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No. 283 Pin [Reply]
27 kB, 324 × 171, 0:02
This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Historical repository: https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba-github
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
No. 1760
I think it's possible, but first I should solve the issues with site links, why they don't work and so.
No. 1795
Can we do anything to help with these issues? I'll have vacation soon and could have a look at it. Not sure if I am of any use here, I have only limited experience with Python, but it's worth a try.

No. 1 Pin Lock [Reply]
65 kB, 960 × 720
Welcome to /meta/, the board dedicated to Ernstchan functioning.
You can ask about your bans, report threads and request features.
If you have been affected by a ban for someone else, write about that here.
For your convenience, you can open threads without pictures.
Please behave, bans on /meta/ are not lifted.

No. 1837 [Reply]
1,4 MB, 384 × 288, 0:16
Mods machen einen guten Job, Danke dafür.
No. 1838
t. liebt peinliche Anbiederung und Krebs
No. 1839
>ein hoch auf[...].webm

Ein Hoch auf unseren Busfahrer?
Wie alt bist du?
14 und gerade von Liechtenstein hier rübergekommen, um im Drachenfaden "deine Studien" zu pfosten?
No. 1840
tja von dir wird nie ein Ernst kostenlose PC-Spiele und gute Sportströms bekommen. Dafür kannst du das mit dem Erstellen von Drachenfäden und peinlicher Anbiederung ganz gut.
No. 1841 Kontra
73 kB, 720 × 725
Danke schön!

No. 1758 [Reply]
8 kB, 300 × 300
Ring the bell for cleaning service.

Atm The norge is making trouble again.
No. 1833
65549 on /int/, possible link to child porn
No. 1834
No. 1835
No. 1836
>Der Unterschied hier ist aber, dass ein Wahlfaden nicht per se Krebs ist, ein Drachenfaden schon.


No. 6 [Reply]
3 kB, 300 × 100
I think this newer banner i made is not included here yet :3
No. 1762
31 kB, 300 × 100
No. 1819
141 kB, 300 × 100, 0:04
Are banners required to be 300x100?

I have a much more readable font, but it's way wider, so it wouldn't properly fill a 3x1 dimension canvas.
No. 1831
37 kB, 300 × 100
1,2 MB, 1500 × 1483
There are weird conspiracy theorists on this chan who claim that Bautz'ner™ mustard is not Ernstchan's favourite mustard. Clearly, those blatant lies have to be adressed, and for that reason I created a banner to remind everyone that Ernstchan is Bautz country, and everyone who says different is guilty of having terrible opinions!

Nice, I like it!
No. 1832
> Bautz'ner™
> ™
It's an ® (Alt + 0174 on the numpad)

No. 1655 [Reply]
82 kB, 1200 × 593
300 kB, 1109 × 1478
Hello ErnstTeam. Is there a way I can support EC? Primarily by purchasing merchandise. I wish to buy a laptop sticker of Erna, Ernstwurf, or Radio Ernstiwan logo (probably this one as it is discrete).
No. 1823
I think a "buy Ernst a coffee" page would be great https://www.buymeacoffee.com/

I'd certainly buy Ernst a coffee :3
No. 1827
Problem here is, I could open such a page. Or anyone, really. How would you know it's the admin/head honcho/site runner?
No. 1828
The admin would have to post it here with the mod flag.
No. 1830
it could be featured somewhere on this site, maybe as one of the tabs above

No. 1824 [Reply]
228 kB, 1425 × 766
I request to have my thread https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/40114 deleted.

I gave my skype address there which happens to be the same under which I run a website and twitter account and it pops up when doing a google search for it.

It's very unlikely that anybody finds Ernstchan through this but nevertheless, I don't want to attract normies to our board. And the thread is dead anyways.

Thanks in advance, mighty admins.
No. 1825
It is done.
No. 1829
appreciate it

No. 1826 [Reply]
182 kB, 960 × 960
-Guide to posting

Vielleicht mal die Tabs ausblenden oder die Links reparieren?

>"Please read the Rules before posting.
Man kann sich an keine Regeln halten, die unsichtbar sind. Natürlich gilt auch hier, kein totales Sackgesicht zu sein, alles darüberhinaus erfährt man aber nicht.

No. 1767 [Reply]
10 kB, 201 × 251
>Please come to our irc when you want to post again
Okay, but where?
No. 1774
50 kB, 427 × 419
I couldn't find out where irc was either on my last ban (2019). The ban also extended to /meta/, and I couldn't ask about it here.
Please keep /meta/ open in the future, when issuing a ban, so there is a place to dispute the ban when applicable.
No. 1777
Newer bans are usually board-specific, so /meta/ shouldn't be affected. However, there are older bans for subnets which go across all boards. In case anyone is caught in one of those I suggest trying to contact Ernstadmin via ernstadmin2018 at airmail cc.
No. 1780
Thank you. I think mine was a range ban, but I had to wait about 8 months before I could post here again.
No. 1806
There is no Tor-specific ban, but gateways could have been banned before.

No. 1785 [Reply]
78 kB, 721 × 590

might be cryptocurrency spam or something