because his ass is very safe and comforted in Germany even though he says Germany is finished he has quite a nice life here. He could migrate to Russia since it embodies everything he loves.
Thus I can call him a coward. I don't have to be in the trenches to say this. I never said being in the trenches was a good thing or necessary.
No. 90234 Kontra
>Your butthurt amuses me,
You forgot to adjust your monocle and tip your fedora.
Your style of writing makes me chuckle smugly.
No. 90235 Kontra
264 kB, 1920 × 1080
No. 90260
No. 90304
74 kB, 598 × 609
>America will send 31 MBTs -at some point in the future
>Victorious Ukrainians need more fighter aircraft for more victories
>Russian troops took Klishchiivka
No. 90306
Ukrainian troops are badly trained and do not want to die for the dictator selensky who made all opposition illegal.

Military aud to Ukraine for exceeds the Russian defence budget! And still, Ukraine can not win this war! Russia fights NATO and it's winning!
No. 90307
Russia is the most resource rich country on earth, with us own industry. The west is Globohomo with cheap industry abroad, for example in China. But people do not get this and they think the west can outproduce Russia!
No. 90308
The farmasters are overplaying their hand in pressuring china not to support Russia. China will turn towards BRICS and cut all trade with the US. Poorope is on its back with its pathetic monopoly money and inflation!
No. 90309
America is close to collapse! Their economy is based on the Petro dollar and military coercion. Everything else is pipe dreams (.
=Worthless wall street garbage) they sell. The Murrican way!
No. 90310
Iran and Saudi Arabia will ally against the true Shaitan!
No. 90311
Because America is close to collapse, they fuel war in Europe, so the old countries are forced to but their weaponry and collapse instead of America!
No. 90313
The entire world has now seem that
1.) The USA breaks all contractsc as soon as they don't like them anymore
2.) The USA will sanction other nations based on contracts
3.) The USA will sanction "friends" when they do please to do so.

Vor dem Hintergrund hat dann die Attitüde der USA gegenüber anderen keinerley Wirkung, wenn sie dann noch ankommen mit "Mach lieber das, was wir wollen, denn sonst ergeht es dir schlecht. Es ist besser auf unser Freund, als unser Feind zu sein!".
Denn wenn man von den USA verarscht wird, egal ob man Freund oder Feind ist und egal ob es Verträge gibt, dann braucht man auch gar nicht mehr gute Miene zum bösen Spiel machen, sondern kann dem Ami auch gleich sagen, dass er sich wegficken kann.

Und dies scheint zumindest bei den Arabern und den Chinesen so zu werden. Ob die Inder sich noch dazu durchringen glaube ich schon, da diese einfach nur massivst allergisch auf die Gutsherrenmasche reagieren. Die werden aber ggf. eher neutraler bleiben als ins Lager von Russland und China zu wechseln. Und der Ami hat noch nicht wirklich realisiert, wie krass er es sich weltweit außerhalb der Nato verkackt hat. Aber auch innerhalb der Nato inbs. der EU sehen genügend Leute, dass der ganze Spaß von den USA ausgeht und von denen auch einfach weitergeführt wird, weil ihnen egal ist, dass es auf Kosten der EU-Länder läuft. Und das macht den Ami auch in so einigen EU-Ländern recht unbeliebt.
No. 90314

Zoran Milanović wished Germany better luck this time around than in World War II, but insisted Croatia would play no part in the conflict.

Croatian President Zoran Milanović has scolded Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for claiming Europe is now at war with Russia, calling her remarks a “kind of madness.”

During a visit to the port city of Split, Milanović claimed Europe’s apparent declaration of war on Russia was news to him and confirmed that Croatia would in “no way” be dragged into what he referred to as a “proxy war” between NATO and Russia.

The Croatian president then wished Germany, tongue in cheek, better luck this time around following its previous attempt to defeat the Soviet Union in World War II.

“The German foreign minister says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that,” Milanović said. “Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck. Maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago,” he quipped.

The Croatian president expressed his surprise at Baerbock’s comments, claiming the foreign minister is the leader of a German Green party that used to promote pacifism; he then questioned whether her inflammatory remarks were an attempt to undermine Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“If we are at war with Russia, then let’s see what we need to do. But we won’t ask Germany for its opinion,” Milanović said.

“Let them figure out who is the actual chancellor over there. I’ve been in politics for a long time, and our country has been through a lot, but I’ve never seen this kind of madness before,” he added.

