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No. 9727
23 kB, 642 × 398
74 kB, 1024 × 402
81 kB, 300 × 300
1,2 MB, 2105 × 1909
Sometimes you may feel the urge to share a pic but you can wait for suitable context eternally.
No. 9741
524 kB, 720 × 497
Had this one saved for the perfect time, but might as well post it here.
No. 9743
69 kB, 700 × 692
108 kB, 622 × 684
I very like this figure. For me this is good example of quality antropomorphic bird.
No. 9744
117 kB, 1200 × 609
144 kB, 1200 × 647
Backgrounds from probably my favorite cartoon of all time - 2003 Tartakovsky's Clone Wars.
No. 9745
754 kB, 1400 × 1700
187 kB, 800 × 600
72 kB, 700 × 543
Funny 4th map. I have it too. From where it, who done it? It looks like not very correct (or probably it is pre-war plans?), but really funny and have some effort put into it.
No. 9746
372 kB, 1341 × 868
161 kB, 800 × 550
99 kB, 1289 × 306
6,9 MB, 3100 × 6280
Ukraine remains one of the most C&A countries
No. 9747
Pic 1 is so fat post, it create black hole inside earth
No. 9748
137 kB, 604 × 563
Yet it appears to still be having its desired effect
No. 9749
Well I may say something "when great brittain become most powerfull nation on seas, in place of Washington D.C. was forest" but it be just dumb kinda.
No. 9755
103 kB, 602 × 709
No. 9763
>not very correct
Surely it's not. Wolgaburg is a direct translation of Volgograd, and this name didn't exist in the history of Zarizyn (Tsaritsyn) till 1961.
Not directly related to the map, but I found this interesting LJ with maps. Didn't we have maps thread?
No. 9799
Well there are only three types of East Slavs: Belorussians, Russians and Moskalyi
No. 9831
304 kB, 984 × 936
No. 9832
8 kB, 283 × 282
550 kB, 875 × 557
376 kB, 552 × 463
52 kB, 1008 × 619
No. 9840
Damn't, I so don't like this guy lol
No. 9844
965 kB, 1650 × 1275
No. 9845
Oh sorry there should not be link to other post
No. 9849
2,0 MB, 2592 × 1944
Hello Ernsts, once again I have an Idea for a banner. Do you know the holy mountain Athos? A few hours ago I wondered if we ever had a female visitor on this page and I sincerely can't remember or imagine that this could have had happened. Also in comparison to KC /int/ there's barely any pornographic lecherousness here. So on the mountain Athos there is the Monastery of Simonos, a place where no women are allowed but only men can visit the reclusive christian monks and their island. Wouldn't this be a nice ironical simile about our board?

I have found this photograph (ot's from wikipedia) of the top of the Athos with this cross on it which could be used as the "t" in Ernstchan. It seems though like it would be extremely hard to put this into perspective with the missing clouds and sky on the right side. We could use ancient/modern greek as a font and it would look extra ebin.
No. 9850
301 kB, 910 × 812
762 kB, 1047 × 966
I wanted to do something with Dragonball featuring Erna, and figured it was a good opportunity to also try out an Ernst comic with sequential images. The smaller first panel was an easy edit, but main picture was the result of piecing together parts from three different panels. If you were curious, the boy in the comic is saying Discussion(in Japanese). To balance the composition I needed an additional visual element, and I thought that would go well with the Manga theme.
No. 9851
Maybe make the kid into Ernstwurf for extra EC-tiers.
No. 9853
>make the kid into Ernstwurf
I was thinking of doing that, but wasn't sure if it would be too much. I'll sketch it out and see how it looks.
That's a good concept.
No. 9868
43 kB, 650 × 366
71 kB, 1024 × 683
88 kB, 1200 × 720
No. 9913
149 kB, 568 × 496
No. 9916
I either don't get it or it's just IQ89 pol.

Is there some good joke hidden?
No. 9924 Kontra
its double digit iq humor and just edgy pol stuff. the "humoristic" message is that jews control american politics
No. 9926 Kontra
I have to correct myself, the pentagon is the ministry of defence, so I guess it's jews who are war mongers or something
No. 9935
123 kB, 686 × 385
5,7 MB, 2834 × 2143
522 kB, 1920 × 881
122 kB, 640 × 427
No it's literally what being an incredibly stupid person is like. The joke is that the Pentagon is a geometric shape like the Star of David and is controlled by Jews. That's literally the entirety of the joke. It's like people saying "Obama = Bin Laden!" It's just the way incredibly stupid people think.

A more sensible thing would be to point out that war is kind of a Satanic or demonic type of enterprise and note that a pentagon is the inside of a pentagon/pentagram. However, what these types of people are too fucking stupid to realize is this is what old forts were shaped like.

Actually I still am probably trying to read more into it than the author intended.
No. 9961
yeah start forts become a thing after common use of gunpower weapons especially between 1700's and 1800's.
No. 9962
And were basically made obsolete in their original form by rifled artillery. Earthworks stronk.
No. 9969
127 kB, 818 × 1227
109 kB, 634 × 857
50 kB, 605 × 458
75 kB, 605 × 908
Have some bodypainting.
No. 9974
72 kB, 300 × 300
No. 9981
2,8 MB, 1848 × 1236
No. 9990
232 kB, 1600 × 1200
Once again we need artists' help.
We will allow users to hide thumbnails of images they post, or saying simpler, spoiler images.
Hidden (spoilered) images will have their own thumbnails.
Images to be used as thumbnails for hidden images must have 200x200 resolution. Such images should have the word "spoiler". Desirable, though not necessary requirement: the image should be related to Ernstchan.
Desirable number of thumbnails for spoiler images is five, though one will be enough as well.
No. 9992
29 kB, 300 × 100
34 kB, 300 × 100
I made a couple of banners based on your concept. I tried using the picture of the cross on top of Mount Athos as the central image, but that seemed to put the focus on the Christian faith, rather than on the monastic lifestyle. As a compromise, I decided to just use the cross as the T in Ernstchan, as you suggested, and lay that over a photo of the monestary itself. I hope I captured the spirit of your idea.
Those are amazing.
No. 9994
I like it. Although funnily enough it also gives a vaguely Silent Hill or Fallout/Stalker feel from the thumbnail. Second works a lot better. gj
No. 9996
Very nice.

I'll make a few innabit.
No. 9999
29 kB, 200 × 200
Kinda like this?
No. 10005
No. 10007
Well, I give it to you then, you can use it if it good enough.
No. 10010
I'll do a spoiler image with Erna tomorrow.
>Silent Hill
I hadn't thought of that, but now that you mention it I see what you mean. Most of the pictures of the monestary are very bright and well lit, but I liked this one. It seemed like it was set apart from the world.
>Second works a lot better
Thanks for the input. I had trouble settling on a final version-in fact it took me an hour to narrow it down to these two.
Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
I love that. Your linework on Ernstwurf is perfect.
No. 10152
38 kB, 400 × 400
Now you can spoiler images.
Unfortunately, this feature can't be used when Dollchan Extension Tools script is turned on yet.
No. 10156
103 kB, 200 × 200
How to make this magic happen?
No. 10160
123 kB, 800 × 576
There's a checkbox when you choose the file. Does it not work?
No. 10166
128 kB, 677 × 595
Oh I was dunces.
No. 10179
>I love that. Your linework on Ernstwurf is perfect.

Thanks! Thank you that this is used! It is first usefull thing I done in my life!
No. 10210
178 kB, 934 × 1108
110 kB, 356 × 642
18 kB, 400 × 401
211 kB, 500 × 500
I was going to do the daily sufferings thread instead but might as well post pics. I am up to 103 tabs in my browser. I don't even know what the fuck they all actually are now.
No. 10389
3,9 MB, 480 × 360, 1:23
No. 10494
169 kB, 600 × 435
54 kB, 200 × 200
>Spoiler images
It took a while, but I finally finished an Erna themed spoiler image. If you wanted a total of 5 images I can do another, but I don't know if other Ernsts are working on them too.
No. 10495
Holy shid, ebin.
No. 10497
54 kB, 200 × 200
No matter how careful I am I always miss something. I forgot a line(where the glasses meet the hair), but I fixed it. This is the final version.
No. 10498
Thank you. I just had to do the fastest correction of my life, or that missing line would have haunted me forever.
No. 10515
It took a couple of clicks back and forth with them in neighbouring tabs to notice. You have a good eye, even had I drawn it, I probably wouldn't have caught it at all.
No. 10531
>If you wanted a total of 5 images I can do another, but I don't know if other Ernsts are working on them too.
It's possible to use as many pictures as Ernsts provide, so if number of images exceeds five, it won't be bad.
Now two images with Erna and two images with Ernst will be good as well. I highly appreciate your desire to draw one more, you're welcome to do so.
No. 10652
69 kB, 800 × 603
61 kB, 559 × 800
95 kB, 800 × 581
76 kB, 800 × 567
Here are some pictures of the Portuguese Army during WWI. I saved these from a set of pictures that used to be available on the Portuguese Army's website.

