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No. 283 Pin [Reply]
27 kB, 324 × 171, 0:02
This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Historical repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba-github
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
No. 1340
Every thread on /int/ returns "Error: Thread does not exist." when trying to enter it using the reply button.
No. 1567
Answer please. No one uses this site


No. 1 Pin Lock [Reply]
65 kB, 960 × 720
Welcome to /meta/, the board dedicated to Ernstchan functioning.
You can ask about your bans, report threads and request features.
If you have been affected by a ban for someone else, write about that here.
For your convenience, you can open threads without pictures.
Please behave, bans on /meta/ are not lifted.

No. 1577 [Reply]
52 kB, 387 × 632
Australian kohl immigrant avatarfagging in every thread with anime shit. Can you give xir a warning or something? a lot of thread filled with anime
No. 1581
Posting anime itself is not a crime, despite I know many regular posters dislike it. This especially goes for the today thread, which isn't set on a fixed topic that could be derailed by unrelated anime pictures. For the avatarfagging part: I understand your point, but it seems to me that he's just the only person who constantly posts anime, where in theory it could be more. And it also isn't the same anime character, so it's not really avatarfagging for me. Since I try to intervene as little as possible and give anyone the benefit of the doubt, I wouldn't want to interfere here. I hope you understand.

I am only a lowly Ernstmod though, Ernstadmin might have a different take on this.
No. 1588 Kontra
Harmless poster. Get over your infantile hatred of drawings.
No. 1604

More anime shitters shitting anime everywhere just to piss people off


No. 1431 [Reply]
60 kB, 1253 × 836
Flush it.

Currently some shoddy threads on /int/ first page
No. 1600
No. 1601
No. 1602
I am going to say it again: admins, I want his fucking head. If you do not start reporting these people to Interpol or BND or whomever, I will. I would rather not directly report threads on this site. If you don't feed them to Interpol, I will. I have done so before.
No. 1603

No. 1596 [Reply]
why the FUCK did you delete my cat thread
No. 1597
Because "This is my cat Shitty, it likes to shit and litter, r8 Shitty" and a photo from a search engine isn't exactly serious discussion. If you insist on posting stuff like that, at least do it in the today thread, and don't open new threads for it.

No. 1587 [Reply]
undelete my fucking thread, thank you

No. 1584 [Reply]
My completely innocent and unharmful thread was deleted. Not the greatest thing, ever!

No. 1543 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 405 × 600
File deleted
This does not mean site taken down for 3d but CP posting, such as 2d comics, memes and legal loli content. Example in pic is legal.
No. 1569
This board is dead. I don't see why they run it.

This board is totally stone dead. There's nothing to protect.
No. 1571 Kontra
I support deplatforming scumbags like OP. They should be kicked off everywhere. Ironically the law actually protects you way more than harms you because if the people got the people's justice we would hunt you down and burn you to death. I hope a gang of rabid lebos tracks you down and beats you to death OP. You are exactly the real reason KC finally went to shit and died forever in 2017 because the mods stopped moderating. No seriously that is the real reason KC was destroyed. Kebabs stopped being removed from premises. It was like the immune system of KC failed and it was instantly overrun by people like OP. Drink bleach you frogposting pedo scumbag. I wish I could feed you to Qtards and pboys but they're probably all closet pedos anyway.
No. 1572
>kebabs removal
Stop ruining the chans, you low iq sperging aussiemutt. This antipedo policy is only recent on IXs. I was around 4chan long before it had rules and it was accepted without controversy.

(User was banned for this post)

No. 1573
>the people got the

Wrong. The majority of people are propedo. That's why they need constant propaganda against it, and the entire state dedicated to giving it attention.

You sound delusional and reek of low IQ.

No. 6 [Reply]
3 kB, 300 × 100
I think this newer banner i made is not included here yet :3
No. 1259
I wanted to make a 10 JAHRE ERNSTCHAN banner in the vein of the 40 JAHRE DDR poster but I realised we already have a DDR banner. Such cases.
No. 1266
I was thinking how you could use "birthdays" from other states like all the african countries that got decolonized in the 1960s, would be a unique touch at least, but my research on lybian celebrations around the revolution of gaddafi in 1969 in 1997 or 2002 showed nothing. I'm pretty sure these things got celebrated in such countries just the way the GDR was celebrating their date.
No. 1427
27 kB, 300 × 100
New banner for the heroic masses of our imageboard who have sacrificed everything to conform to health crisis management protocols.
No. 1464
New banner is applied.

No. 1421 [Reply]
40 kB, 800 × 700
is there a detailed installation on how to install phutaba? im too dumb to figure it out, i have ubuntu 18.04 running i did 1-3 from gitlab but dont know how to add database and what to do after all thats done, is there index.html file or what?
No. 1422
No, there is /wakaba.pl?board=name
If you want to have custom URLs, you should mess with .htaccess file.
No. 1443
so is nginx totally unsupported? or just untested?
i'm thinking about installing this software, after patching oekaki support from wakaba back in. it seems very good, the best out of all wakaba-based engines even