Remix News
‘I’ve never seen this kind of madness!’ — Croatian president slams German foreign minister’s ‘We are at war with Russia’ remark
Zoran Milanović wished Germany better luck this time around than in World War II, but insisted Croatia would play no part in the conflict

January 27, 2023

Croatia's President Zoran Milanović (right) warns over German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock's (center) remarks about war with Russia.
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Croatian President Zoran Milanović has scolded Germany’s Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock for claiming Europe is now at war with Russia, calling her remarks a “kind of madness.”

During a visit to the port city of Split, Milanović claimed Europe’s apparent declaration of war on Russia was news to him and confirmed that Croatia would in “no way” be dragged into what he referred to as a “proxy war” between NATO and Russia.

The Croatian president then wished Germany, tongue in cheek, better luck this time around following its previous attempt to defeat the Soviet Union in World War II.

“The German foreign minister says we must be united, because I quote, we are at war with Russia. I didn’t know that,” Milanović said. “Maybe Germany is at war with Russia, but then, good luck. Maybe this time it turns out better than 70-odd years ago,” he quipped.

The Croatian president expressed his surprise at Baerbock’s comments, claiming the foreign minister is the leader of a German Green party that used to promote pacifism; he then questioned whether her inflammatory remarks were an attempt to undermine Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

“If we are at war with Russia, then let’s see what we need to do. But we won’t ask Germany for its opinion,” Milanović said.

“Let them figure out who is the actual chancellor over there. I’ve been in politics for a long time, and our country has been through a lot, but I’ve never seen this kind of madness before,” he added.

German foreign minister: ‘We are fighting a war with Russia’
The war in Ukraine has reached a new flash point

Milanović has been highly critical of the approach taken by Western allies during the Ukrainian conflict, calling sanctions against Russia “absurd” and vowing not to be a “slave to America” by complying with the typical response of many other NATO members.

In his most recent remarks, the Croatian president claimed the provision of Western battle tanks to Kyiv will only prolong the war.

“Russian or American, they burn just the same,” Milanović said of the tanks. “Those tanks may burn, or they may reach Crimea, but Croatia will have nothing to do with it,” he added.

Milanovic’s attitude to the remarks by the German foreign minister was echoed in Hungary with Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó telling reporters on Thursday, “We are not at war with anybody, we do not want to be at war with anybody.

“We want to stay out of this war, and the security of Hungary and the Hungarian people is the most important thing for us.”
No. 90315
It is pure luck that everyone knows that Anal-Lena is dumb as fuck. Otherwise, she would have started WW3!

More and more NATO countries will not stand for this madness! Hungary, Croatia, Turkey!
Not all countries are as dumb pathetic and stupid as Germany that does the fatmasters bidding!
No. 90317
518 kB, 2150 × 1375
Russia advancing on Bakhmut!

Russia destroys all the aid given to Ukraine in a matter of weeks, that is why the dictator Selensky constantly demands more! The fatmasters constantly have to remind him to not push everything to the front immediately, because else, it will be destroyed!
No. 90318
Bumswehr-channel crying because the Russians do not lay out their mines in NATO-apprived patterns! topkeklel Germany is such a joke of a country!

No. 90320 Kontra
382 kB, 1053 × 744
Yak-yak-Lena prattle-mag fountain
No. 90322 Kontra
Yadda-Lena Blabber-Prat!
No. 90323
899 kB, 1161 × 2048
This murrican fatmaster General just announced direct confrontation with Russia in German Fake News government-run Propaganda Station DW.
Thia means WWWIII will escalate very, very soon!
No. 90324
56 kB, 390 × 382
All westerners think Putin is bluffing and Russia will not use nuclear weapons. This is stupid. When Russia will be destroyed, why not destroy the world? What is the point of not nuking America and Poorope when not nuking America and Poorope means that lgbtq-sickness will spread to Russia?

They will all be so surprised when they see the big lightning and maybe have 1 or 2 seconds left to scream!

Und schlägt der grouse Blitz dann ein können sie höchstens noch einmal schrein!
F. J. Degenhardt, the antifascist, sang that in 2002 on the occasion of the invasion of Afghanistan!
No. 90327
If there is a nuclear war, the big cities will be killed first!
That means all the leftist smart-asses who live across the street from the arab-owned convenience store and above döner-shop will be nuked! All the vegans! All the trans honos! All the feminists! AND all the black people, asylum seekers, etc!