My favourite is the first one who shows two soldiers engaging in Jogo do Pau, a medieval Luso-Galician martial art.
No. 10763
I hadn't realized you guys fought in WWII.
No. 10765 Kontra

Come on man, it's not hard.
No. 10766 Kontra
oops fuck I meant WWI
No. 10778
Well it wasn't named the first "world war" for no reason.
Maybe do some brushing up: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheGreatWar/videos

Specifically regarding portugal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-CxgF79aGZg
No. 10939
272 kB, 1200 × 1600
2,3 MB, 1500 × 1937
286 kB, 800 × 1024
198 kB, 800 × 998
Posting my favorite video game cover art

1.Ulima 5 - in my opinion, very powerfull art. Fallen friend, not really ready to battle awatar and shadowlords that cover world of Britannia in darkness. Something... very unsafe, very cold and creepy in this, awesomely show atmosphere of actual game.
2.Eye of Beholder 3 - I like SSI ADnD games artwork, most often it is brilliant but this one is something that I absoluetly love. Like design of this undead guys, absolutetly epin thing that show power of classic west roleplaying and fantasy stuff style.
3.Indiana Johnes and the Fate of Atlantis is one of the best Quest/Adventure game ever created. I absoluetly love this cover art - for many people fate of atlantis is true 4th indiana johnes movie, and cover in classic movie style clearly showing it.
4.Not a masterpice, but MM8 cover art is something very unique for year of 2000. Same as game kinda was outdated by time of it's release, and this hand darwn cover art looks like something from roleplaying games of late 80s or from some old ADnD2nd edition rulebook. It's very very rare when you see something like this in modern games and books.
No. 10941
218 kB, 1798 × 1192
510 kB, 1883 × 1044
245 kB, 800 × 1019
95 kB, 800 × 1114
1.Ads for Ultima 2 and 1 with full art that then will appear on Ultima 2 box. I like it - Ultima 2 was indeed very strage game and it's atmosphere I perfectly associate with this art. Something very misty, something in shadows of swamps with a bit of crazy science fiction.
2.Full art from cover of Might and magic 6 Mandate of heaven in biggest resolution I can find. Another example of most west classic fantasy roleplaying style, indeed this is something that for me is absolute opposite of japanise anime style stuff.
3.Original warcraft cover. Clearly shows how feel and style of early warcraft games was different. Realistic medival knight is opposite to mongol-like green dark ork with very dry skin
4.Cover of original release of Ultima 7 The black Gate. You can find covers with little infor on them nowdays, but back then it was something very fresh - instead of classic WRPG art with knight, dragon or something like that you just have absoluetly black box of game with name and small amount of screenshots on back side of box.
No. 10942
Interesting set of posts.
Have you ever played Dominions? It sounds like you would like it.
No. 10943
185 kB, 800 × 1055
265 kB, 1024 × 768
118 kB, 800 × 888
72 kB, 561 × 802
No actually. Is it tactical strategy like something between total war and paradox games? I not ultra huge fan of those - I want to get into them one day but I only played mixes of classic rts and tbs elements like wh40k dawn of war addons and star wars empire at war/forces of corruption.

It is funny that if you google "best video game cover art" it be shitty lists like that https://www.creativebloq.com/video-games/15-best-video-game-cover-artwork-11135451 which include or currently popular or all time popular console classic games.

When I count as masterpices such things as original wasteland for example. This cover art is truley somethibg special - I don't know how to describe it but it by one picture show more post apocalyptic atmosphere than some movies. I like stalker art, which one more like a cheap photo comilation but still there some mystery and atmosphere combines that clearly show best sides of what you can expect in actual game. Or this famous art from dune 2 cover. Indeed dune 2 game is it's own thing that not that much connected with book or lynch movie, but this art show that this game can offer something interesting and new but with same kind of spirit of classic science fiction. And dungeon master - timless classic that show basicly everything about classic roleplaying, lol.
No. 10950
413 kB, 1200 × 1891
397 kB, 1065 × 1600
382 kB, 1200 × 1907
139 kB, 736 × 1170
Different pices of cover art from old star wars Expanded Univese comic Shadows of the Empire. While SotE is not the best comic series and story project overall, it indeed feel like actual movie between episodes 5 and 6 with many key elements important for plot of actual 6th movie - like how Bobba Fett delivered solo to jabba, how luke builded his new lightsaber, where Liea get her Ubeze bounty hunter costume etc. And indded cover art for this comic very cinematograpgic in mine opinion.
No. 10951
2,5 MB, 1614 × 2454
2,9 MB, 1611 × 2454
3,5 MB, 1615 × 2454
3,1 MB, 1615 × 2454
Some artwork from old X-wing comic series. While it has sometimes kinda not best separate plots, overall it was a great adventure. Set in early post-endor, it feels like very good adventure TV series. I imagine if something like that was on telelvision back in 80s - it was one of the most popular and beloved television series of all. Sadly, nowdays we will never get things with such atmosphere and narrative on big television anymore.
No. 10952
41 kB, 420 × 567
29 kB, 420 × 596
37 kB, 420 × 587
42 kB, 420 × 588
I love cover art. Here is a site I like to browse-particularly the section with old Pulp magazines.

>The Great Depression created a tremendous demand for escapism, one quickly filled by an explosion of pulp magazines. Named for the cheap paper they were printed on, pulps were intended to be read quickly and then discarded. Artists typically painted one cover a week for an average of $50 a painting. It meant giving up creative control and artistic integrity, but $50 was decent money in a time when employment was as fictional as the covers they painted. "They figured they were going to go on beyond this," said art dealer Steve Kennedy, "This was just to cover for rent and food during the depression. Little did they realize, 90% of them, this is what they'd be remembered for."
No. 10956
It's a shame these magazines aren't around anymore. I bet you could sell a few thousand subscriptions easily enough and personally I would love to read short stories on the shitter every week.
No. 10959
Those images are amazing.
No. 10981
3,1 MB, 1615 × 2454
529 kB, 1024 × 1365
247 kB, 660 × 1000
3,3 MB, 1615 × 2454
Good! Nice that someone like them same as me. For me this is true art, from times when for movies, games and comicbooks was created high quality non-digital artwork that can be shown as form of art by itself. And quality of this pictures make me always look on them and imagine that this is movies or even reality.
No. 10983
1,8 MB, 1615 × 1160
2,8 MB, 1615 × 2454
1,0 MB, 878 × 1280
370 kB, 1065 × 1600
This calamari girl from first one is my wifu favorite character
No. 10984
83 kB, 786 × 1200
401 kB, 784 × 1164
You are absolutely right, this kind of art is something that has been lost almost entirely due to digital production.

Some exceptions exist. I have a collectors edition of Monocyte, every page in that comic is painted oil on canvas and if you see it next to other comics today it's just sad what most people put up with.
No. 10986
How can you tell it's a girl?

I don't really have a clear favourite, but at some point I started liking Ahsoka Tano and Ventress. Also Darth Cognus, though just a niche side character.
No. 10988
119 kB, 1000 × 1269
246 kB, 1000 × 1315
177 kB, 1000 × 1308
155 kB, 1000 × 1298
You shure it painted? It feels like digital imitation actually.

Yeah, I actually have collection of popular science+ science fiction orientated soviet magazines, they are totally epin.
No. 10989
Yeah, I'm sure. In the special edition (which is very large format, it looks pretty clearly painted and there is also some making of. You can buy prints from the artwork as well: http://www.menton3.com/gallery.php?cat=2&imfl=m3_cover_painting_2full.jpg&sbc=11&pgn=0&imid=60&prv=1
No. 10990
1,1 MB, 1193 × 616
291 kB, 796 × 850
72 kB, 420 × 640
255 kB, 923 × 1257
>I don't really have a clear favourite, but at some point I started liking Ahsoka Tano and Ventress.
I hate filoni 3d clone wars. It illogical, childish, contradict with other EU and suffer from all problems of long running TV series of old formant. And Ahsoka is most cringy marry sue character ever.

