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No. 89874
223 kB, 434 × 550
I have no proof or medical studies to show that this is the case, but I also have no doubts. I believe that to get out of depression, tiredness, fatigue and all that shit, you first have to work your body, since a healthy body is a healthy mind, for that it is good to do sports, whatever it is. it is as long as it keeps our body busy. Another important factor is studying, it doesn't really matter what, it doesn't matter if it's for university, school or for yourself, you have to do it to keep your mind occupied with something productive. I would also say that looking for a job, or generating income with a startup, as this will keep our mind and body busy, while giving us money, in itself gives us a reason to keep going, especially when you are working on something of your own.

Another important point is to stop comparing yourself to others, stop thinking that the other is better than you because you have more knowledge, money or physical condition. It is also very silly to think about issues such as superiority or inferiority, we are all human, we all have problems and difficulties in life, of course there are degrees of this, but this does not have to be a limitation. You have to focus on yourself, on your problems, on your virtues, on your life, and not on that of others.

Another issue is guilt and remorse, which depending on the person can be the easiest part, or difficult to overcome, because it is easy to forgive others, but sometimes it is difficult, if not impossible, to forgive yourself. No matter how dirty your hands are, they can always be cleaned. You have to accept your sins, accept what you did wrong and live with it. Go to a priest, a psychologist, or tell someone you trust what you did, this can help, it doesn't matter if you think psychology is a joke, or if you don't believe in God, the important thing is to somehow get the weight off What are you wearing.

My least favorite part of this thread is going to a psychiatrist and being prescribed medication, which in itself sucks. But these in some cases are necessary to be able to do the above. Non-magical drugs, and you can't expect them to solve all your problems, but they are a great supplement to doing some of the steps mentioned in this thread.
No. 89875
20 kB, 323 × 250
I think you need to begin with the question of why do people in general feel emotions to begin to answer why someone would fall into a perpetual negative emotional state. Emotions are clearly intrinsic instincts not learned although learned experiences can change what triggers the emotions to occur. These instincts evolved over time to prod people towards the actions that have proven to be evolutionarily successful over time. Because people are highly social animals and there is fierce competition between different social groups of people, many of the emotions we feel are actually designed to not simply benefit yourself and improve your own survival, but to benefit the survival of the entire social group. These instincts go hand in hand with developed cultural mores.

Take for example two tribes. One full of selfish brutes with no altruism or concept of self sacrifice, the other the opposite. In battle, the side willing to sacrifice for the greater good would win as the selfish ones scatter and try to save their own hides. Then the entire tribe gets slaughtered and their genes/culture doesn't get passed down. This is why concepts such as altruism and self sacrifice that aren't at first glance beneficial to the survival of the individual actually are because if he wants to reproduce and protect his progeny to adulthood he needs the society to come together as a whole and be able to repel the attacks of other hostile human societies.

The most effective strategy seems have been to have multiple types of people who perform different social roles which is why different people react differently to the same experiences. If you read about the incidents of children who were switched at birth in birth ward it's quite illuminating. The children often have markedly different interests and traits than the rest of their "family" despite being in the same environment which suggests a large genetic component to personality.

I mention this because I've heard a theory for depression that I find plausible that basically states that it's a state that is triggered when someone cannot contribute to society such as when they become injured. When they cannot contribute they will feel bad and just kind of lay around and do nothing until their injury heals, then they go back to work and start feeling good about contributing to the social group and the depression goes away. If their injury is so bad that they can't contribute permanently then they feel so bad that they kill themselves and stop dragging down the rest of the group. Studies show that suicide is more common among the wealthy and I think ironically it's because it's harder to feel as though you're actually contributing something meaningful when your needs are constantly met. It kind of slips you into this state where you're not doing anything because your natural impulses that would prod you towards doing things are not strong enough to get you to do them because they exist at a higher level of abstraction than more fundamental impulses like hunger or thirst or desire for shelter.

So basically I think a large part of triggering the positive emotions you feel as a human has to do with finding a social role that you are suited for and in which you feel you can meaningfully contribute to society. This is why if you ever go into any sort of therapy eventually they will start pushing you to get a job almost as if that is the point of the therapy, which basically, it is. They will try to find you a social role that you may be suited for.

The problem that many wizards face is that society has radically changed over the past few hundred years thanks to the changes brought about by capitalism, fractional reserve banking, and the advancement of technology and industrialization. In short, the social roles that are left out in the world are different from the ones we evolved with over millenia. Manufacturing used to be done at the family level with found or farmed resources. You would go out and shear the sheep and spin the yarn and all the other steps until you had woven a blanket which you would cherish the rest of your life. Now you just go to walmart and stock blankets on a shelf that come from some factory and you can buy a thousand blankets and each one will be shitty and meaningless.

The living of one's life used to actually be done by each individual, but now we are nothing but cogs in an economic machine owned by a small group of wealthy elites who don't work but who claim the lion's share of the productive capacity of society. Options are laid out by these behemoth corporations, we can be this sort of cog or that sort of cog. Each of the steps to become a thing is laid out clearly. At each juncture someone is holding a hoop that you have to jump through and when you land on the other side they hand you a carrot and if you fuck it up they take the carrot away or maybe give you a swat. There is no real danger, only social humiliation and shame to fear, only social feting to be gained.

As technology continues to change society, the number of social roles that can meaningfully stimulate our feel good juices has been shrinking and competition for those roles has been heating up. Hypernorms are obviously gonna win, so let's not even entertain any fantasies of wizards being able to compete. We are mostly stuck with the less satisfying roles living lives of mild suffering so we may choose to simply minimize the suffering by becoming neet, thus triggering a state of low activity which triggers depression. The fundamental problem we are facing is that structural societal changes outside of our control have left us with fewer satisfying social roles to occupy. The only fundamental treatment to that problem is to revolutionize society.

Failing that the best idea I can come up with is to basically try and trick yourself into thinking you're doing something by staying active. Go fishing, take up sports, etc. You need to have goals that you can achieve in a social context and get positive social feedback from. Sorry to say it but basically becoming a normalfag is the cure to depression. Isolation and inactivity are fundamentally not good for depression in my view. I say this as an isolated neet hypocrite of course.
No. 90160
No. 90172
Sorry, I haven't found a cure for mine
I just found a way to be consistently employed despite, and that's the important part, right
No. 90173
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