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No. 9122
120 kB, 959 × 509
Does anyone know how to get published writing maybe short stories? Or how to get paid for writing in general?
No. 9125
I hate social interaction of any kind, including social climbing and networking, so when I wanted to publish a couple of short stories, I found a publisher in china that does small batch prints, ordered 10 and gave them to my cousins because they were short fairy tales.

Such cases. I don't see why you'd have to have an "official" channel to get published and acknowledge some weird authority of what a "real" book is. I typed up my thoughts and turned them into a physical book, what more could you want? Recognition? Bah.

t. schizoid
No. 9127
44 kB, 630 × 354
>what more could you want?
Money, niqqa, I need the money. I wouldn't even use my real name. I already have one official pen name I've kept in mind for years and would probably use several such names. I don't want the notoriety at all but hopefully something more like Banksy if I ever got really good and super successful at it. However, none of this pays the bills.
No. 9129 Kontra
Actually strike that, if I got really successful I wouldn't mind being GRRM tier or being on Conan O'Brian (because I'm crass and American like that) but this is neither here nor there. Right now even making $100 a story would be an improvement. Hell, getting royalties of $12,000 a year would be a massive improvement to my life in general. I'm completely broke and refuse to waste the rest of my life doing pointless peon shit jobs that having nothing at all to do with either my interests nor any remnant of educational training.
No. 9133
There are so-called "literature negroes", they get paid for writing stories for famous writers.
How to get into, I don't know, though.
No. 9136
>Literature negroes
You mean the ghost writers?
I sorta get the connection, the archaic term for ghostwriting we have is schwarzolás.
No. 9137
Oh you mean ghost writing? Yeah, and that's a practice that utterly disgusts me. I met with this one guy who was your typical Trumptard, ran some business and was in the middle of a divorce, boasting about how he wasn't a "politically correct" person, and basically asking for someone to write a book for him. His thoughts were scattered and half baked and he just wanted to pay somebody to write a great book for him about what a pain in the ass getting married and having kids is and his wife's gaping vagina and so on while he took the credit for it. He also made sure to boast about paying kids to do his homework and give him the answers to tests while he was telling me about all this.
No. 9145
517 kB, 500 × 750
65 kB, 415 × 670
60 kB, 417 × 700
I think it may be hard, since there are like... hell lot of wrighters. Every second someone relising new book. At lest here you can find an opportunity to wrighte shlack-tier fantasy and science fiction books if you have contacts in publishers of it's toilet crap
No. 9149
I guess you write for some online publications for free, get some clout until you can afford to ask for money. That is if you are actually any good

Only one I know from the top of my head is https://softcartel.com/submit/
Though depending on genre etc. that might not be something for you

Of course ideally you know someone who knows someone etc.
No. 9268
I actually took up work on my first novel/novella. As I was only writing short stuff so far it is going forward really slowly and so far I have 12 pages. It is sort of frustrating that after researching I found that commonly they want novels to have a length of about 200 pages minimum as 100-150 would be perfectly enough for what I'm writing. Supposedly chances to get published nowadays aren't as bad as one might think, even though there is not as much people reading anymore as like 100 years ago, the whole scene has become more permeable and publishers are always looking for new good authors. I guess it is going to be much harder on the burgerlands though with english being lingua franca, also I heard horror-stories from /lit/ about publishers looking exclusively for minority-related authors and other stuff like that. Are you willing to write literary or genre fiction? I guess the latter will be asy if you are a somewhat gifted writer.
No. 9292
>if you have contacts in publishers
That's the problem. Although, do I even need a publisher? Everyone has printers and internet these days.


Yeah I was mostly thinking eventually a series of novellas and short stories in an interconnecting universe. I guess vaguely scifi would be some of them, although tbh I find it way easier writing about actual things rather than making things up whole cloth. I'm pretty sure I'd run out of material fiction wise, although really my biggest problem altogether is lack of discipline.
No. 9328
>.doc, .docx, .rtf or .txt preferred for text submissions

Do they want to steal it easier or are they actually retarded?
No. 15598
81 kB, 499 × 666
Ernsts, I need all your advice on getting writing done. Particularly short stories and novels but I'm open towards any general advice.