I like Ventress in 2003 Tarrtacovsky cartoon - when she appears and dies since her only purpose is be dead from hand of anakin so anakin can make new step in a dark side. In 2003 CW she not a minor background meme villian from mourning cartoon, he said like 3-4 lines in whole cartoon and most awesome moment hat show her as character - her last seconds before she died, when she relised that she has no real hate, she is not sith... but Anakin HAVE HATE. It feel very sad for her.
https://youtu.be/3VB_vjVxcic?t=321 (video timed)
And also anakin killed her with same type of hate as Luke almost fall in episode 6.

>How can you tell it's a girl?
By name? Well, in good EU books that og more deep into how Calamari express emotions, how they distinct from each other and into theri culture I start really like them. And Ibtisam I find very cute.
No. 10991
396 kB, 1365 × 659
529 kB, 1200 × 1892
216 kB, 790 × 830
470 kB, 1765 × 1075
Cool. With all this art I always imagined what be if there be full scale cartoons with great animation but same time with same level of actual artwork.

Here also some artwork from my faovrite not only in star wars, but at all Dark Empire comic series. I fan of this series much more than any kind of SW stuff, even movies.
No. 10992
155 kB, 1000 × 1347
174 kB, 1000 × 1327
192 kB, 1000 × 1353
215 kB, 1000 × 1354
Some of my favorite covers from Техника Молодёжи
No. 10994
146 kB, 1000 × 1351
5,0 MB, 1383 × 1970
165 kB, 1000 × 1320
171 kB, 1000 × 1282
No. 10995
155 kB, 1000 × 1272
203 kB, 1000 × 1310
269 kB, 758 × 1000
234 kB, 1000 × 1289
No. 10996
Did you watch all of Clone Wars? Because things only get interesting in season 3 and the best story arc is in season 5 when Ahsoka leaves the Jedi order.

Rebels was complete shit, but this new series "Resistance" is actually interesting. No jedi, just (wannabe) pilots and spies, different art style and it's between Episode 6 and 7.
No. 10997
2,4 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,3 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,2 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,1 MB, 3264 × 1836
Yes I watched and it shit. It pretend to be adult and "serious" but it was set of childish and illogical series that not care about universe with same repeating clown cartoon villians, plots and overall concepts. I tried rewatch it year or two ago but it aas too painfully cringy and I don't seen any clone wars here - it was just terrible low budget teenager drama. Existance of this is insult to name of "clone wars".

This new resistance is basicly bottom in all therms of how deep disney can actually fall - disney always surprise me with more and more trashy products every year.

Also there is mine physical collection of soviet Техника Молодёжи.
No. 10999
2,2 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,1 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,2 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
Here more from inside, in case anybody interesting in it.
No. 11000
2,2 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,0 MB, 3264 × 1836
2,1 MB, 3264 × 1836
I like read old news.
Scientists in univercity in west australia start program for searching of gravitational waves (they was discovered only in 2015)
News about that after Concorde and ТУ-144 sucsess americans developing their own supersonic jet with more epin characteristics.
News about IBM builded new computer for discovering of fake handwriting
No. 11001
126 kB, 800 × 533
717 kB, 1536 × 2048
641 kB, 1536 × 2048
650 kB, 1536 × 2048
>every page in that comic is painted oil on canvas
I'm glad that some artists still do it the old-fashioned way. These pictures are from The Dynamite Art of Alex ross. He mostly does cover work, but Kingdom Come was a mini-series fully painted in gouche.

>physical collection
Those are incredible. Everything I have is digital, but nothing compares to a physical copy you can hold in your hands.
No. 11002
453 kB, 1200 × 2007
163 kB, 800 × 1205
293 kB, 800 × 1220
220 kB, 800 × 1228
>Those are incredible. Everything I have is digital, but nothing compares to a physical copy you can hold in your hands.
Yeah, this is why from new year I will try to start collecting PC BIG BOX of games that I love. I see some on them on Ebay, but they cost too much and with shipping from USA even more, but I think I will give myself a birthsday present and buy at least some of them.
Here are some of my favorite SSI games artwork. First one is fuull art from Pool of Radiance. If anybody know where to find others without other cover elements, just as art - I'd very like to find those
No. 11003
119 kB, 878 × 600
248 kB, 1024 × 762
1,6 MB, 2500 × 1892
2,0 MB, 2500 × 1969
>alex ross
I always like to see process of how was created famous artwork.

Here Mike Winterbauer, creator of artwork for MM Xeen games
No. 11005
97 kB, 600 × 448
>I always like to see process of how was created famous artwork
Same here. I find it motivating to see other artists at work-particularly if they are leaning over a desk, surrounded by pinned up references, bottles of ink and cups full of various brushes and pencils. I've always wanted a full studio set-up like that.
No. 11064
91 kB, 1920 × 1080
Want to share this pic. Who seen what it from know what I mean. Very facinating episode that showed how 1960s science fiction may look technically superior to modern looking science fiction X-DDD
No. 11072
You guys might enjoy this. It's focused on her work inside the context of the game, but she's a genuinely great artist besides.

No. 11075
705 kB, 1306 × 557
I lol'd
No. 11076
31 kB, 400 × 204
118 kB, 1600 × 1082
She does amazing work, and I can't believeshe still makes her family model for her. I had just one experience of sitting as a portrait model(during an art class), and that was enough getting stared at to last a lifetime.
No. 11079
45 kB, 800 × 408
387 kB, 1920 × 1080
446 kB, 477 × 579
126 kB, 1010 × 568
Oh, original pilot episode enterprise model famous photos. Sad thing, I wonder, what if Star Trek Discovery was not shitty show and at least tried to usee original series style. I really belive you can make TOS stuff look futuristic, even if not 100%, it would be at least fun to watch how actor pretend that this is high tech.
No. 11081
842 kB, 1318 × 900
Ah, I knew the style seemed familiar or some. Took me a day to realise from where; until I saw my hard copy of Royal Jelly in the cupboard and it clicked. Pic related, the cover is also from Dorman.
Also a pretty good comic, sadly they have been out of print for a very long time and it's hard to get them.
No. 11164
I'm not going to upload all of them but
No. 11169
373 kB, 1280 × 720
137 kB, 1280 × 720
131 kB, 1280 × 720
Some screenshots from youtube videos with captions.
Second one says: "The psychiatrists don't know anything."
No. 11211
245 kB, 1500 × 1500
Depression hit me too hard and I couldn’t finish drawing even within 2 weeks of NEETing. I give up.
No. 11214
177 kB, 1280 × 720
199 kB, 1170 × 1080
can someone post the videos of where i took this screenshots from
No. 11237
Here is the youtube channel you're looking for.
It's the video platform of a polish radio channel. If you roughly know at which time you took those screenshots your chances are good to find the original video. Also really cute girls.
No. 11245
No. 11252
You can draw something that you feel more like to draw, there no reason to make similar picture to mine, since mine was just 5 seconds idea implemented in 5 minutes.
No. 11265
30 kB, 200 × 200
>Spoiler images
I made another spoiler image with Erna.
>mine was just 5 seconds idea implemented in 5 minutes.
I can't seem to draw anything in less than a week these days.
No. 11268
271 kB, 1254 × 178
No. 11280
46 kB, 200 × 200
356 kB, 800 × 800
Is this one better with a background? I never know when to stop tinkering with my drawings.
No. 11283
I think it's better without the background, too much clutter
No. 11285
Thank you for the feedback. After working on a picture for so many hours, it can be hard to assess whether it's done or not. That usually leads me overworking drawings-like I did by putting the background in here. At least when I'm working digitally changes like this don't damage the orignal.
No. 11299
I agree with the other German, without the background it feels more in tune with itself; like it knows what it's supposed to be.
No. 11365
I love both, beri nice

Very imaginative

No. 11526
12 kB, 300 × 300
No. 11529
For some reason pictures like that make me feel sad
No. 11531
>pictures like that make me feel sad
I know what you mean. I struggle trying to get emotion into my work, but that drawing really has it.
Amazing, Ernst.
No. 11545
401 kB, 1000 × 1103
Oh no, Erna has caught you shitposting, lors actions?

