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This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
No. 456
From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan so chrome and phone my only options for posting
No. 458
>From today it give me fatal error even without dollchan
Could you post a screenshot or something?

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Welcome to /meta/, the board dedicated to Ernstchan functioning.
You can ask about your bans, report threads and request features.
If you have been affected by a ban for someone else, write about that here.
For your convenience, you can open threads without pictures.
Please behave, bans on /meta/ are not lifted.

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Manchmal taucht innerhalb von Fäden eine extra Scrollleiste auf, die mein Lauervergnügen einschränkt. Wat nou?

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75 kB, 639 × 780
No. 451
No. 452
cabbagechanner who routinely tries to start shit with us
No. 453
Advertisement for Spacechan
No. 454

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9 kB, 352 × 360
Wäre es möglich, zusätzlich zum
Auch eine
zu haben, wie auf dem Brett, dessen Name nicht genannt werden darf? Finde Funktion ganz kühl.

Danke :3
No. 441 Kontra
Wozu braucht man das? Rottext wird schon überflüssig verwendet. Hier zwar nicht unbedingt, aber ansonsten überall. Warum also weiterer Spielkram der nur Leuten in die Finger spielt, die zu blöde oder faul sind sich schriftlich ordentlich auszudrücken?

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184 kB, 415 × 406
Since when is repeated harassment like this allowed?


Post in thread, get harassed and called schizo. Make my own thread about the cure to schizo, get harassed and called schizo because apparently that condition doesn't exist but I'm schizo for believing it in. I grow weary of this shit. I'm sorry you don't get laid but it's not OP's fault.

Please ban posts that start with "OP is a schizo blah blah blah"
No. 435
While I agree that "OP is a schizo blah blah blah" is cabbage tier shitposting, you yourself have a habit of borderline shitposting. It doesn't bother me personally but I guess it irritates other people. Just try to actually source the claims you keep making. And no, naturalnews is not a valid source.

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Friendly reminder as to why don't have "mercy" on bogdan, even if he puts in his puppy eyes.
No. 397
No. 398
No. 399
Why do they even bother doing this? More cabbageshit
No. 433
more kohlkrebs posting, please cleanse it with a purging flame

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123 kB, 393 × 328
CSS is loading but after a few seconds it's gone.

Is it just my browser?
No. 408
It's a known problem which is not still fixed.
Set again your style in the bottom of the page.
No. 409
That was easy. Thanks.

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5 kB, 200 × 200
Wäre mal jemand der Admiralität so nett und würde was gegen das Mitteilungsbedürfnis des Plenkkrebsers auf /b/ unternehmen?

Der spammt doch hier mit voller Absicht alles zu, damit bloß kein Rückzugsraum aus dem Kohlchan-Kreiswichs entsteht.

Auf das da unten bin ich übrigens gestoßen, als ich mal nach den Links gugeliert habe, die der Typ ständig spammt.

> Dezember 25, 2018
Anonym hat gesagt…

> General Feldmarschall Sepp fordert Luftunterstützung an : auf

> https://ernstchan.xyz/b/

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No. 395

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3 kB, 300 × 100
I think this newer banner i made is not included here yet :3
No. 385
33 kB, 300 × 100
Inspired by the C&H, I made my own attempt at a banner. I didn't have the ideal font and surely draw like a retarded chimp with his mouth, but maybe it still is good enough?
No. 386
34 kB, 300 × 100
Made a few changes. Not sure if for the better.
No. 388
No. 392
50 kB, 936 × 624