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No. 9643
24 kB, 900 × 779
There won't be any better movie premiere in Poland than this.

It will be a movie about negative side of Catholic Church including hypocrisy, pedophilia and greed of this institution. National TV and catholics is throwing shit at it while more and more people buying tickets for premiere shots.

feels good man
No. 9646
>w kinach
tak to lubie polski jezyk
No. 9647 Kontra
Put this in the cinema thread
No. 9655 Kontra
216 kB, 900 × 1240
Already a Polish classic
No. 9658
Why? It could be culturally relevant for the nation of pooland and is not just any other premiere (in case it's going to be good and not just Fedora tier).
No. 9660
Posting in polish thread about poland [X]
Not posting in polish thread about poland [ ]

It must be fun to see people seethe. The only reason I remotely give a fuck about mainstream politics.
No. 9662
258 kB, 640 × 943
>There won't be any better movie premiere in Poland than this.

What if someone makes a Polish film about polish deathcamps?