(Drawing anime is a lot harder than I thought, it turned out kinda generic and early newgrounds style :-DDDDDDD

t. disliker of anime)
No. 11550
Probably because too close to home. All I see is stereotype of average Slavic girl. One nice thing is I often can't even remember what should depress me. I think that, in general, real pain and sorrow requires hard rooted memories to form and these in turn can create traumas. If you don't remember anything you can be as blithely unaffected by suffering as someone is sleepwalking through numerous past lives. Out of spite, out of mind.
No. 11552
25 kB, 516 × 531
31 kB, 983 × 1151
20 kB, 710 × 702
Reminds me of this doodle of myself from last year.

t. shameless narcissistic self promoter :-DDD
No. 11553
123 kB, 1000 × 707
I'll finish this later.

t. procrastinator
No. 11554 Kontra
It's an edit, sorry.
Polished one, but edit.
No. 11555
I love it. Would try to hug but be too scared in the end.

I also love that, though I never imagined Erna as timid, standing there with bent knees. Rather, I had a mental image of Erna being a punk in a school girl outfit, simply ignoring everyone.
No. 11556
Zizek, is that you?

Kiddings. I can imagine you quite handsome based on that last painting.
No. 11558
453 kB, 1000 × 707
163 kB, 1000 × 1205
Added some color.
The fundamental and quite difficult to accept nature of visual art is that the more detailed you make your work, the more you lose in compositional clarity. Once you start adding color and rendering, you lose some of that sense of "epicness". Simply because there is limited bandwidth of meaning a visual piece can convey, so if you only have a black and white sketch, such sketch conveys 100% of the compositional idea, but once you start adding detail, the compositional strength weakens to make room for color information, detail, etc. Mastery of visual arts is in minimizing damage to each of those elements: composition, detail, color, squeezing most of the informational bandwidth of a painting. It is very difficult to accept that the more you work on a piece, the less impressive it looks, but it is a sacrifice that every artist must make, and one that it took me too long to accept. Everything has its price, and "finishing" a work has its price as well: a price of expressiveness. A finished work can never look as dynamic/expressive as a sketch, but without finishing it, you will never make it relevant in the first place.
Learning humility was my greatest hurdle as an artist.

I agree.
It all comes to limited attention span. I am quite shit at drawing, since I spent most of my time in art school learning the fundamentals of painting, and my drawing is sorely lacking. So I expended most of my concentration trying to get the anime style right and couldn't properly allocate resources on such important stuff like: composition, color, character portrayal, line fluidity, shading, etc., etc.

But I must say, doing this was quite therapeutic. I have changed my art philosophy to "do, then think". I used to be really idealistic about my art, thinking that I either have to make a masterpiece, or I have failed and am worthless. Now I've found meaning and excitement in doing something just for the fun of it. And although it came out flawed, I still can appreciate my own work just for the fact that I did it, even though it's clunky and imperfect.

Here's an obfuscated picture of me, so you can know what I look like during my lows, when I'm too depressed to shave or cut my hair :-DDDDD. I am quite ashamed of my extra weight, since it reflects poorly on my virtue. I've been losing weight, but it sure takes a while to lose 30+ kilograms of fat.

Once my brother's business becomes stable enough to pay me on time, I hope to distribute my spendings in such a way that I can count calories and go to gym without worrying about not having enough money due to payment delays.
No. 11560
16 kB, 453 × 564
I rarely draw anime, but when I do, it has to be moe.

I mean, what's the point of indulging in the most escapist of mediums if you can't make it as cute and wholesome as possible? Anime is for cuteness and love, not edgyness and angst. Even I can see that, even though I don't like anime. There's enough angst in the real world, let's keep anime out of it.

Tsunreres need love.
Kuuderes need love
Danderes need love.
Yanderes need love.

I've got love to go around that's why I'm renowned.
Niggas acting edgy these days they be afraid, too self conscious to accept love sweet as marmalade.


Uh, yeah.

These Bernds say I've heard of them, they ain't heard of Ernst
Get the fuck off of my board, or you'll suck my wurst
Kohl niggas always posting shit but I know they fool

(btw I'm drunk as hell)
No. 11562
>I'm drunk as hell
Why? It's morning.
No. 11564
To me she looks like an atom bomb. Not timid. Maybe that is the 'tism talking though.

Is that a high necked shirt/dress?

You are playing me like a damn dombra. Would hold hands with /heatenings

>btw I'm drunk as hell
The spontaneous rapping gave it away. I'm just on sleep deprivation myself.
No. 11567
That's actually a sketch of my middle school crush, so back off :-DDDDD

Also, that's a sweater :-DDDD
No. 11568
Ebin. My first crush was Queen Victoria. Rate autism.

Disclaimer: she was pretty in her youth.
No. 11570
19 kB, 480 × 360
No. 11571
No. 11591
For some reason it feels like you put yourself as Erna.
No. 11593
325 kB, 576 × 566
Is it a problem?
No. 11595
No, but Erna surely has Kazakh touch.
No. 11598
How you can tell? she is anime, anime always look very similar
No. 11601
24 kB, 228 × 356
108 kB, 900 × 900
424 kB, 1200 × 538
261 kB, 435 × 618
The ultimate avatar...
Did anyone here read Savitri Devi and/or Miguel Serrano?
No. 11607
54 kB, 200 × 200
I read about them in a book about nazi symbolism. I think she was the one that slept a whole night in a megalithic site famous for being very very Aryan praying for the Third Reich to come back.

Suc kazes
No. 11633
350 kB, 1000 × 1000
I am ashamed to admit that I spent 80% of the time working on this just trying to get the hand to look semi-decent because I suck.

Posting the WIP as a measure against procrastination so that I'll be forced to finish this or else get publically shamed :-DDDDD.
No. 11655
61 kB, 550 × 430
65 kB, 640 × 480
103 kB, 768 × 960
265 kB, 2048 × 922
No. 11672
196 kB, 500 × 322
To answer the last, it is the hope that I shall attain every bit of jaded cynicism, pessimism, bitterness, and misanthropic outlook of a 77 year old Vonnegut by the time I am 40. And what then? Well so we shall see. Either I shall become wizened and transcendent beyond the foolishness of pessimism and misanthropy of people like Twain, and have left behind the sarcasm of Johnathan Swift in favor of some Buddhalike peace, or I shall attain the kind of truly bottomless cynicism of which no mere mortal ought be capable. Or more likely I'm just going to be a grumpy old man.
No. 11674
You know that feel when you sketch out a construction of the hand and think to yourself "yeah, that looks ok"
But then you start rendering / shading it, and realize that it is not, in fact, ok, and the loose strokes were concealing big problems with construction?
No. 11679
Not really since I can't draw for shit, but it sounds pretty believable and I get what you're saying in general.
No. 11681
138 kB, 1000 × 903
213 kB, 1000 × 1000
Yeah, fuck hands, I'm too IQ89 for this shit.

And after getting the construction right, I'll also have to change the form to a shape more characteristic to a small female hand.

