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No. 9718
3,0 MB, 2063 × 3095
Hello Ernst,

How to block printerest?
It's the worst shit site ever and its google optimization is very good.

Very often I get excited that I found something on google, click on it and it's fucking printerest with a super generic page.

So I may ask, how to kill it? I could add it to the host-file, but it wouldn't make it vanish from google.

What is printerest even?
No. 9722
61 kB, 500 × 281
You can exclude terms by starting them with a -
I think other engines as well support such tricks.
>What is printerest even?
Cancer that is killing the internet.
No. 9723
Forgot the example. So let's say you're searching for naked statues of Jewish men, you can type:
>"statue of naked Jewish man" -pinterest
into the search field. In this case it will search for exact matches for the phrase and will exclude those which urls include the word 'pinterest'.
No. 9724
I installed canvas addon on firefox and now I can just click on a button to get full size images from anywhere, even from pinterest afaik.

also, you can also do -pinterest tag on google search
No. 9739
862 kB, 1700 × 1200
>Very often I get excited that I found something on google, click on it and it's fucking printerest with a super generic page
I have the same problem.
Problem solved. Thank you.
No. 9753
pininterest is one of the things american women do online. if you want to become a dotcom billionaire then create a time-wasting hobby for the scum class masses
No. 9758
Is that how Google Images search looks now?
It's worse than it used to be.
No. 9797
I like to use yandex, but it annoys me with it's captchas after like three to four queries.
Do you know how to bypass that? Except having a Russian IP, of course.

Also Google Captcha is getting worse and worse: CLICK ON THAT SHIT OVER 9000 TIMES. And haha, also click at the new boxes that need 3 seconds to appear - oh well, do it again FUCK OFF! ... everyone uses it to force you to open an account.

I think the internet should die ;_;
Back in the days, where you could just get your things easily everywhere without being bullied by monopolists.
No. 9812
No prob, you would do the same.

>being bullied by monopolists.
And now that's the norm and few years from now people would think you are and idiot if you'd suggest this could work otherwise.
No. 9816
>Very often I get excited that I found something on google, click on it and it's fucking printerest with a super generic page.

don't just click on it, but right click on the "view image" button and chose open in new rab.
You then have your original search site and the image in original size in another tab, without ever going to the generic pinterest site.
No. 9818
>Except having a Russian IP
I get captchas sometimes as well, like, when I use public Wi-Fi point. Maybe there are spammers in your provider's network.
>where you could just get your things easily everywhere without being bullied by monopolists.
Where have you been? Internet Explorer dominated everywhere, many sites were designed specifically to work with IE.
You have been bullied by monopolist, but the monopolist was Microsoft.
No. 9823
Oh god I thought I'm alone with that.
What is that pinterest crap anyway? It's like the search engine is sending me to ankther search engine that doesn't let me get any further without being member.
And searching every time with -pinterest is not an option. It already stole enough of my time.
No. 9865

What the fuck is pinterest and what the hell is even the point? You can't save images you put there, it's the most frustrating piece of shit I've ever seen.
No. 9867
Pinterest is (supposed to be) "a catalogue of ideas that inspires users to go out and do that thing"
No. 9873
I know about - and all the ascii functions for google so to say.

I also know that there was a ┼│Block script but that it will uglyfy your results.

Both is not an option.
Dear hacker frienderinos, cant one just ban anything closely related to a certain domain using features of the OS or other programs?
No. 9874
Hosts file.
No. 9881
There are browser add ons for blocking certain sites
No. 9906
I added the following to the hosts file (open editor as admin. Drag and drop C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts into it)

#Pinterest www.pinterest.com www.pinterest.com pinterest.com pinterest.com pinterest.de pinterest.de www.pinterest.de pinterest.de

The domains are referring to localhost now and can not be called, but google will still show their results.

It feels like a small victory. But results are handled via google referrers. How to kill?
No. 9907
1,1 MB, 1873 × 953
2,1 MB, 320 × 240, 0:03

This script can block any results.
In google text search, the result will vanish. In image search it will be shown as a grey box, which is fair enough in my book.
No. 9912
14,0 MB, 632 × 368, 1:58
I think this is the type of woman who makes pininterest rich
No. 9914 Kontra
I'll give it you, this was a very creative way of shoehorning your crap .webms into this board.
No. 9983
113 kB, 1200 × 630
54 kB, 615 × 409
I was the best poster on Ernstchan.com/int/ until the hour that it died. It broke my spirit and left a void in my heart that hasn't been filled, I am now too bitter to bother putting much effort into my posting. However there are foreigners asking a question so I gave them a visual aid. When I go to the doctors office and there is a fat secretary there that browses the internet all day she will be on Pininterest if not Facebook. That is what women do online
No. 9984
I am currently the best poster on EC. How does this make you feel?
No. 10001
44 kB, 1000 × 800
You have won a battle but you haven't won the war
No. 10003
That is proof that you're not the best poster right there. Unless you're also the artist ernst from USA, who is definitely one of our best posters.