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Hide No. 366 [Reply]
193 kB, 687 × 693
Why did my thread about my gf get deleted but this shit thread isn't? Obviously it's not something to do with the quality standard, just look at this thread. Is porn not allowed on /int/ or something?
No. 370 Kontra
This systemkontra so it will never bumps

Hide No. 102 Systemkontra [Reply]
75 kB, 1342 × 221
This guy here
He crossposts from old KC, all of these thread were also created there too (though not necessarily by him, pic related was created by a texan). I think he's the guy whom the other united stadians used to call the "motivational schizo". I remember he was banned from old KC, and he was also banned from new KC for making that nebraska picture dump thread (you can still see it in the /m/ board there), but I don't know why exactly, I know that he used to trigger other murkanballs and that he creates these weird threads. He seems to be a legit schizo.

Just warning.
No. 364
No. 369
https://ernstchan.xyz/int/thread/13747#i14403 sosach shitposter with anime porn, looks like
No. 380
A visitor from Kohl creating pointless threads
No. 383

Hide No. 342 [Reply]
72 kB, 1076 × 307
470 kB, 960 × 1435
Why? Why not just delete the low effort posts, but allow actually discussing the developments in Ukrainian news?
No. 343
It has been reconsidered, there is no restriction.

Hide No. 336 [Reply]
304 kB, 0:21

Fuck you, seriously.
Remove the systemkontra, what is wrong with you, you kc-mods?
No. 360 Kontra
Just to explain why I originally systemkontra'd the thread: it was copy-pasted without any own information and not even marked as a qoute by Osho through anything else then the image (it could have as well been a text written by OP, based on thoughts of Osho, so I had to research if it is or isn't a quote). But as serious discussion developed in the thread, another mod removed it from systemkontra. Next time maybe just mark the thread as a quote more obviously to avoid any misunderstandings.
No. 365 Kontra
It was part of my style to not cite the quote. I thought for some seconds about it, but that would have killed the momentum I guess. I imagined we are all sitting just one click from google away.

Thanks a lot for the explanation.

Hide No. 11 [Reply]
0 Bytes, 1024 × 1024
File deleted
Am I allowed to say ni****r?
No. 12
You are allowed, but you are not allowed to make your every first post consisting only of "nigger".
Making your every second post consisting only of "nigger" is not allowed too.
The same applies for your every third post.
But it would be a lot better, if you provided more thought-out quality posts.
No. 323
0 Bytes, 502 × 494
File deleted
no , you should call him " Excellenz Dr.Redsneaker Mobutu BlingBlong Mundstuhl-Gifted the 2nd ; saviour of the world

(User was banned for this post)

Hide No. 320 [Reply]
3,8 MB, 544 × 976, 0:31
Can I post a thread about bonbi on /int, or is this not allowed? I've collected a bunch of webms of her and would like to share it.
No. 322 Kontra
It's not forbidden, yet it's not encouraged.

Hide No. 312 [Reply]
EC feels slower and I'm having trouble accessing it at times.
Is the server reaching it's maximum capacity?
No. 314
Server is far from reaching maximum capacity.

Hide No. 31 [Reply]
117 kB, 384 × 384
Welche IRC-Schuchteln moderieren das Brett hier?
No. 39
Das glaube, wer will.
No. 45
Verlinkt doch einfach das alte KC irc, zumindest für /int/
Aus welchem Dunstkreis kommt ihr eigentlich so?
No. 46
Ich wiederhole nochmals, wir entstammen keinem IRC und auch keinem Dunstkreis, mit NC/AI kann keiner von uns etwas anfangen.
Um das endgültig zu klären: wir sind /int/ Ernsts, die sich nach dem Tod von Ernstchan auf Ersatzboards zusammengetan haben um EC wiederzubeleben. Die Diskussionen über ein neues Board werden wahrscheinlich auf krautchan.co und 8ch.net/ernst noch nachzulesen sein.
No. 299
Mir ist es ehrlich gesagt egal, wer oder was das hier wiederbelebt habt. Unironischer Dank meinerseits. Vor allem /int/ ist ein wahrer Genuss und die geringe Frequentierung stört mich gar nicht.

Hide No. 220 [Reply]
132 kB, 816 × 933
ernst it fucked please fix it. or tell me how to fix.
No. 225
92 kB, 1346 × 312
No. 277
It happens to me too.
No. 289
will try thx.

Happens to me too, and unexpectedly, when I click an image, it gets the dark background. Is black the default EC setting?

No. 294
Default EC setting is Phutaba.
It's hard to say what causes the fail of userstyles. If anyone can find the problem, please write about it.

Hide No. 271 [Reply]
Are pictures of cute little girls allowed if the pictures do not break the law?
No. 273
Ernstchan is cozier.
No. 275
If girls are drawn, there's no restriction.
No. 281 Kontra
Don't fucking allow them here pls ffs
No. 282
Thanks for the answer.