Although I have a feeling that I'm autistically obsessing over details that nobody but me will ever notice. But my energy drink addled and sleep deprived brain is screaming at me that the hand is wrong.
No. 11682
>autistically obsessing over details that nobody but me will ever notice
Definitely know that one. My prime number obsession is the biggest culprit for me. Nobody ever appreciates the aesthetics of arranging things in abstracted forms of primes, preferably prime factors of 3 for maximum aesthetic value. It'd be less of a pain if people didn't seemingly go out of their way to destroy prime beauty in the world though. If I had a dollar for every time I've organised things into primes and then had some NT add another piece and mess it up, I'd be a very wealthy man.
No. 11701
216 kB, 530 × 746
No. 11734
645 kB, 960 × 720, 0:29
No. 11735
47 kB, 604 × 377
No. 11838
361 kB, 860 × 651
1,2 MB, 1296 × 744
Another attempt to merge Ernstchan and Dragonball. My biggest challenge here was the composition. I had a decent concept-Erna riding with Goku and passing a hitchhiking Ernstwurf, but the original had the camera shot pulled too far back. That took focus off of Erna, and also left Ernstwurf in a kind of no-man's land in the middle of the panel. After cropping most of it away, moving a few a lot of things around, and tilting the whole thing 4 degrees I finally found an arrangement that works.
No. 11840
You are visibly getting better with each image, it's inspiring to see.
No. 11854
Thank you very much. It's also a good thing I finished that last night because it will be awhile before I can do another. I crashed my bike this morning and broke my right clavival. No joke. The X-ray showed That thing is in 2 pieces. Kinda freaked out about it TBH. The ER doctor put me in a sling until I see an orthopedic specialist. No serious pain yet, but I got a prescription filled just in case. Taking a ton of ibuprofen. Also typing left handed is hard, but I'm not moving the right arm for a while. This really should be in the today thread I guess.
No. 11857
Damn, I hope you get well soon, mate.
No. 11885
732 kB, 1929 × 1522
How to search high-res versions of pictures? I want to find this one, but I only find as high as this.
No. 11887 Kontra
Some might not exist in internet or they not free. I serach for high res maps always but most of them just small pictures from sites that sell physical copies.
No. 11888
Fuck, accidental sage again sorry
No. 11890
A larger version here. I just kept chasing links until I found it.
No. 11893
For Japanese art stuff specifically maybe try ukiyo-e.org
Though I'm not sure whether it will yield better results than just google image search
No. 11971
92 kB, 576 × 768
1,5 MB, 4608 × 2592
  1. Danish McDonalds
  2. Danish Toys R' Us
Any Danes here? How common is this?
No. 12019
No. 12020
>Danish McDonalds
>ad in English
IS this allowed?
No. 12021
That's normal in scandinavian and the benelux countries and it's increasing here too.
No. 12028
119 kB, 912 × 516
2nd pictures shows the logo of a Danish Counter-Strike team, the first one has Counter-Strike jargon written on it.
I just found it weird seeing this because i can't imagine German toy stores selling such products.
No. 12030
Totally unacceptable.
No. 12044
165 kB, 1024 × 768
This is a bike lane in Poland.
It's over 10km long.
No. 12046
189 kB, 342 × 960
What's with all the posts?
No. 12047
I assume someone got paid a lot of money for putting them there for no good reason.
No. 12048
No. 12050
We have bike lanes like that here too between some villages.
It's made from EU money.
No. 12051
It looks so unnecessary expensive.
You Eastern Europeans with your nepotism.
No. 12052
It's not only about nepotism. It's literally what this money is given out for by the EU.
No. 12843
Bolder lines maybe?
No. 12873
1,3 MB, 1920 × 1200
No. 12882
6,1 MB, 5147 × 3431
Pictures of trains kinda relax me. I never understood my dad's fascination with trains when I was little but I'm starting to appreciate them now.

Is this how autism starts?
No. 12884 Kontra
1,1 MB, 2048 × 1365
another peaceful train
No. 12928
401 kB, 1173 × 844
What about trams?
No. 12929
Trams are also nice.

I wish I knew more about the history and theory of public transit systems but idk where to start.
No. 12930
That's a nice rogue tram
No. 12932
2,0 MB, 1775 × 1265
263 kB, 960 × 613
2,7 MB, 1920 × 796
345 kB, 1224 × 681
Well, there are bound to be textbooks on theory somewhere, since someone designs this stuff one way or the other. As for history, I bet there is a lot of info in Japanese, because Japs sure love trains.
No. 12934 Kontra
3,8 MB, 4301 × 2688
nice pics

yes perhaps there are essays or textbooks which address transit infrastructure in the context of urban planning
No. 12942
221 kB, 1024 × 680
Without having any knowledge about that I can tell you right away that there will be tons od academic style books that grapple with public transport and it's history
No. 12984
117 kB, 503 × 275
Fuck everything.
Every thing.
No. 13126
1,3 MB, 1280 × 960
1,6 MB, 1280 × 960
74 kB, 500 × 281, 0:00
New Year's performance for soldiers of the DNR 'Diesel' battalion and the 'Somalia' battalion.
No. 13334
390 kB, 600 × 1000
Tried to draw our maskot with mine below mediacore skills
No. 13336
I kind of like your style but this pose combined with the face has the appeal of a crossdresser
No. 13340
85 kB, 300 × 500
83 kB, 668 × 500
Your use of color to define shapes and shadows is good and the anatomy isn't bad either. My only sugestion would be to keep the back knee and foot aligned to help you better establish her position in the frame. Did you use a model for reference? Erna's pose sort of looks like pic 2.
No. 13344

paedophile elite bataillon
No. 13346
682 kB, 4032 × 3024
seems like someone thought it is more important to save a tiny bit of expenses even if your sticker is see through afterwards.
No. 13409
Thanks for feedback! Honestely I not happy with this result at all, I see a lot bad things and I at finish not tried at all because already seen that it better just redo from start than fix it. I only learining paiting and kinda tried my skill how I understand it, but yeah, learning shapes is important. And indeed on this pic I did not that much attention to initial drawing which lead to this detalisation results.
No. 13412
27 kB, 507 × 390
44 kB, 480 × 413
231 kB, 460 × 299
56 kB, 500 × 775
>I at finish not tried at all because already seen that it better just redo from start than fix it
That happens a lot when I'm drawing too. It's hard to push forward and finish something when you can see all of the imperfections that are kind of baked into the picture and can't be fixed. At least with digital painting there aren't material costs to consider.

Some random Nancy pictures I found today. The Nancy[i] character seems to be a popular one for artists to appropriate.
No. 13425
56 kB, 750 × 553
No. 13427
Finally a photo from judeoreptilian congress.
No. 13429
That looks like someone shopped Trump in the picture.
No. 13467
515 kB, 1634 × 1604
This stamp made me smile for whatever reason.
No. 13472
59 kB, 600 × 400
163 kB, 960 × 500
What makes you think so? Didn't you always think Trump has something of Mr. Richfield?
No. 13479
Oh man. Seriously. I re-watched the first season of Dinosaurs a few months back after it was briefly discussed here on EC... everything seemed so familiar yet so different after all this time and I had all kinds of realiations regarding how relevant the criticism still is. But no, the thought that Richfield is Trump as a dino did not occur.
No. 13480
95 kB, 1080 × 1080
I think a year or so ago i saw a video compilation comparing stuff Trump said with stuff Richfield said, it was kinda prophetic.
No. 13488
This one? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQmbttoxUeE

This is pretty good Realsatire tbh
No. 13489
132 kB, 1280 × 720
Oh dog, I need to continue with season 2 already, this is pure gold.
No. 13567
3,1 MB, 6067 × 9033
3,4 MB, 1000 × 1279, 0:04
Whenever I see an anime image with bad proportions, I have to fix it. I can't let it go, it bothers me.

Open pic on the left. Nice pic, right? But isn't there something weird about it? If you don't see it, then THERE'S SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU and you're probably a freak.

See pic 2.

(fucking spoilers how do they work)
No. 13568 Kontra
(on an unrelated note, spoilers are broken, the enumeration for which file to spoilers is in reverse to the displayed file list, so spoilering image X among imagess Y X will spoiler Y)
No. 13572
73 kB, 500 × 500
>I have to fix it
I'm impressed by your ability to so efficiently diagnosis the original artist's errors (and my inability to do so explains why I draw so slowly). To my eye the face looked wrong, and were it mine I likely would have erased and redrawn it seeing the jawline and right ear as the primary problem all the while not realizing how close it was to being correct.
No. 13590
Let me get this straight
You have like 3 degrees right? 2 STEM related and one in philosophy or finances?

You're like some type of prodigy I am not shitting you.
No. 13594
195 kB, 1280 × 720
537 kB, 1280 × 720, 0:02
I used to have an entire folder dedicated to fixing this guy's (and other anime pictures) face. It's not even a case of fanart or anything, that's how he appears on all official artwork and in the anime. It bothers me on a primal level and i'm basically autistic.

Are you replying to the wrong person or are you making fun of me? Because I'm a uni drop out schizo retard with official diagnosis :^)
No. 13627
3,1 MB, 6067 × 9033
3,4 MB, 1000 × 1279, 0:04
My earnest apologies.
The code must work as intended now.
Like, the second picture will be spoilered.
No. 13635
Is this having to do with why the site was borked earlier?