So far I have only written diary entries or something resembling a poem a few times when I felt inspired. Everything I write is usually very short and I never really fleshed out a story, afaik there was only one short story that I ever finished and that was about five years ago.
Well in the meantime I did a bit of reading at least and collected notes with ideas (mostly from dreams) that might be interesting to develop deeper in stories and I finally want to get something done. Do you have any advice on how to get started? Because just sitting down in front of a typewriter and trying to write something out of the blue hasn't worked that well so far.
No. 15599
I did some nice writing. Sort of.
Utilize something that you're fascinated about that feels unfinished to you and try to build on top of that. You should be able to turn it into your very own content.
No. 15653
It's hard to give an advice to you about how to actually start writing because I never think about that. Sometimes the inspiration just flows and I automatically know what to do without thinking about it consciously. What I can tell you is that you shouldn't force anything and not feel bad about not writing. Also keep yourself flexible, don't be too clingy about a a story if it doesn't work out. It will come back in the next text you'll write in a new form. Creation and destruction are tightly intertwined, don't be afraid to drop ideas.
Are you the same Ernst who was posting in the writing thread on /b/ about his novella idea with that guy meeting his dieing friend?
Maybe try writing a short story about a single event instead of a whole line of evens. You can also just keep collecting notes, which is always a good thing to do. I'm quite tired now, but I'll be around for more in the following days.
No. 15656
We need more comfy stories about NEETs, Hikis and Loners - without too much /soc/ bullshit.
Both Murakamis manage that, and John Grisham. And the Writer of the NHK Light Novel. And the Writer of Hunger.
No. 15662
That sounds a bit too general, but I'll keep it in mind

Thanks for your advice. For me when I'm inspired - I usually only manage to write a few sentences with a somewhat crude summary of what I have in mind. Maybe this tiny A6 notebook is to blame. In any case, I think I'll have to set some goals or a schedule and formalize the process somehow to get something done.
I also did read a bunch of articles on writing yesterday so I'm feeling somewhat less anxious about it now. As you say, it's probably best to start with a short story.

I'm not that Ernst, but thanks for reminding me that that thread exists, last time I checked it was rather dormant
Looks like there are some interesting things being posted.

Egregious, there can only be the one true Murakami
No. 15667
I want to improve my English from horrible to decent by writing shorts and post them on imageboards, probably itt. Rate my plan.
No. 15668 Kontra
No. 15674
I put my writing into the art thread because I didn't think it would be relevant to anyone else here, and now I found out that everyone on EC (at least, every American and German) is a writer.

OP, I'm going to try Patreon myself. Once I have my first collection of short stories finished, I'm going to shill the hell out of myself wherever appropriate, and hope to build enough of a following to eventually support myself. I didn't even think of applying to a publisher, as I didn't think what I was writing would be attractive to them.

You can, however, very easily self-publish on Amazon, and a Catalan poster on the old EC or KC said that he made his living by self-publishing his writing there. But to do well with these routes, you either need to slavishly pump out books related to current trends, or build up a loyal following that will drip feed you Patreon bucks/buy everything you publish.
No. 15682
Just read your story, I was apprehensive at first because it was prehistoric fiction which is prone to retrojection but I think you did a really good job at writing a credible story. It's not really something I would pick up and read by my own volition but it was quite enjoyable to read for a change, and I think it could definitely strike a chord with some people as population genetics and ancestry etc. seem to be topics in which the public interest is rekindled recently.

There were a few points that struck me as somewhat anachronistic:
>started counting to 200
>what the hell they were doing
Another minor thing is that you could introduce that the protagonist has a sister and that the people drink alcohol a bit earlier, even if just in passing as it was a bit sudden when these topics were introduced somewhat late in the story:
>where his mother and sister would be
>He came back home half-drunk one evening

In any case thanks for sharing and good luck with your writing efforts!
No. 15685
How exactly do you do this if you're using a pen name? I am assuming there is some kind of IP to keep your work from being ripped off?
No. 15718
>In any case thanks for sharing and good luck with your writing efforts!
Thanks for the critiques. Those aren't things I would have noticed on my own.
>I was apprehensive at first because it was prehistoric fiction which is prone to retrojection
This always bothers me with historical fiction, and trying to create historical fiction that avoids this is one of my main motivations. I'm glad it worked out.

You should automatically hold copyright over everything you create, unless you stupidly sign it away. I think some websites that host writing can do this, but the one I'm using now (Wattpad) let's you specify what the copyright is on each thing you publish, including all rights reserved. I suppose they could still steal what I wrote, I haven't read their terms of service, but that would A. lose them a lot of their writers, and B. possibly not hold up in court, given that they make it seem quite clear that you can reserve all of your rights.

As for the wider world, if someone tries to steal your shit from Amazon and publish it for themselves, you will have all of the original files on your computer, as well as proof of the initial publishing on Amazon's servers. The kind of people with the money to steal your shit and lawyer up as a way to short-circuit the legal process are also the kind of people who could just pay you to write for them, or enter into a publishing deal. And if it's just some bum from Albania with no money or connections, you can probably get him kicked off of any reputable website rather easily.
No. 15778
36 kB, 500 × 500
Just re-read this essay by Houellebecq: https://www.houellebecq.info/popdivers.php?id=13
I find it very inspiring though I'm sure it's not for everyone with quotes like e.g. this one:
> When you provoke in others a mixture of horrified pity and contempt, you will know that you are on the right track. You can begin to write.

