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Hide No. 220 [Reply]
132 kB, 816 × 933
ernst it fucked please fix it. or tell me how to fix.
No. 225
92 kB, 1346 × 312
No. 277
It happens to me too.
No. 289
will try thx.

Happens to me too, and unexpectedly, when I click an image, it gets the dark background. Is black the default EC setting?

No. 294
Default EC setting is Phutaba.
It's hard to say what causes the fail of userstyles. If anyone can find the problem, please write about it.

Hide No. 271 [Reply]
Are pictures of cute little girls allowed if the pictures do not break the law?
No. 273
Ernstchan is cozier.
No. 275
If girls are drawn, there's no restriction.
No. 281 Kontra
Don't fucking allow them here pls ffs
No. 282
Thanks for the answer.

Hide No. 216 [Reply]
24 kB, 449 × 278
Sorry, buy may it be possible to make increased size for posts? "comment too long" is become real problem for me, I guess boerd is small enough to increase size of posts at least twise. Also it be nice to have 5 or 6 picture per post, if it possible of cource and no one against it.
No. 219
Good suggestions.
No. 267
Why not make 2 posts with 2x4 pics or 4+2 (or whatever) pics?

Hide No. 265 [Reply]
4,2 MB, 1600 × 1145
Guten Abend, as you're aware /int/ is seeing an influx of board refugees that will last until at least Monday. Now that's fine in itself but on the last EC this caused a problem wherein the old communities general threads were pushed off of the catalogue.

There is plenty of time until anything active would be hit and it might not even be necessary but if thread creation picks up it could be. In that event would you consider placing a sticky on these:


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Hide No. 244 [Reply]
3 kB, 272 × 122
What is that error related to? Seems i can't post and i think it's not the Captcha being wrong.
No. 245
Please try again.
No. 246
worked now, thanks!
No. 247
2 kB, 349 × 33
problems were sames.
and now got capture i can't figure out.
No. 248
Forbidden words are removed.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Hide No. 230 [Reply]
509 kB, 636 × 359
Guten tag, would you please remove the italic function for words surrounded by asterisks(*)?

We already have the code after-all so it appears superfluous and interferes with the asterisk enclosure’s common internet usage as signalling physical actions. I understand that italics may be used in stage writing for this purpose but I feel italics are much more commonly (and better) used to solely indicate emphasis.
No. 231
51 kB, 685 × 346
Words surrounded by asterisks(*), more asterisks(**), underscores(_) and so on belong to WakabaMark markup code, which was supposed to be introduced later.
You can learn all the features from the picture. If users decide to drop support of WakabaMark, it will be removed.

Hide No. 214 [Reply]
6,2 MB, 52 files
Hier ein Archiv aller Bilder, die in https://ernstchan.com/img/media/fefe/ gespeichert waren. Die wurden damals für /fefe/ benutzt.
No. 215
9,1 MB, 84 files
Und hier noch der Ordner OLD, der direkt in diesem Ordner enthalten war. (Musste es wegen der Dateigrößen-Beschränkung aufsplitten.)
No. 217
Die Administration von Dietchan dankt!

Hide No. 101 [Reply]
43 kB, 541 × 396
hover-post-highlight ändert background von media kram, nicht post-background.
das hover-overlay-fenster funtzt ohne probleme.

und ## Team ## sollte evtl au ne andere farbe bekommen. kaum lesbar.

wo liegt'n der code? gitlab? so einfache dinge könnte man schnell via pull-request regeln.

t. kleinschreibkrebsler
No. 194
88 kB, 1076 × 647
69 kB, 1044 × 648
buttoney no work.
no event handler found.
css found.
where do put pull request? may can do fix other css issues, too.
No. 210
Phutaba engine is now available at https://gitlab.com/ernstchan/phutaba

Hide No. 182 [Reply]
29 kB, 741 × 568
did mods change or can we ban by ban happy mods for no reason again?
No. 184
Please refer to the Guide to posting (see top right corner) to get the idea how you should behave and to FAQ to get all answers.
No. 189
I've already done though.
No. 190
Currently we hardly ban anyone.
No. 209
10 kB, 260 × 194
>Currently we hardly ban anyone.

Hide No. 119 [Reply]
31 kB, 550 × 367
This is the thread, where we set out new rules. Let's discuss every aspect of posting, how you should post and you shouldn't post.
No. 176
I don't know exactly where to draw the line either. Too tough you're going to discourage the regulars from maybe making an attempt to be funny or make some levity, and either way newcomers, plain old shitposters will just do so because such is in their nature.

The only real suggestion I can make would be if some /kc/ splinterchan goes down maybe make like 7ch and shut down for a couple of days in order to head them off. It may confuse people that don't check in everyday and would require the mods and admins to be on top of such places at the sake of their own sanity but it would also prevent newcomers from finding the site as easily, good or bad.

There is no easy solution. It seems like every imageboard, subsection or subculture gets overrun eventually.
No. 177
>and shut down for a couple of days in order to head them off
Why so rough, though?
It's possible to whitelist certain IP ranges and not let other IP ranges into.
Would it be right? EC had accepted refugees from KC and some of those refugees were happy to acknowledge when EC has stood up again.
It's hard to keep the same quality of discussions, if possible, when number of newcomers exceeds number of original posters, but currently we are not endangered.
No. 178
I am KC refugee and I work hard to post long form quality posts.
The board is very good as it is, hopefully we will slowly trickle in more posters.
No. 208
> new rules
Sadly it won't help. The only thing that would help is some kind of quality control and that is near impossible because shitposters often think their posts are brilliant and their opinion is worth something.

How do you fight a mentally unstable person sitting in his damp apartment posting 24 hours a day? When you arrive at the front-page and all you see is mentally retarded shit you tend to go away even if the posts adhered to the rules.

Even mods have better things to do then monitor threads 24/7 and when they finally take action there is a shitstorm of "people" asking why the retards was banned.