I hope Russia nukes ya soon, radiation sickness and a slow death are a lie price for eradicating the vermin!
No. 90329
51 kB, 390 × 390
First, there will be wealth like never before.
Then, there will be apostasy like never before
Then, there will be a great decline of mores.
After that, a huge numbers of strangers will come into the country.
There is a great inflation.
The money loses its value more and more.
Soon after, a revolution follows.
Then, the Russians overrun the west over night.

Irlmaier predicted it in the 1940s! There has been great wealth, then people stopped going to church, everyone displays bad manners in public. The strangers are already here! The inflation is here!

They have uniform money. At first, there will still be much money. But suddenly, the banks will have no money.
back in the 1940s, Irlmaier predicted the euro currency! And a bank run in the Euro zone

Worldwide, there will be shortages. The prediction has already been fulfilled, there are worldwide shortages! In Europe, nations break. Need runs from country to country. The politicians run to meet, but nothing comes out of it.

Over there, in the Eat, there will be immense changes. But this won't be fast, yet. And there will be all kinds of fights, but it is going to come.

The war in the East is over and the third murder has been done. I see three times the figure nine. I do not know what this means. But the third nine will bring peace.

And the two men who kill the third high-ranking man, I can see them, too. They have been paid by other people. There will be three political murders in a row. One of them is a small black man, the other is a little bit taller and has light skin. I think it will be in the Balkans, but I cannot tell. After the third one has been murdered, it will start over night.

Over night, they come, entirely black, over forest. he certainly means the Bavarian forest. Bavaria will be invaded via the czech Republic They come so fast that the farmers sit in the pub playing cards, and the foreign soldiers already look in through the doors and windows. No one will get away, but it will all be over sooner than one can believe.

The Russian runs forward in his three wedges, they stop nowhere, they run to the Ruhr where the many furnaces and chimneys are. But then, the white pigeons come, and suddenly, yellow rain falls out of the sky. It will be a clear night when they start dropping. The tanks are still rolling, but the tankers are dead already.
Irlmaier predicts chemical warfare!
Where it falls, nothing is alive anymore, no humans, no livestock, no trees, no gras it whithers and turns black. What this is I cannot say and do not know. There is a long line. Whoever crosses it dies. It reaches from Prague to the big water to a bay. In this line, everything is bust.

The big city with the iron tower is in flames. But it's there own people who lot it, not those who marched in from the east.
Irlmaier saw the fire at Notre Dame!Die große Stadt mit dem hohen eisernen Turm steht im Feuer. And the city will be levelled, I can see that very clearly.
No. 90342
424 kB, 1087 × 2048
No. 90352
37 kB, 620 × 408
In the boot-country that is Italy, there is great turmoil, too. Many priests will be murdered. Few of those who can not flee will survive. I see a red mass. And yellow faces I see in between. The The pope can escape from them and flees in over the sea in pilgrim's clothes. The Chinese flag is red, their skin is yellow! This could be the Chinese taking control of Italy-by military or political means. The pope flees to America!. There, he takes his seat, but soon after, when everything is calm again, he returns.

Then, I see someone fly in from the East, he drops something in to the big water, then something strange happens. The water is lifted as high as a tower, but it then drops down again, and everything is flooded.
Part of the proud island sinks, when the thing that the aeroplane drops hits the water. Irlmaier likely saw Russia flooding Great Britain with a nuclear weapon, like they now threaten too!

Due to a natural disaster or something similar, the Russians suddenly turn North. The last battle will be for Cologne.

It will be gllomy one night. Then, there will be a hailstorm with lightning and thunder and an earthquake will shake the earth. Irlmaier likely saw the effects of a nuclear weapon!
On this day, do not leave the house. The lights do not burn, except for candlelight. The current will be gone. The electric grid is taken out by the nuclear explosion! Who breaths the death will get cramps and die. Do not open the windows, darken them with black paper. All open water will be poisonous and all open food that is not kept in cans. No food in glasses, they do not keep it out. Outside, the dust death is raging, a great many people die. After 72 hours, everything is over. There will be much fallout with short-lived isotopes!. Once again, I tell you: do not go outside, do not look out of the window, let a sacred candle or the taper candles burn. Over night, more people will die than in both World Wars.