I also stumbled upon this series of posts by a genre fiction writer: https://jimbutcher.livejournal.com/600.html
It's the polar opposite of the Houellebecq piece as it's rather pragmatic and constitutes a particular framework for designing the story, characters, scenes etc. I haven't read it completely yet, but it seems worthwile
No. 15796
OP you need to write gay furry porn or perhaps mlp or lesbian porn if you want money from writing. People are idiots, and you unless you're a talented hack with good connections and can pull off a Harry Potter stick to gay furry porn stories.
No. 15797
Why do I have this weird suspicion you're the same person who made that shitpost right below this.

>As for the wider world, if someone tries to steal your shit from Amazon and publish it for themselves, you will have all of the original files on your computer,
This seems like a complete lack of proofs honestly, especially since odds are you're going to wind up with the original deleted, copied, and reedited numerous times. I'm not talking about necessarily publishing either. I mean what if you wrote something on some blog and had someone directly rip you off? It seems like there wouldn't be too many safeguards to begin with especially if using an assumed identity.
No. 15853
My gf works for a publishing house, she reads and correct books, where the new authors pay to get published. It costs them like 10, 000/20, 000 € for about a thousand books and they have to pay an additional fee if they want their books to be distributed to bookstores otherwise they have to do it themselves. Few of them manage to sell enough to make a substantial profit but most of these amateurs lose a lot of money so it's quite a gamble.
No. 15864
Wait, the people who wrote the book pay 10-20k? The thread is about getting paid for writing and not how to go into debt to desperately throw your writings in the public.

What you people probably need are connections and attention in the first place. It's not easy to gain that and I don't have a clue how it works in the sector of literature, but it would be a first step to find out how people managed to get books published. I'm sceptical towards self publishing, maybe not so if you write for a certain niche, like no joking here gay fury porn. It's a simple product, nothing I would call art but simple entertainment and that can work out well if you gain attention on the right platforms/places online.

Depending on how long you write I'd also say be patient. It's quite unrealistic to publish books after a few years of casual writing or so. But then again it depends on what you write and who might have interest in it.
No. 15907
I know some examples of people who built up a social media following (particularly on Twitter) and extensively tapping that self-published their books on Amazon seemingly successfully.
For the more artistically minded there seem to be a plethora of indie publishers (some print, some only online) with open submissions, but that's obviously not about the money. I did some research on that today, but it's a whole new space to navigate and I'd probably have spent my time better just writing more.

Btw I'd assume there are plenty of people who are actually into it writing gay furry porn so I doubt that might be profitable for someone with no self-respectinterest in it.
No. 15911
This is such a ridiculous notion to me. I mean I can understand trying to own the media but actually charging people out the ass to publish? That's literally your fucking job. That is your only right to exist, that you publish and promote the artists. I hope everyone continues to pirate the fuck out of everything. I thought they only skimmed off the top of what you earned like a Jew lawyer on a settlement. I am only more and more convinced that Capitalism itself needs to be annihilated. I do not mean simply "destroyed" by that I mean vernichtung.
No. 15916
What's ridiculous about a company wanting more up front from high-risk products than from ones that are more likely to make them money? Why should they take on all the risk for your venture? A publisher's reason to exist is to publish books for profit, anything extra is probably done to further that goal in some fashion. If you don't like the deal they offer then don't take it. You're not going to get a bestseller's deal without being a bestseller though.
No. 15921
Because they're economic parasites. They're the ones profiting off your work. The whole point of signing onto a label is supposed to be a mutually beneficial arrangement, where all the actual "risk" is the company is investing in you, as a creator of a product from which they can profit. You are effectively an employee of the company. Why the FUCK should I pay you to hire me?

> for profit, anything extra is probably done to further that goal in some fashion.
That is why all of Western society has turned to trash. People don't even care about what is being done or made, just the activity of money itself.

You know, I make fun of Germans all the time but I start to understand their anger. This doesn't make NSDAP not shit, because it was, or Communism not shit, because it also was, but clearly whatever backwards economic system this is where you have to actually pay someone 5 figures to exploit your work should be abolished.

I am saying international kapital should be abolished and its core practitioners all hung.
No. 15929
French poster can probably confirm, but they're probably not actually signing onto a label so much as they are negotiating a printing/publication agreement. You're mostly paying for the production cost and opportunity cost of the product that they make for you rather than being a regular employee. In this situation you're hiring a service, not getting a job. Would you prefer if they didn't offer any amateur authors an option at all? Because the risk/reward calculation on a lot of those books wouldn't be very good, hence why they want the money up front. If you had a product they wanted, you probably wouldn't pay for publishing but quite the opposite.

