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Phutaba development
This thread is dedicated to the development of Phutaba engine.
Repository: gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba
Everyone can join the development, just write in the thread.
New features development is discussed here as well.
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Welcome to /meta/, the board dedicated to Ernstchan functioning.
You can ask about your bans, report threads and request features.
If you have been affected by a ban for someone else, write about that here.
For your convenience, you can open threads without pictures.
Please behave, bans on /meta/ are not lifted.
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Minor Bug
Auf /b/ funktionieren die Reiter zu den anderen Unterbrettern nicht am unteren Rand.
Betrifft: mobile Version, Chrome Browser für Android (andere nicht geprüft)

Stört mich jetzt nicht groß, wollt's nur gesagt haben.
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I think this newer banner i made is not included here yet :3
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Ich kann kleine "test" Nachrichten pfostieren, aber ein länger verfasster Text für den Heute-Faden auf /int/ läuft darauf hinaus, dass die Anfrage nicht barbietet werden konnte. Was ist da los?
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Brett Migranten
warum Faden gelöscht?

Ernst ist nicht sehr Migrantenfreundlich.
Zumal die Migranten aus seiner Familie stammen.

Oder ist es die eher unbegründete Furcht vor Hektik auf /b/? Ältester Beitrag auf Hauptseite ist halbes Jahr alt.
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Manchmal taucht innerhalb von Fäden eine extra Scrollleiste auf, die mein Lauervergnügen einschränkt. Wat nou?
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Wäre es möglich, zusätzlich zum
Auch eine
zu haben, wie auf dem Brett, dessen Name nicht genannt werden darf? Finde Funktion ganz kühl.

Danke :3
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Since when is repeated harassment like this allowed?


Post in thread, get harassed and called schizo. Make my own thread about the cure to schizo, get harassed and called schizo because apparently that condition doesn't exist but I'm schizo for believing it in. I grow weary of this shit. I'm sorry you don't get laid but it's not OP's fault.

Please ban posts that start with "OP is a schizo blah blah blah"
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Friendly reminder as to why don't have "mercy" on bogdan, even if he puts in his puppy eyes.
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CSS is loading but after a few seconds it's gone.

Is it just my browser?
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/pol/-Gekrebse auf /b/
Wäre mal jemand der Admiralität so nett und würde was gegen das Mitteilungsbedürfnis des Plenkkrebsers auf /b/ unternehmen?

Der spammt doch hier mit voller Absicht alles zu, damit bloß kein Rückzugsraum aus dem Kohlchan-Kreiswichs entsteht.

Auf das da unten bin ich übrigens gestoßen, als ich mal nach den Links gugeliert habe, die der Typ ständig spammt.

> Dezember 25, 2018
Anonym hat gesagt…

> General Feldmarschall Sepp fordert Luftunterstützung an : auf

> https://ernstchan.xyz/b/

> breitet sich erneut der Bolschewismus aus ; wir benötigen daher :

> 88 Erdkampfbomber
> 200 Tornados
> 4000 Drohnen
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For some reason, in Firefox now Ernstchan fucks up the format every time I come here. It displays normally for a few seconds before turning into pic related shit. Sometimes when I scroll to the bottom of the page, it will revert to normal formatting, but with a black-and-gray color scheme.

I've tried everything I can think of on my end. Does anyone know what could be going on?
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Can you start cracking down on the obsessive posting about Kohl? I think it's only one guy that really does it but it's annoying and I think it hurts the local board culture. Stuff like this example:

Nothing too bad, just like a 12 hour ban or something.
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Why did my thread about my gf get deleted but this shit thread isn't? Obviously it's not something to do with the quality standard, just look at this thread. Is porn not allowed on /int/ or something?
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This guy here
He crossposts from old KC, all of these thread were also created there too (though not necessarily by him, pic related was created by a texan). I think he's the guy whom the other united stadians used to call the "motivational schizo". I remember he was banned from old KC, and he was also banned from new KC for making that nebraska picture dump thread (you can still see it in the /m/ board there), but I don't know why exactly, I know that he used to trigger other murkanballs and that he creates these weird threads. He seems to be a legit schizo.