Anyway today it is very cold, also dark. The end.
No. 13647
475 kB, 1000 × 1000
318 kB, 1066 × 1600
Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

I have decided to work on this again, maybe turn it into a spoiler template. Not sure what to put in her hand other than a gun as expected. Maybe there's some Erna lore that the mods could share, regarding an appropriate item to put in her hand.

Although I feel this is becoming a polished turd, there's many things about this image that I'm unhappy with, namely the hair, which I couldn't get right. And many other details that would seem like nitpicking, but boy is that keen eye on compositional errors a double edged sword. I can't help but look at this and cringe. I was really determined to see this one drawing through to the end to counter my bad habit of never finishing anything I start, but such a commitment on a piece I don't like has only made me procrastinate on it.

Maybe it IS sometimes better to scrap works and start over.

Although, there's one thing I feel satisfied with, and that is emphasizing the chin so it evokes the same expression as that of Arnold on the original cover. Oh and the redrawn font came out ok I guess.

I've been thinking of starting an Ernstchan drawing club, either as a general or something like a telegram group. I'm leaning towards the latter because the immediacy of being in a chat room with someone else, in real time, puts a pressure of expectation that tends to motivate. After all, you'd look like a fool if you joined a dedicated drawing chatroom and didn't draw (t. doer of such)
No. 13649 Kontra
wait, that second S wasn't necessary

fuck my sleep deprived heda
No. 13867
>Not sure what to put in her hand other than a gun as expected.
A gun is good as well.
No. 13896
36 kB, 1280 × 700
It's awesome, really
No. 13899
From where your pic? This is cool
No. 13943
27 kB, 1280 × 620

I think it's a very special film
No. 13979
31 kB, 535 × 267

Really nice film for a genuine authentic American musician

Long live Johnny Cash
No. 13981
54 kB, 750 × 564
166 kB, 960 × 725
199 kB, 1024 × 767
218 kB, 1024 × 769
Is it just blue-eyed nostalgia on my behalf or has the Europe (especially Germany) of yesterday actually been a much more beatiful place?
I mean, can anyone in his right mind visit a german town, look at old photochromes and say: yes, those concrete bunkers without any form and style and towers of metal and glass are way more beautiful?
No. 13987
Architects have mastered the art to argue for some concrete bricks without facade because of le beauty of le material.
I like to insinuate that they just argue for such simple architecture because nobody of them would be either able to construct nor to build some Jugendstil stuff or similar things. They get mad :DDDD

Luckily my city still looks like 100 years ago, but especially this fact makes it's inhabitants very mad when modern buildings are constructed close to popular land marks.
No. 13996
It's simply economic reasons.
Everything has to be cheap, so people make do with what they have, and highlighting the aesthetics of the material is one of the best ways to do it.

Not everyone can afford a hand crafted mechanical watch, so they buy cheap quarts watches in minimalist style, and still look fashionable wearing them. Aesthetic follows utility. Same with architecture.

I still posit that building another Sistine chapel in modern days could bankrupt a country.
No. 13999
96 kB, 750 × 500
58 kB, 600 × 400
i for one like old style buildings e.g. jugenstil and modern bauhaus inspired architecture equally, if done well by architects and craftsmen, that is. either can look awesome or terrible. personally i tend to prefer nice clean and efficient structures over square, bulky, symmetric structures with lots of ornaments, embellishments and whatnot.
No. 14017
61 kB, 700 × 439
183 kB, 1280 × 720
198 kB, 1200 × 807
169 kB, 1024 × 770
In general, I think pre-WW1 europe have beautifull style. For example, I can't stand modern British places with mix of classic and new style that actually very meh, but old england is awesome. All this mix of 16-19 centuries towns with early "new" tech like trains and cars... there is something about it. When even ads was not something ugly plastic things, but hand drawed with soul.

Of cource, late XIX early XX centuries was still shitty age, with not very high quality of life for majority of people, with many problems and many bad things. But sometimes I want just extract all best and most awesome things from this times, did it as VR-matrix like simulation and never leave it.
No. 14020
183 kB, 1000 × 667
175 kB, 1280 × 849
556 kB, 1024 × 819
325 kB, 1280 × 814
>people make do with what they have, and highlighting the aesthetics of the material is one of the best ways to do it.
This describes the Brutalists:
>Immediately after World War II, large swaths of Europe lay in ruins. Concrete, which is both sturdy and cheap, swiftly became the material of choice for the apartment blocks and municipal buildings meant to accommodate a ballooning, often displaced population. Eventually, the aesthetic of raw concrete structures became known as brutalist, after the French béton brut, or “exposed concrete.”

Buildings were to be made from concrete and the architects, unable to hide it, seemed to embrace it. While a lot of construction ended up looking like poured concrete slabs, I find some of them are actually beautiful and have a strange otherworldly quality.
No. 14022
71 kB, 602 × 667
65 kB, 474 × 632
378 kB, 1024 × 1024
411 kB, 800 × 599
While I find an ironic beauty in Brutalism, it obviously can't compare to the aestetic of the earliest skyscrapers.
No. 14023
34 kB, 382 × 426
1,6 MB, 1920 × 800
68 kB, 760 × 380
85 kB, 800 × 589
Were they already called that back when being built? They do not strike me as exceptionally tall telling by the pictures. But that might be just because there have been so many much bigger buildings since then.
The archictecture is beautiful indeed. They remind me a little of the early 20th century buildings here with the Chilehaus being the most exceptional one among them I know of.
No. 14025
1,4 MB, 1127 × 1802
1010 kB, 1138 × 1819
2,7 MB, 1125 × 1797
>Were they already called that back when being built?
I honestly never thought about when the term came into use, even when I was referring to the buildings as such. I looked into it, and according to Britannica:
>The name first came into use during the 1880s, shortly after the first skyscrapers were built, in the United States. The development of skyscrapers came as a result of the coincidence of several technological and social developments. The term skyscraper originally applied to buildings of 10 to 20 stories
Further research using Google Books Ngram Veiwer led me to these pages from a British magazine published in 1905. In addition to presenting photographic examples of early skyscrapers, the author of the article demonstrates a strong bias against this new American construction:
>Lest our photographs should not show up sufficiently this monstrosity of modern America, we would direct the attention of the unwary reader to the fact that the proportion of the buildings in New York robs the skyscraper of half its horrors.

>They do not strike me as exceptionally tall telling by the pictures
That 2nd picture is a bit deceiving. It shows the top of the Woolworth building, which reaches a height of 241m(792 feet).
>The Chilehaus
I like to keep a lot of photo references for drawing, and I'm going to have to create a new folder for Brick Expressionism.
No. 14026
142 kB, 1500 × 1500
How about a Lötpistole instead of just a common gun? I am not sure if there is any specific lore on Erna. At least none that I had heard of. But so it is with Ernstwurf and also was the case with Heinrich, who quite a lot couldn't even identify as a cat.
No. 14027
449 kB, 1261 × 1920
Thank you for the information. I somewhat felt very stupid for asking that question. There is, or for very long was, a strong opposition against building skyscrapers here in German cities, Frankfurt or "Mainhattan" being one of the few exceptions to that rule. To my knowledge the biggest argument against them was that no building should be allowed to be taller than the church towers.
I quite vividly remember seeing a city with many skyscrapers for the first time as a kid. I got very dizzy from walking down the street and looking up the whole time, imagining those huge piles of stone might just topple over burying me under all that rubble. I guess that British journalist had the same feeling.
No. 14028
131 kB, 800 × 533
I just felt a certain sense of awe and wonder you could call it getting to personally walk through the ancient American city of New York just like it was 1000 years ago.
No. 14029
>New York
Nieuw Amsterdam*
No. 14031
959 kB, 2619 × 1724
169 kB, 1092 × 1170
73 kB, 638 × 479
264 kB, 685 × 1024
I generally like pre WWII, early 20th century modernism. Truly gems of good taste compared to the later international style and brutalism crap. of the 50s to 70s.
No. 14032
I'm sorry, but Netherlands, France, Russia, and Spain have all long ago ceded their territories to us and we will call cities Jupiter if we damn well feel like it.
No. 14033
Just imagine all that good stuff lost, bombed and turned to rubble forever long ago because some fucking retards who shall remain unnamed decided to act like barbarians and start a continent wide war.
No. 14034
Isn't there free speech on this board? If you want to name them, then name them! You are talking about Britain and Poland there, aren't you?
No. 14043
I am of course talking about the dumb savages who have a major inferiority complex and chip on their should thus giving them the impulse to completely shit up Europe periodically, that race known now as the Germans. So yes I was trying to be polite about calling Germans a bunch of culture destroying shitheads because I don't want to ruin this board. Not that Britain helped by trying Dresden. Or the rest of the allies firebombing the shit out of you and others in retaliation for German shenanigans like the V bombings. God only knows how much has been lost in just that war, just in Dresden. I am curious what art was destroyed there or if there even was a list of all the precious artifacts in that city. And while I also don't know what was lost in Stalingrad I do know that poor Poland got bombed into so much rubble that a lot of Warsaw doesn't exist anymore and that most of that city is new along with a few restoration projects iirc.
No. 14049
220 kB, 961 × 768
2,0 MB, 3717 × 1959
31 kB, 700 × 428
32 kB, 700 × 428
I'm butthurt about all the modernist art that was burned in germany.

