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No. 9430
18,9 MB, 1016 pages
11,1 MB, 219 pages
-Observe your breath
-Drink only water (and enough of it)
-Cut your internet consume to a minimum
-Don't hesitate to make small steps, you gotta start somewhere
No. 9432
-Masturbate at least 3 times a day
-Post self-improvement tips on a obscure imageboard
No. 9433
Ah, the stay hydrated meme forced by powerade granted studies.

Is kc still down or where do the iq89s come from?

You got a pretty good hydration sensor which comes free. Its called THIRST
No. 9435
8 kB, 200 × 227
>-Cut your internet consume to a minimum
EC cares about your health!
No. 9444
I used to not drink water that often. Then I started having a big bottle of water next to me almost always (mainly to get rid of my habit of drinking too much soda and juice). Now I get dry mouth during the nights and I get thirsty way easier than before. It's a bit annoying to be honest but now drinking water is like a habit to me so I can't stop. At least I stopped drinking sugar shit.

Don't drink "enough" of water. Drink if you're thirsty. Don't drink if you're not thristy. Your body will tell, unless you're 80yo.
No. 9445
I've been doing that for years with little to no effect.

I guess I'll take a look at it but what is minimum of internet? It's practically a part of me by now. I can't help but feel sometimes that the internet is this generation (and a half's) LSD. Like we're some sort newtype and the internet is causing us to evolve in ways that are good and bad but make us almost foreign to our forebears of scant 100 years past.

Also I heard burpees are a stupid meme exercise but they're in this pdf so it kind of gives me pause. At the same time I'm not a fitness expert and needn't discount an entire PDF over the disputed nature of one of it's recommended exercises.

Fitness and nutrition seem like two of the most heatedly debated and divisive cultures for something that for all but the most extreme athletes who are going for specific results it really seems pretty simple and more about motivation then having some sort of dogmatic approach.
No. 9465
>-Drink only water (and enough of it)
>-Cut your internet consume to a minimum

-eat shit

t.not an insecure manchild
No. 9468 Kontra

I like how many of them are no-brainers.
Some are overly exaggerated and the clothing sounds wacky and lame to me.
It's more a "how to be normal" with some quirks. And remember, not everybody wants to be around full blown normies.
No. 9507
>acts like an insecure manchild
No. 9508
69 kB, 358 × 392
I'm hardly insecure about it.
No. 9509
stop sitting on the fence.
No. 10539
187 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:02
“You are the average of the five or six people you are surrounded by most of the time."-Jim Rohn

>Dr. David McClelland of Harvard found, after twenty-five years of research, that the choice of a negative "reference group" was in itself enough to condemn a person to failure and underachievement in life. Your reference groups are the people you identify with the ones you work with, socialize with, live with and get involved with in community or nonwork activities. Like a chameleon, you unconsciously adopt the attitudes, behavior and opinions of the people with whom you most closely associate.
No. 10549
At first I though "damn, good thing I never socialize with the low class bydlo scum around me", then I realized I spend most of my time on imageboards :-DDDD
No. 10555
The golden rule of self improvement: Don't read self improvement books
No. 10560
Don't forget about the voices in your heda :----D
No. 10593
Who comes onto imageboards?
Dumb unambitious fuckers with no lives looking for a distraction to laugh and "kill time" or an identity to latch onto while their peers are outside enjoying the outdoors, making bucks and sleeping with their 3 girlfriends. Times are good for those with ambitions because there's a big surplus of women, a growing portion of young males are too busy with digital life to bother with girls, and years later in their 20s later they will suddenly get the no-gf feels and complain about unfairness in the dating game.
No. 10605
65 kB, 625 × 416
One day you reach a point where you've had it, every day is painful but dull, everything around you is stale and repetitive. You try to spice up your fun buying stuff but every game, every song, every movie seems like you've seen it before. You get tired of that kind of entertainment, you want more. Where did it all go wrong, you had fears and excuses when you were younger. You still have them out of habit, well you're sick of all that too. And so self-improvement begins.

No. 10771
872 kB, 878 × 965

>Far-right groups across Europe and North America are using mixed martial arts to swell their numbers, spread their ideology and fight their enemies

No. 11053
90 kB, 797 × 1201
This is a really good story from the manliest man in America