>People don't even care about what is being done or made, just the activity of money itself.
You're somehow surprised that a for-profit organisation isn't charitable and offended by this revelation? I don't get it. If you want to publish on the cheap, do it yourself. If you want the advantages of a major publishing house publishing your work, then either have something that they want to buy from you, or be prepared to purchase their services. It's almost like you don't care about what is being done or made on their end, and only care about the fact that their services are pricey when there is significant risk involved. Would you prefer if there was no option for an amateur authour to be professionally published without being approached by a publishing firm?
No. 15931
>the risk/reward calculation on a lot of those books wouldn't be very good, hence why they want the money up front. If you had a product they wanted, you probably wouldn't pay for publishing but quite the opposite.

Exactly. And all I wanted to say in >>15864 is that it's rather sad that people spend their money on getting books out into the public at any cost. I can only imagine that most of the time it's not worth it. There are still publishing houses that take risks or do books that costs get covered by other major books they publish. In Germany many small publishers are struggling because of some distinct laws about copyright/ sale or whatever exactly that was enabled in 2018 or so.
I don't like capitalism either but there is no need for a rant here ITT. Publishing houses are under capitalist zugzwang. Why ruin yourself for a shitty book you maybe don't even like just because it's an amateur author. If it's a good book, they won't charge you anything but try to make money with it and release a great book at the same time. They are still people in business who love literature and it will continue to do so. But it might be harder than some decades ago. Many small publishers are just one/two-man enterprises.
No. 15951
There's only a few big plublishing houses with arrangements with a few big bookstores like Barnes and Noble. That is why you go to a publisher. If you wanted to just pay to have a book printed and paid for your own advertising that is something else entirely. And it was because he said the money was up front. I'm not saying they should do it for free. I am saying the expectation is they have already calculated risk the way investors do, which is the way film studios do it i.e. is this thought to sell well enough to make money on it. That is why they assume that risk. Because they are asking for a producer to create something of value for them to make money off of. Like how a bank can only make money by taking your money and giving it to someone else who pays it back slowly. It is not an act or creation, it is an act of parasitism, which whatever in the case of normal publishing. This in it's own right seems to me an outright scam. It wouldn't surprise me if they went out of their way to bilk vulnerable people out of their money because the actual profit is the scam itself, not whether the book sells or not.
No. 16003
Why isn't publishing over the internet a thing?

If I find literature I want to read I rather download it from the web than going to the bookstore and spent tons of money for it.
No. 16007
Because you would not make much doing it. Although, Patreon might get you something.
No. 16026
I think the thing actually is, most people who read books want an actual physical copy, and a very nicely bound book is more comfortable for most of us to handle. I absolutely hate kindle and pdfs for that very reason, in which case had I the money I would just buy book collections.

So your only actual reason to go to a publisher to begin with is to have an extremely nicely bound book and have the advertising. I would not ever go to a publisher who would treat me like this and only produce some trashy looking paperback.

A famous example of this attitude would be grimoires, which I think is one case where the very exact shallowness of the people who claim to criticize shallowness comes into play. These people want bullshit like "real human skin" or at least give them animal skin with runes and sigils burned into it with a soldering or wood burning iron, all hand made and signed editions. Then you can charge them out the ass. But for regular normal people it is exclusively to hold a nice book and be able to turn the pages, and then to have it actually look nice on a bookshelf.

But content wise yeah, I think that if you're an aspiring fiction writer even just having something written for free online like the equivalent of a garage band playing in bars would be fine. And if you're going to pay $20,000 to some ripoff artist just spend it on advertising. Unless the publisher is actively making large cardboard displays for your novel in book stores there is no reason to go to them or pay the greedy fuckers.

Sorry but I have an extreme negative view of people that don't know how to create any art of their own then steal and pillage other people's work, particularly types like Poe and Dickinson who basically die poor and alone and some dickhead makes millions of dollars off it. I want it clearly laid out in Scripture why these people are burning in the lowest pits of hell alongside rapists and traitors as Dante's fiction would say
No. 16031
It is, especially with the less artistic literature, but you need to 1) build a following online, e.g. on social media, because else nobody will read your stuff and 2) have the technicals skills (or know/hire someone who does) to do the editing, layout, design etc. for your book.
These are not exactly trivial tasks, and I'd assume many people wouldn't be able to accomplish them by themselves.
No. 16050
Btw I just stumbled upon https://unbound.com/

It's sort of a kickstarter for authors. I did some highly advanced calculations and it looks like the goal to publish a book is around ~7k€ though I haven't looked into the details.
I'm mildly surprised what kind of books seem to actually meet their goal and get published there, looks like lots of mediocre (ethno)autobiographies, video game books, cheap thrillers etc.