It's interesting to think that both fascism and socialism were once hip, progressive ideologies for young edgy people. But then backwards bydlo came into power, abolished modernist art and installed soc realism.

It's also quite interesting how it still looks "modern", despite being invented a hundred years ago. Compare 2000s web design to 2010+ web design (which was inspired by avant garde and shit), the former looks dated, the latter looks hip and modern.

Italians were pretty based and stayed based, though.
No. 14050
382 kB, 809 × 1152
3,0 MB, 2450 × 3660
1,9 MB, 2378 × 3345
645 kB, 1700 × 1440
Presumably you like Art Deco too? I think it's ebin personally. I like the geometric boldness in its designs. Also the optimism towards modernity is kind of refreshing and uplifting. On the flip side I also have a love affair with Art Nouveau, dunno why, it's just approaching peak aesthetics to me.
No. 14052
> Art Nouveau
Makes me want to get high on laudanum and write angsty poetry tbh.
No. 14059
206 kB, 924 × 1237
936 kB, 1018 × 777
782 kB, 1190 × 1600
309 kB, 900 × 1198
I mean, some pieces of Alfonse Mucha's Parisian work are kind of out there at times but they're still very elegant.

Also, getting high in some opium den and then doing edgy poetry sounds kind of awesome.
No. 14060
671 kB, 732 × 1024
697 kB, 752 × 1024
750 kB, 710 × 1024
104 kB, 636 × 880
>Weimer Pursell
Did they also do the Metropolis poster, or was that just the common style of the time? I am really uneducated regarding art. The last time I went to an art museum was when they had a big exhibition on Dali and his peers in my city, and I only found two or three objects among hundreds that I really liked without now being able to recall any names, even though I looked them up back then and tried to keep them in mind.

Another thing these posters, (or should I better call them paintings or artwork?), remind me of are the Sowjet or Warsaw Pact advertisements for American movies. I had more of these. But I can't find them at the moment.
No. 14062
>It's interesting to think that both fascism and socialism were once hip, progressive ideologies for young edgy people. But then backwards bydlo came into power, abolished modernist art and installed soc realism.
interesting topic. i too find it disappointing that the development of european modern arts took a serious nosedive after almost a complete century of quick evolution, however i don't blame "bydlo" for that. common folk not involved in creating arts just consumes the arts, regardless of who's in power. i'd argue that blaming average joe would be like blaming simple office clerks for the outcome of a decision made by the corporation's executive board. so the average person's taste in arts wasn't the source, but a symptom. as was what got presented in galleries/museums, presented on stage or published in different media back then.
i blame overly authoritarian politicians and opportunist artists of the time, but primarily politicians. when narrow-minded control freaks get into power they want to control literally everything - and want to get rid of everything that doesn't appeal to them at first sight. in the worst case they would employ terror tacticts and violence. so they force their respective political narratives, ideologies and of course personal preferences onto artists, who then either voluntarily or involuntarily commit. please note that i am aware that under more decentralised political conditions the arts aren't free of political influence either. they are not and might be subject to "soft power" of different interests. which does give more room to experimentation and variance though.

>Italians were pretty based and stayed based, though.
i don't want to belittle the italians at all, but during the late 19th/early to mid 20th century they created futurism and that was basically it. all other significant innovations in arts and architecture originated either in france, germany/austria/switzerland, russia and the usa (they built the first skyscrapers and commieblocks) back then.
No. 14064
Man, the text on those posters are so funny.
It's feels so archaic and overly serious.

>"Színes, amerikai tudományos-fantasztikus film"
>"American scientific-fantasy/fantastic movie in colour"

>"A csillagok újabb háborúja"
>"A New war of the stars" (Star wars' title was turned into "Csillagok háborúja", which translates back into "War of (the) Stars"

Strange how most of these expressions and translations became obsolete as we turned towards learning English. Now everyone says "Sztárvársz/Sztárvórz" and "szki-fi".
No. 14065
124 kB, 220 × 350
I wouldn't say they're the same style. Deco is all about excess, optimism and enthusiasm for the modern world which enables it. I'm not an art school person so maybe I'm wrong, but I'd say the Metropolis poster is more modernist with the shared geometric motifs being the shared impact of cubism which had huge influences on basically every branch of early 20th century modern art/architecture.
No. 14069
By bydlo I mean specifically bydlo philistines in the ruling class.

Interesting phenomenon in modernity is the disappearance of the aristocrat class. You think all those polymath scientists from back then were somehow special, they just didn't have to wage.

Nowadays, everyone has to wage, and if not, then pursue someone's interests (state/privately funded academia). Aristocratic scientists just had to live off their family money and pursue science on their own terms.
Genius is an aristocratic concept and actual geniuses were a peculiar phenomenon exclusive to aristocratic cultures
nobility gave you creative license
To b urself. Now everybody is socially interdependent. Genius is a product of prerogative or a sense of self providence
Thats why it's inherently aristocratic
That's why so many intellectuals in the past seemed like polymath superhumans. They weren't expected to specialize so much, and intellectual work comes with a defined social role. The professional class cannot be creative and undefined while also submitting to the career systems and publication systems, and all the fornalisms
No. 14070 Kontra
wew, I'm particularly incoherent today
No. 14095
1,1 MB, 1013 × 1317
89 kB, 500 × 682
43 kB, 640 × 480
78 kB, 550 × 741
As popular as lithograph posters were in early 20th century Europe, it's difficult to find examples of them actually hanging as advertisements. These pictures were all taken in the 1930's by Brassaï.
No. 14097
I know. Really the worst part was that Dresden in particular was motivated by nothing but sheer spitefulness. It wasn't even a valid strategic or military target. From my (ignorant) understanding it was chosen solely to polite Germany and the Gitler by literally burning their art and culture.
No. 14100
>It wasn't even a valid strategic or military target
Dresden was an industrial and transport hub, and the bombing was functionally no different to any other air raid. I don't know why it has this mystique about it. We did worse than that with strategic bombers, shit.
No. 14102 Kontra
>functionally no different to any other air raid
I think you have that view pretty exclusively. There are a number of topics about Ze War you could call "In discussion", but I have never read a statement like yours before.

Since I really do not want a deeper discussion on this, I politely sage my post.
No. 14104
It was the same kind of munitions in the same pattern. Cookie and incendiary. Any fucked up shit like the half time break was fucked up shit we did everywhere. If we are looking for the extreme of strategic firebombing, then the Great Tokyo Raid is the one to point the finger at with 5x the civilian casualties and on a target a shitload more susceptible to incendiary bombing. Thing is that it is generally only thought of as a whopping success.
No. 14105
I'm talking more about the point of the bombing. I was responding to the general topic of lost art and architecture, of which there was of course a great deal in all of those cities but at least afaik they had some kind of strategic value that Dresden did not.
No. 14281
2 kB, 300 × 100
such conceptual
very artistic
No. 14284
8 kB, 300 × 100
[баннер intensifies]
No. 14302
3,1 MB, 3485 × 2582
2,6 MB, 3433 × 2644
652 kB, 968 × 611
3,0 MB, 3527 × 2507
I've got a couple of hi-res ones, if you wanna.
No. 14313
No. 14318
Awesom fonts and good colors. Perfect to place it in musem of art.
No. 14344
No. 14416
Suddenly we have come to the question of SFW and NSFW content.
As EC may be browsed in different environment, and there was no ban on hentai content, maybe we need NSFW image covers?
One may argue that NSFW images may be covered under spoiler, but not every NSFW image is spoiler and not every spoiler image is NSFW.
No. 14417
Which is better to choose?
No. 14418
>As EC may be browsed in different environment, and there was no ban on hentai content, maybe we need NSFW image covers?