Just warning.
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Why? Why not just delete the low effort posts, but allow actually discussing the developments in Ukrainian news?
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fuck you or just fuck me you decide

Fuck you, seriously.
Remove the systemkontra, what is wrong with you, you kc-mods?
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Am I allowed to say ni****r?
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Can I post a thread about bonbi on /int, or is this not allowed? I've collected a bunch of webms of her and would like to share it.
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EC feels slower and I'm having trouble accessing it at times.
Is the server reaching it's maximum capacity?
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Welche IRC-Schuchteln moderieren das Brett hier?
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ernst it fucked please fix it. or tell me how to fix.
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Are pictures of cute little girls allowed if the pictures do not break the law?
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Sorry, buy may it be possible to make increased size for posts? "comment too long" is become real problem for me, I guess boerd is small enough to increase size of posts at least twise. Also it be nice to have 5 or 6 picture per post, if it possible of cource and no one against it.
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Guten Abend, as you're aware /int/ is seeing an influx of board refugees that will last until at least Monday. Now that's fine in itself but on the last EC this caused a problem wherein the old communities general threads were pushed off of the catalogue.

There is plenty of time until anything active would be hit and it might not even be necessary but if thread creation picks up it could be. In that event would you consider placing a sticky on these:


Or maybe at least temporarily splitting the boards? I appreciate the list is long and some like News can be remade but it would be a shame if all the Short Films went.
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Error: String refused.
What is that error related to? Seems i can't post and i think it's not the Captcha being wrong.
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Guten tag, would you please remove the italic function for words surrounded by asterisks(*)?

We already have the code after-all so it appears superfluous and interferes with the asterisk enclosure’s common internet usage as signalling physical actions. I understand that italics may be used in stage writing for this purpose but I feel italics are much more commonly (and better) used to solely indicate emphasis.
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Alte EC Fefe-Bilder
Hier ein Archiv aller Bilder, die in https://ernstchan.com/img/media/fefe/ gespeichert waren. Die wurden damals für /fefe/ benutzt.
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gute informatiker css bug
hover-post-highlight ändert background von media kram, nicht post-background.
das hover-overlay-fenster funtzt ohne probleme.

und ## Team ## sollte evtl au ne andere farbe bekommen. kaum lesbar.

wo liegt'n der code? gitlab? so einfache dinge könnte man schnell via pull-request regeln.

t. kleinschreibkrebsler
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did mods change or can we ban by ban happy mods for no reason again?
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New rules for EC
This is the thread, where we set out new rules. Let's discuss every aspect of posting, how you should post and you shouldn't post.
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Warum wurde auch das a-Brett runtergenommen?
Wird in absehbarer Zeit nochmals eins aufgemacht?
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Genre-specific music threads
Are we allowed to create genre-specific music threads or do all discussions on music have to be consolidated into the large main general music thread? Let's say I wanted to discuss Industrial, Metal or Punk broadly, all subgenres that've seen decades of evolution and have bequeathed thousands of bands in their respective fields. It would seem counterproductive to bottleneck all musical discussion into a single thread as those who simply want to share links to favorite songs would be displaced by others who want a more elaborate discussion about a specific subject.
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Is this a nu-krautchan?
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How about implementing a report button?
I don't want to lose nerves and ruin quality threads by answering to obnoxius shitposters, so maybe a report button would be an elegant way to inform mods about intruding trolls or illegal content.
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/c/omputer brett
Gibe plox
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Why did you delete homokuwait thrhead?
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Is this the real Ernstchan? Wird es in Zukunft vom Overchan-fork unterstützt?
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Why no german timezone for the posts
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Is EC still in German hands?
Ist EC noch in deutsche hände?
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/pol/-Scheiße bleibt /pol/-Scheiße, auch wenn von Links geworfen wird. [spoiler]Implizierend der Faden ist keine KC-Falschflagge.[/spoiler]
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Could you make robots.txt less restrictive, please? Even just allowing ia_archiver would be great.
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Warum war Ernst denn jetzt eigentlich weg? Wenn man nicht Teil von irgendeinem Kreisgewichse ist, bekommt man ja gar nichts mit. Die Seite ist weg und wie erfährt man dann, warum sie weg ist und wo die neue Seite ist? Seid ihr alle untereinander befreundet oder so was? Fühle mich nicht dazu gehörig ;_;
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What the hell
>Your IP address *** (network ***) was banned with the following reason:
>no reason (>>/int/1408)
What the hell? I'm not a proxy. I also can't find the IRC
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Threda full of low quality pol
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Warum Systemkontra und keine Löschung, wieso kein Bann?
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Does /int/ still have the 25 pages activated a la post KC death EC
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weiche Eigenmoderation durch OP
wird wohl nicht kommen, bin ich aber immer noch für! :)
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Who's running this place?
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Warum wird hier eigentlich so viel gelöscht?

lg zakx
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Was ist eigentlich mit /fefe/?
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How about a media player/image preview for .webm files?
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Kann Ernstadmin die Netzverschlüsselungstechnologie aktivieren?

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