Buy a few soldered tin cans with rise and legumes. Bread and meal will not last, everything wet will go bad, like meat, except for in tin cans. Water from the tap will be drinkable, but not milk. We know this from past nuclear disasters! Milk was not safe to consume after Sellafield, Chernobyl, etc! Irlmaier predicted all this in the 1940s!
The people will not suffer much hunger during the catastrophe and the darkness. The fire will burn, but do not open any window for 72 hours.

First, there will still be famine, but then, so much food comes up the Danube, that everyon will be satiated. The war causes famine in Europe, but Russia will send food aid up the Danube. The superfluous people move to were everything has been deserted, and each of them can settle where he wants and can have as much land as he can plough.

There will be peace and a good time. I see three crowns gleaming and a haggard old man will be our king. That is the king of bavaria! Franz von Bayern and Max Emanuel Herzog in Bayern both fit the description!
I ancient crown in the South will come to great honor. The pope, who did not have to flee for long, comes back over the water. After this events, a long and happy time will come. Those who will be allowed to witness it may count themselves among the lucky ones.
No. 90353
It would make sense that the most compelling narrative for such Germans is survival of nuclear holocaust because they took preparation unlike the others. The rapture of the hamster people.
No. 90354 Kontra
Ernst, I will prepare a tuna pizza from the freezer soon. Should I read the future from it for you guys? The pizza is medium you can usually count on.
No. 90355 Kontra
To me, this just reads like a special snowflake during the Cold War era speculating on the Cold War turning hot and a few decades later people interpret it on the "new cold war" (Ukraine being the proxy here) to make sense of the present.
No. 90357 Kontra
Congrats, you just found out how all those "clairvoyants" work.
No. 90358
29 kB, 482 × 350
He also predicted Smartphones ans Credit Cards.

>Papperdeckel das man in' Zuban-Schachtel steckt. Damit wird bezahlt.“
Cardboard they push into a Zuban-box, they pay with it
>Leute sprechen in’ Zuban-Schachtel nei – mit dem spuins aa.
People talk into a zuban box. - they also Play with that
No. 90359
Wait and see. The predictions of Smartphones, Credit Cards, a uniified currency, the influx of strangers (so-called 'refugees'!) and inflation were all correct.

Through the staged Ukraine-Russia conflict, the planned hyperinflation has been started! The natural gas levy and the taxes will explode! 20% of all money has been printed in 2022! It's even worse with the fatmasters! In 2021, the murricans printed 20% of all $$$ ever in just two months!

Irlmaier won a lawsuit in 1958. Basically, a judge decided that his proohecies were correct!
No. 90361 Kontra
30 kB, 320 × 320
God is testing me, finding out if people really are this schizo or if somebody is so bored and a pain in the ass that they invent a schizo character on some fringe online space.
No. 90364
The real question is: Why do you care enough?
Maybe you were the schizo after all.
No. 90365
We know that history is written by the winners. Does it mean that if Ukraine wins, being nazi will be normalized and cool again?
No. 90366 Kontra
I think you mean “when”.
Ukrainian victory is only a question of time.
Temporary Russian successes and local materiel superiority mean nothing.
No. 90367 Kontra
166 kB, 1024 × 1280
No. 90368
I think the people who demands more and more weapons to escalate the war must be schizo. They bring death, suffering and destruction! Why do they refuse negotiations? They want the war to continue! They manage to be anti-way while escalating and prolonging the war! Ukraine and "The west" (=Murricas Minions) have no attainable objective! The war will drag on and on, until "the west" decided it is not worth it anymore, withdraws support from Ukraine and Russia wins. But at least many people were killed in the name of men in skirts and sodomy, and the weapons manufacturers in America and American oil barons and Arab sheiks made an absolute killing, because that is what it is all about.
No. 90369
35 kB, 390 × 220
Half-naked old disgusting gay men should walk the streets! Government has to steal children from families and give them to gay sodomites! It is unjust that homos can not shit children out of the place where they put dick, so government must give them children! Otherwise, how could gay men have children to abuse? This is social justice! We must invent an artificial womb, a birthing-robot! So we can get rid of women sooner or later! Etc. Etc.

The West is a gay homosexual child rapist cult. Picture related. Former president Barack Hussein Obama. In a gay costume of a horned devil. Tell me they are not satanists and child rapists!
No. 90370
No, you will be the nazis.
No. 90376
66 kB, 836 × 705
No. 90475 Kontra
Currently the country abducting children by force is a large Eurasian country where fugging a man's anus is considered normal sexuality and not gay