Sounds dumb. If you want to exclude porn then make a porn board rather than farting about with special tags.
No. 14420
I am brwosing ec at work for about 20 min a work day and currently can not complain about nsfw content. Expect for maybe the furry thread which is just very slightly nsfw.
No. 14424
34 kB, 300 × 100
956 kB, 1200 × 1920
>Which is better to choose?
I apologize for the confusion. I posted them both because I couldn't decide which was better. According to >>9994 the second picture (in which the monestary touches the letter E) is the better version. I would use that one. I'll re-upload it here.
No. 14599
>very slightly nsfw.
It have only like 1 picture that may cont as NSFW tbh.

I think regular spoilers is enough. If someone posting se or erotic image - just hide in spoiler and warn others.

Rude post.
No. 14628
I think NSFW is ok in so far as it relates to the discussion at hand, but outright porn threads don't seem like they'd fit in to the board.
No. 14649
I think we have a spoiler function for a reason. It's not hard to not be a cunt and simply use it. Also hurray mods/admin thank you for giving us hide thread function I just noticed.
No. 15104
51 kB, 500 × 600
I accidentally opened this image and I can't stop laughing again.
For fuck's sake!
No. 15113
Oh D-g, this is some next level retardedness. I wonder what is going on in the pea-brains of the designers who make shit like that. Probably something like, "We have to make a font that screams "IT'S ABOUT RUSSIANS!", but replacing random Latin letters with random Cyrillic ones has been done to death already, we need something fresh. What should we do? Oh, I know, we turn the Cyrillic letters UPSIDE DOWN! Brilliant!"
No. 15126
That's just horrifying.
No. 15128
I thought this was some stupid meme image about gomosex for several days until I looked at it more closely.
No. 15129
1,6 MB, 1200 × 800
184 kB, 964 × 603
7,6 MB, 3872 × 2592
143 kB, 1200 × 630
The utter lack of beautiful and natural architecture here kills my soul.
The best we can make do with is half-hearted Spanish revivalism in a few rare subdivisions. I think the Stanford University campus is the closest you get anywhere in California to a unified ensemble of beautiful organic architecture.
No. 15130
That's what makes it so funny.
>Tnie Gomatsols
It's lovely. I can't stop laughing.
No. 15150

isn't it Gomapols?
No. 15151
Nah, it's upside down 'ц', not 'п'.
No. 15159
ah, thanks for clearing it up.
No. 17854
42 kB, 330 × 480
I don't quite understand why, but the soldier looks too finngol there.
No. 18492
135 kB, 525 × 802
No. 18602
Terminato is beschte film ever
No. 18622
44 kB, 363 × 586
42 kB, 316 × 500
93 kB, 736 × 1121
No. 19717
107 kB, 800 × 1024
1,6 MB, 1600 × 1419
I love paitings and old photos of cold war era military tech
No. 19718
547 kB, 2048 × 1345
Well, overall like this pictures, you know, from different military books, model kits etc.
No. 19720
446 kB, 2300 × 1533
Also found this one in mine favorite pictures pack
No. 19727
That map got me thinking.
In case of an Axis victory, I'd sincerely doubt a Slovakia would keep on existing on the map. (I doubt even Hungary would survive an axis victory, but that's another case.)
No. 19729
Yeah I metioned it too. It one of this "ahistorical" ones tier. It is incorrect in many ways but better tier than many of such "maps"
No. 20293
495 kB, 1022 × 800
52 kB, 570 × 404
949 kB, 1500 × 981
46 kB, 384 × 470
Posting some Louis Wain, especially the last one ("Those with feelings wondrous kind, can love with kitties ever bind") touches me deeply.
One of first three I could imagine quite well as an EC-banner, especially the first one as it shows such a cozy tea party. Maybe some early 20th century font could be used? If someone is able to reproduce the handwriting of Wain this would be even better but I guess that won't be so easy. :DD
No. 20297
61 kB, 232 × 290
Y'know, the way that that's actually done has always bothered the shit out of me, possibly moreso now that I can also actually understand the mindframe of doing LSD specifically because while you can plainly see that sort of calm, detached, intellectualized approach to things (or maybe I'm projecting?) that the actual subject matter is still quite horrid. You can recognize at once that a kitty cat is, by its most very basic and fundamental nature, an actually kind of malevolent little thing, and that it has only been by barest dint of human interference that it is anything else than a truly demonic creature. I think this just amplifies the sense of horror, and I mean real, actual horror not just fear, by making not just any ordinary object but even a comforting one at once appear suddenly foreign and threatening, but so much so not out of some kind of delusion but much, much worse, the sudden realization that it was actually always this extremely malevolent, hostile, and threatening thing you brought into your home and simply were too blissfully ignorant to have previously noticed.
No. 20298 Kontra
Also I just realized that I'm pretty sure you wouldn't actually know what I was talking about unless you have both taken LSD and spent time around cats, particularly outdoors cats.
No. 20299
>that hat
>that necklace
I thought it's a head floating from subspace
No. 20302
It's a rare photo of Keziah Mason furtively emerging from the dark unfathomable dimension through a non-Euclidean rift in the wall behind Walter Gilman, student of quantum physics.
No. 20368
56 kB, 1024 × 576
Funnily enough I've done both my fair share of LSD and spent a lot of time around cats but not at the same time. Still I very well understand what you're talking about but to me it's a mere illusion caused by the drug.
Back then when I took acid for the first time I wanted to go on a rave with a friend. After I prepared everything and injected the tab he called me that he couldn't come so I spent my night homr alone. Unsure of what to do I turned on my computer and started watching a famous german late-night call-in show (pic related) like I used to do in those times. At some point the moderators neck became inhumanly long and more and more he started to appear as me as some kind of malicious lizard. If I remember it correctly there even was something wrong with his tongue. I probably don't have to mention that this night's following trip wasn't too nice.
No. 20958
93 kB, 430 × 658
It's amusing to see that popular media images were used to advertise even back then.
No. 21846
206 kB, 750 × 1334
Today’s most read pages on Wikipedia.
There is something incredibly humorous about the fact that the page of the “fattest man” is stuck between articles about geek related topics.
At least I had a good chuckle.
No. 21848
What an idiocracy.
No. 21849
This article was featured today


What a cool guy. He has now a high rank in my list of favourite people.
No. 21871
698 kB, 480 × 360, 0:11
A down to earth janitor, loved by friends and neighbors, turns out to be a secret millionaire. There is something almost magical about him.
No. 21873
73 kB, 400 × 342
You know, it's incredible. Over the last century, Britain built herself an image of sophistication, that in Britain, every men is a Mister, a dandy, and every woman is a lady. They bewitched us with their well composed comedies like Monty Python, Yes Minister and Fawlty Towers, yet I just realise that Britain also mad a lot of vulgar humour.
Saw this image yesterday, and I couldn't stop laughing how absurd it is for a good five minutes.
The fact that someone would make something this shit, this absurd, is in itself, funny to me.
It's so fucking stupid and straight to the point, it's incredible. It could be ironic, it probably is, but it also feels serious.
British prole-culture is really fascinating.
No. 21920
I think that is from Viz, a still active comic book.
I bet you could find some copies online.
Private eye is another active magazine but with out the cartoons and vulgar humour.

I think you'll find both interesting.
No. 21921
Sadly this British institution, only has an online presence more brit humour similar to The National Enquirer but with tits.
Former daily paper
No. 21926
171 kB, 1299 × 980
>Three Latvian forest brothers in the small town of Ērgļi, Latvia 1951

Also the soundtrack to the pic
No. 24414
61 kB, 283 × 283, 0:02
37 kB, 298 × 392
150 kB, 768 × 1024
5 kB, 385 × 213
No. 24497
250 kB, 400 × 485
43 kB, 593 × 386
258 kB, 676 × 806
138 kB, 511 × 455
No. 24517
975 kB, 636 × 863, 0:33
295 kB, 636 × 863, 0:09
1,6 MB, 636 × 863, 0:19
803 kB, 636 × 863, 0:15
Animated illustrations from the series Behind You. More can be seen here: