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No. 9326
233 kB, 800 × 1497
So there is still a russian provider operating NMT 450 mobile networks which is a pre-SIM/GSM-technology and enables free phoning a lot.

How many people are using those things, why are they using it (come on, Russia is not bumfuck nowhere in Africa) and are there any more obscure retro technologies out there?
No. 9329
>russian provider operating NMT 450
Never heard of them. Where?
No. 9332
Nowadays a daughter of Tele2Russia
No. 9334
I think they offer in some regions, but certainly not nationwide.
SkyLink offered CDMA, but now they are dead.
No. 9379
87 kB, 1024 × 576
Is that considered 1G? What was the first iphone, 3g?
No. 9387
Yes, it's 1G.
First iphone was 2G.
No. 9566
43 kB, 750 × 799
>free phoning a lot.
Oh but this is very cool!


Oh how interpesting
No. 9597
AFAIK you can just copy NMT450 chips and use them on infinite devices simultaneously.
No. 9882
582 kB, 600 × 654
No. 9885
4,9 MB, 640 × 480, 1:03
No. 10235
Come on Ernst.
Microwaves are 300mm to 1mm LONG!
e.Coli, a popular bacteria is 1µm thick and 2µm long. They are not immune, but just dodge nearly all the microwave radiation.
No. 10237 Kontra
Why you posted same crap twise in almost ideantical threads? Like, seriously?
No. 10238 Kontra
I hope he's joking.
No. 10251 Kontra
This is the fucking Asian spam bot. It's not a person. Same cadence. The question is who is dry running a bunch of AI bots to spam the internet with senseless psyops bullshit? Chinese?
No. 10258
You seriously need to ask why Russia is poor and backwards?
No. 10265
Indonesia still uses 4:3 576i broadcast standard. This leads to some interesting situations where broadcasting for internet is often HD, while TV is still SD.
No. 10279
Yawn, NEETs who believe in conspiracies and justify their personal failure to be an adult is psyops in itself, well done fitting the bill nicely. Nobody needs to spend resources to sway you away from your current trajectory, you're an enemy onto yourself.

LOL @ Finland and Estonia thinking they are more advanced and the next silicon valley because they installed forest-wide cellphone coverage grids. Chile did the same thing, now you can get reception in the desert where no life can survive, doesn't mean they're 1st world. In fact they gave everyone free wifi but took away free water. Finland got free somalis.
No. 10280
543 kB, 1541 × 847
>In Russia Uralwestcom shut down their NMT network on 1 September 2006 and Sibirtelecom on 10 January 2008. Skylink, subsidiary company of TELE2 Russia operates NMT-450 network as of 2016 in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Perm Krai.[3][4] These networks are used in sparsely populated areas with long distance. License for the provision of services is valid until 2021.
>Arkhangelsk Oblast
An ice fisherman in the arctic circle needs the newest antennas requiring a smartphone that he can't use in thick gloves and would get water damaged from icicles in minutes.

This is what progressives believe.
No. 12874
76 kB, 620 × 412
This is actually a good explanation to why this is still used.

On another note, pic related, an Ericsson t28z, a very slim phone released in 1998 and I think it was the first phone that had voice dialing already in 1998. Remember when apple bragged about it somewhere in the mid 00's ?
No. 17021

I remember my family owning a device that you could use to intercept NMT phone calls. It was kind of freaky as a kid listening to strangers phone calls, before police and emergency services moved to their secure network you could hear their calls also.


This phone really sucked. It constantly glitched, and sometimes it would even play the ringtone when nobody was calling.

t. had one
No. 17043
>NMT-450 ещё работал в Коми-Пермяцком АО и в Архангельской области, но и там сети были полностью выключены к 31.05.2017
>NMT-450 used to work in Komi-Permyak Autonomous Oblast and Arckhangelsk oblast, but even there the networks were completely shut off on 31.05.2017
t. skylink